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"The most important man you will ever meet - but have probably NEVER heard about. His name is Dr. Fred Bell."







Projector History;
Beginning with the Receptor

One of the gifts the Pleaidians gave us was the Nuclear Receptor.

The nuclear receptor has been a great asset and has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide. It is not meant as a device for cheating on the aging process. Rather, a device when used with other methods such as proper eating habits, nutrition, exercise and the consumption of large amounts of water on a daily basiS.

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The first dilemma in the aging process is that of Time versus the De-Spiraling nature of Human DNA. It Starts with a thing called time. As our earth rotates around the Pleiades every 26,872 years, we have a 2,239 year subcycle. During these different subcycles, the atomic frequency of our cells experiences a different conductivity and feedback between spirit and matter. During the Piscean Age the overall consciousness of the planet was ‘I Believe’ because every country or nation had a different belief system. There obviously was a difference of opinion which led to Holy Wars. In order to preserve national integrity and strength for the armies to defend this integrity, governments were set up. The governments led the people based on aristocratic beliefs of their most wealthy and powerful.

Having power, these governments also controlled science. Longevity was a major concern in most kingdoms. It was very important for kings and queens, dictators and tyrants to have a better value of health and longevity. It was also noted that a short-term memory would be a great asset when kings and queens, dictators and tyrants made selfish and tragic mistakes.

Introducing Plagues! Viruses killing bacteria is not a new thing by the ruling entities, and has been a standard procedure for many millenia. Even the Extra Terrestrials have made various comments to assorted contactees. That is why different Extra-Terrestrial beings are making commentary on how these secret governments conduct their very secret projects, such as the goings-on at Area 51. In my books, ‘Rays of Truth-Crystals of Light‘ and ‘Death of Ignorance‘ I write about a lot of these clandestine experiments often conducted in prisons.


Time is an illusion wherein cell frequencies are trapped after birth. This consciousness, or ignorance; the consciousness of time, and I emphasize, the CONSCIOUSNESS OF TIME, normally declines on the cellular level as the aging process begins on the physical plane. The aging process is fed to the physical body via the Astral Plane. Remember the physical body and cells therein are fed and nurtured by the electronic process of atoms causing molecular transfusions. That leads into Cellular Integrity.

The next factor we need to examine is what happens when matter extends itself into space. The first thing that happens is the natural magnetic environment is disrupted. That means when you create a form, it has a profound effect on all other forms. The next thing to understand is that there are Divine forms and Destructive forms. A good example of this would be the symetery of the Carbon atom in hemoglobin. It is in its pure form; a perfect octahedron with angles of 52-degrees on its faces. The shape of an Iron atom duplicated four times is called Hemoglobin. Its purpose is to go through the body spreading Oxygen (Prana-providing animation factor) while bringing out of the body spent toxins called Carbon Dioxide. This in turn, feeds the Plant Kingdom, thus whom are giving back the gift of Oxygen. On the negative side are viruses. Viruses are tetrahedrons; which consist of steep right-angle triangles. They produce standing waves that reflect the natural vibration of healing energies emanating from the Astral, Mental and the Spiritual Planes. These viruses produce a discord within DNA and therefore create a healing crisis. The octahedron shape with its harmonious vibration, on the other hand, combats the viral shape with its discordal vibration.

Do you see a common denominator here? It’s shape! Shape occupies space. Depending on what the occupied shapes are in valid space within planet Earth, occupation of space creates frequencies on a very microscopic level.

With that point made, consider the Receptor and the Projector. They have form. They have divine mathematical projections that occupy space within time. Both have protrusions within this veil of illusion we call the third dimension. Their earlier counterparts were called Amulets. Amulets were correct for the consciousness versus integrity in form. How smart were our ancestors during a period of time in the Piscean Age? Amulets, however, were subject to the brilliance of their terrestrial creators.

When the ET’s brought the super Amulets, Receptors-Projectors (a new dimension) was now possible: that of the fourth ..the doorway to time itself!

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(PROJECTOR – continued from page 2)When you first examine the Receptor you’ll notice that it looks like a satellite dish.  When worn on the body in the proper manner, the little pyramids on the disk shape will be facing horizontally or vertically.  Depending on their position, the shape energy output produces a YIN or YANG field within the circumference of the disk itself.  This composite interacting field produces a scalar wave.  The wave is then projected out onto the bridge where the gemstone (the proper color, of which, is determined by simple kinesiology muscle testing indicating which part of the hydrogen atom needs repair) is placed.  Part of the scalar wave field is redirected back through the hole in the center of the piece.  As it passes by the backside of the receptor, it is subjected to yet another field produced by the Jahnin mantra.  (The Jahnin mantra is created by the embedded design on the back of the Nuclear Receptor.)  As the field now enters the body, it begins to change the synaptic switching rate of the brain.  The Nuclear Receptor is able to reach the synaptic regions in the human brain through the electromagnetic human aura.  The gemstone colorwill determine which energy Chakra, endocrine gland, or hormonal system is affected.  As mentioned earlier, the Receptor is, in effect by its method of protection, an anti-aging device.  Remember – when viewing human body cells under a microscope, the healthy cells have a balanced geometric proportion, whereas unhealthy cells do not.  If this proportion is completely out of balance, the body is likely to produce free radicals when subjected to stressful conditions.  If the body’s energies are balanced, however, extreme stress, radiation, or some other form of toxin might produce a tired feeling, but your body is unlikely to produce free radicals.The Projector does not act as a scalar vibrating mechanism as the Receptor does.  The Projector is a wave machine with four gemstones located on its bridge- the gemstone color to be determined by the wearer.  The Receptor, on the other hand, utilizes one gemstone and requires kinesiology or muscle testing to determine color and quality.  The Projector consists of two concentric circles, each containing pyramids that are all split down the middle mounted both vertically and horizontally.  Between the two concentric circles lies two three-sided pyramids, and another pyramid split four ways acting as the gateway for the two concentric circles.In careful study of the Projector as viewed from the front, you’ll notice a de-spiraling pattern that collapses into an infinity pattern.  These space penetrating design patterns, in turn, create two scalar fields that collapse into themselves.  This creates a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe.  The two three-sided pyramids move the energy, starting with the mental plane, following energies through the other six planes simultaneously.  This creates a merger of consciousness and the holographic nature of space and time.

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(PROJECTOR – continued from page 3)Now, focusing back on the bridge of the Projector, we notice there are four gemstones.  White is the highest frequency, as it contains all of the other frequencies.  The entire universe is made up of White.  Hence, the term “white light”, which contains all sounds, vibrations, radiations and energies of the entire composition of our Space Time Universe.  In order to enter an infinite number of dimensions within our Eighth Parallel Universe (recommended reading: “Rays of Truth-Crystals of Light” by Dr. Fred Bellfor more information), we need to have a key to open the door.  That is what the projector does.  When the projector opens these doors, the world will begin to feel the subtle holographic changes that will instantaneously rearrange everything, as we know it today.The first thing that will happen when wearing a Projector is your personal Universe will change.  Unlike the Nuclear Receptor, which allows your body to process negative energies, the Projector removes negative energies before they were created in the first place. Therefore, not only did they not ever reach you; any effect they could have had is gone!When you create a void of disharmonious energies, the harmonious energies increase in amplitude.  This will place a pressure (of positive nature) within your immediate sphere of influence, obviously affecting your personal lifestyle drastically.  The Projector is not a toy, and cannot be used by anyone without a Nuclear Receptor being present and worn.  Not operating on your body’s energy Chakras, The Projector is worn below the Nuclear Receptor, and may be concealed under a layer of clothing.You shall determine the gemstone colorto utilize in your Projector.  White gemstones, such as genuine Diamond or Zircon have the highest frequency, and therefore operate faster than other colors from the spectrum.  If a white gemstone is not desired, you may select a lower frequency color such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, or violet.  A lower color frequency than white will lower the wave packets that the Projector creates and slowdown your experience with it.  Remember, the Projector is a wave device; the amplitude of the waveforms you create with it are determined by the number of harmonic layers.  White light contains an infinite number of harmonic layers.  Other colors also contain many harmonic layers, not just the ones that you observe.  For example, amethyst, although violet in appearance contains several other colors that are higher up in the spectrum, such as blue and red.  But due to its chemical characteristics, it visually displays only violet and whatever other impurities may be found at its place of origin.As the Projector specifically unwinds the DNA into the fourth dimension, etheric pre-cursing trigger signals emanate at the brain neuron sites, allowing existing hormone structures on-site to oscillate directly on the resonant frequencies that created their arrival in the first place.  Since hormones are specifically directed into the bloodstream by vibrational stimuli such as sound, light and color, this causes them to resonate directly on the brain sites; hence, a forced feedback path is created.  This path can be traced directly back to the original creator frequencies, which arrive as intelligence narrating their creation.  In the world of negative energies, the interpretation of proper creator narration is lost.The Projector is not a product of the creator’s gift to all living forms granting free will.  It is a result of poor choices made by the living forms – usually through their own ignorance, lack of knowledge.  Demonstrated by the environmental, spiritual, and physical condition of the earth today, the current life forms present on Earth have made such poor choices that they will not be able to survive in the physical plane much longer without some sort of severe intervention.  These conditions must be approached in a holographic and timeless manner!The Projector does not protect the body from its surrounding hostile environment, as the Nuclear Receptor does when worn on the body.  Instead, it makes the body become invisible to these rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions.  In short, the DNA de-spiraling process is making the body more etheric.  This starts another process, allowing the body to live in the physical environment for extended periods of time without any visible evidence of physical aging.In addition to the Projector worn on your body, a larger version that is a standalone unit has also been developed concurrently.  This new standalone Projector may be mounted on the ceiling of your home or workplace, or can sit on a countertop.Pyradyne has had in his possession a device since 1977 called the Irradiator.  The Irradiator generates scalar waves, causing a desired event to happen.  The Irradiator however, needs to be programmed.  Let’s say, for example, you want a new car.  When you place your program in the Irradiator, due to the nature of scalar wave activity, the universe immediately grants your wish.  This means instantaneously, which is how scalar waves behave.  Your program has been placed in all of the minds of all the people necessary to fulfill your wish.  For example, you may get a job to pay for the car, or you may inherit money, or win the lottery, or someone may give you a new car…  Whatever the method, in the physical plane it takes time to realize your wish.Being able to manipulate the amount of time it takes to grant your wish is now realized!  Discipline, direction, and focus can be a factor here.You might look at the discipline of your focus as a mantram.  The mantram is a device or component that encapsulates the time frame produced by the scalar wave.  The Irradiator is only one method of producing concentrated, focused scalar wave activity.  Prayer is another method.  Religion with conjoined prayer has more affect on shortening the amount of time that it takes to fulfill a wish.  Religious conjoined prayer will create a faster event fulfillment than one individual without conjoinment.  A business, such as a computer manufacturer, for example, also creates a mantram.  The focus of its directors and willingness of its workers shall determine the amount of time necessary for the business to have its wish granted.When the larger, standalone Projector is placed in a room with multiple Projectors present, it looks out at the physical universe and sees all wishes simultaneously.  People, religions, businesses and a whole plethora of other means may originate wishes.  At the point of its very genesis, each one created a scalar wave.  The holographic Universe sees these scalar waves, and divides each one of them into packets.  For example, an Irradiator generating a scalar sequence could be called “Wave Packet A”.  A scalar sequence originating from a business could be called “Wave Packet B”.  Scalar waves created by religion, such as Catholicism, could be called “Wave Packet C”, and so on.Some of these wave packets could contain negative scalar information, such as wishes to do harm against an individual, nation or entire world.  The Projector will look at and view the various packets.  When a negative packet is focused on an individual who is using this technology, and us attuned to the individual Projector device, the Projector will sense the negatively directed energy and eliminate its source.  Therefore, this negative energy was never created in the first place.  That is the nature of the hologram.  Now one can get consciously beyond the fabric of time herself and accelerate intergalactic capacity in many multiples of the speed of light!


Projector Pricing



Electronic Harassment & Warfare


Date: 02-22-11 Host: George Noory Guests: Fred Bell,

Scientist and innovator Dr. Fred Bell discussed reports of electronic harassment and holographic warfare technology. Electronic harassment comes in a variety of forms– it can be imposed surveillance of people’s belongings or surroundings, sabotaging of computers, directed high energy devices, as well as voice/data imaging, in which voices are beamed into a person’s head.

The symptoms of electronic harassment include unusual forgetfulness, suicidal & homicidal thoughts, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia, he detailed. In some cases, he continued, it can include the stoppage of power to appliances, movement of objects that might fall of a shelf and break, and computer failures and problems. One type of attack, he said, is carried out by “confusion weaponry” which uses frequencies or impulses to disrupt thoughts. He cited an LA newscaster who garbled her words in a live report, as possibly being a target of the technology.

Bell also talked about the advancement of satellites, which can knock things out of the sky with EMP pulses. Law enforcement is developing devices to remotely shut down the electronic ignition of cars they’re chasing, he added. Victims of electronic harassment can use counteraction technology to block energy or absorb microwave radiation, he stated. One of his recent inventions is the QBAM (Quantum Biological Administrating Machine), a quantum healing device.





Dr. Fred Bell

Electronic Harassment & Warfare Feb.22–2011



Recorded live on June 30, 2011 — The Fred Bell Show 06/30/11




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