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Robert Charles Gallo (born March 23, 1937)

Genesis Chapter 4

8Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let us go out in the field.” When they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.

9Then the LORD asked Cain, Where is your brother Abel? He answered, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

10God then said: What have you done? Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!

11Now you are banned from the ground that opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.

12If you till the ground, it shall no longer give you its produce. You shall become a constant wanderer on the earth. 

This is Part Three. For Part One please see:


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My search for a possible Litton Bionetics connection to Morgellons and Chem Trails has led me to some very dark places and persons, indeed.

Namely, to Robert Charles Gallo (born March 23, 1937).

This is all very new to me, at this point I am just gathering information.

Also, I’ll include some more tidbits on the Book of 528 and the Love Frequency.


From Emerging Viruses AIDS And Ebola Nature Accident or Intentional by Leonard G Horowitz





… at this time their activity was more focused on creating various cancers and carcinogenic viruses that could infect humans. [9-11]

From this work, I also realized, Gallo was actually cloning simian monkey viruses as early as 1970. So allegations that he had cloned Montagnier’s virus were buffeted by the fact that he had over a decade of practice in the procedure. Another example of Gallo’s work in creating new viruses to cause cancer in humans was published for the benefit of the NAS. Here Gallo and company examined the activity of the special AIDS-linked DNA polymerase enzyme in normal versus acute immature leukaemic lymph cells, that is, lymphoblasts.

To do so, they evaluated the single stranded “70S RNA retrovirus” found in chickens, which caused prominent features of AIDS, including WBC dysfunction, sarcomas, progressive wasting, and death (see fig. 6.5). [12] Gallo and his team injected this chicken virus RNA into human WBCs to determine if the cells were prompted to produce proteins and new viruses called for by the viral RNA.13

Another Gallo team evaluated the human cancer-causing effects of the single-stranded 70S RNA reverse transcriptase enzyme-a genetic catalyst essentially identical to the one found in HIV. They used cat leukemia viruses (FELV) and Mason-Pfizer monkey viruses to deliver these carcinogens to normal human lymphocytes. [14] I instantly realized that this work foreshadowed the observation made ten years later by the CDC’s chief AIDS researcher, Don Francis, who noted the “laundry list” of feline leukemia-like diseases associated with AIDS. [15]

Had Francis known about this early work? I considered it most conceivable that he would have. Other Gallo publications detailed the steps involved in creating immune-system-destroying-cancer-causing viruses by adapting monkey, rat, and bird leukemia and tumor viruses for experimental use in a human (NC-37) cell line. 16

One Gallo team discussed the synthesis of new RNA tumor viruses induced by 5-iodo-2′-deoxyuridine (IdU), a constituent of RNA in rodent cell cultures, and noted that chemical treatment might be used to halt the reverse transcriptase-linked viral reproduction cycle. [17] They were apparently looking for a cure for AIDS-like symptoms as early as 1972. Then I read a Gallo team discussion in 1973, which concerned the origin of the RD 114 cat-human virus. “It can always be argued,” they wrote, that a virus that jumped species would be expected to have foreign protein markers, that is, antigens, that differ “from the antigen found on the viruses of known” origin. [18]

So if Gallo and his coworkers had synthesized HIV for military or medical purposes from various animal virus components, I realized, it would be difficult if not impossible to prove. Finally, in another report published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,’ Gallo and associates proclaimed they had isolated a virus-like particle from human acute, that is, quick-acting, leukemic WBCs.

This particle, they noted, has a specific density of 1.16-1.17 g/ml, which allowed it to be repeatedly recovered without being destroyed by physical handling. Moreover, it was capable of producing the principal rapidly growing cancers seen in AIDS, including leukemias, sarcomas, and carcinomas. [19] In conclusion, I learned that Gallo and his group of researchers created numerous AIDS-like viruses for more than a decade before Luc Montagnier announced the discovery of LA V.

[9] Gallaher RE, Ting RC and Gallo RC. A common change aspartyl-tRNA in polyoma and SV transformed cells. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta 1972;272:568-582.

[10] Gallo RC, Sarin PS, Allen PT, Newton WA Priori ES, Bowen JM and Dmochowski L. Reverse transcriptase in type C virus particles of human origin. Nature New Biology 1971 ;232: 140-142; see also Gallo RC. Transfer RNA and transfer RNA methylation in growing and “resting” adult and embyonic tissues and in various oncogenic systems. Cancer Research 1971 ;31:621-29.

[11] Fujioka S and Gallo RC. Aminoacyl transfer RNA profiles in human myeloma cells. Blood 1971;38;2:246-252.

[12] Smith RG and Gallo RC. DNA-dependent DNA polymerases I and II from normal human-blood lymphocytes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1972;69; 10:2879-2884.

[13] Bobrow SN, Smith RG, Reitz MS and Gallo RC. Stimulated normal human lymphocytes contain a ribonuclease-sensitive DNA polymerase distinct from viral RNA-directed DNA polymerase. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences 1972;69; 11 :3228-3232.

[14] Robert MS, Smith RG, Gallo RC, Sarin PS and Abrell JW. Viral and cellular DNA polymerase: Comparison of activities with synthetic and natural RNA templates. Science 1972; 176:798-800.

[15] Gallo RC, Abrell JW, Robert MS, Yang SS and Smith RG. Reverse transcriptase from Mason-Pfizer monkey tumor virus, avian myeloblastosis virus, and Rauscher leukemia virus and its response to rifamycin derivatives. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1972;48;4:1185-1189.

[16] NCI staff. The Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report #8. Office of the Associate Scientific Director for Viral Oncology (OASDVO). J. B. Moloney, Ed., Washington, DC.:

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1971, p. 22.

[17] Wu AM, Ting RC, Paran M and Gallo RC. Cordycepin inhibits induction of murine leukovirus production by 5-iodo-2’deoxyuridine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1972;69;12:3820-3824.

[18] Gillespie D, Gillespie S, Gallo RC, East J and Dmochowski L. Genetic origin of RD114 and other RNA tumor viruses assayed by molecular hybridization. Nature New Biology 1973;224:52-54.

[19] Gallo RC, Miller NR, Saxinger WC and Gillespie D. Primate RNA Tumor Virus-Like DNA Synthesized Endogenously by RNA-Dependent DNA Polymerase in Virus-like Particles from Fresh Human Acute Leukemic Blood Cells. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences 1973;70; 11 :3219-3224.

Dr. Robert B. Strecker, M.D.,Ph.D.


[So I questioned Strecker:]

LEN: Now when I look back at the research literature, at least in the Index Medicus, Montagnier did not have too many publications in this field [in the early 1970s], whereas Gallo had been churning out the publications.

ROBERT: Except that Montagnier had worked with Gallo! [15]

LEN: They did?

ROBERT: Yeah, they were in the same [building] or on the same hallway.

LEN: At the NCI?

ROBERT: Yes! … Montagnier was over here… around 1965 or so; he and Gallo were working together… They’re all connected.

LEN: Interesting.

[I had not considered the possibility that Gallo and Montagnier had known about each other’s work prior to 1978 as Shilts documented.]

ROBERT: And then when… Donald Francis and what’s his name? When they published that cat house experiment, and questioned, “Is it possible that there’s a human retrovirus similar to this one.” Of course [there was]! Gallo had already isolated HTLV-III… And his office was only twenty-five feet away.

[I sat up on the edge of my seat taken by the allegation. ‘The Band’ presented Francis as somewhat of a hero during his alleged conflict with Gallo and other NCI administrators over withholding support for AIDS research. I suspected he knew about Gallo’s early research, and Strecker was now alleging the same.]

LEN: You mean Don Francis from the CDC? Francis was originally at the NCI before he went to the CDC?

ROBERT: Yes… He was working there right next to Gallo. And that’s when they did their famous cat house experiments showing that the cats were transferring the viruses back and forth amongst themselves. And then they wrote this article that said, “It is possible…” [16] I mean, they knew or else they didn’t talk for the whole time. They knew that there was a similar virus out there growing in human beings… Gallo had already isolated it, and their labs were twenty-five feet apart.

LEN: Now what I seem to have dug up in the ‘WHO Chronicle,’ is that the first American laboratory to be sent any of the viral strains from which they began was the NCI [17]

ROBERT: Yeah. Well, I think that’s a lie. I mean, I think the viruses were growing in the basement of the NCI (National Cancer Institute ) all along… Do you know about the meeting between Gallo, Montagnier, and Salk?

LEN: No.

ROBERT: Oh my God! Anyway, a year or two ago, and this is documented in ‘Science’ or somewhere, Gallo, Montagnier, and Salk met in San Diego to write up the history – the official history – of their discoveries. [18]

LEN: Salk? The polio virus Salk?

ROBERT: Yeah, they met down there and made up a story… And I personally believe that virtually everything they wrote was bull… We [referring again to his brother and other colleagues in The Strecker Group] understood that they used to meet like two or three times a week and decide what to tell next – how to package it, how to discuss it. In other words, they already knew everything because they’d been working on it since the early 1970s. They basically knew they had the same stuff [retroviruses and reagents] because if you look at what happened, their discoveries were too quick…

LEN: OK. Explain this now. Why did Gallo in 1980 become so frustrated that he couldn’t keep the [T-lymph] cells alive, so allegedly he quit.


LEN: According to Shilts, Gallo dropped out of the AIDS race for about two years.

ROBERT: I don’t believe that either. I don’t know what he was doing in that time frame, but he was still working on AIDS; there’s no doubt about that.

LEN: According to Shilts, Gallo had only about 10 percent of his lab going on the AIDS problem. He said that Gallo stonewalled researchers throughout the world [by] not providing the antibodies, not providing the cell lines that were required to identify and cultivate the virus.

ROBERT: Yeah… Why would they want to give things away when they knew what was going on already, and it was a matter of Gallo and Montagnier deciding who was going to tell what when… Do you know the story about the patent? [19]

LEN: Gallo ripped Montagnier off.

ROBERT: Yeah. That’s what brought the split. You see we [the United States] tried to take all the money.

LEN: Well, that’s what they’ve done.

ROBERT: Yes. Yes. Yes. So that’s what got the French so angry. And what was Montagnier going to do? Come out and say, “Well, we lied. We’ve been doing this work all along. We’re all crooks.” So that’s, in my opinion, what happened. Anybody with any scientific credibility knew that Gallo stole the virus if that’s what they were talking about because they [HLTV-III and LAV] were identical… But I think that the big war was really a war over money.

LEN: Oh, for sure.

ROBERT: Yeah. Anybody with any sense knew; I mean retrovirologists laugh about it because they knew that Gallo stole it. It was only the press that was blind.

LEN: But how do YOU reconcile the first comment that they all had these things and then later that he [Gallo] cloned it [Montagnier’s LAV]?

ROBERT: They had them, and you can grow the virus in perpetuity if you keep constantly changing their cell line as it kills it. That doesn’t mean you can grow it in any quantity. In other words, every lab in the world – and these were all over the world, they weren’t just here and in France; they were in Germany and Russia and everywhere – [and] a lot of people had the [human] cell lines, and they had the cattle cell lines [in the early 1970s]…

And we know they had, in 1976, BVV, bovine visna virus, growing in brain tissue in Brussels because we have papers on that. One paper said that the AIDS[-like] virus would infect [human] brain tissue. And the guy even wrote, “Is it possible that this is a cause of slow virus disease of man?” [20] So, I mean, they were everywhere.

[15] I was unable to find direct evidence that Montagnier had worked side-by-side with Gallo at the NCI. However, I located ample evidence that the two traveled in some of the same scientific circles, and attended many of the same cancer virus conferences. It is clear they were aware of each others’ research from the late 1960s. Also, Montagnier published a report that suggested links between LAV/HTLV-III and the bovine leukemia virus. See: Alizon M and Montagnier L. Relationship of AIDS to other retroviruses. Nature 1985;313:743.

[16] Strecker’s comments about the “famous cat house experiments,” wherein Don Francis and Robert Gallo allegedly knew it was possible for mutant forms of feline leukemia virus (FeLV) to jump species to humans, are supported by parallel presentations made by the researchers during the same Cold Spring Harbor conference in 1980 See: Gutensohn N, Essex M, Francis DP and Hardy, Jr. WD. Risk to humans from exposure to feline leukemia virus: Epidemiological considerations; and Wong-Staal F, Koshy R and Gallo RC. Feline leukemia virus genomes associated with the domestic cat: A survey of normal and leukemic animals. In: Viruses in Naturally Occurring Cancers: Book A. Essex M, Todaro G, and zur Hausen H, Eds. Cold Spring Harbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, Vol. 7, New York: Cold Spring Hamor Laboratory, 1980, pp. 699-706; 623-634.

[17] World Health Organization Report. Five years of research on virus diseases. WHO Chronicle 1969 23;12:564-572; World Health Organization Report. Recent work on virus diseases. WHO Chronicle 1974;28:410-413; Kalter SS and Heberling RL. The study of simian viruses-work of the WHO collaborating laboratory on comparative medicine: Simian viruses. WHO Chronicle 1969;23;3:112-117.

[18] Strecker was also accurate in reporting that Salk and colleagues at The Salk Institute had been researching RNA and DNA retroviruses including the simian monkey virus (SV40) with financial support from the NCI and the West German Max-Planck Society. Thus, Salk quite plausibly participated, as Strecker alleged, in writing up the history of AIDS virus research, and in making “up a story.” See: Tonegawa S, Walter G and Dulbecco R. Transcription of SV 40 genome transformed and lytically infected cells; Eckhart W. Induction of cellular DNA synthesis after infection by polyoma virus: viral gene expression in the presence of hydroxyurea. (Both research teams from The Salk Institute) In: The Biology of Oncogenic Viruses. Proceedings of the second Lepetit Colloquium, Paris France, November 1970. LG Silvestri, Ed. New York: Elsevier, 1971, pp. 65-75;290-294.

[19] Beardsley T. AIDS: Pasteur sues over patent. Nature 1985;318:595; Palca J. AIDS: US wins round in patent row. Nature 1986;322:200; Palca J. Franco–US agreement on AIDS test within sight: AIDS patent dispute near end? France and United States call truce. Nature 1987;326:115; See also: Staff writer. Settling the AIDS virus dispute. Nature 1987;326:425426; Anderson C and Butler PD. US rejects French request to reopen AIDS patent deal. Nature 1987;326:425-426; Rensberger B. AIDS scientist Gallo, rival meet to discuss cooperation. The Washington Post, Saturday January 9, 1993, p. A2; Anderson C. Scientific misconduct: Popovic is cleared on all charges; Gallo case in doubt. Science 1993;262:981-983; Culliton BJ. Misconduct charges against Gallo withdrawn after Popovic decision. Nature 1993;366:191; Brown Dand SchwartzI. Case against AIDS scientist dropped: Agency decides evidence insufficient to sustain Gallo charges. The Washington Post Saturday, November 13, 1993, pp AI;16; Greenberg DS. End of the Gallo case-maybe. The Lancet 1993;342:1289; Staff writer. What to do about scientific misconduct. Nature 194;369:261-262.

[20] Gutensohn N, Essex M, Francis DP and Hardy, Jr. WD. Risk to humans from exposure to feline leukemia virus: Epidemiological considerations; and Wong-Staal F, Koshy R and Gallo RC. Feline leukemia virus genomes associated with the domestic cat: A survey of normal and leukemic animals. In: Vruses in Naturally Occurring Cancers: BookA. Essex M, Todaro G, and zur Hausen H, EdS. Cold Spring Harbor Conferences on Cell Proliferation, Vol. 7, New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1980, pp.699-706; 623-634.

Dr Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier getting the Lasker prize together many years ago, at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan

At this point, I want to add various links having to do with Gallo from a variety of sources.


Nov 13, 1993 – … its claim that the United States should now give up its patent claims and turn over all royalties from the H.I.V. test to the French. …


in 2001 Dr Gallo conceded his role as Project Officer for the federal virus development programme the Special Virus


in April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV-AIDS Virus. The Patent number for the invention is 4647773



Patents : Gallo RC, Popovic M, Sarngadharan MG. US Patent 4647773: Method of Continuous Production of Retroviruses (HTLV-III) from Patients with AIDS and …

Including this image at this point in the narrative will only make sense to a few. I include as I have a sick sense of humor AND I’ve just returned from a pilgrimage there myself.

This is not specifically about Morgellons, but related to Gulf War and Burisch. “Systemic Mycoplasmal Infections” could describe Morgellons.


We found that 818 Gulf War veterans diagnosed with ALS from three nations had systemic mycoplasrnal infections.

We were aided in this examination by data that we collected on families of Gulf War veterans where there was a high in- cidence of Autism in their children [37].

I include the following videos with the admission that I really don’t know very much about Dr. Boyd E. Graves.


But from what I’ve stumbled upon, he appears to be very much a part of this story.









A couple of Book of 528 links.

Chances are I’ll be updating this post and there will be a Part Four.



‘History of Musical Pitch’ – a table prepared by Mr. A. J. Ellis and published in 1880 (with additions from later publications)

  • units, hertz or Hz, are equivalent to vibrations per second
  • c” (one octave above middle C, C5 in scientific notation) is calculated from a’ (A4 in scientific notation) using equal temperament
  • c’ (middle C, C4 in scientific notation) is calculated from a’ (A4 in scientific notation) using equal temperament
  • if another note was originally measured this has been converted to a’ using equal temperament
  • all pitches assume an ambient temperature of 59° Fahrenheit (15° centigrade)
  • The speed of sound in air increases as the square-root of temperature
  • The speed of sound in air at 0° centigrade is 331.5 m/s, and it increases by 0.6 m/s for each increase of 1° centigrade

440.0 523.25 261.625 Paris, France 1829 Orchestral pitch of the Paris Opera

440.0 523.25 261.625 Stuttgart, Germany 1838 Proposed pitch standard, Stuttgart congress (actually a’=440.2 when corrected to table temperature); also Scheibler’s standard.

440-443 n/a n/a Italy 17th century tutto punto

441.0 524.4 262.2 Rome, Italy 1725 (anté) Pitch calculated from a flute made by Biglioni and possibly brought from Rome by J. J. Quantz when he left Rome in 1725

444.0 528.0 264.0 London, England 1860 Standard intended for the Society of Arts – (however a fork set to this standard by J.H. Griesbach has a measured pitch of a’=445.7, equivalent to c”=530.1 or c’=265.05)

444.5 528.6 264.3 Madrid, Spain 1858 Theatre Royale, Madrid

444.5 528.6 264.3 London, England c. 1810 Pitch of a flute made by Henry Potter

444.6 528.7 264.35 London, England 1877 Organ in St. Paul’s Cathedral

444.8 528.9 262.45 Turin, Weimer, Würtemberg 1859 Measurements made for the French Commission

445.7 530.1 265.05 London, England 1860 see comment for a’=444.0 (above)




If your god is science, then there’s no hope for you. Not in this lifetime, anyway.

But if you are preparing to meet your Maker, then it’s never too late.

My prayer for Cain is the same prayer I have for all God’s children, especially myself.

Turn around and see the Face of God.

It is you that turned away. He is Ever Constant.



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