In later stages, itchy cutaneous lesions that may invite various opportunistic infections often confused as causative agents of the Morgellons syndrome


Tobias and the archangel Rafael.

Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah: A Resource for Soulful Living
John Van Auken – 2010 – Religion – 302 pages
The Cayce readings, works built on holistic healing, actually identify “beauty and the arts” with Raphael more than they do healing, as do a few other …
[I’ve embedded images of the Archangel Raphael. He’s been in my dreams of late and I think nearby. Also, images of stormy weather from yesterday, Monday, evening here at White Peak. I prayed my little heart out for protection from His Merciless Enemy.]
neuro cutaneous syndrome toxin lesion parasite nervous system morgellons brain fog”

Toxins in our bodies → Central nervous system disease → Skin lesions → Opportunistic parasites (eg., flies) → Morgellons (NCS) ?

This explains a lot, so parasites NOT the delivery system?

So the question remains, how are these toxins getting into our bodies in the first place? Our bodies, ALL LIFE, including ALL plants and animals, i.e., the FOOD CHAIN!!!

+ chem trail genetically modified foods (GMO) = THE PERFECT STORM

Will go into much detail and, hopefully, where to find help.

This does explain a lot, but not everything.

Many, including myself, suffer from what feels like “grains of sand” or “shards of glass” crystals under the skin, especially in the forehead, eyebrow eye socket area.

When they finally start to protrude, it hurts like hell removing them!

And, of course, this does NOT explain what “skizitgesture” research has uncovered. Is it possible he or she stumbled upon something extraordinary which is only indirectly related to chem trails and Morgellons?


This is the fight of our lives, good people! We only have two choices. Let them win. Or Win.
[PDF] Untitled – Itchy Skin Parasites eBook

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

… forms a lesion that covers over with a hard mass on the skin which is somewhat like a scab but it never heals or goes away. Yet, it’s very tenacious and …

Public Comment: Morgellons Disease

During the first public comments session, an individual asked for CDC’s assistance in addressing Morgellons disease, specifically a “Dear Doctor” letter about the disease. CDC’s Web page Unexplained Dermopathy (AKA “Morgellons”) provides general information on this condition and background on CDC epidemiologic investigation into Morgellons.


James Matthews, M.D.

I never set out to develop innovative therapies for these patients.  These folks presented to my office out of desperation, and it was obvious to me that they were suffering with some kind of infectious, not a delusional, condition.  Primary care physicians are taught to be on the lookout for sentinel cases which may indicate an emerging epidemic, so I felt like I was just doing my job, however, now that I’ve taken the PRIM-E Course, I’ve learned that there are much better ways of handling such situations.

For starters, I’ve learned that the Ethics Manual in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the medical ethics position paper most often cited when a question of medical ethics goes before a court of law, defines innovative therapies to include the use of unconventional dosing of standard medications, previously untried applications of known procedures, and the use of approved drugs for non-approved indications.  All of the things I had been doing in the Morgellons patients.
I’ve never heard of “ear insufflation” before, but I just might try it.

Page 107


Q-15 What do you suggest as a possible brain cancer treatment?

Answer: All I know for brain cancer is ozone. Ear insufflation has had excellent success

with brain tumors of all types. Daily, 15 minutes per ear, 1-3 times per day. It kills

parasites, Candida, reverses Parkinson’s, and brain fog also. It helps repair damage

done by radiation & helps repair nerve damage. The brain uses 15% of the body’s

oxygen supply, being only 2% of the body, so it will love extra oxygen. The ozone goes

through the ear drum, into the sinuses, and through that thin spot behind the nose & into

the brain. But See: Budwig Brain Cancer Cure Testimonials

Page 24

Fiber Diseases – Public Awareness

© Judith Knilans, ND, PhD

It was about 2003 when I realized that there appeared to be a bug in these

itching and biting sores. It was not just what looked like a hair but it was

some type of biting bug. So I began to do research on skin parasites. I

thought that I had some type of skin parasite and it was making me ill.

There was not that much online at this point in time but I did land on the

site of Omar M. Amin, Parasitology Center, Inc.. http://www.parasitetesting.

com I made an appointment and flew out to his home office clinic

in Tempe, Arizona believing that he would be the answer to my horrid

disease. At the time he did not have a name for the disease we are now referring

to as Morgellons, but I note that he now does make reference to it

on his site. He refers to it as Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) a toxicity

disorder from dental sealants (toulene being one of them). This is a link to

an article, photos and reasons why I thought I was making a wise decision:

Since problems with my teeth did seem to be one of the initial onsets

of my symptoms it all made perfect sense to me so I spent thousands of

dollars hoping to get some relief. He recommended I have a sensitivity

test from Clifford Consulting and Research in Colorado Springs, Colorado

and that I get all the amalgam fillings removed from my mouth

and then depending on what the Clifford report said remove any other

products in my mouth that I tested sensitive to. I had many amalgam

fillings in my teeth since my teenage years. I had them all removed and

then had my teeth filled with material that the Clifford sensitivity report

said that I would not be allergic to. Many months later and many thousands

of dollars later I still had sores all over my body and I was getting

sicker. I have to say my mouth did feel better so it was not all for a lost

cause. Unfortunately, it did not heal me from any of my other symptoms

associated with this disease. Dr. Omar Amin, Ph.D. does not have the

answer to Morgellons. There may, in fact, be a condition of NCS which

he has successfully treated but it is not the same as Morgellons. I learned

one important thing to what does cause sores on the body: accumulation

of METALS and various TOXINS may be a contributing factor. I paid

about $20,000 to journey through that initial hopeful “cure” which only

brought me to a dead end. But, the Mercury is gone from my mouth and

so are the teeth sensitivities so in the long run it was good to do.

For questions contact: Judith Knilans,
Dr. Amin.

March 12 & 13, 2011

Parasitology in the United States

Presented by:

Dr. Omar M. Amin – Parasitology Center, Inc., (PCI), Scottsdale, AZ

Delusional Parasitosis” or Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome? We have been seeing an increasing number of patients with pathogenic bacterial and fungal infections associated with recurrent open skin sores/lesions and with crawling and tingling (pin prick) sensations, often interpreted as and confused with presence and movement of parasites under the skin and in body cavities. The presence of parasites could not be substantiated upon thorough testing. Patients were classified by health care practitioners as delusional. They were found to represent, however, genuine clinical cases but not of parasitic infections. Our studies of a few hundred patients over the last seven years have led to the description of a new disease, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dental toxicity disorder caused by the use of toxic sealants (liners, bases), adhesives & cements during routine dental procedures, e.g., root canals, fillings, etc. NCS is an epidemic in disguise. Patients will show variable degrees of hyper reactivity depending on their level of sensitivity to the toxicity of dental material(s) used. The symptoms, toxic dental materials used and mode of their action, and associated opportunistic infections are discussed. Testing and treatment protocols are presented along with a number of case histories highlighted with photos of patients before and after rehabilitation. All patients who have followed and completed our treatment protocols have invariably recovered.


The terms Morgellons, and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) as characterized by Amin (2001-2009) are used interchangeably, yet cautiously, as their symptoms are very similar. While Morgellons has never been researched, the etiological agent(s) and remedies have never been identified, these factors for NCS have been well researched and published in refereed medical journals (see below) and patients have been successfully helped. Only a few highly speculative accounts of a wide assortment of purported infectious agents for Morgellons serve as an awareness call for those suffering comparable symptoms but have not managed to find out where to go for help.

Parasitology Center, Inc. is the only facility in the world working with Morgellons (hereafter referred to as Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome NCS) which Dr. Amin described from patients experiencing dermatological abnormalities (elevated itchy skin sores that may develop into mucoid lesions) and neurological symptoms (movement, pin prick or crawling sensations) caused by toxic exposures usually involving dental materials. We provide a comprehensive and definitive evaluation including blood bio-compatibility testing, among others, and design a management program for individual patients’ rehabilitation. All patients fully complying with our 6-track program have invariably recovered. Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a newly discovered toxicity syndrome usually caused by dental materials, is characterized by neurological and dermatological disorders as well as systemic and related dysfunctions. Patients experience, among other symptoms, pin-prick movement sensations and in later stages, itchy cutaneous lesions that may invite various opportunistic infections (insects, worms, fungus, pathogenic bacteria, among others) often confused as causative agents of the syndrome. Components of the calcium hydroxide sealants and liners, Dycal, Life, and Sealapex, and at least 400 other dental chemicals, have been identified as a source of the observed symptoms. The toxicity of dental chemicals, compounding factors and case histories were discussed and management protocols researched at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) were proposed. Lay NCS patients often confuse the movement sensations, itchy skin and related symptoms with parasitic infections and seek medical help under this assumption. Invariably, they are diagnosed with and treated for other etiologies often including arthropod infestation and/ or mental conditions such as psychosis and delusional parasitosis. Patients are genuine clinical cases who should not be further compromised by inaccurate diagnosis, wrongly medicated or subjected to psychological treatment in mental health care facilities. On occasions, Dr. Amin spends time helping NCS patients out of mental facilities. The institutionalization of some patients seriously compromises their state of mental and physical health, self confidence, and their ability to make sound decisions.

In Their Own Words

Or: Symptoms of Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (Ncs) Upon First Examination at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (Pci)

By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D., USA

Amin (2005) provided an annotated list of about 400 den­tal materials that have been involved in the causation of NCS symptoms in patients that we have seen. Toxic ingredients common to all listed chemicals were classed in 4 categories. These categories are found in many more dental chemicals that were not reported in Amin’s (2005) preliminary list but exist in our data base. An overview of NCS (Amin, 2006 b) made special reference to organ system symptomology in 50 patients of both sexes and all age groups, misdiagnoses, storage organs, liners, drug involvement, incubation period, and recovery, with a detailed discussion of 5 relevant cases. Amin (2007) further analyzed 18 new NCS cases that have been in various stages of treatment and recovery and have demonstrated that those patients that have followed and com­pleted our protocol have invariably recovered. Among patients experiencing recovery, 15 have shared their experience and perspectives (Amin, 2009). Requisition Form statements from 166 NCS patients describing their initial symptoms when first seen at PCI appear below.

Here are rest of the photographs I took yesterday evening.

Be sure to click “SlideShow”

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    May 3, 2011 at 12:07 pm
    When I posted this video here, I really didn’t understand it.

    Now I understand a little better.

    Why are gallium crystals coming out of a woman’s skin?

    Please copy and paste into your browser and view at YouTube and read the long description.

    “Identifying Marks” I’m looking for a name (?) or mark which starts with “A” or a capital “A” is prominent.



  2. rosettasister Says:

    May 3, 2011 at 3:38 pm
    Well “NASA-2″ maybe

    NASA-2 Increment involved STS-76 Atlantis launched on March 22, 1996.

    Shannon Lucid


    APO ferritin


    Antibody Fragment


    Alpha amylase and nbsp



    “The understanding of these
    protein structures will provide
    valuable insight into the role of
    these proteins for applications in
    the pharmaceutical
    industry.” — NASA


    PIGAN (There may be a correction to this in long description.)

    Hapten Assaying Device


    A hapten device is made of
    polymeric materials onto
    which a nucleic acid
    fragment can be immobilized.
    This device may be in the form of

    a sheet


    tube (!!! as in nanotube?)

    beads or


    made of polystyrene.


    The following codes
    appeared on a tiny ball of
    fibers (1/8″). The colors
    appeared when they
    were placed under the


    This code is on a fiber
    from a bundle which

    “this delightful little invertebrate.”

    (“delivered” being the operative word)

    It is
    escaping from the fibers.



    The Biological Process:
    Defense response
    antibacterial humoral response
    toll signaling pathway
    protein biosynthesis
    cytoskeleton organization and

    (“biogenesis” — I don’t like the sound of that.)



    Is this a worm?


    STA2 could refer to the
    STA2 glucoamylase
    structural gene of

    Saccharomyces diastaticus.

    A genomic library was initially


    from a STA2 yeast strain

    in Echerichia coli.


    (here we go)


    A. N. KING

    A. Nicole King

    Nicole King, Associate Professor

    Genetics, Genomics, Cell Biology

    Univ CA


    Phone 510-643-9395

    Research: Use comparative genomics

    to investigate

    the ancestral animal genome.


    Oh, Jesus! What have you done?!


    The closest known relatives
    of animals,


    are emerging as a model

    system for testing

    specific hypotheses about

    animal origins.”

    (This woman must be aware that the products of her research are showing up in and on the bodies of Morgellons victims.)

    (These scientists don’t have the balls to testify before Congress. And members of Congress who chair the appropriate committees don’t have the balls to subpoena them.)



    This hexagon may
    also have the letters

    “USAF pxz”

    “A swarm intelligence
    optimization for particle filter”

    Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)


    a SAW device


    A. N. King

    King found that



    genes that animal cells use to

    “talk” or signal to one another,

    such as

    Receptor tyrosine kinase.


    are required to keep cells attached to

    their neighbors.

    (these “choanoflagellates” I’m assuming “plant” kingdom?)

    (please bear in mind that some Morgellons victims are exhibiting characteristics which resemble what takes place in the plant kingdom — or SHOULD take place in the plant kingdom — as opposed to the animal kingdom)


    MUST SEE!!!

    Starts @9:16

    There are some small shapes
    that look like umbrellas.

    One has slipped past the edge
    and there is another in the
    same groove.

    Are these shapes meant to be
    released into the body and
    what do they do?



    This may be “Krofting” who
    described a venereal disease

    Ulcus Molle

    which is
    caused by a short gram
    negative bacterium,

    Hemophilus Ducreyi

    which is treated with sulfonamides.



    The number 1812f appears it
    may be the address of a
    doctor in Ottawa, CA.

    Shawn D. Aaron
    Division of Respiratory Medicine
    University of Ottawa
    501 Smyth Road

    Room 1812F

    Ottawa K1H 8L6 (Canada)

    (if skizitgesture is right, how figure that out?!)



    This hexagon (1.2 mm)
    appeared on a woman’s face
    below the tear ducts.


    have a vertical opening of 2 mm.
    so it is possible that it came from
    her tear ducts.


    Was this hexagon (a large
    multiplex array sensor) used in
    a clandestine experiment on
    people who were unaware they
    were part of a clinical
    antibiotics trial?

    (“unaware” — some of us are very much aware)



    The Core Technology:





    The isolation trenches (light
    green) are areas where

    bulk silicon

    is removed to reduce
    vibrational coupling between

    (bulk silicon — I don’t understand this, but silicon (silicone) has been associated with these Morgellons fibers)


    “engineered peptides” (I don’t like the sound of that, either!)



    “Matrix sensors” — Again, I make note of this because “sensors” have also been associated with Morgellons.


    *** ?




    Pseudo – Mona as in Pseudo – Monera as in Pseudo – Bacteria

    (This caught my eye as it was a pseudomonad which killed my brother, Raymond. Raymond was HIV+ so everyone assumed that’s what killed him. But that wasn’t the case, at all.)




    “A BXEY”

  3. rosettasister Says:

    “rosecupo” playlists

    BTW if you click on green arrow, will link to page for that song.

    [will post “blessedistruth” and “rosettasister” playlists later]

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Swimming in the River of Dreams

    Archangel Raphael is downright Herculean in the dreams I’ve been having of late.

    And he’s very playful!

    Leaping … Men ( as in Sons and Daughters of Men, as in “us”) Christs (Christed)

    (see comment below this one)

    Also, “seeing” the text “david ciudad” city of david

    Don’t know what that means for me yet.


  5. rosettasister Says:

    … we need to look closely at the life of Jesus. Not only will we find that He was charged with blasphemy for this very claim, but we will find that He stated this truth for each and every one of us:

    For indeed in Him, the Father-God, ye move and have thy being. Act like it! Don’t act like ye think ye are a god! Ye may become such, but when ye do ye think not of thyself. For what is the pattern? He thought it not robbery to make Himself equal with God, but He acted like it in the earth. He made Himself of no estate that you, through His grace, through His mercy, through His sacrifice might have an advocate with that First Cause, God; that first principle, spirit… Edgar Cayce Reading 4083-1

    The law Jesus is referring to is the Old Testament, specifically the 82nd Psalm which asserts that not only are we God’s children, but we are also “gods” (to be sure in-the-making), as well. Although some individuals may be offended with the statement that everyone is a part of God, in recent years more and more people working with esoteric spiritual traditions have come to that very conclusion. Unfortunately, oftentimes those individuals who accept this premise have forgotten the appropriate attitudinal stance that should accompany it. In reality, this claim is not so much true as a verbal statement made about oneself. Instead, it is only true as we become god-like toward one another:

    For the Master, Jesus, even the Christ, is the pattern for every man in the earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian or Greek. For all have the pattern, whether they call on that name or not; but there is no other name given under heaven whereby men may be saved from themselves.
    Edgar Cayce Reading 3528-1

    When Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” (John 14:6) it was not a call to religious conversion; but rather an opportunity for us to realize that His life could serve as an example for each one of us.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    GrooveShark Playlists

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Tell me about the forest you once called home

  8. rosettasister Says:

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but what a talent!

  9. rosettasister Says:

    “rosettasister” playlists

    BTW if you click on green arrow, will link to page for that song.

  10. rosettasister Says:

    “blessedistruth” playlists

    BTW if you click on green arrow, will link to page for that song.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    I’d like a one-way ticket home, ticket home

    50 Phil Ochs fans can’t be wrong!

    phil ochs greatest “hits”

  12. rosettasister Says:

    If Gang of Six passes with mostly Dem votes, Repubs will only be hurting their prospects in 2012.


    … in an extremely telling turn of events, Moody’s, the credit rating agency, has come out and stated that they would downgrade US debt EVEN IF MCCONNELL-REID PASSED.

    Now there’s the Shock Doctrine in action, folks.

    Credit rating agencies are making value judgments on US fiscal policy at a time when bond traders are showing themselves to be wholly unconcerned with Treasury debt even BEFORE a $1.5 trillion package of reductions.

    The same Moody’s analyst said that the Gang of Six proposal would lead to an affirmation of the triple-A rating.

    The rating agencies, as much of a cause of the financial crisis as anyone, are choosing winners and losers on US policy.

    [Finally, I agree with David Dayen, at least the above sentence.]

    The markets rose on the Gang of Six News yesterday as well.

  13. rosettasister Says:

    The gang would start with $500 billion in cuts and then lock House and Senate committees into voting further spending reductions that would cut the deficit by $3 trillion to $4 trillion over the next decade, depending how officials did the count.

    If Congress failed to deliver, senators and representatives could take advantage of an expedited process for ensuring the savings are achieved.

    Significantly and realistically, the Gang also recognized a truth to which the hard-line GOP is willfully blind:

    The government must also raise revenues to tame deficits of the size that plague America.

    The group would clean up the mess of a tax code – by creating three new low-tax brackets, abolishing the alternative minimum tax and streamlining the corporate tax rate.

    Total reforms would have to generate $1 trillion in additional revenue – primarily by spurring economic growth.

  14. rosettasister Says:

    DNA breakdown ???

    Ironically-Named ‘Smart Meters’ Prove to Be a Dumb Idea


    Maine’s Smart Meter Safety Coalition ( recently caught up with Dr. David Carpenter, a Harvard Medical School-trained physician who headed up the New York State Dept. of Public Health for 18 years before becoming Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Albany, where he currently directs the Institute for Health and the Environment.

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Smart Meter Smack Down

    Utility Companies Blistered from All Sides over Eco-Friendly Energy Meters

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011
    By Nick Welsh

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Nervous System Damage !!! –> Morgellons ?

    7:21pm on Tuesday, July 19, 2011


    Utility Companies based previous safety claims on World Health Organization (WHO).

    But May 31 2011, WHO says Wireless Smart Meter radiation is linked to CANCER (possible human carcinogen – same as Lead, DDT, etc), and so it likely also damages bodies & brains (including children’s) in many additional ways sooner than cancer.

    Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes).

    Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes).

    2-page Press Release:

  17. rosettasister Says:

    7:22pm on Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    MUST-SEE 4-minute youtube video on Smart meters:

  18. rosettasister Says:

    The Greens are going to get us all killed!

    And where are the Greens in the United States on chem trails?!

    At least some Libertarians fighting back.

  19. rosettasister Says:

    Dr David Ciudad Río-Pérez

    His present projects deals with single electron transport in magnetic nanocluster tunnel junctions.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs)

    Ciudad Rio-Perez, D. Arribas, P.C. Aroca, C. Sanchez, P.
    Inst. for Syst. based on Optoelectron. & Microtechnol., UPM, Madrid, Spain

    Testing Thick Magnetic Shielding Effect on a New Low Frequency RFIDs System

  21. rosettasister Says:

    David Ciudad Rio-Pérez


  22. rosettasister Says:

    30 April 2009

    David Ciudad Río-Pérez is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Condensed Matter Group at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom).

    His area of research is spintronics, “a fascinating topic”, Ciudad affirms, “because it lets you study basic physical phenomenon, but at the same time holds out great practical interest for industrial applications”.

    His research is ultimately connected to the development of quantum computation devices.

  23. rosettasister Says:

    David Ciudad Río-Pérez

    email: dciudad@MIT.EDU
    phone: (617) 324-1042

    office: NW14-2506

    address: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    77 Massachusetts Avenue

    Cambridge, MA 02139

  24. rosettasister Says:

    I think I’m supposed to contact this young man about ?

    What would I say to him? Offworlders showed me your name in a dream and made sure I remembered.

    Yeah, right!

    NanoMedicine — sounds like what “skizitgesture” has uncovered.


    David Ciudad 617.253.5525 NW14-2506

  25. rosettasister Says:

    mihtorije Послато: Сре Јул 20, 2011 3:36 pm

    (svi smo culi za RFID cipove, koje nam stavljaju u licne karte, na zapadu nekima i pod kozu. znamo da je to mali primopredajnik koji odasilja svoje podatke kada se to od njega zatrazi, kako? tako sto mu mi posaljemo signal (bezicno naravno) i on taj signal tretira kao zahtev za slanje podataka, ali istovremeno taj spoljasnji signal koristi kao izvor energije za slanje podataka!!! podaci se salju kao elektromagnetni talas odredjene frekvencije. tamo negde se tacno znaju frekvencije za primanje i slanje tih podataka. taj mali cip je jako sofisticirana sprava koja moze da desifruje kodirane zahteve tako da ne moze svako da mu pristupi, a moze i da salje na vise frekvencija..

    (We all have heard of RFID chips, which put us in identity cards, to the west and some under the skin. We know that it is a small transmitter that transmits your data when it is requested by both? By him, we send a signal (wireless of course ) and on the signal is treated as a request to send data, but at the same time that the external signal is used as an energy source to send data! data is sent as an electromagnetic wave of certain frequency. out there know the exact frequencies for sending and receiving of data. This small chip is very sophisticated devices that can decipher the coded requests so that not everyone can access it, and it can send to multiple frequencies ..

    dakle, tehnologija je otisla tako daleko da uopste ne sumnjam da je moguce da neko salje signal mojoj licnoj karti koja ce da mi emituje npr.

    Therefore, the technology has gone so far as to have no doubt at all that it is possible to send a signal to my identity card which will be transmitted to me for example.

    6Hz frekvenciju i da me uspava ili 20-50Hz i da me razbudi i dovede do napetosti!!!
    6Hz frequency and that I sleep or 20-50Hz, and to awaken me and cause tension!

    ako uzmemo u obzir da je nanotehnologija sigurno otisla mnogo dalje nego sto mi mozemo da pojmimo, pogledajte sliku pa mi recite da je ovo o cemu pricamo naucna fantastika!

    If we consider that nanotechnology is safely gone much further than we can conceive of that, look at the picture and tell me that this is what we are talking about science fiction!

    (na slici je grinja i mehanicki nano-zubcanici, za nove generacije tranzistora i mikromotora. to je samo ono sto nam daju na kasicicu, zamislite sta je u loncu!!!))

    (The picture is dust mites and mechanical nano-tub galvanic, the new generation of transistors and micromotors. That’s just what we give on the spoon, imagine what is in the pot !!!))

    sta god bili, morgeloni, nano-roboti, polimeri, najezda paukova, ne zelim to u svojim plucima!

    whatever you were, morgeloni, nano-robots, polymers, invasion of spiders, I do not want it in your lungs!


  26. rosettasister Says:

    1 “radio frequency exposure” Dr. Carpenter in above video

    2 radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs) Ciudad Rio-Perez

    3 “We all have heard of RFID chips”
    mihtorije Послато: Сре Јул 20, 2011 3:36 pm


    There’s no way this is a coincidence, someone’s trying to tell me something.

    Could these radio frequencies (RFs) –> central nervous system disease –> Morgellons ?

  27. rosettasister Says:

    I think Morgellons Disease was caused by RFID Chip implants….. (poly fibers)…. hmmm….. thoughts anyone? *NM*

    By:TNT MadDog
    Date: 1/7/2007, 8:40 pm

  28. rosettasister Says:

    From Dr. Staninger’s report titled “Smart Dust and Its Global Environmental Impact” (1) she states:

    In the December 20, 2009, issue of Nature Nanotechnology, it was stated that scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have found

    a new way to use a synthetic form of DNA to control the assembly of nano-particles

    – this time resulting in

    switchable, three-dimensional, and small-cluster structures

    that might be useful, for example, as bio-sensors, in solar cells and as new materials for data storage.

    The Brookhaven team, lead by physicist Oleg Gang, has been refining techniques to use strands of artificial DNA as a highly specific kind of Velcro, or glue, to link up nano-particles, thus creating “smart glue.”

    These same techniques have been applied to the new Harvard-designed DNA folding protein origami technologies to compress multiple materials into a single “smart dust platform.”

    Pictured left is the integration of Nasal Sensory Technology, Sencil™, Smart Dust and Crystal Motes.

    In September 2009, a specimen was isolated from

    the platform scaffolding technology of nasal sensory technology

    that was utilized in

    the coupling of Sencil™ technology, smart dust/crystals


    *** the utilization of mass population in selected cities to monitor their environment (remotely) ***

    The specimen was isolated from the nasal bulb of a female who was exposed to aerial spraying during September 2009 in Los Angeles, CA.

    It was also documented by the individual that

    *** continual EMF or RFID frequencies were being emitted at specific times and frequencies ***

    thus confirming

    the application of remote motes ???

    stimulating the growth of advanced nano materials into specific


    nanorobots, or

    other similar tools/devices.

    Putting this into layman terms:

    According to Dr. Staninger, these advanced nano materials are able to assemble, like tiny transformers, and combine with other nano materials to create tools and devices.

    These devices can be turned on with the flip of a switch, via EMF and RFID

    (Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Radio Frequency Identification Tags)

    that can transmit or receive information about the environment it is in, including the ‘host’.

    Presently, RFID tags are commonly used to track commuters passing through toll booths.

    Also, ranchers often use RFID tags on cattle to track their progress from the fields to the processing plants.

    The possible uses for this technology are almost limitless.

  29. rosettasister Says:

    I’ll betcha Senators McCain and Hatch know about this.


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  31. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    Morgellons and RFID — the utilization of mass population in selected cities to monitor their environment remotely


    New Thread:

    This soul self, this resurrected, wiser self, which is destined to be an eternal companion to the Creator of the entire Cosmos — John Van Auken

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