God is alive, magic is afoot



Lord, In Jesus Name, please help me to remember this accurately and not to omit anything of importance to You.

When the stakes are so high, I want to be sure to get things right.

Not all chem trails created equal?

Various culprits, each with their own agenda.

The message:

“They can’t live out their lives here.”

I’ll come back to that later.

Here’s the thing.

Yesterday, in the midst of very heavy spraying, I saw two of our jet fighters from Luke AFB flying in formation. And they flew right through the middle of these chem clouds.

Do you honestly believe our best and our bravest DON’T KNOW these “clouds” are not supposed to be there?!

My husband, has been through all of this with me since 1976, including the three holes on my left forearm which looked like an innoculation.

We are both staunch supporters of our military. I was a Clinton supporter in 1992 and 1996. In 2000, we both voted for Gore. In 2004, Bush. In 2008, McCain.

He sees the chem trails with his own eyes, and rightly asks, “Do you think these pilots from Luke would allow these tanker pilots to poison their own families?”

Good question.

So you better believe these fighter pilots have a damn good reason for not speaking out.

What I mean to say is, they’ve been told something which frightens the hell out of them.

The justification for these aerosol crimes.

We need to know if they’ve been misled. And, if so, by whom.

And the same would go for members of Congress, scientists, doctors, meteorologists, your local sheriffs, mayors, governors and judges.

One of the ironies here is the contributions of the so-called “Truthers” in bringing this issue to the light of day and under public scrutiny.

I am not a Truther, but I am indebted to them.

I only wish they could see, that one of the ways we are being “dumbed down” is some never met a conspiracy they didn’t like.

I am a very spiritual person and I love God and His Son and His Son’s Mother and all the saints.

But we can approach this problem very scientifically.

We can drag our loved ones outside and make them see!

We can show them the evidence.

They’ll be hostile at first, but ultimately, we are thinking beings.

We can also show them the Morgellons victims.

A photograph tells a thousand words. And thanks to “yeoman’s work” we see the evidence magnified through the lens of a microscope.

Getting Back to our fighter pilots

So my husband asks a good question.

If chem trails are real, and they are, and if chem trails are making us sick and making our planet sick, and they are, then why do those we trust remain mum?

What exactly are these people being told? I mean it must be a whopper!

Let me the count the ways.

  1. A terrible calamity awaits if we don’t do something to prevent global warming. We are sworn to protect the citizenry.


  1. We had the best of intentions, but we really messed up big this time. We’ve not only altered our environment, we’ve altered the human genome. If this becomes widely known, the people will take to the streets. We are sworn to protect the citizenry.


  1. We are sworn to protect the citizenry from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And that includes the extraterrestrial threat. We have found a way to target the enemy using chemical and biological warfare. We have found a way to deliver the instrument of their destruction. Some Americans have been walking around with alien genes and didn’t even know it. That is unfortunate, but a price we are willing to pay.


See This Shit Coming!

  1. Earth and its inhabitants have received visitations from these unearthly creatures since time immemorial. Some have even visited us from our future. The elite of the earth have signed treaties with them. In exchange for allowing a limited number of abductions, we were given alien technology. Not for the little people, don’t you know. A few brave knights protested the use of this technology which allowed the elite to see into the future. “Destroy the damned things, now!” they cried. But all were not destroyed. And Satan had his way.


Playing God, those sworn to protect us peer into the future and base their decisions on what they think they “see.”

No faith in the prophets of old. Alien technology from the future is the domain of “enlightened” scientists. The little people must be stopped from throwing a monkey wrench into such a thing of beauty! We mustn’t tinker with such intricate machinery. It is so fragile.

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

We are sworn to protect the citizenry from what we “see” in our Majic Box.

I could go on …

Previously I’ve stated the possibility that, no matter the reason for this deadly silence, ALL those choosing to remain silent are mere pawns in this sinister game.

There is an end game, but whose end game?

Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension.  In other words, as they say, the universe is “timeless.”

And Time Itself The Magic Length of God

God is alive. Magic is afoot. That is precisely why the Deceiver is here, as well.

And the Spider throws its web.

They can’t live out their lives here.”

I’ve received two messages

This first one I think refers to creatures, beings the Lord doesn’t want here. They don’t belong here somehow.

We are confronted with evil. And even though this fight is under the radar, so to speak, we must find a way to do our part.

We must come together in order to achieve this necessary victory.

God and His Viceroys require our help.

Each of us has a different role to play.

We are being tested yet again.

The Drama Unfolds

These are the times in which we find ourselves. We chose to play a part in this drama when we were still in spirit.

And the second message.

Go to your houses of worship and pray. Like you’ve never prayed before!


Psalms 147:7-8 Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving; sing praise upon the harp unto our God: Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.


Música e poesía

God is alive, magic is afoot


God is alive, magic is afoot
God is alive, magic is afoot
God is alive, magic is afoot
God is afoot, magic is alive
Alive is afoot, magic never died
God never sickened
Many poor men lied
Many sick men lied
Magic never weakened
Magic never hid
Magic always ruled
God is afoot, God never died
God was ruler
Though his funeral lengthened
Though his mourners thickened
Magic never fled
Though his shrouds were hoisted
The naked God did live
Though his words were twisted
The naked magic thrived
Though his death was published
Round and round the world
The heart did not believe

Many hurt men wondered
Many struck men bled
Magic never faltered
Magic always lead
Many stones were rolled
But God would not lie down
Many wild men lied
Many fat men listened
Though they offered stones
Magic still was fed
Though they locked their coffers
God was always served
Magic is afoot, God is alive
Alive is afoot

Alive is in command
Many weak men hungered
Many strong men thrived
Though they boast of solitude
God was at their side
Nor the dreamer in his cell
Nor the captain on the hill
Magic is alive
Though his death was pardoned
Round and round the world
The heart would not believe

Though laws were carved in marble
They could not shelter men
Though altars built in parliaments
They could not order men
Police arrested magic and magic went with them
Mmmmm…. for magic loves the hungry
But magic would not tarry
It moves from arm to arm
It would not stay with them
Magic is afoot
It cannot come to harm
It rests in an empty palm
It spawns in an empty mind
But magic is no instrument
Magic is the end
Many men drove magic
But magic stayed behind
Many strong men lied
They only passed through magic
And out the other side
Many weak men lied
They came to God in secret
And though they left Him nourished
They would not tell who healed
Though mountains danced before them
They said that God was dead
Though his shrouds were hoisted
The naked God did live
This I mean to whisper to my mind
This I mean to laugh within my mind
This I mean my mind to serve
Til’ service is but magic
Moving through the world
And mind itself is magic
Coursing through the flesh
And flesh itself is magic
Dancing on a clock
And time itself
The magic length of God

© 1966- Leonard Cohen.

My Mathematical Mind

Oh! Yes!

I want to change, your mind.
Said I want to set it right, this time.
I’m looking through you, you know who you are.
And planning for the apocolypse is,
Bb A
Not considered, considered cool,
I don’t suggest it myself.
You know I won’t sweat.
I want to change, your ways.
I said I’m gonna get it right, one of these days.
Gm G
And I’m looking through you, riding the brakes.
And bringing about the apocolypse is,
Bb A
Not considered, considered cool.
And you go settin’ it up,
But never give it a thought,
Just go settin’ it up.
Gm G
My mathematical mind,
can see the brakes.
Gm G
Say I’m gonna stop,
riding the brakes.

G Gm
No no no more, riding, the brakes.
No more riding, riding the brakes.
Said I’m gonna see, the stakes.
Yeah, I’m gonna see, the stakes.
Yeah, I’m gonna ride.
Yeah, I’m gonna ride.
Aw I’m gonna see.
Yes I’m gonna see.
I’m gonna see the stakes.
I’m gonna see the stakes.

No more riding the brakes; Instead I’m gonna see your stakes.


Aerosol Crimes Pics

Please post these image folder links wherever you can:

And be sure to click on “SlideShow” for each folder.





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  1. blessedistruth Says:


    Gimme Fiction

    “I Turn My Camera On”


    4:12 PM Pacific

  2. rosettasister Says:

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Fight The Power – The Isley Brothers


  4. rosettasister Says:

    – or –

    Copy and paste


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  6. rosettasister Says:

  7. rosettasister Says:

  8. rosettasister Says:

  9. rosettasister Says:

  10. rosettasister Says:

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    On mornings like this, when the sky is the color it’s supposed to be, it feels like maybe the nightmare is over.

    I am thankful, but take nothing for granted.

    Yesterday, Thursday, light spraying turned heavy.

    I live in far NW of Valley of the Sun, but took to the highway yesterday afternoon due north in search of blue skies.

    Unfortunately the “trails” extended pretty far north.

    Will post pics in a little while.

    9:28 AM Pacific

  11. rosettasister Says:

    Message: AntiHistamines

    so I searched

    antihistamine morgellons

    and found this

    Susan E. Kolb, M.D., F.A.C.S., Publishes Her Morgellons Treatment Protocol


    Connie’s Amazing Story

    Connie_M has a most amazing story to tell; you can see here video and see her pictures at the same time.

    This brave woman shares her experiences as the first person to take NutraSilver.

    You can hear her story by clicking HERE



    That stopped with the use of the NutraSilver internally.

    The depression lifted. It didn’t completely go away because my depression is hereditary.

    I have since started taking 40mg a day of Prozac and I doing really well with that, but initially I think the NutraSilver did have an effect of my depression.

    The brain fogging… gone! It was essentially gone. My memory was good.

    My short term memory was good.

    You know I was even starting to recall how this disease have progressed over the years when I started learning about how and what other people had.

    The healing was amazing, and again, I still, it took…

    the lesions healed quicker with the use of the NutraSilver…

    and it took a while

    because I had quite a few on my arms and

    I started having them show up on my legs and that started happening when I was using it topically and

    that’s really when we got scared and realized that you know

    *** we better not do this topically anymore ***

    because whatever this thing is, its in my body and what the NutraSilver was doing topically was just moving it…

    and my thought was well if its moves by use of it topically…

    “What would happen if I took it internally and got it in my blood stream?”.

    Again we saw amazing results!

    The other thing I noticed right away too was my joint pain. I would get up in the morning and I had very little back pain, and now I have none.

    Oh lets see…in October, September-October of last year.

    We decided to do a purge.

    contd below

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Useful comments here:



    Arrow Durfee Says:
    March 14th, 2009 at 11:34 am

    I have had contact with a close associate with Connie.

    Connie still has Morgellons disease and continues with the NutraSilver but her disease is well under control and she is living a normal life, has returned to work, etc.


    Arrow Durfee Says:
    August 26th, 2010 at 11:52 am

    Have to tried http://www.nutrisilver.com

    the testimonials for this product are compelling and I would use this silver product above all others.

    I have never heard reports of metal flakes from this and think it would be impossible. I have used it myself.

    All silver products are not the same.

    Topical treatments are repressive and will never be curative for this disease.

    I would certainly try MMS.


    For info on MMS, pls see this post:


  13. rosettasister Says:

    I haven’t watched these yet.

    Uploaded by magysticmedia on Aug 9, 2008

    An educational video about Morgellons Disease and the amazing supplement called NutraSilver.

  14. rosettasister Says:

    – or –

    Copy and paste



  15. rosettasister Says:

    05 05 11 Thu aft near Lone Mountain & N 137th Ave 85383







    North (that’s White Peak over on the right)


    More pics in a bit

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Hope this works!

    spotted an enemy tanker laying down a “trail”

    12575 W. Golf Club Drive Peoria, AZ 85383

    Image Folder


    At one point, I tried keeping camera in one position but kept clicking so hopefully you can see the “trail” extending.

    Best to view as a slideshow.

    If the above link doesn’t link to slideshow, I’ll post another.


  17. rosettasister Says:

    Yeah, that worked pretty well.

    Make sure you view as slideshow.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    Paul McCartney engaged to girlfriend

    Hey, Paul!

    Get off your ass and do something about aerosol crimes!

    What, are you blind?!

  19. rosettasister Says:

    Traveling east on Carefree Hwy toward I 17 spotted either where trail began or abruptly ends

    It was bizarre!

    I’ve seen a lot of these trails, but not one which just abruptly ends like that.

    i.e., the point at which enemy tanker pilot either turned sprayers on or off.

    anyway, got some pics, proceeded east

    when I got out of my car, the wind had blown the damned thing directly above me

    so I took some more pics

    2805 West Carefree Highway Phoenix, AZ 85086

    Image Folder


    Click on “SlideShow”

  20. rosettasister Says:


    Page 2


  21. rosettasister Says:

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    9:22 AM Pacific

    Thanks be to God!

  22. rosettasister Says:

    This is interesting. Mr. Baker won’t say people were seeing chem trails. But says it’s possible.

    Contrails and Chemtrails

    Posted: May 5, 2011 9:51 AM by Dave Baker



    Yesterday there was some talk about the number of streaks in the sky caused by commercial aircraft.

    Some people were calling these “Chemtrails” and some calling them “Contrails”. These are two completely different things.

    Regardless, it was strange to have contact with so many sky watchers on such a tranquil weather day.

    First, by definition, a Chemtrail would be a visible streak or cloud like formation in the sky from a chemical or biological agent sprayed from an aircraft at a high altitude.

    This would not be like a crop duster spraying a herbicide or pesticide over a farmer’s field, or aerial spraying for mosquito control.

    With mosquito control or crop dusting, the aircraft is at a low altitude, and any “trail” if visible, can be seen as it drifts toward the ground.

    A Chemtrail has also been the subject of government conspiracy theories ranging from biological or chemical warfare, to weather control.

    While that possibly could be true, it’s not likely any government officials are going to admit to it.

    Lafayette, LA

    contd below

  23. rosettasister Says:

    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Jeff Ferrell on Chemtrails


    Received the following from Jeff today…

    A scientist now confirms that the United States military funded research which led to a patent suspected of making so-called “chemtrails” in our skies.

    In this follow-up report, investigative reporter Jeff Ferrell also discovered a U.S. Air Force manual called “Owning the Weather in 2025,” which describes the very same approach.

    Ferrell’s original report aired on KSLA News 12, the CBS-TV affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana where he works as a reporter and anchor.



    CHEMTRAILS: Is U.S. Gov’t. Secretly Testing Americans ‘Again’?

    Posted: Nov 09, 2007 5:46 PM MST
    Updated: Dec 21, 2007 5:17 PM MST



    The story attracted attention from hundreds of people across the country and Canada.

    They watched it on YouTube, Google Video and a host of other web sites that posted the story.

    In turn, those viewers began emailing and calling the station.

    While Ferrell immediately began investigating for a follow-up report, the station’s interest in the subject waned.

    So, here’s what he found out in his independent research:


    “I learned about U.S. Patent #: 5,003,186, titled `Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming,” better known by chemtrail researchers as “The Welsbach Patent.”

    The patent describes putting metallic particles like aluminum and barium into jet fuel. Then, exhaust from the jet engine seeds the stratosphere.

    (“into jet fuel” — not done anymore? enemy tankers refitted with sprayers along rear of wings)

    In turn, those small metallic particles serve a dual purpose by:

    1) reflecting incoming light back into space and

    2.) helping convert the warmth below into infra-red waves, allowing them to escape from the earth’s atmosphere.

    “It turned out that it seemed to work and so that’s why we had applied for a patent,” said patent co-inventor David Chang.

    Chang confirmed that the U.S. military did fund that research while he worked at Hughes Aircraft, an aerospace giant at the time.

    It would later downsize considerably and evolve into Direct-TV, which required some of the very same kinds of research and development.

    In fact, Chang described several other military-funded projects where jet engine exhaust dispersed metallic particles into the atmosphere.

    (jet engine exhaust — again, I don’t believe this is technique now)

    “For instance, we were using it to develop targets for laser range finders,” continued Chang.

    I then learned about that U.S. Air Force document titled, “Owning the Weather in 2025.”

    it details weather modification for war-fighting and describes putting carbon dust into jet fuel for dispersal as the quote,

    ‘most convenient, safe and cost effective method,”

    just as the Welsbach Patent explained.

    That method is described on page 15 of the Air Force report, originally written in 1996 as a study paper.

    In September of 2002, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell even told a United Nations World Summit in South Africa quote,

    “we are committed to a billion-dollar program to develop and deploy advanced technologies to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions.”

    Powell never fully elaborated.

    And few may remember that the U.S. military used covert weather modification in the past.

    During the Vietnam War a top secret mission called “Operation Popeye,” seeded clouds over the Ho Chi Minh Trail to create floods and wash out the enemy’s supply routes.

    Reporter Jack Anderson is credited with breaking that story back in 1971.

    A Discovery Channel program, which first aired in February 2007, investigated so-called Chemtrails, describing them as contrail formations that persist in the skies for hours after a jet passes.

    But the military refused them access to jet fuel for testing.

    “I suspect it may be some sort of weather control,” said Stamps, Arkansas resident Bill Nichols in our first report on the subject, which aired on KSLA News 12.

    Nichols handed us a mason jar with a sample inside containing water and ‘other’ material collected recently from his back yard.

    Independent testing at a Shreveport, LA lab did show high levels of barium, a hallmark of other chemtrail testing.

    Louisiana regulators described such a reading as unusual, but very difficult to prove its source.

    Chemtrail skeptics argue barium is used very often commercially for everything from mining to oil drilling.

    But Chang told me that’s ‘exactly’ why they considered such material safe to use in our skies as a welsbach particle.

    But, no one has yet to officially confirm a direct connection between these alleged chemtrails and the U.S. military.

    Such a discovery is the ‘Holy Grail’ of chemtrail researchers.

    Such a revelation, if there is indeed such a covert program in existence at all, would require someone to step forward and potentially risk court martial or legal action.

    Until then, the guessing and the waiting continue.

    Story by Jeff Ferrell


  24. rosettasister Says:

    Nov 2007 ?

  25. rosettasister Says:


    You can e-mail him at: jferrell@ksla.com

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Governor Bobby Jindal


    Do you honestly believe Jindal doesn’t know what’s going on in the skies above Louisiana?!

    All of our elected representatives at every level have failed us.

    And have not kept their oaths.

    Those who think they do good and those who do evil keep secrets.

    Secrecy at all costs and at every level in the name of protecting the citizenry.

    And where has all this secrecy gotten us?

    A deadly silence.


  27. rosettasister Says:

    News 10 Special Report: Secrets in the Sky

    Posted: Apr 30, 2011 1:54 PM MST


    According to Rosalind Peterson, the president of the Agriculture Defense Coalition,

    “University, NASA, and NOAA studies have begun to be published which show that

    these jets

    are not having a benign effect on our environment and

    are considered part of an atmospheric geo-engineering experiment that reduces the amount of direct sunlight reaching the Earth.”


    “an atmospheric geo-engineering experiment”

    Justice? What justice?

    Freedom? What freedom?

  28. rosettasister Says:

    I’m thinking of changing from Dem to Green Party

    But even they’re asleep at the wheel


  29. rosettasister Says:

    Fortunately, that is not the case in other nation-states.

    “green party” chemtrail


  30. rosettasister Says:

    If Repubs don’t have cojones to bring up chem trails, I won’t vote for them.

    But I won’t vote for Obama, either.

    Unless chem trails end on his watch.

    It makes me very sad to think I actually trusted these people.

    Clinton and “W” are AWOL.

    A part of me wants to believe a few brave individuals are fighting for us behind the scenes.

    Honestly, I do believe that.

    I haven’t lost all hope.

    And I pray God’s help in Jesus Name.

    Intent is paramount.

    Most have good intentions, bad judgment.

    A few though, have bad intent.

    And they shall reap what they have sown.


  31. rosettasister Says:

  32. rosettasister Says:

  33. rosettasister Says:

  34. rosettasister Says:

  35. rosettasister Says:


    I Have Always Been Here Before Chords

    EADGBe tuning and nothing fancy throughout the song…

    A | F#m | Bm7 | D

    Chorus just changes order
    D | Bm7 | A | F#m

    Verse 1:

    It seems like a bell rings, time for deja vu;
    Everything is familiar, being here with you.
    All you’ve ever had before, you’ve had to understand;
    Now all you have to do is want, to have at your command.


    I have always been here before,
    Allowing my minds call of no love,
    Incorporate more never stops it’s flow,
    I have always been here before.

    Verse 2:

    That that is pleasing, that that is real,
    That that is forever keeps filling never filled,
    That that snuck upon you in the night,
    That that you remember in an early child of life,
    That that was supposed to have frightened you,
    but somehow you never took to fright.


    Verse 3:

    From the gargoyles to stonehenge,
    From the sphinx to the pyramids.
    Lucifers temple praising the devil rise;
    To the devil’s clock; it strikes midnight.


  36. rosettasister Says:

  37. rosettasister Says:

  38. rosettasister Says:

    Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye


  39. rosettasister Says:

    Haven’t Watched Yet

    Uploaded by wenebeinhart on May 7, 2011

    Dr.ir. Coen Vermeeren @ Chemtrail Symposium – University of Ghent 29th may 2010. Dr. Vermeeren is an aeronautic specialist from the ‘Technische Universiteit Delft’, in the Netherlands.

  40. rosettasister Says:

    dr.ir. Coen Vermeeren


    Metal Matrix Composites
    Inflatable structures


    Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
    Kluyverweg 1
    Postbus 5058
    2600 GB Delft
    The Netherlands

    room NB 0.10
    phone +31(0)15 278 5160
    fax +31(0)15 278 1151

    Committees and other activities

    Member of the organizing committee for ICCM 14, 2003, San Diego, USA

    Member of the organizing committee for Conference on Design aspects and mathematical modeling of air- and spacecraft, Italy 2003

    Member of the organizing committee for Conference for the faculty of Aerospace Engineering Delft – spring 2004

    Member of the Platform for popularization of Composites, Comp-o-Tour 2002

    Member of the Advisory committee for the scientific library

    Member of the Advisory committee of the educational program of the Faculty of Aerospace Technology

    Member of the committee to advise the faculty on the quality management system

  41. rosettasister Says:

    The need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the wellbeing of We the People.

    I knew there had to be more to this story.

    More on this later.



    So is there really another reason for the chemtrails? Absolutely.

    It was the late Edward Teller, member of the Manhattan Project and father of the Hydrogen Bomb, co-founder and director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, who proposed

    this geo-engineering technique

    together with Roderick Hyde and Lowell Wood and

    who designed a variety of mixtures according to the specific tasks they have to perform,

    among which figure

    the deployment of “electrically-conducting sheets” or “metallic ‘nets’ of ultra-fine mesh-spacing” in the stratosphere.

    But their concern wasn’t global warming. It was the growing dependence on, and vulnerability to semiconductors.

    In a paper presented to the US Air Force titled

    “Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010”,

    Major Colin R. Miller describes

    the dangers from atmospheric radiation

    which could shut down everything in America — bringing us back to the stone age.

    Disruption of semiconductors in our present society could cause everything to cease — from the basics like water and power to emergency services, all communication, transportation and our national security.

    He outlines vital importance of shielding of these circuits, both individually and globally. [1]

    In a 2009 interview with Ludwig Glinz about

    ‘Sferic Frequencies, Semiconductor Technologies and their effective Preservation and Protection,’

    Uwe Behnken, founder of LiveNet Concept 2010 and long time activist against Chemtrail Spraying, suggests that

    the massive injection of toxic substances into the stratosphere ever since the nineties bears

    *** a direct relation to the protection of highly sensitive semiconductor technologies. ***

    (This is why Fox News lawyers nix any reporting.)

    “Natural electromagnetic pulses are known to everybody ever since the film ‘The Day After’ where we learnt what happens if these are created artificially by means of the explosion of an atom bomb.

    If an atomic weapon explodes, the electromagnetic pulse causes semiconductor technologies to stop functioning.

    The same electromagnetic pulses can be registered

    in the event of elevated sferic frequencies or nuclear electromagnetic pulses stemming from elevated sun activities, and

    from our perspective this is another reason why

    it is undertaken to repel these sferic frequencies with the help of toxic substances, like aluminium oxides and barium-chlorides so as to protect semiconductor technologies.”



    Our vulnerability to radiation

    Since the 1950’s when silicon and germanium transistors were suddenly “discovered” by Bell Laboratories, electronic circuitry has become entirely dependent upon these semiconductors.

    Radios containing vacuum tubes were replaced by transistor circuits and expensive room size computers, which used magnetic relays and solenoids, were quickly reduced to desktop “appliances” that are now found in most every home.

    As we round the corner of the first decade of the 21st Century, micro-circuits are in our cellphones, satellites, “fly-by-wire” cars and almost all of the communications devices used by the financial, business and military institutions.

    In just 50 years since their introduction, semiconductors have become a most vital part of our life and a necessity for our survival.

    *** But there’s a problem no one anticipated. ***

    Because the circuits are so incredibly small and function of such extremely low voltages, they are highly vulnerable to outside radiation.

    Rays from our Sun, the atmosphere and even cosmic rays, can and do cause errors in these circuits that can have an impact on the lives and safety of everyone.

    (Bill Gates, anyone?)

    Three little sins

    One of the problems related to semiconductor technology and as derived from some of its specific characteristics is, that

    upon exposure to various types of particles of atmospheric radiation

    — alpha particles, various ions, protons, and neutrons which can ‘hit’ the device —

    it can change state or alter its output, leading to an error.

    This phenomenon is widely known by the manufacturers and has been called

    ‘Single Event Effect’ (SEE),

    which, in turn, is classified in

    three basic categories:

    A soft error or ‘single event upset’ (SEU),

    a soft or hard error or ‘single event latch-up (SEL) and

    a hard failure or ‘single event burnout’ (SEB).

    The Single Event Upset happens when the flow of data (“1’s” and “0’s”) is corrupted.

    Maybe when reading the binary code from a memory or processor an extra bit is added or lost.

    This is a fairly regular occurrence and is usually corrected within the device by a special code that counts the number of bits, checks to make sure the same number was received, and orders them to be repeated if there is a discrepancy.

    The Single Event Latch is more serious.

    The external radiation causes one of the transistors to malfunction, allowing high voltage to enter the circuit and disabling the device either temporarily or permanently.

    The damage is usually localized and many critical circuits have built in redundancy to compensate for this.

    The Single Event Burnout

    results when the radiation causes instantaneous yet large voltages to enter the circuit, burning the internal elements of the transistors and their surrounding components.

    When this happens the electronic circuits are permanently disabled.

    All of the problems mentioned happen to semiconductor circuits when exposed to radiation.

    Manufacturers of commercial semiconductors do not design any protection against this and so our society — our way of life — is highly vulnerable.

    The protection from such things as solar radiation and cosmic rays has instead been

    to establish a conductive layer of metallic particles which cover and dissipate this radiation. (Chemtrails?)

    In an Atmospheric Radiation Effects Whitepaper by Ken Vranish, titled

    “The Growing Impact of Atmospheric Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices and the Associated Impact on Avionics Suppliers”

    the problem is put in perspective.

    The design and manufacturing of complex devices usually allow for flaws and malfunctions that are tracked statistically.

    A failure or malfunction that happens once in 40,000 hours could be thought of as negligible.

    But if the malfunction is in a life critical system, such as the navigation or engine control of a passenger aircraft, this could be deadly.

    Next, complex designs usually take about a decade to reach production.

    The circuitry in use today was designed before the problem of radiation was well understood.

    So there is virtually no protection in individual circuits.

    This shifts the burden to a global solution, especially with regards to aviation electronics,

    *** such as atmospheric seeding with metallic substances ***

    All of the above is especially true for military applications of semiconductors.

    “Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom demonstrated the potential of NCW, allowing unprecedented speed and lethality

    through digital command, control, communications, and computers (C4)

    integrated throughout the battlespace.

    The ability of microchip-enabled systems to leverage combat power was eye watering and in the future will be paramount.

    Data links, displays, satellite communications, computerized planning systems, GPS receivers, radios, smart munitions, vehicles, aircraft, and all other systems required to support the networked force

    will derive their power, and potentially their doom, from fragile electronic systems…”[2]

    (This would explain the silence of our military.)

    Public outcry?

    No doubt the public will feel disrespected when they learn that this fact has been hidden from them.


    With the Solar Maximum approaching we can expect more and more failures of semiconductors, resulting is all sorts of malfunctions and potential burnouts.

    One strong Coronal Mass Ejection is all the it would take to trigger the dire scenario portrayed by Major Miller.

    A history of lies and more lies…

    Back in 2001, angry citizens had mustered enough physical evidence and thousands of photos and video tapes

    to make at least one congressman, Mr. Dennis Kucinich, include the phenomenon in a bill, (HR 2977) “The Space Preservation Act of 2001” where chemtrails were to be prohibited as an “exotic weapons system.”

    After some closed door discussions, the bill was re-introduced (HR 3615) with this portion of the prohibition omitted.

    A review of the average surface temperatures over the last decade shows a decrease of 0.5F, while atmospheric temperatures have undoubtedly been rising. Scientists attribute this to chemtrails.

    Non-scientists have noticed that beautiful sunny days are often turned into overcast by the crazy zig-zag flights of jets and wonder if this could also cause droughts or respiratory illnesses.

    It’s crazy, and no one in the government seems to want to address this.

    The question remains unanswered: why won’t the government come clean with the chemtrails?

    Is it because the aluminum and other metallic substances has also been responsible for poisoning our water and air?

    Is it because the need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the wellbeing of the average people?

    We need answers and we need them now.


    (This still doesn’t explain Morgellons. Or does it?)

    (Have our immune systems become so weakened by these “metallic substances” that our bodies are more vulnerable to these Morgellons parasites? What about the fibers? Nano machines?)

    genetically modified organisms (GMO)

    I just had a thought. It’s possible what we’re witnessing is a terrible storm of at least two things happening at the same time. Chem trails + GMO = sick planet + sick people.

    There’s a term for this effect. Each by itself only a limited amount of harm. But the two together increases the harm exponentially.

    And they didn’t see this shit coming.

    Not even with their Majic boxes?

  42. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    The need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the well being of We the People.


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