The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part Four – Novel Time Chatter

I would begin at the beginning, but I don’t believe anyone but God knows where to begin.
This is the continuing saga of Dan and Marcia, and their story is very much an ongoing concern.
But, for now, I want to focus on their relationship with one Gordon Novel, and where these two stories come together is … well, it concerns every last human here and gone.
Did you know we survived the Cycles Cross? The what? One may ask.
See … before you ever had a reason to be concerned about your future, about your children’s future, about the future of humanity … you are now being told that we collectively averted a catastrophe of biblical proportions.
So don’t worry about it.
Worry about other things, but don’t worry about the Cycles Cross. Because it came and it went.
But it left vestiges of itself behind. And that is what concerns us now.
A mark, a trace, visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in existence.
The powerful and the not so powerful would exploit these vestiges, were it not for the concerted efforts of a select few.
Where to begin? I pray the angel standing over my shoulder will whisper in my ear the correct and proper phrases to make for the greater understanding.
I am only attempting to explain a small but important part of … not the greatest story ever told, but certainly one of the greatest.
The story of humankind, God’s creatures on our beautiful blue planet, being visited by God’s other creatures.
God’s other children. I have been told, in a dream, “We’re all about the children.”
And I believe it.
Now this next part requires the suspension of disbelief, but bear with me for a little while.
Time is required here on our planet, in this dimension. But is by no means universal. And we have been visited by our future selves.
From wherever or whenever these vistors came … they came. And they come.
As our species evolved, we acquired the technological means to disable their craft. And we came into possession of, not only their ships, but of the ship’s inhabitants themselves.
A few survived, for a little while.
And Dr. Burisch became acquainted with, and then counted as a friend, a certain visitor from our future.
It is not my intention to repeat that story, even though I continue to learn new, amazing facets of that tale.
This is my intention.
Time travel is a reality. It is here. It came from our future.
A test of wills ensued to determine who and how and when this knowledge was to be disseminated.
Gordon Novel came into possession, I don’t know how, of … you know, I honestly don’t know what.
But Dan and Marcia and Eagles Disobey and, I think, Majestic, saw to it that Mr. Novel was disinherited of said knowledge.
And here the story continues …
Left to right: Christopher (Kit) Green, Pat Price, and Hal Puthoff
The Truth According to Mongrel Dawg
(I’ll start with the “truth” and then do some backtracking.  Unless otherwise indicated, the following words can be found at, which belongs to Dan and Marcia, husband and wife.  I’ve done some editing, but only for clarity’s sake.)
Dec 31, 2010, 10:54pm, Mongrel Dawg wrote:
THE TRUTH: (edited)
Here’s the truth! Dr. Dan, when he was speaking with Mr. Novel, suggested a working offer to Dr. Marci AFTER Novel approached the Eagles with an offer of a contract.
Eagles was going to offer the ability to complete ARGGO in record time, then D said he would help Novel in completing his propulsion system from plans he’s got buried in his head from the S4 days! (Dan’s leverage: something to help the environment, first!)
Novel wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted to build another version of ARGGO, almost a match to the Looking Glass and Stargates, to CONTROL TIME.
Dan would hear none of that, because it would be dangerous to everyone.


So, ARGGO is underway independently. It may take longer, but that’s the way it goes! 




Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green

It’s Our Time

Gordon Novel’s “Public Masturbation” (or Stan Does Have a Way with Words) 


Re: Fw: Serious Business for Majic, DB, and MM.
Monday, April 20, 2009 9:55 AM
From: “Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.” <>

Gordon, I am going to explain something to you, you may not like it, and I am too old to care, and know from the surveillance video that you are probably too old for me to be concerned about.

Dan will not be employed by your company. Eagles Disobey is contracted for services. Contracts go two ways: performance = contractual obligation.

Dan is exclusively contracted to Eagles Disobey, Inc.

The fears of your cohorts are not the problem of Eagles Disobey, and the technologies which Dan has had experience with, will be built with or without your company permission, the acquiescence of its individuals or power structures behind them, or funds.

It was only a matter of whether your company had wished to benefit from his experience.

Industry is presently contracting Eagles Disobey, Inc. and none of them have come to you or your company, or its cohorts or measuring tools, and asked any kind of permission.

Dan will not be measured by you, nor your cohorts, as you do not possess the tools to do it.

He will not be “run up” any of your flagpoles or the flagpoles of your cohorts, because he is not going to be submitted to you as would a schoolboy to a headmaster.

It’s much more the other way around, but you seem oblivious to that reality.

A few days ago, you took exception at anyone, especially Dan and Marci, walking away from you in a public place because you made a fool of yourself with your unrestrained commentary in front of a lady.

It was no joke, no one was laughing, at least not with you.

You followed their departure with a letter claiming that an offer for 6 figures was already being made, and that Dan turned down money and power.

Your company missed the greatest opportunity it could have had because its representative didn’t or couldn’t practice minimal social skills.

Here is a wake up for you, Gordon: your money and power pales to the power structure he already has behind him.

Someone on your list of giants doesn’t believe that? No one on this side of the aisle cares. How dare he and she walk away from such a self-made “renegade” such a paragon of danger? They saw none.

They don’t come when called, as they have the independence of thought enabling them the humanity to disobey when their ethics and morals dictate a course of right from wrong, gentlemanly behavior from street trash talk.

Your company has been informed how to contact Dr. McDowell’s company because you sought them out, not the other way around.

They have the plans you do not possess, and the marketing of those plans is underway with other companies.

Those companies have shown the capability to offer business proposals consistent with the information I provided to you from Dr. McDowell’s company information.

The only things which we can conclude from your lofty letter is that you

1) are inconsistent with your story of what was going to be offered,

2) your company is not capable to compete with the companies who have already offered such proposals,

3) you selectively forget who was seeking who out when you wish to provide more stand up comedy for a larger list, and

4) you don’t like being told “no” especially by other’s who possess the ability to refuse to march in lock step. They can disobey.

Gordon, this is it. If your company ever rises to the competition, you have the contact address, but I will not engage any further with you, with your public masturbation, without billing you.

I will not return further letters from you, as I am even more disinterested in your comedy act than is Dan or Marci.

Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.

John Alexander (Los Alamos), Gordon Novel, and John’s wife Victoria

And Mr. Novel’s Reply

Re: Fw: Serious Business for Majic, DB, and MM.
Monday, April 20, 2009 12:01 PM
From: “Gordon xxxx” <>
To: “Danny B. Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.” <>

Stan or whoever you are:

We don’t buy pigs in a poke. We want to know what it is Dan is proposing or offering to sell having to do with TIME or xxxx.

When that is defined in business like terms and demeanor we can make an offer for his services.

If he has cut and bend rig plans please define what they are so we may evaluate our investment.

Since your associates took surprising umbrage at my jocular attempt to break the ice walls they were projecting, perhaps it would be better for us to substitute one of our other xxxx TEAM members Dan is more familiar and or friendly with to negotiate with THEM.

Those individuals are, 1) xxxx, 2) xxxx, 3) xxxx, 4) xxxx, 5) xxxx. Have Dan choose on of them and we will have him contact them.

Stan or whoever, I am not seeking conflict as is indicated in this e-mail I am reluctantly responding to, but I clearly know how to deal with such when confronted by it.

Minimal social skills consist of humor and the ice couple have none, so let’s end this as this is a cone head clash and no masturbating insults intended.

We await the return of rationality and ego control by the ice twins.

I wish to avoid the unnecessary, derogatory, and in validating back and forth conflict which now seems to be your objective from Jump Street whoever you are.





Phase II.

We Now Return to the Not Too Distant Past

Dr. Dan
« Reply #75 on Jan 2, 2011, 3:32pm »


As you for, the Aviary: do you really exist in any domain other than little emails anymore, or by way of “corporate wh/ores” (their words from above ) hocking up your alleged famous history?

As correctly detailed in the OMtv article, in 1953 the task was taken away, by order of the (then) Majestic 12, taken away from being AFOSI and CIA directed!

It was given to the side of Silent Operations, within the NSA “side” (if you will) WHO COULD HANDLE THE JOB, WHO COULD GET IT UP WHEN IT WAS REQUIRED!

(Just look at their flying ram if you think they can get anything up. )

There the job remained, on the NSA side where I was trained, and where it remains today.

Ufology wants a radio show and conferences, and you want what you lost? You have shown, via Eagles Disobey, that you couldn’t find your way out of a restroom stall by yourselves.

Just look at Doty, Collins, and Novel! They make the three stooges look like Nobel Laureates! Perfect for ufology!
You should be told, probably by this method as you have so few left: I have taken to limiting all your contacts, from all such allied older ops, to almost nothing now.

If you attempt to break by any barriers, you will be provided with the same disinfo you have been shoving at the public for all these years!

You will learn nothing. Those are my orders. I cut it off, cut you off, just as quickly as I cut the real whistleblowers off to PC. Yes, I know, it hurts as the bubble begins to contract, but you’ll get used to it!

There are plenty of people you can still lie to in ufology! “And how in the F could they be in control of what, and from where, we didn’t hear…?”

We know you didn’t know about us. That was our first clue you were out of touch, marginalized, not productive. It was at that moment we knew you would not see us coming! Watch out for trains!

Enjoy what’s left while it lasts, as my coming Directive Document will remove the rest.

You may be able to suck some from the public through the ufo-show, but your days of sucking funds from the American People as a whole, has ended. Get used to it: Access Denied!

DBC,ScD.,DotC, Maj

A “mini rig”

Jan 2, 2011, 1:35pm, Dr. Stan wrote:







Now Here Is Where It Gets Interesting!

Jan 2, 2011, 1:47pm, Owl wrote:


That’s we why have been telling the public that it won’t fly for the past 2 years. Steven, my bud loved saying, “I ain’t never seen a ram fly!” for a reason.

It was a DUMBO JOKE, “We ain’t never seen an elephant fly!”

Dan spoke with some people when he heard before the low level hearing and told them ahead of time what they were going to hear.

They heard EXACTLY what Dan said, and 1 of them had the plans from Dan a day before the briefing. It was agreed to let him go with his dog and pony show or he’d just claim some other good people were “evil.”

But, now that he’s had his show, it’s done. How did Dan have the plans?

On a March afternoon, 2007, in a hotel room, Novel and another prominent ufologist (J.M.)  invited D and M for a hearing of the Ram Project. Ohh, awww, ohh! THE RAM THAT CAN’T FLY! 

Novel GAVE Dan the plans to the project, because he was too interested in what Marci was doing to pay attention to he was saying! 

Dan, on tape we have, said,

“Okay, I can take with with me and do with it, as…”

Gordon said, (looking at Marci), “Ah, yeah.” 

Now, there’s real “professional secret agent” behavior for you!  The man claimed he had the PLANS OF THE SAUCERS , but it was more important for him to stare at Marci!


(You don’t think they made me head of Sec Transport for nuthin do you? )

Yes, I was raised on a shrimp boat, but we can go to school too! 

I can tell everyone, just like I told Dan that night after Gordon handed away the plans: IT WON’T FLY.

The thing that Gordon and the rest of the rammers  should be thinking about right now is that

a year before the hearing they received several pieces of software back from different people (including a man I work for) and

information from that software was ultimately, MINDLESSLY, integrated into Gordon’s final presentation! 

Another copy of the material was given to Ron Garner, so he could copy and dispense it to EVERYBODY. 

Truth is, we are the only ones with the first set of plans now.

They will be stored where they are safe.

HAVE A MAJIC DAY, GORDO! You can’t swing at what you can’t see.

And those who don’t have the right kinds of eyes to see, aren’t allowed such plans.

It would be unsafe for the public.

Really, somebody ought to at least tell him?  BC

Jan 2, 2011, 2:24pm, Fran wrote:

You do like sticking it to the Aviary, don’t you? ;D
Truth is Dan and Marci are PROFESSIONAL AGENTS. They are so good they were able to simultaneously operate around the Majestic and the Illuminati for 18 years, while no one knew what was going on. “The best of the best.” That was written for them!
Dan was waiting to walk out of that meeting with the plans, so they could be evaluated. The copying, switching, making little rams head with alien eyes was the easy part. He needed to have the plans handed to him, and have a tape of Gordon saying that he could do whatever he wanted to with them, AND HE DID IT! ;D That made what followed, disbursement, completely legal. During that meeting Gordon was all over Dan trying to get a meeting with the J1 at the time, at his office, and Dan was not buying the conjob.
The problem with the logic went thus ;D :
– Gordon said he wanted a meeting inside the DNI’s office.
– Dan said, “no.” ;D
– Gordon began spouting how his friend (R.P.) was already working as an assistant to the man in the DNI’s office he wants to meet. (This was a lie that D and M already knew, and knew they would be faced with, because we observed Gordon and another discussing it before the meeting! ;D)
– Then Dan asked, “Why do you need me for a meeting, then?” ;D
After the meeting was done, even after Dan said to him what he did, our hallway surveillance picked up Gordon saying to Dan as he was walking away, “Get me that meeting with xxxxxxxxxxxx if you can! It’s vital!”
The truth of all this is that Gordon jumps from one thing to the next, just like the rest of the business of ufology. It’s not real.
Where things are real, (I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY to say) it has been determined that Ufology and their perverted minions shall not go. They would destroy the world if offered a chance. They are just that lustful for power.

Dr. Dan
« Reply #85 on Jan 2, 2011, 4:47pm »

‘I am not in an American courtroom’ sir…  …but NOPE, I do not deny your allegations! 

There was an attempted release of classified data, within the content of something they had, and that classified data is now where it can be protected.

Marcia and I were tasked with the completion of a set of clandestine orders, and we fulfilled those orders, as their fulfillment acted to protect the population.

When it was learned that Gordon went to the PRC’s government, in an attempt to sell the material, MAJESTIC stepped in…and then we stepped out…with the material. 

If our “switchemz changemz”  professionals did their job right, and we believe they did, none of those flying ram believing loonies will ever be able to sort it out.

That’s how this dangerous game is played: there is a winner and a loser.

We won. D


« Reply #87 on Jan 2, 2011, 4:58pm »

RIGHT ON BROTHER! Yes, he went to the Chinese government and we have the emails proving it. Gordon is just another opportunist traitor!

And Fran is right they would destroy it if they got their hands on anything. Bri


« Reply #88 on Jan 2, 2011, 6:00pm »

I have a question and I have signed off on the content regulations provided on the 28th. by Andrew.

Do you honestly want us to believe that M’s idea to have D dissect the queen-94-109a document isn’t linked to the utter destruction of the Aviary?

Kit, an Aviary member, stated he had some East Coast unnamed Medical School Head who claimed “word salad.”

Collins, another member, backed it and derided the leaking of the document that D and Mostow wrote, George Knapp, another member, attacked D for what Kit said.

Now, D is going to dissect it and make them look like fools! I bet that stuff is going in the publication too! Your use of time is absolutely genius!

You think we don’t know what’s coming down? ha! Jeff

(I could go on, but I think you get the gist.  Gordon Novel was in possession of knowledge, which had something to do with anti-gravity and time travel, i.e., technology either given to us by the visitors or reverse-engineered from fallen craft.  The good guys with the white hats deemed this intolerable and suicidal, and stole from Novel what wasn’t his to begin with.  How Novel came to be in possession in the first place escapes me.)

RAM = Replication Alien Machine.

RAM/ARV Technologies Project = to build a Alien Reproduction Vehicle.
I include the following in its entirety as it is instructive in that it shows Mr. Novel’s state of mind, and alludes to a burglary at a “Desert Self Storage,” which I found intriguing.
On Jan 12, 2010, at 1:43 PM, Gordon Novel wrote:

Dear Dr. Pandolfi:

RAM GRAVIONICS Group is seriously entertaining the prospect of suing for billions in Federal Court the MJ-12 apparat and or Navy Space Command

for tortuous interference in what we collectively perceived for the last 7 years

since submitting the still publically secret “SCS REPORT” was the legal nature of our long business relationship and

their other perfidious criminal acts

to prevent the RAM GRAVIONICS developmental program and long 63 year over due UFO disclosure process.

We can prove MJ-12 exists with witnesses and documents as well as the potentially Utopian causing ARV anti-gravity and free energy condition for our world.

Proving our long close relationship with your “company” is easy.

Proving what we have been trying to do with you and others that this huge criminal conspiracy is blocking that we can and will still do is much easier.

You have not done anything I know of substantive to recover

my RAM data loaded computer,

my irreplaceable via Adm. McConnell personal property and

lots of other invaluable National Security RAM documented data

very clearly stolen in early December by fraud at Desert Self Storage,

my cars seizure with bogus Majic hack created parking tickets, and

lots of other personal property stolen by DHS PB CI operatives

in TEN unacted up on filed criminal complaints and

proving this all has happened is falling off a log.

Moreover, you haven’t followed through a scintilla on preparing Spielberg’s invitation to meet with you after a great expenditure in time, effort and money to prepare

our PB-EO film production Disclosure presentation plan to him and a retinue of famous film makers

we are now actively seeking to join

an unfixable and politically undefeatable alliance to make this film of the greatest story never told.

We would not have done this seminal production work preparation without your encouragement and support in doing so for the past few years.

The Murad, Boardman and Sarfatti attacks on RAM and myself in the last 120 days also could have been avoided had you so desired.

I made 3 trips to D.C. in 09 to meet with you in pursuit of objectives you encouraged that were objectives which were not attained at some serious costs and losses to RAM.

Murad is insidious, Boardman is deceitful and the last trip you arranged and then studiously avoided mediating was decidedly dangerous to me IMHO.

The Coast to Coast and Pippin TV shows I would normally be briefing you on beforehand are now going to be presented

in accord with our immediate legal plans instead of our appreciations of normal RAM based National Security considerations.

Spielberg will reportedly be back in a week or so from his shoot in Budapest.

We have the corporate jet use agreement to take him, George Lucas, Roland Emmerich, Ron Howard, Coppola, the Weinstein brothers, and James Cameron,

to meet with you, John Podesta and or Potus Chief of Staff Raam E manuel about the making of this film.

To restore our relationship to what it was

before Murad sold the now easily provable bogus Searl Russian rig scheme to Morgan,

we require our property be returned and the now overdue letter tendered to Steven Spielberg.

I now have the research science documentation by Astronautics Laboratory (AFSC) Air Force Space Technology Center

to prove what Paul is doing is fraudulent with Searl/Godin Roschin and that he knew it long beforehand.

Depending on the tenor of our next conversation and proof of prompt action taken on recovering my property

that Majic’s agents engineered, the theft of –

our long relationship is about to enter uncharted and obviously very controversial waters,

We CURRENTLY have NO INTENTION whatsoever in suing either you or the “company”.

Suing Murad, Boardman, Sarfatti, Desert Self Storage, Shaheen, DHS city and PD and MJ-12 as witting or unwitting co-conspirators acting

in combination in one hell of a lot of illegal criminal acts

is now a very likely foregone conclusion.

Rumsfeld’s statement about the missing two trillion at DOD can become a very big issue if the fix in the national media comes unglued on C to C.

I don’t expend a lot of money and obviously dangerous very hard work over five long years to watch it go down the drain over B.S., insanity and treachery and not strike back when I am ready.

I am nearing ready and will be seeing Ramsey and the rest of the RAM legal TEAM shortly to prepare our corporate Federal Court action.

I have found a benefactor to help support what could be very expensive and publicity wise more than extremely unpleasant litigation for all these defendants.

I recommend your first call to the thieves at Desert Self Storage be on the top of your agenda.

They are still refusing to disclose what they did with my property they stole including

the RAM/CIA related materials,

files and engineering blue prints

on the Nation’s No. 1 National Security secret.

These facts and what they portend for history should make for great interview information for the public,

some co-conspiring law enforcement and city officials in DHS and L.A. and other news medias on Coast to Coast Sunday Night.

See you in the funny papers.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

(I don’t know enough to know how to respond, except to wonder if this was written BEFORE or AFTER Novel learned he’d been had.)

In the course of my research, I chanced upon the following which referred to many of the same names which kept popping up. I just don’t know enough to discern the truth of it or lack thereof.


Alexander and C. B. Jones are members of the AVIARY, a group of intelligence and Department of Defense officers and scientists with a brief to discredit any serious research in the UFO field. Each member of the Aviary bears a bird’s name. Jones is FALCON; John Alexander is PENGUIN.

One of their agents, a UFO researcher known as William Moore, who was introduced to John Alexander at a party in 1987 by Scott Jones, confessed in front of an audience at a conference held by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on July 1, 1989 in Las Vegas, how he was promised inside information by the senior members of the AVIARY in return for his obedience and service to them. He participated in the propagation and dissemination of disinformation fed to him by various members of the AVIARY.

He also confessed how he was instructed to target one particular individual, an electronics expert, Dr Paul Bennewitz, who had accumulated some UFO film footage and electronic signals which were taking place in 1980 over the Manzano Weapons Storage areas at Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

As a result of Moore’s involvement, coupled with some surreptitious entries and psychological techniques, Bennewitz ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Just before the publication of my first paper unmasking two members of the AVIARY, I was visited by two of their members (MORNING DOVE and HAWK) who had traveled to the UK with a message from the senior ranks advising me not to go ahead with my expose. I rejected the proposal.

Immediately after the publication of that paper, and with the full knowledge that myself and a handful of colleagues knew the true identities of their members, John B. Alexander confessed that he was indeed a member of the AVIARY, nicknamed PENGUIN. The accuracy of our information was further confirmed to me by yet another member of the AVIARY–Ron Pandolphi, PELICAN.

Pandolphi is a PhD in physics and works at the Rocket and Missile section of the Office of the Deputy Director of Science and Technology, CIA.

In his book, Out There, the New York Times journalist Howard Blum refers to “a UFO Working Group” within the Defense Intelligence Agency. Despite DIA’s repeated denials, the existence of this working group has been confirmed to me by more than one member of the group itself, including an independent source in the Office of Naval Intelligence. The majority of the group’s members are senior members of the AVIARY:

  • Dr Christopher Green (BLUEJAY) from the CIA
  • Harold Puthoff (OWL), ex-NSA
  • Dr Jack Verona (RAVEN), DoD, one of the initiators of the DlA’s Sleeping Beauty project which aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry
  • John Alexander (PENGUIN)
  • Ron Pandolphi (PELICAN)

The mysterious “Col. Harold E. Phillips” who appears in Blum’s Out There, is none other than John B. Alexander.

John Alexander’s position as the Program Manager for Contingency Missions of Conventional Defense Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratories, enabled him to exploit the Department of Defense’s Project Reliance “which encourages a search for all possible sources of existing and incipient technologies before developing new technology in-house” to tap into a wide range of exotic topics, sometimes using defense contractors, e.g., McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I have several reports, some of which were compiled before his departure to the Los Alamos National Laboratories when he was with Army Intelligence, which show Alexander’s keen interest in any and every exotic subject–UFOs, ESP, psychotronics, anti-gravity devices, near-death experiments, psychology warfare and non-lethal weaponry.

John Alexander utilizes the bank of information he has accumulated to try to develop psychotronic, psychological and mind weaponry. He began thinking about non-lethal weapons a decade ago in his paper, “The New Mental Battlefield”. He seems to want to become a ’Master’.

If they ever succeed in this ambition, the rest of us ordinary mortals had better watch out.

So, here we are. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? It’s not so easy to discern. Do they even know themselves?I have an angel standing over me. I have lots of angels. They seem to want this information to be more widely known.
But why? Why are they here? What do they want from us?

Is it as simple as just wanting to be acknowledged?

Just wanting to move forward? Tired of the deceit? Weary of waiting?

I have tried to keep my distance and my objectivity.

I believe in Dan. I believe he is honest in his words to us. But many words are never uttered by him.

Don’t count on disclosure from Dan and Marcia for as long as they are seated where they are seated.

Maybe after.

I’m not convinced Dan favors disclosure. And if he’s privy to knowledge of MILABs, he certainly doesn’t talk about it. He has fears of his own to contend with.


And if you want to know what motivates me, read this:

And to witness Dan and Marcia attending to the work they have before them today, go here:

I will continue to provide updates in the “comments” section below this entry. 

I can’t let go!



If these words have resonated with you, then you may wish to read the following:



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    roxy music manifesto

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    MJ-12 today

    Molte teorie affermano che l’MJ-12 sia tuttora attivo.

    Many theories claim that the MJ-12 is still active.

    Il ricercatore ufologico Bill Hamilton ritiene di aver identificato gli attuali membri dell’organizzazione.

    The researcher UFO Bill Hamilton believes it has identified the current members of the organization.

    Secondo questo ricercatore Gordon Novel è un individuo coinvolto in diverse cospirazioni della CIA : nel Watergate e nell’investigazione di Jim Garrison sull’assassinio del presidente degli Stati Uniti John F.

    According to this researcher Gordon Novel is an individual involved in various conspiracies of the CIA : in Watergate and the investigation of Jim Garrison’s assassination of the president of the United States John F.

    Kennedy Kennedy

    Siccome il presidente Kennedy aveva l’obbiettivo di porre termine al cover-up sull’organizzazione, Gordon Novel molto probabilmente venne coinvolto nel suo assassinio.

    As President Kennedy had the goal to end the cover-up organization, most likely Gordon Novel was involved in his murder.

    Sempre secondo questo ricercatore, Novel è un abile manipolatore di eventi il cui scopo è di venire in possesso di tecnologia aliena per mantenere e aumentare il proprio potere.

    According to this researcher, Novel is a skilled manipulator of events whose goal is to get hold of technology alien to maintain and increase its power.

    Inoltre, per poter finanziare gli enormi costi per la ricerca e la sicurezza, Novel si sarebbe macchiato di diversi assassini legati al traffico di stupefacenti. Novel background and interview

    In addition, in order to finance the enormous costs of research and security, would Novel spotted several murders linked to drug trafficking. Novel background and interview

    Erick Walker è un altro testimone che confermerebbe l’attuale esistenza dell’ MJ-12 Quando venne contattato, Walker affermò che sapeva della sua esistenza fin dalla sua formazione nel lontano 1947 .

    Erick Walker is another witness who would confirm the current existence of ‘MJ-12 when he was contacted, Walker said he knew of its existence since its formation back in 1947 .

    Come per Novel, in un’intervista rilasciata verso la fine del 1990 Walker affermò che l’organizzazione era composta principalmente da americani ma anche da stranieri.

    As for Novel, in an interview in late 1990 Walker stated that the organization was composed mainly of Americans but also foreigners.

    Secondo le sue affermazioni questi individui sono un gruppo di persone molto elitario, ma ripetutamente cercò di scoraggiare l’intervistatore nel saperne di più, in quanto non vi erano ulteriori possibilità per approfondire l’argomento.

    According to him these individuals are a very elite group of people, but repeatedly tried to discourage the interviewer to know more, as there were more opportunities to learn more.

    Secondo un articolo pubblicato dal DNA Magazine del 6 luglio , 2006 , e una serie di interviste del Dr. Dan Burish, (un presunto impiegato governativo da più di 20 anni all’interno dell’MJ-12) al programma Jeff Rense Radio del 6 luglio e del 13 luglio 2006 , i presunti membri direttivi dell’MJ-12 sono:

    According to an article published in DNA Magazine, July 6 , 2006 , and a series of interviews with Dr. Dan Burish, (an alleged government employee for over 20 years in the MJ-12) Jeff Rense Radio Program 6 July and 13 July 2006 , the alleged MJ-12 board members are:

    J1: Vice Ammiraglio John M. J1: Vice Admiral John M. McConnell – Ex. direttore della National Security Agency (NSA), dal Gennaio 2007 Direttore del National Intelligence (DNI), McConnell – Ex-director of the National Security Agency (NSA) since January 2007 Director of National Intelligence (DNI),

    J2: Richard Cheney – Vice presidente degli Stati Uniti sotto la presidenza di Bush . J2: Richard Cheney – Vice President of the United States under President Bush .

    J3: Porter Goss – Ex. direttore della DCI ( Director of Central Intelligence). J3: Porter Goss – Ex Director of the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence).

    J4: Ammiraglio Bobby Ray Inman – Ex. direttore della NSA e della Naval Intelligence, e vice direttore della CIA e della DIA . J4: Admiral Bobby Ray Inman – Ex-director of the NSA and Naval Intelligence and Deputy Director of the CIA and the DIA .

    J5: Henry Alfred Kissinger – Ex. Consigliere per la Sicurezza Nazionale e Segretario di Stato sotto la presidenza Nixon . J5: Henry Alfred Kissinger – Ex-National Security Adviser and Secretary of State under President Nixon .

    J6: Zbigniew Brzezinski – Ex. Consigliere della Sicurezza Nazionale sotto la presidenza Carter . J6: Zbigniew Brzezinski – Ex-National Security Adviser under President Carter .

    J7: Generale Richard B. J7: General Richard B. Myers – Presidente del Joint Chiefs of Staff , sotto la seconda presidenza Bush, fino al suo recente ritiro nel Settembre 2005 . Myers – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , under the second Bush presidency, until his recent retirement in September 2005 .

    J8: Kevin Tebbit – Ministro della Difesa Britannico. J8: Kevin Tebbit – British Minister of Defense.

    J9: Carol Thatcher – Sorella dell’ex Primo Ministro inglese, Margaret Thatcher – Ha cessato di mantenere un basso profilo verso la fine del 2005 partecipando allo show televisivo : “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”. J9: Carol Thatcher – sister of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher – has ceased to keep a low profile towards the end of 2005 by participating in the TV show: “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”.

    J10: Alan Greenspan – Ex. Presidente della Federal Reserve americana. J10: Alan Greenspan – Ex-President of the Federal Reserve American.

    J11: Harold Varmus – Ex. Direttore del National Institutes of Healt e Premio Nobel per la medicina. J11: Harold Varmus – Ex Director of the National Institutes of Healt and Nobel Prize for medicine.

    J12: R. J12: A. Buss (È della CIA – ma non si hanno informazioni). Buss (and the CIA – but we have no information).

    Nel tentativo di provarne l’autenticità, il Dr. Burish ha inviato sul sito .

    In an attempt to prove its authenticity, Dr. Burish left on the site .

    le sue credenziali. his credentials.

    Anche se le sue affermazioni sono ancora da verificare, è provato che il Dr. Burish è un impiegato del Governo degli Stati Uniti.

    Even if his claims are yet to be verified, there is evidence that Dr. Burish is an employee of the Government of the United States.

    (This isn’t new, but I never really looked that closely before, at least not the part about Gordon Novel. And I don’t know how accurate it is.)

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Son of a bitch Alexander

  5. rosettasister Says:

    The Aviary: Key players of the 1980s and 1990s

  6. rosettasister Says:

  7. rosettasister Says:

    “Diabolical” Col. John Alexander

    Col. John Alexander Plants UFO Doubts in New Book: Exclusive Interview
    UFO believers have linked retired Army Col. John Alexander to everything from military abductions to mind control.

  8. rosettasister Says:

    Col. John Alexander Plants UFO Doubts in New Book: Exclusive Interview

  9. rosettasister Says:


    In a 5/12/99 interview on ABC News, USPA John Alexander was asked if he saw any domestic applications for NL weapons. member “Absolutely,” …

  10. rosettasister Says:


    roxy music manifesto

  11. rosettasister Says:

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci (SoF)
    « Reply #216 Today at 6:42am »

    Hi everybody

    Dan had a seizure and it’s complicated matters for the publication.

    Dan is going to have to be off his schedule at the desk for at least a day or two.

    More if I have anything to say about it – he took a tumble during one of the seizures and I really want him to rest.

    While he’s off both Dr. Stan and my ADC (Fran) will be combining their eforts to keep his workload under control.

    They are both struggling to manage the stacks of paperwork on his desk and with the budgeting prioritizing and clearing that he’s usually expected to handle.

    He does it like it’s nothing and they’re struggling to keep up.

    So if they can manage the workload, I’m figuring that they’ll be able to post part one late Friday night or on the weekend.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    He’s recovering well and between the two ADCs and me, handling all the diplomatic rooms and decisions, we should be able to keep everything running smoothly, but there won’t be a lot of time for extras.

    If you could light a candle or say a prayer, I’d appreciate it.


    “He’s recovering well”

    Oh, Thank God!

  13. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #217 Today at 7:24am »

    Answering many at once:

    Whenever D has a seizure, and this one was a partial complex, not a Grand Mal, but regardless the time, ONLY his wife, Marci, is allowed in the room, and the cameras are disconnected.

    He stands a chance of going into cardiopulmonary arrest, possibly unretrievable given the kind of focus of the seizures.

    We have an AED unit, and so the message is clear: should/when that time come, it is ONLY Marci allowed with him.

    Should the AED fail, the physcian would enter and determine it’s time for his passage, the physician will be escorted out, and only she (MARCI) may be with him from this world to the next “plane” but when it should come time to spread ashes, ONLY SHE will be present and know the location, never to be spoken of by her.

    He is “hers.” Those are his wishes.

    Thankfully, he woke up enough to speak with his Mom and Dad on the telephone for a few minutes.

    He is resting very comfortably, and in good spirits. truly,..

    (Holy Father, In Jesus Name, Send Your Angels to be with Dan and those who love him. So Be It.)

  14. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #218 Today at 10:09am »

    Thank you to everyone sending well wishes.

    The purpose of mentioning what’s wrong at the moment is not to highlight a condition that almost everyone knows that D suffers from, it is to be somewhat accountable to the public as to why the publication may take an extra few days.

    We are aware of two doing everything they can to poke their noses into Dan’s and Marci’s business by “informing” these post middle-aged self-actualized adults that they are tracking reports of D’s seizures!

    From those reports they have dared to say that D has more seizures when he is “under stress” than when he isn’t under stress!

    Preposterous! M replied, “How do you know when he is under stress?” So far that has been met with no answer.

    “They” don’t have the statistics and therefore don’t know what they are talking about. We do.

    I am not proving the numbers but here are the facts:

    D and M have been under constant heavy stress since June 27, 2010, when they were sworn into the positions within Majestic.

    That constant stress has increased since the latter portion of December, 2010, through present day, due to events.

    Statistics kept about D, show that his seizures remained at about a constant rate from 1977-1980, dipping near the middle of 1980.

    He went to England in 1980. From 1980-1981 there was a spike in the seizures, a significant one, believed brought on by whatever POISON was fed to him in England in an attempt to make him permanently blind, after he turned down the Illuminati.

    Seizures then dipped to an all time low between 1981-1998.

    (His Healing with Father Ralph DiOrio happened on June 7, 1981.)

    From 1998-2001, they made only brief appearances in is life.

    (Including in that time frame was when D found himself in face to face combat, in Iraq! {1991} and his large work with the J-Rod!

    1998-2001 was when he was under confinement against his will, keeping him away from M.)

    From 2001-2006, the seizure rate remained present, but overall neither climbed nor dipped.

    (It was during that period when his confinement became more brutal, and in 2004 when Operation Bravo – the introduction of M and her twin sister, Ann, near where D was staying happened!

    Talk about stress? But it neither climbed nor dipped.

    From 2004-2007, there was a lull in the activity numbers, but the kinds of seizures changed from partial complex, to include grand mal’s.

    That negative activity peaked in 2008, and it was subsequently discovered that his medications were being mismanaged for him.

    He was being provided with a thingytail of medications which could have not only promoted seizures, but ceased his breathing!

    (NOW I understand!)

    On October 15, 2008, he was extracted by a Team of professionals, for his own safety.

    From that date, during a period of torturous anxiety on MANY levels, until well after he was married with M in 2009, his seizures SLOWED to well below average for him.

    The time around the ending of the “Cycles Cross” on March 28, 2009, until the start of 2010, they remained at a constant, but below average number.

    (During that timeframe was the vaccine-circus-for-the-paranoid PC had waiting for the Eagles! There was “no bump” up under that horrific stress.)

    From the time they re-swore into Majestic (06/27/10), until now, seizures have been lower than the averages calculated from 2004-2007 when a massive anxiety reality was initiated as Ann and M were inserted into the area around where D lived at the time, and

    both Ann and M held office positions placing them into direct, sustained, daily working contact with D’s former……………………..whatever she was.

    As I said, claims that he is having seizures in reaction to the environment are preposterous.

    D has had a seizure condition ever since he was struck over the head and rendered comatose, for a period, while attending West Middle School, Downey, California.

    People with a seizure condition have seizures.

    What’s next, instead of it being inflicted upon him by a 7th. Grade Boy going through a gang initiation (truth), or a WEREWOLF caused it?

    Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.
    Aide-de-camp, Desk of the Compass, Consistory of the Majestic
    (Chief Clinical Psychologist, Consistory of the Majestic)

    (Thanks for informing the public, Stan.)

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green


    Mongrel Dawg
    « Reply #107 on Jan 3, 2011, 12:56pm »























    (Slowly, this is all coming together for me.)

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci
    « Reply #116 on Jan 3, 2011, 2:00pm »


    I’m here for you MNM! You want some comments. I’ll be happy to oblige.

    First, about the meeting where Bill Hamilton asked Dan the ‘vetting’ question – Bill asked Dan a question clear out of the blue, to see what Dan would know, just off the top of his head, about the science of neurobiology.

    The question was Kitt’s way to see if Dan was the real deal.

    Dan took a blank sheet of paper and started writing, some real high tech stuff. No prep. No idea what the question would be. He just took it as it came.

    You should have seen Bill’s face – talk about “shock and awe”. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    He took the page, and gave it to Kitt, who then begged Dan to help him with a neurobiology issue he was involved with in Florida.

    When we asked for details, it turns out Kitt was hoping Dan would use some of his knowledge, and the ET biotechnology to help Kitt overcome a prickly problem for a group of patients.

    The problem was, these patients were to have no idea that ET biotechnology was going to be used on them.

    In essence they were going to be treated, using this technology without their consent or knowledge. A clear violation of biomedical ethics and general common human rights.

    The minute we found out what Kitt was up to, we said that Dan would have NO PART IN IT! Period. End of story.

    But, as Paul Harvey used to say, now for the rest of the story.

    It wasn’t bad enough that Kitt wanted to use Dan’s knowledge of ET biotechnology on these poor people without their knowledge.

    There was something going on. Something that Dan and I talked about at length.

    You see, Kitt knew that what he was asking was unethical and illegal.

    He was trying to get Dan to say yes by appealing to Dan’s kindness and willingness to help people.

    He figured that if Dan were to fall for it and agree, Dan would would be placing himself into a position where Kitt and any of the bad UFOlogy people out there would be able to blackmail him.

    They were desperate to find a way to get Dan to fall into line, and stop telling the public the truth – it was seriously getting in the way of their money-machine.

    When we didn’t fall for it, they got really upset!

    Suddenly they knew we were on to them, and we were telling them to take their ill-concealed attempt at blackmail and shove it where the ‘sun don’t shine’.

    They were furious that we refused to ‘play ball’ with them, or fall into step with their weird cult-like behavior.

    Did they think we would be stupid enough to allow Dan to walk into a situation where he would be at their mercy…..

    So, in addition to asking Dan to do something unethical, we determined that the real agenda was to create a situation where they’d have something over Dan that they could use to manipulate him.

    Majestic operatives, and eschelon may be a lot of things, but we are not stupid.

    Once they realized that we called their bluff and told them NO they immediately changed their tune.

    Suddenly they went on the offensive- Dan’s extensive knowledge they were drooling over became ‘word salad’.

    They even got experts to say so (always anonymous experts – but who is going to notice a little thing like that).

    Anonymous experts are worth nothing.

    But I guess they figured that as long as people would buy their ‘snake oil’, they’d be able to get away with just about anything, even making unsupported negative statements about Dan.

    Regardless of what Kitt and company want to say now (sour grapes have a way of sticking with people) I’ll never forget the sight of Bill Hamilton’s face as Dan wrote, and wrote and kept right on writing about the vetting question, right off the top of his head.

    Shock and Awe! Pure amazement at Dan’s depth of knowledge.

    Fran, go ahead and unleash the information as you see fit. It’s something the public has a right to know.


  17. rosettasister Says:

    (I did see these earlier, but I didn’t understand the context, and hadn’t a clue about the aviary and “Kit” and others. But I’m a quick study!)

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #123 on Jan 3, 2011, 3:28pm »

    Marcia, aside from starting that other document, later today…I will begin cutting the jpegs of the Queen-94-109-Alpha…and start annotation.

    No…it won’t matter to the unnamed “experts” because whomever they are – don’t seem to know the difference between their a** and a hole in the ground.

    Truthfully, even Bill Hamilton remarked in interviews and in text that he was able to find material we (Steven M. and I) were writing about, and he was shocked that their “experts” couldn’t. I’m not shocked. Nope.

    They will be put in their place – ONE BY ONE. We didn’t attack first – we just told the truth. Now, we’ll continue to tell the truth on them.

    (Be ginger Frances! Could the public bear to know that on off occasions of anger the F word could slip by my lips? Perish the thought! Strong situations require strength! We have enough.)

    A couple poor folks, early on, tried to paint me this way or that because I have…in all truth…had some very (we’ll just say) unusually spiritual experiences through my life?

    Labels are important to people. Sometimes too important.

    1. I am a human being.

    2. I am a Christian and a Kabbalist, with Jewish Heritage.

    (Once I can de-clothe from the position listed under #4, I will take deeper investments within a Kabbalist Sect to which I am attached. I have also accepted a membership in the Order to which Marcia belongs. I must wait to take the deeper steps, of course, until AFTER I am involved with things as ARMS NEGOTIATIONS. Some may well be stronger than me, but that has to be cleared from my plate before I can do the other.)

    3. I am a Biologist (of some minor stature )

    4. I am the present day person seated at the Desk of the Compass. (The spot was split in two, as Marcia is a co-holder of this particular High Office.)

    The first one in the list is the really important one.

    It was good enough for those “involved” in those “unusual spiritual experiences,” so I guess it should be good enough for me.

    Whether it is good enough for others is not mine to say, nor my worry.

    A note on #4 – the “Office”…and frankly it pertains to #3 (Biology) as well:

    I’ll say this again JUST for those among the negatives who, by the number of years that have passed, MUST have learning disabilities –

    A. My first exposure to the public was UNINTENDED by me. I possess really no personal interest to be “known.” That’s the truth! If you can’t handle that, it’s too bad!

    B. We were approached by positives, negatives, and the simple inquiring – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. WE HAVE NEVER ASKED TO BE INTERVIEWED BY ANYONE – EVER!

    C. We have provided the truth, upon questioning.


    E. Our service is for THE PEOPLE.

    Have a great night everyone.

    I love that, Fran, BARCELONA!


  18. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #125 on Jan 3, 2011, 3:49pm »

    Well? They have had 5-6 years. In that time, they have done nothing except produce shows. It’s a fact.

    They were given the STRENGTH OF AFFIDAVITS to which MARCIA AND MYSELF CAN BE CALLED TO COURT ON…AND THEY WERE TOLD HOW TO MAKE IT REAL…and they make more shows and ripoff conferences.

    In the real world, on the QUESTION OF DISCLOSURE OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL PRESENCE, they have shown themselves to be IMPOTENT.

    We will continue to interact with the public, and it is my desire for the public for a time to see some of the back and forth that goes on within our circles.

    (We can’t expose items that would do the U.S. or other governments damage, or there would be someone like a another small GN, waving his Red (this week anyway) Flag, to step in and do as much harm as possible! If anyone thinks that his letters don’t paint the ravings of a lunatic…well?)

    (GN = Gordon Novel)

    Once Tier 1 opens, and we are working through some real hazardous licenses and…Oh…God the paperwork that you (Fran) and Marcia are doing…WE’LL HAVE AN ADDRESS IN LAS VEGAS…where we will be doing daily work.

    An Open Address for something where Majestic is operating? Why not? Refer back to the letters!


    GK, the rest of his I-Team, the UFO entertainers, the Aviary, f/d counterops…in comparison to our men and women they look like F’ing QUAGMIRE!

    (GK = George Knapp, I think.)

    Have a good one team.


  19. rosettasister Says:

    Sorry, this is out of order:

    Jan 2, 2011, 8:32pm, Dr. Dan wrote:

    … But, then again…J has clearly informed me that is also why it was taken out of their hands in ’53. They acted like children in a situation where adults were and are needed. D

    J = McConnell

    See here:

  20. rosettasister Says:

    I’m guessing the 1953 reference has to do with Kingman Crash.

    Also here:

  21. rosettasister Says:


    Admiral John Nathman, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Fouad Ajami



    Battle for Libya Intensifies; Witness Describes Fighting in Libya; No-Fly Zone Over Libya?

    Aired March 9, 2011 – 22:00 ET


    Inside Gadhafi’s Libya; No-Fly Zone over Libya?; Computer Scientist Creates Caner App

    Aired March 9, 2011 – 23:00 ET


    COOPER: But are we talking about a month-long thing to take out assets on the ground?

    NATHMAN: Well, you’re going to be taking out assets on the ground but you’re going to be going after kind of a triad of capability. You’re going to be going after command and control assets. You’re going to be going after surface-to-air missile systems and anti-aircraft systems. Many of those systems are mobile. So it may take us a while to locate most of those to make sure that the no-fly zone that we establish is — can be efficiently patrolled.

    Now, part of this is what I’m listening to on the news today, people are assuming away that a no-fly zone is going to fix this particular problem on the ground.

    If you look at your pictures right now, it’s urban conflict. We know who the bad guys are. They’re the forces supporting Gadhafi. And we know — we don’t know exactly who the good guys are. And if you look at it on the ground, they all look the same. So how are we going to separate out who the good guys and the bad guys are and just suppressing MIGs from flying isn’t the answer. COOPER: Let me bring in Anne-Marie Slaughter. You hear the former admiral saying it’s an incredibly difficult thing to do. Why then do you say it’s essential to do?

    ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, PROFESSOR, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY: I think the admiral is absolutely right to make clear what it entails. That this is not something we undertake lightly, nor should we think it can — it will automatically turn the tables.

    But we’ve got a lot of difficult choices here, and the no-fly zone clearly will help some. We’re also seeing lots of pictures of aircraft bombing oil installations, bombing people directly. The people on the ground who are doing the fighting understand that this is — this isn’t boots on the ground, this is just stopping the aircraft. And they think it will make a decisive difference.

    From my perspective, we have to try. If we do not try, we are choosing not to act. We don’t have a — you know, there’s no sort of just being a bystander.

    COOPER: You’re saying that’s a choice?

    SLAUGHTER: If we don’t act, we’re choosing not to act in the eyes of the Libyan opposition and many across the Middle East, we’re basically siding with Gadhafi.

    COOPER: You think it would be interpreted as siding with Gadhafi if we don’t do something?

    SLAUGHTER: I do. Because if Gadhafi retakes these towns and massacres those who were opposed to him, which is what he will do, what the — what the Libyan opposition will see, what the youth in Egypt and across the Middle East will see, what every Islamic country that have now petitioned the U.N. Security council for a no-fly zone will see is that we were asked and we did nothing and Gadhafi won the day.

    COOPER: Fouad, there are those who say well, look, what people may see are pictures of civilians, Libyan civilians killed in U.S. air strikes in an attempt to take out anti-aircraft batteries.

    FOUAD AJAMI, PROFESSOR, JOHNS HOPKINS SCHOOL OF ADVANCED INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: Well, look, I think we’ve gone through this argument and this idea that somehow or another that America has dirty hands and we are guilty in the Middle East and we can’t come to the rescue of these people.

    These are very, very weak arguments and these amazing people that you have put on this show time and again, these simple people, older people, young women who reach out, conquer their fear and speak to us of their dilemma. The dilemma is that this is a popular uprising against a tyrant, and not only is it this Libyan uprising, by the way, it’s really taking off from what Anne-Marie said. It’s also this Arab spring, this Arab awakening, this wider Arab awakening in the region.

    We must support this awakening. There is no alternative. Nothing happened in the Arab world for decades which has been decent. This is the first decent chance that Arabs have. We have no choice but to support them and protect them against this man.

    COOPER: Admiral John Nathman, appreciate your expertise.

    NATHMAN: Thank you.

    COOPER: Anne-Marie Slaughter as well and Fouad Ajami as well. As always.

  22. rosettasister Says:

    At about 21:00 you can view the above exchange.

    I highly recommend it.

  23. rosettasister Says:

    Libyan threat brings no-fly zone closer-UK’s Hague

    Full-scale military action by the Libyan authorities against their people would “massively strengthen” the case for a no-fly zone, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Thursday.

    “Clearly if there were to be large-scale bombing attacks that the world could see and understand, and that could be verified, on civilians, on populated areas in Libya, then that would massively strengthen the case for the introduction of a no-fly zone,” Hague told BBC television in an interview.

    Hague was reacting to remarks by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, who said earlier that full-scale military action was being prepared to crush the rebellion there.

    Hague said a no-fly zone could now be established “very, very quickly” because Britain and France had done the work at the United Nations Security Council to prepare a resolution, and NATO was doing the planning on practical steps to be taken.

  24. rosettasister Says:

    When our air forces helped to topple Milosevic, I remember I was teaching at the time Social Studies and we were learning about “the World.”

    Well, current events were a part of the curriculum, and we studied our role in the war on a daily basis and in detail.

    Remember when we cut Russia off at the pass trying to get fuel trucks into Serbia?

    Don’t tell me we don’t have a role to play here!

    Surely we can take out a bridge here, a fuel depot there. We can mitigate the enemy’s advance, give the people a fighting chance!

    Come on America, France is making us look impotent! France!!!

    What would God would have us do?

    Does that even enter into Obama’s decision making?!

    This is where the fear of God comes in.

    God Help us if we cower in fear!

    Or worse if we lose our heart.

    Paraphrasing what Hillary Clinton said to her husband when he was deciding about Milosevic.

    Why did we spend all this money on expensive armaments, if we’re not going to use them when we could actually make a difference?!

    Like Sarkozy, Obama should recognize this new government which fights our enemy.

    Bombs away!

    And Damn the Torpedoes!

  25. rosettasister Says:

    In a grim assessment of the rebels’ chances, U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper told a Senate committee that Libyan forces loyal to Gaddafi were better equipped, had more logistical resources, and “over longer-term, that the regime will prevail.”

    (This WILL happen, if we fail to act.)

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Outgunned rebels stand up to Gadhafi onslaught

    Fouad Ajami, a professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, said he has been communicating with worried members of rebel groups who say they need a no-fly zone over the country to prevent more casualties being inflicted by Gadhafi’s forces.

    “They’re telling us that they can’t win this fight. They’re telling us patriotism is not enough,” Ajami said.

    “That unless you have air cover and neutralize the advantages of Moammar Gadhafi, this rebellion will be crushed.”

  27. rosettasister Says:

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    03 – Symphony No. 4 in F minor_ III. Scherzo_ Allegro molto

  28. rosettasister Says:

    Movement 3

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Symphony No. 4

    (Listen to the whole thing here.)

  29. rosettasister Says:

    BBC World Service

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt

  31. rosettasister Says:

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #220 Today at 3:20am »

    He (Dan) should be at his Desk Monday, so we are looking for the first publication Monday night.

    Love, Frank

    (Oh, thank goodness that Dan will be alright.)

  33. rosettasister Says:

    Mar 7, 2011, 6:23pm, Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF wrote:



    (Covert ops, but rebels need OVERT assurances.)

  34. rosettasister Says:

    BTW CNN doing much better job than FOX covering Libya.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Libya No Fly Zone Pondered – NATO Planning

    The crisis seems to be coming to a head, with either the intervention of world military powers becoming inevitable or the Gadaffi forces overwhelming the rebel forces to the east of the country.

  36. rosettasister Says:

    A no-fly zone for Libya

    By John F. Kerry
    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Gaddafi cannot be allowed to think that he can massacre his people with impunity.

    And he cannot be free to make those attacks more lethal by using his airpower.

    If the United Nations cannot approve a resolution for implementing a no-fly zone, then the United States and its allies in NATO and the Arab world must be prepared to prevent a massacre like the one that occurred in Srebrenica in 1995, when more than 8,000 men and boys were slaughtered.

    Even imposing a no-fly zone would not be a panacea. It probably would not tip the balance if Libya deteriorates into a full-scale civil war.

    But it would eliminate airstrikes and save the lives of civilians.

    It is a tool that we should be ready to use if the situation warrants and would signal to the opposition that it is not alone.

  37. rosettasister Says:

    French, British Leaders Urge Allies to Take United Action on Libya

    The European Council is scheduled to hold an extraordinary meeting on the situation in Libya on Friday.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    What should the West do?

    Why are there legal problems when it has been done before?

    Most EU and Nato countries think it can only be done legally if there is a UN Security Council resolution permitting it.

    But Russia and China, who have vetoes, are opposed to intervention in Libya.

    One way might be to have a UN resolution for a ceasefire that is enforced by a no-fly zone.

    Another is to ignore the UN altogether, as Nato did when it bombed Serbia to protect Kosovo in 1999, using a clause in the Alliance’s charter allowing to take action in the name of “regional stability”.

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Navy, Marines keeping watch on Libya unrest

    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., questioned Amos about the Libyans’ air capabilities.

    “I think it’s modest,” Amos said. “Probably their greatest threat is in their helicopter-type forces.”

    The commandant declined to assess Libyans’ air defenses, saying he was “unfamiliar with the depth of those defenses.”

    Amos also said he had not spent time looking at precise numbers about the kinds of aircraft and weapons the Libyans have.

    But Adm. Gary Roughead, chief of naval operations, noted that U.S. forces have been monitoring the situation in Libya.

    “We have been following the fighting that’s been taking place by a variety of means,” Roughead said. “We have some insight into what’s going on there.”

  40. rosettasister Says:

    Kennedy Assassination ???

    Go here:

    Scroll down:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #223 Today at 10:18am »

    “Tell me why you don’t think Gordon N—- was ever involved in the Kennedy Assassination? Is it just your opinion, if so just say that!”

    No, it’s not our OPINION.

    We know the difference between reality and the frauds that ufology has put up for people to say “Oh, ahh!” at, because we are the ones at the center of information and those at the center of Majestic are all related together in families!

    The woman wearing the dark coat on 11/22/63 is MARY MOORMAN:


    Analysis from the Mary Moorman Grassy Knoll assassination photo:


    The bottom line is we are tired of hearing the hot air coming from hoaxers!



    (We are NOT identifying the “Railroad Man” at this time. Drs. Dan and Marci found out all the information about the identities only since they were sworn in to Leadership.)





    After the Badge Man handed all his firearms to the Railroad Man, the Railroad Man placed them in a case, then departed to a rail area and hopped a train.

    He kept one of the firearms, with the rifle being placed elsewhere.

    Gordan N—–? (Gordon Novel)

    He’s only a wanna be.

    We’ll be ready with the first email summary publication about Monday night.

    Have a great day ahead.

    Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.
    Aide-de-camp, Desk of the Compass

  41. rosettasister Says:

    To the anatomical right (photo left) of the supposed “Badge Man” some researchers claim there is also seen a second person, self-proclaimed witness Gordon Arnold, who claimed in 1978 that he was filming the motorcade while wearing his US Army uniform when a shot passed close to his left ear.[1]

    A third person claimed by researchers to be seen is a construction hard hatted accomplice to “Badge Man’s” anatomical left (photo right) facing the general direction of the book depository.

  42. rosettasister Says:

    “a construction hard hatted accomplice”

    I think Stan refers to him as the Railroad Man.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    51 MIN each, 1989
    A & E Home Video

    The second video, titled The Forces of Darkness, contains the fine testimonies of two persons who saw a shooter with a person beside him behind the fence.

    Gordon Arnold, then a serviceman filming the motorcade, and deaf-mute Ed Hoffman, both recount a puff of smoke and/or a shot from behind the fence.

    Arnold heard two shots from there as did the deceased Lee Bowers.

    A man with CIA credentials ordered Arnold to leave the area just before the shooting.

    Right after the shooting, a man in a police officer’s uniform and who was shaking and crying approached Arnold, kicked him and confiscated his film.

    He had a drawn gun in his hand.

    Arnold saw a railroad man behind the police officer.

    [Note: Arnold does not mention that the police officer was a foreigner or had any accent.]

    Ed Hoffman states that the FBI offered him cash to keep quiet, but he says

    *** he saw the shooter throw the gun to a railroad man who dismantled it, placed it in a tool box and then walk away ***

    This video has the best testimony yet of Hoffman whose sincerity and reliability are above reproach.

    A colorized, computerized photo of Badge Man is shown.

    This photo by Mary Moorman was taken at the instant of the fatal shot and shows a man in a police uniform shooting towards the motorcade and a man with a hard hat near to him.

    The photo corroborates perfectly Arnold’s and Hoffman’s testimonies, otherwise I would not place too much weight on the shadowy images.

    Beverly Oliver states that she was filming towards the fence at the moment of the shots and that the FBI seized her film with promises to return it within ten days.

    It was never returned.

    This movie would answer every question about the grassy knoll and the number of shooters there.

    51 witnesses swore to the FBI that shots came from the knoll area.

    Over 100 people rushed to that area upon hearing shots from there.

  44. rosettasister Says:

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy Part 251:04 – 4 years ago

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by Nigel Turner that originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination.

    The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments.

    Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995.

    Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    I feel sick to my stomach.

    I never believed these JFK conspiracy theories.

    Do you know, Stan, why he was murdered? Can you tell us?

    I know it’s been rumored that Kennedy was about to tell the truth about the ET presence.

  46. rosettasister Says:

    I’ll be over here for a while:

  47. rosettasister Says:

    12 March 2011

    Arab League ‘backs Libya no-fly zone’


    The Arab League vote for a no-fly zone was opposed only by Syria and Algeria, reports from the Cairo meeting said.

    Nato has previously cited regional support for the idea as a key plank before it could possibly go ahead.

    Russia, which wields a veto on the UN Security Council, has expressed serious reservations on the issue.

    And the US defence secretary, Robert Gates, was quoted on Saturday as saying it was still not clear whether it was a wise policy.

    The policy would be aimed at preventing Col Gaddafi’s forces using warplanes to attack rebel positions, although no clear position has emerged on exactly how this would be achieved.

  48. rosettasister Says:


    “The talk about regional sensitivity is just an alibi for doing nothing.”

    Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark and
    Fouad Ajami, professor of Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

    COOPER: It’s not clear that the opposition has weeks. John thanks.

    Joining us live from Chicago, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark; he’s a senior fellow at UCLA’s Burkle Center for International Relations. And here in New York, Fouad Ajami, professor of Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution.

    Fouad, NATO was saying that there needs to be — there are three things to — three criteria met for a no-fly zone.

    Number one is demonstrable need. Some would say killing civilians in a town like Zawiya is demonstrable need.

    You say Gadhafi is smart and he’s not going to do a Srebrenica style massacre that would force the international community to get involved.


    Absolutely. Look, this man is a jackal; he knows what he’s doing. You don’t rule for 42 years, you don’t play the western democracies the way he’s played them and be a fool.

    He’s not going to do a Srebrenica. He’s going to wait.

    He has these people in his grip and his mercy. He will settle his accounts with them in a big way.

    COOPER: You’re saying he’s not going to do it not because he doesn’t want to do it but he knows that would prompt intervention.

    AJAMI: He’ll kill them. These people are going to vanish into his prisons. Remember when we started doing this story, I told you this man is a warden and Libya to him is a big prison. This was to him a prison riot.

    He’s now rounding up the prisoners and he will do with them what he needs to do with them much later.

    I think the arguments of NATO — they wreak of such abdication and such cowardice. Here is one argument that says we can’t do it because there has to be demonstrable need.

    Is this not demonstrable need in Zawiya? Is this not demonstrable need elsewhere? There is demonstrable need.

    And another thing, which I like, which is amazing — again, we must bear in mind says NATO the sensitivities of the region.

    We can’t intervene there because people in Ramallah would be upset. People in Amman would be upset. So we can’t rescue Libyans. Because we must respect the sensitivities of the region as NATO defines them.

    Because from the region, on the ground, from Benghazi, people are telling us in every way they can, they want rescue and we can say we can’t you because we’ll offend you if we rescue you.

    I think the sham of this is laid bare.

    COOPER: Wesley Clark, is there a demonstrable need, in your opinion? What does that mean?


    I think there’s certainly the United States would like to be engaged on the side of emerging democracy in the region. The question is how to do it most effectively.

    This is a civil war. There’s clearly a right and wrong side as far as we’re concerned morally and democratically in this. There’s no love loss for Gadhafi.

    On the other hand, we don’t have any legal principle that says when people are in a civil war that you’re going to go in there and automatically jump in on top of it.

    That’s why these countries of NATO are saying, “What’s the need?”

    If you can create a humanitarian need, get a U.N. Security Council resolution, authorizing action, maybe you can do it. But that need as the Professor Ajami says — Gadhafi is smart.

    He’s going to keep this below the threshold at which NATO is impelled to take action.


    COOPER: Is it possible to get the U.N. to take action?

    I mean if you’re passing the buck to the U.N., and you have Russia and China who are not likely to, you know, authorize the intervention in a country like Libya, aren’t you stuck then?

    CLARK: Well, there is a problem with Russia and China, there’s no doubt about it. But if the need were great enough, they could be embarrassed and do it.

    In 1999 — or 1998, we had a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing humanitarian action under Chapter 7 in Kosovo, which later was the legal basis for NATO action in 1999 in Kosovo.

    It’s not impossible. It could be done. It hasn’t been done. And the problem is that Gadhafi’s moving this show forward.

    He’s got the momentum on the ground, as Retired General Jim Clapper, our director of National Intelligence said today.

    If you look at the balance of forces and the momentum, of course it’s going to go back and forth. But there are no signs that the Gadhafi forces now are crumbling.

    He does have a technical military superiority, so just flying aircraft over the top of him, even if you take out his air defense, unless you’re willing to intervene against the tanks and the ships. And that’s not a no-fly zone.

    Now you’re talking about something else and you’re going to need some people on the ground to tell friend from foe and now you’re actually getting engaged. So what’s the basis for this?

    COOPER: There are other —

    CLARK: That’s the question. It can be done but what’s the basis?

    COOPER: Fouad, I was reading Nick Kristoff’s column in he quotes a former Air Force general who says,

    if we can’t do a no-fly zone against a third rate military like Libya, we might as well stop spending money on the military.

    That some generals are making it seem harder than they think it really is; that even flying some planes over Libya might send a message to Gadhafi’s forces to stop.

    AJAMI: Absolutely. This is General McPeak, I believe, who was an Air Force general. Look, we have great generals. We have a great general with us today. It’s not about the generals. We can hear from one general who says it’s mission impossible. Another general can say we can do it.

    It’s about the President of the United States understanding the stakes and the struggle, understanding the meaning of Libya, understanding the meaning of tyranny, understanding the whole idea of rescue.

    That this is what America does in these situations.

    We rescued the Bosnians. We didn’t quibble with the legalities. And I think General Clark knows all this better than all the rest of us. We rescued them — the Kosovars (ph) in 1999. We could do it if we want to.

    The President of the United States doesn’t want to do it. And I think we can see what’s happening in Libya with such great clarity.

    When Zawiya fell, one person from Zawiya said, describing the grief and the sorrow, he said, “There’s no animal in the streets, there’s no bird in the sky.”

    This is it. We can see what’s happening in Libya.

    And I think if the President doesn’t want to speak to it, if the President doesn’t want to do this rescue, it doesn’t matter what the generals, what this military expert would say and what that military expert would say.

    And then we say there has to be regional consensus. Well, look, the Arabs are telling us no-fly zone, it’s ok. The Africans are saying it.

    But it’s not really about the Arabs and the Africans, it’s about the Libyans themselves. And so the talk about regional sensitivity is just an alibi for doing nothing.

    COOPER: Fouad Ajami, General Wesley Clark, appreciate your — both your expertise. Thank you.

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Prof. Fouad Ajami and Gen. Wesley Clark discuss the challenges and consequences of a no-fly zone over Libya.

  50. rosettasister Says:


    8 Incredible Videos of Tsunami Waves Battering Cars, Ships, Homes
    « on: March 11, 2011, 08:33:29 PM »

    Riveting stuff here:

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Jasser is a good man and a patriot.


    “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and the Community’s Response”

    March 10, 2011

    M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD

    House Homeland Security Committee

    (Martha is so pretty!)

    Martha MacCallum talked with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser about Muslim Radicalization

  52. rosettasister Says:

    McCain and Lieberman: ‘Qaddafi must go’

    Mar 11, 2011


    “Qaddafi must go, and that requires the United States not just to develop and review possible options, but to take meaningful actions that urgently answer the growing calls of the Libyan people for help before it is too late.

    This includes

    the imposition of a no fly zone,

    recognition of the Transitional National Council as the legitimate government of Libya, and

    providing assistance to them that will help them prevail in their fight against Qaddafi.”

  53. rosettasister Says:

    Momentum Grows for No-Fly Zone Over Libya

    Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said during an interview Saturday on Fox News that he hopes the vote by the Arab League “will motivate” the Obama administration to support a no-fly zone.

    “It’s pretty obvious that the momentum has shifted dramatically in favor of Qaddafi,” McCain said.

    He said “it is impossible” for the United States to not help oust Qaddafi,

    adding that the government could do other things such as

    jamming Qaddafi’s command and control capabilities and

    providing rebel forces intelligence support.

  54. rosettasister Says:

    Clarice Feldman (I like her!)

    No excuse For Obama On Libya

    As a breaking news item the Washington Post says: “Report: Arab League endorses Libyan no-fly zone.”

    Assuming this is true, the President whom the WSJ describes as showing “followership” on Libya, now has no excuse to continue sitting on the sidelines.

    (Bumpty Dumpty!)

  55. rosettasister Says:

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    03 – Symphony No. 4 in F minor_ III. Scherzo_ Allegro molto

    Movement 3

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Symphony No. 4

    (Listen to the whole thing here.)

  56. rosettasister Says:

    “an all-star tribute to joni mitchell”

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Black Crow
    by Joni Mitchell

    There’s a crow flying
    Black and ragged
    Tree to tree
    He’s black as the highway that’s leading me
    Now he’s diving down
    To pick up on something shiny
    I feel like that black crow
    In a blue sky

    I took a ferry to the highway
    Then I drove to a pontoon plane
    I took a plane to a taxi
    And a taxi to a train
    I’ve been traveling so long
    How’m I ever going to know my home
    When I see it again
    I’m like a black crow flying
    In a blue blue sky

    In search of love and music
    My whole life has been
    And diving diving diving diving
    Diving down to pick up on every shiny thing
    Just like that black crow flying
    In a blue sky

    I looked at the morning
    After being up all night
    I looked at my haggard face in the bathroom light
    I looked out the window
    And I saw that ragged soul take flight
    I saw a back crow flying
    In a blue sky
    Oh I’m like a black crow flying
    In a blue sky

    © 1976; Crazy Crow Music (1976 — the year I met my husband)

  58. rosettasister Says:

  59. rosettasister Says:

  60. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #226 Today at 3:34am »

    The Arab League is now calling for the NO FLY ZONE over Libya which the Majestic has been, FOR OVER A WEEK, pressing the USG to lead.

    The Desk of the Compass has made recommendations to the Desk of the Keystone, which the Desk of the Keystone has already followed,

    giving the USG an ultimatum that should it not better lead in this crisis, the Majestic is going to open access to certain arms sales “providers” to the Rebels in Libya.

    Those providers are in debt to Majestic over things which have happend in the past.

    D and M will move money where and when needed, and they aren’t afraid to defend matters by force of arms:


    (Some Haiti money, when it was on the move for aid. yes, that’s D with the weapon.)

    contd below

  61. rosettasister Says:

    We had hoped and still do that this was not going to be necessary.

    The retraction of our forces was in the immediate hope that a NO FLY ZONE with other things to occur was IMMINENT.

    Waffling in Washington D.C. has troubled Majestic.

    Those to be Seated, come this Fall, are all in agreement with the actions that the two Desks have taken, and have privately sent a communique to the Adsministration in Washington DC of their support for the positions of the Desks.

    The Old Guard has now almost unanimously RE-SWORN into the Majestic, under the two Desks because of the TRUE LEADERSHIP.

    This act has swelled the ranks of the Majestic to COLD WAR ERA numbers and in almost surreal scenes, weapons are being handed out IN LINES.

    The Old Conisistory location on the East Coast is being CLOSED, and the New Consistory WILL reside somewhere in Southern Nevada.

    To support the incoming agents, the old method of cover jobs in Las Vegas is being reinstituted, so no one sticks out from the community.

    Placement agencies who worked for Majestic in the 1980’s and 1990’s have been outright PURCHASED by Majestic in secret deals which official public documents will never see.

    They will continue to offer services to the public, but will do as they are told to support the New Consistory.

    The New methods, created by Dr. Marci, will allowed the Operation of Majestic without the need to have the Leadership physically seated around a table.

    There will be one available and it will happen from time to time, but Open Screen Teleconference will only be needed for Leadership Briefings.

    This will prevent the dolts from the cult groups from having any chance of ever compromising our locations and operations.

    We have 60 years to think about, where security is concerned.

    The Consistory Location will be well disguised, to fit in anywhere in Las Vegas, and the floorplans (including basements, etc.) will not be on public file, anywhere.

    Give people enough money, and they are very compliant.

  62. rosettasister Says:


    At this moment, people who believe in what they say, and never believe in sending others where they won’t go, are acting on their beliefs.

    In honor of promises, I can’t say much right now, but a family of people is very worried at this moment for some of their own.


    (From the moment of the Cycles Cross, March 28, 2009)

    They knew that the next few hours would either bring 5 Billion Dead, or another path, one we are seeing now.

    For all people who take a stand for what their heart tells them is right, in defense of those less able to defend themselves, I offer this song:

    Chicago — Glory of Love

    Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.
    Aide-de-camp, Desk of the Compass, Consistory of the Majestic

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Pls go here

    and here

    to view images and other postings.

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Today at 9:19am, Dr. Marci (SoF) wrote:

    4x/ocwd!/awtc! M

    Mongrel Dawg
    « Reply #232 Today at 9:25am »


    (Amen, Brother!)

  65. rosettasister Says:

    Ecclesiastes 3:8

    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary


    To expect unchanging happiness in a changing world, must end in disappointment.

    To bring ourselves to our state in life, is our duty and wisdom in this world.

    God’s whole plan for the government of the world will be found altogether wise, just, and good.

    Then let us seize the favourable opportunity for every good purpose and work. The time to die is fast approaching.

    Thus labour and sorrow fill the world.

    This is given us, that we may always have something to do; none were sent into the world to be idle.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    March 13, 2011, 11:29 AM ET.

    Schumer Says Arab League Ups Chances of Libya No-Fly Zone.

    The White House issued a statement Saturday welcoming the move, saying it “strengthens the international pressure on Gadhafi and support for the Libyan people.”

    Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) said he remains undecided about a no-fly zone, but reiterated his call for the U.S. to arm Libyan rebels, during an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”

  67. rosettasister Says:

    David Cameron knows what to do about Libya, but does Barack Obama?

    The Prime Minister is laying the groundwork for intervention in Libya – and rightly so, says Matthew d’Ancona. Now Barack Obama needs to follow his lead.

    Thus far, Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy remain far ahead of the pack in Europe: the EU summit on Friday did not call for a no-fly zone in its concluding statement, and Angela Merkel made clear her doubts about the legality of such a measure.

    Downing Street is reasonably content with the EU’s promise to “examine all necessary options”, but only as a holding position that will not long suffice.

  68. rosettasister Says:

    “FOX News Sunday” On A No-Fly Zone In Libya

    Bill Kristol, Jeff Zeleny (NYT), Dana Perino and Kirsten Powers discuss.

  69. rosettasister Says:


    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    03 – Symphony No. 4 in F minor_ III. Scherzo_ Allegro molto

    Movement 3

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Symphony No. 4

    (Listen to the whole thing here.)

  70. rosettasister Says:

    led zeppellin one

  71. rosettasister Says:

    Cat Stevens

  72. rosettasister Says:

    Page 2 #168

    06 – Symphony No. 7 In A Major, Op. 92_II. Allegretto

  73. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #233 Today at 2:32am »

    We have been asked about our “thinking” in not diverting from the Libyan operations to the Japan crisis?

    Hundreds of thousands remain in peril in the North African crisis.

    To suggest we should divert our assets which are already on scene helping dozens of people every day get food and water, abandon them, then move our assets to the other location to try to help people isn’t thinking at all.

    Majestic has it’s greatest power within the back halls of politics. That is where the most help in both areas is underway.

    The 12-13 hour session the public was witnessed to, recently, was followed by several of the same kinds of sessions for both Libya and in the last 3 days, Japan.

    While D is acting to handle one situation, M has had screens divided into 8 world locations, and she has been simultaneously handling problems everywhere.

    At this hour the lives of even some of our Leadership are at stake.
    We are thinking and doing to help others.
    Are those asking us what our think is, doing either?
    Ask me?
    I have seen D and M and the rest of Maj do things I never knew could be accomplished!
    Go Maj!


  74. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #236 Today at 8:20am »




  75. rosettasister Says:

    Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF
    « Reply #238 Today at 8:43am »

    I “Hold Up” the Chief Raven at this first hour of commitment!


    Frances M.G. Ortiz
    Aide-de-camp, Desk of the Keystone, Consistory of the Majestic

  76. rosettasister Says:

    Mongrel Dawg
    « Reply #239 Today at 9:14am »

    UNITED STATES ARMY, ME FOREVER!, stands my Post Ordered, Honorably, armed in defense, next 2 da MajCiC, U.S., at dis moment b4 da FIRES!

    I HOLD UP, OOOOHRAAHHHHHHHH!!!!, da man who was sworn 2 da USMCees den foughtnkilled men on da field of combat in da hellfires next 2 ME honorably in da name of Old Glory in ODS91!

    I hold him up with da song dat means so much to him because he believes in HIM and da holy cloth of da Flag of da Ring of 13 Stars!


  77. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #240 Today at 9:38am »

    I am proud to be able to HOLD UP Camel Duster and his team “THE BLACK REAPERS” to my Lord and Saviour, at this HOUR as things get started!

    Some people forget all the time that their safety which they take for granted is maintained FOR THEM by others who have to pay the prices for it!

    The scoffers and cowards in the population who run away only think freedom is free until their name is called to defend it.

    Then we all find out what kind of men they aren’t. Wusses.

    Many people I have met have no clue at all what the decision really is to commit to go to defend or win freedom or safety for others, when their own is isn’t in danger.

    To put themselves in danger ONLY for others. I am honored to have friends who do.


    Keith and I will watch and report as linkups happen. SESQ

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Ann M. McDowell, SoF
    « Reply #241 Today at 9:56am »

    XCOM COM1 reports Reapers already in country have received the messages and will be at assigned place/time.

    When I receive reports of enemy contact, will transmit to PA first, to the Comrooms second, and post third with the the Battle Song of Majestic.

    I Hold the Ring of Protection with my Sister. BB!

    Information from ADC/DotK(FMGO) states:


    NO MAJESTIC PERSONNEL OR MAJOPS UNDER ECHELON GRADE are permitted to call the DotK to speak with Marce at this time!

    As information spreads about your Leadership, we are receiving too many supportive calls!

    Pass information amongst your own but DO NOT send it up the Chain!







  79. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #242 Today at 10:21am »



    I. I will try to get the first portion of the publication, a summary of emails, posted tomorrow night!


    II. Message from the DotK transmitted to DotC, confirmed received/returned by the DotC,


    and has sworn before the Eternal on her word of honor, independent of any/all possible coming events (may G-d forbid the same), to carry out the mission!

    She sent this message to the DotC as her SEAL.

    (Elizabeth’s speech — What shall we die for?)


    FINAL C/D @ 16(0)11

    III. From me to TEAM 5 in spirit, I said to you what I needed to say before you left but:






  80. rosettasister Says:


    FINAL C/D @ 16(0)11

    Eagles Disobey
    « Reply #244 Today at 10:38am »

    When the above is completed, the public will be informed about what it means.

    (I think I know what it means. I hope and pray I know.)

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #245 Today at 11:29am »

    AT 07:00 Z, MONDAY 14MAR11 MAJCiC, U.S. REPORTS:






  82. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #246 Today at 2:16pm »

    “The worst time in the world of things save I am asking anyway.” .. “I am a graduate physics student.” .. “What is Dr. Dan working toward now in his theory preparations?” “Sincerely appreciating, xx ..”

    Preparing for a field trip and integrating Fractal Geometry math into the Theory. truly,..

    adding thoughts: some may be wondering if he is still looking for a new student after the last one didn’t work out? Ok, he FLAKED!

    No. He is going to write the book on his own, then have Dr. Marci’s counterpoints added.

    In Dr. Marci’s way of explaining:

    “I suspect within 3-5 years, after I have had my explanations and say it it, along with Dan’s work, this is going to be a very dangerous book!”

    Fran has received tentative rights to obtain a copy of the book for distribution as she sees fit because it is not scheduled to be sold.

    Something, a mystery between Drs. Dan and Marci, will be done with a copy of it, but after weeks of relentless pushing by Fran, Dr. Marci finally agreed to allow her some latitude after it is done.

    adding more thoughts: there is one person that Dan looking for:


    Good luck on that one.

    If anyone is such a person and with some scholarly background or knows such a person, please let us know at

    Most of the “Creationists” Dan has spoken with are so paranoid because he’s a scientist, they are afraid to exchange ideas.

    (Some strong arguments they must have? )

    For the record, NEITHER Dr. Dan (a microbiologist) NOR Dr. Marci (a musicologist) ascribe to the “young earth” (such as -‘earth is less than 10,000 years old’) theories.

    If you ask this very interesting man, though, about such theories he often says like he did to me,

    “Part of me wishes it were so, however, not due to any penchant toward textual literalism. It’s the romantic in me.

    There is, though, much to be learned from that frame of reference, much which I believe has kept evolutionary biology either stalled or creating phantoms as explanations.”

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #247 Today at 3:49pm »

    Since we published the nature of a head of a militia group: a rapist and also we have found out, a child killer, 49 letters applauding in support of us standing between torture and innocent people have arrived, but no less than 10 confirmed members of Ufology have come forward in emails to

    PLEADING to help the man!

    Remember, we are discussing a head of a pro-Gadhafi militia group who rapes women as tolls for possible passage to refugee camps, and routinely restricts water from little children.

    We have found out that the rapist carries out his acts under intimidation by threat of deadly force, then accuses the woman of breaking the law because she is not married to him!

    In many instances, that results in her death, whether she has cghildren or not, and where she does, they are USED as needed.

    And people are pleading for us to help him?

    Everyone reading here please trust me when I promise to you:



  84. rosettasister Says:

    Today at 3:54pm, Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF wrote:

    Learning what we’ve learned about ufology my question is:

    are those members of ufology “pleading” for him even though he’s a woman and child killer, and a rapist, or because he is?

    I mean to tell you that after this experience I am so thankful for the genuinely wonderful people we have met at the GT, Eagles Forum, in person and in email.

    If we hadn’t, looking back at some of what we’ve seen it would be down right disheartening. F

    Ann M. McDowell, SoF
    « Reply #249 Today at 4:13pm »

    Heyah Fran, q/q Sis has Luke in place in Sin City for plausD?

    If not we gotto get him there. A

  85. rosettasister Says:

    pls go here for updates:

  86. rosettasister Says:

    No decision taken on Libya no-fly zone: Pentagon

    “That is a decision, a political decision ultimately, that has not been taken,” Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell told MSNBC television. He added that a no-fly zone was still, however, an option “under consideration.”


    Canada does not rule out supporting a no-fly zone over Libya, but wants more details on how such an operation would be carried out.


    Today, in Paris, Hillary Clinton will meet with the Libyan council.

    Her husband, Bill Clinton, has publicly called for an NFZ.

  87. rosettasister Says:

    The New Rules: Obama Abdicating U.S. Leadership in Libya

    Thomas P.M. Barnett | Bio | 14 Mar 2011


    Unless we decisively tilt the current balance, Gadhafi will prevail.

    When he does, the mad colonel will go on a murdering and torturing rampage that will likely extend for months, if not years.

    And because of our relative inaction, we will be complicit in all of it.


    America should reassume the mantle of global leadership, and fast, because ultimately we are on the winning side of this revolutionary wave and risk wasting its historic opportunities with our extreme caution.

    This should not be interpreted as an argument for indiscriminately putting U.S. boots on the ground.

    There is a menu of options here short of the rightly feared mass occupation.

    We did just enough in Kurdish Iraq in the 1990s to birth that state-within-a-state and keep a people safe.

    The same was not true for the simultaneous revolt by the Shiites in Iraq’s south, and we long regretted the massacres that followed.

    In the end, we need to ask ourselves if encouraging Libya’s temporary

    — or even permanent —

    split into two smaller states is preferable to the civil war to come.

    We recently made that tough call, in the affirmative, on Sudan, and there are more likely to come across Africa.

    There is no such thing as a post-American world, only a pre-American one, and we remember how bad that world truly was.

    Let us not revisit it through a strategy of inaction, for that will be costly beyond calculation.

  88. rosettasister Says:

    CNN Poll: Americans say yes to no fly zone, no to ground troops

  89. rosettasister Says:

    44% — 56%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

    On Libya and Budget, President Obama Votes ‘Present’

    A Commentary by Michael Barone

  90. rosettasister Says:


    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    03 – Symphony No. 4 in F minor_ III. Scherzo_ Allegro molto

    Movement 3

    Ralph Vaughan Williams

    Symphony No. 4

    (Listen to the whole thing here.)

  91. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded by Epogdous on Mar 14, 2011

    Kazuo Fukushima (*1930)
    Shun-san (The Spring Glory) for flute solo (1969)

    Eberhard Blum, flute

  92. rosettasister Says:

    I’ll put up new post soon.

    It’s about music and healing from Cayce material and elsewhere.

    I’ve been so upset about events in Libya and Japan and elsewhere.

    Humanity needs our Creator’s mercy now as ever.

    So constant prayer.

    And a song in your heart.

    Keep the tyrant at bay.

  93. rosettasister Says:

    Okay, I’m going to try to make sense of this.

    Dr. Stan

    « Reply #259 Today at 6:35am »



    This report is only beginning to be constructed today, before you, the people we serve.

    The internal content of this report will not contain EVERYTHING we know, but what we believe you MUST KNOW, and it may be added to, depending on the events which follow.

    We have enough of what we know, to seal the case shut while preserving EVERYTHING we have told you about Ufology and its aims for YOU.

    Those aims, in our opinion, are not honorable. We will be ginger with people, even though they don’t deserve it.

    We feel that our opponents may attempt to lead by legal maneuvering, so we are maneuvering too.

    Instead of just being honest, we feel they may try to take advantage to gain information about Majestic in a dirty way like they just tried their own version of a “peep show” on Drs. Dan and Marci.

    They aren’t bright enough to beat us.

    It has been said that Eagles Disobey’s interactions with Ufology have been mostly investigational.

    That statement stands true even though there were contracts in this case. There was a CONTRACT agreed to!

    If it had been honestly consummated by the others, the need for the investigational side of this matter would never have arisen.

    Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, this was Ufology’s LAST CHANCE to show that they were made of anything more than profiteering, fluff and conartistry.

    Unfortunately, they showed they were made of just that.

    Whether by unilateral changes to agreed to and signed CONTRACTS


    by the Owner of the very conference you used to believe was there for the average person to seek the truth;

    where the real truth is now that the owner regularly calls YOU, the average person, “JOE LUNCHBOX,” it is Eagles Disobey’s obligation to inform you that you have been betrayed!

    You have not been betrayed by Eagles Disobey and certainly not betrayed by Drs. Dan or Marci.

    Neither Eagles Disobey nor Drs. Dan and Marci will ever betray YOU, the people we call “HUMAN BEINGS WHO ARE DESERVING OF RESPECT”!

    Once the unilateral changes and strange behaviors by others started to increase, Drs. Dan and Marci, who once ran Eagles Disobey, quietly looked to us and informed us in writing,

    “We regret to inform Eagles Disobey that “Fixed News” (FN) is having trouble being honest.”

    The research and investigation group owned by the same man who calls you “JOE LUNCHBOX” and who bought some conference rights, will be called “FN” for the purposes of this report.

    The man who calls you JOE LUNCHBOX will be called “JL” himself.

    We all know who wrote recent reports on Drs. Dan (D) and Marci (M) and where they were to attend, so you the reader, whom we regard in higher regard than the foul label the owner of FN has attached to you in snickering private, should know the history leading up to the moments where decisions to keep attendees safe were made.

    (I’m guessing this has to do with Michael Schratt and OpenMindsTv and the man who owns OMtv, but I’m not sure.)

    For the purposes of this report, the person who allegedly did an investigation into D’s, M’s, and Majestic’s history regarding Project Aquarius will be called “HW” for “H.G. WELLS.”

    Please keep H.G. Well’s history in mind when you read this report.

    Keep in mind that before the installments of this report are complete, we will not be standing alone in what we are saying about HW.….t-happen-today/

    “H.G. Wells

    Wells’ 1920 book Outline of History was largely plagiarized from an unknown Canadian author named Florence Deeks. Deeks’ book, The Web of the World’s Romance, had been submitted to Wells’ publisher a year prior but had not been picked up.”

    Perhaps it is fate that the woman H.G. Wells plagiarized from was a Canadian.

    contd below

  94. rosettasister Says:

    We will endeavor in this report to show FACTS, from summaries of emails, and show under what historical context those facts were occurring within.

    What was happening at the time and why do those facts either amount to something wrong or reflect behaviors that are “just wrong” by use of common sense?

    D’s and M’s first meeting with JL was on March 10, 2008, when he somehow managed to get himself in to the after-presentation dinner meeting, following D&M’s Caltech presentation.

    He showed great interest in D’s watch, which D stated afterward was “strange.” D said the man looked at his watch like he wanted to “swallow it.”

    D reflected that JL appeared to be “enamored with physical possessions, materialism.” This was D’s first opinion.

    Sometime later, D and M were contacted by JL and asked for a meeting.

    During that short meeting (M had a migraine so D cut it very short for JL), in the presence of M, JL told D that he (JL) wanted to “COLLECT” D for himself.

    In the vehicle, after the end of that short meeting, M reflected to D that JL reminded her of “Smaug the Dragon” – the antagonist from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.

    She viewed him as a “horder and collector” of things, regardless of ever knowing their intrinsic worth: to possess for possessing’s sake.

    D’s opinion was one of disgust, as when JL used the term “collect” it meant to him “POSSESS” which caused anger in D, because of the hard times which he had in his life to break free from those wishing to control him.

    The reasons behind other’s wishing to “collect” D are obvious: a certain specialness about him and talent. D’s opinion of JL as of that time, later in 2008, was that of a material glutton.

    He told JL that he remains under lifetime exclusive contract to M, for his professional services, and that to reach his expertise, one must first go through M.

    Our opinion is that stance has caused much trouble for several in Ufology.

    It is our opinion, and we can back that opinion up by lists of factual occurrences, that seem to bear out that men within the “conference level” and “presentation level” leadership of Ufology have great problems seeing women as their equal, especially when business matters are concerned.

    Some find that having a woman give a presentation is one thing, but apparently speaking with her about serious business matters is something left as “men’s work.”

    As the Co-leader of this investigation, I advised M that I expected the future to bring what it has, given what we suspect of the ring of leadership in Ufology, and the number of abnormal sexually-related “issues.”

    Even JL is the proud owner, or should I say, COLLECTOR, of the UFO photo/investigation archive of a now deceased, formerly imprisoned, convicted child molestor.

    On regular occasions, when those in Ufology have been confronted by any number of our Team’s members (including D and M)

    about the seemingly unusually high incidence of sex-related negative interactions with law enforcement and official governing bodies

    (such as “State Licensing Board(s)”),

    “conference level” and “presentation level” members of Ufology are quick to excuse all such behavior, saying it doesn’t bear negatively on the person’s investigation into the so called UFO phenomenon.


    If you do, it is my opinion you, or members of your family, are a potential future victim. Many in Ufology claim that their members are wrongly accused in some government vendetta.

    (I’m sorry I don’t know who this person is (was).)

    contd below

  95. rosettasister Says:


    That statement holds true for D’s and M’s opinions of them.

    D has, on more than one occasion, jokingly stated that there should be a “law against” any of them even using the word “investigator.”

    D was a real State Criminal Investigator.

    Back to the introduction-

    Much after that meeting where D was approached to be “COLLECTED,” JL again contacted D and M, and that resulted in D and M having a conference call with another scientist, who was stated to have been business-related to a biotechnology firm.

    (That person, even after engaging D in a conversation about biotechnology, appeared to become nervous when D told the truth that he (D) had been involved in past biological defense work.

    No further relationsship was engaged with that certain biotechnology company, and D and M later said they were grateful for that, as the biotechnology company was later found in breach of intellectual property law.

    To this day, JL maintains a publicly stated association with that company.)

    At about the same time, D and M were approached by another Ufologist, we’ll call “Dr. Implant.”

    Dr. Implant wanted D to examine some EDX (Energy-dispersive X-Ray) analysis data of an alleged “alien implant.”

    Unknown to either JL or Dr. Implant, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC watched as D put a scientific analysis together, to be sent to M, then off to Dr. Implant.

    It was at that time that D found the material to show nothing special, certainly nothing exotic or even nearing a label such as “alien.”

    The select members of the public, together with another trusted member of the public who is used to such analyses, were brought into the loop

    because Dr. Implant didn’t advise D that a like analysis of the same material had already been done and was being scheduled for a television airing

    in what D’s opinion was to “hype it to make it look as though it was exotic material.”

    D filed the report any professional scientist would file and that report was sent to Dr. Implant.

    (In other words, YES, Ufology has been in possession of a SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS, conducted by D, of material they provided!)

    In the same time-period, JL was literally walking around with some of the same material, in a container, IN HIS PANT’S POCKET, and was asking D for contact to someone who could offer him an electron microscope for analysis of the material.

    Being the material was thought to be irretrievably contaminated, D took the request of JL as a “joke” and refused to assist in any way.

    Dr. Implant then invited D to sit on a panel with Ufologists and “scientists” – an invitation both D and M declined.

    The panel was under the control of the same people who attempted to smear D’s name by their application of pseudoscience, calling it a “challenge” on a coast to coast radio show.

    Dr. Implant must not have known that D and M already knew that yet another con-job against them was afoot.

    In D’s words,

    “Let’s say that they are trying to polish over their making jackasses of themselves on the radio, by offering me something now?

    That does not constitute their owning up to the fraudulent smear job they did toward me.

    If they aren’t men enough to apologize, then they aren’t men enough for other things.”

    JL then offered M a contract for D’s presence to “speak about” his former work at S4. M stated that the contract must be “real” and in “writing.”

    Contact was temporarily broken off, as JL didn’t produce a contract.

    Time passes, 2009 arrives.

    PC and Mr. Ascension are exposed by Eagles Disobey as profiteers and frauds, with PC attempting to set up D and M for failure in Zurich, an attempt against D and M which failed.

    PC’s female founder reports something about D, allegedly from the conference there, which was untrue, and later learned to have been FRAUDULENTLY PLANTED by a man who believes he can read the future from webtraffic monitoring!

    Almost as bad, D and M learn that PC’s male founder refers to YOU as, “THE CHILDREN”. Notice they always have NAMES for YOU?

    That is what people do when they feel themselves “superior” to others, in this case: SUPERIOR TO YOU.

    Time passes, 2010 arrives.

    During the time of alleged negotiations to purchase the rights to a conference, D and M were approached by a female Ufologist, requesting to barter a reconnection between D, M, and JL.

    D and M hold that femaile Ufologist in “high esteem” but realize that she is perhaps not understanding the negativity in the hearts of some around her.

    A reconnection via email was established, purely as an act of friendship to the female Ufologist.

    M’s demand remained unaltered: PROVIDE A CONTRACT, WE (Eagles Disobey, Inc. / Nevada TCG Holdings) ARE A BUSINESS!

    It is in the Aquarius Hotel, in early 2010, that D and M learn two things: how JL labels YOU, and how JL feels about Ufology.

    contd below

    (Stan, Dan, and Marcia are not infallible. They are human and make human mistakes. For example, how many of us believe something couldn’t possibly be true BECAUSE we haven’t personally had that same experience. I’m glad I had the training in hermeneutics that I did. I don’t believe anyone has the market cornered on “truth.”)

  96. rosettasister Says:

    Stan, contd


    Your label:


    What he tells D and M IN PUBLIC, IN THE LINE TO THE BUFFET, about Ufology:


    (D and M are prepared to swear under Oath, about these facts.)

    Keep in mind, now, that JL is moving to BUY the rights to the conference, and he says that about YOU and Ufology!

    This time JL states he will provide a contract! M’s opinion at the time was: “He said that before.” In her words, “Anyone can say that, look at what Novel frauded at us, big whoop!”

    (That would be Gordon Novel.)


    Written and oral contracts are made between M, on behalf of Eagles Disobey, Inc. / Nevada TCG Holdings, to make D available for an unprecedented providing of information about Aquarius.

    Knowing how JL feels about the group behind the investigation label “Ufology” (calling it a “cult”), and having heard how he feels about YOU (calling YOU “Joe Lunchbox”),

    M makes the business arrangements, while both D and M privately confide to Eagles Disobey that while they will behave 100% honestly in completing a contract,

    for us to watch the behavior of those to whom Eagles Disobey, Inc. / Nevada TCG Holdings are contracted -VERY CLOSELY.

    Privately, D held out little hope that a publication would ever be made within Ufology that contained the real truth.

    As we shall see, from summaries of emails, and facts and circumstances at times, he was both right and wrong about his assessment:

    they were not to author, themselves, a completely true account, but one was to be authored and published.

    You shall see, as you read, that what I just wrote is not a contradiction, and if you wonder how that could be, only reread the statement above about H.G. Wells and Florence Deeks.

    Our email summaries will pick up with some “back and forths” starting on June 14, 2010. (date may be amended, if we decide to add in earlier ones)

    It is our position that the term “cult” in and of itself is not intrisically “bad.” The Christian church, for instance, began socially as a cult belief.

    The problem with the designation, when we speak about Ufology is that Ufology is holding itself up as something different (somekind of a “science” or “investigation”) to the public, when one of its own prominent members, who runs a major public conference, calls it a “cult.”

    Who are we, from Eagles Disobey and even Majestic, to argue with them if they feel comfortable with that label being applied by themselves to themselves?

    They admit that it is a cult, therefore, we accept it as what it is.

    Aside from the numerous sex-related convictions and adjudgements, and their willingness to produce fictions masquerading as truths, our greatest differences with Ufology rest on the difference between what they say they are to the public and what they have admitted they are to Eagles Disobey.

    Misrepresentation comes in many forms, and when it arrives as a “cult” wrapped in the package of an “investigation” we feel that the public has a basic right to know the truth.

    Where this publication is leading is the teasing out of behaviors by FN and its representatives, such as JL and HW,

    showing where they willingly provided “falsehoods” to the public wrapped as “truths” and where truths were suppressed,

    because JL made the decision that such a truth violated the belief adherence of the members of what he called a “cult.”

    (I hope this isn’t leading to the only ETs were the future humans and since we survived the Cycles Cross, presto chango, no more abductions, no more milabs. Weak, weak you come across if that is in fact what you’re pitching. The “truth” shouldn’t require so many words.)

  97. rosettasister Says:

    Stan, contd.


    June 14, 2010:

    M writes to JL telling him that progress is being slowed because HW is seemingly not understanding simple instructions in D’s descriptions and on his diagrams.

    (HW = Michael Schratt ?)


    S4 has a red and a blue line on the floor in each hallway. The lines leading away from the entrance area, on the left side of the hallway as one walks deeper into the facility are RED.

    The lines leading toward the entrance area, on the right side of the hallway as one walks closer to the entrance of the facility are BLUE. One red line and one blue line per length of hallway.

    After 2 of each (two red, two blue lines) were consistently being returned, other corrections were not being made, and additions to the facility that DON’T EXIST were being added, M wrote to JL, HW’s boss, and requested he get HW on the work to be done, to get him “on track.”

    Frustrating the efforts were HW’s “doodles.”

    As CAD drawings were being produced, drawings of many different kinds were being added around the diagrams of the facility, some of which had NOTHING to do with D’s and M’s testimony about S4.

    This reasonable complaint was registered in the same email to JL about HW.

    Adding to the issues, were HW’s application of PHONEY “TOP SECRET” and “Naval Intelligence” stamps to the CAD drawings being returned to D for review.

    D refused to even touch such drawings as they may have been misconstrued as being real classification marks, causing a Federal Investigation, should they have been released.

    It is illegal to handle, possess, classified material without specific authorization to do so and

    while D and M were resworn to Majestic on June 27, 2010,

    this was not a release by Majestic, it was a release under contract by Eagles Disobey, Inc. of material previously allowed released per the October 12, 2005 Orders to D, from Majestic.

    That is why D and M stayed closely to the issue of “S4 in the Middle 1990’s.”

    D’s written position at the time, to me, was “He (HW) is fantasizing like a child, rather than doing the work accurately, as would a professional.”

    The email to JL from M details that D yelled, “Tell him to stop playing games!”

    How was the problem solved?

    As HW was also attempting to “jump” between floors, with different subjects, M stepped in and stopped the process,

    then restarted the process for HW to do as it was verbally previously agreed that he would do: GO FLOOR BY FLOOR, ONE AT A TIME.

    Failing HW understanding the concept of 1 line of each color per hallway, D had to finally DRAW everything, then send the drawings to HW, whereby HW then transferred the .jpg drawings from D, to HW’s CAD system, called it his own art, and said it was ‘from D’s testimony.’

    D, literally throwing his hands in the air at what we were all seeing as incompetence and unprofessional conduct, agreed with M to finely detail every drawing himself, simply so the truth could be shown to the public,

    even though he was supposed to be the person giving the testimony and HW was supposed to be the person creating the product.

    (If anyone would consider that HW CREATED the drawings by transferring them exactly {as in copy/paste} from D’s drawings to his {HW’s CAD}, adding many subject-unrelated doodles around them, then I would suggest anyone would have too liberal of an idea of who is doing the creating and who is copying, pasting, and adding his name to it.

    Yes, all images and a track of all imagery sent and returned via the other platform is date/time maintained by Eagles Disobey.

    M also made it clear that SHE owned all imagery produced by D, regardless of HW’s copy/paste and return of the same material via HW’s CAD system.

    She stated, “What we create first is ours, and it stays ours!”)


    The above was the state of affairs between June and August, 2010.

    Unknown to Fixed News, D was secretly passing his original drawings, adding onto the CAD “wall framework” of S4’s floors: TO TRUSTED MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC!

    He emailed them the images before they ever saw the light of day, along with many of the correction-problem images, to establish a verifiable knowledge base of faith with YOU, THE PUBLIC, should it ever be called into question.

    August 12, 2010:

    Letter from M to JL, detailing concerns of PC’s interest in HW, occurring at the same time the information was spreading wider that HW and FN were “allegedly producing” a product about Aquarius.

    M warns JL about PC’s predatory natures, and PC’s problems following D’s and M’s refusal to “get on board” with them about their (PC’s) H1N1 scare tactics of the day – all of which amounted to NOTHING, just as D and Eagles Disobey said.

    M advises JL that D and HW were coming closer to being done with the 2 dimensional views of the S4 floors, that D was working on level 4-5 (the clean sphere level, 2D imagery) at the time.

    She suggests that once the 2D images are completed, that maybe the 2D’s should be put up first,

    before what could be a “second stage” publication of what was already then being mutually planned as a set “3 dimensional fly-through” experiences for YOU, THE PUBLIC.

    The concept of website hits was discussed, expecting that as the detail would be added, the hits would increase with the level of data presented.

    M also writes that she saw no mention of either she or D on the current plan for the conference, nor did she see anything about the ISIS BETA-TESTING, which was a precondition of making D available for any appearance.


    During all this process for the production by FN, a meeting at the HARD ROCK HOTEL/CASINO, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, took place.

    It happened immediately after D and M were filmed by FN at the “Janet” air terminal facility, in Las Vegas.

    M made it clear to JL, who regularly calls “Janet” – ‘Janice’ or ‘Janis’ for some unknown reason, that she would make D available for 15-20 minutes of question/answer time, for the public, so long as JL made a “dedicated room available at the venue” for her free testing with the public of the Isis-B Mood Lighting and Relaxation System.

    In the presence of D and HW, JL agreed. The verbal contract was set.

    JL said he would “take care of everything” and that “You’ll have your room for your project.”

    In another portion of the discussion at the Hard Rock, M and JL were clear in front of D that D and M would be given a room to stay within, and that a separate room at the venue would be provided for Isis beta testing.

    It’s obvious to anyone who does business that no one would want to invite the public to a location for beta testing of a product, when that same location is being used as the private bedroom of those running the testing.

    At least………….it’s obvious to us?

    The final publication from FN carried long distance shots of “Janet” even after high resolution close-up photographs of “Janet” were provided to FN by M.

    M took the photos, from a vantage point that most never see, and FN decided to not provide the public with those photos in their publication, instead giving YOU long distance shots.

    M’s only demand for the use of the photos? “Place my name on it as photo credit.”

    As a result of their suppression, M has provided Eagles Disobey with the photo, which was carried on the Golden Thread for a short time, for publication on the Eagles’ website.

    More information from the busy day of August 12, 2010, to follow.

    As August 12 was proceeding, then ended, a “TIME BOMB OF FN FICTION” was ticking, one that none of us at Eagles Disobey nor especially D or M knew about.

    The fiction was so bad that D, M, and all of us at Eagles Disobey still refer to it as:



    Look here to see to what Stan is referring:,sbd:1&prmd=ivns&filter=0

    (If something is important to Dan and Marcia, well then it’s important to me, too. But THE PUBLIC just wants to know about Dan’s experiences with a future human come back in time. Most won’t care about these details. OpenMindsTV published information we, the public, have a right to know. Especially those of us who are abductees or MILAB victims. Do Dan and Marcia anticipate being sued by OpenMindsTV? I understand the need to legally defend oneself. But most won’t take the time with this back and forth.)

  98. rosettasister Says:

    Stan, contd.


    August 12, 2010:

    Follow along carefully, these detail some “advanced contract” issues, and how changes are sometimes tried to be “slipped in” by others.

    Letter from JL to M. In the letter he asks several questions about how she may see the information about D and M published, in the magazine or differently.

    It’s what WASN’T mentioned or asked is the most troubling thing!

    (Please enlighten us!)

    That’s not all though, the content of the letter made a “material change” in the original contract between M (on behalf of Eagles Disobey, Inc.) and JL (on behalf of FN)!

    In the original contract, there was no mention of an advance of monies which were provided to M in good faith, to secure D’s participation in the FN project.

    (This good faith option was required by M, because of the previously encountered rampant fraudulence she observed within Ufology as a whole. We must remember too: M had already heard JL call Ufology a “cult.” That’s a hard place to start any “trust.” D received nothing from these monies.)

    In the letter of this date, the original contract was cited, a contract which was based on payments (amounts not stated here) to M per future website/article views, on a monthly basis (also nothing to D).

    The viewer was to have provided his/her email address in order to gain ‘free’ access to the article. That email address was collected for use by FN and then passed on to the article’s advertising sponsor.

    The sponsor would pay FN a certain sum of money for each email address provided, in order to market to the people interested in the article.

    Once FN received the payment for the email address, FN was to remit that payment in full to M as her contractual payment.

    This was to be the foundation of the financial portion of the agreement – it was all to be based on the collection of reader’s email addresses for marketing purposes.

    M and JL had a verbal arrangement, which was not included in the written contract, that based upon the remitted payments, M would pay a portion of each monthly payment to JL until the initial good faith advance was fully repaid.

    JL and M were both satisfied with this, indicating that in this way, each would receive some payment, and over the course of months, the initial advance would be repaid.

    This letter from JL to M stated a change, which M as a businessperson, spotted!

    The change happened in the key element that triggered all financial payments – the collection of the email addresses.

    Suddenly, FN said that a change had to be made to the way in which the entire mechanism was going to work.

    No longer were there going to be email addresses collected – the reason given was that in their experience of other high profile articles, readers did not like to give their email addresses out.

    They said that this was limiting readership of the article and limiting potential payment.

    The bigger question was how, if no email addresses were being collected, would an item of value

    (namely the email addresses for marketing purposes)

    be remitted to the advertiser, thus triggering the payment scheduled for each email address, which was supposed to form the basis of the financial payments to M?

    If there were no email addresses being collected, nothing could be remitted to the advertising sponsor.

    And in fact, it later appeared that no advertising sponsorship was obtained, so the issue of email addresses for marketing was a moot point. So, how were page hits supposed to be calculated?

    And where were the monies supposed to be coming from for the page views?

    Without the advertising sponsorship, not expected by M in a culture of science fiction where Eagles Disobey was providing HARD TRUTHS, there was no source of revenue, and FN would indeed have to pay for the page hits out of their own coffers.

    M called FN on this change, saying that there was no accountability now, and said that this changed the entire complexion of the contract.

    It represented a unilateral contract change, material to the fundamental elements on which the whole agreement hinged.

    Eagles Disobey, Inc. was never to have been involved in the email address activity, merely viewing it as a way of accounting for page views and triggering payment, and has always been interested in one thing – the straight and honest publication of facts and the completion of the contract as it was originally intended.


    While D is, in name, the Director of Eagles Disobey, Inc., he doesn’t participate in any financial arrangements.

    He sat at the Sahara Hotel/Casino and had lunch with M and FN’s people, like it’s owner, JL, but his presence was of a different kind.

    M and JL signed the written contracts at the Nascar Bar area and he watched his wife, whom I can tell you as his adjutant that he “worships the ground she walks on” but to this day he has not read the written contract, nor does he have plans to ever do so, and his name DOES NOT appear in it.

    The Title, “Director,” was given to him, and he accepts the legal responsibilities behind it, but it was given to him as an HONOR by M.

    The man is THE MAN who is at the center of the worldwide coverup of the REAL extraterrestrial encounters, whether the cult of Ufology ever wishes to “believe” it or not.

    (Here we go! “the REAL ET encounters” Dan had REAL encounters, others had/have REAL encounters)

    Most everyone who knows about him, knows that he has been honestly living under a vow of material poverty since 1987.

    He is a hyper-professional Biologist, a mystic, and in my opinion more of a Priest than most who show up and hold cups and wafers over altars.

    But, he is also a man, with a strong warrior side to him, underpinned by his strong notion of honor.

    He is presently deployed in that capacity, and we are all praying he and the rest of the team will remain safe.

    When M, his wife, is happy, he is happy.

    When M, his wife, is perceived by him to have been double-dealed he can become wrathful in her defense.

    On that level, D is a man of simple needs. His expertise in biochemistry and cellular biology is superb, but he doesn’t handle money.

    His practices have always remained the same: if currency is ever found on the Desk at which he works, he pushes it to the floor, leaving it there for others to retrieve it when they find it.

    While the above was ongoing, and letters were to be exchanged between M and JL, TO BE DETAILED IN THE NEXT INSTALLMENT, the thing above we call “The Abortion” was dangling over everything like a “Sword of Damocles” only hung by a frayed horse’s tail’s hair.

    That Sword of Damocles was to snap away and fall during the following day, August 13, 2010, resulting in D declaring, “No matter what they do after this, I will never work with them again!”

    Let me give you a bird’s eye view into D’s life at that moment, the night before FN’s “Abortion” was temporarily made a reality.

    D’s Desk of the Compass sits behind him, covered with the troubles of peoples he will never meet.

    That doesn’t matter to him, only their troubles matter, and he is trying, to his last breath, to help as many as he can.

    He was picked to be the person to make decisions for the right reasons, ethical and moral reasons, then point at those decisions for M to take them, and work with them in the Leadership of Majestic.

    She decides things from there. In front of his Desk, only about 4 feet away (he likes small offices) is a computer work station.

    He was at that work station, on the following day, never having been informed (just like M) that a miniature biography that neither he nor M was informed about was poised for publication by FN.

    I will detail other August 12, 2010 letters, and none of them informed D and M what was coming, only a day away.

    Is this how people deal with each other, honestly?

    To this date, NO ONE from FN has ever explained why the “Abortion” which you will learn much more about, ever happened?

    FN chose to go around the backs of the very people they claimed they wanted and actually “contracted” as advisors?

    Other explanations, where (in our opinion) YOU were short-changed, explanations which we believe you are entitled to, haven’t been explained by FN either.

    Here is just one: while sitting at the Hard Rock, JL explained to D that

    his upclose image of the face of the J-Rod was


    D sat there silent, knowing that JL (for FN) was trying to place himself (itself) in the position of deciding what YOU should and should not know.


    D just looked into the eyes of JL and shook his head at him, then JL broke off the his gaze to sip his drink, something like an “Arnold Palmer.”

    Anyway, while M was watching changes to the contract(s) being unilaterally pushed by JL, and doing everything in her power to keep YOU focused to receive the truth amidst the business and games by FN,

    D was at that computer work station, further detailing the Clean Sphere Level and things like the “gantry vehicle.”

    She didn’t bother him with the games she was watching, choosing to handle them herself, as D was going “above and beyond the call of duty” for YOU with the details of S4.

    The next day, August 13, the day D still calls “The Day Ufology Committed Suicide,” D checked his Desk, then he sat down to continue work on the S4-5’s Gantry Vehicle, and was preparing to detail the lighting system.

    Two messages were received at his Desk at about the same time from Frances (COO of Eagles Disobey, Inc.) and Franklin (cyber security), that the unthinkable had happened,

    an act we feel is so out of character for the chance of any continued “good faith”

    that D and M had to ultimately meet privately in order to intimately speak with each other, so the public’s good was held FIRST.

    After all the work in progress, the shock hit D so bad that he

    (a man whom any of us seldom hears 1 “bad” word per few days of hard work)

    unusually yelped from the Grotto,

    “Marcia, what the f**k is this? Oh, my G-d, what is wrong with these people? Please come in here now! They’ve lost their f**king minds!”

    M had to have D removed from the Grotto, to rest, for fear after all the work, he would suffer a heart attack.

    What did FN exactly do?

    Until later tonight, truly,..

    « Last Edit: Today at 12:51pm by Dr. Stan »


    Project Aquarius: Exclusive interview and illustrations of Area …

    Aug 12, 2010 – Dr. Burisch was interviewed extensively by Open Minds researcher Michael

    Schratt on the minute details of Burisch’s claimed interactions with an …

    (Well, I’m confused. I remember this, of course. OMtv published, then pulled it, re-publishing at a later date in September. I assumed that whatever it was that Dan took issue with had been fixed.)

  99. rosettasister Says:

    Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF
    « Reply #269 Today at 2:31pm »

    We were advised that over at the OMtv forum, a person calling himself “Rick” (probably the self described ‘liar to the public’ named Rick Doty) once again asked about D’s military experiences.

    We tried to get it straight once more, but people like Rick are so thick, reality seldom sinks in.

    D, as an Operative of Majestic, stood in a line and was Sworn to the United States Military, prior to Operation Desert Shield becoming Operation Desert Storm, in 1991.

    Officially, at the time, he was told that he was a member of the United States Marine Corps, and was provided 2 bars (Captain) to wear in Service.

    The United States Marine Corps is a component of the United States Department of the Navy.

    During the deployment with an ultrasecret black operations unit, a serious incident occurred which resulted in D seeing combat.

    Many members of Majestic are routinely “sworn” to different positions, only to seemingly evaporate into the mist once their mission is completed.

    When D took the Oath, due to his personal sense of honor, he stepped into the position body, heart and mind.

    As a member of Majestic, when a Signature Block is offered to you, and you are filing a report, YOU SIGN where you are told to sign.

    One day, you may be listed as a member of the CIA, the next, the DIA, then next a member of the TVA!

    This has been made clear for YEARS, yet Rick is too dumb to understand it.

    People like Rick, having disgraced themselves by showing they really know little about anything they talk about,

    basically he’s just now part of a big group of fakers like

    the Peregrine Collins

    who operates his alleged YET UNLICENSED book business out of a duplex apartment, only show how little they know about the Clandestine Services by continuously asking the same questions over and over again.

    But what should anyone expect from a worn out New Mexico State Trooper, pretending to be a secret agent?

    We expect that, like the exposed conartists they are, they are attempting to cause any kind of trouble they can.

    D has nothing to say TO ANYONE about that horrible day in Iraq, a day he shared with my beloved husband. Neither does my husband.

    D, the honorable man that he is, has asked NOTHING in return for his exposure to elements for which he was unprepared at the time, and REFUSES to discuss the matter in detail to anyone but his wife, M.

    Years ago, D’s Mother attempted to get D some recogntion, over D’s objections, for his sacrifices by offering a contribution to an organization.

    She told them about her son at that time.

    (She is proud of him, his service to Majestic, and in whatever capacity he is asked to serve. She, Doreen, was amazed for years as she watched her son being picked up by uniformed active duty military personnel, and then SALUTE D, who was only dressed in civilian clothing. WHAT DOES THE SALUTE TELL YOU?)

    D learned about the fulfillment of those attempts by his Mom, years later, at about the same time that he was informed of Birnes’ and his fellows, who tried to cheat D’s Mom out of proceeds of a book, butting their noses in where people of their dishonor do not belong.

    D made several phone calls and told certain people to “make sure” to completely withdraw everything about him in that regard from the public record, as it is supposed to be! D is very hard about this! Why?


    What could “Ricky Know-nothing” know of such an issue of honor?

    We are not sure if they have or haven’t covered all the military tracks, really.

    It hasn’t mattered to D to continue making sure of anything, so it doesn’t matter to us.

    What matters to D is his being there at the right time and place.

    He took that assignment, because he was dressed in the Uniform of his Country, to “HEART.”

    Unlike Rick who tells tales about invented U.S. Military personnel to add as stick figure fill-ins to his disinformation, D handled a real life and death incident in a manner that made many people who will never lower themselves to have to speak with someone like Rick, very proud.

    While D personally pains about what he had to do, he is proud of how he held up through it.

    Right now, as Ricky sleeps tight with his “teddy bear” D is deployed into another “situation.”

    Just like the know nothings of Ufology didn’t get a “read in” on what happened in 1991, their worthless opinions aren’t being asked now.

    Frances M.G. Ortiz
    Aide-de-camp, Majestic 1, Consistory of the Majestic (Assembling)

  100. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #270 Today at 3:27pm »

    Oh and a word to a few who need to become wise, we in Maj have reinstituted what we call the “FU Letter.”

    From 1947 though 1967 they were reserved for National Command Authority “nose pickers” who tried to pick the wrong nose.

    We would politely hand them out like candy to trick-or-treaters, when any such agency under NCA control but without appropriate authorization approached any of our personnel for information.

    Because we are a little bit more known for the time being, any government representative or gopher from any official body attempting to poke its nose into our business, where it doesn’t belong, will receive a “FU Letter.”

    In the case of Dr. Dan, his “FU Letter” is authored by his wife, Dr. Marci.

    In the case of Dr. Marci, it is authored by Dr. Dan.

    We keep them inside the doorways of our offices, at our residences, and in our vehicles, all prepared and ready to go.

    They don’t say “FU” but they say everything short of it.

    Once a “FU Letter” is handed out, then the agent reports it and an investigation into the source or cause of the disturbance is conducted.

    We are busy people, so we do everything in our power to prevent disturbances coming from the same source, twice.

    Have a great day ahead!

    Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.
    Deputy Aide-de-camp, Majestic 1, Consistory of the Majestic

  101. rosettasister Says:

    Repeating, don’t expect Disclosure from Dan and Marcia so long as they are seated where they are seated.

    Maybe after.

  102. rosettasister Says:

    (Haven’t listened yet.)

    “Richard Dolan Speaks on the Missing UFO Documents and Disclosure”

  103. rosettasister Says:

    Fund no-fly zone, Lugar tells Arab League

  104. rosettasister Says:

    In Washington, senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman introduced a resolution on the Senate floor on Wednesday in favor of a no-fly zone.

    McCain had sharp words for President Barack Obama, who has said it’s time for Gadhafi to go but has said little about how that might happen.

    “It is long past time for the president of the United States to answer these calls for international leadership,” McCain said.

    “The United States of America must lead.”

    “So we face a stark choice, either the president and the United States takes greater action to achieve the objectives he has laid out, or we allow events to play out as they are, meaning that Gadhafi reclaims control of his country,” McCain said.

  105. rosettasister Says:

    43% — 57%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  106. rosettasister Says:

    Mayoral candidate Jeff Peckman

    Saudi Arabia business forum posts videos of UFO lectures

  107. rosettasister Says:

    Divine Cosmos Down? David Wilcock post this BEFORE DC went down?

    (I have my issues with David, but I hate it when this sh*t happens!)

    10/1/99: Prophecy: Japanese Nuclear Disaster

    Prophetic Dream of Japanese Nuclear Disaster


    D: I just remembered that Sabrina might be by here today right after 10:00, so I have got to get up.

    [Note: This first section does not appear directly relevant, but it is included for context.]

    In this dream, there was a lot of stuff that we were trying to do. We were in 621, and my father’s record stack was there.

    I was trying to play a drumset that was there with some other young guys who wanted to play music like Paul, my brother’s old bass player.

    I think that Andy R was there, the amazing jazz keyboard player who I had worked with. The music was definitely jazzy, and there was no ride cymbal, so I felt very limited.

    There were problems with the drumsticks as well. I was just trying to find a good pair, and they were all taped up and everything else.

    [9/28: Again, the musical metaphor having to do with my work – feeling limitations and problems by being too focused on sexuality.

    Actually today, as I now write this at 6:35 p.m., I have just set up my drumset in the room that was once Apostol’s as a way of claiming my own space. So, the coordinates are again very good.]

    So, R H was in the dream from the church. There was a lot of running.

    In the early, early section, there was some kind of a building project going on. There was stuff floating on the water, like houses floating on the water.

    There was a bicycle that these kids had, that was fully self-enclosed. You could ride around in it underwater and breathe. It had a little capsule that you could go inside of.

    These kids were trying to put sleeping bags down inside this house, but since it was on these pontoons on the water, it would kind of sway. They said that they liked that.

    [Note: It is in this above section of the dream where we get the possible idea of an island chain like Japan, where people are trying to live on a small area, in small houses surrounded by water.

    The bicycle is another classic dream metaphor for Ascension, and it represents an extension of the human body in the spiritual sense.

    The self-enclosed aspect might be telling us that even though an accident like this might cause loss of life, the spiritual portion of each of us lives on.]

    Anyway, the real big thing that I am remembering now, in between the water and the music, was this. There was a guy who was a real big hero, because he had gotten rid of some kind of disease.

    There was a huge problem with this disease, and it seemed like it transferred itself to a human being.

    When this happened, this sudden light would hit the person, and their face would get quite demonic looking and expand hugely, like a balloon.

    It had something to do with the oceans as well.

    I was just basically trying to not allow this to happen. It was very much similar to a nuclear thing. I just saw this guy’s face getting hit by a flash of light, like they were inside a shelter.

    His face got really big, and I knew that he was going to turn into some kind of nightmare creature as a result of that.

    I even think Clinton showed up in this dream somewhere. I am not exactly sure what he was doing, but he did show up somewhere in this dream.

    I am not even sure exactly how I stopped this incredible pestilence from occurring, but I was able to do it.

    There were two scenarios that were similar, and in both of them you had this human being who had gotten distorted into the grossest contortions.

    [10/1: I feel that it is clear that Clinton was the hero. This makes sense, as he has offered that the United States will perform any service necessary to avert this crisis.

    It is also synchronistic on a personal level for me to remember that the very night before this accident happened, I had a very long conversation with Sabrina about Japan, where I went into the history of the Meiji Restoration of 1869, how they went from a medieval society to a modern one in such an incredibly short time.

    They outlawed infant mortality in order to boost population for industrial expansion. I concluded the discussion by clearly explaining the Asian stock market collapse of 1998, and how weak Japan really was.

    They are not willing to adopt the ultimate cut-throat realities of capitalism, in terms of firing unproductive workers and closing less profitable companies.

    The Prime Minister actually cried on TV about this, and Japanese men never cry, especially those in positions of power.

    All of this discussion was triggered by one sentence that she said about how their economy was stronger than ours. I was debating that point.]

    After this happened, there were these black guys who owned a fish store. There was a friend of mine as well, and they almost seemed to be more talking to him than me.

    As gratitude for what I or we had done, they gave us this incredible, incredible amount of fish. They dumped a huge, three foot tall and three foot wide pile of it into the backyard of 621.

    It was a giant mound of shrimp and fish and lobsters.

    I was thinking to myself, “How in the world are we going to eat all of this fast enough for it not to go bad?”

    [9/28: This reminds me of the Bible quote regarding becoming a “fisher of men.” It also seems to be related to the story of the loaves and fishes being multiplied by Jesus.]

    [10/1: Actually, in context it seems to be a possible reference to the economic aid that will be showered onto Japan – more than they can actually use. It also has obvious connotations to the spiritual benefits.]

    I then also realized that there was a cat and two kittens stuck in there as well, and that the kittens were almost dead. So the cat was able to save the kittens out of that pile.

    That was also like a stressful, tense type of scene.

    D: The wind is really whipping outside. The outside edge of that hurricane is right on us.

    The nice thing to know is that the weather modification technology is being used, so that hopefully none of this is going to really hit us.

    I can’t afford to sustain major damages here. I just saw the pine tree moving more than it should, and that was weird.

  108. rosettasister Says:


    Page 2 #168

    06 – Symphony No. 7 In A Major, Op. 92_II. Allegretto

  109. rosettasister Says:

    UN Libya draft resolution calls for no-fly zone

    It authorizes member states to “take all necsssary measures to enforce compliance.”

  110. rosettasister Says:

    Is historic meeting of 260 U.S. ambassadors related to UFOs and ET life?

    February 25, 2011. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

    Adding a further element into the hiddent agenda behind the U.S., ambassadorial enclave, is that the current U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has a documented interest in the UFO phenomenon that goes back to her days in the Clinton White House.

    Hillary supported an initiative by deceased billionaire, Laurence Rockefeller, to get the White House to release government documents concerning UFOs.

    This raises the question, was her summoning of a historic meeting of 260 U.S. ambassadors from around the world done so they can be briefed in a secure environment on events about to unfold around the planet?

    Are these events related to the Dome of the Rock UFO incident and the Global Competitiveness Forum meeting where World business leaders were informally told of the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

    The need to have nearly all U.S. ambassadors flown in, rather than participate in an internet linkup suggests momentous events needed to be discussed in a secure leak-proof environment.

  111. rosettasister Says:


    50th Anniversary of Eisenhower Military Industrial Complex Warning – the UFO connection

    January 17, 2011. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

    I have written elsewhere about evidence suggesting that President Kennedy from the beginning of his administration, did indeed attempt to re-establish direct Presidential authority over management of the UFO issue. Kennedy was thwarted again and again. His assassination was a direct consequence of his final, and most audacious effort to regain control of the UFO issue. In September, 1963, Kennedy proposed joint space and lunar missions with the Soviet Union. This would have required an extensive information sharing program including data about UFOs. On November 12, 1963, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev finally accepted Kennedy’s offer. Ten days later Kennedy was dead.

    Kennedy’s efforts to re-establish Presidential control of the UFO phenomenon can be directly traced back to President Eisenhower’s warning about the dangers of the military-industrial complex; and what Eisenhower had, almost certainly, privately confided to him about the secret management system for UFO technology. 50 years ago the world was warned about the dangers of the military-industrial complex. Few are aware of the extent to which President Kennedy tried to secretly deal with the danger that Eisenhower had only vaguely described in his farewell address; and how Kennedy’s efforts to decisively act on Eisenhower’s warning was directly related to his assassination.


    President Kennedy’s efforts to declassify UFO files & the MJ-12 Assassination Directive.

  112. rosettasister Says:

    Dan and Marcia,

    You know about this and you don’t come forward?!

  113. rosettasister Says:

    JFK shaking hands with outgoing CIA Director Allen Dulles, while John McCone looks on,

    29 Nov 1961


    Exopolitics Journal Vol 3:3
    President Kennedy’s Deadly Confrontation With The CIA & MJ-12 over ET/UFO X-Files

    Part II

    July 2010


    A number of documents and testimonies cast light on President Kennedy’s knowledge of UFO crash retrieval operations, and his efforts to gain access to classified files concerning extraterrestrial life and technology.

    There are two main phases to Kennedy’s efforts.

    The first is a series of executive actions he began on February 19, 1961 to place cold war psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security advisor, and later in June 1961 to implement Presidential executive oversight over covert CIA operations through the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These executive actions coincided with Kennedy’s efforts to gain access to the activities of a highly classified project dealing with UFOs and extraterrestrial life – MJ-12 Special Studies Project.

    The second phase began on September 20, 1963 when Kennedy embarked on a high risk political strategy of getting NASA to cooperate with the USSR on joint space and lunar missions.

    This brought to a climax a confrontation over the release of classified UFO files with the CIA & those in control of the MJ-12 Special Studies Project.

    This article reviews testimonies, documents and events concerning Kennedy’s interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and how this culminated in a deadly behind-the-scenes confrontation with the CIA and MJ-12 in the final month of his life.


    [PDF] The CIA, UFOs, MJ-12, JFK & James Jesus Angleton
    indicated to someone in Angleton’s staff in a handwritten note, “Response from. Colby: Angleton has MJ directive”.21 The note is dated November 20, 1963

    Page 10

    This was unprecedented and was totally unacceptable to Angleton and the CIA.
    Here, Kennedy was requesting the Central Intelligence Agency – the agency he
    swore he would “break into a thousand pieces” – just to hand over the most
    guarded secret ever! This memo was passed on to William Colby, who
    indicated to someone in Angleton’s staff in a handwritten note, “Response from
    Colby: Angleton has MJ directive”.21 The note is dated November 20, 1963 –
    just two days before Kennedy’s assassination.
    It seems that Kennedy’s request was bounced to and from Angleton’s desk;
    either consensus was being sought, or the buck was being passed back to
    Angleton. In any case, it was a hot potato that Angleton had to deal with. It is
    also significant that NSAM No. 271 was the last to come from Kennedy’s desk,
    just before he left Washington for Dallas. Whatever the real significance, it was
    buried somewhere within the CIA, and Angleton spent many a day trying to
    figure out who ordered Kennedy’s execution.
    Was Angleton set up, or did he unintentionally supply the needed ingredient for
    the murder of the century? In either case, the secret remained safe.


    I’m over here for a little while:


    New Thread:

    The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part Five – The Kennedy Assassins

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