The evolution of the soul in the mind of the Creator


Note: I’m taking a break from “The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles” for two reasons.

What is happening in our present time is probably more important right now, and I will continue to post on that in the comments section below.

And I’m somewhat at a loss as to where to go next. Should I continue with Dan’s testimony about his friend and what he was told – when, apparently, since we survived the Cycles Cross, the story of our future has changed?

I think I will focus on other aspects of Dan’s life, at least for now, because those aspects still affect us – and are part of a real conspiracy which we still face today.

I doubt Dan will be able to answer questions regarding these “other” aspects, owing to the position he now holds. And I wouldn’t expect him to incriminate himself. But there is an historical record where Dan testified previously.

So that’s probably where I’ll go with this. Incidentally, in terms of these other conspiracies, I wouldn’t have given them “the time of day” had Dan not spoken openly about them. I trust Dan, what can I say?!

“Hence we find the evolution of the soul, as has been given, and as is manifest in the material world, took place before man’s appearance, the evolution of the soul in the mind of the Creator, not in the material world.”

3. (Q) Explain the following [See 3744-2, Par. 1-A]:

“Psychic, in the broader sense, meaning spirit, soul, or imagination of the mind when attuned to the various phases of either of these two portions of the entity of an individual, or from the entity of others who are passed into other planes than the physical or material.”

(A) As we have in this:

We reason with the material mind. We have those accepted facts and conditions, for the material mind must have a premise, or basis, in which all agree. When we find the action of any given premise, performing same is phenomena.

When such action relates to the mind of a body (human we are speaking of), such is then a form of psychic, or mental, or mind force, or phenomena. Same as we have when there is that projection from the spirit forces, as is manifest, and as is an accepted fact or premise.

This action upon the material world (see, just opposite from that given) is the psychic phenomena, and is given from this condition as asked. There is both the mental phenomena, the soul phenomena, the spiritual phenomena. All psychic phenomena, for psychic means of the mind, in the accepted term.

Then, as we see manifestations of any of the conditions that relate to the physical mind the portion of soul entity belonging to physical, the portion of the spiritual belonging to physical, we see the phenomena, or the psychic phenomena, manifested in a material world, whether projected from the world into mental space, or from spirit world into the mental or material world.

Keep each separate.

Correlate each in its form of projection, that applicable to the needs of the human family, to bring those conditions, whether of the physical, mental or spiritual, that gives the better understanding of man’s relation to man, and man’s relation to Maker.

Give those conditions that others may understand and benefit thereby.

There is no condition existing in a world as the earth plane but what there is the phenomena in every action of psychic forces manifesting.

As we find, the projection then of such conditions should be correlated under their various heads, and each carried to their bounds, that there may be the more perfect understanding, and not confuse the mental projection with spirit projection, or injection, into the material world.

Spirit is the life-giving force in every condition, whether of mental or material action. Whatever force is acted upon has its attributes, the same as we find in all life-producing element.

Whenever the element reaches that stage where it, the element, is able to give or reproduce self, we see the manifestation of the spirit force, modified by that element’s own attributes, even from the lowest form of life to the highest.

When we have the physical body of the lord of creation, man, we find all such conditions manifest through that body; the mind being that element that directs and makes man the master of the condition, situation, or creation.

The soul [is] the element, that given to man that man may be one with the Creator.

Hence the developing of that portion that becomes the spiritual element, that it may be made one with the Creator.

Hence we see from the lowest to the highest the manifestations of psychic phenomena in the material world.

Hence we have the psychic phenomena of the lower animal kingdom, of the mineral kingdom, of the plant kingdom, of the animal kingdom as advanced, and as then becomes the man’s condition, position.

Hence we find the evolution of the soul, as has been given, and as is manifest in the material world, took place before man’s appearance, the evolution of the soul in the mind of the Creator, not in the material world.

See also:

The Psychic Sense: How to Awaken Your Sixth Sense to Solve Life’s …

Edgar Cayce, John Van Auken – 2006 – Body, Mind & Spirit – 162 pages

Give God a Chance: Christian Spirituality from the Edgar Cayce …

James Kyle Brown – 2001 – Religion – 341 pages

“Thy will, not mine, be done.”

  Toward a Universal Christ
  by John Van Auken  

“Christ is not a man.” – Edgar Cayce
“The attuned Cayce sees us as spirits and minds; physical bodies came long after our original creation in the image and likeness of the Universal Creator.”

Obviously, when in contact with the Universal Consciousness, Cayce’s perspective on Jesus Christ is much different from the church’s and even his own outer self’s. Cayce and his family were Bible-reading Christians.

Yet, when he set aside his outer self and lifted his deeper mind into the Oneness with what the readings called the “Universal Consciousness,” a new perspective on Jesus Christ came through him to us, a perspective that is greater than one incarnation and beyond three-dimensional limitations.

From this perspective Christ is the Word, the Logos, the universal light of God manifested through an incarnate person.

Cayce’s readings explain that the light of Christ first incarnated in Poseidia in Atlantis around 106,000 B.C. ­ doing so to help souls who had lost their conscious connection with God and had become trapped in matter.  

The attuned Cayce sees us as spirits and minds; physical bodies came long after our original creation in the image and likeness of the Universal Creator.

The Christ spirit realized that it was going to take a series of incarnations in order to fully overcome the influences that had taken possession of our minds and hearts, and it came out of the heavens into matter to help us along the way.

The Christ spirit did not incarnate only in the Western world.

I include the following as it’s such a great story!
The “City of Gold” with a “Golden Temple.” And one goddess!  

Cayce said the Gobi was not a desert in ancient times but a paradise. Here Muzuen’s son built what Cayce called the “City of Gold” with a “Golden Temple.” (877-12) Cayce says these will be redis­covered, and when they are, people will know that despite evolution, everything ancient is not primitive, because there was an involution down from Spirit prior to the evolution up through matter.


Though Muzuen and his son were males, Cayce states that females ruled in those ancient times. (2067-4) He gave fascinating readings for four major female leaders in the City of Gold, three prin­cesses and one goddess! He did not mean “goddess” in the modern sense of physi­cal beauty but of spiritual attunement that manifested the powers of a god. All four of these powerful women had major incarnations associated with the City of Gold and the Golden Temple.


Let’s begin with the goddess. She had two incarnations in this ancient region. The first was in the Caucasus Mountains, from which she migrated into the Gobi area, which was a gathering place for spiritually attuned people from Mu, Indo-China, India, Iran (as it is known today), and as far away as Egypt. Here our god­dess raised her consciousness to a level that few achieved. Cayce indicated that she was a woman that “blossomed” into a goddess. Her reading says, “The entity gave more of the greater expression, not for self alone but that others, too, might know within their own experience of the true understanding of the Father-God.” (873-1)


Her second incarnation was more hu­man and in western India, in what is today Pune or Poona. She incarnated with the name Caunde; as she grew to leadership, her name was changed to Tasmai. “The entity rose to be a priestess, or a teacher, or as an exemplary activity of those teachings, of the combinations that had been gathered from Egypt, the hill land in India, and the understandings of those from the Mongoloid land–or what has since become the Gobi Desert.” (873-1)


Cayce identifies her with the temple in the Golden City and one who could help rediscover this magnificent edifice: “In that particular land the entity may aid those to locate, under the sands of the Gobi, a city to which the entity later became as a missionary; and the temple there the entity had built.”


Cayce told her that these two lifetimes occurred initially in 10,000 B.C. and concluded in 1,010 B.C. In other read­ings he explained that soul beings initially incarnated for much longer periods than we do today, as indicated by the ages of those in the biblical Genesis.

edgarcaycetv | January 20, 2009

Healing Attitudes & Emotions – Edgar Cayce
Mind is the Builder


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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Please see:

    And scroll down to bottom of comments section for the latest on Dan and Marcia.

    Also, I will continue with updates below as often as possible.

  2. rosettasister Says:


    Page 1 #34

    Joyful Company of Singers

    1.”Silence and Music” (Ralph Vaughan Williams) – 4:50

    From A Garland for the Queen in 1953, the year of her coronation.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt Live (sounds like a good show today)

    4 — 7 Mountain Time

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn Beck talks “KeyStone”

    Reports of 1,000 Citizens Killed: Why Was Obama Silent for 9 days on Gadhafi and Libya?

    Me: I know I wouldn’t want to be in Obama’s shoes today. I mean, how can one be sure if calling for a head-of-state to step down won’t lead to more chaos, crackdowns, arrests, disappearances, rapes, tortures …

    – or –

    if NOT calling for a head-of-state to step down won’t lead to the same.

    That’s a terrible responsibility!

    And there’s always the possibility that words from an American president could trigger hostage-taking.

    I’ll bet we’re doing more under the radar.

    And I do fear certain outcomes, such as another mullahcracy or theocracy.

    One thing’s for certain, we should get down on our knees every morning and thank the Lord for our republic.

    And make sure we don’t lose her, or she becomes unrecognizable.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn Beck Provides INSTANT LIVE ANALYSIS Of Obama’s Libya Speech


    No mention of Qadaffi in that statement. None! Remember how many times he said Mubarak must leave? No mention!

    Which led Beck to question whether Obama “even knows what his country is anymore.”

    “Who are we? What are our values? What is happening?”

    All good questions! Additionally Beck thinks Qadaffi is trying to create chaos. Also likely true.

    Less true is the connection Beck likes to make between the Mid East and the union uprisings.

    But there is definitely chaos.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    Haven’t been able to keep up much on Libya today, but there’s the UN statement, which I hear Israel AND Palestine signed.

    Diplomats are defecting.

    Anti-Gadhafi forces are in control of “Free Benghazi.”

    Gadhafi is holding on for dear life in the West.

    Thank you, David Dayen!

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 2, 2011, 1:47pm, Owl wrote:


    That’s we why have been telling the public that it won’t fly for the past 2 years.

    Steven, my bud loved saying, “I ain’t never seen a ram fly!” for a reason. It was a DUMBO JOKE, “We ain’t never seen an elephant fly!”

    Dan spoke with some people when he heard before the low level hearing and told them ahead of time what they were going to hear.

    They heard EXACTLY what Dan said, and 1 of them had the plans from Dan a day before the briefing.

    It was agreed to let him go with his dog and pony show or he’d just claim some other good people were “evil.”

    But, now that he’s had his show, it’s done. How did Dan have the plans?

    On a March afternoon, 2007, in a hotel room, Novel and another prominent ufologist (J.M.) invited D and M for a hearing of the Ram Project.

    Ohh, awww, ohh! THE RAM THAT CAN’T FLY!

    Novel GAVE Dan the plans to the project, because he was too interested in what Marci was doing to pay attention to he was saying!

    Dan, on tape we have, said,

    “Okay, I can take with with me and do with it, as…”

    Gordon said, (looking at Marci), “Ah, yeah.” Now, there’s real “professional secret agent” behavior for you!

    The man claimed he had the PLANS OF THE SAUCERS , but it was more important for him to stare at Marci!


    (You don’t think they made me head of Sec Transport for nuthin do you? )

    Yes, I was raised on a shrimp boat, but we can go to school too!

    I can tell everyone, just like I told Dan that night after Gordon handed away the plans: IT WON’T FLY.

    The thing that Gordon and the rest of the rammers should be thinking about right now is that

    a year before the hearing they received several pieces of software back from different people (including a man I work for) and

    information from that software was ultimately, MINDLESSLY, integrated into Gordon’s final presentation!

    Another copy of the material was given to Ron Garner, so he could copy and dispense it to EVERYBODY.

    Truth is, we are the only ones with the first set of plans now. They will be stored where they are safe. HAVE A MAJIC DAY, GORDO!

    You can’t swing at what you can’t see.

    And those who don’t have the right kinds of eyes to see, aren’t allowed such plans.

    It would be unsafe for the public.

    Really, somebody ought to at least tell him?


  8. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #31 »

    You do like sticking it to the Aviary, don’t you?

    Truth is Dan and Marci are PROFESSIONAL AGENTS.

    They are so good they were able to simultaneously operate around the Majestic and the Illuminati for 18 years, while no one knew what was going on.

    “The best of the best.” That was written for them!

    Dan was waiting to walk out of that meeting with the plans, so they could be evaluated.

    The copying, switching, making little rams head with alien eyes was the easy part.

    He needed to have the plans handed to him, and

    have a tape of Gordon saying that he could do whatever he wanted to with them, AND HE DID IT!

    That made what followed, disbursement, completely legal.

    During that meeting Gordon was all over Dan trying to get a meeting with the J1 at the time, at his office, and Dan was not buying the conjob.

    The problem with the logic went thus :

    – Gordon said he wanted a meeting inside the DNI’s office.

    – Dan said, “no.”

    – Gordon began spouting how his friend (R.P.) was already working as an assistant to the man in the DNI’s office he wants to meet.

    (This was a lie that D and M already knew, and knew they would be faced with, because we observed Gordon and another discussing it before the meeting! )

    – Then Dan asked, “Why do you need me for a meeting, then?”


    After the meeting was done, even after Dan said to him what he did, our hallway surveillance picked up Gordon saying to Dan as he was walking away,

    “Get me that meeting with xxxxxxxxxxxx if you can! It’s vital!”

    The truth of all this is that Gordon jumps from one thing to the next, just like the rest of the business of ufology. It’s not real.

    Where things are real, (I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY to say) it has been determined that Ufology and their perverted minions shall not go.

    They would destroy the world if offered a chance. They are just that lustful for power.



  9. rosettasister Says:

    Gordon Novel,sbd:1&ei=sZBmTbXLAZOmsQOzysymBA&start=0&sa=N

  10. rosettasister Says:

    On Jan 12, 2010, at 1:43 PM, Gordon Novel wrote:

    Dear Dr. Pandolfi:

    RAM GRAVIONICS Group is seriously entertaining the prospect of suing for billions in Federal Court

    the MJ-12 apparat and or Navy Space Command

    for tortuous interference in what we collectively perceived for the last 7 years

    since submitting the still publically secret “SCS REPORT”

    was the legal nature of our long business relationship and their other perfidious criminal acts

    to prevent the RAM GRAVIONICS developmental program and

    long 63 year over due UFO disclosure process.

    We can prove MJ-12 exists with witnesses and documents as well as

    the potentially Utopian causing ARV anti-gravity and free energy condition for our world.

    Proving our long close relationship with your “company” is easy.

    Proving what we have been trying to do with you and others that this huge criminal conspiracy is blocking that we can and will still do is much easier.

    You have not done anything I know of substantive

    to recover my RAM data loaded computer,

    my irreplaceable via Adm. McConnell personal property and

    lots of other invaluable National Security RAM documented data

    very clearly stolen in early December by fraud at Desert Self Storage,

    my cars seizure with bogus Majic hack created parking tickets, and lots of other personal property stolen by DHS PB CI operatives in TEN unacted up on filed criminal complaints and proving this all has happened is falling off a log.

    Moreover, you haven’t followed through a scintilla on preparing Spielberg’s invitation to meet with you after a great expenditure in time, effort and money to prepare

    our PB-EO film production Disclosure presentation plan to him and a retinue of famous film makers

    we are now actively seeking to join an unfixable and politically undefeatable alliance

    to make this film of the greatest story never told.

    We would not have done this seminal production work preparation without your encouragement and support in doing so for the past few years.

    The Murad, Boardman and Sarfatti attacks on RAM and myself in the last 120 days also could have been avoided had you so desired.

    I made 3 trips to D.C. in 09 to meet with you in pursuit of objectives you encouraged that were objectives which were not attained at some serious costs and losses to RAM.

    Murad is insidious, Boardman is deceitful and the last trip you arranged and then studiously avoided mediating was decidedly dangerous to me IMHO.

    The Coast to Coast and Pippin TV shows I would normally be briefing you on beforehand

    are now going to be presented in accord with our immediate legal plans

    instead of our appreciations of normal RAM based National Security considerations.

    Spielberg will reportedly be back in a week or so from his shoot in Budapest.

    We have the corporate jet use agreement to take

    him, George Lucas, Roland Emmerich, Ron Howard, Coppola, the Weinstein brothers, and James Cameron,

    to meet with you, John Podesta and or Potus Chief of Staff Raam E manuel about the making of this film.

    To restore our relationship to what it was before Murad sold the now easily provable bogus Searl Russian rig scheme to Morgan,

    we require our property be returned and the now overdue letter tendered to Steven Spielberg.

    I now have the research science documentation

    by Astronautics Laboratory (AFSC) Air Force Space Technology Center

    to prove what Paul is doing is fraudulent with Searl/Godin Roschin and that he knew it long beforehand.

    Depending on the tenor of our next conversation and proof of prompt action taken on recovering my property that

    Majic’s agents engineered, the theft of

    – our long relationship is about to enter uncharted and obviously very controversial waters,

    We CURRENTLY have NO INTENTION whatsoever in suing either you or the “company”.

    Suing Murad, Boardman, Sarfatti, Desert Self Storage, Shaheen, DHS city and PD and MJ-12 as witting or unwitting co-conspirators

    acting in combination in one hell of a lot of illegal criminal acts

    is now a very likely foregone conclusion.

    Rumsfeld’s statement about the missing two trillion at DOD

    can become a very big issue

    if the fix in the national media comes unglued on C to C.

    I don’t expend a lot of money and obviously dangerous very hard work over five long years to watch it go down the drain over B.S., insanity and treachery and not strike back when I am ready.

    I am nearing ready and will be seeing Ramsey and the rest of the RAM legal TEAM shortly to prepare our corporate Federal Court action.

    I have found a benefactor to help support what could be very expensive and publicity wise more than extremely unpleasant litigation for all these defendants.

    I recommend your first call to the thieves at Desert Self Storage be on the top of your agenda.

    They are still refusing to disclose what they did with my property they stole

    including the RAM/CIA related materials, files and engineering blue prints

    on the Nation’s No. 1 National Security secret.

    These facts and what they portend for history should make for great interview information for the public, some co-conspiring law enforcement and city officials in DHS and L.A. and other news medias on Coast to Coast Sunday Night.

    See you in the funny papers.

    Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

  11. rosettasister Says:

    Gordon Novel

    However, since his book Supreme Cosmic Secret has come out, he said the CIA and ‘Majestic 12’ have been harassing him, and deterring his progress.

    (According to Fran — see above — this appears to be true.)

    Previously, he had the cooperation of the CIA, and worked with Ron Pandolfi, a former CIA analyst, he stated.

    Is Ron Pandolfi the CIA’s “Real-life X-files” Fox Mulder?

  12. rosettasister Says:

    newrealities | Jun 2, 2010

    Alan Steinfeld catches up with insider maverick Gordon Novel to talk about the latest in his covert and overt activities.

  13. rosettasister Says:

    Camouflage Through Limited Disclosure: Deconstructing a Cover-Up …

    Randy Koppang – 2006 – History – 160 pages

    This book delves into these deeper levels and reveals exactly how and why this secrecy has been maintained.

  14. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 2, 2011, 8:19pm, Dr. Dan wrote:


    I told him over and over again…honestly trying to help him myself…of course he had no idea what had already occurred with his data…that

    there is a divine order (imposed by Maj and the USA) to the release of that type of technology.


    We offered him the path to have that technology released.

    In reply, aside from comical baits and switches over a contract he clearly didn’t know how to write…

    and at a time of GRAVE DANGER to us all (The Cycles Cross)…

    he replied that he was intending on building a TIME MACHINE…essentially a stargate device…and said

    he would control time itself!

    Perhaps he wanted to play a game, when the stakes were real.

    Maybe he picked time control to see if we were serious?

    Now look at him. All worked up.


  15. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 2, 2011, 8:32pm, Dr. Dan wrote:

    True…as you well know…I had stakes in that play too. I just wish he’d at least try to act like a man about it.

    All this whining, and…makes me want to suggest him a bib?

    But, then again…J has clearly informed me that is also why it was taken out of their hands in ’53.

    (“their hands” ?)

    They acted like children in a situation where adults were and are needed.


  16. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 2, 2011, 9:09pm, Dr. Dan wrote:

    Thank you, sir. I have serious respect for that, you have served both the United States Military and Majestic with great distinction.

    You have had to do some hard things during that service, and having had some hard things arrive in my life (’91), I can understand your position.

    I too hope for what you hope.

    I regard Gordon as not “well.” This, from everything we know, and anyone can see how he acts.

    (I am not going to list the medical/mental issues here.)

    It is, however, a problem of his beyond how ‘he was raised on hard streets’ as Kerry once tried to excuse his behaviors to me.

    One doesn’t act like he does because one comes from hard streets!

    (If anything, the way he treats women should give something very bad away. The hard streets I grew up on taught me RESPECT for women.)

    I was raised just off Imperial Highway, in Southgate, California. Anyone who has been there, understands.

    So, why don’t I go running around making a jackass of myself such as he does?

    He has deeper problems, and yes this latest failure has made him “upset.”

    I think most can tell that on one level I feel sorry for him, because he’s unstable, that’s my nature…but not my complete nature.

    He lives in a world of RULES.

    He has done his very best to break many of them, and now he’s had himself sat into a corner with his dunce-cap firmly in place, and he is in tantrum.

    He will whine for a bit, but it will ease off.

    He has no ability to command any team, as no one of any professionalism would ever follow one wearing the dunce-cap!

    The most he will do for awhile is make a further jackass out of himself, and ever up the number of people he wants to see and hear it!

    That’s what children in tantrum do!

    I have read Steven’s memoranda and his conclusions are appropriate!

    His team will heighten security around us for a time, in case he totally loses self control against us, and should he…the self defense and controls will be applied.

    Your reading of his position is correct: DEFENSE ONLY, and Fran’s statement to him that no brokering will occur is also correct.

    We don’t make deals with the devil…nor with Americans who try to sell out to foreign governments.

    He can now live in the world he has created for himself.


  17. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 3, 2011, 9:40am, Fran wrote:





    To: Frances Ortiz
    Cc: Jerry Pippin ; Kerry Cassidy ; George Knapp ; Rob Simone ; John Alexander ; Sur G. Novel Esq. ; Tom Sullivan ; Nora Maccoby ; Kathlyne (KAT) Markham ; John Lear ; Ron Pandolfi ; Michael Schratt ; Leslie ; Brad Sorensen
    Sent: Sunday, January 02, 2011 5:59 PM
    Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Fair Warning to MJ-12

    Frances old girl:

    Your web site of a golden thread of FOOL’s gold and goofy animals is the most amateurish and uninformative bunch of selected derogatory conspiracy material about me and RAM I have ever seen.

    You childish wannabe blowhards can’t possibly be Maj as they are not that dumb.

    Pippin and Knapp are openly saying you and your motley crew are a phony bunch of Majic wannabes that MJ-12 is letting operate for useful cover purposes in order to prove they don’t exist.
    Fearing you is like fearing a bunch of nuts bully minded kids playing Superman. You must be Lois Lane Superman’s “CONCUBINE”.

    I’m terminating this ludicrous insane dialogue by you so you and your crew of very unprofessional psycho loony toons can’t continue to use my good name to promote and further the sureality of your fraudulent existence.

    Without me you hopefully won’t have anything to rant about and will dry up and go away.












    (Does that = The Public must be denied disclosure?)






  18. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 3, 2011, 10:39am, Dr. Dan wrote:

    So, his tantrum is wearing down? Good. Now someone of his semi-friends can give him wet wipe or “chub,” his bottle (hopefully it has milk in it these days), and bankee him for night, night. All warmy. There, there, there, there.

    Jerry received his pass? Good. After playing so many sides of so many streets, loyal to known…perhaps not even to himself…he deserves SOMETHING.

    What they ALL fear is in the .pdf that’s accessed from here:

    It is the only ever coherent publicatioon of the ONE TRUTH behind the worldwide coverup and Majestic.

    (But we survived the Cycles Cross, so that’s not an issue any longer. No one is going to believe that we’re still not being visited by ET, that abductions still aren’t taking place, and that MILABs aren’t real. Fine, there are certain folks you feel are not worthy of being the purveyors of disclosure, then who is worthy? This is beginning to sound like another excuse to keep hidden what is hidden.)

    The TRUTH doesn’t depend on vox populi.

    Love (which comes in many packages),


  19. rosettasister Says:

    Reply #52


    (REPLIES 4-51)





    (Actually, these posts just leave me all the more bewildered.)

  20. rosettasister Says:

    blessedistruth Says:

    January 14, 2011 at 5:45 pm


    For Future Reference (just trying to understand what happened)

    Water Under the Bridge?

    Dondep NLI
    User ID: 302093
    United States
    9/23/2007 12:08 AM

    Hi Brian, good to see you……

    Hmmmmm………a little background would be helpful to the onlookers here:

    Wri(gh)ting The Record [reprinted from the Golden Thread, now located at: [link to ]:

    Originally, back in early 2005, when Dan

    (and Marcia, although she may have known all along but acted just as surprised as he did)

    learned that he had been lied to by then-J-1, now-DNI McConnell

    (what else is new?)

    about how anything he said after June 2004 could ‘alter’ the future (a la The Butterfly Effect), he became ‘enraged’

    (again, what else is new? Dadmiral – DNI McConnell – lies to Dan, Dan falls for it, then learns he’s been ‘had’, then rages awhile until the next episode).

    He was then supposedly going to move to ‘full disclosure’, beginning with the Response To Request To Admit in our Canadian immigration case, followed by the Affidavit which reiterated the admission for any court of law.

    Then, he was to undergo a ‘debriefing’ which was to allow him to tell his life’s story and the work he had done with the Zetan J-rod in the mid-90s, up at S-4.

    This ‘debriefing’, once vetted by the Dadmiral and the rest of his Majic henchmen, was to be conducted under continually rolling cameras

    at the home (actually, garage) of two people who had been allowed more access to Dan and Marcia than any other humans, people who called them friends at that time.

    (Their initials are A.G. & S.G.; they prefer to remain out of this debate, as the betrayal they experienced at the hands of Dan and Marcia – whom they treated as brother and sister – has left them disbelieving that anything of substance or anything worthwhile can come from them.)

    After having produced countless hours of videotape of Dan recounting his life’s story to their cameras in their garage, with the primary effort at taping being made by a mutual acquaintance named Winston S.

    (surname with-held as he too suffered a major falling-out with Dan and Marcia).

    It was THIS individual, Winston S., who freely shared with me during a telephone call the fact that he had been trying to pitch Dan’s story to a number of individuals in the film-making industry; almost to a man, they demurred on the project or outright dismissed it.

    At some point, during this vaunted ‘debriefing’ in the garage, A.G. supposedly made a comment to Dan about how he had to focus his attention on the camera;

    the comment was apparently meant good-naturedly but also out of exasperation,

    but was used as an excuse to dismiss the efforts of not only A.G. and S.G., but also Winston S.,

    who was alleged by Dan and Marcia to have “misrepresented” certain critical matters to both Dan and Marcia as well as the Hollywood people whom he was courting.

    Charges and counter-charges flew over the phone and in emails, and I even have some copies of emails Dan wrote to me accusing Bill Hamilton

    (whose friendship with Winston and A.G./S.G. preceded his relationship with Dan Burisch)

    of lying and being one of the worst humans on the planet.

    (Little did I know that I was to undergo the same routine of shunning and having my character assassinated; it’s unfortunately a hallmark of the megalomania that this ‘disclosure’ has produced in the Primary Puppets.)

    Shortly after the G’s and Winston were dismissed, Ron Garner

    (whose name appears early in this debate, so I have no qualms in recounting it now)

    stepped in to fill the gap, and signed his own deal with Dan and Marcia.

    However, he TOO underwent a drastic change once he was given the reins to the vaunted ‘debriefing’, but his behavior soon had Dan and Marcia distrusting him as well.

    For example; Ron was attempting to ‘control’ Dan’s access to the ‘ufers’ at the nearby UFO conference taking place in Laughlin.

    He urged Dan to “tone down the ‘warning’ aspect of the message” in order to gain the ufers’ acceptance of him.

    This enraged Dan, who at the time believed that the ‘warning’ was “half the message”.

    (Little did he know that the Maji ALSO wanted him to ‘tone down’ the ‘warning’, to the point where any mention of it was an afterthought.)

    Ron then made the worst possible decision, when having promised Dan and Marci he would be coming over with the debriefing tapes, he postponed and postponed and then cancelled.

    Dan and Marcia then made a decision to fire him, get the tapes back, and wash their hands of him.

    I was there when Ron tried to phone and leave messages for them at Marcia’s, but we would just sit there and listen to his messages, Marcia never picking up the phone.

    Dan was as angry as I’ve ever seen him, telling Marcia that if she spoke to him, she was to tell Ron that he wouldn’t be able to meet, that he was “having another one of his seizures”.

    I couldn’t help but wince, thinking that after Ron was ousted, it would only be a matter of time before something wrong would be found with Starryeyes (Toni J.) and myself.

    The only shock was the manner in which it happened and the fact it was barely a month after Ron was gone that we were betrayed as well.

    (See, everyone that doesn’t kowtow vapidly and glowingly to everything uttered by Dan becomes suspect, mostly to Marcia, who manipulates Dan’s ego like a good baker can make dough rise;

    the disease they suffer from is probably a form of delusional megalomania, which isn’t surprising once one learns of what they’ve been told about their own place in the firmament.)

    In summary; the “TV producer” can ONLY be identified by hmself, Bill Hamilton, or Dan Burisch,

    but I daresay he (or she) is probably also familiar with Winston S., whose own story (along with that of A.G. and S. G.) has yet to be told.

    While Dan may have a ‘good heart’ and ‘means well’, he’s been so used, abused and manipulated by his criminal superiors in Majestic that he’s now less believable than ever.

    The fact he worked with a zetan J-rod in the S-4 facility near Area 51 doesn’t mean the information given hm by said zetan is correct;

    it’s more likely it’s a pack of lies, and in fact the ‘other’ faction of zetas have indicated that is in fact the case.

    We won’t know until Congress holds full, open and transparent hearings that allow ALL the players in the black-ops community to come forward and tell their side;

    many patriotic humans are dying (literally) to come forth and tell

    how Dan has been made the bagman to spread the Big Lie, a false ‘Disclosure’ that is really just a new Coverup.

    Maybe I SHOULD write the book; I was there, and the whole story, including what Dan’s “handlers” have told me/us, at:

    [link to

    Go to the “Legal Case” and read the “Affidavit”, or the “Request To Admit” and its “Response”.


    Very interesting, but I don’t trust fully any individual interpretation, not even my own.

    For a short time, I posted on DonDep’s forum, around the same time I was posting on Dan and Marcia’s forum.

    I didn’t understand the bitterness.

    Perhaps I have a better understanding now, but we need to focus on the present and the future.

    I do not believe Dan would purposefully deceive us.

    And I still have the same question I had when I first contacted Marcia.

    Can you help the abductees, please?

    Perhaps he already has, perhaps he can do no more.

  21. rosettasister Says:


    Special Enforcement Units have moved the two leaders of Majestic (The Eagles), and choppered them out of the Fort McDowell/Phoenix area after it was discovered that an imposter, posing as Dr. Marcia had checked-in to the suite set aside for Drs Dan and Marcia a full 24 hours before the doctors were due to check in, occupying that area in advance of the Eagle’s arrival and indeed was still there when the Eagles attempted to check in.

    Dr. Marcia presented her ID to the front desk lady and was told that “You’ve already checked into your room. You arrived yesterday”.

    Marcia stood there and stared at her.

    The front desk lady started visibly shaking. She’d blurted out the truth, when she clearly hadn’t intended to say it. Then she tried to cover it up by saying, “is that your room mate?”

    Being confronted by a very angry Dr. Marcia is not something anybody wants to experience twice.

    Dr. M told her that nobody was authorized to check into their room EXCEPT THEM, and then turned to Dan and a close friend who was speaking with Dan at the time, and told them exactly what was happening. Dan went deadly serious and cold. Their friend went silent, having never seen the Eagles become serious so fast. Then, Dan contacted Brian Stansfield (Owl) who had been remotely monitoring the conversation in the lobby and was told that Owl was already moving assets into position.

    Dan said “Our Security is compromised” and Marcia knew it would only be moments before their armed security team would overrun the lobby in order to protect the Eagles, and remove them to safety. She decided that to protect the public from a full-on armed response which would have terrified many people, both Eagles would have to exit the lobby immediately and move toward the parking area where they could be given additional directions from their security team and evacuated.

    Dan and Marcia left the lobby and moved rapidly into the parking area, and exited Fort McDowell in a matter of moments.

    The location of the two leaders of Majestic will remain a security priority, and closely guarded secret until they have determined what took place, and decisions have been made about the issue of room tampering, failed security, and most likely fraud which took place prior to the arrival of the Eagles at Fort McDowell – and which made it impossible for the Eagles to remain in a venue which took absolutely no care to ensure the safety of two high profile guests.

    Investigation Units ordered by Dr. Marci (while in the air, being moved to an undisclosed location) will remain in place at Fort McDowell in an expanding mission to monitor and record all activity associated with the security breach, source of the breach, reason for the breach and associated persons – with full identification and dossiers of all involved parties to be relayed to Dr. M.

    As of this time, Chief of Security Steven Ortiz (Mongy) has instituted a Delta-1 alert and taken physical control of both Eagles for safety.

    As it was discovered that an imposter, posing as Dr. Marcia Crain (formerly Marcia McDowell, Ph.D) had been allowed to enter into the suite reserved for Drs Dan and Marci a full 24 hours before the Eagles were due to check in, and had maintained care and control of the area in which the Eagles were expected to spend personal time and provide ISIS beta testing for conference attendees, it was determined that such possession of the area could be to place electronic surveillance equipment into the room to gather either

    a) information about the proprietary ISIS components, or
    b) capture private moments between Drs Dan and Marcia who are husband and wife, or
    c) capture unauthorized recordings of members of the public as they engaged in the ISIS beta testing

    Drs Dan and Marcia consider the public’s privacy of the utmost importance and will continue, along with their team to protect the public using any and all means at their disposal.

    Those who have attempted to interrupt the public’s privacy and most probably compromise the ISIS-Beta unit’s proprietary nature have just had an experience what others have had when trying to near the heart of ISIS, and push in where they do not belong.

    People seem to, for whatever reason, blurt out the truth when around the Eagles, or ISIS matters. It happened in Zurich when that Illum guy in the coffee shop just couldn’t stop answering Dan and Marci truthfully – to the total frustration of his boss who burst in, just to shut up his protege! Well, that’s how things go, especially around the Eagles. The truth just seems to bounce out, when people least expect it!

    The front desk lady was stunned at her own forthright spoken truth, and seemed shocked that she’d actually tipped off Dr. Marci to what was going on. She suddenly got very confused and kept tapping the computer like the evidence would disappear if she kept trying to make it go away.

    Eagles Disobey has always been about the truth.

    From the time when the website was born from the work of Marcia McDowell – and the cry of “The Public Has A Right To Know” was the watchword, to now, when it’s been handed over to Fran Ortiz – Eagles Disobey is committed to that same standard of truth, and is NOT ABOUT TO CHANGE.

    Drs Dan and Marcia have accepted responsibilities to the public that are very different from those early days. When people respect that, they get respect and cooperation in return. It’s a shame that they weren’t shown respect or any fragment of room security. The people who blew it, are now saying that it’s probably just a mistake at the front desk. (That’s the likely outcome when people get caught – they start pointing fingers at one another, and claim that everybody else just made an innocent mistake.)

    The person writing that it was just a mistake was told: “The front desk said there is somebody checked into the room under my name. They are there occupying the room. They checked in on Feb 22nd, so you are paying for them. I don’t think you understand the seriousness of this. The front desk was arguing with me, and told me to go. So we did.”

    The woman at the front desk actually sent Drs Dan and Marcia away unless they were willing to provide private financial information to secure the room (promised by OM.TV). When Dr. Marci said NO! and refused to provide her private financial information the front desk manager waved the Eagles off from the front desk. It was at that moment that Dr. Dan pushed the button to the ground commander and made the statement that their security was being compromised. This all happened with a close friend of the Eagles standing nearby, and the information from the front desk was unambiguous – the front desk manager clearly told Dr. Marci that somebody checked in, using Dr. Marci’s name, on Feb 22nd, and was currently occupying the room. Clear. No mistake! No misunderstanding! Crystal Clear!

    As all organizations. Majestic runs on a financial bottom line. Drs Dan and Marci (primarily Dr. Marci) ensures the security of that information. If anyone tries to poke their nose into that information – they could easily find themselves without one.

    The Eagles are tired of being treated rudely, and they will NEVER AGAIN attend a UFO convention.

    This has now moved to a different level in the investigation and the people remaining on the ground at Fort McDowell have been advised. This investigation is not just about this incident – but is about organized UFOlogy in general. It will likely take some extended time to complete, but when it is done Drs Dan and Marci have already agreed to give the case files to Fran Ortiz COO of Eagles Disobey, who intends to fully inform the public of the TRUTH! All of it!

    Franklin White
    Chief of Information Systems (/Cyber Security)

    MORE TO FOLLOW as additional information comes in.

    Followup: During the day on Tuesday and early Wednesday, the ISIS beta testing and ISIS-P volunteer program seemed to be going great.
    So many people have asked to have copies of the relaxation music (which is not available except in direct use with the ISIS system) Dr. Marci has agreed to fast track creation of relaxation music CDs for people based on the same music production values used in the ISIS testing music.

    She will also be restarting the ISIS beta testing program, at a venue (to be announced) which is under the sole care and control of the Eagles, and will have proper security at all times, to safeguard the public’s right to privacy.

    Those people who didn’t get a call back and were not able to participate in the Fort McDowell ISIS Beta Testing event will be contacted to see if they might be able to participate in upcoming ISIS testing events.

  22. rosettasister Says:

    And we’re still waiting to hear what, if anything, got disclosed in the new document.

  23. rosettasister Says:

    “a phony bunch of Majic wannabes that MJ-12 is letting operate for useful cover purposes in order to prove they don’t exist”

    I doubt seriously that Dan would let himself be manipulated like that.

    BUT I still don’t know if Dan favors disclosure, or if he ever did.

    Pre Cycles Cross

    Will disclosure help or hinder our survival?

    Post Cycles Cross

    Dan not privy to everything. Perhaps he believes there’s nothing left to disclose.

    I mean, besides who the disinformers are, or who he believes them to be.

    And, Marcia, you should be helping your sisters, who continue to be violated.

    All this talk about the public’s right to know, seems disingenuous, if you can’t even help them.

    And what about this “schism?” What was it that was unsealed?

    Our government won’t disclose. Then who will?

    Do you see a path which will ultimately cause the guilty to stand down?

    You must have thought about this long and hard.

    I hope you two have a plan.

    Magic Love.

  24. rosettasister Says:

    dead can dance

  25. rosettasister Says:


  26. rosettasister Says:

  27. rosettasister Says:

    Suite Bergamasque

    Page 4 #377

  28. rosettasister Says:

    The Feeling Is Mutual

    “Helen Merrill is my favorite singer and look for other albums in future postings. Interesting fact: The godfather of minimalism La Monte Young was once quoted in the New York Times as stating that not only was Helen Merrill the greatest jazz singer, she was the greatest singer of any kind in the world! Most be those quarter-tones!”

    — Joe Sarno


  29. rosettasister Says:

    Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:39 pm

    MT7, I agree with you that I’m not familiar with Dan B. taking that position as firmly as he claims

    (where he says “I have further made it plain to the public..”),

    in that

    the biggest stumbling block to Disclosure

    was the relationship of all the countries in on the conspiracy.

    But we then have the problem of the claim that he makes that these were “time travelers” of human lineage.

    I embraced the possibility early on that this part of the false paradigm was logical, but after ‘the worm turned’, I understood that

    it was part of the Big Lie the STS aliens used to subjugate and over-awe their STS human allies.


    Don is saying that Dan was lied to, but does it really matter any longer?


    A) Dan spoke the truth and we really did survive the Cycles Cross.


    B) Dan spoke what he believed to be the truth and there was never really a Cycles Cross to survive.

    Either way it’s not an issue any longer, so why should it prevent disclosure of MILABs, for example.

    Or why should it prevent disclosure of ET technology?

    All this talk about widespread panic, I’m not buying it any more.

    God Knows we world citizens need something to unify us.

    Disclosure hasn’t happened because the guilty fear prosecution.

    Anya, an experiencer, a victim, is calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

  30. rosettasister Says:


    (I honestly don’t know what this stands for, although the ED probably Eagles Disobey — that would be Dan Marcia and Team.)

    mountaintiger7 wrote:

    SNED said they have said this before:


    “I have made it plain over the last several years that no government amongst the governments of the world, bound together in secret Treaty, would dare step away from the rest and take it upon themselves to state something which impacts everyone in different ways. I have further made it plain to the Public that those governments, even after conclusion of any amount of discussion, would not openly disclose their activities over the decades with the human-lineage extraterrestrials”

    However, I have never heard SNED say that before and previously, and SNED in my reading has always given every appearance of wanting UFO disclosure.

    (Then you haven’t been paying attention.)

    Now SNED is saying


    “now in possession of the WHOLE FACTS”

    Justifying a 90-degree turn in policy of declaring that UFO disclosure is over.

    Even today, AOL is on the bandwagon with a similar statement:

    I believe the answer is in hints that SNED reiterates the time traveler Humans issue, along with this statement of


    “during the CYCLES CROSS…so much was at stake”.

    Could SNED be right in not wanting UFO disclosure because it is the “stichen” holding together the curtain time that hides the wizard, which manipulates the real truth?

    (I, for one, am perfectly fine with no disclosure of future humans traveling back in time. But if Dan believes we aren’t still being visited and/or we aren’t still being abducted, then Dan is wrong. He’s not infallible.)

    (Me, again: i.e., surviving the Cycles Cross did NOT solve all of our problems.)

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:39 pm

    I think they are firmly in the grip of this false paradigm, in addition to having it justify their planned course of action as events continue to unfold.

    By believing that all the J-rods and other aliens Majestic was ‘allowed’ to negotiate with were somehow visitors from a future timeline,

    they could control their own primal desires by the fear of “f*&king with destiny”,

    because time-travelers that are messed with could bring tons of extra bad karma down on your head.

    They’ve come to learn this, the hard way.

    I think there is a basis for the ‘visitors’ being seen as this, but it comes from a much more advanced form of technology and awareness than we’re able to fully comprehend.

    But it does NOT require the belief that the zetan visitors are from our ‘future’, and the same is true for the ancient Hindu entities.

    They were quite advanced, in my estimation, but not necessarily from our future.

    They could be seen as “model prototypes”, but not entities that would occupy the exact same developing timeline as the one we are currently on.

    I say that primarily because my empirical senses as well as my intuition tells me this is more likely the case,

    than the intimation by DB that those vedic personalities are from our great-great-great-grandchildren.

    pausing again……

    (Again, does it matter?)

  32. rosettasister Says:

    MT7 wrote:

    So what is the truth of the Cycle Cross secret?

    I ask Dan in 2007, why there was good and evil (i.e. why there was suffering)

    Dan hinted to study the “Churning of the ocean of milk”

    In this Hindu story, The Devas (demigods, good) and Demons (Asuras, bad) obeying the orders of Vishnu, churn of the cosmic ocean in a dialect tug of war, to obtain Amrit a nectar, that makes them immortal.

    If this is purpose for our existence then could the real truth behind the GRAY ExtraTerrestrial be that they are no more than service technicians, popping in from time to time to check and balance the milk?

    “they are no more than service technicians”

    (No, they are much more than that. Very human. They cry. More human than our fellow human beings perpetrating MILABs)

    Penniston said “They are time travelers. They are Us.”

    Corso’s son says the real issue is time travel

    The implications of Human Time travel means our perception of the Universe is missing more than ET’s.

    It leads to questions of why our future Humans self’s allow the suffering in the current reality to exists.

    It also raises questions on larger issues of various higher powers that balance our existence and time in the universe to allow the limited intervention that is occurring.

    These questions might take longer to answer, than the time we have before the Cycle Cross.

    (Wow! You really have not been paying attention! But you’re sweet!)

    Has SNED has made the choice for us to preserved Us during the Cycle Cross?

    Could it better not to have chaos of KNOWING for a peaceful crossing?

    As in being ignorant sheeple, than STS creeps running a world of chaos.

    We need to be ever vigilant against the STS anger, greed, laziness, pride, lust, fear, and consumption.

    Are we so immature that it is only in sleep that we can be peaceful?

    So are we Humans, really such dangerous criminals, that the truth of our real universe and existence must be contained at all cost?

    Uhouse (see above URL), warns of the satellite governments and Military In a Box.

    contd below

  33. rosettasister Says:

    From SNED post


    “Majestic Folkloristics injected many of the early myths now accepted as a cult-facts.”

    I hope we can sort out the true nature of the Universe and our existence.

    So what is Cycle Cross really about?

    Everyone seems agree the Cycle Cross will an effect on the basic nature of man future.

    Do we live in a computer controlled Truman like show of the matrix holo-deck, where we get a TRON DE-resolution into another dimension, while going though the Cycle Cross over?

    Or could the Cycle Cross be more like the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, which described Multi Intelligent Creators Energies being in charge of the earth wanting a hyper space byway established?

    Or is it that we are moved to other side of the time wizards curtain of time and now can see the real fact of the Universe without veil of forgetfulness?

    I find it interesting that the SNED, did not correctly connect the dots when they made a big deal about Dan’s GED in this link:

    Since this link only show Marci’s diploma’s

    It seems like SNED is using this as an example of learning to think and follow the dots without showing us the end goal

    (i.e. teaching a man to fish rather than give the man the fish)

    While the above MAY seem to be an endorsement, I am on a quest for the truth about the “Human Experiment”.

    I hope to find the real disclosure for our place in the Universe.

    Peace be with us all,

  34. rosettasister Says:

    DonDep wrote:

    I love your sentiment, MT7.

    The bit about the “Cycle’s Cross” is a misnomer, in my humble opinion.

    The true “cycle’s cross” has more to do with the positioning of the inbound Nibiru in relation to us,

    as the “Crossing” was originally the term used to describe

    the movement of Nibiru as it pertained to the ‘shar’, or 3,657-year periodicity of a passage.

    The secret societies have ever after cloaked the truths about it in elaborate ‘bull-puckey’ (as my favorite pundit would say), the better to control the real reasons for these events.

    (Obviously Dan doesn’t share Don’s interpretation here. And neither do some of the other posters at Don’s forum.)

    I particularly like the “Desk of the Compass” thing they’ve got going on over there at SNEDs, with Dan B barking orders or interpolating them, which is like that movie from 2 years ago, “The Golden Compass” but with tourettes.

    So much masonic ritual, with the Scottish and York Rites, and even without the overtones, they are still at heart members of a secret society (or 3).

    They’re “so special”, as the church lady would say.

    But maybe they’ve mellowed out a bit of late, since we won’t have much time before the ongoing sinking that continues apace completes the process they’re all bracing for.

    (Or maybe Dan and Marcia are seated exactly where they say they are.)

  35. rosettasister Says:

    SNEDs wrote:

    Majestic Folkloristics injected many of the early myths now accepted as a cult-facts.

    DonDep wrote:

    I’m sure they even tried to take credit for the real story as being just another myth initiated by the Folklorists for Majestic.

    Good grief; so much bamboozling going on from these erstwhile organizers of the planet’s resources, it’s no surprise they continue the tradition with us and the world at large.

    (bamboozling — it’s fun just typing that word! “the early myths” — not sure who wrote this or what “myths” but Dan is on record speaking to one conspiracy after another and is (was) an abductee)

    (Me, again: I can’t find it, but I do believe I think it was Fran who wrote something along these lines — We survived the Cycles Cross so you know those future humans who came back in time and abducted people and took sperm and eggs and used the wombs of female humans for hybrid purposes — you know who I’m talking about — we survived the Cycles Cross — no more abductions! Sorry, you don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s a bunch of us female victims and we’re getting together and speaking out! We can’t ALL be crazy! Just like these military guys and gals speaking out can’t ALL be crazy.)

  36. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you!

  37. rosettasister Says:

    “J” is McConnell




    The “Big can O worms” may have actually been opened the night following the May 4 (early am) chat.

    “J,” came onto the GLP forum at 11:02 pm EDT and said,

    “I am going to open up Dan Burisch to a conference if you want one.

    This will be your LAST chance to speak with this man that you are pushing around when you know little of him.

    How do I know you know so little? It’s because you have regarded him as a saint.

    I have instructed him to tell the complete truth to you people, save one issue. That will become apparent. He will say NO COMMENT.”

    As the logistics of pulling the chat together were discussed, “J” then posted again, further expounding the set-up.

    “At this time he knows nothing of this. I will have him signed on as ‘protocells,’ and I will instruct him to answer all questions … to the best of his ability. …

    You people have no real idea what dangers are lurking here.

    He may react negatively at the start but he will listen to me whether he agrees with the set-up or not here. He wanted light. I will give it to him.

    Maybe he should be careful with what he asks for too. 🙂 Remember the staff of knowledge is double-edged.”

    Commencing with seven participants, fifteen people ended up joining the web-cam chat at one point, and covered numerous topics over the course of several hours.

    Such an open forum format is unprecedented for this tight-lipped Lotus Project.

    The director of the Lotus Project, Marcia McDowell, who also goes by B.J., was also patched into the online meeting.

    McDowell took over directorship of the project from Burisch because of the exposure that came to the project following the April 8 press release by Dschaak and Allan.

    When she joined the conference after a few minutes of it being under way, Burisch informed her,

    “I have been instructed by J1 to proceed with complete truth, save one subject, where I am to say NO COMMENT. You know what that subject is. (Bad subject).”

    He then confirmed to her that J had authorized the public conference, and that it was “confirmed [by] Senior Wensis,”

    which is an inside code name from the Ed Sullivan show for a hand puppet that parrots what its master tells it to say.

    Toward the end of the chat, a person with the handle “judas_of_galilee” posted a question: “… GW syndrome?”

    Burisch then gave the awaited response: “NO COMMENT.”

    BJ then wrote: “Thank you. Acknowledged.”

    Because several people were posting near simultaneous, and the context was not clear, Burisch then followed up with a clarification:

    “GW syndrome? ———-ref that.”

    Talk about anything but Gulf War syndrome.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    SGold1942, March 17, 2009 neweaglesforum

    Thank you all and thank you for the prayers. We are working hard here.

    This information just in from Dr. McDowell:

    There has been talk for a long time about Biographies.

    They have made the first preliminary decision that the first Biography to be written will be written about DR. MARCIA McDOWELL. [B.J. Wolf]

    The Biography will be

    a careful account of her life, relationship of her family to Majestic,

    the things she was asked to do early on without being a member,

    the contents of the original Eagles Disobey books,

    the struggle to free Dr. Dan Burisch from the grips of a Treaty System with additions made by the Illuminati,

    her induction to Majestic,

    education, research, arts (Music), and future course.

    This book will frame up and clarify the behind the scenes actions, account, and hard fought life of both Dan and Marci.

    More information will become available as it is warranted.

    (Dan and Marcia are human, too. And they cry, too. I “see” things. Marcia is a powerful woman, but I see her crying. (When she’s not angry, that is.) And I see her Wiccan, you know, stuff. I don’t judge. God Be With You. I look forward to her biography. I think I see Marcia becoming aware of something she hadn’t already known or had dismissed. There’s a lot of stuff going on. But if there’s one thing which must be stopped — it’s MILABs.)

    Magic Love

  39. rosettasister Says:

    This is new to me, so I don’t know how accurate it is.

    Dr. Richard Sauder: Underground Bases & The Black Budget

    by VeritasShow

  40. rosettasister Says:

  41. rosettasister Says:

    Wow, that’s weird, not letting me post link

  42. rosettasister Says:

  43. rosettasister Says:


  44. rosettasister Says:

    Crazy, man!

  45. rosettasister Says:

    You’ll have to copy and paste into your browser.

  46. rosettasister Says:

    If at first you don’t succeed …

  47. rosettasister Says:

    That’s just weird!

    Posts fine over here:,1366.0.html

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Page 3 #214

    The Winter of My Discontent

    Ben Ross Berenberg

    This is the winter of my discontent,

    Like a dream you came and like a dream you went

    Before I had a chance to know what rapture meant

    Came the winter of my discontent.

    Now ev’ry trifle has become a care,

    Now there is no joy but only deep despair

    For now your lovely vision haunts me everywhere

    In this winter of my discontent.

    The world is full of dissonance,

    The scheme of things is wrong,

    The air resounds with the resonance

    Of a harsh and spiteful song.

    Now all the follies of the world seem small,

    Let the empires rise and let the heroes fall,

    And let the ruins burn for there’s no love at all

    In this winter of my discontent.

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Music for Lovers — Jack Jones

    Page 5 #411

  50. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas

  51. Pro Blogger News Says:

    The Evolution Of The Soul In The Mind Of The Creator…

    […]When such action relates to the mind of a body (human we are speaking of), such is then a[…]…

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Keeping Tabs on Dan and Marcia

  53. rosettasister Says:

  54. rosettasister Says:

  55. rosettasister Says:

    eagles disobey wrote:

    Battles, “constant battles” 2 letters say. We know and we don’t like it. Least among the ‘dislikers’ are Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci. They have so many thigs to do, adding this? As they say, “Oh, well!?” Dr. Dan is a man of “peace,” as he likes to say it “a JUST PEACE.” That’s another way of saying: and\or an HONEST PEACE, a “TRUE PEACE WITH BILATERAL DIGNITY,” a peace without the nagging suspicions backed up by contant behaviors of a knife in the back. They have just come to realize just how fast we can deploy. We take all questions into Eagles Disobey seriously. We are people of our word. Under a flag of TRUCE AND APOLOGY we offered, meaning Dr. Dan offered) for anyone who has done them wrong over the years about their testimony to provide a word, or some other identifying “symbol” (as long as positive path), to say, “they didn’t know that we are real, and they are sorry for their transgressions.” That word or other is to be printed in the coming book by Drs. Dan and Marci. Formal typing on the Opus has NOT begun yet. Dr. Dan advises that the offer is good! On crept

    More than 1 person has now provided a word, such as “UNAWARE” under those guidelines. Focusing on 1 word, meaning that focus from Dr. Dan from on the word above, under the flag requesting a “JUST PEACE,” under the flag of truce and apology, our recipient (the Eagles and our Team) will not identify the person in the letter! We can’t, UNDER PAIN OF CUSTODY AND FURTHER ACTION FOR US, I.D. the persons. That was specifically Ordered by both Eagles.

    He stated that the “word” would appear in the Opus, in Bold-faced font, with that much of the Opus reaching the general public via Eagles Disobey, FOR FREE! :-* Our team was shocked by Dr. Dan’s reaction when he was approached with the letter. He asked, “Are you sure it is from —-?” We advised him who wrote it and that it was in direct response to the posted offer, and he said, “Fine, done! Issue closed!” He said it that fast! Then he added the word to a sheet in a green organizational binder, and closed it, saying no more! The Ops who delivered it were kind of dumbfounded and one of us asked, “Did you hear the name?” Dr. Dan stared at the Operative and said, “Did I stutter? Issue closed! Our aim is to promote a just peace. Confirm to —- that we received [the] letter, then please go back to your duties.”

    (Above) Constant battles?

    We will fight for what’s right!

  56. rosettasister Says:

    Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:34 pm

    Uncle John here:

    I’m going to respond to this post in the main GT thread, the sneds says thread

    (because it is not open to the public, it is the only one I presently archive and I not sure d&m&thugs read it)

    and an email to d&m because it addresses me.

    Let me say that I sent them the “unaware” word and don’t care if they publish that I sent it or any other communications we have had.

    I’m an open person. But hey, burn another CDROM if they like and next time send me a copy before lighting it on fire.

    The “unaware” word was from a quote by the great Sufi Ahmed Hulusi:

    “One who cannot get out of the cocoon spun by his emotions is called unaware.”

    Emotions is how the offworlders control humans. IMO, d&m&thugs and the rest of the world leadership are being controlled by offworlders.

    As d&m’s former friend Alan often said to me, “it’s their game.”

    I’m not going to say I’m sorry for any of my transgressions unless d&m&thugs also say they are sorry for their transgressions which is a very long list indeed.

    Remember that I have archived most of the story. They love their “battles” and don’t let them fool you.

    One strong evidence for time travel/vision of some sort is the setup that TPTB have followed in the life story of dan.

    No way that TPTB would have invested as much for so long in the choreographing, training and controlling of dan without knowing where it would go.

    I love a parade and this is one well thought out parade.

    For the last couple of years, I have given up on educating any humans or offworlders to the reality they live in.

    I spend a lot of my time in prayer.

    I aspire to have every thought, every word, every expression, every movement, every gesture be directed to God including getting drunk.

    “Stop this insanity going on earth.”

    I don’t think any humans or offworlders are the slightest bit interested in exploring this concept to completion.

    As dan and my spiritual mentor said,

    “people are not interested in solutions to their problems unless they can own the process of coming up with a solution.”

    What a “Catch 22.”

    I know that every thought, word and action any sentient being takes is recorded forever.

    I direct my prayers at God, who I believe is the only force that can change the destructive path guided by offworlders this planet is on.

    Basically, I’m attempting to embarrass God with the mess that s/he has allowed to happen on our planet.

    Perhaps, someday, I’ll be openly joined by another sentient being in this endeavor.

    Only love can fill.

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Go here and scroll down to see what Uncle John and others wrote:

    (I usually don’t post this link because it is a forum, and so, of course, I don’t agree with all who post there. Some I like more than others.)

  58. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci has identified a major funding source for organized UFOlogy.

    The question is, how many people have noticed the connections between the funding and organized UFOlogy’s “preoccupations”?

    There is no way for them to run from this one.

    What could be on their minds right now, while they worry about their funding secret becoming known to the public?

    They know how to reach Dr. Marci, via email. We recommend they tread very carefully.

    Note: Organized UFOlogy is completely different from the good people who just want to know the truth.

    We love and respect the people who are seeking the truth.

    We have little more than contempt for those at the top of the UFOlogy ‘food chain’ who do nothing but prey upon those good and honest people seeking the truth.

    Thank you all for your help in locating the tall male representative of UFONAUT TV, that approached Drs. Dan and Marci when they were both speaking to Papa-T in the lobby of Fort McDowell.

    The information has been transmitted.


  59. rosettasister Says:

    Paola Harris & Steven Greer | Disclosure Continues Worldwide

    February 25, 2011–

    Dr. Greer joined for the show by Paola Harris: ‘Disclosure Continues Worldwide’

    Paola Leopizzi Harris is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research.

    She is also a widely published free-lance writer, especially in Europe.

    She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field.

    Paola will share her unique international perspective on recent examples of world-wide disclosure.

    They will also discuss Paola’s latest research into the San Antonio NM crash in 1945 and how that fits into the overall ever-expanding picture of Disclosure.

  60. rosettasister Says:

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Two former USAF servicemen have returned to Suffolk, 30 years after the claims of UFO sightings in a forest.

  62. rosettasister Says:

    The 1945 San Antonio New Mexico Crash

    Born on the edge of Ground Zero , living in the shadow of Area 51, two little Hispanic children experienced an extraordinary event occurred in August of 1945.

    Jose Padilla, age 9 and Reme Baca, age 7 witnessed a saucer crash on Padilla land in the town San Antonio, New Mexico.

    They were witness to one of the most spectacular events in UFO history.

    This new book entitled the same

    “Born the Edge of Ground Zero, Living in the Shadow of Area 51,

    will be released February 2011 and is Jose Padilla’s and Reme Baca’s detailed account of what happened in their childhood.

    They explain what they saw the actual crash, the creature’s appearances, the pieces they took, the military clean up and an in-depth analysis of the significance of this case.

  63. rosettasister Says:

    The 1945 San Antonio UFO Crash: The Reme Baca and Jose Padilla witness Case

    November 29, 2010

    By Paola Leopizzi Harris

  64. rosettasister Says:

  65. rosettasister Says:

    The Legacy of Colonel Philip J Corso – 1 of 18

    This is an interview with Philip Corso Jr regarding further details of him and his father’s life.

    Original Video by Lost Arts Media 2004

  66. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:

  67. rosettasister Says:

    X-Conference draws hundreds of believers to Gaithersburg

    The Gazette – Gaithersburg, Maryland – 4/21/2004

    Among the speakers at the event was Philip Corso Jr., the son of the late Col. Philip J. Corso (ret.), who wrote about stewarding the Roswell, N.M., alien artifacts in his book “The Day After Roswell”

    The book addressed the July 1947 crash of an aircraft many believe to be from another world.

    In his Saturday afternoon speech, Corso told a crowd of more than 100 in one conference room that his father, who had nine levels of clearance above top secret in the Army, saw alien bodies.

    “He felt that the young people could handle the knowledge of knowing that we have been visited” Corso said.

    The government is keeping what happened in Roswell a secret because it would reveal the secret to time travel, Corso said.

    A UFO is able to achieve time travel by moving simultaneously in many dimensions, he said.

    After his speech, more than a dozen people crowded around Corso in a hallway to ask questions.

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Historical evidence suggests that celestials are able to travel throughout the universe through willpower alone and are not confined to any physical location.

    This highly advanced ability distinguishes them

    from extraterrestrial entities that are dependent on advanced forms of technology for space-time travel

    as evidenced in ubiquitous sightings of ‘flying saucers’ and other extraterrestrial vehicles (ETVs).

    (Dan Burisch claims THIS is why disclosure hasn’t happened, because of this time travel component. And I believe him. What I still don’t know is if Dan FAVORS disclosure. Because w/o disclosure, how to stop MILABs?)

  69. rosettasister Says:


    2. Psyops at Chalfont St Giles on May 10, 2010? –

    It is difficult to interpret the reported UFO-jet fighter chase (or hoax) at UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s birthplace of the village of Chalfont St Giles, England on May 10, 2010.

    One eyewitness report states, “

    “There are some strange things happening over our small village. I saw some jets chasing a small faster object and then it all went strange and some army vans went flying past me. Somebody in the village got it on his phone and posted the video to YouTube but it was taken down a few hours later. The really strange thing is that there is a funny smell that appears every now and again, a bit like bad eggs but not really that strong.”

    A local newspaper has reported that the video was online and was taken down, although newspaper cannot confirm the authenticity of the video,

    Figure A sets out a photo made from one of the frames of the alleged YouTube video, and showing a cartoon-like tableau of two U.K. fighter jets chasing a classic flying saucer.

    The reference in the UFO sighting report to a “bad eggs” smell has resonance in the UFO literature.

    Anecdotal evidence regarding extraterrestrial civilizations states that,

    “Related to scents, the greys smell like sulphur, basically bad eggs or mild sewage.”

    Thus on May 10, 2010, a day before on Cameron-Clegg coalition government was recognized by Her Majesty the Queen of England (May 11, 2010), there was either

    (1) an authentic chase between a grey extraterrestrial ship and two U.K. fighters over the birth place of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, or

    (2) a psyops disinformational false chase between a co-operating grey extraterrestrial ship and two U.K. fighters belonging to a NATO strike force we know engages in MILAB (military abductions).

    If the May 10, 2010 was a deliberate “psyops” or disinformational psychological warfare operation by grey extraterrestrials and the black budget forces within the U.K. Royal Air Force allied with MILAB abductions,

    then it is plausible to speculate that this May 10, 2010 event was structured as a deliberate “communication” to public environment and profile of the new Cameron-Clegg government.

    If the May 10, 2010 event at Chalfont St Giles is in fact a psyops or psychological warfare operation,

    it’s intent may be to create obfuscation around the UFO/extraterrestrial issue,

    making disclosure even more politically difficult.

    A similar sort of UFO “psyops” may have taken place on November 7, 2006 at a UFO sighting of

    a 20-60 foot UFO

    at Gate C-17 United Airlines, Chicago O’Hare airport.

    That date – Tuesday November 7, 2006 – was federal Mid-term Election Day 2006 for the U.S.

  70. rosettasister Says:

    (2) a psyops disinformational false chase between a co-operating grey extraterrestrial ship and two U.K. fighters belonging to a NATO strike force we know engages in MILAB (military abductions).

    Why MILABs?

    To keep us in the dark.

    The only ones who believe are MILAB victims themselves.

    If most people believe MILAB victims are all nutters, then all these sightings and “experiences” must be the products of overactive imaginations or hallucinations.

  71. rosettasister Says:


    New Thread:

    Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas

  72. Millennium Book - Nostradamus Future Predictions Says:

    […] , USA Additionally you can check out: […]

  73. rosettasister Says:

    Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF
    « Reply #24 Today at 4:35am »

    As Chief Operating Officer of Eagles Disobey I have ordered both Drs,. Dan and Marci to immediately surrender ALL email tracks between them and another party.

    I have had a long and careful discussion with Dr. Dan about these matters.

    Much has been considered and still is on the table, both by Eagles Disobey and assets of Maj.

    His background with criminal and civil investigations and how to present evidence so others will be able to understand the meanings, has been invaluable to me!

    He finished the discussion with me by saying,

    “Don’t be angry, be accurate. Be very accurate! Maybe something you should think about before passing to anyone else.

    This is only a metaphor or maybe parable to you about how to proceed: angrily or accurately?

    And I hate to discuss this at all but it may be important to you right now.

    The last poor soul I faced in Iraq in 1991? Who wanted to take me out?

    Of course he didn’t know me, but you understand,..

    Seconds before your husband grabbed me from behind causing me to fall onto the floor of the chopper, then I crawled out and under cover from him and my firing we made it to the other chopper.

    He saved my life. Steven.

    Well, that man from the Iraqi army, that last one, running between dead Iraqi soldiers.

    He screamed wildly in anger and waved his AK in the air this way and that about 15 yards from me, firing it everywhere, and in my general direction!

    Other deployed Operatives and our military was sending rounds his general direction too. I was tiring from my own energy output.

    It was maybe two minutes in, of my screaming in fear and firing as best as I could.

    Tiring, and having been trained by the police I finally got real presence of mind through previous training, and I became quiet even though it was still in slow motion to me, really slowly breathed, aimed, and fired at him at about 10 yards away.

    Again what happened in Iraq is just a parable now to you! But don’t be angry, be accurate.”

    Yes, Sir!

    As a start, I have decided to prepare a presentation of the SUMMARIES of those emails, including the date/time exchanged and with factual commentaries, from last year through present.

    By the time the public finishes reading the SUMMARIES, IN ORDER, I believe EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND.


    Frances Ortiz, COO
    COO, Eagles Disobey, NV TCG Holdings
    ADC, DotK, Maj

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #28 Today at 7:03am »

    The Desks sent this frightening order over the PA to Dr. Stan’s Office, recorded by me:

    “Take your time creating this unit. We understand, when done properly, such things take time.

    When it is prepared, let us know and then slowly begin the process of infiltration. You know how. We know it will take many months into 2012.

    But then, slowly, bring them to us, bring them to the Majestic so they may be brought to justice, bring us the flies!

    Make them come to our parlor, seemingly prepared for them with all manner of treats!

    Then, at the moment they are sure of their predation’s supremacy, as they believe themselves the victor in their warped game of sleaze, just then, we want the door to their only exit to slam shut, giving them just enough internal room within to struggle on to a full panic, to their realization that they are caught in a trap which will ultimately rot them.”

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:16 pm

    UncleJohn, I have to say I was so stunned last night I was rendered speechless (er, textless, in this case) when I read – shortly after I posted –

    that YOU were the one that happened to have emailed D&M the letter that prompted so much melodrama at SNEDs.

    I spent the time since then reflecting on just how much “water has gone under the bridge” between us all.

    Of course, I later discovered that the “guiltless” may have been in reference to this other document that Lynnwood posted, which was first made available where? Right; on GLP. Our original home.

    Just like the insider himself acknowledges in the ‘interview’.

    These days, all sorts of ufers are now following in DB’s footsteps

  76. rosettasister Says:

    UFONAUT NEWS – LIVE In Studio Video Feed

  77. rosettasister Says:

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Ret. Col. Says UFOs Are Real, but Denies Government Cover-Up

    Former Canadian Defense Official Blasts US on UFO Cover-Up

  79. rosettasister Says:

    Consider: The Disclosure Project, as well as other researchers, have found a multi-decade pattern of hoaxed UFO/ET related events that are clustered around pseudo-contact experiences (also know as abductions) mutilations, vivisections and the like.

    Numerous, corroborative military and shadowy para-governmental witnesses have testified to actually conducting abductions and mutilations for their psychological warfare value.

    Once such witness, an Army Ranger involved with special ops stated to me:

    “You have no idea how many people – including prominent military and political figures – we have abducted and terrified so that they will learn to hate the ET presence and support conflict with them…”

    by Steven M. Greer M.D.
    Director, The Disclosure Project

  80. rosettasister Says:

    Greer and Salla on MILABs by Melinda Leslie

    Dr. Michael Salla

    After my first draft of this article was already written, I came across a paper by Dr. Michael Salla, one of the lead researchers in the Exopolitics movement of ufology, on his website, titled

    Exopolitics Vs. Exospin: A Response to Dr. Steven Greer,

    where he critiques Dr. Greer’s views and wrote:

    “…Greer regularly refers to the (MILABS) phenomenon offered by Dr. Helmut_Lammer to support his thesis that all alleged abuses attributed to extraterrestrials can be ascribed to MILABS imitating extraterrestrials or to individuals projecting psychological traumas onto benign extraterrestrial visitors.

    This is a distortion of the evidence provided by Dr. Lammer who does not exclude the possibility that extraterrestrials are violating human rights during the abduction phenomenon, only that

    the military is attempting to replicate extraterrestrial methods

    and violating human rights in the process.”

    “…While his effort to spin data concerning extraterrestrial activities in a positive light may be perceived by some to be well intentioned, it is in reality both naive and dangerous to distort public perceptions in this manner

    given the extensive data suggesting that

    extraterrestrials have been involved in systematic human rights violations and that

    some government agencies have been complicit in these.”

    Dr. Salla goes on to say Greer’s view is:

    “…a highly selective approach that supports a preconceived conclusion of only advanced benign extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.”

    And Dr. Salla points out that Greer’s view is at odds with many of his own Disclosure Project witness testimonies.

    Thank you Dr. Salla, apparently I’m not alone.

    When I spoke to Dr. Greer, I told him I would like to talk with his insider contacts and he vehemently refused.

    I wonder if given the chance to interview these individuals, I might discover their experiences are actually more consistent with what one might expect from a MILAB perpetrator.

    I suspect the information might be more in line with the case evidence and not so supportive of Dr. Greer’s limited view that there are “no bad ETs”.

    Fellow MILAB researcher Joe Montaldo and I have both spoken with such insider types, who have claimed to be involved as perpetrators, but so far those accounts have only supported the abductees’ experiences and

    not one of these individuals has ever said they perpetrated a completely false ET abduction scenario.

    The idea that abductions are mind control experiments can originally be attributed to a publication written by researcher Martin Cannon titled

    The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien Abduction, 1989,

    in which Mr. Cannon, in reality, made the argument that a covert mind control program may account for some alien abductions.

    In a conversation I had with Mr. Cannon, he expressed anger and frustration that so many people in ufology had taken his paper to mean that he was claiming that all ET abductions were mind control experiments, when in fact he only meant to suggest a possible explanation for “some” ET experiences.

    He actually thought many abductions probably were carried out by ETs and said his theory was only that, a theory.

    After our discussion, I asked him to provide me with a statement in writing clarifying this for the record, and he did.

    This document states clearly that he offered The Controllers only as a possible theory and that he has always supported an alien hypothesis as well.

  81. rosettasister Says:


    New Thread:

    Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas

  82. rosettasister Says:

    I was dreaming about this last night. Nice dreams.

    I know it has some meaning for me, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

    “The Aleph and the Thaw are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet as the Alpha and Omega are of the Greek.”

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Enrique Morente Cotelo, known as Enrique Morente, (25 December 1942 – 13 December 2010)

    He was perhaps the most influential contemporary flamenco singer, who not only innovated, but it could also can be said that he create tradition.

    Omega (1996)

  84. rosettasister Says:

    Page 4 #334

    “All My Love”

  85. rosettasister Says:

    (Please note the date.)

    Dr. Dan

    « Result #6 on Feb 20, 2011, 11:38pm »


    Knowing years ago that we may be encountering what we heard might be “brewing” inside of Ufology,

    we equipped ourselves with the practices to obtain investigation-obtained data along the way and so

    we have been able to assist you, in the Public, to see some of the truth behind the masks many in Ufology wear in the hopes to make you believe they are something they are NOT – truthseekers on your side.

    Had we found out the opposite I would be gladly, and with great personal relief, cheering them! Great personal relief? I pray, please read on…

    As you may have just…ah…”appreciated”…

    the KING-11-2 Document

    was just placed into Policy within our Group.

    It happened several days ahead of the expected time for certain Security reasons. Yes, it has wide ranging implications.

    As Marcia and I hold the positions of consolidated authority which would normally be spread amongst 12, or even 33 during the days of the Committee of the Majority, it places on us unique opportunities and great burdens.

    Before we accepted the positions and assumed the posts, the old rules allowing the Echelon to make decisions ‘in steel’ for long periods of time, had not been removed.

    Were we aware of this ahead of time, in our reading of the documentation and rules? Yes.

    We chose to walk near several very hot “fires” in the mutual trust we have for each other, and in the personal confidence we have for our JOINT decision-making capacity.

    There are dangerous powers afoot that are very upset at 2 people wielding the authority, the worst among which is the Illuminati.

    They have their fingers into every financial power base in the world, and with that connection brings great abilities to finance terrible things.

    Concerning the Document…

    I have made it plain over the last several years that no government amongst the governments of the world, bound together in secret Treaty, would dare step away from the rest and take it upon themselves to state something which impacts everyone in different ways.

    I have further made it plain to the Public that those governments, even after conclusion of any amount of discussion,

    would not openly disclose their activities over the decades with

    the human-lineage extraterrestrials.

    I have made it plain to everyone that such a kind of fantasy Disclosure was NOT going to happen.

    Yet…fantasies…will Obama make a statement…is the UN readying to declare ET?

    It’s cute if you are into comic books…but what Marcia and I are handling is no comic book.

    (To those who say “no way!” – well… …we have our own problems apart from your belief system {and I would strongly argue lack of evidence analysis skills}…

    and if I would be given a dime for every one whose mind stops at the end of their well-based philosophy on how the Universe must work and/or what must be the truth according to them …and/or because they are well educated

    (yet still anonymous or ran off all the way to Beijing to avoid being charged with Medical Malpractice ) …

    well…then I could feed many more people via Angel Eagles…but then again how does one feed people by the alleged money from those personas concocted out of smoke and mirrors by the subterfuge of dark hearts?

    But…no…fantasy is fantasy and REAL LIFE IS REAL LIFE. We cannot base our decisions by fantasy.

    Should we…many more would be harmed than helped.


    That’s not the world we live in, if we intend to keep a functioning world given the KINDS OF PEOPLE WE ARE!

    THAT MEANS ALL OF US, NOW, AS WE LOOK AT OURSELVES IN A MIRROR, IF WE LOOK HONESTLY, and the mirror be not enchanted by the darkness which wishes to ultimately enlsave us!

    Yes, Marcia and I are now in possession of the WHOLE FACTS, which are really not that much more than what we knew before we took this position.

    I was surprised (and not pleasantly) at how wrong the people were who argued that I must be so under-informed.

    To those who may wish to kick the ball down the road again…keep your B.S. away from us …we aren’t going to listen…because WE’VE READ ALL THE SUMMARY ACCOUNTS OF THE ARCHIVES!

    I have read many of the full accounts. By the time of my leaving, I intend to have read them all!

    I can tell you that the reports from Marcia and myself, as well as from an odd assortment of accounts

    (Uhouse, Corso, Penniston, —Time Travel based if you really look into them…and…such as Walton and of course the Hills)

    are ON THE MONEY!

    Are all of the alleged contact accounts or UFO sightings in the Archives? No, not all, but a HUGE number.

    They were never intended to be seen by the public or even referenced to the public.

    The accuracy is astounding and most all the agents of the Majestic who both did the investigations as well as the “clean ups” did their jobs superbly.

    There are many fewer so called “crash-retrievals” than what are now blooming into a crash retrieval per block, if you speak to some in Ufology.

    Pretty soon they’ll ask you to check your roof, just in case.

    I assisted Mr. Schratt with an amended list while in Tempe last year, prior to Marcia and I assuming our positions.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer be of assistance in that area as that would be considered a breach of the Archives.

    We have the Archives at our fingertips and the release of the Archives would violate an agreement set down in Treaty with multiple governments long before I was ever first sworn.

    Marcia and myself ruled that possibility out very early on in our deliberation process for KING-11-2.

    To the question of Majestic’s further cooperation with organized Ufology?

    We didn’t cooperate with them before the issue of the Cycles Cross came to the head that it did, in fact Majestic Folkloristics injected many of the early myths now accepted as a cult-facts.

    With our providing of the truth, we have tried to in some way offset the wrongs that were done in the historic name of “required methods for maintenance of secrecy.”

    To those who wish to follow the cult: free will.

    We didn’t, nor would we have, created such a disinformation unit, and though we are now in charge of the (technically) ‘great-grandchild’ of that first Group, we have looked at the Group and have found that

    they (largely as an organizational process) DON’T WANT HELP AWAY FROM THE CULT-FANTASY.

    Okay! We are not, I repeat NOT responsible to drag them kicking and screaming away from their belief systems!

    Yes, many bad things are happening within their circles.

    It takes people to have their eyes open and be…oh here it comes…RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES!

    Does that mean we are abdicating responsibility for what is happening now?


    No…much the opposite!

    Part of the reason why the Directorates in the Consistory Chamber became a bit boisterous (a bit too much for their positions) is that just the opposite is the plan! Now what could that mean?

    The problem here is that THEY will be reading what I am writing.

    I will say that while we would in no way start a Folkloristics Unit, I didn’t say that Marcia and I haven’t decided to start an ANTI-FOLKLORISTICS UNIT.

    Think of it this way:

    In the past, the Folkloristics Unit penetrated as many UFO-related Groups as possible and messed with them as much as they could!

    Oh, the wild things they injected!

    Well…we have at our behest one hell of a Psychological Unit…MANY MORE THAN THE AVIARY COULD EVER MUSTER WITH THEIR “HERE IS THE REALITY AND HERE IS NOT” – BULLSHT!

    And we have decided to start putting them to work…putting them to work in a program that will be so slow, that we don’t expect a positive report back

    until 10 years AFTER Marcia and I are resigned and

    hopefully having one genuine BLAST here in Las Vegas and other places!

    Unfunded Aviary: you have troubles!

    The Illuminati is walking away from you like rotten pork because they know you are losers.

    They can’t stand losers, unless they just use them to grease their political howitzers.

    Professionals, subtle ones, THE BEST OF THE BEST, long after we are gone

    will be slicing at your Death’s Head crap like a hot knife through butter,

    speaking simple level-headed things to people over seconds after hearing the fruits of your work, born after months or years of labor!

    Where we find that you have cooperated with illegal interests, we will do everything in our power to link any funds obtained under laws which will allow the seizing of the funds for humanitarian and public interest!

    Predators in Ufology: you have great troubles!

    We are now moving to build a medium sized unit of professionals to mix-in so well they’ll even be invited by YOU to

    your sleazy drinking, drugging, sexing room scenes

    under the guise of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

    Who are they? Guess. We hear you like playing “guessing games” anyway.

    Which alleged abducted female is a professional operative recording everything you do? Guess again. And don’t kiss and tell! We will hear you!

    Our relationship with Federal Law Enforcement and Law Enforcements the world over is not only great, but improving by the day!

    Marcia and I will be hearing about your convictions or your turning evidence for other’s convictions by special message.

    She and I have decided we’ll dance the Tango for every one received.

    Sounds like fun for us! How about you?

    Great People who just want the truth:

    We are doing everything in our power to provide you that, and keep your protected from scum such as I have addressed just above.

    We are amassing operatives who will also mix-in and in subtle manners point people to reports and connections between reports that perhaps don’t on the surface appear to be connected.

    They will appear, some having avatar names, others with alleged real names, across the net, at times, and in places where people who search for this kind of information tend to look.

    They will be starting places and information outlets but will not identify themselves and when they are real they will NOT admit they are real UNDER ANY CONDITION.

    You have watched much of that process here at Eagles Disobey, and if all goes well with the Team that will continue!

    When you encounter them, just as you would with anyone making remarks on the net, verify what they are saying…

    and should they be real…

    what they say will point directly to evidence of REAL news reports, REAL publications, etc…NOT “conspiracy-laden” tangents.


    They will be the “HEY LOOK WHAT I NOTICED” kinds of people…just regular people like you and me.

    The Directorates know the above policies cost quite a bit of money and will cause one hell of a lot of work.

    We (Maj) have the money…and they wanted it spent on their pet projects…SORRY, WE PICK THEM! They will cause great work.

    We aren’t given these responsibilities to REST.

    Some wonder why we took the authority? Look above.

    The content of this post contains what those whom we would meet in Arizona and be otherwise provided

    a copy of the KING-11-2a

    would learn!

    Marcia and I decided to communicate the information to the public this way, as we felt that leaving such decisions about Maj reports would be unfair to ANYONE from the public.

    Pressure can, at times, mean harm. We wish no harm to good people.

    As for us…Marcia still has plans to have me made available to Fran…for the New Membership of Eagles Disobey.

    There will be some things we will not discuss…but where we run into them…we will all be polite enough to deal with it.

    Love, which comes in many packages,


  86. rosettasister Says:

    « Result #5 Today at 5:01am »

    Sally, thank you for writing to us. Hello to all those who have been watching a near tragedy for others unfolding.

    When my regular prayers are offered, I will now hold that moment to G-d, as well, and thank the Eternal for the right decisions having been made: no one was injured nor I believe seriously frightened.

    If they were frightened, I will personally apologize to them. It is not Majestic’s way to frighten the general public.

    While, admittedly, I have been first and foremost leaning to the protection of my wife, Marcia, and will always continue in that path,

    I do hope that my actions assisted in the rapid de-escalation of events which would have spun (from the public’s perspective) wildly out of control and where injuries would have been likely.

    Yes, we discussed the possibility of bringing close guard “in” and turning and reentering the facility with possible intention to enter the already breached rooming area.

    The conditions were these: we were aware that someone else had been in our designated room and had checked in 24 hours prior under Marcia’s name and a false identification.

    This was absolutely determined as so while we were in the presence of the Manager at that location.

    In the knowledge that she had a serious security breach of her property, she spoke with others in Hotel Security’s presence, passing along the issue as problematic for their property.

    The question, of course: who was inside our room, calling “herself” Dr. Marcia Crain?

    As keys had been provided/coded for the room, and the 24 hours of time elapsed, this opened the possibility that no rekeying could have prevented the negative forces from reentering. How?

    Well… While in Security Leadership in Las Vegas, I was trained as a master lock analyst for modern hotel keylock systems.

    I know how to make pass keys from the reaction between a key programmed for a lock and the lock’s reactions.

    Once into our room: ANY ROOM in the Hotel could have been accessed.

    It’s just that serious for people who are trained in certain deeper secrets.

    I dealt with computer hackers in Las Vegas and Mississippi who were handing out room copy keys for people as part of a burglary ring.

    In the case of a hard key system it’s easier…an autogun. Anyway…

    (Fran will soon present a large group of email summaries, where nearing the end, a clearly poor excuse for the condition was offered by others to us, an excuse which in no way matches the evidence of the occurrence.

    Both the precise conditions of the occurrence and the nature of the excuse will be openly provided to the public. You have a right to know.

    Should those offering the poor excuse, which doesn’t match the reality, differ in my opinion that YOU have a right to know, they are welcomed to express that difference in either email or by telephone call.

    If by email, your difference of opinion with what we feel is the public’s right to know, will also be exposed.

    If by telephone call…then that call will be audio recorded just as EVERY CALL you have ever had with us, has been preserved on audio tape.

    If that shocks you, then you know less of the business of self protection than we would even expect at this moment, given your email track record.

    You were offered to near the fire of truth, were ultimately guided to a publication which contains just that – TRUTH –

    yet your pattern of deceptions, WHICH WILL BE REVEALED – continued until you violated the simplest rules so terribly that the fire has now burned you.)

    I am beyond asking if honesty is that difficult amongst those who run Ufology groups at “conference production level.”

    With Operations, I am now about moving to contain their dishonesty by direct policing of their behaviors.

    We are teasing apart the components of the groups, to determine where American versus non-American groups at “conference production level” possess the same monetary (and lascivious) goals.

    We will assure that infiltration processes only begin and are tailored after we have a firm understanding of where the negativity is exactly positioned.

    We are treating the negatives as teeth requiring extraction, while preserving, as much as possible, the “body” from pain.

    Dr. Stan and in two years his successor will be careful to deploy only professional personnel who are sworn to both Majestic and the Healing Science/Art of Psychiatry, then crosstrained as covert operatives.

    Those deployed in the overall ANTIFOLKLORISTICS UNIT will enter with two purposes in mind: FIRST: CARE FOR THE PEOPLE, SECOND: ROOTING OUT AND TRAPPING PREDATORS.

    Policies will be placed in effect that partition the predators away from the public’s interaction, so professionals as “public” will be able to move forward with law enforcement.

    This will offer, should individuals be heard to be “in trouble for their behaviors” the opportunity BUT NOT THE REQUIREMENT of others to come forward, or begin their healing process in other ways.

    Amongst the people deployed, will be people who will be able to refer those harmed by these…

    …anger…a trait of our species…

    ummm…those harmed by them…

    to find a place to go where QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL ASSISTANCE PROFESISONALS will be able to assist them in 100% privacy.

    We have told the Public that we LOVE them…and WE MEAN IT.

    It was out of that love for the general public that we did not turn and march back.

    Truly, a small group of negative individuals do not concern Marcia and I that much. You have seen us, and know our history, some is even spread on youtube.

    (Fran, you are allowed to produce the back/forth transmissions, as we were in that critical moment.)

    Just before it, I had the great opportunity to sadly show the Ring of the Consistory of the Majestic, and briefly raise my shirt to show the container holding that old Compass, to our GREAT FRIEND, PAPA T!

    (I like PapaT!)

    I pleaded with his ever-present common sense, struggling with myself, after we had hugged and privately exchanged wishes to each other as real Christian men do…I quietly said to him, really in private despair,

    “Really, I don’t understand this!

    They don’t realize what is walking amongst them! We hold the keys and access to the Consistory. They don’t understand what they could next be offered if honest! They don’t understand.”

    I was realizing at that moment that I had a duty to Marcia.

    When she parted from the registration desk, and spoke with Papa T, I followed my duty.

    I backed away and pressed the programmed number to a Knight of Old, Brian Stansfield, and said, “Brother.”

    He stepped over my comments, having heard the comments at the regsitration desk via laser-surveillance, and said, “The White Rabbit is going to enter the wood and remove the King and Queen of Hearts.”

    I almost started to cry because I was looking around at all those people, laughing, drinking coffee, one smoking, and sharing moments between each other. Then I thought about what was 3 minutes away for THEM.

    They hadn’t done anything wrong. Yet fear was going to enter their lives in a way they didn’t need or deserve.

    I almost lost myself memorizing their faces, because of how my brain is wired for patterns.

    I shook myself from it and said something like, “You are aware that we have a security breach. Bring the armed coverts already here in closer, but hold the Rabbit until Marcia and I can confer.”

    He said, “Holding unless I hear other traffic of concern. Then White Rabbit comes for you. Owl out.”

    I hurried over to Marcia and Papa T and told her in Papa T’s presence that a mass of Security was imminently preparing to enter property, leaving horror in its wake, just to secure us.

    I informed Papa T of their approximate location and was going to tell him where to go for safety, should we be informed they were coming for us.

    Before that, Marcia and I continued our discussions and while we were bilaterally agreeing that we needed to be standing somewhere other than around the public, I told her

    “You know at this moment where the Compass needle is pointing, North West.” Papa T was still with us at that moment, as pressure was rising.

    (Not asking him, but he will probably remember that comment. He should be informed what it meant, if he doesn’t already know. The North West comment was a code meaning “depart now” but privately between she and I referring to “leave toward home.”)

    contd below

  87. rosettasister Says:

    I then turned to Marcia and said, “Well, what does Ops say?” She replied, “We’re out of here!”

    We alternately provided apologies to Papa T for our departure, requested he pass them to certain other individuals…our other friends…

    (such as Galaxy Girl, her husband, and Cosmic Star)

    then exited the front desk area, toward the parking lot.

    I glanced to the right, toward where the venue was, and remarked to Marcia, “That’s why!”

    (I was referring to earlier, just the minutes prior to our arrival at the resgistration area for the room, as she and I walked toward the venue and were given a “move away” signal by one of our covert Security Operatives.

    It was then that we u-turned, and began originally walking toward the registration desk, and I was saying “I don’t know precisely what is going on, but I don’t want any part of what’s going on there right now.”

    She replied, “No. Let’s register and figure things out from there.”

    After that, we walked in to the registration area, an act leading to our finding out that our intended room had been breached.)

    While walking out toward the parking lot, Brian was speaking with me via cell phone, and his description of the events (transponders and such) are correct.

    What was not adequately described for the public was the back and forth between Marcia, him, the moving Security Captain, and myself about what should be done.

    There was consideration of taking a force back in with us, while the White Rabbit Team moved within meters of the registration area and venue, in armored vehicles.

    The quick conversation moved all the way to Marcia discussing it as a real possibility with Brian (after she was told by me that I had activated her transponder’s comsys ), and Brian telling us that if the White Rabbit Team was moved that far in, he needed to provide air cover.

    Brian refused to allow “overt security” with us, per guidelines we have established, unless an overwhelming force was in a ready position to defend us and them if any other covert force may have intended to take Security and us as hostages for information extraction.

    In that kind of situation, but sorry, we play by one set of rules: we win.

    (There are paramilitary oriented people within the Ufology genre’ who more than discuss such foolish options, as they fantasize about gathering information about the UFO coverup.

    Unfortunately, few of them have understood that we were giving that information away for free. There is seemingly no accounting for some of low intelligence. )

    Soon, however, within the discussion, we concluded that a reentry would serve no one save the negative elements wanting to do harm and only “get what they want.”

    (This is why I am freeing Fran to produce the back/forth for the public.)

    contd below

  88. rosettasister Says:

    In summary, we have been here before.

    We have exposed C2Cam, PC and others as what they are!

    It seems our fate, regardless of the Office we now hold, that the self-stated heir-apparent to Ufology’s future is now being exposed for what they are!

    During these moments, things seem and appear UNCOMFORTABLE and even AWKWARD.

    (Remember the games played on us in Zurich? They didn’t last too long did they?)

    We are used to those situations, and are pros during them, so we suggest that those watching and are understanding of

    the “real role” in which we find ourselves,

    just take a breather and allow us to carefully present a complete image produced most easily from a summary of EMAILS

    (along with short discussions about 1-2-1 conversations between we and others)

    that contain almost an entire year’s duration of exchanges.

    The patterns have been before me, primarily, as an ever-assembling puzzle, for almost as long as they have been exchanged.

    Early on, we presented the most optimistic and hopeful tones.

    As time was passing, those tones became less and less hopeful within the back and forth exchanges, the indefensible actions of others, and the public has little idea at this moment why that may be, but Fran and Stan will present the publication for everyone to see.

    With that publication, they will ask you several questions which they will suggest one should ponder as people read the information.

    The Fran/Stan team are hoping to have the publication done by Friday, but it may take two or three extra days beyond that to have it completed.

    They tell Marcia and I, “FRIDAY!”…but she (Marcia) and I differ on how it will play out, given the enormity of email exchanges.

    It was a great honor to “almost meet” (an inside joke with a person from the public who was beta-tested) the 4 individuals, and their friends/spouses/family members, who Marcia exposed to the Isis-B.

    During the 4 procedures with the public, it was my responsibility to watch the function of the Isis-B unit, while Marcia ran the beta-testing with the people.

    Our parallel work with the Isis-P unit was a success, with the 10 related to Maj we exposed to that process.

    Together, we expected (given registrations) to have 10 (Maj) with the Isis-P and 11 (public) with the Isis-B, or 21 processes, total.

    Together we accomplished 14 of the 21.

    Sadly, 7 individuals who wished to participate with the Isis-B were unable to do so, due to the security breaches in Ft. McDowell.

    I apologize for that occurring, but I doubt that anyone from the public would be now willing to risk walking up to the room which we have been describing, and undergo beta-testing

    where (if missed by our devices) any variety of UFO-genre’ predator or criminal could have accessed their private moments.

    contd below

  89. rosettasister Says:

    Given the origin of the reasons why we have “crystals” in Isis, that is why I turned to Marcia and whispered a quotation of Genesis 3:24.

    Angels often protect good people – YOU – in odd ways.

    This time it was a young lady who looked at the computer information, with Marcia’s identification in her hand, and became absolutely shocked with the realization that her staff believed they checked Marcia in, a day earlier.

    She could have covered it up (like some are trying to do now, but are being documented at every turn), but she didn’t!


    Thank you! Thank you, young lady, whom we will be sending a proper “thank you!” Thank you, Angels!

    We haven’t lost our faith with or in the good People, we haven’t lost our faith in the Eternal and the protection by the Eternal’s messengers, and so “they” were there for all of us!

    (We are also pleased at our {Marcia’s and my} allowance of an information leak to reach the Aviary circles that we secretly intended to do ALL Isis-B testing in Ft. McDowell, and not in the secondary location in Tempe.

    Behind the scenes, they bought it and focused their attentions at one location. The secondary location was so overrun with Security, no intel on who was beta-tested there would have been possible.

    We even used it as a communications and equipment node, in another room. Nothing used to surveil us could have proceeded by our net of protection there.

    I am only sorry we didn’t covertly divert everyone to that location, to complete the last 7, but…we all live and learn. )

    The Isis-B beta-testing will continue, but Marcia and I have to have some conversations about the procedures for the public’s privacy, and put in place measures which will dissuade

    (as would an electric current flowing through a fence inform an ill-tempered jackass)

    that further trespass will mean great difficulties to their future.


    I am not totally unconvinced by my own conservative thoughts, in comparison and reaction to Marcia’s now, that the exacting of punishment from those likely behind…

    …well…I hope not…but I must confess in all honesty…I am not completely averse to pointing toward those who are trying to stop what is happening (the goodness that can and will come to the public),

    and if only absolutely necessary assign men who love beating the dirt out of old rugs, with heavy sticks.

    …well…anyway…G-d forbid…

    (…everyone knows that it is our policy to give to the public extra things in proportion to the wrongs others have tried to do to them, via our exposure to the public…our policy remains… …)

    contd below

  90. rosettasister Says:

    Speaking of the Isis process…we have some good news! This news is other than the beta-testing continuing, leading to marketing, WHICH IT MOST SURELY WILL…and more people WILL most certainly see “her.”

    (…and without giving too mucy away about the Fran/Stan publication…this gives us an idea why people trying to enter the “realm” of Ufology never present any new technologies worth anything around them.

    Those within and trying to control that “realm” practice “prevention.”)

    …but about Isis and not the tail-chasers for a moment…

    Video Data from both the Isis-B and Isis-P is now being reviewed.

    (The members of the public who agreed to the beta-testing and signed the waivers, etc. have nothing to fear…that video data will never be shown in any way which will ever ID them or compromise their privacy in any way!

    It’s just as we both promised them when the sessions started!)

    In recent reviews of Data,…I noticed something “unusual” from an IR camera with Photomultiplier system.

    (On an off note: those beta-tested were aware that a regular surveillance camera was recording for security/safety and a secondary system – MINE – was also recording.

    This was not mentioned ahead of time, but being any of the 4 may come out in public and speak for themselves, it serves to come forward with that information now.)

    Okay…now everyone has to follow me here…we’re adults… …(see the wink?)…okay…remember that wink as you read just above as below …okay…

    contd below

  91. rosettasister Says:

    Lotus is, of course, DIFFERENT than Isis.

    Sure, in the course of Lotus work, tones were added to the environment around the quartz crystals, and the crystals were exposed to saline and lasers, to generate the silicate phenomenon.

    In Isis, we happen show lasers on the saline exposed crystals to produce MOOD LIGHTING.

    The tube connection (the blue tube) between the area where that area’s MOOD LIGHTING is being produced is

    to enhanced the MOOD LIGHTING AND MUSIC RELAXATION effects by the simple virtue of a positive flow of air,

    from the area of the crystals to the vest being worn by the person.

    Understand? Okay. Good.

    We have felt (and mainly continue to do so) that

    the crystal area was absolutely integral to the MOOD LIGHTING and associated RELAXATION portion of the experience,

    even though the persons who were seated several feet away, were wearing a soothing eye mask, and had specific MOOD LIGHTING frequencies projected toward those soothing masks,

    and while the tones from the ancient algorithms were playing though the speakers within the vest.

    If ANYONE asks us why we would think that way, what was our reasoning? …I warn them now…they will only get a polite smile from us…and maybe a shrug of the shoulders! That’s all. For life. Now…

    Remember back with the COMPLETELY UNASSOCIATED Lotus experiments, we were looking into the issue of BIOPHOTONICS?

    If you don’t, we have closely examined the possible relationships between biophotonics and Lotus, as it may be connected to evolutionary processes.

    If one doesn’t know that

    every cell spontaneously produces “coherent light”…

    please do some research on it, as I only have so much time here, today.

    Well…totally unassociated to Lotus and Isis, but found on certain IR data, and REMEMBER…I AM NOT SAYING THE IR CAMERAS INVOLVED IN THE ISIS WORK…OF COURSE NOT……

    but in 14 out of 14 runs using certain devices, where only the TONES

    and in 4 of 14 cases where directed light toward a gel-like medium was used at the moment,


    a believed biophotonic response has been captured!

    (I will not answer from what “medium” was the biophotonic response produced? We are all adults.)


    completely unassociated to Lotus or Isis,

    response, was replicated at certain specific times

    throughout an identical tonal production, which was compiled through the use of the sound algorithms!

    (Unrelated, again: I am not permitted to discuss the beta-testing protocols with anyone but Marcia, or privately via Marcia with those beta tested! So members of the public need not ask.)

    But back to the subject…biophotonics… …the observed reaction was completely replicated, precisely at the same times!

    The meaning to us? In a series of thought processes that I simply can’t explain or place reason upon… …

    Marcia has tasked me, following the production of the Q94 material (continuing March 7, 2011), with moving to investigate

    the possible future use of PURE ACOUSTIC SOURCES to effect certain outcomes.

    In a completely UNRELATED piece of news, yes, Marcia is moving to begin the expedited production of tonal CD’s, for public use, designed for RELAXATION purposes.

    Back to the Hearings…and the Diplomatic Rooms…soon…but…

    BTW, the Hearing on the use of Cannabis (THC) containing products, by members of Maj, has concluded. I have just pushed the button for the policy to be posted within the Consistory.

    By a ruling from the Desk, Maj removes the prohibitions against use of same by Majpers, placing its use by Majpers in generally the same category as alcohol containing beverages, where performance of duty is concerned.

    (There are restrictions, other policies and obligations not stated here, but provided as policy to the MajConsis.)

    The Majpers are being made aware that where that policy conflicts with existing laws, should they have a negative interaction with law enforcement, Maj will extend its influences in their defense.


  92. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #46 Today at 6:29am »

    Fran, until the communications nodes are released by Steven, ?

    Can you offer any reasoning behind D’s assertion that some of the showing of steel is going to be necessary? I know what Pearl is, but?

    Surely not as a warning to opponents? They could have done that and more last Wednesday.


  93. rosettasister Says:

    Frances M.G. Ortiz, SoF
    « Reply #47 Today at 6:38am »

    Andy this is a balancing act between the Majestic they run and the Eagles Disobey I run that is so much about them.

    Millions have followed the lives of the people they know as “The Eagles” and all the way through a war that they won, allowing them to finally get married after being in love for almost 20 years.

    They have learned which battles to walk away from and which ones to fight to the finish.

    In that kind of way they are experienced Commanders. They are the Generals now in the thing at hand.

    As long as things remain as they are, they are going to fight that one to the finish!

    Because it is so linked to them, they feel it right to invite the public who has followed their lives through a real life fairy tale, into a little bit of what is almost certainly /as we think now/ going to happen.

    It is going to be rough real life. The dangers will be real, from multiple sources now. The battle will be righteous and I will have a film unit there as it happens.

    Now please leave it alone.


  94. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #56 Today at 11:10am »

    Fran buzz.

    Word is HE is flying someone in from the Shady Rest on this tonal thing for somekind of something never done before?


    Hate to impose?


  95. rosettasister Says:

    Hate to impose? A/M

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #58 Today at 11:29am »

    “Me and the Mrs.” have decided that although without some flash/bang for some, we aren’t going to lose the battle,

    eventhough we already know the war is fait accompli to our side.

    So…my strong suggestion is that this night you should lean toward your inclinations. NNTR


    (Will Dan or Marcia ever speak to MILABs?)

    (And now that we’ve survived the Cycles Cross, what of abductions? No more from ourselves in the future? Other groups, terrestrial and/or extraterrestrial still abducting?)

  96. rosettasister Says:

    VeritasShow | Jul 28, 2010

    Researcher/experiencer Melinda Leslie discussed her recent work on abductees who claim to have been interrogated, and sometimes re-abducted by covert/military operatives, after their initial alien encounter.

    The phenomenon, often referred to as MILABS (military mind control and abduction), can occur in several stages.

    Starting off on a low level with hearing noises like someone is listening in on phone calls, it can graduate to being watched and followed, confronted and told not to speak out, and harassed by low-flying black helicopters, she detailed.

    Some abductees encounter a “minders scenario” in which an operative wins their trust with insider information about their alien interactions, but then can become controlling and manipulative, she said.









  97. rosettasister Says:

    Melinda Leslie

    Niara Terela Isley

  98. rosettasister Says:

    Chuck Weiss


    177: The Research of Melinda Leslie: Summary and Conclusions


    And now for my comments . . .

    Much of Melinda’s research about Majestic is not new to me, but it was good to see it in writing from a real researcher who gleaned her information from an active caseload of Abductee/Experiencers.

    There were some surprises, though.

    Perhaps the most disturbing part of Melinda’s research to me personally was when she described how some Abductee/Experiencers have had their personalities split in two, so as to create one that is in their control.

    My own research shows that the procedure was likely developed by the CIA and then deployed in the field against some Soviet spies captured during the cold war.

    After their personalities were split, those spies were released back into the field to continue their clandestine activities unknowingly as a double agent.

    Now Majestic is evidently doing the same thing to Abductee/Experiencers.

    I say that it was disturbing to me personally because of an incident (described in posts 132 and 133) where I discovered, quite by accident, that I am programmed to get out of bed at night and let Majestic’s agents in through the door.

    When I remembered the incident, I was filled with a strong feeling of deference for the people waiting to be let in.

    The idea of being made to dance like a puppet on a string for the very people I despise is discouraging to say the least.

    It is through my writing, though, that I can best fight back. Harold’s ETs once called me a “word warrior,” a title that I wear proudly.

    I’m currently searching for a hypnotherapist who will help me learn more about my “other” self, but I have no money and it would have to be “pro bono,” for no fee.

    And, in what I believe to be an historic “Ah Ha!!!” moment, after reading Melinda’s description of what certain abductees said about how they used ET technology I was able to determine just what the Mental Interface is that Majestic is searching for!

    I described it fully in blog #174, part 8 of this series of posts.

    My explanation is too intertwined with Melinda’s presentation for me to describe it here, but it’s a must read for anyone who wants to know, and my interpretation must be correct because Majestic told me it was (or so it seems).

    Shortly after I posted blog #174, Majestic “visited” me and roughed me up, reinjuring my left thumb. They also left a message.

    My copy of Melinda’s presentation in outline form, which I’ve reproduced here on this blog, had been taken down from where it had hung on a nail high above my desk (where my cats can’t reach) and was placed carefully on the floor at the foot of my chair.

    It was put where I couldn’t help but immediately notice it, and the fact that they had used Melinda’s outline to tell me that they had been here was meant to convey just why they are upset with me.

    Although the physical evidence of Majestic’s abuse is unmistakable, the ETs suppress my memories of Majestic’s harassment to protect me psychologically.

    Majestic has to resort to this kind of communication to get their point across to my resistant personality.

    (The most striking example of the psychological protection I receive from my ET friends was described in the chapter of my book1 titled, “Rape the Ultimate Harassment,” and reprinted here as blog post #96.)

    It’s rare that Majestic will visit me more than once a week, but this week they’ve come three times.

    After Monday night’s visit they came again the following night, and again just last night.

    (I must have struck a nerve with what I’ve written about Melinda’s research.)

    Each time they come they move something that I’ll immediately see when I wake up.

    They want me to know that they’ve been here, even if the ETs suppress my memory of their harassment and torture.

    For years I’ve documented the nasty things that Majestic has done to me. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone in this.

    Thank you, Melinda.

    I invite anyone who thinks that they might have been re-abducted by human operatives to leave a comment on this blog.

    Someone hacked this website (guess who I suspect) and redirected the regular comments link to a non-existent page.

    Instead, send me an email at

    and I’ll post it to the Comments page on the sidebar of this blog.

  99. rosettasister Says:

    I believe Dan and Marcia would protect us from MILABs if they could, if they knew and they could.

    But I still wonder how much they know, no mention of “milab” to the best of my knowledge.

    Except maybe on one youtube, I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly.

    If I am interpreting correctly, Dan and Marcia seem to be saying Disclosure ain’t gonna happen, wouldn’t be prudent, more harm than good.

    And, you know, I could live with that, were it not for these MILABs, which more and more victims are speaking out about.

    Before 2007 in Arizona, being abducted wasn’t so bad, in fact, sometimes it was euphoric.

    And I enjoyed, and still enjoy, being with the children.

    And they seem to like me, too!

  100. rosettasister Says:


    New Thread:

    Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas


    New Thread:

    Conscious abductee and MILAB victim Melinda Leslie

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