The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part Three


Continued from Part Two

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(I do not know the original source for the following, or date. But I do know it is a part of the story.)


STAAR: Reportedly formed in 1958 at the height of the Cold War, the creation of STAAR was a direct response to the threat of armed alien invasion.

In the years after World War II, as US and USSR pilots continuously set new high altitude and performance records, an increasing number of strange aircraft sightings were reported near the boundary of Earth’s stratosphere.

After the infamous Roswell, NM crash in 1947, the Pentagon took these reports more seriously than ever before.

Although the records are sealed, and most of the evidence and witnesses having disappeared, the Roswell incident is the first documented crash of an aircraft of extraterrestrial origin.

The remnants of the craft, and the pilots (one of which was reported to have been alive at the time, EBE­1) were taken to a nearby Air Force base.

Eventually, the wreckage and bodies were transported to Wright­Patterson AFB and EBE­1 to Los Alamos Labs, see our book THE ALIEN PRESENCE, for details and documentation.

As an Elite Strike Force and citing the need for extreme secrecy, President Eisenhower established the STAAR task force so that it would quickly respond to and counter alien threats.

The strike force specialized in quick mobility and was trained to handle situations beyond the control of the conventional military.

This was deemed vital to national security, since if it was ever learned there were extraterrestrials on Earth, the result would be widespread panic and open vulnerability to nuclear attack.

Hence, tapping resources from the CIA, the National Science Foundation, and the conventional armed services, STAAR was born.

Standing for Strategic Tactical Advanced Alien Response, STAAR is composed of, at any one time, only a few dozen individuals who have been recruited from their own disciplines to form the nucleus of the team.

Consisting of top experts in advanced computing, astrophysics, biology, cryptography, communications, diplomacy, explosives, hazardous materials, and intelligence.

The team is also rigorously cross­trained in military combat skills (including hand­to­hand combat and small and heavy weapons usage) and survival.

As technology has evolved and progressed, the level of sophistication of equipment allocated to the STAAR Team has remained a step ahead.

Tied in to the massive quantities of data available from satellite networks, radio telescopes, and other monitoring sources, the STAAR Team stands ready to detect, respond to, and counter any signs of alien threat to Earth.
While this much is known about the Team’s charter, the locations and whereabouts of Team headquarters remain undiscovered.


alphabet: insider slang for a government agent, from the use of acronyms as titles of government departments

aDNA: ancient DNA
Area 51: Facility at Papoose Lake
BCW: Biological & chemical warfare
bird: insider slang fora lien
crossbridge: A group of 32 cells (8 tetrads) formed from A GP which extends from the target cell to a secondary cell. The crossbridge is associated with ashiva linga

CotM: Committee of the Majority. A Scottish rite Masonic based committee of 33 men operating with U.S. and other governments

DCTP: Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox. In this doctrine consequences of time travel are stacked in reality like a stack of cards

DMT: a hallucenogen.

(I honestly don’t know who “ANANDA” is. And I would have no way of knowing if Burisch would share ANANDA’s interpretation. Sometimes I’ve omitted what ANANDA says and sometimes I’ve included.)


HAL = holon/whole;

Luce = light;

gen = gender…

AKA DNA-light holography reception = DMT + Pinoline/harmine.

Molecules whose precise NMR resonance architecture are antenna”s for the DNA 100 UPS 200� – 900�coherent light signals and language: the “viSION” is DNA tell-a-vision par excellance, and is a quantum many world superspace switchboard, when in a cybernetic unit relationship, with bio superconductivity/M-field, and precise sound harmonics.

Since DNA and RNA fluorescence studies bear out that these two Pineal gland molecules are superior DNA and RNA intercalators, for Pinoline/Loturin/Harmine and DMT/5-MeO-DMT respectfully.

The DNA exhibiting binomial co-efficient double Klein bottle symmetry and asymmetry (4D +); and RNA plane D4 Klein bottle morphology…

The harmonic molecular frequency tuning of these molecules also plays a key role…
However, scanning through the entire chat forums and thousands of pages on Dr. Burisch, none have as yet caught up with the science and advancement for detail in several chapters of our book THE SOMA CONSPIRACY…

NMR 8hz = Ganese particle Laiason intercalatories}.

(Yet another language which escapes me!)

Dulce facility: Facility at LANL east of Area 51.

“My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know, when you hear human beings screaming in pain?” – DrB (DrDan)

EBE: Extraterrestrial Biological Entity

GP: Ganesh Particle; emerges from an activated quartz crystal and travels down an electromagnetic river to the target cell.

Once attached, one end of GP opens up like a flower and the shiva linga

J-Rod: A class of EBE from the Reticulum area.

Chi’ iielah — the particular J-Rod associated with DrB –was housed in a pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere at Level 5 of S4, and had a degenerative neurological condition.

The appearance of the J-Rods is similar to that of the “grey” aliens recovered from Roswell.

Land of Enchantment: insider slang for the state of New Mexico

LANL: Los Alamos National Labs

Lotus Protocol: A genesis mechanism associated with the Tree of Life

Lotus Project: a subset of the Starflower project

Maj12: A group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for theCotM


{ANANDA: Maj12. Majesty, MAJI, MAJI-C — Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence Control, as per the testimony of Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Terpstra.

See our 1993 book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms}

Patchwork: The controlled release of information to the public.

Pearls of Brahma: a group of viruses emitted from the GPon the side opposite the shiva linga

Rancher: George W Bush

Raindancer: a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project

S4: Sector 4 facility outside of Area 51
Section D: biological tinkering facility
Shiva linga: The tube that emerges from the opened GP to penetrate another cell

Starflower Project: A project which deals the effects of extraterrestrial interactions throughout history and today

Sweetness: insider slang for the Dulce facility
T9 treaty: the reknewed alien/covert government treaty.
Vishnu Schist: Source of quartz crystal in the Frenchman Mountains, Nevada

Voynich Manuscript: An encoded document written by Francis Bacon

See also:

{ANANDA: the evidence linking it to Roger Bacon is better, in terms of logistics…

The Andromeda nebulai shown in the text also features in other Roger Bacon “contact” tales…

Friar Bacon catalogues numerous UFO flyovers passing his Friary…

He also sought to bury into secrecy the clear sign posts of SOMA “the herb of grace”, as the 7th Initiation, as being “to powerful” for the majority of mankind, and initiated the obscuring of the 7th level into Occultation…

This is an involved story.

Dr. John Dee, father of the Royal Society of Science, and Agent 007 for Queen Elisabeth, as well as being Sir Francis Bacon”s Cabalistic and Cryptographic tutor on the art of cipher and cryptographaeia par cryptologaia — was desperately trying to open the “star gate” portal to the sources his predecessors had access to, including, Roger Bacon, to a limited degree;

the SION AOM order, like the Flammel”s and Blanchforts; and, to a limited degree, Monk Udolphus of Achen.
Dr. Dee was aiming to the Pegasus Square, which includes one of the stars of Andromeda…

In 1998 one of the TIME GATE PHI signals of the Gamma Ray post-Euclidian galactic net, emerged from Pegasus.

Dr. Dee was an inheritor of the legacy, who failed to gain full access to the Omni-Science and Omni-
Cogniscent Numinal”s — OT and ET”s.

MANUminal Omni-Temporal”s and ANUminal Extra-Temporal”s}

(John Dee is new to me and I very much want to find out more about him, but the rest is “Greek” to me.)

See also:

John Dee, of Chymistrey and Magicall Secrets – He was a great Peace-maker

Benjamin Woolley – 2002 – Biography & Autobiography – 376 pages
The fascinating and often overlooked life of John Dee, a scientist and trusted advisor to Queen Elizabeth I

Watertown: insider slang for Area 51

Yellow Book: A book showing possible futures

{ANANDA: started by the EBE”s from AV crash retrieval”s of the 1940″s — Krll, AFFA, and Alomaar continuing it, from the late 1950″s, and under Project Plato, physically from the 1960s.

Numerous EBE offshoots, have contributed to the various Yellow Books, which are complemented by the Blue Book Report #13 and Operation Majority Report}

The Story Continues

The material I am sourcing for this next part is rather jumbled, but I think picks up where DrDan left us with his friend’s referencing something he called the “joined resonance.”

(Also, according to DrDan this “splitting” of humanity did not, in fact, happen. We survived the Cycles Cross, aka the Cycle’s Cross.)

My experience with the J­Rod and his willingness to suffer for his (and our) kind entranced me. Was his willingness based on logic and/or the preservation of favorable characteristics?

Well, it could have been, and that was my supposition before friendship.

His current state may have had sequences that drove him to the notions of altruism.

Once the bond was made, I found that while he was aware that his nerve degeneration disorder could have a future treatment, that was not his major concern.

Rather, this logical being seemed, by virtue of constant statements, to long to help set straight a series of errors in judgment and events that culminated in our being separated from our spiritual nature.

He was searching for something lost, not being driven by something gained (a mutation).

I had only really heard about the so called “Orion Beings”.

He only inferred their existence and called (I presume them) as the “Brothers”, but spoke to me of the catastrophe that led to his peoples existence, and his “logical” processing of the need for rejoining because of “something” missing from his and the “Brother’s” DNA; something not based in the sequences of the biomolecule…something he called the “joined resonance”.

DR BURISCH: I soon put 2­and­2 together and looked to him as one of two future species, in present time called ‘Homo sapiens sapiens’, and found humanity to be greater than the sum of its base pairs. Could adaptive radiation and new speciation account for the future “true” dichotomy, those same natures that we (now) as humans understand to be both parts of us as a single species?
Didn’t the base pairs and the preservation of favorable characteristics through fortuitous gene mutations answer to the differences between the J­Rods and the “Brothers”? I asked him.

He replied (paraphrased as best as I can remember):

‘We are here in your present presence asking for help.’

This statement struck me dumb and made me numb.

If the answer was completely found in the material (handled through logical process and with technology) or completely spiritual (handled by the so called “higher human self”) why not deal with it, my dear J­Rods or my dear “Brothers”, yourselves?

A Root Genesis

I reasoned, and he confirmed, that we now possess something unique together with the necessary technological achievement level, expressing itself from the spiritual through the material, and
allowing us to contact a root genesis from whence springs life on earth.

He confirmed that this “contact” is allowed only while we are a fused being, with both material and spiritual natures acting in both complementary and internally (and intensely I may add) disagreeing ways, through the “joined resonance”.

In an effort to assist him with his particular neuropathy (as no cure or treatment then existed) and to possibly gain insight into the larger scale problem of the fracturing of humanity, I requested to know what he knew of the genesis time.

The J­Rod rapidly approached me and grabbed me, knocking me to the grated flooring of the clean sphere.

For the next 20­30 minutes

(until my fellow scientists could drag me from the clean sphere­­they didn’t have secondary suits ready to immediately enter…and we are all told before entering of the possible things that can go wrong!),

he flooded my mind with moving images (like a 3D movie), thoughts and dulled emotions.

(I included an image depicting this scene in Part Two of the Chronicles.)

Some of the thoughts appeared more as metaphors than concretized reality.
He showed me the process of genesis from the perspective of his interaction with the “Brothers”

[So, I guess you could say that it is some kind of extraterrestrial hearsay?]

The images, I later found, were close to the ancient mandala of creation, the Sri Yantra.

I saw a pearlescent lotus flower emerge from a near spherical crystal matrix, in which resided an object that looked like the Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra collapsed into itself through successive stages that looked like the platonic solids, and was carried along like a seed in a river of light to an oscillating drop of water.

It entered the drop of water.

The drop of water divided into 12 parts by pinching itself off into 12 separate locations while each location stayed in contact with the seed.

The seed divided (or ‘budding’?) itself into each of the 12 drops.

I was aware enough to count the parts and see that each parts’ substance coalesced into what appeared as fully functioning prokaryote and eukaryote varieties

I witnessed one of the drops, with rapidly dividing cells, as it seemed to become covered in a dark red material. The material pushed itself away and I looked into the face of a man.

The Dawn of Humanity

He felt like he was there and I could swear I felt him breathe in.
Was this the dawn of humanity?
I struggle with the potential and am torn in my soul, to this day, with the possible reality.

I didn’t see the destiny of the other drops, but since that time of experience, my thoughts have been very fertile!

For a few years I plodded along with the Serial Endosymbiotic Theory of Eukaryote Origins,

(This is a cute way of saying that the so called complex cells are composites of simpler cells that once
danced the minuet of “I’ll eat you or you’ll eat me”; then almost mystically agreed to remain one within another giving a competitive edge in survival.)

and then posited a large virus which may have seeded the garden called earth. (Sound familiar?)

The totipotent virus would necessarily possess a unique genetic package sufficient to be the forerunner of all earth life.

I covered this research, as I was still engaged with the Maji in other pursuits and had not informed them of the content of the message from the J­Rod, within the framework of an endosymbiotic research project that was originally called “Mission Genesis”, a staged logical next step from an endosymbiosis project with which I had been involved for a number of years.

To be continued …

I’ll stop there for now. I have a feeling this next part is going to take a while to get through. This last part is brand new for me.


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    Rasa — Saffron Blue

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    Time Travel and Consistency Constraints

    “The possibility of time travel, as permitted in General Relativity, is responsible for constraining physical fields beyond what laws of nature would otherwise require.

    In the special case where time travel is limited to a single object returning to the past and interacting with itself, consistency constraints can be avoided if the dynamics is continuous and the object’s state space satisfies a certain topological requirement:

    that all null-homotopic mappings from the state-space to itself have some fixed point.

    Where consistency constraints do exist, no new physics is needed to enforce them.

    One needs only to accept certain global topological constraints as laws, something that is reasonable in any case.

    3. What’s the Problem with Time Travel?

    The usual stock of time-travel paradoxes begs us to distinguish between global and local possibility.

    In stories where the protagonist time travels into the past to kill himself as a youngster, it is purportedly paradoxical how the time traveler can kill himself.

    Yet, the resolution of the paradox is well known.

    The time traveler can kill his earlier self in the local sense because given only the local physics, the time traveler is no less capable of murder for his time traveling: he has his trusty sword, the requisite malice, etc.

    It is impossible for him, though, to kill himself in the global sense because there is no possible world (barring resurrection) where he dies as youth and then later journeys back through time.

    Conflicting intuitions about the abilities of the time traveler arise only by equivocating between local and global possibility.

    The global/local distinction makes the world safe for time travel.”

    Found here:

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    Marc Craig Cohn (born July 5, 1959) is an American folk rock singer-songwriter and musician.

    He is best known for his song “Walking in Memphis” from his 1991 album Marc Cohn.

    He has issued four other studio albums to date:

    The Rainy Season (1993),
    Burning the Daze (1998),
    Join the Parade (2007), and
    Listening Booth: 1970 (2010).

    Cohn wrote the song “My Great Escape” for the 1995 Peter Horton film The Cure.

    However, the song, which was played during the opening sequence, was not released on the film’s Dave Grusin soundtrack album.

    In 1987, Cohn performed two songs (“One Rock and Roll Too Many” and “Pumping Iron”) on the Phil Ramone-produced concept album of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express, Music and Songs from Starlight Express.

    Cohn’s new album, Listening Booth: 1970 (release date July 20, 2010) is a collection of covers from the year 1970.

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    Marc Cohn — Marc Cohn

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    « Reply #679 Yesterday at 7:08pm »

    Does that statement finally give to us the long awaited indication of where you and DotK fall on the question in K-11-2?


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    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #680 Yesterday at 7:24pm »

    Ask Ann! …a little joke…

    Andrew…just as we have said that the Sun will go about its natural Cycles (but thanks be to G-d, without T2)…

    the Barnacle Goose will migrate in Autumn…and the history of Heisenberg will reinforce an inequality sign…


    A little title, no matter how pressing, important to the silent services, and some even say ostentatious, will not change Marcia and myself.

    It is (presently) attached to us…but we are not attached to it. We are attached to ideals, while working with reals.

    Those doing the public “harm” will be cited as such and where possible cut off,

    those trying to help the public will be detailed honestly and where possible assisted, and

    the Public will always be held first, as they are to whom we give our service.

    Have we been previously ambiguous in those stated goals? NNTR


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    « Reply #681 Yesterday at 7:40pm »

    You and Marci are moving toward a disclosure effort and with the power to place essentially an all powerful seal over it?

    It will result in a schism that Majestic will not survive.


  11. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #682 Yesterday at 7:47pm »

    Your conclusion does not follow from the evidence thus far provided to you. We are making NO move which would result in a schism!

    Such a move would be irrational and self-defeating, given the political realities!

    Your assessment of not only the present, but also the future and available paths is not clear, complete, and balanced.

    Do not go forward and spread your incorrect evaluation as our Directive!

    I hope I am being quite clear?

    In slightly over 24 hours, you will know what we are suggesting.


  12. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #683 Yesterday at 7:50pm »

    Thank you and I apologize! We are a bit frayed here waiting.


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    The Leaders of the Consistory of the Majestic Will be appearing, and

    if called upon by OM.TV,

    will be taking questions for a few minutes following Michael Schratt’s presentation

    scheduled for February 24, 2011 from 9am-10:30am, at Fort McDowell.

    See also:

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    “If called, I think the leaders of the real Maj are going end their time near ” ufology” by demonstrating what 15-20 minutes means.”

    “We are walking a fine line here having to do the job inside of Majestic and be approachable because of the discovery, Isis, at the same time.”

    “The content of that commentary will be included in the materials sent to the Consistory by Friday.”

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    This should be good!–interview-project-camelot-and-the-quest-for-truth


    KERRY CASSIDY – Filmmaker, Producer and Intuitive talks about “Project Camelot and the Quest for TRUTH”

    After 19 years in Hollywood working for major studios and independent production companies in production, development and new media, she has written a number of screenplays.

    As an independent producer she pitched projects around Hollywood to major producers and directors and then in April 2006 Kerry co-founded Project Camelot with Bill Ryan and has been working as a documentary filmmaker and producer for the past 4 years.

    Kerry today conducts interviews documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet.

    She speaks at conferences around the world on the subjects of ETs, the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, 2012 and many other subjects.

    Kerry is an intuitive and spent years researching the occult and studying Eastern philosophy.

    While spending dedicated time in meditation, she linked her chakras in her 20s and has had multiple samadhi experiences since then.

    Topic: Tonight we will be speaking with Kerry about her own personal journey, and her quest for the “TRUTH”

    from government whistleblowers, aliens, super solders to spiritual understanding –

    Kerry is on the front lines of a empowering truth revolution!

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    And thanks, Kerry! For turning me onto:


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    Okay, here we go.

    At approx 33:00–interview-project-camelot-and-the-quest-for-truth

    Dan and Marcia are mentioned

    I paused to post these warnings.

    Kerry, your interpretation is only that.

    You choose to see things a certain way.

    We all do.

    I don’t like this finger pointing, not from you, not from Dan who I love so much, not from Marcia who I’m learning to respect.

    This “Catholic” reference is all too familiar, and all too disappointing.

    Are you really in such a position to negate all of the miracles, of all time?

    And this Svengali-like trait you attribute to yourself, is that something of which to be proud?

    In the same breath, you damn the mind controllers, then brag about your own abilities.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    Okay, so now it’s all coming back to me:

    Please scroll down to my comments here:

    Such as:

    rosettasister Says:

    August 2, 2009 at 2:45 am

    This doesn’t seem kosher! Project Camelot has always stood by Dan and Marcia. Is it their fault if some guy says he’s been to Mars?!


    First, let’s drag Dan into a situation where he’ll certainly not oppose the social irresponsibility of PC becoming an open antivax political activism group because a movie is being dangled – they found out how that worked out. Now, let’s let him be supported by a fella who says he’s been suffering from a “neurological illness, making me bed ridden for 3 years” (Deacon’s own words in Zurich), and now CLAIMED HE’S PERSONALLY BEEN TO MARS???????

    I woke Dan up for that one. He stared at me, then chuckled, “Oh, God! I can see their next headlines: ‘Secret Government Witness, Batboy comes forward!’”

    They have turned themselves, once proclaimed as an outlet for whistleblowers, into a public advocacy that could get you ill or worse, and a sideshow for PUBLICITY STUNTS.

    As a result, Dr. Marcia Burisch (McDowell), on behalf of Eagles Disobey, Inc., will be formally withdrawing her permission for any/all materials relating to Eagles Disobey, herself, and Dr. Dan Burisch from being displayed on PC. They may, after this request, still decide to showcase Dan, as he is apparently one of the few on there with credibility, but at least the public will be informed that Eagles Disobey is NOT PARTICIPATING in the sideshow nonsense which seems to be the NOW OUT IN THE OPEN center focus of PC.

    Marci said we watched this same phenomenon with a .info site which used to be about Dan, then it was turned into a second rate yellow rag where Dan was claimed to be a member of the Priory of Sion, so the purveyors of that rag could try to get donations. Now, we are watching the publicity stunts go out of hand with PC. It is sad, nothing we can do about it, except not participate with them in the future, AND MAKE SURE THAT THE PUBLIC IS FULLY AWARE THAT NONE OF US AT EAGLES DISOBEY ARE A PART IN ANY WAY OF THE GAMES WHICH ARE NOW UNDERWAY, AND KEEP ENCOURAGING SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIORS.



    (I saw the video being referred to here, and it was a little awkward, but Project Camelot doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.)

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    Oh, Lord, I called Stan a “Dick.”


    Please forgive me!

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    Troy Says:

    August 2, 2009 at 4:22 am

    Ok, so Dan is basically saying that Kerry is an Illuminatist….Ok, Dan is now officially a dick!!!


    BTW the above was in response to Troy.

    Dear Troy!

  21. rosettasister Says:

    Kerry, how about a response to what Dan and Marcia are doing now?

    Do you believe?

    I mean, what’s really important?


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    Vol. 13-Song Of The Rebellious

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    Remembering Rosalie

    So heartbreaking!

    The mind of the surviving soul at death

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    Musica for Rosalie

    Symphony No. 7 In A Major, Op. 92_II. Allegretto

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    Recent Stuff

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    My husband, God Bless his soul, tells me I remind him of this character:

    Paul Moore: It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you’re the smartest person in the room.

    Jane Craig: No. It’s awful.

    holly hunter in broadcast news

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    “Thanks, everybody.”

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    Devendra Banhart — Cripple Crow

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    I feel just like a child
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    I’m a child
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    Slap me til I cry
    Don’t you stop til the tears run dry
    See I was born thinking under the sky
    I didn’t belong to a couple of old wise guys
    From sucking on my mama’s breast
    To when they lay my soul to rest
    I’m a child
    Well I guess I’m always be
    A little child

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Today at 4:59pm, Dr. Marci (SoF) wrote:

    Brian, you can proceed but be very careful with OpSec. I am sure Steve has spoken with you. NNTR.

    Also, the public may not understand because this is their first operational peeks into what we do.

    These kinds of decisions and discussions are NORMAL for any deployment where Dan and I are to be attending a function known to the public.

    So far, the discussions have been tame.

    (That is not an offer for the Team to take it up too many notches! )



    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #704 Today at 6:51pm »

    My Lady tells the truth! In this case, we have 2 missions within the overall operation that are somewhat unusual.

    Plus…for the first time EVER…Marcia and I appear in public as what we presently are…G-d help us…ECHELON OF THE MAJESTIC.

    We must face reality: that brings with it, some differences. (Come on December 2012! )

    We will be as apart (IN APPEARANCE) from Security as our great professionals can create. (They are very creative. )

    What disparate features?

    Two people moving toward “mood lighting and relaxation” systems, and at the same time running one very powerful Group!

    Not easy…but for YOU? For YOU.

    (1) In the past, those placed by ufology to gather intelligence on Marcia and myself were targeted only for identification and passing of information to us, so we knew where the unprofessionals were stationed in all their believed ‘covert style.’

    In this case, we will be documenting, for our own purposes, those attempting to document us.

    It’s somewhat of a “safari to document the watchers.”

    In addition, should we happen to notice any of the lily white members of ufology, who would have the public believe they lead perfect and clean lives,

    at least so clean and perfect to enjoy rationalizing their casting unlcean stones at people who are telling the truth…

    well…should they show themselves in other than pristine behavior (and that includes comments between each other)…as I said… …

    well…if that happens to be caught on video, audio, or photography?

    What caaan I say? C’est la vie!

    I have also decided that should such…ah…”documentary opportunities”…present themselves well beyond this little get together,

    we should do everything we can to make sure history is correctly documented.

    How does this impact the public? It doesn’t…save you may find out in the future all kinds of things.

    I am sure that Brian will explain about our “documentary” activities.

    (2) ISIS. Simply put…if you are attending the beta testing, you will be notified by Marcia as to what videography is present.

    Maj Security is NOT allowed near those activities.

    They are allowed to watch over us as we take walks, but not document so much as 1 face of anyone being beta tested.

    You have my word of honor. It’s not Maj’s business.

    This is between Marcia (with me) and the private members of the public…who shall remain (with everything we do/control) …private.

    Our intelligence has long provided us with information that there will be at least a couple people there with intent to identify people coming/going from the beta testing…


    I suggest that the first question you ask yourselves about them, should that happen, is: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

    (We will be speaking with every person we beta test privately, as well. )

    But, you may be wondering now…WHO THE HELL ARE THEY?

    They may be present to try to make themselves

    (…and one of their gurus who tells everyone he can lead them to ascension, but whines like a scared brat when a cab doesn’t arrive on time, and frequently publicly talks about his genitals… )…

    they have been on record we have intercepted saying they intend to cause trouble.

    They want to make themselves look better.

    Being the only way to that is truth and hard work, or in their minds to confuse and lie to others…they usually take the cheapest path.

    Truth and work can be hard…too hard for lazy people who try to create their own news.

    I WILL WARN THAT KIND OF INDIVIDUAL (HARM-DOERS) ONLY ONCE ABOUT THIS APPEARANCE: do not attempt harm against us as we have assets in place.

    I will not hold those gentle giants from the completion of their duties, should they be required under Oath to perform such duties!

    It is easy for you: just stay from our path forward, or you shall be…as gently as possible…moved from it.

    Attempt to harm the People, and they will be defended.

    Fait accompli, just that simple…we wish only a “JUST PEACE”…and also short of that, we maintain the right to self defense.

    It must be just galling to some that the Isis Unit hasn’t mysteriously disappeared?

    I am truly afraid that if they are waiting for that…they ought to be watching other things!

    contd below

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, come on, UFOLOGISTS into the phoney “we’re after alternate energy devices” ploy, to milk the public of something never arriving!

    Admit it, if only to yourselves…you wanted it to become as phoney (mask bearing) and bait-n-switched (“but you can still hear the music”) as YOU are!

    Then you expected us to ask for money to (now said in a baby-ish voice) continue our long search and product development against the e-e-evil powers that be!

    How horrible it must be to be such frauds…to live that way. Yuck!

    Our machine operates “unusually”…our LARGE MACHINE operates VERY UNUSUALLY!

    No one has come snooping by to safeguard the e-e-evil powers that be from new technology reaching the public! NO ONE.

    The powers who deal with such unusual machines are WAITING for us to show them what we have found.

    Where such machines could harm the population, the “powers that be” don’t play any spyvspy games with the ufologists who want you to believe they actually care…no!

    If something is dangerous to the public…LAW ENFORCEMENT (CITY, COUNTY, STATE, FEDERAL) becomes involved and the dangerous piece of machinery (or whatever) is removed under WARRANT!

    Before you believe one piece of B.S. from anyone claiming they have any such machine…SEE IT YOURSELF.

    Until then…and if coming from ufology…figure it to be what it most likely is…B.S.!

    Anyway…the beta testing, of which this is the first is also FREE! What gall, huh?

    We didn’t even send you an email and plead with you to donate toward its development!

    Oh, I bet they are writhing like they have a newly impacted wisdom tooth!

    As soon as we made it plain that our device was REAL…you should have seen and heard the twitching and near panic out of some people!


    Too bad and so sad for them…but aside from certain small issues…THEY WERE NEVER OFFERED TO BE “PART OF IT” IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    They gave themselves away…not as champions for you…but as rear end cover-ers for themselves!

    As I said…the beta testing is between Marcia (with me) and the private members of the public. It is important to Marcia, prior to marketing.

    Private is how we will safeguard it to stay. Your privacy is very important to us.

    As for the rest of the ongoings…this is normal and she is correct, a bit tame.

    Our older guys (Steven and Brian) know that we have a standing policy to not cause fear in the public we are sworn to serve.

    We appreciate that courtesy and obvious understanding from them.

    When the Public, whom we serve, is walking with Marcia and myself, they should feel and BE…safe.

    So that we are all on the same page:

    (A) We are not coming to Ft. McDowell to mix and mingle…save with a few personal friends we are expecting to be present.

    (B) We are coming to Ft. McDowell to fulfill a contract, for 15-20 minutes of Q/A about “S4 in the middle 1990’s,” following Mr. Michael Schratt’s investigation-based presentation.

    (That means what it says.

    At present, our responsibilities prohibit us from even considering any kind of wider latitude in public discussions during a personal appearance.

    Most of you know that I love speaking with the public…but when we appear this time…we have NO CHOICE but to appear as what we are…SYMBOLS OF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE CONSISTORY OF THE MAJESTIC.

    Our attorney and his legal staff is “up the walls” in worry about us even appearing, as every word out of our mouths, should we be called to that stage, is going to be regarded in political ways.

    We considered it dishonorable to even consider not fulfilling a contract.

    When Eagles Disobey starts one, it finishes it!

    At the moment, Marcia and I are deep into the political sea, involving many different and difficult issues.

    Any wording outside of the framework of why we are there…could be construed in ways that may result in untoward things happening half way around the globe…TO GOOD PEOPLE…no better, no worse than YOU AND ME.)

    (C) We are coming to Ft. McDowell for Marcia to conduct the Isis beta testing.

    When we have personal conversation with “you” (the person(s) trying out the beta testing version of Isis) we are consdering that it will be with YOU, PERSONALLY AND PRIVATELY.

    We will not be discussing ongoing operations or activities, but…



    This will be told individually, but…

    Most of the conversation, for those undergoing the Isis beta testing, will be between Marcia and YOU. I will remain present with her.

    When she begins working with the person, to start the beta testing, you will notice me attending to a piece of equipment…probably on the floor…several feet away.

    My attention will be on that equipment…so please confine any/all questions to Marcia.

    When you meet with us, you need NOT to personally address us as anything but “MARCI” (or “MARCIA”) and “DAN.”

    (I’ve joked before that you can call me anything you like, but not late for dinner! )

    Do not worry over appellations: DOCTOR,…or whatever…

    We know our titles…we are called by them over 100 times on any given work day…BUT OUR TITLES CANNOT HELP YOU…but we have great hopes with this “mood lighting and relaxation” system.

    We are people who have worked very hard to put this very simple beta test together.

    The Energy from the ISIS-P unit lights up a room like the flash of an a-bomb and when the tones are turned on…the windows must be reinforced or they blow.

    If you have been reading here, you have followed what we did in the Pacific and the Gulf.


    The small system we have set up will be gentle, safe, and we hope…welcomed by you.

    It is NOT in the configuration of how it will be marketed.

    We have additions to the system and ways that it will be employed totally different than the beta test.

    (Some may have heard Marcia and I talking about it, while walking alone, some time ago, in Laughlin? I am aware that short video snippets were made public.)

    See YOU there!

    For my honey…I love you …


  32. rosettasister Says:


  33. rosettasister Says:

    PROJECT LOTUS 2008 !

  34. rosettasister Says:


  35. rosettasister Says:


  36. rosettasister Says:


  37. rosettasister Says:

    Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:40 am

    My own opinion agrees with yours in many respects, with the exception that my “brotherly love” for them is tempered by recognition of their occasional fraudulence

    (the gullibility is an additional problem, as “increasing incompetence is virtually indistinguishable from malice”).

    They – together as “Project Camelot” – were targeted by OPeration RESearch (SERPO) to see if they could operate in the ‘ufer’ community with the false ‘disclosure’ masking a new Coverup.

    I think they passed with flying colors, and are now

    the more-or-less “official” dispersal point for whistleblowers from black-ops,

    stamped with the approval of Majestic 12 whose heads are Veep ‘Big Dick’ Cheney and DNI ‘Dadmiral’ McConnell.

    HELL-OHHHH!?!? Is it any wonder Marcia likes this boss of hers? Has anyone else considered the implications of that relationship?

    The story of “Alex Wallenwein” is yet another case in point.

    In this instance, the ‘destiny of his message’ is ultimately a good one, though it pushes the ‘War with Iran’ line that’s the sheckinah du jour.

    And we don’t need the IMF to intervene via the Fed; the Fed has been under control of the Rothschilds via its chairman.

    That’s one reason this person steps down when he wants to retire, or at the behest of Rothschild, not the President.

    Ever see a president fire a chairman of the Fed?

    They appoint from a very short list – usually made up of one name – that’s given to them well in advance.

    (One day, I’ll make sense of all this. Or not. The past is the past. And let’s just wait and see what we shall see from Dan and Marcia in this new document of theirs.)

  38. rosettasister Says:


  39. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #750 Today at 7:08pm »

    Andrew…and at such a solemn moment? A moment like this hasn’t happened since 1947.

    No. Most of them who know of this place have argued themselves out of its reality.

    We are in no position to…and in fact we shouldn’t…oppose that! They have shown us the natural state of their subpopulation.

    There are a few who have realized that it is real.

    They will be the ones with a better sense of what is happening as they watch the news and even the proceedings of the poor repackaged rehashes, year after year of what will likely become an even more cult based subpopulation as the older investigators into what they see as a phenomenon die off.

    Stanton almost gave too much away when he said “it’s a race with the grave.”

    He used the subject as the 1947 incidents which brought us to stark relief of the now solved Time Travel issue…

    but its larger meaning should not be lost on those who can think deeper, who read this response, in whole.

    I have concluded that those who cannot come to an understanding of the efficacy of just the previous account, with the mass of evidence (forget what we are doing now )…THEY ARE BETTER OFF NOT BELIEVING.

    Thus the wisdom behind the Orders of October 12, 2005…we were NOT told to do anything necessary to FORCE belief!

    My God could you believe the effect of my outlining the function of a given J-Rod’s “cell,” in intimate fashion!

    I brought the subject up more than several times to MULTIPLE UFOLOGY INVESTIGATORS – THE HOLY GRAIL FOR THEM, because it could have then been at least modularly re-engineered!

    They ALL stared at me in blank IGNORANCE. ALL OF THEM.

    I presented the ability to show the actual anatomy and physiology of a J-Rod, down to the Organ Systems and Tissue Types and they were busy spending money on science fiction looking depictions of occasions which they felt were important because it would SOUND GOOD to the reading public.

    They are feeding the public what the public is NOT otherwise DEMANDING: CHEESE BURGERS AND REALITY (YA RIGHT) TV!

    Where the Fantasy-prone (munch, munch, munch) are assaulted by the concocted reality jungle areas, totally confined as safe sets!

    Left behind are the great people who want the truth and thus the question is begged…


    The very intelligent among them will understand that the question of balancing the harm to masses who ALREADY throw rocks at each other, cannot justify satisfying the concretizing of the knowledge of the intellectual few by harming the larger portion of the population.

    The LARGEST portion of the decisions based in the large document about US has NOTHING to do with anything called “Ufology.”

    No…it didn’t merit that level of consideration.


    We LOVE …and we are NOT dumb.

    (Many of the people PUSHING THE LOUDEST for disclosure are like tghe loud mouths yelling at us…

    not all of them but many of them…are anarchists.

    They want to see the world…burn. They will be denied their pleasures.)

    contd below

  40. rosettasister Says:


    …but…pushing the reality during the Cycles Cross…a horribly wrong tactic…ONE IN WHICH WE WOULD NOT HAVE PARTICPATED…it would have harmed people whose life experiences would not…and will not…permit them to accept such a reality.

    The Orders and how they were handled prevented harm to people.

    At the same time, there were enough of those whose minds could handle the information, to focus on the necessities of the time,

    whereas we all helped each other to avoid the Great Catastrophe of the Age…

    but none more helped in that process than the PUBLIC!

    I call that…because we love the People…ending ahead of the game.

    I’ll have much more to say after Marcia does.


  41. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci (SoF)
    « Reply #751 Today at 7:20pm »

    “As she who is so privileged to be seated so temporarily before the Eternal, in sorrow and burden before the Eternal at this lowly Desk of the Keystone,

    I Formally ORDER to she who is seated as the Sergeant at Arms in and for the Consistory of the Majestic,

    that the KING Document, now before the Most Honorable Consistory of the Majestic, Numbered “11-2”

    Titled, “A STANDING POLICY: To the Questions Concerning, and Directions Toward, the Continued Information Release of the Historic Exposure by Extraterrestrial Intelligences to Involved, Formally Undeclared, Nation-States and Their Human Populations”;

    be NOW unsealed,

    openly read to the assembled Consistory,

    placed under immediate Maj-47-authorized classification process with the alternate working title (attached) as new title,

    logged into Archive,

    placed into immediate action policy, and

    distributed as POLICY to such hierarchies of Nation-States as permitted by standing Charter.

    Marcia Ann Crain, Ph.D.
    Desk of the Keystone, Consistory of the Majestic”

  42. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci (SoF)
    « Reply #754 Today at 7:30pm »

    Thank you.

    (Amazing to me. 18 watch when they hear that someone is being investigated, and 4 watch when a policy that will silently impact the lives of 7 or more Billion for decades is being announced.

    Pretty warped.

    It makes me ever more confident in the long decision making porocess Dan and I applied. )


    Oh we’re up to 6, plus me that’s 7! One for every BILLION people.

    How enlightening and what that taught us of the population at large?

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #755 Today at 8:03pm »

    …plus the unreg MajOps…of course…but…ya.

    What we have written, my Love, was no more and no less than an accurate reflection of the current state of world populations,

    where they stand on several issues, reasonable likelihoods based in multiple axes and analyses unrelated to direct Maj influences, and

    factored Maj history and her actions over the years into how those states of affairs have been altered – both to the positive and the negative.

    Our conclusions are sound and no matter any emotional response, that soundness remains.

    Should anyone yell: “WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT?” My answer is twofold:

    (1) The People who came before us, and (seriously) rather than their trying to hold President Truman to task…

    (2) Understand, like it or not, this establishment was here long before us, and that

    we set here rather than an Echelon-member of the Illuminati,

    an Areopagite who would have subsumed Majestic within the North American (local) Council of the Areopagus.

    For those of you who don’t understand the significance, The “Areopagus” or Areios Pagos means the ROCK OF ARES.


    The taste of your sweat, blood, and smell of your hard earned money is nothing but a sweet nectar to them.

    Marcia and I didn’t want this position: NOT AT ALL!

    It fell to us, just as the October 12, 2005 Orders for the Cycles Cross did, and rather that SELL YOU OUT, we took it.

    Aside from that…for the persistent complainers…

    I suggest they take that up with their elected representatives, and/or follow the very procedures we informed them could offset EVERYTHING…

    but I think we’ve concluded they…well…won’t.

    We’ve taken the measure.

    (That statement has nothing to do with the great people who don’t need to have the governments tell them what to think. )

    In a deeply odd and very distrubing sense of mental irregularity, some others have actually said to us they don’t trust the governments, but at same time they declare that the same governments they don’t trust MUST place a stamp on something before it becomes real to them!

    (I can say…that made it into the DOCUMENT.)

    Think about what I just wrote. That’s what we’ve been hearing from some.

    ‘They hate the governments! They don’t trust them! That’s all the government do is lie to them!

    Disclosure isn’t real until the governments say it is!’

    What? Not much straight thought there.

    No…the thinkers…like many who have followed Eagles Disobey…have figured IT out. Eagles Disobey will remain here for that purpose.

    While I would argue that Solomon did better than we,… …honey…I too am very confident at the conclusions.

    The people only wanting continued truth are asking themselves…”what about us?”

    More to come.


  44. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #756 Today at 8:09pm »

    Immediate Observations: The Directorate Chiefs are overjoyed at the over-arching policy, and very upset at the subpolicies. A/M

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #761 Today at 8:19pm »

    Andrew, good. Take a census, would you, Ordered by me? I would like to know their religions.

    There are 6 Directorates now seated, preparing for the seating of the 11.

    Have them stand and declare same for the record, please, and then take down my statement for record.

    Inform the SAA?


  45. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #764 Today at 8:25pm »

    Ok, right now newly seated Directorate Chiefs,

    we have 2 Lutherans, 1 Presbyterian, 3 Catholics.

    The SAA has brought Security into the Council, not sure why?


  46. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #765 Today at 8:41pm »

    Great! Wonderful religions! 2 Lutherans? Wow! That’s great! The SAA understood what to do when I had you simply advise her. She knows her job.

    Okay then…

    What I would like you to convey to them, by reading it to them:

    “Until or if raised to the position of Aide-de-camp to a Seated Maj Number, each of you serve at the pleasure of the Desks!

    Two Desks until September and two Desks ONLY!

    This is NOT pesently a voting body where the 11 shall vote, and I remind you none of whom are presently seated within the Council Chambers at this moment!

    Were it a voting body, the right to VETO and Mandatory Re-argument has been maintained by the Desks! Clear?

    You are called Directorates yet you are CLERKS who do the bidding of the Desks!

    Of the 3 of you who have “Ministers” within your religions, I invite you to speak in secret with those approved through the information release process and pastoral care initiatives of the Consistory of the Majestic!

    Of the 3 of you who have “Priests” within your religions, I invite you to speak in secret with those approved through the information release process and pastoral care initiatives of the Consistory of the Majestic!

    You always maintain the right to plead to the Almighty!


    Get about the business of the work of the Consistory of the Majestic, NOW, or the fine men and women in black uniforms who now stand around you will be Ordered by ME to take action against you within their scope of duty!

    You are to rise from your positions, NOW, and leave the Council Chambers, and be about your Orders!

    We DO NOT pay you to set on your asses and act like the Roman Senate, while Rome burns and the rest of the known world starves!”

    Please report back to be their responses, whether departure or “otherwise.”


  47. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #771 Today at 9:00pm »

    Eh? Who’s to say? …but being we are in charge for now it will be run our way.

    I understand we have upset some feelings because of the subpolicies for disclosure…

    but…they have to confront a fact…not a boast…that who among them…among us…has more experience from within Maj to make the population-sensitive decision?

    The Group put us there, now put us here…why…if not to do the job?


  48. rosettasister Says:

    “the subpolicies for disclosure” ?


    « Reply #681 on Feb 17, 2011, 7:40pm »

    You and Marci are moving toward a disclosure effort and with the power to place essentially an all powerful seal over it? It will result in a schism that Majestic will not survive. A/M

    “a disclosure effort” ?

  49. rosettasister Says:


    « Reply #731 Yesterday at 10:34pm »

    Numbers, I am good at numbers. d**ned cold numbers. The Reformation is coming along. Full of torture to be sure.

    They have always been there for me. I am sure as long as these bones are moving they will be. But I have to warn you kids.

    I was almost 15 years old and will never forget when Papa came home and told Mama that Forrestal was dead. My Papa was his ADC.

    The d**ned Desk that Dan sits at now ate James alive. Ate him to death!

    What it didn’t do the assassins did for fear of him.

    He was raised when Harry S decided to let the Group operate freely, and only 1 week later James had it doing just that.

    He held the job from March to May in 1949 even after being dismissed by Harry S from the public job.

    It ended after only 614 days when James tried to do the d**ned job.

    At the Desk of the Compass.

    Our kids started with 909 days, 295 longer than the first MJ1!

    Watch after them closely kids, they’ve only been there for 238 days and have to carry it much longer than the only man who tried to really do it prior to them.

    Do the math, each day at their job is precious and dangerous!

    They have 57 days longer remaining than James had altogether from the start. Watch over them. My kid is gone. You know how I feel about them.

    Watch over them.


  50. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #732 Yesterday at 10:44pm »

    We are, Sam. We are. Your Dad did the best job he could under conditions no one could have planned out.

    The times were different then maybe a little harder in some ways but our Eagles have an entire FAMILY OF A TEAM around them.

    We’re more than just a team we are an extended family, and

    we’re watching after them so D can hand you the Compass and M the Keystone.

    You will hand both to the first Leadership of the New Time.

    I promise to you that we’re watching after them!


  51. rosettasister Says:


    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #748 Today at 6:17pm »

    Thank you, Steven. I know this is quite an experience for you. We are proud of you. You are to take the orders as posted here, and not via telephone, as would otherwise be the procedure at distance.

    In keeping with the Standard procedures, which I know the public has never witnessed…but with slight changes

    given two are operating a technically single position within a formally very secret society…

    I continue…

    “As he who is so privileged to be seated so temporarily before Almighty God, in sorrow and burden before Him at this lowly Desk of the Compass, I Formally recommend direction to she who is seated at the Desk of the Keystone,

    that the KING Document, now before the Most Honorable Consistory of the Majestic, Numbered “11-2”

    Titled, “A STANDING POLICY: To the Questions Concerning, and Directions Toward, the Continued Information Release of the Historic Exposure by Extraterrestrial Intelligences to Involved, Formally Undeclared, Nation-States and Their Human Populations”;

    be unsealed,

    openly read to the assembled Consistory,

    placed under immediate Maj-47-authorized classification process with the alternate working title (attached) as new title,

    logged into Archive,

    placed into immediate action policy, and

    distributed as POLICY to such hierarchies of Nation-States as permitted by standing Charter.

    Dan B Crain, Sc.D.
    Desk of the Compass, Consistory of the Majestic”

  52. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #43 Today at 7:45pm »

    Re: Current posting of EDO chatter thread.

    I am here. Always listening with an open mind in support.




    Amen to that!

  53. rosettasister Says:

    “The Continued Information Release of the Historic Exposure by Extraterrestrial Intelligences”

    It’s still an unknown how much of what’s in this document will be made available to the public.

    Dan and probably other members of their team know about abductions, but what about milabs?

    If memory serves, I believe I read that they don’t consider treaty-authorized abductions to be an issue any longer.

    But what about non-treaty related abductions?

    What can Dan and Marcia say about them?

    Dan has stated many times in the past that he’s not privy to everything.

    Perhaps that has changed owing to the positions they hold presently.

    BTW it was heartbreaking to read about Sam’s dad and Forrestal.

    Historically very significant and yet most are unaware.



  54. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #8 on Dec 25, 2010, 10:37am »

    I work for Ann in Washington, D.C. and D and M over all.

    All the people involved near D and M and within The Consistory known as Majesty wish everyone a blessed Christmas full of peace and happiness!

    Fancy me being the spokesman tonight? Never considered it before.

    At this hour, The Majestic is operating its “62ND ANNUAL OPERATION MAJIC CLAUS” in 39 countries worldwide, for under-privileged children.

    The Commanders in Chief, the Honorable Drs. Crain, are by Tradition at their workstations, overseeing the Operation,

    first ordered by the Honorable James Forrestal, after the suggestion by President Harry Truman.

    Peace to the Peace of Earth! My Majestic Respects to the people.

  55. rosettasister Says:

    mozz 2010 dead can dance into the labyrinth

  56. rosettasister Says:

    How honest was the people’s noble son!

    May I suggest, my loved ones, that the silence is out of respect and not malice aforethought.


    Bertolt Brecht – How Fortunate The Man With None

    From the play “Mother Courage”

    You heard of honest Socrates
    The man who never lied:
    They weren’t so grateful as you’d think
    Instead the rulers fixed to have him tried
    And handed him the poisoned drink.
    How honest was the people’s noble son.
    The world however did not wait
    But soon observed what followed on.
    It’s honesty that brought him to that state.
    How fortunate the man with none.

  57. rosettasister Says:

  58. rosettasister Says:

  59. rosettasister Says:

  60. rosettasister Says:

    Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

    “one should openly admit that it really is a duty — even the duty — of a revolutionary party to ‘dissolve the people and elect another’, in other words, to bring about the transubstantiation of the ‘old’ opportunistic people (the inert ‘crowd’) into a revolutionary body aware of its historical tasks.”

    (THIS is what we’re up against, people.)

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #772 Yesterday at 11:38pm »

    Second…to the Public…

    I will have a statement in a few…what I feel is an important one. I have made a few decisions.



    …as stated above…

    Second…to the Public…SOME HOUSEKEEPING…

    A few comments by myself and the team have concerned a few people in email? Why?


    I could say what most would: preach to me when you have had such experiences! …

    but…I like to teach a bit…expose a bit of the soul for other’s understanding…

    My wry humor, save when Steven and I were caught in Texas

    (after we made a decision to evac others, then got somewhat cut off from an availability to leave )…

    and awaiting a NOAA stated 30 ft. tide surge from a hurricane, and he said over the radio, “We’re gonna die!”, then we broke out a bottle and had a drink while listening to some music… …

    okay…some paramil wry humor there…


    Marcia, and several other people can confirm, the public has only heard a small sliver of the reality.

    The only real direct military operation about which the public has heard is Iraq, 1991.

    I made a decision that day I am not proud of having to have made, but a decision I am aware I had to make to survive.

    That’s why I used the term “preach” above…as when one sees other humans, no better and no worse than yourself, turn to red mist before them, and

    when one is the person pressing the actuating bar that causes it…

    Well…no more on that…

    Police and Security…the culture exists for the purpose of helping others.

    Help others I did…where I could. Where I couldn’t, I kept myself safe so I would live through the experience.

    To these miniature judges out there…attempting to write to Fran: SHE IS IN WASHINGTON DC AT THE MOMENT…as possibly suggested by what just happened at the Consistory!

    You reached me. Congratulations!

    You succeeded in not only making jackasses out of yourselves by proxy…you have earned that title before the very person before whom you hoped to hide, yet still snipe!

    I am not going to respond to you directly, as I hope you are taking your time to better your lives by completing your GED’s or what have you.

    I would only counsel you that with your apparently already “earned” Degree of “Doctor of Naivete,” please stay away from law enforcement…

    to at minimum keep Marcia’s, Ann’s, and my Brothers and Sisters on the Long Thin Blue Line a tad bit more safe!

    You have some living to do: somewhere other than behind a keyboard on the internet.


    We are simply conducting an INVESTIGATION. Isn’t that what UFOLOGY said they were doing?

    You saw what they did, and their lies, full of meaningless rhetoric, line-by-line against us exposed?



    To date, not one of the cowards has even attempted to verify our verifiable credentials.

    That should tell YOU something very important:

    if they do, they are “exposed as wrongly accusing us” but they are caught in a catch 22 you see…not doing it exposes them too.

    Truth is, as soon as Amelie’s email address to start the contact process was provided on Eagles Disobey, the email address began receiving spam from sexual-aids providers and sex-meds providers directly related to many of the companies deeply invested by or even OWNED BY Ufology mainstream speakers and providers.


    That could have been done a long time ago, across the web.

    Instead…we have held fire to continue the investigation for your sake…for your knowledge. You did say, “WE WANT THE TRUTH!” RIGHT?

    Perhaps that’s another reason why they shut their mouths so quickly when we told them where they were building their cult stock?

    They tried to start a war…yes they did…years ago.

    They decided to opt with GK and his half-a**ed convicted criminal kid who has only limited information about S4, is likely ONLY self educated, before his mouth got him booted from certain circles and right into service to the escort service leading him to the District Court’s conviction.

    (That would be George Knapp.)

    Some ought to be careful:

    in Las Vegas it’s all about WHO YOU KNOW, Marcia and I know many people, and we know WHO really got him the job.

    When one starts a war, one has to be very prepared to awaken a sleeping giant…and LOSE.

    Rather than treat it like a “war” though, because…frankly we appropriately evaluated our potential enemy as “unworthy for battle”…

    we opted to treat it as an investigation and slowly bore forward and then kept reporting to YOU.

    I will admit it has been hard…especially when doing so during the CYCLES CROSS…so much was at stake. …

    (the CYCLES CROSS — this is the point at which the two parts of our humanity split , but didn’t split, not this time …)

    but before Marcia and I opt to move to the dream positions we have had ALL ALONG FOR OURSELVES, we thought it would be right to give this service to the public.

    Impossible?! Ha!

    (Then you may be thinking somewhat like those we are investigating. )

    With their attacks on us, each time the best they could do is really say nothing or repeat the same lies months later even though previously exposed, because what they could not defend against was said of them: the truth.

    This investigation is not new!

    Much of the interaction between Eagles Disobey and Ufology, over the years, has been investigation-based, and while we held out hopes for truthfulness to be found amongst each person or group we encountered, we were sadly disappointed in most cases.

    For those who read the reports of PC after Zurich, Stan made it clear that even then we were CONDUCTING AND INVESTIGATION.

    (That would be Project Camelot.)

    For those who read the investigation, you can see the thoroughness of the probing and documentation for the truth.


    Knowing years ago that we may be encountering what we heard might be “brewing” inside of Ufology,

    we equipped ourselves with the practices to obtain investigation-obtained data along the way and

    so we have been able to assist you, in the Public, to see some of the truth behind the masks many in Ufology wear in the hopes to make you believe they are something they are NOT – truthseekers on your side.

    (Just an aside here, I’ve long been suspicious of those that seek donations, at the same time knowing that some really do need said donations.)

    Had we found out the opposite I would be gladly, and with great personal relief, cheering them! Great personal relief? I pray, please read on…

    As you may have just…ah…”appreciated”…the KING-11-2 Document was just placed into Policy within our Group.

    It happened several days ahead of the expected time for certain Security reasons. Yes, it has wide ranging implications.

    As Marcia and I hold the positions of consolidated authority which would normally be spread amongst 12, or even 33 during the days of the Committee of the Majority,

    it places on us unique opportunities and great burdens.

    Before we accepted the positions and assumed the posts, the old rules allowing the Echelon to make decisions ‘in steel’ for long periods of time, had not been removed.

    Were we aware of this ahead of time, in our reading of the documentation and rules? Yes.

    We chose to walk near several very hot “fires” in the mutual trust we have for each other, and in the personal confidence we have for our JOINT decision-making capacity.

    There are dangerous powers afoot that are very upset at 2 people wielding the authority, the worst among which is the Illuminati.

    They have their fingers into every financial power base in the world, and with that connection brings great abilities to finance terrible things.

    Concerning the Document…

    I have made it plain over the last several years that no government amongst the governments of the world, bound together in secret Treaty, would dare step away from the rest and take it upon themselves to state something which impacts everyone in different ways.

    I have further made it plain to the Public that those governments, even after conclusion of any amount of discussion, would not openly disclose their activities over the decades with the human-lineage extraterrestrials.

    I have made it plain to everyone that such a kind of fantasy Disclosure was NOT going to happen.

    Yet…fantasies…will Obama make a statement…is the UN readying to declare ET?

    It’s cute if you are into comic books…but what Marcia and I are handling is no comic book.

    (To those who say “no way!” – well… …we have our own problems apart from your belief system

    {and I would strongly argue lack of evidence analysis skills}…

    and if I would be given a dime for every one whose mind stops at the end of their well-based philosophy on how the Universe must work and/or what must be the truth according to them …

    and/or because they are well educated

    (yet still anonymous or ran off all the way to Beijing to avoid being charged with Medical Malpractice ) …

    well…then I could feed many more people via Angel Eagles…

    but then again how does one feed people by the alleged money from those personas concocted out of smoke and mirrors by the subterfuge of dark hearts?

    But…no…fantasy is fantasy and REAL LIFE IS REAL LIFE. We cannot base our decisions by fantasy.

    Should we…many more would be harmed than helped. I know…it’s hard…


    That’s not the world we live in, if we intend to keep a functioning world given the KINDS OF PEOPLE WE ARE!

    THAT MEANS ALL OF US, NOW, AS WE LOOK AT OURSELVES IN A MIRROR, IF WE LOOK HONESTLY, and the mirror be not enchanted by the darkness which wishes to ultimately enlsave us!

    (Beautiful prose!)

    Yes, Marcia and I are now in possession of the WHOLE FACTS, which are really not that much more than what we knew before we took this position.

    I was surprised (and not pleasantly) at how wrong the people were who argued that I must be so under-informed.

    To those who may wish to kick the ball down the road again…keep your B.S. away from us …we aren’t going to listen…


    I have read many of the full accounts. By the time of my leaving, I intend to have read them all!

    I can tell you that the reports from Marcia and myself, as well as from an odd assortment of accounts

    (Uhouse, Corso, Penniston, —Time Travel based if you really look into them…and…such as Walton and of course the Hills)

    are ON THE MONEY!

    Are all of the alleged contact accounts or UFO sightings in the Archives?

    No, not all, but a HUGE number. They were never intended to be seen by the public or even referenced to the public.

    The accuracy is astounding and most all the agents of the Majestic who both did the investigations as well as the “clean ups” did their jobs superbly.

    There are many fewer so called “crash-retrievals” than what are now blooming into a crash retrieval per block, if you speak to some in Ufology.

    Pretty soon they’ll ask you to check your roof, just in case.

    I assisted Mr. Schratt with an amended list while in Tempe last year, prior to Marcia and I assuming our positions.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer be of assistance in that area as that would be considered a breach of the Archives.

    We have the Archives at our fingertips and the release of the Archives would violate an agreement set down in Treaty with multiple governments long before I was ever first sworn.

    Marcia and myself ruled that possibility out very early on in our deliberation process for KING-11-2.

    To the question of Majestic’s further cooperation with organized Ufology?

    We didn’t cooperate with them before the issue of the Cycles Cross came to the head that it did, in fact Majestic Folkloristics injected many of the early myths now accepted as a cult-facts.

    With our providing of the truth, we have tried to in some way offset the wrongs that were done in the historic name of “required methods for maintenance of secrecy.” To those who wish to follow the cult: free will.

    We didn’t, nor would we have, created such a disinformation unit, and though we are now in charge of the (technically) ‘great-grandchild’ of that first Group, we have looked at the Group and have found that they (largely as an organizational process) DON’T WANT HELP AWAY FROM THE CULT-FANTASY.

    Okay! We are not, I repeat NOT responsible to drag them kicking and screaming away from their belief systems!

    Yes, many bad things are happening within their circles.

    It takes people to have their eyes open and be…oh here it comes…RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES!

    Does that mean we are abdicating responsibility for what is happening now?


    No…much the opposite!

    Part of the reason why the Directorates in the Consistory Chamber became a bit boisterous (a bit too much for their positions) is that just the opposite is the plan!

    Now what could that mean?

    The problem here is that THEY will be reading what I am writing.

    I will say that while we would in no way start a Folkloristics Unit, I didn’t say that Marcia and I haven’t decided to start an ANTI-FOLKLORISTICS UNIT.

    Think of it this way: In the past, the Folkloristics Unit penetrated as many UFO-related Groups as possible and messed with them as much as they could!

    Oh, the wild things they injected!

    Well…we have at our behest one hell of a Psychological Unit…


    And we have decided to start putting them to work…putting them to work in a program that will be so slow, that we don’t expect a positive report back until 10 years AFTER Marcia and I are resigned and hopefully having one genuine BLAST here in Las Vegas and other places!

    Unfunded Aviary: you have troubles! The Illuminati is walking away from you like rotten pork because they know you are losers.

    They can’t stand losers, unless they just use them to grease their political howitzers.

    Professionals, subtle ones, THE BEST OF THE BEST, long after we are gone

    will be slicing at your Death’s Head crap like a hot knife through butter,

    speaking simple level-headed things to people over seconds after hearing the fruits of your work, born after months or years of labor!

    Where we find that you have cooperated with illegal interests, we will do everything in our power to link any funds obtained under laws which will allow the seizing of the funds for humanitarian and public interest!

    Predators in Ufology: you have great troubles!

    We are now moving to build a medium sized unit of professionals to mix-in so well they’ll even be invited by YOU to your sleazy drinking, drugging, sexing room scenes under the guise of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

    Who are they? Guess. We hear you like playing “guessing games” anyway.

    Which alleged abducted female is a professional operative recording everything you do? Guess again. And don’t kiss and tell!

    We will hear you!

    Our relationship with Federal Law Enforcement and Law Enforcements the world over is not only great, but improving by the day!

    Marcia and I will be hearing about your convictions or your turning evidence for other’s convictions by special message.

    She and I have decided we’ll dance the Tango for every one received.

    Sounds like fun for us! How about you?

    Great People who just want the truth:

    We are doing everything in our power to provide you that, and keep your protected from scum such as I have addressed just above.

    We are amassing operatives who will also mix-in and in subtle manners point people to reports and connections between reports that perhaps don’t on the surface appear to be connected.

    They will appear, some having avatar names, others with alleged real names, across the net, at times, and in places where people who search for this kind of information tend to look.

    They will be starting places and information outlets but will not identify themselves and when they are real they will NOT admit they are real UNDER ANY CONDITION.

    You have watched much of that process here at Eagles Disobey, and if all goes well with the Team that will continue!

    When you encounter them, just as you would with anyone making remarks on the net, verify what they are saying…and

    should they be real…

    what they say will point directly to evidence of REAL news reports, REAL publications, etc…NOT “conspiracy-laden” tangents.


    They will be the “HEY LOOK WHAT I NOTICED” kinds of people…just regular people like you and me.

    The Directorates know the above policies cost quite a bit of money and will cause one hell of a lot of work.

    We (Maj) have the money…and they wanted it spent on their pet projects…SORRY, WE PICK THEM! They will cause great work.

    We aren’t given these responsibilities to REST.

    Some wonder why we took the authority? Look above.

    The content of this post contains what those whom we would meet in Arizona and be otherwise provided a copy of the KING-11-2a would learn!

    Marcia and I decided to communicate the information to the public this way, as we felt that leaving such decisions about Maj reports would be unfair to ANYONE from the public.

    Pressure can, at times, mean harm. We wish no harm to good people.

    As for us…Marcia still has plans to have me made available to Fran…for the New Membership of Eagles Disobey.

    There will be some things we will not discuss…but where we run into them…we will all be polite enough to deal with it.

    Love, which comes in many packages,


  62. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Marci (SoF)
    « Reply #776 Today at 2:25am »

    I have already received many calls to the ISIS phone, with voice messages left.

    I will be calling each person back, where return calls are possible, to discuss scheduling, in the early part of this week.


    See here:

    The Leaders of the Consistory of the Majestic

    Will be appearing, and if called upon by OM.TV, will be taking questions
    for a few minutes following Michael Schratt’s presentation scheduled for
    February 24, 2011 from 9am-10:30am, at Fort McDowell.

    If you are interested in participating the ISIS Beta Testing event at Fort McDowell during the week of Feb. 21st, please call

    (702) 595-9643

    Please note: Dr. Marci or Fran may answer directly, or you may be directed to voicemail.

    We will need your name and contact telephone number.

    As the conference approaches, we will do our best to contact you and schedule a time for you to participate in the Isis Beta Testing.

    We cannot guarantee that everyone who is interested will be included in this beta testing event but we will do our best to schedule all interested parties.

    Dr. Marci reserves the right to decline any person’s request to be involved in the Beta Testing.

    Certain close associates and friends of the doctors (you know who you are) do not need to call. Just see Dan or Marci when you’re there!

    If you’re a ‘card carrying’ member of “UFOlogy” you might be a little confused by now –

    because this has not mysteriously disappeared, inexplicably vanished, or been supernaturally erased….

    It’s really happening and you will have an opportunity to really participate.

    Please do not confuse us with the people who hold themselves up as UFO-elite. We are not them.

    We have done what we say we’ve done, been where we say we’ve been, and we are testing a very real ‘mood lighting and relaxation’ system.


    I just read recently that Isis has something to do with Lotus.

    Anyway, I don’t know what Isis is, but it sure sounds similar to:

    Edgar Cayce’s Story of the “Temple of Sacrifice” and the “Temple Beautiful”

  63. C? How to install solar panels: Standard Inverters for Energ? To Solar | Green Living Tips | Information and Free Resources | Says:

    […] The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part Three […]

  64. rosettasister Says:

    READING: 1641-1

    Entity was in the land now known as the Atlantean, when there was the breaking up of same;

    when the children of the Law of One were sending the old as well as the young to the various lands.

    The entity was among those who, with Ax-Tell and Ajax, brought the understandings to those in the Egyptian land as to the activities in which there might be (and became later) a unifying of purpose in the teachings of the Priest in that experience;

    as to how, through the activities in the Temple of Sacrifice as well as in the Temple Beautiful,

    bodies as well as minds were prepared for the special service in given directions in their relationships with the material, the mental and the spiritual affairs of men.

    In regard to the abilities of the entity during that experience, too much might not be said.

    For the entity made it possible for the abilities of many to be coordinated in the activities of all the fields of service through that period of great development in the material associations.

    ALSO IN: Followers of the Law of One

  65. rosettasister Says:

    Reading 1641-1

    The purpose for the entrance of each soul into a material experience is for the development that it, the soul, may be a companion with the
    Creative Forces. For that purpose this entity, this soul — as all others — came into being; to be a companion with the Creator.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, Sweet Mystery of Life, At Last I’ve Found You!

    “burisch” led me to “casbolt” which led me to “anya”

    I will be on a panel discussion with Melinda Leslie (MILAB researcher) and Eve Lorgen (MILAB therapist, researcher) on Dawn of Shades on Tuesday, November 30th! Also: High Strangeness happens to radio host after she interviews me

    Hands down one of the best interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in

    It’s a small world after all!

  67. rosettasister Says:

    I just left this message at Anya’s blog:


    Please see:

    IMO THIS is important because it’s happening NOW:

    BTW my other blog is:

    I’m very glad to have found you!

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Here is link for Dec 2010 podcast:

    [audio src="" /]

    I’ve posted on Melinda Leslie many times in the past both here and at B.I.T.

  69. rosettasister Says:

    The sooner more milab victims get together and combat this, the sooner it will stop.


    TPB are counting on us hiding in our own little worlds, suffering silently, never contacting each other.

    Others already think we’re crazy, so what have we got to lose?

    I might even volunteer for this, if it weren’t being done surreptitiously, under cover of night, against my will.

  70. rosettasister Says:

    advanced theoretical physics working group

    Do you know anything about a group called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group, which was formed to integrate theories in “new” physics and remote viewing as these came to describe the nature of reality?

  71. rosettasister Says:

    Nothing in This Interview is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are
    The Aviary and The Eschaton

    An Interview with Dan T. Smith by Joan d’Arc

  72. rosettasister Says:

    Excerpted from above

    JD: Do you know anything about a group called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group, a group which was formed to integrate theories in “new” physics and remote viewing as these came to describe the nature of reality?

    In your opinion, how has quantum physics changed the modern view of reality, and what was the UFO’s role in this?

    DS: I don’t know any group of just this name, but there are many folks doing this.

    I was once a ‘quantum dualist’ (i.e. the mind influences matter through the agency of quantum phase correlations).

    But once you have postulated a robust realm of the mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to view the world of physics as other than an abstract construction of the mind.

    The quantum may be weird, but UFOs are a lot more weird. With UFOs we are no longer talking physics. This is metaphysics with a vengeance.

    This is dream-time, not space-time.

    The UFOs are pulling the rug right out from under what we used to think of as our ‘reality.’

    In the case of ‘MJ-12,’ with the best brains in the world it was like the cartoon of the fire alarm box. Behind the glass panel is a Bible.

    ‘In case of emergency, break glass.’ Now we know how MJ-12 felt.

    Imagine how much worse they felt when they opened the Bible to John 16:12 as I did one eventful morning about twenty years ago.

    JD: This is interesting. I’m ashamed to say, I don’t have a Bible in the house.

    Can you explain John 16:12 and the relevance it had for you on this morning?

    DS: John 16:12-13:

    12. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.

    13. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. (KJV)

    This was the passage that came to my attention on the morning after I experienced the sing-song ‘voice’ of Sophia(?).

    For the last two millennia people have interpreted this passage in many different ways. I interpreted it as a help-wanted notice directed at me.

    The folks of ‘MJ-12’ concluding that an advent of this sort was being prognosticated by the Visitors have probably been anticipating this moment of truth with some trepidation.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    I haven’t the faintest idea who Dan T. Smith is.

    I posted the above simply because of this phrase:

    “advanced theoretical physics working group”

    BTW I haven’t listened yet to the entirety of the above podcast, but it seems worthwhile.

  74. rosettasister Says:

  75. rosettasister Says:

  76. rosettasister Says:

  77. rosettasister Says:

    I do not understand what it is I’ve done wrong
    Full of holes check the pulse
    Blink your eyes one for yes two for no

    I’ve no idea what I am talking about
    I’m trapped in this body and can’t get out

    Make a sound move back home
    Get an invitation with the edges sawn off

    I have no idea what you are talking about

    Has the light gone out for you
    Because the light’s gone for me?
    It is the 21st century it is the 21st century

    You can fight it like a dog
    It brought me to my knees
    They got scared and they put me in
    They got scared and they put me in

    All the lies run around my face
    All the lies run around my face
    And for anyone else to see
    And for anyone else to see I’m alive

    I’ve seen it coming
    I’ve seen it coming
    I’ve seen it coming
    I’ve seen it coming

  78. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #777 Today at 12:22pm »

    ORDERED CSOC Majestic Command Report:

    Emergency Majestic Security Garrison (EMSG), Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A., Commanding Officer, Brian Stansfield (COTS/CORVUS1) reports arrival of the Desks of the Keystone and Compass in good repair.

    (That would be Marcia and Dan, respectively.)

    Both Most High Echelon will remain within EMSG under protection until Operation “LION HEART”

    (first ever public appearance of Majestic Echelon)

    placed into action.

    Majestic Air Units Scorpion and Vampyre, in place, standing ready.

    Ground Defense Units Ghost Riders, Dark Steel, and The Boatmen standing ready.

    Covert Black Units deployed.

    Desks’ Core Operations including both Aide-de-camps and the Chief of Security Services/Operations remain near Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

    at Temporary Majestic Consistory

    undergoing advanced Consistory Operations and Setup Training

    Leading to the 2011 Majestic Number Seating and 2012 Charter.

    Majestic Air Units Raven, Striker, and Roundhouse standing ready.

    Permanent Majestic Garrison Echo Charlie on Delta Alert Status.

    End report.

  79. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #782 Today at 1:07pm »

    I have received this report from the Eagles, via their texting system, that several individuals whose family members are employed by Majestic are scheduled and will undergo

    specialized “MOOD LIGHTING AND RELAXATION SYSTEM” exposures

    using a combination of

    the secret tone poems transferred from the ancient algorithms into “music” by Dr. Marci along with

    direct exposure to the ISIS-P Unit,

    the same kind of charged crystal unit applied in both the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.



    The individuals volunteering for exposure to the ISIS-P “MOOD LIGHTING AND RELAXATION SYSTEM” are all reported to have terminal illnesses, with at least a few of them in the last phases of the illnesses.









  80. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #783 Today at 1:16pm »

    The reports are to keith and I that

    Sam (LJ), the man who swore Dr. Dan into Majestic Services in March, 1986, and whose father was the Aide-de-camp to James Vincent Forrestal, the first ever Majestic 1, assigned by President Harry S. Truman,


    In honor of his arrival, he was escorted to the temp Security Garrison to where both Drs. Dan and Marci later arrived, in an old “unwashed” DODGE sedan, matching the kind that Harry Truman used to drive!

    (Inside information: this is why Maj people, including Dr. Marci drive Dodge’s.)

    CSOC reported that On arrival to the vehicle after a short van drive to it,

    47 Maj Operatives all wearing 1947 Black Mourning Suits, with hats and black glasses were brought to attention around him as a corridor as he was helped to the car.

    It was quite a scene. (Respects to the Old Guard!)

    Of course this is unrelated to the above post, but Dr. Dan said before leaving,



  81. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #785 Today at 2:34pm »

    New Caesar and Caesarette who we can’t reach because they are behind their Armed Legions just playing harp tunes and waiting to wade past the Rubicone

    started this and now we have the House R’s holding the E15 from EPA off until after September 30?

    Death knell!

    We know they were in Arizona speaking with underradar Flake reps who pushed this thing into motion 1 week to date.

    The secondary deal was struck right after the shared #4’s are Seated

    who we d**n well know are

    the ones who struck the deal with New Caesar who is showing more than his Consistory position with this grand show of Republican solidarity!

    The Maj has the right to know and

    because we’ve been slowed in the NIC and through other direct Channels,

    this is the only outlet where the John Citizen can read anything?

    Tell me that they aren’t going to expand the seating to alternates under the named ones from last August and that would be something.

    Here is the sound of the music

    when they attempt to swallow the rest of the secret s’s

    to divide the world between the Areopagus and the Maji!

    “the secret s’s” ?

    AZ — the center of the known universe

  82. rosettasister Says:

    Message from Anya

    Anya said…

    This is the problem with the insidiousness of mind control, Rose. I thank you for your kind words. We all need to stick together in this regard.

    Ultimately I would like to see

    a sort of truth and reconciliation committee

    where these Illuminati/Satanist controlled military officials man up and come over to our side

    denouncing these atrocious violations of human rights.

    Feel free to post these blog entries where ever you like.

    I have a visceral response to Dan Burisch’s story, anything regarding Dulce or Montauk makes my spine involuntarily shrink in some kind of non-controllable response.

    It’s like my body remembers what my mind has yet to comprehend.

    God Bless and take care.

    February 21, 2011 11:35 PM

    “a sort of truth and reconciliation committee”

    I like that idea.

    We’ve a long way to go, but I wonder …

    So many are affected by this. If we held get togethers, at county and/or state level, and sent reps to a national gathering, a world gathering …

    The “humans” who make these decisions count on our isolation … most aren’t affected by this and won’t believe us …

    BUT if we gather together, strength in numbers … perhaps, just perhaps, they’ll scale back the scope of their operations.

    One thing’s for sure, if we wait around for the “government” to act, nothing will change.

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Have I got this right?

    Dan’s past was our future which is no more.

    The future from which Dan’s friend came is no longer “our” future.

    Now this would affect those of us who were being abducted by our future selves who travelled back in time to our present seeking help.

    Wow, this gets complicated! And no wonder hardly anyone believes this.

    But Dan’s superiors sure enough believed it. And Dan believes what his friend “told” him. And that’s good enough for me.

    But here’s my question:

    Dan stated more than once that he was not privy to everything, and that may still be the case.

    And I’d like to limit this to the 3D material world, for now.

    I know there’s both a material and a spiritual aspect to the abduction phenomenon. And to really complicate “matters,” there’s a dimensional component, too.

    But, IMHE, (wink) the real trauma that we absolutely must help people with are the abductions which leave marks on our body and on our mind.

    Now, I happen to believe these physical traumas are the result of BOTH ET abductions AND “human” MILABs.

    I mean, where to draw the line? When they work together, for good and evil.

    Another question, and perhaps the most important one.

    The WHY of it all?

    Melinda Leslie, a MILAB or REAB (ReAbduction) researcher, attempts to answer that question.

    Whoever is directing these MILABs wants to know what ET wants with us?

    And just what IS the ultimate answer?

    They want our sperm and our eggs and our wombs, that’s for sure.

    But why?

    Are our souls being prepared for a new incarnation in new bodies? And, if so, where?

    And which group has aligned itself with Divine Will?

    You see, it’s nearly impossible to separate the material from the spiritual.

    Any MILAB experiencer will tell you that the experience “feels” evil.

    If you are an experiencer, those of us who share your experience, KNOW that things couldn’t get much worse.

    That’s why so many of us are speaking out, in spite of the ridicule.

    We feel it’s our only protection.

  84. rosettasister Says:

    01 of 11 Niara Terela Isley – New Mexico Appearance 2010: On Military/ET Experiences, ET Realities

  85. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:

  86. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #802 Yesterday at 10:58pm »


    A lot of photos were being snapped for private use by the team that day because as he was shopping Brian was appoached by M and asked to run

    the Ground and Air Commands for the Operation which is now officially underway.

    Steven (Mongrel Dawg/Mongraal) the Chief of Security is in the Washington DC area with his wife (M’s ADC) or he would have been in charge of the Ground Command.

    There are many things that have to be done for the New Consistory to get it ready for

    the Seating of the New 11,

    later this year.


  87. rosettasister Says:

    Eagles Disobey
    « Reply #205 on Aug 9, 2010, 10:42am »


    The members of the Eagles Team humbly ask ALL those reading to hold the following names, from two advisory teams, and the two team leaders, in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days (Mon-Thurs).

    They will be very busy days for everyone here.

    Important decisions that will impact the future will be made, and the Team Leaders have to both agree on all final decisions.

    The Team and everyone behind the scenes is asking that the Eternal guide the Team Leaders in the right decisions, and we all ask that the advisory teams use honesty in both heart and mind, in the spirit of LOVE, for everyone.


    Team #1 Advisory Team

    Chief Counsel- “Sharon Laenert, Esq., VCLCMJ”
    D1 Private Advisor- Ann M. McDowell, SaAMJ
    D1 Private Advisor- Sheil
    D1 Private Advisor- Franklin White, CoIOMJ
    D2 Private Advisor- Chris
    D2 Private Advisor- Candy
    D2 Private Advisor- Cond


    Team #2 Advisory Team

    Chief Counsel- “William Amherst, Jr., Esq., CLCMJ”
    D1 Private Advisor- Dr. Stan Goldstein, CoPOMJ
    D1 Private Advisor- Brian Stansfield, CoATOMJ
    D1 Private Advisor- William Amherst, Jr., Esq., CLCMJ (same as above)
    D2 Private Advisor- Maxine
    D2 Private Advisor- Devon
    D2 Private Advisor- Walter


  88. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #208 on Aug 9, 2010, 1:00pm »

    We’ll just tell everyone the truth. That is what Dr. Dan moments ago told me to do.

    (Right before he yelled at 4 people to get out of his office! )

    But, when I mentioned that we are speaking with “the people” he stopped, gave me a coy look and smiled.

    This is a message to everyone, but also everyone who has a pending email in Dr. Dan’s private account:

    he will write to you this Friday evening – he’s actually placed it on his official schedule , this includes Spongebob about ARGGO;

    that will be the time when everyone is back and the Noon announcement Friday is done.

    Right now, he and Marci are totally focused on a group of 21 names.

    It would be 26 (2×13) except Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci picked some of the same names, independently.

    From that group of 21 names, 13 final names will be chosen.

    (Is the public getting a clue what they are responsible for? )

    Those 13 final names (a number + alternates) will be chosen while they are sitting somewhere in public in Southern California, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    During the nights, their teams will be working with them (and working them because they have their agendas) to negotiate the final names.

    Dr. Dan and Dr. Marci disagree with some of the names, but they will battle their disagreements to final selections this week.

    All their advisors are around them already, according to my husband the security situation is a nightmare , and

    the battle for the post 12/21/2012 time is ON!

    Their advisors are already pulling, tugging, pressing on them for their agendas and beliefs.

  89. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #195 on Aug 9, 2010, 2:36am »


    “Ladies and Gentlemen: the Mars Colonies, as were there, were created by the Orions, after they left the Moon, after they left the Earth, after the Catastrophe. If they are not there, the catastrophe will not be here.”

    ~Eagles Team

    I was just curious to know if there’s any information regarding the Orions that could be shared?
    Who are they?
    Where do they come from?
    Why were they tinkering around on the Moon, Earth and Mars?
    Would they be considered friend or foe to humans based on Earth? etc.?

    Thank you for your time,


  90. rosettasister Says:

    Eagles Disobey
    « Reply #198 on Aug 9, 2010, 4:11am »

    As these questions were asked in follow-on to the prior information, they have triggered TIX-6 mandated responses, standby.


    “With precise language, In Record: At 17:04 hrs pt Dr. Dan’s Desk was notified of the attached questions.

    After content evaluation, Dr. Dan decided to bow to the now essentially defunct Treaty mandate, and directed this respecting Operator by verbal instruction from the “Desk of the Compass.”

    This answer is being released pursuant to

    “Tau 9-6 Mandates for Public Information Release upon the Questioning of Echelon Representatives of the Consistory of the Majestic.”

    The sharing of this information is “line-item question based” and is now determined by the CLCMJ as legally subject to

    “Discretion, Acceptance, or Rejection – Veto” by the “Desk of the Compass,”

    since the Treaty System has been abrogated due to the determined successful completion of its tenets, including which resides the now completed steps for its own dissolution.

    The Orions were based on several extrasolar planets in the general direction of Orion.

    Their distance from our Star remains a secret as the present fate of their many, due to the Timelines changes, is under evaluation. (???)

    In the timelines’ futures which are now gone to us, those whose peoples we called the “Orions” were using the Moon and Mars for living habitats, as the differences grew between them, the J-Rods (to be subterranean) and “others” who decided to remain on the post-catastrophe surface.

    On moving from the Moon to new colonies on Mars, there were moments of destruction on Mars, which facilitated a re-mix between them, those who stayed on the Moon and the Peoples of Earth.

    Ultimately, Starcraft of the kind on Orbits, were used to move to the extrasolar planets generally cited, as a matter of perceived “calling” of that iteration of future humanity to explore.

    They have been to us, the Peoples of this Cycles Cross, our good friends.

    It was from their original warnings and mandates from them to us, starting in our now gone “T1 to T2 probability fluctuation zone’s 1954,” that ultimately allowed us sufficient information to save ourselves.”


    (By Order of Dr. Dan, on any agreed response, the Enya song, “Paint the Sky with Stars” is to be played, “..

    in honor of all those who lost their lives in the great struggle to victory of the Human Peoples during the Times of the Cycles Cross.”)

    Operator to Eagles Team: We never thought this would happen, huh? By now, according to the projected models, the public was supposed to stop asking?

    At least his order to us is “Be honest.”


  91. rosettasister Says:

    “the public was supposed to stop asking”

    I don’t think so!

    We had to be told, right?

    Even the few of us who listened and believed still have a trillion questions.

    At least I do, but I’ve always been a little odd!

  92. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #203 on Aug 9, 2010, 8:50am »

    “One morning some will awaken and laugh, saying they knew all along it could have never happened. On that same morning, I will awaken, and KNOW.”

    – Dr. Dan Burisch, 2004

    (exact rewritten quote from an internal Majic document, dated 2002, later externalized in different forms)

  93. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #804 Today at 1:09am »

    … because the reformation rules allows him to designate new Desks possibly splitting MJ1 to the two positions D and M now hold.

    Being the man above just said he would have new Desks plural built that means it seems to be looking that the old ways of one person is going away and

    the New International Group

    will have the number 13 standing members at once in it.

    Ann and Marci have pushed for that because of what happened to the Templars and the Cathars.

    (That is a reference to de Molay and what happened on the original Friday, the 13th. I think.)

    This is epic!


  94. rosettasister Says:

    Ann M. McDowell, SoF
    « Reply #805 Today at 1:33am »

    The ancient Holy Temple of the Sisterhood of Fulcanelli, Gifted from the Lord and Lady, is now praying and in perpetual chant and will continue throughout the whole beta-testing process.

    Our public should be told that the water used to bathe the Isis-B Crystals is saline which has come from over 20 years of Dan’s prayers.

    The quartz from the public from around the world is locked into the Crystal’s bases.

    We ask that anyone who may want to pray or meditate with us, to please do so.



  95. rosettasister Says:

    The A.R.E. Journal for January 1974, carried an article entitled “The Tuaoi Stone, An Enigma,” by Dr. John Sutton, a NASA employee. After an exhaustive study of all of the readings on the Tuaoi Stone, Sutton drew the following picture of this power source. (Note especially point 3).

    The “stone”:

    (1) became hot when used

    (2) it was large

    (3) it received its energy from the Sun and from elements that are and are not found in the Earth’s atmosphere

    (4) it consisted of prisms or a “glass”

    (5) it employed induction method

    (6) it employed a kind of wave energy other than electromagnetic

    (7) the energy could be emitted in a beam to which water and other matter is transparent;

    (8) the beam was invisible

    (9) the beam transmitted enough power for the needs of a city

    (10) it could be used to retard the aging process

    (11) it consisted of two separate pieces — a cylinder and a capstone

    (12) the energy produced was concentrated between the two pieces

    (13) representations of it will be found in Yucatan

    (14) the crystal was cylindrical, six-sided, or was of hexagonal cross-section

    (15) light waves were used for communications with extraterrestrial intelligence

    (16) misuse, accidental or otherwise, of the Stone caused [two] geological upheavals

  96. rosettasister Says:

    mozz 2010 dead can dance into the labyrinth


  97. rosettasister Says:


  98. rosettasister Says:


    Magical Child

  99. rosettasister Says:

    loreena mckennitt the visit

  100. rosettasister Says:

  101. rosettasister Says:

  102. rosettasister Says:

    Page 1 #34

    Joyful Company of Singers

    1.”Silence and Music” (Ralph Vaughan Williams) – 4:50

    From A Garland for the Queen in 1953, the year of her coronation.

  103. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    The evolution of the soul in the mind of the Creator

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