Did the aliens double-cross the Air Force by letting Roy remember the milab?


How the grey aliens trapped the Air Force and used Roy Wells as bait”

By Elaine Douglass edouglass@frontier.com

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This article is about an abductee who’s also the subject of a secret US Air Force mind
control program. JAR doesn’t know the whole story but we got a good snapshot from what the
abductee—we’re calling him Roy Wells—remembers that happened May 19 of last year. On
that date, the aliens picked up Roy and his wife and turned them over to the Air Force for the

The Air Force exhibited Roy and his wife naked on a stage in front of a large group of
military officers as an example of the power of mind control. They, the Air Force, said over a
loudspeaker that Roy and his wife would remember none of this, but Roy did. He remembered
lots of it and it looks like the aliens rigged it so Roy would. I have an idea why the aliens did

Roy Wells appeared in the last issue of JAR, the
article entitled “One man’s struggle against alien
abduction, Part I,” by Anonymous (that’s Roy). JAR
was planning to run Part II in this issue, but the events
of May 19 intervened. All you need to know about
Roy is he is everyman, any man. He’s an American
citizen who served his time in Vietnam, mows his
lawn, goes to work every day, pays his taxes, and is
faithful to his wife. To his recollection, he never did
anything to cause himself to become a plaything of the
grey civilization and the American government.

Two or three years ago when Roy found out aliens
had been abducting him since childhood, he was
bummed out, and he
began a crusade to
put a stop to it. But
when he found out in
May that he is also
a victim of the US
Air Force, he was
crushed. So was I. I
cried when he told
me what happened
May 19th. Roy cried
too in the regressive
hypnosis session
with Deborah
Lindeman when
he remembered the
stage. When the
double doors opened
and naked Roy Wells
saw the Air Force Colonel, named Roberts, waiting for
him on the stage in front of the audience of military
officers, Roy broke down and cried, “Why me? I’m
nobody! Why me? Why me?”


Roy felt so lousy about it he broke off contact
for months last winter. He cancelled his email and
stopped answering the phone. His self-esteem took a
nosedive. He felt powerless—and betrayed. See, Roy
has a problem: he has pride. He thinks he has rights.
And he can’t figure out how to get the greys and the
US government to stop violating his rights. So he gets
depressed. Do I believe in Roy Wells and what he’s
told me? Absolutely. I’d stake my life on it.


(Me: I have had eerily similar experiences as “Roy Wells” has had, especially this next part.  I stopped myself from mentioning this aspect before because I didn’t want to be accused of being “racist.” These creatures, whoever or whatever they are, are humanoid but not human.  They struck me as being similar to the Greys’ little “helpers.” Clone-like.)

Foreign black military men too

“Another thing I
noticed in the hall was
some of the military
men were black.
Not like African-
Americans. These
men were very darkskinned
from countries where people’s skin is very black in
color.” Did you see black men in the vehicle? “No I
did not. These black men had on dark jumpsuits and
striking white neckwear, and their uniform had patches
and insignia like the others. The style of jumpsuit
was similar to the US jumpsuits but darker in color.
They were smartly dressed and walked in a group by

(Me: This description is spot on. I hadn’t seen this described elsewhere, until now. So I’m feeling very strange. I knew there were other “experiencers,” but I didn’t know of another who, like me, remembers. Glad I’m not alone, but also deeply, deeply troubled and depressed.)
White silk cravats
Dec. 15, 2009, Roy wrote, “Thank you for the word ‘cravat.’”
He was talking about the special white neckwear worn by the few
extremely dark black soldiers he had seen. Roy believes the fabric was
silk. “I often wear silk shirts, so I know silk when I see it.” We figured
the men were African, but they might have been Caribbean. We both
looked on the internet hoping to find African military wearing white silk
cravats, but found nothing.
Dec. 22, another email from Roy. He’d gone back to the
hot room and discovered where his wife was at that
time. “She was in the room next to the room I was in.
That room looked exactly like mine down to all the
details I could discern.” This perception of Roy’s is
apparently a psychic perception based on Deborah
Lindeman’s direction to “go outside your body,” and
is one of two psychic perceptions Roy reported as he
went about reconstructing the milab experience.
MUFON State Director Elaine Douglass
MUFON State Director compares alien abductions with CIA renditions, MKULTRA mind-control torture



Her remarks highlighted the case of Roy Wells, an abductee whose hypnotic regressions under hypnotherapist Deborah Lindemann revealed a series of startling memories. His memories described events taking place in a deep black world of government/ET collusion that reads like a galactic Taguba Report. The Roy Wells story, as reported in both JAR 8 and JAR 9, includes both the use of leashes on human beings and naked parading of men and women before military and intelligence services personel.


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VeritasShow | July 28, 2010

Researcher/experiencer Melinda Leslie discussed her recent work on abductees who claim to have been interrogated, and sometimes re-abducted by covert/military operatives, after their initial alien encounter. The phenomenon, often referred to as MILABS (military mind control and abduction), can occur in several stages. Starting off on a low level with hearing noises like someone is listening in on phone calls, it can graduate to being watched and followed, confronted and told not to speak out, and harassed by low-flying black helicopters, she detailed. Some abductees encounter a “minders scenario” in which an operative wins their trust with insider information about their alien interactions, but then can become controlling and manipulative, she said.

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An Observation

I know for a fact that something “physical” – material has happened to “Roy Wells,” myself and others.

But I am at a loss to know exactly what that “something” is.

Not all terrestrials are bad, and neither are all extraterrestrials. But some of us are caught up in something not of our own making.

Most will dismiss this out of hand as a nightmare, and they’d be wrong.

But nightmare-ish it is.

And the feelings Roy displays here of helplessness, hopelessness and despair are the same as mine own.

I don’t know what is real, what is imaginary, or what is being implanted in my head.

I can’t be sure who the perpetrators are, although I have my suspicions.

Something real is going on. And I’m glad I’m not alone in my “remembering.”



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  1. rosettasister Says:
    (Text from above article. Hopefully, I didn’t omit anything.) This article is about an abductee who’s also the subject of a secret US Air Force mind control program. JAR doesn’t know the whole story but we got a good snapshot from what the abductee—we’re calling him Roy Wells—remembers that happened May 19 of last year. On that date, the aliens picked up Roy and his wife and turned them over to the Air Force for the night. The Air Force exhibited Roy and his wife naked on a stage in front of a large group of military officers as an example of the power of mind control. They, the Air Force, said over a loudspeaker that Roy and his wife would remember none of this, but Roy did. He remembered lots of it and it looks like the aliens rigged it so Roy would. I have an idea why the aliens did that. Roy Wells appeared in the last issue of JAR, the article entitled “One man’s struggle against alien abduction, Part I,” by Anonymous (that’s Roy). JAR was planning to run Part II in this issue, but the events of May 19 intervened. All you need to know about Roy is he is everyman, any man. He’s an American citizen who served his time in Vietnam, mows his lawn, goes to work every day, pays his taxes, and is faithful to his wife. To his recollection, he never did anything to cause himself to become a plaything of the grey civilization and the American government. Two or three years ago when Roy found out aliens had been abducting him since childhood, he was bummed out, and he began a crusade to put a stop to it. But when he found out in May that he is also a victim of the US Air Force, he was crushed. So was I. I cried when he told me what happened May 19th. Roy cried too in the regressive hypnosis session with Deborah Lindeman when he remembered the stage. When the double doors opened and naked Roy Wells saw the Air Force Colonel, named Roberts, waiting for him on the stage in front of the audience of military officers, Roy broke down and cried, “Why me? I’m nobody! Why me? Why me?” Roy felt so lousy about it he broke off contact for months last winter. He cancelled his email and stopped answering the phone. His self-esteem took a nosedive. He felt powerless—and betrayed. See, Roy has a problem: he has pride. He thinks he has rights. And he can’t figure out how to get the greys and the US government to stop violating his rights. So he gets depressed. Do I believe in Roy Wells and what he’s told me? Absolutely. I’d stake my life on it. In the meantime, there’s the big picture. Once again, we learn the US government is in bed with the aliens. Apparently the Americans just can’t resist trying to get to be as good as the aliens are in mind control. I’m sure they started out to do what it is they get paid for—defend the American people. But somehow they got off on the wrong track and decided to exploit us instead. In this article, we want to find out what happened to Roy Wells and what kind of programs, alien and human, he is the victim of. We also want to see what this case can tell us about what’s going on between the aliens and the coverup. All does not seem to be well in paradise. Did the aliens double-cross the Air Force by letting Roy remember the milab? I think they did, and if so, what are the implications of that? Let’s first take a look at what happened to Roy Wells and his wife the night of May 19, 2009. Initial recollections May 20 Immediately on being returned from the milab, Roy remembered parts of it. Lying in his bed, Roy remembered three scenes: being taken five and a half hours earlier by “different,” more powerful aliens whom he could not resist; walking naked with his naked wife down a long, long hall and seeing hundreds of elite military officers coming from the opposite direction; and riding in some kind of conveyance or vehicle with the officers. This is the only milab Roy has remembered. “At first,” he says, “I thought it was my first milab. Now I know it is not.” The hall and the conveyance seemed to Roy to be a human facility and he did not see any aliens during that part of the experience. Roy considered whether the event was a concocted scenario placed in his mind by the aliens, but he decided it was real. In a regressive hypnosis session Nov. 3, 2009, six months after the milab, Roy found out more of what happened that night. Here are the details of his initial recollection. Author’s questions are in italic. A long, long hall May 20, 2009, Roy wrote: “Last night was a first. I never saw humans other than abductees in any abduction, but last night I saw hundreds, all military men in uniform. Some were Americans, some not. “I recognized US uniforms. Air Force for sure. Army? I don’t think so. Navy? Probably. Hard to distinguish because many wore the [one piece] flight suit uniform. “I remember a long, long hallway. My wife and I were walking down this hallway (12-14 feet wide). Coming from the opposite direction were all these military men. As they walked toward us, each one I saw looked at us as we passed.” How many individuals? “Too many to count. Dozens and dozens walking by in small groups, talking, or by themselves. “My wife and I were going somewhere. There was no one in front of us and I did not turn around to see if we were escorted, but I felt someone must be behind us telling us where to go. I assume we had no clothes on, but I hope I am wrong. I was paying most attention to the long hall and the military men. I don’t recall my wife and I talking to each other, although I am quite sure she was by my side. Lots of elite military men “The shoes worn by these military men stood out—black and so highly polished the shoes shined in the brightly lit hall. The hall was very long. I looked down and could not see the end of it. I had the impression the hall was underground. Also that this facility had been there for many years; it was not new. “The walls seemed concrete, gray, unpainted with a smooth finish. The floor was an off-white, probably linoleum. I don’t recall seeing tiles; no square tiles or anything using grout, and no carpet. The floor might have been painted concrete, but I don’t think so because paint wears off. No design to the floor. “The ceiling was whitish, a drop ceiling with florescent lights. Each fixture had four 48-inch florescent tubes. Positive about this. “There were doors in the hallway, looked like steel doors with steel frames. Not wood, no grain, highly polished surface like a painted steel door, some shade of light gray.” Doorknobs? “I remember something about doorknobs now, on the right side, round metal knobs, unpainted.” Were there signs on the doors? “I recall some designation above the doors.” Did you see any objects in the hall, like trash cans, mail slots, doorbells, fireboxes? “No trash cans. Had there been any they would have been kicked and moved around with all the activity. Mail slots sound familiar but not protruding from the walls or doors.” How clean was this place? The temperature? Any smells? “Very clean, not cold, not hot. No smell or odors.” A conveyance Roy’s other memory was this: “My wife and I are in this conveyance or craft or plane or something, and there were many military men there also. The vehicle was enormous, maybe 50 or 60 feet wide. It reminded me of the inside of a large military cargo plane, like a C-5 Galaxy I toured one time. My wife and I and all these military men were going somewhere in this vehicle and I have no idea where. “The vehicle walls were unfinished and the ceiling was about 10-12 feet at the center. It was a domed ceiling and there were I-beams every 12 or 18 inches which came up from the floor, curved, and met at the ceiling. I paid particular attention to these beams as I have not seen that kind of construction before. The beams appeared to be unpainted aluminum with a dull finish.” What was the shape of this space? “It was longer than wide and at least 50 feet across. I am a good judge of short distances as I spent years as a carpenter and became good as judging short distances using length of lumber. No seats, no handholds “There weren’t any seats or chairs, and no handholds. Everyone stood or sat on the bare floor with their back against the wall. That’s what I did [sat], and my wife also. “I could not see the entire inside of the vehicle because there were so many military men there standing around and moving back and forth. I saw no lighting fixtures in this vehicle, but the inside was brightly lit. No shadows whatsoever; I’m certain of this.” How old was this place? “Not old but not brand new. “It felt like this craft or vehicle was under power and moving, as I was leaning against a wall and could feel a slight vibration on my back. There was no sound of engines associated with the vibration. I definitely had the sense we were moving, though, going somewhere, both us and the military people all together, although they totally ignored us as if we were not there. I felt no acceleration, no inertia, nothing except the slight vibration on my back. If I had not been leaning against the wall, I would not have felt it.” Were your legs naked or did you have trousers on? “My legs were naked.” What was the feeling of movement in this space or vehicle compared to an alien craft? “Very similar.” What about the lighting, was that like an alien environment? “In an alien environment everything is extremely bright. This vehicle was not that bright, but otherwise it was like an alien environment with the light coming from everywhere and no shadows. Milling around in the conveyance “In this craft, some military were walking around, some sitting in groups, some leaned against the wall. They were mingling, talking among themselves. At one point a young guy in dress uniform came and sat next to me on the floor. I was about to ask him a question but he moved away. Some of the uniforms were dress uniforms and some were a jump suit of some kind. Everyone wore insignia and appeared to have high military rank.” What gave you the impression of high rank? “I can’t recall any specific insignia, but having been in the military myself [the Marines] I am certain all were officers. I did not see anyone in civilian clothes and I saw no women except for my wife. All the men had the short, clean cut military haircut and looked highly respectable. I had the feeling I was among an elite class of military officers. I actually felt proud to see so many officers and be in close company with them although I had no idea who they were, where we were, or why my wife and I were there.” A human hall In June 2009, Roy wrote: “In the hallway, in addition to fluorescent lights in the ceiling, there were also wall lights, evenly spaced, centered between each of the overhead lights. I recall this lighting arrangement very well. . .doors all along the hallway but I never saw anyone go in or out of the doors. “One thing about all abductions is the abductee is under some form of sedation; our minds are under control. We can walk, sit, and do as we are told. If we are told, ‘Walk this way’ we do so. If we are told ‘Get on the table and lie on your back,’ we do so. We are like robots and do not have our full faculties; we do not have our senses and never our emotions, at least I don’t. Not thoroughly sedated “For example, I’ve never been able to think on my own and come up with the questions I would like to ask the aliens—questions like, What are you doing to me? Where am I? How did I get here? However, in this milab experience it seems I was not as heavily sedated as I usually am in an alien environment. My emotions were intact, my inquisitiveness was intact, and I had many questions about this place. For example, the hallway. I realized it was very long and I wondered how long. I tried to focus and determine if I could see the end of it, but I could not. I kept wondering, Where are we going? Men looking at my naked wife “As my wife and I walked down the hallway I recall I was angry and upset seeing all these men looking at my wife. I had emotions. As we passed the men, I saw them glance over and look at us, but more specifically at my wife, and this upset me.” In the hall you “felt” there was an escort behind you. Was there any escort with you when you were in the vehicle? “Good question. Actually I never gave that a thought. No, no escort on the plane/train/ automobile. Just me and my wife and all these military people. There was no one in front of us or on either side. Foreign black military men too “Another thing I noticed in the hall was some of the military men were black. Not like African- Americans. These men were very darkskinned seemingly from countries where people’s skin is very black in color.” Did you see black men in the vehicle? “No I did not. These black men had on dark jumpsuits and striking white neckwear, and their uniform had patches and insignia like the others. The style of jumpsuit was similar to the US jumpsuits but darker in color. They were smartly dressed and walked in a group by themselves. “The jump, or flight suits worn by the Americans were kaki-colored and zipped down the front with horizontal zippered chest pockets and belts. The belts were kaki-colored, web belts in belt loops. The neckline was open with a laydown collar and the Americans didn’t wear any neckwear. The Americans in flight suits wore a fabric cap, what I call a ‘flight cap,’ and the Americans in dress uniforms wore a cap with a brim, a ‘service cap.’” [See illustration.] Did you think the men in the hall were the same men as in the vehicle or different? “I cannot identify any specific person. I assume they were the same people I passed in the hallway earlier. “In the vehicle I saw an occasional glance our way but basically we did not exist. They strolled here and there, talking with each other. In what kind of ‘airplane’ can you do this? This place [the vehicle] was so large I could not tell what was the front or the back.” How many people in this vehicle? “Not as many as in the hallway, but the hallway had a good view forward, while inside this craft I had limited vision both left and right. “These military men walked with an air of authority. I would guess the youngest was late 30s and the oldest late 60s, early 70s. I had the feeling I was in the company of high ranking and very intelligent people, the best of the best.” Were they carrying anything? “Some had small notebook cases under their arms. Most had nothing. Some had eyeglasses, most did not. I saw no overweight individuals.” Hypnosis to remember more On Nov 3, 2009, Roy went to see Deborah Lindeman, an experienced hypnotherapist, to find out more about May 19. The session was fruitful. Roy remembered what he had already remembered (no contradictions) in more detail, as well as important new segments. He was able to put the first snapshots of memory in order and fit together a narrative of some of the experience. There are important segments, however, Roy does not recall. A new scene came up in hypnosis. Roy remembered being alone in a small, hot room and being shouted at by a Colonel Roberts for getting up from the chair in which he had been placed. Next, he is picked up by a lower ranking officer, walked down the now deserted hallway and taken to a stage. Roy remembered the first moments of being on the stage, with his wife, and the last moments. Then Roy and his wife walk alone through a series of hallways, emerge onto a “concourse,” then enter the vehicle he had remembered earlier. On the way to the vehicle, Roy passed a Room 207, which filled him with dread. Naked the whole time Under hypnosis it becomes clear Roy and his wife were completely naked, not even wearing shoes, throughout this whole experience. There are also many indications this is not the first time Roy has been in this human facility. Roy has no memory of the return trip following the scene in the vehicle. When he and his wife woke up in bed, he noted they had been gone five and one-half hours. Roy has forgotten the time but he is certain the experience lasted five and one-half hours because he recalls being infuriated about being kept such a long time. Here are excerpts from the hypnosis session, beginning with the arrival of aliens in Roy’s bedroom. Deborah Lindeman’s questions are in italic. Regression session What’s that? That sound! Up above, very deep hum. Something rapidly rotating. Noise, very loud. She just woke up [his wife]. She asked me, “What is it?” I know but I don’t tell her. She got out of bed. She’s looking out the window. She’s trying to figure out where the noise came from. It’s stopped now. What does she do next? I went in the other room and she grabbed a camera. When I came back, she was taking pictures. What tells you they are here? Quiet. I count from the time the noise stops. That means they’re hovering. And it’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, they’re in the room. All in a flash. You saw a flash? In the closet, the walk-in closet. Have you seen this flash before? Hundreds of times! Usually the flash is outside and they enter through the window. I’ll see them float through the window. Shadows. This time I don’t see the shadows. I see the flash. They’re in the room. What are you feeling? I have cold chills. This is different. Craft, it’s different. The sound, never heard it. These are different people. How many? At least three, I lost count. Each flash, one being. Where is your wife? She’s in bed, turned out the light. She says it’s nothing. But there’s something in the room. She goes to sleep. Are you still sitting up in bed? Yes, because I’m determined I won’t let them knock me out. I won’t let ‘em! They can’t do it. I won’t let ‘em! Can’t fight these aliens Move out of your body and observe what happens. I’m trying not to let them take me. I’m shaking. I know it’s different. I’m going to have trouble fighting these. These are more powerful, very powerful. These are not the clones, the stupid pick up guys [who usually come]. They’re dumb. I can trick them. These ones, this is the real ones, the powerful ones. These are, I’ve never, I’m going to have trouble with these. What happens next? They’re here but I can’t see them. She’s asleep. I think they put her out. She’s easy. They’ve got her out. I give them trouble. They’re powerful. There’s several. The power is in the room. I can feel it. The room exudes power. I can’t deal with this. They’re strong. Too powerful. I can’t, I can’t fight. I can’t fight this kind of power. Where do you feel the power? I’m paralyzed. I can’t move. This is not the guys I usually deal with. These beings are tall. I can see them. What follows is a jumbled memory segment in which Roy is floating and being escorted. Then he is naked on a table with aliens around it performing some procedure on him. His wife is nowhere to be seen. He felt highly agitated until the aliens performed a calming procedure on him, a “brain scan.” The beings are visible now and he sees skinny aliens over 6 feet tall with big, black eyes, big heads, long arms and fingers, and skin like “pliable plastic.” There’s a lot of traffic in the room, aliens coming and going. He does not see any humans. Then Roy is left alone, feeling calm. Roy will later say he does not recognize the alien environment he recalled; it was not the usual place he is taken when he is abducted. The hot room Deborah then told Roy, Move forward to where you are not alone. “It’s too hot. Really warm.” Are you still on the table? “No, I don’t know where I am but it sure is warm. Too warm. They’ve got the heater on too high or something. It’s about 90 degrees.” As the picture comes into focus, Roy is “sitting on a chair in a room.” Are you waiting? Roy tells Deborah the room is unfamiliar. He says it is a bare, tiny room, nothing in it except the chair he is sitting on and one door. The room is small, low, maybe 8 foot ceiling, maybe 8×8 room. The door is closed. I’m facing the door and I’m afraid who’s going to come through the door. I hear something. Somebody’s coming! I’m shaking. I don’t know what or who it is! There’s a noise outside. Oh! They went by [relief]. I thought they were coming in this room. I don’t know who ‘they’ are. I have to wait for somebody. It’s awful warm in this room. Move forward in time. Still waiting. I can’t leave. I’m not supposed to leave. I’m supposed to stay in this chair and wait. I could get up, but I know better. There’s a big hallway outside. Yes! From above I can see it. The doors, all closed. And the doors look like high security. You couldn’t shoot through them. Not like doors you’d put in a house. Big steel doorknobs. Don’t get out of the chair! It’s very hot. I’m waiting for somebody to come and get me. They said, Don’t get out of that chair. Who told you that? It was, it was this guy in a, this man, he pointed right at my face and said, “Don’t get out of that chair!” His finger in your face? Yes, and in a loud voice. I don’t want to find out what would happen if I got out of the chair and opened the door. How is he dressed? He’s got a [visor] cap on and he’s in his 60s, got some gray hair. He’s dressed very neatly, immaculate. A coat jacket like a dress, a dress uniform. Blue. Not Navy, and it’s not light blue. A dark blue. With a button and he’s got a white shirt on and a tie and dark pants. He was mad. I don’t know why he was so mad. I didn’t do anything! What did I do? Insignia on the top and his cap with an insignia on it. He’s an officer but I don’t know. He’s in the military. I don’t know what rank. I—he was so mad—I was looking at his face. I was afraid to take my eyes off him. I had to have done something. What did I do? Don’t you dare get out of that chair! So I didn’t. Why is he telling you that? I don’t know. Somebody is coming back. Maybe him. If they come back and I’m not in the chair, I don’t know what will happen. What did you decide to do? Just be in that chair. I just keep twiddling my thumbs and sitting there going what in the world is going on? Why am I in this chair? Leaving the hot room Move ahead. Somebody’s coming! Somebody’s coming! They’re walking down the hall. It’s getting louder. They’re coming in. The door opens? Yes. It’s not the same guy. I’m glad. He says “Come with me.” This guy seems ok. He’s not dressed like the other guy. Not the coat. I’m not sure. He’s not in civilian clothes. How old? In his 40s. The other guy was much older. He says come with me and we go out of the room and down the hall. Walking. Is this hall as wide as the other hall? It’s the same hall. Are you dressed? I don’t think I have anything on. It’s cooler in the hall. Are you walking on your own? Yes, and he’s on my left. He doesn’t talk. I turn around and look back and I can’t see the end of the hall. Just you and him? Yes, no other people. What’s the floor like? Smooth concrete. I’m barefoot and it’s smooth on my feet. I’m just a person. Let’s move to where you’re going. Still walking. The longest hallway I’ve ever seen. Gosh, I want to ask him why don’t they get roller skates or something. Move ahead. Going to a big room where, my goodness! There’s a lot of people in there. Holy! I gotta watch my mouth! Right into a big, it’s like a conference room. Damn there’s a lot of people! Who are all these people? Humans? Yes, all military. A lot, I mean a lot! And, oh my God, I think they came to see me. No! I don’t want to be seen. Why do they want to see me? Who am I? I’m just a person. He opened these double doors. My god, a lot of people! What are they doing? They’re watching the door. Yes, as we come in they all turn their heads. There’s all these chairs all along toward the back wall there’s, not chairs, it’s like stadium seating, but not bleachers. Yeah, like a movie, comfortable seating and they’re sitting everywhere. All the chairs are taken and it goes several layers high and it’s, you know, so they can see over the next person, like going to a movie. There’s a stage. Why am I on a stage? What’s going on? Why do they look at me? I’m just a nobody. Why are they looking at me? I’m not anybody. I’m just a person, a pathetic looking, a pathetic naked human. Why are they looking at me? Look at the idiot on the stage What did I do to deserve this? I’m just a nobody. I’m just a nobody. I’m just another person. [cries] Why? What happens next? I have to go up on the stage. I don’t know why. What have I done to deserve this? Why are they doing this to me? They don’t say nothing. They’re just gawking at me like, Oh, look at the idiot on the stage. What did he do after he took you up there? He left. I don’t know why, why would a bunch of grown men want to do staring at a naked man? Does that make sense? Why would a bunch of grown men gather around to see a naked man standing on a stage? That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Who are all these guys? They got, there’s so many men there, but I can’t tell because it’s bright and I can seem ‘em all but they’re all just staring at me. They’ve got my wife! So you’re on the stage? Yeah, they’re staring at the idiot on the stage. I guess I might as well do a dance or something. They’re just staring at me, staring at the idiot. Does something happen on the stage? My god, they got my wife! Those ass holes! Why are a bunch of grown people staring at two naked people on the stage? She came from the other side. She’s standing next to me. She doesn’t have on any clothes. We’re in our birthday suits. What’s the expression on your wife’s face? She’s a zombie. And I’m mad. Do you believe she is aware of where she is? No. She doesn’t and I’m glad. So they walked her up there to be with you? Yes. And she’s completely unaware? She doesn’t know. She’s turned off. I’m not. I’m turned down a few notches, but I’m not turned off. They can turn me down but it’s hard to turn me off. But she’s off. She has her balance and she’s just standing there, staring. And all those people, my God there’s gotta be hundreds, 150, 200, I don’t know. All different kinds of uniforms. There’s fatigues, there’s a lotta people in dress uniforms with those hats with the hard bill. Is it Navy or Air Force? Yes, you’re right, there’s Navy too. There’s Air Force and there’s definitely Navy. Some have those pointy hats, pointed front and back and like a jump suit. A cloth hat? Yes, but they’re not enlisted cause enlisted would have the shoulder patches. They look all officers and they’re staring at a couple of pathetic people standing on a stage in their birthday suits. It’s the most embarrassing thing. It’s dark & everybody’s gone Move forward. Is anything happening on stage? No, it got dark. The lights dimmed and then they went out and we’re in the hallway. The lights dimmed? It’s empty. We’re walking down the hall. Where is your wife? On my right. You’re still without clothes? Yes. Is anyone with you? No! There’s, I turned around and there’s nobody behind me, but we know where to go. It’s ok. Where do you go? I’m not sure but when I get there, I’ll know because of those implants, they send a signal. I get signals. So I know where to go, when to stop. When to turn, where to get on, when to get off. I know all that. It’s all automatic. How does it signal you? I receive tones. The tones are a signal, they program, the program tells me where to go. I know to go there, go here, when to get on an aircraft, when to get off. It’s all, it’s all predetermined. Laid out. It’s a schedule. A mysterious conveyance Move forward to the next event. I have to get on. Now, now, I have to board. My wife’s a zombie. [sighs] It’s pathetic. It’s for the best. It’s better not to know. Really, it’s better if you don’t know what is happening to you. Yes, yes, we have to get on. It’s, the door’s open and we’re on. We have to get on. What are you getting on? It’s just a door open and we’re getting—it’s a big room. We just have to get in this big room. No one’s there [telling me]. I just know. It’s like, I always know. I get a tone. The signal, I receive a tone and it’s like I get a command and it says, Get in the room. Tell me about the room. The doors are curved [convex] and they open. Not a big arch. It’s really big inside. I can see the other side, kinda far across. Kinda round but no, not round, and people are walking everywhere. Huh! That’s odd. They got on before me. How’d they know to get on before me? There’s other people in the room? Yeah, but they didn’t get on the same door I got in. No, they were already on. It might be different people. They look the same but they might be different. This room, it’s a long way across, hard to see there’s so many people. I can see the other side. It’s kind of curved wall. Maybe oval-shaped. That’s it. It’s more of an oval, but really big inside. What are the furnishings like? It’s a large, empty room, and if you go right a little ways actually there’s something off to the side almost another room, but not. Kind of like a breakfast nook. You know, that could be where the pilot sits. I’m not sure. I can’t go over there, though. Is this a plane? It’s a flying room. You mentioned the pilot. Yeah, I think on the right down a ways there’s a cut out, but I can’t go over there. I got orders. How did you get in this room from the hallway? I just walked down the hallway. And you opened the door? Oh no, no! Ok, we were in one hallway. Then we were in another hallway, a big hallway like, like at the airport, a great big open hallway. No carpet, though. Hmm, it’s really big inside there. Actually, it’s kind of huge! And then we just walked from there into this big opening and we’re inside the craft. Very large craft. There’s a lot of people in there and they didn’t get on through the door I came in. They must have got on through a different door, ahead of me. Go to the moment you leave this place. Ok, I’m back in my bed! It’s great to be home. Instruction in self-hypnosis At the end of the session, Deborah gave Roy a post-hypnotic suggestion. She told him he would be able to self-hypnotize and obtain more information about the milab. As she spoke, Roy became aware of invisible presences in the room. These presences, Roy says, interfered with Deborah’s instructions for selfhypnosis. Nonetheless, in the days following Roy did indeed find he was capable of self-hypnosis, and he did recover more information, as we will see. However, he soon began to experience determined interference. At first it was just distractions, such as creating a loud noise to jar him out of the hypnotic state, but soon the interference escalated. Roy began to experience extreme pain in his head which eventually forced him to end his efforts at self-hypnosis. This much memory & no more Apparently the presences—we assume it is the greys—do not want Roy to remember any more of this experience. It appears to Roy and me the aliens permitted Roy to remember parts of the experience, but not all of it. At the end I told Roy I thought he had gotten 35 to 40 percent of the experience recalled to memory. Nov. 25, 2009, I received an email from Roy referring to the small, hot room where he was balled out by the high ranking officer in his 60s with graying hair. “Apparently,” Roy said, “this was the second time I was told to stay in the chair. The first time I did not obey.” The officer, Roy said, “. . .was of some importance; that was my impression. I know he has something to do with this program, the human abduction and mind control program. Makes me think these bastards (as opposed to the alien bastards) could have us mindcontrolled humans do their bidding, like to assassinate someone. Perhaps this is already being done. Makes me wonder if I have been involved in anything [like that].” Out of the hot room Speaking of the hot room, Roy wrote, “I hear footsteps in the hall, getting closer. I start shaking, then the footsteps pass my door.” Soon he hears footsteps again. “I hope it’s not the same ass hole as the last time.” It was the younger officer coming to get Roy. “We turned right, out of the room.” After walking in the hall, “I see the end getting closer. Before the end there are double doors on the right. The officer pushes a button somewhere and the double doors open inward. I walk up to follow him and look in the room: Oh my God! I am shocked beyond belief at what I am seeing.” The auditorium, the stage Roy says he doesn’t know how he got on the stage, whether he was led or that he simply knew where to go and stand. “It’s like a small movie theater—curved rows of comfortable seats in front of the stage. The stage was brightly lit.” The room got darker the farther back into the seating he looked. Each row of seats held, Roy thought, 15-20 persons, and there were more than 15 rows. Roy said his wife appeared from the opposite side of the stage. “She came through double doors like the ones I came through.” Roy speculates the first set of footsteps he heard walk by, when he was in the hot room, may have been someone coming to get his wife. He tells me he has become extremely “depressed thinking about all this.” He says he tried to transcribe the hypnosis session with Deborah, but “I had to stop. I just could not go on.” I tell him I will transcribe the tape. He says he did not see the younger officer again after the double doors opened to the stage. As to how he knew to go on the stage: “. . .worst case scenario is I have been here before and I know the drill.” Roy said he did not anticipate his wife appearing on the stage. “Apparently a show was underway. What was said, I don’t know. I hear nothing. “How can these assholes sit there and watch us not have some compassion for another human being? This show was put on to show how we can be under total control and do anything and everything we are told. And to be naked is to demonstrate how completely unaware we are of our surroundings and what is happening to us.” Roy later told me, “The officers in the seats don’t appear to be actively involved in the presentation; they are just being shown this. I think questions were asked; I’m not sure. I have the feeling this is the first time these officers witnessed this mind control program. “What I write is accurate,” Roy emphasized. “The hypnosis helped me realize this is real, not an alien mind game. Anything I say or write is accurate. Under no circumstances do I embellish, exaggerate or make things up to impress anyone. If I can’t recall, I won’t say I do.” Incidently, readers will wonder about Roy’s wife. Did I talk to her? Does she remember this milab event, or abductions by the greys? The answer is, no I didn’t talk to her and she doesn’t remember any event. She is in denial. She has a husband who is constantly on alert, who ties himself to the bed at night, who takes pictures of marks on his body almost daily. She hears a great variety of noises in her home. Her sleep is disturbed. She gets marks on her own body. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and says, “I feel like I’ve been walking all night.” If Roy doesn’t put on the “strap” of a given night, she may say, “Aren’t you going to put it on?” Despite all this, she does not know what is going on and Roy is not forcing her to face it. Self-hypnosis not wanted Nov. 26, 2009, Roy wrote he’d self-hypnotized several times the previous night. “I keep getting kicked out, though. Someone does not want me to do this. On my third attempt, I wanted more clarity about the room, and I got it.” He spoke about how hot the room was and says under hypnosis with Deborah “I started sweating” remembering the room even though Deborah’s office was cool. “I got out of the chair, opened the door, and moved the chair to the door opening”—an attempt to get some fresh air. “Now I understand why I was terrified at footsteps coming down the hall.” It was “because I got caught moving the chair and opening the door. I don’t know what happened when they found I had moved the chair, but I intend to find out tonight.” [Anticipates more self-hypnosis.] Roy says he realizes now what made the senior officer so mad. It was because Roy moved the chair and opened the door. “I can imagine how he must have felt; here is one of his subjects not minding his orders. How would this look to others in the program if they found out he has bragged about having complete control over these human subjects and here is one not doing as he is told?” Why the room was hot Roy speculated as to why the room was so hot. “Could it have been a test to see if I would open the door?” Subsequently Roy and I decided that was in fact the reason. The heat was to stress the command and make it more difficult to obey. Dec. 5, 2009, an email from Roy gave me the results of the previous night’s self-hypnosis. Roy had revisited the hot room. “I could not stand the heat,” he wrote and he opened the door. “God that feels good, the cool air coming into the room.” He stood in the doorway. “I finally put the chair directly in the doorway. [Since] I was told not to get out of the chair, if I just sit here after moving the chair, that can’t be too bad, can it?” “Entering is the male subject. . .” More had come to him about the stage scene. When the double doors opened, “I heard a man’s voice over the speaker system in the auditorium say, ‘Entering on the left side is the male subject, 62 years old.’” Then, “Entering the auditorium on the right is the female subject, the man’s wife, age 50. She will walk up and stand next to her husband.” In the midst of typing the email, Roy saw “two quick successive bright flashes” appear just behind him. These flashes indicated to Roy the presence of the invisibles in the room while he was writing to me. “Arrival or departure? Regardless, it’s a form of intimidation, but it won’t work. They can’t intimidate me. I don’t know why they keep trying.” Standing alone on the stage Roy ended up remembering the beginning and the end of what happened on the stage. At the end he recalled hearing, “Well, gentleman, you’ve got a ‘plane’ to catch.” Roy and his wife stood on the stage throughout and at the end the lights went out. They were still standing on the stage. “The military audience got up and left while we just stood and waited. There was some hushed talking between them as they left. Once all had departed the lights were turned off.” As Roy wrote this email, he reported, “A tone just hit my left ear. All alone down the long hallway “Then my wife and I walked down the long hallway. I know where we are going. We walk and turn left down another long hallway. At some point the scenery changes; it now looks more like an airport. We board some type of aircraft through a large entrance on the side. All the military people are already on board. They left the auditorium before us. “I now understand that leaving us standing and turning off the lights was also part of the test. There was no one to accompany us as this is showing how we can be remotely controlled.” What kind of vehicle was it? In the above, Roy refers to the conveyance as an “aircraft” and the part of the facility leading to the boarding area as an “airport.” After much discussion, Roy and I do not think the conveyance he entered was an aircraft. Roy believes the entire facility was underground, and from the beginning, I had thought the vehicle was a train. Roy speculated that if the vehicle was in a tube, magnetically levitated, and the tube was evacuated of air (a vacuum), the vehicle could move through the tube with no friction beneath and no air resistance. Sounds like one of those underground mag-lev trains we’ve heard so much about—except for one thing. Roy says he felt no inertial forces while he was in the vehicle and there were no seats and no handholds to be seen. Even if the vehicle was levitated and in a vacuum tube, that would not negate inertial forces. In ordinary subways and trains there are seats and hand holds, and in aircraft and automobiles, seatbelts. When trains and planes stop and start, passengers can be thrown around inside the vehicle if they are not seated and strapped down, and standing passengers must hold on. No seats, no handholds True, when a vehicle is moving at constant speed conditions inside are relatively stable, so I asked Roy if he remembered the vehicle getting underway. He said no, he does not. “I do not remember the train starting. I do not remember sitting down. I recall walking through the doors and my next memory is being seated with my back to the wall and feeling vibration.” So Roy apparently missed the moment when the vehicle got underway. However, the fact remains there were no seats and no handholds. If there is no need for seats, and no need for handholds, there must not be any inertial forces anticipated in the operation of this vehicle. There’s also the matter that Roy reported seeing no source of light in the conveyance, and no shadows. What kind of vehicle was it? We don’t know. The concourse Roy also remembered certain details about the walk from the stage to the vehicle. After they passed Room 207, [See Sidebar] and as they neared the entrance to the conveyance, the architecture of the place changed. At first, Roy said it reminded him of an airport. He says the walls, floor, lighting were different and he had the impression this part of the facility, which he now calls “the concourse,” was newer than the rest of the facility. Roy says the length of the concourse was “about one city block long” and in the last half of it, to his right, there was a “waiting area” behind a glass wall. The width of the concourse hallway is the same as the older halls, but the lighting is more modern, “maybe five years old,” Roy says. Inside the waiting area behind the glass wall Roy saw a lot of empty seats. The place was deserted. At the end of the concourse hallway and in front of him as they walked, Roy saw “a large open door where we boarded” the conveyance. These were the convex doors he mentioned earlier. The colonel Dec. 6, 2009, Roy wrote the previous night’s self-hypnosis was “as good or better [for purposes of recall] than the session with Deborah, and I got a lot of good information. I can tell you for certain the Air Force officer is a colonel. I got a good look at his face and could pick him out of a lineup.” Roy corrected himself for the color of the shirts worn by the Colonel and the younger officer who retrieved him from the hot room. The shirts, Roy wrote, were not white, but light blue. He also sent a picture of the AF “service dress uniform” which, he wrote, was identical to the uniform the Colonel wore. It was the Colonel, Roy wrote, who was standing on stage waiting for Roy and his wife to enter. It was the Colonel who conducted whatever took place on the stage. It was the same officer who earlier had shouted at and intimidated Roy when he got out of his chair in the hot room. “He introduced himself to the audience of visiting military officers, saying, ‘Good evening gentlemen, welcome and thanks for coming. My name is Col. Roberts.’ I relived him chastising me for moving from my chair. I clearly saw the insignia on his dress coat, the light blue shirt, and his moustache. He is my height, about 5 feet 9, and he’s 61 or 62. “I have more details,” Roy wrote, “and I hope I can get them down before I forget. But if I do, I will simply go back [into self-hypnosis] and go over it again.” This was not to be, however, for soon the aliens put an end to Roy’s self-hypnosis by causing extreme pain in his head. White silk cravats Dec. 15, 2009, Roy wrote, “Thank you for the word ‘cravat.’” He was talking about the special white neckwear worn by the few extremely dark black soldiers he had seen. Roy believes the fabric was silk. “I often wear silk shirts, so I know silk when I see it.” We figured the men were African, but they might have been Caribbean. We both looked on the internet hoping to find African military wearing white silk cravats, but found nothing. Dec. 22, another email from Roy. He’d gone back to the hot room and discovered where his wife was at that time. “She was in the room next to the room I was in. That room looked exactly like mine down to all the details I could discern.” This perception of Roy’s is apparently a psychic perception based on Deborah Lindeman’s direction to “go outside your body,” and is one of two psychic perceptions Roy reported as he went about reconstructing the milab experience. A very angry Colonel He also recalled the chair in the hot room was “hardwood, not metal, light in color, either oak or blond maple, and the back was straight.” He recalled the Colonel’s reprimand. “I look down the hall and see a man coming. As he gets closer, I see he is getting madder the closer he gets. He is looking at me very upset. He wants to know why I got out of the chair and opened the door. I was told to stay in the chair and not move! He moves the chair back to the center of the room and tells me not to get out of it again.” Roy notices the uniform and insignia. “He is a colonel in the Air Force,” Roy wrote. Soon, Roy hears “. . .steps in the hallway. The door opens. A man in Air Force dress uniform is standing there. ‘Come with me.’ He is wearing a light blue shirt with tie but no coat.” The man “appeared to be in his early 40s, rather good looking guy probably gets all the girls, carries himself well, walks straight and not slouched like a true gentleman should. Very neat in appearance. His face is stern. I enter the hallway with him. We just walk. And we walk. He never turns to look at me, just stares straight ahead. I wish I knew what he was thinking. We walk. This is the longest hallway I have ever seen.” As they got closer to what turned out to be the entrance to the stage and the auditorium, Roy notices “He has something in his left hand. It must be a remote, causing the auditorium doors to open. My escort says nothing, just stands as I cross in front of him and get on the stage. I walk to the center and turn and face the crowd. A man talking over the sound system refers to me as ‘the 62-year-old male subject.’ I just stare. I don’t try to pick out faces in the audience. I just stare off in the distance. A man is talking over the speaker system. ‘Good evening gentleman and thank you for coming. My name is Col. Roberts. . .’” “The subject will not remember. . .” Roy comes up with a few more details. “This Colonel—he seems to me to be the project manager— is explaining the program. I remember him saying, ‘The subjects will not remember anything about being here. The last thing they will remember is going to bed and falling asleep.’ “Lie!” Roy wrote. “I was wide awake when the craft arrived. My wife grabbed the camera and took pictures. How could the AF Colonel not know this? Unless the aliens neglected to give him all the facts,” he added significantly. “The man on the stage is still talking. I gather he is outlining the mind control program to the audience. They just stare. Does anyone in the audience feel sorry for us? It’s ok, it’s for God and country. “I think we were there about 30 minutes. At the end the audience files out after the Colonel’s closing statement, ‘Well, gentlemen, you have a ‘plane’ to catch.’ It’s the way he said that. Kind of jokingly. His tone of voice was different.” Roy said he’d been unable to hypnotize himself the previous night. Finally he went to bed. During the night, though, he was not alone. “I awoke hearing the most ungodly breathing sounds. It sounded like some animal was right next to my head about to strike and kill me. I forced myself awake and the bastard next to the bed quickly departed into the bathroom. I slept well the rest of the night and didn’t find any marks on my body in the morning, so I assume they did not take blood samples.” The end of self-hypnosis An email from Roy Dec. 29, 2009 marked the end of his self-hypnosis. Laying in bed, Roy tried to concentrate. He and his wife were not alone in the house. He’d “already heard two of the bastards pop through the bathroom window. At least no one fell or tripped in the bathtub and made a huge noise, like they did a few nights ago,” Roy wrote. On his second try, “Within two minutes, I was in deep hypnosis, but it seems others objected. I started getting bad pain in the left front of my brain and in my left eye. I stopped the hypnosis and the pain slowly faded. So I had a chat: Oh, I see you bastards don’t like this, huh? Afraid I will find out something? You apparently have orders to put a stop to any and all hypnosis I conduct on myself. Any comments? No? Cat got your tongue? Oh, I forgot you don’t have tongues.” He tried again and went into “a deep hypnotic state.” Back to the hot room, “I counted down from three and found myself sitting in the chair. I was ecstatic at how fast I could do this. Then, I got the worst pain in the back left side of my head. I telepathically screamed at them, ‘Knock it off! Knock it off!’ The pain just continued. I had no choice but to pull myself out of the hypnotic state. I was quite mad at the bastards and threatened them with death for interfering with my hypnosis.” Roy tried again but “I got hit in the left front of my brain and my left eye hurt so bad I could barely stand the pain. He stopped and again had a chat: ‘Ok, assholes, I see you really don’t want me doing this. But as you know, I don’t generally just quit. I’m as hard headed as you are.’ I really wanted to try one more time. Perhaps if I got into a very deep hypnotic state the pain would not bother me.” Unbearable pain Again he put himself into a trance. “I felt the pain and ignored it. The pain increased, but it was not really a bother once I put my mind to it. The more I concentrated on my hypnosis the less the pain felt and the more I forgot it. I thought, This is wonderful! The aliens are pounding away and I’m ignoring it!” However, “What they did next took me by surprise. A very sharp pain hit my right ear. I felt the air compress around my head a nanosecond before the pain hit. I screamed and grabbed my right ear. Not that I know what it’s like to have your eardrum punctured, but it sure felt that way. The pain was so intense I was no longer in a hypnotic state and I just lay there groaning. “This experience confirmed what I already knew. When it comes to the aliens, it’s their way or no way. There is no highway. You do as they say or you pay the price.” The whole picture And that was the end of Roy Wells’ efforts to remember more of the milab. So let’s put it all together. What is it we think happened to Roy and his wife the night of May 19, 2009? As can be seen, Roy is in a constant struggle with the aliens. The initial phases of Roy’s efforts to prevent himself from being taken are described in JAR 8, “One man’s struggle. . . ,” and involved essentially Roy tying himself to his bed—surprisingly this method was partially successful. Later Roy would try another method, but the point here is—he fights. However, the night of May 19 they did not send the “usual pizza pick up and delivery guys,” as Roy calls them. We surmise the aliens had an appointment with the Air Force to deliver Roy Wells and so they sent “powerful” aliens to pick up Roy and his wife. Next, Roy is with the aliens, and his memory here is murky compared to the clear memories he has of later in the night. However, he is in alien custody. He sees the aliens, he’s on a table, they do a procedure. Also, he is aware this is not in the location he is usually taken when abducted; he is in a different alien place. Five and a half hours later he woke up in bed with a memory of walking down the long, long hall. At first Roy thought there “must be” someone walking behind them directing them, but now we don’t think so. In later phases, we see them with no escort, taking themselves from the auditorium stage to the conveyance. They know where to go. Walking down the hall with the military officers seems to be Roy and his wife’s entry into the facility, and it seems to be an entirely human facility. There is no memory of how he got there, which means the crucial handing over of Roy and his wife by the aliens to the Air Force is missing, as may be the same scene on the return trip. As for the return trip, Roy always assumed the aliens brought him home, but when I pressed him on this he realized he does not know who brought him home. Lying in bed, Roy also remembered the scene in the conveyance. Initially, on May 20, that was all he knew—being taken, being in the hall, and being in the conveyance. We didn’t know where in the experience these fit. After the session with Lindeman, Roy fit the scenes together. He got to the conveyance after the stage scene. And the hot room came after the walk down the long hall with the officers, though Roy does not remember being put in the hot room. Soon we see the Colonel furious, striding down the hall toward Roy. How did the Colonel know Roy had gotten up from the chair? There must have been a camera in the room which Roy, despite his acute powers of observation, did not see. Now the Colonel screams in Roy’s face, and it is here Roy gets an indelible impression of the Colonel’s appearance—his face, his uniform, his insignia. “I could pick him out of a lineup,” Roy says. “He is a Colonel in the US Air Force.” On the stage Roy hears the Colonel’s name, Roberts. Soon, Roy is picked up by a lower ranking AF officer. In a long walk down the hall, Roy sees no other person, just as Roy saw no other person in the walk from the stage to the conveyance. No one. Either this very large human facility is underutilized or, the reason it is deserted is because it is the middle of the night. The scene on the stage is loathsome, a nadir of cynical exploitation of two American citizens by our government. I hardly know what to say about it. It is flabbergasting. It is certainly actionable, in a legal sense, as is the entire matter of the use of Roy Wells by the US Government without his consent. Not Roy’s first milab Some observations: first, various indications suggest May 19 was not the first time Roy Wells and his wife were in the custody of the United States and subject to the mind control protocols in evidence. “Entering the auditorium on the right is the female subject. . .she will walk up and stand next to her husband. . .the subjects will not remember anything. . .” This is not the language of a program that began May 19th. It is the language of a program that has been going on for a long time. After the stage scene, as Roy and his wife walk alone on their way to the conveyance, they pass a certain door in one of the halls, Room 207 [See Sidebar]. Roy says he felt dread as he walked by that room, felt he had been in the room behind that door on other occasions, and felt relief he would not be going into Room 207 that night. Roy’s emotional reaction on passing Room 207 is more evidence May 19 is not a first. “I know this is not my first milab,” Roy says, “because the room underground [207] is very familiar to me; I have been there many times.” The same is suggested by Roy’s statements about the “breakfast nook” in the conveyance. That is “where the pilot sits,” Roy said, and he has “orders” not to go “over there.” The sound of the words suggest repeated past events. Similarly, the tones—the tones which tell Roy when to go and where to go in the government facility. Are we to assume all that technology was installed in Roy Wells on May 19th? And would the Air Force display Roy and his wife before a visiting group of high ranking military officers if this was the first time they had Roy in their custody? No, they would not. The tones Like many abductees, Roy hears “tones.” He started hearing them January 2008. Under hypnosis, Roy said, “. . .we know where to go. It’s ok. Where do you go? I’m not sure but when I get there, I’ll know because of those implants, they send a signal. I get signals. So I know where to go, when to stop, when to turn, where to get on, when to get off. All that. It’s all automatic. How does it signal you? I receive tones. The tones are a signal. They program. The program tells me where to go. . .” Roy suggests, above, that the tones direct him, but actually, Roy did not hear any tones he remembers during the milab. Nor does he hear tones when he is in alien custody. And in the custody of both, “just [inexplicably] knowing” where to go and what to do is identical. Many times Roy has described to me knowing when to board, and when to wait to board the alien “shuttle” craft which takes him to and from home during abductions by the greys. In May 2010 he wrote to me, “While under control and not having my full senses I don’t hear tones, but I know my brain implants are receiving them. I can’t tell you how I know, I just know.” “I get the tones very often,” Roy says, “all times of day and night, at home, at work, driving, anywhere. Some last a few seconds, others a few hours. Just now a tone in my right ear started as I was taking photos of a new mark I got last night. It has been [sounding] about an hour and it’s driving me up a wall. Sometimes the tones are faint and sometimes when they first hit I jump as they are so loud. It could be a single tone, flat, or suddenly go up or down in frequency. Every night I get them right before sleeping, each and every night. . .” Since Roy does not hear tones when he is in custody of the aliens or the AF, Roy’s idea the audible tones are controlling him must not be correct. The instructions, the commands, are silent. It may be, as Roy has said, that “the tones. . .program.” If so, the tones are changing the “program,” inserting new instructions, deleting old ones. An orchestrated pattern of memory Our next observation is critical. It is about the pattern of what Roy remembers and doesn’t remember, and why. According to what was said on the stage, Roy and his wife weren’t supposed to remember anything about the milab. Speaking over the loudspeaker, the Americans were supremely confident: “. . .the subjects will remember nothing. . .” And sure enough, Roy has no memory of any previous milabs, though the evidence suggests there were many. So why does he remember May 19? Roy’s initial recollections on May 19-20 may have been due to his own efforts. For two years Roy has been working on remembering what happens when he is abducted by the greys [See JAR 8], so Roy’s initial recollections may have stemmed from his selftraining in remembering. However, the greys could have stopped him from remembering any more. They didn’t. The greys could have prevented. . . During the months from May until the November hypnosis Roy couldn’t get beyond his initial recollections no matter how hard he tried. What Roy remembered on May 19-20 was provocative—being in a human facility, being in the hall, seeing all the US personnel, being naked, etc—but it isn’t until the stage scene is added, as well as Roy’s impressions walking by the implant Room 207, that the magnitude of the plot line becomes clear. And it isn’t until Roy goes into hypnosis that he gets that additional information. If the greys had wanted to prevent Roy, and myself, from seeing the magnitude of the plot line, they never would have let Roy go into hypnosis. After the hypnosis session the greys controlled what further information Roy would get. His brief forays into self-hypnosis yielded some additional; then the greys put a stop to it. It is also worth noting that these days Roy is no longer able to recall the abductions by aliens, which continue. Roy used to be able to remember the trip to the alien facility, the facility itself, and certain events, but not any more. These days, Roy is still aware when an abduction has taken place, but not what occurred. It appears the greys do not want Roy to remember what happens when he is with them, only what happens when he is with the Air Force. Another thing we notice about the pattern of Roy’s recollections is his memory of being with the aliens at the start of the milab is foggy, but his memory of being with the Air Force is clear. “I could hardly see what happened between the time I was abducted and the time they turned me over to the government,” Roy says, “but once I was turned over my memory was as clear as if I was reliving the event.” The end result is a story in which the role of the US Air Force is front and center while the aliens recede into the background. In short, we cannot show the greys caused Roy to remember the milab, though they may have. What we can show is they did nothing to stop him remembering additional crucial scenes, though they could have. We know they could have because ultimately, they did. The greys knew what would happen The greys know all about Roy Wells. They know he is a writer and he works with writers. They could confidently predict that the events of May 19, if Roy knew about them, would find their way into print— and the events of May 19 are highly incriminating of the US government. All provided for public consumption? To discredit the American government? I think so. It appears to me the greys have decided to pull the plug on Col. Roberts and his human abduction and mind control program, or at least leak enough information to make the Colonel very nervous. Why have the greys put a stop to Roy’s further remembering? I told Roy one possible reason is to prevent self-destruct programming that may have been installed in his mind from executing. It may be Roy has been directed to destroy himself if he remembers certain information which could compromise the government program he is involved in or compromise the people running the program. So there’s that possibility. Another possibility is simply that the elements of the story Roy knows about are sufficient for the aliens’ purposes. Nobody’s kidding themselves here that the greys believe Roy Wells, or Elaine Douglass, has a “right to know.” This is about something that is going on between the greys and the coverup. A story has been divulged, by the aliens, on purpose. It is a story which directs our attention to bad things the US Air Force is doing to Americans, while the aliens fade into the background. That may be why the hand over of Roy Wells from the aliens to the Air Force is missing from Roy’s memory. If the hand over scene was included, the aliens would loom larger in the tale. A double-cross Of course, from the Air Force’s point of view, nothing like this was supposed to happen. As far as Roy and I can tell, the Air Forc
  2. rosettasister Says:


    As far

    as Roy and I can tell, the Air Force thinks it has a
    “cooperative” program with the greys, but apparently
    the greys have something else in mind which involves
    leaking incriminating information about the US
    Why is it most of what was said on the stage is so
    thoroughly blacked out of Roy’s memory? We don’t
    know. What could
    have been said on the
    stage? Roy believes
    the event was a
    of mind control
    technology to a
    “visiting” group of
    officers. If so, the
    history and scope
    of the program applied to Roy Wells and his wife
    would have been described: the duration, the types
    of implants used, the hypnotic and drug protocols
    employed, and the results.
    As for results, Roy and I are drawing a
    blank. What are the results? What exactly is it the
    government has been able to get Roy Wells and his
    wife to do as a result of the technology inflicted on
    them? We do not know.
    Another thing Roy and I wonder is whether the
    visiting group of officers who observed him on the
    stage that night knew
    he was brought
    into the custody of
    the Air Force by
    extraterrestrials. For
    all we know, they
    may know nothing
    about that and may
    have been led to
    believe Col. Roberts
    and his program are an entirely human affair.
    Whatever the goals and results of this
    “cooperative” alien-Air Force mind control program,
    the fact is both the aliens and the Air Force are
    concentrating very hard on the case of Roy Wells. The
    Air Force and the greys have been working on Roy
    for years. Nowadays, the greys take blood from Roy
    every four days. The invisibles show up frequently, in
    his home, at work, in his car. The tones are inflicted

    constantly. Last winter there were what seemed to be
    government agents around Roy’s house, removing
    his trash, looking at the surveillance cameras Roy has
    installed outside his house, and other things. As Roy
    describes it, “I’m pretty much under 24/7 surveillance
    and monitoring.” What’s that about? We don’t know.
    We just know it’s intensive and ongoing.
    Who is the Air Force colonel?
    His name is Roberts. His age about 61 or 62. He
    has graying hair and a moustache. His height is 5 feet
    9 or so. Roy believes Col. Roberts is “in charge of
    the human abduction
    and mind control
    program.” Up to
    a point, Roy tried
    to find out exactly
    who he is. On the
    internet Roy found
    pictures of ten or 12
    Air Force colonels
    named Roberts. The
    Col. Roberts Roy saw in the milab was not among
    the pictures. There is one more AF Colonel Roberts
    named on various AF websites whom Roy could not
    find a picture of. In other words, Roy found pictures
    of all the AF Colonels named Roberts except one.
    On inquiry, I learned a Roberts by the first name in
    question did not graduate from the AF Academy. That
    is all we know.
    You can’t trust those aliens
    So there it is. The whole ghastly story. If I had
    Col. Roberts here in front of me, right now, I’d say:
    See, Colonel! You just can’t trust those aliens. It
    looks like they’re trying to expose you and your whole
    program! Didn’t you and the greys agree to work
    together in secret to turn Roy Wells into the most
    brilliantly conceived mind control puppet the world
    has ever seen? What went wrong?
    Can we talk, Colonel? I think the aliens
    are setting you up, not only you, but the whole
    American government, judging from the alien public
    propaganda. The Roy Wells affair looks to me a piece
    of that, just a small piece, but representative.
    Were you surprised, way back when, to find the
    aliens were willing to share technology? It was a
    trap. By getting you involved in abductions and mind

    control, in invading bodies, wiring brains, usurping
    the will and appropriating the lives of the innocent
    and unaware, the aliens made sure your hands are
    very, very dirty. Of course, that’s what they do every
    day with the abductees, but now they’ve blurred the
    distinction between what they do and what you do–
    and that’s going to help them a lot, soon, with what
    they have in mind.
    They’re going to try to take you down, Colonel,
    and if they do you’ll be the one standing there, naked,
    without any legitimacy to wrap yourself in. You threw
    that jewel away for a few pathetic trinkets, wires you
    can stick in Roy
    Wells’ brain, buttons
    you can push to
    make him go left or
    go right. As I see it,
    Colonel, you walked
    right into it.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    BTW this is how I found the JAR article:


    And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this:


    and read Roy’s description of the “men” sporting the cravats.

    They didn’t seem “normal” to me, too much alike physically.

    Honestly, this knowledge filled me with dread.

    I sorta knew before, but now I know for sure.

    There have to be others who remember.

  4. rosettasister Says:

  5. rosettasister Says:

  6. rosettasister Says:

  7. rosettasister Says:

  8. rosettasister Says:

  9. rosettasister Says:

    Jan 23, 2011, 7:37pm, majvisitor wrote:

    UI102, well I am sorry but fuk it, they sent me into harms way the other night. They better be able to hang.

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #632 on Jan 23, 2011, 7:46pm »

    One of our pilots! Let’s make sure to hold to what D said about aggression. We want peace. Hanging? They are snoozing-deep-alseep right now but I guarantee you when they aren’t they can! truly,..

    Jan 23, 2011, 8:08pm, majvisitor wrote:

    I’m him. Do not ID me by any number or anything else. I was told to check in at this place to confirm the time and date I am due to Sin City. I will be at the place. No statements from me and nothing in report to anyone. I won’t speak with the CLC or anyone from the Consistory either until I speak with my bosses first.

    « Reply #634 on Jan 23, 2011, 8:14pm »

    I have been waiting for you. Your cdr or not I completely respect your attitude. We will have a vehicle waiting for you when you arrive. Per the Desks your EVERY need will be attended to. Your first and only conference scheduled is in camera with both Desks at a location not mentioned but we can agree on that when we meet. Welcome home brother and a job well done from all of us! At some point down the line I look forward to having a private discussion with you.

    Brian Stansfield, Corvus 1, Maj

    Jan 23, 2011, 8:51pm, majvisitor wrote:

    As CLC my objection is on file. A golden boy?

    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #640 on Jan 23, 2011, 9:29pm »

    I was awakened by Stan. Your objection is overrruled by the Desk. Please do not refer to our E2i Operative in that tone. I understand that there is something that must be bridged with you. I will be pleased to speak with you later today, on a sec/L after I have had some more rest.


  10. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #661 Today at 10:00am »


    A larger description of events will be posted on Eagles Disobey in early February.

    What should one expect to happen if they wish to be part of the Beta testing of PROJECT ISIS?

    On arrival in Ft. McDowell at the IUFOC event center (on the Eagles Disobey table), or as soon as we post the telephone number direct to Dr. Marci on Eagles Disobey – please call Dr. Marci to arrange a meeting place and date/time for your participation.

    You will be given 1 of 2 possible locations and a date/time to meet with the Eagles (Drs. Dan and Marci, and possibly one or a few others). [The beta testing will be occurring at two separate locations. ]

    On meeting them at the location at the assigned date/time, you will be able to engage in informal/personal/private discussion with Drs. Dan and Marci.

    At that location, you will be explained what will be happening, and will be offered to sign permissions/waivers, and be given a short survey. THEY MUST BE SIGNED AND FILLED OUT OR THE PERSON CANNOT PARTICIPATE.

    After the discussion and the paperwork, you will be escorted – either walking or in your separate transport following the Eagles in their separate transport to the place of beta testing.

    On arrival, the equipment will be carried by the Eagles, along with you, to to the location for the beta testing.

    What will the equipment look like, at this time? There will be a main retail-style tan colored “vacuum compression” bag, and one other zip-style bag.

    Once in the location, the participant will be offered to, and assisted with putting on a small “vest” then will be seated in a chair for comfort.

    After being seated in the chair, Dr. Marci will be speaking with you while she plugs in wires from the vest to her computer, on which will be resident some very nice music containing some very special “tones/frequencies.”

    After plugging in to the computer, she will then hang a small “case” on an adjusting device. From that case will be emitted a very special “colored light” of certain wavelengths.

    From there, you will be assisted to place a soothing eye mask over your eyes. The mask is a standard retail soothing mask like this:

    The mask will be TRANSLUCENT but not transparent. That means that light will pass through the mask. It’s the same kind that women wear everyday to relieve puffiness around the eyes.

    While she is helping you adjust the soothing mask, Dr. Dan will be tending to the contents of the “vaccum compression” bag. You will notice that there will be a long blue flexible tube running from the vest to the “vacuum compression” bag. The contents of the bag contains the ISIS CRYSTALS. Aside from saying that it will be there, operating to assist in your experience, that is all we can comment on the nature of the machine in the “vacuum compression” bag. Dr. Dan will be with the bag through every beta test. You may notice that there are wires coming from the bag, plugged into a multiplug. They are there to assist the machine in the bag to run properly. You will likely hardly notice anything special about bag, unless you get a glimpse of what will look like red glowing crystals inside it, or maybe a very low hum.

    After the soothing eye mask is placed on you, Dr. Marci will adjust the case with the light being emitted toward your face, and she will then turn on the music.

    The entire session should last about 15 minutes.

    Once done, you will be asked to fill out an “after” survey. After completing the “after” survey, you will be escorted from the location, thanked, and wished a good day.

    If you would like to participate in the beta testing of this new MOOD LIGHTING AND RELAXATION SYSTEM, please keep a watch here, on Eagles Disobey (www.eaglesdisobey.net) or at the IUFOC’s “Eagles Disobey Table” for the scheduling phone number.


    This beta test is an Eagles Disobey event, and is not related in any way to the IUFOC. PROJECT ISIS is wholly owned and Operated by Dr. Marci.

    Thank you.


  11. rosettasister Says:

    Today at 10:18am, Mongrel Dawg wrote:

    West Safety 2 to West Safety 3; M’s status?

    Today at 10:21am, Fran wrote:

    WS3. M 5/5. Watching closed circuit to Ecoast. Some very shaken opponents. F

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Mongrel Dawg
    « Reply #674 Today at 10:35am »

    I love you both. I’ll be home soon. (We wanted it clean and polite. They raised. Now it hangs as it hangs.)

    I am very proud of the men and women under my Command, especially Cdr. Op Stansfield. They are performing their duties quickly and with a high degree of professionalism.

    No fear, baby, no fear!


  13. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Stan
    « Reply #675 Today at 11:40am »


    * NAC continuing to refuse to make any statements on the “troubling matter.” DotC stated that their declaration on the matter must be received during Conference Day 2, or DotC will immediately leave the conference believing that the threat was carried out as stated. NAC agreed to make a statement on the matter by the end of Day 2.

    * NAC requested second truce during the conference, DECLINED by DotC, as it would be a “convenient use of politics” and “hypocritical.” DotC stated, “Answer direct questions, taking responsibility where culpable, and we’ll discuss outcomes. Cease your actions and we’ll cease our actions in due course to the necessary extent of defense.” NAC has not replied as of time of report.

    * DotC reported to DotK, and Ops unleashed further autonomous security, political, and economic operations.

    *End Report. Stan Goldstein, Psy.D., ADC, DotC, Maj

  14. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #677 Today at 12:43pm »

    In a letter directed to the Grand Areopagite, of the Unified Councils, Brussels, Belgium, the Old Guard and 6 Maj-allied S/Societies have issued a joint statement of “deep disappointment” and “imminent grave concern” at the actions of the North American Council.

    They have been informed that the 4 new Fed Reserve policy members, all Maj-allied, will take a dim view of such careless pursuit of aggression by the NAC and that

    *** cross alliance support is growing for those seated at the Desk of the Keystone and Desk of the Compass *** (that would be Dan and Marcia)

    Imposed limitations will continue to proactively isolate the NAC, until they cease offering b/channel threats and unnecessary bloviation.

    Discussions in Davos are already underway with no shortage of support to limit the progressive influence of those governments supporting the NAC, which needs to come clean as quickly as possible about these charges.


  15. rosettasister Says:

    Well, I really don’t know what to say, except I’m glad these guys and gals are on the people’s side.

    Sometimes I wonder just how much Dan and Marcia know, did you notice the “milab” reference in one of the videos?

    I think that’s what I heard, when they were walking and talking.

    I know they would protect me if they could.

    Perhaps they already have.

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Evil is different from sin for it is deliberately taking a path away from God. As Cayce stated it is rebellion.

    “Hence that force which rebelled in the unseen forces (or in spirit) that came into activity, was that influence which has been called Satan, the Devil, the Serpent; they are One. That of REBELLION!

    Hence, when man in any activity rebels against the influences of good he harkens to the influence of evil rather than the influence of good.”



  17. rosettasister Says:

    TEXT OF READING 262-89

    6. It has been understood by most of those who have attained to
    a consciousness of the various presentations of good and evil
    in manifested forms, as we have indicated,

    that the prince of this world, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil – as a soul – made
    those necessities, as it were, of the consciousness in materiality;

    that man might – or that the soul might – become
    aware of its separation from the God-force.

    7. Hence the continued warring that is ever present in
    materiality or in the flesh,

    or the warring – as is termed – between the flesh and the devil,

    or the warring between those influences of good and evil.

    8. As the soul is then a portion of the Divine, it must
    eventually return to that source from which, of which, it is
    a part.

    Will THY name be written there?


  18. rosettasister Says:

    If, like Roy Wells, I’ve encountered Colonel Roberts, and I think I may have.

    He seems diabolical to me.

  19. rosettasister Says:

    While brave men and women protect innocents, perhaps the rest of us can busy ourselves saving our republic, and our eternal souls.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    Media Attack on Santorum Over Abortion Comment Unfair

    by Brent Bozell


    This has nothing to do with a supposed “race card.” This isn’t even just about Rick Santorum.

    The media whirlwind whipped up on these accusations are nothing more than the continuation of an ugly and dishonest attempt to distort, delegitimize and damn conservative principles and conservative leaders.

    Anyone who actually watched this interview can see that Santorum paralleled what many pro-life leaders have compared in the past.

    Just ask Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day Gardner, Rev. Childress or any number of other black leaders who have also called abortion the civil rights issue of our day.

    It’s sad that many of these same outlets also failed to report news yesterday of the Philadelphia abortionist charged with the murder of 1 woman and 7 babies born alive and then killed with scissors.

    It doesn’t get more gruesome than that.

    But that story doesn’t threaten liberal ideology, so I guess it’s just not news.

    Santorum does threaten liberal ideology, so they create a false controversy — and call it news.


    Dr. Alveda King notes, “Abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.”


    (With all due respect, gentlemen, I really only want to hear from women who’ve had an abortion(s). I heard a woman say the other day that her prayer was that one day abortion would be “unthinkable.” I agree, the question remains how to get there from here. And if you believe Obama is dead wrong on abortion, don’t let the race baiters stop you from saying so.)

  21. rosettasister Says:

    Villa Maria Guadalupe- Retreats / Retreat Schedule


  22. rosettasister Says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how ignorant pundits are on history:

    Frederick Douglass changed my mind about the Constitution.


    Douglass was invoking a principle of constitutional interpretation that holds that the text itself is all that matters, that the intentions of the framers are irrelevant.

    This allowed him to argue

    –contrary to everything that most Americans at the time believed and that most historians today believe–

    that the three-fifths clause punished, rather than rewarded, the South for slavery.

    Douglass’s argument was disarmingly simple:

    take away the three-fifths clause and all the slaves would have been counted for purposes of representation,

    since the default position in the Constitution was that representation would be based on the entire population.

    By this reading the Constitution reduced the South’s representation by counting three-fifths rather than five-fifths of the slaves.

    Moreover, by inserting the three-fifths clause, the founders had planted in the Constitution an incentive for the slave states to increase their representation in Congress by emancipating their slaves.

    There is nothing in the actual text of the Constitution to justify any other reading, Douglass argued.

  23. rosettasister Says:

  24. rosettasister Says:

    Raila Odinga had Mr. Corsi thrown in jail.

    By Jerome R. Corsi

    Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate

    Signs affidavit declaring long-form, hospital-generated document absent



    Emanuel’s eligibility fight moves to state Supreme Court

    Lawyer who raised challenge says Obama friend failed residency requirement


    (Oh, the irony!)

  25. rosettasister Says:

    AIFDtv | January 24, 2011

    PHOENIX — Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim and an outspoken advocate of integrating Eastern and Western cultures in the U.S., sat down with Javier Soto to talk about the trial of Faleh Hassan Almaleki, the Iraqi immigrant accused of killing his daughter because he thought she was too Westernized and had dishonored the family.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Senator Tom Coburn on how much talk on rhetoric is too much, and the coming debt crisis


    HH: So it will vote…51 does it?

    TC: Yeah.

    HH: But then you’ve got the House there. Should the House…

    TC: Well, but…so I agree.

    What we need to do is we need to get an agreement that we’re going to have absolutely firm spending caps that cannot be gotten around.

    And that’s the only way we give a debt limit increase.

    HH: How much? What’s the spending cap?

    TC: It ought to be $250 billion dollars less a year minimum, right now, for the next two years.

    HH: Can we do that without having children dying of starvation…

    TC: Oh, absolutely. Hugh, there is so much waste.

    There’s at least $350 billion dollars worth of waste, fraud or duplication in the federal government per year right now. Right now.

    HH: So $250 billion bucks a year for two years to raise the debt limit.

    TC: Let me give you an example. Social Security Disability Trust is going to go broke in 2018.

    Now everybody that works pays some money into that.

    One in nineteen Americans now is on disability, not counting our veterans, our war fighters.

    Do you really think one in nineteen Americans is disabled?

    HH: True, true.

    TC: It’s ridiculous. There’s $7 billion dollars a year wasted on that, on people who are riding the system.

    HH: Okay, so….

    TC: We’ve got $100 billion dollars in fraud in Medicare.

    HH: And so does this happen? Are you confident this is going to happen?

    TC: I’m not confident, no, because you know, we don’t have, in Washington, people with strong spines.

    And here’s the rub, and this is the dividing line. Do you care more about getting reelected than doing the best thing for the country?

    HH: Well, I hope there are more in the latter camp, and I hope you find them soon, because it is, it’s a nightmare right now in terms of spending.

  27. rosettasister Says:

    It would be nice if Obama’s SOTU included some of this stuff


    1. Cut the corporate income tax rate.

    2. Move from “worldwide” to “territorial” taxation.

    3. Make full business expensing permanent.

    4. Call on Congress to repeal Obamacare taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year.

    5. Remove uncertainty from small employers and investors by making current tax rates permanent.

    6. Call for a moratorium on new federal regulations.

    7. Admit “stimulus” failures and rescind the unspent funds.

    8. Promise to veto any further state government bailouts.

    9. Keep your promise on earmarks.

    10. Support lasting reform to permanently shift the bias away from spending.

    (Click link for details.)

  28. rosettasister Says:


    “Tipping point” stuff is pure Ryan:. More “Ltd. govt and free enterprise have helped make America the greatest nation on earth.”
    half a minute ago via TweetDeck .

    But Sputnik stuff could turn into government allocating resources, just like healthcare, capandtade
    2 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    Remember, Sputnik, Apollo and Manhattan projects were all very defined goals — and costly
    4 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    Again, I am fine with funding government labs and very basic, blue-sky research — but no R&D subsidies to business
    5 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    RT @TonyFratto: BREAKING: China’s Hu Jintao – “This is our iPod moment.”
    7 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    Obama to try and paint GOP as the party of austerity and root-canal economics vs. his JFK’s New Frontier-ism
    8 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    In Sputnik reprise, who’s USSR? China, climate change– or something fuzzy, like a loss of faith in our enduring this or that
    12 minutes ago via TweetDeck .

    Truth on the train from 20something jobseeker: “Advertising sounds like fun. Marketing doesn’t sound like fun.”
    about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

  29. rosettasister Says:

    Paul Ryan’s Response to the State of the Union

    Jan 25 2011, 6:49 PM ET



    FISCAL CHALLENGE AHEAD: “Our nation is approaching a tipping point. We are at a moment, where if government’s growth is left unchecked and unchallenged, America’s best century will be considered our past century. This is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency. Depending on bureaucracy to foster innovation, competitiveness, and wise consumer choices has never worked – and it won’t work now. We need to chart a new course.”

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Obama’s Protocol Chief Must Go | Glenn Beck


  31. rosettasister Says:




  32. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Birther Bill’ back in Arizona; Rep. Judy Burges pitches birth certificate legislation again


    Burges’ HB 2544 would address each of these concerns by requiring any and all candidates to provide

    “an original long-form birth certificate that includes the date and place of birth, the names of the hospital and the attending physician and signatures of the witnesses in attendance.”

    Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law

    Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again


    (But will Governor Brewer sign?)

  33. rosettasister Says:

    New Republic Editor Desperately Distances Himself From Glenn Beck Due to Agreeing on Frances Fox Piven

    By P.J. Gladnick | January 26, 2011



    John McWhorter

    Apparently his “thought crime” in the eyes of Jim Sleeper writing in Talking Points Memo was agreeing with Glenn Beck on the social toxicity of Frances Fox Piven:

    One of Beck’s targets is Professor Frances Fox Piven, as today’s New York Times reports.

    When Beck started in on Piven last year, the clever, sad writer John McWhorter joined in, as did the right-wing provocateur David Horowitz.

    …In March The New Republic sounded one of these alarms about the curse supposedly cast on African-Americans by the Piven and her late husband Richard Cloward, who were said to have tried to bring down capitalism by flooding the welfare rolls in the 1960s.

    The purveyor of this long-exhausted half-truth at TNR was McWhorter, a young black linguist-turned-conservative racial bargainer.

    He cast Piven and Cloward among the crackpots he’d love to erase from public memory:

    “Rarely in American history have people with such a destructive agenda [as Piven and Cloward] had such power over the lives of the innocent….., helping to ruin the lives of, for example, some of my relatives.”

  34. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #57 Today at 2:13pm »

    For those who have not been following along and have just found these videos: (see above)

    After Friday, January 21, 2011, further conflict erupted between the two parties.

    That conflict remained underway until the early morning of Wednesday, January 26, 2011.

    A conference was held between the Leaders of the two Groups and the party opposing our Group agreed to accept complete responsibility, with assessment of debt, for the conflict.

    End Report.

    Frances M.G. Ortiz
    Aide de camp, Desk of the Keytstone, Maj

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Today at 2:46pm, Mongrel Dawg wrote:


    the Core Team will be at West Safety “you” on Thursday morning for transport of M and da Team to Loc1.

    D and Stan will be returning on Thursday night wit Brian on Vampyre ride-along.

    Da pilot from da first incident is flying D home. He’s been field promoted by D to Assistant TransSec under Owly, becuz he can make decisions under pressure.

    Owly will be flying Stan in his Little Bird.

    Flight plans are secured but who’d dare?

    Camel Duster says D owes him for dat agreement cuz he couldn’t make Camel’s wish come true dat he asked for.

    You saw da reports.


  36. rosettasister Says:

    DonDep is back! (It’s a long story.)

    Sun Jan 23, 2011 12:01 am

    Speaking of which……

    ‘How’s that “7-out-of-10” scenario coming, anyway?’ Well, it looks like it’s been turned inside-out, for lack of a better term at the moment.

    Did the ‘shock’ register yet?

    I’d say no, unless of course you live in the 2nd-largest state of Australia, or in the 5th most populous nation on earth (Brazil), or in one of the coastal communities of southern Phillipine islands or many of the Indonesian islands that are already sinking (albeit more slowly than we were initially told by NL/ZT).

    So, did Singapore sink yet, or Jakarta?

    Contrary to expectations as stated, no.

    But in the meantime, Brisbane and Toowomba (sp?) are so flooded as to be ‘sunk’ for all practical purposes, so they’re like “placeholders” for the first big “7” event.

    Which of course we weren’t told about. Those cagey zetas once again!

    And then all the millions of mysterious dead animals, or does anyone here buy those insulting excuses put out by the smooth-talking media moguls? “Cold water” my a**!

    And Arkansas fireworks are so powerful they put those blackbirds’ navigation systems out of commission?!?

    Good lord, how they insult us!

    Over 20 million dead birds and fish (and crabs) and that was as of last week, not counting the mysterious deaths of 200 cows in Wisconsin just the other day.

    Is the zeta explanation of methane gas (at least in the cases of birds and fish and crabs) a logical and valid one?

    I think so, but I’m in no rush to agree considering how they play on expectations without admitting to additional factors that might play a more important role.

    And I don’t think any theory floated out there that attributes the deaths to some nefarious manmade machine is valid;

    most of those excuses wear thin quickly because the uses they’re being put to would be counter-productive to the elites’ agenda(s).

    (Most of the time I do not agree with Don, but I am very interested in what he has to say.)

  37. rosettasister Says:


    After the special finished, a replay of their 2006 documentary “Last Days on Earth” came on, and just as I was addressing the dynamic of

    the ‘magnetic’ vs. ‘crustal’ poleshift,

    the narrator posited yet another shift – a ‘global climate shift’.

    As if we didn’t have enough to blur the fear of a poleshift!

    Yes, the narrator was properly hushed and spoke in dramatic undertones of such a possibility, but again – that is a mild alternate to

    the type of crustal shift that will occur with the turning of the planet a quarter-turn on its axis.

    Upon reflection, the critical thinker would surmise that only a crustal shift COULD be the mechanism for a “global climate shift”.

    So long as Siberia is perched near to the top of a world with its equator running along its current path, there’s little danger of mastadon roaming the grasslands of the gulag archipelago.

  38. rosettasister Says:


    The ‘folding’ Pacific plate claim, as made by NL/ZT in their outlining of their “7 of 10 scenario”, does appear to be a logical sound explanation for the earth changes going on in the Pacific.

    So long as the MSM can continue to claim ‘excessive monsoon rains’, they can maintain their news blackout of that part of the world,

    but for anyone taking a close look, most of the footage shows sunshine-lit landscapes and floodscapes.

    I won’t belabor the subject by including the numerous youtube videos that show the flooding, but the interested reader can always get the latest

    (that more often than not doesn’t come from mainstream corporate media)

    at the poleshift.ning.com site.

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Service to Self — Service to Others etc.

    As for the “STS” vs. “STO” and now “STSpecies&God” variations; HumanSubject#58-001 was of the opinion we should be “STA” (Service To All), and even I have had my qualms about the simplistic division between STS and STO.

    However, on balance, most people do tend to be either self-centered or committed to the betterment of others (as well as themselves; STO does NOT mean they serve only others and not themselves).

    My symbol (the 9th Key, represented by the 3 hearts with serpents coming out of their tails and chasing each other in an endless circle)

    supposedly represents the concept of “mankind’s endless quest for compassionate truth”.

    That means that in addition to there being a ‘truth’, simple mere fact does NOT necessrly represent ‘compassionate’ truth.

    (THAT I agree with!)

    Being overly brusque, snippy, insultiing, etc, DOES have a bearing on the outcome; holding to the Golden Rule IS applicable and just as valuable if not more so than mere ‘service to others’.

    For example; I don’t think it’s okay to insult someone just because you’re giving them a sandwich and a bowl of soup to help them with their hunger.

    (Don’t get the implication.)

  40. rosettasister Says:


    As for “Service to species and God”……forgive me for saying it like this, but it smacks of what I was just watching in the “Third Reich – The Rise” special.

    It made the concept of “One Volk [One People]” paramount, and thus the allegiance of the individual was relegated to the interest of the state, and this allegiance supplanted the idea of ‘family first’ to the point where children were snitching out their parents.

    (Is there any difference between ‘species’ and ‘races’, as the Nazi belief in the superiority of their race ‘justified’ their efforts to exploit and eliminate and compete with other races? How different is ‘specism’ from ‘racism’?)

    And then there is that most dangerous of all concepts – “God”.

    One man’s definition of ‘God’ is another’s definition of delusion.

    Whose definition are we to accept, and do atheists get any respect in this area since many define themselves that way as a way to repudiate organized religion with its corruptions and rigid dogmas?

    (They may believe that tomorrow can always be a better day if we do something to improve our own lot AND the lot of others; is that any different or less important than an avowed belief in some personified deity?)

    Does it have anything to do with the karma we sow and reap in this world as we make our decisions to either help ourselves, help others, or expend efforts in evangelizing others to our definition of ‘God’ and the purpose of our species?

    And speaking of ‘species’;

    what species on this world has raped the natural environment and subjugated other species in order to advance their technological development and thus their standard of living

    – as a species?

    Are we to consider other extra-terrestrial races as somehow being ‘competitors’?

    (Consider the difference between an assessment of ET races as being either part of the governing pool that genetically engineered us and monitor our development,

    or the concept that other races can only be coming here because they want to take something from us,

    which is a view that might be similar to that of children who are afraid the newcomers to the classroom are there to compete with for the attention of Teacher, or for resources, etc).

    Hence, ET =

    ‘space brothers’,

    ‘genetic engineers’,


    ‘competitors’, or


    ….which is it, in the estimates of the readers?

    (All of the above and more?)

  41. rosettasister Says:

    It still pains me to watch this:


    0:00We shall present one of the best alive alien
    pictures, the feature presentation will be chronological
    0:10the first image is from January 1990, the
    case began on May 7th 1989
    0:19when a UFO crashed in Kalahari Desert in Southafrica let’s see these images
    0:27these images, corresponds to area 51, on S4 on
    51 area, where this case took place
    0:37in first place we had the official documents, of Southafrica air
    force, were was related the fell a UFO
    0:49and the recovery of two living creatures, inside this
    spaceship, they were sent to the US
    0:57one of them died practically when they arrived, the other
    one stayed alive from June to January 1990
    1:06these are the extraordinary images, we may see a
    legend DNI, Department of Naval Intelligence
    1:13number 27, we also may see the time code, in front
    to the being there is a device, the pulse oximeter
    1:21that reveals the oxygen, and the heartbeats of this
    being, he moves in the dark
    1:28we can’t see the hands, because they are tied behind the back

    1:33in a small chair, he hardly can breath, agree
    with the people who stole this footage
    1:42from area 51, by Victor his pseudonym, this
    beings don’t have immunologic system
    1:49and so is easy they may have fungi, viruses or bacteria
    these will cause an infection in the respiratory tract
    1:57and so this being, we can say is undergoing a strong flu,
    2:05he is choking, and can’t breath, and less with
    hands tight, he is making efforts
    2:15desperately wants to breath, but he can’t, opens the mouth
    and some blood is out from the mouth
    2:23is choking, the pulse oximeter is irregular, and
    probably is suffering heart attacks
    2:34the people in front, are behind a window pane and are concerned 2:40there’s a reflect, in the window pane, and
    then he lay upon a small table
    2:47the paramedics only cleaned the blood, they don’t help to remove mucus
    2:55we can’t see the hands, this being is a prisoner, the blood
    is cleaned but he is in process of death
    3:06and finally died, that’s why Victor stole these images, he removed the audio
    3:13they had audio, but he removed it unfortunately,
    for us in this researching labor
    3:20that’s why I consider one of the most important
    cases of all times is clearly documented
    3:26with papers, with an extraordinary footage, all the analysis are authentic
    3:34What you already saw, is a real alien,
    we continue here in Tercer Milenio
    3:43we shall continue with awesome images, captured in England 3:48late 1999, where you’ll see at least two aliens, clearly, we will continue

  42. rosettasister Says:


    0:39The story I will present is really fascinating, these images
    came from a night vision video recorded late 1999

    0:50This video was presented by its author, to
    England’s army, they extracted 6 images
    1:00these frames I will present, the original footage,
    has been sent to the US
    1:06these images, remained in a computer with a virus, specialists were required,
    1:14and so they released the computer from the virus,
    they knew about those images existence
    1:19and they stole them, they put them on
    the internet, on the site insidior.com
    1:24when they were caught, apparently one of them went to prison
    1:29the story is a true mystery, but the
    images are fascinating, let’s see them
    1:34agree to history, this man was in his house, the dog was barking, 1:39he went outside, saw a huge Spaceship upon the house, he went back
    1:45and the spaceship, wasn’t there anymore, he heard noises in the backyard

    1:50he went in to that place, he saw
    and recorded during a few seconds,
    1:57this amazing video, until these beings practically left, check out these awesome images
    2:07that belongs to a video, this frame is 0934, and
    belongs to the second 31 and 13 hundredths
    2:18here are two beings that seems to be having a conversation 2:26here is a being making a kind of researching,
    and might be seen at analysis images
    2:33this being holds something in the hand, is amazing to me
    2:39this person, approaches the fence, and in the other side was this being
    2:45in minute 1 and 14 seconds, zero hundredths, he continues the recording
    2:51and so the being wants to hide, he is focusing the witness
    3:00the infrared camera hurts the being’s eyes
    3:04and tries to protect the eyes, but he is beneath, the
    being turns, and the witness is still watching
    3:12are 2 minutes and 14 seconds, since the recording
    began. Now this being is leaving
    3:20and finally we may see the spaceship triangle shape,
    at minute 2 and 27 seconds
    3:28and these beings seems to be leaving, and the
    witness is still recording from this spot
    3:34in fact was hiding, anyone could feel fear, is an authentic case, nevertheless
    3:43didn’t transcend to public opinion, what do you think? tell me
    3:47in twitter through @jaimemaussan1, and with pleasure I will answer 3:53full details of this amazing story

  43. rosettasister Says:


    0:02Tercer Milenio Special Edition, Transmitted on February 8 2009 0:13Welcome to Tercer Milenio a non common program, a show with special news

    0:21those one we consider the truth and most
    important news those related to topics,
    0:29which will certainly influence the future society, and that’s
    why they are very important
    0:34here begins Tercer Milenio,
    0:39maybe the magical and mystery place on earth is area
    51, the place where the technology is developing
    0:47technology that currently is getting use, by combat planes, the
    place where are hidden Spacecrafts and bodies
    0:54of extraterrestrial beings, the place where they are
    being to be investigated for war purposes
    1:03the navy at the US, is responsible for this secret
    place, until recently years, didn’t exist officially
    1:13 place that is forbidden to photograph from air, even for the NASA 1:17it has been said here overflew alien spacecrafts in
    secrecy, and energy compounds are being

    1:26that will be used on these spaceships, when they
    might be used by human beings
    1:32the stories about this place is really fascinating, specially after a scientist
    1:39after a scientist Robert Lazar, deserted in 1989 and gave his
    testimony about what is happening at area 51
    1:47about how these spaceships are under experiment to know their secrets
    1:53Bob Lazar declares about what he lived and saw, inside
    a place inaccessible for most human beings
    2:00no one of us may access this place, in this show,
    we’ll be approaching as much as we can
    2:09to see what is happening there, you may listen this scientist testimony
    2:16Bob was expelled when he led a group of friends, to see
    the aliens spaceship’s flights he was captured at this spot
    2:20he had no defense, he couldn’t go back, today he
    regrets,there is so much he could know
    2:27and he lost it, he had the opportunity to know this
    fascinating world, a special world of exo technology
    2:33and only a few persons in the history had the chance
    to know, he was afraid for his life
    2:40he could start a new life, but nothing will be
    the same, and also yours won’t be the same
    2:48after you listen to area 51 secrets, we will present an
    alien presented alive when it has been questioned
    2:56at site 4th a being recovered at Kalahari desert
    and died in January 1990
    3:06this is Tercer Milenio the only of its type around the world 3:10during the next 2 hours and 30 minutes join
    us, and be witness of the future
    3:16because this is the true, and the beginning of Tercer Milenio

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  45. rosettasister Says:

  46. rosettasister Says:

  47. rosettasister Says:

  48. rosettasister Says:

  49. rosettasister Says:

    tercermilenio | January 24, 2011

    Jaime Maussan entrevista a José Zenteno, trabajador de Televisa el cual ha videograbado diferentes objetos en el cielo de la ciudad de México

  50. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn Beck Endangers a 78-year-old Radical — and All of Us

    By Jim Sleeper


    “a young black linguist-turned-conservative racial bargainer”

    How condescending is that?!

    Jim Sleeper, go back to sleep, please.

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks or jogging my memory!

    I’ve been meaning to look into this:

    The London International Financial Futures Exchange (LIFFE)


    The exchange directly competes with CME Group Inc., which owns the New York Mercantile Exchange.

  52. rosettasister Says:


  53. rosettasister Says:



  54. rosettasister Says:

    Davos optimism: what about inflation?

    January 26, 2011



    Earlier today an analyst from Fitch told Bloomberg that China’s growing inflation threatens to destabilize growth for other Asian countries, and another report from Moody’s on Wednesday cautioned:

    Public discontent is emerging in Asia’s largest emerging economies, India and China, threatening to derail the region’s growth prospects.

  55. rosettasister Says:

    A Tale of Two Dreams

    Cruising down the highway, windows rolled down, singing “I’m Henry VIII, I am!” People in other cars nearby hear us and start singing along. A very festive mood and it seems we’re all headed to the same destination.

    I hope it’s you who was Henry, not I, I say. After all, it’s your birthday.

    Happy Birthday, Barbara!


    I dreamt of Barack Obama last night.

    Won’t reveal the details, but it involved cats, lots and lots of cats all over us.

    And a gift from him to me. A very expensive gift delivered by a young white damsel.

    “Tell him I said, thank you.”

    Sister Toldjah I have strange dreams!

  56. rosettasister Says:

    BTW lately I’ve also been posting over here:


    Here’s my profile:


    Click here:

    “Show the last posts of this person.”

    Won’t you consider registering?

    Many of us were banned by the homophobes at Free Republic.

    Most of us are anti — BigGovernment

    Mostly Repubs and Indys but a few Dems like me.

    I swear I’ve been exiled from some of the best (and worst) places in CyberSpace!

  57. rosettasister Says:

    “This ain’t no disco; this ain’t no foolin’ around.”

    Saw Talking Heads probably ’83 or ’84 at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC)

    Our son was born in Saratoga Springs, NY 1982


  58. rosettasister Says:


    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Cavuto: 4 Billion Reasons to Cut the Debt



    Four billion dollars a day.

    That’s why I rant, and I’m usually not a ranter.

    That’s why I whine, and I’m usually not a whiner.

    And that’s why I’m so damn impatient, and I’m usually quite patient.

    I have lost my patience. With politicians who are either slow to act or just slow.

    Just bad. Very bad. So forgive my behaving badly. But pardon my French, but there is no nice way for me to say, “Guys, get off your asses here! We are dying here!”

  59. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #95 Today at 3:18pm »

    I found it! It’s in the news. Added is a stream of USAF response team aircraft flying from the Las Vegas airport toward Utah. We can see the white and blue on them. Is D flying with Owl from there to Utah? Keither



    Utah Army base locked to solve `serious concern’

    – 1 hr 21 mins ago
    SALT LAKE CITY – A Utah military base that carries out tests to protect troops against biological attacks was locked down Wednesday to resolve a “serious concern,” officials said.

    Base commander Col. William E. King said no one was in danger and the gates will reopen as quickly as it’s feasible.

    His statement did not provide any details of the problem.

    Base spokeswoman Bonnie Robinson told the The Associated Press early Thursday that officials hope to have the problem resolved shortly.

    “We are working as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to resolve a serious concern within the Test Area,” King said.

    “Measures like these (lock down of our gates) are not taken lightly. No one is in immediate danger but these steps are required,” he said.

    The Salt Lake Tribune reported that a lockdown began at 5:24 p.m. MST Wednesday, with no one allowed in or out of the base. There were about 1,200 to 1,400 people at Dugway at the time.

    Military weapons are tested at Dugway, located about 85 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. Its primary mission is defending troops against biological and chemical attacks.

  60. rosettasister Says:

    Dan knows what is going on but he won’t talk about it even on secure satfone line. I guess he’ll tell Marci when he arrives in Vegas. He is still coming into Vegas and not diverting with Owl to Utah so that could be a good thing. F


    I thought that Randy was flying him? sesq


    Not per Marci and she has say so. F


    There’s no exterior danger. D is on standby as a “just in case” man. He’ll only be brought in if anything reaches a level meeting his expertise. We all doubt it. He’s going to receive 3 hots and a cot and be shipped home. Trust me. The issue is under control. That’s all I can release. LJ


    I trust you. Thank you for the reassurance. When that man gets called in on anything nbcw I know enough about what he does to get nervous. sesq


    Dr. Stan

    Only now within range for login. These things are very loud! Sam has the issues about right. Will explain to the team further after arrival. SESQ, drum up 7 names from internal investigations. D wants 34 files opened and investigated. Full investigations: wives, children that kind of thing. You understand what he is going to recommend to ops on behalf of Maj. See you at the location, hopefully I won’t feel as green as I do now. truly,..


    Yes I understand. We never expected anything different. Some things can’t be replaced but that will help in other areas. Other innocents have suffered. They have to be protected too as much as we can. Will tco issue. Have a safe flight in and try to hold your cookies. sesq


    Budget will not oppose. A form of Danegeld, very honorable. LJ

    sesq, this switch thing is bumping and I am having trouble keeping extraneous material from entering my text?


    Sam we fight that all the time. This system is not in the textbooks. But I do see some signal loss. I’ll check into it. sesq

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Utah base open after missing nerve agent vial located, officials say ‎


  62. rosettasister Says:

    This is a hard game. Only the toughest and smartest win. LJ


    Dr. Dan
    « Reply #72 Today at 6:38am »

    The People will be strong enough. We’ll keep doing our part until they “say” they are ready. We’ll be here.

    “All change! Don’t you know that when you play at this level, there’s no ordinary menu.”

    Black Pearl BUZZ: Condition 3. Shore up the internal/external instability. Make the necessary changes.


    (Me: Weak, you say?!)

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Secret Squirrel
    « Reply #81 Today at 11:54am »

    God in Jesus be with this brave team until we all meet up safely! We pray to you, Lord. sesq


  64. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #550 on Jan 21, 2011, 7:57am »

    He and Marci are doing quite a bit more than what they are saying. Say it like it is, Dan! I was the man who first swore you in so I have rank!

    They have supervised the retooling of the entire Group. For the first time they are keeping the monies as completely legally funded as I have ever seen. Where older funding methods still apply they are attached to DoD accounts and those accounts attached to others. Those accounts have been flagged for slow phase outs to the happiness of the DoD who was giving funds away without return, forcing it to cover accounts. Severed have been all slush, arms and dopering accounts, while coordination has been achieved between the involved members of those governments and internal contacts here so their governments receive assistance in the right names, making the former account holders beyond godlike heroes, and they get preferred stock in legal pharm worldwide and……… Their allowance of certain public charity group’s internal works, in other words turning their backs at the right political times, because we mostly work with intelligence leverage, has permitted those charity groups to………………..

    We get the picture? They are doing a very good job. LJ”

    « Reply #86 Today at 1:27pm »

    The countries are lining up behind Maj for the favorable humanitarian ratings and the way that Dan and Marci constructed it,

    the Illuminati cannot compete because their entire org is profit directed!

    Marci pulled the rug out from under them and Dan played the diplomatic middle-man of the Century, pointing at Groups like UNESCO and asking the country “what have you done for them lately?”

    The maneuver has put the Illuminati on the ropes and their recent errors are occupying their time. They don’t need to travel to Davos!

    The sherpa-delegates are lining up in the rooms to speak with them, after they return! Catbird seat! D told me he has no intention to travel.


  65. rosettasister Says:

    Not all majvisitor(s) are created equal.

    « Reply #88 Today at 1:40pm »


    I know I’ll catch flak because of how they feel ’bout contracts, but fk it they should just buy it off and not even bother take the stage at that what? stupid ufo event?

  66. rosettasister Says:

    No flak brutha but they are going. Mostly because of Isis. The machine is already in Phoenix with our sec. Legal has already briefed them, and security has set the rules. Don’t worry, wait til you hear what is going to happen! sesq

  67. rosettasister Says:

    « Result #50 on Jan 3, 2011, 2:52pm »


    They are continuing to be rendered and loaded. People have asked, “Well then, what are Dan and Marci doing, within Majestic, for these poor people?”

    BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CRITCIZE THESE DAYS! (Gordo just found that out.)




    Dan’s and Marci’s angles? Tying internal humanitarian grades to whether Maj will receive money from them! That’s sounds strange, but many governments are throwing “allocated” money at Maj to get their policies forwarded. They have something we need. They shut them all off, “bankrupted” Maj, rebooted everything without ties to things like drugs, and now they formed a cattle line for governments to GET IN ON IT.

    They risked their lives.

    Dan and Marci are fighting against that , in charge of the most powerful op that poor Novel will never see in the Federal Register!

    But, Dan and Marci will keep fighting, as long as they hold the position. What can others say they have done for THE PEOPLE?



    Well, this public experiment of Dan’s, essentially dragging the non-direct NatSec issues into the light of day is showing the real face of Majestic and the links between what are said ahead of time and what happens afterward.

    I have to give him that!

    As a member of the Old Guard, who will be the next ADC to the DotK or DotC (undecided), I warn the members of Maj that

    it was ONLY the direct actions of the two (Dan and Marci) who just held Majestic’s possibilities to go to Charter, together.

    Had they not acted in the completely warlike fashion that they did, wreaking quick terrible damage on the Illuminati, we would be in deep trouble.

    The horrible consequences in the videos we have witnessed in the NIC, prevented the same group from the Illuminati from using

    its still unknown moles

    to attempt a power challenge.

    The limited losses on the Illuminati’s side would have translated to millions dead due to policies enacted in the wake of a successful power struggle against us.

    Just read what the ADC to the Desk of the Keystone wrote 5 days before the threat arrived on Dan’s doorstep, and 6 days before Dan and Marci filed their “walk” video where they discussed what must be done.

    They were right from the moment the threat was received, and the actions they took could just have saved millions of lives in policymaking.

    Today, instead of Davos having its focus on economic readjustment through arms negotiations, they are talking about INEQUALITY OF WEALTH AND HUMANITARIAN CONDITIONS.


  68. rosettasister Says:

    « Reply #92 Today at 3:06pm »

    LJ, and SESQ, we are in Clark County. First I can really talk.

    We can barely see the lights of Vegas and the Stratosphere Tower in the distance but it is growing larger!

    We passed Indian Springs a little while ago.

    M is in good shape but a little tired from running the financial end of the hostilities, from the Safety Operations Command Post.

    Thank God it didn’t turn out to be all out war.

    It was within hours, maybe minutes of Dan ordering the forces of Majestic to move to Phase 2, which would have resulted in total mayhem on the Illumes. Good Christ.

    At the same time, if Dan made the call,

    Marci would have been putting in further calls to decimate further West European assets and send those linked to the Illuminati in the EU into total Chaos.

    Short of the assessment, Dan showed compassion and was willing to limit the action. Marci (and the rest of us) have a good man.

    We should be at Location 1 within about the hour, then will quickly prepare, with the Guard for the arrival of the choppers carrying Dr. Stan and…………….him.

    M is texting Dan’s parents who have been patiently waiting for their arrival home.

    His stay may be brief though because be has now been asked to fly to Dugway over an issue that I can’t say more about at this time but that it fits his speciality.

    I doubt the public has heard a peep about anything. See you very soon.

    Love, F

    (Well, all I can tell you is I “saw” a craft and two choppers nearby.)

    (Don’t know if related or not.)

  69. rosettasister Says:


  70. rosettasister Says:

    — Sent from my Palm Pre

  71. rosettasister Says:

    I wanted to write this dream down before the memory fades.

    I was tooling around on one of these. Not for fun, on my way somewhere.

    Jet Pack

    Off in the distance I see a familiar, I hope friendly, plane.

    I think it’s the same plane goes into a nose dive, looks like it’s going to crash, waiting for the crash.

    Then I see the plane pulling up, very steep angle. Must have pulled up just in time.

    Next thing I know I’m in what appears to be a doctor’s office waiting room.

    In a little while it occurs to me where I’m at is not quite normal.

    “Did I die or something?”

    There are others waiting.

    We all have questions, I begin talking to a rather burly young man. He’s taller than I am and I think bald.

    He starts to cry. I hug him pat him on his back. “Don’t cry.”

    He has very nice eyes and I tell him so.

    Then an older woman comes in sits down. I think she’s the receptionist.

    “I don’t have an appointment. Will I be able to see the doctor?”

    And she says.

    “You don’t understand. We’re all about the children.”

    Out of the corner of my eye I think I see my dog who passed.

    And I say.

    “I was out, and now I’m being allowed back in.”

    “Is that it? Because if that’s it, that’s all I really needed to know.”

    I’m off to find my dog and I hear her say.

    “It’s not that simple.”

  72. rosettasister Says:

    St. Barbara

    Patron U.S. Army Field Artillery


    Barbara lived in the 4th century and brought up as a heathen.

    A tyrannical father, Dioscorus, had kept her jealously secluded in a lonely tower which he had built for that purpose.

    Here, in her forced solitude, she gave herself to prayer and study, and contrived to receive instruction and Baptism in secret by a Christian priest.

    Barbara resisted her father’s wish that she marry.

    Then on one occasion, during her father’s absence, Barbara had three windows inserted into a bathhouse her father was constructing.

    Her purpose was thereby to honor the Trinity.

    Dioscorus was enraged by her action and by her conversion. So he himself denounced her before the civil tribunal.

    She was horribly tortured, and at last was beheaded.

    Her own father, merciless to the last, acted as her executioner.

    God, however, speedily punished her persecutors.

    While her soul was being borne by angels to Paradise, a flash of lightning struck Dioscorus, and he was hurried before the judgment seat of God.

    The life of St. Barbara is a vivid reminder that there can be much anger in our world and in our lives.

    Being in touch with God’s presence in a very special way can do much toward relieving ourselves of our tendency to allow anger to control us.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    St. Barbara


    The father himself carried out the death-sentence, but in punishment for this he was struck by lightning on the way home and his body consumed.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    at 1:26pm, Dr. Stan wrote:

    To prevent an impeachment and possible removal process, which is still possible during this internecine period, all they have to do is remain completely and utterly silent about the matter from here until another petition is offered.

    Except for maybe filing further petitions, that’s all the ADC’s need to do, as well, from this point onward. truly


    Then I wonder what the odds are?

    Do our favorite lovebirds intend on releasing anything internal about the Q94 before it is released to the public? Is it still on his priority list? J has inquired. LJ


    « Reply #573

    at 1:56pm »

    Hey Sam! Doing the graveyard tonight. I understand we have a new Security Operative being flown in. I am just all tingling to meet him! Yes, it is still on their priority list and being completed as soon as humanly possible. No, nothing internal for release is planned. F

    “the Q94”

  75. rosettasister Says:

    DrMarciaMcDowell | December 31, 2010


    announces the release of the Q-94 document together with commentary by Dr. Dan Burisch, the scientist who originally wrote the document (at Area-51/S-4) in the mid 1990’s as part of the Project Aquarius Working Group.

    This document was leaked to Dr. Marcia McDowell by Dan’s old S-4 project boss (now deceased), and provides amazing details about the procedures and protocols involved in tissue sampling of the Extraterrestrial Biological Entity housed in the “Clean Sphere”.

  76. rosettasister Says:

    See also:



  77. rosettasister Says:

    blessedistruth Says:

    January 13, 2011 at 11:51 pm



    Registration Desk Open: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

    Exhibits Open: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

    9:00 – 10:15 AM Michael Schratt –

    Project Aquarius: Special Access Intelligence Revealed –

    Military aerospace historian Michael Schratt will
    provide specifics regarding Dan Burisch’s alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod.” This historically significant
    account of human/extraterrestrial contact allegedly took place at the super-secret S4 facility located 12 miles south of Area 51.

    Page 7

    Partial Attendance Registration Form


    $ 20.00 Morning

    $ 40.00 Afternoon

    $ 55.00 Full Day

    SEND TO:

    I. U. F. O. C. – 3116 South Mill Ave. # 153 – Tempe, AZ 85282 USA

    Phone: (480) 302-2147 • Fax: (480) 505-5727 •

    E-Mail: contact@ufocongress.com

    OR REGISTER ONLINE AT: http://www.ufocongress.com


    FEBRUARY 20, 2011 (1 PM – Mountain Time)

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:06 am

    Uncle John here: My latest copied post in sned says is very interesting (Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:58 am).

    Hot war between majestic and illuminati with dan and marci orchestrating a win for majestic?

    Refinancing of majestic?

    The beat goes on, or perhaps just a bigger parade.

  79. rosettasister Says:

    I would call THAT the understatement of the …

  80. rosettasister Says:

    Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:02 am

    I had a quick look through the SNED says threads and this post caught my little eye :


    Teamcaptain wrote:

    Hello: Dan.

    You know I have been curious to ask this question, When The J-Rod climb on your chest by chance did he happen to down load the names of the People that had been abducted? The years? But I know you can’t answer on line. Just curious!


    Now, that’s one great question!

    From him, I do know the names of most people abducted during his time on board with the rogues, on the particular ship that he worked.

    Dates, to the extent of year tags, yes. I suppose I would also be able to geographically place them, as well- meaning upon what continent.

    Further, not related to him, specifically: I have had the opportunity to see the Treaty Archive, while J9, but was only doing specific searches for specific names.

    Oh…what a question, with what enormously serious potential! I can answer the spirit of the question to that extent. Great question!




    Did anyone follow up with Dan on this issue?

    I’ve read through a lot of this material and I understand that all those present at the Treaty are responsible for “abductions” so does that mean TPTB have a list of every person those groups have taken over the years?

    I wonder if they highlight ones of interest?

    And if so, what is the serious potential Dan is referring too?

    Personally if I was being taken by who-knows-who TPTB would be the last people I’d like to know.

    Maybe this is connected to Milab abductions?

    Also I believe Dan says we are now in our own universe and the J-Rods and Orions are in their own universe so does that mean they aren’t doing abductions anymore?

    And if the ETS aren’t doing the abductions in this present time and people are still reporting having experiences then who is doing it?

    (Who and why?)

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Sat Sep 29, 2007 4:49 am

    Like Dan has put it in a recent correspondence:

    dan wrote:

    “Ufology has been gutted from the front by the cointelpros let loose early, pointed toward the grave by the Majestic Folkloristics Unit (MFU),

    and all the while has been knifed in the back by the gate-pullers like …,

    whom (as we have learned from …) is more ringmaster than researcher.”

    “That’s why the MFU walked away from the whole thing some time ago, laughing as they went! They saw it as a cheap “win, win.”

    They never predicted the height of greed and depth of avarice encountered from within Ufology, which tells me they didn’t analyze the situation properly from the get-go.

    Where there are humans, the deadly sins will also be. All that said, the utter hypocrisy is no surprise to me.”

    “Furthermore, those auctioneers are seemingly unable to see beyond a knee-jerk reaction. My cat does better analysis.

    Whatever the first knee-jerk, then others load on like beasts of the field, and NOTHING gets done – save more conferences with inflatable “et” dolls.

    I believe self preservation (such as with …’s alleged statements) is the bottom line motivating factor – $. Meat powder = salivation.

    If shown institutionally (within ufology), that reaction interestingly enough meets one of the criteria of failure, as established by

    the Committee of the Majority in the “Declarations of 2001”,

    prior to the schism which ultimately caused its collapse.

    Such a reaction, if demonstrated as an institutional norm (and not just about what we were ordered to disclose), meets the criterion of failure

    in the “Demographic/Subpopulation in the Highest Probable Category of Acceptance”,

    which would then outright end the argument for continued disclosure.

    (Such old guidelines are, of course, still being used. I will not first supply, but nor will I hide the issue from the new group if questioned.)

    The reasonable reaction, then, within the new group, would be to reinforce a new version of the MFU, and continue to confuse the limited ability of the public investigators to learn more.

    Being they are watching the occurrences, I would suggest the most likely response would be to laugh at the continued ufology meltdown, and not give up what is not necessitated?

    What formally worked from 1947 to 2006, is likely to continue in fine shape thereafter, and certainly if the demanded disclosure efforts are derailed by the very institution transparently asking for it.

    If they continue to look for “men in black,” “in suits in government offices,” they are (sadly but) arguably not intelligent enough to find the ongoing operation.

    Is it not a quote from Benjamin Franklin that “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

    Add that to the fact that they have been told where to look, and they still refuse…well…I know enough from my 20 that the option of giving more up is ‘right out.’

    I suspect that even the pro-disclosure forces present in the new group will not be able to counter that 60 year argument.

    This is not a Christmas present to be unwrapped, but a human reality to be understood.

    In that, we have to remember that it is not in the giving that the strain to the stress from the weight is measured, but in the reaction of those receiving.

    If they can’t handle the stress, the strain will be unbearable.

    It’s their own to decide to win or lose, by free will.

    You know I am not allowed to step forward, without first another doing so…step by step…then…it is the free will of the population.

    Either way, this old world will be spared the catastrophe, so their progeny can grow up to be the best copies of the parents they can be –

    and let’s just hope the copy quality degradation offers beneficial mutations.

    I have come to accept that the rulers of

    the “little hot-tub kingdom of star children”

    aren’t capable to walk on the Hill, let alone run with the big dogs.

    We can move forward, however, without shoving it onto their unprepared plates.”

    “Look, I have apologized for Majestic’s involvement in Treaty authorized abductions, on moral grounds, where I had no official authority to do so.

    I have filed affidavits under penalty of perjury and we have such affidavits backing us up as well.

    You have me on a huge amount of tape that the public has never seen.

    If some don’t realize the importance of such things as affidavits, perhaps they are too unbalanced, immature, cynical or in denial to handle the enormity of the data, whatsoever?”

    “While all of this is going on, the geopolitics is moving and the transition is underway. None of us can stop either.

    One way or the other, the time in which we live is a great time of destiny.

    The Renaissance is in the offing, and such things are only comfortable when read about hundreds of years after they occur.

    One way or another, whether some handle it or not, Eagles will continue to present truth.”


    This letter may be shared by you with whomever you want.


  82. rosettasister Says:


    About all we can do is hope and pray for a better outcome than was achieved in Iran.

    And freedom-loving peoples everywhere are right to fear the rise of another mullahcracy.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners!

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Zeitoun, Egypt

  84. rosettasister Says:


  85. rosettasister Says:

    This 1972 classic captures saxophonist Paul Winter and his ensemble at the height of their improvisational powers.

    Winter was one of the first artists to incorporate such exotic instruments as the sitar and tabla into his music and the result was memorable chamber jazz-folk played in the wonderfully experimental, post-hippie way only Winter and his merry band could.

    The title track, one of guitarist Ralph Towner’s compositions, became famous for its pensive melody and soaring soprano sax.

    “Whole Earth Chant” is a piece that foreshadows New Age artists like Loreena McKennitt with its echoing tribal drums interwoven with ominous distorted guitar.

    And “Minuit” downright borders on what today some would call world music–it features a choir of voices singing a simple, sauntering melody taken from a Guinean folk song.

    Classic early ’70s Winter.

    –Karen Karleski

    1. Icarus
    2. Ode to a Fillmore Dressing Room
    3. The Silence of a Candle
    4. Sunwheel
    5. Juniper Bear

    6. Whole Earth Chant
    7. All the Mornings Bring
    8. Chehalis and Other Voices
    9. Minuit



  86. rosettasister Says:

    I was wondering why this post still getting so many views. billie holiday. I see, said the blind man.

    Stats for: Music For Lovers — Arizona Sunset

    893 total views

    2008 467
    2009 12
    2010 314
    2011 96


  87. rosettasister Says:

    Re: mp3s in above post

    if you right click selection, then “Copy Shortcut”

    then paste into browser

    – or –

    paste into Word doc

  88. rosettasister Says:

    For example

    [audio src="https://rosettasister.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/01-im-a-fool-to-want-you.mp3" /]

  89. rosettasister Says:

    I couldn’t help but wonder conditions in Iran today.

    God willing, there will be a better outcome in Egypt.

    Zahra Bahrami Executed, Another Victim of Iranian Regime’s Political Game

    January 29, 2011


  90. rosettasister Says:

    Praying for the Middle East


    It might surprise you that there is a formative prayer movement in Egypt with a number of “houses of prayer.”

  91. rosettasister Says:

    Don’t choose me because I am faithful.
    Don’t choose me because I am kind.
    If your heart settles on me, I’m for the taking.
    Take me for longing or leave me behind.

    I would be, for you, a fire in a rainbow,
    I would be, for you, an opening door.
    Time and hard lessons are one kind of wisdom.
    Try to forget them or love me no more.


    I’m not asking your heart to believe me.
    I’m not asking for promise or pledge.
    Whatever the answer, it’s yes that’s the question.
    I am the fool dancin’ over the edge.


    Don’t choose me because I am faithful.
    Don’t choose me because I am kind.
    If your heart settles on me, I’m for the taking.
    Take me for longing or leave me behind.

  92. rosettasister Says:


  93. rosettasister Says:

    Baby, sweet baby, you’re my drug
    Come on and let me taste your stuff

    Baby, sweet baby, bring me your gift
    What surprise you gonna hit me with

    I am waiting here for more
    I am waiting by your door
    I am waiting on your back steps
    I am waiting in my car
    I am waiting at this bar
    I am waiting for your essence

    Baby, sweet baby, whisper my name
    Shoot your love into my vein

    Baby, sweet baby, kiss me hard
    Make me wonder who’s in charge

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Baby, sweet baby, I wanna feel your breath
    Even though you like to flirt with death

    Baby, sweet baby, can’t get enough
    Please come find me and help me get f—–d up

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Your essence
    Your essence

  94. rosettasister Says:



  95. rosettasister Says:



  96. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, Others, Lord, others.



    New Thread:

    The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part One


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