The ongoing collapse of the truth embargo on formal acknowledgment of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race


Washington, DC –  Today at the National Press Club testimony from one researcher and seven former members of the United States Air Force was presented to more than two dozen print and television reporters.   The subject was: the UFO-Nukes Connection.  It was sponsored and organized by researcher Robert Hastings, author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, and Capt. Robert Salas (USAF retired).

This was the third major witness press conference addressing UFO/ET related issues.   The first was in May of 2001 (Disclosure Project) and the second in November of 2007 (Kean/Fox).    PRG believes this press conference may prove the most important and has the potential to end the truth embargo by triggering a major shift in media coverage.   Why?  It is the direct connection to nuclear facilities and national security.  Such a connection gives an already spring loaded media a clear hook upon which to hang their hat and purse and get to work.

Notably the event was live streamed in full by CNN to the Internet and is available at:

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CONFERENCE: Witnesses UFOs over military nuclear sites.

(le 27.10.10 National Press Club en direct sur CNN) (The National Press Club 27.10.10 live on CNN)

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“Ces objets ont un fort intérêt pour nos missiles. A titre personnel, je pense qu’ils ne sont pas de la planète Terre” a t-il déclaré.

“These objects have a strong interest in our missiles. Personally, I think they are not of Planet Earth” he has said.

Stephen Bassett, directeur exécutif du Paradigm Research Group (PRG) était présent à cette réunion.

Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) was present at the meeting.

Il a diffusé le communiqué suivant : “Désormais, les acteurs de la presse politique doivent aller interroger les porte-paroles du Ministère de la Défense, de l’US Air Force et de la CIA, et s’adresser directement aux secrétaires Robert Gates, Michael Donley et Leon Panetta. Nous verrons si les journalistes politiques basés à Washington DC, ne sont pas inféodés à ce gouvernement ou ne pratiquent pas l’autocensure.”

He issued the following statement: “Now the players of the political press should talk to the spokespersons of the Ministry of Defense, U.S. Air Force and CIA, and speak directly to Secretary Robert Gates Michael Donley and Leon Panetta. We’ll see if political journalists based in Washington DC, are not subservient to the government or do not practice self-censorship. ”

A ce jour, plus d’une centaine de retraités de l’Armée américaine ont révélé le survol de sites d’armement nucléaire.

To date, more than one hundred retired U.S. Army revealed overflight nuclear weapons sites.

Ceux-ci sont interprétés comme étant des opérations de surveillance.  These are interpreted as surveillance operations.

Stephen Bassett world leader in exopolitics asks governments for alien files declassification

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Stephen Bassett is a leading advocate for ending the 60-year, government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He is a political activist, lobbyist, commentator, columnist and conference producer.

He is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, the Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the creator of the Paradigm Clock and the executive producer of the X-Conference.

Since 1996 Bassett has assisted many organizations and initiatives making the case for 1) an end to the government’s truth embargo, and 2) open congressional hearings to take the testimony of former military and agency employees witness to extraterrestrial-related events and evidence.

He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows and in numerous documentaries delivering the message to millions of people of the likelihood and implications of “Disclosure” – the formal acknowledgement of the ET presence by the governments of the world.

Coast to Coast AM radio session with UFO activist Stephen Bassett who shares updates about the ET disclosure process.

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Denver Voters Will Decide on Proposed E.T. Affairs Office.


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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Something to keep me centered as I wait on election returns.

    God Willing!

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    2010 Election: Live Results

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt

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    KarlRove Political Ann Landers; @danaperino with relations advice for Pres Obama about 1 hour ago

    Previous Tweets
    Just bet Bob Beckel $100 on the #COSen race. Let’s go @buckforcolorado! about 13 hours ago
    With votes already in from Dem strongholds Philly & Chicago, GOP candidates @toomey4senate & @kirk4senate look clear for victory #Rove2010 about 13 hours ago
    Latest @FoxNews Hit: Historic Landside? Karl Rove On The Midterms about 14 hours ago
    Historically, avg # seats won by out of pwr party in off yr election is 3. We’re going to have around 7-8. That’s a big deal. #Rove2010 about 15 hours ago
    With @danaperino and Mr. @foxnewsunday in New York for election night coverage! #2010 about 16 hours ago
    Polls are closing in the east – U can still help turnout voters by making GOTV calls to western states about 20 hours ago
    It’s Obama’s fault America’s back in the red’ – In January 2009, President Barack Obama took office with sky-high ap… 6:45 AM Nov 2nd
    “Less than 2 yrs after winning election, Obama has brought his party to a precipice.” Read more in C&C bonus ch! 4:08 AM Nov 2nd

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    JimPethokoukis RT @senatus: RT @HuffPostPol: ALERT: Denver Post calls Colorado Senate race for Sen. Michael Bennet (D) about 3 hours ago

    Previous Tweets
    RT @markknoller: Haven’t seen anyone smiling at the WH this morning. With good reason. about 4 hours ago
    RT @jmartpolitico: If gop runs castle, capito and dean heller, is mcconnell maj ldr this am? about 4 hours ago
    Really, what GOPer would now vote to bailout California? about 4 hours ago
    Flash fact: The Republican House majority will be the largest since 1928. about 4 hours ago
    If GOPers now focusing on electability after Angle debacle, does that not hurt Palin, help Romney? about 4 hours ago
    @KatMcKinley Did Haley hint that today? about 4 hours ago
    Washington state’s “tax the rich proposal” loses 2-to-1 about 5 hours ago
    Basically, GOP wins resembled McCain’s supposed path to victory: Hold the South and expand into Big Ten states. 2 years to late about 5 hours ago
    Intrade giving Ds 57% chance at keeping WH in 2012. It had been stuck at 59-61 for some time about 5 hours ago
    @amandacarpenter Toomey told me a couple years back he had one political race left in him. I guess this was it. about 5 hours ago
    from my Reuters blog: Obamanomics to blame for historic Democratic midterm collapse about 5 hours ago
    RT @KevinMaddenDC: Romney op-ed in today’s WaPo: “Slay the job-killing beast” that is big-government about 5 hours ago
    RT @BracewellinDC: Great Stat: Former NBAer Dudley leads OR Gov race w/ 49.8% of vote besting career free throw avg of 45.8%. #election about 5 hours ago
    John Roberts on CNN. Rs give Ds a “historic shellacking ” about 10 hours ago
    @DanFarfan thanks for the shout out! about 10 hours ago
    RT @bmcclung: Big upset loss for DFL House Ag/Vets chair RT @martigal Juhnke has lost to Vogel #mnleg about 10 hours ago
    McAdams in Alaska offers losing candidate’s lament; “If we had a couple more weeks …” about 10 hours ago
    RT @cqpolitics: GOP picks up 16 legislative chambers, big advantage in next year’s redistricting efforts. about 10 hours ago
    No concession from Carly! about 11 hours ago

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    Wednesday, November 03, 2010
    Day After The Earthquake Thoughts
    Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 10:26 AM

    I will add to this list as I see good posts throughout the day:

    Powerline’s Scott Johnson has a series of posts titled “Wasn’t That A Mighty Storm?”  Read ’em all.

    John Schroeder at Article6Blog begins to look ahead to 2012.

    Michael Barone, as always, hits the key facts.

    Plus still has the amazing aggregator working.


  17. rosettasister Says:

    Some random thoughts on the 2010 elections
    By: Michael Barone

    One area where Republicans did not do well was in the West, where Democrats hailed their Mountain state gains in 2006 and 2008 as a harbinger of a future where Republicans could not depend on their electoral votes in presidential elections.

    Republicans, by my current count, gained 14 House seats in the East (where the Republican party was supposed to be in terminal condition), 18 seats in the Midwest (including 5 in Ohio and 4 in Barack Obama’s Illinois) and 23 seats in the South (where Democrats have become virtually extinct in districts without black or Hispanic majorities).

    But they gained only 7 House seats in the West and lost or seem to have lost Senate seats in Nevada, Colorado, Washington and California that at points during the campaign season seemed within reach.

    One reason is that very few California House seats are up for grabs, thanks to the bipartisan incumbent protection redistricting plan adopted in the redistricting following the 2000 Census.

    I will have more to write, surely, about the West as I have time to poke through the election returns, but I enter this as a cautionary point to Republicans now.

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    TaxWonk Obama’s reaction to the election? Voters just don’t get it.
    less than a minute ago via HootSuite
    Retweeted by JimPethokoukis

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    Election 2010: Senate Final Results

    Democrats 52*

    Republicans 46 + Alaska = 47

    Depending on Washington State will be either 53 — 47 or 52 — 48

    52 — 48 is what was expected, so if Murray holds on, and it ends up
    53 — 47 that will be disappointing.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    Election 2010: House Final Results

    Democrats 185 (-61) Republicans 240 (+61)

    (Not all of the winners have been determined yet, so it could get even worse for Dems.)

  21. rosettasister Says:

    Can you believe we have to endure two more years of Harry Reid as Majority Leader in Senate???!!!

    Disappointed in Nevadans, but still love Nevada.

    In fact, we’ve already planned another excursion to Searchlight so we can moon Harry Reid, again!

    If Senate Dems were smart, they’d elect a new face to Leader position.

    America CANNOT STAND Harry Reid!!!

    I doubt they’re that smart.

  22. rosettasister Says:

    Election 2010: Governor Final Results

    Democrats 16 (-8) Republicans 29 (+7) Independents 1 (+1)

    (Not all of the winners have been determined yet, so it could get even worse for Dems.)

  23. rosettasister Says:


    Voters abandoning Obama in droves?
    Tea party marks fundamental realignment of Americans to center-right

    Posted: October 31, 2010

    “Although President Obama and the Democrats have attempted to demonize the tea-party movement, the American public is moving away from the big government tax-and-spend politics of the radical new left that has now taken over the Democratic Party,” Corsi wrote.

    “Republicans, however, should be cautious to realize the realignment of voters is at its base a reaction against incumbents as a whole.”

    Corsi noted that the tea-party movement will turn next on Republicans, if the Republican Party after the Nov. 2 mid-term election turns out to be a center-left party typified by politicians such as South Carolina’s Lindsay Graham.

    What is brewing below the surface in American politics is a states’ rights movement unseen in this nation since the days of the Civil War, he explained.

    “Relying on tools such as the Ninth and 10th Amendments, tea-party patriots are ready to push back against the expansion of federal authority into all aspects of American life,” he wrote.

  24. rosettasister Says:


    Honest! Abe Lincoln’s earliest photo finally ‘confirmed’

    Facial-recognition software examines daguerreotype bought for $27

    Posted: November 01, 2010

    By Jerome R. Corsi

  25. rosettasister Says:

    From the desk of … M. Zuhdi Jasser

    “With the recent package bomb plot, Andrew McCarthy discusses what American Islamist groups like CAIR will not discuss- the ideology.”

    October 30, 2010

    It’s Not the Economy, Stupid

    Islamic terrorism will not be a back-burner issue for long, as Friday’s news shows.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Why 2011 will be the Year of the Tax Cut

    3. Voters say they want compromise.

    And there are deals Obama could potentially reach with Republicans that might generate jobs and reassure markets about America’s fiscal seriousness.

    Obama has already proposed letting businesses immediately deduct new capital investments.

    He could add cuts in corporate and payroll taxes and temporarily extend some or all of the expiring Bush tax cuts.

    Both parties should also take a look at the Wyden-Gregg tax reform bill.

    In return, Obama could bargain for more infrastructure spending, especially if he agreed to suspend federal pay rules that raise the cost of government-funded construction projects.

    4. But there might be even more opportunity on the spending side.

    In a bit of fiscal jujitsu, Obama could challenge the Tea Party folks to cut billions in corporate tax breaks and vote for any social insurance cuts recommended by his own deficit panel.

    And Obama must surely know that when advanced economies have reordered their fiscal houses by cutting spending, it’s often been under center-left governments able to pull a “Nixon to China” moment with interest groups.

    It may not feel like it right now to the shell-shocked White House, but the Democratic election throttling might just help the president pivot to a second term.

    (Not if he can’t produce a long-form birth certificate and prove he’s natural born and not naturalized. Will state legislatures pass “birther” bills? That is the question.)

  27. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn Beck: America and the Roman Empire


    It’s time for the Tea Party, at least on Capitol Hill, to become the constitutional caucus because I don’t know what the Tea Party stands for, but I do know what the constitution stands for.

    When I say what the Tea Party stands for, I do, but the average person doesn’t and after two years of Tea Party bagging or whatever, study the constitution on Capitol Hill.

    Surround yourself with like minded people on the constitution. Let the Tea Party do exactly what it’s done and that is, go inside.

    I haven’t been a big go inside guy. I really I think I have been on this program a couple of times saying whatever. I’m not a party guy.

    I’m not a political strategist. I can just tell you history repeated itself last night.

    You went inside and you grabbed it the right way through primaries. Now learn from the progressives because that’s what you are doing.

    You are reverse engineering the progressive movement. You are going in and you are instead planting the seeds of the constitution.

    You are instead repairing the constitution and repairing our history piece by piece and that’s what they did. Took them 100 years.

    We don’t have 100 years, but we have to be strategic and we have to get inside both parties. (Interesting.)

    The constitution should be a no brainer for both parties but it ain’t.

    Let’s make it so. (I like that.)

  28. rosettasister Says:

    Judge: No adding challengers to Glendale casino lawsuit

    Glendale’s aim to keep a tribal casino out of its backyard hit a minor hiccup Monday when a U.S. District judge rejected additional challengers from joining a lawsuit to block the creation of a reservation.


    The group’s main contention with Interior’s decision is that it removes state jurisdiction over its land.

    It remains to be seen whether the argument will hold up.

    Luis Plascencia, an assistant professor at Arizona State University, questioned the states-rights argument.

    “When states joined the union, they agreed to be a state, political entities authorized by the federal government,” Plascencia said.

    “States are given power but it doesn’t make them independent of the United States of America the same way cities are not independent.

    “Glendale is operating and existing because it’s an incorporated entity of the state of Arizona.

    It does not act independently of the state of Arizona.”

    Campbell will hear arguments on Jan. 18 and is expected to issue a ruling within 30 days on whether to uphold Interior’s decision to take the land into the reservation system.


    The city has been trying to broaden the base of opposition against the U.S. Department of Interior’s July decision to take 54 acres near Glendale’s sports and entertainment district into the reservation system, potentially paving the way for the Tohono O’odham Nation to build a resort and casino near 91st and Northern avenues.

    The tribe maintains, and the Interior Department agreed, the land should be made a reservation as part of a federal settlement.

    “the Tohono O’odham Nation”

    I’m with the “community” on this one.

    The Tohono O’odham community, that is.

  29. rosettasister Says:

    As Border Violence Intensifies, Ariz. Gov. Defends New Law

  30. rosettasister Says:

    “I intend to work as hard as we can to get this economy back, stop the spending and stop mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future,” McCain told the crowd.

    “I hope that the president is ready to stop the spending, reduce the deficit, help us get our borders secured, keep people’s taxes low and extend the tax cuts,” McCain said in an interview.

  31. rosettasister Says:

    How will the election impact Republican demands that their support for New START is contingent upon increased funding for the nuclear weapons complex?

    One interesting question: how will the election impact Republican demands that their support for New START is contingent upon increased funding for the nuclear weapons complex?

    The administration has already pledged tens of billions of dollars in additional funding for the complex, and indications are that it will propose even more in the 2012 budget.

    In public and private, this funding has been the key demand from Sen. Jon Kyl, the acknowledged Republican leader on arms control issues.

    But given the enormous budget pressures the new Congress will face, and the intense desire among new Republicans in the House in particular to reduce the deficit, will there continue to be support for providing tens of billions of dollars to the Department of Energy to build large, expensive new facilities for producing and maintaining nuclear weapons?

    (Good question.)

  32. rosettasister Says:

    House becomes HQ for ‘Hell no’ mood toward gov’t

    Much of the palace intrigue centered in the House.

    With Boehner at the helm, Cantor, 47, should move up from the vote–counting whip to majority leader.

    Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Californian who led the drafting of the GOP’s “Pledge to America,” will replace Cantor.

  33. rosettasister Says:

    Introducing the new governors around the nation


    Republican Matt Mead follows a political family tradition. He is the grandson of Clifford Hansen, the former Wyoming governor and U.S. senator who died last year. His mother, Mary Mead, ran unsuccessfully for governor before her death in 1996 in a riding accident.

    Mead, 48, was born in Teton County. He received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and his law degree from the University of Wyoming.

    He stepped down as U.S. attorney for Wyoming in 2007 to seek the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Craig Thomas. He came in fourth in the GOP’s selection process, and the seat went to John Barrasso.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Likeable, lucky Nashuan builds case

    Ayotte, 42, emerged from a razor-thin, sometimes bitter primary to trounce Democratic U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes and keep this U.S. Senate seat, which for 30 years has been held by someone with Nashua roots.

    “It’s got to be something in the water or something in the schools,’’ joked retiring Republican U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg, a Nashua native who in 1992 replaced Warren Rudman, a Nashua lawyer and – like Ayotte – a former attorney general.

    “To some degree, it is the luck of the draw.”

    Gregg endorsed Ayotte within months of announcing his retirement and said she successfully came across as a caring fiscal conservative.

    “I think she connected with voters really well. She has a naturalness about her that people really like,” he said.

    “Ninety percent of the fight is people liking you and agreeing with your philosophy, and she nailed that from the beginning.’’

  35. rosettasister Says:

    U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville)

    The election’s over, what happens now?

    How many Congressional Republicans will adopt the “Roadmap” of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville), who is calling for drastic changes to Social Security and Medicare?

    What, exactly, did outgoing Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold mean in his concession speech when he said, “It’s on to the next fight. It’s on to the next battle. It’s on to 2012.”?

    Will President Barack Obama recover from stinging losses in the mid-term elections? Make no mistake, the Obama administration is in a precarious position.

  36. rosettasister Says:

    Something to keep me centered. God Willing!




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    Top Searches


    larry sinclair,

    george washington,

    da vinci paintings,

    cindy mccain

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    Top Posts for 7 days ending 2010-11-04 (Summarized)

    2010-10-28 to Today

    Home page 313
    A very different story of Mary Magdalene 54
    Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery 48
    Ron Polarik “We will get to see the real 19
    the slave ship 15
    Two gorgeous women in a glorious setting 13
    Music For Lovers — Arizona Sunset 13
    ‘To his Excellency General Washington’ B 11
    “Trinity United Church, 3 gay members mu 11
    Michelle Obama Disses Sarah Palin – Effe 10
    API Chief Editor Korir Goes “On the Reco 10
    Flutes de Pan des Andes 9
    Don McLean, Lori Lieberman and Roberta F 8
    “Was Donald Young murdered to protect Ob 8
    A Thanksgiving Story – Abraham Lincoln a 7
    “Palin Interview Sullies Gibson’s Reputa 6
    Wild horses couldn’t drag me away. 6
    See and Hear Larry Sinclair Make Connect 6
    The Happy Trumpet 5
    “Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen” Pakis 5
    Urgent! Emergency! 5
    The ongoing collapse of the truth embarg 5
    Iraq voting ends, ‘no security breaches’ 5
    Earth has the greatest emotional energie 5
    Ender Thomas (Yanni Voices) 4
    “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” 4
    Buzz Aldrin — A Monolith on Phobos 4
    Nick Drake and Brad Mehldau 4
    Beware the ‘Public Option’ By Jim DeMint 4
    “Heaven Must Have Programmed You” by Cat 4

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  39. rosettasister Says:

    MICHAEL GOODWIN: Power to the People!

    Published November 03, 2010 | New York Post

    This is American Exceptionalism in action.

    Call it a Tea Party for convenience, but that loaded term is an injustice to the movement that is rebelling against its political masters.

    Emerging at a time of national distress, a semblance of the spirit that created this unique nation and sustained it through two centuries of war and peace, prosperity and pestilence is reshaping the third century.

    That spirit is springing forth in small towns and suburbs and big cities. It is the seed of democracy, as practiced by patriots.

    It is a shining moment in America’s grand history precisely because the odds and the oddsmakers were against it.

    With few exceptions, the major news organizations, the civilian liberal establishment and the White House used every power lever to ridicule and delegitimize the citizen movement.

    Obama tried to stir fear among Latinos by portraying opponents as “enemies” and even yesterday warned against big money, special interests and “the politics of cynicism.”

    In short, faced with a great and sweeping uprising against his agenda, he could think only of clichés to instill fear in his supporters.

    If ever there was a moment that captured the president’s divide from the heartland, that was it.

    The president knew for months, a year even, that the nation was dead set against his policies.

    Instead of conciliation, he heaped ridicule and abuse on critics.

    He moaned about the tone in Washington as though he is an innocent bystander.

    The result was a wave against him that grew day by day.

    His harsh attacks reminded voters how wrong they were to see him as a reasonable man who would govern from the center.

    As Newsweek blogger Mickey Kaus wrote of Obama’s desperate broadsides, “He’s firming up the wrong base.”

    The focus now turns to Obama’s reaction. Will he continue to beat his head against the wall of the American people?

    Or will he accept that his way has been rejected?

    He’s still president, but he’s no longer free to act without restraint.

    He has awakened a mighty force and, unless he can accommodate himself to it, he, too, will be swept aside.

  40. rosettasister Says:

    On to 2012: Pawlenty a Presidential Contender? | Hannity ‎

  41. rosettasister Says:

    Election 2010: Results So Far


    Democrats 52* (-6)
    Republicans 46 (+6)


    Democrats 186 (-61)
    Republicans 240 (+61)


    Democrats 17 (-8)
    Republicans 29 (+7)
    Independents 1 (+1)

  42. rosettasister Says:

    45% — 54%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  43. rosettasister Says:

    November 4, 2010

    29% of Americans Say They Never Drink Alcohol

    Only 46% of Workers Plan To Use All Their Vacation Time This Year

    Voters Rate Economy, Health Care As Most Important Issues

    November 3, 2010

    31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

    Discover ® U.S. Spending Monitor SM Rises 1.8 Points In October

    Voters Strongly Anticipate Health Care Repeal In the House

    Election Night 2010: Most Voters Are Angry and Say No To Health Care Law

    43% Say Men, Women Earn Equal Pay, 42% Disagree

    Most Voters Like Tea Party, Tax Cuts and Reduced Government Spending

    Rasmussen Reports

  44. rosettasister Says:

    EDITORIAL: An oblivious president

    Obama hasn’t learned from the Republican tidal wave

    At yesterday’s press conference, however, the president evaded questions about this tsunami being a strong rebuke to the substance of his leadership.

    “We would be misreading the election,” Mr. Obama claimed, “if we thought the American people wanted us to spend the next two years relitigating the decisions we made in the past two years.”

    As Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell summed it up for Fox News, “He seemed absolutely tone-deaf.”

    Clearly, the public hates Obama policies.

    Across the country, Americans rejected bank bailouts, car-company bailouts, insurance mandates and almost everything else about Obamacare, oil-drilling moratoria and slowdowns and intrusive regulations in every facet of the economy.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Voters tell 3 Supreme Court justices: You’re fired!

    Ouster follows imposition of same-sex ‘marriage’ on Iowans

    Judge Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who runs the Foundation for Moral Law, told WND that the Iowa justices rejected the will of the people and the law they adopted.

    Their removal, he said, “is a tremendously overwhelming message to the rest of the nation, that judges can be held accountable,” he said.


    Moore noted that Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act, adopted by elected representatives of the people, specified one man and one woman marriages, so the justices actually were violating the law they were sworn to uphold.

    Moore noted that the original Iowa Constitution forbade “sodomy.”

    (Why even go here?! It’s one thing to oppose gay marriage, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to be in favor of recriminalizing sodomy, which ain’t gonna happen.)


    Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstorne World Outreach in Sioux City

    He said he understands why progressive billionaire George Soros is traveling around giving millions of dollars to campaigns to remove voters from the process of picking and keeping judges.

    (THIS we should fear! So let’s not alienate anyone with anti-gay rhetoric. All this talk of sodomy and of homosexuality being a “choice” is not only absurd, it is a turn off for many and they stop listening.)

    “Euthanasia, the violation of property rights, the most egregious and barbaric ideas have come not from ‘we the people,’ but from elitist judges,” he said.

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Just checkin’ in on the Freeper Phobe Squad:

  47. rosettasister Says:

    Salman Rushdie on Cat Stevens’ Rally Appearance: What Was Jon Stewart Thinking?

    According to Nick Cohen at Standpoint, Salman Rushdie, the author forced into hiding for years because of the Cat Stevens (Yusaf Islam) approved fatwa on his head, is just as confused as everyone else:

    “I’ve always liked Stewart and Colbert but what on earth was Cat Yusuf Stevens Islam doing on that stage?

    If he’s a “good Muslim” like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar then I’m the Great Pumpkin. Happy Halloween.”

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Bill Maher: Am I Racist to Feel Alarmed By the Thought of Islam Taking Over the Western World?

    “like Fouad Ajami or M. Zudi Jasser–who are Americans first, Muslims second”

    (quote found at link — happy to see both these men getting more well known)

    (I studied Intl Relations — Middle East as an undergrad and Ajami was one of my go to guys.)

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Memo to the House GOP

    The new House has got to push out details of what is about to happen today, tomorrow and next week.

    The hardest thing to keep in mind is that the Beltway media doesn’t reach your voters –the Republicans and independents and disgusted Democrats who tossed out the Pelosi majority.

    Fox, talk radio, and the blogs plus the new groups like ought to be the first priority for your outreach.

    The Manhattan-Beltway media elite will want to talk endlessly about intra-party squabbles and who is up and who is down.

    The voters want to know what you are doing, in detail, every day.

    You just got hired. Don’t stop talking with the people who hired you.

    Even if everyone is exhausted, interest in the strategy for the weeks ahead is sky high and everyone has to keep talking to the voters,

    or the very people who gave you a mandate will quickly conclude that it is business as usual.

    Arrogance toppled Pelosi. The opposite of arrogance is accessibility and openness.

  50. rosettasister Says:

    Senator Jim DeMint Rules Out A White House Run

    HH: So do you think that these, that

    *** this massive tax hike is going to go into effect ***

    simply because of the inertia of the Democratic Party torn between their hard left radical base and their somewhat left institutional voices in D.C?

    JD: Well, what I hope, Hugh, is that we can get some Democrats to work with us to extend the current tax rates. It won’t take that many.

    I mean, if we could just get ten or twelve or so who would work with us, we might, could actually get something positive done.

    And I hope we can do it in a lame duck session.

    *** If we go into next year with taxes going up, I think we could end up in a double dip recession. ***

    (I seriously doubt this will happen, but IF it does happen, then I would have to conclude that THAT is what Obama wants to happen.)

    HH: Absolutely we could. And it will be the President’s fault for not coming out today and saying we need to extend those tax cuts, I heard.

    Now Senator DeMint, we also had a number of other messages last night.

    One of them is clearly about Obamacare. Do you think the President heard that that’s got to be repealed and replaced?

    JD: No, he believes that this is a historic achievement on his part.

    He continues to tell that to the Democrats, and when he speaks around the country. He’s going to fight us every step of the way.

    But if the Republicans want to earn their stripes, and prove that they can be trusted again, we’re going to have to defund the implementation of Obamacare.

    And that’s what I expect to see, particularly out of the House.

    If we’ve got that majority there, which we do, there’s no reason that any appropriations bill should include any funding for Obamacare.

    (I still think Repubs would be wise to give a fair hearing to what Judd Gregg has put forth — “restructuring” ObamaCare. Something that is veto proof.)

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Mark Steyn On The Indestructible Vanity Of Barack Obama

    HH: Now let me propose to you, Mark, the dark side of tonight, which is that in Maryland, Martin O’Malley, the Democrat party of government Democrat…

    MS: Right.

    HH: …has been returned handily over Bob Ehrlich.

    This shows, I think, the pernicious effect of people being on the federal and state payroll. (Amen to that!)

    MS: Yes, and I think you can see the same thing in New York.

    Admittedly, New York is a little different, because the Republican candidate was unsatisfactory in many ways.

    But the idea that Andrew Cuomo, who is the very embodiment of the sort of statist hackery and legacy appointments that have helped get New York into the hole,

    the idea that New York cannot will itself to change, even in extreme circumstances…

    and I think you’re right, that essentially the Democratic Party, the party of government, starts with a huge advantage,

    just in the number of hundreds or thousands, and in some of the larger states like New York, millions of voters that it starts with already on the payroll as it were.

    And I think that shows one of the real huge problems that is going to be faced in this situation.

    If the state workforce in New York and California and Maryland and other places is so large now, that they, that

    *** the productive class cannot actually win in a fair election ***

    then you’re going to get more and more of them moving out and moving into other states.

    And I think we risk ending up in a world where the two parties, and the two halves of the American electorate, actually will find it even more difficult to coexist within the same polity.

    I think we’re moving toward, I think the danger is,

    if it proves to be impossible to correct course through the ballot box this time around, and then in 2012,

    *** then you will start to see serious secession movements in Texas and other places ***

    simply because people,

    even if they were charitable enough to want to pick up the tab for the big, bloated statist corpses of California and New York,

    even if they were charitable enough to want to do it,

    they can’t afford to do it.

    HH: Oh, and the secular tithe exacted by the government employees unions makes it very hard for the real people to be heard in this situation, Mark Steyn.

    A final comment, President Obama, we’ve got thirty seconds, is giving a press conference tomorrow.

    Do you expect a chastened Obama or one who is doubling down?

    MS: Oh, I think he’d double down. His view is that we don’t get it. His view is that the electorate are mentally ill. That’s how he looks at it.

    We’re simply too stupid and confused to understand all the good he’s doing for us.

    I think he’s indestructible in his vanity.

    And in that sense, he’s the perfect embodiment of America’s out of touch ruling class.

    (God Help Us!)

  52. rosettasister Says:

    @schwanderer And remember, Ds thought they would control Congress for a generation. At best, Obama will have a divided Congress for 2nd term
    9 minutes ago via web in reply to schwanderer

    Will Obama shift right? Who knows, but it might be an easy call for those 2012 senators up for reelection in red states
    44 minutes ago via web .

    I keep waiting for a source I trust to tell me that Obama is a lock to run for reelection. I am still waiting …
    about 1 hour ago via web .

    daveweigel 21 of the 34 Democrats who opposed the final version of HCR are gone. Veto override chances slim.
    about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
    Retweeted by JimPethokoukis and 23 others .

    And what would final 2008 tally have been if Obama hadn’t gotten biggest lucky break in US electoral history, the financial crisis in Sept
    about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck .

    @hambypCNN isnt Obama beating Newt Gingrich by only 49-47 maybe even a bigger shocker?
    about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to hambypCNN

    @HotlineJosh Moral hazard at work: maybe when things are SO BAD, you start praying for a govt bailout. So they vote Dem
    about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to HotlineJosh

    RT @RichLowry: Flake for approps! Now more than ever…
    about 20 hours ago via TweetDeck

  53. rosettasister Says:

    Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2010

    Fed’s Quantitative Easing to Starve Middle Class Americans, says NIA

    National Inflation Association

    The National Inflation Association – – just issued the following statement:

    The Federal Reserve today announced that they will be implementing $600 billion in additional quantitative easing by the end of June 2011.

    The Federal Reserve will maintain its current policy of reinvesting principal payments from its security holdings and will expand its balance sheet by an additional $75 billion per month.

    The total announced balance sheet expansion was $100 billion higher than the public consensus of $500 billion.

    The Federal Reserve will continue to hold interest rates at record low levels of 0% to 0.25%, where they have been for nearly two years.

    Quantitative easing is nothing more than the Federal Reserve printing money and creating inflation.

    This quantitative easing steals from the purchasing power of the incomes and savings of all Americans.

    While Americans are distracted by the mainstream media with daily debates by the Democrats and Republicans about taxes,

    U.S. taxes have almost no where near the effect on the lives of middle class Americans as does the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and quantitative easing.

    Instead of millions of Americans attending “tea party” events in Washington with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, they should be marching outside of the Federal Reserve building in New York chanting “End the Fed”.

  54. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn mentions QE (Quantitative Easing) at around 7:00 mark.

  55. rosettasister Says:

    US Stocks Hold Strong Gains On Optimism Over Fed’s QE2

    Investors pushed stocks higher as they digested the Fed’s plans, announced Wednesday, to purchase an additional $600 billion of longer-term Treasury securities by June in a second round of quantitative easing, dubbed QE2.

    The central bank also will keep reinvesting principal payments from its securities holdings.

    “I’m a little surprised that there wasn’t a ‘sell the news’ reaction, but people are clearly relieved at the size of the quantitative easing package,” said Ben Halliburton, chief investment officer at Tradition Capital Management.

    “Although [quantitative easing] is good for asset prices, the reality is it will likely have little impact on the employment picture.

    “Basically, we’ve had a recovery in stocks and corporate profits”

    but it still hasn’t trickled into jobs or small businesses.”

    On the employment front, initial jobless claims jumped back above the 450,000 level, suggesting continued weakness in the labor market.

  56. rosettasister Says:

    The Fed’s $850 Billion Bet: Negative Long-Term Implications

    And, it appears that most of the efforts of the Obama administration to protect and better the position of the less-wealthy and the less-educated have done exactly the opposite of what the administration intended.

    For example, look at this article by Shahien Nasiripour in Huffington Post this morning,

    “Federal Reserve Rains Money on Corporate America—but Main Street Left High and Dry.”

    So, who has benefitted from the policy of the Federal Reserve?

    The big banks. Big corporations. Emerging nations.

    (More and more of these countries are thinking of imposing controls on money flows to stem the flood of dollars coming across their borders),

    China. India. Brazil.

    You don’t see on this list smaller banks, smaller businesses, middle class Americans, and so on.

    And, who is capable of positioning themselves to take advantage of these federal monetary and fiscal policies?

    The wealthy and the educated… not the less wealthy or the less-educated.

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Lost, But Not Forgotten

  58. rosettasister Says:

    Also Lost, But Not Forgotten


  59. rosettasister Says:

    Lost, But Not Forgotten — FINE (The End)


  60. rosettasister Says:

    Bouncing off the Satellites is the fourth studio album by New Wave band The B-52’s, released on September 8, 1986. It was recorded in July 1985 and was produced by Tony Mansfield.

    Guitarist Ricky Wilson died of AIDS during the recording. With the band too distraught to tour, the album received minimal promotion and failed to yield any hits despite some stations initially giving good airplay to “Summer of Love”.

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Businesses added 159,000 net new jobs last month, the Labor Department said Friday.

    Governments at all levels cut 8,000 jobs, resulting in a net gain of 151,000 jobs in October.

    Private sector up

    Public sector down

    Good job!

  62. rosettasister Says:

    I saw this amazing documentary in EWTN last night and I had to share it with you all.

    The complete name of the documentary is “A message of Hope and Healing” by “The International Life and Mercy Crusade”

    As seen on EWTN:

    With many extras not seen on TV, full of beautiful photography and artwork, this video lays out the foundations of our mission to heal the world.

    Featuring sections on Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Divine Mercy, St. Faustina’s passion, and the Shroud of Turin, this video opens doors to the hopeless, and will renew and strengthen your faith in the mercy of our Lord.

  63. rosettasister Says:

    I saw the replay of this last night. Senator Hatch is a straight talker on what can be done about ObamaCare so long as Dems the majority in Senate and Obama POTUS.

    Obamacare Repeal Coming?

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Joe Antos, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute

    Antos supports a more ambitious program championed by Rep. Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin and a handful of other GOP lawmakers

    that would replace

    employer-provided health care and traditional Medicare

    with credits and cash that Americans could use to shop for their own health plans.

    Thus far, Republican leaders have rejected such a plan, which would pose major political challenges at a time when most Americans say they like employer-provided coverage and Medicare.

    Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a six-term Republican in line to chair the Finance Committee in a GOP Senate, said Republicans could now craft a broadly popular program.

    “We could come up with a health care system that American people would not only be proud of, but would actually love,” he said.

    “We’ve never had a real conservative majority.”

    (And don’t forget Judd Gregg, Wyden-Bennett, Regina Herzlinger and SwissCare.)

  65. rosettasister Says:


    Officers counter ‘PC’ Fort Hood memorial

    Counter-terror group of 1st-responders present alternative remembrance

    National security advocate Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the group the ACT! for America , said an environment of political correctness allowed Hasan to escape scrutiny and go on to kill 13 people and wound 30 others.

    The alarm bells should have been ringing in every room in the Pentagon long before Hasan pulled the trigger, she asserted.

    “In the worst terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, the question so many are asking is ‘How could such a hatemonger Islamic ideologue be allowed to serve as an officer in the [U.S.] Army,'” Gabriel said.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    Pelosi: ‘I am running for Dem leader’

    Do you think Dems are dumb enough to have BOTH Reid and Pelosi continue to be the face of the Democratic Party?!


  67. rosettasister Says:

    45% — 54%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

    same as yesterday

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Election 2010: Results So Far


    Democrats 53* (-6)
    Republicans 47 (+6)


    Democrats 187 (-61)
    Republicans 240 (+61)


    Democrats 18 (-8)
    Republicans 29 (+7)
    Independents 1 (+1)

  69. rosettasister Says:

    Election 2010: Results So Far


    Democrats 53* (-6)
    Republicans 47 (+6)


    Democrats 187 (-61)
    Republicans 240 (+61)


    Democrats 19 (-7) Republicans 29 (+6) Independents 1 (+1)

  70. rosettasister Says:

    46% — 53%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  71. rosettasister Says:

    November 6, 2010

    Voters Tend To Think Democrats Lost More Than GOP Won

    November 5, 2010

    Most Workers Say Current Company Offers Best Opportunity for Advancement

    Most Favor Piece-by-Piece Approach to Health Care Bill

    Most Voters Are Pessimistic About Obama’s Dealings With the GOP House

    45% of Americans Say Daylight Saving Time Not Worth the Hassle

    GOP Primary Voters Like Palin Best, With Romney, Huckabee Close Behind

  72. rosettasister Says:

    Most Favor Piece-by-Piece Approach to Health Care Bill

    With the Republican takeover of the House driven in part by widespread opposition to the national health care law, debate is already heavy in Washington over whether the new GOP majority will push for full repeal of the measure.

    But a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters think Congress should review the health care bill piece by piece and keep the parts it likes.

    Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagree and think Congress should scrap the whole bill and start all over again.

    52 — 39 ? I guess 9% not sure.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    Direction of Country Rasmussen Reports Right Direction 31, Wrong Track 65 Wrong Track +34

    This will be an interesting poll to watch after the new Congress is seated in January.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Joseph Farah

    Is eligibility question ‘racist’?

    Posted: November 06, 2010

    Criticize Barack Obama in any way and you might be labeled a racist by someone.

    Question his constitutional eligibility and it is a certainty.

    In fact, though some 58 percent of Americans do question his eligibility, according to the latest CNN poll, the self-described “African-American magazine” Africana Online recently published a piece making the extraordinary claim that anyone doing so is guilty of “backdoor racism.”

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Wondered what ButterD was up to:

    To: butterdezillion

    Butter, have you seen this yet?

    ‘Unapologetic Birther’ Is New MO House of Representatives Majority Leader

    Ryan J. Reilly

    67 posted on 11/06/2010 3:21:32 AM PDT by Smokeyblue

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 50 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: Smokeyblue

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    This really excites me. All along, the problem has been finding a route to actually get legal results out of the research that’s been done.

    I’ve often asked myself what’s the use of researching when nobody in law enforcement will ever do anything with it anyway.

    And I do believe it is a law enforcement issue; this whole thing has been able to happen because law enforcement has been nonexistent.

    The FBI knew long before the election that the Factcheck COLB was a forgery but they wouldn’t do anything about it.

    So I’ve been struggling in my mind over what to do next. I believe I’ve got my answer.

    Between the CRS lawyer passing the buck to the states and the huge electoral victories in various states, I think the direction I’m getting is to look to the states.

    Not just for laws to prevent this crap from happening again, but for actual legal investigations to clean up the criminal bureaucratic actions.

    Hawaii seriously may regret having elected Abercrombie and Schatz because they could very possibly be found to be in the middle of some serious doo-doo from the other states who don’t appreciate the lawlessness that Hawaii has thrust upon the rest of us.

    I have to absorb it all so I get realistic about it.

    At the moment I’m practically quivering with excitement just at the prospect of having someplace to go after all this time of being dressed up with no place to go. lol.

    At first glance, this seems like something ideally suited to a groundswell movement of individuals, because individuals really can get access to state-level officials.

    There really should be two distinct pushes, which can suit people with different levels of comfort with the eligibility issue itself.

    One group of people should push for laws to require documentation of eligibility before a name can be printed on primary or general ballots – including a provision requiring a SOS to file suit on behalf of citizens who have Constitutional concerns over eligibility.

    That, right there, would immediately force the courts to address the definition of “natural born citizen”.

    We have to have a working definition of that, or else even the documentation would be inconclusive in certain cases.

    And we have to get rid of this “standing” crap that’s been used to deny the legitimate concerns of a huge body of Americans.

    Another group should push for a legal investigation of Pelosi’s perjury, including all the enabling entities such as the HDOH, HDP, etc.

    Of course, that investigation would also find that Obama perjured himself as well as the whole can of worms in government, media, and law enforcement that has covered up this whole thing.

    Time to roll up our sleeves. Just when a lot of us are tired from rolling up our sleeves on various campaigns.

    But the really sweet thing about this is that those of us who were not in battleground areas can let the others rest and recover while we move in with renewed energy because of the big openings we’ve been given.

    I really, really love the team aspect of this.

    I love it that Arizona, which is fighting the hard fight on behalf of border security and the rule of law, can have help from the rest of us interior states on the issue they had the guts to bring up initially but had to abandon in order to fight the border battle.

    I love it that the work that jbjd has done can now potentially be so helpful and effective, and that even those who think the “birther” issue is a no-go and have ridiculed it can still affirm the need for the rule of law by pushing for documentation laws.

    If the two efforts are kept separate they don’t have to feel threatened by what they think is the “lunacy” of the “birthers”.

    Like I said, I need to sort it out and come down from Cloud Nine. lol. But right now the possibilities are staggering.

    Again, thanks for pointing this out to me. =)

    70 posted on 11/06/2010 11:05:24 AM PDT by butterdezillion (.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 67 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

    “the issue they had the guts to bring up initially but had to abandon in order to fight the border battle”

    Arizona “birther” bill — I was wondering the same thing myself. Will this come up again in 2011?

  76. rosettasister Says:

    The Fed’s Secret Gold Swap Arrangements

    Oct 30, 2010 – 10:40 AM

    By: Global_Research


    For a few years Nazi Germany had one hell of a trade deficit.

    But being in the position to print the currencies for occupied Europe, Nazi Germany never had to cover that deficit.

    Since the United States now issues the reserve currency for the world, the dollar, the United States now more or less occupies most countries economically, even those countries that have their own currencies, since even those countries hold most of their foreign exchange reserves in dollars.

    Free-trading and widely accessible gold always has been and always will be a threat to the rigging of the currency markets, always will be the escape from overbearing government generally and from any overbearing government in particular.

    That is why so many U.S. government records compiled by GATA over the years candidly discuss or advocate or describe controlling and suppressing the gold market.

    A declassified cable from the U.S. Embassy in Paris to the State Department in Washington, written in March 1968, even talks about the necessity for U.S. monetary officials to remain what the cable calls “the masters of gold.”

    This is also why U.S. government agencies like the Federal Reserve are trying desperately to prevent other such documents from being disclosed.

    That is, gold is the secret knowledge of the financial universe and its true value relative to currencies is vastly greater than its nominal price today, since much of the gold that investors think they own doesn’t exist.

    GATA’s work is to bust this secret open.

    Russia, China, and other Asian countries have figured out that the dollar reserve system is the mechanism of their economic enslavement and have started to prepare their liberation by accumulating gold in a big way before gold is formally reinstated as the world reserve currency or as a big part of that new reserve currency.

    Now you’re in on the secret too. This wonderful conference will give you many good ideas for preparing yourselves profitably.

    But just make sure that whenever you buy precious metal, you’re getting metal, not paper. Otherwise you’ll just be sabotaging yourself.

    This is the text of a speech given at the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc. New Orleans Investment Conference on October 27, 2010.

    Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

    (I’m ignorant on this subject, but seemed important.)

  77. rosettasister Says:

    “gold is formally reinstated as the world reserve currency or as a big part of that new reserve currency”

    Is this indeed the plan?

  78. rosettasister Says:

    From above article:

    Some analysts think that China and Saudi Arabia have accumulated far more gold than they’re reporting and are accumulating still more gold surreptitiously

    – China to hedge its dollar foreign exchange surplus, Saudi Arabia to hedge both its dollar surplus and the depletion of its oil reserves –

    but that China and Saudi Arabia can’t acknowledge this accumulation lest they spook the currency markets and devalue their dollar surpluses before those surpluses are fully hedged.

    In August 2009 GATA consultant Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics in Toronto obtained from Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, a written admission that much of Germany’s national gold is held outside the country at “trading centers” at which the Bundesbank may “conduct its gold activities.”

    Without explicitly confirming that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was one of those “trading centers,” the Bundesbank noted to Kirby that the New York Fed holds gold for 60 nations and international organizations.

    But exactly how much German gold is where and for what purpose, particularly trading purposes?

    How much German gold been leased or otherwise encumbered? The Bundesbank wouldn’t say.

    In September 2009, in the course of seeking access to gold records from the Federal Reserve and then suing the Fed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia,

    GATA obtained a sensational written admission from the Fed, signed by Fed Board of Governors member Kevin M. Warsh, a former member of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets – the so-called “Plunge Protection Team.”

    *** Warsh wrote that the Fed has secret gold swap arrangements with foreign banks and that these arrangements must be kept secret. ***

    So has gold from the U.S. reserve been swapped?

    Does the United States really have 8,200 tonnes of gold in its reserve, as it long has claimed to have?

    Fed Governor Warsh didn’t quite say that U.S. gold had been swapped, only that the Fed has gold swap arrangements.

    But the U.S. gold reserve hasn’t been audited in more than half a century, and the last audit wasn’t really complete.

    So in the next session of Congress U.S. Rep. Ron Paul hopes to introduce legislation requiring an audit of the gold reserve, including specifically any encumbrances like swaps and leases.

    (and in Jan we’ll have a new senator, Rand Paul)

    Then there are the major gold and silver exchange-traded funds, which were established in the last few years supposedly to help ordinary investors invest conveniently in gold and silver.

    How much metal do the ETFs have?

    While the major gold and silver ETFs frequently report their metal holdings, studies by GoldMoney founder James Turk and GATA board member Catherine Austin Fitts and her lawyer, Carolyn Betts, suggest that this data is unreliable too.

  79. rosettasister Says:

    @loriannlarocco But I do agree, US cant afford 2 years of gridlock … or 2 more years of unaffordable government activism
    about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck in reply to loriannlarocco

    from my Reuters blog: Tea Party’s other big win: death of cap-and-trade
    about 21 hours ago via TweetDeck .

    MSM spin: Pay no attention to the unemployment rate; just net job creation numbers
    12:17 PM Nov 5th via TweetDeck .

    State and local govt didn’t shed many jobs …don’t need a bailout
    11:29 AM Nov 5th via Mobile Web .Big Shrink: Laborforce now at 1984 level
    11:27 AM Nov 5th via Mobile Web .

    jtsmith24 jobs #: UNEMPLOYMENT RATE ACTUALLY TICKED UP FROM 9.58% TO 9.64% @JimPethokoukis
    10:58 AM Nov 5th via TweetDeck
    Retweeted by JimPethokoukis and 3 others .

    Actual unemployment rate was 9.644 …a bit higher than last month I think …not at a computer right now
    10:56 AM Nov 5th via Mobile Web .

    Another big drop in size of US workforce in today’s job report
    10:38 AM Nov 5th via Mobile Web .

    Next big tax cut news: When House GOP pushes massive corporate tax cut in January. Boom goes the dynamite!
    6:59 PM Nov 4th via web

  80. rosettasister Says:

    “I hope to God they are right.”

    Glenn Beck: Devaluing the Dollar,2933,602103,00.html

    Now, most experts will tell you Weimar Republic won’t happen here, it can’t happen here, this is not going to lead to it, this is fear-mongering –
    – whatever.

    I hope to God they are right.

    As I told you at the beginning, I am not an expert. I am not a guy to listen to for financial advice. I’m an American with an opinion, period.

    I don’t know that the Weimar Republic isn’t going to happen here. I don’t know if it is going to happen here.

    But I will tell you this — those same damn experts told me two years ago that the Fed wouldn’t do what they did yesterday.

    Those same damn told me four years ago that the housing market was fine.

    When will these experts lose a little bit of credibility? When will we start listening to our own guts, and to common sense?

    If you are still not convinced that the dollar devaluation and a rise in commodities are connected, let’s take a look at the charts, shall we?

    Here’s the dollar. Show me commodities. Zoom. Oh, look, it goes down.

    Commodities go up. Hello?

    OK. So, now, what are you supposed to do with this information? I’m not saying any of this to scare you. I’m saying this because nobody else will.

    When FDR said his famous phrase, “We have nothing to fear but fear himself” — he was wrong.

    The only thing we have to fear is not being prepared. If you are caught unprepared by all of this, then you will have fear.

    Because you’ll say, what the hell do I do now?

    You do have to fear fear, if you’re not prepared. The only thing you have to fear is being unprepared.

    If I’m wrong — great. Let me tell you something: we’ll have a big party. We’ll invite the media.

    I’ll come, we can play pin the tail on Glenn for hours, I’ll wear a dance hap (ph), it will be fine.

    we can take a giant swim in the swimming pool, filled with money that the Treasury has printed that’s worth so much. We’ll all laugh.

    In fact, we can call it laughingstock and I’ll be the laughingstock. It would like Woodstock without the muddy sex. It will be fun.

    (Glenn, WHY go there?)

    The worst thing that will have happened is you’ll have extra food in your house for any emergency that comes up, you know, like earthquake, snowstorm, treasury pool party.

    (I think Glenn is REALLY trying to prepare us for something which even he cannot mention on TV.)

    But if I’m right, but if I’m right — next.

  81. rosettasister Says:

  82. rosettasister Says:

  83. rosettasister Says:

  84. rosettasister Says:

    Lost, But Not Forgotten


  85. rosettasister Says:

    Tell me one more time as I hold your hand, that you don’t love me
    Tell me one more time as teardrops start to fall
    Shout it to me and I’ll shout it to the skies above me
    That there was nothing after all

    Baby, baby, tell me that you never wanted my loving
    Baby, baby, tell me that you never, tell me, tell me,
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye

    Tell me one more time that we never had a thing in common
    Tell me one more time as you turn and face the wall
    Tell me I should know you were never my kind of woman
    Tell me we were fools to fall

    Baby, baby, tell me that you never wanted my loving
    Baby, baby, tell me that you never, tell me, tell me,
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye

    Tell me one more time your tears are only sad confusion
    Tell me it’s just been so long and that is all
    Tell me one more time that love was only my illusion
    You never answered to my call

    Baby, baby, tell me that you never wanted my loving
    Baby, baby, tell me that you never, tell me, tell me,
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye
    One more time, one more time, say you’re leaving, say goodbye

  86. rosettasister Says:

    Look Sharp! is the debut album by Joe Jackson, released in 1979.

    Track listing

    1.”One More Time” – 3:15
    2.”Sunday Papers” – 4:22
    3.”Is She Really Going Out with Him?” – 3:33
    4.”Happy Loving Couples” – 3:08
    5.”Throw it Away” – 2:49
    6.”Baby Stick Around” – 2:36

    7.”Look Sharp!” – 3:23
    8.”Fools in Love” – 4:23
    9.”(Do the) Instant Mash” – 3:12
    10.”Pretty Girls” – 2:55
    11.”Got the Time” – 2:55


  87. rosettasister Says:

    When Angels Make Contact by Matt Mays

    You believe in what nobody else does
    In your mind theres no time and a constant buzz
    So disregard the masterplan
    It’s a disaster man you better ride it out

    I can see it all in your eyes
    Your future fades, your minutes are few
    When the angels make contact with you

    You believe in what nobody else does
    And things ain’t the way they was
    A fool like you is a freak to me
    It’s unique to me, what you seek to see

    I can see it all in your eyes
    Your future fades, your minutes are few
    When the angels make contact with you

    I’ve seen the future isn’t pretty
    Killer instinct, love a surprise
    Make a stop, build a fire
    Hold you breathe, cover your eyes
    The tides are turning crimson
    Nightfall growing like a cancer
    Feeding on your broken body
    Isolations not the answer
    Listen what the wind says softly
    Sound of traffic, smells like paper
    Kisses on your worried eyelids
    Sleepless nights turn into vapour
    Like a dream and as the crow flies
    Must reject the pain your trapped in
    Give me all your hard earned beauty
    Now I’ll tell you what will happen

    Your day will fade and your thoughts will jade
    And you’ll wake up in the middle of a dream
    Coming up on hard luck, with a moment of silence
    And no time to kill, no reason to care

    I can see it all in your eyes
    Your future for a dime, anytime
    I can see is all in your eyes
    Your future for a dime, anytime
    I can see it all in your eyes
    Your future for a dime, anytime
    Your future fades, your minutes are few
    When the angels make contact

  88. rosettasister Says:

  89. rosettasister Says:


    for king and country

    the maturing of george washington 1748 — 1760


    nor knowest thou what argument

    thy life to thy neighbor’s creed has lent

    all are needed by each one

    nothing is fair or good alone


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    — Sent from my Palm Pre

    posting for later

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    New Thread:

    Solar Warden Space Fleet


    New Thread:

    Controversial Stigmatized Giorgio Bongiovanni and Italian Contactee and Ufo Watcher Antonio Urzi

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