The intention behind the hybrids according to Timothy Good


A Room 101 Interview with Timothy Good.

Richard: One of your books is called Alien Base. What do you think of the possibility that Earth could have already been covertly colonised by extraterrestrials or, alternatively, that another intelligent species could have evolved here long before mankind?


Timothy Good: I’m convinced that Earth was colonized by ETs millennia ago, and that we humans are a hybridized species. Apparently, hybridization started at the time of Homo erectus.

There are many different species of extraterrestrials.

The abductions in more recent times seem to involve the use of humans for hybridization purposes. But for whose benefit?

In the 1990’s I spent a lot of time investigating cases in Puerto Rico and it’s clear to me that the animal mutilations and abductions are related to the abduction phenomenon.

For example, I interviewed a family who encountered bug-eyed creatures that had developed some human characteristics – specifically wispy traces of hair on their heads.

Are they trying to adapt to our planet, and if so, why?

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One of the world’s most respected authorities on alien phenomena, Timothy Good, discussed the staggering evidence for UFOs, and the possible colonization of Earth by extraterrestrials.


He has come to believe human abductions and the developing of hybrids was done for the ETs’ benefit rather than ours. Cross breeding and genetic experiments have been conducted on a colossal scale, and the intention behind the hybrids is “to create a passive human race incapable of violence,” thus setting us up for conquest, he warned.


 He also spoke about various contactee cases, such as the Italian “Friendship” group, whose contacts with ETs were said to begin in 1956. Good reported that many recent sightings in the UK were due to Chinese lanterns, but there was also an increase in triangular craft.

The US, he added, has acquired advanced craft propulsion from recovered alien vehicles.


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  • Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence
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    Zugpferd Eva Herman

    “Was der Rottenburger Kopp-Verlag macht”,-Was-der-Rottenburger-Kopp-Verlag-macht-_arid,109075.html

    Google translation German to English:

    UFOs, aliens and other taboo topics

    „Bücher, die Ihnen die Augen öffnen“ – das ist der Werbeslogan des Kopp-Verlags.

    “Books that will open the eyes” – that is the slogan of the Kopp-Verlag.

    Er greife gezielt Themen auf, „die im Mainstream tabuisiert werden“, sagt Kopp.

    He grab specifically on issues “that are taboo in the mainstream,” says Kopp.

    Der Erfolg der Bücher zeige, dass das Interesse bei den Leuten groß sei.

    The success of the books show that the interest was great among the people.

    Zu diesen Themen, die „offensichtlich woanders nicht diskutiert werden können“, gehören laut Kopp auch die UFOs.

    On these issues, which “obviously can not be discussed elsewhere,” according to Kopp also includes UFOs.

    Selber davon „überzeugt, dass es außerirdische Lebensformen gibt“, habe er nach dem UFO-Hype der 90-er Jahre mit Filmen wie „Akte X“ und „Independence Day“ versucht, „das UFO-Phänomen auf eine sachliche Ebene zu stellen“, um es „aus der Ecke des Belächelns herauszuheben.“

    Which itself “convinced that there are extraterrestrial life forms,” he had after the UFO hype of the 90 years he tried with movies like “The X-Files” and “Independence Day”, “to put the UFO phenomenon on a factual level,” to make it “out of the corner of laughter single out.”

    Kopp hat dafür als Autor unter anderem den deutschen Astrophysiker Illobrand von Ludwiger angeheuert („UFOs – Die unerwünschte Wahrheit“), „eigentlich ein ganz integrer, seriöser Mann“, wie der Verleger meint.

    Kopp was hired as a writer for, among other things the German astrophysicist Illobrand of Ludwiger (“UFOs – The unwelcome truth”), “actually a very integrity, serious man,” as the publisher says.

    Mit Timothy Good hat er zudem einen UFO-Forscher im Programm, der – laut Katalog – aufgrund von Geheimakten und Interviews mit Piloten, Politikern und Militärs belegt, dass das UFO-Phänomen „alles andere als Unsinn ist“.

    With Timothy Good, he also has a UFO researcher in the program that shows – according to the catalog – the basis of secret documents and interviews with pilots, politicians and military, that the UFO phenomenon is anything but nonsense. ”

    Eine der schockierendsten Informationen, so der Werbetext weiter, stamme dabei „von einem Chirurgen, der einen von der brasilianischen Armee im Jahr 1996 gefangen genommenen Alien operierte“.

    One of the most shocking information, the promotional text on, come here “by a surgeon, a Brazilian by the army in 1996, captured alien operated.

    United Kingdom

    Timothy Good, is a British Ufologist and professional violinist.


    • Illobrand von Ludwiger, Director, Mutual UFO Network – Central European Section, Incorporated (MUFON-CES)


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      From German article above

      „von einem Chirurgen, der einen von der brasilianischen Armee im Jahr 1996 gefangen genommenen Alien operierte“.

      Ademar Gevaerd (Brazil) – Update on the Varghinia case and the UFO Disclosure process in Brazil, $30.00 AUD

      It is widely known that contacts with UFOs and extraterrestrials in Brazil are relatively common, especially in the rural areas of the North and Northeast regions of the country.

      Over the past three decades, the number of UFO sightings in the country has been an astounding figure, increasing even more in the last years.

      This activity includes massive UFO observations in which hundreds of people here involved, intriguing landings of such vehicles with physical evidence and several human abductions under peculiar circumstances.

      The most important and well documented cases involving UFOs and ETs in Brazil took place in Varginha, state of Minas Gerais, on January 20th, 1996 and rivals the Roswell Case in significance and importance.

      In Varginha at least two – perhaps more – non human creatures were captured by the Brazilian Army and the local Fire Department, after a crash of a flying object detected by radars.

      Brazilian UFO researchers joined in a task-force and conducted in-depth investigations of the case immediately after it happened and for several months following, much before the military authorities had the chance to start covering it up.

      As a result, the investigators acquired an enormous amount of shocking info about the capture and removal of the creatures, about the autopsy procedures conducted on one of them, about the treatment and later death of a 23 year old military policeman who touched the second creature captured and about the procedures implemented in a hospital as an attempt to keep alive the second creature, which eventually died.

      All of these issues will be presented in a fully illustrated and much documented lecture.

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      Posting for future reference

      Come Carpentier de Gourdon, “The Global Crisis and the ultimate secret of the Empire”


      Exopolitics Journal 3:2 (July 2009).

      ISSN 1938-1719

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      The ‘Varghinia incident’

      Following World War II, the number of reported crashes increased dramatically and by 1980 had reached at least 150 worldwide. 1

      The crashes continued apace throughout the 1990s, with approximately 60 incidents reported.

      Perhaps the most notable of these occurring on 20 January 1996, in the town of Varghinia, Brazil.

      Central to this case were allegations that the Brazilian authorities had captured live alien occupants of a downed cigar-shaped UFO in the region, and that these beings were then handed over to the US military.

      Outlandish as this story may sound, it was given some substance in the form of testimony by numerous reliable eyewitnesses, including Brazilian military police officers, firemen, and doctors who claimed to have witnessed the beings firsthand.

      These claims, in turn, were supported by an abundance of physical evidence, including, somewhat disturbingly, the mysterious death of a Brazilian military police officer who had allegedly come into direct contact with one of the small bipedal creatures at the time of their capture.

      Corporal Marco Chereze’s family was told by the authorities that he had died from exposure to a ‘toxic substance’, but was denied access to his autopsy results.

      The Brazilian military has yet to provide a convincing explanation for what occurred in Varghinia, maintaining to this day that what witnesses saw were not aliens, but rather “an expectant dwarf couple” and “a mentally handicapped dwarf”! 2

      (For more fatal UFO encounters in Brazil, and elsewhere, see Nigel Watson’s ‘Death by UFO’, FT147:34–39.)


      2 The Brazilian Roswell (documentary), Transmedia Productions, London, 1998.

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      Esta es a primeira reportagem no Fantástico sobre o Caso Varginha (o Roswell brasileiro) no ano 1996.

      Primeira reportagem sobre o ET de Varginha no Fantástico (ano 1996)

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      UFO Crash in Brazil By Roger K. Leir

    7. rosettasister Says:

      One of the most remarkable testimonies in that book, also quite new, is the one of a doctor who had been commended by the military to perform an urgent surgery on one of the captured beings.

      A most intriguing aspect, which renews the picture of the Varginha case, is that this surgeon reveals he had an intense telepathic communication with that being at the end of the surgery.

      He has also made a precise description of the being, whose extraterrestrial nature seems beyond doubt.

      It is obviously an important reading as well.

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      Posted – 03/14/2005 : 12:11:01 AM

      Dr. R. Leir and AJ Gevaerd of Brazil told us of the Varginha
      case update from 1996 Jan. 20th.

      Dr. Leir said that he
      interviewed the actual Doctor’s that assessed the captured
      alien creatures with red eyes, big heads, and brown skin with
      webbed feet.

      The creature told that Doctor in MENTAL telepathy
      that he feels sorry for humans since aliens do not need
      hospitals and can heal themselves.

      Also, that humans are too
      far separated from spirituality generally.

      They have about
      80 witnesses plus the three orignal girls who saw the creature.

      There were at least two or more creatures involved.

      may have been a crash site also about 6-8 miles out of town

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      Alien Implant Removed and Scientifically Examined on Camera by US Doctors

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      I find this music to be very uplifting.

      Cirque Du Soleil Quidam Soundtrack CD

      Track Listings

      1. Atmadja
      2. Incantation
      3. Marelle
      4. Rivage
      5. Zydeko
      6. Let Me Fall

      7. Innocence
      8. Carrousel
      9. Steel Dream
      10. Seisouso
      11. Reveil
      12. Quidam


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      Astronomer James Mullaney

      Astronomer to discuss space and spirituality Sept. 2 at St. Peter’s in Lewes

      In February 2005, Mullaney was elected a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of London.

      Mullaney will discuss the religious and philosophical implications of the search for extraterrestrial life, the Vatican’s Advanced Technology Telescope (the “Pope Scope”), the latest stunning images from the Hubble Space Telescope, the ongoing dialogue between science and religion, profound new discoveries in cosmology, humanity’s intimate connection with the cosmos and humans’ ultimate destiny as children of the stars.

      Mullaney will entertain questions at the end and/or lead participants in telescopic stargazing – weather permitting.

      This event is part of a summer spirituality series held every Thursday evening through Labor Day.

      Each topic is led by engaging and informed speakers, and ends with fellowship and ice cream.

      Seekers, Spiritual Treasures at St. Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s are cosponsoring the series. For more information, visit Seekers Lewes, St. Peters Lewes or call 302-645-8479.

      “fellowship and ice cream”

      sounds like my kinda place!

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      ATLANTA, GA- September 1, 2010

      The Institute of Frontier Science is an elite fellowship of highly experienced and knowledgeable specialists in the scientific field of Ufology, the scientific study of the UFO Phenomena and extraterrestrial entities.

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      Nikola Duper

      Nikola Duper was born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in 1961. Since childhood he has been fascinated by photography, arts and music.

      Then, with the first video cameras he started to experiment with this new medium. He also became interested in esoteric studies.

      In 1987 he moved to Italy, working for several TV stations and developing skills as cameraman, editor, technical manager and director.

      In 1999 he created his own company and made various video documentaries on the paranormal and crop circles.

      Nikola travels regularly to the UK to research the circles and to document formations in Italy.

      He is a prolific international lecturer, and has appeared in many European TV Shows.

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      Nikola Duper

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      Top Searches

      da vinci paintings,


      larry sinclair,

      donald young,

      map of thirteen colonies

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      Top Posts (the past week)


      The intention behind the hybrids according to Timothy Good

      An experience of our souls in primeval times

      Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery for Mere Mortals (Polarik – Techdude – TexasDarlin – Israel Insider)

      Las Vegas Report

      A very different story of Mary Magdalene


      See and Hear Larry Sinclair Make Connection Between Barack Obama and Murdered Donald Young (Reposted)

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      Bad News

      Service Companies in U.S. Expand Less Than Forecast

      Service industries expanded in August at the weakest pace in seven months, indicating the U.S. economy may be slow to strengthen in the second half of the year.

      The Institute for Supply Management’s index of non- manufacturing businesses, which covers about 90 percent of the economy, fell to 51.5 from 54.3 in July.

      Readings above 50 signal growth.

      Retailers may find it harder to build on August sales gains and home buying could languish without faster job growth.

      While private hiring last month eased concern the economy will slip back into a recession, the 67,000 gain was less than the average in the first six months.

      The services figure is “certainly not a disaster, but a reminder that we’re in a fragile environment,” said Paul Ashworth, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics Ltd. in Toronto.

      “The recovery is just not strong enough. It’s still being driven by manufacturing, with the rest of the economy lagging a bit behind.”

      Good News (sort of)

      Private payrolls that exclude government agencies climbed 67000.

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      Backing away from the precipice

      Today’s Jobs Numbers

      September 3, 2010 8:52 A.M. By Kevin A. Hassett

      The jobs report today was a good bit better than I expected, and significantly reduces fears that we are dropping into another steep economic decline.

      To be sure, it still looks a good deal worse than we should be seeing at this stage of the recovery, but if it were 100,000 jobs worse, we would be into the precipice.

      Sadly, backing away from the precipice is about as good as it gets right now.

    35. rosettasister Says:

      “Backing away from the precipice”

      Love this analogy!

      Guess that whole throw the job creators over the cliff thingy hasn’t worked out too well.

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      SEPTEMBER 3, 2010.

      The Small Business The 97% Fallacy

      The president’s plan to raise top marginal rates is holding back the very people who should be leading the economic recovery.


      The administration defends its desire to increase taxes by citing concerns about the deficit.

      Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner recently asserted that “borrowing to finance tax cuts for the top 2% would be a $700 billion fiscal mistake.”

      The administration is right to view the deficit as a serious issue, but this sudden commitment to fiscal responsibility is bizarrely inconsistent.

      The administration professes deep concern about the $700 billion revenue loss from extending the tax cuts at the top, but apparently views the revenue loss of nearly $2 trillion from extending the tax cuts for the middle class as too inconsequential to mention.

      Nor has the administration’s concern about the deficit driven it to reduce federal spending.

      For those who are determined to tax the rich at all costs, and are therefore willing to accept the claims of the Obama administration without scrutiny, the tax hikes may well make sense.

      But the evidence is clear that lifting the top rates will hamper the business investment upon which our nation’s prosperity depends.

      That affects all Americans, not just 3%.

    37. rosettasister Says:

      Heard Laura Ingraham mention above article this morning.

    38. rosettasister Says:

      “The Obama Diaries” tour – Laura speaks in Rochester and flies the plane

    39. rosettasister Says:

      Posting for later

      Richard Theilmann, Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy

      Navy officer faces arrest if he doesn’t disavow secret UN talks on UFOs

      May 24th, 2010

    40. rosettasister Says:

      Free Republic seems super duper busy, so I’ll head on over there later.

    41. rosettasister Says:

      Judge to Lakin: Find another defense

      Rules that officer challenging Obama’s eligibility can’t see evidence

      The decision came just days after a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general who commanded forces armed with nuclear weapons said the disclosure of Obama’s documentation is not just critical to Lakin’s defense, but to the preservation of the nation itself.

      The vehement statements came in an affidavit from retired Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, a Fox News military analyst, that was disclosed by an organization generating support for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.

      Lakin had invited his own court-martial because he is unable to follow orders under the chain of command with Obama at its head unless the president’s eligibility is documented.

      McInerney, who retired in 1994 after serving as vice commander in chief of USAF forces in Europe, commander of the 3rd Tactical Fighter Wing and assistant vice chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, among other positions, said the chain of command issue is critical, since officers are obligated both to follow orders and to disobey illegal orders.


      He said Lakin is acting “exactly” as “proper training dictates.”

      Lakin, the foundation said, has been compelled to act because he swore an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

      Obama’s eligibility to be president has been questioned, he argues, and Obama has refused all efforts to obtain documents that could determine his eligibility.

      The controversy stems from the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, which states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

      A number of challenges and lawsuits have been based on the constitutional requirement, some alleging Obama does not qualify because he was not born in Hawaii in 1961 as he claims.

      Others say he fails to qualify because he was a dual citizen of the U.S. and the United Kingdom when he was born, and the framers of the Constitution specifically excluded dual citizens from eligibility.

      (Still others point to the Barack being adopted by Lolo narrative.)

      Complicating the issue is the fact that besides Obama’s actual birth documentation, he has kept from the public documentation including his

      kindergarten records,

      Punahou school records,

      Occidental College records,

      Columbia University records,

      Columbia thesis,

      Harvard Law School records,

      Harvard Law Review articles,

      scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,


      medical records,

      files from his years as an Illinois state senator,

      Illinois State Bar Association records,

      baptism records

      *** and his adoption records ***

      (Some say we cannot see Obama’s college records as he received financial assistance as a “foreign” student.)

      Lakin declined to follow deployment orders after he tried through military channels to affirm the validity of orders under Obama’s command and was rebuffed.

      He had been scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan again.

      Lakin is not the first officer to raise questions.

      Others have included Army doctor Capt. Connie Rhodes and Army reservist Maj. Stefan Cook.

    42. rosettasister Says:

      A Ray of Sunshine

      BlackSunshine84 03. Sep, 2010 at 9:40 am

      Why doesn’t Obama just put an end to all this and sow proof he is eligible? He is eligible, right?

      It makes no sense at all for our president to sit idly by and watch a good man, someone who has served this country honorably, be court-martialed when he has within his power the ability to resolve this matter once and for all.

      LTC Lakin is doing what he feels is his duty as all enlisted men have a duty to refuse illegitimate orders.

      The judges ruling yesterday, denying LTC Lakin discovery, is troubling.

      She said discovery would embarrass Obama and that it is for Congress to impeach Obama, not the army.

      Who said anything about impeaching Obama?

      An illegitimate president is un-impeachable.

      And how could she possibly know Obama would be embarassed if his records were revealed unless she had collaborated with Obama on her ruling?

      Found at ObamaConspiracy

    43. rosettasister Says:

      Posted by: BlackSunshine84 Apr 08, 07:48 PM


      Obama is already proven to be ineligible. He stated himself that his father was Kenyan, a British subject at the time of his birth.

      That makes him a United States citizen at best, not a natural born United States citizen as is required by our Constitution to be eligible for POTUS.

      In Senate Resolution 511 (co-authored and signed by Obama) he acknowledges and re-affirms that a natural born citizen is one born of United States citizens.

      What we need is our representatives to act on what has already been proven to be truth.


      “BlackSunshine84” restores my faith in today’s youth.

      She rejects the notion that if you question Obama’s eligibility you’re either a racist or a nutter or both.

      I still say Obama will serve four years.

    44. rosettasister Says:

      Lest we forget what life was like for Afghani women and girls under the Taliban.

    45. rosettasister Says:

      44% — 55%

      Rasmussen Obama Approval

      Okay, that’s better, people!

    46. rosettasister Says:

      September 2, 2010

      20% Say News of Bedbugs Has Caused Them to Change Their Plans

      Alaska Governor: Parnell (R) 53% Berkowitz (D) 43%

      61% Support Offshore Oil Drilling, 53% Favor Deepwater Drilling

      Most Voters Believe that Democrats in Congress Want to Raise Taxes, Increase Government Spending

      49% in New Jersey Blame Education Commissioner For ‘Race to the Top’ Loss, 33% Blame Governor

      Florida Governor: Scott (R) 45% Sink (D) 44%

      Washington Senate: Rossi (R) 48% Murray (D) 46%

      September 1, 2010

      Alaska Senate: Miller (R) 50% McAdams (D) 44%

      29% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

      57% in Colorado Say Most Members of Congress Don’t Care What Voters Think

      Partisan Trend: Democrats 35.0% Republicans 33.8% Gap Smallest in Five Years

      Louisiana Senate: Vitter (R) 54% Melancon (D) 33%

      Ohio Governor: Kasich (R) 47% Strickland (D) 39%

    47. rosettasister Says:

      Real Clear Politics

      California Senate – Boxer vs. Fiorina SurveyUSA Boxer 46, Fiorina 48 Fiorina +2

      California Governor – Whitman vs. Brown SurveyUSA Whitman 47, Brown 40 Whitman +7

      Nevada Senate – Angle vs. Reid Rasmussen Reports Reid 50, Angle 47 Reid +3

      (Oh man, this sucks! Nevada, pls don’t screw us, again!)

      Illinois Senate – Giannoulias vs. Kirk Chicago Tribune Kirk 34, Giannoulias 34 Tie

      Obama and Democrats’ Health Care Plan USA Today/Gallup For/Favor 39, Against/Oppose 56 Against/Oppose +17

      President Obama Job Approval USA Today/Gallup Approve 43, Disapprove 53 Disapprove +10

      Kentucky Senate – Paul vs. Conway CN|2/Braun Research Paul 42, Conway 37 Paul +5

      Massachusetts Governor – Baker vs. Patrick vs. Cahill Rasmussen Reports Patrick 44, Baker 42, Cahill 8 Patrick +2

      New Hampshire Senate – Republican Primary Magellan Strategies (R) Ayotte 34, Lamontagne 21, Binnie 17, Bender 13 Ayotte +13

      Kentucky 3rd District – Lally vs. Yarmuth SurveyUSA Yarmuth 47, Lally 45 Yarmuth +2

      Generic Congressional Vote USA Today/Gallup Republicans 49, Democrats 43 Republicans +6

    48. rosettasister Says:

      48 Democrats
      Toss Ups 7
      Republicans 45

      Senate RCP

      Holy Toledo! Senate toss up now leaning GOP!

    49. rosettasister Says:

      194 Democrats
      Toss Ups 35
      Republicans 206

      House RCP

      GOP needs 12 of 35 toss ups

      Magic Number 218

    50. rosettasister Says:

      Joe Miller’s Race For The Senate

      HH: Now Joe Miller,, America,

      Go and help him, because this is going to be a unique voice in the United States Senate. But a lot of unique voices start out unique, Joe Miller.

      They get down to D.C., and they go native. They go Beltway. How are you going to stop that from happening?

      JM: Well, I think that this is a message that falls way outside of what you heard coming from D.C.

      And again, that doesn’t mean it’s radical or extreme.

      It means restoration of the Constitutional republic, and according to the founders’ intent.

      But that really, you know, I think that message, believe it or not, Hugh, is going to get joined by some voices, new voices in D.C.

      And I believe that the future of even the Republican Party could be wrapped up in this, if it decides to embrace it.

      And that could be a movement that could push this country forward, get us back active economically, and get the country on track.

      HH: I think you’re absolutely right.

      Last question, if you look at these committees, Judiciary, obviously, you’d get to talk the Constitution and originalism with these nominees,

      on Armed Services, you’d get a chance to protect the United States in its defense posture,

      what’s your priority when you get there, Joe Miller, in terms of the committee you want to work on, and the issues you want to tackle?

      JM: You hit the top two. I would absolutely love to be on either of those, both of those.

      Frankly, you know, the reason that we’re at the point right now as a nation is because we’ve got activists on the bench.

      They’re permitted this growth of government that’s allowed the entitlement state to grab hold, and created this dependency that we have.

      And so that really is critical, that we get people in place that really do honor the Constitution, uphold their oath.

    51. rosettasister Says:

      He’s back!

      Mark Steyn’s Return From Walkabout

      HH: And that’s very ominous for what happens next year.

      Let me ask you, Mark, I had John Boehner on Monday, and the transcript for the audience is posted at, and I asked the Leader whether the Republicans were prepared to move quickly, if they understood the need for speed.

      Do you get a sense that the GOP, Beltway division, is in touch with, aligned with, and is committed as the country’s populist, conservative revolt wants them to be?

      To cut spending, extend the tax cuts, and rebuild the DOD and repeal Obamacare?

      MS: No, I don’t think so.

      I think there are some people, obviously, there are people like Jim DeMint who are committed to that, and there are some of these newly-nominated candidates who are committed to that.

      But I listened to Trent Lott, who cashed in his rolodex for a big time lobbyist job, and Trent Lott is saying oh, we don’t want 60 Jim DeMints in the Senate.

      We are going to need to do some serious hacking away at the size of the federal government.

      Otherwise, I think this is do or die for the Republican Party.

      If people vote in the Republicans on a tide of revulsion at what the Democrats have done, and the Republicans just settle back and we’re back to 2004 all over again, I think the Republican Party will have blown their last chance,

      and we will, I have to be cautious here, because I believe it’s a condition of my Green Card that I’m not allowed to foment armed insurrection against the government of the United States.

      HH: (laughing)

      MS: But with that stipulation, I think we will be pushing the temperament of the people in a revolutionary direction, and that is something that the Republicans ought to understand.

      HH: Last question, Mark Steyn. You’ve been away for a couple of months on your walkabout.

      Do you come back more or less optimistic about the future of the United States than when you left?

      MS: Well, I am optimistic, because my big point is that

      *** this is still the only Western nation where when things head south, people don’t say why doesn’t the government do more for me ***

      They do, as we’re seeing in primaries across the land, they say no, I can do just fine if you guys in Washington would just, and in the State Capitols, would just get your hand out of my pocket.

      That is a very American message. It’s not something you hear a lot of in Greece or in most other parts of the Western world.

      HH: Mark Steyn, it’s great to have you back., America.

      Mark will be gone for a couple of weeks, and then he’ll be back again.

    52. rosettasister Says:

      Obi Wan Returns, and The October Surprise Contest

      Q: The atmosphere can’t stay like this for two months, right? Something has to go wrong for Republicans.

      OWK: Can the Democrats outplay the GOP in the closing weeks and save just enough to hold on?

      One problem area is that Republicans don’t usually get the media dynamic.

      Look at the week of the Obamacare vote — while Republicans were focused on legislative maneuvers and talking amendments, the White House created the right media climate, one where wavering Democrats could feel comfortable by citing the support of the Catholic nuns and the hospital associations and the CBO in a nice little series of TV set-pieces.

      Remember that Politico piece about the daily phone call of Rahm Emanuel, James Carville, Begala, and George Stephanopoulos on the White House line of the day?

      ABC News has been tracking pretty accurately on the White House various pitches this spring and summer

      — the Tea partiers are haters or Timothy McVeigh types —

      then the whole setup for the NAACP convention launched the “they’re all racist” theme, etc.

      So keep an eye on ABC, especially Stephanopoulos and also First Read and Politico — they’re usually the first-wave transmitters of the White House line.

      Believe me, they’ve already got a pollster or two who’s ready to bend some numbers and journalists ready to write about the “sudden Democratic surge.”

      I’d love to know which week they have picked for the “Democrats are back in business” story.

      They have tried it twice this summer, but neither polls nor events carried the storyline any further.

      They will badly need the networks’ news departments to come through if there is a real domestic terrorist incident or some ugly display by someone on the right.

      This fall they will know no checks — October Surprises, maybe every day and all day.

      What this means, I don’t know — bombing Iran?

      Capturing Osama bin Laden or some other big name and announcing the news two days before the election?

      Get tough with Paris Hilton and send her to Guantanamo?

      Q: What can the GOP do?

      First, predict it.

      Just tell the people that the White House and Democrats will try and control the media dynamic and narrative.

      This is what they do.

      They don’t really know how to govern for the public good; if they could do that, they would be in better shape.

      What they do know to do is use media events to hold onto power, to go on television and blab.

      Second, Republicans ought to be using the words “October Surprise” endlessly.

      Hold a contest to see who comes up with the most creative suggestion for what the Dems might do.

    53. rosettasister Says:

      Son of Stim?!

      Obama pulled two ways on stimulus 2.0

      … even a dramatic personnel shuffle won’t change the reality that the White House will almost surely face a far more hostile Congress in 2011.

      Angry liberals will want more spending, emboldened conservatives more tax cuts.

      Fashioning a politically viable compromise that makes economic sense and won’t alarm bond vigilantes will be a huge challenge.

      Romer should be relieved that it will be someone else’s.

    54. rosettasister Says:

      The 9.6 percent unemployment rate and the 2010 midterms

      Today’s dismal unemployment report fully locks in the autumn political narrative:

      1) Democrats will

      a) say the job numbers show a slowly recovering economy back from the brink,

      b) ask for voter patience,

      c) blame Bush and

      d) charge Republicans want to kill Social Security.

      2) The GOP will say the report shows Obamanomics has failed, surely (again) highlighting the infamous Romer-Bernstein unemployment prediction.

      3) President Obama also seems unlikely to propose any new ideas that would be economic gamechangers.

      (The WH pushed back hard on media reports that it is considering a $300 billion payroll tax cut.)

      4) More likely is a smattering of smaller ideas that Democrats can use to depict Republicans as obstructionists.

      5) I would also guess nothing gets done on the expiring Bush tax cuts until at least after the election.

    55. rosettasister Says:

      @josephlawler little of both
      3 minutes ago via web in reply to josephlawler

      this oddly written AP story makes it sound like A-Rod and Scott Boras are no longer dating.
      5 minutes ago via web .

      larry_kudlow We need radical supplyside tax cuts to solve awful jobs report. Flatten tax rates to 25/15%.Cut capgains to 5%. Incentives matter. Go Reagan
      about 1 hour ago via web
      Retweeted by JimPethokoukis and 13 others .

      WSJ: Rise in U-6 rate to 16.7% “worrisome indication that jobs being created in the recovery aren’t same quality as pre-recession positions.
      about 2 hours ago via web .

      @baseballcrank here’s a new study showing Obama “tax cuts” were wrongly structured. Bad behavioral econ
      about 3 hours ago via web in reply to baseballcrank

      @foxjust if a tree falls in the forest ….
      about 3 hours ago via web in reply to foxjust

      If you are a reader of Commentary magazine, I have a book review in the new issue.
      about 3 hours ago via web .

      JPMorgan: The trend still shows tepid job growth but the August payroll report … [has]reduced the risk of intensifying weakness.
      about 3 hours ago via web .

      @cmbnova POTUS said there would be ideas forthcoming next week, though I am sure he wont call it a stimulus
      about 3 hours ago via web in reply to cmbnova

      I think the president just decided it: Second Stimulus September!
      about 4 hours ago via web

    56. rosettasister Says:

      Media Still Missing Message of Restoring Honor Rally,2933,600662,00.html

      BECK: We will be fine. I choose to know, so I can — so I can depend with firm reliance on God’s protection.

      You will then no longer have a choice, because you know what is true, you know who you serve, and you must stand there because you have no other choice.

      Know who he is.


      BECK: And you will know who you are.

      Look, America is an idea. It’s not about politics. America is the idea, if I had to describe it in one word, it would be “freedom.”

      Freedom to live your life and that means go to any church or not go to any church that you want.

      If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference does it make?

      But by going away from those nature’s law and nature’s God, it does pick your pocket. It does break your leg.

      And then you have to stand in line for universal health care soon.

      Freedom — is that the idea in America anymore? I think the idea in America right now is survive or penalize, or stop, don’t do that!

      That’s not freedom. That’s the idea of America.

      You — you have the freedom to create. You have the freedom to dream.
      That idea comes from one source.

      And it is only attainable or allowed when you have self-regulation.

      We don’t need Cass Sunstein if we’re all living within the parameters we set for ourselves.

      We need a Jesus or a Buddha or in the case of Penn Jillette, I don’t know what he — just a little self-control.

      He does it without Buddha or without Jesus or without Mohammed. But he does it.

      I can’t — I find it hard to believe that I have to tell Americans to think big.

      But perhaps it’s more hard to believe that we actually think we can get our answers or our counsel on solving these gigantic problems from the Republicans or the Democrats or, worse, from the press

      — from people who think so small that they believe everything is about the next election.

      (I don’t believe “everything” is about the next election. But I do believe it is crucial that the GOP win at least the House and restore some balance to the land.)

    57. rosettasister Says:

    58. rosettasister Says:

      September 3, 2010

      Anchor Notes: John King and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

      During the interview, I also asked Arpaio about an issue that became a flashpoint in an Arizona gubernatorial debate Wednesday night.

      Democrat Terry Goddard pressed GOP Gov. Jan Brewer to recant a statement she made earlier this year suggesting Arizona law enforcement officials had found examples of beheadings that Brewer linked to the illegal immigration problem.

      Media reports in the state have found no evidence of beheadings reported to or by law enforcement agencies.

      Brewer did not recant during the debate and ignored reporters’ questions about the issue after.

      Here is the exchange with Sheriff Arpaio on the issue:

      KING: “Have you ever, in your case, either in your county or talking to your law enforcement colleagues in other parts of the state, heard of beheadings?

      ARPAIO: “Well, I – I’m not going to speak for her. That’s her comments. I’m not running for governor.

      I did spend 14 years in Mexico and the border. But I don’t know, maybe she was talking across the border.

      You know, Mexico, the United States and Canada are North America. I don’t know what she was talking about.

      But I’m not going to talk – I’m not running for governor. You’re going to have to ask her what she meant by that, not me.

      KING: “All right, let me just set her aside then. Have you – have you ever come across evidence or a report from your county or a neighboring county of a beheading in Arizona?”

      ARPAIO: “Well, I haven’t. That doesn’t mean other people have. But I sure – I’ll tell you one thing, there’s plenty of beheadings going on right across the border.”


      Brewer is exhausted and speechless. I noticed that the other night when she was on with Greta. Yes, we Arizonans have been rendered speechless by the treatment we are receiving at the hands of our own federal government which has shown itself to be ruthless. And trying to make an example of Arizona in the hopes other states will retreat from their own efforts to curb illegal immigration.

      King is missing the point. We have reason to fear for our safety here in AZ. And reports of beheadings and other violence south of the border ARE related to drug and human smuggling.

      Obama and his cronies have decided to sacrifice the safety of Arizona families at the altar of securing future votes for the Democratic Party.

      Secure Voters Not Borders!

      Don’t let the turkeys get you down, Governor.

    59. rosettasister Says:

      That’s weird.

      I can get to Free Republic.

      But I can’t seem to access thread I posted there yesterday related to this thread.

      Good thing I’m not paranoid!

    60. rosettasister Says:

      ACLJ & Members of Congress Urge Federal Appeals Court to Uphold Arizona Immigration Law

      The brief is located here.

      The ACLJ, along with the Immigration Reform Law Institute, filed the brief with the 9th Circuit on behalf of 66 members of Congress including 5 members of the U.S. Senate and 61 members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

      The members of the 111th Congress represented in the brief include Arizona Congressman Trent Franks and California Congressman Brian Bilbray, who assisted in generating Congressional participation in the brief.

      Also included:

      Senator John Barrasso, Senator Jim DeMint, Senator James Inhofe, Senator David Vitter, Senator Roger Wicker,

      Robert Aderholt, Rodney Alexander,

      Michele Bachmann, Spencer Bachus, J. Gresham Barrett, Rob Bishop, Marsha Blackburn, John Boozman, Paul Broun, Ginny Brown-Waite, Michael Burgess, Dan Burton,

      Ken Calvert, John Campbell, John Carter, Jason Chaffetz, Howard Coble, Mike Coffman, John Culberson,

      Geoff Davis,

      John Fleming, Randy Forbes, Virginia Foxx,

      Elton Gallegly, Scott Garrett, Phil Gingrey, Louie Gohmert, Bob Goodlatte,

      Ralph Hall, Dean Heller, Wally Herger, Pete Hoekstra, Duncan Hunter,

      Walter Jones, Jim Jordan,

      Steve King, Jack Kingston, John Kline,

      Doug Lamborn, Robert Latta,

      Don Manzullo, Patrick McHenry, Gary Miller, Jeff Miller, Jerry Moran, Sue Myrick,

      Randy Neugebauer,

      Joe Pitts, Ted Poe, Bill Posey, Tom Price,

      Ed Royce,

      John Shadegg, Bill Shuster, Lamar Smith, John Sullivan,

      Gene Taylor, Todd Tiahrt, and Ed Whitfield.

      Led by Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, the American Center for Law and Justice focuses on constitutional law and is based in Washington, D.C.

      The ACLJ is online at

      American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)

      For Print:

      Gene Kapp, 757-575-9520


      For Broadcast:

      Christy Lynn Wilson or Todd Shearer, 770-813-0000

      Visit ACLJ Newsroom:

    61. rosettasister Says:

      ‘Prestigious’ Handa Cup comes to Rye

      Friday, September 3, 2010

      The weekend’s festivities teed off on Thursday with a Pro-Am event, which drew such dignitaries as Sen. Judd Gregg and former Gov. John Sununu.

      “It’s just great for New Hampshire,” Gregg said. “It’s a major event.

      It focuses attention on the state, it shows what a great place we are to live, and to play golf.”

      Gregg also participated in the Pro-Am, and had a chance to play along with a number of Handa Cup participants.

      “I was paired with Beth Daniels, Jane Blalock and Nancy Lopez, who couldn’t hit the ball, but she could putt,” Gregg said with a chuckle.

      “I was just an interested observer and I enjoyed it immensely.”

      (I hope Greta’s not too peeved at Gregg for taking a vacation and playing some golf!)

    62. rosettasister Says:

      Showdown for shade of purple looms

      Friday, September 3, 2010

      Coloradans, Buck says, now are “50-50 about Obama” but “80-20 against Washington.”

      His one campaign stumble might actually have helped him.

      (Or not.)

      It occurred after an event where someone questioned whether Obama is an American citizen.

      Speaking within range of a tape recorder belonging to a Democratic worker who was following Buck around, Buck laughingly said to someone,

      “Will you tell those dumbasses at the tea party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on the camera?”

      Buck says his language was inappropriate, but many people disagree.

      Tea party leaders — that is not quite an oxymoron — know that Obama’s performance, not his provenance, is the point.

    63. rosettasister Says:

      Rep Paul Ryan

      Wall Street Journal:

      Just one section of the book, written by Ryan, spells out what Republicans might do if they are charge.

      The “road map” includes such ideas as converting Social Security for future retirees into private accounts that could be invested in the stock market.

      Medicare would become a voucher-type program where the government gives seniors money to buy health plans. [WSJ, 8/31/10]

      Roll Call:

      In a new book to be released next month, three House Republican leaders include many of the policies and ideas that some in their party have promoted over the last year, as well as a controversial plan to drastically cut the country´s entitlement spending.

      Ryan´s proposal, which looks to balance the budget through slimmer versions of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the tax code, has vexed many Republicans who have attacked Democrats over the federal debt but who don´t want to say they would favor cutting entitlement programs. [Roll Call, 8/30/10]

      House Republican Leader John Boehner recently described the Ryan-GOP plan as a “a pretty good list of options” when it comes to dealing with the deficit. [Washington Post, 7/21/10]


      SwissCare has no Medicare no Medicaid no “public” option whatsoever. And the Swiss are very happy with it. And it works.

      Ryan is an honest broker. He’s saying look we can go down the road of European socialism OR we can do this.

      America it’s your choice.

      Only honest politicians from both sides of the aisle will tell you like it is.

      The truth hurts.

    64. rosettasister Says:


    65. rosettasister Says:

      Haven’t done a greatest hits for awhile. 150 or above.

      (Excluding ones I deleted, of course.)




    66. rosettasister Says:

      Joe Cocker

    67. rosettasister Says:

    68. rosettasister Says:

      Raising Sand is a collaboration album by rock singer Robert Plant and bluegrass-country singer Alison Krauss.

      It was released on October 23, 2007 by Rounder Records.

      Raising Sand won Album of the Year at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

      Track listing

      Raising Sand

      1. “Rich Woman” Dorothy LaBostrie, McKinley Millet 4:04
      2. “Killing the Blues” Roly Jon Salley 4:16
      3. “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us” Sam Phillips 3:26
      4. “Polly Come Home” Gene Clark 5:36
      5. “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” Don Everly, Phil Everly 3:33
      6. “Through the Morning, Through the Night” Gene Clark 4:01
      7. “Please Read the Letter” Charlie Jones, Michael Lee, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant 5:53

      8. “Trampled Rose” Kathleen Brennan, Tom Waits 5:34
      9. “Fortune Teller” Naomi Neville 4:30
      10. “Stick With Me Baby” Mel Tillis 2:50
      11. “Nothin'” Townes Van Zandt 5:33
      12. “Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson” Milton Campbell 4:02
      13. “Your Long Journey” Doc Watson, Rosa Lee Watson 3:55

    69. rosettasister Says:




      5 Gone, Gone, Gone

      6 Through the Morning

      7 Please Read the Letter

      9 Fortune Teller

      10 Stick with Me Baby

    70. rosettasister Says:

      Things that make you go hmmm …

      Why do music links work here:

      but not here:

      I’m wonderin’.

    71. rosettasister Says:

      But these work.


    72. rosettasister Says:

      Anyway, her music is more important.

      And, of course, what inspired “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us.”

    73. rosettasister Says:

    74. rosettasister Says:

      “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”

      Strange things are happening everyday
      I hear the music up above my head
      Though the sight of my heart has left me again
      I hear music up above

      Secrets are written in the sky
      Looks like I’ve lost the love I’ve never found
      Though the sound of hope has left me again
      I hear music up above

      Standing in my broken heart all night long
      Darkness held me like a friend when love wore off
      Looking for the lamb that’s hidden in the cross
      The finder’s lost
      I know I loved you too much
      I’ll go alone to get through

      I hear Rosetta singing in the night
      Echoes of light that shine like stars after they’re gone
      And tonight she’s my guide as I go on alone
      With the music up above

    75. rosettasister Says:

      To: PA-RIVER
      “This is heading straight to the Supreme Court. We now have a man with injury, and his Judge is denying him access to evidence that could clear him because it would be a political embarrassment. Clearly, this is now an injustice that needs prompt remedy.”
      That’s right (after he’s exhausted the military court route). Question then becomes…will SCOTUS continue to evade the issue.

      84 posted on 09/02/2010 12:30:27 PM PDT by rxsid (HOW CAN A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN’S STATUS BE “GOVERNED” BY GREAT BRITAIN? – Leo Donofrio (2009))
      [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 38 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

      To: rxsid; Red Steel
      When this gets to SCOTUS, if they agree to hear it (if they don’t, that’s a whole ‘nother stinking pile of expletive), would there be a mechanism to get Kagin and Sotomayor to recuse themselves?

      Anyone know?

      196 posted on 09/02/2010 2:39:08 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.)
      [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 84 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

      To: rxsid; PA-RIVER
      Question then becomes…will SCOTUS continue to evade the issue.
      I’m afraid the answer here is yes too. WHY???

      They are appointed for life and have NOTHING to loose by being on the “EVASIVE” and “safe”(?) side of the playing field

      328 posted on 09/03/2010 9:10:52 AM PDT by danamco (“)
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    76. rosettasister Says:

      Battle-scarred judge says Lakin decision ignores Constitution

      ‘Highest law in this country is not Supreme Court, not commander in chief’

      Posted: September 04, 2010

      The military judge who curiously noted without explanation that uncovering evidence about President Obama’s birth records could prove “embarrassing” and denied an officer the right to obtain potentially exculpatory evidence in a court-martial simply has forgotten the Constitution, the supreme rule of the United States.

      So says Judge Roy Moore, who battled the politically correct climate as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court a decade ago and ultimately was removed from office by a state panel that refused to review the constitutionality of a federal court order.

      His comments came today in an interview with WND about Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, who yesterday was denied permission by Army Col. Denise R. Lind to obtain evidence that could document Obama is not eligible to occupy the Oval Office.


      He also argued that obtaining birth and education records was routine and would do the court no harm.

      He said it was possible to even admit the evidence during this phase of the trial and later determine whether it could be used during the actual court-martial.

      Instead, Lind said:

      That all parties are, entitled to discovery or evidence under USMJ article 46. That President Obama is the commander in chief but that Congress also has significant and equal role in military matters under title 10 of the USC (Uniform Service Code.)

      That Congress has the authority to raise an army, fund it and over the years created a proper chain of command including the secretary of the army.

      That the issue of eligibility is a constitutional issue and a political question, not matter for a military court to decide.

      That a court-martial has no jurisdiction in any potential impeachment, and it could be embarrassing, although Lind did not specify whether she meant embarrassing for the president or for the court.
      Lind also refused to accept Lakin’s claim that his refusal to obey orders was a matter of conscience.

      Another pre-trial hearing is scheduled for Sept 21.

      Lind’s decision came just days after a retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general who commanded forces armed with nuclear weapons said the disclosure of Obama’s documentation is not just critical to Lakin’s defense, but to the preservation of the nation itself.

      The vehement statements came in an affidavit from retired Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, a Fox News military analyst, that was disclosed by an organization generating support for Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.


      Complicating the issue is the fact that besides Obama’s actual birth documentation, he has kept from the public documentation including his

      kindergarten records,

      Punahou school records,

      Occidental College records,

      Columbia University records,

      Columbia thesis,

      Harvard Law School records,

      Harvard Law Review articles,

      scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,


      medical records,

      files from his years as an Illinois state senator,

      Illinois State Bar Association records,

      baptism records

      and his adoption records.

    77. rosettasister Says:

      Oral Argument Canceled – Appeal Dismissed in SDNY

      On August 30, 2010, Judge Hellerstein suddenly dismissed the Chrysler Dealers’ appeal in the Southern District of New York thereby also canceling, for the second time, the oral argument that he ordered sua sponte.

      Judge Hellerstein’s opinion contains legal and factual errors.

      Steve and I will be entering an appeal in the 2d Circuit.

      Leo Donofrio

      Pidgeon & Donofrio GP

    78. rosettasister Says:

      September 3rd, 2010

      Courts Martial Defense for LTC Terrence Lakin

      By J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington

      “We find foundational flaws in Col. Lind’s decision, which Lakin’s defense team must seize upon in order to alter the current course of this trial.”

    79. rosettasister Says:

      SvenMagnussen 03. Sep, 2010 at 8:13 pm

      You’re quoting from an opinion written concerning a civil suit.

      Lakin’s case is a criminal matter and he has a right to a defense, even if it embarrasses the CiC.

      The convening authority can drop the charges or allow the defendant to defend himself against the charges.

      See The Right to Present a Defense by Mark Mahoney.

      Found at ObamaConspiracy

    80. rosettasister Says:

      42% — 56%

      Rasmussen Obama Approval

      two point drop from yesterday

    81. rosettasister Says:

      A Sane Dem (I’m Not Alone!)

      Caddell on the Midterm Elections

      Unlike President Reagan at his first-term midpoint, in 1982, “Obama is not able to go out there and say, ‘Stay the course.’

      That’s just not possible. The Democrats’ hope with health care was that ‘people will like it after we pass it.’

      Well, they hate it, and you don’t see any effort to promote it.

      The Democrats had a chance to do this right — most people supported aspects of reform — but because of the way it was passed, as a crime against democracy, the country has simply not accepted it.

      The lies, the browbeating, the ‘deem and pass’ — all of it was a suicide mission.”

      “because of the way it was passed”

      Caddell is spot on. But it’s not just the way it was passed, it’s the bill itself.

      It was designed to push HC in the direction of “public” option then single-payer.

      If you can’t get Regina Herzlinger on board, then it’s a bad bill.

      Obama should have considered Wyden-Bennett.

      Instead he listened to Pelosi.

      Bad move.

    82. rosettasister Says:

      Rasmussen Reports

      September 4, 2010

      52% Celebrate Labor Day as Unofficial End of Summer

      Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 58% Rory Reid (D) 33%

      September 3, 2010

      76% of Adult Egg Consumers Are Not Cutting Down Because of Recall

      Voters Say Congress Should Ask Permission Before Changing Social Security, Raising Taxes

      Idaho Governor: Otter (R) 52%, Allred (D) 36%

      40% Say They’re Paying More For Gas Compared to Six Months Ago

      69% in Ohio Are Angry At Current Policies of Government


      Nevada Senate: Angle (R) 45% Reid (D) 45%

      (Groovy! But now I’m confused. I thought Reid was ahead.)

    83. rosettasister Says:

      I don’t know who to believe!

      Richard Thielman (aka Source A)

      Exposure of US Navy source on UFO UN discussions omits retired Navy Scientist testimony

      May 21st, 2010

      Perhaps Dr Maccabee himself may have the answer. In his 2009 interview he went on to say:

      “As far as the meeting at the UN was concerned, he affirmed that there was one, he was there, and it was not a formal meeting of the UN.

      I got the impression it was an informal meeting of people who were in the subject…

      He did tell me some things that indicate the Navy has run into UFOs.

      UFOs have screwed up some Navy Systems.

      The Navy, apparently some high level people in the Navy feel this ought to be publicized .. that is the existence of UFOs.”

      The implications of Source A’s meeting and discussion with Dr Maccabee are startling.

      A senior Navy Scientist is discussing with an unescorted officer with high security clearance in his classified facility, issues concerning UFOs, secret UN discussions, and senior Navy personnel wanting to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life.

      If Source A is not who he claims to be, then it appears that a secure US Navy facility was compromised at various security levels by someone who wanted to have a conversation about UFOs with a Navy Scientist for unknown reasons.

      The outing of Source A as Richard Thielmann is a significant development for all who have been following discussions on secret UN UFO meetings.

      His alleged exposure as a fraud omits serious questions about his ability to enter highly classified military facilities to discuss the UFO topic.

      That lends credence to his original claims that he is a covert operative within

      the shadowy world of classified operations and UFOs

      sanctioned to leak information by a group of Navy admirals disenchanted with official UFO policy.

      Source A’s outing coincides with Admiral Dennis Blair’s forced resignation as the Director of National Intelligence.

      Perhaps it’s sheer coincidence but Source A’s outing may signal a push back against Navy sources in favor of UFO disclosure.

      If he is an exposed covert operative, his ‘outing’ is likely to have significant effects including official attempts to discredit him as

      a legitimate source of information that can be traced to more senior Navy officers.

    84. rosettasister Says:

      This was posted AFTER above article.

      Richard Theilmann, Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy

      Navy officer faces arrest if he doesn’t disavow secret UN talks on UFOs

      May 24th, 2010

    85. rosettasister Says:

      Statement on Navy Background of Lt Commander Richard Theilmann – Original Source of UN UFO disclosure – Exopolitics Comment 85

      The above is a summary of what I saw and/or heard regarding Richard Theilmann’s Navy Service, and wrote down in notes.

      Along with the positive feedback during the interview from Robert Vanderclock (former US Army Intelligence) about what I was seeing and hearing, the interview was confirmation for me that Richard Theilmann was a distinguished U.S. Navy Officer who had been sanctioned to leak information about secret UN UFO discussions and other sensitive issues.

      Others that have witnessed the same documentation and may be able to add to or clarify the contents of Richard Theilmann’s military album include Clay and Shawn Pickering, Robert Morningstar, Robert Vanderclock, Richard Dolan and Dr Bruce Maccabee.

      Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
      Kona, Hawaii
      Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

    86. rosettasister Says:

      Real Clear Politics has this:

      Nevada Senate – Angle vs. Reid

      Rasmussen Reports 9/1 – 9/1 750 LV 50 47 Reid +3

      LVRJ/Mason-Dixon 8/23 – 8/25 625 LV 45 44 Reid +1

      Rasmussen Reports 8/16 – 8/16 750 LV 48 50 Angle +2

      LVRJ/Mason-Dixon 8/9 – 8/11 625 LV 46 44 Reid +2

      But Rasmussen Reports has this:

      Nevada Survey of 750 Likely Voters

      September 1, 2010

      Election 2010: Nevada Senate

      Sharron Angle (R)

      Harry Reid (D)

      Some other candidate

      Not sure

      (RCP needs to fix!)

    87. rosettasister Says:

      (Hopefully if GOP can win House, this will be investigated.)

      SMITH: Buying Kenya’s pro-abortion constitution
      Obama-backed funds might have been illegal
      By Rep. Chris Smith

      The Washington Times
      5:10 p.m., Wednesday, September 1, 2010

      … the apparent hijacking of this reform process by special interests and the blatantly undemocratic and potentially illegal contribution by the Obama administration give cause for grave concern as to what this document portends for Kenya’s future.

      One of the controversial issues debated in the constitution is the elevation of “kadhi courts” giving special treatment to Kenyans who profess the Muslim religion, including state funding of these Islamic courts.

      Although kadhi courts have long existed in Kenya, the leaders of other faith traditions are rightly concerned about granting privileges to one religion over others in the constitution and laying the foundation for state-sanctioned religious discrimination.

      kadhi courts = sharia courts

    88. rosettasister Says:

      Saturday, September 04, 2010

      10 Congressional Districts That Could Go From D to R With Your Help

      Posted by: Hugh Hewitt

      (Pls click link to access important links here.)

    89. rosettasister Says:

      @kerpen last name spelled wrong? welcome to my world
      about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to kerpen

      RT @loriannlarocco: poll on my blog on who’s to blame for the slow economic recovery “Labor Day” :
      about 14 hours ago via TweetDeck .

      @DefendoLibertas Assuredly
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to DefendoLibertas

      Cancel the 2012 Morning in America ads. Macroeconomic Advisers says 2012 4Q unemployment will be 8.2 percent.
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck .

      @sav01 i will admit, i would like an excuse to get the new Kindle. My wants are so simple …
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to sav01

      @sav01 and Cook means SENATE takeover, BTW
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to sav01

      Charlie Cook: “the possibility of a GOP takeover is growing.”
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck .

      Obama 2012 Danger. Macroeconomic Advisers cuts 2011 GDP growth forecast by 1pt to 2.3%, says unemployment will end 2011 at 9.4%
      about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck

    90. rosettasister Says:

      The Democrats’ Biggest Mistake

      By Doug Schoen

      Published September 03, 2010

      While traveling this past weekend, I was stopped by a couple in the Dallas airport who very kindly said that they enjoyed watching my commentary on “Hannity.”

      They were an interracial military couple — one is serving in the National Guard, the other is in active duty.

      Both are supporters of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party movement – and had attended Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the National Mall.

      They wanted to set the record straight that “any effort to brand the Tea Parties as racist or hostile is just absurd. We aren’t racists or bigots.

      We revere Dr. King and respect everything he did in to achieve his dream for our country.

      And we certainly are not puppets of some right wing political agenda.

      We are ordinary Americans who love our country but believe that we need to return government back to the American people.

      Washington is broken, and both parties are equally to blame.”

      The bottom-line conclusion is clear.

      Despite efforts by many in the media and political class to demonize the Tea Party movement, the real issue driving the movement is not partisan rage on the right, nor alleged racism, but a profound crisis of governmental legitimacy.

      Having spent the past 18 months chronicling the rise and the influence of the Tea Party movement along with pollster Scott Rasmussen for our book “Mad As Hell,”

      I have seen firsthand the extent to which the Tea Party movement has already fundamentally altered American politics and will almost certainly affect both the 2010 congressional elections and the 2012 presidential election.

      Indeed, the Democrats’ biggest mistake has been to underestimate the importance of a movement that is of unprecedented and potentially of fundamental importance to the American political system.

      Attacking dissent may feel good in Washington, but efforts to demonize the movement

      *** on unfounded accusations of race ***

      all the while ignoring the fundamental concerns of a majority of the electorate is a prescription for disaster.

    91. rosettasister Says:

    92. rosettasister Says:

    93. rosettasister Says:

    94. rosettasister Says:

      This was excerpted from something I posted above:

      Now, I shall briefly refer things that derive exclusively from what I was involved in personally, during an extensive part of my life, and from our direct conversations with the Friends.

      I have viva voce recordings of these, with the Friends’ own voices.

      “Friendship” gathers together various extraterrestrial populations that are different from each other, both as regards physical characteristics (there are tall, small and giant Friends, etc.) and provenance (there are Friends from other Universes and dimensions).

      However, all of them share a fundamental choice towards Good.

      “Friendship” is a sort of transversal confederation on the basis of a common ideal of life and thought, though great diversifications remain between populations and individuals and between personal choices.

      This is the very opposite of ideological standardization.

      The population whom we personally interacted with is composed of individuals (men and women, like us) who are physically very beautiful, some about three meters (ten feet) tall, while others are tiny.

      However, these are secondary aspects only.

      What is important is what they represent, beyond the various typologies and endless “folkloristic” singularities.

      The Friends are our elder brothers. They are human. Indeed, in comparison it’s we terrestrials who are less than human.

      They are much more human than we are, and that is why they do not show themselves. They are “too” human…

      For us it is easy to flatter them, but envying them is even easier, due to their perfect humaneness…

      Other populations in the Universes have chosen Evil, which is often represented by the adoration of Energy and Knowledge-Science.

      This dualism between Good and Evil is fundamental in order to understand both the still ongoing Struggle and why it is so hard for truth to be disclosed to the inhabitants of our planet.

      The Struggle between Good and Evil has always existed and is real, not an invention or a stage effect.

      (The wicked are not the result of a failed scientific experiment, but can freely choose to change and follow Good).

      This Struggle between Good and Evil also entered the life of the terrestrials in our group, and transformed them into “particular” beings.

      We had various types of experiences, both mental and moral and phenomenal

      (face-to-face encounters with some of the Friends, conversations with them, sightings of saucers and other flying objects with different shapes, very close sightings of materializations and dematerializations, visits and even long stays inside the underground bases, etc.).

    95. rosettasister Says:

      More Like This:

    96. rosettasister Says:

      My husband and I have been listening to these pieces and watching the Golf Channel muted.

      It was fun!

    97. rosettasister Says:

    98. rosettasister Says:

    99. rosettasister Says:

      Vaughan Williams is my favorite and Dvorak is his.

    100. rosettasister Says:

      Two “Friendship” Images

      “Strange things are happening everyday”

      And every night!

    101. rosettasister Says:


      “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”

      Strange things are happening everyday
      I hear the music up above my head
      Though the sight of my heart has left me again
      I hear music up above

      Secrets are written in the sky
      Looks like I’ve lost the love I’ve never found
      Though the sound of hope has left me again
      I hear music up above

      Standing in my broken heart all night long
      Darkness held me like a friend when love wore off
      Looking for the lamb that’s hidden in the cross
      The finder’s lost
      I know I loved you too much
      I’ll go alone to get through

      I hear Rosetta singing in the night
      Echoes of light that shine like stars after they’re gone
      And tonight she’s my guide as I go on alone
      With the music up above

    102. rosettasister Says:

      An Interview With Stefano Breccia
      Engineer and UFO researcher, author of the book: Mass Contacts
      Pescara, Italy ~ 2009

      Interview by Paola Harris with Stefano Breccia
      ~ excerpt from Harris’s book, Exopolitics: All of the Above

      6. Discuss the unacquainted reader the two separate groups of human type aliens.

      What were their names and why did we give them a ” name”?

      How long did they live?

      Give a physical description, please


      The problem about names is really difficult to be afforded in a few lines.

      What I may say here is that almost all of the names of the characters involved have been invented here on Earth.

      Physical descriptions, and the like, may be found inside the book.

      There are many different groups of aliens interacting with our day-to-day life.


      the W56’s and

      the CTR’s, my book quotes also

      the Elta V’s,

      the UTI’s,

      the Ummites, and obviously nobody may know how many others were (and are) around us.

      As far as I know, all of them are human-like, with only minor differences, height among them.

      7. Why were these two groups fighting.

      You’ll find several, different, motivations about this war, this quarrel, or whatever you’d like to name it, within the book.

      The main reason is the rage between human and not human beings.

      The W56s are among our ancestors,

      while the CTRs are an artificial offspring, generated by the W56s themselves.

    103. rosettasister Says:

      From maussan YouTube posted above

      Regarding the W56s

      “I have some information about them and they are back

      and they are make big their activity”


      Perhaps they have contacted you.

      Are you being recruited?

      And by whom?

      Both sides?

      Choose well.

    104. rosettasister Says:

      Precious Angel
      Precious angel, under the sun
      How was I to know you’d be the one
      To show me I was blinded, to show me I was gone
      How weak was the foundation I was standing upon?

      Now there’s spiritual warfare and flesh and blood breaking down
      Ya either got faith or ya got unbelief and there ain’t no neutral ground
      The enemy is subtle, how be it we are so deceived
      When the truth’s in our hearts and we still don’t believe?

      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Ya know I just couldn’t make it by myself
      I’m a little too blind to see

      My so-called friends have fallen under a spell
      They look me squarely in the eye and they say, “All is well”
      Can they imagine the darkness that will fall from on high
      When men will beg God to kill them and they won’t be able to die?

      Sister, lemme tell you about a vision I saw
      You were drawing water for your husband, you were suffering under the law
      You were telling him about Buddha, you were telling him about Mohammed
      in the same breath
      You never mentioned one time the Man who came and died a criminal’s death

      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Ya know I just couldn’t make it by myself
      I’m a little too blind to see

      Precious angel, you believe me when I say
      What God has given to us no man can take away
      We are covered in blood, girl, you know our forefathers were slaves
      Let us hope they’ve found mercy in their bone-filled graves

      You’re the queen of my flesh, girl, you’re my woman, you’re my delight
      You’re the lamp of my soul, girl, and you torch up the night
      But there’s violence in the eyes, girl, so let us not be enticed
      On the way out of Egypt, through Ethiopia, to the judgment hall of Christ

      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Shine your light, shine your light on me
      Ya know I just couldn’t make it by myself
      I’m a little too blind to see

    105. rosettasister Says:

      New Thread:

      The arrival of the deity that comes to rule the final pagan empire By Thomas R. Horn

    106. rosettasister Says:

      Top Searches


      da vinci paintings,

      larry sinclair,

      donald young,

      13 colonies old west map

    107. rosettasister Says:

      Top Posts (the past week)

      The intention behind the hybrids according to Timothy Good


      Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery for Mere Mortals (Polarik – Techdude – TexasDarlin – Israel Insider)

      A very different story of Mary Magdalene

      Las Vegas Report

      See and Hear Larry Sinclair Make Connection Between Barack Obama and Murdered Donald Young (Reposted)


      Two gorgeous women in a glorious setting – Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin in Sedona, Arizona

    108. rosettasister Says:


      New Thread:

      The arrival of the deity that comes to rule the final pagan empire By Thomas R. Horn

    109. rosettasister Says:

      Commenting over here this morning.

    110. rosettasister Says:

      Commenting over here this morning.

    111. rosettasister Says:

      New Thread:

      An extraterrestrial race willing to trade technology in exchange for ‘limited medical experiments’ with civilians

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