Suppressed Ancient Discoveries


Gilbert de Jong – A nazcan Zodiac

Gilbert de Jong was himself in Nazca and measured the GGF by GPS. He obtained a length of the square side of about 54,7 Meter. In the formation he recognized a Zodiac.

More about at his theory you can find on his site

The high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world—the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nasca Lines. Ranging from geometric patterns to “drawings” of different animals and stylized human-like forms. The ancient lines can only be truly taken in, their forms discerned, from high in the air, leaving generations mystified as to how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight. Are the lines signs left by an alien race? Landing strips for UFOs? Relics of a ancient people far more advanced—capable of human flight—then previously imagined?

In the article titled “Were we on the Moon in 2309 B.C.?“, Jonathan Gray documents that,

“Apollo II astronauts found the “a glasslike soil  –  and parts of it even paved with pieces of glass.”

Dr. Huntley in also documents that:

“Several television viewers wrote explaining that they spotted one of the astronauts pick up what appeared to be a glass bottle and remark, ‘My God, I don’t believe it, look at this…’ Then the television screen went blank.”

Alex Collier documents that,

“the glass that is abundantly spread over the moon’s surface came from the Domed cities that were once on this war carrier.” LINK.

Mr. Collier alleges that the ‘Andromedans’ told him that,

“many of the original structures on the surface of the moon were destroyed as a result of an Intergalactic “war of liberation” against the Moon’s alleged regressive aliens which left the artifacts reported by NASA Astronauts, Richard Hoagland, and by other learned researched.”

Dr. Huntley concludes that,

“A study of ET material of which literature today abounds, strongly indicates that the nature of the Moon has a sinister purpose, and plays a role in manipulating man’s evolution.”

Could it be the human’s apparent destructive path of self-annihilation, critically observed by Dr. Kevin Barrett in Twilight of the Psychopaths, may be conditioned by aliens that seek to control humanity in an ethos of “divide, rule and conquer”? 

If humanity does not begin in a timely manner to critically re-appraise its cosmic environment from apparent systematized manipulation, humanity may descend into the point on no return on planetary destruction. Humanity needs to wake itself to critically consider to what extent, if any, human quality-of-living is being undermined by a regressive alien agenda. LINK.

Is our very appreciation of what it means to be human, in relation to our growing acceptance of the alleged necessity of human atrocities against each other, including war and genocide, the result of an alien-induced psychosis?

Alex Collier wraps up his critical alleged reporting of alleged regressive aliens that he links to the Moon, with the following:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future as the end of the innocence. We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that truth must survive.

We have major challenges to face, and what ever is the truth, we must do all that is necessary to stick together. We have been torn and tattered, we have been betrayed. But please, let’s not give up on each other. We are capable of being heroes.

We can save the world, and our freedom. We must believe in each other, and in ourselves.

Explorer and archaeologist Jonathan Gray discussed discoveries that demonstrate advanced ancient technology. Because such artifacts don’t match current academic beliefs they are often suppressed, with evidence destroyed or hidden, he said, citing the Smithsonian Institution, and countries such as Peru, America, Israel, New Zealand, France, and Australia as being involved in covering-up evidence.

Some of the suppressed ancient discoveries he highlighted:

  • A kind of glassware in Egypt and Peru that can be bent like plastic.
  • Screen projectors used in Egyptian temples, with movement and sound simulation.
  • Artifacts and buildings left on the moon– Chinese records speak of trips to the moon.
  • The ‘Black Knight‘ satellite– ancient races talked about putting up satellites.
  • An ancient underground complex discovered in Southern California that included star charts on aluminum sheets.
  • Micro-techology found in Russia, with some objects as small as 1/1000th of an inch.
  • Maps of the ancient world that showed Antarctica as free of ice and populated.


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    Info on Free Republic situation:

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    Free Republic Update

    The main server crashed hard last night.

    John tried to bring it up on a
    different box, but was unsuccessful.

    He’s trying again now.

    If it doesn’t work,
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    Sorry about the down time.


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  4. rosettasister Says:

    Elections official hits TV to affirm no Hawaii birth

    Tells network affiliate hospital certificate non-existent, cites racism for controversy

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Tim Adams claims that the birthers are racists!

    “This is a remarkable video of Tim Adams in a new TV interview. He’s not right about what a Certificate [sic] of Live Birth is, but he claims that Obama was properly vetted as a candidate, and those who still object are racists.

    I think we need to notch down the rancor.

    You can watch the video for yourself. I don’t know what to say.”


    Of course Dr C is one of those who labeled Mr Adams a white-supremacist criminal.

    Of course Mr Adams doesn’t get to decide Obama’s eligibility.

    Of course the vast majority who question Obama’s eligibility are not racists.

    I thought Mr Adams’ employer requested he not comment on this further.

    This is nothing more than he said, she said.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    Not sure what this is about.

    To: BuckeyeTexan; InspectorSmith; Polarik; All

    At this point you do not know that most of this has not been done.

    Documentary evidence exists. He has a witness and witness statement of the person who went with him to get the document, he has a video, and most likely, but I do not know, evidence of where he took the photos, he had a witness with him at the time it was videotaped.

    Initially photos were not clear, but since then there are very clear photographs of both the document, the affidavit, and supporting evidence for the past year of other information gathered in this time frame.

    There has been at least one notarized copy that was put into evidence and I posted a link to the video showing the copy and Smiths copy, with Orly Taitz, the day it was introduced into States Evidence.
    There may be more, but I have no evidence of that.

    You can only conjecture that he does not have documentary evidence of his trip. I believe he has it, but perhaps he can state that he has it, but will not post it, perhaps not.

    I like the idea of sending it out, but wonder if it dilutes its effectiveness in a court of law, or would be just one more thing for people to attack and attempt to find loopholes in.
    I would think that you have to be careful NOT to diminish the value of an object, by disseminating it to the extreme.

    Now, it might be a good start to send a letter to people in power that want to question Obama, with this evidence by going thru his attorney(s)

    This might be a way to finance Forensic Document Analysis of the BC. It would be for Government business.

    I have already contacted Sandra Lines, and Ron Polarik to see if they would be interested in doing this examination. Thus far, I have not heard back from either of them. This inquiry was done with Lucas Smith’s (InspectorSmith)permission.

    298 posted on 06/19/2010 12:55:48 PM PDT by etraveler13


    To: etraveler13

    “I have already contacted Sandra Lines, and Ron Polarik to see if they would be interested in doing this examination. Thus far, I have not heard back from either of them.”

    Your post appeared less than an hour after your mail arrived in my Inbox on Saturday. Either you think I live on FR and provide immediate responses, or you want to create the impression that I’m ignoring you or declining your request.

    Today was Father’s Day, but late tonight, I replied to your mail with a reminder of the last time a Kenyan BC popped up compliments of Orly and Smith.

    575 posted on 06/20/2010 8:21:33 PM PDT by Polarik

  7. rosettasister Says:

    “the last time a Kenyan BC popped up compliments of Orly and Smith”

    To: BuckeyeTexan


    I was looking at the simile he tried to pose, at no time did you accept cash and complete a transaction. So if a woman talked, and did not perform sex, and did not collect cash…what would that make her? A tease? If others heard her, and tried to arrest her for a crime, was one committed? Not unless cash passed hands, right?


    So then, one looks to motive, and results.

    According to your statements, you put the items on eBay 7 times, and they shut you down for several reasons you stated, but each time, you got more and more press.

    I found out about this issue because of the coverage by WND and local news for goodness sake about the eBay auction.

    That is how I found out about your YouTube site. I was a member of your sight when you were selling your books.

    I think that was our first argument. Remember that? I know you do.

    But tons of people visited, it went viral on the internet, and in fact went around the world. Your life was threatened, and it scared you.

    Do you remember I recommended you get this into States evidence? I am sure many other people did as well. Well you did.

    I never ever read that you sold it, no matter what the price.

    So…hmmm…motivation was to get it known everywhere…check, you did that in spades. Next was results…

    Well, now the world knows about your document, they know where you say you got it, and you wrote a book about it that anyone could buy on your website or eBay, and then you put it into States Evidence..

    that’s a good thing. So now the state can use it in any case. The document is still valuable, no question about it, if its proven real.

    You have contacted two people to authenticate it. It remains to be seen if they will.

    Already people are criticizing who you selected, only saying there are better people.

    Funny, they never give the names of those people, nor do they know if perhaps you have previously contacted them, I don’t know, but you do.

    Seems tho, that it never gets to that stage, just attacks, insults, and diversion. But hey, results are the goal here.

    So, for the past year or so, give or take, you have answered questions, researched, taken the first two guys to diss the document Corsi and Farah, and took their list and proved them wrong, with evidence. (???)

    Then each and every person who asked honest, sincere questions to you, you made honest attempts to answer their questions about information on the Document.

    There of course, is information that you cannot divulge on the advice of your attorney(s), surely people understand that, right??

    Nope, apparently not.

    Eventually you come to the point that so much has already been answered that people start asking the same questions all over again, this happens constantly,

    and because they are either lazy or unskilled, or unwilling to find these answers for themselves, which most are available with a google search and just look for in the link,

    they call you a liar, a fraud, or just drop down into swearing and objectionable name calling.

    I know, its easy to do, I am guilty of it myself sometimes. Results…right.

    Buddy, I think your have gotten great results. You’ve answered questions you can answer, and not the ones you can’t.

    Some people are NOT going to be satisfied regardless.

    Lets hope the majority will be willing to wait till it comes to court and the full story is revealed.

    Oh wait, they have no choice, unless they plug their ears, turn off the radio and the TV, and refuse to hear about it, otherwise, they will find out with the rest of us.

    I look forward to that day, Thanks for all you do, everyday, I know how thankless and time consuming it is.


    624 posted on 06/20/2010 11:20:55 PM PDT by etraveler13


    To: etraveler13

    Thank you tremendously etraveler13!

    I couldn’t have stated in better myself!

    I’m off to bed now! My eyes hurt and I can longer see anything other than tunnel vision, chopping down the trolls and sending them back under the bridge.

    I have to get some sleep!

    Thank you evereyone!

    626 posted on 06/20/2010 11:30:45 PM PDT by InspectorSmith


    (Me: Fascinating, but I don’t know what’s new here, if anything. I guess I’ll have to find out.)

  8. rosettasister Says:

    This is InspectorSmith YouTube (Lucas Smith)

  9. rosettasister Says:

    This can be found at his YouTube channel:

    Hi everyone. Be sure to watch all 3 parts of this video.

    If you don’t watch all 3 parts of the video you’ll miss out on other official Kenyan documents and Kenyan and Ugandan newspapers.

    I made this video in response to all the mail that I have received in the past month or so requesting that I contact WND (World Net Daily) and bring to their attention President Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate that I procured in Mombasa, Kenya in February of 2009.

    World Net Daily (WND) is home to some of the most unproficient (horrible) investigative reporting in the history of investigative reporting.

    Specifically Jerome Corsi, Drew Zhan and Joseph Farah.

    I, Lucas Smith, will testify to my procurement of President Obamas Kenyan birth certificate in Mombasa in 2009.

    Furthermore, I will testify to its authenticity. I will testify in any Court in the land, domestic and abroad in the United Kingdom.

    I will testify on behalf of all United States military personnel who refuse to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq or who refuse to follow any and all other orders on grounds that President Obama illegally holds Office of President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief.

    To mention just a few names: Army Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III, Captain Pamela Barnett and Captain Connie Rhodes.

    Anyone can contact me at 323-924-9091 or

  10. rosettasister Says:

    To: InspectorSmith

    Do you mind a re-format of your previous post:

    “Important research finding (by Lucas Smith) for serious researchers and investigator of President Obama’s Kenya birth in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya.

    “Some skeptics have called into question the name of the “Supervisor of Obstetrics” listed on the British Protectorate of Kenya, Mombasa, hospital birth certificate of President Barack Hussien Obama. “The name listed in “John Kwame Odongo”.

    Many skeptics (all of which lack any first hand knowledge of Africa or East Africa) have questioned the name “Kwame”. The skeptics claim that a Kenya would never give their son a “Ghanaian” name such as “Kwame”.

    “Some skeptics have called into question the name of the “Supervisor of Obstetrics” listed on the British Protectorate of Kenya, Mombasa, hospital birth certificate of President Barack Hussien Obama. “The name listed in “John Kwame Odongo”.

    Many skeptics (all of which lack any first hand knowledge of Africa or East Africa) have questioned the name “Kwame”.

    The skeptics claim that a Kenya would never give their son a “Ghanaian” name such as “Kwame”.

    “I (Lucas Smith) have in the past delivered several explanations of the name “John Kwame Odongo”.

    My explanations in the past more than sufficed in squashing wild claims that no Kenya would be allowed such a name.

    “Now, through recent investigation, I present an even greater piece of evidence that has been in right in front of our noses as early as January, 2010 (and really for many many many years)…………..

    “This piece of evidence comes from US President Barack Hussein Obama’s half brother in Kenya, “George Hussein Obama”, in his 2010 published book, “Homeland: An Extraordinary Story of Hope and Survival”.

    “I, Lucas Smith, have been reading George Hussein Obama’s book for the last 2 days now.

    “Page 81: “”It was my second name, and there was something exotic and different about it that I liked. Again, it was difference that drew me.

    There were plenty of Georges at school, but no other Husseins. It wasn’t a regular Kenyan name, that was for sure. In fact the only guy I’d ever heard of called Hussein was Saddam Hussein, so maybe it hailed from Iraq.”

    “There you have it in the words of President Obama’s own brother in Kenya. Both President Obama and his borther’s second name, “HUSSEIN”, is NOT a Kenyan name, and is certainly NOT a tribal name for the Luo tribe or any other tribe in East Africa.

    “So the skeptics want us all to believe that John “Kwame” Odongo’s second name is impossible.

    “Yet these same skeptics have no problem with George “Hussein” Obama and Barack “Hussein” Obama I and Barack Hussein Obama II.”

    10 posted on 06/08/2010 6:15:13 PM PDT by LucyT

    (contd below)

  11. rosettasister Says:

    To: InspectorSmith; Fred Nerks; null and void; stockpirate; george76; PhilDragoo; Candor7; rxsid; …

    Check out article, also # 1 and # 10.

    [Thanks, InspectorSmith.]

    11 posted on 06/08/2010 6:17:43 PM PDT by LucyT


    To: LucyT

    Thank you Lucy,

    Sorry about my post getting all scrunched together. When I first say it I wished I could have done it over. Sometimes when I copy and paste here it throws everything together, all scrunched togther, making it hard on the eyes.

    From here on out I will be more careful. I wish I could edit me original. If you know how I can do this please let me know.

    Thanks again Lucy.

    12 posted on 06/08/2010 6:22:55 PM PDT by InspectorSmith

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Link for Freeper Thread where LucyT replies can be found:

  13. rosettasister Says:

    One more exchange regarding Lucas Smith (InspectorSmith)

    To: woofie

    From what I have seen there is not a single bridge standing between Smith and those believers who got involved with him for any length of time. p>

    Now I don’t know where you got that idea. I don’t know of anyone who has turned away from Lucas since the beginning of all this.

    In the beginning, there were few believers. They are still believers.

    Everyday, more & more join in the belief that Lucas is the real deal and has the authentic BC of BHO.

    In truth, we who believe in him and the document he has, owe the growing numbers of believers to the obots, like yourself & mik taerg, who constantly attack, ridicule, and belittle him.

    Others watch, ask questions, research his findings and find that he can prove everything he says.

    He has always been very thoughtful and patient with those who persisted to discuss unpleasant things but he has stayed true to the course.

    He has not asked for money from any of us. He has been very gracious in his appreciation for our support of his efforts to get the BC in court.

    He is a strong Constitutionalist and believes in America. He went to a foreign country and risked his life to find the BC and get a copy.

    No one else was able to do that. He has shown great courage & fortitude in this endeavor. All that makes him a Patriot.

    I don’t have higher praise to bestow on anyone.

    259 posted on 06/17/2010 3:35:24 AM PDT by theviking711

  14. rosettasister Says:

    More on Tim Adams

    Bowling Green Man at Center of Obama Citizenship Controversy (w/Video)


    This is NOT a replay of the WND interview but a much more detailed and nuanced interview.

    Tim Adams says the fact that Obama clearly (to him) doesn’t have a long form BC means that it is most likely that he initially received a “born out-of-state” BC.

    Adams admits that Obama is not constitutionally eligible, but he says the US Constitution is outdated and unfair to all of the children of single mothers and children with only one citizen parent and that racism is the primary motivation for those going after Obama on that basis.

    Adams says that even though Obama wasn’t born in HI and was likely born in Kenya, it was the DNC’s responsibility to vet him and they said Obama was eligible, so that is not Obama’s fault and we should just pull together and let that pass.

    Adams says that just because Obama may have lied about his birth location, that doesn’t mean he is lying about other things.

    This guy is NOT a skinhead but a raving liberal and possible self-appointed or undercover Hillary operative who is trying to play himself as completely innocent in his motivations for confirming (well, hearsay) that Obama is not eligible.

    [Thanks Seizethecaro and bitt.]

    61 posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010 5:17:37 PM by LucyT

  15. rosettasister Says:

    — Sent from my Palm Pre

  16. rosettasister Says:

    BP Softens Political Hit

    But the talks—with about a half-dozen people on either side—stretched longer than expected.

    “A lot of the work was done before, but there were a lot of details,” said White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel in an interview.

    “Details matter.”

    Twice, the two sides retreated from talks in the West Wing’s Roosevelt Room to consult privately:

    On BP’s ability to appeal decisions made by the $20 billion fund’s independent administrator, Kenneth Feinberg;

    *** and on how far BP would go to meet Mr. Obama’s request that it also aid workers hurt by the drilling moratorium. ***

    Both sides described the negotiations as businesslike.

    BP hired Ms. Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration, from the white-shoe law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP, in part because of her ties to Democratic lawyers including Mr. Bauer.

    But there was one item barely discussed ahead of the meeting:

    *** assistance for workers hurt by the moratorium, which has forced 33 deepwater rigs to pull anchor. ***

    To drive home the request, the president had Mr. Bauer relay the request to Ms. Gorelick the day before, negotiators for both sides said.

    At the meeting’s start, Mr. Obama told the group of his concerns about those workers, most of whom did not work for BP.

    When the president and vice president left the room, Ms. Gorelick told White House negotiators their legal position mandating BP’s assistance to displaced workers was weak.

    White House officials conceded such workers may not be able to qualify for direct assistance under the $20 billion fund, a White House official in the room said.

    A BP negotiator said the White House position was “half-hearted” and its negotiators quickly gave up.

    *** “You won’t find many lawyers who will say when the government imposes a moratorium, it’s the company’s obligation to help the workers impacted,” the BP adviser said. ***

    The BP side was so confident that Ms. Gorelick suggested the two sides let idled workers submit claims to Mr. Feinberg and allow a court to decide whether the company was liable.

    A White House official said the administration believed it had grounds to push BP, but in the end, Mr. Bauer made an emotional appeal.

    He called BP’s move cynical and asked why the company was “lawyering” after it told Congress and the administration it wouldn’t duck its financial responsibility.

    In response to that appeal, BP’s negotiators agreed to voluntarily add $100 million as “a goodwill gesture,” one adviser said.

    The two sides didn’t agree how that money would be distributed.

    BP used the word “fund” to describe the separate pot of money.

    The White House called it a foundation.

    As of Friday afternoon, they still had a long way to go to structure the fund, said a member of the team working on final details.

    (So because of Obama’s moratorium people are out of jobs and of course BP not responsible for that, so who pays? We do.)

    (Not to mention loss of tax revenue to govt coffers due to moratorium. So this will add to already bloated deficits.)

    (One more example of Obama not thinking things through. Not forward-looking.)

  17. rosettasister Says:

    I saw this yesterday and I thought it very important.

    Added On June 20, 2010

    CNN’s Candy Crowley speaks with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Sen. Richard Lugard (R-IN) about Afghanistan.


    Senator John McCain will be in Afghanistan on July 4th and I look forward to his report.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    On June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Tempe Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office,

    the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico,

    “The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.'”

    [Audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.]

    Sen. Kyl continued, “In other words, they’re holding it hostage.

    They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with ‘comprehensive immigration reform.'”

    Sen. Kyl also said he reminded President Obama that the President and the Congress has an obligation, a duty, to secure the border.

    (And don’t forget why Obama is willing to risk Arizona lives and livelihoods. For Obama, “comprehensive” means voting privileges for those who get amnesty. Obama believes most of these new Americans
    will vote for Democrats.)

  19. rosettasister Says:

    45% — 55%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  20. rosettasister Says:

    June 21, 2010

    44% Say Health Care Bill Likely To Make Them Change Insurance Coverage

    North Dakota House: Berg (R) 51%, Pomeroy (D) 44%

    Investor Confidence Drops Six Points on Monday

    62% Say Politicians Want Government to Have More Power and Money

    June 20, 2010

    71% Still Say Being a Father Most Important Role for A Man

    Rasmussen Reports

  21. rosettasister Says:

    North Dakota At-Large – Berg vs. Pomeroy Rasmussen Reports Berg 51, Pomeroy 44 Berg +7

    Real Clear Politics

  22. rosettasister Says:

    Marakwet East MP Linah Jebii Kilimo

    ‘Not even a sack threat will change my stand’

    The ‘No’ camp is fractured. Some leaders say they do not want to be associated with others. How will this affect your campaigns?

    We in the ‘No’ team are campaigning separately but united against the draft.

    For many politicians in the ‘No’ camp the question of the Kadhi’s Courts was not an issue until the court ruling. Is it an issue to you?

    Yes, because I’m a Christian.

    Some ‘No’ campaigners say the ruling could divide Kenyans along religious lines. Do you agree?

    Definitely. That is why we must create a unifying law that does not favour any one religion.

    Assuming this constitution passes, how would you counter it?

    Confession is possession. I cannot confess the other side will win.

    You were in the news recently telling off PM Raila Odinga. What was the altercation about?

    I wasn’t telling him off but telling him some truths. Sometimes he does not countercheck what he is told and I took that opportunity to set the record straight.

    Would you shed light on this?

    In February 2007, Raila invited me to accompany him to a meeting in Washington, but I declined because I planned a meeting in which VP Kalonzo Musyoka was the chief guest. I think the PM took offence and organised a separate fundraiser with one of my political rivals. I confronted him but he denied arranging the meeting. But he attended and speakers humiliated me. That’s how it all began.

  23. rosettasister Says:

    From above article:

    But you can review these ‘bad clauses’ after the constitution is passed.

    I don’t believe that. Why don’t we amend it now before we go the referendum? Those in the ‘Yes’ camp ought to tell Kenyans the truth that once this constitution is passed it would almost be impossible to amend it.

  24. rosettasister Says:

    Wishful thinking?

    Be ready for defeat, Ruto tells ‘Yes’ camp

    “After we defeat the draft at the referendum people will be humbled and we shall be forced by circumstances to iron out all contentious issues and then pass the draft,” added Ruto.

    The ‘Yes’ camp, he added, were fast switching into a panic mode after they witnessed the ‘massive support’ that the ‘No’ brigade continues to marshal across the provinces.

    “At first they thought that Kenyans were naÔve and that they could easily push through a faulty document through euphoria but reality has caught up with them,” said Ruto, who is also the de facto NO team leader.

    He asked Kenyans not to anticipate confusion in the event of a ‘No’ win saying there was a clear roadmap to amend the constitution and achieve consensus.

    Poghisio said that the land clause in the proposed constitution would open avenues for domestic litigations and throw families into wrangles and disarray.

  25. rosettasister Says:


    A call to pray for the Kenyan Church

    On 24 May a three-judge bench declared the inclusion of Kadhi courts in the current Constitution ill egal and discriminatory, prompting church leaders to petition for a recall of parliament so amendments could be made.

    However, former Law Society of Kenya chairman, Ahmednassir Abdullahi, charged that the constitutional court had acted outside its jurisdiction, a claim supported by Kenya’s Attorney-General Amos Wako.

    Wako has launched an appeal that he wants heard before the 4 August referendum.

    Tensions are running high.

    Meanwhile the ‘YES’ campaign is busy wielding ‘hate speech’ laws against those who dare speak out against the dangers they believe are posed by the draft constitution.

    The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is investigating complaints made against the Higher Education Minister William Ruto, who is spearheading the ‘NO’ campaign, and five other Members of Parliament.

    The NCIC wants them prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ since they opined that elements of the draft constitution could trigger bloodshed and evictions (as power is devolved from the centre to 47 self-governing ethnic counties) and ‘r eligious warfare’ (due to advancing Islamisation).

    The ‘YES’ campaign was greatly bolstered last week by the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden who publicly supported the ‘YES’ campaign, urging Kenyans to resist those who would use ‘fear’ as a ‘tool’ to perpetuate division.

    *** He also promised the Kenyan Government more American and foreign investment if the constitution were passed. ***

    (How can this be legal?!)

    No wonder the government is hungry for a quick, untroubled ‘Yes’.

    In the midst of this, the Church stands as a prophetic voice of opposition.

    Polls taken on 4 June show the powerful, elitist-led, Muslim-backed ‘YES’ vote clearly in front.

    They will be furious if the constitution fails.

    It is a no-win situation for the Church.

    (contd below)

  26. rosettasister Says:


    •grant Kenya’s Church leaders great wisdom, courage and unity as they seek what is best for their nation.

    •use this trial to purify and sanctify his Church in Kenya, forging spiritual maturity and unity and a God-dependency that expresses itself in prayerfulness.

    •use these difficult and darkening days to lead many Kenyans to Jesus Christ; may the Church not fear the times, knowing she will shine like a star, only brighter as darkness descends.

    ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.’ (Isaiah 55:9 ESV.)

  27. rosettasister Says:

    A new debt-reduction trust fund

    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) are reviving a deficit-reduction plan that would let taxpayers tell the government to use much of their taxes to pay off the debt.

    Under a proposal they unveiled Thursday, taxpayers would have the choice on their tax returns of directing 10 percent of their annual income taxes to a new debt-reduction trust fund.

    If Congress doesn’t meet the annual deficit reduction equal to the size of the trust fund, then the government would face across-the-board spending cuts.

    Social Security, military and debt-interest spending would be exempt from those cuts.

  28. rosettasister Says:

    Where are the promised border troops?

    According to news reports, McCain’s proposal might be challenged by the administration as an infringement on the authority of the commander in chief.

    As for the troops, a McCain spokeswoman told me that the senator has no control over when bills actually come up for a vote.

    Which means that no timetable for deployment could be provided.

    And that no one knows for sure if the McCain amendment calling for the 6,000 troops will get through Congress without changes.

    Or if those changes would alter the number of troops.

    Or when any of this would occur.

    The spokeswoman for the senator added, however, “Senator McCain is confident we will succeed in securing the border.”

    That’s good to know.

    Although I’m uncertain how that is going to happen without troops.

    Gov. Brewer has been urged by some in Arizona to dispatch a large contingent of Guard members on her own but said that the state doesn’t have the money to fund the type of major deployment that is necessary.

    Expressing her anger in the weeks before signing SB 1070, Brewer said, “Arizona is frustrated, and we’re going to push back.”

    And maybe we have. But pushing back hasn’t led to a major military deployment either.

    So I’m left wondering – or maybe not – if all this tough talk about troops has less to do with securing the border than it does with securing elections.

    Reach Montini at 602-444-8978 or

  29. rosettasister Says:

    “I think it’s successful when you arrest 111 people,”

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio

    Not much is expected to change for Arpaio’s teams when Arizona’s new immigration law goes into effect July 29.

    The law makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

    It states that an officer engaged in a lawful stop, detention or arrest shall, when practicable, ask about a person’s legal status when reasonable suspicion exists that the person is in the U.S. illegally.

    It does little to expand the authority Arpaio has exercised to date.

    To conduct his operations over the past two years, Arpaio relied on an agreement with the federal government authorizing deputies to act as immigration agents and a state law allowing immigrants to be charged as co-conspirators in their own smuggling.

    Those not suspected of a crime typically were turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, at which point they could either seek voluntary deportation or request a hearing.

    Because Arizona’s new law makes it a crime to be in the state illegally, sheriff’s deputies will have the ability to book suspects into jail instead of handing them over to ICE agents.

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Manifesto (Roxy Music album)

    Manifesto is the sixth studio album by Roxy Music, and was released in 1979 by E.G. in the UK, Polydor in Europe and by Atco in the U.S.

    All songs written by Bryan Ferry except as noted.

    Side one

    1.”Manifesto” (Ferry, Phil Manzanera) – 5:29
    2.”Trash” (Ferry, Manzanera) – 2:14
    3.”Angel Eyes” (Ferry, Andy Mackay) – 3:32
    4.”Still Falls the Rain” (Ferry, Manzanera) – 4:13
    5.”Stronger Through the Years” – 6:16

    Side two

    1.”Ain’t That So” – 5:39
    2.”My Little Girl” (Ferry, Manzanera) – 3:17
    3.”Dance Away” – 3:48
    4.”Cry, Cry, Cry” – 2:55
    5.”Spin Me Round” – 5:15

  31. rosettasister Says:

    WH, Kyl Clash on Securing US-Mexico Border

    The White House, through Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, has flatly denied an accusation from Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl that President Obama won’t secure the border because it would cost him GOP support for immigration reform.

    Kyl leveled the charge at a Tea Party-sponsored event in Tempe, Ariz.

    In reaction, Pfeiffer sent this to Fox News:

    “The President didn’t say that and Senator Kyl knows it. There are more resources dedicated toward border security today than ever before, but, as the President has made clear, truly securing the border will require a comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system.”

    Kyl’s sticking by his account of the one-on-one meeting with Obama.

    Ryan Patmintra, Kyl’s spokesman, said this:

    “There were two people in that meeting, and Dan Pfeiffer was not one of them.

    Senator Kyl stands by his remarks, and the White House spokesman’s push-back that you must have comprehensive immigration reform to secure the border only confirms Senator Kyl’s account.”

  32. rosettasister Says:

    ObamaCare and the Independent Vote

    Voter opposition hasn’t changed, and it could be decisive in November.

    Last month, we went back to the same voters and asked the same questions.

    We found that public opinion about health reform is roughly stable, and opposition to reform appears to be an important determinant of voting intention in the midterm elections—particularly for political independents.

    In January, a majority in each of the 11 states opposed health reform.

    Not surprisingly, public opinion was more favorable in the more liberal states.

    Voters in Connecticut opposed reform by a margin of 55% to 45%, whereas voters in Louisiana opposed reform 63% to 37%.

    In key battleground states like Colorado and Ohio, voters opposed reform 58% to 42%.

    By the end of May, opposition had generally declined, although the declines were small and not statistically significant.

    Notably, health reform’s biggest gains have come in the most liberal states, where election outcomes are less in doubt.

    Opinion about reform in Connecticut is now evenly split at 50/50;

    opinion in Louisiana went more negative, to 64% against and 36% for.

    In battleground states, opposition to reform has hardly budged.

    Voters in Colorado and Ohio still oppose reform

    56% to 44% and

    57% to 43%,


    “If, in either Colorado or Ohio, the president could swing independents’ opinion about health reform in his favor”

    (Are you kidding me???!!!)

  33. rosettasister Says:

    Jon Kyl — Another Arizonan With Cojones!


    “courage,” lit. “testicles,” 1932, from Sp. cojon (cf. It. coglione ) “testicle,” from L. coleus, of unknown origin. First attested in Hemingway.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Hannity live

    Glenn Beck replay 12 noon Pacific

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Why don’t our leaders care about evil people who kill Americans?

    The Fatal Follies of Containment

    To put the matter as brutally as possible, why don’t they — and our leaders — care about evil people who kill Americans?

    Yes, from time to time a military leader will stand up and tell the press or the Congress about the ongoing attacks against American military personnel from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    These are very short-lived episodes.

    Neither our journalists nor our elected representatives demand to know more, because they really do not want to know more.

    If they knew more, if they added up all these episodes over many years they would have to recognize the pattern, that is to say, the war that is being waged against us.

    Back when containment of the Soviet Empire was in vogue, we fought back when Soviet proxies attacked our friends and allies.

    We fought proxy wars from Latin America to Africa to Afghanistan.

    If there had been Soviet attacks against American military installations, we would have struck back.

    But Iran is different. We are not striking back.

    This is not partisan criticism.

    Republican and Democratic presidents have refused to exercise our right of legitimate self-defense against Iran, and that is one very big reason why debate over Iran policy is invariably focused on the nuclear question.

    It is why we have become accomplices to evil.

    It has to stop. We are in a real war and we have to find a way to win it.

  36. rosettasister Says:

    June is the Month Dedicated to All Freedom Fighters in Iran

  37. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik on Tim Adams

    To: raymcc; LucyT; Fred Nerks; rxsid; ExTexasRedhead; 2ndDivisionVet; butterdezillion

    Tim Adams is a Fraud!

    He is a mouthpiece of the Left, and all you need to do is read what he says to know it.

    This is yet another ruse intended to steer us away from the real issue.

    He said that he will testify in court that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

    “I was told at the time there is no long-form birth record, which would have been the case if President Obama was born in [a] hospital in Honolulu.”

    Duh! Of course he would say this in court knowing, full well, that it is HEARSAY EVIDENCE and would promptly be thrown out of court.

    His other statements are also unsupported and basically, nonsequiturs:

    “[Obama] does have a [Certification] of Live Birth, which is given to children of families who are residents of Hawaii when children are born outside the state. So, I assert that he was born outside of Hawaii. Now, we can’t tell you where he was born. Some of his family members said that he had been born while his mother was on a trip overseas. ”

    First of all, Obama does not have a Certification of Live Birth, and that alone outs Adams as an Obamaton. Secondly, COLBs were given to everyone – not just to “children of resident families born outside of Hawaii.” Thousands of children were home-birthed – including the children of immigrants (many illegally brought there) working the sugar and pineapple plantations of Hawaii, aka SLAVE LABOR.

    BTW, how is it that the Preesident and his libtards never talk about the Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino slaves brought to Hawaii? You know, the people who were still slaves LONG AFTER the Emancipation Proclamation?

    Or, do Obama and Holder think that “Coolie” was a term of endearment?

    (“For someone who says he was born in Hawaii, he sure does not act like one.” – the only quote about Obama’s birthplace made by Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawaii, prior to December 2008.)

    Adams continues:

    “When I mentioned this, it got people’s attention. They also did not like my conclusions that since President Obama does have a [Certification] of Live Birth from the state of Hawaii, that he was born a U.S. citizen. ”

    So, let me get this straight: Adams says (a) Obama was not born in Hawaii, yet (b) because he has a COLB that says he was born in Hawaii, then (c) he was born a U.S. citizen?

    What kind of convoluted logic is that? Answer: liberal logic. Adams has a lot of trouble putting two thoughts together and coming up with a coherent statement. Par for the course.

    “And during the initial part of the campaign, when questions about his eligibility to be president came up – including Senator McCain because he was born in Panama – that both these men were vetted by the same process as any other presidential candidate.”

    McCain and Obama were NOT vetted like any other Presidential candidate in history. Obama was not even vetted like McCain: there was no Senate resolution passed for Obama like there was for McCain. Aside from the resolution not conferring natural-born stratus on McCain, it did prove that the consensus of opinion among all Senators was that a child born to two US citzens on a US Navel Base serving their country overseas SHOULD not be excluded from running for President.

    Now, compare McCain’s eligibility claim to Obama’s.

    If what Adams says is true, then Obama is a foreign-born President with a British citizen Father and a Mother unable to automatically pass along her US citizenship to him.

    In other words, Obama was not a natural-born citizen or even a native-born citizen. Clearly, Adams is clueless about the Constitution and the laws regarding citizenship

    Obama has provided NO proof of where he was born. Obama could have been born in Iran, Afghanistan, or North Korea, for all we know, yet the fact remains that he has continually refused to provide any concrete proof of his birth ANYWHERE.

    It means, Mr. Adams, that Obama has not met the Article II requirements of the Constitution and may not be a citizen of any variety.

    “So, while we may not agree, some people say that because of Article 2 of the Constitution, President Obama was not eligible to be president. That’s not a question that we can answer.”

    Who’s “We?” Sixty million people are “Some people?” Answering the question of “Who is Barack Obama?” is the most important question in history that we MUST answer. Otherwise, we will have a flood of Manchurian candidates seeking the presidency who were born in hostile countries with no allegiance to America.

    “The people who are in charge of saying who is eligible to run for president have already vouched that he was indeed an eligible candidate. If we disagree with that, we don’t need to go after the man. We need to look at the process by which candidates are vetted for public office.”

    Total baloney! We disagree with the fact that no vetting was done at all. There is a laundry list of bonafides that Obama has refused to disclose. No, Mr. Adams, we need to go after the man who lied about everything having to do with his biography, and who has also passed off forged government documents to hide keep it hidden.

    “A facsimile of it [COLB] has been put online,” said Adams.

    Of course, he would say this bald-faced lie.

    “In my professional opinion, he definitely was not born in Hawaii. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he was not born in Hawaii because there is no legal record of him being born there. If someone called and asked about it, I could not tell them that person was born in the state.”

    What “professional opinion?” The only “profession” he is in is being a student. He has no proof to back up what he claims, and he is so not an expert on birth certificates or any other vital records that Obama has.

    The question that should have been put to him was, “Do you know what is contained in Obama’s birth record?”

    His answer would have been, “What is on the Certification of Live Birth.”

    We are not amused.

    44 posted on Monday, June 21, 2010 11:29:19 AM by Polarik

  38. rosettasister Says:

    (I had to find out what this meant. My husband used the phrase in reference to Eric Holder. As in Eric Holder stepping on his own dick.)

    1. stepping on my own dick

    1. Used to describe potential failure in a given situation if a particular course of action is taken.

    2. When you have done something exceptionally stupid causing you to have no progress toward resolution when attempting to solve a problem.

    The concept being that it would be stupid, dangerous, and not to mention uncomfortable to step on your own dick.

    Furthermore, continued forward movement while stepping on one’s own dick might cause additional harm to said member, while at the same time you are physically held back because as you proceed forward the forward movement is impeded by said foot on said dick.

    1. “If we try to solve problem X by doing thing Y it’ll be like we’re stepping on our own dicks.”

    2. “I was sawing that 2 x 4 with that rusty ass hand saw you gave me and it was like I was stepping on my own dick.

    Where’s the mfing circular saw?”

    First heard by me in Ithaca, NY about 10 years ago.

    (Ithaca, NY? No surprise there. LOL!)

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt Live

  40. rosettasister Says:

    It starts with George Soros.

    Soros has purchased $900 million of Petrobras.

    Glenn Beck: Radio chalkboard

    It starts with George Soros. Once you know George Soros, you really don’t need to go much further.

    George Soros is the guy who started Center For American Progress.

    Center For American Progress is the group funded by George Soros that selected John Podesta, and John Podesta selected the White House team.

    Stu, what was the, what was the memo that came out? Remember this memo that came out from Center For American Progress?

    It was the White House? They said ask somebody at the Center For American Progress?

    STU: Yeah, this is — yeah. You are talking about the green jobs thing.

    GLENN: Yeah.

    STU: There was a study that came out from Spain that actually looked at what happened when they tried to do the green jobs program and found that 2.2 regular jobs were lost for every green job that was created.

    GLENN: Right.

    STU: And each job that was created was created at more than $700,000 of subsidizing. So it was a disaster for them.

    It made their policies look horrible.

    So what they did to try to come up with a defense is they were circulating all these memos and trying to coordinate the response with not only the Center For American Progress, which they wanted their approval for it and what did they think about it,

    but also the wind lobby, going directly to the people selling you the wind turbines.

    GLENN: Unbelievable. All right. So Center For American Progress, John Podesta picks the White House team.

    This is where Van Jones went back, to Center For American Progress.

    In a completely unrelated story, Soros has purchased $900 million of Petrobras.

    That’s P E T R O B R A S, Petrobras.

    Then we have the BP oil spill as the next stop on this circle of life.

    Tony Podesta is the PR person for BP oil.

    PAT: Why does that name sound familiar? Tony Podesta.

    GLENN: John Podesta’s brother.

    PAT: Oh weird.

    GLENN: At Center for isn’t that weird.

    PAT: That’s weird. It is a small world.

    contd below

  41. rosettasister Says:

    GLENN: So the Center For American Progress,

    now according to the Wall Street Journal, is the one making the policy for this cap and trade and this oil spill.

    They are the ones that have come out on one day and say you — the White House needs to do this.

    Two days later, the White House does it.

    Next day, White House needs to do this.

    Few days later, the White House does it.

    And the White House — the Wall Street Journal just did an article on this last week and said, look who’s controlling the oil policy.

    But they left it at that.

    One of the policies that they recommended is that we suspend drilling.

    And they said that not only do we need to suspend deepwater drilling but all drilling. Guess what the White House comes out with?

    Now, this is going to cost us in six months, it will cost us $2 billion.

    How many dollars a day are we losing on this?

    STU: Up to $330 million a month I believe it is.

    GLENN: There are, already three — sorry, 35 oil rigs out there that the equipment now is sitting idle and there are bids from other countries on those oil rigs.

    They are not going to sit there idle.

    They are going to be leased to somebody.

    The oil industry is saying, guys, this is going to kill us. Listen to that.

    The oil industry is saying, this is going to kill us to suspend all drilling.

    Why? Because the oil rigs are not going to — they are not going to be there.

    They are going to be — they are going to be leased some place else.

    Also, the most dangerous time to an oil rig is when you are shutting it down. That’s the danger point.

    So we’re going to shut down all oil rigs in the water, lose all that money and then lose possibly a lot of the oil rigs. We won’t get them back.

    That was a suggestion from the Center For American Progress.

    Obama said we have to do that because 1500 meters of water is too deep to drill in.

    In a completely unrelated story, Petrobras has announced that they are going to do deepwater drilling at 2,777 meters, almost twice the distance under the surface of the water as Deep Horizons in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Why did you hear Petrobras? Oh, yeah, that’s right. It’s over on the other side of the blackboard.

    George Soros has $900 million in Petrobras stock.

    It is his number one investment. Remember, he’s the guy who started Center For American Progress that is currently making the policy.

    Obama suspends drilling because 1500 feet is too dangerous.

    Petrobras says that they are going to make a — they are going to drill for oil at 2700 feet, and Obama decides to make a loan for $2 billion to Petrobras for this particular drill site.

    Now, why would we give up our drilling equipment?

    Why would we say it’s too dangerous in 1500 meters and then make a $2 billion loan to Petrobras, $2 billion so they can drill 2777 meters, almost twice the distance.

    Well, it’s good news if you are a shareholder for Petrobras because now you can go and drill.

    You have the equipment, you have the money and you have the backing of the United oh, wait a minute.

    That’s right. George Soros, his major investment is in… Petrobras.

    It is Crime, Inc. The circle of corruption.

    I have so much more on this we’re readying for you for 5:00 today.

    You need to see it.

    It’s one of these shows that you are going to need to videotape because it’s going to take me an hour to go through all of this and show you all of the connections.

  42. rosettasister Says:

    Left Strangely Silent on Petrobras

    Monday , June 21, 2010

    By Glenn Beck,2933,595042,00.html

    At the head of Obama’s transition team was John Podesta.

    He’s also the founder of Center for American Progress, a former Clinton administration official and the guy who not only laid out the plan for how the Obama team would be put together, he staffed the senior levels of the White House, Cabinet members and the top layer at government agencies.

    With that kind of influence — and we’ll show you more evidence of that influence coming up — it’s important to look at what Soros is investing in.

    Could there possibly be any, what do they call them, conflicts of interest?

    Through his Soros Fund Management hedge fund, Soros is heavily invested in many different things.

    But one that caught my attention (and seemingly no one else’s) recently is Petrobras.

    What is that? It’s Brazil’s state-controlled oil behemoth.

    It’s Brazil’s version of Big Oil.

    They’ve netted $15 billion in profits during the last year.

    As of March 31 this year, SEC filings show Soros Fund has $637 million vested in Petrobras.

    Last December, the fund had $900 million invested in the company, making Petrobras one of its two largest stakes.

    What did Soros see in these guys that the rest of the world didn’t?

    Is he just that much smarter than everyone else?

    Or is it possible because of Center for American Progress and all the other connections Soros has at the White House, he knew that

    *** the administration would be making a $2 billion “preliminary commitment” to Petrobras for “exploration,” ***

    just days after he strengthened his investment?

    Or was that just another one of those bad luck situations for Obama?

    Because it certainly doesn’t seem to pass the smell test:

    A billionaire investor dumps money into state-controlled Brazilian oil company and days later administration dumps $2 billion dollars into the same exact company?

    Now the administration is crippling the American competitors and the biggest winner in this is Petrobras.

    Mind you, this is a multi-billion dollar company that rakes in tens of billions in profits each year.

    Why in the world would these guys need a loan?

    *** And why are we investing in another country’s offshore drilling while banning ours? ***

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Glenn Beck TV Show

    Monday, June 21, 2010


  44. rosettasister Says:

    Welcome to enviro-friendly fascism

    The Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank funded by George Soros, proposes a drilling moratorium in the Gulf.

    The administration complies.

    Gulf drill rigs start migrating to Brazil to work for Petrobras, in which Mr. Soros at one point had $900 million invested and which is already funded by Export-Import Bank private bank loans guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury.

    Remember the U.S. government guarantees at Fannie and Freddie?

    The same think tank proposes that BP put up a $20 billion slush fund, and wouldn’t you know it, BP shows up to comply.

    Of course, this is all crony capitalism, which probably will lead to pure fascism or worse.

    In fact, BP’s Gulf oil catastrophe is a pure example of what happens when big business holds hands with big government.

    BP spent $200 million on a green campaign, not only funding advertising, but funneling millions into so-called environmental groups such as the Nature Conservancy and Conservation International.

    BP was a big supporter of “cap-and-trade” – it would mean billions of revenue from BP’s natural-gas business.

    So what is the outcome of all of this?

    The federal government says go ahead and drill at a depth of one mile, and we will cap your liability at $75 million, thank you.

    Of course, ruin follows.

    Do you really think BP would have drilled that well if its liability had been unlimited and it had been allowed to pursue less risky opportunities for oil?

    Welcome to the enviro-friendly fascist state.


    Reston, Va.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Found at Hot Air

    What oil company is Soros invested heavily in?

    Inanemergencydial on June 10, 2010 at 7:51 PM


    the_nile on June 10, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    Petrobras. Read this from HA last year.


    marinetbryant on June 10, 2010 at 8:25 PM

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Monday, June 21, 2010 – 01:11

    LatamWatch: Argentina May Complete $18.3 Bln Bond Swap This Wk


    Other officials like Boudou’s Finance Secretary Hernan Lorenzino have said this is the last chance for the swap and that it will end as planned.


    While a booming economy likely means that, despite rising spending and interest rates, Brazil’s debt/GDP ratio will continue declining, the current account balance is deep in the red.

    Brazil’s Central Bank releases the May current account balance Tuesday, along with details of capital flows and policymakers’ interventions in the external debt and currency markets.

    The consensus private sector forecast is that the current account deficit will reach $48 billion this year (2.6% of GDP) and $57 billion in 2011 (3% of GDP.)

    Currently foreign capital for Brazil is plentiful, but the country’s dependence on the international capital flows will increase as it embarks on infrastructure upgrades for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics,

    *** and seeks capital to develop its ultradeepwater oil reserves. ***

    A major step in the latter will be

    *** the multibillion dollar capitalization of Petrobras ***

    via an equity offer by the end of July and then increased debt issuance, with the new equity as collateral.

    *** Petrobras’s shareholders will vote on the capitalization plan Tuesday ***

    which is scheduled to be presented in detail to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) by June 30.

    (This seems related, but I don’t know how.)

  47. rosettasister Says:

    June 22, 2010

    Arizona GOP Primary for Senate: McCain 47% Hayworth 36% Deakin 7%

    Rasmussen Reports

  48. rosettasister Says:

    46% — 53%

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik on Linda Starr, aka Linda Belcher.

    To: etraveler13; mojitojoe; little jeremiah; BP2; MHGinTN; Beckwith; LucyT; Polarik

    “I read it, I also read LorenC outing Polarik, neither of which was any of your business… Savvy?”

    It wasn’t because he outed LorenC that Smith got banned it was he let everything else get to him. Speaking of LorenC again, He has known that we have known for months now who he was since BP2 would mock his liberal views on FR and being a Bull Moose party member.

    Smith said in the deleted post that he gave LorenC an interview by phone after being badgered by him countless times in research to write a book. I’ve confirmed that LorenC is writing a book about Birthers, and it won’t be nice, and to why he troll at FR.

    And notice his RAT avatar.

    710 posted on 06/21/2010 1:59:35 PM PDT by Red Steel


    To: Red Steel; LucyT; Kevmo

    Nobody “outed” me.

    In mid-August 2008, I submitted a signed, sworn, and notarized affidavit to Phil Berg for whom I agreed to be an expert witness.

    My full legal name was in it along with all of my actual credentials, and placed under court seal.

    Fast forward to July 2009 when Berg sued Orly Taitz, Ed Hale, and Linda Starr, aka Linda Belcher.

    Both Taitz and Belcher tried to get me to turn against Berg and his assistant Lisa Liberi.

    I refused to turn on a friend, so purely out of spite, Belcher had an irresponsible judge unseal my affidavit, for NO valid legal reason, and it was posted on Scribd and LexisNexis on July 26, 2009 as a matter of public record.

    786 posted on 06/21/2010 6:14:53 PM PDT by Polarik

  50. rosettasister Says:

    InspectorSmith (Lucas Smith) Banned from FR

    Lucas getting zotted is what happens when one person can make the decision to ban another.

    He gets bushwacked and called names, he defends himself and he gets banned. Why?

    Seems to me the bushwackers should have been called out and/or zotted along with Lucas.

    Somehow, it seems unfair.

    In America we have a jury I see the benefits of it.

    I will probably get zotted myself after this post. That’s okay.

    My home is the forum we who believe in Lucas can discuss everything without being banned.

    I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who sincerly wants to learn the truth about bho’s birth and asked about the Kenyan bc in a polite & well thoughtout manner.

    845 posted on 06/21/2010 11:44:08 PM PDT by theviking711


    To: theviking711

    I didn’t realize Lucas got banned. Wondered what happened.

    851 posted on 06/22/2010 6:23:27 AM PDT by freebird5850 (Obama golfed while the Gulf gushed.)

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Feds bash reliability of birth documents

    Inspector general: Even certificates in doubt because of fraud potential

    To date, Obama has not revealed his original long-form, hospital-generated “Certificate of Live Birth” that includes details such as the name of the medical facility and the doctor who delivered him.

    Obama’s birth certificate also is not the only document at issue.

    WND has reported that among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes

    his kindergarten records,

    his Punahou school records,

    his Occidental College records,

    his Columbia University records,

    his Columbia thesis,

    his Harvard Law School records,

    his Harvard Law Review articles,

    his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago,

    his passport,

    his medical records,

    his files from his years as an Illinois state senator,

    his Illinois State Bar Association records,

    any baptism records, and

    his adoption records.

    WND has reported no controlling legal authority ever directly addressed the question of whether Obama met the U.S. Constitution’s requirements to be president.

    The Constitution requires that the president be 35 years of age, a resident for at least 14 years and a “natural born citizen.”

    There also have been multiple attempts at legislation that simply would require candidates to document their eligibility for the office they seek.

    At the federal level is a plan by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.

    Posey’s H.R. 1503 states:

    “To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.”

    The bill also provides:

    “Congress finds that under … the Constitution of the United States, in order to be eligible to serve as President, an individual must be a natural born citizen of the United States who has attained the age of 35 years and has been a resident within the United States for at least 14 years.”

    The sponsors’ goal is for the bill to become effective for the 2012 presidential election.

    The legislation now is pending in a House committee and has more than a dozen co-sponsors.

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Legislation on the House floor to repeal the individual mandate included in the new health care reform law which requires every American to purchase health insurance or pay a fine.

    H R 5486 RECORDED VOTE 15-Jun-2010 5:44 PM
    QUESTION: On Motion to Recommit with Instructions
    BILL TITLE: Small Business Jobs Tax Relief Act of 2010

    21 Dems voted Yes

    1 Repub voted No

    Not Voting

    4 Dems 11 Repubs

    Barrett (SC)
    Brown (SC)
    Brown, Corrine
    Miller (FL)

  53. rosettasister Says:

    Oregon Governor – Dudley vs. Kitzhaber Rasmussen Reports Dudley 47, Kitzhaber 45 Dudley +2

    Georgia Governor – Republican Primary SurveyUSA Oxendine 34, Handel 18, Deal 17, Johnson 6 Oxendine +16

    Arizona Senate – Republican Primary Rasmussen Reports McCain 47, Hayworth 36 McCain +11

    New York Governor – Lazio vs. Cuomo Quinnipiac Cuomo 58, Lazio 26 Cuomo +32

    Real Clear Politics

  54. rosettasister Says:

    Found here:

    Indie June 22nd, 2010 at 5:33 am

    True free market captialists have no problem with BP going bankrupt.

    They should not be rewarded for their negligence, mismanagment and extraordinary risk-taking.

    But while the left is busy with BP and hailing the moratorium on off-shore drilling, the Obama administration’s odious brand of ‘crony capitalism’ is alive and well.

    The President said after his meetings with BP execs, “BP is a strong and viable company and it is in all of our best interests to see that it remain so.”

    In light of the revelations in the report above why would Obama ever say such a thing?

    Could it be that several insider fatcats and corporate tools like John and Tony Podesta have enriched themselves greatly from their connections to BP?

    Just think of the money BP will have to spend on PR campaigns to salvage it’s image and the lobbyting it still needs to do to get it’s ‘cap and trade’ legislation passed.

    *** Reuters is reporting that Brazil stands to benefit from the BP oil spill catastrophe as the US moratorium makes more rigs available for other countries. ***

    Even as an ecological catastrophe makes the future of U.S. offshore drilling less certain, Brazil is plowing ahead with a $220 billion five-year plan to tap oil fields even deeper than BP’s ill-fated Gulf well.

    Thirty-five rigs are now idle in the Gulf and more US jobs are being lost.

    Recently, a $2b loan is being made by the Export-Import Bank specifically to finance purchase by Petrobras of U.S.-made oilfield equipment and services.

    Uber-capitalist and prominent Dem backer George Soros is a major investor in Petrobras.

    The left is sooo easily distracted and whipped up into an anti-BP frenzy that it cannot see the high stakes cronyism, corrupt wheeling and dealing that serves to benefit Obama’s political cabal.

    Obama has no desire to nationalize the oil industry, he simply wants to exploit it for the benefit of those who “brought him to the dance.”

  55. rosettasister Says:

    Changes Proposed to Benefit State’s Oil Giant in Brazil

    Published: August 31, 2009

    RIO DE JANEIRO — The Brazilian government proposed changes to existing laws on Monday to assign the primary role of developing key deep-sea oil reserves to the state-run energy giant, Petrobras, at the expense of foreign rivals.


    The proposal, which needs congressional approval, would confine foreign companies to mostly subservient roles to Petrobras and a new state-owned oil company still to be created.

    Brazil currently awards exploration and production concessions through bidding, which is open to foreign companies.

    While existing concessions in the “pre-salt” area would be maintained, the remaining 72 percent of the subsalt acreage still to be explored, more than 41,000 square miles, would be left in government hands, to be developed by Petrobras, said the presidential chief of staff, Dilma Rousseff.

    Production-sharing contracts would be granted to the companies offering the Brazilian government the largest portion of the profits.

    (The question remains why are American taxpayers footing the bill for a competitor? Or guaranteeing loans for a COMPETITOR? Obama knows that once these jobs vanish they’re not coming back. And who stands to profit? George Soros and other Obama cronies. “Crony capitalism” is fast becoming the phrase which best describes the Obama presidency.)

  56. rosettasister Says:

    Not yet a death sentence.

    Balance or Crumble

    by Sen. Jim DeMint


    16 GOP Cosponsors

    Sixteen Republican senators are cosponsoring the balanced budget amendment:

    Sen. Richard Burr (N.C.), Sen. Saxby Chambliss (Ga.),
    Sen. Tom Coburn (Okla.), Sen. John Cornyn (Tex.),
    Sen. Mike Crapo (Idaho), Sen. John Ensign (Nev.),
    Sen. Mike Enzi (Wyo.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.),
    Sen. James Inhofe (Okla.), Sen. Johnny Isakson (Ga.),
    Sen. Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Sen. George LeMieux (Fla.),
    Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), Sen. James Risch (Idaho),
    Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.) and Sen. David Vitter (La.).

    The balanced-budget amendment, S.J. Res. 27, would be the jurisdiction of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Each of the Republican candidates I’ve endorsed through my Senate Conservatives Fund supports a balanced budget amendment as well.

    If politicians are not forced by law to balance the budget, they will continue adding to the deficit by creating new entitlements like ObamaCare, instead of fixing bankrupt programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

    Greece tried to hide its debt and pay for its out-of-control entitlement programs with borrowed money, rather than making necessary budget cuts.

    The U.S. government is trying to hide spending and rely on borrowed dollars, too.

    Even though Americans are becoming increasingly worried about the $13 trillion debt, that’s not all they’re on the hook for.

    There’s much more debt hidden in unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare—more than $100 trillion.

    But don’t expect President Obama to mention that figure anytime soon.

    The debt could be deadly to our nation’s future, but it’s not yet a death sentence.

    America can recover if honest conservative leaders are willing to deliver this message to Americans:

    The government must do less, not more, if we want to save our country.

    John Adams, Founding Father and second American President, was a wise man, but I desperately hope he was wrong about one thing.

    Adams once said:

    “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.”

    Our exceptional country has avoided this dire fate so far, but if there’s not a strong intervention by the American people in November—voting in new members ready to vote for a balanced-budget amendment—Adams could be right after all.

  57. rosettasister Says:

    WH, Kyl Clash on Securing US-Mexico Border


    5:00 p.m. ET —

    Fox’s Senior Senate producer Trish Turner interviewed Sen. Jon Kyl about his immigration dust-up with the White House and his reaction to its blanket denial President Obama told him securing the border would undermine GOP support for broad-based immigration legislation.

    “I portrayed our conversation totally accurately,” Kyl said.

    “The President cannot say that what I said was incorrect.”

    “I understand the spokesman (referring to White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer) went on to say that you need comprehensive reform to secure the border. No you don’t!”

    As for the linkage between border security and other immigration measures aimed at employee verification and a path to legalization and citizenship for undocumented workers in the country now, Kyl said:

    “He (Obama) and I have a different approach to a lot of what needs to be done.

    I don’t think he was as familiar with the deficiencies in the effort at the border before our conversation.

    But what I said was absolutely, totally accurate.”

    (Stupid move by WH amateurs. Kyl was only stating what we already know here in AZ. Obama doesn’t care about Arizonans. Obama cares about the Hispanic vote. Obama wants voting privileges for those who’ll get amnesty. Obama and Dems want to hold onto power.)

  58. rosettasister Says:

    Obamnesty First, Security Second?


  59. rosettasister Says:

  60. rosettasister Says:

    “People in the southern part of the state are not safe in their homes,” Mr. McCain said repeatedly, to the sound of applause.

    (Pls don’t believe these idiots that would like you to believe that the security situation hasn’t deteriorated here. They can cite all the statistics they want, they don’t mean a thing. I left in 1998 and returned in 2007. There’s no comparison. Since 2007 things have gotten much worse. Everyone here in the Valley of the Sun knows that you used to be able to get in your car and drive to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) and not be afraid. We can’t do that anymore. It’s just not right that Obama is playing with our lives. In fact it’s sinful.)

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Amid crises, Obama declares war — on Arizona

    By: Byron York—-on-Arizona-96839529.html

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Governor, Sheriff Defend Immigration Law

    PHOENIX (CN) –

    Arizona’s governor and Sheriff Joe Arpaio seek dismissal of a federal class action challenging the state’s new immigration law.

    Gov. Jan Brewer and “America’s Toughest Sheriff” claim the complaint from the ACLU, NAACP and others lacks factual basis to show that members will racially profiled when the law is enforced.

    Arpaio’s motion for dismissal claims that federal law does not preempt the state’s immigration law, since the state law does not “replace federal immigration law, but creates state law which mirrors the federal law, thus enabling state and local law enforcement to meaningfully cooperate with federal law enforcement.”


    Brewer’s motion for dismissal says that the class’s claims that they fear they will be stopped because of their appearance, language or speaking style, are unfounded.

    Brewer says the law “expressly prohibits” racial profiling and “may not consider race, color or national origin in implementing the requirements of this subsection except to the extent permitted by the United States or Arizona Constitution.”

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Peter Orszag, the bizarro David Stockman


  64. rosettasister Says:

    Re; General McChrystal

    I have already booked AEI’s Michael Rubin for today’s show and will try and reach others in the Beltway tribe of Afganistan experts for the program.

    If the general is sacked because of bruised egos flowing from a magazine article, the complete lack of seriousness of the Obama Administration will be revealed.

    There is almost no chance that another similarly committed senior commander would be dispatched with an intention of winning the crucial battle with the Taliban and their Islamist extremist allies.

    President Obama is already a non-participant in the “losing” of Turkey. as well as with the isolation of Israel

    The Rolling Stone piece may provide him the excuse to bolt Afghanistan under the cover of a drone-only strategy.

    Thank you, Michael Hasting, and whichever staffer allowed the snake into the general’s space.

  65. rosettasister Says:

    Defense Secretary Gates Statement on McChrystal Profile

    “I read with concern the profile piece on Gen. Stanley McChrystal in the upcoming edition of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.

    I believe that Gen. McChrystal made a significant mistake and exercised poor judgment in this case.

    We are fighting a war against al Qaeda and its extremist allies, who directly threaten the United States, Afghanistan, and our friends and allies around the world.

    Going forward, we must pursue this mission with a unity of purpose.

    Our troops and coalition partners are making extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our security, and our singular focus must be on supporting them and succeeding in Afghanistan without such distractions.

    Gen. McChrystal has apologized to me and is similarly reaching out to others named in this article to apologize to them as well.

    I have recalled Gen. McChrystal to Washington to discuss this in person.”

  66. rosettasister Says:

    Louisiana’s Democrat legislature passes law against ObamaCare

  67. rosettasister Says:

    Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up


    By Lee Speigel

    Writer, reporter, and paranormal expert Lee Speigel is the former host of NBC Radio’s “The Edge of Reality.”

    He’s hosted nearly 1,500 programs on unexplained phenomena, and previously worked at Westwood One Radio and

    He is the only person to produce a presentation at the United Nations on the subject of UFOs.

  68. rosettasister Says:

    UFO expert Budd Hopkins joined George Knapp to talk about his new memoir, Art, Life and UFOs, which traces his life as a ufologist and alien abduction researcher, as well as a nationally known abstract expressionist painter.

    Active in the 1950s New York City art world, he met many of the painters of that era such as Jackson Pollock.

    Hopkins’ interest in UFOs was kindled by his own sighting of an other-worldly craft over Cape Cod in 1964.

    In November 1975, an interview with a store owner in his Manhattan neighborhood began his decades-long investigation into alien encounters.

    The storekeeper described seeing a vehicle hovering off the ground in North Hudson Park, and then a group of 10-11 small-sized beings emerging.

    The beings, which he said looked like “kids in snowsuits,” appeared to be digging up dirt and putting them in “little satchels.”

    In 1976, the Village Voice published Hopkins’ first writing about the UFO enigma, and the Hudson Park case in particular.

    In retrospect, Hopkins said his interest in UFOs had an influence on the style of his paintings, as he started using big circles as part of his compositions.

    After the publication of such books as Missing Time, Hopkins received a lot of media attention for his investigations, and was interviewed on TV over the years by people such as Bryant Gumble, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King.

    Based on numerous similar testimonies of abductees he’s worked with, Hopkins has concluded that aliens are trying to produce a genetic mix between themselves and humans, though the purpose behind this is unclear.

    In recent times, there’ve been increasing reports of hybrids passing for human and functioning in the everyday world, he added.

    (Oh, so that explains it! LOL!)

  69. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:

  70. rosettasister Says:

    Dr. Lerma and Whitley Strieber discuss the doctor’s attempt to remove Whitley’s implant.

  71. rosettasister Says:

    elvis costello armed forces

  72. rosettasister Says:

    U.S. Sen. Grassley: Administration immigration action


    For Immediate Release

    Monday June 21, 2010

    Senators Question Possible Administration Plans to Defer Action on Millions of Illegal Aliens


    Several U.S. senators today questioned possible plans by the administration to unilaterally extend either deferred action or parole to millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

    Senator Chuck Grassley was joined by Senators Orrin Hatch of Utah, Jim Bunning of Ky., Saxby Chambliss of Ga., Jim Inhofe of Okla., Johnny Isakson of Ga., Thad Cochran of Miss., and David Vitter of La.

    “There’s a lot we can agree on when it comes to dealing with the immigration problems in the United States, but this appears to be amnesty in disguise, and is simply an attempt to circumvent Congress,” Grassley said.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    LameStream Media Asleep at the Switch Again

    We shall not be cowed, ‘No’ team declares

    Blackmailing people

    “We are not going to be scared by any kind of intimidation from the commission working for the interest of individuals in the Government.

    We will continue with our struggle to have amendments in the Proposed Constitution before it is passed,” said Ruto.

    The Eldoret North MP claimed the Government and the commission were blackmailing people campaigning against the draft.

    “If it is true the MPs were arrested because of hate speech, what happens to a media personality inciting the public on television?

    When will he be arrested,” posed Ruto during the ‘No’ rally in Kitale.

    Machage, Kutuny and Kapondi said they were being harassed because of their opposition to the Proposed Constitution.

    ‘Nothing will stop us from campaigning against this defective draft constitution.

    We are ready to sacrifice our positions for the sake of Kenyans,” vowed Kutuny.

    Ruto claimed the Proposed Constitution, if passed, would fuel animosities and urged Kenyans to reject it until the disputed clauses were amended.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    What if ‘Yes’ loses?

    National Civil Society Congress (NCSC) claimed if the ‘No’ camp wins it could lead to dissolution of government and an early general election.

    According to NCSC president Maurice Odhiambo, failure could lead to collapse of the post-2007 reform consensus.

    Former Kabete MP Paul Muite argued that even though it does not have any legal binding, it would be a vote of no confidence.

    “In developed countries it would lead to resignation of the government but the situation in this country is different and I doubt if such a thing can happen even if it is defeated,” said Muite.

    Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau said

    the possibility of the new law being rejected

    had moved some MPs to make

    *** a fresh bid to amend the review law to make amendments to the draft *** (eg. kadhi (sharia) courts)

    “The best option is to get a common ground to ensure no side loses,” said Kamau.

    Kamau explained it was the fear of ‘No’ winning that made him and other MPs to initiate attempts

    to amend the review Act (Pray This Happens!)

    this late in the day.

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Kenya’s Cyrus Jirongo and Fred Kapondi Firmly in No Camp,%20PM%20take%20Yes%20push%20to%20western%20Kenya/-/926046/944258/-/134pak0/-/index.html

    But Mr Jirongo, one of the two MPs from the province who have publicly declared their opposition to the proposed constitution accused the President and the PM of “panicking” after realising that the document will be rejected during the referendum.

    “They have panicked that is why they are going all over, if the draft was as popular as they claim, why are they suddenly running up and down?”

    The other MP from the province who is backing the No team is Mt Elgon’s Fred Kapondi.

  76. rosettasister Says:

    Pennsylvania Senate – Sestak vs. Toomey PPP (D) Toomey 41, Sestak 41 Tie


    Wisconsin Senate – Feingold vs. Westlake Rasmussen Reports Feingold 47, Westlake 41 Feingold +6

    Wisconsin Senate – Feingold vs. Johnson Rasmussen Reports Feingold 46, Johnson 45 Feingold +1


    Texas Governor – Perry vs. White PPP (D) Perry 43, White 43 Tie

    Oregon Governor – Dudley vs. Kitzhaber Rasmussen Reports Dudley 47, Kitzhaber 45 Dudley +2

    Arizona Senate – Republican Primary Rasmussen Reports McCain 47, Hayworth 36 McCain +11

    Georgia Governor – Republican Primary SurveyUSA Oxendine 34, Handel 18, Deal 17, Johnson 6 Oxendine +16

    Real Clear Politics

  77. rosettasister Says:

    If Obama ultimately decides to fire McChrystal, then I hope someone has the common courtesy to give McChrystal a heads up so he can resign instead.

    A mistake to be sure and will hurt morale.

    Maybe Obama will be the bigger man. You never know.

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Sarcastic Blurb from David Dayen

    UPDATE: Robert Gibbs basically said “let’s wait and see” at the press briefing. Only anti-war Rep. David Obey, from what I’ve seen, has actually called for McChrystal’s resignation.

    …Alan Grayson and VetVoice too, but official Washington wouldn’t dare allow such a fate for that nice General McChrystal. Why, he’s brilliant!


    But let’s hope he’s right that they wouldn’t dare allow such a fate.

  79. rosettasister Says:

    Shorties, But Goodies



  80. rosettasister Says:

    Music for Swimming in the Desert with the Extraterrestrials – Part One (courtesy of GentleBeam)

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik on Tim Adams

    To: Polarik

    He is a mixed up and confused liberal. I like to see what he knows and does not know where he should write a detailed affidavit, then it can be determined if everything he knows is hearsay or not.

    Hearsay evidence is not always worthless.

    Grand Jury – Hearsay Evidence Admissible?

    48 posted on 06/21/2010 1:00:58 PM PDT by Red Steel

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 44 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: Red Steel; rxsid; LucyT

    In his case, his hearsay testimony IS worthless because he is claiming that he “…was informed by my boss (unnamed) that we did not have a birth record [for Obama] (unverified).”

    Then, he conveniently says that people in the elections office fear for their jobs and will not corroborate his claims.

    Neither Adams nor his “boss” had direct access to the birth records on the DOH mainframe. Adams is trying to give the impression that he had access to them.

    Elections officials did not check birth certificates to verify voters – they used drivers’ licenses, rental leases, and property records.

    He’s a dead-end.

    55 posted on 06/22/2010 11:29:33 AM PDT by Polarik (Obama: When destroying America is not enough.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 48 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

    (Just posting the latest from Polarik while waiting to hear the fate of McChrystal.)

  82. rosettasister Says:

    To: Polarik; Red Steel; LucyT

    While I agree that Adams is most probably a “dead end”, didn’t he say in one of the interviews that he (and/or his “boss”) called both hospitals in Honolulu, and neither would confirm the existence of birth record(s)/information for Barry?

    I don’t recall him stating that he had (direct) access to birth certificate records…but rather, access to SSN, IRS and other such “databases.”

    57 posted on 06/22/2010 1:07:55 PM PDT by rxsid (HOW CAN A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN’S STATUS BE “GOVERNED” BY GREAT BRITAIN? – Leo Donofrio (2009))

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 55 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: rxsid

    Adams made a lot of unsubstantiated claims. Remember that WND contacted both hospitals awhile ago and neither would confirm or deny that Bambi was born there.

    So, what Adams claims about them is old news.

    Except, that his is total bullsh*t. It would be a HIPAA violation for the hopsitals to disclose this information to him.

    What was he doing calling the hospitals, anyway?

    There is nothing of substance he has to offer, other than his “professional opinion” as an English teacher that Obama was not born in Hawaii.

    He claimed that Obama “has no birth record.”

    The ONLY way he could know that is to directly access the birth record database.

    Obama DOES have a birth record.

    TWO as a matter of fact.

    58 posted on 06/22/2010 4:28:07 PM PDT by Polarik (Obama: When destroying America is not enough.)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 57 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]

  83. rosettasister Says:

    To: Polarik

    I am not so quick to condemn the guy. It may be he got a lot of heat after his first interview and someone explained misprision of a felony and asked him why he didn’t report it sooner if he knew Obie was not born in Hawaii..his convoluted not born there but still a US citizen gives him an out for not reporting it…

    True what he says is hearsay that his bosses called the hospitals, but it does give rise to suspicion sufficient with everything else to start an investigation and ask his bosses and ask the hospitals. Will that be done?

    Who knows maybe the amount of evidence slowly snowballing along with Obies falling popularity may cause some honest govt official to investigate before the damn breaks. This may just be enough reason for the Hawaii AG along with DOH lies to decide he better investigate or go down in history as one who allowed this to continue.

    What can Hawaii say about Adams comments? Deny it? Where is the press asking the Governor about this and her Kapiolani hospital misstatement? They are absent but sooner or later the questions will be asked just like the one Gibbs ignored about Obies Connecticut issued Social Security Card. That question needs to be re asked until answered and not allowed to be avoided again.

    It’s time to pressure those in positions to get to the bottom of this. While Adams may not have enough info to open everything up, it is another crack in the open secret of the century. Each little bit helps bust the damn holding this thing back. I would not be condemning those who step forward with whatever they know, we need their help. Publicity is good and I see no harm done by this fellow.

    56 posted on 06/22/2010 11:56:27 AM PDT by rolling_stone (no more bailouts, the taxpayers are out of money!)

    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 44 | View Replies | Report Abuse ]


    To: rolling_stone

    Adams claims there is no hospital long-form birth certificate for OBama, but to flat-out claim that this proves he was not born in Hawaii is ludicrous. He may not have the first type of BC, but there are three other types of BC’s he could have gotten, such as the Delayed Certificate of Birth, a Certificate of Hawaiian Birth, and an unattended Certificate of Live Birth.

    Two of these only required a statement from the parent or grandparent, or even from a witness to the birth, to be submitted with the application. Stanley Ann did not even need to be present.

    See this WND article:

    59 posted on 06/23/2010 5:09:08 AM PDT by Polarik (Obama: When destroying America is not enough.)

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  84. rosettasister Says:

    US advances at World Cup with 1-0 win



  85. rosettasister Says:

    Hey america! Where is barack obamas real birth certificate!

  86. rosettasister Says:

    Arizona Democrats urge Obama not to sue over controversial immigration law

  87. rosettasister Says:

    Chief says police won’t back down to cartel threats

    Nogales police are taking extra precautions, including wearing firearms while off duty, after a Mexican drug cartel threatened retribution against officers who bust smugglers while out of uniform.

    As was first reported Friday on the NI website, Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham said the threats came after off-duty officers surprised marijuana smugglers about two weeks ago while riding horseback in an unincorporated border area east of town.

    The officers seized part of the drug load, but the smugglers were able to flee back into Mexico.

  88. rosettasister Says:

    48% — 51%

    Wow! Just goes to show how malleable the middle is.

    Don’t lose the middle, Repubs!

    Rasmussen Obama Approval

  89. rosettasister Says:

    June 23, 2010

    44% Give Obama Good Marks on National Security

    42% Oppose Kagan’s Confirmation, 35% Favor

    Massachusetts Governor: Patrick 41%, Baker 34%, Cahill 16%

    Rasmussen Reports

  90. rosettasister Says:

    Oregon Senate – Huffman vs. Wyden Rasmussen Reports Wyden 47, Huffman 37 Wyden +10

    Real Clear Politics

  91. rosettasister Says:

    The Real Cost of Obama’s Drill Ban

    Tuesday , June 22, 2010

    By Glenn Beck,2933,595122,00.html?mep

    That brings me to corruption.

    With 33 rigs about to be put out of commission, one company that contracts their oil rig vessels (Laborde Marine) received a call.

    And it didn’t take long till the call came in; only 48 hours after Obama issued the drilling moratorium.

    One guess who that call came from: Petrobras.

    Yes, that’s right, the George Soros heavily-backed Brazilian state run oil company Petrobras wants to lease the unused rigs.

    Here’s how Governor Jindal responded to the 6-month ban:


    GOVERNOR BOBBY JINDAL, R-LA.: This isn’t about the multinational companies.

    They’re going to pick up and they’re going to move those rigs.

    They’re going to move those rigs to Brazil.

    They’ll move those rigs to Africa.

    They’ll move those rigs to other countries and they won’t come back for years.

    Once they’re gone, once they’re contracted somewhere else, they’re not coming back.

    (END CLIP)

    It costs at least $10 million to move the rigs, so it’s unlikely they’d find their way back if they are leased.

    The jobs won’t ever come back. How about that.

    *** The same company that the administration was willing to loan $2 billion dollars to, a company with vast resources, $15 billion in profits a year at least, will make off with our rigs. ***

    They are planning to invest 95 percent of $224 billion they plan to spend on exploration back into Brazil.

    So what’s in it for us? Nothing!

    But there’s something in it for the players in Crime Inc.

    George Soros had at one time $900 million invested in Petrobras.

    And before you dismiss the connection, look at how much influence Soros’ Center for American Progress (CAP) has on this administration.

    Soros wants wind and solar: Obama uses CAP to spin against damaging facts.

    Soros wants a smart grid: Obama (through GE) wants it too, and California passed a bill that requires the Public Utilities Commission to develop a plan for Smart Grid use

    Soros has suggested the president should have nationalized the banks.

    In the House bill, “Regulators would have the power to stop banks on a case-by-case basis from risky activities.”

    They want to ban corporate influence on campaign commercials?

    What about the influence one guy is having through Media Matters (smear campaigns), CAP (public policy), Tides (indoctrination).

    Forget God, it’s in George we trust.

    He’s gonna get his.

    This isn’t about saving the planet.

    They tell us global warming is a moral issue; well how can he justify drilling in Brazil?

    The same people who claim to be the earth’s saviors are raping the earth, so please, spare me the lecture on my SUV and filling up the air in my tires.

    I’m sick of the Al Gore’s of the world telling me to drive a crappy ‘Smart’ car (doesn’t look all that smart, or safe, to drive one).

    And I’m sick of them telling me to inflate my tires before every time I drive, when they have multiple mansions and fleets of SUVs.

    Stop telling me what to do and who to be like.

  92. rosettasister Says:

  93. rosettasister Says:

    We’ll Know McChrystal’s Fate at 1:30 P.M. [Daniel Foster]

    President Obama is scheduled to appear in the Rose Garden at 1:30 P.M. and address the fate of Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

    A lot of folks are suggesting the fact McChrystal missed the Afghanistan strategy meeting is proof positive. It certainly doesn’t sound good. But I’m still not convinced.

    06/23 12:53 PM

    The Corner

  94. rosettasister Says:

    NBC: McChrystal relieved of command

  95. rosettasister Says:

    Source: Petraeus chosen to succeed McChrystal ‎

    Houston Chronicle

  96. rosettasister Says:


  97. rosettasister Says:

    Re: McChrystal

    I’m really worried about what Obama’s decision will do to troop morale.

    Petraeus a wise choice.

    But how much can we expect from one man?

  98. rosettasister Says:


  99. rosettasister Says:


  100. rosettasister Says:


  101. rosettasister Says:


  102. rosettasister Says:

    McCain on Napolitano the Traitor and Governor Brewer

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, this is no ordinary Homeland Security chief, though.

    This is your former governor of Arizona before your current governor.

    MCCAIN: I’m very disappointed in the former governor because as far back as 2006, Janet Napolitano asked for additional troops on the border, also asked for the federal government to repay the expenses that are involved with illegal immigration.

    I guess she proved again that old adage it isn’t so much where you stand, it’s where you sit.

    VAN SUSTEREN: How about the new governor, Governor Brewer?

    MCCAIN: She’s doing a find job and she’s standing up for Arizona, and I’m very proud of work she is doing.

    This is a tough situation.

    Arizona would never have enacted this law if the federal government had performed its responsibilities of securing the borders.

    And I could throw numbers at you — 1.2 million pounds of marijuana intercepted in the Tucson sector last year, 241,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border.

    And yes, there have been some improvements, but the people in the southern part of my state are still not living a secure environment.

    Every citizen has that right.

    (from “On the Record,” June 7, 2010)

  103. rosettasister Says:

    An Observation on Obama’s Decision

    It doesn’t feel right. I am left with a sense of dread.

    But we have to get beyond this.

    We cannot continue to risk life and limb if Afghan men aren’t equipped to grab the baton from us.

    Maybe Afghan women should marry American men and produce some Afghans with higher testosterone levels.

    I’m only half kidding.

    Petraeus IS the man for the job. And I hope he can undo the damage Obama has done.

    God, I hope he can.

    Because the thought of abandoning Afghan women, again, just sickens me.

  104. rosettasister Says:

    The beautiful Lac de Feyt

    Dreamt of this place last night.

    I was in a church with a lot of other people and we witnessed an apparition. Not the Virgin Mary. A male apparition.

    Actually the “church” had a very Jewish feeling to it. Actually both Jewish and Christian.

    And this “Jewish” woman guided me through various passages and showed me what appeared to be a very old “shrine” to this person or angel or whoever it was that had just appeared to us.

    You know how dreams are, I said to her, “Oh yeah, I know what this is.”

    And she picked up what appeared to be a very small statue or idol depicting this “person.”

    That’s when I asked her to tell me the name.

    And she said, “Feyt.”

    I asked her to spell it.

    And she did. F – E – Y – T.

    Anyway, I found this. Not sure if it’s the same Feyt, but the feeling I get looking at these images and reading the history is very similar to what I was feeling in my dream.


  105. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    Swimming in the River of Dreams

  106. rosettasister Says:

    Top Searches

    simon cowell, sedona, mountain,


    This post got a lot of views yesterday. R. I. P. Edith Shain.

    “sailor kissing nurse”

    Glenn McDuffie has fought for years to prove he was the sailor who kissed Edith Shain that day in New York

  107. rosettasister Says:

    Commenting over here this morning.

  108. rosettasister Says:

    Commenting over here this morning.

  109. rosettasister Says:

    The Bride Stripped Bare is a 1978 solo album by Bryan Ferry and is his fifth album released independent of Roxy Music.

    The album’s title is taken from the Marcel Duchamp work The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even.

    Ferry had been introduced to the work as an art school student by Richard Hamilton.

    A subtext of Duchamp’s piece is masculine and feminine relationships.

    1.”Sign Of The Times” (Ferry) – 2:28
    2.”Can’t Let Go” (Ferry) – 5:14
    3.”Hold On (I’m Coming)” (Isaac Hayes, David Porter) – 3:37
    4.”Same Old Blues” (J. J. Cale) – 3:21
    5.”When She Walks In The Room” (Ferry) – 6:28

    6.”Take Me To The River” (Al Green, Mabon “Teenie” Hodges) – 4:29
    7.”What Goes On” (Lou Reed) – 4:11
    8.”Carrickfergus” (Traditional, arranged Ferry) – 3:46
    9.”That’s How Strong My Love Is” (Roosevelt Jamison) – 3:17
    10.”This Island Earth” (Ferry) – 5:06


  110. rosettasister Says:

    Commenting over here this morning.

  111. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

    **Obama Bombshell** Blue Hawaii: Health Department falsified Obama’s birth records! By Polarik

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