Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham




(The “Other” Roswell)

By Noe Torres & Ruben Uriarte

Posted: 00:01 March 23, 2010

Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham, 84, says he visited the site of a crashed unidentified flying object near Del Rio, Texas, in 1955 and saw three non-human entities through a hole in the ruptured hull of the ship.

The strange beings, two of which were badly mangled, appeared to have died in the crash.

“It didn’t look like humans to me,” Willingham said during a recent interview on the Jeff Rense radio program.

The retired aviator said the beings he saw fit the common description of UFO occupants with large heads, slit-like mouths, and arms “like broomsticks.”

Asked how the dead entities were clothed, Willingham replied, “They weren’t dressed at all.”

He said that despite the mangled condition of the bodies, he does not recall seeing traces of blood around the creatures.

“But man, I just got to glance in there, because he [a Mexican Army lieutenant] wouldn’t let me go look in it.”

Even though he got only a momentary glance inside the wrecked UFO, what he saw has haunted him for the past 55 years.

The story of Willingham’s 1955 encounter with the crashed UFO began earlier in the day while flying an F-86 fighter jet during a Cold War simulated bombing run out of Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas.

Willingham and other aviators in his squadron observed an orb of light “as bright as a star” moving across the skies of West Texas at about 2,000 miles per hour.

The large, intensely bright object, moved generally west to east before suddenly executing a 90-degree turn and heading south toward Del Rio, Texas, located on the border with Mexico.

Willingham requested and received permission to pursue the object “to find out what the hell it was and give a full report to the commander back at base.”

Turning his F-86, he followed the object’s contrail down toward the Rio Grande River and observed that the UFO had begun wobbling uncontrollably and descending rapidly.

He watched as the streak of light nearly took the roof off a house on the Texas side of the border before impacting on the south bank of the Rio Grande, where it skidded for 300 yards prior to coming to rest against a small hill.

Determined to return to the crash site in a smaller plane that he could land along the riverbank, Willingham returned to his squadron and asked permission to go back to base.

After returning to Carswell AFB, Willingham turned in his jet and picked up a small, two-seater training plane, which he and a man named Jack Perkins, now deceased, piloted back down to where the UFO had crashed.

Upon arriving at the crash site, Willingham and Perkins found a damaged silver orb, roughly disc shaped, “sticking in the side of a hill.”

They also noticed a 300-yard gouge in the earth, where the UFO had skidded before stopping.

The object, which was still intensely hot, was being guarded by a large detachment of Mexican Army personnel, including several officers – all of them armed.

The Mexicans would not allow Willingham to get very close to the smoldering wreckage, and a lieutenant told him that they were waiting for the U.S. Air Force to arrive in order to turn the object over to them.

It was while talking to the lieutenant, whose name he remembers only as “Martinez,” that Willingham caught a glance of the three dead creatures inside the wrecked UFO.

Told by the Mexicans that they needed to leave, Willingham and Perkins reluctantly got back in their small plane, but not before Willingham picked up a chunk of metallic debris about the size of a man’s hand and stuck it in a pocket of his flight suit.

Upon later examination back in Fort Worth, Willingham found that the metallic debris had properties unlike any metal known to earth science.

Attempts to burn it, cut it with a torch, and deform it in any manner were totally unsuccessful.

The curved piece of silvery-gray metal was highlighted by a honeycombed pattern of holes on each end and metallic ridges along the edges.

Willingham possessed the unearthly metal for several days before he was ordered to surrender it to a Marine metallurgic laboratory in Maryland, from where it mysteriously “disappeared” days later in an obvious military intelligence cover-up.

Subsequently, Willingham received threatening phone calls from intelligence operatives warning him to never disclose any of what he had seen “down on the border.”

Willingham is a highly credible witness who served in World War II and was at one time a personal assistant to General George S. Patton.

He was a pilot in the Korean War and sustained a battlefield injury in December 1950.

Willingham later joined the Reserve and became fascinated by the widespread UFO sightings occurring throughout North America in the 1950s and 1960s.

Why This Case is Unique:

We have a living witness, Robert B. Willingham, who is now 84 years old but is still in relatively good health and retains a good recollection of the events of his UFO encounter.

Willingham’s story of a UFO crash near Del Rio, Texas, was known to UFO investigators before the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash story broke widely in 1980, and as such is known as “the other Roswell.”

Willingham has signed a written agreement with Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte, giving the authors exclusive rights to tell his full story for the first time ever.

He has also provided them with hundreds of photographs and other memorabilia from his personal collection.

In addition, he has already given them hours of testimony about this case and its after-effects.

Willingham’s amazing story was the basis for a 200-page book written in 2008 by Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte, titled The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border.

    I’ll even get my husband to listen to this one!“a personal assistant to General George S. Patton”That’ll do it!And, besides, you’re going to fall in love with this guy!***

    This is a must listen. And I do mean every second.

    UFO Coverup Shattered – USAF Hero Pilot, UFO Crash Investigator Reveals The Truth

    (Right click and “open in new tab”)

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    Music for Lovers on a Friday Night

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    I don’t know why.

    But love the daft punk!

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    “My Little Phoenix”

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    Daft Punk – Interstella 5555 – Full / Completo

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    Wondering what these folks were up to:

    Looking for the folks I knew at HCF:

    API (Don’t click if you don’t want Korir to get any hits!)

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    Almost forgot HB. HB knows!

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    I will not allow our hard work to be rolled out in a manner that has no chance of success.” He added, “Moving forward on immigration — in this hurried, panicked manner — is nothing more than a cynical political ploy.” Graham told reporters Thursday he was outraged at the idea that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had raised the idea of bringing up immigration before an energy bill, especially since he and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) had spent weeks working on a bipartisan immigration measure and had not been alerted to the change in plans. “Am I supposed to write every bill for the whole country?” Graham asked. “This comes out of left field.”

    Senator graham warns dems

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    McCain to obama

    Walk a mile in az moccasins

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    Big test vote scheduled for Mon unless Reid retrenches

    Hope 41 republicans stick together!

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    This looked interesting

    Will check later to see if anyone uploaded vids

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    21 April 2010

    Dartmouth astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser discussed origins of the universe, of matter, and of life, as well as their asymmetrical properties.

    Current physics works with two main branches

    — the physics of the very big– built around Einstein’s theory of relativity dealing with the universe, and quantum mechanics– the physics of the very small, which studies atoms and the particles they are composed of.

    The Big Bang, he explained, suggests that the universe was once a very tiny point that exploded in such a way that space itself was stretched out and expanded.

    “When you’re very close to the beginning of time, the universe was so small,” that physicists have to use quantum mechanics to describe what was going on, essentially marrying the physics of the very small with the physics of the very large.

    These “theory of everything” attempts such as superstring theory

    (which supposes there are 10 dimensions)

    fall flat because they don’t represent the truth of all science, he commented.

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    Additional comments over here:

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    From Italian UFO website

    Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham (subject of above post)

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    Link for Italian UFO website

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    Crop “Circle”

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    Ma cosa sono i cerchi nel grano? What are crop circles?

    Quale la loro misteriosa origine? What is their mysterious origin?

    Lo abbiamo chiesto a uno studioso statunitense accorso a Sequals alla notizia dello storico avvenimento.

    We asked an American scholar Sequals rushed to the news of the historic event.

    “Si tratta di una rappresentazione dalla forma rotonda o ellittica, con un diametro che varia dai 45 centimetri ai 200 metri e una estensione media di 50 metri.

    “This is a representation of the round or elliptical, with diameters ranging from 45 cm to 200 meters and an average size of 50 meters.

    Tutto è di una precisione assoluta, e, come in questo caso, con una straordinaria fantasia nel disegno.

    Everything is fully accurate, and, as in this case, with an extraordinary imagination in design.

    Molto particolare è anche il modo in cui i cerchi vengono tracciati: le piante di grano vengono piegate delicatamente, tutte nella stessa direzione e mai spezzate.

    Something special is the way in which the circles are drawn: the wheat plants are gently folded, all in the same direction and never broken.

    Continuano infatti a crescere tranquillamente, raggiungendo così sdraiate, la piena maturazione.” Da recenti studi è emerso che le piante prelevate dai cerchi presentano notevoli alterazioni fisiche e genetiche, spiegabili solo con l’irradiazione di microonde sconosciute all’uomo.

    Continues to grow quietly, reaching lying, fully ripe. “Recent studies have shown that plants removed from the circles show considerable genetic and physical alterations, explicable only by the microwave radiation unknown to man.

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    Still government motors

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    In short, GM is using government money to pay back government money to get more government money. And at a 2% lower interest rate at that. This is a nifty scheme to refinance GM’s government debt–not pay it back! 

    From article linked above

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    Be all that as it may, I think the biggest impact of the new law won’t actually be in its implementation; rather, the hyperbolic fear-mongering by the bill’s opponents will actually amplify its effect far beyond anything the sponsors could have wished for. The bill on its own obviously isn’t going to create a police state or Nazi Germany, but it’s also not a magic wand that’s going to make illegal immigration go away — it’s a modest measure, part of which simply parallels federal law, and gives police some extra useful tools (citizens, too, who may now sue sanctuary jurisdictions). But if the thing had been passed and signed with little fuss, it wouldn’t have half the attrition effect it’s going to have.So my advice to the open-borders folks: Fear-monger away! 04/24 02:24 PM

    The corner

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    Mark steyn on bill Clinton comparing tea partiers with fertilizer bombers

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    Which works fine when you’re up against phantom enemies of the kind Clinton preferred to take on, while giving real threats the run of the planet. If the Tea Partiers were truly the murderous goons they’ve been portrayed as, they would draw the obvious lesson from the kid gloves with which Comedy Central strokes Islam. They would say, “Enough with peaceful rallies where we pick up the litter afterwards. Let’s just threaten to decapitate someone. You get more respect that way. At least from the media.” But they won’t do that. Because, notwithstanding their outrageous demonization by the media, they’re not terrorists. So, in the end, Comedy Central has incentivized Islamic violence and nothing much else. Nevertheless, we should be grateful to its jelly-spined executives for reminding us that the cardboard heroes of the American media are your go-to guys for standing up to entirely fictitious threats. But for real ones? Not so much.

    Mark steyn from article linked above

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    Mark steyn audio clips

    For listening only purposes

    How dare they diss my Mark steyn!!!

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    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Senate Republican has called for the “strongest” derivatives rules, signaling that Democrats may get the votes needed to start debating their sweeping financial regulation bill on Monday. Just days before the Senate was due to vote to start working on Democrats’ legislation, Senator Olympia Snowe said that strong derivatives regulation goes to the heart of an effective financial reform bill. “If we are to effectively regulate the derivatives market, we must start the Senate floor debate with the strongest proposal we can craft and defend against the inevitable attempts to weaken it,” Snowe told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a letter dated on Friday. Democrats need to convince at least one of the 41 Republican senators to vote with them in order to start debating a bill to impose new rules for the financial system. Snowe and other moderate Republicans such as Susan Collins are under pressure from the White House to support Democrats’ efforts to overhaul the financial system. Although Republicans had vowed on Friday to oppose Democrats’ efforts until the sides were able to reach a bipartisan agreement, public anger over Wall Street’s taxpayer bailout and Goldman Sachs’ alleged fraud may force Republicans’ hand.

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    A retired Army general and national-security-policy expert says Lt. Col. Terry Lakin has “a valid point” and should use his “right to discovery” to force the Obama administration to produce proof of his natural-born-citizenship status. In an interview with Evil Conservative Radio, Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely said, “I think many in the military – and many out of the military – question the natural-birth status of Barack Obama. … I’m not convinced that he is [a natural-born citizen].” Vallely, CEO of Stand Up America U.S., graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961, serving 32 years. He said he inspected his own long-form birth certificate, and it contains a doctor’s name, date and location of birth. “But he’s never been able to produce that,” he said of Obama. “His unwillingness to do it also concerns me. I think Lt. Col. Lakin has a valid point. … He refuses to produce a birth certificate that states the witnessing of the birth, the date and who is the doctor. We don’t know why he won’t come out with that.” As WND reported today, the Army has filed two charges against Lakin, citing alleged violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice Articles 87 and 92.


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    The Congressional Budget Office estimates the national debt — which is approaching $13 trillion — will reach 90 percent of the U.S. economy by 2020.  “It is not just unsustainable. It is unconscionable,” Simpson said.  Bowles said he would like to find ways to cut spending before taking up the possibility of tax increases. He said the massive portion of the budget eaten up by entitlement programs like Social Security is a “formula for disaster,” and that those programs cannot be sacred cows. The idea of a value-added tax has generated a lot of controversy in Washington in recent weeks, as top officials connected to the Obama administration have openly discussed its implications. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs insists the president is not considering it, but Obama himself appeared open to the idea in an interview last week. 

    Fox news

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    New Thread:

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    Game Six about to start 11AM Pacific

    Hoping Coyotes can win one more so Phoenix gets one more home game.

    A lot of money for all concerned.

    I’ve never seen my husband so animated about a playoff game before, and I’ve been through a lot with him.

    Suffice it to say that some in Detroit organization have been less than charitable with Phoenix during the hard times we’ve all endured when it looked like team might be leaving the valley.

    So I guess I’ll have to excuse his potty mouth. Actually it’s very entertaining!

    But our doggie comes running to me because he’s scaring her!

    We’ll deal with it whatever the outcome.

    Things are looking up already for valley hockey.

    And it looks as though the company my husband works for is going to get another piece of the business out of the deal.

    Good things come to those who wait?!

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    Irfan Playlist

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    Dems and repubs closer to deal on fin reg?

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    Senator Corker, appearing Sunday on the ABC program “This Week,” said he was not yet ready to open debate but suggested that a compromise was possible. He emphasized the prospects for reaching a bipartisan agreement before the bill gets to the floor, rather than promptly opening debate as the Democrats want to do .”I want to see a bill,” he said. “What we need to do is have a template. We don’t need to address every issue in this compromise, but one that deals with derivatives, one that deals with consumer protection and one that deals with this orderly liquidation. If we get that template agreed to in a bipartisan way, then we can debate some of the amendments.”But he echoed some of the populist anger heard in recent weeks when he urged that the bill include penalties for the executives of failed banks.Indeed, appearing on the same show, Senator Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat on the banking committee, said, “I wish there were more Bob Corkers in the Senate Republican caucus because he’s been very open with negotiations.”Senator Shelby also took an opportunity to voice some vigorous criticism of the financial industry: “From my perspective and the perspective of a lot of people in America, we’ve got to end once and for all the casino atmosphere on Wall Street, where they’re gambling basically on synthetic ideas and so forth, with somebody else’s money, putting banks and our whole banking system at risk and producing nothing.”
    From article linked above

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    GrooveShark Playlists

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    4shared “playlists”

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  45. rosettasister Says:

    Crop Circles – From Roswell to Sequals, an unsolved mystery longer than sixty years: alien or human?


    (I don’t know if this is real or hoax. But I do believe some crop circles are real.)

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Video clip is from this Jaime Maussan lecture:

    The reply to a message we sent into deep space in 1974 and the message for mankind that came a year to the day after receiving the reply.

  47. rosettasister Says:

    This video is very well done by Jaime Maussan and is very very good.

    The entire video is about 1-1/2 hrs, but due to rules it had to be split into smaller (10 parts) files.

    It’s worth watching every bit of it and has some of the best UFO video footage I’ve ever seen.

    Jaime is the best and most prolific researcher in this field.

    A huge amount of information and evidence here from encounters from the 1st to the 2nd kind, answers to crop circles and their meanings, and the best video evidence yet of why we can’t always see the UFO’s.

    If you haven’t already seen this, don’t dare pass it up, especially if you have seen one and are looking for answers.

    Prepare to be blown away.

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Prime Numbers and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Carl Pomerance, Bell Labs—Lucent Technologies

  49. rosettasister Says:

    The Chilbolton ‘Arecibo message’ Formation

    On Tuesday 21st August 2001 two new crop formations were reported near Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. Both were very impressive looking and consisted of a large number of small ‘pixels’, which when viewed from the air formed a recognisable shape – unlike many other crop formations.

    One represented a ‘human face’ and the other resembled a radio transmission that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974. This latter formation will be examined in this article, in which I hope to not only describe and explain the original transmission, but also to examine and decode a number of significant changes occurring in the crop formation.

    After speaking to witnesses, it would appear that the ‘Arecibo’ formation was created on August 20th. Although I could roughly make out the binary pattern of the formation from aerial photographs, some aspects were not quite clear enough to discern individual ‘digits’. Therefore I visited both formations myself (they are about 200m apart in the same field) on Saturday 25th August 2001.

  50. rosettasister Says:

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Additional comments here:

  52. rosettasister Says:

  53. rosettasister Says:

    I’d Rather Be The Devil

    I’d rather be the devil and I will leave my woman’s ?mane?
    Yes, I’d rather be the devil and I will leave my woman’s ?mane?
    ‘Cause nothing but the devil knows my baby’s
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    Nothing but the devil knows my baby’s name

    Well, I laid down last night and I was trying to take my rest
    Yes, I laid down last night, I was trying to take my rest
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    Mind starts a-rambling like the wild geese in the west

    The woman I love, though she’s evil all the time
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    But I know you’ll get lucky, steal her back
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    I know you’ll get lucky, steal her back again

  54. rosettasister Says:

    “I’d Rather Be the Devil”

  55. rosettasister Says:

    Divinely Decadent [Mark Steyn]

  56. rosettasister Says:

    “Jesus is in control.”

  57. rosettasister Says:

  58. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, goody! The Rev. Al Sharpton is coming back to town!

    Good reverend, please bring Bertha Lewis with you.

    Then go on with Lou Dobbs again, so he can take you to task for dissing our Sheriff Joe!


    Amnesty Forces Outraged by Tough Arizona Law

    The Rev. Al Sharpton has said that he is ready to travel to Arizona and march in the streets to protest the new law. (The Washington Post, April 25, 2010).

  59. rosettasister Says:

    By the time Al Sharpton gets to Phoenix …

    (previous posts regarding Al Sharpton, Bertha Lewis, Lou Dobbs and Sheriff Joe)

    (still looking for video, but the transcript is there.)

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  61. rosettasister Says:

  62. rosettasister Says:

    In a strange mood for Les Claypool

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Top Posts (the past week)

    Mere Human Beings

    Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery for Mere Mortals (Polarik – Techdude – TexasDarlin – Israel Insider)

    2009 Tax Misery & Reform Index


    The RosettaSister Gang of Liberty Lovers — número tres

    How can we sing King Alpha’s song in a strange land?

    Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham


    (I still don’t get why Mere Human Beings gets so many views.)

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt

  65. rosettasister Says:

    46. blessedistruth Says:

    April 26, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    why don’t you ever post anything from me?


  66. rosettasister Says:

    You may also find this of interest:

    Trinity people aren’t speaking up either because they don’t want to be the one to stop the first black president or they are scared to talk.

    HillBuzzBlogspotCom wrote: June 30th, 04:15 PM

    Adrienne – I told you exactly what I have been told by people in the gay community here who have said there are definite open secrets about BHO.

    I’ve never remarked on the Sinclair stuff for one solid reason: it does not make sense with what the gay community in Chicago tells me.

    Not saying it couldn’t be true, but that’s not BHOs’ M.O. here.

    Being on the down-low means you only fool around with other married guys on the down-low, and there are enough successful, wealthy down-low members of Trinity, who are married, and thus have as much to lose if they rat out the other guy who is on the downlow.

    Some are athletes, some are other high profile men in the community, and some are not even members of the church, but elected officials themselves, in other states (that start with “M”, like in Michelle) or other cities (that start with “B”, like in beard).

    The people I have spoken to who know Trinity well, and know open secrets well, say people aren’t speaking up either because they don’t want to be the one to stop the first black president or they are scared to talk….

    HOWEVER, they said they are positive that, after he would become President, that the open secret will no longer be a secret, and that the carefully-arranged down-low secret pacts will collapse, because the media will have an incentive to create the most sensational sex scandal to ever hit the White House: the first bisexual president.

    In short — and let’s see if this clears things up — there are people who know open-secrets who are staying quiet because outing a presidential candidate is not something they want to do, but outing a president, and exposing him as a bisexual, would be something they’d see as important, because it’s a step towards having an openly gay president.

    Think James McGreevey….yes, his administration collapsed when he came out, and he came out only because his affair was being telegraphed, but McGreevey still served, briefly, as an openly gay US governor.

    That’s a step towards having other openly gay governors in the future — ones not tainted with scandal, preferably.

    Outing Obama as a candidate will keep him from being elected….outing him if he becomes President means the US will have its first outed bisexual/gay president.

    There is no putting that genie back in its bottle.

    I don’t agree with any of this Adrienne….I am just telling you what I hear on a regular basis here in Chicago.

  67. rosettasister Says:

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Music under separate cover.

  69. rosettasister Says:


  70. rosettasister Says:

    Well, shoot! HCF is now CommonGroundPolitics?!

    That means I can access everything I posted there, I think.

  71. rosettasister Says:

    Hey, check it out! I found this at Korir’s site.

    The Obama – Odinga connection led me to Korir.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.

  72. rosettasister Says:

    4/26/2010 at 10:55 pm

    Wow, thank you – that’s pretty explosive stuff, but then not really a surprise; Larry spilled the beans a long time ago…only they’ve been desperate to keep the truth from coming out.

    Thanks so much for dropping by and letting us all know.


    Regarding this:

  73. rosettasister Says:

    4/27/2010 at 6:46 am | Permalink

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.


    I found that in my “sent” mail folder.

    I had sent it to probably 2 or 3 news outlets which had printed the not-even half truth that Larry had “failed” his lie detector test.

    And I’ve just been sitting on it because, well, I didn’t write it.

    And was I pleasantly surprised when I clicked on Hillary Clinton Forum link, and it actually linked!

    I thought HCF was no more, but apparently it’s been resurrected as Common Ground Politics.

    Which means I can access all of my old posts there, so I’m thrilled.

    I even googled “hillary clinton forums” the other day and linked it at my blog, not realizing the connection.

    And my old password worked!

    So life is a circle.

    Thanks for posting this, Cao.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Verve Remix Playlist

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Late to the party, as usual.

    I can’t help it. I love both Joni and Dylan – always will.

    Some of my favorite artists are hopeless lefties, but I don’t let that get in the way.

    Except for Springsteen. I’m really steamed at him.

    So pissant is a Dylan fan. I knew it!

    Anyway, not my favorite Joni album, but one of her best.

  76. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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