Lightning Shot Right Down From The Sky


The Lightning is a yellow Fork
by Emily Dickinson

The Lightning is a yellow Fork
From Tables in the sky
By inadvertent fingers dropt
The awful Cutlery

Of mansions never quite disclosed
And never quite concealed
The Apparatus of the Dark
To ignorance revealed.

How lightning initially forms is still a matter of debate.

Scientists have studied root causes ranging from atmospheric perturbations (wind, humidity, friction, and atmospheric pressure) to the impact of solar wind and accumulation of charged solar particles. Ice inside a cloud is thought to be a key element in lightning development, and may cause a forcible separation of positive and negative charges within the cloud, thus assisting in the formation of lightning.

The fear of lightning (and thunder) is astraphobia.
I am astraphobic!

Lightning Shot Right Down From the Sky
by Troy

It was late one night when a friend and I
Set out and we were up to no good.
He said it was it was a bright idea
But I said “No, I don’t think we should”

Hopes were high, so was the sky
and the weather, it was quite divine
Mike grabbed a shovel, looked at me
Standing there, I already had mine

The work commenced with a chop and a dig
The booty we sensed with a scoop and a throw
Toiling like dogs dragging a sled
With a mighty heave and a sturdy ho

The night wore on as I hummed my song
Our ride was parked on a slide
And then God jumped in the final verse
The Almighty sang baritone

Feeling small, like I didn’t matter at all
As I reluctantly looked up at the sky
God was taking our picture and having a ball
While each flash pierced my eye

There’s a time for work, a time for play
And a time for getting on home
My friend and I heard God say,
“Boys, it’s time for you to roam”

We took his advice and didn’t think twice
As we made our way to the truck
Jump on in and the tires did spin
Oh my, don’t you know we were stuck

The rain fell hard, the dark got bright
With each and every blue crack of light
We had settled in and were kicking back
Just as a silver bolt scorched the tracks

With the spark, the fury, the fire and the flame
My “tough stuff” attitude, God did tame
I’ll remember that night until the that day I die
The night that lightning shot right down from the sky

The story:
Many years back, a friend and I had discovered an area along the bank of a creek where fresh bulldozer work had uncovered an ancient campsite. It was right out in the open and close to the side of a major road that had a set of railroad tracks running parallel to it. We were anxious to dig for some relics, but couldn’t risk being seen, so we went at night. We hopped a curb and drove right up to the spot and were parked on the newly exposed dirt which was sloped toward the creek bottom. We were there for about an hour when the weather turned very violent. We tried to leave, but the vehicle got stuck in mud and was trying to slide down to the creek. We had no choice, but to just ride out the storm with lightning coming down all around us. While we were sitting there an enormous bolt came down and struck the railroad track about a hundred feet in front of us. It was an explosion and that’s the only way to describe it. We saw sparks shoot twenty to thirty feet in the air and there was a brief flame at ground level. It looked like what you would see from an industrial electric arc welder, only multiplied many times. It was a very humbling experience and a sight that I will never forget. If my memory serves me correctly, I think we may have both soiled our shorts.

Adam’s Apple

Back when Cain was able
Way before the stable
Lightning shot right out from the sky
A mothership with fate said
Let’s give it a try

Conscience was related
Man, he was created
Lady Luck took him by surprise
Her sweet and bitter fruit
Is sure to open his eyes

Well, she ate it
Lordy, it was love at first bite
Well, she ate it
Never knowin’ wrong from right, right, right, right

Even Eve in Eden
Voices tried deceivin’
With lies to show the lady the way
At first she stopped and turned
And tried to walk away

Man, he was believer
Lady was deceiver
So the story goes, but you see
The snake was he and she just climbed right up his tree

So, she ate it
Lordy, it was love at first bite
Well she ate it
Never knowin’ wrong from right, right, right

Conscience was related
Man, he was created
When Lady Luck took him by surprise
Her sweet and bitter fruit
Is sure to open his eyes

Evil came like rain
And who knows who’s to blame
And something tried to lay her to waste
And all she want to need was just a little taste

Well, she ate it
Lordy, it was love at first bite
Yeah, She ate it
Never knowin’ wrong from right, right, right, right
Well, she ate it
Lordy, it was love at first bite
Yeah, she ate it
Never knowing wrong from right, right,
Well that’s right


305 Responses to “Lightning Shot Right Down From The Sky”

  1. Katie Says:

    1st of First?? Wahooooo!!!!

  2. Troy Says:

    About the post:
    I barely have a creative bone in my body, so coming up with an idea for a new post was a struggle….While sitting around a song, for no particular reason, popped into my head…Y’all know how that goes…Anyway, a line from the song lyrics reminded me of a night in which I experienced some wicked weather and was actually a little concerned for my safety….So, I decided to make the line from the song, the theme for a post….Everything in the post came from the words, “Lightning shot right down from the sky”…I also posted the song that had popped into my head for no reason.

    Well anyway, that’s it…I guess that’s one way to do it…I hope you all enjoyed.

    Rose can make more than one person a “guest administrator” like me….I’d like to see some other volunteers and maybe we could take turns creating new posts….Hint, hint!!!…Any takers???

  3. Troy Says:

    Katie!!!…You snuck in on me before I posted the new link!

    You were quick on the draw…Good for you!!! 😀

  4. Katie Says:

    Awesome, Troy! Congrats to you! And Rose – you as a teacher must be so proud of your progeny. 🙂

    Troy. “The story” is redundant – your poem does a beautiful job of telling the story, and creates quite a visual in the mind of the reader. Yikes!

    A Star is Born!

  5. Troy Says:

    “The story” is redundant – your poem does a beautiful job of telling the story, and creates quite a visual in the mind of the reader. Yikes!
    Thanks Katie!!!…That’s good to know…I was kind of worried that people might be scratching their head after reading the poem…It was clear as a bell to me because I was the one writing it…I wasn’t sure how it would read to others…Woo Hooo!!!!

  6. Troy Says:

    Well Rosie, I probably went about in an unothadoxed way, but it looks like the post came through without going, Poof!!! 😀

  7. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — I love Emily Dickinson. I love poetry in general and used to write a few myself. I’ve been posting on the old thread for the past few minutes. Guess I’ll move them over here before I take my nap!!!!

    You’ve really put a lot of time and thought into your post. Congrats!!!!

  8. ryansgrammy Says:

    This story coupled with the ACORN fraud (heard they were all over NJ today), make you wonder about the validity of elections. I still believe there’s a lot of fraud from 2008 that hasn’t been uncovered yet!

  9. ryansgrammy Says:

    HCR brings more fear than terrorism — according to Foxx from NC.

  10. ryansgrammy Says:

    New Seal for U.S. 5th Army North has entire North American continent and not just the USA??????

  11. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is from Orly’s site. Troy — do you know what RICO means in the world of legalese?????? I haven’t a clue!

  12. ryansgrammy Says:

    ACT! for America calls for Federal Investigation of CAIR


  13. ryansgrammy Says:

    Some good articles on theobamafile including more evidence linking WH directly to Nat’l Endow for the Arts.

  14. ryansgrammy Says:

    Tea Parties Against Amnesty
    By Marinka Peschmann, Special to Canada Free Press
    Tuesday, November 3, 2009
    A preemptive strike to stop amnesty from becoming law is in the works.
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on the immigration enforcement movement to team up with the Taxpayer Tea Party and 9/12 movements to hold “Tea Parties Against Amnesty” rallies across America on November 14.

  15. ryansgrammy Says:

    A letter from a Navy veteran to Judge Carter.

    okay — I’ve moved most of my posts over. Got a wordpress error that I was posting too fast so I had to slow down. Of course when I slowed down, I got a bowl of ice cream. Now I’m really ready for the nap. 🙂

  16. Katie Says:

    I have said for almost a year that we will never have a fair presidential election again…these criminals didn’t get this far without having a plan in place, as we’re already feeling with Corzine’s race.

    Lame Cherry agrees.

  17. jrinNC Says:

    Troy – I am WOWed here. Excellent job. I think you just found your niche.


  18. cynkading Says:

    Troy, you do have a creative bone! Thank you for your work and I love your theme. I am a bit under the weather again. Finally got into see somebody over my molar problems. I went to a another dentist and got a second opinion on what dental work needs to be done. Well needless to say It will be a work in progress. It amounts to 5 teeth being pulled and having a partial being made. At least it will be teeth that will not be noticed by anyone. 🙂 I did have one pulled today.

  19. cynkading Says:

    Democrats’ concerns over abortion may imperil health bill

  20. cynkading Says:

    The people in this country are stocking up because they do not trust their leaders muchless their government thus the reason for people stocking up. They may take our gun rights away but I don’t see some voluntarily handing over their guns. I am the perfect example.

    Bullets are speeding faster out of gun shops in U.S.
    Demand is up despite drop in crime rate

  21. cynkading Says:

    George Soros bets against America
    Billionaire attacks capitalism, makes billions on global recession

  22. cynkading Says:

    I am not happy about this. I wonder what this little conversation will be about and what he will be promising for her vote on the HCR.

    Arkansas Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln is the latest legislator scheduled for an Oval Office sit-down with the president. She’s due at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday.

  23. jrinNC Says:

    Czechs’ Klaus signs EU treaty, enters force December 1

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus signed the EU’s Lisbon Treaty on Tuesday, removing the last barrier to the bloc’s plan to overhaul its institutions and win a bigger role on the world stage.
    The EU has now formed.

  24. jrinNC Says:

    EU presidency trio lays claim to political power

    the prime ministers of Spain, Belgium and Hungary were keen to emphasize the importance of “institutional balance” – an oblique way of saying they do not wish to get elbowed out of the political picture by a powerful new president of the European Council, a post created by the almost-ratified Lisbon Treaty.

  25. jrinNC Says:

    NKorea claims to expand arsenal of atomic bombs

    North Korea claimed Tuesday that it has successfully weaponized more plutonium for atomic bombs, a day after warning Washington to agree quickly to direct talks or face the prospect of a growing North Korean nuclear arsenal.;_ylt=AuaLN0YzdEk1qWg_JEfq4odvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJtc203bW0zBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMTAzL2FzX2tvcmVhc19udWNsZWFyBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDbmtvcmVhcmFpc2Vz

  26. cynkading Says:

    Hollywood Receives Government Help — Why No Salary Caps?
    about 7 hours ago from twitterfeed

  27. jrinNC Says:

    Apologies if previously posted

  28. cynkading Says:

  29. j.b. Says:

    Nice job, Troy! I agree with Katie, the poem said it all. I also know a thing ar two about perfectionism, so……..Now that the first ones outta the way, it’ll be “cake” from now on, I’m sure. wink,wink.

    I am watching these elections almost as closely as I did a year ago today. (can you believe it has been a year?)
    I am so encouraged by the early indicators. We are on the cusp of something VERY BIG as a Nation. We are about to either save our GREAT COUNTRY or lose HER entirely.(as we know Her) I choose to believe the former.

    Today, I have faith in Hope and Change. 🙂

    Here’s to SWEEPING ALL THREE elections and STOPPING that monstrosity of a bill erroniously called, “Healthcare Reform. “

  30. ryansgrammy Says:

    cynkading Says:

    November 3, 2009 at 9:16 pm
    I am not happy about this. I wonder what this little conversation will be about and what he will be promising for her vote on the HCR.
    Maybe there is something to the comments months ago about hypnosis. It just fries me that these elected officials are not listening to the majority of their constituents!

    Good luck with the dentist cynka! I hate the dentist!

  31. j.b. Says:

    cynka, good luck with your toof issues…Icertainly can relate. I have spent the last five years replacing many mercury filled teeth with porcelin crowns. I now have recurring nighmares (and daydreams) that when the surgeon finally removes my hardware in a few weeks, my CHOPPERS will follow! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!:(

  32. cynkading Says:

    Thank you Grammy! Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor have to come home some time. I have been calling their offices for weeks and encouraging others as well in my state. It won’t be long until her relection campaign will start up again. I assure you I will be done with her if she votes for that horrendous bill.

  33. ryansgrammy Says:

    GWB in Japan to throw out first pitch. Some idiot threw a pair of shoes at him and others protested outside.

  34. cynkading Says:

    Oh j.b., I know you have really been through an ordeal. You deserve the biggest steak dinner and whatever else you heart desires. The molar that I had pulled had a porcelain crown on it. I just could not afford a root canal at this time. One daughter graduating from college in Dec. and another one starting college next fall.

  35. j.b. Says:

    I sure like that LS song. I think I might have to buy that CD!

  36. jrinNC Says:

    Cynka and JB – I feel for both of you with all those dental/jaw problems. I have a feeling I am going to be right behind you. I know I am going to end up with a partial if not more – UGH I don’t think I can stand anything in my mouth as I have a very serious gag reflex.

    Here’s to SWEEPING ALL THREE elections and STOPPING that monstrosity of a bill erroniously called, “Healthcare Reform. “

    A BIG Here Here JB

  37. Troy Says:

    Rose!!!!!….HELP!!!!….Wordpress is sending me an automated email everytime someone posts a comment….How do I turn that off????


  38. CJ Says:

    Troy congratulations on a fine first thread of your own!! Very nicely done.

    I went and voted early today. Nothing too exciting in the local stuff so I just colored in all the boxes under Conservative line. Felt very good too. Normally, I’m all over the ballot picking the candidates who I feel are the best ones no matter the party.

    First time we have had to use the scanned ballots. I loved the old lever and pull-arm voting machines we had up until this year. They just seemed more real and safe to me. The ballot got sucked into the machine, falshed vote recorded and vanished inside. I don’t know about anyone else, but it just seemed weird.

    Oh well, I guess it’s just me and being unable to adapt to forced changes. I sure hope this method is secure and accurate. Have a very uneasy feeling about voting this way.

  39. cynkading Says:

    November 3, 2009
    Posted by: Erin
    Tagged: Barack Obama lies, democrat health care plan details, health care abortion, health care bill death panels, health care bill details, health care bill plain english, health care bill taxes, health care death panels, health care euthenasia, health care lies obama, health care Obama, House health care bill, house health care bill text, Michele Bachman rally, Michele Bachmann, Obama lies, Pelosicare, rush limbaugh health care, text house health care bill
    More study of the Democrats’ health care bill has turned up expected yet disturbing details…many of which directly contradict the increasingly ludicrous Obamaspin. Barry’s been out lying again to small businesses with his “If you like your plan and if you like what you’re paying for it, if you like your benefits, keep it, nothing’s going to change.” With a straight face.

    Here’s a taste of the Pelosicare truth:

    Page 94: “Prohibits the sale of private individual health insurance policies, beginning in 2013, forcing individuals to purchase coverage through the federal government.” In 2013, after the 2012 presidential election. In 2013, there is no private insurance allowed. The sale of it will be prohibited.

    Page 110: “Requires the use of federal dollars to fund abortions through the government-run health plan — and, if the Hyde Amendment were ever not renewed, would require the plan to fund elective abortions.”

    Page 111 — Section 223: “Establishes a new board of federal bureaucrats (the ‘Health Benefits Advisory Committee’) to dictate the health plans that all individuals must purchase — and would likely require all Americans to subsidize and purchase plans that cover any abortion.” The death panels are back, by the way.

    Page 211 — Section 321: “Establishes a new government-run health plan that, according to non-partisan actuaries at the Lewin Group, would cause as many as 114 million Americans to lose their existing coverage.”

    Page 225 — Section 330: “Permits — but does not require — Members of Congress to enroll in government-run health care.” So they’ll be able to opt out of it and maintain their Cadillac plans.

    Page 255 — Section 345: “Includes language requiring verification of income for individuals wishing to receive federal health care subsidies under the bill — while the bill includes a requirement for applicants to verify their citizenship, it does not include a similar requirement to verify applicants’ identity, thus encouraging identity fraud for undocumented immigrants and others wishing to receive taxpayer-subsidized health benefits.”

    Page 297 — Section 501: “Imposes a 2.5 percent tax on all individuals who do not purchase ‘bureaucrat-approved’ health insurance — the tax would apply on individuals with incomes under $250,000, thus breaking a central promise of then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign.”

    Page 313 — Section 512: “Imposes an 8 percent ‘tax on jobs’ for firms that cannot afford to purchase ‘bureaucrat-approved’ health coverage; according to an analysis by Harvard Professor Kate Baicker, such a tax would place millions ‘at substantial risk of unemployment’ — with minority workers losing their jobs at twice the rate of their white counterparts.”

    Page 336 — Section 551: “Imposes additional job-killing taxes, in the form of a half-trillion dollar ’surcharge,’ more than half of which will hit small businesses; according to a model developed by President Obama’s senior economic advisor, such taxes could cost up to 5.5 million jobs.” This is the thing we talked about yesterday, $500,000 for single filers, million dollars, the income surcharge on those earners. A lot of people are small business owners, and they file on their personal 1040 form.

    Page 520 — Section 1161: “Cuts more than $150 billion from Medicare Advantage plans.”

    Page 733 — Section 1401: “Establishes a new Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research; the bill includes no provisions preventing the government-run health plan from using such research to deny access to life-saving treatments on cost grounds, similar to Britain’s National Health Service, which denies patient treatments costing more than $35,000.”

    Page 1174 — Section 1802(b): “Includes provisions entitled ‘TAXES ON CERTAIN INSURANCE POLICIES’ to fund comparative effectiveness research, breaking Speaker Pelosi’s promise that ‘We will not be taxing [health] benefits in any bill that passes the House.’” And this, you know, is just the scratch-the-surface look ’cause there are 1,990 pages.

    Rush Limbaugh said yesterday:

    “You know the death panels are still in the bill. I got some e-mails, “Rush, you won’t find the word death panel in it.” Wake up, folks. It’s even being reported by State-Controlled Associated Press. End-of-life counseling remains in the bill. “The Medicare end-of-life planning provision that 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said was tantamount to death panels’ for seniors is staying in the Pelosi bill. The provision allows Medicare to pay for voluntary counseling to help beneficiaries deal with the complex and painful decisions families face when a loved one is approaching death. … But when House Democrats proposed this summer to pay doctors for end-of-life counseling, it touched off a wave of suspicion and anger,”and they took it out of there and said it wasn’t going to happen and it was never in there. So now it’s in there. Let’s not forget, Newsweek: “The Case for Pulling the Plug on Granny.”

    Keep reading the bill with us!! Pelosi wants a vote on this mess this week. If you can, join Michele Bachman Thursday for her March on Washington! Expected attendance is SKYROCKETING. If you can’t go, help blow up the phone lines and the email servers by burying your Reps with opposition. Click the link, put in your zip, and let them know if they vote for this outrage they’ll be coming home for good.

  40. Troy Says:

    Thanks CJ…TYVM!!!

  41. CJ Says:

    Yeah cynk: Why is Hollywood getting money and yet they don’t have to “share the wealth” like the rest of us. Oh wait, they can go out of the country to live and stash their money unlike the average person who buys the movies tix, dvds, cds etc. NEA is one of the administration’s pets right now. Good old Buffy is helping all the entertainment/arts people to get mucho stuff in exchange for selling their souls to the One.

  42. cynkading Says:

    CJ, I get wound up over the hollywood elites thinking that we should automatically get behind them on whatever their cause may be or who their choice of candidate is. It is if they have the same mind set that they know more than you do and that you are incapable of independent thinking. Sound like anyone you may know?

  43. joldy Says:

    Congratulations! Great Job TROY!

  44. Troy Says:

    Thanks, joldy!!!

  45. Goferit Says:

    magnificent piece. Your story was well put out and moved beautifully into your Poem. I am sure our good teacher Rose is quite proud of you!

  46. ryansgrammy Says:

    Just close your eyes after you read this and picture Judge Carter in CA. No, its not right to do but it does
    bring a smile to my face just thinking about it. 🙂

  47. Troy Says:

    Aww shucks!!…Thanks, Goferit!!! 😀

    I am sure our good teacher Rose is quite proud of you!
    I hope so….Rose and her blog are the inspiration!

  48. Troy Says:

    Bad link there, grammy.

  49. jrinNC Says:

    Troy like I posted earlier: I think you just found your niche.
    Have to say when I first looked at it I thought Rose had done it, but to my surprise it was you. You definitely are in keeping with the inspiration from Rose and this blog. Keep up the good work.

  50. jrinNC Says:

    Gang got to leave all the posting to you all tonight. Got a temp of 100.4 right now and not feeling too swift. I don’t think I am coming down with flu as I don’t have all the symptoms, but I am miserable so I am headed for bed.

  51. Troy Says:

    Thanks, jr!!!

  52. Troy Says:

    Jr, take care of yourself and get to feeling better!!!….Get a good night sleep if you can!…See ya tomorrow.

  53. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — hope you’ll feel better in the a.m. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids

  54. ryansgrammy Says:

    Since the link didn’t work, I’ll give you the title:

    McHenry County Man Flips Off Judge, Goes To Jail

  55. cynkading Says:

    Obama expects climate deal at Copenhagen

  56. joldy Says:

    Feel better jr an like grammy said drink plenty of liquids.
    I’ sore from raking all day, hard to move, i’m cold and emoying a hot cup of green tea with splenda and little almond extract. yummy.

    Listening to blog talk, about 40 mn remaining..

    Drive The Nail

    h:46794 s:739579 Tonight, Drive The Nail will be Hosted by Carl Swensson Chalice as the co-Host of this hard hitting show. Tonight’s show welcomes Rob Class who will be updating the listeners on the legal challenge of Rod Class vs Corporate USA. (p)There is never dull moment when Rod is on! Carl and Chalice have Grand Jury and Quo Warranto questions to ask him that you will won’t want to miss the answer to. Tune in live or listen to the podcast. Chat with us live during the sho

  57. cynkading Says:

    Obama’s Dover Device

  58. cynkading Says:

    jr tyvm for the Lyrnrd Skynrd song. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

  59. cynkading Says:

    Political News Alert: McDonnell wins in Va., exit polls and early returns show

  60. cynkading Says:

    So do you think this upset will send a message to O and his crew?

  61. cynkading Says:

    Police Called to NY-23 Polling Places

  62. cynkading Says:

    Civil war: Blue Dog warns liberals that GOP wins tonight will mean a lot

  63. ryansgrammy Says:

    cynka — O will probably speed up his agenda even more because the handwriting appears to be on the wall and 2010 is just around the corner. GOP took top 3 spots in VA. Sadly our local delegate race had the good old boy winning and not our constitutional candidate (which the GOP, including McDonnell) wouldn’t back. She was a little too outspoken for them — like a Sarah Palin. It was a pretty close race though.

  64. cynkading Says:

    Who really pays any attention to Ted Danson and what he has to say?

  65. cynkading Says:

    Grammy, I agree with O having to get his policies forced through at lightening speed. The mask is really starting to slip off of his face and people are beginning to see just what he is all about.

  66. sdee Says:

    Two thumbs up Troy.

    Just checking in – I’ve not much time for reading lately. But looks like a good night – your first post and some good news on the election tickers.

    It is looking better that I will be able to make it to DC Thursday – just a bit more rearranging to do.

    Anyone else going?

  67. cynkading Says:

    I wonder what the reaction will be from the White House tomorrow and what Robert Gibbs will come up with. It will be hard for him and O to deny what people are trying to say.

  68. budgy Says:

    Troy–wonderful story for this thread! If that’s what comes out of a body with no creativity, WOW! Congratulations on a job well done!

    Yeah!!! Glad to hear the Dems are losing (so far) in the elections. Poor O…lol

  69. cynkading Says:

    Calling it a night gang. Troy, great job, looking forward to what will be coming next. Hasta manana.

  70. ryansgrammy Says:

    Night cynka!

  71. ryansgrammy Says:

    Reps taken VA and NJ!!!!!! All I’m waiting for is the NY23 and then I’m hitting the hay.

    Troy — take a bow. Your first thread is a winner!!!!!!!

  72. Fernley Girl Says:

    Troy, you are awesome!!!

    and, I know I asked for prayers for my daughter, but I don’t think I said “Thank You” for your support. I am having a hard time staying focused on anything right now.

  73. ryansgrammy Says:

    Fernley — I will keep you and your daughter in prayer as you deal with this awful disease.

    Night gang.

  74. Troy Says:

    Thanks everyone!…I appreciate it!!!

  75. Troy Says:

    Wooo hoooo!!!…..Corzine is TOAST!!!!

  76. Troy Says:

    Wow sdee!!….That’s good newa….I hope you are able to make DC and tell those of us who can’t all about it.

  77. Troy Says:

    God bless your daughter, Fernley girl

  78. Troy Says:

    G’ite grammy and cynka.

  79. Goferit Says:

    Well Gang,
    I am crtainly a proud New Jerseyan tonight. Along with all the other good election news, We really gave it to the PTB today.

    It was very interesting listening to the pundits this evening early on stating that if Va goes to the republicans and NJ goes to Christie, it really won’t have been a reflection on the president and his agenda.

    Once the numbers began to show Christie with the lead, all the talking heads started in how it really must be about the spending in Congress and how they are not listening to the will of the people. We knew here that what we had with Corslime was not sustainable. That the only winner with him was goldmanSachs and the Unions,

    The team that got elected tonight have quite a job cut out for them. I don’t know Christie personally, but he did not lower himself to the gutter level of campaigning unlike his competition. This was also our first election for a Lt. Governor, (that’s a whole other story with the chicanery that not having one brought about), but I’ve known her for a dozen years, and she is a great asset to his administration and the state. She is the sheriff of our county and was not afraid to stand her ground in how she ran things there.

    It’s a night to celebrate on many fronts!

  80. Troy Says:

    Goferit, congratulation on the good news from Jersey!…It must be a relief for you folks there…I hope the new leaders will keep their noses clean and do the people’s work for all of you guys.

  81. Goferit Says:


    I do to.

    This new Governor was the US attorney while GWB was in office. He prosecuted 130 cases of political corruption here in NJ, bot DEMS and REP’s and WON them all. No acquittals. After he left to prepare to run, the team he left had another major bust for corruption just this past summer. Dozen of pols where indicted and arrested. Many have plead guilty or tried to plea bargain, and the rest will be going up to trial in the near future.

    So, I really hope he can bring the change we all desperately need here!

  82. Troy Says:

    Most of NY precincts using electronic Sequoia voting systems (A Venezuelan company with strong ties to Hugo Chavez) – see purchase contracts
    by DefendUSx November 03, 2009 22:58

    Below is a link to Yahoo’s Cache server showing the purchase contracts by the NY state government for Sequoia voting systems from 2008-2013.

    A programmer, formly of Sequoia, stated the machines can be altered to skew results in just 5 minutes.

    Do not trust Sequoia! Deep in the tank for Socialism/Marxism – owned by Venezuelan company with direct and strong ties to Hugo Chavez.

    See/View purchase contracts here ..

    PS: Guess who gets to work on the machines when they have “mechanical problems”?

    Read more about Sequoia below ……………………………………………………..

    The manufacturer of Palm Beach’s voting machines is Sequoia Voting Systems.

    As most of us are unfamiliar with them let me share with you some of their history:


  83. ryansgrammy Says:

    Goferit — Congrats on your new Gov. I was more interested in your race in NJ than ours in VA because it was so close in your neck of the woods and you’re in a blue state. Like you said, this guy will have his hands full. I love the fact that Obamass spent his weekend stumping for the loser. 🙂 Perhaps the press will be asking a lot more difficult questions today of Gibbsy.

    Too bad Hoffman didn’t win in NY — it would have been a slam dunk!

  84. ryansgrammy Says:

    Thought this was a great article about sociopaths, narcissism and what has happened to our society. Bring back the 50’s when to coin a phrase “life was good”.

  85. ryansgrammy Says:

    This article is by Lloyd Marcus (who has a new CD out BTW). I am soooo sick of seeing people (in this case a high school student) being labeled racists because they don’t support the Obamas. (Isn’t that the strategy of Saul Alinsky??)

  86. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — hope you are feeling better this a.m. How is your daughter doing since the accident????

  87. ryansgrammy Says:

    Was happy to see that the PA Supreme Court has a GOP majority now!!!!

  88. Troy Says:

    Article below was written in 2006 by the “Washington Post”, also known to be a CIA propaganda front. See the ties between Chavez, Smartmatic, CIA, and drug smugglers … last and certainly not least, the voting machines – now in many US states (20+) with contracts from 2008 thru 2013.

    Special to The Washington Post
    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    The nation’s third-largest supplier of electronic voting machines said yesterday that it asked the federal government to review its purchase by a company controlled by Venezuelans to allay concerns that it is influenced by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

    The company, Smartmatic Corp., and its subsidiary, Sequoia Voting Systems Inc., are being investigated by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States.

    more here:

  89. Troy Says:

    Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked?
    by DefendUSx November 04, 2009 00:29

    Some question if report that pay-per-view system to be introduced is a hoax, but wider march to regulate the web is documented

    Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet | June 11, 2008

    ISP’s have resolved to restrict the Internet to a TV-like subscription model where users will be forced to pay to visit selected corporate websites by 2012, while others will be blocked, according to a leaked report. Despite some people dismissing the story as a hoax, the wider plan to kill the traditional Internet and replace it with a regulated and controlled Internet 2 is manifestly provable.

    “Bell Canada and TELUS (formerly owned by Verizon) employees officially confirm that by 2012 ISP’s all over the globe will reduce Internet access to a TV-like subscription model, only offering access to a small standard amount of commercial sites and require extra fees for every other site you visit. These ‘other’ sites would then lose all their exposure and eventually shut down, resulting in what could be seen as the end of the Internet,” warns a report that has spread like wildfire across the web over the last few days.

    The article, which is accompanied by a You Tube clip, states that Time Magazine writer “Dylan Pattyn” has confirmed the information and is about to release a story – and that the move to effectively shut down the web could come as soon as 2010.

    Watch the clip.

  90. Troy Says:

    So, that is why Obama wants to give free Internet access to every single boy and girl…Get as many people “hooked” on the Internet as possible so they can become new customers.

    Internet soon to be = Cable TV

  91. ryansgrammy Says:

    From Dr.Kate

  92. Troy Says:

    Maine Voters Repeal Law Allowing Gay Marriage
    By Amy Goodnough, 11/4/09

    In a stinging setback for the national gay-rights movement, Maine voters narrowly decided to repeal the state’s new law allowing same-sex marriage.

    With 87 percent of precincts reporting early this morning, 53 percent of voters had approved the repeal, ending an expensive and emotional fight that was closely watched around the country as a referendum on the national gay-marriage movement. Polls had suggested a much closer race.

    With the repeal, Maine became the 31st state to reject same-sex marriage at the ballot box. Five other states – Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire and Vermont – have legalized same-sex marriage, but only through court rulings and legislative action.

    The Maine vote was particularly discouraging for gay-rights groups because it took place in New England, the region that has been the most open to same-sex marriage, and because opponents of the repeal had far outspent backers. Gov. John Baldacci, a Democrat, had enthusiastically backed the state law allowing gay marriage, passed by the legislature in May but put on hold until the referendum took place.

    The repeal came a year after California voters banned same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment. Preliminary results showed strong opposition to the repeal in Portland, the state’s biggest city, but not enough to counter widespread support in more conservative regions to the north.

    In another Election Night setback for gay-rights supporters, Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey, who supports gay marriage, lost to Christopher Christie, a Republican who opposes it. Many believed the legislature there was close to passing a gay marriage bill, but with Mr Corzine’s defeat all bets are off.


  93. Troy Says:

    CNN poll: 54% disapprove of Obama economic performanceposted at 10:12 am on November 3, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly In an otherwise unremarkable poll of adults, as opposed to voters or likely voters, this result stands out, especially after the Obama administration’s attempts to both spin the numbers and blame George Bush for the economy. Fifty-four percent of respondents to the latest CNN poll disapprove of Barack Obama’s performance on the economy, a 17-point swing in six weeks. That isn’t the worst of the poll, either; 57% now disapprove of Obama’s performance on health care, a 19-point swing in that same time.
    CNN, of course, doesn’t mention the details on either in its own reporting on the poll:

  94. Troy Says:

    Video: Tehran protesters chanting Obama, Obama either with the Mullahs or us

    Here is another video from today’s anti-Mullahcracy protests in Tehran. In what was suppose to be a rally to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy, protesters have turned it into a renewed protest against the Mullahcracy and the rigged elections in June.

    In this video protesters are calling out President Obama and asking him if he’s with the Mullahs or the pro-democracy Iranians.

  95. Troy Says:

    I like the guys attitude. LOL

  96. Troy Says:

    Russia simulates nuclear attack on Poland

    A Polish leading news magazine, Wprost, has obtained documents that show that Russia and Belarus conducted a war game that simulated nuclear attacks on Poland.

    The war games took place back in September around the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union. If you recall, the Obama administration also canceled the missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.

    Poland is on it’s own, no help will come from Obama, the EU or anyone else and Putin and co. know this. Looks like Hillary’s wish to reset the relationship between the US and Russia have reset them back to the cold war era.


  97. Troy Says:

    I predict that mass electronic voter fraud will be uncovered in NY 23rd…Keep your eyes on it….Electronic (Seqoia / Chavez) voting machines have already been seized and impounded.

  98. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — that would be great if they should do that and get rid of those machines! Did you see where ACORN was likely to protest because they were blocked out of the NY23 race as poll watchers unless they lived there. Maybe since the dem won they won’t cause any problems. I’m glad this was just a mini election so Hoffman can get ready for 2010!

  99. Fernley Girl Says:

    I think I’ve posted this link before, but it since we’re talking about the voting machines:

    I read the book awhile ago. The links to the book are on the right, but you need to scroll down a bit to find them. It will open your eyes…’s really quite easy to steal an election. (Remember when the Houndurans found Zelaya’s voting machines already pre-loaded with the votes for him to win his illegal second term in office?)

  100. Troy Says:

    Well, tomorrow is the day that patriots are suppose to meet Michelle Bachman on the steps of Congress….I can’t wait to see how it turns out…I guarantee you that the vermin won’t show up to their offices tomorrow…They will be hiding like a bunch of little crap weasles.

  101. patriotamy Says:

    OK, so I didn’t get to check in yesterday. Lots of news. Thanks Rosetta’s Gang.

    It took me a while to catch up this morning.

    Troy, your post is fabulous! 🙂 Great work (great lessons by Rosetta).

    I was listening to a local radio host this morning, and his comments about the elections were reflective of everything that you ‘guys and gals’ had posted here last night!! 😀 Just as we thought, Rosetta’s Gang is on top of it and in the front of the news !! (Maybe he is a lurker here!)

    Troy, I too predict that they will find voter fraud in NY-23! There was a lot riding on that election, and that alone makes one suspicious. Especially when all the polls showed a different outcome.

  102. ryansgrammy Says:

    11 videos with children singing praises to Obamass uncovered.

  103. CJ Says:

    Troy: Did you find specific reports or news stories about the suspicion that there was possible voter fraud in NY-23? I have been looking in my local media reports and statewide media to catch anything. I too feel there may be an issue there. It was very close. I really wanted the trifecta on these results just because of the message it sends loud and clear. Well, that seat is up next year for a full term I believe so maybe it will turn out good anyway. Yuck, that Dem. Fla. Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz is being interviewed right now on Fox and she’s spinning the election results so much she’s just a blur on the screen. Hope she gets motion sickness.

  104. Katie Says:

    Morning Gang,

    We attended the Tea Party Express last night and I’ve got a lot to tell you about that wonderful experience. I will later today. I kept thinking throughout the event I’ve got to remember to tell Rose’s Gang about this – you guys are never far from my mind.

    Last night while driving home, I was checking because they have been all over the NY 23 election. The headline last night was that authorities had confiscated several voting machines. This morning, there’s no sign of that story.

    While I’m ecstatic that Christie won just for the fact that obummer spent so much time campaigning for him, I’m just as disgusted that the corruption appears to have continued in NY. How Hoffman went from +5 in the polls to -5% in the votes tells you all you need to know.

    VA & NJ are a great sign, but those are local elections. Only NY has national implications.

    I wonder if we’ll ever have a free, fair election again…

  105. cynkading Says:

    GOP Sweep Imperils Obamacare

  106. cynkading Says:

    Morning gang. 🙂 Things are looking up and I am happy about it. This should cause a few Dems to give pause to the way they have been voting against the people’s wishes.

  107. Fernley Girl Says:

    I heard Hoffman tell someone (Hannity?) on Fox last night that some absentee ballots, and machines, had been confiscated, and that he didn’t know any more about it. I’ve been waiting for an announcement, but nothing so far. Hannity needs to contact Hoffaman.

  108. CJ Says:

    Katie thanks for the link. As a NYS resident I am very interested to see what the fallout is from that race. Geraldine Ferraro was on Hannity’s show yesterday afternoon and she predicted the Dem. win due to the fact that she had talked to a close contact who has been in politics in that district for years. Apparently this unnamed person told Ferraro that the local repubs were ticked because of the intrusion of all these national politicians trying to promote Hoffman. This person said voters did not like being told who to support. FWIW. Of course she is a true heart Dem so I wouldn’t expect much else, but her reason was interesting anyway. She’s very famililar with the 23 district. I agree with you however, this seems pretty strange that he went +5 to-5.

  109. CJ Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am beginning to think the real issues that we need to worry about are the amnesty bill and the emerging facts about Islamist infiltration into our govt and society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the founding principle of freedom of religion for all, but when the line gets blurred and societal, legal and governmental boundaries are being tweaked and pushed quietly by a group such as this I get nervous. Especially when the group has some of the most radical America haters as members. Europe is just waking up to this and I sure want America to avoid the same problems Europeans are now encountering because they did not pay attention to the sneaky takeover of their traditions, laws and society by this group. They belatedly recognize their politicall correct tolerances have opened a Pandora’s box and it’s tough to shut the lid now. CAIR seems to be leading the charge here in our country. Blanket amnesty is a side car to all this imo. We need to be very vigilant and not get distracted by focusing only on the healthcare issue.

  110. cynkading Says:

    I got this today and wondered Troy if you are on this already? Have you called about this yet?

    Rewriting the Bill of Rights
    Make no mistake: Our Founders were onto something when they enshrined the right to keep and bear arms as the Second Amendment to our nation’s founding document, the United States Constitution.

    Because the Second Amendment is part of our nation’s supreme law, attacking gun rights means attacking the very foundation of the country.

    The gun grabbers know they have to deal with this supreme law at some point if they’re going to push their radical agenda through.

    And so they’ve decided to rewrite the Bill of Rights to best suit their plans.

    That’s right. In an attempt to circumvent our nation’s fundamental law, Barack Obama has rewritten his own version of the Bill of Rights and posted it on the White House website.

    According to Obama, “The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.”

    I don’t know about you, but my right to defend myself comes from my Creator — not from government, not from some bureaucrat or politician, but from my very nature as a human being.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that redefining a fundamental right as a privilege is a very dangerous path to start down.

    A right is inherent in our humanity and can never be taken away.

    A privilege can be removed at the whim of one’s rulers.

    But the President’s redefinition of our nation’s fundamental law isn’t enough for some anti-freedom zealots.

    Gun grabbers in our government-run education system are now seeking to brainwash your children into accepting their anti-gun agenda — also by rewriting the Bill of Rights.

    Lesson plans in Garland, Texas, (Texas?! Really?!) now teach the Second Amendment by summarizing as follows, “Amendment 2: We can get permission to own weapons to protect ourselves.”

    This couldn’t be any further from what the Second Amendment clearly states!

    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    I want you to call the White House and the Garland Independent School District and demand they restore the original language to the Second Amendment.

    The White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111
    GISD Superintendent Curtis Culwell: 972-487–3023

    Tell them you will not stand for revisionist history or the weakening of our nation’s fundamental law. The Founding Fathers wrote it that way for a reason!

  111. cynkading Says:

  112. jrinNC Says:

    Grammy – Doing better this am, but it seems to be in bronchial tubes now. Drinking OJ and lemon juice out the ying yang. Plus all my vitamins. No fever this am thank goodness. It finally peaked at 101 but within a couple hours starting going back down.

    My daughter is still in much pain in her neck and lower back/hips. Insurance company told lawyer they were not paying for chiropractor – lawyer told them oh yes you are. Get this, they said it was because of the economy. I blew a gasket. Tough turkey. They also found more damage than initially found by adjuster. Don’t know what extent yet, guess I will find out today.

    Fernley my prayers are still being sent up for your daughter. I pray God will lay his healing hands upon her. Jesus says we only have to believe and ask in his name and it will be done.

  113. jrinNC Says:

    Secret Plan To Kill Internet By 2012 Leaked?
    If this is done I know I won’t be on the internet.

  114. Troy Says:

    Mainstream media backpedaling like crazy

    By Don Cobb

    Apparently, after realizing that 40 years of televised liberal propaganda hadn’t ‘taken’ as completely as they thought it had, the Propaganda Network (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC) is backpedaling like crazy away from their beloved ‘savior,’ whom they refer to openly as “The One.” Only weeks ago planted firmly on their knees in front of Barack Hussein Obama as they worshipped everything he said and did for the past 18 months, Obama’s handlers have obviously given the mainstream news media the nod to start pretending to be journalists again.

    As the NY Times and CNN both begin publishing opinions which are mildly critical of The Obama Show, the rest of Obama’s propaganda machine falls in line as well. The entire Propaganda Network (PN) is in reverse in America today. The White House now feigning anger with some of their most faithful and beloved partners (NYT and CNN), it appears that the $660 million dollar marketing campaign which convinced an America disillusioned by faux-Republican George Bush to vote for a secret candidate (no school records, no birth certificate, no passport records) was only effective while the propaganda was actually on the air promoting our Mystery President. Since the year-long onslaught of media-driven promotion of The Obama Show, ratings have dropped considerably as guest star after guest star (Obama administration appointed ‘Czars’) have turned out to be virtually all Communists, criminals and more Communists.

    While the national unemployment rate has continued to rise above 10%, The Obama Show claims to have created more than 600,000 jobs! Apparently realizing that this is only a show like any other show, America seems to have become collectively aware that we’ve been duped, that the Mystery President which followers still call “The One” hasn’t got any “change” to offer except for Communism (technically one could make the case that this is ‘old change’) and in less than a year has virtually destroyed all “hope” that this “change” is right for America. As the media pretends to be journalists once more, an educated and experienced America looks on in amazement, that The Obama Show would even have the audacity to take us for such suckers…again.

    OIL SPILL IN SF BAY: LIBERALS FREAKING OUT ABOUT BIRDS — While California liberals put their sad faces on display in local newscasts for 35 birds covered with oil from a recent tanker spill, more than 4,000 babies were killed in America by abortion doctors again today. The description of American Liberals of “upside down” appears to be accurate as the ultra-left cries tears for 35 oil-covered birds who need cleaning and yet applaud, congratulate and support the mothers who chose to hire doctors and our nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) to kill more than 4,000 of their babies every single day, celebrating their ‘freedom’ to kill their own children before birth. “At the rescue center, the birds are checked for injuries, photographed, fed and kept warm. Within 48 hours most are healthy enough to have the oil cleaned from their bodies and feathers.”

    Let’s think: Crying for oil-covered birds — celebrating dead babies. Priorities, morals and ethics clearly completely upside down, American liberals care more about their imaginary crises such as the global warming hoax and the more recent Healthcare crisis d’jour which is really just our government strong-arming and taking over the healthcare industry than they care for real, Human babies. Perhaps the liberal left is better able to sit in trees and march along gleefully in profane public sex parades in San Francisco than they are able to discern right and wrong or up from down in America today. For my money, I’ll take leaders who tread the middle ground, thank you very much.

    IMPEACH OBAMA MOVEMENT GROWING — A national movement is taking place right now after the US government under the direction and authority of The Obama Show has veered hard left into Communism, taking over the auto industry, the banking industry and is pounding on the door of the Health Insurance industry with plans to take over both health insurance and health care in the United States. Websites such as (more than 70,000 signatures at this one site alone, as of yesterday) are reporting that thousands and thousands of Americans are signing petitions to impeach “The One.” This, coming less than 10 months into his reign, I believe is unprecedented in US history.

    A recent Google search using the words “impeach Obama” produced 970,000 links which seems to confirm that America has awoken from her propaganda-induced delusion and is aware that our nation has been taken over by extremists. The Obama Show worked really well on paper, and even during promotion it sold very nicely to Americans who had been effectively uneducated by the US government school system and subject to 40 years of media-driven propaganda in schools, on television and in movies. Clearly The Obama Show and its creators and handlers did their homework before launching this new venture, as more than $660,000,000 worth of advertising certainly did glean them many fans initially. As the dream turned into a nightmare, however, and the effects of more than 660 million dollars of propaganda (primetime television and magazine ads) began to wear off, Americans woke up to the fact that the good old USA was being quickly converted to Communism (Socialism, Marxism, Communism — effectively all the same thing) as our government pulled the same routine that many Communists have pulled throughout history.

    Rahm Emanuel said it succinctly when he said ‘You never want a serious crisis to go to waste’ and the ultra-leftists (Communists) who control the Democrat Party proceeded to take advantage of our financial crisis, which some believe was initiated intentionally by the Federal Reserve Board who controls our money and who has been accused of associating with the global One World Government conspirators. Adolph Hitler did the same thing: trashed the economy so people were afraid and felt needy, then stepped in, flooded the nation with propaganda and pretended to be their savior…and it worked, just like it worked here in America last year. The difference, of course, is that Hitler duped folks in ultra-liberal Europe. The Obama Show has pulled off the same mass manipulation in the Land of the Free, filled with God-fearing, God-loving, conservative Americans. The Communists really need to get credit for a job well done, because America was truly the biggest and hardest nut to crack, and they definitely cracked her wide open last November.

    But today is another day altogether. Americans have awakened and are sounding the alarm for the others to wake up. There is a rooster in the hen house and before The Obama Show gives America over to the rest of the Communists involved in trying to create a One World government next month in Copenhagen, Americans are now beating on the White House door, demanding that this ultra-liberal leftist Communist president and his friends get the Hell out of Washington D.C.

    NANCY PELOSI NEWEST CIRCUS STAR — Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California (strike two) has recently submitted a new bill designed to replace the old bill, both of which will allow the US government to take over the health insurance industry and healthcare in the entire USA. Ms. Pelosi’s bill, however, is nearly 2,000 pages long, replacing The Obama Show’s original 1,000 page Communist healthcare takeover attempt. With so much pork in this bill, it’s designed not only to take over health insurance and healthcare industries in America, but to insure that attorneys and special interests get special rights and treatment. From “For example, check out this juicy morsel to the trial lawyers (page 1431-1433 of the bill): Section 2531, entitled “Medical Liability Alternatives,” establishes an incentive program for states to adopt and implement alternatives to medical liability litigation. [But]…… a state is not eligible for the incentive payments if that state puts a law on the books that limits attorneys’ fees or imposes caps on damages.

    So, you can’t try to seek alternatives to lawsuits if you’ve actually done something to implement alternatives to lawsuits. Brilliant! The trial lawyers must be very happy today!”

    So Pelosi’s new offering must be considered a joke and that would make her Washington D.C.’s newest circus star! But wait…no one’s laughing. Quite the contrary, in fact, a lot of people are mad as Hell. Rightly so, in my humble opinion. It’s high time we chased this circus out of town for good. While I agree that America should be able to support a national healthcare system, to provide healthcare for every American citizen, there is currently such a lack of accountability in spending in Washington D.C. that only a complete house-cleaning — which means eliminating all incumbents and electing men and women of character and integrity to both the House and the Senate — will right this financially lilting ship.

    WHY CURRENT GOVT. LEADERS CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS — The Department of Energy, as just one example, created under Democrat Jimmy Carter’s regime, is currently requesting a $26.4 BILLION DOLLAR budget drain on the US taxpayers for 2010. Does anyone remember why this department was originally created? Get this: to overcome America’s dependence on foreign oil! Has it succeeded in it’s mission? No! It has been a complete and utter failure! Yet the DOE has over 150,000 people on it’s payroll today, a complete failure of Carter’s presidency, yet still in existence today!

    Is pouring 26.4 BILLION DOLLARS every year into a FAILED EFFORT really wise stewardship of American taxpayer money? Of course not. Why hasn’t someone done something about this, and other wasteful spending by both Democrats and the GOP?!? Because there is no accountability in Washington D.C today! That’s why.

    Now you know. Elect principled leaders, not familiar names.

  115. jrinNC Says:

    Clinton: Settlements are illegitimate, should be halted forever

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton defended the U.S stance toward Israeli settlement building to worried Arab allies on Wednesday, saying Washington does not accept the legitimacy of the West Bank enclaves and wants to see their construction halted “forever.”
    You know US involvement in Israel gripes me to no end. How would the US feel if some other country came in here and told us we had to stop building. They wouldn’t like it one bit.

  116. jrinNC Says:

    Netanyahu promised US settlement freeze

    The sources said that despite the Palestinians’ dissatisfaction with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s public support of Israel on settlement construction, Netanyahu has officially committed to a freeze.,7340,L-3800249,00.html
    Guarantee this will not last long.

  117. jrinNC Says:

    Found this to be interesting:

    Giant Crack in Africa Will Become New Ocean

    A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will eventually become a new ocean or sea, researchers now confirm.,2933,571347,00.html?test=latestnews

  118. Troy Says:

    Gotta go do some work….BBL 🙂

  119. jrinNC Says:

    The Housing Bubble Will Be Re-Inflated In 3…2…1…

    Here it comes, more artificial support for the housing market.

  120. jrinNC Says:

    Pelosi dismisses impact of New Jersey, Virginia

    “From our perspective we won last night,” Pelosi told reporters during a Wednesday morning photo opportunity. … “So from our standpoint we picked up votes last night,” a cheerful Pelosi said, “one in California and one in New York.”

  121. jrinNC Says:

    I don’t know how many people who view this blog are from CA – but Pelosi’s term is up in 2010 according to I pray that she IS NOT re-elected. You would think the way she acts she is a Senator. She is a NOBODY.

  122. j.b. Says:


    Presidential Approval Index
    Strongly Approve
    Strongly Disapprove
    Total Approve
    Total Disapprove


  123. j.b. Says:


  124. cynkading Says:

    Well I just got off the phone with my Congressional reps. office in D.C. I initially got someone that gave me some wrong info and I had to correct her on it. She had to be transferred to someone who could actually talk to me about the bill itself and what it says. Needless to say we went at it for a good 45 minutes. Neither one of us would give on our stances. She confided that she was Liberal. I knew that after about 2 minutes. It got kind of heated at times. She did not say where my rep sttod on the vote itself. But, Vic Snyder, my rep. was on Fox yesterday and he appeared to be all for it. 😦

  125. cynkading Says:

    sorry for the typos. I am still a little would up.

  126. cynkading Says:

    Hi jb. 🙂

    Jr, glad you are feeling better. Sorry that your daughter is still having pain. 😦

    Fernley, still praying for you and your daughter. Got to get busy ………

  127. cynkading Says:

    sorry for the typos. I am still a little would up.

    would = wound

  128. j.b. Says:

    So, I watched Major Garret report from the WH last night that “staff claims Barry isn’t watching the results, but is watching basketball…..”
    Okay, then today Gibbs says that Barry (in total narsicisstic fashion) “watched Ed Norton’s Documentary on Barry last night “.
    Nooooooooooow, Rush, seeing right through this LIE (because as he points out “Barry would not have to wait to see this.” He was certain that Barry had received a copy of the show long before it was to debut on HBO), revealed that GIBBS stated in a Presser on November 1st that Barry had already SEEN IT!

    So. Which is it?


  129. cynkading Says:



    Good one!!! Got to go do some housework.

  130. jrinNC Says:

    Cynka – when I have to confront one of my Senators on stuff I don’t give the person to whom I am speaking enough time to even take a breath. I do the talking period. When I do allow them to say anything I will invariably cut them short when it is the WRONG response. Fortunately my other Senator and my Congressman are both supportive of my views including the people that work for them. Those phone calls are always encouraging, but gotta say it is not the case when I have to call Kay Hagan. I didn’t vote for her but she got elected anyway. As a matter of fact I just saw that the Mayor of Charlotte just went Dem after 20 some years being Rep. I am afraid my state turned this past year to Dem and I am deeply saddened by that.

  131. j.b. Says:

    Hey, cynka. 🙂

    Troy, feel free to delete my year long post up there. I had no idea…….:(

    jr, I too, hope you continue to feel better. I am not privy to Fernly Girls daughter’s illness. May I ask ……..?


  132. ryansgrammy Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    November 4, 2009 at 6:35 pm
    Pelosi dismisses impact of New Jersey, Virginia
    jr — she’s delusional!!!! Did you read some of the 400+ comments??

  133. jrinNC Says:

    jb – she has Bone spurs at C6 & C7. Meeting with neurosurgeon. And breast cancer.

  134. jrinNC Says:

    Yes Grammy I read a few – I’m telling you I don’t know anybody in her district, but if I did I would definitely tell them GET HER OUT.

  135. ryansgrammy Says:

  136. ryansgrammy Says:

    Voting machine firm denies ties to Chavez. Sure!

  137. Troy Says:

    Troy, feel free to delete my year long post up there. I had no idea…….:(
    jb, I cleaned that one up for you a little bit…Left the 11/04/09 results

  138. jrinNC Says:

    From my Congressman


  139. jrinNC Says:

    The prizes are New Jersey and Virginia, not New York. New York will fall Republican in 2010 as the blacklash continues.

    LC Prediction

  140. Troy Says:

    Rose, I just sent you an email. 🙂

  141. ryansgrammy Says:

    Our current Gov (gag) who is the DNC Chair had his two cents to throw in and of course says the real story from last night is NY23 and the turmoil in the GOP. Funny, I heard that the party that is really shattered is the democratic party between the moderates and the far left. I guess Kaine didn’t get that memo (yet).

  142. song Says:

    Wonderful first post Troy! You are very creative even if you don’t think so. Beautiful pictures too!

    PS: I whooped and hollered last night when Corzine lost. That was a huge defeat for Obama. Just Huge!!!

  143. ryansgrammy Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    November 4, 2009 at 8:10 pm
    From my Congressman

    jr — wonder where all of the environmental tree-huggers are hiding. If this was a conservative initiative, they’d be talking about the mountain of paperwork and all of the trees that have been destroyed. Why doesn’t Jimmy Carter bring up his Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980???

  144. jrinNC Says:

    Grammy – good point – what a waste – Also even though Jones is not supporting – it really doesn’t look as if he has not read the thing. Stack was too tight and too neat 🙂 Either way I am glad he is standing up for my state. Wish I could say this about the rest of the representatives from NC. Speaking of which I need to go check them out. Of course it won’t do any good to contact them as many don’t respond to people outside of their district.

  145. jrinNC Says:

    as if he has not read = as if he has read

  146. ryansgrammy Says:

    Dreams of My Father, Part II
    President Barack Obama’s half brother has broken his media silence to discuss his new novel — the semi-autobiographical story of an abusive parent patterned on their late father, Barack Obama, Sr. (I still have serious doubts the BHO Sr was his father.)

  147. ryansgrammy Says:

    G20 Meet To Finalize Dumping Of Dollar?
    by DefendUSx November 04, 2009 13:38

    Researcher says consolidation of world’s monetary system, global currency on elite’s agenda this weekend

  148. Troy Says:

    Thanks, song!

  149. ryansgrammy Says:

    If you haven’t already done so, think about cancelling your AARP membership (and switch to AAA which gives you something for your money).

  150. jrinNC Says:

    I already canceled mine Grammy about 2 months ago. I just had to make sure the insurance I had thru AARP with Met Life would not be canceled.

  151. jrinNC Says:

    Gold extends record high on India purchase

    Gold prices continued to rise on Wednesday extending the all-time highs which followed India’s central bank bought 200 tonnes of the precious metal, swapping dollars for bullion as the country’s finance minister warned the economies of the US and Europe had “collapsed”.

    The purchase by New Delhi’s Reserve Bank from the International Monetary Fund pushed gold prices to a record $1,090.90 per troy ounce, up 2.6 per cent on the day, as traders bet that other central banks would also become buyers.

  152. jrinNC Says:

    China Is Becoming The World Leader In Gold

    As you read this, the Chinese government is doing an extraordinary thing… something nearly unheard of in the modern world.

    It is encouraging citizens to put at least 5% of their savings into precious metals.

  153. jrinNC Says:

    Oren: There was never US-Israel crisis

    One year after US President Barack Obama won the presidential election and as criticism of his decisions and actions, or lack thereof, grows, Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren expressed an understanding and even appreciation of the careful workings of a leader with so much at risk, while ascertaining that Washington and Jerusalem did not undergo a recent “crisis” on issues such as a settlement freeze, but rather disagreements, and most of them were now “behind us.”

    This Oren guy is eat up with sucking up to BO.

  154. jrinNC Says:

    I’d like to see some other volunteers and maybe we could take turns creating new posts….Hint, hint!!!…Any takers???
    Troy if you will send me an email I can send you an idea for a post you can use. I already have it laid out in a word document.

  155. jrinNC Says:

    Got this in an email – don’t know how true any of it is, but I can tell you that my daughter recently diagnosed with diabetes (not on meds yet) but her sugar levels dropped over 100 pt from 180 to 80 by taking cinnamon capsules twice a day.

    Cinnamon and Honey

    Those of you into natural healing probably already use these two miracles, but a couple of them, I hadn’t heard of before. I figure it’s sure worth a try ’cause it even tastes good!

    Honey is the only food on the planet that will not spoil or rot. It will do what some call turning to sugar. In reality honey is always honey.. However, when left in a cool dark place for a long time it will do what I rather call “crystallizing”. When this happens I loosen the lid, boil some water, and sit the honey container in the hot water, turn off the heat and let it liquefy. It is then as good as it ever was. Never boil honey or put it in a microwave. To do so will kill the enzymes in the honey.

    Bet the drug companies won’t like this one getting around. Facts on Honey and Cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases. Honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also accept honey as a ‘Ram Ban’ (very effective) medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects for any kind of diseases.

    Today’s science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic patients. Weekly World News, a magazine in Canada , in its issue dated 17 January,1995 has given the following list of diseases that can be cured by honey and cinnamon as researched by western scientists:

    Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, apply on bread, instead of jelly and jam, and eat it regularly for breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries and saves the patient from heart attack. Also, those who have already had an attack, if they do this process daily, they are kept miles away from the next attack. Regular use of the above process relieves loss of breath and strengthens the heart beat. In America and Canada , various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that as you age, the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged; honey and cinnamon revitalize the arteries and veins.

    Arthritis patients may take daily, morning and night, one cup of hot water with two spoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. If taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week, out of the 200 people so treated, practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain, and within a month, mostly all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis started walking without pain.

    Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It destroys the germs in the bladder.

    Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water, given to a cholesterol patient, was found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10 percent within two hours. As mentioned for arthritic patients, if taken three times a day, any chronic cholesterol is cured. According to information received in the said Journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.

    Those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold, and clear the sinuses.

    Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also clears stomach ulcers from the root.

    According to the studies done in India and Japan , it is revealed that if Honey is taken with cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.

    Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacteria and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Constant use of Honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacterial and viral diseases.

    Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals.

    A scientist in Spain has proved that honey contains a natural ‘ Ingredient’ which kills the influenza germs and saves the patient from flu..

    Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Take four spoons of honey, one spoon of cinnamon powder, and three cups of water and boil to make like tea. Drink 1/4 cup, three to four times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Life spans also increase and even a 100 year old, starts performing the chores of a 20-year-old.

    Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. If done daily for two weeks, it removes pimples from the root.

    Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin infections.

    Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. If taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also, drinking this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.

    Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder for one month three times a day.

    Recent studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior citizens, who take honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts, are more alert and flexible. Dr. Milton, who has done research, says that a half tablespoon of honey taken in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, taken daily after brushing and in the afternoon at about 3:00 P.M. when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, increases the vitality of the body within a week.

    People of South America , first thing in the morning, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water, so their breath stays fresh throughout the day.

    Daily morning and night honey and cinnamon powder, taken in equal parts restores hearing. Remember when we were kids? We had toast with real butter and cinnamon sprinkled on it!

  156. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — you mentioned cinammon capsules. Can you get those at a health food store??? I wonder if ground cinammon (the spice) will work. I might try the stuff for Arthritis and give it to my mom too. (And of course for weight loss too) 😦

  157. jrinNC Says:

    Joe Wilson Proposes Forcing Congress Onto Government Health Insurance Plan

    Though Republicans oppose the so-called “public option,” Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., is proposing the requirement to draw attention to the plan’s alleged flaws.

  158. jrinNC Says:

    Grammy you can get them at Walmart over in the diabetic section. Yes weight loss works too.

  159. jrinNC Says:

    Steele: Voters Spoke on Obama Policies; White House Brushes Off GOP Victories

    Republicans view their gubernatorial victories in New Jersey and Virginia as a sign that Americans are fed up with White House policies while the Obama administration claims the results are not about the president.

  160. sdee Says:

    Newspaper that was handed Pulitzer for its leftist attack on Sheriff Joe, goes bust.

  161. sdee Says:

    NEA openly promoting Saul Alinsky. Take a look at this one, I suspect it won’t be up for long.

    Such are those shaping the minds of our yout.

  162. jrinNC Says:

    sdee – that was a very good synopsis

  163. CJ Says:

    JR: Thanks for the inform. on honey/cinnamon. I’ve used honey for years as a remedy for skin issues. My daughter has very bad attacks of exzema(sp?) It ddoes help her outbreaks. I love both ingredients and use them frequently just because they taste so darn good. A naturopath Dr. that was treating me several years ago for some nutritional upsets, recommended honey to help but she cautioned me to only buy raw, unprocessed honey preferably from local bees. There are several beekeepers around my area so it was easy to get. Manuka honey from New Zealand is a great wound healer. I think God gave us a real complete miracle in honey as far as helping and nourishing the body. Interesting uses in the article you posted!

  164. Troy Says:

    This little guy was out back eating some kitty food…They and the kitties don’t seem to get too excited about each other….I’m going to have to start trapping them and hauling them off, because they are losing their fear of me….This one was three feet away from me.

  165. jrinNC Says:

    Troy he looks like he was upset over you disturbing him. Teeth bared.

  166. Troy Says:

    Hehehe…That was the second pic…I don’t think he liked the flash.

  167. jrinNC Says:

    Troy did you see my email above. I’ve got a post for you if you want it.

  168. Troy Says:

    ok…You don’t have my email addy?

  169. jrinNC Says:


  170. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — can’t believe your kitty got that close to the raccoon (and you got that close to him). When I lived in MD, I used to think I wasn’t putting enough cat food down for the cats because it was gone in the a.m. I would put more food down (had 4 kitties at the time). One night I came downstairs to the kitchen and found out why the food was gone. The raccoon was coming in thru the cat door at night and chowing down. I don’t know who was more startled that night — me or the coon. 🙂

    Night gang.

  171. jrinNC Says:

    I have Rose’s

  172. jrinNC Says:

    night Grammy

  173. Troy Says:

    Ok jr, I just sent you an email.

  174. Troy Says:

    g’nite grammy…Yes, the coons are very bold!!!

  175. jrinNC Says:

    Troy email sent

  176. jrinNC Says:

    Troy let me know if you have any questions – also feel free to expand or decrease in anyway. You won’t hurt my feelings 🙂

  177. Troy Says:

    It looks great, jr….I will work that up for you tomorrow!!! 😀

  178. Troy Says:

    I hope others here will do as you have done with a new post for me to publish…We can all have fun with this!!!

    Rose’s gang:
    Feel free to create new post and send them to my email to be published or if you would like to email me with an idea for a post that you would like to see, we could work one out together…Don’t be shy!!!

  179. jrinNC Says:

    Gay Leaders Blame Obama for Loss in Maine

    Stunned and angry, national gay rights leaders Wednesday blamed scare-mongering ads — and President Barack Obama’s lack of engagement — for a bitter election setback in Maine that could alter the dynamics for both sides in the gay-marriage debate.
    Looks like BO just lost some votes 😉

  180. jrinNC Says:

    Troy I agree, hope others do the same. It is not hard to do. Start with a theme and go from there.

  181. jrinNC Says:

    Book Reveals Speech Palin Never Gave

    The authors of a new book about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin obtained a copy of the speech Palin would have delivered on election night in 2008 if Sen. John McCain’s campaign managers had allowed her to speak.

  182. Troy Says:

    Start with a theme and go from there.
    Agreed, or at least that was the only way I could think of to do it…Once you choose a theme the rest seems to fall into place fairly easy.

  183. jrinNC Says:

    Former HP CEO Fiorina Announces Bid for U.S. Senate

    Former Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Carly Fiorina said Wednesday she is running for the Republican nomination to battle liberal stalwart Barbara Boxer for her U.S. Senate seat.
    Carly has my vote (only wish I could vote in CA)

  184. jrinNC Says:

    Well Troy you did an EXCELLENT job. Especially your poetry. I do have some poetry I wrote years ago. They are about relationships ending. Maybe I can come up with something along those lines later.

  185. Troy Says:

    jr, I whipped up that poem in about an hour…It was easy to just tell the story and find words that would rhyme…I used to write song lyrics, so my poem kind of took on that style.

  186. jrinNC Says:

    Regardless of how you do it, it was very good. I do hope you will continue along those lines and let us see more of your poetic works 🙂

  187. jrinNC Says:

    Well it is almost 11:00 here – gotta work tomorrow – and I need to drink me a hot toddy before I go to bed. Still battling this cold mess I got and my nose is miserable. So until tomorrow.

  188. Troy Says:

    g’nite jr…Slepp tight!!!

  189. Troy Says:

    *sleep* doh!!!

  190. Katie Says:

    Troy – I’ll write up my experience last night at the Tea Party Express. It’s been a long day, but I’ve already made some notes so I don’t forget some details.

    I don’t do poetry, but I am AWESOME at patriotic. Maybe with your help on the “arteest” side, we can collaborate and do Rose proud.

    I’ll send it to your email tomorrow.

  191. Troy Says:

    That sounds good Katie!…Thanks!!!

  192. Katie Says:

    The time change is getting to me…the older I get the harder it is to adjust.

    “Slepp” tight, all. 😉

  193. Troy Says:


    I have changed a setting to ALLOW each comment to contain up to THREE live links…More than three will go to moderation.

    This will cut down on comments going into moderation due to having two live links….Yay!!!!!!!

    I can expand it to any amount, but I think three should be plenty.

    Any comment that goes to moderation will now be ALERTED to me via my email addy.

    Rose, I was able to turn off the automated email recieved for every comment…You will need to do your own….Under “Settings” click on “Discussion” and you will find a “box” that needs to be “unchecked”.

  194. jrinNC Says:

    It’s 3 am et time and I am still awake. Guess all the meds I have taken have me wired. So I will post for awhile.

  195. jrinNC Says:

  196. jrinNC Says:

    Don’t know if this embed will work but if not will post link. Definition of Long Legged Mack Daddy by Rev James Manning.

    Long-Legged Mack DaddyClick here for the most popular videos

  197. jrinNC Says:

    Troy guess I have something in moderation or never never land as what I just posted did not take.

    So I will just post the link. Rev James Manning gives definition of Long Legged Mack Daddy.

  198. jrinNC Says:

    Health Care Reform Assumes Millions Would Pay Fine Rather Than Get Coverage

    The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated in its study last week that the House health care bill would bring in $167 billion over 10 years in penalties from those who don’t get coverage.
    This is the crux of this bill. Can you say GREED.

  199. jrinNC Says:

    Graham: Obama ‘Screwed Up’ on Closing Gitmo

    With less than two weeks before the Obama administration announces where the conspirators of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will be prosecuted, Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News that there is a war within the White House on what to do.

    “And let me just say, the president, quite frankly, has screwed this up,” he said. “You know, he announces on the first day of his being inaugurated that he’s going to close Guantanamo Bay and he didn’t do the hard stuff. Graham added that he’s been talking with Obama for months about the plan, telling him he has to think it through.
    Wow “Pansy” Graham is flip flopping again. He can’t seem to make up his mind which side of the fence to straddle.

  200. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

  201. patriotamy Says:

    Per Gallup Poll. “One year after his election, President Obama has a 53% job approval rating, putting him near the bottom of the list of elected presidents since World War II, rank-ordered on the basis of their approval ratings one year after their initial election.”

    IMHO, if the administration keeps trying to play the race card, if they keep denying the people an ear, if they keep pointing their fingers at others (Bush), this number will continue to drop.

  202. jrinNC Says:

    Democrats’ Plan to Help ‘Uninsurables’ Requires 6-Month Wait

    In addition to a six-month wait to qualify for the health insurance program, there’s a more fundamental issue — whether $5 billion set aside for the three-year program is enough.

    Obama proposed the pool in his September health care speech to Congress. Intended to serve the most vulnerable as a temporary fail-safe, it would stay in place until 2013. That’s when insurance companies would be banned from denying coverage because of medical problems.

    Government subsidies to make coverage more affordable for millions of uninsured would also start that year.

    How convenient this all starts in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  203. jrinNC Says:

    Hillary to Commission USS New York

    A White House official says Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will represent the administration at Saturday’s commissioning of a Navy assault ship built with steel from the felled World Trade Center towers.

  204. jrinNC Says:

    ************Today Americans March on Washington***************

    Everyone please say a prayer that Pelosi does not cause problems for these folks. I have an uneasy feeling.

  205. jrinNC Says:

    Sorry but I had to post this whole thing – but this makes me mad as well.

    Pelosi’s liberal base is unraveling
    Nov. 4, 2009

    Posted on Thursday, November 05, 2009 6:57:45 AM by Rennes Templar

    Check out this post from DU yesterday:

    I am so angry now I could spit. My hands are shaking as I write this….

    I called Speaker Pelosi’s office in California about 15 minutes ago. I politely started to state my concerns about the removal of single payer debate on the House floor (the Weiner amendment) & the removal of the Kucinich amendment (allowing states to implement single payer). With just one word: hold, I was put through by the office staff to the answering machine. I left a message on the machine and then called the Washington office.

    I got right through and the second I told them what the call was about, I was directed to an answering machine. I wasn’t even told to hold.

    So, I called right back and I said, I am calling to ask a question. Has Nancy Pelosi directed her staff to not speak directly with those who call about the Weiner Amendment or the Kucinich Amendment?

    He told me the office has been INUNDATED with calls about these amendments for the past two weeks and do to the volume of these calls, they just put them through to voicemail.

    So, I said that people who were calling to express their very concerns about these issues were being relegated to an answering machine?

    Pelosi’s official staff policy is for her staff not to speak with those who call about Single Payer. I wonder if they even listen to the messages or they just go to automatic delete!

    Anyway, at this point, I told him that Pelosi is ignoring these callers and the issue of Single Payer and real health care reform at her own peril. I told him the democratic/liberal base that the party has taken for granted for so long is on the verge of breaking and that the health care reform will be the final straw. I told him that the democratic leadership so poorly represents the views & beliefs of their liberal base (the majority of people) that they are giving us no reason to support the democrats. I told him that the smartest, most creative part of the democratic party (the progressive base) is seriously on the verge of third party and if this is the way we are treated when we call about a life or death issue, they have made the decision for us. I then told him that I will be making a video and letting the blogosphere know that the Speaker is LITERALLLy ignoring mass numbers of calls about these two amendments.

    I will not let this type of disdain to the people go unanswered.

    This is where we are at people. They don’t give a rat’s ass what policies we want – they don’t even want to hear our voices. Even though the MAJORITY of Americans want a REAL public option (one where the actaul public can enroll), we will not get it; just a ironic joke piece of legislation that creates a phony public option that is more expensive then private insurance and only 2% would be eligible for anyway. They get FLOODED…INUNDATED with calls for the Weiner amendment and the Kucinich amendment…

    They won’t take your call. Even when the lines aren’t busy and their staff is free to taalk. I got through to both offices on the very first ring, all three times I called.

    So, KNOW that the people are speaking. Know that the calls are being made and that the lines are ringing off the hook for real health care reform.

    They just won’t pick up the phone.

  206. jrinNC Says:

    Obama-Pelosi to Health Insurers: Shut Up or We’ll Shut You Down

    No longer able to sit idly by while the President and his chief minion in the House amateurishly try to revamp one-sixth of the U.S. economy, the health insurance industry released a study they commissioned that analyzes the costs of the Obama-Pelosi plan. The results are quite sobering. The study shows that “between 2010 and 2019 the cumulative increases in the cost of a typical family policy under this reform proposal will be approximately $20,700 more than it would be under the current system.”

    The real issue is that Obama and Pelosi are using the power of Congress to muzzle the speech of a private sector industry, First Amendment be damned. It couldn’t be more blatant. Stay quiet about their disaster of a health plan, and Obama and Pelosi will leave you alone. Point out how their plan will actually make matters worse, and Obama and Pelosi will hit you back with new laws that hurt your business.

  207. Troy Says:

    jr, your post in moderation has been approved

  208. jrinNC Says:

    Thanks Troy – It didn’t even tell me it was in moderation. I should have known better to try to embed those weird videos, they never work as written. Sometimes I take out things in the code and they will work. So that is why I re-posted just using the link.

  209. jrinNC Says:

    Well I am off to work (with only 3 hours of sleep) thank goodness I will be home by lunch time. bbl

  210. ryansgrammy Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    November 5, 2009 at 12:11 pm
    Hillary to Commission USS New York
    Too bad “W” can be there to do the job — or Rudy Guliani! I hope they boo her and start chanting “Rudy, Rudy, Rudy”

  211. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — as you know, these staffers should be facing disciplinary action for their improper handling of calls from constituents. There have been many comments in articles over the past few months where citizens have been treated rudely and even had the phone slammed down on them by congressional staffers.

    I wonder how many congressional offices will be locked today! I just hope its peaceful–Capitol Police will go nuts–hope they don’t end up locking the doors to the building.

  212. Troy Says:


    This just hit the blogosphere.
    I’m not kidding. If the new worldwide copyright treaty is put into effect, goodbye blogging. And goodbye to YouTube and a lot of other services. Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing sounds the alarm about the new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, now being cobbled together in South Korea by the Obama administration — in secret.

    We don’t yet know the full details, but — so far — we know this:

    * * That ISPs have to proactively police copyright on user-contributed material. This means that it will be impossible to run a service like Flickr or YouTube or Blogger, since hiring enough lawyers to ensure that the mountain of material uploaded every second isn’t infringing will exceed any hope of profitability.

    * * That ISPs have to cut off the Internet access of accused copyright infringers or face liability. This means that your entire family could be denied to the internet — and hence to civic participation, health information, education, communications, and their means of earning a living — if one member is accused of copyright infringement, without access to a trial or counsel.

    * * That the whole world must adopt US-style “notice-and-takedown” rules that require ISPs to remove any material that is accused — again, without evidence or trial — of infringing copyright. This has proved a disaster in the US and other countries, where it provides an easy means of censoring material, just by accusing it of infringing copyright.

    * * Mandatory prohibitions on breaking DRM, even if doing so for a lawful purpose (e.g., to make a work available to disabled people; for archival preservation; because you own the copyrighted work that is locked up with DRM)
    Any law that forces ISPs to police user infringement of copyright will also put an end to Myspace and Facebook. Not to mention a lot of ISPs.

    This is an issue on which we can all agree, regardless of political persuasion. Huffington Post calls the new treaty “A Patriot Act For the Internet”:
    The entire U.S. tech sector has been publicly silent, as the Obama administration has co-oped them into trading silence for access to the secret documents.

    At this point, Congress needs to stand up and put an end to this appalling spectacle of secret legislation on a global scale. How can politicians claim to be all for transparency, and allow this indefensible violation of the public right to know proceed?

    A large number of organizations and people have written President Obama asking that he end the secrecy of the negotiation.
    Obama came into office promising transparency. Ha! This guy’s as transparent as concrete.
    All 40+ countries in the negotiation have access to the proposed text. And, there are processes for just about any corporate lobbyist with ties to the Administration to see proposed texts, if they sign tough legally binding non-disclosure agreements. So why is it secret from the public?
    Look, this thing isn’t about pirated music or downloaded movies. I’m a content creator myself, and I know what it’s like to be ripped off. Hell, I’ve seen posts from this very blog published on other sites without so much as a byline or a by-your-leave.

    This ain’t that.

    This is about free speech. This is about blogging. If every ISP has to hire an in-house police force, two things will happen: 1. Everyone’s monthly bill will go way up. 2. Customers will be prevented from using services like Blogger.

    Think about the quoted material in this very post. Have I followed the letter of the law? I don’t know, and neither do you. The law has not determined just how many words one may quote under the “fair use” rubric. Instead of playing count-the-letters, the ISPs will simply tell customers not to blog. True, no sane individual could claim that my lengthy quotes did financial harm to either Boing Boing or HuffPo — but if this treaty goes through, mere sanity will no longer matter.

    This treaty will return us to the days when freedom of the press belonged only to those who owned a press.

    People won’t stand for this.

    Barack Obama is about to become the least popular president in history — and the Democratic party will get a rep as the party that tried to censor the internet.

  213. Troy Says:

    Attacking on all fronts!!!
    Washington To Close Internet To Bloggers, End Open Internet Freedom
    by DefendUSx November 05, 2009 03:40
    By Capt. Karl

    Phil Kerpen, who this Capt. Karl was honored to meet with and discuss liberty and economic issues in the town of Howard, WI (near Green Bay) as part of an Americans for Prosperity town hall meeting last year, sent the following letter in grave concern of our freedom and liberty with regards to our usage of the Internet. This is just another in a long series of very serious concerns with the mounting oppression and despotism through Socialist and Communistic principles of control and manipulation of our society and even our communication, news and information sources. As so many things these behaviors by the U.S. Government are really getting serious and certainly approaching a line in the sand if not over it already.

    Please read Phil’s letter to me, which I am sharing with you below, and get active in stopping the additional loss of our rights and freedoms:

    Dear Karl,

    As important as all the fights are that we’re in right now, perhaps the biggest of all is the fight over whether the government will take over the Internet. That’s because as long as the Internet is free, we can use it to communicate, educate, and organize. Tea parties, townhalls, and AFP events would be very difficult to organize if government owned and controlled the Internet and chose to interfere with it. That’s what’s at stake this week as the Federal Communications Commission decides on Thursday whether to move forward with so-called “net neutrality” regulations.

    The net neutrality movement is an outgrowth of the larger so-called media reform project of radical left-wing activists like Robert McChesney who seek to destroy private control of the country’s communications systems.

    I discussed McChesney and the so-called media reform movement last night on the Glenn Beck show, and you can watch that clip here. I’ll be on with Glenn again tonight to discuss net neutrality specifically.

    As the Internet Freedom Coalition shows on our Net Neutrality Scare Ticket it has now been nearly 7 years since the November 19, 2002 letter that started the net neutrality scare, without a single significant incident of the kind of egregious behavior by evil phone and cable companies we’re told require government intervention. It’s a solution in search of a problem.

    Net neutrality sounds simple–force phone and cable companies to treat every bit of information the same way–until you realize that modern networks are incredibly complex, with millions of lines of code in every router. Making sure services like VoIP, video conferencing, and telemedicine (not to mention the next great thing that hasn’t been invented yet) get priority may be necessary to make the Internet work. But the government is working to do just the opposite.

    These networks cost billions of dollars to build and maintain, and if there is uncertainty whether there will be a good return on that investment, private investment will dry up. And then government will step in, spending billions of our tax dollars on a government-owned and controlled Internet.

    That’s their plan.

    The push for a Washington takeover of the Internet is coming from the White House. It includes Susan Crawford, the so-called Internet Czar, who told The Wall Street Journal in April that the $7.2 billion of stimulus money for broadband she is helping spend is a “down payment on future government investments in the Internet.” She went on to say: “We should do a better job as a nation of making sure fast, affordable broadband is as ubiquitous as electricity, water, snail mail or any other public utility.”

    It comes right from the top. President Obama himself said on the campaign trail: “I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Net Neutrality.”

    The FCC will vote Thursday on what it calls a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Net Neutrality. If it passes, it will start a public comment period and I’ll be emailing you again with instructions on how to file comments. But for the next couple days, we need to make our case against the FCC even taking that first step down the road to a Washington takeover of the Internet.


  214. Troy Says:

    CNN Closes Out October…Off The List Of Top 30 Cable Channels
    by DefendUSx November 04, 2009 17:49

    Google must be banned too, if you really want to have an impact on the corrupt partnerships between certain politicians and big business that are members of the Bilderberg Group, aiming to take down America’s Sovereignty and working to monopolize the Laws and Markets.

    By Steve Krakauer | 10:28 am, November 4th, 2009

    We’ve written about CNN’s ratings drop in October, specifically in prime time.

    Using another metric, it was made even more clear – in the final week of October, CNN did not crack the top 30 cable networks in prime time.

    For the first time in more than two years, CNN fell out of the top 30 cable channels last week in prime time (total viewers). Fox News ranked 3rd, behind USA and ESPN, while MSNBC was 26th. It was the 43rd consecutive week Fox News finished in the top 5 cable channels in prime time.

    In total day, FNC was #5, CNN #27 and MSNBC #31.

    CNN has pressed that prime time is just one of many metrics the network uses to measure audience data. And that’s true. But seeing the network dip out of the top 30 for the first time in years is a telling sign something isn’t working in prime time – and it’s something that will have to be corrected to pull the network back into the top of the cable news, and general cable, ranks.

    We’ll see what happens with last night’s ratings – CNN aired a largely election-focused prime time, even more so than FNC and MSNBC during the 8pmET hour. Will it translate to better ratings? We’ll find out in a few hours…

    Click here to see the full ranker from last week.

  215. ryansgrammy Says:

    Will the Left Try a Kamikaze Rush?

    I’m sure that Peloser and company, no matter how many Americans show up on the hill for this historic event, will try and ram through their bill. She’ll be so hyper today with the “mobsters” in town.

  216. Troy Says:

  217. ryansgrammy Says:

    One of the great mysteries in today’s United States is how a country founded on the principle of individual freedom, having achieved great wealth and world influence, could have developed a political class bent on transforming the nation into a collective dominated by a powerful central government.

  218. Troy Says:

  219. Troy Says:

  220. cynkading Says:

    Do you think They can hear us now??????

    Warnings from the angry middle

  221. ryansgrammy Says:

    Headline: Is It Time to End the IMF and WTO?

    This year’s Nobel Prize for Economics was co-won by Elinor Ostrom for her work showing that local solutions often work better than government regulation for solving problems as diverse as preventing over-fishing, conserving rainforests, and policing cities. Perhaps it is time to check whether local solutions can also work better with international trade.

  222. cynkading Says:

    Senate Democrats ready to pass climate bill Thursday despite GOP boycott, sources say
    By Juliet Eilperin
    Senate Democrats are likely to pass their climate bill out of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee without amendments Thursday, several sources familiar with the plan said Wednesday night.

  223. Troy Says:

    Abortion quotas for Planned Parenthood!
    Planned Parenthood’s abortion quotas exposed
    Ex-director: We’d have client goal every month
    Posted: November 04, 2009
    10:05 pm Eastern

    By Chelsea Schilling
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson with Coalition for Life Director Shawn Carney (photo: Coalition for Life)

    A former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood branch who resigned after she watched an ultrasound-guided abortion told WND the clinic was pushing employees to strive for abortion quotas to boost profits.

    “There are definitely client goals,” former clinic director Abby Johnson said. “We’d have a goal every month for abortion clients and for family planning clients.”

    Johnson, 29, said the Bryan, Texas, Planned Parenthood clinic performed surgical abortions every other Saturday, but it began expanding access to abortion to increase earnings.

    “One of the ways they were able to up the number of patients that they saw was they started doing the RU-486 chemical abortions all throughout the week,” she said.

    RU-486 chemical abortions kill the lining of the uterus, cutting off oxygen and nutrients, resulting in the death of an unborn baby. Johnson said the chemical abortion costs the same as an early first-trimester abortion: between $505 and $695 for each procedure.

    She told WND the clinic was experiencing financial difficulties due to the economic downturn.

    “Abortion is the most lucrative part of Planned Parenthood’s operations,” she said. “Even though they’re two separate corporations, all of the money goes into one pot. With the family planning corporation really suffering, they depend on the abortion corporation to balance their budget, help get them out of the hole and help make income for the company.”

    She continued, “They really wanted to increase the number of abortions so that they could increase their income.”

    Now Planned Parenthood has retaliated against Johnson, filing a restraining order against her because the clinic fears she may leak confidential information.

    The Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, a pro-life group that recently moved its headquarters several hundred feet away from the clinic, is named on the temporary restraining order as well. The injunction temporarily prevents her from releasing information until after a hearing scheduled for Nov. 10 in the 85th District Court.

    (Story continues below)

  224. ryansgrammy Says:

    Boxer Ostensibly Breaks Climate Bill Committee Rules Two Days Running (Update 2) (All I can say is go Carly)

    Apparently, rules don’t apply to zealots-with-gavels convinced they were put on this planet to secure its salvation.
    Lacking a single occupied Republican seat in the room, Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee chair Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has nonetheless moved markup of the climate bill she cosponsors ahead for a second straight day. And in doing so, the ever-arrogant eco-crusader appears to be walking a thin green legal line.

  225. cynkading Says:

    This is pretty telling since this is O’s neighborhood.

    IL-Sen: Kirk Seeks Palin Endorsement
    Illinois Rep. Mark Kirk penned a memo to Republican poobah Fred Malek hoping to secure an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for his Senate candidacy, according to a copy of the memo obtained by the Fix.

  226. Troy Says:

    Live coverage of big Capitol rally!
    Get the story as it breaks from Farah sitting in for Liddy
    Posted: November 03, 2009
    10:50 pm Eastern

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Joseph Farah, left, and G. Gordon Liddy

    WASHINGTON – Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, will command the microphone of legendary talk-show host G. Gordon Liddy for two days this week.

    Farah, who will be on the air Thursday and Friday, promises to explore topics the establishment media refuse to touch.

    On Thursday, there will be complete coverage of the rally on the Capitol steps organized by opponents of President Obama’s health care plan.

    Farah will be heard live from the Radio America studios here from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Eastern Time on local stations, XM and free streaming/podcasting at RadioAmerica. Listeners can call into the live feed at 1-800-GGLIDDY. You can also listen live right on WND daily here.

    (Story continues below)

  227. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy Says:

    November 5, 2009 at 1:58 pm
    Abortion quotas for Planned Parenthood!
    That’s really sad Troy — too bad they don’t have quotas for the lives they save.

  228. cynkading Says:

    She continued, “They really wanted to increase the number of abortions so that they could increase their income.”
    This is just incredible. I assume that they do not believe in God.

  229. Troy Says:

    I assume that they do not believe in God.
    There is no way that they can and do what they are doing in making a profit driven business.

  230. Troy Says:

    BBL…Have a little work to do!

  231. cynkading Says:

    Central banks lead subtle shift away from dollar

  232. ryansgrammy Says:

    Don’t read the lyrics on a full stomach! This was posted yesterday about the new Obamass songs.

  233. ryansgrammy Says:

    I wonder how long this sign will be up.

  234. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — you need to go kick some butt! Don’t remember seeing this post — apologize if its a duplicate.

  235. ryansgrammy Says:

    They ought to feel at risk — all of them!!!! We’ve got a year to work hard to grow the conservative movement so none of these losers can survive (and I think we have the momentum). I’m part of a very active Tea Party and we’re still growing! Hopefully our conservative wins in VA will get even more people involved. The Tea Parties are to me an extension of places like Rose’s (Troy’s) — they give you a place to share ideas and stories and get stuff off of your chest and to get involved.

  236. ryansgrammy Says:

    Mayor of Oakland California owes $239,000 to the IRS in back taxes — these people who don’t pay taxes (especially the ones with high-paying jobs) are a puzzle to me.

  237. ryansgrammy Says:

    It’s Begun: Liberals Invoke Specter of “Hate Crimes”
    Calling for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to officially investigate talk radio and other conservative media outlets (I have a feeling that things are going to get pretty ugly sooner than later in this country if they stay on this very dangerous path of stepping on our rights and freedoms.)

  238. ryansgrammy Says:

    Obamass and his lobbyists!

  239. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is an truly unbelievable story about racism in Russia.

  240. ryansgrammy Says:


  241. ryansgrammy Says:

    I have Fox News on hoping to see coverage of Michelle Bachmann’s noon showdown — even checked CSPAN. Where’s all of the coverage!!!!! I guess this is 9/12 all over again!

  242. ryansgrammy Says:

    These idiots are sooooooooooooooo out of touch!

  243. CJ Says:

    WND has live radio coverage at their site. No video that I found except for Fox. from time to time like now!

  244. CJ Says:

    Wow theres a bunch of Repubs there on the steps. Good stuff but party isn’t the important thing. We the People are speaking up. Congress needs to pay attention now. Streaming live on Fox News. com

  245. sdee Says:

    made it to DC. On west lawn now. Good size crowd. not nearly 912 size but getting attention of the poltiburo members who wandered ouside. Bachmann is the star. Another fine bunch of Patriots and a sea of flags. (from cellphone)

  246. rosettasister Says:

    Finally the house repubs are with us and are not holding back

    Just wanted to Say hi good people

    I am rejoicing with you

  247. CJ Says:

    I can’t get my computer to bring in the livestream from Fox. Not sure why. Darn I wanted to see it.

  248. sdee Says:

    Mark Levin is up now. he said to press, “write this down” ” this about Liberty”

  249. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the tip CJ and sdee. I’m watching Fox News livestream now!

  250. Katie Says:

    Joe Wilson on the mic now – got a HUGE cheer from the crowd.

  251. Katie Says:

    Hard to tell from the camera angle how many are in the crowd, but one Congresswoman just invited all participants to go to their office buildings, find your congress rep’s office, and tell them what you think.

    Give ’em hell!!

  252. Katie Says:

    “Kill the Bill!” “Kill the Bill!”

  253. CJ Says:

    Sdee: Glad you are there. I am really sorry I couldn’t get to DC this time. I just hope it is a real rally and mot a political show for the Repubs. I love Michelle Bachmann’s spirit and fight. Pelosi is doing her usual denial in her interviews today and her “I know best” routine. Yuuuuuuck. I cannot stand that woman.

  254. ryansgrammy Says:

    Katie — went to Fox news — couldn’t find the live link?? Can you post it here. BTW — I emailed FN and said you guys just don’t get it. I’m happy for the baby they found but history is being made on Capitol Hill and you are not covering it. (since I’m at my hubby’s computer, the email was sent under his name — he! he!)

  255. jrinNC Says:

  256. ryansgrammy Says:

    sdee — wish I was there with you and the rest of the crowd!!!!

  257. jrinNC Says:

    what are those pins on their lapels???

  258. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — thanks quickdraw!

  259. jrinNC Says:

    boy that guy from fl is a powerhouse

  260. jrinNC Says:

    Sounds like a large crowd

  261. ryansgrammy Says:

    Boy these guys are charged up. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Katie Says:

    They’re handing out copies of the bill so that people in the crowd can take a page and show it to the congress person and ask them to explain it.

    Michele Bachman, “At least you’ll know they read at least ONE PAGE!”

  263. Katie Says:

    Ending with songs – “God Bless America”.

    Now Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA”. That song ALWAYS makes me cry…sniff, sniff.

  264. ryansgrammy Says:

    That Congressman is having too much fun throwing that bill into the air!

  265. jrinNC Says:

    Well I just finished writing my Dem Senator and I am afraid I was not very nice. I told her I resented the current administration trying to take away our rights, our choices and our freedoms and if she voted yes I would resent her as well. But I wished her luck in getting re-elected because her yes vote will be the end of her career.

  266. Katie Says:

    We tried to get there – it’s a 4 hour flight, or a 3-day drive, plus at least two night’s hotel, rental car…blah blah blah. Would have cost almost $2000 to be there.

    Unemployment hit us again 6 weeks ago, so it isn’t possible at this time.

    I am so proud of those that made it and am with them in spirit!

  267. jrinNC Says:

    did you all lose live stream??

  268. Katie Says:

    Hi jr – yep, the show is over. The People are now going to the office buildings for a little chat.

  269. Troy Says:


  270. jrinNC Says:

    I am proud of them too Katie. I am glad one of our gang is there.

  271. jrinNC Says:

    Well I sure hope they are able to get in. I would hate for there to be any trouble.

  272. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr thanks for the link — I’d been walking through the house mumbling and angry because I couldn’t listen to what was going on and pi$$ed at Fox News for not having this as the story of the day! At least I got to see some of it. I bet the dems all have their doors locked or they’re down in the underground tunnel below the offices that connect the buildings shaking in their shoes! Did you hear that guy’s comment at the end — just go find a democrat!

  273. Troy Says:

    jr, I just got home about an hour ago…I’m going to start preparing your post very soon.

  274. jrinNC Says:

    Some of these guys today might resort to punching some folks out if they get that heated during the vote. 🙂

  275. Troy Says:

    Oh no!!!…Now they have Billary on live. 😦

  276. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is probably the most fun these GOP congressman have had in a while!

  277. Troy Says:

    Some of these guys today might resort to punching some folks out if they get that heated during the vote.
    I have no problem with the janitors sweeping up teeth!!! 😀

  278. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — I shut down the live stream real quick when she showed up!

  279. jrinNC Says:

    Grammy, I can see them now shaking in their boots – They need to be scared. But like you said, their doors will be locked.

    Ok Troy – can’t wait to see it.

  280. jrinNC Says:

    LOL – sweeping up the teeth – that was a good one

  281. sdee Says:

    rally over. we are trying to get into House office bldgs. large crowds forming. my rep is likely down in the basement with the rest of the vermin.

  282. jrinNC Says:

    You know there are sooooooooo many things going on that could trigger a revolution. Like the articles Troy posted about Washington taking over the internet. If that occurs I am personally going to take my computer to the steps of the capitol and slam it on the ground and tell em to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  283. jrinNC Says:

    Godspeed sdee, may he be with you today. Go get em.

  284. Katie Says:

    Three cheers for sdee!

    “Vermin Catcher” 😀

  285. joldy Says:

    Leo has new post up.

    Hawaii Update: DoH Confirms They Maintain A Birth Record For Obama Dated From August 1961.

    Three cheers for sdee!

    “Vermin Catcher”

    Go-Get-Em sdee!

  286. Troy Says:

    Rose, I’m glad to see you checking in with us today…Any luck with your computer yet?

  287. ryansgrammy Says:

    Dr. Kate on the 7th Amendment

    The Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution may be one of the most important Amendments to the Constitution, as it seems to this author to empower the people to enforce the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, without re-examination by a Court of the United States.

  288. joldy Says:

    At Least 7 Dead, 12 Wounded in Shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas
    Thursday, November 05, 2009

    Print ShareThisDEVELOPING: A mass shooting at Ft. Hood military base in Texas has left at least 7 dead and 12 wounded, reported.,2933,572305,00.html

  289. joldy Says:

    Ft. Hood is in lock down, no one in or out,
    also a big home coming there today.

  290. ryansgrammy Says:

    Kill the bill rally in DC — Here’s some pics gang courtesy of Gateway Pundit — looks like a great crowd!

  291. ryansgrammy Says:

    joldy — Thanks for the update — that is very sad.

  292. joldy Says:

    Capitol Police ARREST Anti-Obama Care Protesters For Visiting Senator

    One Senator, Michael Bennet (D) of Colorado was not to happy to see his constituents. They showed up at his Hart Office building office asking to meet with the Senator in his Hart Senate Office building. Instead of a meeting with the Senator, they got a meeting with the Capitol Police The protesters were arrested about 10 a.m. were charged with unlawful entry, a Capitol Police spokeswoman said.

    Looks as if the Democrats are following the Presidents advice regarding blocking Dissent:


  293. joldy Says:

    joldy — Thanks for the update — that is very sad.
    Your welcome

    Fox still talking about it.
    Two shooters one in custady.
    Or now saying posible 3rd shooter?

  294. Katie Says:

    3rd shooter confirmed.

    How awful –

  295. Katie Says:

    joldy Says:
    November 5, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Capitol Police ARREST Anti-Obama Care Protesters For Visiting Senator

    One Senator, Michael Bennet (D) of Colorado was not to happy to see his constituents.
    This useless turd was never voted in office. He was appointed by the useless turd of a Governor, Bill Ritter after Ken Salazar was appointed Secy of the Interior (?). You’ll know him as one who is blocking water to those poor farmers in California.

  296. ryansgrammy Says:

    Got this info about Glenn Beck in an email

    Glenn in recovery

    After being in pain most of the night, Glenn ended up leaving the radio program early yesterday to see a doctor. Turned out the pain was appendicitis and Glenn underwent surgery. Everything went well and he is now in recovery and doing fine. Glenn and his wife Tania are so thankful for all the kind words, prayers and support from everyone. Well, almost everyone. Those compassionate loving liberal bloggers were bummed things didn’t end differently for Glenn.

  297. Katie Says:

    Thanks for the update on Glenn Beck, grammy!

    My husband was listening to the show yesterday when he had to leave. We knew it had to be serious, and I’m so glad he’s recovering and doing well.

    Since I don’t believe anything I hear initially, I wouldn’t put it past someone to try to harm him in. So while the reports may say appendicitis, one has to wonder if something else caused him such digestive pain…

    Just sayin’…

  298. Fernley Girl Says:

  299. Katie Says:

    “Something in the air”…

    WND has a good story on today’s rally. Reports 10,000+!

  300. Fernley Girl Says:

  301. ryansgrammy Says:

    Hoyer on Saturday’s vote. These guys actually make me sick!

  302. ryansgrammy Says:

    Just saw where Obamass is going to speak about Ft. Hood — I guess he just doesn’t get it either — no one but his little minions wants to hear him. He’ll probably use this incident to his advantage somehow.

  303. Troy Says:

    Rose, I sent you an email.

  304. rosettasister Says:

    okay, Troy.

    Hope all is well.

  305. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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