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  3. Troy Says:

    International Socialists play to fears of H1N1 virus
    November 1, 2009 by John Charlton

    by John Charlton

    (Nov. 1, 2009) — Accusations that the Obama regime are using the emergence of the H1N1 virus to create a crisis to exploit for merely political ends, are confirmed by a survey of foreign governments and their responses to the alleged “pandemic.”

    In Italy, for example, where the pro-capitalist party, “Popolo di Libertà” of Mario Berlusconi, the Minister of Health declared that the H1N1 flu is less dangerous than the common cold: citing 100 deaths out of 400,000 known infections, compared to the 35,000 deaths last year from the seasonal flu.

    This sentiment is echoed by the Minister for Health in the province of Lombardy (Milan), whose website discounts the mania created around the emergence of the virus, in this frank statement (translated from the Italian original by The Post & Email):


  4. Troy Says:

    More than 50% of Nation wants new third party
    November 1, 2009 by John Charlton


    by John Charlton

    (Nov. 1, 2009) — The time has come to found a new third party. This is not a sentiment or opinion of a journalist, but the results of a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, which found that 47% support such an idea.

    While the other results of the poll suggest that they polled liberal, elite centers of the country, whose opinions are aligned with the Obama regime; the inclusion of this one statistic regarding a third party is all the more significant. The true percentage of support, therefore, is probably much higher than 47%.

    It shows that even among the politically correct and out-of-touch with the National crisis, there is recognition of the need to break free from the political control of the 2 party system.

    How much of this is based on the growing tide of libertarianism, which is actually modeled on a secularism foreign to the American tradition, or merely a dissatisfaction with the same-old same-old in American politics.

    However the level of dissatisfaction shows that Pacs which support third parties will have a very successful fundraising year, and be able to bring great influence on local elections in 2010. Americans who espouse a pro-patriotic, pro-constitution or pro-state-sovereingty cause, through their own Pac, will be able to bring lots of money to bear supporting these causes, if they simply do a little fundraising and get the word out.

    However, since local control seems to be an important issue, the creation of individual State parties, which are pro-local control seems likely to have an effect in such states where there is a political climate for a multi-party system. Dough Hoffman of the Conservative Party in New York State is an example of this, as he now expected to lead the polls against his democratic rival by wide margins, seeing that his Republican opponent has bowed out.

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    The GOP had better give her the boot!
    DeDe Scozzafava began to quietly and thoughtfully encourage her supporters to vote for Democrat William L. Owens.
    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2009

    Dierdre K. Scozzafava’s decision to suspend her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District seat is a shocking development in what had already been an extraordinary race.

    In her statement Saturday morning, the assemblywoman explained the reasons behind her decision: “It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so.”

    During the day Saturday, she began to quietly and thoughtfully encourage her supporters to vote for Democrat William L. Owens.

    Ms. Scozzafava finished a distant third in the latest Siena Research Institute poll with 20 percent support of likely voters. Her opponents, Mr. Owens and Conservative Douglas L. Hoffman, garnered 36 percent and 35 percent respectively.

    Entire Story Here

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  7. Troy Says:

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  9. jrinNC Says:

    create a crisis to exploit for merely political ends,
    I believe this is true with every fiber of my being – He wants to declare martial law and there will be no end to all of this until he does.

    Mercy here I just got back from church and all I can is I hate what he and his cronies have done to our country. We even had a guest evangelist this morning and he even mentioned it. What in this world is going on when you have pastors talking about it. But what other way do the people have of hearing the truth.

  10. jrinNC Says:

    meant to say all I can feel –

  11. jrinNC Says:

    I am so stuffffffffffed from food right now I can’t even think straight.
    I feel as if I have been drugged. Guess it is all the sugar I ate. 🙂

  12. calli Says:

    It saddens me that your blog will come to an end!! I must tell you I have learned a lot from your site!! At times, I was judgemental as to which candidate you supported!! I meant no disrespect!!!
    What a teacher you must have been!!!! Good luck to you and your family always!!! God will look after you!!!

  13. Troy Says:

    jr, I think that pastors have a responsibility to start talking about it and drawing awareness…There needs to be a concerted effort on their part.

  14. CJ Says:

    Troy: Thanks for posting the Rush videos. I missed the original this afternoon. Glad to see him willing to talk honestly about himself and the country’s problems on tv. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s not afraid to say what he thinks and he loves the USA.

  15. Troy Says:

    Your welcome CJ

  16. cynkading Says:

    Dear Rosie,
    Such a wonderful time we have had at this very unique and wonderful blog. I have spent many an hour reading and posting here. I have to say that I did not really understand what a blog was until last year much less become an infrequent poster. For a long time, I just mainly lurked around and gleaned all of the information that everyone was posting. I felt the comaraderie here and it was infectious. I finally just had to jump in and go for it and hope that what ever my additions were to this blog that they did not come off as incoherent or unintelligent. I hate to admit that I have wasted a good portion of my life being totally out of touch with what our leaders and lawmakers were doing. I finally woke up, and the infomation from this blog was a huge part of my reawakening. I am saddened that it took me so long to realize how naive and out of touch that I have been.
    We have at times have had differences of opinion but at the end of the day our common beliefs and goals have brought us back in to unisom.
    I want to say that I will never forget you Rose. I appreciate your committment and time that you have put into this blog. I cannot tell you how many times I have just sat at my computer and cackled from all of the banter, the sometimes quirky music, (Spinarikadink), Videos, (Bigus Dickus), many others :). Just so much to say……..I feel I am losing a family member….I can’t control the tears. I want to personally thank you for making each and everyone that spent time here welcomed and that their opinions mattered. You are a rose for sure and a gracious one at that. I will be away for a little while tonight for Sunday night church services and will check in later.
    Btw, I have not experienced any ghosts or spirits so I could not add to the really good stories from Jr, Troy, Katie, and Grammy. I was totally into all of them….

  17. cynkading Says:

    unisom = unison 🙂 I think unisom is a medication used to go to sleep

  18. jrinNC Says:

    Clinton calls Israeli concessions ‘unprecedented’

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that Israel is making “unprecedented” concessions on West Bank settlement construction — a position clearly at odds with the prevailing Palestinian view.

    Her comments appeared to represent a significant departure in tone from her previous statements demanding a total Israeli settlement freeze without exception. Israel has been resisting that demand for months, and has given no indication it would be willing to call a total freeze.;_ylt=ArRPZeyQikam1CvwBMsksIxvaA8F;_ylu=X3oDMTJnOGl2czQ1BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMDkxMTAxL21sX2NsaW50b24EcG9zAzE2BHNlYwN5bl9hcnRpY2xlX3N1bW1hcnlfbGlzdARzbGsDY2xpbnRvbmNhbGxz

  19. jrinNC Says:

    Guiliani Ousted For Obama

    Posted Nov 1st 2009 10:26AM by TMZ Staff

    Usually it’s considered common courtesy to give up your seat to a woman — but Rudy Giualiani was reportedly none too pleased when he had to vacate his prized spot at Yankee Stadium … to the First Lady. The former mayor of New York City always sits near the Yankee dugout, but according to Page Six he was relegated to behind the photographers’ box for Game 1 of the World Series because Michelle Obama was given the seats instead.

    The paper says it was the White House that didn’t want Giuliani near Obama, but get this: Michelle didn’t even sit in the seats because of the weather and they remained unoccupied for the whole game.

    Read more:
    Bet he was mad as a wet hen

    Read more:

  20. jrinNC Says:

    Palestinians Rebuff Clinton Peace Overture

    Palestinians on Sunday accused Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of undermining progress toward Mideast peace talks after she praised Israel for offering to curb some Jewish settlement construction.

  21. CJ Says:

    Here’s something to make your day—not. From CNN:

    This from CNN news:

  22. jrinNC Says:

  23. cynkading Says:

    ‘Personhood’ movement explodes in 32 states
    Pro-lifers: Wildfire effort could be death blow to abortion in Obamacare

  24. Troy Says:

    Sorry gang, but I’ve been struggling today to come up with much news to post…It’s been a quiet weekend on that front….It will fire back up tomorrow!

  25. jrinNC Says:

    Troy got comment in moderation – posted two links – sorry – don’t know how the 2nd link got there – must have been embedded in the text I copied.

  26. Troy Says:


    President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Harry Reid think you and I are tired and losing interest. The New York Times and other media outlets are writing that the grassroots fire burned out in August and September.

    Talking to many of you in recent weeks, I know that’s not true. But with the health care battle at a decisive juncture, We need to take a crucial step.

    Americans for Prosperity is asking you to make a “Congressional House Call” at noon on November 5 to tell your Senator or Congressman to vote NO on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care takeover.

    As I travel the country on our Patients First bus tour and other events, folks ask me, “Tim, I’ve emailed and called my representatives, but what more can I do to get their attention?” This is a big way for you to get their attention. Join fellow freedom fighters in standing up one more time by going to their in-state offices on November 5 with a simple message — “Keep your hands off my health care. Vote NO.”

    We need you all to please take 3 steps:

    1. CLICK here to let us know you’re willing to stand up for your freedom by walking in to the district office of your Senator or Congressman on November 5. You can also CLICK HERE to go directly to a page that lists all of the local offices within your state.

    2. Please forward this information to at least 5 of your family and friends by

    CLICKING here. We need as many Americans as possible to take a stand, and you are the best recruiter because they know and trust you.

    We see the hypocrisy and deal-cutting coming out of Washington. You know there’s $345 billion in brand new welfare spending via Medicaid expansion in the Senate health care takeover bill. And the fact that Majority Leader Harry Reid is exempting his own state from having to pay the state share of the new welfare program.

    Just yesterday, Speaker Pelosi and her friends in the House came up with a new way to try and sell the so-called “public option,” which in reality is the government destroying private health insurance. They called it just another form of Medicare!

    We’ve got to show Team Obama/Pelosi/Reid that Americans like you are still in the fight, still focused, still willing to stand up and be counted.

    Our goal is simple: on November 5 have activists like you show up at key Senate and Congressional offices in your state with your own message telling them to keep their “hands off your health care.” Patients First, our health care project, will provide a great resource for you to take on your “House Call.”

    November 5 is two weeks from today.If you’re willing to be a part of the Congressional House Call please CLICK here and let us know you’re being a part of this crucial project.

    To answer your questions about our Congressional House Call project, I will be hosting a live video chat on this Friday at 12 Noon ET. Please email questions you have about the Congressional House Call project or about our other efforts to You can also message me on Facebook with your questions by going here and clicking the “Send me a Message” tab.

    A lot has been sacrificed already — emailing and calling your members of Congress, attending tea parties and bus tour rallies, contacting your friends and family to get involved.

    Now, we need you to take another crucial step on November 5 to protect your freedoms.

  27. Troy Says:

    Dr. Kate (CC2009 Delegate) has dedicated a page on her blog to keep up with the activities of the conviening of the up coming CC2009….In the very near future this will be a important place to check on regularly.
    A New Page: The Continental Congress 2009

    ©2009 drkate

    How timely this is! A NEW PAGE in America!

    I have also just set up a new page on this blog called “Continental Congress 2009” which I invite you to visit now and frequently through the month of November. The goal of this page will be to report on the CC2009 as it happens, as well as to serve as a dedicated space for all of you to post comments, ideas, and questions the delegates should consider and act upon. For additional background, please read two previous posts on the subject here and here.

  28. Troy Says:

    jr, you had a post with multiple links stuck in moderation…It has been approved. 😀

  29. Troy Says:
    ERISA Deal in Health Bill Betrays Democrats’ Doublespeak
    Arizona Rep. John Shadegg exposes provision in health bill worth millions to demonized insurance companies

    You might have to watch this one twice. I did. This is a bit confusing to follow, but I’m going to break it down as best I can when I have some time soon. In the meantime, it’s just another example of how health care reform is being sold as one thing, but in reality is a completely different animal.

  30. Troy Says:

    So, does this mean the White House will come on Fox News Sunday this weekend to denounce CBS?

  31. Troy Says:

    Texas Congressman John Carter corrects an error, posts federal tax returns online, and encourages Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel to do the same

  32. jrinNC Says:

    What this ERISA video is saying is that under Employee/Union type health plans they can deny treatment recommended by your doctor and if anything happens to you after the rejection you cannot hold the insurance company liable even if their independent analysis also supports physician recommendations, you still have no recourse of compensation. This health care bill supports this immunity for the health care insurance companies. But does not provide immunity for the drs and hospitals.

  33. jrinNC Says:

    I am afraid this health care reform once passed will be the straw that breaks the camels back. Especially if it is passed w/o bi-partisan support.

    In other words the people are going to revolt when they feel that steel rod rammed up their booty.

  34. Troy Says:


  35. Troy Says:

    It’s not going to pass!

  36. ryansgrammy Says:

    Fernley Girl Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 4:13 pm
    Found this at Alan Keyes’ site.

    Fernley — what a shock to see my tea party prez in the youtube video you posted!!!! He was one of the few to get in to deliver the petitions. We have cancelled our TP meeting for this Thurs in hopes that lots of us will be headed to DC again in response to Michelle Bachmann’s call to action. Peloser will probably be beside herself and shaking in her boots!

  37. jrinNC Says:

    MA man fired for belief in traditonal marriage

    Guy states in MA you can be fired for expressing your beliefs as a Christian.

  38. jrinNC Says:

    Troy Says:
    November 2, 2009 at 12:11 am

    It’s not going to pass!
    I pray to the Lord above it doesn’t. But like you said a while back – it is one of the steps of the NWO and we know IT will come to pass.

  39. Troy Says:

    Counting their chickens before they hatch.
    Government booklet addresses Obamacare as if it is a done deal
    by DefendUSx November 01, 2009 17:55

    It does not matter that Congress has yet to pass the Obama health care at gunpoint bill — the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services is now sending out a booklet notifying employers and employees that family members will be forced to participate and money will be taken out of their paychecks for government healthcare.
    “When medical insurance coverage is ordered through employment, the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is sent to the employer or union to enforce the requirement to enroll the employee’s dependents in a healthcare plan,” the literature states on page 7.

    The booklet spells out the bureaucratic steps required if an employer does not want to be fined and possibly imprisoned for not participating in the scam by the government and insurance corporations to take over one-sixth of the economy.

    In now standard color of law fashion, bureaucrats in Illinois are acting like Obamacare is a done deal and employers have to respond accordingly.
    Propaganda pamplet here:

    What is the first thing you noticed about the photo that they used?

  40. ryansgrammy Says:

    From American Thinker regarding the legality of Obamass signing away America in Copenhagen.

  41. ryansgrammy Says:

    Lloyd Marcus on the Tea Party Express II — his experiences from town to town.

  42. rosettasister Says:

    Sorry to be so scarce

    Having myriad technical difficulties

    A bit discouraged

    But not out for the count

    I keep telling myself I am not a machine

    Are we not men?!

    And if my powers of perception are still working

    I’ve graduated from a knapsack to a PRetty little purse in terms of what is weighing me down

    For now I will be content to look over what others have posted


  43. Troy Says:

    CIT Files Bankruptcy; U.S. Unlikely to Recoup Money (Update3)

    Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) — CIT Group Inc., a 101-year-old commercial lender, filed for bankruptcy to cut $10 billion in debt after the credit crunch dried up its funding and a U.S. bailout and debt exchange offer failed.

    CIT listed $71 billion in assets and $64.9 billion in debt in a Chapter 11 filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan. The U.S. Treasury Department said the government probably won’t recover much, if any, of the $2.3 billion in taxpayer money that went to CIT.

    The bankruptcy “will allow CIT to continue to provide funding to our small business and middle-market customers,” said Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Peek in a statement.

    CIT, which filed the fifth-largest bankruptcy by assets, said it plans to exit quickly due to support from bondholders, who voted in favor of a so-called prepackaged plan. None of CIT’s operating subsidiaries, including Utah-based CIT Bank, were included in the filing, and operations will proceed as normal, CIT said in a statement.

    CIT has $1 billion from investor Carl Icahn to fund operations while it reorganizes. The credit line, to be drawn on until Dec. 31, will be a so-called debtor-in-possession loan. It also expanded its $3 billion credit facility by another $4.5 billion on Oct. 28.

    Debt Holders Say No

  44. Troy Says:

    And if my powers of perception are still working

    I’ve graduated from a knapsack to a PRetty little purse in terms of what is weighing me down
    Nice, very nice indeed!

  45. ryansgrammy Says:

    Scuzzy endorses democrat in NY-23.

  46. Troy Says:

    This has got to make the Bush hating, leftwing freaks heads explode!
    Obama administration: Toss wiretap lawsuit
    By DEVLIN BARRETT (AP) – 1 day ago

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder says a lawsuit in San Francisco over warrantless wiretapping threatens to expose ongoing intelligence work and must be thrown out.

    In making the argument, the Obama administration agreed with the Bush administration’s position on the case but insists it came to the decision differently. A civil liberties group criticized the move Friday as a retreat from promises President Barack Obama made as a candidate.

    Holder’s effort to stop the lawsuit marks the first time the administration has tried to invoke the state secrets privilege under a new policy it launched last month designed to make such a legal argument more difficult.

    Under the state secrets privilege, the government can have a lawsuit dismissed if hearing the case would jeopardize national security.

    The Bush administration invoked the privilege numerous times in lawsuits over various post-9/11 programs, but the Obama administration recently announced that only a limited number of senior Justice Department officials would be able to make such decisions. It also agreed to provide confidential information to the courts in such cases.

    Under the new approach, an agency trying to keep such information secret would have to convince the attorney general and a panel of Justice Department lawyers that its release would compromise national security.

    Holder said that in the current case, that review process convinced him “there is no way for this case to move forward without jeopardizing ongoing intelligence activities that we rely upon to protect the safety of the American people.”

    The lawsuit was filed by a group of individuals who claimed the government illegally monitored their communications. To proceed with the case, Holder said, would expose intelligence sources and methods.

    Holder said U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, who is handling the case, was given a classified description of why the case must be dismissed so that the court can “conduct its own independent assessment of our claim.”

    The attorney general said the judge would decide whether the administration had made a valid claim and “we will respect the outcome of that process.”

    That is a departure from the Bush administration, which resisted providing specifics to judges handling such cases about what the national security concerns were.

    Kevin Bankston, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a civil liberties group in San Francisco that is pursuing a similar lawsuit against the government, called Holder’s decision “incredibly disappointing.”

    “The Obama administration has essentially adopted the position of the Bush administration in these cases, even though candidate Obama was incredibly critical of both the warrantless wiretapping program and the Bush administration’s abuse of the state secrets privilege,” said Bankston.

  47. ryansgrammy Says:

    SEIU Stern tops white house visitor list — of course the Rev Wright has been there too — gee I thought that relationship was over!!!!!

    We’re going to need lots of disinfectant to clean out the White House after these turkeys leave. 🙂

  48. ryansgrammy Says:

    Obamacare vs. The Hippocratic Oath

  49. Troy Says:

    We’re going to need lots of disinfectant to clean out the White House after these turkeys leave.
    They’ll have to gut it, use high pressure hoses, and repaint!

  50. jrinNC Says:

    We’re going to need lots of disinfectant to clean out the White House after these turkeys leave

    Grammy we will need more than disinfectant – We will more than likely have to build another one 😉

  51. jrinNC Says:

    LOL – Troy guess we were in the same brain wave with that posting.

  52. Troy Says:

    Hehehe 😉

  53. Troy Says:

  54. CJ Says:

    RyansGrammy: Scuzzy is right. As a conservative NYer we are used to that kind of mealy mouth actions from our political brethren. I’m so glad she got out. Believe me, she was no Republican. Every one of her talking points and her whole platform was about as liberal Dem as you can get. She tagged as the Repub candidate in hopes of getting votes in a conservative part of NY. Seems there is a lot of that going on around the country with these Dems in sheeps clothing running as Repubs. I sure hope the republicans get their act together on that stuff because it will multiply next year as the mid term elections take place. If the Conservative wins, it will be very newsworthy(msm has to report it much to their dismay) and a heads-up that we are a force to be paid attention to in the voting booth.

    I sure hope you get alot of people to hit DC and join Michelle Bachmann next week. I so wish I could be there but too far away and too much work for me to attend. I’m praying for many people who live within easy drive to be there. It would be an eye-opener—again(9/12)– for these egotists in Congress. A million outside, now a whole bunch inside OUR house to shake their ears. LISTEN UP!! WE the PEOPLE ARE NOT GIVING UP OUR COUNTRY.

  55. ryansgrammy Says:

    Just got and email that states: of a woman with the
    two biggest boobs I have ever seen….

    Its Condi Rice shaking hands with Biden and Obamass. 😀

  56. cynkading Says:

    Troy, if you are around. I wanted to say that I enjoyed your pictures of you and your cats. I also appreciate all of your work here and admire your determination to keep this blog going. I will do what I can to help you in any way. Do you have my email? I seem to be one of the ones who has not received an email from you. I am all by myself???? Do I have bad grammar or unintelligible posts?

  57. cynkading Says:

    Grammy, lol 🙂

  58. cynkading Says:

  59. cynkading Says:

    Advertising firm suing Alan Grayson

  60. Troy Says:

    I’m here cynkadinkadoo and thank you…I will be emailing everyone in the near future about a plan for keeping the blog alive. 🙂

  61. rosettasister Says:

  62. ryansgrammy Says:

  63. cynkading Says:

  64. ryansgrammy Says:

    Another cartoon

  65. ryansgrammy Says:

    Lucky Czars

  66. cynkading Says:

    Census Change Will Cost California Five House Seats
    A proposal from Republican Sen. David Vitter to count only U.S. citizens and not illegal aliens in the 2010 census would cost California five congressional seats, a new analysis of census data reveals.
    The Constitution requires that congressional districts be reapportioned every 10 years based on a count of the “persons” in each state. The 2010 census form does not ask about citizenship.
    Vitter’s proposal would ban federal financing for the census if a citizenship question is not included. The Louisiana lawmaker argues that counting noncitizens would “artificially increase the population count” in states with large numbers of illegal aliens, and thereby give those states larger congressional delegations than they deserve.
    An analysis by demographers at Queens College of the City University of New York found that not counting illegals would cost California five seats, and New York and Illinois one seat each.
    Vitter’s proposal would enable Louisiana, Iowa, Michigan and Pennsylvania to avoid the expected loss of one seat, while Montana, North Carolina, Indiana, Oregon and South Carolina would each gain a seat, The New York Times reported.
    If all residents are counted in 2010, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Utah would gain one seat and Texas would get three. Under Vitter’s proposal, Texas would gain only one seat, the analysis found.
    Vitter said in mid-October that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants illegals to be counted so that left-leaning states with large numbers of undocumented aliens will gain seats, according to The Hill newspaper.
    Illegals counted in the 2000 census gave California up to five additional seats in Congress, according to Vitter, who said: “Basically states with large illegal populations, starting with California, are rewarded and other states are penalized.”
    According to The Times, the prospects for Vitter’s proposal in the Democratic-controlled Senate are “doubtful.”
    Editor’s Note:
    Stand for Secure Borders, Wear the Cap!

  67. cynkading Says:

    In Congress, a call to review internal cybersecurity policies
    Inadvertent disclosure of ethics committee inquiries sparks furor

  68. cynkading Says:

    Over and out! Gnite to Rosie’s gang!!!

  69. Troy Says:

    g’nite cynka

  70. ryansgrammy Says:

    I’m with you cynka — nite gang!

  71. Troy Says:

    nite grammy

  72. Troy Says:

    I’m out too!

  73. sdee Says:

    hey gang – anyone around?

  74. sdee Says:

    looks like I am only behind 5 or 6 hundred posts 😀

    what’s going on with Michele Bachman and DC?

  75. sdee Says:

    for All Saints Day…

    from Saint Don Bosco: Mission to Love

    One of my favorite films

  76. sdee Says:

    so from the comments above it looks like Troy is moderating and Rose is just hanging out?

    not bad, not bad at all 🙂

  77. j.b. Says:

    Computer broke a week ago.
    Had limited access to hubby’s laptop.
    Computer “fixed”now. (with Vista, yuk)
    Able to read, but not respond to e-mails. 😦
    Thanks for your concern, Rose.
    I am much better.
    Back online now.
    Happy to help out with blog.
    Techtarded, though.
    See yous on the morrow.
    Oh and;
    Socialism Sucks.
    As do marxists and communists, too.
    We shall overcome.

  78. ryansgrammy Says:

    Its great to see that the silent majority is awake and not afraid to speak and act!!1

  79. ryansgrammy Says:

    My post went poof again. 😦

  80. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — did you see this video??? Sorry if already posted.

  81. ryansgrammy Says:

    Beck calls himself a “rodeo clown.” That fits. A rodeo clown distracts the bull’s attention to defend rodeo riders at risk. Beck believes the nation is at risk and he’s out to distract the raging bulls, or the progressives in power.

  82. ryansgrammy Says:

    Another article on the lack of constitutional authority for HCR. Perhaps we should write letters to Pelosi, Hoyer and Reid and splain the constitution to them. 🙂

  83. sdee Says:

    hi grammy, do you have any information on the DC event this week that was mentioned above?

  84. ryansgrammy Says:

    Haven’t check this site for a while — TOTUS

  85. ryansgrammy Says:

    Gangster Gubmint.

  86. ryansgrammy Says:

    sdee — only that they want people to be on the steps of the Capitol at noon on Thursday. Michelle Bachmann plans to confront Pelosi and other supporting HCR. I think the weather is supposed to be pretty good (upper 50’s and sunny). Best bet for anyone trying to come to DC is probably to take a train or metro to Union Station.

  87. sdee Says:

    ryansgrammy Says: only that they want people to be on the steps of the Capitol at noon on Thursday. Michelle Bachmann plans to confront Pelosi and other supporting HCR.

    thanks – Bachmann is one of the few leaders up there. I would love to fill the halls of the Capitol. I am going to see if I can free up some time.

  88. sdee Says:

    Katie Says:
    November 1, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    Congress Denying People’s Right to Petition

    The guy in this video says their petition was rejected due to procedures put in place after the anthrax scare.

    Seems to me I recall that slime ball SCOTUS clerk pulled the the anthrax excuse to turn away Leo and Cort too way back when.

  89. sdee Says:

    gtg. see ya later tonight.

  90. Troy Says:

    Hawaii Payback time?
    November 2, 2009 by John Charlton

    by John Charlton

    (Nov. 2, 2009) — Linda Chiem of The Pacific Business News is reporting that the State of Hawaii will most likely be granted an exemption from Obama’s Health Care Bill. She writes on Saturday, last:

    Hawaii is expected to be exempted from whatever national health-care bill emerges from Congress, meaning businesses will continue to bear most of the cost of providing insurance.

    U.S. Sens. Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka, both Democrats, will request that an exemption for Hawaii be included in the final draft of the health reform bill, according to Peter Boylan, a spokesman for Inouye’s office.

  91. Troy Says:

    Obama approval rating continues to plunge
    by DefendUSx November 02, 2009 01:43

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -10 (see trends).

    It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the day-to-day fluctuations of the tracking poll and miss the longer-term trend. Rasmussen Reports also compiles the data on a month-by-month basis which shows that the President’s ratings slipped a bit in October after stabilizing in September.

    Check out our review of last week’s key polls to see “What They Told Us.”

    The Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who Strongly Disapprove from the number who Strongly Approve. It is updated daily at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (sign up for free daily e-mail update). Updates are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

    Overall, 46% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Fifty-two percent (52%) disapprove.

    Other measures of the President’s performance are updated daily on the Rasmussen Reports Obama By the Numbers page. We also invite you to review recent demographic highlights from the tracking polls.

    Election Day is Tuesday and Republicans are likely to win back the Governor’s mansion in Virginia. The race in New Jersey is too close to call.

    (More Below)

  92. Troy Says:

    New Anti-Limbaugh-Beck Group Tied To Ex-Obama Czar Van Jones
    by DefendUSx November 02, 2009 01:09

    A new left-wing organization created specifically to attack Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchanan, and Paul Brown has ties to ex-Obama green jobs czar Van Jones.

    As NewsBusters reported Thursday, was formed to “call out” what it considers “mischaracterizations and hate speech” by the aforementioned quintet.

    With the assistance of tipster Bret A. Gehring, NewsBusters has discovered an organizational link to Jones.

    Our investigation began with who was listed as the contact person on the STWH press release reported by Reuters Thursday:


    Karlos Schmeider, +1-505-363-4962,

    For those unfamiliar, the Center for Media Justice is “a media strategy and action center that uses strategic communications and media activism to build a powerful movement for racial justice, economic equity, and human rights. Through two program areas and fee for service projects, CMJ strengthens the communications effectiveness of grassroots groups and builds a powerful, integrated movement for media justice and communication rights.”

    Its address is 1611 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 510, Oakland, California.

    According to Issue Lab, the Center for Media Justice used to be the Youth Media Council:

    Center for Media Justice (Formerly Youth Media Council) 1611 Telegraph Ave
    Oakland , California
    United States Phone 510-444-640
    Web address (as early as next week will be
    Mission Statement: Youth Media Council builds communications power and defends the communication rights of youth, communities of color, and organizing groups working for racial and economic justice. Launched in 2001 to counter racial stereotypes and anti-youth bias in the news, YMC is a media strategy and action center dedicated to building a strategic and collaborative movement for justice by strengthening media strategy, capacity and action in California and beyond.

    The web address “” does indeed redirect to CMJ.

    A Scarleteen article about YMC revealed the following:

    Youth Media Council (YMC) was founded in 2001 as a two-year pilot project at We Interrupt This Message (Interrupt). A media strategy center for the racial justice movement since the early 90s, Interrupt founded the YMC to increase the media strategy and capacity of the youth organizing sector. YMC built upon Interrupt’s racial justice communications framework and strong partnerships with racial and economic justice groups. Under the leadership of veteran media strategists Hunter Cutting and Kim Deterline, Interrupt pioneered methods for media capacity building, strategic communications and media watchdog projects uniquely tailored to disenfranchised communities.

    Who’s listed first on the Board of Directors of Interrupt?

    Board of Directors

    Van Jones
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

    Putting the pieces together, an organization that Jones is on the board of founded the Youth Media Council which is now the Center for Media Justice. A representative of CMJ is the contact person for this new coalition looking to target Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs, et al.


    Not likely, for a look at CMJ’s Facebook page revealed an interesting post on September 29 (emphasis added):

    Tell Fox News to Stop the Witch Hunts! Join CMJ and Color of Change to stop Glenn Beck’s program!
    As NewsBusters reported on August 12, Jones was a founding member of Color of Change, the group that started an online petition calling for advertisers to stop sponsoring Glenn Beck’s television program.

    But this gets better, for CMJ’s Facebook post sent readers to its “Actions” page. There, readers can find a September 11 headline, “Tell Fox News to Stop the Witch Hunts!” The embedded link sent readers to — wait for it!!! — Color of Change’s Beck petition.

    This was posted at CMJ’s website just five days after Jones was forced to resign as Obama’s green jobs czar.

    Now, roughly seven weeks later, a new coalition has been created using the same phrase “Stop the Witch Hunt” for its name, and its contact person works for CMJ which was not only founded by an organization whose Board of Directors includes Jones, but also worked with Jones’s Color of Change to get advertisers to stop sponsoring Beck.

    If you still think this is all just a coincidence, might I interest you in some swampland?

  93. Troy Says:

    Feds Can Search Your E-Mail Without Notice, Judge Rules

    No matter how much of our personal lives exist in e-mail services such as Gmail, a U.S. District Court judge says if the government takes a look at your e-mail.

    By Jared Newman

    The opinion by federal judge Michael Mosman, handed down in Portland, Oregon, involves a case in which the government has probable cause for a search and asked Google to provide nine months of a Gmail subscriber’s e-mails, seeking evidence of the crime. Furthermore, the feds asked that the search warrant be sealed and that the user shouldn’t be told what was happening.

    Gmail isn’t the only e-mail provider that might face this situation. Other services, including Microsoft’s Hotmail and AOL, say in their usage terms that they’ll share information with the government when required by warrant or court order. What’s shocking is that this could be happening without your knowledge.

    Mosman’s ruling reversed an earlier decision that the user must get a receipt after the government rifles through e-mail. Though he says electronic communications are protected by the Fourth Amendment, which guards against unreasonable search and seizure, those protections don’t apply to the e-mail user. If the government takes a look at your e-mail, the obligation to disclose what was searched ends at the Internet Service Provider.

    Mosman gives this analogy: If the government seizes a package sent by FedEx, the recipient and the sender don’t have to be told, as long as FedEx gets a copy of the warrant. Also, Mosman wrote that the government didn’t take any property, so to speak, because e-mail can be viewed from anywhere.

    The nut of the issue is that Mosman doesn’t liken e-mail to personal property stored at home. “If a suspect leaves private documents at his mother’s house and the police obtain a warrant to search his mother’s house, they need only provide a copy of the warrant and a receipt to the mother, even though she is not the ‘owner’ of the documents,” he writes.

    However, Mosman writes that the law remains unclear about whether information stored online is like a “virtual home.” I think enough people assume so that we need some legislation to iron this out.


  94. Troy Says:

    Eric Holder’s Close Friend Joins Roman Polanski’s Legal Team
    “Hollyweird’ Comes to Defense of Pedophile Rapist Polanski

    Reginald Orem

    Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein called it a “so-called” crime. Actress Whoopi Goldberg says she knows it wasn’t “rape rape.” It was something else, but not “rape rape.”

    French celebrity intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy says perhaps the individual has committed a “youthful error.” Who were they talking about and what had he done? In 1977 film director Roman Polanski, then 43, lured a 13-year-old ninth grader to a house borrowed from actor Jack Nicholson.

    Polanski plied her with champagne, drugged her with Quaalude (a strong depressant) photographed her naked in a hot tub, then turned on her.

    Ignoring her frightened pleas, he raped and sodomized her. The assault included oral sex. A transcript of the victim’s testimony before a grand jury is now available for anyone to see.

    Found guilty of the rape charge, Polanski fled the United States in 1978 to France prior to sentencing. For over 30 years he lived a life of “gilded luxury” as Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson put it, traveling to Israel and other countries.

    Flouting American authorities once too often, he was finally nabbed in Zurich, Switzerland and jailed to await extradition to the U.S. One wonders if perhaps this cocky, strutting little Euro-swinger has lost some of his swagger.

    His arrest has caused a tidal wave of dismay and fury by the shocked international glitterati. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouhner described the arrest as “sinister.” Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand labels America as “scary.”

    In this country, the outrage over Polanski’s capture was predictably vitriolic Hollywood. How dare the “great artist” be held in any way accountable for his moral and criminal transgressions?

    Harvey Weinstein circulated a 100-name pro-Polanski petition, and proclaimed “Hollywood has the best moral compass.”

    Terry Teachout, writing in the Wall Street Journal, disagrees. “The rush to support Polanski shows how isolated the entertainment industry is from the rest of the world.”

    He dismisses Weinstein as a “moral idiot.” Katha Pollitt, writing in Nation magazine opines:

    “The widespread support for Polanski shows the liberal cultural elite at its preening, fatuous worst. No wonder Middle America hates them.”

    In “Hollywood Shows Its True Colors,” Rich Lowry sums up the Tinseltown ethic: “Rarely has a class of people mustered a more damning indictment of its own putrid decadence.”

    Jeff Berg, Polanski’s agent, says Roman is “now in a fighting mood,” and will of course, fight extradition to the U.S. However, legal experts say there is little to fight.

    “This is the rape and sodomization of a 13-year-old child—someone who admitted it and skipped out,” says Carol Chase, law professor at Pepperdine University. Polanski, now 76, has added well-known Washington power lawyer Reid Weingarten to his legal team. Weingarten is a close friend and associate of Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.


  95. Troy Says:

    The Generals’ Revolt: As Obama rethinks America’s failed strategy in Afghanistan, he faces two insurgencies: one in Afghanistan and one cooked up by his own generals.

    “Petraeus and McChrystal have put Obama in a trick bag,” says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, a former top aide to Secretary of State Colin Powell. “We had this happen one time before, with Douglas MacArthur” — the right-wing general who was fired after he defied President Truman over the Korean War in 1951.”

    “Wilkerson, the former aide to Colin Powell, hopes Obama will follow the example of President Kennedy, who faced down his generals during the Cuban Missile Crisis. “It’s going to take John Kennedy-type courage to turn to his Curtis LeMay and say, ‘No, we’re not going to bomb Cuba,’” Wilkerson says. “It took a lot of courage on Kennedy’s part to defy the Pentagon, defy the military — and do the right thing.”

    As Obama rethinks America’s failed strategy in Afghanistan, he faces two insurgencies: the Taliban and the Pentagon


    In early October, as President Obama huddled with top administration officials in the White House situation room to rethink America’s failing strategy in Afghanistan, the Pentagon and top military brass were trying to make the president an offer he couldn’t refuse. They wanted the president to escalate the war — go all in by committing 40,000 more troops and another trillion dollars to a Vietnam-like quagmire — or face a full-scale mutiny by his generals.

    Obama knew that if he rebuffed the military’s pressure, several senior officers — including Gen. David Petraeus, the ambitious head of U.S. Central Command, who is rumored to be eyeing a presidential bid of his own in 2012 — could break ranks and join forces with hawks in the Republican Party. GOP leaders and conservative media outlets wasted no time in warning Obama that if he refused to back the troop escalation being demanded by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the commander overseeing the eight-year-old war, he’d be putting U.S. soldiers’ lives at risk and inviting Al Qaeda to launch new assaults on the homeland. The president, it seems, is battling two insurgencies: one in Afghanistan and one cooked up by his own generals.

    “I don’t understand why the military is putting so much pressure on the White House now over Afghanistan,” says a former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan. “Unless it has something to do with the presidential ambitions of a certain Centcom commander.”

    The military’s campaign to force Obama’s hand started in earnest in September, when the Commander’s Initial Assessment of the war — a highly classified report prepared by McChrystal — was leaked to The Washington Post. According to insiders, the leak was coordinated by someone close to Petraeus, McChrystal’s boss and ally. Speculation has centered on Gen. Jack Keane, a retired Army vice chief of staff and Petraeus confidant, who helped convince George W. Bush to get behind the “surge” in Iraq. In the report, McChrystal paints a dire picture of the American effort in Afghanistan, concluding that a massive increase in troop levels is the only way to prevent a humiliating failure.

    On Capitol Hill, hawkish GOP congressmen seized the opening to turn up the heat on Obama by demanding that he allow McChrystal and Petraeus to come to Washington to testify at high-profile hearings to ask for more troops. “It is time to listen to our commanders on the ground, not the ever-changing political winds whispering defeat in Washington,” declared Sen. Kit Bond, a Republican from Missouri. Attempting to usurp Obama’s authority as commander in chief, Sen. John McCain introduced an amendment to compel the two generals to come before Congress, but the measure was voted down by the Democratic majority.


  96. Troy Says:

    Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

    Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned.

    Planned Parenthood Director Leaves, Has Change of Heart

    By Ashlea Sigman, 11/02/09

    Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

    “I just thought I can’t do this anymore, and it was just like a flash that hit me and I thought that’s it,” said Johnson.

    She handed in her resignation October 6. Johnson worked as the Bryan Planned Parenthood Director for two years.

    According to Johnson, the non-profit was struggling under the weight of a tough economy, and changing it’s business model from one that pushed prevention, to one that focused on abortion.

    “It seemed like maybe that’s not what a lot of people were believing any more because that’s not where the money was. The money wasn’t in family planning, the money wasn’t in prevention, the money was in abortion and so I had a problem with that,” said Johnson.

    Johnson said she was told to bring in more women who wanted abortions, something the Episcopalian church goer recently became convicted about.

    “I feel so pure in heart (since leaving). I don’t have this guilt, I don’t have this burden on me anymore that’s how I know this conversion was a spiritual conversion.”

    Johnson now supports the Coalition For Life, the pro-life group with a building down the street from Planned Parenthood. Coalition volunteers can regularly be seen praying on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood. Johnson has been meeting with the coalition’s executive director, Shawn Carney, and has prayed with volunteers outside Planned Parenthood.

    On Friday both Johnson and the Coalition For Life were issued temporary restraining orders filed by Planned Parenthood.

    Rochelle Tafolla, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson issued the following statement: “We regret being forced to turn to the courts to protect the safety and confidentiality of our clients and staff, however, in this instance it is absolutely necessary.”

    The temporary restraining order contends that Planned Parenthood would be irreparably harmed by the disclosure of certain information, but does not bar Johnson or Coalition For Life volunteers from the premises.

    As of Sunday evening, neither Johnson nor Carney had seen the complaint filed against them that prompted the restraining order.

    A hearing about the order has been set for November 10.


  97. ryansgrammy Says:

    Recently I’ve wondered if Newt G is on drugs!!!!

  98. Troy Says:

    Black Panther Case Headed for Public Hearings?

    The U.S. Civil Rights Commission is considering holding public hearings to investigate the disputed Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Main Justice has learned.


    By Steve Bagley

    A plan circulated last month (Sept) by the commission envisions possibly one hearing in Philadelphia, where members of the militant New Black Panther Party were accused of intimidating voters by standing outside a polling place last November in quasi-military garb, one of them holding a night stick, according to a document reviewed by Main Justice.

    Another hearing is tentatively slated in Washington early next year, and would seek to call current and former Justice Department officials to testify.

    The hearings would keep in the public eye a controversial and racially tinged case that has already been a significant distraction for the new Obama Justice Department.


  99. Troy Says:

    Did Black Panther make secret White House visit?
    Chairman gives no reason for his name on guest list
    Posted: November 01, 2009
    8:47 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Malik Zuzu Shabazz

    Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman of the radical New Black Panther Party, refused to confirm or deny to WND whether he visited the White House since President Obama took office, despite his name appearing on a recent administration disclosure.

    Shabazz’ namesake was among the 110 names and 481 visits released by the White House on Friday as part of the Obama administration’s so-called volunteer disclosure policy. The names were just a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of visitors who have gone through the White House’s doors since January.

    Among the famous names that stood out on the brief list were Shabazz, Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers.

    The White House blog claimed all three names were “false positives” – names that make you think of a well-known person, but are actually someone else.

    Added the official blog: “In September, requests were submitted for the names of some famous or controversial figures (for example Michael Jordan, William Ayers, Michael Moore, Jeremiah Wright, Robert Kelly, and Malik Shabazz). The well-known individuals with those names never actually came to the White House. Nevertheless, we were asked for those names, and so we have included records for those individuals who were here and share the same names.”

    Other famous names confirmed to have visited the White House include Oprah Winfrey and George Soros.

    Asked by WND to confirm or deny he had visited the White House, Shabazz replied by e-mail “no comment on that one.”

    There is no known record of Shabazz visiting the White House.

    (Story continues below)

  100. Troy Says:

    Porn publisher asked Jennings for help
    Result was 1st book for chief of office of safe schools
    Posted: November 01, 2009
    8:52 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    A pro-family organization is reporting a publisher of “gay erotica” sought out Kevin Jennings, who heads President Obama’s office of Safe Schools in the Department of Education, to write a book aimed at encouraging homosexuality in high schools and colleges.

    The result was “Becoming Visible,” which opens with, “Why teach gay and lesbian history? … Indeed, as lesbian and gay studies has emerged as a discipline over the last two decades, its dramatic discoveries have shown it to be one of the most exciting fields in contemporary historical scholarship.”

    Researchers at Mass Resistance reported Sasha Alyson of Alyson Publications sought out Jennings to do the book.

    (Story continues below)

  101. Troy Says:

    Campaign chief: We did ‘zero research’ on ‘the One’
    Manager claims ignorance of his own candidate’s past, including Rev. Wright
    Posted: November 01, 2009
    8:57 pm Eastern

    By Aaron Klein
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    David Plouffe

    Obama campaign manager David Plouffe claims President Obama’s campaign staff had done “zero research” on its candidate and was not aware of the inflammatory statements and views of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    Plouffe, whose firm was hired to run Obama’s presidential campaign, made the statement in a forthcoming book. While Plouffe and his staff may not have done their homework on Obama’s radical associates, it may be hard for political insiders to believe some of Obama’s other key advisers during the campaign were not aware of Wright’s controversial views.

    One of Obama’s most senior advisers was closely associated with Wright while others traveled in the same Chicago circles as Obama. Also, a review of Wright’s church literature and the vast amount of church material available to the public makes the possibility of Obama himself not knowing about Wright’s controversial views seem implausible.

    Plouffe recalled a Rolling Stone magazine item from February 2007 first disclosing some inflammatory quotes from Wright.

    Plouffe wrote, “The incident should have prompted an immediate scouring of the Reverend Wright and all he has said over the years. … It’s worth noting that our systemic failure to deal with this issue properly started the day before Obama’s announcement. I still kick myself for how terribly we mishandled our internal Wright work.”

    Continued Plouffe: “We had done zero research on our own candidate beyond a small and incomplete package from the 2004 Senate race. … We had … failed to discuss the various options we might explore vis-à-vis Wright. We never raised with Obama the idea of leaving the church, or discussed with him any detail of how we would respond if inflammatory statements were to emerge. We were in denial.”

    Plouffe was not a Chicago political insider and may not have been familiar with Wright. In his book excerpts, featured online by Time magazine, Plouffe seemed to be referring to himself and his hired staff when discussing his being blindsided by the Wright controversy.

    Obama advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, however, both key officials in Obama’s presidential campaign, would likely have been familiar with the radical pastor.

    WND previously revealed that Axelrod sat on the finance committee of a Chicago church that acts like a sister worship house to Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Axelrod helped raise funds for Chicago’s St. Sabina Catholic church, which was led by controversial pastor Michael Pfleger.

    It was Pfleger who during the presidential campaign notoriously declared in a sermon that Hillary Clinton cried in public because she thought being white entitled her to the Democratic presidential nomination.

    WND reported Pfleger was a regular guest lecturer at Wright’s Trinity while Wright routinely delivered sermons at St. Sabina. Pfleger, like Wright, practices a brand of Christianity referred to as black liberation theology. Both Pfleger and Wright are closely associated with Nation of Islam head Louis Farrakhan, who has been hosted at both St. Sabina and Wright’s Trinity.

    (Story continues below)

  102. Troy Says:

    Ok, there’s a little bit of news to keep you guys busy for a while.

    BBL 🙂

  103. rosettasister Says:

    My husbands laptop attacked by this scareware yesterday

    Which was hooked up to my CAble modem

    I read suggestion

    Do not try to fix

    Take to a PRofessional

    PRobably good advice

  104. jrinNC Says:

    Hawaii is expected to be exempted from whatever national health-care bill emerges from Congress

    This is exactly what I posted about on previous thread concerning Section 256 of the Health Care Bill. It is in there folks.

  105. ryansgrammy Says:

  106. rosettasister Says:

    Nj polling data

  107. jrinNC Says:

    Jordan Valley may be hurdle in peace talks
    Israelis, Palestinians each stake claim to section of West Bank

  108. jrinNC Says:

    Obamacare Threatens U.S. Medical Education System

    The federal government will expand its role in training new doctors and nurses under the Democrats’ healthcare reform proposals to the point that one prominent surgeon is warning of a federal “takeover” of medical education.

  109. jrinNC Says:

    Sheriff Arpaio’s Safety Reviewed After Dobbs Attack

    Maricopa County sheriff’s spokesman Ryan Lee says the agency is concerned for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s safety considering that both Arpaio and Dobbs are extremely vocal about their stance on illegal immigration.

  110. jrinNC Says:

    Ship Built With WTC Steel Comes to Namesake City

    The ship will dock at Pier 88. The official commissioning will take place Saturday.
    I wonder who they will have commissioning the ship. Bet it isn’t BO.

  111. jrinNC Says:

    Rasmussen: 54/42 against Pelosi’s health care rationing bill.

    Give House Democrats credit: their latest version of the health care rationing bill actually moved the numbers a little. Just not in the way that they hoped. (Was 45% for)

  112. jrinNC Says:

    Obama Appoints Anti-Israel Chuck Hagel as Intelligence Aide

    He also said that the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel “must not come at the expense of our Arab relationships.”

  113. rosettasister Says:

    Btw if anyone can explain or show Troy how to

    Put up new posts

    Embed images and vids

    Ban users

    Both Troy and I have admin status

    There are several different statii

    Is that a word?

    Anyway Troy is a smart guy and can year teach

  114. ryansgrammy Says:

    From Dr. Kate on issue of NBC

  115. rosettasister Says:


    If you have expertise pls help

    I will feel comfortable Leaving when I know Troy and others can do these Things

    But its hard to do from blackberry

    I’m afraid touch another comp

    I think someone

  116. Fernley Girl Says:

    Planned Parenthood has been a part of Abby Johnson’s life for the past eight years; that is until last month, when Abby resigned. Johnson said she realized she wanted to leave, after watching an ultrasound of an abortion procedure.

    There’s a YouTube called “The Silent Scream”. It’s in 5 parts. I made my 13 year old grandson watch it….
    The film clearly shows a “fetus” struggling, with its mouth open in an obvious scream of terror, as the abortion procedure begins. It is gruesome and heartbreaking.

  117. rosettasister Says:


    Put a spell on me


  118. ryansgrammy Says:

    New video surfaces with Rev. Wright praising marxism

  119. ryansgrammy Says:

    Planned Parenthood leader in TX resigns

  120. Fernley Girl Says:

    “I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Charters of Freedom and to a nationwide patriot revolution to reinstate the US Constitution as the supreme law of this land, returning the United States Federal Government to its rightful position under the limited power and authority granted it in the US Constitution.”

  121. rosettasister Says:

    Can year teach?

    CAn teach himself

    Troy that is

  122. CJ Says:

    JR: Loved the link to the video in that article about healthcare percentage who are for/against. Wish I had 3D glasses to watch it!

  123. jrinNC Says:

    Troy here is a good youtube video showing you how to put video posts in wordpress.

  124. Katie Says:

    Are Obots Snooping on You?

  125. jrinNC Says:

    here is another one Troy

  126. rosettasister Says:

    Btw you can also embed audio with wordpress

    But I never had much Luck which is why I started using 4shared

  127. jrinNC Says:

    Troy – another good one as it is also visual how to – Embedding photos, video & audio into your posts

  128. jrinNC Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    November 2, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Troy here is a good youtube video showing you how to put video posts in wordpress.

    Oops forgot url

  129. ryansgrammy Says:

    Interesting views on conservates vs liberals

  130. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — I wish I could help you but I am not a technoid — posting on this blog and downloading pics is about as techie as I get. 🙂 Looks like there are others who can help.

  131. ryansgrammy Says:

    Lame Cherry talks about the 1981 Pakistan visit and connects some dots…

  132. cynkading Says:

    Good morning good people!

    Climate bill faces hurdles in Senate
    Deal on nuclear plants offered to court Republicans

  133. CJ Says:

    Hawaii gets exempted, Senate gets exempted, House gets exempted—anyone else? How about Obama and family? Exempted too? All Federal employees? Unions wanted to be exempted. Are they? Haven’t read about them or seen it so far in the bill that I have waded through. (Extremely hard to read and, I’m sure, done on purpose). Anyone confirm if they got left out? Know they were upset about the “cadillac plan taxation.” Did that happen or not?

    I sure hope you’re right Troy. This whole Obamacare thing continues to be a very bad joke.

  134. cynkading Says:

    States likely to shape health reform
    Result may ‘depend . . . on where you live’

  135. Fernley Girl Says:

    Sec. of State Clinton, in Pakistan:“The percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world… We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” she said.

  136. Fernley Girl Says:

    Umm, the whole link!

  137. Fernley Girl Says:

    Well, that’s weird. Guess you’ll have to copy and paste.

  138. rosettasister Says:

    New thread

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