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Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick







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  1. Troy Says:


  2. Troy Says:

  3. cynkading Says:


  4. cynkading Says:

    Sen. David Vitter tells Newsmax that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is “thumbing his nose” at the American people by refusing to push for stern action against scandal-plagued ACORN.

    Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, also said the community organizing group’s lawsuit against the young couple who took now infamous hidden-camera videos of ACORN staffers is a “slap in the face of the First Amendment


  5. cynkading Says:

    I would like to get Reid in a head lock and pull what is left of his hair out one by one !!!!!!

  6. rosettasister Says:

    I would like to get Reid in a head lock and pull what is left of his hair out one by one !!!!!!


    Reid is a Blue Meanie!

  7. cynkading Says:

    Obama’s Homosexual “Safe School Czar” Tells God “Screw You, Buddy” in Memoir

    By Peter J. Smith

    WASHINGTON, D.C., September 24, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – He is known to the United States as the “Safe Schools Czar:” a special advisor in the White House responsible for helping formulate policies designed to keep US public schools “safe and drug free.” But US pro-family leaders know Kevin Jennings as something more: a highly influential homosexual activist, who admitted in a book on his childhood that a deep-seated hatred of God and religious believers began when he fully embraced a homosexual lifestyle and bid God farewell with the words, “Screw you, buddy.”


  8. cynkading Says:

    HI Rosie 🙂

  9. rosettasister Says:

    Went to the library yesterday and checked out five biographies!

    Augustus (Rome’s First Emperor)

    Joan of Arc

    Saint Peter

    Nathanael Greene (American Revolution)

    George Sand (George was a lady!)

    I also checked out The Grail –The Quest for a Legend by Andrew Sinclair.

    That should keep me busy for awhile!

    Biographies are my favorite books to read.

    We should have a “Biography” thread where we post about our favorite historical (or contemporary) figure.

    And maybe a quote or two from your favorite biography or autobiography.

    Hasta mañana, buenos americanos!


  10. cynkading Says:

    Lieberman Could Run as Republican

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009 12:55 PM

    Article Font Size

    Faced with gloomy prospects for a strong showing in 2010, Democratic senators are moving to boost their 2012 campaign coffers while one of their leading allies, Sen. Joe Lieberman, hints he could stay independent or even run as a Republican.

    The Democrats have raised millions for an election that is still 37 months away, according to Politico. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, meanwhile, is already prepping healthcare-related attacks against 2012 candidates based on committee votes that begin Tuesday.

    Several Senate Democrats up in 2012 have joined the million-dollar club already, including Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Bill Nelson of Florida, Dianne Feinstein of California, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio, as well as independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who caucuses with Senate Democrats. Several more are expected to surpass the million-dollar mark when the latest round of campaign finance reports is released Oct. 15.

    Lieberman, who had $1.4 million through June 30, said he is unsure whether he would run in 2012 as a Democrat or an independent.

    “Or a Republican,” Lieberman added jokingly. “I have all sorts of options.”


  11. rosettasister Says:

    How the heck are ya, cynka dynka doo?!

    I can’t remember where I heard the expression inka dinka doo.


    inka dinka doo — I love you!

    I’m losing it!

    Off to be a couch potato, think I’ll start with

    Naked in the Marketplace — The Lives of George Sand


  12. cynkading Says:

    Primarily because of the color of his skin — that patently obvious feature of his personal identity — politically correct vernacular stipulates that our current President be grouped under the official category of African American. This should really be of no relevance to his leadership capabilities. But when there are escalating doubts about his adequacy to fulfill the role to which he has been called, the attendant invective often emerges, that pointing out this incompetence is a tell tale sign that the evaluator is surely motivated by racism. In actuality this is rarely the case.


  13. Troy Says:

    …and now you know

  14. cynkading Says:

    Now that is a name I have not been called:) Rose, one of the old time comedians and I beleve it was Jimmy Durante used to sing a song that had a lyric that had inkadink 🙂 Now I have no idea how I remembered this…..Ok, where is everyone at. It is Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody……That is a lyric from a song but can’t remember by whom?

  15. cynkading Says:

    Troy, great minds think a like 🙂

  16. Troy Says:

    If anyone can find a music video of this song I will buy them an ice cream. 🙂

    Click player on the right side for audio.


  17. Troy Says:

    Michael J. Fox’s character sung that song for Kirk Douglas’ character in a movie…I forgot the movie name….Inka Dinka Doo!!!

  18. cynkading Says:

    Very good info. did you have all of this stuff file away in that very sharp and clever mind Troy?

  19. Troy Says:


  20. Troy Says:

    Very good info. did you have all of this stuff file away in that very sharp and clever mind Troy?

    You betcha! 😉

  21. cynkading Says:

    That is the very one that is going off in my head right now. TYVM

  22. Troy Says:

    More Sam Cooke

  23. Troy Says:

  24. Troy Says:

    cynkading Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 3:00 am
    That is the very one that is going off in my head right now. TYVM
    YW!!!…I’ll be here all week. 😉

  25. cynkading Says:

    Have not heard some of these songs in quite awhile………Show do bring back some memories. 🙂

  26. cynkading Says:


  27. Troy Says:

  28. Troy Says:

  29. Troy Says:

    cynkading Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 3:07 am
    Have not heard some of these songs in quite awhile………Show do bring back some memories. 🙂
    I aim to please. 😉

  30. cynkading Says:

    wow, this is great… My 17 year and I are listening to all of these oldies and are just loving them. She had to ask me how old I was when these were popular? I do not know for sure. She said they were awesome. 😉

  31. Troy Says:

    Oh, well then, should I continue?

  32. cynkading Says:

    Why not?

  33. Troy Says:


  34. Troy Says:

  35. Troy Says:

    Check this out!!!…Whew..Good stuff!!!

  36. cynkading Says:

    ty so much bblr

  37. Troy Says:

    Young girls, they do get weary.

  38. Troy Says:

    On a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be.

  39. Troy Says:

    …and the moon is the only light we’ll see.

  40. Troy Says:

    I got sunshine on a cloudy day.

  41. Troy Says:

    …are you still mine

  42. cynkading Says:

    Well what a concert!!!!!Can you find some Sam & Dave? Or some Wilson Pickett?

  43. Troy Says:

    …so if you don’t wanna cry like I do
    Keep away from a Runaround Sue

  44. Troy Says:

    Oooohhh, I’m the type of guy who will never settle down
    They call me the Wanderer

  45. Troy Says:

    I wonder why I love you like I do

  46. Troy Says:

    I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who, mmbadoo-ah, who wrote the book of love?

  47. cynkading Says:

    Listening to all of these songs have literally shaved off some years and took my mind off of the troubles and worries. I remember when music played a huge part of my life.It seems that most of my time now is filled with keeping up with the minute by minute world events.

  48. Troy Says:

    I strut down the alley looking for a fight
    Howlin’ to the moon on a hot summer’s night
    Singin’ the blues while the lady cats cry

    I got cat class and I got cat style

  49. Troy Says:

    cynkading Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 3:51 am
    Listening to all of these songs have literally shaved off some years and took my mind off of the troubles and worries. I remember when music played a huge part of my life.It seems that most of my time now is filled with keeping up with the minute by minute world events.
    I know watcha mean cynkadinkadoo….I have to do this every so often to maintain some sanity…Music soothes the soul. 😉

  50. Troy Says:

    I’m running out of ideas here…Any requests? 🙂

  51. Troy Says:

    I like that old time rock n roll
    That kinda music just soothes the soul 😉

  52. patriotamy Says:

    Hey, everyone, check out Leo’s site, part II is up.

  53. Troy Says:

  54. Troy Says:

    patriotamy Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 4:08 am
    Hey, everyone, check out Leo’s site, part II is up.
    Thanks Amy…Been killin time and waiting all day.

  55. Troy Says:

    BTW people, if you enjoyed the music toss in here (_) <— tip jar. 😀

  56. Bones Says:

    Loving this thread…. just what I needed :).

  57. igaveup Says:

    Wonder what Leo Sayer is up to these days?

  58. Bones Says:

    Hey Troy, does this count?

  59. Troy Says:

    Bones, you never cease to amaze me…Nice job!!!…You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a music video for this song so I could post it here…Love this song!!!

  60. Troy Says:

    igaveup Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 5:30 am
    Wonder what Leo Sayer is up to these days?
    I don’t know, but I know he’s hungry and I’m sure he can dance.

  61. Troy Says:

    Oh, Bones forgive me…I almost forgot…Here ya go. 😀

  62. Troy Says:

    Ok cinkadinkadoo…I just saw your requests further up the thread…I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  63. Troy Says:

    …and all you want to do is ride around Sally, ride.

  64. Troy Says:

    I’m gonna wait til the midnight hour

  65. Troy Says:

    Hold on I’m comin’ (song lyrics)…No wise cracks, please. 😉

  66. Troy Says:

    I’m a soul man

  67. Bones Says:

    Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. A freedom-flavored ice cream!


  68. Troy Says:

    All I’m askin’ for is a little respect

  69. Troy Says:

    Bones Says:

    September 27, 2009 at 6:06 am
    Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. A freedom-flavored ice cream!
    Hehehe…Yeah, how’d ya like that?…It seemed fitting here. 😀

  70. Troy Says:

    Most of the music tonight is a little before my time, but I sho duz likes it!!!…I was born in 60 and when I was a kid my mom played alot of this stuff all the time….It stuck with me!

    Cynkadoo, I think it’s pretty cool that your 17 year old was diggin’ on some of this old stuff…She has a good ear for music. 🙂

  71. Fernley Girl Says:

    Troy Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 6:03 am

    Hold on I’m comin’ (song lyrics)…No wise cracks, please.

  72. Troy Says:

    Hold on I’m comin’ (song lyrics)…No wise cracks, please.

  73. Fernley Girl Says:

  74. Troy Says:

    I just want to give a shout-out to JustAmericanCindy….She would have really enjoyed this thread tonight.

    We love you and miss you Cindy!!!! 😀

  75. Troy Says:

  76. Fernley Girl Says:

  77. j.b. Says:

    larry’s new site. Different in nature, it seems. Check out the two names on the top of Barry’s enemies list via The (recent) Globe Mag.

  78. Troy Says:

  79. Fernley Girl Says:

    I grew up with my Dad playing Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and the rat pack on his stereo. He even had some 78’s with Turk Murphy and Billie Holiday.

  80. Fernley Girl Says:

    La vie en rose…

  81. Troy Says:

    Thanks JB!

  82. Troy Says:

    G’nite folks..I’m pooped….It’s been fun.

    The DJ has left the building!

    Until tomorrow! 😀

  83. j.b. Says:


    I am posting this art, as it looked
    worthy but too wordy for me tonight.

    Iran just (s’posedly)test fired a missile……………….g.night.

  84. Fernley Girl Says:

    I remember Mom & Dad dancing in our living room (often, and for no particular reason) to this song. When I was little I thought it was dumb.
    Of course I know better now.

  85. Bones Says:

    Whose name would you like put in the place of “Jack?”

    Good night all.

  86. Fernley Girl Says:

    For JAC.

  87. Bones Says:

    Oh, and this was just too cute to pass up. Love the low-budget camera work, too….

  88. igaveup Says:

    Troy Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Most of the music tonight is a little before my time, but I sho duz likes it!!!…I was born in 60 and when I was a kid my mom played alot of this stuff all the time….It stuck with me!

    Cynkadoo, I think it’s pretty cool that your 17 year old was diggin’ on some of thi’ss old stuff…She has a good ear for music. 🙂

    **thanks for the sayer vid.
    **my 17 year-old also loves 70’s and 80’s music. probably because i forced my kids to listen to it. (i clean to disco)

    **my mother always had that 50’s and 60’s stuff going. that’s how come i can sing along without the lyrics.

    **i guess each generation lays the gift of their generation’s music at their kids feet.

  89. jrinNC Says:

    WOW folks – Now you are talkin – All this music I DID GROW UP TO. Brings back lots of memories. And I agree just what was needed to soothe the soul.


  90. Troy Says:

    Well Rose, as you can see, we sort of had a little party last night on your blog…Hope ya don’t mind! 😀

  91. Troy Says:

    Weathermen’s Ticking Time Bomb

    The investigation into a cop killing in the ’70s leads to a Chicago law professor involved in the early stages of Barack Obama’s political career

    Published on September 15, 2009 at 2:49pm

    Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, photographed in 2001, are now professors in Chicago.On the night of Feb. 16, 1970, Brian McDonnell was sorting through bulletins on the Teletype machine at Park Police Station in the Upper Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. The respected 44-year-old sergeant was checking results from the recent union elections, in which he was running for station representative. Steady winter rain fell outside. At 10:45 p.m., a bomb planted on the ledge outside a nearby window went off.

    McDonnell took the brunt of the blast to his body and face. The explosive was packed with inch-long industrial fence staples, which severed his jugular vein and lodged in his brain. He would die two days later without regaining consciousness.

    Investigators would later surmise that the explosion had been intended to coincide with the 11 p.m. turn of the watch, when roughly two dozen officers would be coming on or going off duty. As it was, many were still changing in the second-floor locker room. Rushing downstairs, they found Officer Frank Rath, who had been in the business office with McDonnell, stumbling, dazed, around the room, with his gun drawn. Blood and staples covered the floor.

    …continued here: http://www.laweekly.com/2009-09-17/news/weathermen-s-ticking-time-bomb/

  92. Troy Says:

    More confusion and misdirection.


  93. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 1:37 pm edit

    Well Rose, as you can see, we sort of had a little party last night on your blog…Hope ya don’t mind! 😀


    Damn, I miss all the good parties!

    Oh well, inka dinka doo!

  94. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 2:17 pm


    So, perhaps the real bottom line is this, according to my theory: The HI DoH says that Mr. Obama is a natural born citizen based on the DNC’s constitutional certification which is based upon Mr. Obama’s self-ascribed document wherein he states he’s eligible. Therefore, in theory, the DNC and the HI DoH are basing their belief on Mr. Obama’s word, because, thus far, no actual documentation exists to otherwise confirm or deny is eligibility.

    And regarding his short-form certification of live birth? Again, we’ve seen an image of this document, and as this posting and blog have clearly shown, we don’t know anything about the documentation to which this COLB points, except for the possible DNC certification paperwork which, at best, is already conclusively shown to be based upon one man’s word.

    Could this stuff get any more morbidly fascinating?


  95. rosettasister Says:

    Whatcom County prepares for H1N1 flu


    *** Do not use aspirin in children or teenagers with influenza because it can cause Reye’s syndrome, a life-threatening illness. ***

  96. rosettasister Says:


    2Presidential Approval Index
    3Strongly Approve
    4Strongly Disapprove
    5Total Approve
    6Total Disapprove

    1 09/27/2009
    2 -10
    3 30%
    4 40%
    5 48%
    6 51%

  97. rosettasister Says:


    To: conservativegramma

    Oh, all this is so silly. The proof that Obama was born in Hawaii is a computer generated graphic of a newspaper clipping saying he was born. No need for trials and courtroom evidence! All you birthers are just nutty! /s

    8 posted on Sunday, September 27, 2009 6:41:55 AM by autumnraine

    (You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out!)

  98. rosettasister Says:

    Did Maya Soetoro-Ng actually say that Barack was born in Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu, Hawaii?



    Does anybody here have suffuiciant recollection of the record to help me track down another source where Maya Soetoro actually stated Queen’s Medical Center as the hospital where Barack Obama was born?

    ex animo


    1 posted on Saturday, September 26, 2009 5:49:02 PM by DavidFarrar

  99. rosettasister Says:

    DNC Failed to Certify Obama as Eligible in MOST States!



  100. Troy Says:

    …my friend stole my sweetheart from me

  101. Troy Says:


  102. Bones Says:

  103. Troy Says:

    …muddy river, just like a long lost friend
    Roll on Mississippi, you make me feel like a child again

  104. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 4:29 pm


    I own every recording Patsy ever made.

    I also own a biography written about her life.

    Something she said once about choosing which songs to record (I’m paraphrasing):

    “If you don’t feel it, don’t do it.”

    Listening to Patsy, it’s obvious to me anyway, she sings from the heart.

  105. jrh Says:

    Leo has posted another installment of the TerriK series. This is getting more interesting. The comments are worth looking at as well, with Leo’s additions.


  106. CJ Says:

    Wow wow wow what a great concert posted on this thread!! Takes me back to my childhood and my parents and dating my husband and school days etc. etc. Great stuff and a $20 tip to each and everyone of the DJs here who so graciously played these favorites. Loved the Louis Armstrong songs and ‘The Rose’ video. Never heard that version with Wynona before. It was fantastic. Thanks everyone for taking the time to post these!! Now back to reality unfortunately. Music does soothe the soul though doesn’t it?

  107. Troy Says:

    Listening to Patsy, it’s obvious to me anyway, she sings from the heart.
    The day Patsie Cline passed away would be our national holiday
    If the south would’ve won we’d a had it made. 😉

  108. rosettasister Says:



    To: Danae

    Leo praising the HI attorney seems a bit premature since the letter Leo posted has a very obfuscatory sentence in it with regard to ‘whom may legitimately request’ HI data.

    12 posted on Sunday, September 27, 2009 9:51:15 AM by MHGinTN

  109. Troy Says:

    Thanks jrh..will check it out…installment 3 should be really goocan’t wait!

  110. jrinNC Says:


    Due to the popularity of the “Survivor” shows, Texas is planning to do one entitled, “Survivor, Texas-Style.”

    The contestants will all start in Dallas , then drive to Waco , Austin , San Antonio , over to Houston and down to Brownsville . They will then proceed up to Del Rio , El Paso , Midland , Odessa , Lubbock and Amarillo . From there they will go on to Abilene , Fort Worth and finally back to Dallas .

    Each will be driving a pink Volvo with bumper stickers that read: “I’m Gay,” “Boycott Beef,” “I Voted for Obama,” “George Strait Sucks,” “Hillary in 2012” and “I’m here to confiscate your guns.”

    The first one to make it back to Dallas alive wins.

  111. jrinNC Says:

    I mean IS

  112. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy Says:

    September 26, 2009 at 9:05 pm
    Harry Reid’s opponent

    Troy — tenjooberrymuds for the info and all of the great music!!!! 🙂

  113. Troy Says:

    I don’t know why that Charlie Pride song gets me all choked up…I guess because it reminds me of more simple and plain ol’ decent times…A more innocent and pure time…There is so much cesspool to have to wade through today….I fell sorry for today’s kids…They have no idea of how it used to be or how simple it could all be.

  114. Bones Says:

    >> The first one to make it back to Dallas alive wins.

    Ha! I guess they better bunker down in Austin.

  115. Troy Says:

    Troy — tenjooberrymuds
    Roflmaooo…jooberrywailkum 😀

  116. Troy Says:

    The first one to make it back to Dallas alive wins.
    Hehehe….Someone’s gonna have a bad day!!!! 😉

  117. CJ Says:

    I’m really fascinated and enjoying every minute of following Leo’s latest venture. It has some plausible approaches that would seem to be capable of finally opening this bc issue once and for all. However, my skeptic’s hat is buzzing to me that this is going to end the way all of these inquiries/charges have and that’s in the denied file. Who really thinks at this late date, that there are any files/records anywhere obvious that have not been scrubbed, removed etc? Seriously, the Obama shadow machine had the resources to make all these things go away when they were setting him up as a candidate long ago. The only glimmer of hope that I see is that the OB gang has spent so much money blocking access to any of it. Why? Does this mean that there are recods still on file somewhere–HA, or colleges/schools he attended, or passport records–that could still be available? I have big doubts about that but who knows? I think if anything is found, it will be in some obscure way that the OB thugs accidentally overlooked. If the good guys find something irrefutable, that proves OB is truly a fraud, they better keep their mouth shut until they spring the trap so the fraud protector machine doesn’t get a chance to go after it and take care of business their own special way. Or in a worse scenario, OB’s gang are saving the big revelation that proves his nbc eligible status for right before the 2012 election to make their golden boy more electable again. Geez, this would make a good Jason Bourne movie.

  118. CJ Says:

    Thought this article from Robert Ringer’s newsletter interesting:

    Wile E. Obama vs Road Runner Beck

    By Robert Ringer

    Remember how BHO got down in the mud with Sarah Palin almost immediately after she was announced as John McCain’s running mate? It took a good week before his handlers got him to settle down and realize that he was running against McCain, not Palin.

    Slow learner as he may be, to his credit, BHO finally demonstrated the self-discipline to ignore the dynamic and magnetic governor of Alaska and refocus on his hapless presidential opponent, John McCain.

    Nevertheless, his childish bickering with a beautiful, charismatic woman whose political experience dwarfed the darling of community organizers reminded me of Wile E. Coyote and his eternal nemesis, Road Runner. And after eight months in office, it’s clear that BHO is still susceptible to falling into the Palin Trap – not necessarily with Sarah Palin, but with anyone who annoys him.

    Nary a day goes by when he does not lash out at his enemies in his trademark crybaby style. And when it results in a drop in his poll numbers, you can almost hear the words “Beep! Beep!” in the air. Now, BHO is caught in the Palin Trap once again, fighting a war he cannot win – a war with Fox News, the most influential media outlet on the planet.

    My guess is that, sooner or later, BHO’s handlers will convince him that he has no choice but to appear on Fox, because he’s insulting an election-losing percentage of independents who are Fox viewers. Likely, he’ll consent to being interviewed again by the ever-fair Chris Wallace and, perhaps, Bill O’Reilly. Greta is an outside possibility, but she doesn’t tolerate B.S., which is BHO’s stock in trade.

    In any event, all three would give him fair but tough interviews, and one would hope they would hold his feet to the fire with serious questions about meaningful topics such as ACORN, SEIU, communist Van Hall, Mark Lloyd (who refers to Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship as the result of “an incredible revolution”), BHO’s public statements about favoring single-payer healthcare, etc., etc., etc.

    Would BHO survive a Chris Wallace or Bill O’Reilly interview? It depends on how intent they would be on insisting that he answer their questions in a no-spin manner. But, either way, it would not spare BHO from the biggest Palin Trap of all – the progressives’ worst nightmare – an ex-alcoholic, ex-drug addict, ex-financial failure, ex-rodeo clown, and current Road Runner Supreme, Glenn Beck.

    As Beck continues to disrobe the corruption surrounding Wile E. Obama’s presidency, the strategy from the left, as expected, is to try to discredit him. To put it mildly, it’s not working. In fact, it’s making him more popular by the day.

    Beck is on a mission, and he and his excellent research staff are relentless. To his enormous credit, he has made it clear that he isn’t afraid of losing everything, if that’s what it takes to get to the truth. And, as the left knows more than any other segment of our society, a man who is willing to lose everything can be very dangerous.

    So, whether he likes it or not, and whether or not he will even admit it, Wile E. Obama is getting sucked into the Palin Trap with a real, live version of Road Runner – in the body and brain of Glenn Beck (“Road Runner Beck”). And, as with Fox News in general, Wile E. Obama is once again in a battle he can’t win.

    If he tries to ignore Road Runner Beck, Beck will continue to disrobe Wile E. Obama through his own written and spoken words. Beck has become a one-man poll-wrecking crew for BHO. He continually shows one video clip after another of BHO blatantly contradicting himself (or, in less delicate terms, lying).

    But if Wile E. Obama chooses to go after Road Runner Beck, he will get sucked even deeper into the Palin Trap – bringing himself “down” to the level of a mere television personality whom the left is trying ever so hard to dismiss as a right-wing kook. Could you imagine how a teleprompterless Wile E. Obama would fare in an interview with Road Runner Beck – being confronted with real questions and an aggressive insistence that he answer them in a serious way?

    So, what’s a community organizer to do? The more the fringe media asks BHO about his opinions on the BCS college playoffs or the chances of the Chicago White Sox making it to the World Series, the more viewers will continue to flee to Fox News – and, in particular, to Road Runner Beck – to find out what is really going on in the world.

    Now, Time magazine has (obviously, inadvertently) made Beck even bigger by featuring him in a cover story in its September 28 edition. Road Runner Beck now poses the single biggest threat to the establishment of a progressive dictatorship in Washington. Which in turn means that, whether or not Wile E. Obama likes it, this is going to increasingly become an Obama vs Beck battle.

    The truth of the matter is that the progressive movement no longer needs BHO. Give the man credit, he moved the ball all the way to the five yard line in just a matter of months. But at this point, he may actually be a liability because he is becoming more and more entrapped by his own written and spoken words.

    As Wile E. Obama increasingly gets sucked into Road Runner Beck’s Palin Trap, it will become ever more clear to White House hacks that a battle with Beck is not winnable. Which is why no one should rule out the possibility of the ever-lecherous, always ready to pounce, two-for-the-price-of-one Clintons challenging BHO in 2012 if his comrades in arms go down in flames in 2010.

    I would suspect that the HillBillys think often of how Bobby Kennedy challenged Lyndon Johnson in 1968, causing Johnson to resign before Kennedy himself was assassinated.

    Stay tuned … this is going to be better than Dynasty and Dallas at their best.

  119. Tenacity Says:

    I’m off to a WTPC Colorado coordinator meeting and will have to catch up later.

    Chalice has invited you to the event ‘The Chalice Show with Major Stephan Cook and with Gary Kreep Tonight: 8-11pm EDT’ on Patriot’s Heart Network Media!

    I hope you guys and gals will join me in calling in tonight. Maybe we can enlighten Mr. Kreep about the meaning of Natural Born Citizen.


    Call-in Number: (347) 215-6929

  120. Troy Says:

    Reba doin’ an Everly Bros. tune

  121. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks very much, Tenacity!


  122. rosettasister Says:

    UFOs, ETs, & Future Tech

    Date: 09-28-09

    Host: George Noory

    Guests: Mac Tonnies


  123. Troy Says:

  124. Troy Says:

    Or in a worse scenario, OB’s gang are saving the big revelation that proves his nbc eligible status for right before the 2012 election to make their golden boy more electable again.
    Impossible…He can’t undo being born with dual citizenship.

  125. Troy Says:

    Thinking global brings a world of problems

    The idea of global governance is meaningless without mechanisms to enforce it, says Janet Daley.

    By Janet Daley
    Published: 5:35PM BST 26 Sep 2009

    You are a political leader whose domestic programme is bogged down in messy controversy: what do you do? You go global. You walk the world stage with an air of supercilious moral righteousness, implying by your preoccupied manner that all the trouble back at home is just parochial backbiting.

    I am not just talking about Gordon Brown. He is part of a great tradition of failing prime ministers and presidents at the fag end of their tenures going walkabout on the international circuit, in the hope that this larger arena will provide some sort of dignified final chapter to their historical story. But Barack Obama is at it too, and he is just at the beginning of what could still be (in spite of his present difficulties) a successful presidency.

    No, there is something quite different going on: it is not just the clapped-out and desperate players who are leaping on to the grand transnational plane. There is a new discourse in the air which goes beyond the established understanding of the relationship between national and international politics: a language of “global governance” and an apparent consensus that all the interests of responsible countries are now “shared interests”.

    This vocabulary has aroused little resistance outside America, perhaps because older nations are sufficiently cynical to utter platitudinous phrases that they never intend to be bound by, whereas the US, whose political culture rests on sacred documents, places much more significance on words. And some of the words that are bandied about by the G20 are fatuous at best and sinister at worst.

    The idea of global governance is meaningless without mechanisms to enforce it, so what are we talking about here? World government? A system of laws and policing which would be beyond the reach of the electorates of individual countries, and therefore have no direct democratic accountability to the peoples of those nations? Even assuming that such institutions did not take on a self-justifying life of their own – which history teaches us is almost inevitable – and that they remained fastidiously responsive to the heads of national governments, they would still be, by definition, supranational.

    In other words, their function would be precisely to ignore those needs and interests of individual countries which might endanger the welfare of the larger entity. And the welfare of that larger entity would be judged by – what? The interests of the most powerful or the most populous countries? Or by a simplistic majority vote? Or by endless wrangling and ineffectual compromise – as we see now in that sententious talking shop, the G20? And in this vast permanent seminar, how much would democratic legitimacy count in a nation’s degree of influence: would a dictatorship have as much power as a fully fledged democracy, which would have to take the wishes of its own citizens as a priority?

    Then there is the moral blackmail of “shared interests”. Mr Obama has actually contended that, in the newly interconnected world, all of our interests are shared. Which is clearly false. Some of them are and some of them aren’t, as has always been the case. When nations do indeed share interests, whether they are economic or military, there are traditional ways of formalising their mutually advantageous understandings. There have always been bilateral or multilateral trade and credit arrangements, just as there have always been mutual defence treaties and foreign policy agreements. It is no coincidence that such arrangements have tended to be temporary: national interests change with time and circumstances. Does Mr Obama (and Mr Brown, who is trotting alongside him) believe that we have reached the end of history, or that circumstances are actually altering more slowly now than in previous eras? Surely not. All of his rhetoric, in fact, says the opposite.

    Which brings us to the sticking point: the tricky bit comes when the interests of sovereign countries are not shared, but actually conflict. When Russia’s territorial inclinations are at odds with the independence of eastern European republics, or China’s reliance on exports is contributing to America’s credit problems, or Germany’s economic priorities threaten Britain’s finance industry – what then? Intoning pious banalities about global consensus will not make these differences go away: for the countries concerned they are – or may seem like – fundamental imperatives.

    Every country has its unique history, its political culture, its sense of continuity and progress – and, above all, a duty to its own people. At the moment, the global governance fashion is trying to depict that duty as simply a malign parochialism – a kind of purblind national selfishness in which nations would rather beggar their neighbours than engage in civilised give-and-take. Again, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

    What nobody seems to be saying is that it is the proper business of democratically elected governments to protect and defend the needs and wishes of their own people. This is nothing less than the whole 18th-century project of modern democracy with which we are playing fast and loose. Ironically, the fad for “global governance” – whatever that turns out to mean – suits democratically elected leaders rather well: it absolves them of responsibility while enhancing their prestige. Perfect. But then exposure on the world stage is also likely to betray the limits of their understanding: does Mr Obama really think that he can coerce or shame European nations – with all their historical baggage and self-serving complacency – into forsaking what he calls their “collective inaction” on foreign policy (on Iran, say)? It is hard enough for a leader to remain in touch with the consciousness of his own people: playing to a global electorate puts almost any politician out of his depth. Not that we are talking about electorates any longer. Voters are way, way down on the list of considerations in this new ball game.

    But perhaps you find yourself convinced, in the present economic circumstances, that there are no national crises any more, only global ones – and that the governing of all nations must now be subsumed under some overarching international framework of law and supervision, to be monitored and policed by suitably empowered agencies. Maybe you think that is an acceptable price to be paid for stability at home and security abroad. But consider this: what if the new dispensation, once installed, fails to produce that stability and security, or delivers it only to certain nations (not yours), or does so only by limiting freedoms that you consider precious? What recourse will you have then to remove it peaceably from power, as you do your national government?


  126. CJ Says:

    You’re right that the dual citizenship issue is a valid one. But how come no one is concentrating on forcefully going after this? There’s a few things being mentioned but doesn’t seem to be on the front burner. I have a feeling that the issue of allowing for dual and/or not being an nbc and still being eligible for POTUS will also raise it’s head before 2012 via some OB buddy in Congress. Probably after they try to get amnesty for illegals. OB gang will attempt somehow to get this requirement changed imo. How will they do it I wonder? Something sleazy is not out of the question for this group. Obama et al are not sitting idly by watching the nbc activities unfold and not plotting something. Congress needs to be pro-active and get the status and definition of nbc nailed down. Force SCOTUS to act. (Maybe that’s not such a great idea now that I think about it. Who could trust them?) Let the American people decide who they think should be eligible for POTUS by standing by the Constitution.

  127. Troy Says:

    Let the American people decide who they think should be eligible for POTUS by standing by the Constitution.
    This seems to be the very reason that we are in this mess right now.

    Mario Apuzzo and Leo are the only two that I know of that are on the right track….Mario’s case is being stalled by the judiciary….Leo is trying to put the birth certificate question to bed, once and for all, so he can bring the dual citizenship to the forefront…The BC issue is stealing the spotlight away from the rightful issue….Just imagine the amount of attention that has been nationally put on the BC being transferred to the “dual” issue…That’s what is needed….When that happens you will see Leo, all of a sudden, have the perfect client for a quo warranto action in DC District Court….Maybe someone like the fella speaking at the DC Tea Party whose Chrysler/Jeep dealership was stolen from him, will emerge. 😉

  128. rosettasister Says:

    Latest post from:

    Socialized Medicine


  129. rosettasister Says:

    McCain: Obama Will Make The Right Decision On Afghanistan


  130. rosettasister Says:

    Sen. Graham On Iran Hiding Nuclear Program


  131. rosettasister Says:

    “FOX News Sunday” Panel On Afghanistan Strategy


  132. rosettasister Says:

    Sens. Feinstein, Bond On Iran & Afghanistan


  133. ryansgrammy Says:

    I didn’t realize SEIU was in any way connected to the Census also.

    From Big Government –


  134. ryansgrammy Says:

    These “plicks” at the NYT deserve to go out of business for their lousy coverage of anything really newsworthy. Of course they blame their tardiness on the fact that they don’t follow conservative media cause much of the stuff from the right is just plain loony. They say ACORN has for a long time been an obsession of the right.

  135. ryansgrammy Says:

    Go San Diego!!!! Protesting ACORN


  136. ryansgrammy Says:

    Apologize if this was already posted today — from Dr. Kate — part I of Tyranny in America


  137. ryansgrammy Says:

    From Flopping Aces — enjoy the Sunday funnies.


  138. ryansgrammy Says:

    Published by Lee S. Gliddon, Jr. on Sep 26th, 2009 in House of Representatives, Illegal Immigration, Liberals, Marxism, Obama, President, Senate, Socialism, Unions with No Comments
    Submitted by: John Butler

  139. ryansgrammy Says:

    Interesting story on ACORN and SEIU by Anita MonCrief


  140. ryansgrammy Says:

    You know its bad when the French are tougher than the U.S.


  141. rosettasister Says:


    From Tehrani

  142. cynkading Says:

    Hey gang!!!!Been busy with church and a visitation before the next church services. Just had the best time on here last night with all of the music. 🙂 As I posted last night my 17 year old daughter stayed up bonding and grooving to all of the old stuff. Btw, she plays french horn in her highschool marching band. Not to brag but she is very good and plays sometimes at church services. Did not get to post later cuz she needed her mom’s attention. She had to tell me she has a new boyfriend!!! Jrinc, I knew you would be in to some of the music Troy posted. I think you mentioned this was some of the stuff you grew up to.

  143. cynkading Says:

    Btw, I have been singing inka dinka doo all day in my head. Rose, you are killing me 🙂 Love ya girl!

  144. cynkading Says:

    Obama knew of Iran plant before U.N. assembly
    President silent about revelation during major address, security council

    Your kidding? (sarc)

  145. rosettasister Says:

    cynkading Says:
    September 27, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    Btw, I have been singing inka dinka doo all day in my head. Rose, you are killing me 🙂 Love ya girl!


    Right back atcha, cynkadynka!

  146. rosettasister Says:


    7. Will There Be a Second Coming?

    The Cayce readings had much to say about the life of Jesus—covering the “lost” years that were never addressed in the Bible. But Cayce also spoke of Jesus’ return and here is an excerpt on that subject:

    “What is meant by “the day of the Lord is near at hand”? (A) That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time – and half time – has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation, and that soon there will again appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for His day in the earth. The Lord, then, will come, ‘even as ye have seen him go.’” Edgar Cayce reading (262-49) July 9, 1933

  147. Troy Says:

    Obama Demands Children Spend More Time in State Indoctrination Centers
    by DefendUSx September 27, 2009 16:32
    Kurt Nimmo
    September 27, 2009

    It’s not enough the government has its hooks in America’s children most of the year. Now Obama wants to do away with summer vacation and have children spend more time in the government’s indoctrination centers.

    Barack and Michelle Obama have their children in a private school that caters to the elite.

    “Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe,” reports the Associated Press. “Now, I know longer school days and school years are not wildly popular ideas,” the president said earlier this year. “Not with Malia and Sasha, not in my family, and probably not in yours. But the challenges of a new century demand more time in the classroom.”

    It’s interesting Obama would use his kids to make a point about children around the country in public schools. Obama’s kids attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C., a private school that charges $29,000 a year in tuition. Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton sent their children to Sidwell. Vice President Al Gore’s son, Albert Gore III, also graduated from Sidwell Friends. It’s an exclusive school that prepares the children of the elite to lord over the rest of us.

    In addition to eliminating summer vacation, the government wants to increase the hours kids spend in government indoctrination camps every day.

    Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan told the AP kids need to be in school and away from their parents more because of dismal academic performance.

    In fact, as H. L. Mencken noted in 1924, compulsory education is not about test scores and academics — it’s about state control of children. Mencken said the aim of public education is not “to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence…. Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim … is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States… and that is its aim everywhere else.”

    Former teacher John Taylor Gatto explains that the purpose of so-called public education is to teach children to follow orders and not question authority. Public education is about undermining the autonomy of the family.

    “Institutional leaders have come to regard themselves as great synthetic Fathers to millions of synthetic Children, by which, I mean, to all of us. This theory sees us bound together in some abstract family relationship in which the State is the true Mother and Father, hence it insists on our first and best loyalty,” writes Gatto in his essay,

    More reading here with video also:

  148. cynkading Says:

    Mustang Sally really brings back a memory for me. I had a good friend who sang in a band and sometimes I would go hear her and her band play and she would invite me up on stage to sing harmony with her. Love that song. I also sang harmopny for another rock band when I was in high school. Sooo much fun. Back when BTO was big, Edgar Winter Group, Joe Walsh. Those were the Obama free days 😦 BBl off to church.

  149. cynkading Says:

    Cannot spell today!

  150. rosettasister Says:



  151. Troy Says:

    Jamboree Used by Military, Police to Indoctrinate Boy Scouts
    by DefendUSx September 27, 2009 16:34
    Kurt Nimmo
    September 27, 2009

    An Infowars reader has sent us an account of military and police indoctrination of Boy Scouts at the Boy Scouts Of America Great Lakes Centennial Jamboree, held on September 25, 26, and 27 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

    “I thought it would be a great adventure with thousands of scouts from all over the Midwest,” an assistant Scout Master writes in an email. “The official count was 10,144 people in attendance (Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Adult Leaders, Parents, and Staff).”

    Instead of an old-fashioned Boy Scout event of camping and outdoor activities, the attendees were subjected to unrelenting military and police propaganda.

    The Scout Master immediately noticed the presence of the Wisconsin Army National Guard and police at the event. The next day, he observed Humvees, troop vehicles, cargo vehicles, a patriot missile battery truck, and other military equipment at the event.

    The police demonstrated “chase and takedown demonstrations” and showed off a new SWAT vehicle. “There were several military displays,” he writes. “The National Guard had a Baghdad combat simulator setup that people 16 and older could try. Three people at a time were allowed in, one person got to man a machine gun on a vehicle, another got an M16/AR15 [while] the other person got a 9mm pistol. You were simulating going through the streets of Baghdad trying to kill terrorists, militants etc. There were also civilians you were supposed to either avoid shooting or determine if they were a terrorist. There was an Army Blackhawk helicopter that showed up and circled the area and then landed for people to go look at and get into and talk to the Army pilots.” (See photos below.)


  152. rosettasister Says:

    From the theshyguy

    The Employer Mandate Tax is what caught my ear the other day when I heard someone mention it. I dont remember it being $400, I thought it was more like $800. But it is a great way to get ppl dumped and put onto the govt teet.

    (I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking along these lines. But some of us will not qualify for the govt “teet” And we don’t have an extra $10,000 per year lying around. Which means we’d have to purchase coverage not comparable to what our employers provided us with previously.)


  153. sdee Says:

    Coming soon to a school near you:


  154. sdee Says:

    Leftists rule.

    Professor points out that the school’s sexual harassment policy contained no protection for the falsely accused.

    Two days later he is falsely accused, fired and escorted off campus.

    Welcome to Amerka.


  155. Troy Says:

    ….smokin’ cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo
    Now don’t tell me I’ve nothin’ to do

  156. Troy Says:

    I’m a man of means by no means
    King of the road

  157. Troy Says:


  158. CJ Says:

    Troy, re the bc dual cit. issues: The few who are pursuing this need to hop to it and get going on prosecuting the dual cit. illegality asap. If this is the ax that will bring down this mess of govt. we are suffering with then why wait anymore? Get after it. Maybe Beck, Dobbs, Hannity will actually be willing to dive into this more than the bc issue. I still wonder why this hasn’t been pushed anywhere much by now. Should have happened during the campaign. Well, we just have to wait and see I guess. I’m just so tired of being patient. I want action now. Everyday brings a new assault on our freedom and the Constitution.

  159. Troy Says:

  160. Troy Says:

    If this is the ax that will bring down this mess of govt. we are suffering with then why wait anymore? Get after it.
    CJ, now that he has been officially elected our avenues of action are limited to impeachment by congress (that ain’t gonna happen, ever) or a quo warranto action in the DC District Court…In Leo’s words, “It’s quo warranto or no warranto, I’m afraid.”…A quo warranto action must be brought by a particular class of citizen to have “standing”…That person would be one that has lost his or her job due directly to the actions of Obama….A perfect example would be Inspector General Walpin that was fired by Obama for no reason except that he was closing in on one of Obama’s corrupt buddies…Another example would be one of these people that have had their Chrysler Dealerships stolen from them due to the Obama administration’s actions.

    Two options and two only exist, impeachment or quo warranto suit filed and won.

  161. Troy Says:

    Mario has a pending case that is being stalled (at the mercy of the freakin judge)

    Leo has loudly publicized that he would love to represent anyone with quo warranto standing.

  162. Troy Says:

    I still wonder why this hasn’t been pushed anywhere much by now. Should have happened during the campaign.
    The “dual” issue got gobbled up and overshadowed by the BC / Kenya issue.

    Leo had two cases in the U.S. Supreme Court BEFORE the election and both were rejected without comment from the justices…Basically a giant slap in the face.

  163. Troy Says:

    Cj, the only thing we can do is to keep trying, keep protesting and make Obama’s one term as miserable as possible for him….Also keep getting involved in actions such as what Tenacity is doing.

  164. cynkading Says:

    Don’t know if anyone picked up on this statement Obama said. I am not sure which speech or where because he is on the freaking tv 24/7, but he mentioned that he was planning on being president for awhile. I understood it to mean for a good long while as in dictatorship.

  165. ryansgrammy Says:

    The govt is coming after our guns!!

  166. cynkading Says:

    I feel that with every sentence he speaks that there is a double meaning behind it. Almost as in a teaser.

  167. ryansgrammy Says:

    cynka — I remember when I heard him make that statement and he sure made it sound like he planned on being around longer than one term! I won’t repeat here what my thought was at the time!

  168. ryansgrammy Says:

    This article talks about all of the speeches and Obama’s use of hypnosis (I think we’ve talked about that here some time ago). All I can say is thank goodness for the remote control which allows you to change the channel and/or volume immediately. 🙂 I was livid the other day when he knocked Beck off of the air that I emailed Fox News and complained. Told them we were sick, sick, sick of seeing his face and hearing his voice!


  169. cynkading Says:

    I have never in my life been so turned off by anyone person. He is so in love with himself. I think he thinks everyone is still over the moon for him even tho the polls say other wise.

  170. cynkading Says:

    FYI, I watched some utube vids yesterday of a young Pastor by the name of Billy Crone over the weekend and was very impressed. He has lots of info about our living in the last days with the scriptures to go right along with his topics. I could not stop listening. This particular link talks about the Jewish people and is one of a series entitled Final Countdown to the last days.

  171. cynkading Says:

    I did not get lost nor did I get bored listening to him. I still have some more of his vids to listen to but I will have to do it on another day. I am out of here for the night. Early morning. Hasta manana!

  172. rosettasister Says:

    Mel Torme’s son Tracy Torme

    Screenwriter, film producer, and co-author of Fastwalker with Jacques Vallee, Tracy Torme discussed his research into abductions and UFOs.

    Added: April 12, 2008

  173. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:


    buenas noches. ciudadanos patrióticos. dinca del inca.


  174. Tenacity Says:

    I’m bushed…will check in tomorrow. manana

  175. sdee Says:

    hardly by chance the mosques, hijabs and Muslims in the American landscape.

    just simple arithmetic

  176. sdee Says:

    Rasmussen heathcare poll

    41% favror 56% opposed


  177. CJ Says:

    Well I kne it. Obama has worked soooo hard that he surely needs another little vacation. I mean he’s just slaving (oops) at the office everyday and every night that he just has to take a quick break and go to Denmark(think that’s what I heard) to speak for his hometown Chicago. The subject: sinning the right to hold the Olympics in his city. Wow, could it get any better? Could he be anymore clueless? Oh let’s spend time worrying about how to go into more debt by holding and funding the Olympics. Nevermind that there are a few minor issues on the table like nuclear Iran and war in Afghanistan and healthcare etc. Honestly he is just beyond any rational explanation. Never thought I could be surprised by him again and bamm ther it is. Another major mistake with no thought to the consequences. Wonder if the kids are going. Oh yeah, Michelle was supposed to be the only one to make the pitch. Guess he couldn’t stand the thought of her being the One for a day. I sooooo hope they award this to one of the other contenders. He deserves the slap in the face it would be. Seriously, how many minutes in a week does he spend in the Oval office working?

  178. CJ Says:

    knew, signing, home city, there spelling corrections, sorry!

  179. jrinNC Says:

    Cynka says: “but he mentioned that he was planning on being president for awhile. I understood it to mean for a good long while as in dictatorship.”

    Amazing you should say that. Just last night in my prophecy class the instructor quoted Alexander Tyler who was a history professor at the University of Edinborough who said this:

    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

    This was supposedly expanded on by another professor and snopes states this is mostly false. Doesn’t sound false to me.

  180. CJ Says:

    Here’s a quote from the lovely black widow Valerie Jarrett re Olympics trip for Obama:

    “White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett tells POLITICO: “The president decided over the weekend that he wanted be a part of the final push as we enter the home stretch. He did not want to leave any stone unturned. He is very excited about joining the First Lady for both the final presentation and the question and answer session. The Olympic spirit is about giving it your very best down to finish line and not taking anything for granted. That’s what his presence in Copenhagen will demonstrate.”

    Isn’t this just special hmmm, hmmm, hmmm??

  181. CJ Says:

    Can someone define the differences between a democracy and a republic? I read it somewhere but forgot the details and am wondering just how far off the mark Obama and friends are about both of them.

  182. jrinNC Says:

    cj = A Republic and a Democracy are identical in every aspect except one. In a Republic the sovereignty is in each individual person. In a Democracy the sovereignty is in the group.

  183. jrinNC Says:

    Thomas Jefferson said: A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

    There is a reason why the word “Republic” is used in our Pledge of Allegiance and not the word “Democracy”. It’s because it was never intended for America to be a Democracy.

  184. jrinNC Says:

    Another Take:

    Swine Flu and the Bible Code


    “As Kenneth Copeland has said on his TV Show, “God’s people in faith can receive a ‘passover’ from its dangers.” Whether you are coming at the current events from a secular perspective (perhaps expressed through the commitment to an ‘oath’ or a moral code) or a spiritual one (expressed through a convenant with God), there is only one way to defeat the senseless evil that is arising around us today: to take a stand without fear knowing that ’right’ must be upheld. It is in this ’stand’ that the miracle of compassion can overwhelm the darkness of evil.”

    I feel this applies to everything that is taking place today. To take a stand without fear knowing that ’right’ must be upheld against ALL EVIL.

  185. jrinNC Says:

    Obama abandons Founding Fathers’ dream by Alan Keyes


  186. jrinNC Says:

    Miss Me Yet?



  187. jrinNC Says:

    We are now officially calling it “Certifigate”


    “Phil over at the Right-Side-of-Life is calling it “Certifigate.” Yes, I agree! Watergate took Nixon down, Certifigate will do the same for Obama.”

  188. jrinNC Says:

    Forced Vaccine Prevention

    Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, explains how county sheriffs across the country can stop forced or mandatory vaccinations. Sheriffs’ power supercedes federal regulatory programs, as Sheriffs are NOT agents of the federal government.

  189. Tenacity Says:

    sdee Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    hardly by chance the mosques, hijabs and Muslims in the American landscape.
    sdee, the solutions to this problem are all very ugly. I don’t like or trust what is going through my mind. We all need to pray about this. All other issues are minuscule in comparison, with the exception of one’s soul of course.

  190. calli Says:

    Hi Rosetta,
    I really like this post!! Yet again, you have out done yourself!! Especially that cat!!!
    Acorn should all join in and sing a Willie Nelson song, turn out the lights the party’s over!!

  191. rosettasister Says:

    Hi Rosetta,
    I really like this post!! Yet again, you have out done yourself!! Especially that cat!!!


    Hello to you, calli!

    Thanks for the compliment.

    We have a lot of cat lovers roun’ here!


  192. rosettasister Says:

    Iran Updates from Dutch blog:


    Hammar says:
    28 september 2009 om 14:41 September 28, 2009 at 14:41

    Overigens, je ziet nooit terechtstellingen aan hoogwerkers van oude homo’s.

    Incidentally, you never see executions on platforms of old gay men.

    Het zijn altijd jongens, zestien jaar, achttien jaar, pubers, die worden vermoord en in de gevangenissen “behandeld” op een manier waarover ik probeer te vermijden om erover na te denken.

    They are always boys, sixteen years, eighteen years, teenagers who are killed in prisons and “treated” in a way that I try to avoid thinking about.

    Het is natuurlijk geen toeval dat dat geperverteerde systeem wel jongens oppakt voor dat zogenaamde delict, en geen ouwe mannen.

    It’s no coincidence that this perverted system that picks up boys are known offense, and not old men.

    Smeerlappen. Bastards.

  193. rosettasister Says:

    Iran: English Text of Dastgheib Letter to Assembly of Experts (22 September)


    Is There a Compromise Brewing?

    It is slowly becoming clear that last week’s Assembly of Experts meeting was the setting for an unprecedented level of dispute and politics.

    By the end of the deliberations, Ayatollah Ka’abi was circulating a petition for the expulsion of Ayatollah Dastgheib, as Hashemi Rafsanjani tactfully absented himself.

    This is the Dastgheib letter (translation by Khordaad 88) demanding the Assembly take over the administration of the Constitution, criticising the suppression of dissent by the regime, and calling for an invitation to Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, and Mohammad Khatami to address the clerics.


  194. rosettasister Says:

    Tehrani says:
    28 september 2009 om 16:06 September 28, 2009 at 16:06

    Een docent: A teacher:

    Dag, ik ben een docent van de universiteit, vanochtend toen ik naar de les ging, zeiden ze dat we de lessen moesten sluiten, 8-10 is het begonnen, maar 10 werd het afgesloten, ze lieten ons niet naar buiten komen, later hebben de jongens bedreigd, ze hebben veel Basiji’s gebracht, bij de nieuwe ingangen waren ze vandaag overal verspreid, mijn jongens zouden de niveaus van ongeveer 400-600 hebben die van vandaag niet in de les van 8-10 waren geweest

    Hi, I am a teacher of the university, this morning when I went to class, they said we had to close classes, 8-10 was started, but 10 was closed, they let us come out later, The boys threatened, they have many Basiji’s placed in the new entries were scattered them today, my boys, the levels of about 400-600 have today is not the lesson of 8-10 had been

    Het niveau van hun universiteit zou 400 moeten zijn maar hun niveaus was rondom 10000.

    The level of their universities would be 400 but their levels were around 10000. (Basiji?)

    En nog iets, ze zeiden dat zij ons zullen berichten dat er morgen de lessen door zullen gaan of niet.

    And another thing, they said they will leave us tomorrow that the lessons will start or not.

    Nu hebben zij naar de universiteit gebeld en gezegd dat het niet duidelijk was of morgen de lessen doorgaan.

    Now they have to the university called and said that it was not clear whether the lessons continue tomorrow.

  195. rosettasister Says:

    Henk says:
    28 september 2009 om 16:47 September 28, 2009 at 16:47

    Dus wel beschouwd genomen zullen ze alles wat ook maar enigzins op oppositie lijk direkt de kop in drukken.

    So they will be considered taken anything even remotely been in direct opposition press in the head.

    Ik denk hoe moeilijker het de studenten word gemaakt des te meer oppositie gaat er komen vanuit de studentenhoek.

    I think the more difficult it made the students become the more opposition there will come from the student angle.

    Men kan namelijk de Universiteiten sluiten voor en bepaalde tijd maar het lijkt me onmogelijk om ze voor jaren te sluiten, want als ze dat zouden doen is Iran binnen 10 jaar een ontwikkelingsland.

    It can indeed close to the Universities and some time but it seems impossible to them for years to close, because if they would do in Iran is 10 years a developing country.

    Niet dat Ik denk dat de Mullah’s daar wakker van liggen want die hebben hun bedje toch al gespreid denken ze

    Not that I think the Mullahs are awake because they have already spread their bed they think ???

    (It would seem the Mullahcracy is attempting to head student unrest off at the pass, but Henk is saying that move will backfire.)

  196. rosettasister Says:

    Israel, Saudi Arabia, US, UK Join Forces As Iran Fires Nuclear Capable Missiles


    “With the US, Canada, Western Europe, Russia and many Arab states now joining forces against Iran, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is doing all he can to show the citizens of Iran that he is still in power.”

    “The Iran missile testing today was not for Israel, the US or Saudi Arabia consumption but produced for Iran TV where it was advertised, and shown over and over again to Iran citizens.

    Discontented and outraged citizens of Iran who had a recent election stolen from them.

    An election where they would have voted in democracy.

    All the same, Israel has remained on high alert before, during and after Yom Kippur through our powerful and experienced navy, air force and ground forces.”

    Israel IDF Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi responded by saying that “the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power is a threat not only to the State of Israel, but for the Middle East and the entire free world.”

    *** “We all understand that the best way of coping with Iran is through international sanctions.” ***

    “I hope that Iran will understand this.

    I think that if not, Israel has the right to defend itself, and all options are open.

    The IDF’s working premise is that we have to be prepared for that possibility, and that is exactly what we are doing.”

  197. joldy Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 2:58 pm
    Forced Vaccine Prevention

    I checked out Sheriff mack’s site…


    THis was on his site…

    April 2009: THERE ARE NO SHERIFFS LEFT BEHIND IN MINNESOTA! Many people have written in telling us that they have given a copy of “The County Sheriff” to their own county sheriff… and that’s awesome! Every bit is appreciated, and we can only hope it will make a difference. Now here’s something a little extra special: A woman in Minnesota bought a copy of the book for all 87 county Sheriffs in her state, hand-addressed them and mailed them along with an introductory letter. Click here to see her letter.
    UPDATE: Here are written responses from some of the sheriffs who have received the book: 1 2 3

    I wonder how many of the 87 Sheriffs took the time to read the book an pass it on as this Mrs Jean Mitchell hoped they would? Sure hope my Sherif took the time!

  198. rosettasister Says:

    Rep. King: Zazi arrest proves importance of post-9/11 laws

  199. rosettasister Says:

    GOP releases new ad blasting Democrats’ health care legislation

    (Attack Ad? Geez Louise, Fox!)

  200. rosettasister Says:

  201. rosettasister Says:

    Maine’s Snowe key in health reform debate


    While Snowe has said using the threat of government competition could be a good strategy, rather than establishing a plan from the get-go, she has proposed having a public plan instead trigger as a “safety net” option only when and where private plans are unaffordable.

    Her trigger option calls for a public plan to be available when other affordable health insurance was not available through a health exchange to at least 95 percent of residents.

    The exchange essentially would offer a menu of health plans adhering to new government mandates that would be laid out elsewhere in the legislation.

    Snowe, in remarks to the committee, said the exchange “can become a powerful marketplace for creating competition and lowering premiums.”

    Gregg says using reconciliation would run counter to its purpose of handling budgetary matters and the people’s “voice may not be heard” because the process limits lawmakers’ ability to offer alternatives.

    Many of Snowe’s other amendments deal with less explosive issues.

    One amendment would let small businesses with up to 100 employees buy coverage through an exchange for small businesses, and another amendment says businesses that grow beyond that limit “may not be excluded from continued participation solely as a result of such increase in employees.”

    Her amendment on deductibles would prevent employers from offering coverage with deductibles that exceed $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for families “unless offering contributions which offset any increase in deductible above these limits.”

    She also is looking to shield those over 55 from paying an excise tax on costly insurance plans by creating a higher threshold before the tax kicks in.

    Information about the bill and proposed amendments is available at http://finance.senate.gov

  202. rosettasister Says:

    Let’s not forget that Fox IS Corporate America.

    And Corporate America wants out of the business of providing coverage.

    Corporate America favors HCR.

  203. rosettasister Says:

    Premiums, Penalties and Political Costs


    Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, the senior Republican on the Finance Committee, last week attacked the requirement to have insurance, the so-called individual mandate, as potentially imposing a crippling penalty of $1,500 on a family earning as little as $25,000 a year.

    “It’s a pretty heavy burden for low-income families,” Mr. Grassley said in committee debate.

    … a devastating political argument against the Democrats’ plan: that working-class Americans would be penalized heavily for not buying insurance they say they cannot afford.

    Republicans are already blasting the penalty as a new tax and a violation of Mr. Obama’s campaign promise not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000.

    “The individual mandate in this bill is un-American,” Senator Jim Bunning, Republican of Kentucky, said last week.

    Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, has proposed an amendment that would let states drop the individual mandate if they can get enough people to sign up for insurance without it.

    “Individual mandate has always been one of the most contentious aspects of health reform,” Mr. Wyden said.

    (Wyden — “an amendment that would let states drop the individual mandate” I believe Grassley has put forth a similar amendment.)

  204. rosettasister Says:

    Latest from Socialized Medicine:


  205. Troy Says:

    naturalborncitizen Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 11:41 am

    I want as much focus on this blog as possible when I publish Part 3 of the TerriK Investigation Report, subtitled:


    Not only has Obama waived privacy interests, the state waived them as well. More important is the fact that state law governs that no privacy interest exception applies when the information requested is required to be released under the UIPA at 92F-12.

    The only question is whether Hawaii will obey its own laws.

    I will publish this report late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    This comment was issued by Leo C. Donofrio on September 27, 2009 at 12:41PM ET

    Please repost far and wide.


  206. rosettasister Says:

    Max’s Mad Mandate

    The Baucus health bill will break 50 state budgets via Medicaid.


    The National Governors Association is furious about Mr. Baucus’s Medicaid expansion, and rightly so, given that governors and their legislatures will get stuck with the bill while losing the leeway to manage or reform their budget-busters.

    NGA President Jim Douglas of Vermont recently said at the National Press Club that the Baucus plan poses a “tremendous financial liability” and doesn’t “respect that no one size fits all at the state level.”

    He added: “Unlike the federal government, states can’t print money.”

    Mr. Baucus hopes to use his printing press to bribe the governors, at least for a time.

    Currently, the federal government pays about 57 cents out of every dollar the states spend on Medicaid, though the “matching rate” ranges as high as 76% in some states.

    That would rise to 95%—but only for five years.

    After that, who knows?

    It all depends on which budget Congress ends up ruining.

    Either the states will be slammed, or Washington will extend these extra payments into perpetuity—despite the fact that CBO expects purely federal spending on Medicaid to consume 5% of GDP by 2035 under current law.

    As for the poor uninsured, they’ll be shunted off into what Democratic backbencher Ron Wyden calls a “caste system.”

    While some people will be eligible for subsidized private health insurance, everyone in the lowest income bracket will be forced into Medicaid, the country’s worst insurance program by a long shot.
    States try to control spending by restricting access to prescription drugs and specialists.

    About 40% of U.S. physicians won’t accept Medicaid at all.

    Why? One reason is that Medicaid’s price controls are even tighter than Medicare’s, which in turn are substantially below private payers.

    In 2009 or 2010, 29 states will have either reduced or frozen their reimbursement rates to providers.

    Democrats love Medicaid because is it much cheaper than subsidizing private insurance, but that is true only because of this antimarket brute force.

    Of course, such coercion will be extended to the rest of the health market under ObamaCare.

    (The sooner we have NO government-run health care in the U.S., the better. All private insurers and subsidize the truly needy. And no more pre-existing conditions!)

  207. rosettasister Says:

    (Senator Gregg’s plan for HCR is looking better and better.)

    Sen. Judd Gregg: There is time for change


    When it comes to expanding health insurance, reform should include changes that will ensure a robust insurance market that provides high quality, affordable coverage with individualized choices for all Americans, regardless of their health status.

    There are more than 47 million people in this country without health insurance, but they are not equal in their ability to access coverage.

    Of this group, approximately 12 million lack affordable options and simply cannot afford to buy coverage, compared to the 9 million with an income in excess of $75,000 who choose not to purchase it.

    Our health reform efforts must be targeted to those most in need so that they can afford a meaningful health plan that protects against catastrophic health care events and focuses on prevention and disease management.

  208. rosettasister Says:

    Found at Democratic Underground

    At least “Frank Booth” gets it.

    Dems seek to play down role of public option idea

    “Well, I guess Obama’s speech last Wednesday accomplished one thing — it gave cover to the Dems to push through a bill without a public option.”

  209. rosettasister Says:

    (Private insurers love the individual mandate, as it would mean a lot more revenue for them.)

    William H. Frist, a Tennessee Republican, is a heart surgeon and the former U.S. Senate majority leader.


    Frist: An Individual Mandate for Health Insurance Would Benefit All

    Nobody should fear bankruptcy due to illness or injury


    The Massachusetts experience thus far, I would argue, suggests that mandated coverage would enhance health and improve equity.

    But because it is costly, it should be considered nationally only when we are confident that the economy can sustainably withstand the added burden and when appropriate restraints on the rate of healthcare inflation are simultaneously adopted.

    A mandate’s details are critical.

    Too large a benefit package and it will be unaffordable; too small and it will be meaningless.

    Since we have no national experience and the results in Massachusetts are incomplete, we should begin smaller rather than larger, with catastrophic coverage.

    In a time of recession and historically high national debt, we can’t truly afford a rich benefits package like that of the Massachusetts plan.

    But with catastrophic coverage, no American would fear illness-induced bankruptcy.

    As other states experiment with Massachusetts-type plans and as our economy strengthens, other innovations could be incorporated at the federal level in a way that minimizes risk.

    It is a conservative approach that would affordably achieve necessary goals.

    (Actually, this makes a lot of sense to me.)

  210. ryansgrammy Says:

    Unbelievable that McCrystal has only spoken to Obama once in the 70 days he’s been in charge in Afghanistan. That’s real leadership for you.


  211. rosettasister Says:

    Frist on RomneyCare

    Advocates and critics alike use the Massachusetts plan’s early results to support their respective positions.

    Almost half a million are newly insured, and, remarkably, more than 40 percent of these have purchased private insurance.

    Employer-sponsored private coverage has increased by 160,000 in the state because people who had previously refused coverage now see it as advantageous.

    Uncompensated care has fallen by almost half.

    But—and this is the unfinished story that haunts the policymakers—costs have been very high and continue to escalate.

    Estimates are approximately $2,000 per person, well beyond policymakers’ initial predictions.

    And universality has not been achieved.

    (So, Frist is suggesting the individual mandate under RomneyCare succeeded? Does RomneyCare have an employer mandate tax or employer “free-rider” mandate?)

  212. Bones Says:

    Troy, I see you already posted this. But I’m “reposting” it, per Leo’s instructions 😉

    naturalborncitizen Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 11:41 am


    I want as much focus on this blog as possible when I publish Part 3 of the TerriK Investigation Report, subtitled:


    Not only has Obama waived privacy interests, the state waived them as well. More important is the fact that state law governs that no privacy interest exception applies when the information requested is required to be released under the UIPA at 92F-12.

    The only question is whether Hawaii will obey its own laws.

    I will publish this report late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    This comment was issued by Leo C. Donofrio on September 27, 2009 at 12:41PM ET

    Please repost far and wide.


  213. Troy Says:

    Thanks Bones…post at other sites also, please…I have been.

  214. Troy Says:

    Hey Bones, since you have proven to be the “cat’s meow” of online research (finding stuff) maybe you could help me find this for Leo and his readers…I know for a fact that it’s out there and I’m getting ready to start looking in just a minute.
    Troy Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    September 28, 2009 at 1:17 pm
    *In 2001 – the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless.*Paper documents were discarded*The official record of Obama’s birth is now an official ELECTRONIC record Janice Okubo, spokeswoman for the Health Department told the Honolulu Star Bulletin, “At that time, all information for births from 1908 (on) was put into electronic files for consistent reporting,” she said.

    [ed. Just because the long form on actual paper may have been discarded does not mean the DoH doesn’t maintain an electronic copy.
    If my memory serves me correctly, and I believe it does, Hawaii quickly cleared up this matter by stating that while it moved on to electronic storage of archived documents, that original paper was NOT discarded, but was instead warehoused.

    Think about it for a minute…A state government ageny shreds or burns multiple thousands of original paper BCs complete with original signatures, info and baby’s feet print???….Please!!!!!….How could anyone believe such a load of crud?

    To my recollection it was a media outlet / org. that had challenged Jon Klien’s words by contacting Hawaii to see if they really “discarded” paper originals and was informed that they were NOT discarded.

    I’ll do some digging and see if I can find the reference that I’m speaking of….If anyone here finds it before I do, then please post it…It’s out there.

    Untold thousands of original BCs destroyed / discarded…mmm hmm, yeah right!!!

  215. rosettasister Says:

    More on RomneyCare

    The Massachusetts plan included

    an individual mandate,

    required employers to either provide coverage or pay into an insurance pool,

    expanded Medicaid and

    created a new government health care program for the lower middle class, and

    created a health connector agency that matches individuals with the private plan of their choice.

    About half of those who enrolled in the new programs are now covered by government-run plans.

    (I thought Romney said there was no public “option” in RomneyCare.)

  216. rosettasister Says:

    (“required employers to either provide coverage or pay into an insurance pool”)

    Well, if this is accurate, and Senator Frist’s numbers are accurate –

    “Employer-sponsored private coverage has increased by 160,000 in the state.”

    Then it would appear that Americans for Tax Reform is wrong about the Baucus employer “free-rider” mandate being a huge incentive for employers to drop coverage.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences compels us to look more closely at anecdotal evidence from the citizens of Massachusetts themselves.

  217. Troy Says:

    Nevermind, Bones!!!…It was a piece of cake…I already found it and posted it at Leo’s. 🙂

  218. joldy Says:

    Troy, heres a 4 mn viedo Lou Dobbs
    this what your looking for?


  219. joldy Says:


    scroll down and this is ….

    From the July 28 edition of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight:

    DOBBS: New developments tonight in the controversy over the president’s birth certificate. Yesterday, the director of the Hawaii Department of Health issued another statement that she had, in fact, seen Barack Obama’s original, so-called long-form birth certificate on file with the department’s office of vital records. That official repeated her opinion that the president was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961. She made a similar statement last October.

    There have been repeated requests from some of the president’s skeptics about the release of his original birth certificate. Hawaii law, however, prevents the actual release of the document to a third party. CNN had previously reported that when Hawaii’s vital records office went paperless in 2001 that the original paper documents were discarded.

    That was incorrect. Yesterday, a spokeswoman for the Hawaii Department of Health said, in fact, that paper birth records have been retained in addition to the department’s electronic records.

    A left-wing group’s liberal mainstream media have stepped up some attacks on me for reporting on the controversy over the president’s birth certificate when I, in fact, I’ve stated many times that President Obama is a citizen of this country in my opinion. The Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, called on CNN to fire me for my even discussing the story. Coming to my defense last night: Bill O’Reilly.

    [begin video clip]

  220. Troy Says:

    Thanks much Joldy..I appreciate your help….I had found this and posted it for Leo (in moderation still)
    Here it is Leo.
    The article provides live links, here:

    Jon Klein, CNN “political researchers” were wrong: Hawaii didn’t discard paper records (Dobbs, Farah)
    On July 23, CNN president Jon Klein sent an email to staffers of the Lou Dobbs show saying that he’d asked CNN’s “political researchers” to look into the “Birthers” issue and that those “researchers” had determined that Hawaii had discarded their paper birth certificates. He was attempting to show thatBarack Obama can’t release his original certificate. The email is reprinted at [1].

    However, the claim from CNN’s “political researchers” was false: as Janice Okubo later confirmed [2], Hawaii had not discarded any paper copies, they were simply archived when that state put their birth records into electronic form. Unfortunately for Lou Dobbs, based on Klein’s urging, he repeated the false statement from CNN’s “political researchers” on that evening’s show [3].

    Klein later backtracked [4], but he hasn’t spoken out about the false claim from CNN’s “researchers”. Now, Joseph Farah says:

    Isn’t it time to apologize for your error and to Lou Dobbs for attempting to intimidate him for covering the story? …And since your basis for not covering the story has been blown to smithereens, isn’t it time for you to issue a new edict to your news team to get back on the story?

    [1] The Klein email is here:

    From: Klein, Jon (CNN)
    Sent: Thu Jul 23 19:00:44 2009
    Subject: Important re birth certificate

    I asked the political researchers to dig into the question “why couldn’t Obama produce the ORIGINAL birth certificate?”

    This is what they forwarded. It seems to definitively answer the question. Since the show’s mission is for Lou to be the explainer and enlightener, he should be sure to cite this during your segment tonite. And then it seems this story is dead – because anyone who still is not convinced doesn’t really have a legitimate beef.



    *In 2001 – the state of Hawaii Health Department went paperless.*Paper documents were discarded*The official record of Obama’s birth is now an official ELECTRONIC record Janice Okubo, spokeswoman for the Health Department told the Honolulu Star Bulletin, “At that time, all information for births from 1908 (on) was put into electronic files for consistent reporting,” she said.

    [2] From this:

    “I am not aware of any birth certificate records that have been destroyed by the department,” Janice Okubo, public information officer for the Hawaii DOH, told WND. “When the department went electronic in 2001, vital records, whether in paper form or any other form, [were] maintained. We don’t destroy records.”

    Okubo affirmed that beginning in 2001, all vital records, including birth records, moved to electronic formats.

    “Any records that we had in paper or any other form before 2001 are still in file within the department,” she insisted. “We have not destroyed any vital statistics records that we have.”

    [3] From transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0907/23/ldt.01.html

    President Obama promised transparency and openness in his administration. Yet, he’s chosen not to release his original birth certificate or a copy of it… And a number of Americans are asking, why not? The left-wing media has attacked me because I simply asked the question. Meanwhile, the state of Hawaii says it can’t release a paper copy of the president’s original birth certificate because they say the state government discarded the original document when the health department records went electronic some eight years ago.

  221. rosettasister Says:


    (I posted this awhile back, but really didn’t understand what I was posting. hehe!)

    The new employer “mandate”:

    The Governor’s original proposal did not include an employer mandate.

    The legislature, however, decided to add requirements for employers to its final legislation.


    For years, employers in Massachusetts that purchased coverage for their employees have had to pay a health insurance premium tax to the state’s uncompensated care pool.

    This tax applied only to employers paying for insurance—not to employers that didn’t provide coverage, despite that many of their employees benefited from the uncompensated care pool.

    Ideally, the plan should have repealed the existing premium tax.


    Instead, the legislature inserted a provision that will require companies that do not make any provision for insurance to pay a levy—set at a maximum of $295 per employee per year—into the state’s uncompensated care pool.

    (RomneyCare $295 per employee – BaucusCare $400 per employee)

    The Governor vetoed this provision under his line-item veto authority, but the legislature will likely vote to reinstate it.

    Still, this requirement, though objectionable, actually is quite limited.

    *** This new fee can easily be avoided: firms subject to it need only offer their employees a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan and give them the opportunity to buy coverage through the new health insurance Connector on a pre-tax basis to escape the levy at little expense. ***

    Further, the actual assessment is likely to be less than the statutory maximum of $295 because the other legislative provisions in the plan are designed to reduce the demand on the uncompensated care pool.

    (This is interesting, but doesn’t bring up the issue of employers dropping coverage or not. Also, have employers in Massachusetts downgraded what they offer to their employees?)

    (If, in fact, the majority of the people of the state of Massachusetts are satisfied with RomneyCare, that’s something to think about. But is RomneyCare economically sustainable? Senator Frist alluded to this above.)

  222. rosettasister Says:

    State’s health system popular

    But backing dips in course of a year; Poll suggests costs worry the public


    Public support for Massachusetts’ closely watched health insurance overhaul has slipped over the past year, a new poll indicates, but residents still support the path-breaking 2006 law by a 2-to-1 ratio.


    Former Governor Mitt Romney’s longtime spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom


  223. joldy Says:

    I don’t recall seeing or hearing anything about this Report, it came out July 20, 2009!!! ….

    U.S House of Representatives
    Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
    Darrell Issa (CA-49), ranking Member

    Link above takes you to the report (88 pages) …

    Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?

    Staff Report
    U.S. House of Representatives
    111th Congress
    Committee on Oversight andGovenment Reform
    July 20, 2009

  224. rosettasister Says:

    Holy Toledo, Batman!

    Checkout this Flowchart!

    This simple little chart shows the steps needed to keep your doctor if the health care plan put forth by Senator Baucus becomes law.


  225. joldy Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    Holy Toledo, Batman!

    If a person has to understand this simple little flow chart to qualify for ins. I would not qualify!

    Wow that’s some simple chart!!!

  226. rosettasister Says:

    Here’s some of that anecdotal evidence I was talkin’ about.

    And Xumi’s experience seems to contradict the 2 – 1 results in the poll cited above. Or perhaps Xumi is in the minority.


    From Xumi

    September 18th, 2009 6:43 pm ET

    Someone said the plan is popular here in MA. It’s not.

    It has raised all of our health insurace costs — SIGNIFICANTLY.

    Here in MA we now pay the highest premiums in the nation.

    My premium went up 18% last year and then 51% THIS year.

    Think about that.

    It now costs me $589.00 a month for an individual plan (I am 28) in MA for BCBS and it’s not even their best plan (they have higher plans).

    I shopped the other ones too… Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts and they were all about the same.

    The rates are wicked here now.

    I am a liberal and have always voted democrat, but this plan was a big fat giveaway to the insurance companies who then – realizing they had a monopoly – stuck it to us all.

    I also realized that covering the unisured would raise the rates, but THIS MUCH!

  227. rosettasister Says:

    “this plan was a big fat giveaway to the insurance companies who then – realizing they had a monopoly – stuck it to us all”

    Actually, about half of those who enrolled in the new programs are now covered by government-run plans.

    And I’d like to see the overall statistics for Massachusetts.

    How many enrolled in private versus public health plans.

    Anyway, I’d hardly call that a monopoly.

  228. rosettasister Says:

    Is the stimulus working?


  229. CJ Says:

    In case anyone cares to vote whether Obama should lobby for the Olmpics by trotting off to Copenhagen with his lovely wife, you can go here:


  230. CJ Says:

    Gosh darn: Olympics. Can’t type at all!

  231. rosettasister Says:

    About that 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran . . .


    As the Wall Street Journal wrote at the time, the NIE’s three chief authors were “hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials” with their own distinct policy preferences.

    In all likelihood, they wanted to make sure that the Iranian nuclear program wasn’t considered a particularly worrisome threat requiring action.

    There is ample room for public debate about how to deal with Iran’s burgeoning nukes, but the NIE’s authors apparently wanted to short-circuit such discussion.

    The NIE achieved that goal, by clearly having a “cooling effect” on such talks.

  232. rosettasister Says:

    Is Obama planning a VAT surprise for America?


    So John Podesta, co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition team, says a value-added tax is “more plausible today” than ever, adding that “there’s going to have to be revenue in this budget.”

    A few thoughts:

    1) Podesta is also president of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank closely allied with the White House.

    2) It’s consensus among centrist economists, like those in the White House, that America will need to raise taxes to cover budget shortfalls and a VAT is the most efficient way of doing this.

    3) At the G20, Obama promised more coordinated economic policies, including having the US lower its borrowing and consume less. This could be done via a VAT, which would also let the US have more tax synchronization with other OECD countries.

    4) It seems like the WH is staring to redefine its pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than 250k as applying only to income taxes.

    Bottom line: These Podesta remarks sure sound like a trial balloon by the White House.

  233. rosettasister Says:

    Representative Ryan has spoken of the need for a value-added tax (VAT) in the past, but I don’t know where he stands on the issue today.

    Also, I don’t know if he foresees a VAT for only Corporate America, or one for you and me as well.

    And Ryan may only have put this forth as part of a complete tax overhaul, not as an additional tax on top of the taxes we already pay.


    Paul Ryan’s Roadmap for the GOP


    Taxes: Rep. Ryan would radically simplify today’s hopelessly complex, cumbersome and bureaucratic tax code.

    He would give filers a choice: They could pay their taxes under existing law, or they could choose a new simplified code, with just two tax rates (10 percent on the first $100,000 for joint filers; $50,000 for individuals, and 25 percent above that).

    His plan would offer virtually no deductions or exemptions, except for an increased standard personal deduction and exemption of up to $39,000 for a family of four.

    He would also replace our current anti-competitive corporate income tax – the world’s second-highest, at 35 percent – with

    *** an 8.5 percent business consumption tax (essentially a value-added tax) ***

    and eliminate taxes on capital gains and dividends.

    Although not everyone agrees with this particular approach to business taxation, Rep. Ryan understands that we must bring our corporate taxes in line with those of our competitors if we want to increase economic growth and create more jobs.

  234. rosettasister Says:

    Record Auctions = Record Deficits


    The U.S. has sold $1.517 trillion in notes and bonds this year, compared with $585 billion in the same period a year earlier.

    Barclays forecasts the government will sell $2.1 trillion in debt this year and $2.5 trillion next, up from $892 billion for 2008.

    While the U.S. has seen rising demand at its auctions so far, that may change, according to Barclays, which forecasts the two-year Treasury yield will reach 2.35 percent and the 10-year will touch 4.5 percent by June 30.

    After purchases by the Fed, the net supply of long-term government and agency debt has been about $50 billion a month this year, Dean Maki, the head of U.S. economics research at Barclays in New York, wrote in a Sept. 4 report.

    As the Fed slows its so-called “quantitative easing” program, net supply may reach $200 billion by year-end, he said.

    Demand from overseas investors exceeded the average so far this year, with foreign buyers taking 45.2 percent of the $43 billion of two-year notes, 44.8 percent of the $40 billion of five-year notes and 61.7 percent of the $29 billion in seven- year notes, according to Treasury data.


    “As the Fed slows its so-called “quantitative easing” program”

    “quantitative easing” means printing money. The Fed said they would slow, then stop.

    Just when is that supposed to happen?!

  235. igaveup Says:

    Hey, does anyone know if we taxpayers are paying for Barry, Michelle, Valerie, and Oprah to go to Copenhagen? Since Michelle has decided to go, I assumed that the Secret Service had to go and this is going to cost the taxpayer. How does this benefit the US? It benefits (?) special interests in Chicago and according to Michelle Malkin, Valeria Jarrett’s land holdings. I object to the expense involved in this “trip” that IMHO is NOT necessary and the Obama’s should stay out of it and clearly they have a “conflict of interest” going and so does Valerie Jarrett.

  236. rosettasister Says:

    igaveup Says:
    September 28, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    “President Obama will travel to Copenhagen to “seal the deal” for Chicago’s 2016 bid for the Olympic games.”

    Look at it this way, igaveup. Since we’re all hoping Obama will not get reelected in 2012, perhaps he’ll get selected to run the 2016 Olympic games, sorta like Romney did in Utah.

    Wishful thinking?!

  237. rosettasister Says:


    Burt Bacharach – It’s Love That Really Counts ( In The Long Run ) – The Shirelles

  238. Troy Says:

    Some comments from Leo:

    bho boo Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 12:36 pm
    Leo, of course DoH will not obey its own laws, they haven’t so far, and in panic mode you can expect Obama attorneys to twitterify any motions. Like I said, we oughtn’t be surprised any longer, this is a bloodless marxist coup, so far, but that doesn’t mean they won’t uptick things as necessary.

    [ed. it’s going to take more than the DoH to stop the information coming out. My research is showing this is a slam dunk. You would need the OIP to reverse about 10 Opinion Letters and then you’d need the Hawaii Supreme Court to reverse itself. I am not fooling around here.]

  239. Bones Says:

    Interesting… I was researching your point above, Troy, and was digging around on hawaii.gov. Its bandwith is jammed! People all over are doing their research! At least, I suspect that is what is happening…

  240. Troy Says:

    At least, I suspect that is what is happening…
    Oh, you can bet on it….Leo’s blog has stirred up a hornet’s nest. 😀

  241. Troy Says:

    I had a feeling that this would be uncovered…They did the same exact thing in Denver during the DNC Convention.
    Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists At G20
    by DefendUSx September 28, 2009 15:35

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Shocking video has emerged of cops posing as anarchist protesters at the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, in yet another example of authorities attempting to provoke chaos at global summits in order to justify a brutal police crackdown.

    Footage from Saturday night shows three burly older men who look completely out of place with black bandanas over their face walking alongside young protesters during a march against police brutality in a You Tube clip entitled “G20 Epic Undercover Police Fail”.

    The clip would be hilarious if it was not so disturbing. Protesters walking behind what are obviously badly disguised cops claim they broke cameras and acted aggressively towards genuine protesters, as well as carrying gas canisters. During a peaceful demonstration on Saturday night, riot cops savagely attacked protesters with batons and rubber bullets while also assaulting and arresting students who weren’t even part of the demonstration.

    Watch the clip below.

  242. joldy Says:

    CJ Says:

    September 28, 2009 at 8:38 pm
    In case anyone cares to vote whether Obama should lobby for the Olmpics by trotting off to Copenhagen with his lovely wife, you can go here:



    Thank you, we have already counted your vote.

    Yes, the Olympics are the world’s premier sporting event and our president should help bring them here. 8% (4,120 votes)

    Yes, but I just think sending his wife and a senior adviser would also be okay. 5% (2,623 votes)

    No. With Iran, Afghanistan, health care and the economy already on his plate, he doesn’t need to get involved in Chicago’s Olympics bid. 86% (42,189 votes)

    I’m not sure. 1% (265 votes)

    Total Votes: 49,197
    View Comments

  243. joldy Says:

    Bank of America Pulls Back From ACORN Work
    In response to questions from The Wall Street Journal, a spokesman for the banking company said it has “suspended current commitments” to ACORN Housing, an affiliated group, and “will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates,” pending assessments by the bank of the organization’s operations.
    The Wall Street Journal


    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Already facing the loss of federal government funding, the community-organizing group ACORN also has run afoul of one of its big corporate partners, Bank of America Corp.

    In response to questions from The Wall Street Journal, a spokesman for the banking company said it has “suspended current commitments” to ACORN Housing, an affiliated group, and “will not enter into any further agreements with ACORN or any of its affiliates,” pending assessments by the bank of the organization’s operations.

    ACORN, officially the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has been under fire since the recent release of secretly recorded videos that showed Acorn employees offering advice on evading taxes, setting up brothels and smuggling illegal immigrants.

    ACORN has called the actions unacceptable and has fired the workers involved. Last week, ACORN said it has selected Scott Harshbarger, a former Massachusetts attorney general, to investigate any wrongdoing at the organization.

    ACORN Housing for years has worked with Bank of America and some other big banks on foreclosure-prevention efforts.

    “Bank of America takes recent allegations made against ACORN and ACORN Housing Corporation employees very seriously,” the bank said in a statement.

    Click here to read the full story in The Wall Street Journal.

  244. Troy Says:

  245. igaveup Says:


    I can just imagine the “cronies” lined up now.

  246. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:


  247. Troy Says:

    Palin finishes memoir, ‘Going Rogue,’ out Nov. 17

    Sep 28 06:30 PM US/Eastern

    NEW YORK (AP) – That was fast.
    Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, has finished her memoir just four months after the book deal was announced, and the release date has been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17, her publisher said.

    “Governor Palin has been unbelievably conscientious and hands-on at every stage, investing herself deeply and passionately in this project,” said Jonathan Burnham, publisher of Harper. “It’s her words, her life, and it’s all there in full and fascinating detail.”

    Palin’s book, her first, will be 400 pages, said Burnham, who called the fall “the best possible time for a major book of this kind.”

    The book now has a title, one fitting for a public figure known for the unexpected—”Going Rogue: An American Life.”


  248. Troy Says:

    ACORN’s Man is ‘Political Director’ in White Houseby Matthew Vadum

    Over at the American Spectator, Big Government Contributor Matthew Vadum writes:

    Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House.This power behind the throne is longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard. He holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s White House.

    Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis’s political director in New York.
    Lewis, the current “chief organizer” or CEO of ACORN, was head of New York ACORN from at least 1994 through 2008, when she took over as national leader of ACORN. With Gaspard at work in the White House, Lewis might as well be speaking to President Obama through an earpiece as he goes about his daily business ruining the country.

    Read the whole story here.

  249. rosettasister Says:


    New Thread:


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