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Amy 1992

I am just another patriot who loves their country.


“Nine of diamonds, nine of diamonds
Lord, that’s a lucky card.”

I am number nine out of ten children.  I had one sister and eight brothers.  6 of my brothers served their country in the armed forces.  Several made it a career.  My father (WWII), his father (WWI), etc. clear back to the Revolutionary War (on both my father and my mother’s side of the family) fought for the freedoms of our nation. All of them patriots.  I remember as a kid going to the Memorial services and watching with pride as they raised the flag.  I remember how I felt (and still feel) every time I see a person in the uniform of our armed services.  It warms my heart and I am proud to be an American.

I spent 20 years in the Trucking industry as a Safety Manager.  I spent that time teaching adults the rules and regulations that the federal government has imposed on their industry.  I was also the compliance officer and at times was obligated to enforce the regulations.  So I am familiar with the legalese that our illustrious congress uses.  It has served me well the past year and a half as I have tried to keep up with the barrage from Washington.

Amy & Hubby 2007

I am 58 yrs old and have 6 grown children (4 of my own and 2 step-daughters from a prior marriage).  I also am the proud ‘gramma’ of 17 grandkids.  It is because of them that I am now more involved than I have ever been and will never give up the watch. I was like a lot of people on this blog and others.  I would do my homework on the candidates, vote my conscience, and go on about my business.  NO more!

Amy 2008

I do not get the chance to post as often as I would like, but I read every day, and I appreciate all the “Gang” here at Rosetta’s for your dedication to sounding the truth trumpet.


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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Very well stated, amy! And heartfelt.

    Thanks to all of you Liberty Lovers!

  2. Tenacity Says:

    Health Care Insurance is not a sovereign right.

    We need no further government bureaucracy and no further control over our rights. To give the government the right to make ANY decision for an individual is against the Constitution and against the laws of nature and nature’s God. The government needs to reign in the courts and trial lawyers. Anything else is outside their constitutional authority. ANYTHING else that they put their hand in will denigrate every citizen and cost us a lot of money. Coverage for everyone is not a right! I refuse to pay for the coverage of people that are illegal and/or opt not to pay. Right now, who would pay for the 20% not employed because of what the stinking lying government has brought down on us by illegally printing/creating too much debt? Don’t you understand, this is not about improving anybody’s health care…its about the government grabbing more control and stepping on our God given rights. If they cared a twit about the cost of health care, they wouldn’t be crashing the economy, destroying jobs and mortgaging our kids. They would be working on tort reform and they are not. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about the Republicans. The whole left/right debate is a bunch of garbage. I want these bastards to stay out of my life and let the free markets do its thing. The whole concept of universal is communism. The guy in the video said it perfectly, “equal misery for all.”

  3. jrinNC Says:

    Hey Amy – good to see you too. WOW you come from a very large family. And 17 grandchildren – you are a very lucky woman.

  4. jrinNC Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Don’t you understand, this is not about improving anybody’s health care…its about the government grabbing more control and stepping on our God given rights.

    Ten – you are so right. While I do have good health insurance, I know that I am paying for those in my state who don’t. But let me say I know from a close family relationship that people ARE NOT denied health care. I have a cousin who just recently had to undergo a 5 hour operation for a very serious case of diverticulitis that had infection all over her intestinal area. She had no medical insurance. She has received very good care for her problem. She applied for medicaid and received it for a period of about 4 months. So yes, the people of this state are stuck with those costs. But the point being – SHE WAS NOT DENIED HEALTH CARE. The current administration makes the American people believe we have folks out there who are being turned away, when in fact they are not. So does this system work – yes it does, is it perfect – no it is not. These are the areas that need to be reformed which will give those who do not health insurance a way to obtain affordable coverage, but not through Govt control. Insurance companies need to address these problems themselves NOT THE GOVT. So to me it falls at the State Level to work with insurance companies to provide this affordable coverage for the peoples of their states.

  5. jrinNC Says:

    I don’t support federal co-ops. But state run co-ops for health insurance may be the way to go for those who do not have their own private insurance.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Health Care Insurance is not a sovereign right.


    Agreed, but that doesn’t mean that universal coverage isn’t WJWD.

    I don’t know and neither do you.

    Seems to me that a majority of our fellow citizens want reform, they just don’t want anymore government-run healthcare.

    Maybe the best thing would be for nothing to happen this year and to go back to the drawing board next year.

    Tenacity, you know I respect your opinion.

    Many Americans will agree with you, but perhaps not most on this issue.

    I’m with Romney, get the job done in the private sector.

    I just don’t know what is the best way.

    The Dems may be floundering, but neither are the Repubs all on the same page.

    Fortunately or not, this is the only system we have to work within.

    So we have to work toward the best possible outcome for all, now or later.

    BTW I was also in favor of prescription coverage for the elderly under George W Bush.

    So I’ve been pretty consistent.

    So I will wait to see what comes out of the Senate Finance Committee and go from there.

    And this extra 2 Trillion in debt certainly doesn’t help lefty Dems with their public “option” IMO.

  7. rosettasister Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I don’t support federal co-ops. But state run co-ops for health insurance may be the way to go for those who do not have their own private insurance.


    Sounds reasonable.

  8. jrinNC Says:

    GOP Chief Steele Dares Democrats to Pass Health Overhaul On Their Own
    Michael Steele told reporters that he thinks if Democratic senators think they have the votes, they should try a tactic that would allow them to get around a bill-killing filibuster without the 60 votes usually needed

    “You want it done? Pass the bill,” Steele said. “But they know it’s poisonous and they know the American people will not tolerate it. They’re scrambling now and they’re beginning to turn on each other because they’ve got a big problem, a political one, and they can’t solve it.”

  9. jrinNC Says:

    Army of the Lord? Obama Seeks Health Care Push From Pulpit
    Thousands of religious leaders got a call from on high Wednesday as President Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, asking some to sermonize in favor of health care reform.
    I am shocked – I am so flabbergasted right now I can’t even get my thoughts together to even talk about this.

  10. j.b. Says:

    Oh Boy! That last link looks, well, just about right I guess, if you are Barry. I peeked in here last night from my friends ‘puter and am loving reading about all of you! I want to participate and although I am home now (after a very nice, much needed break with my BFF’s) BUT I am now in the throes of preparing for my oldest son, Chase’s, graduation “party” tomorrow. Although it’s just going to be my immediate family there are 30 of US! So, when I get some down time I will send the info and pics. 🙂

    It was nice (yet difficult) to get away form all the “goings on” for awhile, then I looked at DRUDGE this morning at 1:00 and then here and I was up ’til 4!
    K-off to Costco!

  11. j.b. Says:

    Rose, I changed my addy on this post. 🙂

  12. jrinNC Says:

    I’ll let these folks do my talking on that pulpit post.

    All I have to say is that I know my pastor won’t be supporting this.

  13. jrinNC Says:

    Rev Manning’s latest:

  14. jrinNC Says:

    “President Obama is advocating an illegal act (provided the churches where this politicking occurs claims tax-exempt status)”

    was posted at free republic

    My sentiments exactly.

  15. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Rose, I changed my addy on this post. 🙂


    okay, then!

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Thousands of religious leaders got a call from on high Wednesday as President Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, asking some to sermonize in favor of health care reform.


    What does that mean exactly? It could mean so many different things.


  17. rosettasister Says:

    K-off to Costco!



  18. rosettasister Says:


    Updated Link after deletions/additions

  19. rosettasister Says:

    This may have been posted already – sorry.


    Justice in Florida for Rifqa Bary

    Breaking News!

    The Case Remains in Orlando

    Judge Daniel Dawson has just decided that Rifqa Bary’s fate will be decided in his court in Florida. You may read about it here and here.

    This means that Judge Dawson will hear the case on September 3rd.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    Gamer2575 has some great playlists:

    Like this one:

  21. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Has this been shared yet??

    It’s awesome!

  22. patriotamy Says:

    WOW, Lexi – powerful video… He took my breath away.

  23. patriotamy Says:

    Breaking News! The Case Remains in Orlando Judge Daniel Dawson

    Rose, I am praying that the judge rules on this in her favor. What a brave young woman.

  24. ryansgrammy Says:

    Lexi that was a fantastic video! Thanks.

  25. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    1 person I know that doesn’t have health coverage prefers beer, cigs, X-box live, netflix, BIG MONDO screen TV’s, internet, Wii, cable tv, Bluray vids, metal concerts, get take out regularly, and a whole assortment of “essential” things.

    Ooh my gosh and the droning on about what she can’t “afford” is exasperating.

    Hey, but the boy friend takes care of half that. No marriage — food stamps and medicaid would be off the table if they tied the knot.

    Another person I know, who’s health is in complete shambles, spent from the age of 14 to the age of 51 self medicating. Now she just can’t believe some social service can’t find someone to foot the bill for the lot of her illnesses.

    And she still gets high every chance she gets!!! She’s gotten some help for the county and she was getting her prescribed medicine filled for about $4 each.

    She’d sell her prescription drugs and her food stamps to buy meth in a heartbeat!

    I guess I’d say that the state is taking care of her now. She violated her probation — dirty urine — and she’ll be a guest of the state for the next yr.

  26. ryansgrammy Says:

    Amy — how great for you to have such a big family (including soooo many grandkids). Hope you get to spend lots of time with them!

    jriNC — have you been getting lots of rain today — we’ve had tons of rain this afternoon. Looks like it may finally be over. I can’t remember an August when everything is so lush and green — we’ve been getting lots of showers.

  27. ryansgrammy Says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted yet but I found it on The Obama File (which is up and running again if you care to donate to the cause). Any way — this will fry you!!!!! Remember how he treated our National Day of Prayer in May. How dare he speak on behalf of me!!

  28. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Hi grammy and amy,

    He pointed out so clearly the hypocrisy of their accusations that I was nearly on my feet cheering w/ the crowd too.

  29. rosettasister Says:


    eBay seller releases video of ‘Obama birth certificate’

    Elusive Lucas Smith films alleged Kenyan document

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Is this a joke?

  31. rosettasister Says:

    WND Senior Staff Writer Jerome Corsi traveled last year to both Kenya and Hawaii looking into Obama’s history. He said despite contacts in government offices, the help of others and even the offer of financial reward, the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa would not confirm Obama’s birth there nor provide access to records.

    “When I was there, I tried to get records from that hospital, but I couldn’t do it,” Corsi said. “The hospital either had no records or wouldn’t release them.

    Corsi earlier wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the eBay seller may have somehow obtained a genuine document but stated only that his efforts in Kenya proved fruitless.

    Corsi also reported, however, that WND obtained an authentic 1961-era Kenyan birth certificate, which does look distinctly different from the document Smith released in the video.

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Hacker attack disables Michael Savage website

    Radio host wonders, ‘Would it not be possible the Brits ordered this?’

  33. patriotamy Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    Hey Amy – good to see you too. WOW you come from a very large family. And 17 grandchildren – you are a very lucky woman.
    Yes, I am very blessed. The grandkids and kids all live within 50 miles of me as well. So, I get to see them often. As a matter of fact, we have two of the grandsons today, and are leaving for a fishing excursion in a few minutes.


  34. ryansgrammy Says:

    IMO they should deal with the illegal immigration issue before they deal with health care reform. I have a great idea — keep the illegals (they are generally hard working, productive and mostly Christian) and send the long time welfare recipients to south of the border — productivity increases and costs go way down 😀

  35. Katie Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Thousands of religious leaders got a call from on high Wednesday as President Obama reached out to Jewish and Christian clergy, asking some to sermonize in favor of health care reform.
    What does that mean exactly? It could mean so many different things.


    Rose – you just brought back a life-changing memory for me. One of the life lessons my father taught me (and he’s doing very well in his recovery – yipppeeeee 🙂 thank you again for all your kind words) came when I was about 11 – 12 years old. I was at the stage of whining “everyone is doing it” about whatever 12 year old girls whine about.

    One day, my father looked me square in the eye, and said, “DON’T be a LEMMING!”

    To which I said, “Huh?” (as WTF would not have been acceptable)

    To which he said, “look it up in the dictionary”.

    To which I asked, “how do you spell it”.

    To which he answered, “figure it out, and come back and tell me what it means”.

    To this day, I’ve never been interested in conforming to others, rather do what is right for me and my family.

    Another brilliant lesson from “Russ”.

  36. Katie Says:

    Lexi – THANK YOU for sharing the video! You gotta love those Marines!!

    By the way, did you all see the violent, racist mobs in the crowd? (sarc!)

  37. ryansgrammy Says:

    Katie — So happy your dad is doing well. I remember people warning you about rehab places and being on top of things. My mom has been in a nursing/rehab place for a broken hip since mid-May. The hip is not the issue anymore — its the sores on her foot/leg that are keeping her there. She finally seems to be on the mend and hopefully can get out of that place soon.

  38. Katie Says:

    Grammy – thank you and my thoughts are with your mom and your family. I don’t know what the answer is that is any better than nursing homes, but I know my father would say the six days he spent there were worse than open heart surgery. I hope your mom is in one that is helping her, and she does get out of there soon. Being home is some of the best medicine there is.

    I also need to let you know about something you could do for her that would help tremendously, and have before and after photos to prove it.

    If Rose would give you my email address, I’d be happy to share the information with you that might be of interest to you.

  39. rosettasister Says:

    If Rose would give you my email address, I’d be happy to share the information with you that might be of interest to you.


    I can do that!

  40. rosettasister Says:

    Art Cashin: We Could See ‘Historic Trading’ Soon

    Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services, offered CNBC his stock-market insights.

    Cashin noted Monday’s multiple events, calling it a “90 percent down day” in which “the Vix exploded to the upside.”

    “I said last week that the market was ahead of reality,” Cashin reiterated.

    “I still have my warning signals up,” he said. “There are things gathering around here that are kind of esoteric.”

    He pointed to “the market going into Ramadan on the 22nd” — referring to the month-long Muslim fasting discipline.

    “We could see perhaps historic trading over the next eight weeks or so.”

  41. jrinNC Says:

    Grammy -jriNC — have you been getting lots of rain today — we’ve had tons of rain this afternoon. Looks like it may finally be over. I can’t remember an August when everything is so lush and green — we’ve been getting lots of showers.

    Lots and tons are not the words for it – My yard is so wet it squishes under your feet. We have had a very wet summer here on the coast. That is why my garden did not do anything. But I can say we have beautiful green grass.

  42. Katie Says:

    Thank you, Rose. You have a generous heart and a kind soul.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Aww, katie — if you were here you’d see that I’m blushing.

  44. rosettasister Says:

    Well, this is depressing:

    “Looking for an expert opinion on this”

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, what the hell! I don’t know.

  46. jrinNC Says:

    Rose I posted this a few blogs back – It might give you further insight to the 1933 bank holiday.

    jrinNC Says:
    August 19, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Very good article on the Bank Holiday of 1933 – Similarities are astounding.

  47. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, jr.

    You know I just don’t know what to think.

    All I know is better safe than sorry.

    One day though I know we will be out of danger.

    In the year 2018.

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Don’t mind me – I’m just posting what I find.

    No rhyme or reason.

    World Bank Warns of Deflation Spiral

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Britain’s First Swine-flu Trials Under Way

  50. Katie Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    Aww, katie — if you were here you’d see that I’m blushing.

    Either that, or you’re having a hot flash 😉

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Either that, or you’re having a hot flash 😉


    That is a definite possibility, but I got me some meds, baby!

    And now I’m jammin!

  52. rosettasister Says:

    In spite of my misgivings about the whole Eagles Disobey versus Project Camelot situation, I still put a lot of stock in Dan Burisch testimony.


    The Truth About the Vaccine Controversy

  53. rosettasister Says:

    goin for a swim with my doggie


  54. cynkading Says:

    Goferit enjoyed reading your bio and looking at your pics. Patriot Amy, I am sure you are very loved with lots of family to love. Do you play guitar alot? I always wanted to be able to play but never got around to doing anything about it.

  55. jrinNC Says:

    Hey Ten – Guess What – LC just posted a clue to identity – Guess I was wrong – “As I stated I am really a tough little lady so I will next tell people just like .”

  56. jrinNC Says:

    I would have bet money LC was a man by some of the clues left in previous posts. Of course this may have been said to throw people off.

  57. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is interesting — talking about the independents gaining steam and The American Independent Party and what its platform might be.

  58. Troy Says:

    It doesn’t look like a real human baby foot print to me…It looks like a chimpanzee foot print or something like that…Then again, if the shoe fits, wear it!!!

  59. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — remember the two posts the other day that Rose had in moderation — regarding the fact that both Lame Cherry and the Obama File were wrong in taking a quote from obammy’s book about the article about the senior obama going to study at Harvard. Whoever that poster was referred to LC as a “her” — I just found it on the I’ve got a line on you thread. Like you, I would have sworn LC was a man (I thought you were too though remember :D)

  60. rosettasister Says:

    A six-hour documentary by Under-Appreciated Science Productions

    Wendelle C. Stevens

    with special guest speakers

    Robert O. Dean
    “Connor O’Ryan”
    Gem Cox

    and featuring testimony by

    Bill Uhouse
    Bob Lazar
    Steve Wilson
    Richard Boylan
    Richard Hoagland
    Phil Schneider
    John Lear


    Jim Dilettoso

  61. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:

  62. Tenacity Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 22, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Agreed, but that doesn’t mean that universal coverage isn’t WJWD.
    I’m actually a bit surprised at this response. It never dawned on me to abdicate our responsibilities of WWJD to the national government. I wonder why God didn’t inspire our founders to include that as a requirement in the constitution? Shoot, maybe we could get S/Ob and Pelosi to go to church and be baptized for us too.

    You know, I’ve studied just a little bit about Jesus and I believe I have some idea of what he would expect of the representatives of the several states. As a matter of fact, I believe our founders had a good idea of what should be expected of OUR REPRESENTATIVES too. The fact that, in human nature, absolute power corrupts absolutely was a point that Jesus understood quite well. I will not repeat the parable of the tenants, but refer you to Matthew 21:33-46. In comparison, we are the sovereigns/land owners under the law of nature’s God. The government is our employees/tenants that have been given the specific task of securing our rights as sovereign citizens. We have petitioned them repeatedly with our grievances (for them to do as they have been contracted to do) and they ignore our rightful constitutional demands and continue the abuses. I dare to say that this administration would crucify Christ today if we sent him to represent us. At the very least, they would reject Him (give Him no standing) WWJD?…. “Therefore, when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?” Read verses 42-44 for the answer to that question. Remember who Jesus was speaking to and look at their response in verses 45-46. I could pull out a bunch of other such examples, but that should do it for now.

    If we are ask the question WWJD?, it should not be related to the national government unless it is directly related to a constitutionally delegated responsibility. No constitutionally delegated responsibility involves making decisions for, invading the privacy of or removing the liberties of sovereign citizens. NO constitutionally delegated responsibility involves changing our nation to a communist structure.

    I ask myself the question WWJD on a regular basis. The Bible tells us, individually and as a church, to take care of widows and the downtrodden. I believe that any community should do so. Perhaps a state, but I believe that a state should only pick up the slack for those that otherwise fall through the cracks at the local level or if circumstances within the state become so bad that local communities are not capable. This is absolutely NOT a legally or contractually delegated responsibility of the national government (NG) and should not ever be. For one, the NG has proven time and time again to be incompetent, inefficient, greedy and power hungry. I wish someone, anyone in the NG would ask WWJD? and actually act on it. There idea of morality is requiring God fearing people to finance infanticide, removing prayer from the schools and 10 commandments from our public places. The NEA is run by atheists and perverts. It has become the primary goal of this NG to break the middle class and sell out our sovereignty to a OWO. They have already currupted our courts and silenced our pulpits and media. I really am surprised that you could even suggest that this NG should or could take on our responsibilities born out of WWJD. I am convinced that Jesus would cast this pile of vipers and demons into a fiery lake and that’s precisely what he will ultimately do.

  63. j.b. Says:


  64. Fernley Girl Says:

    That Marine is the kind of guy that can “send a thrill” up my leg!

  65. jrinNC Says:

    ryansgrammy Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 2:34 am

    Yes I saw that, but because it was from a poster I didn’t pay that much attention as there has been a lot of speculation to whether LC was male or female. Thus I read LC everyday for clues to identity and also for clues to her location.

    LOL – I know I had someone else refer to me as a man a while back and a very heated discussion erupted – of course it was not only on that issue – it was that “vunderful” Mr K. we had trouble with on here. He called me dude which got on my nerves not to mention he was so condescending not only to me but others as well.

  66. jrinNC Says:

    Amen on that Tenacity – Like I said I personally believe it should be at the state level. But now that you mention local level maybe that should be where it begins with the state taking up the slack. But no way no how should it be at the NG level.

  67. rosettasister Says:

    7:08 AM Pacific

    Good Sunday morning, America! How are you?!

    Troy, if you happen to look in this morning, do you remember a link you posted for me?

    I think it was when I was away, so Sat thru Tue maybe.

    Anyway, I recall it was about Area 51 type employees who’ve unburdened themselves before passing on.

    If you remember pls repost or email me link.

    If not I’ll go back and find.

    Thanks, Troy!

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 3:34 am

    This is absolutely NOT a legally or contractually delegated responsibility of the national government (NG) and should not ever be.

    (By universal coverage I don’t mean “nationalizing” healthcare. Those are two separate things. But I do want to see everyone covered eventually, the sooner the better. And yes I am in favor of subsidizing the poor, like they do in Switzerland. I don’t believe the Swiss are communists. And I want to get the job done in the private sector. This
    whole notion of having to have a public “option” to foster competition is just nonsensical.)

    For one, the NG has proven time and time again to be incompetent, inefficient, greedy and power hungry.

    (Agreed, which is why I oppose public “option” – single payer. I heard someone say yesterday that you cannot use government-run and efficient in the same sentence. So true. Eventually I’d like to see all government-run healthcare Medicare Medicaid VA, etc privatized.)

    I wish someone, anyone in the NG would ask WWJD? and actually act on it.


    There idea of morality is requiring God fearing people to finance infanticide, removing prayer from the schools and 10 commandments from our public places.

    (This is why Obama is so disingenuous with his “I am my brother’s keeper” remarks. Please he’s not fostering competition, he’s fostering abortion. There’s something sick about a man who considers himself a God-fearing Christian and is so pro-abortion. He doesn’t fear God, he should.)

    The NEA is run by atheists and perverts.

    (No comment except to say that I preferred teaching in private schools and have nothing nice to say about teacher’s unions. I also preferred teaching at parochial schools where I could actually utter “God” because no matter how hard I tried to keep it inside, it kept spilling out of me. Talk about a muzzle.)

    It has become the primary goal of this NG to break the middle class and sell out our sovereignty to a OWO.

    (Agreed. And we have to do the best job we can to educate our fellow citizens so that we elect representatives who agree that America is special and must remain so.)

    They have already corrupted our courts and silenced our pulpits and media.
    (Again, agreed. Sad to say.)

    I really am surprised that you could even suggest that this NG should or could take on our responsibilities born out of WWJD.

    (If by that you mean mandating that everyone has private insurance, then yes I am guilty. As far as I know that’s the only way to drive down costs and we are going bankrupt real fast. BTW, Obama, recall the stimulus!)

    I am convinced that Jesus would cast this pile of vipers and demons into a fiery lake and that’s precisely what he will ultimately do.

    (We’re all gonna meet our Maker someday.)

    (Tenacity I really have been consistent on this and I’m not saying anything I haven’t already stated. You will recall that I bitched and moaned when I first heard Jon Kyl dismiss coops outright on the Hugh Hewitt show. Because I knew that was going to be Repub strategy. Kill the public “option” (had to be done) then try and kill any compromise coming out of Senate Finance Committee. I am reserving judgment on coops but I don’t trust Kyl on this, I do trust Grassley and Enzi.)

    (I am no one’s disciple, except for my Creator and His Most Holy Son.)

    A Sunday morning song for Tenacity:

  69. rosettasister Says:

  70. Katie Says:

    Check out the HUGE drop in today’s numbers – more and more people are waking up!!

  71. rosettasister Says:

    McCain: Obama Must Drop Public Option In Health Care Plan

  72. rosettasister Says:

    Katie Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 3:33 pm


    God forgive me, but holy crap!

    2Presidential Approval Index
    3Strongly Approve
    4Strongly Disapprove
    5Total Approve
    6Total Disapprove

    1 08/23/2009
    2 -14
    3 27%
    4 41%
    5 48%
    6 51%

  73. rosettasister Says:

    You know people like to poo poo Rasmussen, but I’ve found them and IBD to be the most accurate.

    Before Nov 2008 election I was following Rasmussen’s state numbers very closely and they were right on target.

    At the last minute independents in 7 states swung to Obama.

    Same with IBD.

    The middle elected Obama which is why he will have to move from left to center left.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Sens. Grassley, Conrad On Public Option

  75. Troy Says:

    If you remember pls repost or email me link.

    If not I’ll go back and find.

    Thanks, Troy!
    If life is for the living, what does death hold in store for us? In a word “wisdom,” for those fortunate enough to die well.

    They see our world with an angelic view and all that our future holds.

    As an end of life hospice physician, Dr. John Lerma’s patients have often shared this wisdom with him in he their twilight of life. Insights and truths long buried. Haunting truths that include Roswell, Planet X, 2012 and more.

    The author of Learning from the Light: Pre-death Experiences, Prophecies, and Angelic Messages of Hope, Dr. Lerma is widely known for his compassionate and loving care of the terminally-ill and practices at the internationally renowned Medical Center Hospice of Houston, Texas.

    It was one of the reasons why Communion author and ufologist Whitley Strieber asked him to remove an extraterrestrial tracking implant, embedded in the soft tissue of his ear.

    Interestingly enough, the very same kind of people who make grief for ufologists also find their way to Dr. Lerma’s Hospice. In the last glimmer of their lives, they begin moving back and forth between this dimension and the next. In doing so, they come to learn the eventual futility of the government secrets they’ve dutifully kept from others — even their own spouses.

    With their careers and concerns fading behind them, they unburden themselves to kind souls such as Dr. Lerma, because he truly understands their moment in time and does everything possible to comfort them. In this interview, you’ll learn what they shared with him in their deathbed confessions.

    Stream for Free (Cable/DSL/56K Dial-up)

  76. Troy Says:


    Rose, I just posted the link for you and my post didn’t show up.

  77. Troy Says:

    Here ya go, Rose.

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Went to spam, that is bizarre!

    Thanks, Troy!

  79. Troy Says:

    Ok, there are Gremlins running amuck in my computer again…I just reposted the link and POOF, nothing there.

  80. Troy Says:

    Very weird!!!…I think my PC needs an excorcism.

  81. Troy Says:

    Rose, are we going to have anymore new bios?

  82. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Rose, are we going to have anymore new bios?


    Definitely j.b. when she has a spare moment and hopefully more.

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks again Troy the link worked.

    I paused it and will listen later.

  84. rosettasister Says:

    Transcript: John McCain


    STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me bring one of them. You just talked about the deficit. You just learned today the administration’s saying that over the next 10 years the deficit will be $2 trillion higher than they thought, $9 trillion.

    I spoke with Secretary — Treasury Secretary Geithner just a couple of weeks ago. And he pledged that this administration would do whatever it takes to get that deficit down over the long run, including new revenues. Can you make that same pledge?

    MCCAIN: No. First we have to send a message to the American people that we’re serious. The earmark and pork barrel spending, you know — and when we’ve talked about earmarks, only a few million dollars, only a few …

    STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s a tiny fraction of the budget, though.

    MCCAIN: It’s a tiny fraction, but it’s a signal of how serious we are. And when you say it’s a tiny fraction, remember every time we add one of those projects, it becomes a permanent part of the budget.

    So it has a cumulative effect. Look, there was 9,000 of them in the omnibus bill, 9,000, and all of them became a permanent part of the budget. So we’ve got to show the American people we’re serious about tightening our belts.

    Then, in my view, we have to look at entitlement reform. And we all know that Social Security and Medicare are going broke. And we have to sit down together and do that, or maybe have a same thing like a BRAC Commission, commission of most respected Americans, come out with a recommendation to reform Social Security and Medicare, and it’s an up-or-down vote in Congress.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: The president has said he’s open to that kind of a commission as well, but even — and I think you would agree that former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan is no slouch on the deficit, has credibility on the deficit. He also said there’s no way you’re going to solve this problem over the long run without new revenues, probably a value-added tax.

    MCCAIN: Well, first of all think with value-added tax is a regressive tax and it’s a European model, which I don’t think has been successful.

    Second of all, should we go to the American people and say, hey, we’re going to have to have new revenues when we’re spending several million dollars on a pork barrel project, that we have corruption, we have absolute corruption that people go to jail on?

    Can’t we reform that first? Can we go to the American people with clean hands before we ask them to make further sacrifice?

    And second of all, as principle, I think the worst thing we do in bad economic times is raise taxes.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Not right now, but over the long run, you’re not going to solve a $9 trillion gap without revenues, are you?

    MCCAIN: I think you can reform Medicare and Social Security and not have to do that if you truly reform it. Look at what eats up a greater and greater percent of the federal budget, the — the Social Security and Medicare.

  85. Tenacity Says:

    I just got this email. I’m passing it on in its entirety. I am not endorsing these representations and have not verified or researched any of these sources. I pray that most of this is wrong. The reality is…we must be prepared.

    Breaking News — Fed to Steal State Pension Funds

    By Nancy Matthis | Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 at 9:30 pm
    Congress may confiscate every state pension fund into the bankrupt social security system. Indications that this strategy is being discussed in Washington have come in to us from several sources over the last few days.
    Tonight, a correspondent who has just come home from a Tea Party Townhall Meeting in Salado, Texas with US Representative John Carter (R-Round Rock) issued the warning. She said, “Representative Carter informed the crowd that talk has been bandied about Congress to appropriate every state’s pension plans into the bankrupt Social Security System.” She is absolutely 100% sure that she understood him correctly.
    Dear readers, please understand that we are bloggers, and not professional journalists. Our information comes from ordinary folk who do the best they can to understand the political scene. Ordinarily, this would seem so outrageous that we would wait to share the news until we could get more clarification. But the current administration has moved with such breathtaking swiftness to federalize private assets and plunge our country into socialism, that we feel the need to sound the alarm, just in case.
    We’ll keep updating this post as we find out more.
    It’s Not a New Idea Read more….
    While checking sources and making phone calls about this after already forwarding on Twitter, another Patriot sent it out in email so you might have. Additional info from hers is at the bottom. I called my contact who I have been talking to for months…she had said August/Sept. Anyhow, she has been out of town on a job and is behind right now but will be making calls tomorrow. The last she heard it was going to be a 2 day not a week holiday towards the end of August but they did not have a date then. I will let you know of anything she finds out.

    I am going to put the whole post in here as there is a lot of traffic to the site. My page was accidentally closed and it has taken me 15 min to get back in.
    • Rumors are swirling of a coming bank holiday. If the source isn’t Harry Shultz I will not bother. Is the USD heading towards a massive devaluation?? Harry Shultz warns in his latest newsletter :

    Harry Schultz Newsletter Conclusion: Stand by for a possible bank run & bank holiday on Aug 26th, after the news breaks on the 25th. (FDIC 2nd Qtr. Report) This is in line with the HSL prediction of a US bank holiday in Aug/Sept. If you live in the US, get 3-6 months of household expense money out of banks now.

     Steve Quayle is citing another source and warning :

    August 11, 2009
    By “a well-connected listener” to Steve Quayle’s Q-Files

    FYI, I had a conversation with my friend in international banking yesterday and tried to warn him about the impending bank holiday and currency exchange. He said that because he works with people at the top (Rothschilds and Rockefellers, etc.) he would know if this were true. He did however confirm again that all central banks have been stocking up on the new Amero currency. I encouraged him to check out my info. Well, I received this in an e-mail from him just a few hours after our phone conversation:

    “As to your Bank Holiday information of this morning, the following is from a close CIA connection, the way it will come down is that starting 8/24, groups of banks will be closed in certain regions of the country for a week or so. They will open again, and then other groups of banks in different regions will be closed; and on and on it will go, until all the banks in the country have gone through that process.

    The banks will be opened with a new global currency. Indeed the ratio will be 1 to 6, or 1 to 12. Thus, if you had formerly $6M in the Bank, after a ratio of 1 to 6 with the new currency, you will get 1M value in the supposed new legal tender.”

    Time will tell, but this guy would not lightly say this, and he does have the CIA connections for the info. My suggestion is that any of you who have much money in the bank might want to consider changing some of it to gold coins, Swiss francs or some other safer currency before the end of August.

    • Jerusalem Post reports , Bank of Israel halts daily dollar-purchase program :

    The Bank of Israel on Tuesday will stop its program of buying $100 million on a daily basis but reserve the right to intervene in the foreign-currency market, the bank announced Monday.

    “As already announced [last Monday], the Bank of Israel will act in the foreign-exchange market in the event of unusual movements in the exchange rate that are inconsistent with underlying economic conditions, or when conditions in the foreign-exchange market are disorderly,” the central bank said in a statement. “The new operating policy of the Bank of Israel in the foreign-exchange market will provide a better response to the economy’s needs.”

    The central bank said it would discontinue its program of daily purchases, which began in July 2008, because the targeted level of foreign-currency reserves had been achieved. Foreign-currency reserves stood at $52 billion at the end of July; the target set by the central bank in November was between $40b. to $44b.

    • See also :

    Potential Endgame – A Managed USD Devaluation To Multiply Gold Price?
    Summer of Hell: Bank Holidays, Dollar Collapse and Martial Law ?
    Gold BreakOut on U.S. Dollar Devaluation Expectations?
    Global Financial & Economic Meltdown
    Global Monetary Meltdown in 2009 ?
    Dollar Devaluation, Debt Default & Gold
    Massive US Dollar Devaluation Against Gold During 2009

    The Crony Capitalist Bailout Nation mentions bank holiday

    It has been reported from several different sources that the financial centers around the country will be on “holiday” on August 25th (This Tuesday). It appears that this may be an attempt to change the American Dollar to a completely different currency, many believe it will be the introduction to the Amero. This message is being sent to warn the people of a possible economic crisis, as well as the possibility of this being one of the first steps to dissolve our sovereignty as a nation, by forming a North American Union. Please prepare your finances and necessities accordingly. Below you will find further information to better assess the situation for yourself, we hope you will find these links helpful and informative.

    As we continue our fight for freedom, truth and unity remain our strongest weapon. We encourage every member to get involved and join us in discussion in our Chat Room or The Open Forum. With communication and determination, we will be free!

    Stand United!

    Buy Silver and learn alternative banking options:

    Emergency Preparedness:

    And in case you did not know!

    Days Away From Economic Chaos?
    As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt

    White House Reveals Identity of Firm That Sent Unsolicited E-Mails on Health Reform

    “We’ve Just Been Cheneyed By A Guy Named Barack Obama.”

  86. Tenacity Says:

    Personal Liberty Digest Poll:

    Government Bailouts…
    Good for America?

    Here are the results!

    The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 581,917
    1) Who is most to blame for America’s current economic crisis?
    66% voted: Clinton Administration and the Democrats in Congress
    12% voted: The Bush Administration
    3% voted: Wall Street
    15% voted: Banks and sub-prime lenders
    2% voted: Real estate and mortgage professionals
    0% voted: Investors
    1% voted: Home buyers

    2) Do you agree government bailouts are the answer to America’s financial crisis?
    7% voted: Yes
    89% voted: No
    5% voted: Undecided

    3) Do you believe the American taxpayers should have to foot the bill for our financial systems mistakes?
    7% voted: Yes, we have to or we’ll end up in a prolonged recession or worse a depression.
    22% voted: No, America is too far in debt already.
    69% voted: Absolutely not, the American people should never be responsible for bailing out the private sector.
    2% voted: Undecided

    4) Do you believe the government bailouts will ultimately rescue our country’s financial system?
    8% voted: Yes
    86% voted: No
    6% voted: Undecided

    5) Do you believe Barack Obama was the best choice to handle the country’s future economic policy?
    12% voted: Yes
    85% voted: No
    2% voted: Undecided

  87. Tenacity Says:

    Since many of the embedded links did not show up in the above post regarding Breaking News – Fed to Steal……….
    here is the link to the main article:

  88. rosettasister Says:

    I believe this is where that originated, Ten.

    August 11, 2009

    By “a well-connected listener” to Steve Quayle’s Q-Files

    “Time will tell, but this guy would not lightly say this, and he does have the CIA connections for the info.

    My suggestion is that any of you who have much money in the bank might want to consider changing some of it to gold coins, Swiss francs or some other safer currency before the end of August.”

  89. rosettasister Says:

    CQ Transcript: Health Care Focus for Sens. Grassley and Conrad on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’


    SCHIEFFER: I want to start with the most controversial part of this thing.

    House Speaker Pelosi said this week that she simply cannot pass a health care reform bill in the House unless it includes the so-called public option — that is, the government-run insurance program like Medicare.

    Senator Grassley, you have said — you’re on the record as saying you can’t support a bill that includes that public option.

    Senator Conrad, you have said that a bill with that option in it cannot pass the Senate.

    So I will just start with you, Senator Grassley, same question to both of you, so what should the president do now?

    GRASSLEY: Well, of course the whole thing could be dropped, because I think

    when you have as one of your main principles you want to make health insurance available to everybody that doesn’t have it, and

    you want to make it affordable and accessible, then you’ve got everybody covered,

    then you wonder why you need any new ideas.

    But I would suggest Speaker Pelosi that she get an awful lot of Republican support if she would make that move to go along with something that’s going to cover everybody.

    Remember, our whole principle, here, is to offer people choices, so people do have choices today, if they can get health insurance.

    The co-op plan that we have come up with,

    if it’s run like Midwest co-ops that we’ve known for 150 years

    would be consumer-oriented, the benefits of it would go to the consumer, it would be regulated just like other insurance companies, it would still remain choices.

    If you have a public option and you eventually get to only one option, then there is no choices, and choice of different plans is what we want to preserve for America.

    SCHIEFFER: All right, so Senator Conrad, you have been one of those talking about the so-called co-op plan, and that would be

    you would have a cooperative that would provide this insurance to people instead of the public option,

    but I want to just go back.

    You say the public option just simply can’t pass. You still believe that?

    Do you think the president should just drop that and get on to something else?

    CONRAD: Well, I would say this. It is very clear that in the United States Senate, the public option does not have the votes.

    If we have to get to 60 votes, you cannot get there with public option.

    That’s why I was asked to come up with an alternative, and the alternative I came up with was this cooperative approach that, as Senator Grassley correctly describes, is not government run or government controlled, it’s controlled by its membership.

    But it does provide not-for-profit competition to insurance companies, so it has appeal on both sides.

    It’s the only proposal that has bipartisan support and if we’re going to get 60 votes we’re going to need bipartisan support.

    SCHIEFFER: I don’t want too deep into the weeds of Senate procedure here but there are some, including Tom Daschle, the former majority leader in the Senate who says

    if you use a procedure called reconciliation, which means you go around that requirement to have 60 votes before you can vote on anything, that you could pass it.

    Would that be an option here to think about?

    CONRAD: Well, it’s an option, it’s available, but as I have argued for many months, it does not work very well.

    *** When you examine the way reconciliation works, it was designed solely for deficit reduction, so it anticipated just changing spending numbers and revenue numbers. ***

    It never contemplated substantive legislation.

    And the problem, then, is

    there are rules that apply to prevent substantive legislation, which health care reform certainly is, insurance reform certainly is, and

    what you are left with as the parliamentarian has told us would be Swiss cheese for legislation.

    So it’s an option but it’s not a very good one.

    (Not only is it not a very good option, but Dems will NOT be able to use reconciliation to jam through a public “option.” Get that through your thick heads, numbskulls!)

    SCHIEFFER: Senator Grassley, yes, go ahead.

    GRASSLEY: I want to say that, remember, reconciliation was put in place to get deficits down.

    The Dodd bill in the Senate and the Pelosi bill in the House drives the deficit up and it doesn’t cut insurance inflation, and we need to tackle those issues as well, and

    then the other thing is, if you have reconciliation, it’s a partisan approach, and

    I have said – and everybody else is saying, too,

    this is such an important issue, you know, it’s one-sixth of the economy, health care is, and

    health care implies life-and-death issues of every American and it ought to be done on a broad, bipartisan basis.

    That’s why we have the group of six. (Gang of Six)

    That’s why we’re trying to develop a bill that will get 70-80 votes because you need a consensus on something this very, very important.

  90. rosettasister Says:

    August 22, 2009

    Government Should Get Back to the Basics on Health Care

    By Regina Herzlinger

    The key to Switzerland’s success is that it is consumer-driven – people buy their own health insurance. No employers or degrading government programs are involved. Instead, the poor receive money from the government so they can buy the same insurance as the average Swiss. The sick among the Swiss are not discriminated against either – the private insurers reinsure each other so that sick enrollees pay the same prices as the average person.

    In this kind of consumer-driven health care system, the government ceases its artificial price-setting mechanisms and intrusions into the practice of medicine. Instead, the economic power rests with the people.

    To enable it, the Congress should:

    – Change the tax laws so that all Americans could buy health insurance with tax-free income, a right currently limited primarily to employers

    – Help to create information about the quality and prices of medical care providers

    – And transfer money to the poor so they can shop for health insurance like all other Americans.

    The government should also vigorously prosecute anti-trust and fraud and abuse.

    With these legislative changes, employees could either use the funds their employers now deduct from their income to buy health insurance -about $17,000 for a family – or remain under their employer’s plan. The uninsured could also use tax-free income to buy their health insurance.

    In this system, the government – senators, representatives, and bureaucrats – will stop practicing medicine and setting market prices. They will get out of the way and let the doctors do the doctoring and us do the shopping.

  91. Troy Says:

    Fokers, Fockers, Fockers!!!!
    Obama pharmaceutical memo, Obama lying, White House Deal with pharmaceutical lobby, PhRMA, Internal memo, Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association deal, Lobbyists,Youtube video
    August 23, 2009 · 21 Comments

    Obama recently made a deal with the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association, PhRMA. That will come as no surprise to you. However, this story was covered by the Huffington Post and CNN. That may surprise you.

    From The Huffington Post, August 13, 2009:

    “Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma
    A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week.

    The memo, which according to a knowledgeable health care lobbyist was prepared by a person directly involved in the negotiations, lists exactly what the White House gave up, and what it got in return.

    It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

    In exchange, the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) agreed to cut $80 billion in projected costs to taxpayers and senior citizens over ten years. Or, as the memo says: “Commitment of up to $80 billion, but not more than $80 billion.”

    Representatives from both the White House and PhRMA, shown the outline, adamantly denied that it reflected reality. PhRMA senior vice president Ken Johnson said that the outline “is simply not accurate.” “This memo isn’t accurate and does not reflect the agreement with the drug companies,” said White House spokesman Reid Cherlin.

    Stories in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times last week indicated that the administration was confirming that such a deal had been made.

    Critics on Capitol Hill and online responded with outrage at the reports that Obama had gone behind their backs and sold the reform movement short. Furthermore, the deal seemed to be a betrayal of several promises made by then-Sen. Obama during the presidential campaign, among them that he would use the power of government to drive down the costs of drugs to Medicare and that negotiations would be conducted in the open.”

    “The deal, as outlined in the memo:

    Commitment of up to $80 billion, but not more than $80 billion.
    1. Agree to increase of Medicaid rebate from 15.1 – 23.1% ($34 billion)

    2. Agree to get FOBs done (but no agreement on details — express disagreement on data exclusivity which both sides say

    does not affect the score of the legislation.) ($9 billion)

    3. Sell drugs to patients in the donut hole at 50% discount ($25 billion)
    This totals $68 billion

    4. Companies will be assessed a tax or fee that will score at $12 billion. There was no agreement as to how or on what

    this tax/fee will be based.

    Total: $80 billion

    In exchange for these items, the White House agreed to:

    1. Oppose importation

    2. Oppose rebates in Medicare Part D

    3. Oppose repeal of non-interference

    4. Oppose opening Medicare Part B”

  92. Tenacity Says:

    If this was posted before…tough:

  93. Tenacity Says:

    eBay seller releases video of ‘Obama birth certificate’
    Elusive Lucas Smith films alleged Kenyan document

  94. jrinNC Says:

    “The banks will be opened with a new global currency. Indeed the ratio will be 1 to 6, or 1 to 12. Thus, if you had formerly $6M in the Bank, after a ratio of 1 to 6 with the new currency, you will get 1M value in the supposed new legal tender.”
    This will be devastating. Because that will also mean the monies you currently receive as salaries will also be adjusted to reflect the new currency. My question, will all your bills be adjusted as well?????? Based on the 1 to 6 I won’t even get enough to pay my mortgage, much less anything else. This is bad – very bad. I pray it is not true.

  95. Tenacity Says:

    Oops, just spotted Rose’s comment from yesterday….oh well.

  96. Troy Says:

    That BC has the poorest excuse of a fake foot print that I have ever seen.

  97. Troy Says:

    Hypocritic, lying, cheating coniving bastard criminals!!!

  98. Troy Says:

  99. jrinNC Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    That BC has the poorest excuse of a fake foot print that I have ever seen.
    It also looks like it is a footprint of an older child not a new born who weights 7lbs 1oz and is supposedly only 18 inches long. But then again he does have BIG FEET.:smile:

  100. jrinNC Says:

    gee what happen to my 🙂

  101. jrinNC Says:

    oops I see, didn’t have a space after the period – oh well I have a booming headache today from the hurricane passing by, barometric pressure.

  102. jrinNC Says:

    I just went to look at my son’s foot prints and he weighed 7lbs 12 ozs and was 20-1/2 in and he wears a size 16 today, but his foot prints are really small compared to what they are showing. He was also born in HI, but in 1977.

  103. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Katie Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 3:33 pm


    God forgive me, but holy crap!

    2Presidential Approval Index
    3Strongly Approve
    4Strongly Disapprove
    5Total Approve
    6Total Disapprove

    1 08/23/2009
    2 -14
    3 27%
    4 41%
    5 48%
    6 51%

    I don’t think there’s anything to be forgiven Rosie,

    since the Obama plans are …… WHOLLY Crap anyway!

    hardy har har! *snort*

    I love corny puns!

  104. Katie Says:

    WHOLLY CRAP says it all. I’m going to use that again, Lexi 😀

    Also Tenacity, I read somewhere – wish I could take credit for it – that referred to people like Bob Schulz with a new name. We already have the Founding Fathers…

    Today’s patriots are the “Saving Fathers”.

    It made me smile 🙂

  105. Troy Says:

    Yeah jr, not only is the foot print too big, but all of the smaller toe prints are the same exact size, evenly spaced (weirdly), and all of them extend outward the same distance…Also, the purpose of a print is to show the actual print lines…It looks like someone mopped that “foot” with black enamel paint and mashed it onto the paper…It defeats the purpose of having a foot print….It looks like the tip of someones finger was used to make the toe prints….Now if this was micHELLe’s foot print, I might be able to say, OK, since I am convinced that she is a sasquatch / bigfoot. 😀

  106. Tenacity Says:

    Maybe its a reptillian foot print 😎

  107. Tenacity Says:

    Bob Schulz will be featured on Let’s Talk Liberty this Thursday. I would put Red Beckman, my co-host, in the Saving Fathers category.

  108. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Maybe its a reptillian foot print 😎


    That’s the ticket!

  109. jrinNC Says:

    Update on Banking Holiday

    sorry couldn’t find the url to load here.

  110. jrinNC Says:

    Vouchers for food and gas??????????? Hey sounds like the days when my Mom was growing up in the late 1920’s.

  111. rosettasister Says:

    Added: June 23, 2009

  112. rosettasister Says:

    Posting for future reference:

    Monday, August 04, 2008
    Nanotech is Big Business

    An Excel list of 49 nanotechnology stocks along with a description of their connections to nanotechnology, which can be downloaded, sorted, changed, and added to can be found at

    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Colorado Stocks

    San Francisco Money Show?

  113. Troy Says:

    Anyone up for a little entrigue on a Sunday afternoon?….If so, then you will enjoy this, or not!!!
    23 August 2009

    We have been again contacted by the insider source we have called Hawkeye. We reported his messages in some detail last year (2008), when he – like many others – was warning against serious problems he understood were set to occur last October.

    These problems did not manifest – apart from the global financial crisis. We wrote to him again in March 2009, having not heard from him for six months. He replied immediately, but his messages were obscure and in the absence of hard details we did not publish them.

    In his latest message, received today, Hawkeye warns of events set to occur in October 2009 – January 2010, and again earnestly advises us to find our ‘refuge’. We felt we should share with you the information we have. Some of what he refers to is clearly stated, but other parts of his message are more opaque.

    We have received nearly 100 messages from Hawkeye since he first contacted us in October 2007. He is educated, dignified, well-informed, courteous, not as young or strong as he was, and at least at some stages in the past has been well-connected on the ‘inside’. He refers to the controlling elite as the ‘Roths’ [Rothschilds] and states that they are ‘Z’ [Zionists]. He dislikes and distrusts ‘O’ [Obama] and refers to him as “the shineboy”. The way he writes suggests to us very strongly that he is authentic.

    The messages below are presented like an e-mail history, with the most recent at the top. For the whole message exchange, read from the bottom up, from where it all slowly gathers momentum.

    A final note: unlike our sources Henry Deacon, Jake Simpson and Elizabeth Nelson (all of whom we’ve spent considerable time with, have gotten to know personally, and whose real ID and bona fides we have fully verified), we have not met Hawkeye, and have no proof of identity.
    Read messages from the bottom, up.

    From: [Hawkeye]
    Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009, 04:22
    To: Kerry and Bill at Camelot
    Subject: Re: My Dear Bravehearts….Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Well, a defining question, for sure?

    Sometimes I have heard that the mouse is hardest to find when in the shadow of the housekeepers broom…eh?

    Follow the Bush south?

    From: Kerry and Bill at Camelot
    To: [Hawkeye]
    Sent: Sun, 23 Aug 2009, 01:51
    Subject: Re: My Dear Bravehearts….Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Thanks very much… where do you recommend we go?


    From: [Hawkeye]
    Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009, 19:20
    To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    Subject: My Dear Bravehearts….Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Hello Bravehearts,

    Seems you are very busy these days.

    I have observed from a distance, and reviewed some articles, and the YouTube productions.

    Unfortunately, I am under terrific fire these days myself, and can say little at this time.

    However, I will risk saying this, as I worry about your work when I hear certain stories,

    Bravehearts, do not be deceived by those who claim the Roths have lost control of anything.

    All the gibberish of such talking heads have no clue to what they are really dealing with, sad to say.

    If one has not been in the circle, they have no reliable information, just hearsay.

    As of now, all the plans are in place, in progress, and there are now no mistakes, no bad decisions.

    The Program is perfected, and running quite smooth, unfortunately.

    We may wish that were not the case, but my friends, they do own and run this world, period.

    It is like a game to them, and they thrive on the chaos. For Instance: The Swine Flu is merely a test to see how far the masses have come in being obedient. More severe tests are in the making as I speak. Although it is now extremely difficult to find a safe place, as there are technologies now existing that can find you/your DNA at any time on the planet. Specialized shielding helps, but one cannot stay in a hole for ever so to speak.

    Nice to talk with you again. I will return as I can, as those Bastards in [——-] have made life difficult for me the last few months….but my “protection” is still in place, albeit getting very thin.

    As soon as Edmd. Roths past influence is diminished, all previous working “agreements” (they really have none, as I am just a past item not yet gotten to yet…it is not worth much time to spend on pawns you see) completed, I will be dust in the wind…. perhaps before Christmas, one never knows with these loonies.

    Kindest regards,


    PS: As you recall, I have invited you to observe this fall carefully, much military activity everywhere, even Afg. where (22 K) many of my friends are working the yellow brick poppy road….watch out for the cross-hair situations here at home that may leave you with few outs, however…in the next few months. that is all I can risk saying about that right now. Just move with one eye to the front, and one to the rear.

    From: [Hawkeye]
    To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    Sent: Weds, 20 May 2009, 08:49
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Just in from being approached by Roth’s goons warning me again…they are getting testy with me, so, what is next I know not yet.

    They found my hideout using advanced GPS/scanning, had some stuff on me I forgot to leave somewhere else. Have to move, a most difficult thing for me now.

    Bravehearts… suggest you watch this progress….from a safe distance please… Sinclair/Obama/Military

    Just advancing the continuum data…. October/Economic and Military activities

    This is connected to the scenario I wrote about last time:

    Certain Military is not oblivious to Obama’s insertion into the White House…. by the Roth’s Z goons

    Wish he had not put this on his site, just serves to create more problems for October-January.

    Watch this evolve into a late fall affair. Rougher times ahead, get situated now.

    BTW, they are going to make Leo Z sound like an idiot…poor guy got zapped out.


    From: [Hawkeye]
    To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    Sent: Fri, 27 March 2009, 08:55
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Will speak little about it, as military remnants are trying to attempt another formation, soon, this year, Oct-Dec time frame, and what I say could possibly jeopardize some periphery aspects. This one will fail, but one must admire the courage of a few good men. Eh? Why fail?, not broad based enough in my opinion.

    A “Machine” must have many aspects, military, economic, social sentiment, plenty of greased wheels, and a general “will” to do or die. Do Or Die!…bottom line.

    We have a society now by design made up of many “employed” persons who must jump to some “boss’s” demands, whether it be civil or military.

    The threat of unemployment, and loss of benefits, retirement pay, etc. has become a serious factor in people’s lives. A successful “machine” must take into consideration these aspects, and have in place an alternative plan to overcome all obstacles. From my perspective, no such “machine” exists, sad to say. The “tea parties” you read about are curious, and infiltrated, and they’re successes will be meager unfortunately. There are no surprises on the horizon, just various attempts involving isolated scenarios. Many good people will be hurt, imprisoned and worse.

    Even fairly informed and good willed people just have no clue as to the power of this Roth Machine. Their tentacles reach every aspect of life as we know it, and grows exponentially by the day. That is why I encourage everyone to get out of the city, and find a well hidden safe place. The masses will not be a freedom loving person’s friend.

    Until the Fed Res is dismantled, and lobbyist disenfranchised, and congress cleaned up, there will be not even a chance for any major changes. Tell me some good news, all YouTube bobbing heads! Just make me wrong in my analysis.

    Like we use to say in [——-], guns make for a peaceful bunch of neighbors. Mutual respect is key out there.

    Violate a man’s rights, and there is hell to pay. Everyone knows where they stand. Ain’t no slip-sliders. eh!

    Horse thieves are hung at dawn, and that was the fair warning to the next wanna be thief.

    Few of us left, sad to say.

    Sometime when you get around to [——-], perhaps we can sit down and visit, if we still be around.

    I am leaving again soon, and will not be back very often, so emails may not get much attention, and telephones will be out of the question, less tracking devices, the better…so saddle up, L & L.

    Your friend,


    From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    To: [Hawkeye]
    Sent: Fri, 27 March 2009 07:36
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Very many thanks, [——]

    And we enjoyed the YouTube video! (downloaded for posterity…)

    May we ask: you wrote

    There is no machine in place that can articulate a serious challenge, that would not be taken out first, as that is what happened to another machine last fall.

    What was the ‘other machine’?

    With very best wishes, Bill

    From: [Hawkeye]
    Date: Thu, 26 March 2009 09:17
    To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Hello Bill,

    Well, some things I know more about than others, as I am now away from the main loop, and now I only occasionally talk to some of the pawns downline.

    What I have talked about has been in the mill for a long time, personally I know some things have been planned since 1979. O was just one among several possibilities, and his flagrant ego got him the precarious position. If you will, the “shineboy” as some insiders call him, made it bigtime, he has a gift of gab, and can massage the minorities , but he is on a tight wire, and a short leash, with a 100% prescription agenda. Roths like bullshitters…to a point, then they are gone.

    Last year, there were many operations going on, some of which received no press, and appears nothing major happened, but it did, and has not come to light, if it ever will, some good men are now gone, and resulted in changes in attitude
    among the high ranking military. Coup is not a good word, rather I would say more very silent covert proceedings still in the making, military in nature.

    Right now, I do not know how to stop the Roths, and those around them. There is no machine in place that can articulate a serious challenge, that would not be taken out first, as that is what happened to another machine last fall.

    Certain high level military people are really pissed off, and it is all they can do to keep from doing something…and the Roths have them by the balls. I know of what I speak, as their grip cost me dearly.

    I watch the news, and hear the stories…a lot of pissers just making noise. If one has not worked for the association, they have no clue. The place is going down, and the Roths are hell bent to be the supreme rulers of this planet…make no mistake about it. They will do whatever it takes. The yakking on the tube is all programming for the masses who also have no clue.

    For me, yes I would like to see change, would even help in the right situation, but I would be taken out before we ever got to first base, I just know too much, and I am left alone because I am quiet, and I love my family…VAV, the rock and hard place game. I am doomed either way. Bastards.


    From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    To: [Hawkeye]
    Sent: Thurs, 26 March 2009 07:29
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Hi, [——]:

    It’s a great pleasure to hear from you again. We hope that you are yours are physically, emotionally and spiritually fine and well.

    Everything is in place, and what you see is well planned and orchestrated… no mistakes, no failures.

    Imagine this, if you know what an Economic Hitman is, Imagine O and a dozen or so other well placed performers in key positions around the globe.

    Fully understood, and this is exactly what it feels like.

    May we ask, in clarification:

    * Last year (August => end October) you gave the strong, informed impression that some pretty bad things were slated to go down around about the time of the election… not JUST the vast economic mudslide. We were expecting all kinds of dire events (not just warned by yourself, but by many others as well). It SEEMS as if things have changed a little from the best-informed predictions and good information that many were privy to. Have we read that properly?

    * Was it always planned that Obama would be President? Or was there a power struggle which Obama won? (Our info is that Hillary was expected to win, but there was a kind of coup. We also know a credible person who met Obama when in his twenties, and who swears that he KNEW then that he would be President. That’s about 25 years ago.)

    * Is Lindsey Williams essentially correct? (Refresher: we wrote this summary: )

    In brief, Lindsey reported in June 2008, when oil was then at more than $140/barrel, that he had been informed – by a very senior insider source – that the price would be engineered to fall to less than $50/barrel by the November election. At the time this seemed almost impossible to believe… but that was exactly what happened.

    The plan, Lindsey stated he had been told, was to bankrupt the Middle Eastern oil producing nations, who would be faced with a catastrophic decline in revenue. They would then be forced to dump their dollar reserves.. which would in turn have a devastating knock-on result on the American and then the global economy. This final phase, says Lindsey, is in progress, is unstoppable, but has not yet occurred.

    Lindsey specifically states that one important recent interview (done not with us, but with The Byte Show) is not copyrighted, and we consider this update from Lindsey to be the most detailed and informative interview he has yet done. For anyone following George Green’s and Bill Deagle’s economic warnings, and who would appreciate more detailed information, we recommend Lindsey Williams’ update as essential listening.

    [audio src="" /]

    * What do you feel/think/know may happen – and when? – with domestic military control in the US?

    * What implications for the economies / infrastructure / societies of other regions (Europe? Australia? Asia?)

    * What will happen to the prices of (a) paper and (b) physical gold and silver?

    * What other events may happen, and when? (Stealth virus outbreak? War?)

    With our very best wishes,

    Bill and Kerry

    From: [Hawkeye]
    Date: Tues, 24 March 2009 18:30
    To: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    Subject: Re: 2009: the aftermath

    Hello Bravehearts,

    Nice to hear from you.

    I am OK, waiting for the turn, as I am ready.

    Everything is in place, and what you see is well planned and orchestrated…no mistakes, no failures.

    Imagine this, if you know what an Economic Hitman is, Imagine O and a dozen or so other well placed Performers in key positions around the globe.

    Imagine that they have been programmed to do exactly as they are doing, some now for 40 years or more, and then imagine this big monopoly game going on, and they are the players/not the real owners of the properties, and we of course are NOT Players, Performers, or hardly to be considered ignorant observers….we are the fatted calves, awaiting the slaughter for the delight and entertainment of the OWNERS…our alleged OWNERS.

    The “Bankers” already own all the properties on the board, and so now they are consolidating them into one big property called EARTH. The earth is now theirs, and they are now in progress of the final management act….Complete, and Absolute Control….The Ultimate level of Control, and corruption.

    A word of caution please…Watch out for those who claim to be alleged defenders of our Rights and Freedoms…

    Most are literally allowed to Perform their role of creating more chaos. Chaos is one of the management tools of The Roths.

    Things are going to get even nastier for the next year or two.

    Make sure your safe place is in readiness.

    Kindest Regards,


    From: Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy
    To: [Hawkeye]
    Sent: Sun, 22 March 2009 08:55
    Subject: 2009: the aftermath

    Dear [——]:

    We’ve not heard from you since the end of October, and wonder if (a) you are online and (b) all is OK in your world.

    The slow financial avalanche still gains momentum. We hope you have not been too badly affected by these events.

    But – unless we are missing loud signals! – nothing else catastrophic APPEARS to be happening. There seems to be evidence that we are on a different timeline: many well-informed people – you were not the only one! – had fully expected a host of very serious incidents to impact us from last October on.

    What did we miss? This is an honest question.

    We do not trust Obama, and there are many alarming signs to watch – well-described in Alex Jones’ excellent The Obama Deception:

    Would you assist us in understanding the signs?

    It would be a great pleasure to hear from you as always.

    With our warmest wishes,

    Bill and Kerry

  114. Troy Says:

    Rose, can you retrieve my latest from moderation, please?..Thanks!!!

  115. jrinNC Says:

    thanks Rose I couldn’t find url info on site I went thru.

    Also look at this:

  116. Fernley Girl Says:

    Was watching MightyMindy’s YouTube. What if the information is being deliberately sent out in an attempt to force a run on the banks? The perfect storm, created by internet buzz, giving the government a “legitimate” excuse to close down the banking system. Just thinkin’…..

  117. Troy Says:

    This is important in light of the above posted videos…I suggest having a look here:

  118. Troy Says:

    Arizona Congressman says he may file lawsuit demanding eligibility proof from Obama
    by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 14:46

    From The Libertarian-Republican blogspot


    Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks held a Town Hall meeting yesterday in Kingman. The local paper described it as a “big, boisterous crowd.” Most of the questions focused on Obama’s health care legislation, with nearly unanimous opposition expressed by the attendees. In fact, many were critical of the Congressman for not being vocal enough in Washington on the matter.

    Buried in the 16th paragraph of a 25 paragraph article, the Mojave Daily News breaks some major news: Rep. Franks may be the first US Congressman to file a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility as President, based on his non-issuance of a legitimate birth certificate.

    From the Mojave Daily News, Aug. 23:

    The other main issue dealt with numerous speakers questioning Obama’s birth certificate and why there wasn’t an investigation into whether he is a naturalized citizen. One woman said a newspaper announcement of his birth in Hawaii was not sufficient. Another asked how he could have a passport without a birth certificate.

    Franks said there was not enough evidence that Obama is not an American citizen. He did say there was a lot of conflicting evidence of Obama’s citizenship and that he was considering filing a lawsuit, the only congressman to do so. Franks asked why the president did not simply produce a birth certificate.
    Rep. Franks represents staunchly conservative northwest Arizona, including Kingman, Lake Havasu, and Bullhead City.

    Rep. Franks is a longtime Advisory Board member of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Though, Franks, a stalwart pro-lifer and former state director of the American Family Association, is generally considered to be more of a social conservative.

    Posted by Eric Dondero

  119. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 23, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Arizona Congressman says he may file lawsuit demanding eligibility proof from Obama


    Troy if this keeps up you may have to just pick up and move to AZ

    But we don’t have a Gulf of Mexico, and I know you would miss that

    We do have a Gulf, but it’s in Mexico

    I used to enjoy going to Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, but I don’t know if it’s safe any longer

    Those drug cartels are really screwing Mexico, I hope they all die!

  120. Troy Says:

    But we don’t have a Gulf of Mexico, and I know you would miss that

    We do have a Gulf, but it’s in Mexico
    Sea of Cortez?…That’ll do!!!

  121. Troy Says:

    I scuba dove at “Land’s End” on the tip of Baja Penisula / Cabo San Lucas…It was kickazz!!!

  122. Troy Says:

    I also had a world class Marlin hooked in the Sea of Cortez / Pacific border….He looked as big as a pick-up truck and then POOF!!! he was gone…Grrrrrrr….STUPID catch-n-release barbless hooks!!!!

  123. rosettasister Says:

    “big as a pick-up truck”

    I’m glad it got away!

    BTW, that’s an

    Ñ: eñe

    Not an

    N: ene

    So Penasco is pronounced Penyasco

    You can slap me if you already knew that!

  124. Troy Says:

    I’m glad it got away!
    Booooo!!!!…..Grrrrr 😦

  125. Troy Says:

    BTW, that’s an

    Ñ: eñe

    Not an

    N: ene

    So Penasco is pronounced Penyasco
    Umm…Ok, you’ve lost me here…Huh?

  126. Troy Says:

    Making Bad History: Millions Face Shrinking Social Security Payments
    August 23rd, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.

    WASHINGTON – Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time since automatic increases were adopted that payments would not rise.

    The trustees who oversee Social Security are projecting there won’t be a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for the next two years. That hasn’t happened since automatic increases were adopted in 1975.

    By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down. Nevertheless, monthly payments would drop for millions of people in the Medicare prescription drug program because the premiums, which often are deducted from Social Security payments, are scheduled to go up slightly.

    “I will promise you, they count on that COLA,” said Barbara Kennelly, a former Democratic congresswoman from Connecticut who now heads the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. “To some people, it might not be a big deal. But to seniors, especially with their health care costs, it is a big deal.”

    Cost of living adjustments are pegged to inflation, which has been negative this year, largely because energy prices are below 2008 levels.

    Advocates say older people still face higher prices because they spend a disproportionate amount of their income on health care, where costs rise faster than inflation. Many also have suffered from declining home values and shrinking stock portfolios just as they are relying on those assets for income.

    “For many elderly, they don’t feel that inflation is low because their expenses are still going up,” said David Certner, legislative policy director for AARP.

    “Anyone who has savings and investments has seen some serious losses.”

    About 50 million retired and disabled Americans receive Social Security benefits. The average monthly benefit for retirees is $1,153 this year. All beneficiaries received a 5.8 percent increase in January, the largest since 1982.

    More than 32 million people are in the Medicare prescription drug program. Average monthly premiums are set to go from $28 this year to $30 next year, though they vary by plan. About 6 million people in the program have premiums deducted from their monthly Social Security payments, according to the Social Security Administration.

    Millions of people with Medicare Part B coverage for doctors’ visits also have their premiums deducted from Social Security payments. Part B premiums are expected to rise as well. But under the law, the increase cannot be larger than the increase in Social Security benefits for most recipients.

    There is no such hold-harmless provision for drug premiums.

    Kennelly’s group wants Congress to increase Social Security benefits next year, even though the formula doesn’t call for it. She would like to see either a 1 percent increase in monthly payments or a one-time payment of $150.

    The cost of a one-time payment, a little less than $8 billion, could be covered by increasing the amount of income subjected to Social Security taxes, Kennelly said. Workers only pay Social Security taxes on the first $106,800 of income, a limit that rises each year with the average national wage.
    But the limit only increases if monthly benefits increase.

    Critics argue that Social Security recipients shouldn’t get an increase when inflation is negative. They note that recipients got a big increase in January — after energy prices had started to fall. They also note that Social Security recipients received one-time $250 payments in the spring as part of the government’s economic stimulus package.

    Consumer prices are down from 2008 levels, giving Social Security recipients more purchasing power, even if their benefits stay the same, said Andrew G. Biggs, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think tank.

    “Seniors may perceive that they are being hurt because there is no COLA, but they are in fact not getting hurt,” Biggs said. “Congress has to be able to tell people they are not getting everything they want.”

    Social Security is also facing long-term financial problems. The retirement program is projected to start paying out more money than it receives in 2016. Without changes, the retirement fund will be depleted in 2037, according to the Social Security trustees’ annual report this year.

    President Barack Obama has said he would like to tackle Social Security next year, after Congress finishes work on health care, climate change and new financial regulations.

    Lawmakers are preoccupied by health care, making it difficult to address other tough issues. Advocates for older people hope their efforts will get a boost in October, when the Social Security Administration officially announces that there will not be an increase in benefits next year.

    “I think a lot of seniors do not know what’s coming down the pike, and I believe that when they hear that, they’re going to be upset,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont who is working on a proposal for one-time payments for Social Security recipients.

    “It is my view that seniors are going to need help this year, and it would not be acceptable for Congress to simply turn its back,” he said.

  127. rosettasister Says:

    Umm…Ok, you’ve lost me here…Huh?


    You’ll have to sign up for my Spanish elective.


  128. rosettasister Says:

    Posting for future reference:

    The following are the top stocks ranked by the PEG ratio, and all have market caps over $1 billion that are involved in the nanotechnology field.


    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) manufactures microprocessors and microcontrollers.

    Analyst Estimates

    Current Qtr. -10.5%

    Next Qtr. 128.6%

    This Year -23.0%

    Next Year 40.4%

    Past 5 Years (per annum) -11.724%

    Next 5 Years (per annum) 13.33%

  129. Troy Says:

    Sanford Bishop, champion of the Mycheks.

  130. rosettasister Says:

    Chillin and listening to page 2

  131. igaveup Says:


    a lot of great links, thanks.

  132. igaveup Says:


    good fishing just below Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, big trout

  133. Troy Says:

  134. Troy Says:

  135. Troy Says:

  136. Tenacity Says:

    Steve Pidgeon on the Chalice Show in 26 minutes:
    About the newly filed PHN case demanding a Federal Grand Jury.

  137. Troy Says:

  138. Troy Says:

    I haven’t watched this video yet, but I’m quite familiar with Cleburne, Texas, just slightly south of Ft. Worth, as I had a couple of customers there….It would be my guess that this woman is about to make a serious mistake…Now I’ll watch the video to see if my hunch is correct.

  139. Troy Says:

    Hahaha….Roflmaoooo 😀 Why it wasn’t an ugly woman afterall, but was par for the Cleburne course…Hehehe

  140. Troy Says:

    WND has this listed as “Breaking” news on it’s site…pfffttttt…So, what’s new here?….SOSDD

  141. Troy Says:


  142. Troy Says:

  143. Troy Says:

  144. ryansgrammy Says:

    Hi Troy — you’re not alone 🙂 And you’re right WND’s story came out before the election I think and had zero impact!!!

  145. CJ Says:

    Wow, just read on the CW blog a clip about the “community organizers” of Obamaworld are planning a big “get it done” healthcare rally the DAY AFTER the Sept. 12 Dc protest healthcare/tax rally. Can they be any more disgusting!? No matter what the regular American citizen does to make their voices heard, the scuzzball Acorn types funded by our tax dollars try to smack it down. I so hope they fall flat on their collective faces this time. Grrrrr!!!! C’mon 9/12ers, get there to DC and make it record numbers that they can never duplicate or surpass. You just know the media will be pushing this 9/13 rally big time and ignore the 9/12 one. My competitive nature is jumping right now. I was hesitating going due to work considerations, but now that the challenge is out there I’m seriously going to try and go. We should all hang around a day and infiltrate their little get together too.

  146. Troy Says:

  147. Troy Says:

  148. Troy Says:

  149. Troy Says:

  150. sdee Says:

    CJ Says:
    August 24, 2009 at 2:35 am

    Wow, just read on the CW blog a clip about the “community organizers” of Obamaworld are planning a big “get it done” healthcare rally the DAY AFTER the Sept. 12 Dc protest healthcare/tax rally……. We should all hang around a day and infiltrate their little get together too.

    Seems my vacation just got extended another day!

    I’ll be in thier faces!

    Here is what I found on the OFA Web Site. There are three national level events listed.

    Sign up and “March on Washington” on Sunday September 13, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. and make former Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s announcement calling for a “march on Washington” to support that the Public Option is essential to true health care reform. The march will show both Democratic and Republican lawmakers that the majority of the American people want a Public Option as part of President Obama’s Health Care Reformation Plan.

    Sunday, September 13 9:00 AM
    Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington, DC)
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


    March on Washington for Health Care (Let’s Get It Done: Health Insurance Reform Now Events)

    Health Care is a civil liberty! Let’s fight for it. Join us in a March on Washington to demand real change in our country’s health care system. Let’s show that we are interested in learning about the facts and debating the real issue to come up with a solution for all Americans!

    Sunday, September 13 10:00 AM
    National Mall (Washington, DC)
    4th street on the Mall to the Monument
    Washington, DC 20001


    Sunday, September 13 from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Location: TBD (Washington, DC)
    Washington, DC 20001

    March for Healthcare (Washington DC) (Health Care Organizing Event)
    The purpose of this group is to organize a march on September 13th across the USA. Congress is wavering on the public option and we must demand one if we expect healthcare costs to go down. Every city in the country needs you to come out on the that day and March For Healthcare. I am just one person who is fed up with the system. If there are a million of you out there like me then we can make our voices heard. Let’s March!!!

  151. Troy Says:

    Sunday, September 13 9:00 AM
    Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington, DC)
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    May lightening fall right down from the sky and the earth shake beneath their feet.

  152. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t have too many recent photos, but here’s one from 2007

    The Cupo Family

    Good night, good people!

  153. Troy Says:

    A fine looking bunch, those Cupos are! 🙂

  154. Troy Says:

    Barack Obama “Kenyan Birth Certificate?” – Enhanced Lucas Smith Video
    by DefendUSx August 23, 2009 22:26
    We captured the video of the supposed Kenyan birth certificate of Barack Obama first discussed in this thread on ATS. Since the original video was rotated and of difficult to read quality, we applied some enhancements to aid our members in a closer examination of this video. The enhancements include rotation, sharpening, contrast adjustment, brightness adjustment, saturation reduction, slowed frame-rate, and zooming-in at key areas. Also, the sound track has been omitted to preserve as much bandwidth as possible for the video portion. In addition, the video is presented with very-low-loss compression and full-screen playback is recommended for those interested in a close examination of the document shown in the video.

  155. Troy Says:

    Thirty Four Thousand Years

    Republican Representative Trent Franks informed a group of his Arizona voters in a Church that he was considering a lawsuit to force Barack Obama to produce his Hawaiian birth certificate.
    Rep. Franks also stated it would take 34,000 years for Americans to PAY OFF OBAMA DEBT ALONE.

    A generation for humans is 50 years, so that means it will take if no more debt is incurred which seems impossible, almost 700 generations of Americans to pay off the debts of Bearick Obama

    That year will be the year, 36,009 AD. Consider that Buck Rogers and Star Trek occur in the “future” in the 23rd centuries so to speak, the Obama debt being paid off will be in the 370th century. People now will have been dead 33,000 years and we will be as memorable as dinosaurs.

    What is worse in this is the Financial Times of the UK is reporting that a double dip recession is destined to occur, because liberals are going to raise taxes to try and sop up the fortune they just wasted, and, robber barons are driving up inflation on oil, food, sugar, coffee to try and get their 12 trillion dollar share of Obama debt.
    This is not an if as this blog warned, but a when. You can not dump that kind of money into any markets without inflation occurring because it makes the dollar cheap and robber barons then attempt to pocket all that money waiting for it to arise again.

    Bearick Obama is the biggest deliberate disaster to ever smash a free people and their economy. He is a success as ruining America completely and turning United States Citizens into perpetual slaves to paying off debt he and Nancy Pelosi have now generated.

    Thirty four thousand years. That is 700 greats in your grandchildren before the Obama debt ALONE is going to be paid off.

    There is no sense in going on about this as this is criminal which Mr. Obama has foisted upon America. He should be charged along with every Democrat and that weasel Tim Geithner and the two Maine Republicans and Arlen Specter who voted for this deliberate destruction of America.

    34,000 years, people have only been here 6000 years and have never spent that much and Bearick Obama did it in transferring the entire wealth of America to his European cronies.

    34,000 years.


  156. Bones Says:

    I used to convert old cars to all electric (this is in reference to Troy’s surge post above). I had a 1986 Honda Civic with a 72-volt DC series wound motor system and a 96-volt Geo Metro conversion with a shunt motor, in case anyone knows about those things… anyway, thanks Troy for that post. Where I live now near Dallas, I need more range than my 72-volt lead acid batter pack would provide (it would go about 30 miles before needing a recharge), but it sure was fun driving by all of those gas stations in Austin while it lasted!

  157. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:,0,5751118.story

    Small post offices wondering if fate is sealed
    Sapped by declining volume and revenue, the Postal Service is considering closing nearly 1,000 of its smaller offices nationwide.

  158. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    From another Marine

  159. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Sorry, but this is just funny

  160. ryansgrammy Says:

    The doctor on the latest Kenyan BC matches up!!!

  161. sisterrosetta Says:

  162. jrinNC Says:

    Hey Rose, lovely family. I know you are proud of both your children as I am of mine. That is why we have to ensure they have the same freedoms we had as we were growing up in this wonderful country. Keep up the good fight.

  163. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks for the compliments, guys and gals!

    We are so proud of both our children.

    And we feel very fortunate to have such a fine son-in-law as well (not pictured)

    And we love his family, too.

  164. rosettasister Says:

    Why Ann Coulter indicts me

    It would not be inaccurate to say that WND’s 300 groundbreaking stories on this topic rival the world of all other media combined.

    To suggest we did this – that I did this – “to get website hits” and “that no sane person could believe it,” is really hitting below the belt. I have grown to expect that sort of insult from the insanely jealous Michael Medved and the delusional Keith Olbermann, but not from Ann Coulter.

    Does Ann Coulter think Rush Limbaugh is insane? How about her friend Sean Hannity? While neither has pioneered the story or pursued active investigations, both high-rated talkers, and good friends of Coulter, have skewered Obama about his refusal to release his birth certificate.

    From my experience, so does just about everyone who has actually looked at the evidence objectively rather than allowing their opinions to be formed by the partisan pap produced by the establishment media.

    I still respect, admire and love Ann Coulter. But she couldn’t be more wrong on this issue. The fact that she is in agreement with Geraldo, Olbermann, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and the entire mass media slime machine should provide her a clue that she’s way off the reservation. It’s one thing to ignore the story. It’s another to impugn the motives of those who don’t.

    It still comes down to one question: “Where’s the birth certificate?”

    Obama hasn’t produced it. Ann Coulter shouldn’t be making excuses for him.

    But, you know what? Even though Coulter’s gossip hurts, I forgive her. She’s been a good friend for many years. Her good work overshadows what I hope is a momentary slip. I fully expect Ann Coulter will toast me one day for pursuing this unpopular story when no other news agency would. That’s just the kind of gal she is. And that’s just the kind of guy I am.

  165. jrinNC Says:

    Breaking News On Fox – Interrogation of high level detainees being transferred from CIA to White House – DO WHAT?????????? Obama created a board to do that.

    Well they need to shut down the CIA if the WH is going to take over all of these jobs. I keep getting shocked everyday as to what is being done in this country.

  166. jrinNC Says:

    Report: CIA Lacked Safeguards to Prevent Abuse of Terror Suspects
    The report — significant portions of which are scheduled for release Monday — has been much anticipated in Washington.

  167. rosettasister Says:

  168. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Closing in on Rove’

    Why John Conyers, the New York Times and the Washington Post owe me an apology.

    Unfazed by facts and left with nothing to support their suspicions, the Times and Post editorial boards and Judiciary Democrats now seem to hope that special prosecutor Nora Dannehy, who is looking into the U.S. attorneys removals, will dig up something that implicates me.

    I am confident her findings will confirm that my actions were limited and proper.

    Perhaps then Judiciary Democrats will focus on more important issues and the Times and Post will admit their mistakes.

    It would be the responsible thing to do.

    (Don’t hold your breath, Mr. Rove. A lib admit they made a mistake?! Don’t you know they’re way smarter than conservative tards?!)

  169. rosettasister Says:


    Karl Rove on who owes him an apology

  170. jrinNC Says:

    Analyst warns of 150-200 more U.S. bank failures

    “The difficulty at the moment is finding enough healthy banks to buy the failing banks,” Bove wrote.

  171. rosettasister Says:

    Sector snap: Bove says avoid regional banks

  172. jrinNC Says:

    Rose – He said “He said investors should avoid all regional banks, which include Wells Fargo & Co., U.S. Bancorp, PNC Financial Services Group Inc., BB&T Corp., First Horizon National Corp., Fifth Third Bancorp, KeyCorp, Marshall & Ilsley Corp. and Zions Bancorp.”

    Unfortunately I am with Wachovia which is Wells Fargo and they are not painting this picture of doom and gloom, at least here locally.

  173. rosettasister Says:

    Who is this Bove guy anyway?

  174. rosettasister Says:

    PT2 Bank Closings Who’s Next

    • mlndstream on August 24th, 2009 at 6:57 am

    Harry Schultz and Bob Chapman are forecasting Bank Holiday risk starting 26th August 2009 into September. It’s believed the USD and probably the UK pound will be devalued ‘Bretton Woods’ style.Harry Schultz subscribers allege he says US embassy sources say they have been instructed to buy up to a years supply of local currency with their USD but not the Pound.Precedent has been set for this many times with USD in past since dollar was taken off gold standard. Google this for sites on subject

  175. jrinNC Says:


  176. jrinNC Says:

    Rose it seems thru some of the research I just did that when he speaks doom and gloom bank stocks drop. So he must be very knowledgeable.

  177. rosettasister Says:

    bove sure doesn’t seem like a doomsday type

  178. Troy Says:

    Government will decide if the turtle should have a shell or not have a shell…..Whack his pee pee!!!

  179. jrinNC Says:

    Maybe those were the words I should not have used. Let’s say when he makes his predictions – he is an optimist when it comes to the banking industry.

  180. rosettasister Says:

    sorry, jr

    i posted that b4 i saw your post just prior to mine

  181. rosettasister Says:

    great minds think alike


  182. jrinNC Says:

    Just posted at oilforimmigration:

    Looks like the Jury may be summoned
    Posted on August 24th, 2009 by Lynn Dartez

    * Posted by a settler in Judea on August 24, 2009 at 7:50am in American Grand Jury

    Say hallelujah!

    Everyone check this out….sounds like our Obama has a BIG problem on his hands.

    This is going to get VERY interesting…

    Subject: Fw: Obama may end up in jail…His transcript from Occidental College was just released

    Finally, a real effort to see if OBAMA is a citizen by the US Supreme Court.
    Keep this in prayer, for the Truth to be revealed !!!!!!!!!

    Obama received special fellowship scholarships to college by claiming to be
    a foreigner. Also, The Supreme Court has now agreed to hear
    arguments regarding his citizenship… READ ON …

    In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama’s qualifications for the
    presidency, the group “Americans for Freedom of Information” has Released
    copies of President Obama’s college transcripts from Occidental College .
    Released today, the transcript indicates that Obama, under the name Barry
    Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an
    undergraduate at the school.
    The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court
    order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California.

    The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was
    awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright
    Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student
    must claim foreign citizenship. This document would seem to provide the
    smoking gun that many of Obama’s detractors have been seeking. Along with
    the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him
    ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has
    created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt
    about Obama’s legitimacy and qualification to serve as president.
    When reached for omment in London , where he has been in meetings with
    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Obama smiled but refused comment on the

    Britain’s Daily Mail has also carried the story in a front-page
    article titled, “Obama Eligibility Questioned,” leading some to speculate
    that the story may overshadow economic issues on Obama’s
    first official visit to the U.K.

    In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups,
    Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on
    Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama’s legal eligibility to serve as
    President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey .

    This lawsuit claims Obama’s dual citizenship disqualified him from serving
    as president. Donofrio’s case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens
    demanding proof of Obama’s citizenship or qualification to serve as

    Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the
    results of their investigation of Obama’s campaign spending.
    This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign
    funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal
    resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records .
    Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still ongoing but that the
    final report will be provided to the U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder. Mr.
    Holder has refused to comment on the matter.


  183. rosettasister Says:


    have to go out and CMA (Cover My Ass)

    since my online banking doesn’t work


    I guess that’s better than being incontinent!

  184. jrinNC Says:

    Oh well someone said this was the April Fool joke that came about – Darn It.

  185. ryansgrammy Says:

    Received this from newsmax

  186. Troy Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    August 24, 2009 at 5:28 pm
    Oh well someone said this was the April Fool joke that came about – Darn It.
    That’s what it looked like to me as soon as I started reading it.

  187. ryansgrammy Says:

    Just catching up on the posts from a couple of threads back. Goferit looks like a hollywood actor to me — can’t think of his name but I can see his face. I’d love photography — would like to take a class but nothing around here. The YMCA offered one last fall and I was the only one to sign up so it got cancelled.

    Cyn — ou la la. Hard to believe we wore those short little dresses isn’t it. Sound like you live in a wonderful place — did you paint the picture????

    Can’t wait to see more pics and info on Rose’s Gangsters 😀

  188. rosettasister Says:

    “incontinentia buttocks”

    sorry I couldn’t help myself!

    okay I really am leaving now

  189. ryansgrammy Says:

    BTW Rose — what a wonderful family pic!!!!

  190. ryansgrammy Says:

    Here’s the link to the Civics Literacy quiz if anyone is interested in taking it. I didn’t do as well as I thought I would.

  191. igaveup Says:


    agree with ryansgrammy, lovely family

  192. Troy Says:

  193. ryansgrammy Says:

    Of course he appointed these turkeys so they would never question him!

  194. ryansgrammy Says:

    From The American Spectator–Obammy’s plan to desecrate 9/11

    Don’t forget to watch Glenn Beck today!

  195. jrinNC Says:

    Hey Troy can you make out the name on the upper left corner on the Lucas Smith OB bc. There is a close up at

    I can see first name – Hilton But can’t make out last name

  196. jrinNC Says:

    hey Grammy – what’s Beck doing today?

  197. ryansgrammy Says:

    Maybe the “agency” will bring him doowwwwwwwwwwwnn and expose him (not the way LS has exposed him of course or is it the other way around did obammy expose himself to LS???) 🙂

  198. ryansgrammy Says:

    jr — I think he’s supposed to start rolling out info on the Czars and connecting the dots — he and his researchers have been working on this stuff for a few weeks. Notice I said “I think”. Just checked my emails and this is his description for the program wthi week

    TV Tonight: All week, a very important series of programs debut tonight called ‘New Republic.’ We are being transformed and it’s time to question with boldness. Glenn dares ask the questions no one else will. Don’t miss it tonight and all week — Glenn Beck at 5pm only on the Fox News Channel!

  199. ryansgrammy Says:

    “this” week — slip of the tongue he! he!

  200. ryansgrammy Says:

    As one commentor stated: You can take the POLITICIAN out of CHICAGO, but you can’t take CHICAGO out of the POLITICIAN!!!

  201. cynkading Says:

    Hi grammy!!!So I decided to do a search on the robber baron Rothechilds and thought I would share this post. Have you ever noticed that they are very successful for not being photographed or being seen in public very much. Hmmmmm….

  202. cynkading Says:

    BTW, Rose lovely pic of you and yours. 🙂

  203. jrh Says:

    Hey gang, Leo Donofrio has something to say about the Craig v US case pending for SCOTUS conference in late Sept regarding the definition of natural born citizen.

  204. ryansgrammy Says:

    Get ready to “gag” gang — from Martha’s Vineyard

  205. Troy Says:

    That is a very important article by Leo….The grounds for legal action against the usurper has just expanded considerably…I hope that Orly is on her toes and paying attention….More than that, I’m hoping that when Leo finally sees a clear opening, that he will pounce and have another run at it….I know that Mario Appuzo watches Leo’s postings very carefully.

  206. Troy Says:

    ryansgrammy Says:

    August 24, 2009 at 8:34 pm
    Get ready to “gag” gang — from Martha’s Vineyard
    So, basically, they have all whored themselves out to make an extra buck….Nice!!! (SARC)

  207. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — never been there but isn’t the place crawling with what is it you call them libtards????? 😀

  208. ryansgrammy Says:

    Thought this was worth sharing

  209. ryansgrammy Says:

    From freeper on CIA bashing and national security

  210. Troy Says:

    I’m sure that everyone’s reading comprehension here is better than mine, but just in case there is anyone that didn’t get the significance of Leo’s article, here it is….The 10th Circuit Court stated in it’s ruling that NO person has the RIGHT to be deemed a natural born citizen, because NBC has never been clearly defined, but yet the Constitution requires that one be a NBC to be eligible for POTUS….Even if you are born of citizen parents on U.S. soil you have NO RIGHT to be deemed a NBC and Obama DAMN sure DOESN’T either….OBAMA, officially as of now, HAS NO RIGHT TO BE DEEMED A NBC!!!!…..NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY CAN LEGALLY BE DEEMED A NBC!!!!…..In order for Obama to legally remain in office, the term “Natural Born Citizen” must be defined through a Constitutional Ammendment via the Congress or through the judiciary / SCOTUS ruling in his favor…Until one of those two things happen, Obama is illegally sitting in the White House as a usurper, as he is NOT DEEMED A NBC!!!…Those bastards should have heard Leo’s or Cort’s case when they had the chance…Effers!!!!

  211. rosettasister Says:

    Coroner Rules Jackson’s Death a Homicide

  212. rosettasister Says:

    SOL, Tues. Aug 25, 2009 – Edgar Cayce on Extra-Terrestrials and film‏

    Film/Lecture/Music Series

    Tues. Aug. 25, 2009 – 7 p.m.

    Edgar Cayce on Extra-Terrestrials &

    Music: “Soul on the Move” by Elyse Curtis
    Norman Curtis, Arranger/Keyboard

    Suggested Donations $10 – Members $5
    Reservations: 212-691-7690
    ARE Edgar Cayce Center of NY, 241 W. 30th St. (2nd Fl.)
    New York, NY 10001 (W. of 7th Ave.-Ring buzzer #102)

    (When I was an active ARE member in Houston (1984 – 1988) they weren’t so big on ETs as they are now.)

  213. igaveup Says:

    seiu-working overtime for socialized medicine. this time for Puerto Rico (from US funds of course)

    21-Agosto-2009 | DENNIS RIVERA

    Hay que despolitizar la salud.

    From (written in Spanish)

  214. Troy Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention something….When I woke up this morning and went out onto my back porch / patio there was an eight week old Bluetick Coonhound there to greet me….I guess she wandered up through the woods…I took her to my parents house and they decided to keep her…Her name is Blue Bell. 😀

  215. jrinNC Says:

    Good for you Troy – As you know I love animals. You don’t suppose someone put her there do you??? I mean 8 weeks old is not very old and would not wander that far from the Mom.

  216. Katie Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 24, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Oh, I forgot to mention something….When I woke up this morning and went out onto my back porch / patio there was an eight week old Bluetick Coonhound there to greet me….I guess she wandered up through the woods…I took her to my parents house and they decided to keep her…Her name is Blue Bell.

    Sounds to me like Shiner and Bear spread the word, and Blue Bell is a smart and lucky puppy!

  217. Troy Says:

    I have to check with the next door neighbor…No, nobody put her there…People around here don’t wander onto other people’s property, as it could be hazardous to one’s health….I heard some dogs in my back woods a couple of days ago…They sounded like they were on to a deer….Possibly momma hound.

  218. Troy Says:

    Authorities Prepare To Seize Kids During Swine Flu Pandemic
    by DefendUSx August 24, 2009 13:07

    International swine flu summit trains responders to enforce quarantines, mass vaccinations, deal with riots & unrest

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Authorities are preparing to seize children from schools, set up quarantines and morgues, conduct mass vaccinations, and deal with riots and unrest, according to an international swine flu summit recently held in Washington DC which was attended by distinguished scientists, industry leaders and top health officials from all over the globe.

    A conference first discussed by this website three weeks ago has now taken place, with health authorities meeting at the end of last week to finalize response plans to a swine flu pandemic that has been all but guaranteed to occur this coming fall.

    According to a PDF information leaflet released before the meeting, attendees were briefed on how to “conduct morgue operations,” manage an interruption in food supplies and “manage panic caused by sudden disruption of services & interruptions in essential goods & services”.

    During a swine flu pandemic, their duties would also include dealing with civil disturbances, controlling and diffusing social unrest and public disorder, carrying out mass vaccination programs and enforcing quarantines, according to the conference documentation.

    One of the most shocking modules of the conference deals with “School/University Pandemic Planning” and strongly implies that authorities will usurp parental rights over children in the event of a swine flu pandemic.

    More here:

  219. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  220. Clay Says:

    It is well past time for the States to reign in the rampant mismanagement by the federal government and reassert the rights of the sovereign States. The current United States federal government is to our generation what King George III was to our Founders’ generation; we must live up to our heritage and we owe it to our posterity to correct previous, ill conceived changes to our Constitution and reestablish the Liberties for which our Founders sacrificed so much.

    To that end, I propose that the various States call for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution of the United States as outlined in my initial post. I fully recognize that what I have proposed is not perfect and look forward to thoughtful contributions from other concerned citizens; we must remember, though, that even the Founders did not create what they considered a “perfect” document, but rather the best Constitution that the original 13 States would accept.

    I also recognize that I may be tilting at wind-mills, but can no longer simply yell at the nightly news and cry in my beer. It is time to quit the whining and moaning and take whatever steps are within my power to generate action to correct mistakes made by past generations. Those mistakes still bind my generation and will bind generations to come, unless we act to correct the infringement of our Liberty.

    The following proposal is a work in progress and it requires further informed and considered input. It is imperative that the wording be clear and accurate to ensure that there is no inappropriate interpretation leading to unintended consequences. To date, these are largely my own thoughts, although tempered by various discussions with other concerned citizens.

    Additionally, I believe that in this situation the amendment process must be driven from a local level through the various State legislatures, thereby forcing the federal government to comply and reasserting the sovereignty of the individual States and the superiority of State government over the federal government in all domestic matters.

    The current frustration over the federal government’s health care reform is really the result of an underlying frustration – the erosion of our Liberty. It is time to return the United States to a union of independent, sovereign States and I look forward to any thoughts those reading this post may have.

    Section 1 – addresses the 14th amendment statement that all persons born on US soil are by birthright citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside.
    Section 2 – addresses the 16th amendment and clarifies the method of taxation by the United States government.
    Section 3 – addresses the 27th amendment, clarifying and restricting compensation to elected officials and employees of the United States government.
    Section 4 – adds the “Line Item Veto” power to the powers of the presidency.
    Section 5 – restricts the federal legislature from combining unrelated matters to bills; prohibits riders and earmarks and requires “one bill, one topic” legislation.
    Section 6 – prohibits a federally elected official from seeking a different elected office while holding a federally elected office.
    Section 7 – repeals the 17th amendment and returns the selection of Senators to the various State legislatures.
    Section 8 – repeals the 22nd amendment and return to the States and to the People the Liberty to select the President for as many terms as they choose.
    Section 9 – repeals the 23rd amendment and ceases to confer to the District of Columbia the same rights and privileges as held by the States.
    Section 10 – repeals the 26th amendment and returns the age of suffrage to 21 years.

    Section 1. This section addresses only the first sentence of the fourteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States, section 1 and changes that sentence to read: “All persons born of citizens of the United States or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” All else in the fourteenth article of amendment remains the same.
    Section 2. This section addresses the sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States; it clarifies and specifies the method for federal taxation of individuals, business, and all entities operating within the United States.
    a. All individual, personal income from whatever source derived shall be taxed at an equal rate to be determined by Congress and signed into law by the President. There shall be a standard personal deduction for all individual, personal income equal to one quarter of the national median individual income, rounded up to the nearest five thousand dollar increment; this calculated amount shall be deducted from individual personal income and shall be exempt from any federal taxation; the balance of the income shall be taxed at the rate determined by Congress.
    b. All business or other entity income from whatever source derived shall be taxed at an equal rate to be determined by Congress and signed into law by the President. There shall be a standard deduction for all businesses and other entities equal to two and one half times the national median individual income, rounded up to the nearest five thousand dollar increment; this calculated amount shall be deducted from the business or other entity income and shall be exempt from any federal taxation; the balance shall be taxed at the rate determined by Congress.
    c. Congress may choose to allow additional targeted personal deductions the total of which shall not exceed one quarter of the national median individual income, rounded up to the nearest five thousand dollar increment, but the total allowed deduction from federal income taxation shall not exceed two times each one quarter of the national median individual income, rounded up to the nearest five thousand dollar increment.
    d. All other forms of federal taxation are prohibited.
    Section 3. The twenty seventh article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby expanded and clarified as follows:
    a. Compensation of elected officials and federal employees shall be directly tied to the national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment and no other form of compensation from any source shall be allowed to elected officials while holding public office. Existing assets of elected officials shall be placed in a blind trust prior to taking office and shall be held in the blind trust during the period of public office and for one year after leaving public office.
    b. Compensation to elected, federal officials and all federal employees shall be strictly limited to compensation for service while holding office and no pension or other form of compensation shall be paid to elected, federal officials or federal employees after leaving office. However, all elected, federal officials and federal employees shall be eligible to participate in savings plans available to all citizens of the United States.
    c. Compensation to the President shall be five times the national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment.
    d. Compensation to Senators and Supreme Court Justices shall be four times the national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment.
    e. Compensation to members of the House of Representatives shall be three times the national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment.
    f. Compensation to federal employees shall be determined by Congress as a percentage of national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment, but in no case shall any federal employee receive compensation exceeding three times the national median individual income, rounded down to the nearest five thousand dollar increment.
    Section 4. The President shall have the right to strike any provisions of any bill prior to signing into law, but those provisions not stricken shall have full effect.
    Section 5. All bills shall clearly and explicitly address only one topic; riders and earmarks are strictly prohibited and all bills shall be subject to public review as described below:
    a. Prior to submitting any bill from committee to the floor for open debate, the bill and all associated reports must be presented for public review; the period of review shall be determined by Congress, but the review period shall not be less than five normal business days.
    b. After congressional debate closes and prior to the congressional vote, the final form of the bill shall again be presented for public review; the period of review shall be determined by Congress, but review period shall not be less than five normal business days.
    c. After Congress has voted to pass a bill and before the bill is sent to the President for signature, the bill shall again be presented for public review; the period of review shall be determined by Congress, but the review period shall not be less than five normal business days.
    Section 6. No person while holding federal elected, public office shall campaign for a different elected, public office.
    Section 7. The seventeenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
    Section 8. The twenty second article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
    Section 9. The twenty third article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
    Section 10. The twenty sixth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.

    Section 1
    Modification and clarification of the 14th amendment is necessary because citizenship in any one of the United States is precious and should be restricted to those who have a stake in both the State and the United States. The purpose of the 14th amendment was to correctly confer citizenship upon those who had previously been enslaved. The interpretation of the wording of this amendment has resulted in a situation that could not have reasonably been conceived by the writers of the 14th amendment: people who enter the United States illegally confer US citizenship upon their offspring as a result of breaking US law. That is inherently unfair to any immigrant who follows our law and takes the prescribed steps to become a legal US citizen.

    In addition to the plain unfairness of the current interpretation, there are economic and national sovereignty concerns. The economic concerns are quite straightforward. The influx of citizens from illegal immigrants stresses an already excessive demand on national resources. Furthermore, if the family is caught and deported, when the child reaches the age of eighteen, as an adult the child will have the right to return to the United States, but will have no sense of what it means to be a citizen of the State of residence or of the United States.

    From a national sovereignty perspective, given modern modes of transportation and the animosity towards the United States by some foreign groups, it is quite conceivable that someone with long term thinking and enmity towards the United States could give birth here in the United States, thereby conferring citizenship upon the child, and then take the child back to the home country to be raised with hatred toward the United States.
    That child as an adult would then have free entry into the United States, but rather than having a stake in the country could easily harbor malicious intentions. This may sound farfetched, but please remember how things changed from September 10, 2001 to September 12, 2001 and the horror and outrage that the country felt resulting from the attacks.

    Section 2
    The 16th amendment must be corrected because the current method of taxation used by the federal government invites class warfare rather than pulling the country together and it allows our politicians to obfuscate true levels of taxation with complicated and conflicting tax rules. Adoption of this section of the proposed amendment will automatically force transparency in the tax code since everyone will be taxed by the same method and at the same rate for amounts over the deductions available to all taxpayers. Finally, we will all be able to clearly see exactly what our government takes from our labors.

    The standard deduction equal to roughly ¼ of the national median individual income would result in some at the very lowest end of the economic spectrum paying no federal income tax. Based on household income, I am estimating median individual income at $50,000 which would result in a standard deduction of $12,500 with the remaining income subject to federal income taxation. This indicates that approximately 22% of the potential taxpaying population (PTP) would pay no federal income tax because their income is below the threshold ¼ of national median individual income. While I cannot say with certainty, it is very likely that a large percentage of those earning below $12,500 per year are comprised of teenagers with summer and/or part time positions. Those who are working to support themselves at this income level are essentially at the national poverty level and allowing them a federal tax free income provides them the basic ability to survive and, eventually (hopefully) move up the economic ladder and ultimately contribute to the United States.

    The remaining 78% of the PTP would be treated exactly the same under this proposal and all in this group would have equal incentive to hold politicians accountable and keep taxes low. There would be a clear linkage between services provided and the level of taxation. At present many, if not most, services provided by the federal government are not legitimate functions of government, but are encouraged simply because so many of those who receive these services do not pay for them. While it is true that the 22% of the PTP who would not pay federal income tax under this proposal would receive federal services, the remaining 78% of the PTP would certainly represent a majority and, as a matter of self interest, would hold in check absurd services.

    The purpose of the targeted personal deduction equal to a maximum of roughly ¼ of national median individual income is included for the Congress to encourage savings for retirement, savings for future healthcare needs, the purchase of healthcare insurance, etc. The exact wording in the section must be clear to avoid Congress simply expanding the standard deduction, thereby increasing the percentage of the PTP not paying federal income tax. The national benefit of these targeted deductions would include the introduction of market forces into the acquisition of healthcare insurance at any age and improving individual savings for retirement and healthcare as people reach retirement age or need additional healthcare coverage. The wording of this section must be sufficiently flexible to allow Congress to target a variety of matters, but also sufficiently restrictive to prevent abuse of the targeted deductions.

    It is true that the calculation under this scheme may result in an increase to the tax paid at some income levels, depending upon the rate Congress chooses. However, that will be immediately clear to all and at every economic level. This will make it much easier for us to hold our elected officials accountable – something I believe they would gravely fear.

    By eliminating all other forms of taxation, we would further force transparency and reduce costs in virtually every other facet of life, thereby offsetting a potential increase to the dollar amount of income tax.

    As to those who believe that targeted taxation can work to the public good by taxing “sin” items, the only response can be that if the targeted “sin” to be taxed is really that bad it should be regulated or prohibited – at the State level. Then the citizens of each State would have a much greater opportunity to choose what items would be restricted and to what extent.

    As to tax on businesses and other entities, it is necessary to separate these from personal income tax calculations and may be economically sound to ensure that foreign organizations are prevented from exploiting our tax code to our own detriment. Nonetheless, from a purely economic perspective and to truly revive the economy, I am a strong proponent of a zero percent tax on business, whether foreign or domestic. This will encourage domestic business to flourish and draw foreign firms to our shores, further increasing domestic output and increasing employment rolls.

    Section 3
    The 27th amendment must be expanded and clarified in order to stop the abuse to which our elected officials subject the taxpayer. This section would put elected officials and federal employees in the position of improving the economic situation of the country as a matter of self interest – their income is directly tied to the economic prosperity of the United States and they will not enjoy special privileges that most citizens do not enjoy.

    Section 4
    The current popular belief seems to be that the President runs the country; the truth is that it should be Congress that runs the country, but far too many members of Congress abrogate their responsibility and happily leave popular dissatisfaction focused on the President. Since this situation will not likely change, it only makes sense to give the President the line item veto.

    Section 5
    This section is intended to stop the practice of adding completely unrelated amendments to important bills thereby either sneaking the amendment through unnoticed or forcing elected officials to vote for a ridiculous amendment in order to pass truly important legislation. While earmarks may be a very small percentage of the overall federal spending, the practice is irresponsible; if an amendment is worthwhile enough to tack onto other legislation, it should be sound enough to stand on its own.

    Section 6
    The intent of this section is to stop the practice of politicians holding one office as back up while seeking a different elected office. An elected official should focus on the office currently held rather than use the office as a platform to a different office – this does a serious injustice to the constituents and this practice should be stopped.

    Section 7
    Repeal of the 17th amendment would put public emphasis back to the State legislature where it truly belongs. Since the election of Senators bypasses the various State legislatures, the State legislatures are weakened and the federal legislature is clearly strengthened.

    Section 8
    Repeal of the 22nd amendment is warranted because there is no valid reason to restrict terms of office since the all elected officials’ tenures can be limited at each end of term. The problem is ignorance on the part of the electorate, but this cannot be resolved by amendment or legislation. If the United States has a President, or citizens of the various States have outstanding elected federal officials, and the citizenry wishes to keep them in office indefinitely, it is the right of the people to continue to vote these officials into office. Term limits are a restriction to the Liberty of citizens to choose their Representatives, Senators (whether chosen State legislature or currently, popular vote), or President. Our founders foresaw the possibility of abuse, yet they chose not to limit terms as a Constitutional matter – they correctly understood that it is impossible to protect and defend Liberty by restricting Liberty.

    Section 3 of this proposed article of amendment, which addresses the 27th amendment, would cease the abuse currently rampant by those who would make a career of their office. Citizens who accept the compensation as outlined in section 3 of this proposal would receive fair compensation for their service, but would not be able to overly enrich themselves at the expense of the citizens of the United States. Those who choose to make a career of their office under these terms would very likely be the type of elected official who truly seeks to serve their constituents, their State, and the United States.

    Section 9
    The 23rd amendment should be repealed simply because there is no valid reason for the District of Columbia to enjoy the same electoral weight as a state. Those residing in the district should certainly have their votes counted and they should be allowed to choose the state adjacent to the District of Columbia in which they want to vote.

    Section 10
    The 26th amendment was ratified because young men 18 years of age were conscripted into service to fight in Vietnam. The reasoning at the time was that since these young men were old enough to fight on behalf of the United States, they should have the right to vote. This reasoning, while valid at the time, is no longer the case since we now have an all volunteer military.

    The founders chose the age of 21 for the right to vote in an era when people matured at a much younger age than they do today; quite a few people in their mid to late twenties still behave as if they are in high school. The 21 year age for voting will not necessarily ensure that those voting for the first time will have sufficient maturity to cast informed, well founded votes, but raising the age to 21 will give our youth 3 additional years to gain life experience before they participate in determining the future of the United States.

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