The Last Thing on my Mind



It’s a lesson too late for the learnin’
Made of sand, made of sand
In the wink of an eye my soul is turnin’
In your hand, in your hand.

Are you going away with no word of farewell?
Will there be not a trace left behind?
Well, I could have loved you better,
Didn’t mean to be unkind.
You know that was the last thing on my mind.

You’ve got reasons a-plenty for goin’.
This I know, this I know.
For the weeds have been steadily growin’.
Please don’t go, please don’t go.

As we walk on, my thoughts are a-tumblin’,
Round and round, round and round.
Underneath our feet the subways rumblin’,
Underground, underground.

As I lie in my bed in the mornin’,
Without you, without you.
Every song in my breast dies a bornin’,
Without you, without you.

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Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying

In My Life


(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me

Just A Little Bit Of Rain


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109 Responses to “The Last Thing on my Mind”

  1. sdee Says:

    I attended NC Rep David Price Townhall tonight.

    Looks to me like Price was afraid to set up an open forum so he had the SEIU Local 2008. (SEANC) organize this event in the last minute.

    We showed up at the University hall address listed on Price’s site but no one was there. No signs otelling us where to go. Someone told us it had been moved to a larger hall. When we got there, it was overrun with SEIU and Obama/OFA people. What a coinkydink that the SEIU and Obama supporters did not show up at the wrong hall huh?

    Needless to the audience deck was stacked by the time anyone else got there and it was a Obama dog and pony show. Cops would descend on anyone who yelled out.

    Four panelists – all Leftists. David Price came across as mindless puppet spouting talking points. People were generally polite except to the local union boss who drew boos and jeers (countered by huge applause).

    Worthless forum – it was a setup for TV to show the adoring crowds swooning over Price and his healthcare bill.

    These SEIU people are very well organized and well funded. They were well supported by what looked like professional Obama campaign people and they had no problem filling seats with talking head obots. With a bit more time and about 25% more people they would have effectively shut out any opposing voices at this town hall. If we do not start showing up in far far greater numbers, they will.

  2. j.b. Says:

    Well, sdee, then I guess we will just have to take it to the streets, won’t we? Peacefully, of course.
    The scene you describe sounds unbearable. Is this the same mtg that the busses began arriving at 6 a.m?

  3. sdee Says:

    j.b. Says:
    August 14, 2009 at 4:21 am

    I guess we will just have to take it to the streets, won’t we? Peacefully, of course.

    The scene you describe sounds unbearable. Is this the same mtg that the busses began arriving at 6 a.m?

    Not sure about the buses but, yeah – it was wierd. The Union boss seemed really rattled – like he’s never seen anyone in his face.

    I was proud to be standing with those who understand that this is all about government control and nothing about health care.

    I agree with you on taking to the streets – they need to see us everywhere – overflowing the streets. Just there, just mulling, just watching!

    I’ve made reservation for Sept 9-11 in DC. I wonder what sort of crowds might show up – any estimates floating around?

  4. sdee Says:

    oh – I forgot. The Union boss told the crowd that the SEIU was proud to sponsor the townhall, they were neutral, bi-partisan, and had no political ties or interests in the issues.

    The crowd broke out in laughter. 😀

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Fastwalkers UFO Alien Disclosure (1of 9)

  6. rosettasister Says:

    More Like This:

    Good night, good people.

  7. igaveup Says:


    that is a laugher that they (seiu) don’t have an interest in it.

    check out their twitter at

  8. j.b. Says:

    I’ve made reservation for Sept 9-11 in DC. I wonder what sort of crowds might show up – any estimates floating around?

    That is cool you are going to DC.
    I have not heard specifics, but my gut tells me it will be HUGE!
    Anyhoo, GB, is going to cover the March on DC (on Saturday, 9/12) and any others that are “big enough”. (paraphrasing)
    I would really like to go……hubby does not care for crowds at all. (which I found out just how much when I spoke of going in April?):(

    Anyone else see Glenn’s show tonight? He is really pouring it on. Exposing and Poking them with a big stick of irony lathered up and dripping with sarcasm. Love it.

    He spoke about getting ready “to lay it all out there soon”.(What he and his team have been working on for awhile now) He is going on vacation next week and says he can’t do it, “’til he gets back, because once he exposes them, he can’t let up”.

    *sigh* I honestly fear for his safety and admire his courage so much.

    Hey, Ten, how’d the show go?

  9. j.b. Says:

    All this PROJECTION is making my head hurt!

  10. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    sdee Says:
    August 14, 2009 at 3:38 am

    I attended NC Rep David Price Townhall tonight.

    Thanks for the report sdee. And FWIW, I will show up where I can when I can… if that’s the very least I can do, I’ll show my support toward American’s speaking against gov control/waste/spending.

    We have a big event planned coming on 9/12. 2 ppl said they will join me and my mom there. If they do join me, that means that I will have trippled my number over the last tea party event. I hope everyone else will too.

  11. ryansgrammy Says:

    If Harry Reid keeps this up he won’t make it to election day! Sticks and stones …

  12. ryansgrammy Says:

    I hope those who supported this woman will rethink such support if and when she ever runs for POTUS again.

  13. NeConservative Says:

    Dear Mr. Obama: An American Mom Writes President Obama
    By Jennifer Hartline
    Catholic Online (

    I’m trying to understand, Mr. Obama, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would you work so methodically to increase the occurrence of something so ‘heart-wrenching’?

    If the choice to ‘terminate a pregnancy’ through abortion is merely about a woman’s right to privacy and autonomy, there should be nothing difficult about it at all. If there are no grounds to declare it illegal, inhumane, or morally wrong, then indeed there should be no conflict of the heart whatsoever.
    CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) – I have in front of me a letter I received from you in response to a letter I wrote to you regarding abortion in the U.S. You thanked me politely for taking the time to share my views on abortion and said, “This is a heart-wrenching issue.”
    I just haven’t been able to get one little question out of my mind since reading your letter. Why?

    Why is it heart-wrenching? Why would my heart be rent by making a perfectly legal and morally acceptable choice to have an abortion? Why should anyone’s heart be torn by this choice? The highest law of our land says that there is nothing wrong with choosing abortion. If no law is being broken, why should my heart or anyone’s heart be troubled?

    In the short time you’ve been President, you have strategically worked to expand abortion access around the country. In fact, you promised in your campaign that your first task upon taking office would be to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act, which would eliminate virtually every existing restriction on abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and even lift the ban on partial-birth abortion. (You said you considered that one a legitimate medical procedure.)

    I’m trying to understand, Mr. Obama, but it just doesn’t make any sense. Why would you work so methodically to increase the occurrence of something so heart-wrenching?
    As a woman, I can testify to the fact that when I make decisions to protect my privacy or the autonomy of my body, there’s nothing heart-wrenching about it. I am not the least bit torn or conflicted about defending myself in those ways. Indeed, it is my body – the one God gave me and the one He expects me to care for wisely and honorably. My body – like yours – was made to be holy.

    If the choice to “terminate a pregnancy” through abortion is merely about a woman’s right to privacy and autonomy, there should be nothing difficult about it at all. If there are no grounds to declare it illegal, inhumane, or morally wrong, then indeed there should be no conflict of the heart whatsoever.

    But you and I both know that is not the case, because you and I both know quite well that there is something very, very morally wrong with abortion.

    No one can pretend the other person in this equation doesn’t exist. No one – not even you – can deny that abortion ends a human life. Whether the medical profession classifies that person as an embryo, a fetus, or a newborn, the indisputable fact is we’re talking about a new human being. Not an eggplant or a seahorse. This person is not an extension of her mother’s body, but a distinct, separate individual with her own body and soul.

    Abortion does not tear the mother’s body limb from limb, or burn her body with chemicals, or suction her body into a vacuum, or stab a hole in her skull and suction out her brains. Abortion does all these hideous things to another human being. That is the reality of this wretched “choice.”

    No thinking, civilized person can deny it. We all know in our hearts, in the depths of our souls that abortion kills a human person. There is a very strange and powerful sort of delusion going on, then, for that is the only way to explain how so many people can stubbornly, arrogantly and blindly cling to the notion that abortion is legitimate “reproductive health care” and a “right” of all women.

    I ask you again: what is so heart-wrenching about availing myself of legitimate reproductive health care?

    Those who demand abortion rights must constantly prop up the illusion in their minds that they’re not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. It helps their cause to use more palatable language, like “terminating a pregnancy” rather than killing a baby. (Mr. President, I’ve been pregnant four times and I can assure you that every single time, I was pregnant with a baby. The only way to terminate a pregnancy is to terminate the baby.)

    Ah, the baby… could that be the source of all the heart-wrenching? But we’ve already decided we’re not going to even acknowledge the humanity of the baby, so what’s the problem? Just get rid of the unwanted tissue already and be done with it.

    “Pro-Choice” advocates must continually shout the mantra of “women’s rights” in order to keep from thinking about the mangled little body lying on the instrument table after the “procedure.” If they stop for even a moment to consider the actual results of abortion, all arguments for its legality would necessarily collapse in a heap around them. No one with an ounce of humanity could stomach this gruesome brand of “medicine” without the protection of narcissistic and evil delusions of choice and rights.

    The enemy of every human soul has deceived and deluded us into rationalizing the unjustifiable murder of our own children. You are being deceived, Mr. President, by the father of lies. The prince of darkness has persuaded many of us to reject our natural instinct to protect our young. He has convinced too many women that they can simply destroy their own child and walk away unscathed. It is not so. Abortion leaves only a trail of death and despair. It is not freedom for women; it is bondage to brokenness.

    You now stand in a position to set in motion changes to our nation that may last for decades or longer. You can either use the power in your hands for life or for death. I grieve to think that you will persist in your path of death for our country; that my children will inherit the destructive fruits of all that you seem intent on pursuing. I beg you to hear the truth, to hear the cry of the voiceless little ones. I beg you to choose life.

    Do not include abortion funding in your health care reform. The purposeful death of a human being can never be considered health care. Do not continue to demand that our nation’s collective tax dollars be spent on the mass-killing of the unborn. The truth is laid out before you in the purest light; without shadows, without doubt. “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him.” Deuteronomy 30:19-20

    There is nothing heart-wrenching about choosing life, Mr. President. No shame, no regrets, nothing lost. Only blessings gained. I continue to pray for you, that you will have the courage to protect all human life, especially the weakest and most defenseless. I pray that you will use your position of power to bring life – not death – to our nation. I pray that the Lord of Life and Prince of Peace will bless you and guide you and that you will welcome His revealing light. Choose life, Mr. President. It is the only way we will survive.


    Jennifer Hartline is a Catholic Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three precious kids who writes frequently on topics of Catholic faith and daily living. She is a contributing writer for Catholic Online.

    – – –

    Deacon Keith Fournier asks that you join with us and help in this vital mission by sending this article to your family, friends, and neighbors and adding our link ( to your own website, blog or social network. Let us broadcast, we are PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC!

  14. sdee Says:

    Another thing I took away from the Healthcare townhall meeting is that my Congressman is supporting SEIU’s health care agenda, not the other way around.

    I asked myself why was the union boss demonzing Blue Cross Blue Shield other than the normal Alinsky tactics. The union negotiates far better health insurance plans than the average non-union worker ever could.

    Well, after a massive government take over of the heath insurance industry – guess who would get all the jobs? SEIU would never be dislodged and would gain unprecedented power.

    One thing worse than the nightmare of Washington running my health care plan is the thought of all the people working for them being SEIU members.

  15. NeConservative Says:

    Part 1

  16. NeConservative Says:

    Hmmm, that didn’t embed

  17. NeConservative Says:
  18. NeConservative Says:

    Part Two

  19. NeConservative Says:

    what the

  20. NeConservative Says:

    LINK to part ONE

  21. NeConservative Says:


  22. NeConservative Says:

    CommentsTrust the Government
    by Newt Gingrich


    How much is one additional year of your life worth?

    Or one more year of life for your father or your wife? For your child?

    In Great Britain, the government has settled on a number: $45,000.

    That’s how much a government commission with the Orwellian acronym NICE has decided British government-run health care will pay for one additional year of life for a British subject.

    Think it could never happen here? Then you need to pay closer attention to what Washington is planning for your health care.

    British Government Bureaucrats Literally Decide if Your Life is Worth Living

    The British single-payer bureaucrats arrived at the price of an additional year of life in the same way they decide how much health care all British people will get, through a formula called “quality-adjusted life years.”

    That means that if you’re sick in Great Britain, government bureaucrats literally decide if your life is worth living and, if so, how much longer and at what cost.

    If it’s more than $45,000, you’re out of luck.

    A Well-Connected White House Advocate for Allocating Health Care Based on Perceived Societal Worth

    In the highest levels of the Obama Administration there is a theory of how to ration health care that is troublingly reminiscent of the British system of “quality-adjusted life years.”

    Dr. Ezekial Emanuel is a key health care advisor to President Obama and the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Earlier this year, Dr. Emanuel wrote an article that advocated what he called “the complete lives system” as a method for rationing health care. You can read it here.

    The system advocated by Dr. Emanuel would allocate health care based on the government’s perception of the societal worth of the patients. Accordingly, the very young and the very old would receive less care since the former have received less societal investment and the latter have less left to contribute.

    “Forstall[ing] the Concern that Disproportionate Amounts of Resources Will be Directed to Young People with Poor Prognosis”

    “The Complete Lives System” would also consider the prognosis of the individual.

    Quoting Dr. Emanuel: “A young person with a poor prognosis has had few life-years but lacks the potential to live a complete life. Considering prognosis forestalls the concern that disproportionately large amounts of resources will be directed to young people with poor prognosis.”

    When fully implemented, Dr. Emanuel’s system, in his words, “produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.”

    “Chances that are attenuated” is a nice way of saying the young and the old are considered less worthy of health care and, under this system, will get less.

    Once Government Becomes the Provider of Health Care, Personal Decisions Become Public Decisions

    The point is not that a health care rationing system like the one favored by Dr. Emmanuel will be implemented in the United States tomorrow.

    The point is that, as in the British system, once government becomes the single payer or even the main payer of health care, what were once intensely personal decisions become public decisions. And as costs rise, government will look for ways to contain them.

    The inevitable result of this pressure to control costs will be rationing, whether it occurs during this administration or the next. At some point, the government will be forced to deny care to those who don’t meet the latest “quality-adjusted life years” cost-benefit analysis.

    So the decision on what treatment to pursue that once would have been made by you and your doctor is now made for you by a bureaucrat using a formula — a formula to literally determine if your life is worth saving.

    The Camel’s Nose Under the Tent of Health Care Rationing

    Societies don’t arrive at this point overnight.

    British health care was nationalized soon after World War II, but NICE, the health care rationing agency, wasn’t created until the late 1990s as a way to control costs.

    Today NICE routinely denies Britons life-prolonging drugs that are deemed not “cost effective” — drugs that are widely prescribed in America to treat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other serious conditions.

    The result, studies show, is that Great Britain’s cancer survival rates are among the worst in Europe and lag behind the United States.

    In America, Rationing Begins with Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

    In our country, the road to dehumanizing, bureaucratic health care rationing begins with something called comparative effectiveness research (CER). It sounds completely innocent. In practice, CER means comparing different treatments for diseases to see which works best. And what doctor or patient would object to that, right?

    The problem is that, in the context of a government-run health care system, comparative effectiveness research becomes a way to find a cheaper, one-size-fits-all approach to medicine that will limit health care choices for patients.

    But don’t just take my word for it. Congressional Democrats included $1.1 billion in the Stimulus Bill for CER. Report language explaining the bill noted that the treatments found to be “more expensive” as result of the research “will no longer be prescribed” and that “guidelines” should be developed to manage doctors.

    Congressional Democrats also killed several amendments to the current health care bill that would have prevented CER from being used to ration care. (To learn more about the common-sense amendments to the bill that have been blocked, click here).

    The Government Has Determined You Must Take the Blue Pill

    President Obama innocuously described the intended result of comparative effectiveness research like this: “If there’s a blue pill and a red pill, and the blue pill is half the price of the red pill and works just as well, why not pay half price for the thing that’s going to make you well?”

    Listen to what the President is saying here. He’s saying that the government is capable of determining which pill works best for you and should therefore only pay for that pill.

    But this one-size-fits-all approach goes against everything modern medicine is learning about the genetics of the human body. Different individuals and members of different ethnic and age groups respond differently to treatments. More and more, treatment of diseases like cancer is highly individualized and based on a genetic analysis of both the patient and her disease. Science is leading us in one direction and the administration and the Congress are taking us in the other.

    What if you get sick and your doctor says you need the red pill, but the government has determined that the blue pill is what works best for its budget? In a single payer health world, what do you do then?

    Creating a Commission to do the Dirty Work

    Government bureaucrats limiting health care choices is terribly unpopular of course, which is why politicians use terms like “comparative effectiveness research” instead of “rationing.”

    Another method Washington uses to avoid complicity in health care rationing is the creation of government boards or commissions — like Britain’s NICE — to do the job for them.

    President Obama has expressed his support for using the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), a commission created to advise Congress on Medicare, to achieve cost savings under health care reform.

    Because the commission’s decisions could only be over-ridden by a joint resolution of Congress, it would be virtually unaccountable to the people — and nervous members of Congress could blame the commission for unpopular decisions.

    Combine this kind of a commission with the “complete lives system” advocated by White House health care advisor Dr. Ezekial Emanuel and you end up with a government rationing board literally determining which Americans should live and which should die.

    Just Trust the Government

    Supporters of government-run health care dismiss these worries as alarmist. They argue that because their big government health care bill doesn’t overtly call for rationing, it is somehow illegitimate to talk about this danger.

    But it is always legitimate to consider the long-term consequences of a government program. By refusing to have an honest debate of this issue — to explore honestly the consequences of the “painful choices” that all supporters of government health care say must be made — their argument boils down to nothing more than this:

    Trust the government.

    Trust the politicians who are passing 1000-page bills they haven’t read.

    Trust the leaders who are demonizing the citizens seeking to express their disagreement by calling them “un-American.”

    Trust the advisors who advocate sacrificing the weak and the old and then hide in the shadows.

    Trust the government to know what’s best for the most intimate, most personal part of you and your family’s life: your health.

    Go ask a British citizen if it’s worth it.

    To just shut up and trust the government.

  23. Tenacity Says:

    Texas Darlin is at least temporarily closed. 😦
    Blog on Break

    August 13, 2009 by texasdarlin

    I am sorry to announce that personal and professional demands, including a major cross-country move, cause me to put TD Blog on pause.

  24. NeConservative Says:

    Sweet, let’s make sure he’s only a one-termer then. Altho, I’d prefer his usurping a$$ be ousted right now!!!

  25. ryansgrammy Says:

    More media bias! These lefties sure know how to party on our dollar — the Italian Alps! Excuuuuuuuuuuuseeeeeee me!

  26. ryansgrammy Says:

    You and me both NeCon!!!!

  27. rosettasister Says:

  28. jrinNC Says:

    sdee – I just emailed Price – don’t know if it will even get read since I am not in his district. But at least I have tried. His site is very busy as the server keeps timing out. If this email doesn’t get thru I guess I will try and call. I am totally disappointed that no one else who is representing this state has come out and talked to the people. They are like dogs with their tails tucked in to their a*s and hiding in dark places cowering down.

    Thank you for attending. There has been nothing in my area except the American’s For Prosperity – Patients First tour where over 500 people showed up.

    Also a big thanks to everyone else who is attending these functions and voicing your objections. While I am unable to travel to attend these few functions I am writing letters and making calls and keeping people informed.

  29. rosettasister Says:

    Americans sound off on health care, Obama administration in ‘Hannity’ town hall

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Part 2 of health care discussion

  31. NeConservative Says:

  32. rosettasister Says:


    Total Approve 48

    Total Disapprove 51

  33. rosettasister Says:

    “complicated, only-an-economist-could-love approaches.”

    I think it is hilarious that the protesters get criticized for being uninformed about an uber-complicated plan that has been marketed in talking points and catch phrases.

    How dare they!

    This administration loves “complicated, only-an-economist-could-love approaches.”

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Where the U.S. economy is stranded

    The economy is leveling off, the Fed says.

    I think of things this way, as if your ship sunk and you thought you were going to drown.

    But you struggle to shore on some island.

    You are happy to be alive but then realize you are stuck on an island.

    Kind of exactly like Castaway.

    But who knows what the tide will bring in.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Mark Steyn, Mary Katharine Ham, Steven Crowder, James Lileks


    [audio src="" /]

    Mark Steyn Transcript:

  36. rosettasister Says:

  37. rosettasister Says:

    Go f*** yourself!

    Send YOUR email!

  38. rosettasister Says:

    Re: Hugh Hewitt podcast posted above

    Mary Katharine Ham makes an excellent point.

    Many of Obama’s most ardent supporters, especially the younger ones, say they’re anti-government.

    When you tell them Obamacare is all about big government, they’re incredulous!

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Harry Schultz on the Bank Holiday

    Harry Schultz in his June 24th, 2009 newsletter warned of impending bank holidays. He recently revised his forecast on August 7th, 2009 to point out that the FDIC will be reporting it’s 2nd quarter results on August 25th 2009 and that investors should “stand by for a potential bank run and holiday on August 26th, 2009.”


  40. Tenacity Says:

    Now Beck is finally on the right trail. I hope he keeps his nose on it. It will lead him places he wouldn’t dream…including a threat to his ability to breath. I pray for his courage and the safety of his family. If he continues to follow the money & corruption (contacts), it would eventually lead back to S/Ob’s ineligibility.

  41. rosettasister Says:

    A Bank Holiday in The Making…

    Harry Schultz’s remarkable take on the situation:

    “My HSL suspicion is that the elite plan another FDR style “bank holiday” of indefinite length, perhaps very soon, to let the insiders sort-out the bank mess which is getting more out of their control every day.

    Insiders want/need to impose new bank rules.

    Widespread nationalization could result, already under way.

    It could also lead to a formal US$ devaluation, as FDR did by revaluing gold (& then confiscating it).

    But devalue against what?

    The euro? Doubtful.

    Gold? Maybe.

    Or vs. the IMF basket of currencies (which seems more likely)-& much in the news recently.

    Any kind of bank holiday will push the US$ lower, which may be a bonus benefit to their ongoing scenario of letting the $ fall.

    Such a fall would get the devaluation they want without having to declare it.

    In sum, the insiders want more bank & system control, fewer banks & a lower US$.

    A bank holiday would suit all their needs.”


    Can we expect a sudden dollar devaluation, complete with suspension of markets and a so-called ‘bank holiday’?

    Or will we see the stealth devaluation of the dollar continue to accelerate?

    (Mr. Schultz may have revised his prediction since he wrote this. I wonder if Bernanke’s statement about stopping “quantitative easing” had anything to do with this.)

  42. NeConservative Says:

    Man I like this guy, oh, and I LOVE how he always refers to the current Administration as a FACTION, it’s a continuous JAB at the usurper.

    Unhealthy for liberty

    Posted: August 14, 2009
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2009

    In 1858, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Dred Scott decision, Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech (“A House Divided”) that would surely be ridiculed and dismissed these days as evidence that he was some kind of conspiracy theory kook. After placing the Court’s decision in the context of actions and statements of various pro-slavery politicians and their fellow travelers, he offered the following observation:

    We cannot absolutely know that these exact adaptations are the result of preconcert. But when we see a lot of framed timbers, which we know different portions of which have been gotten out at different times and in different places by different workmen – Stephen, Franklin, Roger, James, for instance – and when we see these timbers joined together, and see that they exactly frame a house or a mill, all the tenons and mortices fitting exactly together, all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective places, and not a piece too many or a piece too few – not omitting even scaffolding – or, if a single piece be lacking, we can see the place in the frame where it is fitted and prepared yet to be put in. In such a case, we find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin and Roger and James all understood one another from the beginning; all worked on a common plan or draft drawn before the first lick was struck.
    For months now, Americans have been bombarded with stories about different proposals and actions emanating from the members and fellow travelers of the Obama faction. There was, for example, the effort to remove control of the 2010 Census from the Congress (where it is placed by constitutional provision) to the White House. There was the move to give the District of Columbia a vote in the House of Representatives (in clear violation of constitutional provision). There is Obama’s persistent refusal to release evidence that might prove or contradict his unsubstantiated claim to satisfy the Constitution’s requirements as to eligibility for the office of president of the United States.

    When did government officials start ignoring our national charter – and why does it continue? Find out in “Who Killed the Constitution?”

    In the context of the bank rescue effort enormous outlays of money, raised on the good faith and credit of the United States, have occurred without specific authorization or oversight from the U.S. Congress. Without constitutional warrant, and in clear violation of the constitutional protections for private property rights, the so-called bank rescue effort has resulted in a government takeover of private-sector entities, including hiring, firing and the dictation of remuneration.

    The so-called stimulus package allocated billions of dollars from the public coffers for ACORN, an organization that has clearly served as one of the partisan and political tools of the Obama faction. In the same vein, ACORN has been marked for use as part of the team collecting information for the 2010 census.

    Meanwhile, statements by Obama faction government appointees, as well as official documents of U.S. government departments and agencies, have suggested or flatly declared that people taking positions contrary to the Obama faction’s party line are to be labeled terrorists and considered a threat to national security.

    Meanwhile, on the supposed excuse of assuring access to health care for the 10 percent or so of Americans ostensibly left without it as things stand, the Obama faction proposes the establishment of a government-controlled health insurance option, with some provisions that would implicate the whole people of the United States in support for abortion; and others that could easily be used to extend government intrusion and control into every facet of people’s lives – from unwarranted access to personal financial information to child rearing to life-and-death decisions about care for the elderly and disabled.

    (Column continues below)

    News From The Worlds Of History, Gemology,
    And Science.

    1. Huge Ruby Found In Bali
    2. World’s Most Expensive Watch Disappears
    3. Cache Of Giant Raw Diamonds Found
    4.1930’s Antique Spedometer Found On A Wrist
    5. Yale’s Air Heros Of World War I
    6. Over 100,000 sets of pearls given away
    7. U.S. Clock Loses 1 Second in 20 Million Years
    8. Chemist shocks Diamond Trade
    9. Emeralds under $10 a carat?

    Taken in isolation, each of these actions and issues has its own rationale and explanation. But if, following the example of Lincoln’s statesmanship, we use common sense to envisage the whole that results when all these elements are taken together, what we see is a society transformed from a place with a large area of freedom from government domination and control into a place where the mechanisms of government control are strategically place so as to make fear of government decision and intervention the pervasive reality of life in every respect.

    I have posted on my blog (Loyal to Liberty) a recording of a speech by another statesman, President Ronald Reagan, in which he warns against the abuse of the health care issue as an excuse for the imposition of totalitarian government control. Though even some of the critics of the Obama faction’s health sector proposals speak as if the problem with it lies in the fact that they are reaching for too much too quickly, this criticism begs the most important question: What are they reaching for? It defies logic to think that an effort to improve access for 10 percent of our people in any sense justifies paving the way for a government takeover of 100 percent of our lives. The problem isn’t that they are overreaching. It is quite simply that what they are reaching for is wrong – wrong for the quality of health care, wrong for the individual liberties of Americans, wrong for the preservation of constitutional government that secures the liberty of the American people.

    Given the mounting and consistent evidence that the goal of totalitarian government control shapes the strategy and indeed defines the identity of the Obama faction and all its fellow travelers, it is not enough to oppose and defeat the actions and proposals they continually devise. We must reject their strategy. We must reject them.

    All Americans who wish to remain free must stand as one against the national socialist agenda – for God, for Liberty and the Constitution.


    For more from Alan Keyes visit Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement, well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the Constitutional Republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He staunchly resists the destruction of the American people’s sovereignty by fighting to secure our borders, abolish the federal income tax, end the insurrectionary practices of the federal Judiciary, and build a banking and financial system that halts elite looting of America’s wealth and income. He formally severed his Republican Party affiliation in April of 2008 and has since then worked with America’s Independent Party to build an effective vehicle for citizen-led grass-roots political action.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Sanjay Gupta Recruiting Kids on CNN To Be H1N1 Vaccine Guinea Pigs

  44. rosettasister Says:

    Palin Power: Senate Removes ‘End of Life’ Provisions

  45. rosettasister Says:

  46. rosettasister Says:

    J. Corsi latest radio interview on eligibility

  47. rosettasister Says:

    This is just weird!

    “Birther” Media Breach
    Could Reveal Deeper Truths


    McCarthy criticized his own editors in his demand for transparency. The issue, he argues, is not the birth certificate per se, but “the true personal history of the man who has been sold to us based on nothing but his personal history?”

    To make the case that Obama’s life story is “chock full of fiction,” McCarthy cites one particular passage from his 1995 memoir Dreams From My Father.

    “Eventually a consulting house to multinational corporations agreed to hire me as a research assistant. Like a spy behind enemy lines, I arrived every day at my mid-Manhattan office and sat at my computer terminal,” begins the passage in question. “As far as I could tell I was the only black man in the company.”

    A co-worker has since revealed that this was, in fact, just an obscure little company that published newsletters and that Obama was not the only black person who worked there. He did not have an office, wear a jacket and tie as claimed, interview international businessmen or write articles.

    “Obama lies about the small things, the inconsequential things,” McCarthy puzzles, but here McCarthy misses a larger point: Is it really Obama who is doing the lying?

    The woman who raised Obama was a bank vice-president. Obama attended grade school in Indonesia, the best prep school in Hawaii and graduated from an Ivy League university.

    Why would he feel as if he were “behind enemy lines” in a corporation with an international mission?

    The best explanation is that Obama did not write the passage in question but rather that he turned the framework of his life over to terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers who roughed it in with his own darker sentiments and experiences.

  48. rosettasister Says:

    You Might Be a Birther if…

    You might be a Birther if…you now have a feeling in your gut that the narrative used to elect a president was a bit off the mark in substantive ways.

    You may have been a moderate, who bought candidate Obama’s conciliatory voice of moderation and intelligence, as eloquently displayed again and again on the campaign trail.

    But now that you’ve witnessed one leftist power play after another coming from the President, you’re thinking you may have been misled.

    At the very least, you may be a Birther if you simply would like the president, who promised you transparency, to actually deliver a modicum of the stuff.

    As for me, I’m no wacko.

    Nor am I believing much of anything this president says now, because he’s been caught in so many exaggerations, so many outright lies, so many contortions of the truth, that anyone still trusting him on even small matters, might lack a decent amount of common sense.

    The American system of government was designed upon an open acknowledgement of the unsavory elements of human nature.

    Our system is designed to be skeptical and demand proof.

    To those who now calculate the political ramifications of making this simple request for records, I’m prone to ask myself when good old American civics died.

    There is nothing whatsoever political involved in this, except what the President, his own press secretary and leftist media hounds have made of it themselves.

    Have we all become nothing higher on the citizen scale than political operatives, gauging our words in accord with what effect they may have upon an electoral contest in the future?

    If so, we may be accomplices in the murder of American civics, plain and simple.

    At this juncture, every single American of every political stripe might want to claim the title, “Birther.”

    It is, after all, as American as apple pie to simply and politely say, “Show me.”

  49. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Doonesbury’ pokes fun at constitutional question

    Cartoonist Trudeau suggests Hitler would want documentation of eligibility, too

  50. rosettasister Says:

    What conspiracy theory?

    But, they say, it’s obvious. Criticizing or calling into question anything the first black president says or does now equates with racism.

    I would put forth the proposition that those holding such views are not only mentally unbalanced, but they are dabbling in the worst kind of conspiracy mongering, not to mention ad hominem insults of the most vicious kind.

    So, again, I have to ask: What conspiracy am I promoting?

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Recession Is Over?

    Karl Rove disputes claims about the economy

  52. Troy Says:

    Probably already posted, but here is the difference between a level headed thinking person and a progressive liberal asshole.

  53. rosettasister Says:

    That was great, Troy!

    I hadn’t seen that before.

    Thank you!

  54. jrinNC Says:


    Socialism vs. Health Care Reform


    “Fact is – Democratic Socialists in congress and the White House have done this nation a great service over the last six months.

    Their tyrannical leap into unrestrained Marxism has shocked a sleeping giant into action and the leftist rush to grab private industry after private industry put DC elitists on a collision course with average Americans who had been lethargically sliding down the slippery slope into totalitarianism for sixty years now.

    Thanks to DC Marxists, the people are awake and engaged now! The people are standing up and speaking out! The Second American Revolution has begun!

    If DC Marxists continue to ignore or downplay the velvet revolution taking place in town hall meetings across the nation, they will soon find themselves muzzle to muzzle with average American who have clearly lost all faith and trust in DC elitists and are fully prepared to take their country back, one way or another!
    Can I get an Amen here!”

  55. rosettasister Says:

    Updated link after deleting old files:

  56. Troy Says:

    Check this out…Anyone need a job?…Now Hiring!!!..Be all that you can be!

  57. Troy Says:

    I have a question for you people….Obama was a “community organizer”, right?

    Do you think that the word “communism” is derived from the word “community”?

    You betcha it is…We now live under communist rule…Wake up folks!!!

  58. sdee Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    If DC Marxists continue to ignore or downplay the velvet revolution taking place in town hall meetings across the nation, they will soon find themselves muzzle to muzzle with average American who have clearly lost all faith and trust in DC elitists and are fully prepared to take their country back, one way or another!
    Can I get an Amen here!”


  59. Troy Says:

    It’s time to face the cold hard facts…Now, the question is, “What are you prepared to do about it”?

  60. Troy Says:

    Amen 2 !!!

  61. NeConservative Says:

    We shall see

    Montana Prevents Obama From Rigging Town Hall Audience

    Friday, August 14, 2009 12:00 PM

    By: Matthew Mosk, Washington Times Article Font Size

    There is no guarantee that President Barack Obama will be able to avoid critics of his healthcare proposal when he hosts a town hall meeting in Belgrade, Mont., on Friday.

    Local officials in Belgrade and neighboring Bozeman personally oversaw the handing out of passes Thursday in much the same fashion that a venue would dole out tickets to a rock concert. Hundreds of people seeking to attend the president’s event began lining up Wednesday afternoon, and camped out overnight in the parking lots of the two local municipal buildings.

    Karen Semerau, the Bozeman official who helped oversee the distribution, said some people brought their dogs, others put up tents, and but for a brief rain shower, those in line appeared to be upbeat about the chance to hear from, and question, the president about his plan.

    “I couldn’t tell by looking at people if they were for the president’s plan or against it,” Semerau said. “But I can say that the group was totally mixed – college kids, older folks, all walks of life.”

    According to, 70 percent of all tickets are reserved for the public, with the remainder reserved for local politicians and area VIPs. In all, Obama officials expect about 1,400 people to attend Friday’s town hall at Gallatin Field Airport hangar. Another 500 are expected to protest outside the venue.

    Tickets for Friday’s event were distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, according to Politico. That’s a break from Obama’s past town halls, which required ticket requests to go through the White House Web site.

    The White House has reacted strongly to questioning about whether the administration took steps to rig the audience at his last town hall, in Portsmouth, N.H., after those denied tickets complained that the audience seemed unusually friendly to his point of view.

    Press secretary Robert Gibbs said repeatedly that the administration made no effort to exclude the sorts of vocal opponents who have inflamed congressional town hall events elsewhere in the country.

    There is no evidence that the White House did anything to screen the crowd. But many of the protesters outside the New Hampshire event said they found it disturbing that, even when the president explicitly sought out skeptics in the audience, the majority of questions thrown his way were softballs.

    Gibbs said he believes the media have been disappointed that there were no fireworks at the president’s town hall. He also made clear that, while the president does not welcome the sort of belligerent hecklers that have surfaced at numerous congressional town halls, he is holding his events to address what he says is misinformation that he thinks is fanning much of the opposition.

    “I do think that people have questions,” Gibbs said Thursday. “I think that’s why – I mean, the president isn’t out doing town hall meetings just for his health. I mean, he wants to – I think he understands the need to address concerns or misconceptions out there.”

    Both the White House and a number of labor and advocacy groups have been ramping up campaigns to correct those misconceptions, including a Web site and a chain e-mail written by the president’s top political adviser, David Axelrod, which began circulating this week.

    Marilyn Foltz, a city official in Belgrade, said she believes the Montana residents who waited overnight for tickets in queues that she said snaked like the lines at Disney World, “just want to hear what the president had to say.”

    “There was no effort,” Foltz said, to skew the audience for the president’s benefit. “It was very truly first-come, first-served. The tickets were dispensed until they were gone.”

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Iran Updates:

    Press TV says Hilary Clinton told CNN that US gave help to protests behind scenes. Did anyone see this? find hard to believe

    Press TV and regime desperate to make link between US and protests, but the ppl are not stupid.

    If Hilary Clinton really did say this she is a bigger fool than the lot running Iran. Her Africa visit has been a disaster.

    It is madness. Her Africa trip has been a disaster.

    Saw the clip and what Hilary said. What a foolish, foolish woman. But thank God Iran thinks evidence of woman is flawed.

    Clip of Clinton interview

    Let me assure 1 & all that thr R no US/CIA ppl backing me or any of my trusted sources who R organising protests.

    This Velvet Revolution is MADE IN IRAN. Don’t try and take any credit Hilary

    But she used the words ‘we R helping behind the scenes. She shld have said “this is a matter 4 the Iranian PPl.’

    Does not matter how she says US helped, it will be broadcast In Iran as evidence that US is behind this

    (“oxfordgirl” is bitching and moaning about what Hillary said about Iran. His criticism may be valid, but he’s an Obama supporter and honestly believes Hillary is NOT Obama’s mouthpiece. Of course she is. We may not know shit about Iranian politics, but neither do they know diddly squat about U.S. politics. “oxfordgirl” has been apologizing for Obama since the outset of this crisis, even though Obama has abandoned the Iranian freedom fighters. He’s a good resource, but he’s biased where Obama is concerned.)

  63. NeConservative Says:

    Hmm…seems like a partisan crowd so far, watching Bachus on about to introduce the usurper

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Another Lefty Likes Wyden-Bennett

    I know we’ve pushed this before, but as health care reform stumbles along through Congress, I think it’s important to start pointing out what better alternatives exist, and to keep pointing these out.

    Obstruction is fine and good if the only alternative is a really, absolutely horrible reform.

    H.R. 3200 may or may not be that horrible, but when an alternative as sensible as Wyden-Bennett exists, it really is worth paying attention to.

    If enough people are made aware of it, maybe it will begin to gain support.

    Sens. Wyden and Bennett don’t seem to be giving up, in any case.

  65. sdee Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    I am totally disappointed that no one else who is representing this state has come out and talked to the people. They are like dogs with their tails tucked in to their a*s and hiding in dark places cowering down.

    great JR. I email both Price and US Senator Burr. I always get a letter back from Burr, nothing from Price. I agree with Burr more often than not but i keep asking him to stand up and tell the people of North Carolina what is going on in DC. He could get any size forum anytime he wanted including TV, radio and newspapers. Yet I never hear or see him. Troubling.

    I created a new email account and signed up at Organizing for America (it didn’t hurt a bit 🙂 ) – that is how I found out about the Price townhall. They use your zipcode to tell you about events.

  66. Troy Says:

    Check out this sack of liberal crap.

  67. jrinNC Says:

    Yeah Sdee, I always get a reply back from Burr and I have to say he SEEMS to be on our side. Think I will call him and see why he hasn’t spoken out. I NEVER get anything back from Hagan.

  68. rosettasister Says:

    (GOP has to do this now to prevent government-run healthcare.)

    GOP Has Health Care Ideas but Prefers Attacks on Obama

    Two interesting GOP proposals, so far not adopted by party leaders, have been offered from opposite ends of the Republican ideological spectrum – conservative and moderate.

    They differ in one major way. Conservatives would end employer-based health care, while moderates would keep it.

    But both are aimed, as you’d expect from the GOP, at using free-market competition to lower costs and make private insurance more affordable to businesses and individuals.

    If and when the GOP decides to “go positive” on health care, it ought to make the case for the success of competition – the way a Democrat, former Clinton Commerce Department official Paul A. London, did in a recent Web article, “Lower Healthcare Costs: Learning From History.”

    London wrote that Obama could cut costs by doing what Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter did in the 1970s by removing price controls and otherwise deregulating such industries as air travel, trucking, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, finance and retail.

    London advocates, on the Web site, opening current government health care monopolies – Medicare, Medicaid, the Defense Department’s Tricare system and the Veterans Affairs Department – to competition among doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.

    Republicans should be loudly advocating the same idea for national health care reform – and citing successful models like Switzerland’s system and America’s own Medicare Part D, the prescription drug program.

    The conservative health care proposal has been offered in the House by Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) and in the Senate by Richard Burr (N.C.) and Tom Coburn (Okla.).

    The moderate plan has been proposed by Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.) and Charlie Dent (Pa.) and reportedly will form the basis of a full-blown GOP alternative developed by the GOP Health Care Solutions Group headed by Rep. Roy Blunt (Mo.), but not yet unveiled.

    The Ryan-Burr proposal would allow employees to opt out of their employer-based insurance plan and get a $5,000-per-family tax credit to buy health insurance or pay medical bills.

    It would also allow individuals and businesses to form pools and buy insurance anywhere in the country, not just in the state where they live.

    As Ryan puts it, “This will greatly expand the choices of coverage available to consumers and will also encourage broader competition and diversity among insurers.”

    Along with practically every other plan, Democratic and Republican, the conservative plan would require insurance companies to offer insurance regardless of a person’s pre-existing medical condition.

    Meantime, Kirk and Dent’s Medical Rights and Reform Act is designed to lower the cost of insurance policies through legal reform – which will reduce the expensive practice of “defensive medicine” – and also create interstate pools.

    According to Kirk, the average cost of insurance in states like California, which have limits on medical malpractice awards and allow large-scale pooling, is less than half that in lawyer-friendly states like New Jersey.

    Both the conservative and moderate plans would allow low-income Medicaid patients to get vouchers to buy private insurance and encourage states to experiment with insurance market reforms.

    Besides these proposals, other Republicans are cosponsoring bipartisan alternatives to Obama-Democratic plans, notably the Healthy Americans Act co-sponsored by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Bob Bennett (R-Utah).

    And, of course, in the only major bipartisan negotiation on Capitol Hill, three Republicans and three Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee are trying to hash out a health plan that can pass.

  69. rosettasister Says:


  70. Tenacity Says:

    Amen 3

  71. jrinNC Says:

    Thanks Rose – I was just getting ready to say that Burr supports Patients’ Choice Act, a bill that delivers on the shared principles of promoting universal access to quality, affordable health care, and does so without adding billions of dollars in new debt or taxes. Puts affordable coverage and choice within reach of all Americans. This is accomplished by first ending the discrimination in the tax code that rewards corporations and employers yet offers no benefit to the unemployed or those who do not have access to coverage through their job. Specifically, the Patients’ Choice Act would shift health care tax benefits to individuals and families, regardless of employment status, in the form of a tax credit worth about $2,200 for individuals and $5,700 for families. Americans would receive this benefit upfront, so they would not have to wait until they file their tax returns to get it.

    While I think this also needs to be done – face it, if people are given a tax credit to be used for health care – many WILL NOT be spending that money on health care. So how do you get them to buy it????? Vouchers which can only be applied to the purchase of health care coverage?? Mandatory deductions from payroll? This still leaves out millions of people who will not buy health care insurance no matter what is done.

  72. rosettasister Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    August 14, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    So how do you get them to buy it?????

    Vouchers which can only be applied to the purchase of health care coverage??

    Mandatory deductions from payroll?

    (all of the above?)

    This still leaves out millions of people who will not buy health care insurance no matter what is done.


    I’ve stated before that “I am my brother’s keeper.”

    I’ve also stated that I want universal coverage and no pre-existing condition.

    There must be a way to ensure subsidies can only be used to pay for insurance premiums.

    Mostly there has to be a private sector solution.

    All I know is we must stop this power grab which is Obamacare.

    Then we need to take a look at some of these proposals put forth in the article above.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    Cleanin’ and Listenin’ to Page 4

  74. jrinNC Says:

    Good music on page 4 Rose – Shake a Tail Feather – WOW haven’t heard that in years 🙂

  75. igaveup Says:


    I’m too old to join the Guard. Since I’ve become unemployed and I have 4 kids, I actually looked at Guard (secretarial) jobs. I’m a couple years too old to apply. Same with FBI, too old.

  76. jrinNC Says:

    The safety of a losing Barack Obama

    “They are meant to smear Americans and to set the stage for liberals to get rid of the loser by blaming the right for it.”

    Very good article. It would not surprise me if this comes true.

  77. jrinNC Says:

    Posted on America’s Right
    Filling in the Blanks

    “A few days ago, Palin made reference to “death panels”…
    And it worked. As of yesterday afternoon, the Associated Press was reporting that committees were pulling the questionable provision from the bill entirely.”

    “Senators exclude end-of-life provision from bill”

    h t t p ://

    “But she has done just that. Sarah Palin is filling in the blanks, and the left is absolutely terrified.”


    Way to go Sarah.

  78. Troy Says:

    igaveup Says:

    August 14, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    I’m too old to join the Guard. Since I’ve become unemployed and I have 4 kids, I actually looked at Guard (secretarial) jobs. I’m a couple years too old to apply. Same with FBI, too old.
    My post of the video was meant with sarcasm…They were advertising for recruits to man the FEMA camps.

  79. sdee Says:

    Atlas Shrugs has a post about Fla police rounding up the people who are putting up Joker posters, and the media campaign to make it an act of racism. Pamela posted this quote from the Joker himself:


    In the wake of a Florida news station covering the “vandalism” of Obama as Joker posters going up around the country, Infowars has discovered an Obama quote published in The Washington Post thanking Obamanoids for posting the artwork of Shepard Fairey on government property. Fairey created the now famous image of Obama used during the election.

    “I would like to thank you for using your talent in support of my campaign,” Obama wrote the artist last year. “The political messages involved in your work have encouraged Americans to believe they can help change the status quo. Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign.”

  80. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 14, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Probably already posted, but here is the difference between a level headed thinking person and a progressive liberal asshole.


    I hadn’t seen it Troy. But I’m glad I did. TY!

    That man has a very calm yet respect commanding spirit about him.




    Was that really the message you sent off to be “flagged”?

    I’m still debating w/ myself if I want .gov to have my email addy.

  81. budgy Says:

    Hi Rose and Gang!

    Love the music Rose, thanks for the entertainment. I hope that Teri is doing better Rose. Continuing prayers for your family.

    I just saw this at Fox –“Black Man Pleads Guilty to Posing as Obama-Hating White Supremacist on Facebook”

    Did anyone see this on Facebook? A lefty racist…oh my,2933,539445,00.html?test=latestnews

  82. Troy Says:

    Fuck Brad “Arm” Pitt…Boycott his movies!!!

    The idiot has obviously never stared death in the eye as I have on three occasions….His day will come and God will introduce him / her / itself to little Brad boy.

  83. sdee Says:

    The Final Solution

  84. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is truly sad. Screw the ACLU (hey that rhymes :)!

  85. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — have you seen this?

  86. Troy Says:

    grammy, I cannot wait until the wrath of God descends upon these people…As far as I’m concerned, it can’t happen soon enough.

  87. Troy Says:

    Rose, here is an interview that I think you might enjoy.
    Hospice Care Physician, Dr. John Lerma — Insider Death Bed Confessions About Obama, Roswell, 2012 and Planet X

    If life is for the living, what does death hold in store for us? In a word “wisdom,” for those fortunate enough to die well.

    They see our world with an angelic view and all that our future holds.

    As an end of life hospice physician, Dr. John Lerma’s patients have often shared this wisdom with him in he their twilight of life. Insights and truths long buried. Haunting truths that include Roswell, Planet X, 2012 and more.

    The author of Learning from the Light: Pre-death Experiences, Prophecies, and Angelic Messages of Hope, Dr. Lerma is widely known for his compassionate and loving care of the terminally-ill and practices at the internationally renowned Medical Center Hospice of Houston, Texas.

    It was one of the reasons why Communion author and ufologist Whitley Strieber asked him to remove an extraterrestrial tracking implant, embedded in the soft tissue of his ear.

    Interestingly enough, the very same kind of people who make grief for ufologists also find their way to Dr. Lerma’s Hospice. In the last glimmer of their lives, they begin moving back and forth between this dimension and the next. In doing so, they come to learn the eventual futility of the government secrets they’ve dutifully kept from others — even their own spouses.

    With their careers and concerns fading behind them, they unburden themselves to kind souls such as Dr. Lerma, because he truly understands their moment in time and does everything possible to comfort them. In this interview, you’ll learn what they shared with him in their deathbed confessions.

  88. Troy Says:

    Obamacare union mafia closes Howard Dean event to the public
    Yesterday I noted that DNC “chairman emeritus” Howard Dean was coming to Ohio tomorrow to rally the SEIU and OEA union mafia in support of Obamafail at their Columbus hq. The event flier advertised that event as “open to the public”.

    Well, SEIU didn’t appreciate my advertising their “open to the public” event, so they are now requiring tickets for entry, which they have dutifully passed out to their union mafia allies for distribution. Don’t worry about trying to get a ticket though. The SEIU website now says that your only hope to participate is to watch the event on their website. So much for “open to the public”.

    Perhaps that might be even more reason for the concerned citizens of the Buckeye State to greet Dean at the SEIU location to let him know what they think of Obamacare. Here are the details:

    Saturday, August 15, 2009
    TIME: 5:00PM
    DOORS OPEN: 4:00PM

    1395 Dublin Road
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Here’s a handy-dandy MyPetJawa map link to the event site. No ticket necessary. The First Amendment and public right-of-way is all you need.

  89. sdee Says:

    Soros /Patterson $140 million tax money giveaway. We don’t need no stinkin school supplies.

    Buyers make a run on flat screens, beer, cigarettes.

    Like that’s a big surprise.

  90. Fernley Girl Says:

    At rense, by Devvy Kidd,

    part of health care reform was hidden in the stimulus plan.

  91. Fernley Girl Says:

    And health care reform is illegal. Legal citations included.

  92. igaveup Says:


    i know that you were being sarcastic, but i really did look into a guard position clerical after i got laid off. i couldn’t believe that i too old.

  93. Troy Says:

    sdee Says:

    August 15, 2009 at 3:14 am
    Soros /Patterson $140 million tax money giveaway. We don’t need no stinkin school supplies.

    Buyers make a run on flat screens, beer, cigarettes.

    Like that’s a big surprise.
    That is the same exact thing that the Mycheks did when the gubmint gave them loaded debit cards after hurricane Katrina….They also destroyed the free FEMA trailers / living quarters….Generous hotel chains that gave out free rooms to accomodate the societal leeches found their property trashed and turned into mini slums….It was the most disgusting display of pure animalism that I have ever witnessed.

  94. igaveup Says:


    thanks for the link to lame cherry.
    that story ties up many loose ends.
    wonder if lame cherry has nailed it?

  95. Tenacity Says:

    I gotta tell ya that I see that LC piece as counter-intelligence. There are things that are not in that article that LC would have said at a deeper level if he did not have an ulterior motive. I’m liking LC more and more all the time. Sly…very sly.

  96. Tenacity Says:

    A new blog to watch:

    I will try to let you know when she’s posting new articles herself. She’s got 2 in the hopper soon to be released. Go sign up and welcome her to the world of hosting. She is biting off a time consumer. Believe me, unless you moderate/host a blog, you have no idea how consuming it can be. Rose, my hat’s off to you.

  97. Troy Says:

    Step 1: Pass healthcare Step 2: Repeal Term Limits Step 3: Form NAU
    by DefendUSx August 15, 2009 00:59

    White House Rebuffs 22nd Amendment
    Jenny Crane
    New York Times
    August 14, 2009

    WASHINGTON– Last year, candidate Barack Obama promised sweeping changes to the way that Washington politics was carried out. Since his election last November, the President has met with members of the opposition Republican Party and has pushed for bipartisan solutions to economic, health care, and other policy decisions.

    The (alleged) President has also been bold enough to enact changes independently. In a move cheered by many, the Guantanamo Bay prison facility is slowly being closed and United States combat troops are leaving Iraq. Bush-era surveillance laws have been rolled back and the President traveled to Europe to repair shattered alliances.

    The President is perhaps attempting his largest change to the way that American politics is conducted. According to White House chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, President Obama is considering asking the Congress to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

    The 22nd Amendment, ratified in 1951, excludes any sitting President from serving more than two terms in office. Enacted under President Truman, this law has affected many Presidents and is seen as limiting their political capital. There have been multiple pushes to repeal the amendment, but fears of consolidation of power in the executive branch have stalled efforts.

    However, with the results of the 2008 elections and the ascension of massive Democratic majorities in both Congressional elections, there appears to be more of a chance of repealing the amendment.

    Emanuel stated that the President’s top priority at the current moment was health care reform. However, after the August Congressional recess is complete and the plan is “passed as expected”, Emanuel stated that the President will start a public campaign to pressure Congress to overturn the 22nd Amendment.

    Part of the campaign is expected to take place with interviews of the President, as well as advertisements in newspapers and on television. Websites such as the Daily Kos and have reportedly already signed on to the White House plan.

    According to sources in Emanuel’s office, much of the publicity campaign will attempt to isolate Republicans as standing against the President’s political agenda and the future of the United States.

    “Expect this to be a big fight.” Emanuel said, “But think of it. The President just turned 48. He is one of the youngest Presidents in history and could serve for decades if the American people decide that he is still right for the job. We should never deny the people their rights to elect whom they choose.”

    Congressional Republicans have yet to comment on the plan, but at least one member has expressed doubt over the plan. Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2000, stated that the idea of repealing the 22nd Amendment was “unacceptable.”

  98. Troy Says:

    ATTENTION!!!….JAG Hunter blogspot is reporting this as a Hannity Fox News Special that Fox refused to air….Is this the mysterious Radical Obama series that we were all looking for and couldn’t find?…..Why, I do believe it is!!!

    Part 1

  99. Troy Says:

    Part 2

  100. Troy Says:

    Part 3

  101. Troy Says:

    Part 4

  102. Troy Says:

    Part 5

  103. Troy Says:

    Part 6

  104. sdee Says:

    Troy Says:
    White House Rebuffs 22nd Amendment
    Jenny Crane
    New York Times
    August 14, 2009

    Troy, have you ben able to find the original NYT article? I found this but the link to the NYT does not work.

  105. Troy Says:

    Well, at least Hannity tried to tell the sheeple the truth about their messiah….Corrupt Fox News wouldn’t air it because every single last word of it is the TRUTH….Fuck Fox News!!!!!!

  106. sdee Says:

    Troy Says:
    White House Rebuffs 22nd Amendment
    Jenny Crane
    New York Times

    Troy, were you been able to find the original NYT article? I found the following blog but the link to the NYT does not work.

  107. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  108. Troy Says:

    Make the above videos go viral please!

  109. Tenacity Says:

    I believe this is the show Hannity aired just before the election. It was immediately following this show that Roger Ailes informed everyone at Fox to lay off of Obama. If there is new information as the email I forwarded claimed, it is on top of this. Note that throughout these videos, Hannity refers to S/Ob as Senator. I did not see anything new in these videos.

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