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  1. Tenacity Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 7, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Ham Radio!!!
    I understand analog is not as easy to jack with via magnetic pulses as is digital.

    So Troy, drawaline is a great opportunity to POUNCE. Make sure you give Gerry your feedback. I also forwarded it to Doc V and officials in WY & CO.

  2. Tenacity Says:

    Why do I still feel like I’m sucking wind? Perhaps it is all the surrender I heard in that last thread. We must stay the course on all fronts. Even if it is only a remote chance that 1 judge will have the guts to make S/Ob face the NBC music on the merits of the case, then it will be worth it all. If he is disqualified, the election and all orders, bills enacted, and appointments are for naught. Now doesn’t that thought give you a warm feeling. It gives me the glimmer of hope to not quit. But then I’m Tenacity…what would you expect?

  3. rosettasister Says:

    It is precisely your tenaciousness that we love about you, Tenacity!

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Debo haber dicho “Tenacidad”

  5. Tenacity Says:

    Cuidadoso con el entendre doble

  6. Tenacity Says:

    That men may rise above temptation, it is needful that they should have temptation. GM

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    August 7, 2009 at 11:47 pm

    Cuidadoso con el entendre doble


    Oh, that was classic!

  8. rosettasister Says:

    It is absolutely gorgeous in the Valley of the Sun today.

    Going outside for a swim and to get black like my Sicilian ancestors.

    And to get beat up by my doggie.

    My husband got a look at me and said, “People are going to think that I beat you.”

    I said, “They already do.”

  9. jrinNC Says:

    Wow looks like I missed all the chaos on previous thread with google. Thus far I have not had any problems except with Orly’s site. Does anyone no anything about the browser Avant????????? CNET is showing over 40,000 downloads for this browser.

    Bones, have we given up on reading the health care reform bill?????

    Today I went to the rally for “Hands off My Health Care.” Had speakers there from the John Locke Foundation, Doctors, and Nurses. We had between 200 and 300 people there. Everyone was parked off the shoulder of a service road and we were told our vehicles would be towed away so we had to move them. Cars were not blocking the traffic on the service road, so you can surmise that they did not want this rally going on. Their agenda urged constituent action against a government takeover of health care.

  10. jrinNC Says:

    Oops:::: Does anyone “no” KNOW anything about the browser Avant?????????

  11. jrinNC Says:

    Ok Ten – Lame Cherry is a man for sure – “What is a curse is having a Sheik beg you to father the children of his nation as he is so impressed with you. It’s not that I don’t like children, but could the world really handle all this handsomeness and intelligenceness in one nation.”


  12. Troy Says:

    We are supposed to report anything that seems “fishy”….I guess I should report this.
    Hawaii Democrat State Senator Wants Obama To Reveal His Birth Certificate

    Well what will the Daily Kos crowd have to say about a Democratic state senator in Hawaii announcing that he will introduce legislation in Hawaii to make Obama disclose the birth certificate information filed with that’s state’s Department of Health? State Sen. Will Espero (D), who was born in Japan, explains to World Net Daily his decision to introduce the legislation:

    “My decision to file the legislation was primarily a result of the fuss over President Obama’s birth records and the lingering questions,” Espero said.

    Espero told WND that he believes President Obama was born in Hawaii.

    “My motivation is strictly to promote transparency,” he said. “When I found out that Hawaii birth records were not available to the public my first thought was, ‘Why wouldn’t they be available to the public?’

    “As far as I am concerned, records regarding whether a person was born here or not should be in the public domain,” he said.

    Asked specifically about Obama’s birth records, including the original long-form birth certificate, Espero said, “Whatever birth records regarding President Obama that the Hawaii Department has on file should be made public.”

    Espero emphasized that his legislation would make provisions to deal with security issues by making sure no information would be released that could aid criminals to commit identity theft.

    Once his legislation is drafted, Espero said he would submit it to Hawaii Director of Health Dr. Chiyome Fukino for comment before introducing the legislation to the Hawaii state legislature.
    Leo Donofrio turns in another stellar post explaining why Obama is not a natural born citizen (and it has nothing to do with his place of birth) and the real danger that the United States will cease to exist as a constitutional republic


  13. jc Says:

    Troy, Ten,
    Have you seen this? It was posted at Citizen Wells and Natural Born Citizen.

    Leo has commented briefly on this.

    What say you?

    bho boo // August 7, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    You Article II s.1′er guys are just going to love this………THE CONSTITUTION DOES INDEED DEFINE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AS BORN OF 2 US CITIZEN PARENTS AND ‘IN COUNTRY’, further it defines allegiance by patrilineage!!!

    Greg Goss wrote:

    The Constitution and de Vattel’s Law of Nations has the answer to any questions regarding citizenship abroad and any laws crossing national boundaries:

    EXCERPT 1. U.S. Constitution, Article II, §1:

    No Person except a natural born Citizen, OR a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

    EXCERPT 2: de Vattel’s Law of Nations circa 1758 Book 1, Chapter XIX, § 212:

    The natives, or NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.

    Finally, the main item in the Constitution that ties both together:

    EXCERPT 3: U.S. Constitution, Article I, §8:

    The Congress shall have Power…To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations

    Yes, Law of Nations is CAPITALIZED, meaning our framers were citing a proper name. There was only one Law of Nations in 1787 officially declared. And yes, Congress has the power to create and enforce ANY LAW mentioned in the Law of Nations written by Emmerich de Vattel! It was sitting right under our noses the entire time.



    US Citizen is defined by the 14th amendment
    Natural Born Citizen is defined by The Law Of Nations, which is cited in the Constitution as its very basis
    Not only does the Law of Nations state that a natural born citizen is born in country of two citizen parents, it ALSO says that the patrilineage determines allegiance, meaning Barack’s father who was British/Kenyan determined Obama’s citizenship.


  14. Troy Says:

    Yes Jc, I saw that…Very interesting indeed….So far, there have been copies of the Constitution that show Laws of Nations written with capital letters and also laws of nations with small letters…Leo is looking into it…If the original uses capital letters then it strongly supports what we already know…BO ineligible.

  15. jc Says:

    I just went to the National Archives and looked at the original. Capital letters.

    “To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;”

  16. Bones Says:

    Hi guys,

    Instead of organizing a full-fledged reading and summarizing of this health care bill, I think I’ll just offer the audio file for whoever wants it. I can do a conversion and you can listen to it all you want. Now that I’ve read through quite a bit of it in the preparation, I can tell you, it’s probably not worth your time. Trust the experts, the ones who are dissecting it and willing to comment on the good aspects along with the bad (even though there aren’t any good parts to find). They are telling it like it is. See Troy’s comment on the previous post for example.

    Rose, do you still want your section in audio? Or the whole thing? Happy to provide it to anyone who wants it.

    You know… expatriation or secession are looking like awfully good options right now… there are problems associated with those options, but they seem more palatable than the current ones.

    Tenacity, send some of your tenaciousness over this way. Better yet, bottle it and we’ll make a whole free-market enterprise out of it!

  17. Troy Says:

    Bones, thanks for all your efforts…You are, as all of Rose’s Gang is, a wonderful contributor.

  18. Troy Says:

    What an outstanding letter writen to the kool-aid drunk, progressive leftists….I couldn’t have said it any better and I think it needs to be posted on every single liberal blog on the Internet…These poor fools need to at least be warned of what is coming…It’s coming because their messiah wants it and he is going to see to it….Those poor souls!!!…It’s really a shame….I highly recommend this site.
    This was posted at Jaghunter blogspot dot com….The blog is an insight to our military’s current state of mind and heart.


    Comrade-in-Arms, Fellow Military Aviator, and Naval Commander, Jerry Wilson,


    said it better than I ever could.

    Jerry writes:


    Please note the excellent piece of art (The Gathering Storm) that follows my ranting.

    When the storm finally hits (and it will), those of you who supported the Obama administration will be affected as well.

    It won’t just be us gun owners or Flat Taxers, or Pro-Lifers that get hit.

    You’ll be right there next to us.

    You see, you all thought the Conservatives were nut cases.

    You know, all of us who believe in God, small government, the Second Amendment, etc.

    And you thought you could just go back to sleep after the election was over.

    In your world, America will continue as before. You’ll still have the same rights, the same nice house, the same big screen television – it’s all good.

    After all, your high school football team won and the other team lost – go team! Even if you have bothered to look up from the daily grind since Nov 4th, you dismissed everything that has occurred as “politics as usual” – “the same old stuff”.

    In the end, it’ll all be OK won’t it?

    Not this time.

    There are a growing number of citizens in the US that are ready to fight to shut down the government’s grab of personal freedom, it’s blatant abuse of the Constitution, and it’s attempt to replace the American way of life with socialism.

    You have to listen carefully to hear them, but they are there. I won’t start that fight, but when it goes down I will join it.

    As for you, why… you’ll be shocked because you didn’t see it coming.

    And eventually you’ll be saddened when you see that we have truly lost the way of life with which you grew up.

    You’ll be saddened that your children and grandchildren live in a socialist, government-controlled Gulag where their every movement from cradle to grave is tracked by the government.

    But most of all, you’ll be saddened by the death of friends and relatives who are brave enough to fight and die for something they believe in.

    You know, McCain wasn’t much of a candidate. I’ll give you that. He was the lesser of two evils for most of us. I don’t blame you for not voting for him since, at the time, you didn’t know what we all know now. But at least John McCain was an American. He was a supporter of the American way of life and he understood that you can’t negotiate with terrorists. He understood and appreciated the sacrifice made by my father and other members of the Greatest Generation.

    Mark my words friends. All across America groups are forming.

    They are forming out of anger and out of desperation at the thought of losing America .

    They’re not militia groups, terrorists as the Department of Homeland Security would have you believe; they are Americans, loyal to the Constitution.

    They are mothers and fathers and grandparents.

    They belong to groups like the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, the Peaceful Resistance, the Constitution Party, the Young Conservatives, the 9/12 Project, and Grassfire.

    Right now they are fragmented, each focused on their own cause.

    But sometime in the next two years, our government is going to do something really stupid and these groups will come together. Watch for it, wait for it…get ready. It will happen.

    When that event happens, whatever “IT” is, our great country is going to plunge into chaos for a while.

    I pray to God that we make it through that time and emerge a stronger, smarter country.

  19. rosettasister Says:

    “Rose, do you still want your section in audio? Or the whole thing? Happy to provide it to anyone who wants it.”

    Whichever is easiest, Bones.

  20. Troy Says:

    The Gathering Storm

    What was that?…Did I just hear thunder?

  21. Troy Says:

  22. Troy Says:


  23. Tenacity Says:

    jc, Troy et al,
    Yes, (RE Laws of Nations) I saw it too and not the first time…thank you for posted it though…it is good stuff.

    Troy, remember our discussion about the early 1800’s? You might not want to go there.

  24. Troy Says:

    Troy, remember our discussion about the early 1800’s? You might not want to go there.
    Yes, that occurred to me in my above post and I refrained from it….Nothing good or constructive could come from it.

  25. Tenacity Says:

    I’m starting a betting pool on whether Espero is 1) stupid, 2) honest & sincere or 3) Setting us up for the release of the forgery. As Czar of the Jar, I’m having trouble determining a fair cost for each buy-in and an appropriate reward for the winner. Thus, I am soliciting ideas from the gang. How about a “Principal redactor” T-shirt for a prize. Anyone who translates the T-shirt gets one free entry but has to contribute twice to the Jar.

  26. sisterrosetta Says:


  27. sisterrosetta Says:


  28. CJ Says:

    redactor:” someone who puts text into appropriate form for publication”

    So do you mean the person most responsible for putting “a publication” of some information into the appropriate form for publication such as the supposed real bc? Am I close? I think I would put my money in jar #3. It’s a set-up.

  29. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

  30. jrinNC Says:

    Ten – Sen Espero represents the 20th District in Oahu (Waipahu, Ewa, Ewa Beach and West Loch) heavy military and retired military area. Plus he is a military brat (father retired US Navy). While is was born in Japan he is a Filipino. So just maybe his allegiance lies with proving BamBam is not a NBC.

    principal redactor is one who strikes out specific information from a record – so if he finds something will he perform that act??????????

    I am wanting to put my bet on jar 2, but more than likely it will be jar 3.

  31. Troy Says:

    Woman Sets Fire to Man’s Genitals
    By LILY FU

    A Greek woman set fire to a British man’s genitals at a club after he allegedly made sexual advances on her.

    The unidentified woman is being praised by her hometown in Crete for what she did and for also turning herself in to police immediately after the alleged incident. She has been charged with causing bodily injury and endangering private property, according to the Telegraph .

    Police said that the incident took place at a club in the Greek resort town of Malia. The British man, who police have also not yet identified, allegedly took off his pants there and waved his genitals at a number girls. He is then said to have “forcefully fondled” the Greek woman and asked her to hold his genitals.

    The woman asked the man to stop harassing her, police said, and when he didn’t, she poured Sabucco, a liquor that resembles Greek ouzo, on his private area.

    When the man continued his advances, police said that’s when the woman set fire to his genitals using a lighter.

    The man is currently at in a Heraklion, Crete, clinic being treated for second-degree burns to his testicles and penis.

    The judge and prosecutor in the case have agreed to set the woman free pending trial, which is an indication that they agreed with her argument of self-defense.


  32. Tenacity Says:

    Gosh, we are all having too much fun this morning. I’m betting the Brit will think twice before removing his trousers next time.

    There is a substantial hint about the T-shirt: if you translate it, you will have to pay double to the jar. You are both warm.

  33. Troy Says:

    Leo’s final opinion of Laws of Nations being written in capital letters, as a proper name.
    naturalborncitizen Says:

    August 8, 2009 at 8:02 am
    bho boo said:

    EXCERPT 3: U.S. Constitution, Article I, §8:

    The Congress shall have Power…To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations

    Yes, Law of Nations is capitalized, meaning our framers were citing a proper name. There was only one Law of Nations in 1787 officially declared. And yes, Congress has the power to create and enforce ANY LAW mentioned in the Law of Nations written by Emmerich de Vattel! It was sitting right under our noses the entire time.

    [Ed. That is such an interesting point. I haven’t really considered that argument but the capital letters are very interesting indeed.]

    [Ed. The above was my original response. After further research I am certain that the capital letters do NOT indicate that Vattell’s treatise is specifically mentioned in Article 1 Section 8. When I have time I will write this up. When the Constitution refers to the “Law of Nations” it actually refers to the “universal law of nations” – in this regard it means a code of conduct between nations. The capital letters do not refer to Vattell’s book. And Vattell refers to the “law of nations” in his book on the topic.

    I have seen some far out allegations over the last two days regarding Article 1 Section 8 claiming that Vattell’s treatise was supposed to have been another page of the Constitution. That’s absolutely not true.]

  34. Bones Says:

    What’s this about a T-shirt… I’m getting in on this bet… his bill will go nowhere because the powers that be will squash it… it may be modified to protect Obama… in any case, I think it’s 2, not 3, assuming 2 trumps 1, but we’ll see…

    But now what’s this about a T-shirt?

  35. ryansgrammy Says:

    Oh Troy — you’re such a bad boy with your fire down below! 8) I was in Cooperstown and Albany for a couple of days and saw signs for “Troy” NY. Made me think of Rose and the gang. Took me forever to catch up on all of the posts–you guys have been busy. Of course it makes me furious to see the PRIC (president in chief) acting like a total idiot and sicing his SEIU and ACORN thugs on patriotic Americans. Can you believe the damage this man has created (deliberately I believe) in just a few short months to this country and to race relations. He’s pitting his far left loons against the silent majority and its going to get worse. He’s probably playing clips of his ogres pushing patriots around and he and MO are having a good laugh about it.

  36. ryansgrammy Says:

    Just received this from WND–this stuff is just sooooooo unbelievable!


  37. ryansgrammy Says:

    This is off topic but very important. Please watch this video and pass it on to others — particularly your children and grandchildren. The young lady doing the video is from my area and she is championing this issue in Virginia and around the country of a Constitutional amendment to spell out the rights of parents and to ensure that no international treaty takes away those rights! The first time I heard one of her presentations on this subject she said — for those who think we don’t have to define parental rights she stated — who would have thought 30 years ago that we would have to define what “marriage” is in this country.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    didn’t Pelosi start all this?

    Um, no. The folks who made signs with swastikas and Nazi signage started it. Pelosi just pointed it out. Then Rush lied and said it wasn’t true. Then proof came out. Now, it seems it’s Pelosi’s fault for helping the blind.

    Lying does no justice.


    A commenter pointed this out.

    The mistake Pelosi made, and she makes a lot of mistakes, was to characterize the majority of townhall protesters this way.

    Which, BTW, does your cause no good.

    Lying does no justice. Agreed.

    Perhaps you should leave that same comment at whitehouse.gov

    All the President’s “Guarantees”


    “Here’s a guarantee that I’ve made: If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor.”

    The president has to flee from questions about these twin assurances that he routinely gives because they are not true. Have never been true. Cannot be made true.

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Grandma Got Run Over By Obama-Care


  40. rosettasister Says:

    Canadian physician on government-run health care

  41. rosettasister Says:

    Murdock: Government medicine stumbles in Canada, U.K.


    Canada has one third fewer doctors than the OECD average.

    “The doctor shortage is a direct result of government rationing, since provinces intervened to restrict class sizes in major Canadian medical schools in the 1990s,”

    Dr. David Gratzer, a Canadian physician and Manhattan Institute scholar, told the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee on June 24.

    Some towns address the doctor dearth with lotteries in which citizens compete for rare medical appointments.

    The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care


  42. rosettasister Says:

    Pacific Thoughts for a Saturday Morning

    It occurs to me that a public “option” will not be in the final health care reform bill which eventually will come out of conference.

    Surely Obama knows this.

    That being the case, then he is putting our citizenry through an unnecessary, divisive fight.

    It also occurs to me that this is unwise on his part, as it would seem middle America doesn’t want any part of government-run health care.

    If I were a Dem seeking reelection in a close 2010 race, I’d be pretty pissed right now.

    And why waste all that political capital in the House on cap-and-trade when it didn’t have a chance in the Senate?

    I didn’t understand that then. And I don’t understand this now.

    Drop the public “option” Obama, as Romney suggests.

    And let’s debate the merits of proposals like Conrad’s coop idea, which actually has a chance of becoming law.

    Or better yet, let’s start from scratch and take a look at Wyden-Bennett which you dismissed as being too “radical.”

    Too radical! Are you kidding me?!

    Obama, it is you who is too radical.

    But then again, isn’t Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals your playbook?

    And isn’t the demonization of these townhall protesters straight out of that playbook?

    Stop dividing our nation and our people, Obama!

    Or is it true that you don’t care about us?

  43. rosettasister Says:



    Total Approve 50

    Total Disapprove 50

  44. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Can you believe the damage this man has created (deliberately I believe) in just a few short months to this country and to race relations.

    All part of the illumni plan, grammy. To feed that sense of being wronged, the belief “I/We am/are owed” by America and by especially Whites. The simmering propaganda pot that’s been fostered through public schools and the media just wouldn’t have worked out so well had “they” put McCain in the WH. It’s time to really use that to benefit their end game.

    The first in my line to this county was an indentured slave. Not much time spent on educating students on the matter. My son told me he knew NOTHING about it until I mentioned to him. That it was never taught in any history class he was in.

    Some might find it interesting to know that many Africa slaves were glad to be black and not white — as often times, white slaves were treated worse than African’s were.

    Even if the “contact” was forged, slave masters knew indentured slaves were a “short term” investment. So get all you can while you can.

    Forgive the ranting on about my ancestors. I just so sick of the “woe is me” melanin pity party.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Fox News Pundit On President Obama’s “Sense Of Arrogance”

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Doubts over Mehsud death

    (01:44) Report

    Aug 08 – Conflicting reports are emerging over the death of Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud


  47. rosettasister Says:

    Wajid confirms Baitullah’s death


    Pakistani High Commissioner in UK Wajid Shams-ul-Hassan has confirmed the death of Supreme Commander banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Baitullah Mehsud in US drone strike in tribal areas of the country on Wednesday.

    In an exclusive chat with British radio on Saturday, he added, he confirms the death of banned TTP along with his wife and bodyguards in the drone strike. Baitullah is dead, he said.

  48. rosettasister Says:

    4 reasons why the July unemployment report was worse than you think


    4) To be sure, the drop in the unemployment rate was a surprise, but it was all due to the slide in the labour force —

    the employment-to-population ratio gives a more accurate picture of the slack in the labour market and

    the hidden secret in today’s report was that this metric slid to

    a 25-year low of 59.4%

    from 59.5% in June and

    61.0% at the turn of the year.

    Of those unemployed,

    33.8% of them have been unemployed now for over 27 weeks — a record amount

    was at29.0% in June and

    was at 17.5% at the start of this recession

  49. rosettasister Says:

    The Roth Show

    Nationally Syndicated on the IRN-USA Radio Network


    Friday, August 7, 2009: Click on the links below to listen to the archives of tonight’s show.

    [audio src="http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour1Aug0709.mp3" /]

    [audio src="http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour2Aug0709.mp3" /]

    [audio src="http://www.therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour3Aug0709.mp3" /]

  50. rosettasister Says:

    Regarding podcast links above:

    Why is there a media blackout on Obama eligiblity? Investigative disclosure interview

    Doug is a licensed investigator for 25 years.

    The additional information disclosed during this radio interview builds on this initial article, first of a series of investigative reports published by the Northeast Intelligence Network and Canada Free Press about Threats, media manipulation on Obama eligibility.

    Doug and Judy interviewed several eligibility lawsuits’ witnesses over an 8 month period of time.

    Intimidations come directly from Obama administration – threats include “overtly” about thier job, or “insidiously” as in a personal context.

    The witnesses were members of both parties.

    The document that Doug has is provided by a popular Talk Show Host and testimony has dates, places, names and everything was vailidated.

    The Talk show host said he was going to report on the news back in November, as soon as the producer of the program found out, a call was made to the host saying he wasn’t going to talk about it. If he decided to talk about it that night (he would not be going on the air that evening).

    The executive producer and someone at the very top of the “network” said they spoke with “name not included”, and if you happen to make this an issue in the future, “we are going to make your life a living hell”. Phone calls would be made to those in the closest circles to Barack Obama.

    Just after the election, media networks were warned that if Obama and the new administration “were not happy” with their reporting, that the “Fairness Doctorine” would be the least of their worries.

    Fox News, MSNBC, CBS and two major radio networks were contacted and “threatened” with loss of license should they report disputing the eligibility.

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Helicopter and Small Plane Crash in Hudson


  52. rosettasister Says:

    Obama Health Plan: Rationing, Higher Taxes, and Lower Quality Care


    Posted this morning at Heartland.org is my new comprehensive study:

    The Obama Health Plan: Rationing, Higher Taxes, and Lower Quality Care.

    The study explains in full detail, based on the pending Congressional legislation, exactly how the Obama Health Plan would

    impose government rationing that will deny you health care,

    severely restrict your freedom of choice and control over your health care,

    raise, not lower, health costs,

    impose sharp tax increases that would leave America uncompetitive in the world economy, and

    increase federal spending, deficits and debt.


    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

    2. President Obama’s Health Care Plan . . . . . . . 3

    3. Loss of Choice: The Public Option . . . . . . . . . 5

    4. Rationing and the Denial of Care . . . . . . . . . . 8

    5. Why Spending Will Increase . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

    6. We Already Face an Entitlements Crisis . . . . 26

    7. The Patient Power Alternative . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

    8. Conclusion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35

    About the Author . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

  53. rosettasister Says:

    Memo to CNN President Jon Klein from Joseph Farah


  54. rosettasister Says:

    Memo to God – Dear God, it is good that these evildoers are killing one another. If it is Your Will, please some more of this so the good guys and gals can stop spending their blood and treasure defeating Your enemies.


    Hakimullah Mehsud killed in armed clash: sources


    Spokesman of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Hakimullah Mehsud and another Taliban leader Wali-ur-Rehman have been killed in an armed clash erupted during the Tehreek’s Shura meeting, Geo TV reported Saturday.

    At the meeting Hakimullah Mehsud was appointed as TTP Chief after the reported killing of Baitullah Mehsud, the state media reported.

    The agenda of the meeting was to appoint successor of Baitullah Mehsud, sources said.

  55. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Time to Get Lou Dobbs Off CNN,’ Says National Democrat Network


  56. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik has a new article:

    So, you think you’re a birther?


    (Wouldn’t you like to be a birther, too?!)

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Protesters Demand Apology For Fracas At Town Hall Meeting


  58. rosettasister Says:

    The burden of proof


    At the moment, there is more proof for the existence of UFO’s, remote viewing and psychic phenomena than there is for an original copy of Obama’s birth certificate. “I saw it! It really, really exists!” or “John Doe has a picture of a certified document stating that it exists, so it must be true!” is not an original document.

    In view of the objective evidence — or a lack thereof — and of the possible implications, it is a very sane and rational question to ask: Where is the — original — birth certificate?

    The “what if” questions then come to mind. “What if” the Electoral College and the House and Senate merely examined a certified document which claimed that the original really, really exists?

    Conspiracy theories, tinfoil hats, mental illness and even racism are not a requirement for asking such questions.

    In fact, such accusations against innocent Americans who are simply asking questions of their leadership tell us something about American discourse and freedom that sends cold chills rippling down the spines of any thoughtful or rational human being.

    (I fart in your general direction, Michael Medved! You really, really bad terrible person, you!)

  59. rosettasister Says:

  60. rosettasister Says:

    White House Move to Collect ‘Fishy’ Info May Be Illegal, Critics Say

    The White House has been under fire since posting a blog on Tuesday that asks supporters to e-mail any “fishy” information seen on the Web or received electronically.


  61. rosettasister Says:

    Obama Qualifications Lawsuit in Santa Ana, California, Switches Lead Plaintiff


    The case pending in U.S. District Court in Orange County, California, on the subject of President Obama’s qualifications, has changed its lead plaintiff.

    Formerly, the case was known as Alan Keyes v Barack Obama. Keyes is still a co-plaintiff, but the lead plaintiff is now Pamela Barnett, an officer of the U.S. military, so the case will in the future be called Barnett v Obama.

    Thanks to Bill Van Allen for this news.

  62. rosettasister Says:


    To: Polarik

    I do not consider the birth of Barack Hussein Obama II to be as much of a problem as the WORTH.

    His place of birth is WAY down on my list of concerns, but his series of huge gaps in his curriculum vitae for the years between 1967 and 2004 generate questions for which there are no satisfactory answers, or even much attempt at reconciliation between what is stated, and what is seen.

    Oh, we have gotten some glimpses, but it as if we were trying to determine the passengers in a swiftly passing train.

    Bill Ayers was “just some guy in the neighborhood”, the associations with “Hot Rod” Blagojevich and Tony Rezko were “casual”, and the connections within the hierarchy that has sat atop Chicago politics for decades went way beyond just being with Democrats.

    It was with a highly specialized fringe group of Democrats, those that scarcely recognized the principles of the Federal Union that was the basis of the United States.

    The Nation of Islam and ACORN are primary foundations of that vision, having nothing to do with “purple mountains’ majesty” or “waving fields of grain”, or even “oceans white with foam”.

    THAT America was no more their home than kittens born in the oven of a stove were biscuits.

    15 posted on Saturday, August 08, 2009 8:26:43 AM by alloysteel


    To: alloysteel

    Agreed! He was not an overnight sensation, but a 40-year effort in the making.

    The Man has no real past: it’s all manfactured. He got to be where he is using Chicago thug tactics and Ailinsky’s Rules for Radicals, with a lot of help from his “friends.”

    The Media is mostly to blame for making a celebrity of him and refusing to investigate him even a little.

    If Reagan was the Teflon President, then Obama is the cloaked President.

    24 posted on Saturday, August 08, 2009 10:32:17 AM by Polarik

  63. rosettasister Says:


  64. rosettasister Says:

    Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair

    U.S. Intelligence Head Says Afghan Army Must Grow to 325,000


    Pressure on Obama

    In letters and face-to-face meetings, U.S. lawmakers and defense officials have urged the administration to increase Afghan security forces — police as well as the army — to at least 400,000 by 2011. That’s almost double the current U.S. target of 230,800.

    In a May 19 letter to President Barack Obama, 17 Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee, including Chairman Carl Levin, ranking Republican John McCain and Joseph Lieberman, an independent who’s also head of the Homeland Security Committee, said 400,000 Afghan security forces are needed. They cautioned Obama against “taking an incremental approach” that “does not reflect the realities on the ground.”

    Blair was not asked to address the size of the Afghan national police, who number 82,975 today and are scheduled to grow by about 14,000. A DNI spokesman didn’t respond to questions about what size force the director would recommend.

    Blair said the intelligence community’s projection for the Afghan army’s size was based on a U.S. Army counterinsurgency formula that suggests 25 troops for every 1,000 residents.

  65. ryansgrammy Says:

    I just got my new driver’s license in the mail. There is a category for “Class” and under it in caps its says “NONE”. Gee I don’t remember telling them that when I filled out the application. He!He! 😀

  66. rosettasister Says:


    You are one “classy” lady!

  67. rosettasister Says:

    Christopher Hitchens – Axis of Evil (1/8) – Introduction & Saddam Hussein’s Beginnings

    July 9, 2009. Commonwealth Club; Palo Alto, CA

    Introduction, description of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq

  68. rosettasister Says:

    Parts 2 – 8


  69. rosettasister Says:




  70. rosettasister Says:




  71. rosettasister Says:

    ??Iran needs < 1 year for a nuke?? Maybe not: Iran Needs Four Years to Produce Nuclear-Weapon Material, U.S. Says http://tinyurl.com/nw5hpn

  72. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:



    You’re about to be lied to by a Liberal when they say …

    growing support for
    mounting opposition to
    the reality is
    the larger question is
    the more important question is
    the bigger issue is
    broader implications
    our nation’s children
    linked to
    touched by
    raising awareness
    on some level
    a new study shows
    in denial
    the American People
    sends a message
    reaching out
    off our streets
    history shows
    the failed …
    greater diversity
    people of color
    social injustice
    cycle of poverty
    most vulnerable
    economically disadvantaged
    disparate impact
    oppressed minorities
    the struggle for
    solidarity with
    shared values
    root cause
    working families
    underserved populations
    diverse backgrounds
    vibrant community
    too many
    too often
    give back
    a positive step
    positive outcome
    non-partisan, non-profit
    speaking truth to power
    making a difference
    statistics show
    emerging consensus
    a poll by the highly respected
    reaffirm our commitment to
    voicing concern
    are speaking out
    giving voice to
    making bad choices
    have issues
    inclusive environment
    common-sense laws

    The Top Seven Techniques Liberals Use to Lie About Conservatives
    by John Hawkins

    1. Question The Motivations: Shift the discussion not to the facts at hand, but to the motivation of the person on the other side.

    2. The Anonymous Smear: Take a vicious critic or an unreliable source and make them “anonymous.”

    3. The Teary Eyed Spokesman: Pick pathetic figures we’re supposed to feel sorry for as spokesmen.

    4. Rewrite history: The American public has a short memory and liberals count on that to get away with many of their most egregious lies.

    5. Everybody Knows: Refuse to have the argument at all and assure everyone that the matter has already been decided.

    6. The Ransom Note: Take something a conservative says completely out-of-context and attack that comment.

    7. The Straw Man: If you can’t find a sin conservatives have committed to attack, then invent one.

  73. rosettasister Says:

    “The Top Seven Techniques Liberals Use to Lie About Conservatives”

    I just stop listening when they start using words like “racist” or “hateful bigot.”

  74. rosettasister Says:

    An Updated Intelligence Review from the DNI



  75. Fernley Girl Says:

    Found this at TD’s:

    jo chgo

    Read what Zeke Emmanuel and his co-author have to say about how health care might be transformed.

    “What might set the stage for comprehensive reform of health care? A major war, a depression, or large-scale civil unrest might well set in motion a change in the
    political climate that would overpower the obstacles that prevail in normal times.

    A national health crisis, such as a flu pandemic,might also light the fuse of change. Short of a major economic, social, political, or health crisis, there might be a confluence of forces that together would propel the nation toward comprehensive reform
    over the next decade, such as widespread dissatisfaction of the business community with employer-based insurance; state governments’ inability to sustain the ever-growing fiscal drain of federally mandated, means-tested insurance;
    or a financial crisis with Medicare. Leadership from the business community and states might together galvanize comprehensive reform.

    Finally, there might be a growing realization by average Americans that the risks of the current system to them personally and to the country as a whole outweigh the risks of comprehensive

    There are some key phrases from Emanuel that relate to what is happening right now……flu pandemic and civil unrest. Add to his brother Rahm’s statement about not wanting to waste a good crisis, and I think you have what the administration thought would be a slam dunk situation to cram Health Care Reform down our throats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Congress put this on the back burner until this Fall, hoping the flu will be severe, which might create more demand for government intervention.

  76. Bones Says:

    Rose’s public “option” section of Health Care bill, in audio…

    [audio src="http://www.cheapersunglasses.com/health_sec2.mp3" /]

  77. Bones Says:

    Posters for your viewing pleasure; have a break from spreading fishy rumors, comrades.


  78. rosettasister Says:

    Bones Says:
    August 8, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Rose’s public “option” section of Health Care bill, in audio…

    [audio src="http://www.cheapersunglasses.com/health_sec2.mp3" /]



    pp. 72 – 167: Division A – Affordable Health Care Choices (continued)

    Title 2 – Health Insurance Exchange and Related Provisions

    (includes Subtitle B: Public Health Insurance Option)

    Title 3 – Shared Responsibility


    Thanks, Bones!

    I’ve included other info you provided, so that one can listen and read along at same time.

    I’m a pretty good listener, but I’ve taught enough students to read and write to know that, for some, the only way to make it your own is to listen and see the text at the same time.

    Sometimes that’s the only way one learns to spell certain words.

    Thanks again, Bones.

    I’ll let you know if anything jumps out at me.

    BTW, I also like to read and listen to audio books at same time, especially non-fiction.

  79. Tenacity Says:

    Anybody see this?

  80. rosettasister Says:

    This is info Troy provided on that same section:

    • Page 72: All private healthcare plans must conform to government rules to participate in a Healthcare Exchange.

    • Page 84: All private healthcare plans must participate in the Healthcare Exchange (i.e., total government control of private plans)

    • Page 91: Government mandates linguistic infrastructure for services; translation: illegal aliens

    • Page 95: The Government will pay ACORN and Americorps to sign up individuals for Government-run Health Care plan.

    • Page 102: Those eligible for Medicaid will be automatically enrolled: you have no choice in the matter.

    • Page 124: No company can sue the government for price-fixing. No “judicial review” is permitted against the government monopoly. Put simply, private insurers will be crushed.

    • Page 127: The AMA sold doctors out: the government will set wages.

    • Page 145: An employer MUST auto-enroll employees into the government-run public plan. No alternatives.

    • Page 126: Employers MUST pay healthcare bills for part-time employees AND their families.

    • Page 149: Any employer with a payroll of $400K or more, who does not offer the public option, pays an 8% tax on payroll

    • Page 150: Any employer with a payroll of $250K-400K or more, who does not offer the public option, pays a 2 to 6% tax on payroll

    • Page 167: Any individual who doesn’t’ have acceptable healthcare (according to the government) will be taxed 2.5% of income.

  81. jrh Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 7, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    Craig|OK 2009-08-05 Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal of Craig

    The judges found:

    Even liberally construed, Mr. Craig’s claim is not grounded in a constitutional or federal question: there is no such “right” (a) to have courts adopt his proffered legal definition, (b) to be classified as a citizen pursuant to that definition, or (c) to obtain certification of the status he attempts to define.

    The decision continues:

    Thus, Mr. Craig’s claim is sufficiently attenuated, insubstantial, and frivolous that the district court’s dismissal of this case under Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(1) was not in error.

    The one bright light for Mr. Craig is that the court dismissed the suit “without prejudice,” allowing Craig to file the case again.


    Hi folks, I’m in regular communication with Mr. Craig and the following is an exchange with him regarding this ‘dismissal’.


    slcraig wrote:
    Well, bad news and good news, the bad is that the USCA 10th Circ dismissed on the construction of ‘case and controversy’ and Jurisdiction’ assertion and citations.

    The good news is that they remanded it to the USDC Western Dist OK, my local Fed Court, and allow me to resubmit, as if from the beginning…………So I have to check how the time tolls on a resubmission, if any limitation exists. There is still the conference at SCOTUS on 9/29/09 and they could reverse that, either way.

    So, I’ve studied many of the issues of deficiencies they point out in the construction of the complaint, and I will get one ready, but I was right that the Motion for Procedural Orders would Motivate them to do something.

    [9680409] Appellant’s motion filed by Steven Lee Craig to Suspend the Rules 10th Cir. R. 2.1 Motion for leave to Submit Second Amended Complaint Motion for Declaratory Judgment. Served on 07/28/2009. Manner of Service: US mail.

    08/05/2009 [9681744] Order filed by Judges Kelly, Briscoe and Holmes denying Appellant’s motion to “Suspend the Rules 10th Cir. R. 2.1 Motion for leave to Submit Second Amended Complaint Motion for Declaratory Judgment” filed by Appellant Steven Lee Craig as contained in the court’s final order. This is a text only entry.

    08/05/2009 [9681746] Affirmed in Part and Reversed/Vacated in Part; Terminated on the merits after submissions without oral hearing; Written, signed, unpublished; Judges Kelly, Briscoe and Holmes (authoring). Mandate to issue.

    For the reasons outlined above, we AFFIRM the substance of the district court’s order, but VACATE the portion of it that refers to the dismissal as being with prejudice.

    We REMAND to the district court with instructions to dismiss the case without prejudice for lack of jurisdiction. Mr. Craig’s pending motions are DENIED as moot.3

    jrh wrote: Is this going to trash the conference date with SCOTUS?

    No, it will give the SCOTUS something more to review, up to now they had nothing from the 10th Circ.

    They could reinterpret all of the reasoning of both the USDC and USCA and say that they reached the wrong conclusion, reverse and remand or not.

    But now, even if the SCOTUS does nothing or only AFFIRMS this order, I still am allowed to resubmit locally…as if starting over except I have a case number, Pro Se and In Forma Pauperis status already established.

    Just need to get a better understanding on how to present the Jurisdictional Argument and refine my case and controversy and claim for relief. Eliminate alot of the poetic flourishes I am prone to.

    I can do it. Just need to get over my contempt for lawyers and the Courts monopolistic rules and play their game by humbling myself to their self-importance.

    His case is still on the SCOTUS docket for conference next month.

  82. rosettasister Says:

    jrh Says:
    August 8, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Thanks so much for the update, jrh!

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Nice Lefty

    “I hired Barack Obama to create a government-run, socialized health care system. Bob Schrum and Jonathan Alter can suck my ass.”


    Jonathan Alter and Bob Shrum finds co-ops acceptable and don’t think liberals should go public option or bust.


    ALTER: It could be essentially a public-private option that satisfies enough people to get something through.

    So, I don’t think liberals should go, you know, public option or bust.

    There are other alternatives and you have to remember that there are many, many important things in this bill that have become almost non-controversial that two years ago, if you’d been told they’re going to-they’re going to end discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions, they’re going to insure another 30 million Americans, we say,

    “Great, where do we sign up?”

    And now, some progressives are-maybe a little bit too wed to the public option. (Ya think?!)

    Even though, my favorite, too, but we shouldn’t go down with the ship, with the public option.

    SHRUM: I would-I would look-I’d judge it by what’s in that bill.

    If there’s a co-op that effectively does provide competition with the insurance industry, then I think you can move forward.

    (Click on link to see video.)

  84. rosettasister Says:

    Project Camelot interviews Dr Steven Greer

    Special note:

    This is not a conventional interview, but a contentious frank exchange of views.

    It is a debate on a very important subject.

    For those of you who prefer to hear more from Greer where he is uncontested we encourage you to visit his website or watch other interviews on YouTube.

    Our approach in this interview is purposeful and we do not apologize for insisting on sharing equal ground with Greer to discuss this important subject.

    – Kerry

  85. rosettasister Says:


  86. rosettasister Says:

    7 August 2009

    • Project Camelot is not alone in having experienced some very strange and unexpected attacks, or in being astonished about the direction from which they came.

    Click here to hear a 15 minute extract from our radio show last night in which this subject was discussed between Kerry, myself and our friend and guest, Miriam Delicado (who was in a serious auto accident a few days ago).

    [audio src="http://www.projectcamelot.org/Miriam_Delicado_Project_Camelot_lightworkers_attacked_radio_extract_6_August_2009.mp3" /]

    We think the discussion, and clarification, in that audio segment was so important – and clearly explained – that we urge all visitors to listen.

    Do distribute this far and wide, as the problem is a general one that may be affecting many people.

    The entire show is archived here.

    [audio src="http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/archive/Project-Camelot-32k-080609.mp3" /]


  87. rosettasister Says:


  88. rosettasister Says:

    From Hiram

    Re: I am calling out Dan Burisch

    I have spent many years watching Dan Burisch, long before PC came to be. I take his info like a salad bar….take what I want and leave the rest.

    What is undeniable about him and his site after all these years, is his curious…….NO DOWNRIGHT STRANGE….preoccupation with setting up controls about who gets to hear what…

    and repeatedly calling out the public on his forum to let them know that certain people will get to see certain information and to “ALL OTHERS…

    the information is ACCESS DENIED!”

    I’m sorry, but this reeks of some very serious control issues. Its also…and this is just a fact…very self-righteous.

    Why would an individual continually have to “DENY” people access? It is very strange.

    The word is all over his golden thread. I just think its somewhat strange and I would like to hear an accounting of this by DB and MB.

    Their overall sentiment is NOT friendly. I can’t figure out why.

    I think these are fair and reasonable concerns.

  89. ryansgrammy Says:

    Did you guys see the latest GLOBE magazine. Headline reads Obama Birth Certificate is FAKE! Says that while many believe he was born in Kenya, a shocking new theory has emerged that his mom gave birth in Canada. Get your copy while they last. 😀

  90. Fernley Girl Says:

    I turned on GB’s show on Fox while I was fixing dinner. At the beginning of the show he said something odd.
    He said he felt like someone in a movie that told people if he turned up dead, he’d left a note with his attorney. Then he said (I’m paraphrasing)…”If I turn up dead in Thailand from auto-erotic strangulation, it ain’t true.” It made me think of the documents that CFP and Northeast Intelligence Network said they had concerning a national talk show host having been threatened to not talk about O’s BC. I think it’s pretty obvious he’s received death threats.

  91. Fernley Girl Says:

    TY for the link to The People’s Cube. I am gonna be soooo broke!!!

  92. Fernley Girl Says:


    Honduras Has Won

    By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Friday, August 07, 2009 4:20 PM PT

    Diplomacy: In a quiet victory for a tiny democracy, U.S. buttinskies have stopped trying to restore a dictator to power in South America. Tiny Honduras is winning its fight for freedom.

  93. rosettasister Says:


    “The unfortunate abductees are tagged by the aliens then tagged again by the military.”


    What is the difference in purpose from the motivations of the military/NSA with regards to the abductions compared to “real” grey abductions?

    Several reasons, one being the military and the intelligence agencies need information from the abductees regarding their alien intrusions, the unfortunate abductees are tagged by the aliens then tagged again by the military.

    The military desperately want the technology and will do everything to obtain it.

    Secondly using MILABs with combined screen memory implantation enables the military to continue with its ongoing mindcontrolling technologies.

    Abductees recall seeing small greys, they describe the classic abduction scenario, nicely hiding the fact it was orchestrated by humans.



  94. rosettasister Says:


  95. Bones Says:


  96. rosettasister Says:

    I honestly don’t have a clue about some of this stuff.

    Something Dr. Greer said in video posted above got me to thinking.

    So not promoting, just thought some may have an interest.



    Good night!

  97. ryansgrammy Says:

    Found this on Lame Cherry. Was really puzzled by the last statment regarding Axelrod Inc — can someone “splain” please.


  98. sdee Says:

    I’ve not had time to read or post much the last few days thought the gang might like this from Mark Steyn. Classic.

    The Community Is Restless


  99. jrinNC Says:

    Don’t know if this was posted previously or not – but this pic says it all to those folks who overwhelmingly support the chosen one – He does not care for the black race – They need to open their eyes.


    Be back later got to run to Sunday School and Church.

    Morning Sdee – Did you get to attend the Americans For Prosperity Hands Off My Health Care bus tour? – I did – newspaper says there were over 500 people in attendance here in New Bern.

  100. rosettasister Says:

    From Mark Steyn article. Thanks, sdee!

    Speaker Pelosi as a whip-wielding SS dominatrix!

    “Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help,” continued Commissar Phillips.

    “If you get an email or see something on the web about health-insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.”

    Reporting dissent is the highest form of patriotism! Is your neighbor suspiciously “well-dressed”?

    Is he mouthing off about cancer-survival rates under socialized-medical systems while wearing a cravat?

    Give us his name, and we’ll give you his spats!

    Just go to flag@whitehouse.gov, not to be confused with flagging@whitehouse.gov, which is the e-mail address for reporting President Obama’s latest approval rating.

    Go to flay@whitehouse.gov if you’d like Speaker Pelosi to walk across your back as a whip-wielding SS dominatrix barking “Vee haff vays of making you tokk less casually, dummkopf!”

    Go to flange@whitehouse.gov if you need parts for your new government car, or your new government hip replacement.

    Go to flaunt@whitehouse.gov if you’d like a special preview of President Obama’s latest bare-chested pictorial for Vanity Fair.

    Go to flatulent@whitehouse.gov if you’d like to report your neighbor’s cow for excessive CO2 emissions.

  101. rosettasister Says:







    Here’s another one!

    Go to flagellate@whitehouse.gov to report suspicious neighbors in need of being whipped, scourged, flogged, or lashed.


  102. rosettasister Says:

    Grassroots vs. Astroturf


    If opponents of Obamacare are Astroturf, then how come all of their signs are homemade, with all sorts of different shapes and sizes and colors and stuff…

    and how come all of the pro-Obamacare demonstrators have official-looking and uniform, pre-printed, signs?

    And as a bonus question, why is this worker for Obama’s Organizing for America teaching a man wearing an SEIU t-shirt how to use a bullhorn?

  103. rosettasister Says:

    Clinton says trial shows Iran ‘is afraid of its own people’


    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CNN Thursday. “It is a show trial, there’s no doubt about it,” Clinton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in a wide-ranging interview to be broadcast on his “GPS” program Sunday.

    “It demonstrates I think better than any of us could ever say that this Iranian leadership is afraid of their own people, and afraid of the truth and the facts coming out.”

    (Glad Hillary is speaking out, but if “this Iranian leadership” was truly afraid of its own people, then this “leadership” wouldn’t be getting away with murder, literally.)

  104. rosettasister Says:

    Criminal investigation into CIA treatment of detainees expected


    Insiders say Atty. Gen. Eric Holder is close to naming a prosecutor to look into reports of excessive waterboarding and other unauthorized methods.

    Convictions could be hard to get.

  105. Troy Says:

    Here is a Sunday morning brain teaser for Rose’s Gang.
    l + l l + l l l = l l l l (translates to: 1+2+3 = 4)

    We all know that is incorrect…Take some, (16 required) toothpicks or matchsticks and reproduce that equation out on a table just as you see it here:

    l + l l + l l l = l l l l

    Now, by moving only ONE toothpick / matchstick (excluding the equal sign (=) or the sum total (l l l l) make the equation = l l l l (4)

    You can only move on of these: l + l l + l l l …and that is where the answer lies….When you are finished, the end of the equation MUST still have this same appearence: = l l l l …as those are off limits.

    Here are some hints:
    1) The SUM TOTAL equals four.
    2) The answer is quite ELEMENTARY.
    3) Are you smarter than a first grader?
    I will be involved in poker tournaments for most of the day, but I will pop in frequently to check for a correct answer….If nobody answers correctly, I will post the answer this evening.

    The person who answers correctly gets absolutely nothing 😦 except bragging rights 🙂

  106. Troy Says:

    Hehehe….Rose is already laying out some toothpicks. 😀

  107. rosettasister Says:

    l + l + l + l = l l l l

    You owe me a beer, Troy!

  108. Tenacity Says:

    _ _ _

    Move (reuse) 2 sticks only and end up with 4 squares. No tricks, use all 16, no doubling up or removing sticks, squares do not change size. This can be solved mathematically.

  109. Tenacity Says:

    bummer, it changed my formatting when posted. I’ll try again.
    ,_ _ _

    ignore the commas please.

  110. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t have any toothpicks!

  111. rosettasister Says:

    Nails, I have nails!

  112. rosettasister Says:

    Why Obama’s Miscalculated Deceptions Will Backfire


    I personally have been encouraged by the genuine efforts of citizens just like you and me attending town halls in August. I’m even more grateful, deeply so, that Americans have not become comrades of malaise, but rather still have core convictions that can be offended, and are in fact now angry.

    This White House says, “Let me be clear” but follows those words with vague elusive non-committal language, because they cannot tell us the truth.

    They say in prime time press conferences that the “public option” won’t change current insurance coverage. But they tell the goons, thugs, and buffoons of SEIU and ACORN that the public option will lead the way to a “single-payer” system.

    The administration says it will have the most transparent dialogue in the history of the nation. But they send the SEIU guerillas and the ACORN equivalent of the Sopranos to town hall meetings in order to muscle out legitimate citizen dissent.

    The administration says it will not keep or form a database of the snitches they’ve begged to report on their neighbors who disagree with the health care plans. But under the laws governing the federal archival of all communication with the executive branch they are required to keep the names, e-mail addresses, and correspondence sent to them on the matter.

    The President campaigned on the idea of bringing people together from all sides to solve the problems facing us. But when he does not think a camera is rolling he states that he doesn’t wish for people opposing his view to do any talking.

    President Obama has attempted to deceive the American people.

    “We the People” gave him the benefit of the doubt, but in his first eight months his actions betray his true intent, and we trust him no more.

    Americans by an overwhelming majority have listened to the ideas behind the kinds of reform the President wishes to enact on the health care system, and have rejected it.

    They do so while still admitting they would like to see reform, but not the sort that the President proposes.

    Should the administration not choose to recognize the truth in this scenario, “We the People” reserve the right to send them to the unemployment line, and are in the process of making that option clear to them.

    The question is, who will the administration believe?

  113. Tenacity Says:

    It still looks odd, but lay the 16 toothpicks out in that shape making 5 boxes (squares and it will make sense).

    I see I screwed up on my answer to Troy’s puzzle. Congrats Rose, not often anyone beats me on one these types of puzzles. So I was wrong…1st time. :laugh:

  114. Tenacity Says:


  115. Tenacity Says:

    I wouldn’t have made that mistake had I laid out the toothpicks. That will teach me.

  116. rosettasister Says:

    Real Clear Politics Video:


  117. Troy Says:

    Foxy Rosie gets the bragging rights…Weeee!!!!!!!!

    I think that I gave too many hints….Hehehe 😉

  118. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Hey Bones,

    Might could add this to your HC bill research project.

  119. Troy Says:

    I beleve it was on the previous thread here that I had posted a letter written by Mr. Jerry Wilson…It was posted at JAG Hunter blog and was titled “The Gathering Storm”…I had emailed Mr. Wilson to thank him for that fine letter and to let him know that I ageed with what he was feeling…Mr. Wilson emailed me back this morning and here is what he said:

    Thank you for writing and for your support of our great country. You and I obviously share a lot of concerns about the present course of events in America.

    The Gathering Storm message was sent by me in early June to 30 friends bcc i.e., privately. One of those friends took the message, added my rank and Navy affiliation and posted it on a nationally read website. (I would never use my rank or Navy affiliation with this type of message because it might mislead someone into thinking that I am an active duty Navy officer when I am actually retired. There’s a difference.)

    I have been receiving responses from all over the United States for the last two months – almost all of them favorable. The message itself was not especially powerful from my viewpoint but it has moved over 100 people to contact me. Clearly, something in the piece resonates with a lot of people.

    I wish I had a solid answer regarding current events but I just don’t know. One thing is clear to me – our country has changed dramatically and for the worse within the last year. It is no longer about politics and political parties – Republican, Democrat – it doesn’t matter much anymore. The United States government is out of control.

    The other thing that is clear to me is that we will not be able to get it back under control through the normal political process. We can’t vote it back. When the government establishes a program or a regulation, it almost always has an infinite life. In other words, we can’t get the government out of the private sector now that they have taken over General Motors and the banks. Their hold on private enterprise will only grow stronger and tighter in the coming years.

    The only thing that will make the government release its hold on “we the people” and return to the Constitution is the fear that we will take action against them if they don’t. As I said in The Gathering Storm, there will be a “trigger” event sometime in the next couple of years. Watch for it –you’ll know it when you see it. When it occurs, do whatever you can to get the government’s attention. And by all means, vote every member of every level of government out of office every chance you get unless you know for a fact that they support the constitution.

    I am a retired Navy pilot living in Ozark, Missouri. Would you mind telling me a little about yourself?

    Jerry Wilson

    Ozark, MO

    Live Free or Die Fighting
    So I granted his request here:
    Yeah Jerry, no problem….I am a 49 year old, born and raised, Texas patriot….I’m a civilian / non military man with the utmost respect and admiration for our beloved military corps….I am not a religious person, but I do know that there is a God and that God does exist and is merciful…I know this from firsthand experience, as God has spared my life more than once…Take any atheist and throw him into the middle of an ocean and as the last wave is crashing in over his head and as he is beginning to sink below the surface for the last time, the very last words he will yell out is , “God help me!”…That is a fact…I agree 100% with what you have stated here within this letter to me….I am one of millions, in this country, that is fed up with the attempted takeover, from within, of our Republic country….No, I shall rephrase that last statement; “Im pissed!!!”…..I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of ANY political party or group….I visit / hang out at a small and obscure online blog site….The people there are DEMS, REPS and INDP and we all get along nicely and share ideas, thoughts and opinions….A few days ago, due to a particular topic of discussion, I felt the need to remind my friends there of who I was…This is what I wrote:

    “I’ve stated many times at this blog that I am not a Rep, Dem, Lib, Con, etc..etc….I don’t believe in being part of any “group” or “party”….I think the concept is just plain wrong and is a sell out of one’s self….I’m an independent thinking sovereign individual that marches to the beat of my own drum and no one else’s…I am an island that doesn’t mind friendly visitors….I don’t have an agenda, but instead have two open eyes….If I agree with a group or party’s philosophy it doesn’t mean that I am or want to be part of them, because I will never agree with all of what anyone else believes in….I am the ultimate anti-sheeple….I acquired this sense of self individualism from being raised in a republic and of parents that also didn’t follow the heard of sheep…..We don’t live in a republic anymore….We live in an unintended democracy of mob rule….Fifty one percent demand that the other 49% eat cake and enjoy it….I’ve never been much for cake…Is it time to roar yet?…We’ve already been roaring….Just recently we have begun to stalk….I’m ready to pounce….I don’t mind friendly visitors, but I will not allow anyone to take my island.”

    Mr. Wilson, sir, our country is under attack from within and you and I both know it…Long ago, the Communists / Marxists realized that they could NEVER gain control of our government by running on a communist ticket…There was and is a stigma attached to that word, and for good reason….They eventually wised up and infiltrated both of our two main political parties, especially the Democratic Party….Now they have, under the guise of Progressivism / Liberalism, assumed control of Congress and the Executive Branch / Presidency…This isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact….You were right when you said, normal channels and means of action are not going to win our country back…It’s too far gone and it began many years ago…I have never in my life thought that I would say something like this, but at this point I would welcome a military coup ‘de tat and to start over again from scratch using our current U.S. Constitution…If only the Constitution had been strongly adhered to, we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are in now…Our founding father’s, several times, warned us of what is going on now….After the creation and finalization of the constitution, Ben Franklin had exited chambers and was approached by a woman who asked him, “What have you given us, sir?”…Mr. Franklin replied, ” A Republic, mam, if you can keep it.”…We were not able to keep it and that is a crying shame.

    Now, because I’m not on board with the current administration, I and many others have been called racists…It’s all Saul Alinsky tactics and it is BS…Here is a African American that I would vote for everyday and twice on Sundays. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DlTgrMCxPg

    Mr. Wilson, I’m sure that you are familiar with these fine patriots and if you are not, I think that you will be relieved to know that they are there for you, me and us. http // oath-keepers.blogspot.com

    I am an INDIVIDUAL with conservative values.

    God help us, Please!!!!

    Patriot Troy

  120. Troy Says:

    If you missed my posting of “The Gathering Storm”, you can read it here, just scroll down the page.


    Since it was posted there are now some other damn good postings at JAG Hunter…I love this site!…It rocks!!!

  121. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    1 + 11 + 111 = 1111

    Move only 1 stick, right?

    I move the vertical cross piece from the first plus sign, making the plus a minus. I take the stick I removed and place it w/ the 111 sticks 1-11+1111=1111

    1 – 11 ( that would equal negative 1)
    negative 1 + 11 would equal 1.
    1 plus 111 equals 1111.


  122. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Sorry, my 1’s should be |’s

  123. Tenacity Says:

    I just got this from a friend:

    Subject: Mark your calendar
    This Sunday on Fox Sean Hannity, ~ Fox news, is going to air a very important documentary about Barack Obama, Sunday night at 8:00 PM central / 9 PM eastern. He stated on the air this evening that no one in the news media was willing to do this. Hannity is going back to Obama’s earlier days, showing even then his ties to radical professors, friends, spiritual advisers, etc., he stated this evening that he will show in detail his ties to Rev. Wright for 20+ yrs. How he was participating with this man, and not for the reasons he states! He has uncovered more of Obama’s radical leaders and we will see things that no one in the media is willing to put out there. This will be a night that you will learn more about Obama than ever before Hannity is very passionate about this program and asked that everyone please, please watch~~

    Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET
    I’m just hoping this is not more of the same…and betting it is.

  124. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    nope, I used 11 twice, shucks. I get = 111.

    What’s the answer?

  125. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    OIC Rose’s answer now.


  126. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Protest at ABC Studios Cincinnati

  127. Troy Says:

    Rose already got it right away…She cheated 😉 …Shhhhhh!!!…She used nails…Hehehe

    l + l + l + l = l l l l

  128. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Who’s nails?

    I hope they were Nancy Piglosi’s.

    OMG! That was not nice! And kinda gross too, eh? LOL!

  129. Troy Says:

    I’m just hoping this is not more of the same…and betting it is.
    I seriously doubt that Hannity can tell any of us here at Rose’s place something that we don’t already know about Obama’s younger days…Hannity and others are finally playing “catch-up” to us….We emailed the bastards and tried to tell them, but no, they wouldn’t listen!!!

    I’ll watch just to see if his research team is any better than us or if they are finally going to repeat what we have screamed from the mountain tops for the past year…Effers!!!

  130. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    August 9, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Rose already got it right away…She cheated 😉 …Shhhhhh!!!…She used nails…Hehehe

    l + l + l + l = l l l l


    I’m 1/2 Sicilian (the other 1/2 Irish).

    I lie, I cheat, and I steal!

    And I have fun doing it!


  131. rosettasister Says:

    Revolt is brewing among AARP members against AARP leadership


    Last week I wrote in this space that Obamacare could be the death of AARP because it would expose to the rank-and-file of the 40 million member seniors group – most of whom oppose Obamacare – how their Washington leaders have been taking them for a ride for many years.

    The AARP leadership scoffed at that suggestion, but check out the video of a Dallas AARP meeting in this post by Moe Lane at Red State. The leadership wanted to give the members the usual dog-and-pony show in favor of government-run health care, but the members weren’t buying it. So the leaders got up and left.

    Evidently, you either sit down, shut up and listen to your leaders in AARP, or they abandon you.

    If it happened in Dallas, you can be certain that similar scenes are taking place at other AARP meetings all over the country.

  132. j.b. Says:

    Sunday night, 8 PM. CT; 9 PM ET
    I’m just hoping this is not more of the same…and betting it is.

    Pretty sure, or in true Poker fashion, willing to bet, it’s a re-run of the one he did a few months back.

  133. rosettasister Says:

    Definitely worth a second look!

    Grab your pitchfork, Granny!

  134. CJ Says:

    Just read a great post from Ace of Spades. It contains the best reason we need to keep fighting and it probably has been posted before (poster’s comment was pretty funny too!):

    “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
    it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. …
    And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not
    warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of
    resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
    to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost
    in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    /Quick! Somebody report this guy to the Whitehouse Ratline.

    Posted by: maddogg at August 07, 2009 01:17 PM (OlN4e)

  135. rosettasister Says:

    I’ve been saying this for a long time now.

    When is the left going to wake up and realize that we need these people?!


    Wealthy Americans Unholster Their Weapons


    No power trumps the power of the purse.

    It pains me greatly to suggest this, since I advise businesses on marketing and I am paid to help them boost sales. But desperate times demand desperate measures. So I say: send a message. Join the resistance. Buy nothing.

  136. Troy Says:

    Another good post at http://jaghunters.blogspot.com/

    I went on the Internet and searched for everything I could find on the social and political climate in countries immediately before revolution.

    We appear to be there.

    Government debt and attempts to disarm citizens are the leading causes.

    As governments coffers go dry, taxes are raised.

    As taxes are raised, citizens make it known to those that govern that they are not happy.

    When government begins to fear the wrath of the people they begin to fear for their own lives.

    Government believes they have no choice but to disarm the people for their own protection and survival.

    History has proven that this situation always causes revolution.

    I don’t know of any remedy for this.

    We are writing and calling and faxing our leaders to tell them of our discontent. We are having Tea Parties all over the country. We are still being ignored. None of the issues of the people are being addressed by government.

    Their answer is to do a study on Americans and decide anyone who does not agree with government policies is a terrorist and a danger to government.

    Actually, it’s the other way around.

    Renegade government that treats citizens as if they were owned and can be compelled to do everything government mandates is an insult to people who have been educated to believe they live in a free country with government instituted by the people to serve them.

    The attempt to disarm the people will fail.

    It is the most irresponsible action government can attempt.

    If government is so ignorant as to avoid what history has taught, they are doomed to repeat it.

    Americans will never surrender the one mechanism they have to remain free.

    They will fight to the death to stay armed.

    It’s nothing short of folly for this government to think Americans will be willing to surrender their guns because a treaty with a foreign power was signed, or the majority of politicians are personally against firearm ownership and therefore Americans must be disarmed.

    Consider this as notice.

    We don’t care what Washington D.C. says.

    We don’t care what the courts say.

    We don’t care what the U.N. wants.

    We will replace government before we surrender our guns.

    Mr.and Mrs. Politician, read the Original Organic Constitution for the United States of America. The one that stood for the Republic, not the one you use that stands for your converted corrupt Democracy.

    The Republic belongs to the people.

    We will not lose freedom through edicts under your emergency rule.

    You can have your created democracy. You can function under your own fraud.

    Just don’t expect us to obey.

    We have been good and honorable citizens and continued to serve the Republic even as you were dismantling it.

    The Organic Constitution may be ignored by you, but to us, the people, it is alive and intact.

    We will not accept corruption of the Bill of Rights.

    If you attempt to make them null and void under color of law you do so at your own peril.

    The people have spoken and we are resolute.

    There is no compromise.

    The people have been lied to, abused, made bankrupt, all their property and labor taken for use by you, an irresponsible criminal government.

    We are no longer stupid.

    We now know the truth of what has been done.

    Knowing this we have not come for you.

    We are telling you now……

    End the corruption.

    Rescind Emergency Rule.

    Give the Republic back to the people.

    We are involved in an imperfect war declared by you against us.

    A declaration of war by government against its own citizens is TREASON!

    Any attempt to disarm us will signal us to make your imperfect war against us perfect.

    The people have drawn their line in the sand.

    You have been placed on notice.

    Ignore this at your own peril.

  137. rosettasister Says:

    Great pic here:


    Well wishers including Jeff Tatum greeted Kenneth Gladney, who is recovering from his injuries outside last Thursday’s forum on aging, as he arrived for a protest by members of the St. Louis Tea Party in front of the SEIU headquarters Saturday. Gladney, a conservative activist, claims he was assaulted by members of the union outside the Mehlville forum sponsored by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan. “It just wasn’t right what happened to him,” said Tatum of St. Louis. “He took the brunt for all of us.”

  138. rosettasister Says:

    When I look at that picture, I am reminded of Crispus Attucks.

  139. rosettasister Says:

    Get out of the way? Not likely.


    I doubt whether most of the people turning up at town hall meetings to express their dismay about the President’s plans to revolutionize American health care have Robespierre in mind.

    But the people that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs disparaging referred to as the “Brooks Brothers Brigade” [9] sense that a lot is at stake in the controversy over the future of health care.

    It’s not just a question of what doctors you can see when, or even what sort of doctors will be available to be seen in a government-run health care system.

    No, it’s a question of what Ronald Reagan called “imposing statism” in the name of pursuing a humanitarian project.

    More and more people are waking up to the fact that statism is what lurks behind (and not very far behind) the Democratic plans for health care.

    They sense it, and they don’t like it.

    And that is why, Mr. President, they are not going to “get out of the way,” no matter how hard your “Chicago-way” supporters “punch back.”

  140. Troy Says:

    Also new at http://jaghunters.blogspot.com/


    “The real issue, WMR is informed, is the distinct possibility that Obama has been in possession of a passport or passports in addition to his U.S. passport, all stemming from his past post-undergraduate and possible pre-graduate work for Business International Corporation, Inc., a non-official cover ‘business research’ firm in Manhattan that operated on behalf of the CIA…

    …Netanyahu now apparently stands ready to shift the controversy away from the birth certificate non-issue to the more problematic passport issue. In addition to his American passport, Obama may have traveled in the past, while working for Business International Corporation and other U.S. intelligence-connected entities, on a British or Indonesian passport, or both. In addition to Mossad, Britain’s MI-6 is said to be aware of Obama’s past non-official cover work for the CIA and his past possession of a British passport.”

    Saipan Times correspondents opine: “What makes this so interesting is that the U.S. State Department had Pakistan on a ‘no travel’ list in 1981. Pakistan was under martial law at the time and Americans were prohibited from entering the country. A U.S. passport would not have allowed him to enter Pakistan, but the country accepted an Indonesian or British passport at that time. So the question is: If he could not use a U.S. passport, what passport was Obama offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration on his trip as a young college student?

    There are only two possibilities: 1) If he used a British passport it would provide proof that he was either born in Kenya, as the Birther’s claim, or he accepted the citizenship of his Kenyan father; or 2) if he was traveling with an Indonesian passport, that would tend to prove that he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather in 1967, and he relinquished whatever citizenship he held, American or British.”

  141. rosettasister Says:



    Two words: The Yanks

    about 4 hours ago from web

  142. Troy Says:

    Netanyaho getting ready to bust Obama…Weeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  143. rosettasister Says:

    Barrack Hussein Obama “Where Were You Born?”

    A funny thing went down in the presidential race ’08
    The democratic nominee was thought to be so great
    But our founders made a rule and what they wrote was really clear
    Only natural-born citizens are eligible…my dear

    Obama ,tell us where were you born?
    ‘Cause the media won’t do their job anymore
    You’re grandmother in Kenya said you were born on foreign shores
    So Barry tell us where oh where were you born?

    You’d think that Ol’ Barrack would wanna try and nip this in the bud
    To settle all these lawsuits and wipe away the rumor mud
    But the one thing that could prove it he won’t let anybody see
    A bona fide presidential birth certificate mystery

    Obama ,tell us where were you born?
    ‘Cause the media won’t do their job anymore
    You’re grandmother in Kenya said you were born on foreign shores
    So Barry tell us where oh where were you born?

    Can you confirm Barrack…where were you born?
    ‘Cause the jpeg on your website was proven forged
    I gotta say pal to me this whole thing just smells rotten to the core
    So Barry tell us where oh where were you born?

    Barrack Hussein Obama tell us…where were you born?
    You don’t like your middle name spoken aloud in your side a thorn
    Obama tell us where oh where were you born
    I said Barack Obama tell us where oh where were you born?

  144. rosettasister Says:

    “Two words: The Yanks”

    As in the New York Yankees

  145. rosettasister Says:




    RT Pls embrace victims of rape.Not their fault. Plc blame w/ monsters that did this 2 them & give victims luv & understanding

  146. rosettasister Says:


    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the highest spiritual leader of Iran, has ordered or authorized the Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi arrested.

  147. Bones Says:

    Johnnie get your gun, get you gun, get your gun,
    Take it on the run, on the run, on the run,
    Hear them calling you and me;
    Every son of Liberty
    Hurry right away, no delay, go today,
    Make your daddy glad to have had such a lad
    Tell your sweetheart not to pine,
    To be proud her boy’s in line.

    Over There, Over There
    Send the word, send the word, Over There
    That the Yanks are coming, The Yanks are coming,
    The drums rum tumming everywhere
    So prepare, Say a Prayer
    Send the word, send the word to beware
    We’ll be over, we’re coming over.
    And we won’t be back till it’s over over there!

    Johnnie get your gun, get you gun, get your gun,
    Johnnie show the Hun, you’re a Son-of-a-Gun,
    Hoist the flag and let her fly
    Like true heros do or die
    Pack your little kit, show your grit, do your bit,
    Soldiers to the ranks from the towns and the tanks,
    Make your Mother proud of you and to Liberty be true.

    Over There, Over There
    Send the word, send the word, Over There
    That the Yanks are coming, The Yanks are coming,
    The drums rum tumming everywhere
    Sp prepare, Say a Prayer
    Send the word, send the word to beware
    We’ll be over, we’re coming over.
    And we won’t be back till it’s over over there!

  148. rosettasister Says:



  149. rosettasister Says:

    CNN’s Ralitsa Vassileva speaks with Arash Naimian, the son of a French embassy worker jailed in Iran.

  150. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    August 9, 2009 at 8:03 pm
    “Two words: The Yanks”

    As in the New York Yankees
    as in Americans

  151. rosettasister Says:

    It’s All Appeasement, All the time. Why?


    Takeyh, Ross and their colleagues, up to and including the president, do not even identify the evil that rules in Tehran, nor the death that the mullahs have visited on their own people lo these many decades, nor the death they have spread in our own ranks. Do they know that Iran declared war on us thirty years ago? If so, it is not a factor in their policy making.

    As for the mullahs’ treatment of their own people, the president and his brain trust are tough-minded in the extreme. They just won’t permit it to wreck their scheme of coming to terms with the Islamic Republic. Even the slaughter following the fraudulent elections of June 12th is studiously ignored in favor of dialogue and deal making, and they spin appeasement into evidence of “putting pressure” on Tehran:


    One conservative Iranian official put it this way to Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: “If Iran can’t make nice with a U.S. president named Barack Hussein Obama who’s preaching mutual respect and sending us greetings, it’s pretty clear the problem lies in Tehran, not Washington.”

    Tom Donilon, the deputy national-security adviser, told me in Washington: “Engagement was pressure. There’s no doubt about it.”


    Actually there’s a lot of doubt about it. For one thing, the Iranians do not see it that way. On July 27th, Kayhan (the newspaper that serves as Khamenei’s mouthpiece) proclaimed that America was “begging Iran for dialogue.” And Iranian leaders have bragged that the United States was now prepared to live with a nuclear Iran.

    Which is exactly what you get when you appease a tyrant: he bites you again.

  152. Troy Says:

  153. Troy Says:

    Far Out!!!!!!!

    Parts 2 and 3 also available.

  154. Troy Says:

    LC is dropping hints in regards to Farah’s surprise.


  155. Troy Says:

    Obama is either the son of Barack Sr. and Madelyn Dunham or of Frank Marshall Davis and Madelyn Dunham….My money is on Davis and Maddy.

  156. rosettasister Says:

    Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon listening to page 6


  157. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    August 9, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    I’ve been saying this for a long time now.

    When is the left going to wake up and realize that we need these people?!


    “Together, those in the resistance should all go public, and tell the affected merchants, service providers and professionals why.”

    Ooh, I really like that part.

  158. Fernley Girl Says:

    AtllasShrug’s Pamela Geller tells it like it is on her vlog here:


  159. j.b. Says:

    Troy Says:

    August 9, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    Obama is either the son of Barack Sr. and Madelyn Dunham or of Frank Marshall Davis and Madelyn Dunham….My money is on Davis and Maddy.

    Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the son of Sata……Oops, I mean Stanley and Frank Marshall Davis. But, I guess thsi goes against the idea that Stan didn’t have him at all, right?
    Well, lucky for the whole damn family that all they were required to do in Hawaii was to drag a baby and an accompanying female into A hospital and voila a COLB is born!

    How purely pathetic that we all all left to QUESTION EVERYTHING about this “man”.

  160. j.b. Says:

    Troy, I looked for your comment at the jag blog but could not find it. 😦

  161. rosettasister Says:


    URGENT – Phil Berg will be on “Nightline Twittercast” Monday, August 10 re “Obama’s Lack of BC . Show live at 12:30 pm on ABCNEWS.COM


    No. 2 Senate Democrat ‘Open’ to Health Care Bill With No Public Option: The so-called public option is a hot top.. http://bit.ly/bRBne

  162. rosettasister Says:

    The Senate Finance Committee, the last of five committees to consider health care legislation, is trying to hammer out a bipartisan compromise by mid-September — such a compromise might leave the public option behind.

    Asked whether Democrats could support such a bill, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said he’s personally willing to consider it.

    “It doesn’t have to be a perfect bill,” the Illinois Democrat said. “I support a public option, but, yes, I am open.”

  163. rosettasister Says:

    I’ve been following Polarik’s posts at FR for so long now that I feel like the back door of Birtherville is forever shut to me.

    It was a good ride while it lasted, Polarik!

    Best of luck with your family and thanks much.


    Polarik is leaving FR


    Hasta la vista, Baby!

    Thanks, guys and gals…

  164. Troy Says:

    j.b. Says:

    August 10, 2009 at 12:53 am
    Troy, I looked for your comment at the jag blog but could not find it.
    I didn’t post there…My correspondence with Jerry Wilson was through personal emails.

  165. Troy Says:

    Well, lucky for the whole damn family that all they were required to do in Hawaii was to drag a baby and an accompanying female into A hospital and voila a COLB is born!
    Not even that much was needed…No baby, no mamma, Madelyn could have accomplished that on her own.

  166. rosettasister Says:

    Globe: Obama’s Hawaiian birth document fake

    Cover story in tabloid suggests Canadian connection


    Evidence challenges claim over Obama’s birth address

    Father in bachelor pad while mom left islands


  167. Troy Says:

    Asked whether Democrats could support such a bill, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin said he’s personally willing to consider it.

    “It doesn’t have to be a perfect bill,” the Illinois Democrat said. “I support a public option, but, yes, I am open.”
    They will settle for anything that they can get, because it is NOT ABOUT HEALTHCARE!!!….It is an incremental power play to establish a complete Socialist Gov….Refer back to the Ronald Reagan video that I posted…I repeat: It doesn’t have anything to do with healthcare….They couldn’t give a rats ass who has healthcare and who doesn’t….It is all about power and control….IT IS A PIVOTAL PART OF THE GOV TAKEOVER…They must at least get their foot in the door….They would love a single sweep takeover, but will take what they can get and proceed from there…These bastards are very patient and have been working on this for longer that most of us have been alive.

  168. Troy Says:

    I don’t hear Hannity reporting on Obama’s past at all.

  169. Tenacity Says:

    I’m sorry, if Hannity has anything of value to report, somebody else will have to tell me about it. I just wasting 30 minutes listening to nothing and I’m kicking myself for getting sucked in. grrrrrrrr…

  170. Troy Says:

    Hannity is a rerun tonight…Could it be Monday night instead of tonight?

  171. Tenacity Says:

    No idea Troy.

  172. Tenacity Says:

    Could it be it did something worthwhile and they pulled it?

  173. Tenacity Says:

    I know I typed “he”.

  174. Tenacity Says:

    Petitions have been served, Cases have been filed, and charges have been filed again and again and again ad nauseam. All petitions of We The People, the citizens’ have been ignored and the abuses continue. It’s time people. This government has blatantly reached the level of absolute despotism. It’s time to throw off this government per the Declaration of Independence.
    …..That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness, Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT, and to provide new Guards for their future security……

    IT IS TIME!!!!!!

    Go see the latest article at http://charleslincoln3.wordpress.com/ and tell me it is not time. Obama leaves us no choice. Congress leaves us no choice. The Courts (all of them) leave us no choice. IT IS TIME!!

    Here is the message: You refuse to listen to We The People, then GET OUT OF WASHINGTON D.C….You are fired…We are not paying you any more!

  175. ryansgrammy Says:

    My hubby received two emails about Hannity’s show tonight too — I remember this happened once before with his show — probably the same old email recirculating.

  176. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:


  177. Troy Says:

    I have a very dear friend in Los Angeles who is feeling very uneasy about the current state of affairs that our country is now enthralled in…She began the pre-election cycle as a Democrat that was in support of Hillary and soon joined so many others in becoming a P.U.M.A…I think that you were too Rose, right?….Anyway, she wrote a really good article and emailed it to me…She told me that it was a therapy of sorts to put her feelings and obvious intuitions down in print…I really enjoyed her words and I think that you all will too….She is one of my very best friends and I love her this much.
    “I’ll take Logic for 2000 Alex”

    Something is happening in our country, searing into the very fiber of our American Soul. The signs are glaring, palpable and disconcerting. We are being shattered into divisive rubble, as emotional sparks of anger, mistrust and fear ignite the fuse. How did we get here?

    The Bush years were long. The theme was fear. We watched changing colors alert us to threats of terrorism. We endured “stay the course” and a President who struggled with basic English. The color we most remember was Grey.

    Enter Mr.Hope and Change. His meteoric rise to center stage was breathtaking. He was charisma wrapped in technicolor with an orator’s gift from Heaven. His political rallies resembled religious revivals infused with hysterical euphoria. America was on a sugar high and their candy of choice was Obama.

    Then there was Hillary. She eclipsed the Chosen One in experience and all matters pertinent to holding the highest office in the land. In short, she was prepared to take on the job of POTUS.

    But Americans wanted “cool”. Fascinated by celebrity, charm and superficiality. Obama, the manufactured candidate, filled their vacuous minds with a raison d’etre. The stolen anthem ‘yes we can” drowned out any common sense and logic.

    And so here we are as hope and change morph into doubt and status quo. The promise of transparency and open government replaced by Masters of deception and expanding abuses of executive power. The obscene spending, and glaring propensity to reward Wall Street as Main Street wallows in the mire.

    The fierce collaborated effort to brand dissenting Americans as a “mob mentality”, hooligans, racists, nazis, an egregious tactic to silence free speech. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Obama administration encourages reporting on fellow Americans who dare to protest his badly flawed healthcare plan. New lines have been drawn. Dissent is now unpatriotic. Criticism, the Achilles Heel of our new President.

    The post racial candidate now unable to conceal his own racism, inciting an even greater divide between blacks and whites. (Gates/Crowley)

    Dizzy from the warp like speed accession of a stranger we thought we knew, the fear and unrest is growing. The “storm” is gathering strength as Americans begin to stir. Uncertain where our country is headed, with anxiety permeating throughout our country.

    We have what we deserve because a majority of Americans refused to use any hint of logic. Instead they allowed themselves to be tricked by the magic show of the best con man our nation has ever witnessed. And now the Magician is making the country we once knew, disappear.

  178. igaveup Says:

    I don’t think that it’s madelyn. She doesn’t have the elongated face that her husband, gramps, had. Only ann and her dad had that jawline.
    So, it’s gramps love child. Ann is the 1/2 sibling of her father’s kid with an AA female.

    That still is my scenario.

  179. j.b. Says:

    Troy Says:

    August 9, 2009 at 6:18 pm
    If you missed my posting of “The Gathering Storm”, you can read it here, just scroll down the page.


    Since it was posted there are now some other damn good postings at JAG Hunter…I love this site!…It rocks!!!

    Okay, guess I confused “posting” for “comment”.

  180. j.b. Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    August 10, 2009 at 12:56 am

    URGENT – Phil Berg will be on “Nightline Twittercast” Monday, August 10 re “Obama’s Lack of BC . Show live at 12:30 pm on ABCNEWS.COM

    Ooooooooooh, NBC be so jealous.And angry!
    First off, because of the MONSTER ratings ABC will receive. Secondly, due to ABC calling out their BOY!

    I know I will be watching and I never watch that crappity crap show.

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