Madman of God



“Madman Of God is a collection of classic melodies taken from the Persian repertoire, which were composed around the poetry of Rumi, Saadi, Djami and other Sufi writers from the 11th to the 19th centuries. These pieces are as well-known by my grandparents as they are by my own generation, and they represent the torch songs of classical Persian music.”

madman of god

From namiomani

Rap Ahmadinejad ( with translation ),this person is the prodigy of 21 century ! have fun

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    There’s always been one man who must be stopped.




    Saddam Hussein


    There have been others.

    Take heart, ladies.

    It hasn’t been a woman, not yet.

    In the past, the United States of America has been at the tip of the spear.

    But where are we today?

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Good night, good people!

  3. sdee Says:


    We’ve been had again by the politicians (left and right) and their talking heads in the media.

    Think about it – we have damn fine healthcare yet day after day we hear of the dire need for “reform”.

    Isn’t it interesting that we’ve got multi trillion dollar reform bills yet no one is saying exactly what is wrong or how these bills fix it.

    What they do tell us is:

    “It is a crisis” (heard that before?)

    “We need a gigantic labyrinth of government agencies to fix it – we can figure out latter exactly what is is we are going to fix”

    “We are not gonna tell you exaclty how much it will cost to throw out one of the world’s finest healthcare system and replace it with a federal bureaucracy. Trust us though we can do it cheaper and better than people who actually know how to”

    “We have no idea how much it will end up costing you personally but no worries. it’ll probably be free cuz we will just find somma dem thar rich folks to pay”

    Think about it again – This is the same friggin government that screws up all it touches and has bankrupt Mediicare and Medcaid. Yeah sure – believe them, trust them.

    Have we gone completely mad?

    Anyway….the folks over at IBD say it with far more decorum than I can muster. Worth a read and send along to friends and family.

  4. sdee Says:


    Obamacare page 425 mandates everyone on Social Security undergo regular counseling how to end their own life early.

    Massive cuts in treatments and age-indexed care denial for the elderly.

    Obama exterminates poor old folks, rich old folks can get what they want.

    oh btw – Rahm’s brother is behind this.

    Please send this to everyone you know. Please post everywhere.

    We save trees and field mice while exterminating those who gave us life. This is macabre – they are vermin of the worst kind.

  5. Tenacity Says:

    Love being an action is simply the way scripture defines it. I appreciate your passion. We must sound the trumpet clearly. We must trust in Him entirely. Victory in this may look very different than we might imagine. Do not under any circumstance surrender to the beast. The bowls of judgment are being filled with the blood of the martyrs. When they are full the time of the seals being broken will be upon us. I would love to endure to the end and recognize that many will not.

    Recognizing the pain of others may open doors for you to give testimony. Showing those in pain your love by understanding and listening may be the most excellent way. As the persecution increases, so shall Grace even more.

  6. sdee Says:

  7. Tenacity Says:

    I grew up in Nashville. June Carter used to come in a clothing store my wife worked at in Rivergate Mall and buy the gaudiest outfits she could find. I met Crystal Gale a couple times in our Real Estate office in Green Hills. Her hair nearly touched the floor. She was gorgeous and very short. I almost forgot about this Cash number. This is a great theme song for the freedom movement. I might even use it as an intro song for Let’s Talk Liberty.

  8. CJ Says:

    Sdee: Somebody should send that to our fraudulent leader and his gang of thugs. Guess they really wouldn’t get the message though. Great song.

  9. sdee Says:

    This is a great theme song for the freedom movement. I might even use it as an intro song for Let’s Talk Liberty.


  10. sdee Says:

    Somebody should send that to our fraudulent leader and his gang of thugs. Guess they really wouldn’t get the message though. Great song.

    CJ, I do not think they fear the people or God.

    Who, I wonder, protects them?

  11. sdee Says:

    just heard a news anchor ask Dick Morris about TV ads that the Democrats are running against the Democratic Senators who oppose Healthcare “Refoem”.

    Morris replied : “that’s how the Democrats form a firing squad – in a circle”


  12. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 5:31 am

    Love being an action is simply the way scripture defines it. I appreciate your passion. We must sound the trumpet clearly. We must trust in Him entirely. Victory in this may look very different than we might imagine. Do not under any circumstance surrender to the beast. The bowls of judgment are being filled with the blood of the martyrs. When they are full the time of the seals being broken will be upon us. I would love to endure to the end and recognize that many will not.

    Recognizing the pain of others may open doors for you to give testimony. Showing those in pain your love by understanding and listening may be the most excellent way. As the persecution increases, so shall Grace even more.


    Thanks for such encouragement Ten. I am created from dust, so I might need it again and again and again.

  13. jrinNC Says:

    sdee Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 5:02 am
    Obamacare page 425 mandates everyone on Social Security undergo regular counseling how to end their own life early.

    I listened to the interview – then I went to the actual bill. I do not read that it addresses how to end their life early. This is what I get from it. First off the section this is all taken from is called, “Advance Care Planning Consultation.” It states that during this counseling session, patients are given information regarding advanced care planning, which includes having living wills, durable powers of attorney and their uses. It also says that the counseling will include the continuum of end of life services and supports available (i.e., hospice) and the benefits of these services. Also an explanation of orders regarding sustainability of life procedures weighing the benefit of these orders so that patients and their families can make appropriate decisions regarding these order. Such as a DNR Order (DO NOT RESUSITATE) or even orders to sustain life at all costs. All of this is no different than what is being done now. My mother has 3 inoperable heart blockages and these discussions or call it counseling were provided to us 3 years ago. She is in an assisted living home as she has seizures and is 3rd stage Alzheimer’s. I currently have a DNR order for her. So if she has a heart attack they could do nothing for her anyway.

    I am going to read this bill in its entirety. I AM NOT in favor of this bill, so don’t get me wrong. But I know that people out there like to take things out of context.

  14. sdee Says:

    Another simple truth that would only bounce off the walls of Washington.

  15. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Crowder investigates Canada’s health care system —
    interesting video from Pajamas TV.

  16. sdee Says:

    I am going to read this bill in its entirety.

    awesome JR!. Thanks for the information.

    “”the counseling will include the continuum of end of life services and supports available (i.e., hospice) and the benefits of these services. Also an explanation of orders regarding sustainability of life procedures weighing the benefit of these orders so that patients and their families can make appropriate decisions regarding these order.”

    Herein lies the danger. This is already well known to everyone. Church, doctors, hospitals, nurses. I don’t want some government punk forcing to me or anyone in my family into these discussions.

    These things work today and the government will only make it worse for the worst of reasons. Things like this are in this bill to give the goverment a tool to decide who lives and who dies.

    Once they have have this power they will then refuse payments to counselors who do not follow government guidelines on euthanasia.

    They will refuse payments to doctors who do not reuse to end the lives of those they do not want to pay for.

    This comes from a government willing to spend billions of dollars to tear apart a 23 week humans, limb by limb, in its mother’s womb. Do you think the same people any qualms about ordering a doctor to pull a 23 week baby off life support in the NICU? Do you think they have the compassion to give the grandmother a few more years of life to see that baby take its first steps?

    Do not be fooled. Nothing good will come of surrendering the essence of life to the government – they have no soul and we know who they serve.

  17. jrinNC Says:

    Yes sdee, nothing good will come. That is why I am against govt interference in anything. There is NOTHING wrong with our current system. The problem is, and I know this for a fact as I have cousins who say this – We can’t afford health insurance – WHY???? Because they would rather spend that money on cell phones, cable service which includes ALL movies channels, overindulging their kids with computers, ipods, cell phones, etc. They want to spend their money on worldly pleasures. Of course I do realize that there are people who just simply cannot afford to pay for health care because their money is spent on the necessities of life. There is NO solution to this problem that will not cause the rest of us to pay more taxes or increased costs for health care. But I feel that every WORKING American should be made to have health care insurance. I don’t feel the companies who hire these people should be penalized any way if these folks do not want this coverage. So with that being said, should we penalize the person until they get it?? If this is done will that in effect decrease the number of folks taking advantage of the health care system leaving only those who just simply do not have the money to get the insurance?? So where is the line drawn here??? I don’t have the answer and for that matter NOR does the Govt.

  18. sdee Says:

    jrinNC Says: Of course I do realize that there are people who just simply cannot afford to pay for health care because their money is spent on the necessities of life.

    I am with you – you have focused on a real problem and are looking for a real solution JR. The politicians are focused on exploiting that problem into a crisis.

    I am going though this with all four of my kids as they transition into the work force. We have always been able to find reasonably priced “safety net” health insurance for them but, together, we had to give things up to pay for it. It was about priorities and family effort. Our “liberal kid” 🙂 recently went through something that caused a pause in sipping the koolaid:

    She has a $200/month student type healthcare plan that she pays for by working extra hours at the university. She recently fell one evening and hit her head – my wife noticed that she had symptoms indicating maybe a concussion or internal problems. Within minutes the urgent care referred her to our local community hospital. Within 3 hours she had seen a doctor, had a CAT scan and full blood workup. She was fine and we were thankful and relieved.

    I asked my daughter to consider the fate of Natasha Richardson had she hit her head in our hometown instead of a luxury Canadian ski resort

  19. sdee Says:

    how bad is the healthcare “crisis”?

    One interesting analysis in the IBD article posted above is this:

    “”When it’s all whittled down, as few as 12 million are unable to buy insurance — less than 4% of a population of 305 million. For this we need to nationalize 17% of our nation’s $14 trillion economy and change the current care that 89% like?””

    and this interesting observation:

    “”Moreover, as many as 11 million of the uninsured qualify for programs for the indigent, including Medicaid and SCHIP. But for some reason, they don’t sign up. Are they likely to sign up for the “public option” when it’s made available?””

  20. Troy Says:

  21. rosettasister Says:

    9:25 AM Pacific

    Good morning, sleepyheads!

  22. rosettasister Says:

    WORLD HAIKU …Song: Moody blues : Dawn: Dawn is A Feeling

  23. rosettasister Says:

    I am not recommending this link, but it was emailed to me. And I thought some may have an interest.

    Yes, I actually do check my inbox sometimes!

  24. rosettasister Says:

    I have a secret 4 u Dear Iranians, psst, all Power is surrendered, that power from God. Sometimes ya just got to take it back. #iranelectionabout 2 hours ago

  25. Troy Says:

    This is the most”eyes wide open” article that I have read so far in regards to where we currently stand in this country…..In my opinion, J.B. Willians is one thousand percent accurate is his assesment of the current situation….There is no longer any need to “beat around the bush” or “pussyfoot” around anymore….The day of reckoning is bearing down upon us and the time for action is just a breath away….It is time for every freedom loving American to engage in some self reflection and self measurement….It is time for individuals to stand up and be counted or to stand down and get the hell out of the way….I’m ready and if I am to become a casualty, then I am willing to become the first.
    Do YOU Fear Obama?
    By JB Williams Friday, July 17, 2009

    Since the most powerful people in America fear the wrath of Obamanation, maybe you should too! They are indeed a dangerous bunch, after all…

    Every member of the Supreme Court, every member of congress, every member of the Joint Chiefs, most members of the DOD, CIA, FBI, Secret Service and state run media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, NPR, MSNBC, Fox and print news, knows that Barack Hussein Obama does NOT meet Article II – Section I constitutional requirements for the office he holds. By his own biography, there is NO way he can pass the test. The hard evidence is so far beyond overwhelming, it is ridiculous.

    But not ONE member of America’s most powerful people will dare confront Obama and his anti-American cabal on the subject. The Constitution does NOT stand. Do you think there is no reason for this?

    The Basic Facts

    Barack Hussein Obama is foreign born, period (Kenya)
    Regardless of his birth place, his parents had foreign loyalties (strike 2)
    He has foreign loyalties, demonstrated in every policy decision (strike 3)
    He’s not Christian, but Muslim
    He’s not “black,” but Arab
    There is NO U.S. birth certificate, other than the forged COLB
    NO Hawaiian hospital will confirm his birth place (he has named two)
    His policies are designed to destroy the Constitutional Republic, not to uphold or defend (strike 4)
    He won’t go away without a blood bath
    These are the basic facts as they exist today. This is the basis for where we are headed…

    There are Only three groups in America…
    Those who do not know these facts, don’t want to know these facts and will do or say anything to avoid these facts. They are the 28% of Americans polled who “strongly approve” of Obama’s policies and like Obama, they hate personal freedom, individual ambition and achievement, capitalism and self-governance.

    Those who know these facts all too well, and understand that Obamanation will either destroy America from the Oval Office, or burn it to the ground if anyone tries to stop them. They are the 36% who “strongly disapprove” of Obama & Co., currently running out of peaceful options to stop him.

    Those who limit their information to that of the state run media and can’t quite put all of the pieces together yet, but sense that something is very wrong.

    Not one single leftist defense of Obama from his mindless minions will stand an ounce of honest research or scrutiny. But that does not stop them from regurgitating their talking points ad nauseum. For them, it’s not about facts, but the agenda, no matter the facts. The Congressional Budget Office just removed any doubt about the disastrous fate of nationalized health care. But the left isn’t listening… the facts don’t matter. They will go forward regardless because they don’t need a single Republican vote!

    Choose your Battles
    This is why all Obama supporters label all Obama opponents “racists.” In their limited imagination, they can’t fathom someone actually opposing his Marxist anti-American pro-Terrorist belief system and policies. In their minds, only “racists” would oppose a blatant Marxist rushing to destroy the most powerful nation on earth.

    Don’t waste a minute trying to have a fact-based logical discussion with them. They do NOT care what the facts are and they have no foundation upon which to discern simple right and wrong. Though they use the term “fascist” all day long in an attempt to silence their opposition, they have no idea what the word actually means and they don’t care.

    But rest easy, as they only account for some 25-28% of American voters and less than 20% of society. Too many, I agree, but fight the battles worth winning. Don’t waste your energy arguing with idiots who only seek access to your earnings. Their agenda trumps their understanding and respect for the truth…

    Peaceful Options Evaporate
    I want to be VERY clear. I do NOT desire or promote any form of violence or any armed insurrection of the sort recently used to depose an illegal dictator in Honduras. Despite the reality that America is facing an historic Constitutional Crisis with an illegal dictator of its own, violent methods for saving a nation and a way of life, are “last resort” measures only.

    However, in my opinion, we are fast approaching the point of “no peaceful resolution” when only extreme measures will remain. As American patriots who still know and still care about the Constitution lose all peaceful options for redress and are forced deeper into a socio-economic corner, the human desire to be free which fuels the urge to resort to violence, will grow.

    Violence will grow in both camps, in the absence of any other viable alternatives. Since Obama refuses to respect the Constitution or the law, and congress and the courts opt to turn their collective heads, only extreme options will soon remain. This administration is running roughshod over the people and the states and sooner or later, the backlash is coming.

    Racially Motivated Violence
    At every opportunity, the left is pushing the race card. The left MUST HAVE a divided nation at war with itself. It is the foundation of their power.

    When people oppose Obama, it isn’t because he’s completely unqualified for office, or because his policies are aligned with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky instead of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It’s because “he’s black,” even though he isn’t “black.”

    Yet it was Obama supporters who overlooked everything else to “make history” and elect a candidate strictly on the basis of his alleged race. No more blatant act of racism has ever taken place in America.

    We already see a dramatic increase in random acts of racially motivated violence cropping up in cities across the country. ACORN and Black Panther types sense that this is their moment in history to put the “white man” in his proper place, under their jackboot. These folks DO NOT represent the black community. Only an extreme left violent portion of that community. In Obama’s words, “America is no longer a Christian nation, or even a sovereign nation.” In the words of his black nationalist brethren, “this is a black nation now!”

    But with record gun and ammunition sales across the political spectrum, it’s not hard to see where other Americans are headed either.

    As the economy is driven even further towards utter collapse by an endless flood of Marxist policies oozing daily from the filibuster-proof congress, it’s only a matter of days, weeks or maybe months at the outside, before people take to the streets in more than TEA Parties.

    With the Free Economy goes Freedom
    Freedom gave every American the chance to determine their own station in life and for the vast majority of Americans it has been a very comfortable station indeed.

    But international leftists have spent decades training those who would not use their freedom well, to vote themselves access to the earnings of others. Today, they feel entitled to that which they did not earn and their leftist leaders feel entitled to confiscate private industry and wealth, in the name of the “greater common good,” which is otherwise known as their personal political power.

    They have no idea what’s coming… As the free market economy becomes an Obama Czar controlled economy, and Obama strives to buy favor with his supporters by economically attacking his opponents, the economy will continue its slide into depression. Free-market investors don’t invest in Marxism.

    Day traders are riding the government manipulation of the market on their way out, taking “day profits” where they can. But real investors will find a way to escape Marxism, with their resources intact… and they are already fleeing for foreign markets moving towards capitalism. Watch what happens to the new Government Motors. Americans will NOT buy their cars… Then what?

    One of two events will ignite the new battle for freedom in America.

    Either Obama succeeds in fraudulently holding on to his power long enough to bankrupt the nation, or the people rise up and bankrupt the Fed before Obama can bankrupt every American.

    Either way, the streets will burn!

    Americans still hoping to avoid a confrontation with international leftists are hoping in vain. Whether Obama supporters tire of their false messiah’s lies and begin to take by force, that which Obama promised but could not deliver,—or true patriots rise up and put a stop to his rape and plundering of a great nation, leaving his supporters in worse condition than before his election, the near future looks the same.

    Broad based economic strife, racial violence, government plunder or street gang plunder… no matter which way we go from here, the streets of America are going to burn. This has been a long time coming. There’s almost no chance of escaping it at this late hour.

    International leftists did not spend billions and decades setting up the “silent coup” of the United States to simply walk away when busted. They went “all-in” in the last election. They were playing for keeps. They will not let go of their death grip on the United States without a blood bath…

    Of course, this is all just my opinion.

    Defending the Constitution is not always a Peaceful Event
    The people who want to destroy the United States have just as much at stake as those who want to save her. They have worked a very long time to push the USA to the brink of collapse. They intend to finish the job, one way or another.

    You can’t figure out why no member of congress or the courts will be the first to ignite civil war by challenging this evil cabal?—Think!

    If Americans won’t let leftists have their country, the left will burn it and leave it in ruins. There is no peaceful way out of the corner leftists have placed Americans in… Congress, the courts, even the military brass and law enforcement, will do nothing to save this country. The state run media complex is running interference. The American people are on their own here…

    Push is Coming to Shove
    The seating of Judge Sotomayor on the Supreme Court bench is a significant event. She’s anti-life, anti-gun, anti-white, anti-American and anti- peace, just like the people who chose her. She was appointed by a usurper of the Constitution. Republicans have no power to stop her, even if they want to. What do you think that means for the future of American justice?

    Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has already labeled every American willing to fight for the flag and the Constitution, a “right-wing extremist” and a “potential domestic terrorist.” Every local, county, state and federal law enforcement agency, as well as every state run media outlet, has been put on the lookout for these types of “subversives.” Any guesses why?

    Still the Supreme Court, congress, the CIA, FBI and the DOD, sit silent. What do they know that you don’t?

    They all know that the election of Barack Hussein Obama amounts to a silent coup of the United States of America. But they do nothing… Why?—Come on… think!

    Do YOU Fear Obama?
    You should, because it’s clear that the most powerful people in this country do.

    Half of the people you expect to stop this insanity are quiet co-conspirators in the silent coup. The other half is paralyzed by fear, motivated only by political self-preservation.

    Americans keep asking what they can do because they see that none of their leaders are doing anything to stop the demise of their beloved country. It’s the right question, because those leaders are NOT going to stop this thing.

    Who will save Freedom?
    A brave few… This is how it was in the beginning, how it has always been and how it will be.

    Retired Navy Commander Walter Fitzpatrick, who has filed criminal charges of “treason” against Barack Obama, but has found no court or prosecutor ready to uphold the Constitution.
    Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, who refused recall and deployment orders, from a fraudulent Commander-in-Chief, only to have the DOD revoke those orders so that Obama would not have to answer his charges in court. Then the DOD forced his private sector employer to fire him from his civilian job in a Martial act of retaliation.
    Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Carroll D. Childers and Lt. Col. David Earl Graeff, who have joined the growing group of military officers demanding proof of Obama’s eligibility to command the US Military.
    Longtime liberal New York radio talker Lynn Samuels, who has accused Obama of lying about his birth certificate.
    CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the first employee of the state run media complex to recently decide that the mounting evidence against Obama is just too much to ignore any longer.
    Former Marine and U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, the first US Judge to accept his oath to uphold the Constitution, stating… “The country needs to know if Mr. Obama is legitimate, if he can legitimately stay in the White House.”
    Orly Taitz, Phil Berg and Gary Kreep, all of whom have made defending the Constitution and the American way of life a personal ambition, in the absence of any constitutional leadership.
    Carl Swensson has formed Citizen Grand Juries across the country which have brought Grand Jury criminal indictments against Obama.
    And state legislature after state legislature is moving to reclaim state sovereignty and rights under the 10th Amendment, restating 2nd Amendment rights along the way, all of it positioning the states to defend their citizens against an increasingly belligerent Fed.
    A precious few, but they exist… and the walls are indeed closing in on Obama and his evil cabal. If the American people fail to get behind these brave few who are seeking peaceful redress, all peaceful options will evaporate as if they never existed. We will return to a pre-1776 America overnight.

    Obama could have ended all of this months ago by simply being the “transparent” leader he promised to be. The reason Obama has not done so is, he can’t. He does not qualify and cannot provide adequate proof that he does. When the pressure to provide proof reaches a level that can no longer be ignored, he will fail to pass the test. He knows it, and so do his co-conspirators.

    This means that sooner or later, he’s going down in history as the greatest political fraud ever perpetrated on the American people and the world. It also means that all of his co-conspirators have a very serious problem as well… Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, Emanuel, all of them…

    The End Game
    The clock is ticking… Which bomb explodes first?

    Obama and Co. are rushing to force Americans into a corner where they will not be able to afford to fight back. Patriots are rushing to fight back before Obama removes the ability to fight back.

    No matter which clock ticks down first, this thing is going to blow. There are patriots in this country who are prepared to fight and die for the Constitution and Freedom. But there are also many in this country who are equally ready to kill for Obama and his Marxist agenda. Neither side is going to walk away from the coming battle…

    Freedom may be lost in America, but it won’t go down without a fight. Likewise, the left may be defeated, but they won’t walk away without a blood bath… They think they have the American people on their knees already. They won’t let up until forced to let up. They have made this very clear… If I post reader comments from this column, you will see what I see daily.

    Marxists established control of academia, the press and the courts years before establishing filibuster-proof control of congress and unfettered control of the executive branch. Obama has appointed more unelected Czars in thirty days than the Soviet Union did in thirty years.

    There is only ONE End Game…
    Obama and Pelosi have removed any possibility for peaceful resolution. The courts are the forum for peaceful resolution and the courts are missing in action on the matter. Congress is the place for peaceful resolution, but the left is not seeking any form of resolution, nor will they even allow the opposition a voice.

    When no peaceful option is allowed, what options remains?

    The time to stand and be counted is coming. The left will take no prisoners. American patriots are running out of options and out of time to act.

    Internal conflict is a foregone conclusion now. The stage has been set, the battle lines drawn, the forces assembled. It just hasn’t reached a level of unbridled violence yet. The only thing that is not certain is what kind of America emerges from the conflict on the backside of the coming violence.

    Will the anti-American left outnumber and overpower the American patriots, or will American patriots and freedom prevail?

    The answer to this question will soon be written in history. The rest has already been written…

    I pray for my country, my fellow patriots, for freedom and liberty and for justice. The time has come again, for all good men to come to the aid of their nation. Freedom has never been free and the bill has come due again…

    I pray that enough American patriots remain, ready to do what must be done.

    But it’s all just my opinion, and today, I’d love to be wrong!

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, Troy!

    JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer.

    A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy.

    He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world.

    JB Williams’ website is

    JB Williams can be reached at:

  27. rosettasister Says:

    Economists critique Obamanomics

    Cap and trade just another way to tax Americans’ freedom

    Dr. Arthur Laffer and William Kristol video from Americans for Prosperity

  28. rosettasister Says:

  29. rosettasister Says:


  30. Tenacity Says:

    You know where I stand and I’m not alone.

  31. rosettasister Says:

    White House stands by August goal for healthcare

    Republicans and some Democrats are complaining that the Democratic president is rushing the issue which could result in costly mistakes that would worsen U.S. healthcare.

    “He knows he can’t sell it … if the debate lasts very long because it is so expensive and costly,” Republican Senator Orrin Hatch said on CBS’ Face the Nation.

    “We need to focus on the two problems we have, cost and access, not sort of scrap the entire healthcare system of the United States,” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

    A House committee’s version of the bill ran into trouble last week when a preliminary analysis of the plan by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded the legislation would increase federal budget deficits by $239 billion over 10 years.

    Orszag said that projection did not take into account cost-saving measures including curbing payments to doctors under the Medicare health program for the elderly.

    (Translation = Rationing)

    (BTW, don’t believe a word that comes out of Orszag’s mouth!)

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Wishful Thinking?!

    Then Obamacare Is Dead (Unless Obama Opts for no public “option” or Snowe’s fallback “trigger” option.)

    From the New York Times:

    “I want to be very clear,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly address to the nation. “I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade. And by helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long term.”

    There isn’t any serious observer who believes either the House or Senate is remotely close to agreeing on such a revenue-neutral plan, and the “government option/public plan” is so wildly expensive that any plan with such a component means the president is simply not leveling with the public here as he continues to press for such a plan.

    Take a moment to join the nearly half-million people who have already signed on to the petition urging the Congress to stop this charade now. These are the sort of numbers and response that gets noticed –and which kills bad bills.

  33. CJ Says:

    OT a little but LameCherry has a good article on how to get the eligibility issue back in the state’s hands. I’m no lawyer, but it sure sounds pretty simple to me. Question is, who has the guts to do it? Very interesting reasoning on it.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Group: Human rights lawyer detained as Iran unrest spirals

    • Story Highlights

    • International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran cites witnesses of kidnapping

    • Human rights lawyer Shadi Sadr was pushed into a car and driven off, witnesses say

    • “This was an illegal, arbitrary and violent arrest,” Amnesty
    International director says

    Friday’s crackdown came as leading cleric and former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani called for Iranian intelligence and security forces to obey the law and to release detained protesters.

    Police used tear gas on demonstrators and beat and arrested at least 40 of them, taking them away in the trunks of unmarked cars, a witness told the campaign.

  35. Troy Says:

    CJ, I don’t see that article at Lame Cherry’s site….Can you post a link?

  36. rosettasister Says:

  37. rosettasister Says:

    Basij secret service meeting in Tehran (Iran) July 17 2009

    The individual who recorded it took a massive risk.

    It exposes the highest ranked Basiji’s with their names, the tactics they are using, and where they work.

    The commanders you will hear are among those who are responsible of horrific violations against human rights in Iran.

    The names of some of these will appear in a random order during the audio.

    Listeners discretion is advised…

  38. rosettasister Says:

    Basij secret service meeting in Tehran (Iran) July 17 2009 – Part 1 of 7

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Urgent Info for Iranian Protesters.

    on 2009-07-18 15:49:03 Firstmoon wrote…

    “THE FOLLOWING is a list of TWEETS by @Beshnaveed, English translations for the Basij Audio recording (via @Firstmoon)

    Please keep in mind ‘they’ means Basij / police / guards They WANT to develop strategy to defeat the protests based on size, composition, locations, the leader of the protests!

    THEY ARE USING HEZBOLLAH WOMEN to get inside riots without people know! + THEY WANT 2 use FAKE PHOTOGRAPHER for Fake PHOTOS

    1) They don’t have good communication between them. To report where protests are and to whom it should be reported!

    2) Person who reports the protests 2 them, should know how to say it so they don’t panic if it is not a huge protest! DUMB lol

    3) They want To identify the kind [small, big, students, random people] protest & assigned priority to each of the riots

    4) They think they can easily control the most protests because of lack of leadership & organization!

    5) They want Within themselves people who can control/lead/ make decisions to disperse the protests in any ways

    6) They, themselves don’t have a common strategy ahead of time to handle riots before happening. They need to be able to tell the difference between the protesters & the observers of riots

    7) They see 2 kinds of riots 1) All people R protesters 2) some R protesters & others R observers

    8) They want 2 play with people’s emotions & take away their confidence. Which is half of the work to stop the riots. They use Mental &emotional [psychological] ways 2 stop rioters,through media/whatever,would do 1/2 work 2 stop riots

    9) They want 2 know kinds of rioters 2 help to stop them sooner. ex: if students coming to Tehran, stop their bus on the way!

    10) They need 2 be able to know what kind of weapons protesters R using! [Stones,]

    11) They want to have a common tactics 4 Decision making & leading the guards/basij/police in & outside of the protest

    12) They need better leadership in their [basij/guards/police] system

    14) They want 2 have secret locations to regroup in case protesters take over the police/basij depts

    15) They want to use the Traffic Cameras in the intersections to control & know the locations of riots

    16) They want 2 use psychological & mental tricks on people to CALM & CONTROL the protesters

    17) They don’t want 2 corner the protesters. Keep riots out in open, so when arresting rioters, the rest will run away! Because When they corner protesters & arresting some, the rest of protesters will respond back & create violence.

    18) They don’t want to Bring dangerous Weapons that make the rioters more aggressive & defensive [Psychological game] EX:Students/ Young protesters will get more defensive seeing basij with deadly weapons, They want to ACT stronger like a hero!

    19) PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME: play with protesters mind, be calm & friendly with protesters

    20) They say Some protesters R very religious. Use religion to make those protesters side with basijs

    21) They USED Hezbollah women in university /hospitals as spies 2 “help” injured rioters & got info on rioters

    22) The Don’t want 2 KEEP detainees in known locations: lots of families & others gathering outside, hard to control them! Prevent people & family of detainees gatherings out side of prisons by not letting them know where detainees R kept

    23) THEY want 2 PAY lots of money 2 SOME BASIJ to become “PHOTOGRAPHER”, get into universities/hospitals & spy on rioters

    24) They want 2 PAY SOME BASIJ to be “PHOTOGRAPHER”, also to control the media & controlling the photos being published

    25) Kerman, Khorasan, Seistan, & Baluchistan Cities/Borders needs to strength their guards & security!”

  40. rosettasister Says:

  41. rosettasister Says:

    No Elected Leader Speaks For The Masses…

    No elected leader speaks for the masses anymore. The masses speak for themselves.

    Thank you twitter! (my tweet a few weeks ago)

    My government no longer represents me. I represent myself. I have my own voice.

    My own beliefs.

    One being power, corruption, money & greed are the antithesis for global unity.

    Thanks to the Twitter revolution with the Iran elections, I have now seen the Iranian people for who they are.

    I have seen the honor, integrity, nobleness, & kindness of the people of Iran.

    I have read tweets from Iranians saying “See, the west and Iran DO like each other, twitter is proving that”.

    It’s true. It’s so very true.

    Preconveived notions have been smashed to nothingness…compliments of Twitter.

  42. Troy Says:

    Open letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
    by DefendUSx July 19, 2009 14:13

    As I told my commander I am concerned that this issue is much more prevalent in our military than one might think. Like an illness that is wide spread but is only manifesting itself by few subtle signs or symptoms. A good analogy is like a extensive lung cancer that initially presents with the patient complaining only of a persistent hoarse voice. This is because many are still afraid to say anything out of fear of repercussions as Maj. Cook has now been the subject of. My concern is for the well being and moral of our fighting forces and their fitness for duty and my own obligations which are now and remain conflicted. This is part and parcel of the duty of Flight Surgeon as I was trained to do in the Air Force. I understand that this is not the customary path to address this issue but the normal channels to get this issue resolved, although not the fault of my immediate commander, I am convinced are broken. It is in my opinion part of the illness. We must get this resolved and use everything in our power to do so given the gravity of the situation.

    Honorable Robert M. Gates, 3 Mar. 2009

    Enough is enough! You must be aware at this point of the tempest brewing among the Rank and File. I am writing you in an effort to appeal to your sense of concern for the Military; a concern we share not only for the Military as a whole but for each and every individual who wears the Uniform in the Service of our Country. I am in this regard specifically asking you for your help. I implore you to not wait until the “pot boils over” and we find ourselves in total disarray.

    I am convinced, beyond any doubt, that the moral well being and efficiency of our fighting forces to defend our Country is soon to be hanging in a precarious balance if not already. In my humble estimation this is NOT a theoretical possibility to construct a thesis or a contingency plan about. It is a reality and is happening right now. Resolution of this issue must be accomplished in the most expeditious manner available at your disposal to gain immediate relief to those of us who are struggling to fully comply with our sworn Oath to the Constitution while being conflicted by questions relating to the qualifications of the POTUS to hold the office in full and absolute compliance with the Natural Born Citizen Clause.

    Regardless of differences in the color of our uniforms, the color of our skin, religion or gender WE are Brothers and Sisters in Arms and our family is being torn apart. Are you not looking and listening to what is happening around you? How can anyone of good conscious stand by and let this happen to us? I for one cannot! You must care enough to intercede to stop this. Is this not within your power to do so? Why have you not acted already? What is it that you are waiting for?

    If you have any doubts of what I am saying is true you need look no further than the comments made on the site regarding the actions of Lt. Scott Easterling who in my opinion is an absolutely courageous young Army Officer. Irrespective of your personal opinion of his actions, one thing is abundantly clear; the horrible, hateful and demeaning things that were being said about him and one to the other among my Brothers and Sisters in Arms were things that I have NEVER experienced in ALL my years of military service. It is no less than gut retching to see this happening. The wounds that are being inflicted will NOT be healed by any Medicine I have at my disposal. There is nothing I learned in Medical School or in my training as a Flight Surgeon that can fix this; save the absolute power of Truth. The POTUS must stop concealing the documents once and for all and the issue of his qualifications must be addressed. Make no mistake; any adverse consequences to the troops as a result of your failure to act responsibly will be in large part directly on your head.

    Have you considered the legal ramifications for our fighting forces if for any reason the POTUS is not qualified. Are they in Iraq illegally? If so does this make them terrorists under International law as the Islamic radical elements have been calling them? Have they given up their Geneva protections and do not even know this? If so when captured can they be killed or tortured without International legal ramifications? Have they been stripped of the legal protections by the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief act? Are you willing to allow this risk to them when they are fighting for us?

    Once again I find myself at a loss of words to try to explain the abject and total dismay I have at the administration to include the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to allow the painful division now occurring in our military to proceed unabated. I hope that do not need to remind you that you as well took an Oath to support and defend the Constitution. As a point of honor you are either willing to do this or you are not. If you are not then preserve your honor, resign and let someone who cares more about us than that do what is right.

    I again respectfully implore you to act within your powers and help us. It is absolutely true and is my Prayer to my Creator to allow me to suffer the slings and arrows of being thought a fool rather than to have my convictions realized that persons of responsibility have allowed through negligence to have the Office of the President of the United States to be USURPED; it is self evident however, that whatever the outcome we must know the truth.


    Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC

  43. Troy Says:

    Here is the next ad to run in the Washington Times Weekly

  44. rosettasister Says:

    America has awakened!


    Total Approve 51%
    Total Disapprove 49%


    Total Disapprove 30%

    That’s a swing of 19%

  45. rosettasister Says:


    Obama Signs Executive Order Barring Release Of His Birth Certificate

  46. Troy Says:

    Rose, what poll was that?

  47. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    July 19, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Obama Signs Executive Order Barring Release Of His Birth Certificate
    Oh goodie!!!….I hope he did, because this will be the final straw that takes his ass down!!!!!!

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 8:29 pm

    Rose, what poll was that?


    Sorry ’bout that!

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    Oh goodie!!!….I hope he did, because this will be the final straw that takes his ass down!!!!!!


    Suggest you look at Freeper comments.

    I just don’t know what to make of it!

  50. rosettasister Says:

    Jul 19, 2009 2:32 | Updated Jul 19, 2009 10:23

    ‘I wed Iranian girls before execution’

    In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a “wedding” ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard – essentially raped by her “husband.”

  51. Troy Says:

    Thanks…Ok, now is the time to apply more pressure on the media than ever before….They are and have always been piranahs and there is definitely blood in the water now with this latest poll.

  52. Troy Says:

    Suggest you look at Freeper comments.

    I just don’t know what to make of it!
    I did….That is / was old news….I remember, back in January, when he signed that….It holds absolutely no water….An executive order has to be signed and put in place by a president…He is now and has always been an illegal usurper and never a president.

  53. rosettasister Says:

    Judd Gregg: “The President Doesn’t Have A Plan”

  54. Troy Says:

    I’m going to assume that Lou Dobbs was told to stand down, in regards to the Orly Taitz / Alan Keyes segmet on his show and Kitty Pilgrim was told to step in to do the hatchet job…I will give him one more chance…I will be sending him a letter, that if he recieves it, will get him fully on board in regards to the eligibility issue….If he doesn’t join the fight it will mean that either he never recieved my correpondece or he is a coward and a turncoat….I will be working on this for the next several hours, as it will contain a lot of research links, and I will post it here after I have sent it….It will focus almost exclusively on “natural born citizen” and not the red herring birth certificate….In light of the latest poll results of Obama slipping into oblivion, everyone needs to “up the ante” with the MSM….We have to keep trying…We can’t give up!!!

  55. rosettasister Says:

    I will be working on this for the next several hours, as it will contain a lot of research links, and I will post it here after I have sent it


    Troy, pls post with links intact and I will retrieve from moderation.


  56. rosettasister Says:

    Gregg: CBO analysis on health bill ‘pretty damning’

  57. Troy Says:

    Ok, Rose

  58. budgy Says:

    Hi Rose…I was so sorry to read about your sister’s husband. My sympathies to you and your family.
    Tea parties, protests at McCaskill’s office from the–Gateway Pundit

  59. rosettasister Says:

    budgy Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    Hi Rose…I was so sorry to read about your sister’s husband. My sympathies to you and your family.


    Thanks so much, budgy.

    I do know how important it is to pray for his departed soul.

    But I am honestly worried for my sister’s well-being.

    Please pray for her. Her name is Teri.


  60. rosettasister Says:

    Local Tea Party patriots protest Obama-care at Senator Claire McCaskills St. Louis district office

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Police to the Rescue -Tea Party anti-Obama Care protest at MO Sen. Claire McCaskill

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Request from a dear soul:


  63. jrinNC Says:

    I don’t think the police in the above video had the right to tell those people to move across the street. Now as far as standing on their ramp to that office yes, but is that not a public sidewalk outside???????

  64. ryansgrammy Says:

    There was a similar experience here in VA where people were asked to leave a town hall meeting because they were trying to hold up signs. Look at the company this VA member of Congress is keeping — how cozy he is with obamacrats.

    “Danville TEA Party leaders thrown off property at Perriello
    town hall event, then tailed by unmarked police car

    BLAIRS, Va. – Danville TEA Party leaders Nigel Coleman and Bobby Conner Saturday attended a local town hall meeting featuring two presidential cabinet members and hosted by Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., where they were refused an opportunity to ask the congressman a question and were then told by a plainclothes policeman to leave the property after they attempted to hold up signs urging Perriello to vote against a government takeover of healthcare. The TEA Party activists peacefully complied, but say an unmarked police car then followed them to a local restaurant where an officer left his vehicle, walked over to their cars, and phoned in their license plate numbers.

    The event was held on a privately-owned farm in Blairs, Va. and featured Perriello, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, and Energy Secretary Tom Vilsack, all of whom talked about creating “green” jobs and the recent Cap and Trade bill.

    “First, I was disappointed that Congressman Perriello refused to take hard questions from his constituents about where he stands on Nancy Pelosi’s trillion-dollar socialized medicine scheme,” Coleman said. “But I was outraged by the intimidation tactics we then experienced after merely attempting to ask him a question and, after being denied that chance, tryng to hold up some signs urging him to vote against a government takeover of America’s health care system.”

    “This is another reason taxpayers are angry at our federal government, their treating citizens who are simply exercising our Constitutional free speech rights as if we’re terrorists,” Coleman said.

    Conner said, “We have the right as Americans — without suffering intimidation tactics by police — to personally ask our congressman why he voted for the Cap and Trade energy tax increase that he admits he never read, and whether he’ll vote for the trillion-dollar Obama-Pelosi healthcare bill.”

    Coleman and Connor are the Danville TEA party organizers who organized two recent TEA party rallies, one on July 4th and another on July 17th at Perriello’s Danville office to protest the upcoming socialized healthcare bill.

    Coleman said that TEA Party activists this summer will pressure Periello to vote against government-controlled healthcare “over the phone, by mail, at his district offices, or on his front doorstep, if necessary, starting right now.”

  65. Troy Says:

    Grammy, the only thing that I can say to that is,
    Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc…Time is running out…Its a comin’.

  66. budgy Says:

    Thanks so much, budgy.

    I do know how important it is to pray for his departed soul.

    But I am honestly worried for my sister’s well-being.

    Please pray for her. Her name is Teri.


    Rose I certainly will say prayers for your sister Teri. I know what it is like to worry about your sister. My brother in law committed suicide last Dec. and my sister has withdrawn from the family and life in general. I cannot imagine the trauma our sisters are experiencing. I just let her know that I’m here when she someone to listen. God Bless you and your sister Rose. Hugs and Prayers to you all.

  67. rosettasister Says:

    God Bless you and your sister.

    Hugs and Prayers to you all.


    Ditto, budgy.

    So kind of you.

  68. CJ Says:

    Troy: LameCherry about 2/3 down. 12:32 mark. Title: Friend of the Court Barack Huxxien etc. Seems a simple way to go about this to me. But I’m no lawyer so what do I know.

  69. Tenacity Says:

    The part of Lame Cherry’s article/suggestion that scares me is putting the puppet masters in charge while the puppet is in detention. I have forwarded the link to a few great legal minds and asked for their feedback on the legal approach. I will report when I get a response.

  70. Tenacity Says:

    I like your strategy of applying pressure to the talking heads as the tide of public opinion shifts. I may promote the strategy. I’ve been watching for your letter to Dobbs. I didn’t miss it did I?

  71. song Says:

    Thank You Rose, for the music, and the Rumi…Sorry I didn’t get into the comments this time. I have been listening to more of the music..and just well?

    got sidetracked!


  72. song Says:

    Troy, I just believe that Lou Dobbs, if he read your letter? Could not help but be convicted. I look forward to watching his show tomorrow. Hopefully he will continue to report on this.

    I am not, however?

    holding my breath.

  73. CJ Says:

    Interesting new book coming out from Wayne Allan Root. He’s a Libertarian so some won’t agree with his ideas but worth a read. Synopsis from Rose sorry if this is too long!


    “Open your wallets and purses.
    Look inside.
    Vote for me.
    And I promise to stay the hell out of there!”
    – Wayne Allyn Root

    Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts
    By Wayne Allyn Root

    Our country is clearly at a crossroads: Our economy is shot, our deficit is out of control, our debt is unsustainable, our politicians are arrogant and corrupt, our government is struggling, and our citizens are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! If ever there was an “ANTI-Obama,” Wayne Allyn Root (aka WAR) fits the role. He is a youthful, dynamic, charismatic, telegenic, high-energy, libertarian-conservative combination of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Ron Paul … on STEROIDS!

    Wayne also happens to be Obama’s college classmate (Class of ’83, Columbia University). Wayne was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2008, and some say he will become the Ross Perot of 2012. WAR is a media magnet, national TV political personality, radio talk-show host, and author of THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERTARIAN: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts (Wiley; July 29, 2009; $24.95, 978-0-470-52879-2), a book in which he reminds us that there is another path. An independent, common sense path.

    This “ANTI-politician” is an equal opportunity offender: He is declaring WAR on the politicians of both parties. He is declaring WAR on out-of-control spending and government arrogance. He is declaring WAR on “business as usual.”

    Root argues that by dramatically cutting the power, size, and scope of all levels of government, citizens and taxpayers will take back control of their own lives, gain far more personal and economic freedom, keep more of their own money, and be far better off than under our corrupt, failing, irresponsible, morally and fiscally bankrupt two-party system. Root calls Republicans and Democrats “big and bigger, dumb and dumber.”

    THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERTARIAN is Root’s story, and a unique story it is. WAR is a bigger than life, a proponent of limited government, anti-tax, small businessman, home-school dad, citizen politician, capitalist evangelist, and blue-collar S.O.B. (son of a butcher). He is a Jew turned born-again Christian; a butcher’s son turned Ivy Leaguer; a Republican turned Libertarian; a New Yorker and Californian turned Nevadan.

    Wayne is proud to now call Nevada his home. He believes that Nevada symbolizes everything right about America. Nevada’s state constitution bans income taxes, welcomes guns, and limits the time politicians can serve. Wayne calls that HEAVEN!

    Root lays out his case by comparing his home state of Nevada to California. Though neighbors, these states are polar opposites – just like college classmates Root and Obama. California represents big government, big taxes, big spending, big unions, naive immigration policies, and lawyers out of control.

    Root points out the tragic results: California leads the nation in debt, deficit, and insolvency. The state is among the nation’s leaders in unemployment; rated last in most business-climate categories; next to last in education results; last in the country in bond ratings; and has lost over 1.3 million non-immigrant residents in the past decade.

    The California model is a dramatic failure. Meanwhile, Root’s Nevada model is a rousing success. The state led the nation in population growth in the past decade, gaining over one million new residents – most of them escaping from high tax states such as California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Obama’s Illinois. Root’s model is the clear-cut winner for America.

    Root believes Obama wants to turn the entire country into one big California – bankrupted by big unions, runaway spending, and bloated salaries and pensions for endless government employees. Root’s common-sense vision is to follow the Nevada model – with smaller government, less spending, dramatically lower taxes, far fewer government employees, and far more personal and economic freedom.

    This father of four home-schooled children (ranging in age from 17 months to 17 years) believes in the importance of school choice and parental freedom, as opposed to oppressive government control by bureaucrats and corrupt, failing, greedy teachers’ unions. WAR calls school choice the “Civil Rights issue of the 21st century.”

    He also believes the time has come to end reverse racism by eliminating affirmative action. He believes that most social issues are states’ rights issues that should be determined by the citizens of each state. He believes that most of today’s social programs, government spending, bailouts, handouts, and economic stimulus plans are unconstitutional.

    WAR also redefines “greed.” It’s not greedy to want to keep more of your own money – money you worked hard for, money you earned, money that creates a better life for your family. But it is greedy to demand that government confiscate money from others and redistribute it to those who didn’t earn it.

    WAR’s answer to health-care reform? First, get the lawyers out of the process, get the government out of the way, then watch prices drop. He sees a government takeover of 17% of the U.S. economy as a recipe for fiscal disaster. Government will run health care like Amtrak and the U.S. Postal Service – into bankruptcy.

    How about Cap and Trade? WAR calls it “Destroy Trade.” He says it represents nothing more than a fraudulent scheme for government to take control of business and our lives, triple electric rates, and redistribute wealth. Energy? WAR says drill, drill, and drill some more. Go nuclear and encourage the private sector to find alternatives to fossil fuels with low tax rates. It is government that has caused our energy crisis in the first place. Why on earth would we give government more power to solve anything?

    THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERTARIAN proposes the elimination of the Federal Reserve; reinstating the Gold Standard; dramatic reduction of government spending to Constitutional limits; banning bailouts; ending corporate welfare; counteracting Obama’s support of unions by creating a PSTA (Private Sector Taxpayers of America Union); dramatic reductions of foreign aid and Pentagon waste; ending expensive wars and military bases across the globe; reducing bureaucracy and eliminating entire government agencies (like the I.R.S. and Dept. of Education); forcing Congress to read every word of every bill it votes on; installing term limits for all politicians; increasing market freedom; encouraging entrepreneurship by dramatically reducing capital gains for anyone investing in a small business (small business creates 75% of all new jobs); and legalizing and taxing “sin.”

    Instead of bailouts of corrupt, incompetent fat-cat bankers and CEO’s, Root suggests a one-year “income tax vacation” for all taxpayers, thereby reinvigorating the economy, encouraging savings and consumption, and rescuing small business owners.

    His solution for illegal immigration is to tightly control the borders and ban those illegally in the country from receiving government services. Instead, offer instant U.S. citizenship to anyone in the world willing to spend over $250,000 on buying a home or starting a business in the USA.

    This one idea solves the U.S. housing crisis, foreclosure crisis, banking crisis, and Social Security crisis all at once – and instantly creates millions of new jobs, homeowners, business owners, taxpayers, and patriotic new citizens. Unlike Obama, Root is specific about his idea of CHANGE. He is truly a refreshing change from “big and bigger, dumb and dumber.”

    Wayne’s book is now available at bookstores across the USA, or you can order online at

  74. rosettasister Says:

    CJ Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Rose sorry if this is too long!


    No problem, CJ!

    Found this article about Root.

    Jun. 29, 2009


    Wayne Allyn Root, the Las Vegas oddsmaker who was the Libertarian Party’s 2008 vice presidential candidate, has his own conservative talk radio show.

    “W.A.R.: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” began earlier this month. According to Root, it can be heard in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago on the Salem Broadcasting Network.

    Root’s first show featured libertarian hero and former 2008 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul as well as Andrew Napolitano, the former judge who now is a Fox News analyst. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Dick Morris and conservative economist Mark Skowson also were on the schedule.

    The tireless Root has a book coming out in July, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution With God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts.”

    In recent weeks, he has guest hosted Jerry Doyle’s radio show and appeared on Fox News.

    This weekend, he is scheduled to speak at July 4 “TEA Party” tax protest events in Texas.

    “This tremendous national exposure is all leading up to my playing a Ross Perot-like role in the 2012 Presidential election, where I’ll be the first EVER Nevadan as a Presidential candidate,” Root said in an e-mail.

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Mike Castle on PeeBo’s Birthcertificate.

  76. rosettasister Says:

    Where’s the birth certificate (large billboard on Interstate 5 in Los Angeles)

  77. rosettasister Says:

    Obama has 60 days to answer. The Judge assured Orly that the case would be given top priority and would be quote, “resolved quicker in this court than in any other court.”

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Register to Vote in Georgia
    Decision Bars Georgia From Continuing Voter Verification Process
    Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel issued the following statement following the U.S. Department of Justice’s denial of preclearance of Georgia’s voter verification process

  79. Katie Says:

    Can you understand why Obama is getting panicky to force the passage of the insane spending bills???

    The administration is hiding the budget numbers until Aug.

  80. rosettasister Says:

    Ayatollah warns against helping Iran’s enemies


    Reformist former president, Mohammad Khatami, on Monday weighed in, calling for a referendum on the legitimacy of the government and defeated reformist candidate Mirhossein Mousavi called for the release of hundreds arrested in widespread June street protests against the election result.

    The election dispute has further strained ties between Iran and the West, already at odds over Tehran’s nuclear program, with Western powers criticizing the crackdown. Iran’s government accused them of plotting the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.

    At least 20 people died in the violence before riot police and Islamic militiamen suppressed the daily June protests and, rights groups say, arrested hundreds of people, including senior pro-reform politicians, journalists, activists and lawyers.

    Defeated reformist presidential candidate Mousavi said mass arrests would not solve the dispute.

    “Let people freely express their protests and ideas,” Mousavi was quoted as saying by the reformist Mosharekat website. “Our dear ones in prison have no access to lawyers and are under pressure to make confessions.”

    Mousavi was critical about linking those detained with plots by foreign countries. “Isn’t it an insult to 40 million voters … linking detainees to foreign countries?,” he asked.

    “Who believes these people, many of them prominent figures, would work with the foreigners and to endanger their country’s interests? … They should be immediately released.”

  81. rosettasister Says:

    2Presidential Approval Index
    3Strongly Approve
    4Strongly Disapprove
    5Total Approve
    6Total Disapprove

    1 07/20/2009
    2 -7
    3 30%
    4 37%
    5 50%
    6 49%

    Total Approve 50% !!!

    That number has NEVER been that low!

    Good for us, bad for Obama!

  82. rosettasister Says:

    RT @_JOOJE: Judge Rasekh: Shadi Sadr is not going to be released. (Persian)

    RT @lebatailleur: RT:Thirty-six army officers arrested in #Iran over protest plan (Guardian)

    RT @_JOOJE: Letter from Atefeh Imam to her father who’s been in detention for 35 days. (Persian)

    RT @FozooleMahaleh: Rafsanjani & Khatami are trying to save the dying regime of Mullahs

  83. rosettasister Says:

  84. Tenacity Says:

    a site you should all check out. This is Taitz’ legal assistant.

  85. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you, Tenacity!

  86. rosettasister Says:

    Tehrani says:
    20 juli 2009 om 14:55 July 20, 2009 at 14:55

    Al-Sharq Al-Ousat van Londen schrijft: Het is het begin van het einde van het regime.

    Al-Sharq Al-Ousat of London writes: It is the beginning of the end of the regime.

    In 1978 zeiden adviseurs tegen de Sjah dat hij zijn beleid moest herzien.

    In 1978 said advisers to the Shah that he had revised its policy.

    Hij heeft het geweigerd. He refused.

    Later kwam hij met concessies, maar het was té laat.
    Later he came with concessions, but it was too late.

  87. rosettasister Says:

    Video: Shiraz Protest, Last Night (2009 not 2007)

    Parts 4 – 14

  88. rosettasister Says:

    Video: Shiraz Protest, Last Night (2009 not 2007)

  89. rosettasister Says:

    RT @irani_1388 : PLS RT THS 2: @whitehouse Pres. Obama, I respectfully request u not recognize the Ahmadinejad presidency #iranelection #gr88 …

  90. rosettasister Says:

  91. ryansgrammy Says:

    Don’t know if anyone saw this but the ebay seller of the Obammy info has broken off communications. WND assumes that the silence means the info was bogus. My assumption would be did someone silence him or threaten him harm.

  92. rosettasister Says:

    Published: 07/20/09, 10:46 AM

    France Surrenders to Ahmadinejad

    by Amil Imani

    With this recognition, there comes a price.

  93. ryansgrammy Says:

    Rose — God Bless that woman who challenged Castle about eligibility — looks like she had lots of support from the other members of the town hall meeting. At least this guy didn’t hand pick his participants like the pretzel. Doubt that Castle will ever hold another event like this without doing it like his pres — by invitation only.

  94. rosettasister Says:

    ryansgrammy Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Rose — God Bless that woman who challenged Castle about eligibility —


    Wasn’t she something, grammy?!

    Does my poor heart good.

    Even the most loyal Obama supporter has to be asking, “What gives?!”

    Obama’s hiding something. I fear we may never know what that “something” is.

    And what’s with Mark Levin, anyway?

    I know I heard him say, “Cough it up, Obama!” in reference to BC.

  95. rosettasister Says:

    The Political Anchor That Is Obamacare

    The massive spending, the takeover of the health care system, pushing people out of the insurance they currently have and want to keep, running towards Canada-style rationing

    –all of these realities of Obamacare and more are driving down the president’s approval numbers, and the debate is just getting started.

    Join the half million who have already said no to a closed process designed to foist socialized medicine on the country by signing this petition.

  96. rosettasister Says:

    Another free-market fix for healthcare

    I can tell you the pro-Obamacare Washington wonks I chat with are pretty down right now about the chance of “real reform” getting passed.

    And as the costs and inadequacies of Obamacare become more apparent, I expect to here more ideas like this one by economic analyst Ed Yardeni:

    I think that the problem isn’t that health care costs too much.

    Rather, we provide it too cheaply. Insurance companies should probably charge higher copayments.

    Medicare simply gives health care services away to senior citizens without any limits on how many times a patient can go to see a doctor or go to the hospital for the same ailment.

    Some older folks jump from one doctor to another to get multiple opinions.

    Perhaps keeping electronic records might help to limit the over usage (and abuse) of our health care system.

    However, the government shouldn’t have access to our medical records.

    We should consider a more radical solution to the Medicare problem.

    Privatize it!

    I propose that senior citizens should also be required to have coverage under private plans with the federal government reimbursing them for their premium payments.

    (This is how it’s done in Switzerland. There is no Medicare or Medicaid there.)

    To insure competition, let them rather than the government select their health care insurance providers.

    It would be up to individuals to choose the best plan for themselves.

    The government shouldn’t set the premium fees, but let the market do so.

    The onus of rationing health care services for the elderly and the rest of us should fall on the insurance companies, which is where it belongs.

    The government shouldn’t be in the business of monitoring, approving, and allocating the health care needs of Americans.

    (Don’t let these bleeding-heart lefties fool you! If their ultimate goal was really universal coverage, they’d get the job done in the private sector. Their ultimate goal is government-run healthcare.)

    (BTW, don’t believe a word that comes out of Robert Reich’s mouth!)

  97. Tenacity Says:

    Did Troy go fishin’ for arrowheads again?

  98. rosettasister Says:

    How Goldman Sachs is hurting cap-and-trade

    My sources have been unrelentingly negative about the chances of a cap-and-trade bill getting passed, but far less so about a renewable energy standard on electricity providers.

    So any suggestion to split the Waxman-Markey approach into separate cap-and-trade and RES bills, as Sen. Byron Dorgan is doing, is a big negative for capandtraders.

    It’s also amazing to see how the current anti-Wall Street sentiment is hurting cap-and-trade because of the perceptions that financial firms will make a mint in the trading of emission permits.

    (Didn’t I read somewhere that Gore has set himself up to profit from this as well? Or did I just make that up?)

  99. rosettasister Says:

    Why globalization is winning over militancy

    This analysis by the great Thomas PM Barnett really places the recent troubles in Iran in a geopolitical context. It also explains why Iraq is, in the end, a win for America and the West:

    The collapse of legitimacy in Iran comes after a string of similar setbacks to the movement:

    Morocco 2007, Jordan 2007, Pakistan 2008, Indonesia this year, Kuwait this year, and then Lebanon.

    In each instance the more radical groups, which had done better previously or were perceived to be on an upswing, have suffered surprisingly bad outcomes–when votes were actually counted.

    Why the broad reversal? The brutality of the radicals.

    This is why I’ve always maintained that Iraq would have its desired effect either way:

    if we had succeeded from the start, the Big Bang could have been unstoppable

    (remember all the positive tumult back in 2005 across the region);

    but done badly, the outcome works just as well and in some ways better.


    One, the U.S. military is forced to evolve as it should, making it far more ready for the tougher slog in Af-Pak (which, as I argue, is of far lesser strategic value–thus the need to have our ducks in a row thanks to the far more important battlefield called Iraq).

    But two, any temporary al Qaeda “victory” or “cause célèbre” just allows their brutality to emerge, and that works in our favor nicely.

    (Doesn’t work in favor of those being brutalized! Sheesh!)

    In the end, history will judge Bush-Cheney kindly on the choice to go in, even if the execution sucked.

    Mr. Barnett is a frequent guest on the Hugh Hewitt show.

  100. rosettasister Says:

    Where cap-and-trade and healthcare are heading …

    While both healthcare and cap-and-trade look to be in various degrees of trouble, some savvy Capitol Hill watchers make this point to me:

    Democrats look at failure to do something about healthcare as an Extinction Level Event, with a failure on cap-and-trade also incredibly damaging, particularly with the Dem base.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told wavering Dems that a cap-and-trade failure was a dagger in the Obama presidency.

    She pushed them to the wall.

    Healthcare even more so.

    Expect a full-court press in the Senate on both.

    At the same, either of those issues slipping into 2010 is fatal to their chances.

    The next five months may make or break the Obama presidency.

    (Dems bite their nose to spite their face on healthcare. Government-run healthcare is NOT the answer. Choose a private sector solution. It has been done. Yes we can!)

  101. Fernley Girl Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Mike Castle on PeeBo’s Birthcertificate.

    Rush just played the audio from that vid!!!!

  102. rosettasister Says:

    Does Rush know something the rest of us don’t?!

  103. rosettasister Says:

    Al Franken would love this chart!

  104. rosettasister Says:

  105. rosettasister Says:

    Latest from Dan Burisch on swine flu:

    “The investigation is continuing. We will have a definitive report in Los Angeles.

    While we maintain that data strongly supports the effectiveness of vaccinations over the population over many decades, to reduce the incidence of disease, the OFFICIAL stance of Eagles Disobey is for people to make up their own minds for regular immunizations (MMR, etc.).

    We are fighting for database transparency.

    In response to the issue of pandemic (i.e. H1N1, H5N1) we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that each of you speak with your trusted LICENSED healthcare provider, soon, and MAKE WISE CHOICES.

    Marcia Ann Burisch (McDowell), Ph.D.
    Co-Founder, Eagles Disobey

    Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.
    Co-Founder, Eagles Disobey”

  106. rosettasister Says:

    Dan Burisch has asked us if we would kindly post the following statement following his appearance at the Zurich Conference on 10-12 July, 2009.

  107. ryansgrammy Says:

    So now Hillbilly is overseas apologizing for us too — for our significant contributions to global warming — choke/gag.

  108. rosettasister Says:


    Inside the brutal Afghan war zone

  109. jrinNC Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 6:38 pm

    In response to the issue of pandemic (i.e. H1N1, H5N1) we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that each of you speak with your trusted LICENSED healthcare provider, soon, and MAKE WISE CHOICES.

    Rose, I spoke with my pharmacist – He told me that he did not see a need for the H1N1 vaccine. He feels very strongly that the regular flu vaccine is sufficient. He also stated that he would not be recommending the H1N1 to anyone who asks.

  110. sdee Says:

    Troy Says: July 19, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    I’m going to assume that Lou Dobbs was told to stand down, in regards to the Orly Taitz / Alan Keyes segmet on his show and Kitty Pilgrim was told to step in to do the hatchet job…I will give him one more chance…I will be sending him a letter, that if he recieves it, will get him fully on board in regards to the eligibility issue….If he doesn’t join the fight it will mean that either he never recieved my correpondece or he is a coward and a turncoat….I will be working on this for the next several hours, as it will contain a lot of research links, and I will post it here after I have sent it….It will focus almost exclusively on “natural born citizen” and not the red herring birth certificate….In light of the latest poll results of Obama slipping into oblivion, everyone needs to “up the ante” with the MSM….We have to keep trying…We can’t give up!!!

    Excellent to hear that you are bringing this to task Troy. Thanks! A day of reckoning, one way or another, is near.

    A free press was part of our Founders genius and wisdom. The media replaced journalistic integrity with ideology, allowing them to easily be bought out out by the same patricians that installed this regime. Just because the press went willingly, does not mean the First Amendment hasn’t been bypassed.

    Our press has enabled the enemy within, covered for them, and no branch of government has stepped in to uphold the rule of law. I think the Founders knew what Americans would do at such a point.

  111. rosettasister Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Thanks jr!

  112. rosettasister Says:

    Some Pakistanis still stuck on stupid!

    Continue to insist the Afghan Taliban fighting inside their own country and the Kashmiri freedom fighters inside their own territory are the “good” guys.

    Blame the Indians and the Israelis instead of looking in the mirror.

    Propaganda video.

  113. rosettasister Says:

    Clinton says US officials ‘firmly believe’ many 9/11 planners are hiding in Pakistan

    At a news conference concluding three days of meetings, Clinton said Washington has told the Pakistani government what it believes about the location of al-Qaida leaders on its soil.

    “With respect to the location of those who were part of the planning and execution of the attack of 9/11 against our country, we firmly believe that a significant number of them are in the border area of Pakistan,” she said when asked about the U.S. view.

    “We are actively looking for additional information that would lead us to them,” she added.

    The Pakistani government denies that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and his senior lieutenants are hiding on its territory.

    Bin Laden is believed to have fled into Pakistan from Afghanistan weeks after the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks.

  114. rosettasister Says:

    20 dead in clashes in troubled northwest Pakistan

    Pakistan’s military is pursuing its offensive in Swat as it also readies a similar campaign in the South Waziristan tribal region targeting the Pakistani Taliban chief, Baitullah Mehsud.

    The U.S. supports the operations, saying Islamabad must eliminate militant safe havens for its own stability’s sake as well as to lessen the threat those fighters pose to the U.S.-led war in neighboring Afghanistan.

  115. Fernley Girl Says:

    The future of US elections….

    Busted: Corrupt Zelaya Fixed Election Results for Vote “that never took place

    Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. BUSTED: “according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote was tilted heavily in Zelaya’s favor”.

    The Chavez backed Zelaya and his goons “fixed” the illegal referendum – a coup on the Honduran constitution. And Obama is backing this despot. Honduras Obama Betrays Freedom Again

    Honduras politics, Chavez style ….Chicago style.

    the rest here:

  116. rosettasister Says:


    Health on the Hill – July 20, 2009

    The House Energy and Commerce Committee continues its consideration of health care overhaul legislation this week while Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., is still developing his panel’s health care package. Meanwhile, President Obama is pressing lawmakers to keep the momentum going on health care and has scheduled several public appearances this week to discuss health care legislation.

    Mary Agnes Carey and Eric Pianin of Kaiser Health News discuss the details. Jackie Judd moderates.



    JJ: Mary Agnes, if you were to ask Senator Baucus at this point in the debate, what have your successes been so far, what would the answer be?

    MAC: I think he would tell you that he’s kept Republicans at the table.

    Like Charles Grassley, his long time ally, when they talk about rural interests that represent their constituents.

    [Republican Senators] Olympia Snowe, Mike Enzi, Orrin Hatch.

    He’s really working hard to reach across the aisle and get a compromise with these folks.

    They’ve reached some agreement on controlling things in Medicare and Medicaid.

    There’s a lot of agreement in changing the way health care is reimbursed.

    Instead of paying by the service, they want to try to look at this more broadly and pay for the continuity of care.

    So I think he would tell you we have a lot of agreement on areas like prevention or reducing the growth of spending or a bunch of other issues where they’ve reached agreement.

    But he would tell you also it’s very hard, it’s very difficult and we need to keep working on these last few issues including the financing which is very tough.

  117. CJ Says:

    Got this email today. Probably been around for awhile, but still a great reminder of what we are facing. Author unknown.

    “A monumental truth that is often forgotten in the excitement of finding a “free lunch.”

    An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before but had once failed an entire class.

    That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

    The professor then said, “OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan”. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade so no one would fail and no one would receive an A.

    After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B.

    The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

    As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

    The second test average was a D! No one was happy.

    When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

    The scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

    All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

    Could not be any simpler than that.

  118. rosettasister Says:

    Obama Continues Pressing Health Reform, But Softens On The Deadline

  119. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, CJ!

    Obama’s failed economics

    Cecile Gericke passes on simple logic to show why the US’s experiment won’t work.

  120. sdee Says:

    Zelaya already had the results of the referendum that never took place stored on his computer. Are they taking lessons from us down there, or us from them – hard to tell anymore 🙂

    “Honduran authorities have seized computers found in the Presidential Palace belonging to deposed president Mel Zelaya. Taking a page right out of the leftist dictator’s handbook, these computers, according to the news report, contained the official and certified results of the illegal constitutional referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct that never took place. The results of this fraudulent vote was tilted heavily in Zelaya’s favor, ensuring he could go ahead and illegally change the constitution so he could remain in power for as long as he wanted to. ACORN, I’m sure, is taking notes.”

  121. rosettasister Says:

    Article translated from Spanish to English.

  122. rosettasister Says:

    This story keeps getting better and better!


    Ramirez does not mean that these computers were to be used in the final counting of referendum but it was never because I am military arrested and expelled from the country to Zelaya hours before starting the election process.

    Este grupo de unas 45 computadoras, por la apariencia que presentan, serian usadas para el lanzamiento de los supuestos resultados finales de la cuarta urna, explico.

    This group of about 45 computers, which by appearance, would be used for the launch of the alleged results of the fourth ballot box, he explained.

  123. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded July 20, 2009

    I believe it is their national anthem.

  124. ryansgrammy Says:

    Well look what’s next for us — I guess they’ll still let you play you music Rose.

  125. ryansgrammy Says:

    sorry “your” music

  126. ryansgrammy Says:

    Here’s another gem on Health Care Reform the the latest news at The Obama File

  127. rosettasister Says:

    ryansgrammy Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Well look what’s next for us — I guess they’ll still let you play your music Rose.


    I don’t know. Some of what I listen to is pretty subversive!


  128. song Says:

    From Rush Limbaugh today:

    “Barack Obama is yet to prove he is a citizen”

  129. rosettasister Says:

    Media Matters must be having a hissy fit over Rush’s remarks today!

  130. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t care what they do to me! I’m a gonna keep playing this one!

  131. CJ Says:

    How does everyone feel about China and India telling the world to get lost re cap and trade? Well there’s a little twist I read about today–and I can’t remember where cause I read too much and forget where I am, maybe HotAir— that had me with my mouth hanging open. The people in this administration are so clueless I can’t even fathom how they function on a daily basis just putting their shoes on. Our wonderful commerce secretary Locke said he thinks that because America buys so many things from China and China won’t pay for any carbon credits etc. that we the people of the USA should pay it for them. Isn’t that nice of him? We not only pay for our part of the sham wow cap and trade but we should pay for China too! Can India be far behind?( Guess not because Hillary was there today and apologizing for how the US has polluted the world and we’re so sorry.) Where do they find these loons? Oh he is an Asian by descent too. Convenient isn’t it? Well, I guess it all comes out of the same pot since China owns us anyway so really they will be paying for the carbon credits with their own money. I still think I’m in an alternate universe and I’m not liking it at all. Where’s the exit door back to Earth????

  132. ryansgrammy Says:

    A terrorist Conference titled “The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam”
    Guess where this conference is being held???? How about Chicago.

  133. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, America’s going to go for this in a BIG way! (sarc)

    Commerce Secretary: Americans ‘Need to Pay’ for Chinese Emissions

  134. sdee Says:

    ryansgrammy Says: Here’s another gem on Health Care Reform the the latest news at The Obama File
    So our own representatives:

    1 – refuse read the bill they sign , one that will change the very fabric of the nation
    2 – refuse to pledge to personally use the same health care program that they are forcing onto us
    3 – refuse an amendment that ensures undocumented illegal immigrants do not qualify for free health care under this plan

    They must think we are stupid – maybe they are right

  135. sdee Says:

    CJ Says: Our wonderful commerce secretary Locke said he thinks that because America buys so many things from China and China won’t pay for any carbon credits etc. that we the people of the USA should pay it for them………. Where do they find these loons? Oh he is an Asian by descent too.

    You’ve got it CJ. Locke is another Obama crony reaping his reward for electing Obama. A globalist insider getting rich by selling out America.

    “”Locke, the nation’s first Chinese American governor, had nurtured those connections during two terms as Washington’s chief executive, leading four trade missions and promoting major corporate constituents, such as Boeing Co., Microsoft Corp. and Starbucks Corp.””

    “”David Baca, a managing partner at Davis Wright, described Locke’s duties as legal work that was “focused on U.S. and international businesses opening businesses there . . . how Chinese law will apply as we understand it.””

    “”On the firm’s website, a partial list of clients in its China practice includes several U.S. manufacturers that have opened factories in China and cut back operations in the U.S. “”

  136. Tenacity Says:

    If Burisch said anything of value in that Proj Cam article, someone will just have to spell it out for me because his protracted gibberish left me wondering why I was wasting my time. For God sake, say what you want to say man…some of us have a life!

  137. sdee Says:

    So Commence Sect Locke wants us to pay for China carbon credits?

    This carbon credit stuff is confusing to me but I think he is saying this…

    – Obama prints up oh, say, $100 billion in carbon credits which we the taxpayers get to underwrite by borrowing the $100 billion from say, China.

    – Obama tells China they have to buy $100 billion in carbon credits if they want to import stuff to America.

    – China says no. Obama says “no problem, we will buy them for you”.

    – So Obama forces us the taxpayers to borrow another $100 billion dollars from China to pay for the tax credits that we just borrowed another $100 billion for.

    – Now Obama has $200 billion in carbon credits that he forces US companies to buy who in turn pass the costs onto we the taxpayers in the form of another $200 billion in increased costs of goods and energy.

    My head hurts now but I think it works like this……

    By printing up paper out of thin air, Obama manages to extract $400 billion (plus interest on $200 billion to China) out of we the taxpayers.

  138. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    For God sake, say what you want to say man…some of us have a life!



    Dan’s always been like that.

    You really have to dig for the gold.

    I can’t even tell you why as it makes no sense whatsoever.

    I just trust him.

  139. rosettasister Says:

    sdee Says:
    July 20, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    By printing up paper out of thin air, Obama manages to extract $400 billion (plus interest on $200 billion to China) out of we the taxpayers.


    Yes, sdee!

    That’s exactly why this whole notion of a public “option” is such a crock.

    No private entity can compete with a public counterpart which can manufacture money out of thin air.

    Presto change-o!

  140. rosettasister Says:

    Something to chew on, if you are so inclined:

  141. song Says:


    I checked out the video of the woman who was insisting on the birth certificate this morning…

    and have noticed this evening that the count is the same. 7339…


  142. song Says:

    just checked it again?

    still 7339

  143. song Says:


    Dobbs showed portions of the video above…last few minutes of his show..

  144. song Says:

    Regarding the video?

    Count has now changed to over 61,000


    maybe they only count every so many hours?

    anyhoo, I tipped off Drudge about it right after I posted the info here.

    so much for me tipping people?


  145. rosettasister Says:

    song Says:
    July 21, 2009 at 12:03 am


    Dobbs showed portions of the video above…last few minutes of his show..



  146. rosettasister Says:

    And climbing!


  147. rosettasister Says:

    Others have uploaded same vid:

  148. song Says:

    “And climbing!



    WOW!! Quite a few people in a few hours huh?


  149. CJ Says:

    Hey thanks Rose. I knew you’d be the one to find that article and post a link. You must have a PHD in searching the Internet. From now on I’ll refer to you as Dr.Rose. My problem is that I can never remember where I’ve been when I’m online reading! Anyway: How about that Commerce Secretary looking out for all of us Americans. I can’t wait to get my tax bill and there’s a little Chinese character with a number next to it indicating my share of taxes for Chinese pollution. What fun.

  150. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t wanna paint everyone at YouTube with the same brush.

    But it sure seemed a couple times like someone there was watching every move I made.

    I’d post a video and all of a sudden it was unavailable.

    I do remember someone posting here long time ago whose YouTube account kept disappearing.

    And I know for a fact YouTube and maybe Twitter too tried to quash the Iran election uploads.

    But so many different users uploaded same video that I guess they threw in the towel.

    What would be their motivation for doing so?

  151. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

  152. song Says:

    Obviously these companies? Aren’t as dedicated to free speech as they pretend to be.


    The legitimacy issue and the Iran election have one thing in common.

    They are both “grassroots” movements.

  153. rosettasister Says:

    CJ Says:
    July 21, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Hey thanks Rose. I knew you’d be the one to find that article and post a link. You must have a PHD in searching the Internet. From now on I’ll refer to you as Dr.Rose. My problem is that I can never remember where I’ve been when I’m online reading!



    Confucious say: Is not what you have, is what you do with what you have!

    Match Game ’74: Confucius Say…

  154. Troy Says:

    Letter to Lou Dobbs from Troy

    Dear Mr. Dobbs,

    The birth certificate issue, or lack thereof, in regards to Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold office is a “red herring”. I will speak more about this later on within this letter.

    I am furnishing you with IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Barack Obama is not now, nor has he ever been and cannot ever be a “natural born citizen” of the United States and therefore is constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of President. I will include all necessary research data links for you.

    Article II, Section I, Clause V of the U.S. Constitution:

    Qualifications for office:

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

    ( or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution ) This clause was added because at the time of the adoption of the constitution, THERE WERE NO NATURAL BORN CITIZENS old enough to be president. They were merely naturalized citizens. They had no choice, but to “grandfather” themselves in. It is clear that their intentions for eligibility of future presidents would require that one be a natural born citizen. They did this as a safeguard to prevent an individual with divided loyalties or allegiances from entering the office of president. They did this to prevent someone who doesn’t have our country’s best interest at heart from assuming the role of Commander in Chief, such as the situation we currently find ourselves in.

    Some will say that the term “natural born citizen” has never before been properly defined. That simply is not true, as it has been defined quite well. The founding fathers and framers of the U.S. Constitution, as did almost all nations, used the writings of Vattel’s “Law of Nations” as a guide in adopting and writing their laws.
    Vattel here:
    Read what one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, wrote in regards to Vattel’s writings. It is the first post on the page,

    Vattel used the term “natural born citizen”, which is used only one time in the U.S. Constitution for the purpose of presidential eligibility, and he defined it as “those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” That is parents, plural, as in two or both.

    The “Law of Nations” was used by John Jay, who later went on to become the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jay had the clause inserted into the Constitution via a letter that he wrote to George Washington, the leader of the Constitutional Convention. Jay was considered to be the outstanding legal scholar of his time. He was also considered to be the architect of the U.S. Constitution. He was the one who was responsible for inserting the term natural born citizen, which was derived from the Law of Nations, into the U. S. Constitution.

    John Jay wrote: “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and reasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”
    The document is here; begin reading at the second paragraph. Click on the image to enlarge,

    John Armor Bingham was a Republican congressman from Ohio, America, judge advocate in the trial of the Abraham Lincoln assassination and a prosecutor in the impeachment trials of Andrew Johnson. He is also the principal framer and architect of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
    John Bingham confirms the understanding that the framers used in regards to birthright and jurisdiction while speaking on civil rights of citizens in the House on March 9, 1866: {{quote} I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61 Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that “every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is”, in the language of your Constitution itself, “a natural born citizen”….}} Obama had one U.S. citizen parent and his other parent owed allegiance the British Crown.
    Look under the heading “Later life” about two thirds of the way down the page,

    As recently as last year, 2008, our own government officials, through Senate Resolution 511, also agreed that one of the requirements to be a natural born citizen was to be, someone born to two U.S. citizen parents.

    Notice, that in Senate Resolution 511, it refers to the First Congress as a source for determining that Senator John McCain should be deemed a natural born citizen. In that First Congress document it also states that citizen PARENTS (plural) are a requirement for natural born citizen status. Of course that is a problem for Barack Obama, but there may be another problem for him in other wording contained within this document. Here is a direct quote; “And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States.” Uh, Oh!!! Obama was one of the co-signers of SR 511. Is being in the U.S. on a temporary student visa, as was Barack Obama Sr., considered as being resident? Hmmm??? We will probably never know.
    Look within the [104] marker and about two thirds of the way down through the paragraph.

    They made this assertion in an effort to establish that Senator John McCain was a natural born citizen, since his citizenship status was being challenged.
    Here: http://naturalborncitiz en.wor

    I don’t think Senate Resolution 511 holds much legal weight due to the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court is the only true and final authoritative rule on matters of wording and interpretation of the constitution. It does at least exhibit the fact that they all agreed that being born to two U.S. citizen parents was one of the requirements in being a natural born citizen. Notice that in all the wording of Senate Resolution 511 and statements made from witnesses, Senator Leahy and Secretary Cherthoff, that they say “citizen parents”, (plural) as in two or both parents.

    Barack Obama clearly and openly admitted on his own, “Fight the Smears”, web site that when he was born his father, Barack Obama Sr., was a citizen of Kenya. Click on the image to enlarge,
    Note: Barack Obama’s “Fight the Smears” web site, as well as almost all web sites that ever contained anything that would expose Obama, has been scrubbed, hence the “screen grab” links.

    Kenya, at that time, was a British Colony and Obama Jr.’s citizenship status fell under the “British Nationality Act of 1948”.
    Barack Obama was born to one U.S. citizen (mother) and one British subject (father) and at the time of his birth held dual citizenships of Great Britain and the U.S. A natural born citizen cannot, under any circumstances, be born with or have dual citizenship and owe any allegiance to any foreign nation. Obama has also admitted on his “Fight the Smears” web site that his citizenship status, at the time of his birth and due to his father’s nationality, fell under the jurisdiction of the nation of Great Britain. That is a problem for Barack Obama and there is no denying this irrefutable fact.
    Again here:

    The term natural born citizen has already been previously determined and ruled on by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Marbury vs. Madison in 1803. A precedent has been established by the Supreme Court. There is no getting around this.
    Begin reading here at about the 18th paragraph where this, ” POINT II: UNITED STATES LAW INCLUDES” is highlighted in blue.
    There are several other court cases in which natural born citizenship has been addressed and not a single one of them support Obama’s assertion that he is a natural born citizen. NOT ONE!!!!
    Some are listed here:

    I have NOT intentionally omitted any reference to any court case that would weigh favorably towards Obama’s eligibility plight. I have not been able to find any and to my knowledge, they simply do not exist. Not a single case. NONE!!!

    Obama’s supporters will make up all sorts of lies to credit him. They will and have said things like, “The Supreme Court has already ruled that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen and that he is eligible”. Its complete hogwash!!! To present date, not one single law suit that has been filed against Obama has ever been heard on it’s merits by a judge. Almost every single case has been refused on the grounds of “standing”, meaning that “we the people” have no right to question Obama. Its absolutely absurd, isn’t it?

    Some, even Barack Obama himself, will try to say that the Fourteenth Amendment confirms his eligibility. This also is simply not true. The 14th amendment NEVER mentions natural born citizenship in it anywhere or in any form or fashion. Also you may have noticed, in the the link that I posted above, that the case of Marbury vs. Madison strikes down that notion.
    More on the 14th Amendment problem for Barack Obama.

    There are different classifications of citizenship, such as U.S. citizen and naturalized citizen, both of which are referred to in the 14th Amendment, and then there is natural born citizen. There is a difference and when the defenders of Barack Obama try to make their arguments they will continually throw out the words “U.S. Citizen” or “Native born”, but they will never use the term “natural born citizen”. They will avoid it like the plague. Don’t let them get away with it. Always remember that when the issue is being debated and references are being thrown your way in regards to Obama’s “citizenship”, stop them in their tracks and make them show you where their references to Obama’s “natural born citizenship” can be found. They will become extremely flustered and may possibly even try to recite some law or passage, but it will never contain the phrase, natural born citizen. If it does, it would simply mean that they hammered a nail in their own coffin, because as I have already proven here, a natural born citizen is required to have been born of (1) TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS, (2) ON U.S. SOIL, and (3) cannot fall under the jurisdiction of or owe any allegiance to any foreign nation. While #1 and #3 go hand in hand, all three of these are required and all three DO matter . Barack Obama absolutely lacks #1 and #3 and possibly #2 We will get back to #2 a little later in this letter.

    I could go on and on and on with more documented references to the definition and determination of the natural born citizen clause within the constitution, but I think by now that I have made my case and you are well informed. Just incase you want to see more facts, I will add an additional link to some more excellent references.

    I would also like to add that the guest on your radio show, that was touted as the foremost authority on citizenship, misinformed you and your listeners. On second thought, I will rephrase that; He flat out lied to you!!!
    You can listen here:

    Recap video of the greatest hoax ever to be perpetrated on the Citizens of the United States.
    It can’t be told anymore clearer than that.

    Congratulations!!! How does it feel to be a Birther?

    Now Back To The Matter of The Birth Certificate

    As I said earlier, I believe that the birth certificate issue is a “red herring” designed to distract people from the real problem of Obama’s birth status. I have absolutely no doubt that when the time is right, Usurper Obama WILL produce a “long form” birth certificate, whether it be authentic or the best forgery that money can buy, showing him to have been born in Hawaii. I think that anyone with at least half a brain can see this coming.

    However, there does seem to be something that he is trying to hide in regards to his original birth certificate. No one spends around a million dollars to keep from having to show a $12 .50 document. There is a distinct possibility that he was born in Kenya. We just don’t know.

    There are signed affidavits that originate from an interview with Obama’s grandmother, Sarah, in which she stated that she was present in the hospital room in Mombassa, Kenya where Barack was born.
    I believe that Attorney Phillip Berg, who has had or has several court cases challenging Obama’s eligibility, posses the affidavits, as well as the original audio tape of the phone conversation to Kenya.
    Mr. Berg video is here:
    Mr. Berg’s web site is here:

    There is also audio of an interview between a Chicago radio program and a Kenyan Ambassador in which the Ambassador also stated that Obama was born in Kenya.

    There have been headlines and articles from African print media which also state that Obama was born in Kenya. Is any of it true? I don’t know, but he is going to extreme lengths to hide something, thats for sure.
    This image was from web site in 2008:
    This from; read the fourth paragraph:
    Again here, from

    Possibly his VERY FIRST act as president / usurper was to sign an executive order into law (unlawful; a usurper can’t sign an executive order) that exempts him from having to disclose any personal documents, whatsoever. Wow!!! Who does that? Why was it the first order of business? Why so urgent?

    Earlier, I mentioned the possibility of a forged long form birth certificate being put forward. The reason that I would ever think that could be possible is that there is evidence that forgery of other documents may have already taken place. The online “Certification of Live Birth” / “short form” has MANY hallmarks of a tampered with or fabricated document.

    His Selective Service Registration Form / document for the military draft has some very alarming signs of tampering or outright fabrications also.

    Unless he really was born in Kenya, which we simply do not know, the fact is that absolutely none of this matters. He was born with dual nationalities / citizenship and to one U.S. citizen parent. Ineligible!!!

    There are still other problems yet. It would seem that Obama was adopted by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and lived in Indonesia where he went to school and had to relinquish his U.S. citizenship. This was required by the government to be able to enter into school. Indonesia did not allow for dual citizenship. When did he relinquish his Indonesian citizenship and reaffirm his U.S. citizenship? There should be documentation of that. While there, Barack Obama’s legal name was changed to Barry Soetoro. When did he LEGALLY change his name back to Barack Obama? There should be documentation of that too. Did he fraudulently run for office on an alias name rather than on his legal name?

    Obama stated in his memoirs that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981 via Indonesia where he stopped first to visit his mother. In 1981 Pakistan was under martial law and was on the U.S. government’s list of restricted countries for travel. Few U.S. passports were issued to civilians. How did he manage that? Did he acquire an Indonesian passport while visiting his mother there? How can an American get an Indonesian passport? They can’t, but an Indonesian citizen can.

    While all of these secondary issues DO matter and should be resolved, they can all be set aside and put on the back burner for now, because no matter if he was born in Hawaii or if he was born in the oval office, he is not now, nor can he ever be a natural born citizen as defined by the sources that I have provided for you here.

    Barack Obama is ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

    Barack Obama is a USURPER!!!

    Case Closed.

    Natural Born Citizen, Troy

    Dr. Orly Taitz is a national treasure. She is a naturalized U.S. citizen and formerly from Russia. She has seen firsthand and lived through the nightmare of Socialism. That is why she is fighting so hard to defend our constitution. She is a true patriot and while I admire her courage and very much appreciate her efforts, she doesn’t always articulate her facts as well as some others may. Instead of just interviewing Dr. Taitz, I implore you to also contact Attorney Mario Apuzzo and interview him as well. His contact information is posted on his web site.
    Mr. Apuzzo’s web site is here:

    Mr. Apuzzo, on behalf of plaintiff, Mr. Kerchner, is also currently in the middle of a very high profile law suit in challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama.

    Here is one of a series of educational ads that are being ran in the Washington Times National Weekly by Mr. Kerchner, Mr. Apuzzo’s plaintiff in Kerchner vs. Obama & Congress. This particular ad is being ran on July 20th, 2009 on page nine.

    Controls, to zoom in and out, are at the bottom of the pdf. page here: al-Advertorial-in-20090720-Issue-Wash-Time s-Natl-Wkly-pg-9
    Mr. Apuzzo will be able to, very eloquently, verify everything that I have laid out for you here. You and your radio listeners or television viewers would come away from the interview with a precise and clear understanding of the facts surrounding this issue of Obama’s ineligibility.

    By the way, I was absolutely appalled and disgusted by the well planned, finely timed and executed, intentional hatchet job that Kitty Pilgrim performed in your absence, for the CNN interview of Dr. Taitz and Alan Keyes. She had a condescending smirk on her face before the interview ever even got underway and it was obvious that she enjoyed every last second of that “hit job”. Until then, I had always liked Ms. Pilgrim whenever she would fill in for you. Now, as far as I’m concerned, she deserves to go by the way of Susan Roesgen, Fired!!! It was inexcusable.

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