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  1. Troy Says:

    Her name is Kitty Pilgrim and she is the one that fills in for Dobbs when he is away….She started off, before the segment ever got started, with a smirk (shit eating grin) on her face….It was a set up hit job, as usual.
    Dobbs is going to be recieving a looooongggg letter from me and this time it won’t be very polite….I had always been a pretty loyal viewer of his….That ended today!!!!….I don’t give out three strikes….Fuck Lou Dobbs!!!!

  2. rosettasister Says:

    I guess we’re all just fools on the hill.

  3. Troy Says:

    I have to wait for the steam to quit coming out of my ears before I even attempt writing to Dobbs….I am freakin LIVID!!!!

  4. rosettasister Says:

    This is for Troy!

    (smiley face)

  5. rosettasister Says:

  6. Troy Says:

    A giant weiner has sex with a house.

  7. Troy Says:

    Thanks Rose…I’m trying my best to cool off here.

  8. j.b. Says:

    This is for you too, Troy. (Oh and everyone else!)


  9. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    July 18, 2009 at 1:44 am

  10. Troy Says:

    Backatcha guys 😀

  11. Troy Says:

    Maybe this one will work…You might need to double click on video.

  12. sdee Says:

    Butler Missouri. Seems like a great place to buy my next truck!

  13. Troy Says:

    Grrrr…I give up.

  14. j.b. Says:

    It worked for me. But, I had to turn the sound waaaay down as not to interfere with the telly watchers.

    Troy, forget about Dobbs-it really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. I am now convinced l (like so many others) that the Blood and/or Dirt argument is the REAL one and NO ONE IS talking’ bout that!

    Tonight, Bret Baier, said that the COLB was proof……….in reference to the Cook deployment revocation-subsequent firing. And I was so hopeful after he brought it up in the beginning of the week. What-evah. Our Country is crashing in all around US…….Barry’ll get his comeuppence. Some day.

  15. j.b. Says:

    Lame Cherry rermains a complete incomprehensible Goofball in my book. Just sayin’.
    G’night, y’all. I gotta get up at the crack o’ dark. Oh and that new book of mine, ain’t gonna read itself!

  16. sdee Says:

    I was thinking about the MJackson memorial service – how they got such a large forum on short notice and the “drawing-style” free ticket distribution. I think there were some safeguards on the tickets to keep all form being sold on ebay too.

    I am lso planning to head to DC for the March on Washington – planned for Thursday Sept 10 thru Saturday the 12th.

    Although I really believe there are millions of people alienated from all political parties who are pissed off enought to show up – it will still be hard to get them there.

    There are two people that could draw out the patriots – Palin and Beck.

    Could you imagine a rally and show in a huge DC stadium on Saturday night? Palin leads the rally – Beck produces it. Tickets go out free. Millions apply for them and we end up with one heckuva mailing list.

  17. Troy Says:

    Get well Pegs Noonan

    This blog sincerely sends get well blessings to Peggy Noonan, as it is obvious now her career is on life support and she is suffering from extreme chills, due to the fact she has had her legs open so much for Obama her wet panties have caught a lil’ chill to lil’ pegs and the shivering has progressed to such a state, that Ms. Noonan now when typing is ALMOST taking shots at her luv Barack Huxxxein Obama.

    Yes water sports fans you heard it hear first, as Pegs Noonan in the Wall Street Journal apparently has no one who will read her columns so the editors and Rupert Murdoch publisher has to hide her typings in the “OPINION COLUMN” and only after one clicks on the story in which Noonan whores and hides behind real American heroic individuals like those in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo in going to the moon, one soon finds in a corner the above link to read Peggy Noonan’s other work.

    Talk about the Scarlet Letter of O making you a whorish pariah at your own paper.

    But this blogs concern is more over Pegs suffering from pneumonia due to her lil pegs got a chill and has big Pegs typing all over the keyboard attempting to sound like an American again after she spread eagle for Obama and like a Tijuana madam tied up Sarah Palin, and then gave the Axelrod crew pointers in how to rape an innocent woman and her children.

    This blog is never going to forget what Peggy Noonan did, what Noel Sheppard is doing and what sex crazed Obamaniacs like Shep Smith are still in delusion lusting about. Betrayal is betrayal in families, but it is treason when it is against one’s nation and when it is against Jesus the Christ, it is siding with the devil in being delusional and given over by God to your inner demons as you have rejected the Truth.

    So Pegs is in shivering typing out things like Senora Sotomayor was given a walk by Democrats. Wow big surprise there as Pegs and the Newsbusters flunkies of the eastern patricians elected this entire mess while assuming the position.

    The real shiver in this is what people probably are going to miss in Pegs is quoting a quite brilliant column by liberal Tina Brown who finally caught up to this blog six months later in wondering how castrated Hillary Clinton is by Barack Obama.
    THIS IS SIGNIFICANT in examining the field pneumonia sufferer Pegs Noonan chose in her patrician elite skew.

    This is a warning to all in not to be taken in by Jezebel Noonan, because her complaint about the way Mrs. Clinton is being treated, her noting what this blog spoke of almost half a year ago that Mrs. Clinton must employ the RFK strategy (gee when Pegs changes it just a bit in not mentioning RFK is it still plagiarism?) as when OBAMA FALLS, the party will turn to Mrs. Clinton to pick up the pieces.

    Read that one again as Pegs Noonan has turned on her jungle lust, loin cloth, vine swinging Birdie Obama in stating her luv is going to be a disaster for Democrats and then Democrats will turn to Hillary Clinton.
    All what was predicted here and now Pegs is in a woman’s scorn as Obama chose to roll over and cuddle with Brian Williams and not Peggy Noonan.

    (Note to Obama, next time at least hint in a joke that the homely white chic reporter who sold her butt for you was at least leaving a mint on the pillow or you are going to have Cynthia McFadden turning on you next.)

    To readers though, WARNING DO NOT FALL FOR PEGS, as she is of course scornful over Obama not wanting to tap that wilderness in Pegs visions of drill baby drill, but Peggy Noonan in her typical hatred of successful American women, has now channeled Hillary Clinton into her blow up doll bed chamber in the Letterman cocktail crowd TO MAKE ONE MORE ATTACK ON SARAH PALIN.

    Yes that is what Pegs is up to. She knows Obama luv is about to go into they abyss, but her hatred for Gov. Sarah Palin is so maniacal that Pegs Noonan is now promoting Hillary Clinton as President.
    This is supposedly the Pegs Noonan who worked for Ronald Reagan, is best buddies with Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge, although she swears like a Mexican whore attending Catholic mass, she likes to find refuge at the Conservative Wall Street Journal……..and yet she is championing communal health care Hillary Clinton, who just chummed up the Honduran drug mule ex president along with Hugo Chavez, Danny Ortega and Fidel Castro.

    I hope people are starting to get this that this disease of patricians infects both political parties in they don’t have any allegiance to morality or country. They will sell out their own best interest and nations only chance in Sarah Palin, just to keep those George Soros, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild shills in power enslaving the world.

    Pegs Noonan has revealed the patrician hand which was predicted here in when they dump Obama, they want to install Hillary Clinton as the only alternative to the strongest and most dangerous woman in America, and that means the world, in Gov. Sarah Palin.

    These patricians are terrified of Sarah Palin and know for certain in polling it appears that she is going to trounce Obama in 2012 and complete the Reagan Revolution.

    I judge it all dispicable in backstabbing treasonous whore terms in Pegs Noonan who was part of the political rape of an innocent Lady and her children, would now sell out in a last ditch effort to destroy America, by going completely for the communal party in an et tu Brute plunge of the knife all to bring Hillary Clinton to power……..after Peggy Noonan informed all of us that Barack Obama was the only choice and Hillary Clinton with John McCain were not.

    No fidelity in patricians, except if it is to the satanic global order.

    God bless you and get well soon Peggy Noonan as your columns are in the WSJ igloo and I know lesbian Hillary Clinton is not going to want your soggy seconds.

    Keep warm baby.


  18. Troy Says:

    I am lso planning to head to DC for the March on Washington – planned for Thursday Sept 10 thru Saturday the 12th.
    We need a million pairs of boots on the ground in DC.

  19. sdee Says:

    Troy, its just part of the sobering realization process of just how deep the cult runs.

    I guess I harbor hope too that a story will break or just one of the scandals will hit. I guess I am just resigned that the press sure won’t go looking for it until they have no choice.

    We are part of the new media – this is how people will get the truth. We need to get to the educated and apathetic. It is just going to take one scandal, one investigation and it will unravel. The guy just has too much in the closet – but for now he still has far too many who cannot let him fail. That will change.

  20. Troy Says:

    but for now he still has far too many who cannot let him fail. That will change.
    My patience is wearing very thin!!!!

    Something had better give and I mean soon.

    I would hate to become a story in the MSM.

  21. sdee Says:

    Troy Says:
    We need a million pairs of boots on the ground in DC.

    I agree and there are millions ready for the 2nd evolution. So what’s it going to take.? What can we do to get folks there?

    That is wha t got me thinking about Beck and Palin. Our tea party was well attended but everyone went their own ways again. I remember seeing the Alamo rally Beck put on – he can draw folks together.

  22. Troy Says:

    Yeah and Ted Nugent putting on a free concert wouldn’t hurt.

  23. Troy Says:

    So what’s it going to take.? What can we do to get folks there?
    Unfortunately it looks like its going to take martial law being declared and Americans getting their first look at their fellow citizens being shot down in the streets like dogs.

  24. ryansgrammy Says:

    Our local tea party has made arrangement for us to go by bus on 9/12. They told us last night that they should have information on speakers, etc by our next meeting in two weeks. I know that the Newport News area has quite an active group and they are going to DC too. As far as getting people involved, as soon as we hear people complaining about what is happening in DC we tell them to get off of their butt and do something about it — like get involved with the local tea party for a start and read the Constitution. I think many people believe this will all just go away on its own and things will be fine — I could shake them–starting with my sister!

  25. sdee Says:

    Unfortunately it looks like its going to take martial law being declared and Americans getting their first look at their fellow citizens being shot down in the streets like dogs.
    sounds like a better fate than the creeping submission they have planned for us. I know my limits and they lie in sight.

  26. Troy Says:

    Leo finally chimes in again.
    Ginsberg Espousing Master Race Eugenics?

    Posted in Uncategorized on July 17, 2009 by naturalborncitizen

    Pardon my leaving the NBC issue aside for now. Too much strange stuff flying around and I don’t really know what to make of it. I feel like a scene is being set – a dinner table if you will – and the meal is going to be a “long form” BC for your culinary delight. It just feels like a set up – all this long form – long form – long form — blah blah blah. That’s the standard being established for absolute eligibility.

    It’s being allowed people. Just my opinion. But you have to be a complete lemming if you think Gibbs is now regularly calling on Les Kinsolving of WND in White House pressers just to be a fair dude. The administration appears to be controlling this game and leading it to an endgame where they give you EXACTLY what you’re all asking for. Notice the standard wording Major Cooke stated to the press – “All he has to do is show the long form BC…” etc. If that’s all he has to do to drive a stake through the heart of the eligibility issue… then that’s what you can expect. But I digress from my topic today.

    I tell you… nothing felt more intellectually dirty or reeked of pure filth to me than my experience with the United States Supreme Court. I know the law. I know procedure. I knew the SCOTUS court rules. Yet, I had to be deloused after that experience. God knows what crawls in those chambers. Go back through SCOTUS history and see the vile possession by evil of those once hallowed chambers by eugenic skank like Oliver Wendell Holmes and his modern successors.

    Eugenics is basically what Hitler’s Nazi regime worshipped via their final solution. It’s a concept of population control where the Government decides who can live and who can breed… and who cannot be allowed to breed.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Jewish and one would think that she might find such a concept repulsive. But the abortion rights movement heralded by the BS decision in Roe v. Wade is more about eugenics then it is about a woman’s right to choose. And on July 7, 2009 Ginsburg confirmed what many suspected of her – that she’s a eugenic proliferating skank.

    Check her comment given to the New York Times:

    Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

    What populations are you speaking of you horn rimmed freak show? There’s not much else I can say about this crap except that the New York Times journalist – Emily Bazelon – failed to do her damn job and follow up on the alarming answer given by Ginsburg.

    I got news for you Ginsburg, your shit stinks bad, just as the shit emanating from every other race. All shit stinks. Yours isn’t pretty. It doesn’t taste good. It doesn’t smell like roses. Your shit stinks, girl. I know that might be hard for you to accept, but I suggest getting your nose all up in it sometime and have a wake up call.

    Who breeds and who doesn’t isn’t up to you and it never will be. You’ve already lost. Home is calling. He’s waiting for you. Got the sauna ready… and the air conditioning unit is permanently broken. Word.

  27. sdee Says:

    I think many people believe this will all just go away on its own and things will be fine
    that may be the hidden blessing in Obama’s haste to bring our demise – our fate has never been so clear.

  28. sdee Says:

    That’s Leo – “It just feels like a set up – all this long form – long form – long form — blah blah blah. That’s the standard being established for absolute eligibility.”

    No argument here.

  29. Troy Says:

    To Leo
    July 17, 2009 at 10:23 pm
    I also agree that the “long form” BC whether authentic or forged, is coming very soon…..The Obama/Axelrod Inc. red herring tactic seems to have worked brilliantly….I guess that Mario Appuzo is our last chance, but unfortunately I know that his case will also be quashed….We no longer live in a constitutional republic….We have fallen to communism and the sad thing is that almost no one even recognizes that.

    Dr. Mr. Benjamin Franklin,
    I am very sorry to inform you that we were not able to keep it….Thank you and your fellow patriots for all of your efforts and please try to forgive us for letting you down.

    An American Slave

  30. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Fred Thompson has an extraordinary interview with patient advocate and health policy expert (and former Lt. Gov. of NY) Elizabeth McCaughey.

    Obamacare will pay for health care by killing the elderly. Once you reach a certain age, you have to receive counseling every 5 years about how to end your life sooner: how to refuse hydration, how to go to hospice right away. And if you get cancer or some other such illness, you have to get fresh counseling so you’ll do what’s in society’s best interest.
    show dated 7/16 around 52 mins

    (b) MEDICARE COVERAGE FOR ESRD PATIENTS.– Section 1881 of such Act is further amended–

    (1) in subsection (b)(14)(B)(iii), by inserting ”, including oral drugs that are not the oral equivalent of an intravenous drug (such as oral phosphate binders and calcimimetics),” after ”other drugs and biologicals”;

    (2) in subsection (b)(14)(E)(ii)–

    (A) in the first sentence–

    (i) by striking ”a one-time election to be excluded from the phase-in” and inserting ”an election, with respect to 2011,

    P. 424

    2012, or 2013, to be excluded from the phase-in (or the remainder of the phase-in)”; and

    (ii) by adding at the end the following: ”for such year and for each subsequent year during the phase-in described in clause (i)”; and

    (B) in the second sentence–

    (i) by striking ”January 1, 2011” and inserting ”the first date of such year”; and
    (ii) by inserting ”and at a time” after ”form and manner”; and

    (3) in subsection (h)(4)(E), by striking ”lesser” and inserting ”greater”.


    (a) MEDICARE.–

    (1) IN GENERAL.–Section 1861 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395x) is amended–

    (A) in subsection (s)(2)–

    (i) by striking ”and” at the end of subparagraph (DD);
    (ii) by adding ”and” at the end of subparagraph (EE); and
    (iii) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph:

    P. 425

    ”(FF) advance care planning consultation (as defined in subsection (hhh)(1));”; and

    (B) by adding at the end the following new subsection: ”Advance Care Planning Consultation ”(hhh)(1) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), the term ‘advance care planning consultation’ means a consultation between the individual and a practitioner described in paragraph (2) regarding advance care planning, if, subject to paragraph (3), the individual involved has not had such a consultation within the last 5 years. Such consultation shall include the following:

    ”(A) An explanation by the practitioner of advance care planning, including key questions and
    considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to.

    ”(B) An explanation by the practitioner of advance directives, including living wills and durable powers of attorney, and their uses.

    ”(C) An explanation by the practitioner of the role and responsibilities of a health care proxy.

    ”(D) The provision by the practitioner of a list of national and State-specific resources to assist consumers and their families with advance care planning, including the national toll-free hotline, the ad-

    P. 426

    vance care planning clearinghouses, and State legal service organizations (including those funded through the Older Americans Act of 1965).

    ”(E) An explanation by the practitioner of the continuum of end-of-life services and supports available, including palliative care and hospice, and benefits for such services and supports that are available under this title.

  31. Troy Says:

  32. Tenacity Says:

    Change the date to September 12th, this was one of my favorite articles of the spring and even more appropriate now:

  33. Troy Says:

  34. sdee Says:

    I remember that one now Ten.

    I keep reading looking hoping – I do not plan to stop but it is now up to the people.

  35. Troy Says:

  36. song Says:



    Love that song…

    “but the fool on the hill, sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head sees the world spinning round.”

    Now I will be singing that all night..

    I am taking a wait see attitude with Lou Dobbs…

    if this is his last word, what happened tonight?


    hopefully not….

  37. Troy Says:

    Exclusive Polygamist Stanley Ann Dunham

    In a universe of matter and anti matter exclusive only to this blog, as the exclusives here are so large beyond this world, it is once again interesting to expose the Obama crime family.

    On this adventure, this blog has discovered that Stanley Ann Dunham was a polygamist in having never legally divorced her first husband, Barack Hussein Obama I, as she committed perjury in filing false information to the Divorce Court in Hawaii.

    We start this educational venture from a post at Plains Radio which being given full credit here in posting the divorce papers of Libellant, Stanley Ann D. Obama, reveals that she and her attorney, a Mr. Kerr, swore in court papers that she was a resident of Hawaii for over 2 years to legally divorce the very mind torturous Barack sr. as Stanley Ann claimed.

    More here:

  38. Troy Says:

    I am taking a wait see attitude with Lou Dobbs…

    if this is his last word, what happened tonight?


    hopefully not….
    Whether Kitty Pilgrim went “rogue” on Lou or she was simply following orders from Lou and his bosses doesn’t matter….It is his show and he is responsible for what takes place on it….What took place was a deliberate set-up hatchet job…It was carefully planned, timed and executed and I won’t ever watch his TV show or listen to his radio show again….I’m done with him…Like I said before, I don’t give out three strikes….When someone takes a dump on me it will be only once.

  39. song Says:

    well Troy?

    Although I liked Lou Dobbs? I never watched him in the first place…and she might have gone rogue, although like you I doubt it. My wait see approach is merely that?

    In no way is it a defense of the shabby segment today?

    However, Lou Dobbs if say, he read your email, or if, he has the information now, which he might not have had before, (geez)

    has something to think about….

    It’s up to him now…

    He now has the opportunity to tell the truth….

    Lou Dobbs…

    If he doesn’t speak the truth?

    THen he has bartered a piece of his soul….

    HE now has the choice..

    And for whatever reason? It is now very apparent…
    and for whatever reason? He wasn’t on the show today????



  40. Troy Says:

    Here ya go!!!

  41. Troy Says:

    Be sure to click on the above link to enlarge (no pun intended) and read the label….It’s hilarious!!!

  42. song Says:

    Here you go Troy…

    Ex Congressman JD Hayworth from my home state of Az..

  43. Troy Says:

    Check this out.

  44. song Says:

    Think about it, for a minute. If you are a news producer, or a producer of a television show such as the Lou Dobbs show, and suddenly, after a year of treating a story as though it is a fringe story, impugning and treating the people behind the story as though they are idiots? well suddenly you begin to find out the story is true? You finally research the lack of protection for such errors that exist in the political system. You finally crack a book and read a little law and find out, the so called “birthers” are right…

    How do you suddenly change?

    Well, in TV land, you don’t.

    You might even begin a coverup…

    on the other hand?

    you might begin to give the story some “on air” time..

    which is what happened. Not the way we wanted to see it…

    but it happened.

    either way?

    The story gains credibility because it was put on the air….

    You see consciousness behind the coverup?

    I see ignorance.

    Dobbs, Hannity, Rush–alll of them accepted the COLB…All of them..

    You are a straightforward person…

    but these guys?

    They make their living pretending to be smarter than the rest of us…

    well guess what…

    They failed us…all of em..

    we could expect that from MSNBC…and the closer we get the more strident they get..

    most probably because the news producers at MSNBC ARE engaged in a coverup…

    the other guys?

    They are just damn ignorant.

  45. song Says:

    I love that woman on the video. The next time a Congressman comes to Arizona for a TOWNHALL, I think I am going to go…

    I have thought about going to McCain’s office…its nearby, but?

    Hey he wasn’t qualified either…

    That has always seemed very “coincidental” to me…

    In a very bad way.

  46. song Says:

  47. Troy Says:

    In that video Dobbs reported on it fairly, but what Kitty Pilgrim did on his show was despicable and a disgrace.

  48. Tenacity Says:

    Dobbs said that Obama was born in Hawaii according to State officials …that’s a lie. He acted as though the document posted by factcheck was legit and made no mention of accusations of forgery. This is not fair reporting, but affirmation of Axelrod propaganda.

  49. Tenacity Says:

    Libtalker Lynn Samuels: Obama Is ‘Lying’ Over True Place Of Birth

  50. Tenacity Says:

    Did I actually hear John Stewart call Obama “a communist”?? Looks like it.

  51. Tenacity Says:

    Beck “Lose[s]” His “Mind;” Screams At Caller: “Get Off My Phone You Little Pinhead!”

  52. Tenacity Says:

    Dismantling the Temple
    By William Greider
    This article appeared in the August 3, edition of The Nation.
    July 15, 2009

    Where did the central bank get all the money it is handing out? Basically, the Fed printed it, out of thin air. That is what central banks do. Who told the Fed governors they could do this? Nobody, really–not Congress or the president. The Federal Reserve Board, alone among government agencies, does not submit its budgets to Congress for authorization and appropriation. It raises its own money, sets its own priorities.

    Full Article:

  53. Tenacity Says:

    For those not able to hear the interview with Dr. Edwin Vieira on Thursday night, go listen to the archive. Great History lesson and real solutions spelled out.

  54. CJ Says:

    Troy: Great posts tonight. Re the movie reference, The Candidate: doesn’t RR sound sort of like OB when he says:

    “Got to be a better way” and OB’s “Yes we can”

    RR in the film knows it’s all a scam but people will believe it because they don’t/care or pay attention. OB was brought in for the same reason but he is without the cynical conscience RR showed in the film. OB and gang are all an entertainment illusion to manipulate an ignorant population and get what they want- POWER- over all of us. Some of us have known that all along. More are realizing it. Is it too late and are there enough of us yet to stop it? End of the movie hasn’t been decided yet. There are two endings and we don’t know which will be released. If enough of us fight for the ending that keeps us free, maybe they will have no choice which to release. Keep up the fight everyone. The noise is getting louder. 9/12 looks like a great opportunity to show what ending we want. Be there.

  55. rosettasister Says:

    7:33 AM Pacific

    Good morning, sleepyheads!

  56. sdee Says:

    CJ Says: Some of us have known that all along. More are realizing it. Is it too late and are there enough of us yet to stop it?
    CJ, it is we the people of America who installed this regime, most did so unknowingly due to faith in fellow man, apathy or ignorance. Those who won knew this about we the people, and haughtily take away our freedom for their gain. They have cast their lot and fear no fate from God or man.

    I believe the vast majority of Americans just have absolutely no idea what has befallen America.

    The instincts of some, the “natural slaves” among us, have seen beneath the rehtoric exactly what we have seen yet they welcome submission. There is no hope for them and they will accept any fate that befalls them.

    I believe, with optimism, there is still a vast majority. People with values who just work each day and watch the evening news. They heard Obama’s “new compassion”and populist lies and either voted for him or think he will do OK. Their evening news does not tell them Obama is breaking all law, still lying while dismantling their America. These are the people who turned America red for Reagan. They will not wake up until catastrophe falls. The media has ensured that.

    Then there are folks like us who may not know the depth of the global machine, but do know the Leftists have set America on a path of destruction. We know that they have hijacked free elections and free press. We know what the majority does not – that the people are now left with a choice to live as slaves or fight to regain our freedom. Our fate and the nature of the fight is yet unclear – we will know more when a leader emerges or, if one does not.

  57. sdee Says:

    mornin Rose!

  58. rosettasister Says:


  59. rosettasister Says:



    I was referring to sdee’s words of wisdom this morning, and I still can’t get my eyes open!

  60. sdee Says:

    “Oh, my countrymen! What will our children say, when they read the
    history of these times? Should they find we tamely gave away without
    one noble struggle, the most invaluable of earthly blessings? As they
    drag the galling chain, will they not execrate us? If we have any
    respect for things sacred; any regard to the dearest treasures on
    earth; if we have one tender sentiment for posterity; if we would not
    be despised by the whole world – let us in the most open, solemn
    manner, and with determined fortitude, swear we will die, if we
    cannot live free men!”

    Josiah Quincy, Jr., 1788 published in the Boston Gazette

  61. sdee Says:

    Coffee Rose – coffee!

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Workin’ on the coffee aspect!

  63. rosettasister Says:

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Don’t know how long this lasts, but lookin’ good today!

    2Presidential Approval Index
    3Strongly Approve
    4Strongly Disapprove
    5Total Approve
    6Total Disapprove

    1 07/18/2009
    2 -8
    3 28%
    4 36%
    5 51%
    6 48%

  65. CJ Says:

    Sdee: I agree with your post above. I am still believing in the American spirit that was bred into all of us and that God will save the country he blessed. We shall see when the story continues to unfold and the patriots fight the good fight.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    ATF to Tennessee: We’re above your law

    To: Chode

    Now after reading that book, the ATF is probably monitoring all of the rod and gun clubs in the USA as possible “shadow militias.” That’ll keep them busy.

    90 posted on Saturday, July 18, 2009 5:58:53 AM by Travis McGee

    To: Travis McGee

    Well, my gun club president mentioned something similar.

    See, membership is up almost 300%, and most of the new members have the scary black guns (some of us regular members go new shiny scary black guns).

    Funny thing is the local Sheriff is a member, and recently opened up concealed carry permits to “Demonstrated Responsibility” after years of “need based”.

    Believe me, the recent surge of guns and ammo have some in high places very, very worried.

    97 posted on Saturday, July 18, 2009 6:34:29 AM by redgolum

  67. rosettasister Says:

    Notice to Obama, Democrats and any Republicans foolish enough to vote for ObamaCare!

    by Jim Robinson

  68. Tenacity Says:

    sdee, CJ et al,
    I would add to your most true observations this morning. I Cor. 14:8, “Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” 14:1, “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.” It is love, faith and hope that bring us to a time of battle. Love is an action more than a feeling. Our faith gives us confidence to risk this mortal life. Our hope inspires victory and prevents us from quitting. Those that love freedom and truth more than instant gratification will rise up and fight understanding that God and all that is Good is under attack. We have no promise of victory except that we turn our hearts to Him.

  69. rosettasister Says:


  70. Troy Says:

    As of today, July 18th 2009, you must now watch every single word that you say or type on the Internet….Our 1st Ammendment rights just got a large chunk bitten out of it’s ass…..While we were asleep the “hate crimes” bill was passed by the senate….As of today, if you say anything that “hurts someone’s feeling” you may be arrested and jailed….The end grows nearer with every passing day….Heil Hitler!!! 😦

  71. rosettasister Says:

    An important day in Iran

    Rafsanjani used his sermon during Friday prayer services at Tehran University to express criticism of the government. Rafsanjani did not allege that the recent elections were fraudulent, but he emphasized that many Iranians view them as such, that these concerns have not adequately been addressed (here he crticiized the powerful Guardian Council), and that, in the aftermath of the election, Iran is in “crisis.”

    Rafsanjani also urged Ayatollah Khamenei to be conciliatory. Specifically, he said that restrictions on the press and on free speech should be removed, and that those detained since the election should be released.

    According to one report, when protesters interrupted his sermon, Rafsanjani told them, “I am saying it better than you.”

    It’s an open secret that Rafsanjani is at odds with Khamenei. But, as I understand it, he has not before publicly criticized the regime (to which he belongs) to this extent. It also seems significant that Rafsanjani would do so during a sermon at the Friday prayer in Tehran, which (as one might imagine) is a very big deal. Khanenei is said generally to exercise tight control over what is said on these occasions. But today, he lacked that control, it would seem.

    So this is story that apparently is not going away.

  72. rosettasister Says:

    roaddog727 = Stefan F. Cook

    Orly on CNN – Challenging Obama’s legitimacy

    Posted by roaddog727

    roaddog727 Comments:;tab=comments

  73. Tenacity Says:

    This is by my friend, Dr Kate

    On Treason, continued
    July 14, 2009 by drkate4justice
    ©2009 drkate4justice/drkate

    One Last Note!

    For more than a year, this blog, all of the blogs on the roll on the right, and all of TD’s readers and writers have been sounding the alarm, riding that horse in the dead of night, shouting, that a storm of unknown magnitude is upon us. Just like the picture that heads TD’s blog.

    “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself… for the traitor appears no traitor: He speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their faces and their garments, he appeals to the baseless that lies deep in the souls of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is to be less feared.” ~ Cicero

    This storm is upon us now, make no mistake. But nothing is inevitable for America, because love of country has, can, and will change all. It is just a matter of time.

    In case you’re wondering, the Liberty Bell below is calling you, me, and all of America. The ‘prettiest sound on earth’ is the ring of freedom.

    Full Article:

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Is Obama’s presidency threatened?

    Obama maintained he was born in Hawaii. One hospital, Honolulu ‘s Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children, claims it received a letter from the President declaring his birth there.

    But White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs refused to authenticate the letter.

    For nearly six months the hospital proudly declared Obama was born at its facility to create poll hype.

    Later it covered up and refused to confirm if the letter actually existed.

    The letter was purportedly signed by Barak Obama.

    If the signature was forged it was a most serious offence.

    Was any action taken against the Hospital?

    This week the controversy about Obama’s birthplace resurfaced dramatically.

    A US Army Reserve, Major Stefan Frederick Cook, scheduled for deployment to Afghanistan, refused to serve claiming that the order was illegal because the American President was not legitimate.

    He argued that he should not be required to serve under a President who has not proven his eligibility for office.

    “As an officer in the armed forces of the United States, it is my duty to gain clarification on any order we may believe illegal.

    With that said, if President Obama is found not to be a ‘natural-born citizen,’ he is not eligible to be commander-in-chief,” Major Cook said.

    “Then any order coming out of the presidency or his chain of command is illegal.

    Should I deploy, I would essentially be following an illegal order.

    If I happened to be captured by the enemy in a foreign land, I would not be privy to the Geneva Convention protections.”

    The military created shock waves by revoking the deployment order without giving any reasons.

    Thereby it evaded a reply to Major Cook’s objection and implicitly acknowledged that it could offer no proof of President Obama’s birth in the USA.

    If the military cannot vouch for President Obama’s legitimacy the implications can be very far-reaching.

    Major Cook’s case is being heard in the court of US District Judge David O Carter.

    The judge told the plaintiffs to fix their paperwork and that he would listen to “the merits” of their case.

    The date of the hearing was fixed for 16 July.

    It is unlikely that the US mainstream media will highlight the event.

    But regardless of the judge’s verdict, will the issue die?

    If it snowballs into a crisis America could face a cruel choice.

    While it battles a severe economic meltdown it may have to either remove a most popular President or violate its Constitution.

    (This is a bit dated, but I find it fascinating that a foreigner doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in our so-called “free” press.)

  75. rosettasister Says:

    • Name mitra isparanoid

    • Location Tehran

    • Bio i’m just a girl who’s terrified of growing up

    1. RT And what is Mr Obama saying while the Iranian people are struggling and dying? NOTHING. #IranElection #Neda #Iran #gr88 #Tehranabout 2 hours ago from TwitterFon

    2. RT @i64: RT @Vigdisol: RT @i64: This is no longer about #iranelection, this is about #iranRevolution.about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    3. RT @LiveNZ: Ebadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her significant and pioneering efforts for democracy and human rights #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    4. @s3anryan RT @oxfordgirl 36 high ranking IRI military personel arrested last night – confirmed by trusted source in Tehran #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    5. RT @iranproxy: Amoli (ayatollah in Qom) says that political infighting will backfire #iranelection #iranelection#oxfordgirl#stopahmadiabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    6. @hhilaryy tweet australiadoesntwantjonas thenabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to hhilaryy

    7. RT @Titi81: Dott.Sazegara,do you have only “new islamic ideas”? Or do you know also tollerance and pluralism? #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    8. Tell khamenei, thief of Iran’s oil, genie’s out of bottle. No reconciliation. People Risen, Lion sighted. #iranelection #iran #Tehran #GR..about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    9. “Twitter played essential role in broadcasting events on Tehran’s streets to the world” (CSIS) – #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    10. “I may not agree with what you say,but I will defend to death your right to say it.”(Voltaire) VIVA TOLLERANCE AND PLURALISM #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    11.خرداد خونین، گزارش تفصیلی نقض حقوق بشر پس از انتخابات در ایران #iranelection 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    12. New Basij dating group formed = they arrest & rape you & burn your body – psychopathic requirements #iranelection #iran Must follow Orders!about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    13. RT @iranangel: RT @france7776: Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela from all the people at #iranelection #nelsonmandela #iran #neda #gr88 #tehranabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    14. RT @parasympathic: very very good documentary about the iran uprising #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    15. RT @Shahramirani: They MUST release prisoners NOW. Else we have to take EVIN frm them &release our ppl. Cant let them continue #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    16. RT @khameneisavak: Ayatollah Adolf Khamenei – Supreme leader of the Nazislamic Republic of Iran : – #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    17.خرداد خونین، گزارش تفصیلی نقض حقوق بشر پس از انتخابات در ایران #iranelection 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    18. Saddam butcher of Baghdad, Khamenei BUTCHER OF IRAN. Your future is up a crane soon enough together with your son #iranelectionabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    19. RT @jimsciuttoABC: RT @oxfordgirl: Source 36 high rank IRI military personel arrested last night Tehran #iranelection #rafsanjaniabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    20. Iran Gov Regime is laughing stock in the world & center of jokes, they are comedians jokers, clowns are jealous #iranelection #iran #jokesabout 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

  76. rosettasister Says:

  77. sdee Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    I would add to your most true observations this morning. I Cor. 14:8,
    thanks Ten

  78. rosettasister Says:

    A former president’s speech shows the widening splits between Iran’s rulers

    Mr Ahmadinejad was notably absent at the Friday prayers.

    He was meant to be in Egypt this week for a meeting of the non-aligned movement but sent his foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, in his place.

    His decision not to attend suggests that he is still anxious about Iran’s unstable politics.

    The fissures at the top of the Islamic regime show no signs of healing.

    With more senior clerical figures coming out in support of Mr Mousavi, the ruling elite is looking increasingly divided between the clerics and the military.

    The criticism from clerics is particularly galling for Mr Khamenei who has always felt insecure about his religious credentials.

    The Revolutionary Guard has stuck by Mr Khamenei and Mr Ahmadinejad so far.

    This month has seen the execution of 13 or 14 members of Jundullah, a Sunni group, in south-east Iran and of 20 people accused of drug trafficking.

    The executions are a reminder of the power the regime is prepared to wield against its enemies.

    The authorities may well be hoping to create an atmosphere fear in the Islamic republic that will dissuade Iranians from protesting any more about the elections.

    So far, it does not seem to be working.

  79. sdee Says:

    CJ Says:
    Sdee: I agree with your post above. I am still believing in the American spirit that was bred into all of us
    It is in my genes CJ – no doubt. My father came here after the war – he just belonged. He knew what had let Hitler walk into his country. He knew America was the last stand. Now I know.

    I am with you and wait for the others to wake up!

    We need a show of force. I hope it is September in DC – I hope.

  80. Troy Says:

    Operation Mockingbird

    Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence domestic and foreign media beginning in the 1950s.
    The rest here:

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Sarkozy is a Dumb Fuck French Bastard!

    France Surrenders to Ahmadinejad

    Once again, the ever-conniving French government today announced that it recognizes Ahmadinejad’s re-election.

    France’s FM, Kouchner said,

    “Since Ahmadinejad has been proclaimed president, it would be ‘useless and counterproductive’ for France alone to reject this.”

  82. rosettasister Says:

    The Freedom Fighters inside of Iran don’t want us to intervene or to invade. They just need to know that we’re on their side.

    I believe this message was meant for Obama.

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Kosovo and the American Citizen Soldier of the National Guard

    by Hugh Hewitt

  84. rosettasister Says:

  85. sdee Says:

    Rose, it is just so hard to discern how you really feel about Sarkozy, so I feel I must try and draw you out on with this one 😀

    From a Jan article in Brussels Journal

    “”Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, that there will be dire consequences if they don’t, and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country. Thus he amalgamated the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring with that of the need for the French to intermarry racially.””

    You know maybe Carla Bruni was wearing hajab in that naked magazine spread – I’m just saying, maybe.

  86. Tenacity Says:

    Until Hugh Hewitt will honestly speak out about the Natural Born Citizenship issue and listen to the usurper and treason charges fully, then his voice is silent to me. He is just another propagandist. If it were up to me, his listener ratings would go to zero. He and anyone else in the media not willing to join the front line of the battle might as well shut up because they are more a part of the problem than the solution.

  87. Tenacity Says:

    What I despise most are those that claim to be conservatives or constitutional scholars and then they cower from the true tough issues. That makes them cowards. Right now, cowards will get us killed.

  88. rosettasister Says:

    Lawmakers Warned on Cost of Health Bills

    Negotiators Want New Plan After Congress’ Budget Analyst Says Current Proposals Will Raise U.S. Costs

    Douglas Elmendorf, director of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office

    The chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), also has taken a leading role in the Finance Committee negotiations.

    Yesterday, when Elmendorf appeared before Conrad’s committee to testify about the nation’s long-term budget problems, Conrad focused his questions on the House and Senate committee measures, which were drafted without Republican input.

    “I’m going to really put you on the spot,” Conrad said.

    “From what you have seen from the products of the committees that have reported, do you see a successful effort being mounted to bend the long-term cost curve?”

    Elmendorf responded: “No, Mr. Chairman.”

    Although the House plan to cover the uninsured, for example, would add more than $1 trillion to federal health spending over the next decade, according to the CBO, it would trim about $500 billion from existing programs — increasing federal health spending overall.

    Some provisions of the bill have the potential to trim spending further, Elmendorf said,

    but “the changes that we have looked at so far

    do not represent the sort of fundamental change, the order of magnitude that would be necessary, to offset the direct increase in federal health costs that would result from the insurance coverage proposals.”

    Asked what provisions should be added, Elmendorf suggested changing the way Medicare reimburses providers to create incentives for reducing costs.

    He also suggested ending or limiting the tax-free treatment of employer-provided health benefits, calling it a federal “subsidy” that encourages spending on ever-more-expensive health packages.

    Key senators, including Conrad, have been pressing to tax employer-provided benefits, but Senate leaders last week objected, saying that the idea, which Obama opposed on the campaign trail, does not have enough support to win passage.

    (Obama opposed McCain’s idea and now doesn’t want to appear to embrace an idea he previously rejected outright.)

    Yesterday, Baucus said White House opposition had hindered acceptance of the tax, which critics said would target police and firefighters who receive generous benefits packages.

    Grassley said he urged Obama earlier this week to reconsider the tax, which the CBO has repeatedly identified as one of the best tools available for driving down long-term federal health spending.

    Obama said he could not do that, Grassley recalled.

    “Does he really want to bend the cost curve?

    He ought to be out in front on this issue and endorse it,” he said.

    (I have an even better idea! Recall the “stimulus.”)

  89. Troy Says:

    Kerry Cassidy interviews Dr. Bill Deagle: Flu pandemic / vaccines, world economy, earth changes

    Listen here:

  90. rosettasister Says:

  91. rosettasister Says:

    I just love the way she grins at the close of each segment.

    She knows what she says is funny ’cause it’s true.

  92. rosettasister Says:

    Safety questions over swine flu jab

    Vaccine will be rushed out before results of health checks are known

  93. Troy Says:

    Last night someone here posted something in regards to Goldman Sachs and the Treasury Dept and who works for who…This should clear things up.

  94. rosettasister Says:

    Henk says:
    18 juli 2009 om 20:13 July 18, 2009 at 20:13

    Daar heb je helemaal gelijk in het is treurig het lijkt dat hier in nederland iedereen zo ver in coma gesukkeld is door de linkse propaganda dat men ook nooit meer uit de coma vandaan komt.

    As you all right it is sad it seems that everyone here in Australia so far in coma gesukkeld by the leftist propaganda that is never more out of the coma is coming.

    En van de moslimgemeenschap hoef je ook niks meer te verwachten die zitten te wachten tot een jood een scheet laat dan hebben ze weer een reden om het nederlandse autopark te decimeren

    And the Muslim community do nothing to expect are waiting for a jew a fart let them have a reason for the Dutch car park to decimate

    (It’s hard to tell, but Henk appears to be complaining about leftist propaganda in “Nederland” Google seems to have trouble translating that word from Dutch to English. Nederland is NOT Australia. Also complaining about Dutch Muslim community not doing anything to help Iranian freedom fighters. Same could be said for non-Iranian Muslims in America.)

  95. rosettasister Says:

    A message to all members of DontGo Movement

    Fellow Members of the DontGo Movement (Now the American Liberty Alliance),

    We’re pleased to announce that phase one of our national website is live! You can check it out at

    We also have some brand new discussion forums that we hope you’ll join in on and be a part of the conversation.

    And finally, we have a contest running for a FREE trip to Nashville! All you need to do is refer friends to become members of ALA!

    Things are moving so be sure you’re a part of the new network.

    For Liberty,

    -Eric Odom

    Visit DontGo Movement at:

  96. rosettasister Says:

  97. rosettasister Says:

    Iraqi Sergeants Step Up

    The US has recently developed its final advanced course for Iraqi NCOs, dubbed the Master Trainer Course (MCT), designed specifically for junior NCOs.

    The war fighting aspects of the course are, for obvious reasons, geared primarily towards counter-insurgency.

    The core subjects taught are planning offensives and cordon-and-search operations before the troops go into battle.

    Iraqi 10th Division soldiers are the first to receive instruction in the MTC, with five sergeants from each battalion attending the course.

    Specific topics include classes on using maps and detailed terrain models, and planning specific types of missions, like searches and raids.

    The course concludes with an exercise in which the Iraqis have to plan and conduct an operation of their own using the skills taught in the classes.

    With many, if not most, of the Iraqis’ sergeants having received basic, intermediate, and finally advanced NCO training, US forces are more confident that the Iraqis can handle, on their own, whatever is thrown their way.

    Previously, the sergeants had the skills to teach basic battle skills to their subordinates and to actively take charge during a firefight.

    Of course, that means very little without the skills to adequately plan operations before the troops themselves gear up.

    That’s what the MTC is set up to do and it seems to be working.

  98. Troy Says:

    If the link doesn’t open right away, there is nothing wrong with your computer….It simply may take a few minutes for it to load and open…Be patient.

    There is very important information here:
    [audio src="" /]

  99. jrh Says:

    Hi folks, I haven’t been keeping up lately, shame on me.

    I haven’t read back before this thread so maybe this has been discussed, but in case not:

    Atlas shrugs has posted a new analysis of the COLB that finds new reasons to prove it forged. I am a bit puzzled though because the guy goes by ‘techdude’ which I recall was the name of the guy that originally said it was authentic and was ripped to shreds by Polarik. I may be mistaken though.

    Anyway, it sounds like a credible analysis to me this time.

  100. rosettasister Says:

    jrh Says:
    July 18, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Hey there!

    Actually that was from July 2008.

    Admittedly I haven’t been following Polarik as much as I used to.

    Perhaps someone can decipher this:

  101. rosettasister Says:


    Cameron: ‘Government must listen to military’

  102. rosettasister Says:

  103. rosettasister Says:

    Warplanes kill 10 militants in Orakzai Agency

    At least ten militants were killed and several others sustained wounds when PAF warplanes bombed secret hideouts of Hakim Ullah Mehsud, deputy to banned Tehreek-e-Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud on Saturday.

    Several hideouts were destroyed in the bombardment.

    According to media reports, PAF warplanes bombed secret hideouts of commander Hakim Ullah Mehsud, deputy to Baitullah Mehsud in Mamozai area on Saturday morning, killing ten militants and injuring several others.

    However, it was not known immediately whether militants killed were local or foreigner.

    On Friday, five militants were killed when US drones fired two missiles at the secret hideouts of Baitullah Mehsud in South Waziristan.

  104. ryansgrammy Says:

    Remember the article in where it stated that Obama has returned to the continent of his birth. The ObamaFile (thank goodness they are keeping copies of everything) said it was scrubbed and now reads the continent of his father’s birth.

  105. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, grammy!

  106. rosettasister Says:

  107. rosettasister Says:

  108. rosettasister Says:

    25,000 retired soldiers being recruited for Swat

    “Do u think that taliban will not come back. If we see there history Taliban never say Die. My Pak brothers knows Taliban better than us.”

    AgNoStIc MuSliM

    Insurgencies don’t vanish in an instant.

    Sporadic fighting and attacks by Taliban militants will continue for the next few years, especially as long as Afghanistan and FATA remain unstable and serve as a source for militants, weapons and money for the remaining militants in Swat.

    What the GoP needs to do is exactly this – build up local institutions to where they can patrol and defend Swat from those sporadic attacks.

    The Military’s job was to break the back of the organized Taliban, and do as much damage to their command and control and leadership as is possible, which they have done and continue to do.

    This hopefully creates a situation in which most communities will have the space to return, and the space for the government to prop up local institutions and have them take control.

    The hope is that all these suggestions actually see the light of day, with proper funding and implementation.

  109. rosettasister Says:

    I love this girl!

    RT @pattyblake: Ahmedinejad, you have RUINED #Iran reputation. The world will NEVER take you seriously after #iranelection (RT @lissnup)

    RT @GreenTears: SONG – WE BELIEVE- (Neda’s Song)

  110. rosettasister Says:

  111. rosettasister Says:

    Ron Buitenhuis – WE BELIEVE (Neda’s Song) light up the night Amsterdam

  112. rosettasister Says:

  113. rosettasister Says:

    Nokia – Jailing People

  114. CJ Says:

    Tenacity: Just read your post above with the quote. It is so much the truth that it needs to be repeated a thousand times. “Love is an action.” That was great. We are ready and will fight for our freedom and country. No matter what age we are, no matter how rich or poor, the American people will rise to the occasion and defend our land. Peacefully if possible, aggressively if necessary. God will stand with us. Thanks for all you are doing Ten!

  115. rosettasister Says:

    Tehrani says:
    18 juli 2009 om 20:35 July 18, 2009 at 20:35

    De minister van het MOIS: The Minister of the MOIS:

    Israël en de PMOI wilden Ahmadinejad vermoorden.
    Israel and the PMOI Ahmadinejad wanted to murder.

    Een verzonnen verhaal van iemand die de oor van een tegenstander binnen de familie heeft gebeten.

    A fictional story of someone who has the ear of an opponent within the family has been bitten.

    (Made-up story?)

    Hij heet Mohseni Ejei. He called Mohseni Ejei.

    In zijn verzonnen verhaal komt dat Israël met de PMOI ergens in Parijs en in Sharm al sheykh in Egypte contact heeft genomen en de PMOI heeft gevraagd om A,nejad pm te brengen.

    In his fictional story that Israel with the PMOI somewhere in Paris and Sharm al sheykh Egypt in contact and asked for the PMOI A Nejad pm them.

    De PMOI zou gezegd hebben dat hij het wel doet als de organisatie van de terruerlijst van de VS wordt verwijderd.

    The PMOI would have said that he does as the organization of the U.S. terruerlijst removed.

    Dhr. Dhr.

    Oor bijter zegt dat het bericht nog niet door Israël is ontkent.
    Ear biter says that the message has not been denied by Israel.

    Eerder hebben de mullahs gezegd dat Neda door de PMOI, BBC verslaggever, CIA agent, enz was doodgeschoten.

    Previously, the mullahs said Neda by the PMOI, BBC reporter, CIA agent, etc. was shot.

    De PMOI is de nachtmerrie van de mullahs en van nachtmerrie zijn ze gek geworden en weten niet wat zij zeggen.

    The PMOI is the nightmare of the mullahs and nightmare they are crazy and do not know what they say.

    (I think what Tehrani is saying here is that Ahmadi Nejad and bastard regime trying to tie protesters to PMOI. Then trying to tie PMOI to Israel in an attempt to paint protesters as Israeli collaborators.)

    People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI)

    NCRI Statements

  116. rosettasister Says:

    This is what Tehrani is talking about:

    Israel planned to assassinate Ahmadinejad

    Iranian Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie said on Friday that Israel had planned to assassinate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad around the time of last month’s presidential election.

    The Fars news agency quoted Ejeie as saying that Israeli officials had met members of the exiled Iranian opposition group, People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI), to execute the plan.

    “The Zionist regime had met with the hypocrite group (the term Iran uses for the PMOI) on the sidelines of (a meeting in) Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and in Paris to assassinate Mr. Ahmadinejad,” Ejeie said.

    (Iranian Intelligence clearly trying to drive a wedge between protesters.)

  117. rosettasister Says:

    Mais Que Nada(Original)1963

  118. rosettasister Says:

    Sergio Mendes ft. The Black Eyed Peas – Mas Que Nada

  119. Troy Says:

  120. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  121. rosettasister Says:

    Someone requested info about fool on the hill image

    Pls click on link just below image and seek permission there

    Sorry couldn’t find where you posted request

    Hope you see this


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