I Taught Myself A Lesson





Time is as weak as water
I’m kneeling on the shore
Showers, palmfronds
Cross me spilling
Silver, sidewalks
Lips so red world so wide
Around my head
Time is as weak as water
I taught myself a lesson
I put myself to sleep
Sirens, jasmin
Jasper, flagpole
Tree top, sidewalk
Thursday night, magnolia
Along my street
I taught myself a lesson













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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Iran executed 5 students in Kurdish city KermanShan,plz help humanity& send this video to the world


  2. rosettasister Says:

    Politicians at the European level, Obama, where is everyone!

    MK says:
    5 juli 2009 om 02:13 5 July, 2009 at 02:13

    Botte, Joost en alle anderen, dank voor jullie inzet.
    Botte, Joost and others, thanks for your efforts.

    Ik volg jullie elke dag. I follow you every day.

    Het raakt me wat jullie doen, dank voor jullie moeite.
    It gets me what you do, thanks for your effort.

    Ik ben blij dat jullie deze moedige mensen in Iran steunen, want de gevolgen zijn niet niks voor hen.

    I’m glad you guys this courageous people in Iran support, because the effects are nothing to them.

    Ik ben een vrouw, en ben woest op alle vrouwenrechtenstrijdsters van weleer, die zich nu niet laten zien.

    I am a woman, and I am furious at all of yesterday’s women’s struggle, which is not shown.

    Het is ongelofelijk, ik hoop dat zij later hun portie nog krijgen.
    It is incredible, I hope that later they still receive their portion.

    Dit klinkt wraakzuchtig maar dat ben ik helemaal niet Ik ben een vredelievend mens, maar hier begrijp ik maar weinig van.

    This sounds vindictive, but I am not I am a peaceful man, but here I understand very little of.

    Onze feministes van toen helpen nu moslima’s in hoofdoekjes, burka’s, burkini’s, aparte loketten en theaterstoeltjes.

    Our feminists then assist Muslim’s main wipes, burka’s, burkini’s, separate offices and theater seats. I can’t believe this!!!

    Ook onze politici. I can not believe this!

    Our politicians.

    Politici op Europees niveau, Obama, waar is iedereen!
    Politicians at the European level, Obama, where is everyone!

    Daarom ben ik zo trots op jullie, en al die andere wereldburgers die opkomen voor de vrijheid in Iran.

    That is why I am so proud of you, and all that other world fighting for freedom in Iran.

    Ik ben niet technisch maar verwijs mensen naar deze plek, breng ze aan het verstand dat er een enorme verandering in Iran aan de gang is.

    I am not technical but refer people to this place, bring them to the sense that there is a huge change in Iran is in progress.

    En dat steun nodig is. And that support is needed.

    Ondertussen denk ik ‘s avonds aan al deze mensen, die op hun dak staan om hun ‘rooftop chants’ te laten horen!

    Meanwhile, I think at night with all these people on their roofs for their ‘rooftop chants’ to hear!

    In gedachten doe ik met ze mee, deze geluiden brengen me koude rillingen, zo bijzonder!!!

    I thought with them, it sounds to me chills, so special!

    Nogmaals dank voor jullie inzet en steun! Thanks again for your dedication and support!

  3. sdee Says:

    This story should disturb anyone to the core! A Jihadist group has the power to put US citizens on police watch lists?!

    Atlas Shrugs has lots of research and data on CAIR and the ISNA. ISNA is an arm of Muslin Brotherhood. Most recently the FBI was ordered to establish a formal collaboration with ISNA! Wonder who ordered that?


    more here on MuslimBrotherhood/ISNA collaboration with FBI:

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Saudis Would Allow Israel to Attack Iran


    Saudi Arabia would turn a blind eye if Israel were to use its airspace to attack Iran, London’s Sunday Times reports. According to the report, Mossad chief Meir Dagan has told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Syria has hinted to the move.

    “The Saudis have tacitly agreed to the Israel air force flying through their airspace on a mission which is supposed to be in the common interests of both Israel and Saudi Arabia,” a diplomatic source stated.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    What Up With Your Birth Certificate, Mr. Transparency?


  6. rosettasister Says:

    Bibi’s Choice

    Israel approaches a moment of decision on Iran’s nuclear threat.


  7. j.b. Says:

  8. j.b. Says:


  9. j.b. Says:

    p.s. 1st a story, then THE song…..(re;above post)

  10. j.b. Says:

    So wrong. So long………..Liberty and Justice for All.
    No. We will not let THEM win.
    This is OUR COUNTRY, Muthaphuckers.

  11. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Hey Troy!

    TED NUGENT “National Anthem” Alamo Tea Party 2009

  12. rosettasister Says:

    7:06 AM Pacific

    Good Sunday morning, America! How are you?!

  13. rosettasister Says:


    Karl Rove, former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell appears on “FOX News Sunday” to discuss Sarah Palin’s decision to step down as Governor and what that means for her political future.


  14. rosettasister Says:

    Medicare’s “Efficiency”


    Bevan argues persuasively that Medicare’s low overhead is the product of government accounting sleight-of-hand.

    But there’s a bigger point – the connection between “low” administrative costs and staggeringly HIGH levels of fraud and waste.

    As Michael Cannon at the Cato Institute and Regina Herzlinger at Harvard Business School have pointed out, much of the 10 to 20 percent of private insurance administrative costs goes to preventing fraud.

    Private insurers, you see, care about whether or not they lose money. Medicare, with its unlimited claim on the public purse, does not.

    It’s only taxpayer money, after all.

    The results are predictable, but breathtaking nonetheless: an estimated $68 billion (with a B) in outright Medicare fraud every year (About $3 billion in Miami-Dade county ALONE.)


    On top of that, according to well-respected Dartmouth researchers, roughly a third of Medicare’s total $400 billion annual spending goes to procedures which were medically unnecessary.


    Health care reform sounds so good.

    It’s an idea that makes us feel better about ourselves.

    The president’s plan deserves a hearing,

    But the country is drowning in unfunded future liabilities.

    Regardless of one’s philosophical leanings about the merits of another large federal entitlement program, we cannot afford one as wasteful as Medicare.

    (I’ve actually heard people make the case that “public” option – single payer works. They say just look at Medicare and Medicaid. Are they out of their minds?!)

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Still Advocating the Swiss Healthcare Model


    America’s Health Insurance Plans, their chief lobbying group, now says it is willing to accept such heavy-handed reforms—if they are accompanied by a requirement that all Americans purchase coverage. This may seem a cynical ploy to expand their business, but some compulsion is needed to get around the selection problem. Any legislation is likely to include subsidies to help the poorest pay for cover.

    If done properly, this will in time move America towards the Swiss and Dutch models of universal private insurance. These are not perfect, to be sure.

    Regina Herzlinger of Harvard Business School observes that the Dutch reforms have led to rapid consolidation of insurers and hospitals, fuelling resented price increases.

    She favours the decentralised Swiss model, which preserves individual choice and competition. Others note that Swiss health-care costs are high by European standards. But they are a third less, as a share of GDP, than America’s, and the country’s excellent health outcomes should be the envy of American reformers.

    I have been advocating adopting the Swiss model for healthcare for a long time.

    The image is Swiss model Michelle Hunziker. Now, doesn’t she look healthy?

    (Many links on the Swiss Way)

  16. rosettasister Says:

    The interim government in Honduras banned the plane due to carry ousted President Manuel Zelaya home on Sunday from landing, foreign minister Enrique Ortez told local radio.


  17. rosettasister Says:


  18. rosettasister Says:

    Alright! Biden called Saddam Hussein a son of a bitch!

    U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday celebrated America’s Independence Day with U.S. troops, including his soldier son Beau, at their base near Baghdad, giving a speech that mocked Saddam Hussein.

    Biden, who U.S. President Barack Obama has asked to take a leading role in coordinating U.S. Iraq policy, also presided over a naturalization ceremony for 237 soldiers from 59 countries taking an oath of U.S. citizenship.

    “We did it in Saddam’s palace and I can think of nothing better,” Biden said of the naturalization ceremony, held at Al-Faw Palace near Baghdad airport.

    “That SOB is rolling over in his grave right now,” he said of executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

  19. rosettasister Says:



    Mourning Mothers of Iran announce protest for next Sat in Laleh Park, vow to keep it up until #iranelection detainees released

    Iranian state TV reports journalist Iason Athanasiadis has been released after more than two weeks in jail after #iranelection

  20. patriotamy Says:

    Actually was surprised that this event was not covered in a sarcastic way at CNN ?? This struck me as a way to get some points to the public about what is actually happening without getting the full ire of B0


  21. CJ Says:

    Morning all from the chilly northeast: Kind of off-topic but may be something to hist by fall re the swine flu:

    From Mercola.com newsletter and referencing the NVIC site and excerpt from the article about what the govt. is possibly planning and how homeland security has been given control of alot of future of America:

    “I urge you to review the vast supply of information available on the NVIC site, and join Barbara Loe Fisher in her urging to take action against the potential threat of mandatory swine flu vaccinations.

    It’s imperative that you educate yourself about vaccinations, influenza, vaccine risks, and the public health laws in your state, so you know what you’re up against come the beginning of the new school year.

    You need to find out what your rights and options are under new public health laws that may require you and your children to get vaccinated or be quarantined.

    Many do not realize that such laws even exist. But the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), which was passed by many states in 2002, includes provisions that would allow state health officials to use the state militia to:

    Take control of all roads leading into and out of cities and states

    Seize homes, cars, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms and alcoholic beverages for their own use (and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of personal property)

    Arrest, imprison and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate citizens without consent (and not be held liable if these actions result in your death or injury)

    “Take Action Now (Dr. Mercola’s opinion here)

    I recommend you visit http://www.NVIC.org and learn as much as you can. “

  22. CJ Says:

    Hit not hist—geez I can’t edit to save myself.

  23. rosettasister Says:

    blunt dog says:
    5 juli 2009 om 14:20 5 July, 2009 at 14:20

    De Ayatollahs The Ayatollah

    Ik zal u de details besparen, maar duidelijk is wel dat er sterke aanwijzingen zijn dat zowel Ahamdinejad als Khamenei lid zijn van deze club.

    I will save you the details, but it is clear that there is strong evidence that both Ahamdinejad Khamenei as a member of this club.

    Hun goeroe (en waarschijnlijk invloedrijkste man van Iran anno 2009) heet Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi.

    Their guru (and probably most influential man in Iran anno 2009) is called Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah-Yazdi.

    Yazdi (en dus zijn clique) streven naar afschaffing van de Islamitische Republiek zoals we die nu kennen.

    Yazdi (and so Clique) seek abolition of the Islamic Republic as we know.

    Die zou vervangen moeten worden door de dictatuur van de strikte islam.
    These should be replaced by the dictatorship of strict Islam.

    Rechtspraak vindt Yazdi onnodig, de islamitische leerstellingen zijn helder genoeg over straf.

    Law is unnecessary Yazdi, the Islamic teachings are clear enough about punishment.

    “Wie de islam beledigt, diens bloed moet vloeien. ”
    Anyone who insults Islam, his blood must flow.

    Daarover is de islam duidelijk. That Islam is clear.

    Rechtbanken zijn daarom niet nodig”. Courts are not required.

    Ook en met name de democratische grondslag van Iran (hoe mager wij die ook vinden qua democratie) wil hij afschaffen.

    Including in particular the democratic basis of Iran (how lean we also believe in democracy) he wants to abolish.

    “Het maakt niet uit wat het volk denkt. “It does not matter what people think.

    Het volk is een kudde onnozele schapen”, zo meent Yazdi.
    The people are a herd of stupid sheep “, believes that Yazdi.

    Met de verkiezing van Ahmadinejad heeft Iran nu een echt islamitische staatsvorm gekozen, meent Yazdi.

    With the election of Ahmadinejad Iran now has a truly Islamic state elected considers Yazdi.

    Verdere verkiezingen zijn dan ook niet meer nodig. Further elections are not necessary.

    Geen verrassing dat de man aan het stuur in Iran sterk gekant is tegen een oppositiebeweging vanuit de bevolking.

    No surprise that the man at the wheel in Iran’s strong opposition to an opposition movement from the population.

    Hij vergelijkt de invloed van de moderniteit op jongeren als het opzettelijk injecteren met het AIDS virus.

    He compares the impact of modernity on young people as deliberately injecting the AIDS virus.

    De geestelijk leidsman van Ahmadinejad vindt slavernij gerechtvaardigd en ook geweld tegen oppositie vindt hij islamitisch.

    The spiritual leader of Ahmadinejad is justified slavery and violence against opposition he is Muslim.

    Yazdi is degene die aan de basis staat van het nucelaire programma van Iran.
    Yazdi is the one who is at the basis of the nucelaire program of Iran.

    Hij verkocht die idee als “emancipatie” van Iran.
    He sold this idea as “emancipation” of Iran.

    Hij sprak destijds over Nuclaire Apartheid, om Iran warm te maken voor nucelaire programma’s.

    He then spoke about nuclear apartheid, Iran warm to make nucelaire programs.

    Dit laatste sprak duidelijk aan, want ook Mousavi heeft steeds gesteld dat het nucleaire programma door gaat.

    The latter was clearly because, Mousavi has consistently held that the nuclear program is.

    Maar waar Khamenei, de huidige grote Leider, gezegd heeft dat Iran geen atoombom mag maken, heeft een belangrijke volgeling van Yazdi verklaard dat het gebruik van een atoombom religieuze legitimiteit heeft.

    But where Khamenei, the current general manager, said that Iran has no atomic bomb itself, had a major follower of Yazdi stated that the use of an atomic bomb religious legitimacy.

    De strijd tussen de ayatollahs gaat dus niet over allerlei randzaken, maar over de kern van het bestaan van de Islamitische Republiek.

    The battle between the Ayatollah is not all on edge, but the core of the existence of the Islamic Republic.

    Yazdi en zijn sekte willen de republiek die de vader van de republiek stichtte afschaffen en een totalitair, islamitisch bewind vestigen.

    Yazdi and his sect to the republic by the father of the republic founded eliminate a totalitarian Islamic regime established.

    Daarentegen zijn er trouwe volgers van de ideeën van Khomeini en de scheiding der geesten lijkt inmiddels in rap tempo te escaleren.

    However, there are faithful followers of the ideas of Khomeini and the separation of minds seems now to escalate rapidly.

    vandaag heeft een belangrijk orgaan in Qum (het religieuze hoofdkwartier van de Shii) zich uitgesproken tegen de verkiezingsuitslag (lees coup).

    today an important institution in Qum (the religious headquarters of the Shii) opposed the election (read coup).

    Niet alleen omdat de “crackdown” door de Basiji tegen de Iraanse (islamitische) grondwet in druist, maar vooral omdat hun invloed zal verkruimelen onder de dictatuur van de religieus- militaire junta van de Yazdi clan.

    Not only because the “crack down” by the Basiji against the Iranian (Islamic) constitution in runs, but because their influence will molder under the dictatorship of the religious-military junta of the Yazdi clan.

    Wellicht speelt zelfs een clash tussen Hojjatieh van de oude stempel (scheiding van moskee en staat) en de Hojjatieh nieuwe stijl, die een theocratie willen vestigen.

    Maybe even play a clash between Hojjatieh of the old stamp (separation of mosque and state) and Hojjatieh new style, which would establish a theocracy.

    Niet voor niets voerden de Mousavi aanhangers leuzen als “Change” en “A different face to the world”.

    Not for nothing Mousavi supporters claimed the slogans as “Change” and “A different face to the world”.

    Mousavis campagne is gefinancierd door de machtige veteraan Rafsanjani.
    Mousavis campaign is funded by the powerful veteran Rafsanjani.

    In Iran is algemeen bekend dat de multi miljardair Rafsanjani de belichaming is van corruptie en zelfverrijking.

    Iran is well known that the multi-billionaire Rafsanjani is the embodiment of corruption and self enrichment.

    Voor hem staat dus niet alleen de mede door hem gestichte republiek op het spel, maar ook zijn fortuin en macht zullen de Yazdijunta wellicht niet overleven.

    For it is not just co-founded his republic at stake, but also his fortune and power will Yazdi junta may not survive.

    En Rafsanjani zelf misschien ook niet. Rafsanjani himself and perhaps not.

    Hoe het ook zij: Mousavi en Rafsanjani hebben sterke bondgenoten, niet alleen hervorminggezinde repubikeinen, maar ook leidende geestelijken steunen Mousavi.

    Anyway: Mousavi and Rafsanjani have strong allies, not only reform-minded repubikeinen, but also leading clerics support Mousavi.

    Hun zorg gaat uiteraard allereerst uit naar het behoud van de doctrine van de Islamitische Republiek.

    Their concern is of course first of all to preserve the doctrine of the Islamic Republic.

    De vraag is of dat voldoende is voor de opstandige studenten, jongeren en vrouwen.

    The question is whether that is sufficient for the rebellious students, young people and women.

    Wellicht wel: Mousavi heeft meer burger- en vrouwenrechten aangekondigd.

    Perhaps however Mousavi has more civil and women’s announced.

    Ook wil hij de banden met de buitenwereld normaliseren.
    Also, he links with the outside world normal.

    De religieuze politie, die toeziet op kuis islamitisch gedrag op straat, zal Mousavi ontheffen van hun taak.

    The religious police, which monitors Islamic cleaning behavior on the street will Mousavi waive their job.

    Het zal de Basiji extra gemotiveerd hebben om op de deomnstrerende burgers in de hakken.

    It will Basiji extra motivation to the deomnstrerende citizens in the heels.

  24. rosettasister Says:



    Velen dragen nu uit solidariteit met de protesterende Iraniërs groende bandjes voor glorie van vrijheid.

    Many wear now in solidarity with the protesting Iranians green tapes for the glory of freedom.

    Groen: de natuur van vrijheid. Green: the nature of freedom.

    Waarom koos Mousavi voor Groen? Why did Mousavi for Green?

    Rood is de kleur van communisten en socialisten.
    Red is the color of communists and socialists.

    Groen is toch de kleur van de islam!? Green is the color of Islam!

    Maar nu gaat het niet om de islam. But now is not about Islam.

    Nee, groen is ook een van de kleuren van de Iraanse vlag.
    No, green is also one of the colors of the Iranian flag.

    En dat heeft niks met de islam te maken. And that has nothing to do with Islam.

    Het is een symbool van de wederopstanding van de natuur.
    It is a symbol of the resurrection of nature.

    De kleur groen wordt zo gedeislamiseerd. The color green is so gedeislamiseerd.

    Mousavi is een begenadigd kunstschilder. Mousavi is a gifted artist.

    Hij heeft ook een paar keer in Teheran geëxposeerd.
    He also has a couple of times in Tehran exhibited.

    Een vriend uit Teheran zei tegen mij: ‘Mir Hussein (Mousavi) heeft per ongeluk met te veel groene kleur gewerkt.

    A friend from Tehran said to me: ‘Mir Hussein (Mousavi) has accidentally with too much green color work.

    En nu is alles uit de hand gelopen. And now everything is out of hand.

    We zwemmen nu in het groen, groen van Perzië, groen van natuur.
    We are swimming in the green, green of Persia, green nature.

    En dat alles is vrijheid. And all is freedom.

    Deze natuur willen wij nu. This nature we want now.

    En het groen van de profeet moet weer liefdevol worden.’
    And the green of the prophet must be loving. “

  25. rosettasister Says:

    Ahmadinejad paid for votes: Mousavi


  26. rosettasister Says:

    blunt dog says:
    5 juli 2009 om 17:34 5 July, 2009 at 17:34

    If Mousavi still win (next week, July 9 announced mass demonstration), the Islam in the Modern gekatapulteerd be.

    Dit ding is iedereen gierend uit de klauwen gelopen.

    This thing is all gierend from the clutches stalled.

    En zo hoort het bij historische gebeurtenissen. And so is by historical events.

    De vrijheidsminnende studenten, jongeren en vrouwen hebben twee weken een Carnaval van Vrijheid beleefd.

    The freedom-loving students, young people and women have two weeks of Carnival Freedom polite.

    Als je je voorstelt wat dát met Menschen doet. If you suggested that what people do.

    De geest is uit de fles. The genie is out of the bottle.

    Vergeet niet: Kador Abdollah zei terecht: “Mousavi is een held tegen wil en dank”.

    Remember: Kador Abdollah said rightly: “Mousavi is a hero against willy-nilly”.

    Zijn regime heeft, naar verluid (niet bevestigd) de website van de geestelijken in Qum, die nieuwe verkiezingen eisen (en daarmee het bewind van de Yazdi clique illegaal verklarend) afgesloten.

    His regime has to have (not confirmed) the website of the clerics in Qum, which demands new elections (and the reign of the Yazdi Clique illegal explanatory) closed.

  27. rosettasister Says:

    Two Stories, Possibly Related


    From the London Times: Saudis give nod to Israeli raid on Iran:

    Joe Biden, on ABC’s This Week:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: You say we can’t dictate, but we can, if we choose to, deny overflight rights here in Iraq. There are ways we can stand in the way of a military strike.

    BIDEN: I’m not going to speculate, George, on those issues, other than to say Israel has a right to determine what’s in its interests, and we have a right and we will determine what’s in our interests.

  28. rosettasister Says:

    Pakistani jets pound Taliban on Afghan border


    Earlier, allies of Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud tossed leaflets, or so-called night-letters, into the main market of Miranshah, warning tribesmen not to form committees to fight against them.

    “There is a ban on holding any sort of jirga (tribal council),” the leaflet read.

    “If any clan or village creates any sort of committee for peace, then its leaders will be killed. There will be no reluctance to launch suicide attacks.”

    Bolstered by the government’s gains against militants, tribal leaders in the northwest have recently begun to form lashkar, or militias, to fight against the Taliban.

  29. rosettasister Says:

    Q+A-What next for Afghanistan’s Operation Khanjar?



    The Marines and other troops have spread out through the valley in an area known as “the fish hook”. This leaves one side open, an area to the northwest of the valley around the town of Marja, which is a traditional Taliban stronghold.

    One theory is that this is a deliberate ploy to cut them off from their routes to the east and the south and force them west towards Marja in preparation for a decisive action there.

    A longer-term strategy is also emerging. In Helmand, company commanders are being ordered to set up “shuras”, or community councils, within 24 hours of arriving in towns and villages.

    This echoes tactics employed in Iraq by General David Petraeus, who twinned the “surge” there with the growth of local “Awakening Councils”, a turning point in the war.

  30. rosettasister Says:

  31. rosettasister Says:

    In The Fight: Episode 28

    This edition features stories on Army leaders beginning to devise plans to pull U.S. forces out of Iraq responsibly, an interview with Gen. David Petraeus, an air assault in Afghanistan to disrupt insurgent supply lines, U.S. and Afghan forces meeting with Pakistan forces to discuss how to secure the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Soldiers sending Fourth of July greetings to family and friends, an increase in helicopter missions in Afghanistan, Soldiers on a foot patrol in Iraq, Airmen competing in a friendly game of dodge ball and a Iraqi child receiving a heart transplant in the United States.


  32. rosettasister Says:


    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) discuss a compromise on health care reform.


  33. rosettasister Says:

    RealClearPolitics has a lot of good video today:


  34. rosettasister Says:

    Schumer is trying to position his plan as the compromise, but he is unconvincing.

    Snowe and Conrad are the true compromisers.

    And Obama coming out and labeling as ‘radical’ the basic structure of Wyden-Bennett –the shift from employer to individually based care.

    Romney says we need to take a close look at Wyden-Bennett.

    Sounds like a good idea to me.


    Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and six other committee members, including Grassley, have been meeting behind closed doors to draft a bipartisan bill.

    At the urging of Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), the senators are leaning toward setting aside a true public option in favor of establishing not-for-profit, member-owned health insurance cooperatives to compete with traditional insurance companies.

    Though the notion appeals to Republicans and some centrist Democrats, supporters of the public option do not view it as an acceptable compromise.

    Schumer emerged earlier this year as a vocal proponent of the public option and offered a model for the plan that he positioned as a compromise itself.

    Under Schumer’s proposal, which closely resembles what the House and the HELP Committee are considering, the public option would receive no federal funding, be financed entirely by premiums and have to abide by the same insurance regulations as private firms.

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) reiterated on Fox News Sunday that the lower chamber’s bill will include a strong public option.

    “We think there’s going to be a public option. Yes, we think we need that. We need to make sure that there is an option available for public that can’t get through at the private insurance. We think that’s essential if you’re going to have access,” Hoyer said.

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated that a public option would be a deal-breaker for Republicans.

    “I think having the government have a plan to compete with the private sector is unfair, because the government has no cost of capital,” Boehner said.

  35. rosettasister Says:


    Both senators see the option of an alternative patient-owned cooperative system as a possible point of agreement between committee members.

    Schumer said he does not care what you call the alternative to private health insurance companies, as long as they provide competition and are national.

    Grassley charged that Schumer “doesn’t want to go too far on pushing the federal government” because it is a “political problem.”

    Meanwhile, Schumer said no one can “take things off the table” in this agreement, an obvious attack on Grassley who has said the public option would be a deal breaker.

  36. rosettasister Says:

    I guess Wyden is also a fan of Regina Herzlinger.

    Found this article here:


    Jonathan Cohn describes the shift among some conservatives and business leaders for health reform that is universal.


    The Republican Party leadership may not be interested in what I would call comprehensive health care reform, but corporate America increasingly is. And if that interest in reform is both tentative and tepid, statements like these from Herzlinger will embolden it. That’s a good thing.

    The Democrats, she says, want to rely on government to lead reform. A better model, she suggests, is the one Switzerland developed:

    The Republicans could instead offer a consumer-controlled universal coverage system, like that in Switzerland, in which the people, not the government, control how much they spend on health.

    There are no government health insurance programs.

    Instead, the Swiss choose from about 85 private heath insurers.

    Rather than being stuffed into the degrading Medicaid program, the Swiss poor shop for health insurance like everyone else, using funds transferred to them by the government.

    The sick are not discriminated against either–they pay the same prices as everyone else in their demographic category.

  37. rosettasister Says:

    Haystack: Good Luck Finding That Needle


    In the upcoming days, Daniel Colascione and I will release a new program to provide unfiltered internet access to the people of Iran. A software package for Windows, Mac and Unix systems, called Haystack, will specifically target the Iranian government’s web filtering mechanisms.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    A Journalist’s ‘Actual Responsibility’



    Still, the world is watching. As we Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence, let’s stand with Iran by recalling the first democratic revolution in Asia. It began in 1905 in Iran, driven by the quest to secure parliamentary government and a Constitution from the Qajar dynasty.

    Now, 104 years on, Iranians demand that the Constitution they have be respected through Islamic democracy and a government accountable to the people. They will not be silenced. The regime’s base has narrowed dramatically. Its internal splits are growing with the defection of much of the clerical establishment.

    One distinguished Iran scholar, Farideh Farhi, wrote this to me: “So I cry and ask why we have to do this to ourselves over and over again. Yet I do have hope, perhaps for purely selfish reasons — because I don’t want to cry all the time, but also because of the energy you keep describing. We have a saying in Persian, I assume out of historical experience, to the effect that Iran ultimately tames the invaders.”

    That transported me to Ferdowsi Square, on June 18, and a woman who, with palpable passion, told me: “This land is my land.”

    She called Ahmadinejad “the halo without light” — a line from the anthem of the Iran demanding its country back, the Iran still saying “No” by lifting its unbending chorus into the night.

    From far away, I hear it, and this distance feels like betrayal — of those brave rooftop voices and of a journalist’s “actual responsibility.”

  39. rosettasister Says:


  40. Troy Says:

    KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    July 5, 2009 at 1:35 pm
    Hey Troy!

    TED NUGENT “National Anthem” Alamo Tea Party 2009
    Thanks Lexi….GO, Uncle Ted, GO!!!!

  41. rosettasister Says:


    The news from Iran may have died down, but that’s a function of the mainstream media getting bored and the Presidents weak response, it does not, by any means, indicate that the revolt that began the day after the presidential election is over.

    The oppressive regime must be getting nervous as it is beginning to threaten the opposition candidates.

    In two editorials, the Iranian daily Kayhan termed Mousavi, Khatami and their followers a dangerous opposition, and called to put them on trial for treason, cooperation with foreign elements, and responsibility for the death of civilians during the recent protests.

    Source: Kayhan, Iran, July 4-5, 2009 (H/T MEMRI Blog)

    Perhaps the Most significant development since the beginning of the revolt happened on Friday as a prominent group of clerics bashed the new government of Ahmadinejad as illegitimate:

    Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election


  42. Troy Says:

    Hey you bunch of “right wing extremists” and “tea bagging rednecks”, check this out.


  43. rosettasister Says:

  44. Troy Says:

    Can you say, “being set up”?


  45. Troy Says:

    I don’t know how many of you are aware of or keep up with the work that Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy do over at Project Camelot….If you are not familiar with them you should check it out sometime…..This is the latest post that they just put up at their site….They will, very soon, be releasing testimony from a very important inside whistle blower, Dr. Peterson….Keep your eyes open for it.
    5 July 2009

    • Dr Brian O’Leary has just arrived in Zurich for the conference next weekend. Tomorrow I (Bill) will be taking him and his wife to the Matterhorn – the bottom, not the top! – so he can show Meredith the mountain he climbed when he was a young man. En route we’ll have time to record an audio interview about Brian’s up-to-date view of the challenges faced by the human race.

    Meanwhile, David Wilcock, Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell all arrive in Zurich on Wednesday, and on Thursday David, Dan and I will record on camera a Futuretalk conversation – the first time we have all met together since Dan’s CalTech presentation last year.

    There are nearly 300 people booked to attend the Zurich conference, from 28 different countries. Besides the presentation material – some of which we believe is important – this will be a major international networking event. There are still a few tickets left. Please contact the organizers for details of how to register at the last moment.

    David and I will be presenting some of the details from our meeting with Dr Pete Peterson last weekend (see below) – and Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell will be presenting archive material never before made public. It may be quite an event.

    Meanwhile, Kerry and I are working through the material recorded during our visit to Dr Peterson. We have many hours of testimony. We’re working as fast as we can to organize all this information and make public what is on record.

    Dr Peterson stated that he was personally convinced that there would be a ‘bank holiday’ this fall – and, apparently confirming this, we have been contacted anonymously with a credible report of a shipment of signs to a depot in California, stating THIS AREA IS UNDER MARTIAL LAW. We take this seriously, and are concerned.

    On last Thursday’s radio show, a medical doctor, named WATERMAN on the Avalon Forum, phoned in to report a personal meeting with his Senator that left him in little doubt that mandatory vaccinations were on their way. He also described how he was invited to a pre-release screening of the new movie, 33 Minutes, in response to his direct question about the possibility of a nuclear attack on the US.

    There are multiple indications (as there were this time last year) that we may have quite a challenging few months ahead of us all. We would like to think that the planned events may be averted or avoided, in total or in part: but it may be wise to take precautions – each depending on our personal situation.



  46. Troy Says:

    I’m a huge fan of Sarah Palin…No matter what!!!
    Make of this what you will.


  47. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Hey you bunch of “right wing extremists” and “tea bagging rednecks”, check this out.



    En ingles Por favor?

  48. Troy Says:

    En ingles Por favor?
    we are being set up for a government crackdown / round-up

  49. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Ah! Geez! Wouldn’t Hitler be proud!

  50. rosettasister Says:


    Reformists resist Iranian government pressure; dismiss Ahmadinejad from his post

    blunt dog says:
    5 juli 2009 om 21:20 5 July, 2009 at 21:20

    Het betreft een sekte binnen de Shii gemeenschap en dan nog een apocalyptisch gewelddadige afsplitsing er van.

    It is a sect within the Shii community and then a violent apocalyptic division of it.

    Ik heb veel interviews met Ayatollahs en andere geestelijken gelezen.
    I have many interviews with other clergy and Ayatollah read.

    Velen wijzen op hun centrale bezwaar tegen de Yazdi clan: het afschaffen van het 30 jaar oude eksperiment van de Islamitische Republiek én hun uiterst agressieve buitenlandpolitiek.

    Many of their central objection to the Yazdi clan: the abolition of the 30-year-old eksperiment of the Islamic Republic and their extremely aggressive foreign policy.

    Sommigen onder hen, waaronder niet de minsten, willen zelfs een strenge scheiding tussen staat en moskee.

    Some of them, not the least, if even a strict separation between state and mosque.

    Dat past in hun opvatting dat de aarde een rotzooitje is, maar dat de Mensch niet bij machte is zich daaraan te onttrekken.

    That fits in their view that the earth is a rotzooitje, but that Man is not able to avoid it.

    Na de komst van de 12e imam zal de wereld een gelukbrengende plaats worden, zo denken zij.

    After the arrival of the 12th imam, the world giving a lucky place, so they think.

    Daar hoeft de geestelijkheid zich niet mee te bemoeien, ook al omdat wereldlijke macht corrumpeert.

    Since the clergy need not to interfere, even as worldly power corrupts.

    Laten we eerlijk zijn: de 30 jaar IR hebben hun gelijk aangetoond.
    Let us be frank: the 30-year IR have shown equal.

    Wel interessant om eens een boom op te zetten over de verschillen tussen dergelijke sektes van diverse denominatie.

    Interesting to have a tree up on the differences between these sects of various denomination.

  51. rosettasister Says:

  52. rosettasister Says:

  53. rosettasister Says:

  54. rosettasister Says:

  55. rosettasister Says:

  56. rosettasister Says:

  57. rosettasister Says:

  58. rosettasister Says:

    I Am – We Are !! *** UNITY ***
    We are NEDA

  59. Troy Says:

    About, 33 Minutes:Protecting America in the New Missile Age

    33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age is a one-hour documentary produced by The Heritage Foundation that tells the story of the very real threat foreign enemies pose to every one us. The truth is brutal – no matter where on Earth a missile is launched from it would take 33 Minutes or less to hit the U.S. target it was programmed to destroy.

    Go here to view the trailer video:
    Listen closely to the last sentence spoken.

    After watching the video, scroll down the page for solutions….At the end of the second video you can move your curser across the video screen to highlight different icons for further info and details.

    Obama has slashed funding for missile defense programs, basicly haulting them in their tracks….So, why would he do that?…Hmmm

  60. Troy Says:

    Go here http://www.youtube.com/33minutesfilm for “33 Minutes” You Tube video channel.

  61. rosettasister Says:


  62. rosettasister Says:

    Iran Media Caught Lying and Deceiving People under Torture!گرفتن اعتراف دروغ در رسانه ایران

  63. Tenacity Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    July 5, 2009 at 4:19 pm
    I’m thinkin’ those Baqumans could use some prunes.

  64. sdee Says:

    Hey you bunch of “right wing extremists” and “tea bagging rednecks”, check this out.



    Troy, reading that (Section 2 paragraph A) no Islamist could get in the Armed Forces. But you know, I am kinda thinkin’ that is not who Holder had in mind.

    All in all that is really bad move – basically the Attorney General can go after any one he wants without any appeal.

  65. sdee Says:

    Neda was a Christian. Covered up.


  66. rosettasister Says:

    I really have no words when I view something like this.

    These barbarians call this justice!

    When there is no one in this village who is able to stop this, that is the face of terror.

    Still, I know the vast majority of Muslims around the world are just as offended as I am.

    And I know some of them personally.

    I do not believe that painting all Muslims with the same brush is the answer.

    I do believe that those who fall into that trap have only made things worse.


    WARNING: slideshow of still images but still extremely disturbing to view.

    Please do not close your eyes to reality. This video is just as approrate as Neda’s dying video on YouTube.

  67. Tenacity Says:

    For those that missed my comments on Monsanto yesterday, here ya go:

    Monsanto – Rockefeller – GMO – Global Food Control


  68. Tenacity Says:

    Lexi Says:
    July 5, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Hey you bunch of “right wing extremists” and “tea bagging rednecks”, check this out.
    In other words, if the AG says so, you are guilty even if you are proven innocent.

  69. rosettasister Says:

    Tehrani in Iran?

    Tehrani says:
    5 juli 2009 om 22:34 5 July, 2009 at 22:34

    Goede avond beste vrienden. Good evening dear friends.

    Met dank aan Joost, Henk en Botte voor hun warme deelneming in wat in Iran gaande is.
    Thanks to Joost, John Botte and for their warm participation in what is going on in Iran.

    Ik ben vanochtend om 8:00 uur aangekomen, geslapen, gerust en stukken vertaald en nu even verdergaan met het gedachten wisselen en samen de ontwikkelingen doornemen.

    I arrived this morning at 8:00 am, slept, reassure and documents translated and now proceed to discuss and take up the developments.

    Zoals eerder verteld en u allemaal ook goed op de hoogte zijn, gaat het kloof tussen de hoofden van fracties binnen het regime door en het kloof in het hoofd veroorzaakt het vrijmaken van energie bij zeer ontevreden mensen.

    As previously told, and you all also well aware, the gap between the heads of political groups within the regime and the gap in the main caused the release of energy at very unhappy people.

    En zoals u allen ook weten, zijn protesten in Iran doorgegaan in de vorm van vecht en vlucht actie overdag en het roepen van “God is groot” s’avonds.

    And as you well know, in Iran protests continued in the form of fighting and flight action by day and the creation of “God is great” night.

    Deze film van 3 juli hebben Julie zeker gezien? This film by July 3 Julie have given?


    Dinosaurussen die zich niet kunnen met de moderne tijd aanpassen en moeten het veld ruimen vechten om macht.

    Dinosaurs who can not adapt to modern times and to relinquish power to fight.

    Vandaag heeft Vereniging Docenten van theocratische School in Qum de legitimiteit van gardist -terrorist Ahmadinejad afgewezen.

    Today, Teachers Association of School in Qum theocratic legitimacy of guard-terrorist Ahmadinejad rejected.

    Andere dinosaurussen hebben gezegd dat Mousavi een agent was van de VS(ik moet lachen) en dat de Raad van Hoeders hem niet had moeten goedkeuren voor deelname aan de show.

    Other dinosaurs have said that Mousavi was an agent of the U.S. (I laugh) and that the Iranian Guardian Council did not have approval for participation in the show.

  70. Troy Says:

    Ten, check your email.

  71. rosettasister Says:

    Pieter says:
    5 juli 2009 om 23:07 5 July, 2009 at 23:07

    @Tehrani zegt: @ Tehrani says:
    5 juli 2009 om 22:34 5 July, 2009 at 22:34

    Nou succes! Well success!

    Ik hoop dat alles goed gaat! I hope everything goes well!

    Neem vooral geen onverantwoorde risico’s. Please, do not undue risks.

    Tjonge, nu ook al een correspondent op de plaats waar het allemaal gebeurd: “Onze man in Teheran”.

    Boy, now a correspondent at the place where it all happened: “Our man in Tehran.”

    Fantastisch! Fantastic! Deze draad krijgt steeds meer impact!

    This thread gets more and more impact!

  72. rosettasister Says:

    blunt dog says:
    5 juli 2009 om 23:09 5 July, 2009 at 23:09

    The Sea of Green:


    What is that strange phenomenon, that millions in Iran to toetrok itself as a magnet and was known as The Sea of Green?

    Let’s exchange some misunderstandings in the right direction.

    Many believe that the color green has been the Islamic identity of the largely spontaneous movement mark.

    This is a tragic misunderstanding.

    Mousavi was during a live broadcast on Iranian TV assigned the color green as the color of his campaign.

    This was completely coincidental.

    Ahmadinejad received a red ball.

    This is common in Iran.

    With Islam in any case has nothing to do.

    Unless someone is using God would want to see.

    Another misconception: the struggle in Iran would hardly distinguishing between two currents of hardliners.

    The green color took this fear to, because in fact the color of Islam.

    The big question is why Obama on June 17, when large protests against the coup of the military-religious junta already caused much unrest in the streets of Iran.

    Was it because he was not a party to choose, from strategic considerations?

    Anyway: Obama has contributed to the apathy of many Western citizens and beyond.

    Who would finally work as two totalitarian Islamic clubs together to tackle?

    But who the statements of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi side puts knows better.


    Mousavi Islamic Republic wants to maintain.

    Ahmadinejad wants the project Khoneini removal.

    No democracy, but a strict theocracy, the Islamic leader in everything.

    But there is more.

    Mousavi is a very different sound in Iran.

    This has several causes.

    To understand we must look at the emergence of the green movement Mousavi.

    The model Mousavi, and his team chose is similar to that of the color revolution including Georgia.

    The methodology of these revolutions is the result of research and experimentation.

    These studies include the U.S. supported.

    What is important is that this mode of operation only works when used by people who want change and freedom.

    The ins and outs of it you can find on the Internet.

    For me there is nothing engs or vedrdachts to.

    The method is exposed to eg open a website of the U.S. government.

    Everyone can use methodology.

    There are many rumors circulating about the methodology.

    For example, a secret recipe from the CIA.

    These sounds we hear especially from “left” corner.

    It is rather surprising that people left and feminists in the node by the Iranian revolution.

    It’s pragmatism them strange.

    It seems to me wise to each stand on its own merits and not on the supposed forces behind.

    You can do your own assessment sheets, I think.

    What is specific to a color revolution is that it is based on intense cooperation between grass root organizations.

    Of citizens themselves so.

    In the case of Iran is about women’s rights organizations, human rights clubs, student organizations and the like.

    These clubs are the backbone of the movement by intensive cooperation.

    If the program of Mousavi has, you’ll notice that it is indeed a totally different program than one would expect from a former hard-liner, which also seems to have been involved in wrongdoing.

    But the fact remains that every Westerner and world undoubtedly would choose Mousavi if they could participate.

    Finally, it considerably more freedom than now (the Islamic political decency would eg be of the street, the rights of minorities would be guaranteed and the same applies to women and human rights) and Ahmadinejad for a significant deterioration for all these themes.

    As the movement of Mousavi so special is that women fully participate.

    They are thus Abdolah Box “30 years insulted and oppressed by the muullahbewind.

    The media are countless stories and interviews to find many successful young women who yoke of compulsion of the State to throw away.

    These women are fighting for years against the oppression against the subordinate position of women in Iran.

    Mousavi that its taking seriously can be deduced from the fact that he was accompanied by his wife during the campaign and that they often supporters speech.

    If something was unthinkable in Iran.

    But Mousavi did.

    The weeks before the elections on June 12 experienced the Iranians a Carnival of Freedom.

    The freedom which they yearn.

    The Ayatollah control the political democratic process in their own circle.

    The appointed candidates are selected by the regime itself.

    This explains the reluctance of many people.

    Mousavi is part of the regime.

    But where both the Ayatollah and their clan make a mistake in the vitality and freedom of citizens adrift, if fermented foreign observers also.

    This explains, for example, the patient out of Harry van Bommel of ballot fraud would not know.

    The explosive vitality of the green movement Mousavi is underestimated by almost everyone.

    I had relatively little ninteresse in the elections, although I found that (I knew the agenda of Ahmadinejad already) Mousavi had to win, given its program.

    But when it appeared that the rebellious people after the violent act of including.

    the Basiji no way wanted to know Mousavi was a hero at will and thanks.

    Of traitor to hero, being forced by the millions of Iranians, “said Box Abdollah it.

    I think Abdollah right.

    Mousavi and did not plan the Islamic Republic to abolish.

    But many of his supporters do.

    And it’s not just about young people and women who want more freedom, but also strict Shii that a separation of mosque and state intervention on the basis of their theological teachings.

    Foreign fellow travelers, but is otherwise rare in a revolution.

    An important aspect of the motion, which was now renamed to The Sea of Green can not continue to leave, because this movement unique.

    While the campaign used the Iranians Facebook and Twitter to the world with their movement to engage and exchange information.

    Not for nothing have the Basiji and security for the first time on the IT infrastructure of the participating students.

    Similarly, satellite dishes over the roofs demolished and the Internet and GSM often completely paralyzed.

    On the Internet fun cartoons about the fear of the regime for modern communication between citizens and the outside world.

    The uprising was tackled hard, but the main purpose of the regime was to improve communication between the rebellious people off.

    On the street were people with tear gas, night sticks, guns and even swords attacked.

    But to everyone’s surprise (not mine :-)), the green movement where they could.

    the most impressive by night from the roof to protest.

    After the Basiji houses which at night was created to invade and people to beat each other, to arrest and / or household scrap.

    The protests are less, but go night after night.

    it is clear that the Sea of Green may have pulled in an ebb movement, but the rebellious citizens refuse to stop their smaller operations.

    Each day there are reports of demonstrations.

    After the uprising was beaten down somewhat during the crack down communication with Iran itself was very difficult.

    But the Iranians managed to byuitenwereld to inform of proposed actions and the misery they had passed.

    They have become extremely cautious with the use of mobile Internet, as Siemens and Nokia’s regime have the technical means for users to detect.

    As a result, many people arrested and sent to the notorious Evin prison removed.

    In the West is relatively little attention to Iran.

    But the ongoing resistance of Iranian people zert the world and the regime under pressure.

    An excellent case.

    It should also be noted that the world not many Iranians and Iranian expatriates working for the movement of a hero Mousavi against willy-nilly made.

    Not only his original supporters take part in this resistance, via the Internet is also hard for the Iranians to support and provide them information.

    The Green Sea of the country borders Iran and there is continuous interaction between the revolt-linked Iranian citizens and sympathizers around the world.

    Who dares to open up the extremely powerful nature of The Sea of Green, is aware that people from very different Pluimage to take part in Iran and elsewhere and seems to penetrate what they intended, namely freedom and self determination and also the uniqueness from face, which can hardly different from the movement at heart toedragen.

    Whether they be Muslim, atheist, journalist, artist, man or woman.

    Any citizen who Mensch permissible modernity toewenst and dare listen to the demand of the Iranians themselves, to make their voices heard outside Iran who can not finish this movement by all objections nothing to do.

    The Sea of Green has been radical change Iran.

    But this movement has much more potential.

    If they succeed it will help to pacify the Islamists.

    Something that humanity is very much needed.

    Is the movement died a sad death?

    That is not likely.

    The Iranians have for weeks in a fireworks of Freedom geloesterd.

    Those who can live a little will understand that these people a new milestone in their lives have found.

    Freedom Drang has throughout history been a very powerful motive.

    this time it will not change unless the Clique of Ahmadinejad and Yazdi by unpacked and indeed abolish Islamitsiche Republic and its desired totalitarian Islamic dictatorship with violence will settle.

    That would be the end of The Sea of Green can mean.

    Or far is not to predict.

    Ahmadinejad and his fellow cult members turn their hand to a more or less dead.

    Or they have strong enough to keep their Putsch depends ao on the will of the Iranians to continue.

    And whether they win or lose or a win depends on the commitment of world which is the Freedom Genio food to many Iranians yearn.

  73. sliderblaze Says:

    Hey, dont forget Troy, Steven was aquited due to DOJ trying to pull a fast one that even Holder denounced.

    Second i think they are planning on sueing anyone who even tries to mention that she’s crooked and that an investigation is happening…defem. lawsuit. I think it’s amazing how these ethics complaints can be brought and heard so quickly, but on the NBC issue…. not so much….

  74. Troy Says:

    Second i think they are planning on sueing anyone who even tries to mention that she’s crooked and that an investigation is happening…defem. lawsuit.
    I hope so, that would be great!!!

  75. Troy Says:

    Appuzo and Kerchner will be on air with Chalice in 30 minutes.

    9:30 CST


  76. sdee Says:

    Someone hanging out tonight must have something dignified and respectful to say about this 🙂


  77. Troy Says:

    sdee Says:

    July 6, 2009 at 2:09 am
    Someone hanging out tonight must have something dignified and respectful to say about this
    Hehehe….I think this is my cue!!!

    I have reported on this Oamanation before.

    See pic:

    They call it the “Rectum Suckum Robot” or was it Rock’em Sock’em Robot?

    Me thinks it’s the first one and not the latter. 😀

  78. sdee Says:

    When there is no one in this village who is able to stop this, that is the face of terror.

    Still, I know the vast majority of Muslims around the world are just as offended as I am.

    I do not believe that painting all Muslims with the same brush is the answer.


    Rose, horrifying. It is but one of the faces of Sharia Law and that, is inseparable from Isalm. Such depravity runs through out the Muslim world yet have you every heard it denounced?

    No one in the village cares to stop it because it is their law. This, and worse, is perpetrated every day across the nation of Islam, sanctioned directly by Muslims through their Sharia courts, legislatures and political structures.

    If indeed “the vast majority of Muslims around the world are just as offended” as we are, then each and every leader in the “Muslim World” would rally Muslims to decry, denounce and condemn it loudly from every parapet, rooftop, and mosque. The silence is deafening – it always is and always has been, regardless of the atrocity against humanity.

    In the theocracy of Islam there is but one brush for Muslims to paint themselves with. All are guilty who watch, who know, and yet remain silent.

  79. sdee Says:

    They call it the “Rectum Suckum Robot” or was it Rock’em Sock’em Robot?

    lol –

    damn – if only Disney had know about that one first!

  80. Troy Says:

    Is anyone else running into technical difficulties with the Chalice radio broadcast right now or is it just me?

  81. Tenacity Says:

    I was in the back room IM conference for the Chalice show. Everyone was having trouble with BTR’s feed on both sides, in and out. The solution is to call in on the phone line and listen. I tested the direct players on the PHN.net and PHN.com sites and they just sat buffering. Did you see the ad Kerchner put in the Washington Times? I’ll forward it via email to you.

  82. Troy Says:

    Did you see the ad Kerchner put in the Washington Times? I’ll forward it via email to you.
    Yeah, I was able to catch that before having tech problems with the show…I also got your email…Thanks!

  83. Troy Says:

    Ten, I hope that you got my email today at around 12:30 PM, as it has some VERY important info within….After you read it we can discuss it a bit and decide if any of it should be disclosed on this blog….Right now, I am undecided….If for some reason the email didn’t get to you, let me know and I will resend it…I have had some PC tech problems today so I can’t be certain that you have recieved it.

  84. Tenacity Says:

    Got it earlier today. Posted some at my site. Plan to investigate further and perhaps do a show on it.

  85. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    July 6, 2009 at 4:23 am
    Did you see the ad Kerchner put in the Washington Times?


    I haven’t but I would like to see it.

  86. sdee Says:

    Anyone else remember the news reports about the State Department intervening with Twitter to not shut it down for maintenance, to keep Iranians on Twitter?

    They may have pressured Twitter but the reason given (maintenance) seemed very odd. Major internet software systems (twitter) usually run parallel systems and rarely shutdown for upgrades and maintenance – if they do it is only for a brief period (hours or less) and no data is lost.

    A recent LCherry post on middle east affairs, included this:

    “”We now know for certain that Obama conned British PM Gordonian knot Brown into instigating a Twitter Revolution against the Persian communists, not to bring down the Iranian government………No, instead as this blog predicted, the Obama method was to assist Ahadinejad in rounding up and locating the opposition, as Iranian intelligence was all over Twitter and Facebook….””


  87. Troy Says:

    KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    July 6, 2009 at 10:07 am
    I haven’t but I would like to see it.
    Go here: http://www.kerchner.com/protectourliberty/protectourliberty.htm

  88. rosettasister Says:

    8:19 AM Pacific

    Good Monday Morning!

  89. sisterrosetta Says:


  90. sliderblaze Says:

    morning peeps

  91. sisterrosetta Says:

    Rattlesnake in pool
    This morning

    More later


  92. sdee Says:

    here is one for the imagination:

    “”Bail set at $750,000 for ex-Goldman programmer accused of stealing computer codes used for automated stock and commodities trading””

    So what could one do if they had Goldman Sach’s computer codes for automated stock and commodities trading? Oh, maybe create a financial crisis large enough to swing an election and provide needed cover for a socialist regime to nationalize banks and trading security companies?

    Some interesting things in this article”

    – programmer was a Russian immigrant
    – codes were sent to a server in Germany
    – it looks like he worked for Goldman until June 2007 when he went to work for a new company focused on high-volume automated trading


  93. sliderblaze Says:

    so i heard that 37K turned out in Dallas?
    and around 50K in cali?

    can anyone confirm this?

  94. Tenacity Says:

    You can view the Kerchner ad in today’s Washington Times here:

  95. rosettasister Says:

    Who you gonna call?!

    Phoenix Herpetological Society – snake removal

    (602) 550-1090


    $75.00 Fee

  96. Tenacity Says:

    oops, Troy, I didn’t see your link to the ad above.

  97. sdee Says:

    The NYT takes it big fat Leftist butt of a 1983 article it has been sitting on by Obama from his Columbia days. This, someone is arrested for trading fraud, and the Times advertorial – turning out to be a good news day.


  98. pertheconstitution Says:

    Morning all –

    Have y’all seen the dirt on Goldman Sachs?

    www . rollingstone.com/politics/story/28816321/the_great_american_bubble_machine/print

    www . dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/7/6/750420/-Breaking:-FBI-Arrest-Opens-Goldman-Sachs-Pandoras-Box

    I don’t have the greatest economic sense (just keeping my checkbook balanced is a challenge). But apparently Goldman Sachs had some way of monitoring market traffic, and was able to somehow make their trades before the other trades went through, and undercut their competition. The guy with the codes has been arrested. Doesn’t look at all good for Obama. And this is even a Daily Kos article!!!

    The article from Rolling Stone explains in detail how Goldman Sachs was behind every market bubble and bust for decades.

    Long articles, and complicated. Maybe someone here can make more sense out of them than I can.


  99. pertheconstitution Says:

    And then there’s Polarik again. He’s apparently claiming now that McCain’s birth certificate is also a forgery – or about to anyway. I guess this wasn’t supposed to be made public yet:

    http:// pub29.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=2442810129&frmid=6022&msgid=1028547&cmd=show

    I’ve been looking around, and found another website that claims McCain’s bc is forged also, and he gives some examples:

    www obamaconspiracy.org/2009/02/the-birth-certificate-is-a-forgery/

    Not sure what to make of this? Anyone else hear anything about this?

  100. pertheconstitution Says:

    Ooops! Guess you all did see this. Just saw sdee’s post. Sorry!!!

  101. sdee Says:

    yeah Purple I have been reading it – i am hoping it is not merely a coincidence:

    – well articulated advertorrial on Natrual Born Citizenship issue
    – the ebay claim of a BC
    – MSM strating to turn on the regime
    – the Goldman trading schemes connected to Eurpean bankers
    – Sarah Palins’ rushed announcement Friday
    – Someone deciding to oust the Hounduran Chavez/Obama puppet
    – Cheney poking sticks at Obama
    – Powell poking fluff balls at Obama
    – the NYT article outing Obama’s radical socio-military view of disarmament while he is over signing a non-ratifiable unilateral nuclear arms treaty with Russia

    It sure would be nice if these were all connected. Are the Capitalists on the offense?

  102. Troy Says:

    I can see!!!


  103. rosettasister Says:

    God Help Us!

    7 American troops killed in Afghan incidents

    The largest one-day toll in months is a sign of intensifying conflict in the south, where a major U.S. offensive is under way, as well as increased insurgent activity in the other parts of the nation.


  104. rosettasister Says:

    Tehrani is in Iran (Tehran?)

    Tehrani says:
    6 juli 2009 om 18:08 July 6, 2009 at 18:08


    Dagelijkse gebeurtenissen in Iran.
    Daily events in Iran.

    Schokkend Shocking

    Precis, nu is het westen aan beurt om in actie te komen en de kant kiezen van het volk voor vrijheid en democratie en mensenrechten.

    Précis, now turn to the west to act the part and choosing the people for freedom and democracy and human rights.

    Alleomvattende sancties tegen de mullahs,
    All Comprehensive sanctions against the mullahs,

    Erkennen van de oppositie, Recognition of the opposition,

    Een vrije verkiezingen onder toezicht van de VN waarnemers,
    A free elections under supervision of UN observers

    Sturen van een delegatie om te voorkomen dat Mousavi en zijnen mensen die gevangen zitten uit de weg worden geruimd en een bezoek brengt aan de gevangenissen,

    Send a delegation to ensure that Mousavi and his people in prison are removed and a visit to the prisons,

    Vooral Obama moet iets doen, niet met geweld, nee de bescherming van het regime stoppen.

    Especially Obama should do something, no violence, no protection of the regime to stop.

    (Unfortunately, Tehrani, Obama is cozying up with Medvedev. And the Russians don’t give a shit about freedom fighters in Iran.)

  105. sdee Says:

    Check out picture of Hussein and Medvedev on Drudge. Gotta luv Drudge.

  106. rosettasister Says:


  107. rosettasister Says:

  108. rosettasister Says:

  109. pertheconstitution Says:

    Sdee – I’m on the same page! I started getting that itch Friday. Then Saturday night, my hubby was watching the news and they were showing Sarah’s resignation speech. He called me in and says, “Damn, she’s not giving up or running away. She’s pissed! Look at that look in her eyes.” And my hubby (God love him!) is not the most observant person, but he called it. Then I knew things were happening behind the scenes. I read a post over at conservatives4palin from a lady who had tracked IP numbers of Sarah’s harassers to some pretty important and surprising people. She didn’t give names but was encouraged to share it with someone other posters recommended as trustworthy.

    Oh! And Rush dropping the bc bomb throughout his show all last week. I guess Mark Levin did also. That’s HUGE after their complete silence for the last year plus.

    And call me crazy (everyone else has) but I’m wondering if there was more to Mark Sanford’s time in “Argentina” than we know – which just happened to be the week before the Hondurans had to depose their Hugo-puppet prez. Sanford fought hard against the stimulus. He doesn’t strike me as a quitter. Could it be that he’d rather give up his affair than give up what he was really doing? There’s gotta be more to it.

    I think I might have to go check the website-that-shall-not-be-named. They said a while back they were going to release everything publicly once they got whatever clearance from their attorneys. We know how that always worked out… But who knows? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe it’s not what it seemed. Nothing else is! I know it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it…

  110. rosettasister Says:

    blunt dog says:
    6 juli 2009 om 18:39 July 6, 2009 at 18:39

    bodies of 6 young men found in Shahriar(outside Tehran):“They were killed by neck shot (contd)”#iranelection RT

    IranRiggedElect: Rasoul hospital received 38 bodies after ‘Black Monday’

    splusr: RT @IranRiggedElect: (condt)..

    “skulls crushed&brains opened2 retrieve the bullet&remove the evidence.”

  111. rosettasister Says:

    Iran: Doctors denounce terror in the hospitals


  112. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    sliderblaze Says:
    July 6, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    so i heard that 37K turned out in Dallas?
    and around 50K in cali?

    can anyone confirm this?


    One prevailing theme seems to be that the crowd was less than the “50,000 predicted”. The Collin County Constable’s office has affirmed total attendance over the course of the day at 37,000.

  113. j.b. Says:

    sdee Says:

    July 6, 2009 at 7:14 pm
    Check out picture of Hussein and Medvedev on Drudge. Gotta luv Drudge.

    Anyone else notice the pic of MO on Drudge? Is she trying to make buttresses fashionable again? Oh, wait…………………..

    Scary shit about the rattlesnake in your pool, Rose! Um, do they swim? Or what? I think I would just shoot the dang thing and save myself the $75.00. But that’s just me.

  114. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    j.b. Says:
    Scary shit about the rattlesnake in your pool, Rose! Um, do they swim? Or what? I think I would just shoot the dang thing and save myself the $75.00. But that’s just me.


    That only works for cement ponds JB.

    I’d do a nice long thin piece of PVC and a noose. Been there — but it was a gator in my yard. But the grands can say their Nana really did wrestle an alligator :c)

    Toilet train a cat too, but that’s not as interesting. Especially since I couldn’t get him to flush! LOL!

  115. rosettasister Says:

    Okay, I admit it, I am zonked!

    Who was the fool?

    Put the rattlesnake in the pool?!


    My husband is on vacation and after this morning’s events, decided to put up a snake fence on our view fence in the back.

    It’s a two-person job.

    One person always checking to make sure the other isn’t keeling over from heat exhaustion!

    It’s only 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Not bad.

    She patrols that fence of his. To a Latin drum. And the hissing of summer lawns


  116. Troy Says:

    Hey Rose’s Gang….I am posting some very important info that everyone needs to read!!!!

    I debated on whether or not to post it due to some controversial subject matter in the first two articles, but we are all big boys and girls and I felt obligated to share it due to the profound health implications involved.

    DO NOT let the title of the first article turn you off or away….There is a series of six articles and every single one of them need to be read very carefully, especially about the last three.

    The firsrt couple deal mostly with children’s issues as well as some adult….The last several deal mostly with adult health issues.

    This information could save lives….It is all documented and backed up with hard scientific data from some very prominent doctors and scientists.

    Every single person on the face of this earth needs to know this information.

    Are you or ANYONE that you know a consumer of soy products?
    Whether or not you know it the answer is YES!!!…..Soy products and or byproducts are in SO MANY items purchase from the grocery store.
    Read the labels!!!

    There are some people that are huge fans of soy and gobble or drink the stuff down daily….God help them!!!

    As you read and wonder why in the hell this is being allowed to take place in this country, think back to the info posted by Tenacity about Monsanto and who and what they are.

    No matter what you do, please read all six articles in their entirety.

  117. sliderblaze Says:

    Troy, my girl would prolly say i never had a soy product in my life….. i’m alllll MAN!!!! lol

  118. jrinNC Says:

    Troy – Thanks for that article. I use to drink soy milk all the time until I developed severe itching after drinking it. But I also have discovered that soy is in a lot of stuff. Here is a list:

    Possible sources of soy

    Note: Avoid all food and products that contain soy in the ingredient list, e.g., soy cheese.

    Baby formulas
    Baked goods and baking mixes, e.g., breads, cookies, cake mixes, doughnuts, pancakes
    Bean sprouts
    Beverage mixes, e.g., hot chocolate, lemonade
    Bread crumbs, cereals, crackers
    Breaded foods, chili, pastas, stews, taco filling, tamales
    Canned tuna/minced hams
    Chewing gum
    Cooking spray, margarine, vegetable shortening, vegetable oil
    Diet drinks, imitation milk
    Dressings, gravies, marinades
    Frozen desserts
    Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), hydrolyzed soy protein (HSP), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
    Monosodium glutamate (MSG) (may contain hydrolyzed protein)
    Processed and prepared meats, e.g., beef, deli, pork, poultry
    Sauces, e.g., soy, shoyu, tamari, teriyaki, Worcestershire
    Seafood-based products, fish
    Seasoning, spices
    Simulated fish and meat products, e.g., surimi (imitation crab/lobster meat), simulated bacon bits
    Snack foods, e.g., candy, chocolate, energy bars, fudge, popcorn, potato chips
    Soups, broths, soup mixes/stock
    Spreads, dips, mayonnaise, peanut butter
    Thickening agents
    Vegetarian dishes
    Non-food sources of soy

    Cosmetics, soaps
    Craft materials
    Milk substitutes for young animals
    Pet food

  119. Tenacity Says:

    55 to 70% of all processed foods contain soy.

  120. jrinNC Says:

    Hey Slider, if you eat mustard or mayo – you have eaten soybean oil. It is in EVERYTHING.

  121. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    reading now — I manage a smoothie shop, so I did know a bit of the down side to soy. I try to steer ppl, especially men, away from it and tell ppl I recommend they choose whey instead. I’ve read that some chemical used to process soy is poison too!

    I had 1 guy ask what I recommended (he’d ordered a smoothie w/ protein powered.) What’s the diff, he says? I told him that soy is a vegetable product and whey is a milk product`(important because of allergies), but that I recommend whey for men because soy encourages the production of estrogen — soy would be more suitable for a woman.

    He says — “What would you recommend for someone who’s going to be a woman?”

    I wanted to say … Uhhh, prozac and a swrink!

    But I restrained myself and just sorta looked at him like he had a third eye!

  122. Troy Says:

    But I restrained myself and just sorta looked at him like he had a third eye!

  123. Troy Says:

    I’m not trying to start a fear canpaign against soy….Moderate to small amounts in adults isn’t a problem, but the stuff is in almost everything.

    You can get an pretty good idea from the info in the articles of how many grams are within toleration.

    Some vegetarians eat tons of it though.

  124. sliderblaze Says:

    ewwww….mayo…. nasty

  125. sliderblaze Says:

    i think one may be a lil fem. to be a veg. anyway, so…. not starting out good to begin with

  126. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Troy Says:
    July 7, 2009 at 1:04 am

    But I restrained myself and just sorta looked at him like he had a third eye!

    Ooh dear


    maybe I should have said like he STILL had a 3rd eye?

    I was going to say like he had 2 heads, but, geez, I thought it best not too.

    No way of getting around that is there. So, ahh, ya know, shoe laces reaaallly aren’t very tasty. (Reminds me of soy!) And I think I have tread marks on my tongue. Who’d notice! Since my face is pretty near beet red anyway.

    I’m glad I’ve learned to laugh at me too. :c)

  127. Tenacity Says:

    The phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) in soy is equally bad for females. It causes early puberty in females and delayed puberty in males. Women get breast cancer and men get prostate cancer. Excess estrogen creates problem for both genders.

  128. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    July 7, 2009 at 1:46 am

    The phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) in soy is equally bad for females. It causes early puberty in females and delayed puberty in males. Women get breast cancer and men get prostate cancer. Excess estrogen creates problem for both genders.


    Thx Ten,

    I’ll direct all customers that will listen away from it then.

  129. Tenacity Says:

    Oh yes, and excess estrogen weakens the thyroid. Did you know that soy is NOT a staple in the asian diet. It is considered poverty food eaten during a famine. Grazing animals don’t like it. You have to do a lot to it to just make it edible. God would have made it more enticing had he wanted it consumed in quantity.

  130. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    No, I didn’t know until reading the wnd report this eve.

    I’m glad soy sauce is OK.

  131. Tenacity Says:

    I just had some soy sauce on my brown rice. My son asked about it and I explained that it was fermented and that negated the phytoestrogen.

  132. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    How old is he?

    I just e-mailed my middle son to have him check his baby’s formula. I’m sure if I tell him what soy can do, he’ll have the baby on goats milk before letting him have soy!

  133. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    OMG speaking of which… has anyone priced baby formula lately? It’s so pricey these days that some stores keep it under lock and key due to theft.

  134. j.b. Says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if it’s a coinkidink that my 29 yr. old, soy milk drinking, mom of 6 month old, veg. niece has to have her thyroid REMOVED soon!?

  135. rosettasister Says:

    Soy milk?!


    Me thinks I got too much sun this day!

    New Thread:


  136. sliderblaze Says:

    Lexi, i know all toooo well. baby form. must have gold in it somewhere, but hell if i can find even a flake, well, until i turn on MSNBC, then, wall to wall flakes

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