Brother, Where Are You?


brother where are you

A small boy walked down a city street
And hope was in his eyes
As he searched the faces of the people he’d meet
Or one he could recognize

Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way
Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way

(looking for a soul brother all around him)
(looking for a soul brother all around him)

The eyes of the people who passed him by
Were cold and as hard as stone
The poor boy whimpered and began to cry
Because he was all alone

Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way, yeah
Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way

(looking for a soul brother all around him)
(looking for a soul brother all around him)

Now there are many
Who will swear it’s true
That brother all we are
And yet it seems there are very few
Who will answer a brother’s call

Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way, yeah
Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way


Now there are many
Who will swear it’s true
That brother all we are
And yet it seems there are so few
Who will answer a brother’s call

Brother, where are you?
They said you came this way, yeah
Brother, where are you?
They told me you came this way

They said you came this way,
Said you came this way
I know you came this way

oscar brown

rewind realization

brother where are you too

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122 Responses to “Brother, Where Are You?”

  1. neconservative Says:

    effen 8 repubs

  2. neconservative Says:

    from redstate

    The Quisling Republicans

    these are the Republicans who sold out the nation\’s future
    Posted by Streiff (Profile)

    Friday, June 26th at 7:36PM EDT

    Bono Mack







    Smith (NJ)

    Complete vote tally here

  3. neconservative Says:

    The 8 cap-and-tax Republicans…and the 44 Democrats who voted no
    By Michelle Malkin • June 26, 2009 10:52 PM

    I listed them earlier tonight, but am breaking out a separate post to spotlight them again.

    The 8 cap-and-tax Republican turncoats again are:

    Bono Mack (CA) (202) 225-5330
    Castle (DE) (202) 225-4165
    Kirk (IL) (202) 225-4385 (And he’s seriously considering running for Senate!)
    Lance (NJ) (202) 225-5361
    LoBiondo (NJ) (202) 225-6572
    McHugh (NY) (202) 225-4611
    Reichert (WA) (202) 225-7761
    Smith (NJ) (202) 225-3765

    (Phone numbers h/t commenter rightwingmom)

    Congrats, congresspeople, you helped the Democrats pass a junk science-based, massive national energy tax. Headed to Disney World now?

    We still want to know: What were your payoffs/earmarks?


    In case you were wondering, here are the 44 Democrat NAY votes:

    Davis (AL)
    Davis (TN)
    Donnelly (IN)
    Edwards (TX)
    Herseth Sandlin
    Kirkpatrick (AZ)
    Wilson (OH)

    Reminder: The two Republicans who didn’t vote: Jeff Flake (AZ) and John Sullivan (OK).

    Here’s why: Flake had a “family conflict” (his daughter is reportedly in a beauty pageant in Alabama tomorrow) and Sullivan is undergoing alcohol treatment. As I noted earlier today, Dem. Rep. Patrick Kennedy was pulled out of rehab to cast his vote.

    And another reminder that the full roll call vote is here.

  4. neconservative Says:

    The Democrats Strike (your wallet) again
    Atlas reader TC asks, do you remember the Democrats who lobbied Iraq? In the summer 2008 -the destroy-USA democrats lead by “Chuck” Schumer corralled then Secretary of State Condi Rice forcing her to pressure Iraq into canceling six contracts that it previously awarded Western oil companies – Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Total, BP, etc.

    Thanks to these leftists – their ally and model of “progressive utopian dictatorship” – communist China – has reaped the rewards enabled by Democrat treason and purchased 550 million barrels of oil at $16/barrel:

    From Phil’s Stock World:

    “How much smarter is China than the US?

    Well let’s see – The US has spent $1,000,000,000,000 fighting in Iraq and thousands of our soldiers have died and we have secured ZERO barrels of oil for ourselves. China was not part of the coalition of the willing but, for just $8.8Bn, they are getting 550 Million barrels of oil, almost the size of the US’s entire strategic petroleum reserve, through the purchase of Addax Petroleum, and 20% of those reserves are in Iraq . While Bush filled our reserve up “at any price” and became the single largest buyer of crude in the world, filling our SPR at a rate of 2-3Mb a week at times, China simply waited patiently on the sidelines and is now coming in and buying wholesale. That’s pretty smart!

    And America is turning over energy to these assclowns? A 1,300 page bill that no one has even read is being rammed down our throats?

  5. Katie Says:

    Tea Party Patriots Action Alert



    Dear Tea Party Patriots,

    Sometimes the call to duty comes in the middle of the night. This is one of those times. And we apologize for the short notice, but you’ve spoken loud and clear, and demanded action.

    Since sending the email asking you what you wanted to do about passage of the Cap and Trade bill approximately 3 hours ago, I have received thousands of responses. All are demanding action, and all are outraged that the House of Representatives passed the Cap and Trade bill, which will cost each family almost $2,000 per year in additional expenses through increased energy prices across all sectors. Patriots across the nation are telling us it’s time to take to the streets. We are in full support of your clearly expressed opinion and are here to assist. 

    To paraphrase one gentleman in the East on a conference call tonight, we need to lean out of every window and scream that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore! And we need to scream until everyone is screaming with us. 


    Today you were scammed by the House of Representatives, and despite the fact that you shut down the phones of virtually every member of the House, and barraged them with millions of emails telling them this was against your will, they ignored you and voted for another bill which they haven’t even read. The madness needs to stop and we need to stop the Senate from passing the bill.

    Tomorrow, because you have demanded it…we take to the streets. 

    Take to the Streets to Protest the Cap and Trade Passage in the House

    Date: June 27, 2009

    Time: Noon until – as long as it takes.

    Place: State Capitol; or Federal Building in your City, County or Parish


    Please try to coordinate with others you see posting events there. If there is already an event in your area, please plant to attend that event, and / or volunteer to help that organizer. This is about coordination, not competition. We need to send a message to the politicians.

    Bring signs, bullhorns, and your usual good behavior. It’s imperative that we shock the politicians and press by being there in large numbers, but we want to make sure that we maintain our reputation by not causing any damage or destruction.

    We wrote and asked what you are willing to do about it…and you answered, by the thousands…you said you wanted to take it to the streets. Now it’s time for you to spread the message. The time is short, but we can make it happen.

    We believe that the Senate will bring the Cap and Traitor bill to the floor on the sixth or seventh of July. We need to send a forceful message to the Senators that we will not tolerate passage of the ACES act in the Senate.

    You are the patriot heroes of a true grass roots movement. We asked, and you told us loud and clear what you wanted to do. You told us it’s time to light a grass fire and hit the streets tomorrow?

    We apologize for the late notice. Your patriotism in standing up to your government is appreciated, and serves as a powerful testament to the founders of this great nation.


    Mark Meckler, Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin

    Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team

  6. neconservative Says:

    Judge: Eligibility dispute is ‘serious’
    Says case will be expedited when representation lined up

    Posted: June 26, 2009
    12:00 am Eastern

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    A judge hearing one of the cases challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president has taken the unusual step of describing the dispute as a serious constitutional issue and further has begun adding letters of comment from the public to the court record.

    Word of the action by U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider in Camden, N.J., comes from attorney Mario Apuzzo, who is handling the Kerchner vs. Obama case.

    Apuzzo filed his lawsuit in January on behalf of Charles F. Kerchner Jr., Lowell T. Patterson, Darrell James Lenormand and Donald H. Nelson Jr. Named as defendants are Barack Hussein Obama II, the U.S., Congress, the Senate, House of Representatives and former Vice President Dick Cheney along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    The case focuses on the alleged failure in Congress to follow the Constitution. That document, the lawsuit states, “provides that Congress must fully qualify the candidate ‘elected’ by the Electoral College Electors.”

    (Story continues below)

    The Constitution provides, the lawsuit said, “If the president-elect shall have failed to qualify, then the vice president elect shall act as president until a president shall have qualified.”

    Get the Whistleblower magazine, called “YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE? Why dozens of lawsuits and millions of Americans want Barack Obama to prove he’s constitutionally qualified to be president.”

    “There existed significant public doubt and grievances from plaintiffs and other concerned Americans regarding Obama’s eligibility to be president and defendants had the sworn duty to protect and preserve the Constitution and specifically under the 20th Amendment, Section 3, a Constitutional obligation to confirm whether Obama, once the electors elected him, was qualified,” the case explained.

    “Congress is the elected representative of the American people and the people speak and act through them,” the lawsuit said.

    The defendants “violated” the 20th Amendment by failing to assure that Obama meets the eligibility requirements,” the lawsuit said.

    Apuzzo told WND that while the judge recently granted the government extra time to line up defense counsel for the named defendants, his ruling described the issue as a serious constitutional question.

    “Plaintiffs’ complaint raises significant issues necessitating that the named defendants engage competent counsel to represent their interests. Given the high ranking positions of the defendants, the decision as to who will represent them in this case is not simple and straightforward,” the judge said.

    But as soon as attorneys are lined up, “the case will proceed expeditiously,” he said.

    The case has attracted numerous public comments directed at and delivered to the judge, who has started adding them to the case file, Apuzzo noted.

    “It’s unbelievable,” he said. “The court put the letters on Pacer.”

    Pacer is a fee-based court website through which interested parties can research cases and their documentation.

    “This is really strange,” said the attorney, noting that judges typically do not accept or even acknowledge public commentary on cases that are pending before them.

    “The point is the letters are there in the docket,” he said.

    WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

    Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

    Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

    Further, others question his citizenship by virtue of his attendance in Indonesian schools during his childhood and question on what passport did he travel to Pakistan three decades ago.

    Adding fuel to the fire is Obama’s persistent refusal to release documents that could provide answers and the appointment of myriad lawyers to defend against all requests for his documentation. While his supporters cite an online version of a “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii as his birth verification, critics point out such documents actually were issued for children not born in the state.

    The ultimate questions remain unaddressed to date: Is Obama a natural born citizen, and, if so, why hasn’t documentation been provided? And, of course, if he is not, what does it mean to the 2008 election or the U.S. Constitution if it is revealed that there has been a violation?

    And the answer could take only minutes: authorization from the president to Hawaiian officials to release his documentation.

    Apuzzo, on his website, says the issue “is of utmost national importance.”

    A state official, Hawaiian Health Director Chiyome Fukino, said, “I, and Dr. Alvin Onaka have personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.” But officials have rejected requests for access, saying Obama would have to authorize any access, and left ambiguous its origin: Does the certificate on file with the Department of Health indicate a Hawaii birth or was it generated after the Obama family registered a foreign birth in Hawaii?

  7. neconservative Says:

    Hail Storm Greets House Passage of Terrible Cap and Tax Bill
    By Matthew Vadum on 6.26.09 @ 7:56PM

    A few minutes ago, just after the House narrowly approved a massive new federal energy tax, there was a nasty hail storm over Washington, D.C.

    Could it be a sign from above that the cap and trade bill that just barely passed the House (219 to 212) is a terrible idea?

    Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity suggests the fact that the vote was so close is significant given the Democrats’ overwhelming majority in the House:

    While cap-and-trade passed the House, it’s a testament to the power of free market activists that it was a difficult, down-to-the-wire, tough fight. This bill, Speaker Pelosi’s top priority, was supposed to sail through. Instead it crawled through and barely made it past the finish line in the House-and it took all the efforts of the White House to do it when the bill stalled a couple of days ago.

    The bipartisan opposition to this bill shows just how broadly it will negatively impact the country. While some members’ votes were won with backroom deals and special interest carve outs it is instructive to see that some commonsense Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with most Republicans, and they deserve our thanks. On the other hand, we are committed to holding the members of Congress who sided with Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi instead off hard-working taxpayers accountable.

    Cap-and-trade is a massive new tax on American families and American businesses. It’s especially crazy to pass such a huge new tax burden at a time when many families already face economic hardship.

    Fortunately, we have always believed the place to kill this bill is the U.S. Senate. We will do everything we can to educate the public about the danger that this legislation poses for their family budgets and their economic freedom to help the voices of millions of grassroots activists be heard on this issue.

    If the American people understand what this bill does, it will die in the Senate.

    Meanwhile, here are the names of the eight Republican lawmakers who betrayed their party and their country by voting for this extremist legislation:

    Mary Bono-Mack (California), Mike Castle (Delaware), Mark Kirk (Illinois), Leonard Lance (New Jersey), Frank LoBiondo (New Jersey), John McHugh (New York), Dave Reichert (Washington), and Chris Smith (New Jersey). (Why so many sellouts from New Jersey?)

    Club for Growth: you know what to do.

    P.S. I concur with my learned friend Jim Antle that this legislation is political death for Democrats.

    Updated 12:45 a.m. Saturday: Michelle Malkin created a cute “wanted” poster for the eight Republican sellouts.

  8. rosettasister Says:

    Joani, my girl!

    IRAN RIGGED ELECTIONS: Joan Baez sings “We Shall Overcome” for Iranians 6/26/2009

  9. rosettasister Says:

    IRAN RIGGED ELECTIONS: Very emotional video made by a protester 6/18/2009

  10. patriotamy Says:

    I was driving back to work today at lunch, and lo and behold, I saw a sign that said “Where’s the birth certificate?” That’s all it said.. I had to laugh….. This is in Idaho. Made me proud though.

    By the way Minnick (D) voted no on the cap and trade today.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    IRAN RIGGED ELECTIONS: South Park Persian style “SUPER BASIJ” 6/26/2009

  12. rosettasister Says:

    IRAN RIGGED ELECTIONS: protests take place everywhere in Iran, even at the metro 6/17/2009

  13. patriotamy Says:

    patriotamy Says:

    June 27, 2009 at 5:32 am
    I was driving back to work today at lunch, and lo and behold, I saw a sign that said “Where’s the birth certificate?” That’s all it said.. I had to laugh….. This is in Idaho. Made me proud though.

    By the way Minnick (D) voted no on the cap and trade today.
    This sign was on one of the main freeway off ramps coming into the city.
    It is a lighted sign, so it shows at night as well.

  14. rosettasister Says:

    8:15 AM ET | 06-26-2009

    Former Revolutionary Guard Member: ‘Military Coup’ Underway In Iran

  15. rosettasister Says:

    F*ck George Galloway!

    (piece of sh*t, I wish I could get my hands on him!)

    (See video below)

  16. rosettasister Says:

  17. Tenacity Says:

    If just 4 Repubs had voted No the bill would have failed. See the pattern, just enough vote with the regime to pass what the banksters want. Even with 44 Dhims voting no, it passes.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    Guten nacht, good peoples!


    God will ultimately judge the actions of the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

    And God will not be mocked.

    “He did much evil in the sight of the LORD, provoking Him to anger.”

  19. pertheconstitution Says:

    Just saw this over at WND:

    “…For sale on eBay: Obama’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’
    Seller claims Mombasa document ‘certified copy’…”

    Here’s the link:

    After what happened with the website-that-shall-not-be-named, I’m afraid to hope… But at the same time I know Obama and Obots much be freaking about now and I’m loving that!

    Purple Patriot

  20. pertheconstitution Says:

    Just went to eBay to see for myself and it’s been taken down already. Instead you get this message:

    “…This listing (160344374585) has been removed or is no longer available…”

    There is a screen shot at WND though.

    Knew it was too good to be true.

  21. pertheconstitution Says:

    Funny – this is the web address I found on google (no cache):…%5Bsnip%5D

    It clearly says President Barack Hussein Obama…

    I want so much to talk about this with someone! Oh, well, guess I should just go to bed like normal people.

  22. pertheconstitution Says:

    Okay, one more thing –

    Here is the link to the seller’s page:

    He/she definitely has a good rating. I noticed colmado_naranja purchased a pair of Stacey Adams shoes… woman?

  23. Troy Says:

    Ebay has it back up again….Here it is:

    Thanks purple patriot

  24. Troy Says:

  25. Katie Says:

    We’ve all been thinking we still had a Constitutional Republic with representative government. Yesterday proved that the Constitution died. We have no representative government.

  26. Troy Says:

    We have no representative government.
    Now,now Katie, sure we do…It’s just that they REPRESENT their own and the banking cartel’s interests.

  27. Troy Says:

    Lame Cherry has Oama’s BC!!!!

  28. Troy Says:

  29. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    Seller had taken the buy now option down.

    But now the ad is gone again.

  30. sdee Says:

    ever get a glimpse of the cockroaches scurrying when you flip on the light switch?

    Pelosi and T Boone set to cash in on the Energy Tax Bill

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Iran, not so quiet as it seems

    Saturday, June 27, 2009
    Iran updates…

    >>>Today at 6pm Tehran time, the people of Kermanshah in Iran have called for a rally to commemorate Neda and for ‘freedom for all.

    >>>Yesterday, 26 June 2009, hundreds gathered in front of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Stockholm, Sweden to protest against the Islamic regime of Iran.

    Around 4.30pm the protesters surged forward, broke through police lines, broke down the embassy doors and entered it. The armed security of the Islamic regime attempted to stop the protesters. They were immediately unarmed; embassy staff then fled the buidling.

    Swedish police arrived and fired shots in the air after which the demonstrators left the building.

    >>>On Friday at 11:00am local time, residents of Janat-Abad District, western Tehran, held a protest, chanting “Death to the Dictator” &”Death to Khamenei”. There were continuous clashes with the regime’s suppressive forces until 2:00pm. The suppressive forces arrested at least 11 protesters and transferred them to an unknown location.

    Relatives and friends of those martyred in the uprising and thousands of Tehran residents gathered on Friday afternoon in Behesht-e Zahra Cemetery in memory of the martyrs.

    Despite a heavy police presence, hundreds of people on Thursday lit candles at the burial site of Neda Agha Soltan in her memory and in remembrance of all the martyrs.

    The Islamic Republic is preventing people from burying their loved ones in the family section of Behesht-e Zahra. It forces them to bury their relatives in a separate field.

    >>>Islamic republic’ suppressive police,went door to door in north of Tehran on Friday threatening people who have installed satellite dishes on their rooftops.In Niavaran district in north of Tehran, Security Forces warned home owners with satellite dishes to have them removed otherwise they would confiscated.

    >>>Iranian regime used teenagers of 13-14 years-old to suppress the protests in Tehran, at least in three different locations in Tehran, near Ferdowsi square, in Shanzdah-Azar and Mofateh streets.

    “They had uniforms that were too large for them, their hats were too big and they looked like kids,” one eyewitness said.

    “They contributed to the high number of casualties in the protest of the past few days in Iran,” she added.

    >>> The body of Kianoosh Asa, a chemical engineering student of Science and Technology University of Tehran, was found 10 days after his abduction, bearing signs of torture.

    Kianoosh disappeared on June 15, 2009 from the university’s Majidieh dormitory.

    His family found his body in a morgue. The Iranian regime is refusing to hand over his body, claiming the body has been marked as unidentified since the person had no identity papers with him when he was found.

    >>>Despite a heavy police presence in various parts of Tehran including in Enghelab, Karegar, Jamalzadeh and Vali-Asr streets and in the vicinity of Baharestan Square, people and the suppressive forces clashed on Thursday.

    Helicopters belonging to the Revolutionary Guards were circling these areas.

    A group of Tehran youths protested in Vali-Asr Street, chanting “Death to Khamenei”. Groups of Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Bassijis, including those stationed at Daneshjoo Park, brutally attacked the protestors.

    People and suppressive forces clashed between Enghelab and Jamalzadeh streets. Hit and run clashes ensued in this region until 8:00pm local time.

    Ambulances arrived at the scene in Laleh Park at 8:45pm. They rounded up the injured and took them to centers under the control of the Revolutionary Guards. The Guards have prevented ordinary people from assisting the injured.

  32. pertheconstitution Says:

    Katie –

    Don’t lose heart!!! The longer this drags on, the more frustrating it is – I know. But we can’t lose faith. We are making progress, every day.

    And when it really gets you down, just think about how frustrating and aggravating this must be for them. They spent years and years planning and executing this coup. They probably thought their plan was foolproof. I’m sure they never thought this would still be an issue. This must be making them crazy!!! Maybe just enough that they’ll make a stupid mistake and bring themselves down.

    And remember, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!

    Purple Patriot

  33. pertheconstitution Says:

    Rose –

    My daughter found a neat radio station here in the valley, and I thought you might like it too. It’s at 103.1 FM – when we can find it! Sometimes it’s just static. But when we can find it, it’s a very eclectic mix of music – sounds like from the ’40s to the present. Many are songs I recognize from albums, but were never played on the radio. And best of all… No commercials!!! We were out driving for a couple hours running errands, and never heard even one commercial. Enjoy!

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Check it out!

    Thanks pertheconstitution!

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Green Brief #10 (June 26) NiteOwl

    (Fresh News from Iran)

    I’m NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar –

    on twitter – and I’ve been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours.

    I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources.

    What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources.

    Remember, this is all from tweets. No news media outlets have been used.

    Khomeini’s family is now supporting the protesters?

    This is a BIG deal. A VERY big deal.

  36. pertheconstitution Says:

    My heart and prayers are with the Iranians and the Pakistanis in their trials and tribulations. They have such strength and courage. God bless them and us all!

    Thanks for the updates, Rose.


  37. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, the irony!


    DCCC to Republicans: Stop ‘Playing Politics’ with the Troops

    Democrats use troops as guise to fund global bailout, then criticize Republicans for ‘playing politics’ with troops after they voted en bloc against funding a mushroomed, pork-laden appropriations bill

  38. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik has a new post:

    Obama’s eligibility issue: Why the British Citizenship argument is a red herring

  39. rosettasister Says:

    Call to execute ‘rioters’ in Iran

  40. rosettasister Says:

    The following republicans voted FOR the largest tax bill ever passed by a session of Congress.

    Any good work they have done has been for naught. Unless they change their votes by the deadline, Wed, July 2nd, they will for ever be a member of the Cap and Tr8tors.

    HR 2454 RECORDED VOTE 26-Jun-2009 7:17 PM
    BILL TITLE: American Clean Energy and Security Act

    Time left for the Cap and Tr8tors to change their vote.

  41. rosettasister Says:

    Iran’s Second Sex

    Published: June 26, 2009

  42. rosettasister Says:

    Silence Has Consequences for Iran

    The less we protest, the more people will die.

    Mr. Aznar is the former prime minister of Spain (1996-2004).

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Thank God for the Wall Street Journal!

    • JUNE 27, 2009

    Solidarity With Iran

    Reagan’s Polish lesson for Obama and the American left.

    There are opportunities for the Obama Administration to exploit, provided it envisions a democratic and peaceful Iran as a strategic American aim. That doesn’t mean military confrontation with the mullahs. But it does require taking every opportunity to apply consistent pressure on Iran while exploiting its internal tensions and contradictions.

    “I often wondered why Ronald Reagan did this, taking the risks he did, in supporting us at Solidarity,” Mr. Walesa wrote in these pages after Reagan died in 2004. “Let’s remember that it was a time of recession in the U.S. and a time when the American public was more interested in their own domestic affairs. It took a leader with a vision to convince them that there are greater things worth fighting for.”

    The circumstances aren’t so different. With similar vision and leadership, the endgame could be the same.

  44. rosettasister Says:

    Jashn e Hastei – Atomic Victory – Funny Persian Video – Iranian comedy –

    by: IRANNTV

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Voting For Economic Suicide

    The only good thing about this disaster for the country’s reputation is the undeniable message it sends to voters about just how hard left the Democrats are and at the same time just how irresponsible the Obama/Pelosi/Reid majority is.

    Not only does today’s debacle strengthen the case for a massive course correction and return to balance in D.C. in 2010, it also should increase resistance to the similarly radical attempt to remake American medicine into a single-payer, government-dominated, Canada-style plan.

    A majority so obviously indifferent to the substance of “legislation” they pass should not be trusted with the medicine that Americans need to live well and long.

    The country knows the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Democrats are drunk on power and lurching so far to the left as to stun even partisan Democrats.

    The Senate may stop this attempt at economic suicide, but independents and Republicans cannot allow the public to forget the recklessness of today’s abdication of responsibility by the hard left House leadership.


    “The Senate MAY stop this attempt …” I don’t like the sound of that!

  46. rosettasister Says:

    The money supply question

    During the Bernanke testimony yesterday on the BofA/Merrill deal, a curious question popped up about money supply growth.

    I’m not sure what was more surprising the fact that this question came up or that a House member asked it.

    Bernanke said that the massive supply of money into the system was mainly being held by banks as reserves.

    Since banks are not lending much, this growth in money supply wasn’t a problem at this time.

    (Say what?! How did I ever ace Macro and Microeconomics?! I must have been a good test-taker!)

  47. rosettasister Says:

    Here is what’s wrong …

    From IHS Global:

    “Reduced wealth, high debt, tight credit, and a weakening labor market are all weighing on consumers.

    Wages and salaries were down in May, and have fallen in four out of five months this year.

    And higher gasoline prices are biting into spending power.”

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Why is clean/green energy the next big thing?

    and not

    genetic engineering,


    artificial intelligence,

    robotics or

    something else that Washington isn’t focusing on?

    Just asking …

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Scary fun budget facts from the CBO

    Excerpts from the Congressional Budget Office:

    1) The Congressional Budget Office projects that if current laws do not change, federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid combined will grow from roughly 5 percent of GDP today to almost 10 percent by 2035 and to more than 17 percent by 2080 .

    2) That projection means that in 2080 the federal government would be spending almost as much, as a share of the economy, on just its two major health care programs as it has spent on all of its programs and services in recent years.

    3) Almost all of the projected growth in federal spending other than interest payments on the debt comes from growth in spending on the three largest entitlement programs— Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

    4) By CBO’s estimates, the increase in spending for Medicare and Medicaid as a share of GDP will account for 80 percent of spending increases for the three entitlement programs between now and 2035 and 90 percent of spending growth between now and 2080.

    5) The current recession has little effect on long-term projections of noninterest spending and revenues. But CBO estimates that in fiscal years 2009 and 2010, the federal government will record its largest budget deficits as a share of GDP since shortly after World War II.

    6) As a result of those deficits, federal debt held by the public will soar from 41 percent of GDP at the end of fiscal year 2008 to 60 percent at the end of fiscal year 2010.

    The CBO bottom line:

    Large budget deficits would reduce national saving, leading to more borrowing from abroad and less domestic investment, which in turn would depress income growth in the United States.

    *** Over time, the accumulation of debt would seriously harm the economy. ***

    Alternatively, if spending grew as projected and taxes were raised in tandem, tax rates would have to reach levels never seen in the United States.

    High tax rates would slow the growth of the economy, making the spending burden harder to bear.

    (Debt, spending, high tax rates, slow growth, can’t afford even the spending we’ve already committed to! Thanks a lot you idiots who voted for Obama!)

  50. rosettasister Says:

    More evidence ’stimulus’ doesn’t work too well

    Today’s U.S. reports revealed a bigger May income boost than we assumed from recent stimulus legislation, but a lower service consumption trajectory nevertheless, to leave a remarkable surge in the savings rate and a slightly weaker trajectory for aggregate demand as we approach mid-year.

    We also saw a small upward bump in the Michigan sentiment index in June as the various confidence measures post gains from Q4-Q1 lows, though confidence remains remarkably lean.

    (“the Michigan sentiment index” ???)

    *** The soaring savings rate shows that households are still bracing for the worst despite improving market conditions, as they hoard distributed stimulus benefits and hence truncate some of the “stimulative” effects. ***

    (Mr. President, please face it! You have been and still are getting bad advice!)

  51. rosettasister Says:

    A pro-entrepreneur package

    There are ways to break the vicious cycle:

    1) encourage entrepreneurs to dive in and take risks

    2) encourage foreign investors to put more money into the US economy

    3) attract skilled and talented immigrants who bring in human capital.

    The trouble is that entrepreneurs at this stage of the cycle appear as vultures, speculating in human misery, buying foreclosed houses and distressed bonds. …

    Alternative number two would work if the US government allowed the Chinese and others to come in as partners and buy significant parts of the US economy at discounted prices.

    That’s not going to happen, either, for the same stupid political reasons. …

    Alternative number three isn’t even on the agenda.

    That means we are stuck in a vicious cycle in which the recession lasts indefinitely, equities chop sideways forever, and the Obama administration sets the stage for a potential dollar collapse some time down the road.


    If you are looking for a second “stimulus package,” one that would address these points, particularly #1 would be helpful.

    A pro-entrepreneur package …

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Baitullah Mehsud,+Government+Officials,+Strategists/World+Leaders/Baitullah+Mehsud

  53. rosettasister Says:

    From fatman17

    “All the dead belonged to Baitullah Mehsud. They were planning to target the city for their terrorist activities,” Ahmed said.

    Mehsud is blamed for a series of suicide bombings across Pakistan that spokesmen for his group have said is retaliation for two military offensives against Taliban in the country’s volatile northwest.


    kill them all with extreme prejudice!

  54. rosettasister Says:

    Sebelius Sees Room for U.S. Health Cooperative, Few GOP Votes

    Conrad ‘Encouraged’

    Conrad said he was “encouraged” by the comments from Sebelius.

    “There are a number of Republicans who have expressed interest in co-ops,” he said yesterday by telephone.

    While negotiations in Congress are continuing, Conrad said, he envisions state affiliates negotiating with local doctors and hospitals while the national board would bargain with drugmakers and other medical providers, using its wider scope to win lower prices for its members.

    *** Sebelius, a former state insurance commissioner, said she expects the final bill will include some kind of nonprofit entity to compete with private insurers, whether a co-op or government-run program. ***

    (“government-run program” my ass!)

    “I really don’t think that there’s a likelihood that private insurers will be driven out of business,” she said. “What will happen is competition. And they may not make as much money as they’re making currently.”

    (Somehow this statement is not very reassuring!)

    Sebelius v Judd Gregg

    The secretary said she would like to see Congress remove the restriction on using cost-effectiveness studies to pick which drugs and medical devices are paid for by Medicare.

    New Hampshire Republican Judd Gregg, a member of the Senate health committee, argues along with other Republican opponents that such comparative effectiveness research would be use to ration care.

    “I am a believer that you should use evidence-based research to make decisions to figure out what strategies work, then have incentives to use the best possible — not only lowest cost, but most effective — treatment protocol,” Sebelius said.

    The administration set aside $1.1 billion in the economic stimulus bill signed by Obama in February for such research and argues that it would significantly drive savings.

    (Liberal Translation – Medicare patients, you are expendable!)

  55. rosettasister Says:

    Khomeini’s family has offered their shrine for mourning. Will you beat Iranians for attendance here?

  56. rosettasister Says:

    A reliable source indicated that Khomeini’s family has thrown its lot behind the protesters

    Again video of Ayatollah Alikhani, defending Mousavi-He sure isn’t afraid of speaking up

    Iranian friends, you are leading the path to freedom and democracy, the world is watching and admire your courage.

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Another good video! Beat it Ahmadinejad!!

  58. rosettasister Says:

    people being attacked in the United States???

    My name is @UtahPirate

    I have asked the owner of this site to publish this anonymously.

    I do this because there have now been three reports I am aware of, of people being attacked in the United States (where I live) by Iranian nationals who are apparently pro-Khameni/Ahmadinejad.

    These attacks are not lethal and have so far not been truly harmful, but they are worrisome.

    Anonymity is therefore warranted and prudent.

  59. rosettasister Says:

    member of Khomeini’s family said we do not recognize Ahmadinejad’s gov.

  60. rosettasister Says:

    Screw Fareed Zakaria! Don’t you know he’s just covering for his precious Obama?!


    Read Fareed Zakariya’s article today. Ridiculous. I think the majority of academics are underestimating Sea of Green or are overly cautious


    • Zakaria: It was too much to expect a revolution in Iran
    • Democracy is clearly working against the current Iran regime, he says
    • But, he says, regime isn’t a religious oppressor and isn’t an imperial power
    • Zakaria says Obama has been wise, cautious in his statements about Iran

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Our timid President

    The president’s limited criticism of the Iranian regime took place a week after the leaders of Canada, France and Germany issued stronger ones.

    Andrew Malcolm of the Los Angeles Times was not the only commentator who thought it was prompted by Sen. John McCain’s “angry Senate Neda speech Monday” which made it politically difficult for Mr. Obama to continue to sit on the fence.

    The president knows he’s been a day late and a dollar short since the Iranian crisis began and is defensive about it.

    He grew testy when Major Garrett of Fox News asked him what took him so long to condemn the regime’s violence against protesters. Mr. Obama said his remarks have been consistent.

    “Even the most egregious toady in the White House press corps knew that wasn’t true,” said Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard.

    (John McCain – It’s nice to know there are still men in this country who haven’t been totally emasculated.)

  62. rosettasister Says:

  63. ryansgrammy Says:

    Rose — just catching up on all of the posts here by Rose’s Gang. Thanks for Johnny Rivers — oh what memories for me — love the man!!!!

  64. ryansgrammy Says:

    Saw this on LS site — Obamopoly.

    The July 6 GLOBE has a headline article about MO’s hit list. People who have been critical of the O’s. Of course LS is there along with Hillary, Oprah, Palin and some others.

  65. ryansgrammy Says:

    Sorry if this was already posted — regarding Orly’s case in CA (Keyes) scheduled for July 13.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, grammy!

  67. rosettasister Says:

    “iran music” playlist

  68. sdee Says:

    Boehner explains how the Energy Tax Bill will drive up cost of home construction, lower the value of existing homes and force energy upgrades.

  69. Anonymouse Says:

    Rosetta, this is Google’s cache of the eBay auction of the alleged Kenyan birth certificate:

  70. Anonymouse Says:

    How Obama bankrolled McHugh’s vote

  71. sdee Says:

    Obama suppresses internal EPA report debunking global warming and man’s effect on climate change.

    Author silenced. 38 year EPA veteran taken off all climate related work.

    Tricky Dick had nothing on these guys – wow.

    Good summary here:

  72. sdee Says:


    Here is a link to the reporter talking about this.

  73. sdee Says:

    Obama appoints Muslim Czar. Farah Pandith.

    As she is Indian, I suggest kicking off the Tour of US Submission with a Mumbai multimedia presentation. I’m sure Pamela Geller would be happy help here out with that.

    here is the link to the BBC story

  74. rosettasister Says:

    8:05 AM Pacific

    Good Lazy Sunday Morning, good people!

    Thanks for the links, sdee and Anonymouse!

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Green Brief #11

    I’m NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar –

    on twitter – and I’ve been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. No news media outlets have been used. (All my work is released under Creative Commons (CC). You can freely use it and repost it wherever you’d like to. Just provide a link to the original source at the bottom. I trust austinheap)

    Here are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Saturday, June 27 in Iran.

    1. Mousavi has rejected the Guardian Council’s decision to look into discrepancies in only 10% of the vote. Mousavi has said that as he mentioned in two letters before to the GC, there are simply far too many irregularities for them to accept the election. A new one must be held in order to give people their voice back.

    (Go to link to read the whole thing.)

  76. rosettasister Says:

    Persian kiwi arrested

    “iran election

    this is a sad day.

    tommorow i will wear green.

    i hope (s)he will be in your thoughts.

  77. rosettasister Says:

    situation chaotic- safehouses discovered-ppl released from police have fear in their eyes- some tortured-world forgetting us


    about 10 hours ago from web

  78. rosettasister Says:

    Mousavi remains defiant

  79. rosettasister Says:

    Sunday updates

    These updates just in from Tehran, Sunday 28 June. They are from trusted sources, but they have not been independently verified:

    “I think there will be a confrontation or a severing of ties with at least one EU country… The Leader today called certain European countries stupid and “najes,” untouchable, so it looks like something will happen.

    “I think they are headed toward severing ties with Britain or at least they will act like they will and seriously right now they need a new “Great Satan”… The best way to keep Iranians united particularly the religious people is to have a common enemy that they can focus their hatred on.

    “There will be a gathering in the Qoba mosque in Shariati to commemorate the 7 Tir event, and it is the Mousavi camp’s first event that they have permission for. They will gather there too and Mousavi is reportedly attending it as well.

    “Rumors of a “human chain” from Tajrish to Rah Ahan for tomorrow, but I don’t think it will happen. Let’s face it, the battle is over, the dust is settling and people have gone home now. But one interesting thing I saw last night was people gathering in front of Evin prison — families, massive crowd. I asked about it and it turns out they are looking for news about their kids. Karroubi just sent a letter to the Guardian Council giving an ultimatum.

    “Torture? I can ask around got sources… but I know for a fact that two people who were released had been beaten in detention.

    “I know also that the Tehran University dorm students who had been detained were all sexually assaulted with objects and severely beaten.

    “Anyone who the police has arrested is being released but the ones in IRGC detention know one knows where they are…”

  80. rosettasister Says:

    An update to 25 June post — again unconfirmed, but from a good source, and I quote, “The new information I have is that Sepah [IRGC], the major force behind Ahmadinejad, has not agreed to the solution I had communicated to you earlier and Rafsanjani has chickened out.

    Unfortunately, it seems that we are not going to have an amicable solution.”

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Filmmaker Speaks Out

    In a short open letter to the Iranian people, Bahman Farmanara, the distinguished Iranian movie director whose work has won many prestigious awards, declared that the nation cannot be silent and must continue protesting the rigged presidential election.

  82. rosettasister Says:

    Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s New Message to Mr. Mousavi on behalf of the people

    (see video below)

  83. rosettasister Says:


    The people of Iran, by phone and mails, have asked me to send their message to mister Moussavi.

    This letter is a summary of what they have told me these past days from inside Iran and all over the world:

    “President Moussavi:
    give us your orders!
    Political power is gained by making people act,
    and is lost in the contrary case.
    The liars and stealers of the people’s vote,
    by buying time, are weakening people’s social powers.

    President Moussavi:
    do not keep silent, do not wait, give us orders !
    What us people of Iran had lost was not information, but courage.
    Our fear came from each one of us feeling alone;
    but participating in the elections,
    and demonstrating by the millions
    proved that if we stand together we are invincible.

    President Moussavi:
    do not send people to their houses !
    So that they are once again crushed by despair and fear.
    From a goverment that is itself illegal,
    do not ask for a legal permission to peacefully demonstrate.‎

    The majority of people of iran, who has voted for you, is waiting for your orders;
    give us the orders to demonstrate !
    give us the orders of a general strike !
    give us the orders of resistance !

    The people’s common need is your orders.
    President Moussavi
    give the people your orders !”

    on the behalf of the people of Iran
    Mohsen Makhmalbaf
    the 6th of the month of Tir, 88‎

  84. rosettasister Says:

  85. rosettasister Says:

    Women Unite for Freedom

    My son reads this web site, he is 13. My 6 year old daughter saw me cry tonight, for people I do not know. She asked me our my cousins safe? I said yes, because they are in America not in Iran.

    As a women and Mother’s it is unacceptable to see our children cold, hungry, sick, or die before we see our grandchildren live! The Women of the world need to reach out with a loud clear voice to all countries and their leaders.

    The women in Iran both young and old are fighting for their lives and freedom, not just for themselves but for their children. They stand tall and strong. They are fighting a battle for human rights. I do not know how may women read this web site, but we must UNITE. Today, this hour, this year, always, because without us there is no future. We bring life into this world.

    I will give my name and email to the moderators of this web site, so women of all races and religions can unite. We need to come together, make a plans, and stand as one!

  86. rosettasister Says:

    Resistance ,Unite ,Victory is with us!

    Re-election,re-count and none of the things that announced by opposing faction-Mousavi,Karoubbi-are not what really people want.

    Iranian people have said in their slogane “death to Islamic Republic” and “death to Khamenei” and

    that means their capacity is full and do not want this regime and government anymore.

    Mousavi can not lead this objection to keep the Islamic system safe and use it as an advantage for reformists faction and

    people will pass over him and go forward and

    we can see and feel it clearly at nights in Tehran and other cities

    that people are not of the same voice when they chant”GOD is great” but

    that is the voice of “Death to dictator” which can be heard really loud.

    (I guess he is saying that when they chant “Death to the dictator” they really mean it!)

  87. rosettasister Says:


    To: NoobRep

    It is surprising that it’s on e-bay once again. The seller has an impeccable record on e-bay, and describes herself as educated, but anyone could have been duped (in Mombasa). She offers to prove the goods “on the steps of the Iowa Capital Building”. Also, I’d suppose WND is trying to get more info, but so far hasn’t updated the story. There’s just no telling at this point what will come of this.

    137 posted on Sunday, June 28, 2009 9:00:27 AM by Tellurian

  88. rosettasister Says:

    I guess the folks really didn’t like that whole cap and tax thingy!

    Total Approve 54

    Total Disapprove 45

  89. rosettasister Says:

    Great Pics Here!

    Citizens of Prague rally in support of Iranians

  90. rosettasister Says:

    If the President of the United States does not stand for freedom, who will?

    If the President of the United States does not stand for freedom, who will?

    At his Tuesday news conference, Obama called the widely-circulated video of Nedha Agha-Soltan’s shooting death, “Heartbreaking.” If you’re one of the few people who haven’t seen it yet, the brutal death of this lovely young woman — a teenager whose short life was snuffed out violently, needlessly, senselessly by a regime which should have protected her — is that and more.

    One of Obama’s books is entitled, The Audacity of Hope. We are seeing the true audacity of hope play out in the streets of Tehran, just as we are watching the lifeblood of freedom flow from the people of Iran.

    People like Neda.

    The men and women of this country who have fought and bled and died–and are fighting and bleeding and dying right now in places like Iraq and Afghanistan–know that freedom doesn’t come cheap. Few know more about that price than Senator John McCain. To paraphrase him on Neda’s death: She died with her eyes open; let us not keep our eyes closed.

    If the President of the United States does not stand for freedom, the rest of us must.

  91. rosettasister Says:

    Good for them!

    We need more of this!

    When are you going to stand up, you old hippie hypocrites?!

  92. rosettasister Says:

    Iran has arrested eight local British embassy staff, triggering London’s fury on Sunday and further exacerbating tensions with the West over the post-election turmoil in the Islamic republic.

    The latest backlash against what Iranian leaders have branded as foreign “meddling” came as opposition leaders continued to defy the regime, rejecting a panel set up to hold a partial recount in the hotly-disputed presidential vote.

  93. rosettasister Says:

    Video compilation of recent events in Iran (particularly Tehran) following the 22 Khordad Presidential election.

    The song is called Nabard e Shab and is sung by M.R. Shajarian.

    The poem at the start is taken from the Payam e Azadi poem by Aref Ghazvini.

  94. rosettasister Says:

    IRAN Paramilitary enter homes, seize satellite communication, beatings

  95. rosettasister Says:

    Video Breaking News Videos from CNN com13

  96. rosettasister Says:

    5:49pm UK, Sunday June 28, 2009

    Police in Iran have fired tear gas in clashes with up to 3,000 protesters in Tehran, reports say.

    Witnesses in the capital say the crowd gathered near a mosque in the city’s north, and security forces used the gas to disperse them, according to reports.

    They say some young demonstrators screamed at police and then attacked them after the officers allegedly beat an elderly woman.

  97. rosettasister Says:

    Posting link for future reference:

  98. rosettasister Says:


    Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, scoffed at Axelrod’s definition of bipartisanship.

    “He said they put in 83 amendments,” responded the Iowa Republican, missing the number Axelrod used by one. “Let me assure you, those were not changes in policy. Those were strictly technical. And Republicans are not going to hoodwinked into calling that a bipartisan bill.”

  99. rosettasister Says:


    Fox News Sunday Panel On Health Care, Sanford

  100. rosettasister Says:

    “An Exercise In Patience & Logic: The Obama Citizenship Question”

    Hank Rand Says:
    June 28, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Wow! I just stumbled on this accidentally trying to find what I wrote so many months ago, and see a lot more feedback and visibility here than I ever got for it!! : )

    Thanks to the keeper of this blog for putting it out there!! Please shoot me an email; if you’re on Facebook, I’d love to befriend you.

    P.S. I walked away from this issue after the inauguration because the media’s bastardizing of the facts left me so hopeless. Everywhere I turned, I encountered the same “5 commandments of Obama’s innocence”, and every time I debunked them, I was handed the same “Yeah, but he MUST be eligible…right???!!!” It infuriated me, so I moved on. “Hank Rand” is a pen name, but I’ve since been writing more vocally under my real name…so hit me up via email and I’ll pass that along.

    thanks again!

    rosettasister Says:
    June 28, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Thank you, Hank!

    I will be posting your comment on our most recent thread:

    please pay us a visit!


  101. rosettasister Says:

    Gregg, a Republican, is New Hampshire’s senior senator and ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee.

    A Debt The Founders Wouldn’t Believe

    What does this mean?

    When a country’s bond rating is downgraded, lenders will have less confidence that the country can repay its debt, and that country will have to borrow at higher interest rates.

    Could this happen to the United States?

    I certainly hope not, but China, our biggest creditor, is becoming increasingly concerned about our lack of fiscal discipline and the impact that continued excessive borrowing will have on the value of Treasuries that China holds.

    A former adviser to the Chinese Central Bank recently said publicly that “the U.S. government should not be complacent,” and noted that China has alternatives to buying U.S. Treasuries — that it could invest its money in safer vehicles.

    If the Chinese start to reduce their purchases of our government securities because of our need to borrow increasing amounts of money to finance all the spending that the president has proposed, we will have to start offering higher interest payments to potential lenders to make our securities more attractive.

    As that interest on U.S. Treasuries goes up, so does the financial burden on taxpayers in the next generation. This would hit the next generation with a double whammy — unnecessary debt we’re already incurring, plus higher interest rates on our borrowing.

    Right now we are on a perilous and unsustainable fiscal course, which, if left unchecked, will lead to some disastrous results — devaluation of the dollar, massive inflation and a confiscatory tax rate on our children that will destroy any hope for the same economic opportunities and lifestyle that we have enjoyed.

    But that is exactly the plan the president has laid out. The Obama budget does nothing about the health care and Social Security costs that the credit rating agencies have warned about.

    The current budget plan puts us in over our heads, fiscally speaking, and we cannot continue to ignore the warning signals. Thomas Jefferson was right — no generation should take on more debt than it can pay off during its lifetime — and we should take his wise words to heart.

  102. Tenacity Says:

    I find Polarik’s argument with Donofrio on the BC/NBC issue to make about as much sense as the pissing match between Berg and Taitz. Sometimes Polarik’s logic is fairly solid, but not this time. Yes, there are red herrings in both arguments and that is why all arguments against eligibility need to be put forth with no exclusions. The point is that the burden of proof of NBC status is on Obama regardless of where his shortfall occurs. By his own confession, if Obama Sr. is in fact his dad, he is not a NBC. If Sr. is not his dad, then where he was born becomes quite relevant. If he was born in Kenya or Canada, then the game is over. Do we need to see the Original long form BC? Of course and yes it is relevant. Why, it may establish not only the ius soli, but also the ius sanguinis. There may not be a long form BC. What if there is only a COLB as evidence of a late or foreign birth registration pursuant to HI law? The Indonesian adoption and foreign passport usage is equally relevant. Excluding any of these is foolish. Arguing with an ally is foolish. Pushing your own agenda and fame is nothing more than false pride regardless of who is doing it and a distraction from the real goal. The point is, there are many reasons to believe S/Ob is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and NOT ONE LEGITIMATE shread of evidence indicating that he is a NBC.

    Think about it…right now we have no POTUS and all of the legislation enacted and orders signed are invalid, moot, illegal and void. We The People must refuse to comply with these unconstitutional (unlawful) edicts. It is time to throw off this usurping government as set forth in the supreme law of this Republic. We The People are sovereign. That means we have the final say on the law, not our usurping employees.

    If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Iron Web, order it now. It is an eye opening fiction and I don’t believe it represents a perfect solution, if there is one. However, it does have the ability to change a whole lot of people’s thinking. It will hold your attention and you will be glad you spent the time. Hopefully, it will increase the number of people willing to stand up against this false-god government.

  103. Tenacity Says:

    For anyone that would like a complete review of the eligibility issue, go to:
    Obama Presidential Eligibility – An Introductory Primer

  104. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    June 28, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    I find Polarik’s argument with Donofrio on the BC/NBC issue to make about as much sense as the pissing match between Berg and Taitz.


    Hey, Ten! I wasn’t even aware there was an issue.

    I guess you could say I’ve been preoccupied.

    Anyways, here are some recent comments:

  105. rosettasister Says:


    Are Senior Clerics As Divided As Iran? Yes!

    Weekend Edition Sunday, June 28, 2009 • Qom is Iran’s holiest city and a central point of the electoral crisis in the country. Islamic scholar Reza Aslan, author of How To Win A Cosmic War, discusses what’s happening in Qom and with the Ayatollahs, and how the country might move forward.

  106. rosettasister Says:

    Not very well received!

    Former CIA says: Stay Out of Iran’s Evolutionary Process


    excellent disinformation

    better written than the usual disinformation. very trustworthy disinfo.


    Jane, you ignorant slut.

    Fuck off anyone who makes their living through commentary or government.

    Since I make my living off collecting aluminum cans this does not apply to me.

    Here’s the point:

    If people needed brains then I would say help them to the table. Since the Iranian people have brains in each of their heads I say let them think for themselves. Keeps the internets open my precioussssss.

  107. rosettasister Says:

    Iran Escalates Its Fight With Britain; New Clashes Erupt

    In spite of all the threats, the overwhelming show of force and the nighttime raids on private homes, protesters still flowed into the streets by the thousands on Sunday to demonstrate in support of Mr. Moussavi.

    Mr. Moussavi, who has had little room to act but has refused to fold under government pressure, had earlier received a permit to hold a ceremony at the Ghoba mosque to honor Mohammad Beheshti, one of the founders of the 1979 revolution who died in a bombing on June 28, 1981, that killed dozens of officials. Mr. Moussavi used the anniversary as a pretense to call a demonstration, and by midday the streets outside the elaborately tiled mosque were filled with protesters, their arms jabbing the air, their fingers making a V symbol, for victory.

    The demonstrators wore black, to mourn the 17 protesters killed by government-aligned forces, and chanted “Allah Akbar,” or God is great.

    “There was a sea of people and the crowed stretched a long way onto the main street on Shariati,” said one witness, who remained anonymous because he feared retribution.

    What started as a peaceful demonstration turned into a scene of violence and chaos by late Sunday, witnesses said.

    Some described scenes of brutality, telling The Associated Press that some protesters suffered broken bones and alleging that police beat an elderly woman, prompting a screaming match with young demonstrators who then fought back. The reports could not be independently verified because of tight restrictions imposed on journalists in Iran.

    The leadership seems to recognize that ending the street demonstrations is far easier that turning the clock back to the days before the election, when there was still some degree of trust in a system that sought to marry religious authority with popularly elected institutions, political analysts said.

    “I think no one can predict Iran’s political future,” said an Iranian intellectual who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal. “I do believe some things have changed after this recent upheaval and that events will play out in months and years to come.”

  108. rosettasister Says:

    hello 😉 im 14 years old and i have made this video for all peoples in iran =)

  109. rosettasister Says:

    This is a tribute to all the victims of the savage Islamic regime during 2009 uprising in Iran.

  110. rosettasister Says:

    We are Iranian and support Iran in the problems they are facing 🙂 Wear Green

  111. rosettasister Says:

    My Iran – An animation created by a 14 year old boy who present it to all Iranian inside and outside of country

    Il mio Iran – Una animazione creata da un ragazzo di 14 anni che la offre a tutti gli iraniani all’interno e all’esterno del paese

  112. rosettasister Says:

    Anti riot police in Iran June 28

    See how iranian government treats with its own people

  113. rosettasister Says:

    Iran Tehran tazahorat 28 june 09 7 Tir 1388 Down with Dctator

  114. rosettasister Says:

    28 June – Tehran Breaking News

    akharin khabar az Iran – Tehran

  115. rosettasister Says:

    28 June – IRAN TEHERAN Last New’s ~ MEHDI KAROBI

    akharin khabare emrooz yekshambe

  116. cynkading Says:

    This is a little lengthy but Lame Cherry is spot on about what effects the Tax and Trade Bill is going to do to America.

    You don’t need magic to turn out the lights in America, You got dicatator Obama

    While sometimes I attempt to educate and teach with humor, there really is nothing funny about what Obama Pelosi are in the process of making law in how disastrous it will be for individual Americans.

    Names like cap and trade mean not a great deal, until it might come down to maybe viewing your neighbors and yourself at Thanksgiving for example.
    For most of this past century, it was the combined policy of the US government and American people in an act of compassion to bring electricity to all Americans.
    It is impossible to imagine that some areas of America like the Teddy Roosevelt area of North Dakota actually just received electricity not that many decades ago. In rural areas, that meant not dealing with batteries charged by windmills or breathing kerosene soot.

    Unless you have had to fire up a coal burner to keep a stock tank thawed in 40 below weather so cattle could drink, while your hands froze to a steel pump handle in which you and several others took turns pumping water for cattle all day, none of the June Cleaver attributes of electric stoves and vacuum cleaners which freed her Los Angeles types to look around bitch that they could find themselves, one never understands that electricity kept an entire generation from working themselves to death and promoted intelligence in children as they were not just sitting in the dark all night.

    That electricity to rural America has been subsidized to which shallow coastal Democrats have complained for years. They though never take into account that all of that less expensive food they are stuffing their faces with while numbers of those rural people struggled to pay bills was their reward for electricity coming from hydro electric dams.

    I firmly believe in free enterprise, but America has never been a place where free enterprise existed alone. From the earliest colonial days, Americans always had things given to them as reward for hard work.
    Land was given if people developed it. Schools received land. Railroads received land. There were Lincoln loans for the Civil War. There was a consistent policy to make America a place where people who had nothing, if they worked, they could have a better life which was comfortable.

    This has been deliberately squeezed out of existence in America by those vampire real estate brokers who now have inflated land and houses to prices which are ridiculous. Prices in New York and California where people earn 50 dollars an hour can not compete with people earning 8 dollars an hour.
    Doctors and dentists are joining this now in rural communities where they expect the rural poor to pay over 100 dollars to fill a tooth or 50 dollars and office visit, but expect someone to mow their lawn or walk their dog for ten dollars.

    America has now spiraled down into a cycle where there is just not room for poor people, unless they are dumped into Mexican housing owned by the government, making people wards of the state, instead of making them independent prosperous taxpaying Citizens.

    What this has to do with Thanksgiving is Obama Pelosi in their “energy bill” are putting measures into place which is going to make it impossible for poor people to light their homes as electricity will spike on cap and trade, which as I noted here, will evolve into some commodity trading program and runs on energy credits by nation rapists like George Soros or deliberate enemies like Iran or China.
    Imagine for a moment in the Obama plan if the Persian communists dump a billion dollars into buying energy credits on the American market. What is a company going to do which needed them?
    Shut down when people need electricity or plastics for their survival?

    Will they have to bid up the price, and thereby drive up the prices even more which consumers have to pay?

    Of course that will be the case. It will be the mirror image of the Soros led oil and food inflationary spiral to get cheap American money which President Bush was printing up. Obama has 9 times that much money, so the inflationary cycle will have to be 9 times what really put the hurt on millions of Americans.
    I noted on Newsbusters that those rich people who ran that site didn’t care if they had to spend another 500 to 1000 dollars a year on gas, because they are in that “rich” class of people where you just spend a hundred bucks on pizza instead of budget it on filling a tooth for a child. People like that do not comprehend poverty and the jolts which poor people are phobic about in this economic terrorism.
    The government can not feed, house and care for everyone. There has to be a system which does this and it was the American system. America has now been degraded to a socialist system plunging into an Obama Marxist system which is going to see millions of people suffering and dying needlessly.
    Those price spikes from Soros and Buffett nation raping for the European banking cartels are going to be greater when Obama Pelosi engage even parts of their energy bill, because it is going to drive up costs on poor people who raise things like Thanksgiving turkeys, which are produced in incubators, warmed by brooder lights, use lights 24 hours a day to increase feed consumption for growth and use electricity to scald, pick, gut and freeze the bird you are eating.

    That is seven times the markup in price on a bird alone for your meal. Cranberries, pumpkins, potatoes, bread for stuffing, milk, all are produced by electricity and will see prices spike in one way or the other. Small producers will not be able to afford to produce products for you to eat, and will then go out of business which creates a greater monopoly from the cartels to gouge you, just like you are being gouged now by corporate farming.

    Now that might not bother people with huge retirement funds, which got a great deal smaller when Pelosi and Obama raped your savings and shipped all that money to European banks in 2008, but what about poor people, what are they going to do on Thanksgiving?
    Eat spam, crackers and green koolaid?

    Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life, explained the necessity of a responsible government and no Lionel Barrymore banker putting everyone up in a Potter’s Field to rent to them. Society degrades and communities become bars and whore houses.

    America can not keep on implementing these Kennedy lunacy socialism policies which degrade to Obama enslavement policy. This is not Lyndon Johnson electrifying west Texas in the 1930’s in the REA or Rural Electric Administration which was and is still necessary. This is Obamanomics which is sucking the life literally out of rural and urban America which feeds this nation and is the last thing standing still producing. That is what Obama and his financiers fully intend as just like Joe Stalin ridding Russia of that class of rural people which produced, his dictatorship was cemented and the Russian people were gulag chained.

    This is why I constantly use the word “criminal” when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama, because he is either overtly being a crook in firing some Inspector General covering up crimes, or, he is manufacturing crimes against humanity in impoverishing them.
    No one has the mandate, office or ballot box sanction to destroy American banking, American auto production, health care or turning out the lights in America, so Americans are forced to work to death by manual labor, instead of having a life set free by electric motor.

    The damage that Tinkerbell Obama has completed is immense. Americans have no inkling yet in the masses to what this agent of change has strangled, suffocated and murdered the American dream.
    It is beyond irresponsible what Democrats in Congress have voted for while branding Republicans evil for not voting for this wholesale rapine of the American system.

    None of this is going to bother millionaires like Jake Tapper who still think this is a media game of reporting and have now forgotten now that McCain was defeated just how bad it is in the greater part of America and things are getting worse. This is just the beginning, but you will never hear a world from Obama voter, Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters who is supposed to be an economist no more than one would hear Harry Smith blubber a word.
    I’m convinced that Rush Limbaugh knows all of this, as he is bright and everyone he is connected with understands this situation, but the audience is not ready to process the information until the fire sears their feet and they start hopping.
    Democrats like Byron Dorgan of North Dakota though are reading this for what it is as they want to keep their Senate seats and will slow Obama down with a revamped “energy bill”. The problem is though when America is punch drunk already in this demonic stupor, it is only going to take someone to breathe on it to topple the structure of America.

    This is though all deliberate by Tinkerbama, but no one gives a tinker’s damn right now in tinker, tailor, soldier or spy circles, and the poor are just too focused on trying to live.

    But then what good will it do to arrest Barack Hussein Obama when this all falls down, as prison would be a reward in being fed, clothed and warm, while all the poor people starve, wear rags and freeze to death.

    My part in trying to deliver the poor and needy from death.


  117. rosettasister Says:

    Hi, cynka!

  118. cynkading Says:

    HI Rose 🙂

  119. Tenacity Says:

    My apology if this was posted before:

    WND Exclusive BORN IN THE USA?
    ‘Proof’ of Kenyan birth twice scrubbed by eBay
    But seller of ‘Obama’s birth certificate’ dodges administrators to post 3rd time

  120. pertheconstitution Says:

    Ten –

    I agree with you about Polarik. I’m not sure what his deal is, but too often I feel like he creates more conflict than needed or wanted. I’ve been especially disturbed at how he attacks “Tech Dude” and gloats about debunking Tech Dude’s forensic analysis of Obama’s birth certificate, altho Tech Dude also declared it a forgery. I’ve tried to dismiss it as ego, but Polarik must know it only stirs the pot so-to-speak. “Discretion is the better part of valor and all that.”

  121. pertheconstitution Says:

    BTW, about the Kenyan BC on eBay, it’s been put up and taken down four times now. apparently at least partly in thanks to DU and Daily Kos readers spamming eBay as soon as it’s reposted. The most recent re-listing was early this morning, and it was taken down a few hours later. Gotta love the seller’s persistence!

    Purple Patriot

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    New Thread:

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