Love Me Madly, Again


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right stuff

Got your money on the table
And the devil in your eye
Who is that woman with the crooked smile?
You got to go with what you feel
A little loving is a dangerous thing
Black is the ocean - a burning sky

Her nature’s wild - hard to beat the right stuff
It´s mountain high - river deep the right stuff

Got your pearls on a string
And your skin’s so bare
Over your shoulder there´s a world out there
You got the nerve - you gonna win
Boy you´re playing with a dangerous thing

So it goes without saying
She´s the queen of the nile
Lion woman with the crooked smile
You got the nerve - who´s gonna win?
Boy you´re playing with a dangerous thing

Send me the woman on a bended knee
Emerald eyes in desert heat
She´s mountain high - river deep the right stuff

Send me the woman to fight for me nature’s wild - hard to beat
She´s mountain high - river deep the right stuff

92 Responses to “Love Me Madly, Again”

  1. jrinNC Says:

    So I guess by the previous thread that Hal is not a kid. I am sorry that he/she is filled with such hatred. But I think that this person is missing the point. We the People do not want America destroyed – plain and simple.

  2. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    May 23, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 12:16am

    Actually Rose, I do apologize to you and you only. I don’t agree with some of your views but your approach isn’t full of ignorance and hate that many on the far right express.

    I really do think some far right wingnuts hate this country; They are openly racist but they bash YOU if you happen to point it out to em.

    They threaten to attack my leaders (violently) ; They call the Obamas , including their children every name in the book – make fun of how they look. People like Orly Taitz talk about bringing up a Civilian army to attack my country – which is SEDITION. ., I’ve even heard people on the far right talk about BURNING books that tend to go against their world view (evolution related for example)

    These same people look at folks like Ann Coulter as a role model and spout that type of venom at anyone who disagrees with them.

    So that’s just a little taste of where my hate comes from. I hate this side of America. They hate me. I consider them Enemies….
    Here is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

    OMG!!!….I used the word “black”….I must be a racist.

    Every single complaint that was stated in the above post was directed at the Bush Administration for eight years and for the last four of those eight years, it was dished out ten fold by the despicable leftists.

    I have never made it a secret here that I am an independent and I’m equally disgusted by the right/republicans and the left/democrats….Well, I was until the current administration took over….Now I would have to say that the dems are leading the way in the disgust category….All in all, the two (actually one) party system is a friggin joke….Our country has been highjacked by corrupt career politicians.

    People like Hal, that are so full of hatred, don’t even realize that they are being played like fiddle by their adored leaders….Here is a wake up call for the dumbed down MSM sheeple like Hal….The two party system is a effing charade, a production, a LIE to keep the sheeple divided and at odds with each other….Why would they do that?…..Because if “we the people” ever come together and unite, then the days of the lying, cheating, pocket lining, corrupt thief politicians will be over.

    And for the record the democrats are historically the worst racists (KKK) the country has ever known and every single AA/black person that voted for Obama because he is partially black is a racist…..I do believe that MLK said something about judging a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin…..That statement is a two way street.





  3. Troy Says:


    Submitted on 2009/05/23 at 12:16am

    People like Orly Taitz talk about bringing up a Civilian army to attack my country – which is SEDITION.
    Once again the pot calling the kettle black…..It wasn’t Orly Taitz that called for a civilian army, which is sedition …..IT WAS OBAMA!!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Katie Says:

    Go Troy!! (MARCH TO YOUR OWN DRUM!!!)

    And the beat goes on… 🙂

  5. Troy Says:

    I wish they would have used a different title for this documentary since it has very very little to do with Obama and barely even mentions him.

    The title alone will keep most all of the Obama sheeple from watching it.

    If any of you ever find yourself scratching your head and thinking, “How in the hell could this have happened” in regards to our economy and the current state of our country in general, then you should ignore the title and watch this video.

    I dare ya…I double dog dare ya!!!!

    It’s time for people to wake up!!!!

  6. Troy Says:

    Katie Says:

    May 23, 2009 at 2:17 am
    Go Troy!! (MARCH TO YOUR OWN DRUM!!!)

    And the beat goes on… 🙂
    You know that I always do. 😉

  7. Tenacity Says:

    Speaking of nice rants

  8. Tenacity Says:

    Rose, a centrist/moderate is just a conservative that doesn’t want to admit it.

  9. Tenacity Says:

    You know, its interesting that we having had any obots here for a while and I haven’t missed them :8

  10. Tenacity Says:

    I could have swore I typed in “haven’t”

  11. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    May 23, 2009 at 3:26 am
    Speaking of nice rants
    Hehehe….Did you like that? :8

  12. Troy Says:

    Hey!!!…What happened to our spy smileys?


  13. Troy Says:

    8) = 8 )

  14. Tenacity Says:


  15. Tenacity Says:

    How’s the tendonitis? Maybe if you rest it, the blister will heal too.

    Oops, call it Freudian flippancy. 8)

  16. i george Says:

    Hi. Just want to comment on the music selection tonight. I just LOVE Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music! Especially the 80’s. Got to see him in concert up in Massachusetts in 1988 and really enjoyed the concert. Thanks again Rose. You’ve been hitting alot of homeruns since I found this sight. I also enjoy everyones views and comments too. Also, I am not an Obot.

  17. Tenacity Says:

    If you refer to yourself as “i” george, should we call you “you” george? or Hey you, george? Ain’t the music great? Rose runs a fine shop. I for one am very glad you are no Obot. I will be keeping an eye on you though, just in case you are an agent provocature. I’ve been suspicious of Troy for a while now. 8)

  18. Troy Says:

    I’ve been suspicious of Troy for a while now. 8)
    Lmaooo…..Yes, I am paid quite handsomely too.

  19. Troy Says:

    If this bill passes I don’t know if it will do any good, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  20. Troy Says:

    It’s time to wake up, Obots….Wake Up!!!….WAKE UP!!!!!

    Is Racheal Madcow’s kool-aid finally starting to wear off?…Is she waking up?

    Take off the kool-aid glasses, Obots and allow yourselves to see and hear what your lying eyes and ears are showing you.

    The more that things “change”, the more they stay the same.

  21. Troy Says:

    i george Says:

    May 23, 2009 at 4:43 am
    Hi. Just want to comment on the music selection tonight. I just LOVE Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music! Especially the 80’s.
    I concur 🙂

  22. Troy Says:

    This is the man that wrote the bill and is leading the charge to have the (non) Federal Reserve audited.

  23. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    If this bill passes I don’t know if it will do any good, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

    This is awesome. An open door to escape the Matrix! Yes, I AM a Loon too and proud to say so :c)

    But forgive my ignorance please Troy. I think the gang might remember that much of this is new to me. I had to even look up the term “waterboarding”!!!

    Can you please tell me how many co-sponsors he’ll need to get the bill passed?

  24. Troy Says:

    Can you please tell me how many co-sponsors he’ll need to get the bill passed?
    I will get voted on and that will determine if it passes….All we can do is cross our fingers….The (non) Federal Reserve has been giving “we the People” the middle finger since 1913.

  25. Troy Says:

    Oops!!!…That was suppose to be * It will get voted on *


  26. Troy Says:

    Roflmaooo….Beck, like you have never seen him before….I laughed so hard that my sides are aching. 😀

  27. Troy Says:

    Polly want a cracker?

    Oops!!!….I used the word “cracker”….There I go being a racist again.

  28. Troy Says:

    Dennis Miller cracks me up.

  29. cynkading Says:

    I don’t think there is any relation to the Hal Turner posting on here with the Hal Turner Radio Network, but I wanted to post this link Alex Jones did a video on this as well. Just really makes since with the H1N1 swine flu or the next man made illness.

  30. cynkading Says:

    I read the link you posted about Bilderburg meeting that was held in Greece. I am just sooo mad that these people that have the audacity to play God and ruin everything for the rest of us so they may achieve their selfish goals. I find comfort in knowing that God is in control and we will be vindicated whether it is in this world or the next. I keep having an image of meat rotating on a smoking pit as in continuously burning in hell.

  31. Troy Says:

    Chalk up another one for the good guys.

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning, good people!

    Did I miss anything?

    (Just kidding!)

  33. rosettasister Says:

    Pakistan army ‘in Taliban city’

    Fierce fighting is taking place between Pakistani troops and Taliban militants in Mingora, the main city in the militant-controlled Swat Valley.

    The military says the city is surrounded, most of the militants’ ammunition dumps are destroyed and their supply routes cut off.

    The BBC’s Shoaib Hassan, in Islamabad, says it is the most important battle yet in the army’s offensive against the Taliban in Swat.

    A swift victory would bolster public support for a greater fight against the militants, our correspondent adds.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Know Your Enemy

    Hamid Mir – pro-Taliban, Sunni-Tehreek, Shia

    “Fitna” groups as stress creators

    Mufti Kifayatullah (JUI-F – Fazl-ur-Rahman group) keeps on presenting a thesis that “fatah-e-Mecca” hasn’t happened yet.

    That is, basically Sharia has not been implemented, so he basically welcomes any chaos that happens before that “since Sharia is not there to address criminal behaviour” – in effect placing the same Khariji forces (historical – a group which rebelled and was put down by Hazrat Ali) who are CREATING the “fitna” and chaos in charge of the eventual “bringing of justice”.

    He says “when there is Sharia we can stop all this”. This is a facetious argument, and bordering on “harami pan” because it seeks to “zich” the other party by requiring some elaborate scheme to be accomplished BEFORE the competence and “naik neeati” of the “Khariji rebels” is EVER brought to challenge.

    It essentially gives a LOT of space to criminals to do whatever they want, “because there is no law and order”. Essentially it is the criminals giving THEMSELVES the license to flaunt all rules of morality “because we are not living in a time of order”.

    What does that say about these people ? That they have a predilection for disorder and chaos and are EAGER for any lapse in order to assert THEIR disorder.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Hey, look who’s on Twitter!

  36. rosettasister Says:

    Know Your Enemy

    Baitullah’s hideouts pounded in SWA

    Saturday, May 23, 2009


    According to sources, the shelling was started at a time when a 15-member Jirga of the Mehsud tribal elders and Ulema were holding talks with Baitullah Mehsud and his key commanders near Makeen.

    The Political Agent of the South Waziristan Agency, Shahab Ali Shah, had convened a meeting of the Mehsud tribal Jirga in Tank a day earlier and sought their assistance in opening the Tank-Jandola and Jandola-Wana road.

    The tribesmen have been avoiding travelling on the road due to insecurity caused by frequent terrorist attacks and growing loot and murder incidents.

    Security forces also restricted their movements on the usually busy Tank-Wana road due to likely terrorist attempts by the militants in the region.

    The Jirga, led by Senator Maulana Saleh Shah, returned Bannu later in the night after a meeting with Baitullah Mehsud and his key commanders.Saleh Shah accused the government of deteriorating the situation by violating peace accords.

    He said it was the government that sent them to the Taliban for negotiation and then started artillery shelling on the Taliban’s positions.

    “This practice by the government humiliated our position before the Taliban. There was no justification for the Jirga when the government believed in use of power,” the cleric-cum-parliamentarian remarked.

    Also, he said, Baitullah Mehsud denied his involvement in the suicide attack near Jandola FC camp. Shah said he noticed that the Taliban militants were preparing themselves for likely military action against them.

    Another noted tribal elder said during a meeting with the political agent, they felt that the government had already made up its mind to launch a full-scale military operation in the South Waziristan Agency.

    He said 80 per cent Mehsud tribesmen had shifted to downtowns in Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts in the past few days due to fears of military operation.

  37. j.b. Says:

    Uh, is Barry joking ’bout that last sentence or whut?

  38. cynkading Says:

    America is bankrupt. Just waiting for the shoe to drop. Americans are not going to know how to handle our currency being worth nothing.

  39. cynkading Says:

    OBAMA: You know, I am not sure that I could get through Senate confirmation… So how could he have possibly become POTUS? Has no one picked up on this admission anyone? anyone?

  40. rosettasister Says:

    Hey, y’all!

    I’ve just deleted a comment.

    Something about Michael Steele and how we’re all a bunch of hypocrites for supporting him here.

    Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’ve only ever had kind words for Michael Steele.

    In fact I think he’s the cat’s pajamas!

  41. Troy Says:

    That’s odd, I can’t recall Steele ever even being mentioned here…Maybe on a few rare occasions, but certainly never at length.

  42. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    May 23, 2009 at 11:33 pm
    Hey, y’all!

    I’ve just deleted a comment.

    Something about Michael Steele and how we’re all a bunch of hypocrites for supporting him here.
    Let me take a wild guess here in regards to the deleted comment.

    We’re all a bunch of racists for not supporting Obama and since Steele is also black, we’re all hypocrites for supporting him.

    Did I get close?

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Well, Troy, you’re not too far off base!

  44. Troy Says:

    I figured as much.

    Here is one that should make their head explode.

    ALAN KEYS for President 2012!!!!!!!!

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    May 23, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    That’s odd, I can’t recall Steele ever even being mentioned here…Maybe on a few rare occasions, but certainly never at length.


    Hey, don’t you remember my spiel about Michael Steele’s Borg theory?!

    The individual v the collective!

    Resistance is not futile!

    That’s okay, I know “you people” don’t read half of what I post here!

    Just pullin’ your chain!

    Hey, do you know that Eurythmics tune? something about a “Ball and Chain”

    It was on the same album as “Would I lie to you? Would I lie to you, honey? Now would I say something that wasn’t true?”

    Great stuff!

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    May 24, 2009 at 12:03 am

    I figured as much.

    Here is one that should make their head explode.

    ALAN KEYS for President 2012!!!!!!!!


    You see this is why I don’t like Michael Medved.

    The way he makes fun of Alan Keyes.

    Very disrespectful!

  47. rosettasister Says:

  48. rosettasister Says:

    Here’s something else that will make your head explode:

    (Hey, I think I own this album!)

    Spinning Vinyl, Slim Whitman

    From the Album, All My Best, Indian Love Call.

    Who can’t recall this great song as the martian killer from Mars Attacks?

    Turntable, Pioneer PL-530

  49. Troy Says:

    Hmmm….Indian Love Call

    Running Bear loves little White Dove….Hehehe

    Does that ring a bell?

  50. Troy Says:

    I could listen to Annie over and over and over….She is truly special.

  51. Troy Says:

    Hehehe 😀

  52. Troy Says:

    Rose, check your inbox…I sent you an email….It may take a couple of minutes to open, depending on your computer.

  53. sdee Says:

    cynkading Says:

    America is bankrupt. Just waiting for the shoe to drop. Americans are not going to know how to handle our currency being worth nothing.

    OBAMA: You know, I am not sure that I could get through Senate confirmation… So how could he have possibly become POTUS? Has no one picked up on this admission anyone? anyone?

    cynkading, i did pick up on that int the Dridge article and immediately went over to LameCherry to see what he had ot say about it.

    It is gthe ultimate “in your face”. “I was never eleigelbel,

  54. sdee Says:

    sorry for typos…

    cynkading, I did pick up on that in the Dridge article and immediately went over to LameCherry to see what he had to say about it.

    It is the ultimate “in your face”. “I was never eligible, I drove the economy into the ditch, and I plan to keep driving this so hard you will never dig yourselves out”.

  55. Tenacity Says:

    Did someone mention Nelson Eddy?

  56. Tenacity Says:

    Ah yes, Nelson Eddie, Jeannette MacDonald

  57. Tenacity Says:

    Listen to the original recording by Jeanette and Nelson digitally remastered

  58. Troy Says:

    I think we have a bunch of party poopers tonight.

  59. Troy Says:

    I hope Obama has one of these in his oral orifice….OOPS!!!….I meant to say, in his oval office.

  60. Tenacity Says:

    who you callin’ a party pooper? You don’t like Nelson Eddie?

  61. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning, music lovers!

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Shine your Searchlight on Harry Reid

    Harry Reid sending out confusing signals

    Most notably among them Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, who spent the week sending out confusing signals on just where he stood.

    “We are wanting and willing to work with” the president to come up with a solution to the detainee controversy, Reid said Thursday — a statement that conspicuously left open the possibility that some detainees would eventually be incarcerated in U.S. prisons.

    Only two days earlier, Reid had adamantly told reporters he opposed the release of any of the detainees into the United States. On Wednesday, he joined 89 other senators in both parties who voted to prohibit their transfer.

    Harry Reid’s Big Dairy Error


    When Congress reconvenes tomorrow, Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada is set to become the leader of the Senate Democrats.

    Readers of this column will recall that last month we criticized Reid for calling Justice Clarence Thomas an “embarrassment” and saying Thomas’s opinions are “poorly written,” in contrast with those of the brilliant Antonin Scalia.

    We noted that Reid hadn’t given an example of a poorly written Thomas opinion, and wondered if Reid’s statement didn’t amount to simple bigotry: stereotyping Thomas as unintelligent because he is black.

    An alert reader points out that on the Dec. 26 episode of “Inside Politics,” a little-watched CNN show, Reid actually did name such an opinion, at the request of host Ed Henry (we’ve corrected several obvious transcription errors here):

    Henry: When you were asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press” whether or not you could support Justice Thomas to be chief justice you said quote, “I think that he has been an embarrassment to the Supreme Court. I think that his opinions are poorly written.”

    Could you name one of those opinions that you think is poorly written?

    Reid: Oh sure, that’s easy to do. You take the Hillside Dairy case. In that case you had a dissent written by Scalia and a dissent written by Thomas. There–it’s like looking at an eighth-grade dissertation compared to somebody who just graduated from Harvard.

    Scalia’s is well reasoned. He doesn’t want to turn stare decisis precedent on its head. That’s what Thomas wants to do. So yes, I think he has written a very poor opinion there and he’s written other opinions that are not very good.


    Here is Thomas’s opinion in full:

    I join Parts I and III of the Court’s opinion and respectfully dissent from Part II, which holds that §144 of the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996, 7 U.S.C. §7254, “does not clearly express an intent to insulate California’s pricing and pooling laws from a Commerce Clause challenge.” Ante, at 6-7. Although I agree that the Court of Appeals erred in its statutory analysis, I nevertheless would affirm its judgment on this claim because “[t]he negative Commerce Clause has no basis in the text of the Constitution, makes little sense, and has proved virtually unworkable in application,” Camps Newfound/Owatonna, Inc. v. Town of Harrison, 520 U.S. 564, 610 (1997) (Thomas, J., dissenting), and, consequently, cannot serve as a basis for striking down a state statute.

    Is that written at an eighth-grade level? We report, you decide.

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Mr. Daniels, a Republican, is the governor of Indiana .

    Indiana Says ‘No Thanks’ to Cap and Trade

    No honest person thinks this will make a dent in climate change.

    We are told that although China, India and others show no signs of joining in this dismal process, we will eventually induce their participation by “setting an example.” Watching the impending indigence of the Midwest, and the flow of jobs from our shores to theirs, our friends in Asia and the Third World are far more likely to choose any other path but ours.

    Politicians in Washington speak of a reawakened appreciation for manufacturing and American competitiveness. But under their policy, those who make real products will suffer. Already we observe the piranha swarm of green lobbyists wangling special exemptions, subsidies and side deals. The ordinary Hoosier was not invited to this party, and can expect at most only table scraps at the service entrance.

    No one in Indiana is arguing for the status quo: Hoosiers have been eager to pursue a new energy future. We rocketed from nowhere to national leadership in biofuels production in the last four years. We were the No. 1 state in the growth of wind power in 2008. And we have embarked on an aggressive energy-conservation program, indubitably the most cost-effective means of limiting CO2.

    Most importantly, we are out to be the world leader in making clean coal — including the potential for carbon capture and sequestration. The world’s first commercial-scale clean coal power plant is under construction in our state, and the first modern coal-to-natural gas plant is coming right behind it. We eagerly accept the responsibility to develop alternatives to the punitive, inequitable taxation of cap and trade.

    Our president has commendably committed himself to “government that works.” But his imperial climate-change policy is government that cannot work, and we humble colonials out here in the provinces have no choice but to petition for relief from the Crown’s impositions.

  64. rosettasister Says:


    Posted By Victor Davis Hanson On May 21, 2009 @ 11:56 pm

    You Can’t Possibly Take Care of Yourself

    What worries me about Obama is not the specifics of

    the nationalization of GM and Chrysler,

    the government rescue of the United Auto Workers,

    the effort to take over college financing,

    proposed universal health care, (“universal” is good; “public” option bad)

    massive deficits and tax increases,

    although they are worrisome and only the beginning, (uh, yeah!)

    but the attendant culture of ‘inflate your tires’ and ‘wash your hands’ paternalism.

    I think we are entering an age in which the federal government will increasingly guide our thoughts into what is deemed correct –
    the sort of car we must drive, the type of salary we should make, the sort of job we should have, even the type of thoughts we are to express, and all in the name of collective brotherhood.

    (You see, Michael Steele is right!)

    The slavish manner in which the media lock stepped into

    Bush the near fascist for tribunals, wiretaps, intercepts, renditions, Patriot Act, Iraq, and Guantanamo, followed by choruses of

    Obama the sensitive, anguished overseer of tribunals, wiretaps, intercepts, renditions, Patriot Act, Iraq, and Guantanamo was

    one of the most frightening things I ‘ve seen in a free society in 50 years.

    (Amen, brother!)

  65. rosettasister Says:

  66. rosettasister Says:

    I love the title of this article!

    Health care reform yes, soda tax no, Snowe says

    Even as lobbying efforts supporting varying plans are ramped up, Snowe said she’s determined to keep an open mind on what policy direction the country should take.

    “How do we foster competition? We’ve seen in Maine what can happen with a lack of competition,” she said, referring to high health care premium costs in the Pine Tree State. “I have strong reservations about a public option. We’ve got to determine ways in which we can reform the private market; once you develop a public plan, it’s going to be very difficult to create a system where everyone is playing at the same level.”

    The key to successful reform, she said, is standardizing an affordable plan and then allowing private insurance companies to compete with each over that market. The best way to achieve that goal may be to create a public plan as a fallback option if the private market fails to meet reform goals, similar to how Medicaid Part D was developed, Snowe said.

    “We had a fallback plan when there weren’t two or more competitive plans, but it’s never been triggered,” Snowe said. “At that time, we were talking about a market of $300 billion or less and now some estimate the value of the health care industry to be about $2 trillion – that’s the enticement. Which insurance company won’t want to be involved?”
    (This is a very important point and one which should be driven home by moderate Repubs and Dems.)
    Snowe said her committee is working hard to establish bipartisan support for whatever legislation they develop and believes President Obama realizes that for any new system to be credible to the public it will need endorsement from members on both sides of the aisle.

    The arduous policy work is scheduled to continue throughout the summer, Snowe said.

    “I’m trying to see the forest for the trees,” she said. “During all these sessions I’m thinking, ‘What do I want this to look like?’ and I can see a place where we could construct something.”

  67. sdee Says:

    Robert Spence was just on Fox News laying out the funding and organizations in US prisons building up subversive Islamic recruitment.

    As soon as he tied the organization and funding back to the Saudis, the host cut him off “well they are not here to defend themselves” and ended the interview.

  68. Troy Says:

    Are we all slaves?

  69. Troy Says:

    Unconstitutional: Obama Seizes Private Businesses (Update)

  70. Troy Says:

    Michael Steele: Obama wasn’t vetted folks!

    by DefendUSx May 24, 2009 01:20

    Steele said this on a radio talk show earlier this week:

    “The problem that we have with this president is that we don’t know him,” he said. “He was not vetted, folks. … He was not vetted, because the press fell in love with the black man running for the office. ‘Oh gee, wouldn’t it be neat to do that? Gee, wouldn’t it make all of our liberal guilt just go away? We can continue to ride around in our limousines and feel so lucky to live in an America with a black president.’ Okay that’s wonderful, great scenario, nice backdrop. But what does he stand for? What does he believe? … So we don’t know. We just don’t know.”

  71. Troy Says:

    What the Obama’s really think of Americans

  72. Troy Says:

    New theme song from the white house to Americans

  73. rosettasister Says:

  74. rosettasister Says:

    I’m glad someone is paying attention to this. I wonder what is the status of 773 and 778.

    Senate bills No. 773 and 778, introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., are both part of what’s being called the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, which would create a new Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor, reportable directly to the president and charged with defending the country from cyber attack.

    A working draft of the legislation

    obtained by an Internet privacy group also spells out plans to grant the Secretary of Commerce access to all privately owned information networks deemed to be critical to the nation’s infrastructure “without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access.”

    Analysis of S. 773, Cybersecurity Act of 2009

    May 2009


    In our view, the Rockefeller-Snowe legislation has jumpstarted a vital dialogue on the development of a more effective national cybersecurity system.

    It raises critical issues of information sharing, software assurance and incentives for private sector action.

    However, the bill as introduced paints with too broad a brush.

    It vests too much power with governmental entities at the expense of civil liberties and innovation, and fails to recognize the special status of those components of the Internet that have a particularly sensitive role in supporting free speech, economic innovation, and democratic activity.

    CDT looks forward to working with Senators Rockefeller and Snowe to improve the legislation.


    For more information, contact CDT Counsel Gregory T. Nojeim, 202-637-9800 x113,

    See also:

  75. rosettasister Says:

    The ‘FOX News Sunday’ panel continues the debate on who President Obama should nominate to the Supreme Court

  76. rosettasister Says:

  77. rosettasister Says:

    Pakistan army ‘in Taliban city’


  78. rosettasister Says:

    I love the way the Pakistanis call the terrorists “miscreants.” No political correctness here.

    Secretary Napolitano – Take heed!

  79. rosettasister Says:

    Jets pound militants in Orakzai Agency, 13 dead

    KOHAT: An important commander of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was among the 13 militants killed in air strikes by jets in lower and upper Orakzai Agency on Sunday.

    The jets also carried out carpet bombing in the mountains near Dabori, Mamozai and Alizai in the upper Orakzai Agency.

    In the lower Orakzai Agency besides the Feroze Khel seminary Kharashai and Anjani areas believed to the strongholds of the TTP were also attacked.

    According to security officials, the targeted militants in Orakzai was preparing to travel to the South Waziristan region to fight the army there, Reuters adds.

  80. Troy Says:

  81. rosettasister Says:

    Know Your Enemy — Baitullah Mehsud

    South Punjab sees Taliban connection as stigma

    LAHORE: ‘Wrong address,’ cry out the people in south Punjab as they receive another journalist arriving to look for Taliban and terrorists in their midst.–bi-14

    South Punjab has grabbed the attention of the western media and their governments over the past few months because of the alleged involvement of the so-called Punjabi Taliban — a blanket term for members of banned sectarian/jihadi groups like Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan and Jaish-i-Mohammad arrested in Punjab and the federal capital after a spate of terror attacks.

    The alleged links of operatives of outlawed sectarian and jihadi groups from the ‘impoverished’ south Punjab with Baitullah Mehsud’s Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and other militant groups in Fata and Swat are also a cause of concern in the western capitals, as well as for the NWFP government.

    Americans are worried because the purported liaison between the outlawed sectarian groups (for whom southern Punjab serves as catchment area) and TTP in parts of the NWFP threatens the stability of the country.

    The NWFP government is anxious because it believes that ‘fresh recruits’ for militant groups challenging its writ are coming mostly from the southern districts of Punjab — D.G. Khan, Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Muzaffargarh, etc.

  82. rosettasister Says:

    Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal Fali Homi Major has said China poses more real and potent threat to India than Pakistan.


  83. rosettasister Says:

    I have been a student of the Middle East and North Africa for a very long time.

    May I suggest that, when it comes to Israel, you please pay attention to what is being said inside Israel. Many times, the American voices that you are hearing are much farther to the right than the average Israeli.

    After all, they are the ones who have to live over there.

    I don’t know what Netanyahu will ultimately decide to do, Vis-à-vis Iran.

    But he won’t do anything that won’t succeed, and not without a majority of his people supporting him.


    Imagining the Other

    Amos Oz has been obsessed with the land and the state of Israel and the city of Jerusalem — where he was born in 1939 — for all his writing life.

    Oz once wrote that he loved Jerusalem “as one loves a disdainful woman,” but he has often reproved what he loves.

    A lifelong Zionist, he is also a staunch advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which he has characterized as a clash of “right against right” and, more recently, as “wrong against wrong.”

    His views have made him controversial in Israel, even as his writing (most recently the haunting memoir “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” set mostly in the Jerusalem of his boyhood), has made him beloved.

    “My stories and my articles,” he admitted long ago, “have often unleashed a storm of public fury against me.”

  84. rosettasister Says:

    Published: 05.14.09, 08:05

    Some 58% of Israel’s Jewish public backs the “two states for two peoples” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a Smith Institute poll commissioned by Ynet revealed.,7340,L-3715759,00.html

  85. rosettasister Says:

    Published: 05.24.09, 15:12

    The Israeli public is split almost evenly between those who support an immediate strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities (51%) and those who believe that Israel should wait for the results of US engagement before pursuing alternative paths (49%), a new poll revealed.,7340,L-3720638,00.html

  86. rosettasister Says:

    I’m really not too clear on this. Figured I would post and then follow-up later.

    Stealth Legislation: HR 985 To Protect Obama From Providing His Birth Certificate

    Broken link:

    Update: Obots are saying it doesn’t apply to Obama. It applies to Judges as employees of state governments to make sure and include these excuses below as a means to counter scrutiny for providing document or media forgeries.

    Obots are correct, it does apply to media, but also applies to any businesses conducting suspected document transfers.

    And .. don’t forget, the media has tried pushing that bogus Certification of Live Birth forgery as proof, and would not need to come up with a corrosponding document to prove its’ validity otherwise.

    Also, any agency publishing public information (i.e. the White House) is also protected by the bill from disclosing important documents. National Security in this instance should definitely not be used a guise. The opposite should be true, instead using the public as a guaging tool (and who gets to determine “how interested” the public is?), any agency suspected of fraudulent transactions or publishing media forgeries should be be required to show proof.

    Also found here:

  87. rosettasister Says:

  88. rosettasister Says:

    I’m trying to figure out where “David-Crockett” got this from.

    Geez-Louise! Are there two Lisa Liberi(s) or only one?

    How hard is it to answer such a simple question?

    All I know is that if it turns out there’s two, DrOrly is going to look like a horse’s ass!


    Dr. Orly Taitz – Follow up on my ABA membership + Overview

    Posted on May 23rd, 2009 by David-Crockett

    13. • I uncover that Lisa Liberi, assistant for Philip Berg has an extensive criminal record in the state of CA, including forgery of documents and grand theft. It was reported that Liberi was born in the state of WA (I am verifying). Liberi has numerous social security numbers. Was she planted to discredit the whole effort? I report it to Berg and recommend to go together to FBI and demand investigation and to hire a forensic document examiner to check all the docs handled by her. Instead Berg is filing a frivolous malicious law suit against me and everybody around, trying to intimidate me and trying to keep me quite.

    14. • Berg is trying to obfuscate the truth by posting his office address in the pleadings as hers even though she lives in Santa Fe NM and corresponds with Berg by e-mails and phone while she is being supervised by the Santa Fe probation officers.

  89. rosettasister Says:


    Update on Obama investigation and Liberi investigation

    This entry was posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    The Awakening – Phil Berg, Momma E, and Lisa Liberi


  90. Tenacity Says:

    Tonight listen in on some great blog talk radio. The Chalice Show is featuring Steven Pidgeon and Red Beckman. I’m hoping to be able to call in. The show starts at 9 Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain.
    They will be talking about Grand Juries and State Sovereignty among other things. DON’T MISS IT!!!!!!

  91. rosettasister Says:

    On now!!!

    Thanks, Ten!

    I believe this is the direct link:

  92. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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