There Must Be Another Way



Mira Awad and Noa (Achinoam Nini)

English Translation

There must be another
Must be another way

Your eyes, sister
Say all that my heart desires
So far, we’ve gone
A long way, a very difficult way, hand in hand

And the tears fall, pour in vain
A pain with no name
We wait
Only for the next day to come

There must be another way
There must be another way

Your eyes say
A day will come and all fear will disappear
In your eyes a determination
That there is a possibility
To carry on the way
As long as it may take

For there is no single address for sorrow
I call out to the plains
To the stubborn heavens

There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another
Must be another way

We will go a long way
A very difficult way
Together to the light
Your eyes say
All fear will disappear

And when I cry, I cry for both of us
My pain has no name
And when I cry, I cry
To the merciless sky and say
There must be another way

And the tears fall, pour in vain
A pain with no name
We wait
Only for the day to come

There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another
Must be another way

Official video of the Israeli song for Eurovision 2009- Noa and Mira Awad- “There Must Be Another Way”

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David Broza with CYRO BAPTISTA, Jay Beckenstein, Julio Fernandez and Francisco Centeno

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    At the conference honoring Amos Oz’s 70th birthday last week, I asked him whether his Hebrew books will have to be translated into Hebrew for readers unfamiliar with the Bible.

    He responded that the poet Haim Guri recently used the expression from II Samuel 1, “Tell it not in Gath” meaning: Don’t broadcast our bad news to the enemy.

    The young audience was clueless about the idiom, and asked why he was invoking the city of Kiryat Gat.

    — SHIRA LEIBOWITZ SCHMIDT (May 17, 2009)

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Amos Oz

    May 04, 2009
    On this date, May 4th, in 1939, writer Amos Oz was born in Jerusalem.

    He came from a family of Zionists, he witnessed Israel’s declaration of independence as a child, and Oz was in the Israeli Defense Forces during both the Six-Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

    Despite, or perhaps because of, this background, Oz was an early advocate for a two-state solution and – like many Israeli writers – has been very active in the peace movement.

    He’s done some of this peacework through his prolific writings, both non-fiction and fiction.

    He once said, famously: “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a tragedy….Now such a clash between right claims can be resolved in one of two manners.

    There’s the Shakespeare tradition of resolving a tragedy with the stage hewed with dead bodies and justice of sorts prevails.

    But there is also the Chekhov tradition. In the conclusion of the tragedy by Chekhov, everyone is disappointed, disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, but alive.

    And my colleagues and I have been working, trying…not to find the sentimental happy ending, a brotherly love, a sudden honeymoon to the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy, but a Chekhovian ending, which means clenched teeth compromise.”

    Despite his passion for politics, he has said: “I have never written a story or a novel in order to make a political point,” he once said, “even though many of my works are full of politics.

    Let me put it this way, whenever I am in total agreement with myself over anything, I don’t write a novel or a story.

    I write an angry article telling my government what to do, sometimes, telling it where to go altogether.

    It’s normally when I’m in a slight disagreement with myself that I hear more than just one voice in me, that I sometimes sense the embryo of a story or a novel.”

    The goal in this case is “observing the deeper and more mysterious dimensions of human existence and human experience.”

    Of course, it may be that a full understanding of our complicated humanity – the humanity of all people – is the most important prerequisite for peace anywhere in the world.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Israel’s voice of reason: Amos Oz on war, peace and life as an outsider

    To thousands of fellow Israelis, he’s a dangerous radical. To others, he’s the nation’s liberal conscience. Writer Amos Oz has been making waves for decades.

    I respect Amos Oz greatly, both for his work as an author and for his work for peace, but not everything Oz says is a gem. It is unlikely that he still holds the view he expressed in 1979.

    Today, Oz is not downbeat about Netanyahu.

    He says:

    “Don’t swear an oath about Netanyahu not delivering the two-state solution. So far, we have seen almost every right-wing prime minister making surprising concessions for peace. Begin over Sinai and the peace with Egypt; Sharon in evacuating the Gaza strip.”

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Certainly, there are limits to force in the Middle East, but it is equally true that there are limits to restraint.

    In that vein, I would offer one more quote from an interview with Amos Oz given earlier this year:

    “There is a difference between myself and some of the peace people in Europe: whereas they think that the ultimate evil in the world is war, I think the ultimate evil in the world is aggression, and aggression sometimes must be repelled by force.

    I will never forget the words of a relative of mine, who spent the years of the Holocaust in Theresienstadt concentration camp.

    Although she was a peace activist, she said to me,

    ‘You know, we were liberated from the concentration camp not by peace demonstrators carrying placards, but by American soldiers carrying submachine guns.'”

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Amos Oz Personal Archive

  6. rosettasister Says:

  7. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    May 19, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Please correct me if I’ve got that wrong.


    Well, not correcting you as you mentioned, but just sharing MO also, if I may.

    I’ve thought about this stuff a bit and I guess I’ve come to believe that the fear the media attaches to this stuff is more of the plot of the evil one to get our attention off the Creator and onto the creation. If we believe God’s Word and I do, then this earth was not meant to remain forever sustainable as some environmentalist seem to have us believe.

    Won’t Jesus rule in Jerusalem for 1000 yrs before the earths destruction?

    Thermodynamics say the earth is wearing out, yes? That’s not to say we should be unneedfully wasteful or help it along as you mentioned. God appointed man to be the steward of this world not the destroyer of it. God even gave some guidelines for caring for the soil after yrs of harvests.

    His Word also says “And God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth'”.

    Extremist seems to cause ppl to worry more about the condition of planet than about the ppl. That’s a form of idolatry, where the rights of an inanimate planet and its non-human creatures are held in higher regard than God and man created in His image.

    2 Peter 3:
    9 The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. 10 But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment.*

    11 Since everything around us is going to be destroyed like this, what holy and godly lives you should live, 12 looking forward to the day of God and hurrying it along. On that day, he will set the heavens on fire, and the elements will melt away in the flames. 13 But we are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth he has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness.

    14 And so, dear friends, while you are waiting for these things to happen, make every effort to be found living peaceful lives that are pure and blameless in his sight.

    Some believe this earth will be renewed, not that there will be a new earth. I haven’t studied enough to know which it will be. But either way, it will be God doing the thing — not man, at the appointed time and unexpectedly.

  8. rosettasister Says:

    A very thoughtful post, Lexi.

    And now for something completely different!

  9. rosettasister Says:

    Things that make you go “Hmmm”

    Mr. Obama meets with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

    (I wonder if Obama and Kissinger met one-on-one.)

    MJ5: HAK – Henry (Heinz) Alfred Kissinger?

    Link with pretty pictures:

    Same Link translated from Dutch:


    More manna from heaven for the conspiracy minded:

    Good night, good people!

  10. Tenacity Says:

    Kissinger is closer to being the head of the snake than the S/Ob.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    I wonder if this is the “big” History Channel announcement set for May 25th

    Early skeleton sheds light on primate evolution

    John Fleagle of the State University of New York at Stony Brook said the scientists’ analysis provides only “a pretty weak link” between the new creature and higher primates, called anthropoids, that includes monkeys and man.

    “It doesn’t really tell us much about anthropoid origins, quite frankly,” Fleagle said.

    Fleagle said the scientists did an “extraordinary” job of extracting detailed information from the fossil. “There’s certainly a lot more information about this individual than probably any other fossil primate that’s ever been recovered,” he said.

    Ida was unveiled at New York’s American Museum of Natural History, which will feature a replica cast in a new exhibit about mammals.

    It was promoted by a press release for the cable TV channel History that called it a “revolutionary scientific find that will change everything.”

  12. NEConservative Says:

    Acorn Census fraud coming

  13. rosettasister Says:

    top o’ the mornin’ to ya, NEC!

  14. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 6:05 am

    Kissinger is closer to being the head of the snake than the S/Ob.


    That’s what I “see” too, Ten.

  15. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t know how accurate these polls are, I was just curious.

    Public Opinion Polls on UFOs


    A Majority Already Believe in the Extraterrestrial

    To Many Americans, UFOs Are Real and Have Visited Earth in Some Form

    I’ve visited a lot of forums where these things are discussed.

    My guess is the vast majority of “information” out there is bogus.

    But that doesn’t mean there’s no truth to it.

    So what if it turns out to be true and what if it turns out that our governments have been “protecting” us from the truth. (Always a bad idea.)

    If we end up having to deal with this in our lifetimes, there’s going to have to be a whole lot of forgiving going on.

  16. rosettasister Says:

  17. rosettasister Says:

  18. rosettasister Says:

    After Hubble work, shuttle astronauts get some play time

    After five grueling spacewalks to fix the Hubble Space Telescope, the crew of the space shuttle Atlantis gets a day off.

    NASA managers are giving the seven astronauts well deserved rest on Wednesday. All they have scheduled are a couple of social calls.

    In the morning the crew will take part in a news conference with reporters back on Earth. After that, they will make an in-orbit call to their colleagues on the International Space Station.

    And what do astronauts do on off days? Usually they look down at Earth, take pictures and play with their food in zero gravity.

    Then it’s back to work Thursday, getting the shuttle ready for their return to Earth planned for Friday, weather permitting.

  19. rosettasister Says:

    I needed a little humor this morning!

    Windsor Castle sex couple fear sack

    Joy Taylor and Phil Carden – who stunned tourists when they stripped off and had sex in broad daylight on a private grass bank at Windsor Castle, where the 83-year-old monarch was in residence – are worried their employers will give them the sack for bringing their companies into disrepute.

    (Ya think?!)

  20. rosettasister Says:

    U.S. financial system healing; Japan slump deepens,-feeble-rebound-seen-56066

    * U.S. financial system ‘starting to heal’ – Geithner
    * Japan’s economy shrinks record 4 pct in Q1
    * U.S. house prices to fall another 10 pct – Reuters poll
    * Economy still getting worse, downturn slowing – Zoellick

    The U.S. financial system is healing, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday, but Japan’s economy continued to shrink, putting the onus for recovery on how soon the West can return to growth.

    The world’s worst recession in six decades might be easing, economists say. But with companies slashing jobs and costs, any recovery remains elusive and the consumer and business confidence needed to drive demand is patchy.

    The U.S. financial system was “starting to heal” after a period of severe trauma, thanks to the government’s bailout efforts, Geithner told the Senate Banking Committee.

    A program for cleansing toxic assets from banks will start operating over the next six weeks, he said.

    “We still face a very challenging economic and financial environment, and we need to be careful to preserve substantial resources and flexibility to deal with future contingencies,” Geithner said.

  21. rosettasister Says:

    The California Results, Calling All Doctors, Part II (and Hannity Tonight)

    The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

    Unlike the AMA, the AAPS is working hard to stop the radical restructuring of American health care that will introduce widespread rationing whilke destroying the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

    After the 2004 presidential election, a triumphant George Bush announced he’d be spending his political capital on reforming social security.

    That push was defeated in the Senate, where the GOP numbers in 2009 are perilously close to irrelevant and where Dems are threatening to use a parliamentary trick to pass the radical rewrite of medicine’s rules with 50 votes instead of 60.

    So the effort to stop the “government option”/”single payer” is going to be much more difficult than the block the Dems put on social security reform in 2005,

    but it can be done and the best hope is in the House where 40 to 50 Democrats have to be found who fear losing their jobs more than they do the power of their Speaker.

    (I slightly disagree here. I believe it’s going to take a “Gang of 14” in both houses to prevent the pulling of the “nuclear” trigger.)

    Doctors are just the types to find the cure for the illness, but they have to resolve to try.

    Perhaps the AAPS will lead the way.

    See also:

    Gangs of D.C. — Power is sexy in the nation’s capital.

    (No, this is NOT about Henry Kissinger!)

    This is why, I think, the phrase is so frequently applied to congressional moderates and bipartisan groups who have come together to resolve some ideological flare-up.

    The threatened filibustering of George W. Bush’s judicial nominations, for example, brought together the “Gang of 14,” of whose heroism so much was made in 2005.

    Earlier this year, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh organized what some call a “Gang of 15” centrist Democrats to resist President Barack Obama’s supposed leftism. (supposed?!)

    And were it not forbidden by the inflexible rules of grammar, the media would certainly by now have dubbed Arlen Specter a “Gang of One.”

    (We’re going to need Arlen Specter’s vote to prevent “public” option and single-payer.)

  22. rosettasister Says:

    Left-wing Propaganda

    “Health Insurers Aim to Kill Public Option”


    (These idiots would have us believe that the only alternative to “public” option – single payer is the status quo.)

    If the Swiss can do this, so can we!

  23. NEConservative Says:

    Here’s your answer Rose:

    From the Corner at

    The President’s New Cars [Jerry Taylor]

    I have an op-ed today in USA Today about President Obama’s proposed new fuel-economy standards. Don’t like ‘em. Unfortunately, an editing snafu over at the newspaper inadvertently left out the fact that there are four models at present that meet the proposed new standard — the 2010 Honda Insight (41 mpg) and the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid (39 mpg) were left off the list.

    Space prohibited me from making an additional point. Even if there is no rebound effect, my colleague Pat Michaels finds that global temperatures will only be reduced by 0.005 degrees Celsius by 2050 and 0.0078 degrees Celsius by 2100 once you plug those emissions reductions into the computer models used by the IPCC. Of course, proponents contend that U.S. action on fuel efficiency will lead to like action abroad. Well, good luck with that. But even if all of the signatories to the Kyoto Protocol adopted Obama’s proposed fuel-economy standards, global temperatures would be reduced by only 0.038 degrees Celsius by 2050 and 0.071 degrees Celsius by 2100. If you tried to monetarize those benefits, you would be hard pressed to come up with an defensible number of consequence.

    So what should be done instead? Nothing. At the risk of sounding politically irrelevant, there is no good case for the government to reduce U.S. gasoline consumption via fuel economy standards or fuel taxes; an argument I made at length in a study I co-authored almost two years ago with my colleague Peter Van Doren.

    05/20 01:26 PMShare

  24. NEConservative Says:

    Rose, I had to laugh out loud at this:

    Re: The President’s New Cars [Iain Murray]

    Jerry, you and Corner readers might be interested in this review of the new Honda Insight from Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson — a man who has come in for a bit of stick here in the past. Some highlights:

    It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more…

    The Honda’s petrol engine is a much-shaved, built-for-economy, low-friction 1.3 that, at full chat, makes a noise worse than someone else’s crying baby on an airliner. It’s worse than the sound of your parachute failing to open. Really, to get an idea of how awful it is, you’d have to sit a dog on a ham slicer…

    The nickel for the battery has to come from somewhere. Canada, usually. It has to be shipped to Japan, not on a sailing boat, I presume. And then it must be converted, not in a tree house, into a battery, and then that battery must be transported, not on an ox cart, to the Insight production plant in Suzuka. And then the finished car has to be shipped, not by Thor Heyerdahl, to Britain, where it can be transported, not by wind, to the home of a man with a beard who thinks he’s doing the world a favour…

    But let me be clear that hybrid cars are designed solely to milk the guilt genes of the smug and the foolish. And that pure electric cars, such as the G-Wiz and the Tesla, don’t work at all because they are just too inconvenient…

    The only hope I have is that there are enough fools and madmen out there who will buy an Insight to look sanctimonious outside the school gates. And that the cash this generates can be used to develop something a bit more constructive.

    Welcome to the worrrrrld of tomorrow!

  25. rosettasister Says:

    NEConservative Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    This is very informative, NEC.

    “So what should be done instead? Nothing. At the risk of sounding politically irrelevant, there is no good case for the government to reduce U.S. gasoline consumption via fuel economy standards or fuel taxes.”

    I don’t agree we should do “nothing” for the reasons I stated yesterday.

    But consumers should be able to exercise their God-given free will and purchase a heavier vehicle that isn’t prohibitively expensive, if they so desire.

    And higher taxes are rarely the answer, if ever.

    Those who are advocating this want to drive down consumption and I believe studies have shown that higher fuel economies will result in people just driving farther.

    So the net benefit will be negligible.

    I believe most Americans do want a greener planet, but forcing them to choose less-safe vehicles is tyrannical.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Someone at the Heritage Foundation has a sense of humor — /morning-bell-californication/

    Quick Hits:
    • In remarks to a foreign-policy group in Los Angeles yesterday, CIA Director Leon Panetta suggested that comments like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent critiques of the CIA could be detrimental to American national security.
    • CIA officials warn that new rules may hinder effective interrogations.
    • ***
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will unveil an “informational website” that explains how a government-sponsored health insurance option will eventually lead to a single-payer style system.
    • ***
    • The Senate Finance Committee is considering a new government mandate that would require every American to own health insurance or face tax penalties.
    • Desperate to sell 44 thousand vehicles already at dealerships, Chrysler will be sending “millions” of $1K vouchers to previous customers.

    See also:

    Get a first look at the video storyboards here.

  27. rosettasister Says:

    This seems to be the direction in which the debate is going.

    Senators Push for Delay of Public Health-Care Option

    Some senators drafting a health-care overhaul said they may support creating a new public health insurance program only if private insurers don’t do enough to expand coverage and reduce costs.

    Senator Olympia Snowe, a Maine Republican, said a bipartisan group on the Senate Finance Committee is discussing a delay for several years in creating a “public option” plan that would compete against private insurers. The lawmakers first want to see whether more uninsured Americans get coverage under other policy changes, such as new subsidies for lower-income people, Snowe said.

    Snowe said she views a new government health-care program as a gamble, in part because it might attract a high proportion of sicker patients who would drive up costs.

    “I think there are other ways to address the issue without having a public plan, because I think that creates a number of issues,” said Snowe. “It would be very expensive, and you could have a situation that it is providing care to the sickest, and you have an adverse selection issue there.”

    The idea of a new government plan, similar to the federal Medicare program or perhaps run by state governments, is emerging as one of the more difficult issues as Democrats in Congress try to craft the health-care overhaul sought by President Barack Obama and push it through the Senate and House this summer.

    Snowe’s comments suggest that legislation drafted over the next month by the Senate finance panel may not include a government health-care program that would take immediate effect as part of an overhaul.

    Support for ‘Trigger’

    Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat, said he favors the idea of a “trigger” that would expand government-provided health insurance only if other new attempts at expanding health- care coverage through the private sector appear inadequate. Nelson said he is wary of a big expansion of the government’s role in providing care.

    The public option, he said, should be seen as a “backup.”

    The finance committee will meet behind closed doors tomorrow to discuss ways to offset the costs of a health-care overhaul. Obama’s budget request for the 2010 fiscal year set aside $634 billion over 10 years to pay for health-care changes.

  28. rosettasister Says:

  29. rosettasister Says:

    Pakistan army struggles in Buner


  30. rosettasister Says:

    After Pressuring Pakistan to Act, U.S. Offers Aid for Resulting Displaced

    The military has closed in on the Swat’s main town of Mingora, a population center of about 200,000, where militants loyal to Mullah Fazlullah have taken over.

    Pakistani officials have said that 10,000 residents of Mingora have remained in the city, while most have fled.

    Fazlullah is the head of Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM), a group that has sought to establish Sharia, or Islamic law, in Swat and is allied with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or the Pakistani Taliban.

    The Pakistani Taliban is led by Baitullah Mehsud, who was accused of assassinating the former prime minister and late wife of President Zardari, Benazir Bhutto.

    The Pakistan military is preparing to engage in urban warfare [6] against militants holed up in Mingora.

    A security official said [7], “Troops continue to close in on Mingora, from where Taliban are trying to escape, but our strategy is not to let them flee.”–01

    Pakistani authorities have said that more than 1,030 militants have been killed, as well as 53 troops. There have been no figures on the number of civilian deaths, or independent confirmation that those killed by security forces were among the belligerents and not innocent bystanders.

  31. rosettasister Says:

    More from Linda Starr

    Response to Patriot

    By Linda Starr on May 20, 2009 12:31 AM

    NOTHING was obtained from anywhere other than the Internet and is easily found by anyone with Internet access. I would NEVER ASK to settle with Berg.

    I did nothing wrong, and I told the truth. After all my years of friendship and loyalty to him, he kicked me to the curb for a LIAR.

    Then adding injury to insult, I have been GROSSLY DEFAMED by the three of them, Phil, Lisa and Momma E..

    You are asking me to speak sweetly to him?

    After all that they have done to me and my family and the pain they deliberately and maliciously inflicted upon me and upset my family so much?

    I will speak sweetly to Phil Berg when pigs grow feathers and fly. I never even want to hear his name again.

    HELL will freeze over before I settle or apologize for speaking the truth!

    The one bargaining chip they had with me was my fear of my family being put in jeopardy by my name getting out there.

    Phil knows a friend of mine DIED for doing what I do and another is still getting death threats after nearly 5 years of speaking the truth.

    Phil & Lisa exposed me and my family to these real dangers and NOTHING they say or do now can ever make it right again.

    They are going to lose because we have OVERWHELMING evidence that we are speaking the truth!

    Contrary to every assertion, the language in the suit states that every plaintiff is suing every defendant.

    PS: I did not publish your comments as they were too insulting by suggesting I should go begging to Phil Berg for his mercy and asking to settle.

    Like I said, that’ll happen when pigs grow feathers and fly!

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Just my two cents

    “The one bargaining chip they had with me was my fear of my family being put in jeopardy by my name getting out there.” – Linda Starr

    Well, this is very upsetting. I can understand why Linda would be beside herself over this.

    I’m just trying to understand what happened.

    Most of you know I consider MommaE a friend.

    We “met” through a mutual friend, Larry Sinclair.

    And I believe Ed Hale treated her very shabbily. I really don’t like Ed Hale.

    And DrOrly’s unprovoked attack on MommaE in her Dossier #6, well it makes no sense to me.

    And I knew MommaE wasn’t going to appreciate getting dragged into this drama.

    My gut feeling tells me there are some very prideful people involved here who won’t admit they may have been mistaken.

    Why is that so hard for some people?

    Some, including Polarik, have suggested that Linda Starr is the instigator of all this and put these ideas into DrOrly’s head.

    I don’t know if that’s true or not, but even if it is, that does not excuse DrOrly’s behavior.

    There’s the issue between Orly and her former webmaster, Lisa Ostella.

    But that seems separate from Orly’s attack on Phil Berg’s assistant, Lisa Liberi.

    And to compound things even further, it seems there are two (2) Lisa Liberi’s.

    And so I’m left with one big “if.”

    If, in fact, there are (2) Lisa Liberi’s and one was in jail in California or New Mexico while the other was with Phil Berg in Pennsylvania …

    And if Linda Starr assumed they were the same person and provided Orly with that information …

    Then, isn’t this a case of mistaken identity gone wild?!

    I’m grasping for straws here, just going on info I’ve accumulated here and there.

    And I don’t know how accurate any of it is.

    But, people, if you made a mistake about anything, please own up to it, no matter how much you feel you’ve been wronged by the other party(ies).

  33. rosettasister Says:

    In Depth: 10 Cities Where Americans Are Relocating

    Top 5 cities where Americans are relocating

    1. Raleigh, N.C.
    2. Austin, Texas
    3. Charlotte, N.C.
    4. Phoenix
    5. Dallas

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Goodlatte Supports Birth Certificate Requirement Bill

    Posted 2009-05-19

    Presidential Candidates Would Need Proof To Satisfy Constitution

    U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Roanoke, has signed on as a co-sponsor of a bill that would require presidential candidates to provide proof of their birthplace and, hence, satisfy a constitutional requirement to be able to run for the office.

    Last year, questions came up about Republican candidate U.S. Sen. John McCain’s eligibility under the Constitution to run for president because of his birth at a Naval air station in the former U.S. Canal Zone in Panama. McCain’s parents were both American citizens.

    The validity of President Obama’s birth certificate also has been challenged in court.

    The state of Hawaii provided a copy of Obama’s birth certificate but refused to release the original because of privacy reasons, according to news reports.

    Goodlatte’s co-sponsorship of the proposed legislation indicates his strong support for the bill introduced by Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.

    The proposed legislation would require the “principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of president to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the office of president under the Constitution.”

    According to the Constitution, only “natural born citizens” can become president.
    Eligible candidates also must be at least 35 years old and have lived in the United States for 14 years.

    “There’s nothing in the Constitution about what you do to show that you met the requirements and there is nothing in federal law,” Goodlatte said recently.

    Goodlatte called the bill a “housekeeping” matter.

    “It doesn’t have an impact on the outcome of the election [last year],” he said.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Caller Challenges Obama’s Eligibility

    A caller asks the most basic question of the Obama presidency….. by what authority does Obama act in his relentless push for socialism?

    EC analyzes the issue and speculates as to WHY what may be the biggest story of the decade is getting the silent treatment…

  36. rosettasister Says:

    Chicago Straight

    The arrest of Governor Rod Blagojevich in December cast a shadowy light on the relationships among four leading players in the Illinois Democratic Party—Blagojevich, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod.

    The new president and his two aides would like to minimize their dealings with the disgraced ex-governor. But the record tells a more complex story

  37. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    May 20, 2009 at 4:03 pm
    I wonder if this is the “big” History Channel announcement set for May 25th

    Early skeleton sheds light on primate evolution
    These poor fools, if they want to find the “missing link” all they need to do is go to 1600 Pensylvania Ave., for that is where the beast resides and it’s name is micHELLe. 😀

  38. Fernley Girl Says:

    “Put all this together, and what we have in our country today isn’t a democracy and it isn’t a free-market economy. Reader, what we have now is a revolution.”

    From this article:

  39. rosettasister Says:

    New Post:

  40. Tenacity Says:

    “The state of Hawaii provided a copy of Obama’s birth certificate but refused to release the original because of privacy reasons, according to news reports.”

    Can’t these morons get anything straight? Hawaii never said they gave anybody a copy of the COLB and the forgery that was posted was NOT a birth certificate!!!!!!

    “There’s nothing in the Constitution about what you do to show that you met the requirements and there is nothing in federal law,” Goodlatte said recently.

    Geeez Loueeeze…I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a free frontal labotomy. Is there anyone competent left in D.C.? Is there not a certification process? Is there not a Congress or a Judiciary that is designed to check and enforce? Does not every citizen have standing when it comes to harm being done by the violation of the highest law in the land? All the mechanisms are in place if you don’t have usurping criminals ignoring the law. Wake up people!!!! It is now up to US (that’s you and me, We The People) that are duty bound to hold these lying traitorous thieves accountable because the politicians (as opposed to statesmen) are either criminals and/or incompetent!!!!

    BTW: Welcome back Troy, you loony racist, you. Just wanted to make you feel at home.

  41. Troy Says:

    BTW: Welcome back Troy, you loony racist, you. Just wanted to make you feel at home.
    Nice rant!!!!…I couldn’t have done it better, myself. 😉

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