Can the United States provide health care for all? Of course.



Here I come to save the day!”

Harvard’s Regina Herzlinger


So, can we control health-care costs by slimming down this sector, without rationing care, and thus make health care available to all? (You bet your bippy!)

The only viable health care cost cure is to reform public policy so that we create a consumer-driven health care market that motivates and rewards productive innovations in supply.

On the demand side, most health insurance beneficiaries do not behave like real consumers: employer-insured consumers are not motivated to shop carefully because they do not recognize that their health insurance benefits are essentially taken from what would otherwise be their wages, and those insured by the government have someone else footing the bill.

When people use their own money to purchase health care, they drive costs down without compromising their health.

For example, Switzerland, where health insurance is totally purchased by consumers (the poor and sick are subsidized), has costs that are 40 percent lower than those in the United States, as well as excellent care and universal coverage.

Similarly, high-deductible health insurance policies demonstrate that middle-class consumers who pay a meaningful fraction of their health care expenditures out of pocket reduce spending without damaging their health.

On the supply side …

Effective cost control would motivate consumers to shop carefully for insurance policies that offer the best value for the money while giving providers incentives to supply the best value for the money.

There are two reforms that can make this happen:

For example, my employer, Harvard University, could offer me a tax-free raise for the $15,000 of my income that it currently spends to purchase my health insurance.

Like me, many of Harvard’s employees would opt to take the money and buy their own insurance, creating a genuine consumer-driven market.

Insurers would then compete for customers with policies that offer better value for the money.

Their most important innovation would be the creation of integrated networks of producers paid for providing the total care needed by victims of chronic diseases and disabilities. (The payment reform would be led by changes in Medicare’s payment formulas.)

These networks would offer better and cheaper care because of their integration.

The combination of invigorated supply and demand is the only health care reform plan that will avert the economic disaster that otherwise awaits us and, simultaneously, make health care available to all.

Sadly, it is a solution that the Washington, DC, establishment, which doubts the wisdom of consumers and the competence of entrepreneurs, is most reluctant to effect.


Switzerland Mountain Lake

The Swiss Way

Q: You mentioned the Swiss model. Is that a country Congress should look to as a role model?

A: Yeah. They have universal coverage. They don’t have rationing, unlike the Brits in the UK. You can get transplants. You can get dialyzed.

People who are sick get good health care in Switzerland and they spend 40 percent less as a percentage of GDP than we do. The reason is, the Swiss buy their own health insurance.

Actually, Switzerland has no Medicare and has no Medicaid.

From ManhattanInstitute

February 27, 2008

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  1. Tenacity Says:

    No one comes before me! Only I’m not God, thus only He is First.

  2. sliderblaze Says:


  3. Tenacity Says:

    Say Slider, I hope things have been going well with you and yours. That bambino must be growin’ like a weed now.

  4. patriotamy Says:

    Good morning to Rosetta’s Gang.

  5. jrinNC Says:

    Here it comes –

    Pentagon reports no longer quote Bible – WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Monday it no longer includes a Bible quote on the cover page of daily intelligence briefings it sends to the White House as was practice during the Bush administration.

    Also this has hit my local area. Our high school has for the past 40 years given Bibles to its graduating seniors. That has now stopped. All of a sudden they are citing separation of church and state.

  6. jrinNC Says:

    oops forgot link –

  7. jrinNC Says:

    Obama Auto Plan Links Auto Emissions and Mileage Standards
    President Obama plans to propose the first-ever national emission limits for cars and trucks as well as average mileage requirements of 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016 — all costing consumers an extra $1,300 per vehicle.

    Can anyone tell me how this will affect older vehicles???? I for one cannot afford to buy a new vehicle. I have a 2004 car with 75,000 miles and a 1989 truck with only 80,000 miles on it and alternate between the two to keep mileage down on each of them. I am not familiar with the CA laws on vehicle emissions on older vehicles. I guess the bottom line will be – YOU PAY OUT THE NOSE for vehicle inspections, etc.

  8. jrinNC Says:

    Well, not on the news, but my brother who is an Obama Rose Colored Glasses supporter has just experienced the beginning of a troubled economy. His house was broken into and his personal lap top and the two lap tops he used for his two jobs were stolen. Thieves totally destroyed the back door and now he is scared. I have been telling him to stay alert but he just believes everything is just so peachy keen with the world. Just because you have lived in a so called peaceful community for years and years with no trouble, doesn’t mean you are exempt from things that are going to become more common place because people are becoming desperate to to get money to support their drug habits and survive. So with that in mind, STAY ALERT folks.

  9. NEConservative Says:

    jrinNC Says:

    May 19, 2009 at 1:45 pm
    Can anyone tell me how this will affect older vehicles????

    My response – just from what I’ve gathered, all of these new standards are based on new vehicles. In my state, we don’t have vehicle emissions tests 🙂

  10. jrinNC Says:

    Thanks NEC – we have inspections in my state, but in the county I live in it is not as stringent as the neighboring county. Their inspections cost $40.00 where ours only cost $9.00.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that there were some additional posts on this thread remembering Cindy that I hadn’t seen until this morning.


  12. rosettasister Says:

    Allen West addresses site visitors and supporters as he fights to gain the district 22 Congressional seat

    See also:

  13. rosettasister Says:

    What’s so scary about the NHS? (Well, that depends!)

    In Switzerland and the Netherlands it is achieved largely through health premiums (similar to paying for private health insurance in the UK, but with comprehensive top-ups for those who cannot afford it),

    and this provides the advantage of detaching health care from employment and the fluctuations of the labour market.

    Either way, the consumer (the patient) controls the purse strings, not the government or (particularly in the case of Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands) health insurers.

  14. rosettasister Says:

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Safe home, gentle people!

  16. rosettasister Says:

    I have mixed feelings on this.

    I tend to agree with Bill O’Reilly, the less “goop” in the air the better.

    He does have a way with words!

    I did study “sustainability” as an undergrad.

    Even if Gore turns out to be wrong, that does not change the Second Law of Thermodynamics (the Entropy Law).

    Please correct me if I’ve got that wrong.

    My understanding of this is limited, to say the least, but this is how I see it.

    Our Creator only gave us one candle to burn down and for the longest time that candle burned very slowly indeed.

    With the onset of the industrial revolution and the capability that gave us to dramatically increase our populations, we have been burning the midnight oil, so to speak.

    Eventually all forms of energy on this planet will have been converted to heat energy and life will not be sustainable.

    This does not mean I’m in favor of committing economic hari kari.

    No sane person is in favor of that.

    Generational theft does not apply to deficit spending only, it also applies here.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be burning down the candle, but burning it down any faster than we absolutely have to is, IMO, sinful.


    The purpose of the Petition Project is to demonstrate that the claim of “settled science” and an overwhelming “consensus” in favor of the hypothesis of human-caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is wrong.

  17. rosettasister Says:

    “Hard left supporters who would rather see their political enemies persecuted than the war effectively prosecuted.”

    On ‘Torture,’ Holder Undoes Holder

    The attorney general reveals his legal ignorance — or, his willful inconsistency.

    By Andrew C. McCarthy

    See also:

    Read all of McCarthy’s analysis and send it to all the hysterical lefties who pronounce on torture without a clue on the operation of criminal law.

    Far more important that the specifics of AG Holder’s pratfall, though, is the fact that it is yet another episode in the now four-months long effort by the new Adminstration to unilaterally disarm our side in the war with the Islamists.

    The damage done by President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid and their allies is deep and lasting and has occurred on many fronts

    but most significantly in the message of prosecutorial peril they have collectively sent every member of the military and the civilian counterterrorism force.

    The effort to rewrite the law to criminalize waterboarding chills the actions of everyone on the front lines of the war on terror.

    Today it is legal to order a drone strike on a target.

    Given the willingness of this Administration to revoke previous orders and to turn standard law interpretation practices on their head, who’s to say they or the next administration won’t retroactively decide such strikes are a war crime.

    President Obama needs to reclaim the original position he stake out and begin to repair the damage he has done to the national security in his first four months in office,

    and he needs to do so immediately and regardless of the howls from his hard left supporters who would rather see their political enemies persecuted than the war effectively prosecuted.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t know what Snowe is up to, but I hope she doesn’t screw things up again like she did on the “stimulus” vote.

    Watch Arlen Specter and Ben Nelson.


    Snowe Holds Private Meetings To Discuss Fallback Public Plan

    Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) last week held a private meeting to discuss a compromise on health care reform legislation that would include a “fallback public plan,” implemented in several years if private insurers do not take steps to make coverage more affordable and accessible, CongressDaily reports.

    The plan is modeled on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, under which the government can offer prescription drug benefits if private insurers choose not to do so.

    The government currently does not offer a Medicare Part D directly plan because a sufficient number of private firms have done so.

    According to CongressDaily, Snowe is seeking to go further than the fallback option under Part D, in which success is measured on the number of participating insurers.

    Snowe would measure success by the affordability and accessibility of private plans.

    Snowe has had conversations regarding the plan with Senate Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), CongressDaily reports.

    In addition, Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.) also have expressed interest in the proposal.

    A Republican committee aide said that a public plan that offers the same benefits as private plans and is funded by money from premiums rather than taxpayer money, such as that proposed by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), could be put in place if private insurers fail.

    The aide said, “If you’ve done everything you possibly can, and you don’t get the result that you need, then a lever there might be helpful as long as the lever doesn’t take over the whole system”

    “as long as the lever doesn’t take over the whole system” (ay, there’s the rub!)

    (Edney, CongressDaily, 5/19).

  19. rosettasister Says:

    Afghanistan says no plan to put ex-envoy in charge

    Afghan president Hamid Karzai has no plan to install former U.S. ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad as “chief executive” of his country, a spokesman said on Tuesday, denying a report in the New York Times.

    Giving Khalilzad some kind of role in his administration could ease Karzai’s relations with the West, which have occasionally been strained. A deal to secure Khalilzad’s backing ahead of the election could also undermine opposition candidates.

    But giving a high-profile position of authority to a former American diplomat could also anger Afghans, many of whom complain of too much U.S. influence in the country’s affairs.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    Know Your Enemy — The Baitullah Mehsud Connection

    Four al Qaeda suspects arrested in Karachi–bi-09

    KARACHI: Police arrested four suspected militants belonging to al Qaeda following a shootout in Model Colony on Sunday and seized a sizeable quantity of firearms and explosives.

    Police identified the suspects as

    Mohammad Anver alias Mohammad Asim alias Qasim alias Yasir alias Abu Dawood,

    Rehan alias Mehmood,

    Azeem alias Yousuf and

    Ghulam Haider alias Baba.

    The officials said Rehan had been trained by Arab militants and he was assigned to arrange logistics for terrorists in Karachi.

    Azim had links with the Baitullah Mehsud group,

    while Ghulam Haider belonged to the banned Lashkar-i-Taiba organisation.

  21. rosettasister Says:

    Anti-Taleban operation to intensify


  22. rosettasister Says:

    This is a bit of a stretch, don’t you find it?!

    “The fossil, nicknamed Ida, is claimed to be a “missing link” between today’s higher primates – monkeys, apes and humans – and more distant relatives.”


    Scientists hail stunning fossil

  23. rosettasister Says:

    Time marches on and I still maintain that perhaps the best that can come of this is to put laws in place to ensure this never happens again.

    Having said that …


    Phil Berg states the Obama’s give Commencement Addresses but fail to be honest with the graduates

    To Barack Hussein Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro and Michelle Obama:

    As your administration is to be “open and transparent,” why will you not divulge your backgrounds? I know why.

    As both of you are addressing graduates of college, you are being dishonest to all of them as you fail to tell them about your backgrounds.

    What a disgrace !

    Because both of you are putting on the biggest “HOAX” in our country in over 230 years.

    Barack or rather Barry [Soetoro], you know you are an illegal alien, not only “Constitutionally ineligible/unqualified” to be President, but also it was illegal for you to have served as a United States Senator from Illinois for 3 ½ years.

    Michelle, just be honest ! You are being honored as First Lady without explaining to the citizens of our country that you were “disbarred” from being an attorney in 1993 – why ?

    The public has a right to know.

    Michelle and Obama, you both know that you are putting forth this great “HOAX,” that is so dangerous to all of us, the people of this great nation.

    Reveal yourselves and Obama resign, as President “now” as everything you do is void or voidable. Why are you putting our nation through this turmoil ?

    Thank you.

  24. rosettasister Says:

    I fail to see how Obama is different from Bush on this.

    And I wish Sean Hannity would stop making cavalier remarks about how Benjamin Netanyahu is going to “take out” Iran’s nukes with or without Obama.

    That kind of talk scares the bejesus out of me! As does this headline:

    “Here’s how Israel would destroy Iran’s nuclear program”

  25. rosettasister Says:

    ANALYSIS / Israel gives Obama until end of year on Iran

    Netanyahu said he hopes “Obama will succeed” in his talks with Iran, but this is a diplomatic phrase. It is doubtful that he believes the Iranians will suddenly become nice and give up their nuclear program just because Obama talks with them.

    In practice, this means that Netanyahu agreed to give Obama until the end of the year. Then, if Iran’s nuclear program is still proceeding, Israel will consider “other options.”

    Netanyahu spoke about preventing Iran from getting “military nuclear capability,” leaving open the possibility of it retaining a civilian nuclear capability. That opens a crack to a possible deal between the U.S. and Tehran.

    The differences on the Palestinian issue remain. Obama wants a Palestinian state, Netanyahu refuses to say “two states.” He prefers to speak about how to prevent the Palestinians from establishing a second Gaza in the West Bank, requiring them to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and security arrangements. Obama said the settlements must stop, Netanyahu replied by demanding Palestinian “reciprocity.”

    Obama intends to launch a new American peace plan in his speech in Cairo on June 4. It will no doubt contain all the elements Netanyahu is uncomfortable with – two states, halting settlement construction and removing outposts.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Official video of the Israeli song for Eurovision 2009- Noa and Mira Awad- “There Must Be Another Way”

  27. sliderblaze Says:

    so wait, did cindy die? when did that happen?

    Nattyyahoo i’m sure will take out Irans nuke facilities cus sanctions havent worked and the plan right now if iran doesnt come to the table is, more sanction, i know…surprise surprise. It needs to happen but as soon as it does, iran will shut down the straight of Hormuz and we’ll see gas prices jump like crazy and the economy will start to fumble and bumble again like it did when gas prices jumped to 4.25 a gallon like last summer. I’m sure somehow some libtard will try and pin the high gas prices on Bush.

    FYI, i cost 80 for an inspection here. and gas has shot up 30 cents in the last 3 weeks

  28. sliderblaze Says:

    oh yeah, the baby is fine, getn plump

  29. rosettasister Says:

    sliderblaze Says:
    May 19, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    so wait, did cindy die? when did that happen?


    Hi, slider!

    Yes, Cindy took her own life on Thurs May 7th, but we didn’t find out about it until a week later.

    Perhaps it will make more sense if you read here:

    And here:

    We were all shocked and deeply saddened.

  30. Fernley Girl Says:

    And the insanity continues:

    Jerusalem — The American military now openly admits providing military training to Palestinian military forces.

    A U.S. military official, Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, assigned by the United States to be a “security coordinator,” has been appointed to train 1,500 Palestinian military personnel. They will be available for “immediate deployment” in the area between Jenin and Nablus, less than an hour from Israel’s populated coastal plain.

    He discussed his mission at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies last week.

    Lt. Gen. Dayton said: “We also have something in our pocket called the West Bank Training Initiative where we have plans to continue a series of courses in the West Bank on logistics, leadership, first aid, maintenance, English language, battalion staff training and driver education. These are led by our British and Turkish officers with an eye to eventually turning this over to the Palestinians themselves.”

    The premise behind American military aid to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) military forces is the hope the American-trained Palestinian personnel will fight Hamas.

    Read the rest here:

  31. Fernley Girl Says:

    And for those of you concerned about Cap and Trade, you won’t feel better after reading this:


    For average Americans, Barton’s office estimates that Americans can expect their electricity bills to increase by 77 to 129 percent, the cost of filling at the pump to increase by 60 to 144 percent, and the price of home heating oil and natural gas to nearly double.

  32. j.b. Says:


    For average Americans, Barton’s office estimates that Americans can expect their electricity bills to increase by 77 to 129 percent, the cost of filling at the pump to increase by 60 to 144 percent, and the price of home heating oil and natural gas to nearly double.

    Well that’s just fanphuckingtastic. And just how do they expect home owners AND renters/landlords to AFFORD that?
    Upside down, crazy is as crazy does as the dog and pony show continues.

    The Circus Is In Town!
    The Biggest Clown in America Is In Charge-step right up get your ticket to the biggest show(scam) around!

    lmao. The guy who played Johnny Sack (?) is on Cavuto and RIPPING Barry apart! omg. Going as far as to say that; Barry will be spit upon on his way OUT!

  33. j.b. Says:

    Johnny Sack of The Sopranos. doh.

  34. patriotamy Says:

    Well, let’s see. Dummy down the nation. Take over the Congress. Cause a Recession/Depression. Elect an usurper. Pass stimulus bills to push the nation even lower. Tax the people until they push back. Declare Martial Law. Bingo !!! Now introduce one world order…

    Did I get that right??????

  35. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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