Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.



Pryor Mountains, MT


From lexxdz

Quite some meeting here: Faun and Psyche as well as Orion and Diana….demons vampires and divines.  Special thanks to Wikipedia “Commons” for the art available there.

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  1. j.b. Says:


    Interesting development. It sure sounds like LS has an inside source. Hmmmmm. I look forward to Orly’s response. Those are some pretty heavy accusations. imo.

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    April 30, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    It’s a little before my time, but I still love that older rock and roll.


    I want to write more on this later, when I’m not so sleepy!

    The music that was produced when I was 12 – 13 years old (around 1970) is more of an influence on me than any other.

    And I wondered if that held true for everyone, or if that was just a very special time for making music.

  3. Troy Says:

    The culprit behind the “flyover”…..He’s another sleezy Obot.


  4. Troy Says:

    The music that was produced when I was 12 – 13 years old (around 1970) is more of an influence on me than any other.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    But there are suspicions there is more to it.

    “This is a bigger deal than the White House is letting on, and there are some nervous people there, and I’m not clear why,” says the former transition team member.

    “If I were still advising them, I’d say live up to the transparency pledge and release all the documents.

    But from the get-go, this was a top secret operation, which raises a whole bunch of red flags.”

    (If this was a “top secret” operation, then God help us!)

  6. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 12:52 am


    Well, now I know why everyone was so mum on the subject.

    I am reserving judgment, but I’ve learned the hard way that I should probably listen to what Larry has to say.

  7. ryansgrammy Says:

    Its amazing that our Border guys were not allowed to wear masks to protect themselves from the swine flu because the administration didn’t want to alarm people coming into this country from Mexico==but they have no problem scarring the stuffing out of the poor New Yorkers with the idiotic flyover the other day. Once again, it appears that Americans don’t matter to these guys.

  8. ryansgrammy Says:

    Troy — thanks for Total Eclipse — haven’t heard that song for a long time and it brought back lots of memories.

  9. Troy Says:

    You’re welcome….I tried to get something in there for everyone.

  10. Troy Says:

    Sometimes Obambi.com absolutely cracks me up. 🙂


  11. Troy Says:

    I ain’t complainin’, but I’d sure like to find me a true fine love. 🙂

  12. Troy Says:

    I’m running out of ideas here…Anybody have any requests?
    You name it and I’ll find it.

  13. rosettasister Says:

    I would have no way of knowing if the following is true.

    Dan Burisch


    Dan has been flown from Houston, Texas to BWI airport in Maryland, enroute Frederick, Maryland. No further information is available to the public at this time.


    Important information in from Dr. Burisch:

    1. Careful Level 1 screening indicates that the spread of the Swine Flu (H1N1), while it is a new strain (variant), it is from a single new strain in origin (after the spread was begun) in the population.

    2. Careful Level 1 screening has shown no affirmative indication that this is anything but a naturally occurring virus, even given the somewhat complex probable origin of the strain.

    Level 2 screening, to rule out a much more insidious action or series of actions, is soon to be underway.

    ‘While Dr. Burisch is supportive of the WHO’s efforts to “stem the tide” of this emerging pandemic, the subdued course of the virus in populations where prompt and full spectrum medical care is immediately available, is so far indicative of a situation where “concern” trumps “alarm.” This is not meant to minimize the deaths attributed to the H1N1 in Mexico, but should further highlight the necessity to give Mexico all available assistance to aggressively combat the movement of the virus in their population.

    (In this case the word “pandemic” should not cause undue fear, as it is being stated to indicate a new virus strain, being observed in the human population, over a wide geographic area.)’

    More information as it becomes available.


    Many letters have arrived at Eagles Disobey asking if Dan is receiving a ‘warm welcome’ by everyone? No, he is not.

    The people who called him are concerned about the possible nature of the virus and they know he can get to the bottom of the issue if it is biowarfare.

    Now that he has been called into the situation, he is coming in contact with people who seriously dislike him because of his history in the biowarfare arena.

    His actions in 1991, even as part of a “stop unit” to get in the way of others, contravened direct orders which, if initially followed, may have promoted a pandemic which could have made the biological component of the Gulf War Illness look like a seasonal allergy sneeze.

    He is distrusted by the people he is now rubbing elbows with and is only able to do it because of “key turn” accesses from “juice” which guarantees his participation in this kind of situation.

    Much to their upset, he invoked that “juice” yesterday evening. If this was a police department, he would be considered “internal affairs division”- HATED.

    He is extremely UNPOPULAR amongst the people he is sitting down with, but he doesn’t care. He cares about the larger picture: you.

    Because of classified data, some of which he no longer has access to, they are having to break the conferences in half, just because he is there.

    That is almost doubling the meeting time for some officials. Dan told them,

    “What, am I holding up your schedules? Mine are on hold too. I will be at the table, and will invoke the necessary provisions to see the relevant negative sense ssRNA, H/PolyB1-B2, N and NEP data, together with the epidemiological models. I appreciate your sense of professionalism, and hope to contribute should I see something, anything, amiss from natural attributes.”

    Imagine sitting alone in a room full of other highly educated but well to do people who HATE you because you stand for the best interests of the average person.

    The meeting got underway 30 minutes ago. I can almost hear trhe sounds of eggshells cracking.

    Today at 9:34am

  14. Troy Says:

    Did the come from Eagles Disobey?

  15. rosettasister Says:


  16. Troy Says:

    I’m still waiting for an update from Bill Deagle.

  17. Troy Says:

    rosettasister Says:

    May 1, 2009 at 3:02 am
    Ok thanks, then I won’t bother heading over there.

  18. rosettasister Says:

    You’re welcome!

  19. Troy Says:

    Not good


  20. rosettasister Says:

    Good night, good people!

    Thanks for all the great music!

  21. Troy Says:

    Not good x 2


  22. Troy Says:


  23. Troy Says:

  24. patriotamy Says:

    This is my favorite….

  25. Troy Says:

    Oh, that’s nice…Thanks!!!

  26. Troy Says:

    That’s a very uplifting piece…I love it!!! 😀

  27. patriotamy Says:

    I have several of Frank Mills’ albums. Very popular in the mid 70’s.

  28. Troy Says:

    Well, I’m a new Frank Mills fan. 😉

  29. patriotamy Says:

    Here is a real uplifting song. Make’s you feel good.

  30. Troy Says:

    That one is good too, but I still like the first the best.

  31. patriotamy Says:

    Well me too. Music Box Dancer has been playing in my home since it came out way back then. Even the grandkids say ” That’s Grandma’s song” whenever they hear it.. 🙂

  32. patriotamy Says:

    I am going to turn in now. Have a great evening.

  33. Troy Says:

    Hehehe….I just watch another video where a News Channel was using his song as their sign off and they had him come in and play it live….He said said people all around the world know it as “that twinkly piano piece”

  34. Troy Says:

    Ok, G’nite

  35. Fernley Girl Says:

    I guess I’ll jump on the music bandwagon, too. My favorite female soloist.

  36. Fernley Girl Says:

    From me to Rose & the Gang, via Bob Dylan:

  37. KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:

  38. News Media Magazine Says:

    Nice video.

  39. ryansgrammy Says:

    Another lovely Presidential pick — this one to work at the Pentagon.

  40. rosettasister Says:

    KoolAid_Free_Lexi Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 1:49 am

    This was stuck in moderation. Sorry!

    You can view at bottom of previous thread.

  41. rosettasister Says:

  42. rosettasister Says:

    Hugh Hewitt enamoured with the Lone Star State (and quite the promoter, too!)


    Texas has been a great place to visit and the radio audiences in the Lone Star State have been terrific.

    I especially appreciate the willingness of many to join TalkPac.com,


    to subscribe to Townhall Magazine,


    and to order The Fair Tax Fantasy


    and be open to its arguments as well as to the arguments on why Congressman Paul Ryan’s flat tax is so vastly a superior approach to tax genuine, doable tax reform.


    The talk radio audience is informed, active, energized and upbeat.

    The airports I have been moving through are crowded and with only a few masks, so Vice President Biden’s alarmism is not widely shared.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Some of you may be familiar with Amir Taheri’s articles:

    Amir Taheri With Hugh Hewitt

    Listen here:

    Hugh spends the first of two hours with exiled Iranian journalist Amir Taheri, author of The Persian Night, and goes into why Iran is the way it is and what makes it tick.

    [audio src="http://ht.salemweb.net/townhall/audio/mp3/3718ec99-a158-40aa-a730-3d9f72a92482.mp3" /]

    Hugh concludes his two-hour in-depth look inside the workings of Iran with exiled Iranian journalist Amir Taheri, author of The Persian Night.

    [audio src="http://ht.salemweb.net/townhall/audio/mp3/69d1bb3b-a50f-4dbb-9bb1-7c4192f0e265.mp3" /]


    The Persian Night author Amir Taheri on why Iran is the way Iran is.



    HH: Do you sense a crescendo towards a confrontation with the West coming soon, Mr. Taheri?

    AT: Well, the confrontation started in 1979 with the Revolution itself. Everybody remembers the seizure of the American Embassy and the holding of the American hostages.

    But people forget that many other Western embassies were also attacked, and many Westerners that also were seized as hostages, although not as long as the Americans.

    For example, the French Ambassador in Tehran, Guy Georgy, was also seized as a hostage. The Italian Embassy was raided, the German cultural attaché was held as a hostage.

    And many organizations and groups and societies that represented the Western relations with Iran were closed down.

    Films from Europe and America were banned, plays by Western authors were banned, novels by Western authors were banned and blacklisted.

    So there was really a war attitude towards the Western civilization as a whole right from the start.

    And the Islamic regime carried out … terrorist operations in many Western countries including France, where over 50 people were killed on different occasions by true terrorist operations financed and organized from Tehran.

    There were terrorist attacks in Britain, in Germany, in Turkey, in Switzerland, in Italy and Spain. So this was has really been going on for about thirty years.

    The difference is that of course this is a low intensity war. It is a brick by brick killing of people.

    Therefore, it has not attracted the kind of intense attention that an ordinary conventional war would have done.

    And as Iran does not know whether it is a country or a cause, this was will continue.

  44. rosettasister Says:

    Mark Steyn with Hugh Hewitt

    Listen here:

    Hugh talks politics and flu news of the week with Columnist To the World Mark Steyn, with the Young Guns, and with humorise, columnist, author and blogger James Lileks.

    [audio src="http://ht.salemweb.net/townhall/audio/mp3/d156a084-a8b1-4888-8014-84097beb2a9e.mp3" /]


    The Swine Flu with Steyn and Hugh.



    HH: And did you have to lie down and catch your breath after the 100 days, and the 100 days press conference, Mark Steyn? We’ve got about a minute.

    MS: Yeah, I got the feeling, you know, I’ve enjoyed the first hundred days of the first hundred days of the celebration of Obama’s first hundred days, but now I’ve really had my fill.

    I’ve really had my fill of it now, and I wish he’d stop cutting into prime time TV, and just get on with the job, really.

    HH: And are you sorry to see Arlen go?

    MS: No, I’m not. I think what’s interesting is that this is less devastating than he imagines.

    If he felt as strong as Jim Jeffords or Joe Lieberman, he would have become an independent.

    He knows he’s not that popular in Pennsylvania, as Lieberman and Jeffords were in Connecticut and Vermont.

    So this isn’t quite the same deal that those two did.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    Investor activism gains momentum amid crisis


    Attendees at the Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit in Washington this week said corporate governance reform efforts are gaining traction as angry investors respond to financial industry bailouts, sunken stock portfolios and widespread job losses.

    Not everyone thinks proposed changes are a good move. While some say bailed-out companies should be subject to pay caps and other oversight, they do not want a raft of new restrictions expanded to other companies.

    “If you’re a profit-making organization, we shouldn’t have anything to do with the management of it,” U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, told the Reuters summit.

    Investors showed their anger on Wednesday with one of the most well-known recipients of taxpayer money — Bank of America Corp, which needed a $20 billion bailout to absorb its acquisition of troubled Merrill Lynch & Co.

    Bank of America shareholders voted to strip Chief Executive Kenneth Lewis of power by replacing him as chairman of the board in a sign of their discontent. Such moves are rare in Corporate America, and often are precursors of an executive’s eventual ouster from the company.

    While summit attendees said governance activists have momentum in the wake of the financial crisis, some fear that regulators and lawmakers will go too far, particularly in trying to control executive payouts at a time of much populist anger against big business.

    “I’ve never been a strong advocate that the government should get involved in setting salaries or bonus or things,” said Democratic U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski, chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets. “That’s what we have structural organizations known as corporations for.”

  46. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Strong-Arm Tactic’ — Sen. Judd Gregg: Democrats abusing constitutional process with Senate


    Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

    ” Unfortunately. It’s our children that are going to pay for this with a massive increase in the death.

    This budget increases the deficit five trillion dollars on average every year for ten years it increases the debt.

    Public debt as a percent GDP to 80%. Today were running about 40%.

    Try to put that in perspective you can not get into the European Union hasn’t applying country if you’re –

    That debt to GDP ratio exceeds 60% so basically a country like flat here with the way to get into the European Union but we couldn’t because we repeat to propagate and we have too much debt loaded onto our children that.

    I know you talk about long term we talk about our children but this is also going to come back a lot of critics say the bias and a couple of years maybe next year we were talking interest rates going up — I’m stars are going to.

    That’s sort of I mean basically the deficits. — excessive beginning this year but they’ve become Unconscionable beginning in the third fourth here his –

    than just continue to expand and that’s going to have want to to a vaccine you have to play the money supply and reduce the value of the dollar in May made it make our debt less saleable.

    We’re going to have to radically increased taxes neither one is going to have a massively did. Four effect on our economy.”

  47. rosettasister Says:

    I overheard Mark Levin say that if Obama and the Dems succeed in their class-warfare efforts, then he may just have to relocate to Belize. He was only half-kidding.

    Where will the entrepreneurial class go? They won’t stay here if it’s not in their best interest.

    US Congress Approves 2010 Budget, by Mike Godfrey, Tax-News.com, Washington


    “Despite the majority’s insistence that this bloated budget is the answer to all of our problems, several facts are irrefutable: working Americans will be hit hard with higher taxes and more debt,” remarked Senator Judd Gregg, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee.

    “This budget will allow a national sales tax on energy which will cost American households up to USD3,000 a year. It would add to the burden on the middle class by ending the Make Work Pay tax credit and omitting USD187bn worth of tax relief that was promised in the House-passed budget resolution. That will cost working Americans more money at a time they can least afford it,” he added.

    Judd said that Americans will not only have to saddle a higher tax burden, but also suffer “massive new levels of debt as far as the eye can see.”

    “The spending is so reckless that even with much higher taxes, we are on an extremely dangerous fiscal path. This budget will double and eventually triple the public debt, driving it up to 75% of GDP. How does a nation get out from underneath that?” Gregg asked.

  48. rosettasister Says:

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Petraeus: Next Two Weeks Critical to Pakistan’s Survival

    Gen. David Petraeus said he is looking for concrete action by the Pakistani government to destroy the Taliban in the next two weeks before determining the United States’ next course of action.


    Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, has told U.S. officials the next two weeks are critical to determining whether the Pakistani government will survive, FOX News has learned.

    “The Pakistanis have run out of excuses” and are “finally getting serious” about combating the threat from Taliban and Al Qaeda extremists operating out of Northwest Pakistan, the general added.

    But Petraeus also said wearily that “we’ve heard it all before” from the Pakistanis and he is looking to see concrete action by the government to destroy the Taliban in the next two weeks before determining the United States’ next course of action, which is presently set on propping up the Pakistani government and military with counterinsurgency training and foreign aid.

    Petraeus made these assessment in talks with lawmakers and Obama administration officials this week, according to individuals familiar with the discussions.

    They said Petraeus and senior administration officials believe the Pakistani army, led by Chief of Staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, is “superior” to the civilian government, led by President Ali Zardari, and could conceivably survive even if Zardari’s government falls to the Taliban.

  50. rosettasister Says:

    60 militants including few foreigners killed, 18 vehicles destroyed in Buner Operation


    Director General ISPR, Major General Athar Abbas

    On Buner operation, he said, “it is progressing smoothly as the security forces have successfully managed to link up with own forces at Daggar after clearing a tough opposition on Malandir axis.”

    Fierce fighting took place at northern part of Ambela Pass and the security forces are now just short of link up with the forces, he said adding the security forces also came across lot of IEDs, prepared suicide vehicles, suicide motorcycles, individual suicide bombers and a group of 70-8 militants on the way to recapture heights.

    He said two suicide vehicles were destroyed by FC troops while five other suicide vehicles were hit by Army troops and two others by helicopters. Six other vehicles of fleeing militants were also destroyed by the helicopters while three motorcycles were eliminated by advancing forces enroute on small tracks, he said.

    He said one big explosive-laden house along the route was exploded by a suicide bomber as a result of which two Frontier Corps Jawans embraced Shahadat and eight others injured.

    “Ambela town has been surrounded and search and cordon operation is being conducted while house of Commander Ghazi was destroyed at Pir Baba alongwith 4 vehicles. Reportedly few foreign militants inside the house have also been killed,” he said.

    Headquarter of militants at Bagra, south of Gokand has also been destroyed while a suicide bomber has been arrested who tried to blow himself up but due to malfunction of device, he could not succeed and got seriously injured.

  51. rosettasister Says:

    Zardari’s US visit aims to devise a joint strategy to eliminate terrorism


    Pakistan Ambassador to United States Hussain Haqqani on Friday said that the forthcoming US visit of President Asif Ali Zardari aimed at devising a joint strategy to eliminate terrorism from the entire region.

    Talking to OneWrold he said, Pakistan-Afghanistan and the United States are serious in jointly exterminating terrorism.

    He expressed his hope that the objectives of President’s US visit would be achieved.

    The US now a days was analysing Pakistan’s needs,problems and contemplating how to ensure prosperous Pakistan,he added.

    Pakistan has a great potential to go forward.It is 160 million strong nation.There was plethora of educated youth.Country is atomic power.

    Commenting on the statement of the US President Obama, he said his statement was being scrutinised in wrong context, Obama’s mean was that the civilian administration of Pakistan was fragile due to the scarcity of health care, education facilities,etc.


    Petraeus Clarification (Perhaps with Pakistanis fighting and dying and killing our enemies, the timing of Petraeus’s statement was ill-advised.)

    Regarding the statement of Gen Petraeus, he said General Petraeus has contradicted the statement being attributed to him that the next two weeks are crucial for Pakistan.

    Within a day or so the Americans would clarify their statements being attributed in wrong context.Pakistan must not worry on just news items, he added.

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Karl Rove, love him or hate him, he was right when he criticized Obama’s remarks regarding Pakistan in his 100 days press conference.

    I’m paraphrasing, but he said, “Talk about ugly Americans!”

    Apparently the Pakistanis were none too pleased, either.

  53. hockeyfan530 Says:

    great response from McCarthy to Holder…you have to read this!


  54. j.b. Says:

    I just heard this on RUSH and was about to post the link, myself. Fan-fucking-tastic! What a man!
    The server has crashed at the site RUSH mentioned-here’s a link in addition to HF’s.


  55. ryansgrammy Says:

    From the Right Side of Life, was not aware of this case before the SCOTUS regarding the eligibility issue (response due by May 18). Part of the case is that Arlen Specter was appointed as an elector for the 2008 and that is illegal according to the US Constitution (not that these bozos care what is in the Constitution unless it suits them).

  56. rosettasister Says:

    I am enjoying all the music, including the Frank Mills.

    But I must admit, when I saw it I thought it was this:

    “I met a boy called Frank Mills
    On September twelfth right here
    In front of the Waverly
    But unfortunately
    I lost his address”

    I used to drive my daughter mad singing this to her (she was born on September 12th).

    I was very playful with both my children. I miss that and will make a great grandmother someday!

    Here’s one we used to have a lot of fun with!

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Michael Steele – Overheard on Bill Bennett Radio Show this morning.

    I don’t know if this is a weekly gig or not, but if you get a chance to listen to Michael Steele on Friday mornings, 6 – 9 AM Eastern, 3 – 6 AM Pacific, please do.

    He’s so funny and so energetic!

    Anyway, a caller said that even though “we” don’t agree with everything Obama’s doing, we could never come over to your side because there were some who wouldn’t vote for Obama simply because he’s Black.

    Michael Steele’s retort:

    I’ve had Blacks tell me they wouldn’t vote for me simply because I’m a Black Republican. Isn’t that the same thing?

    I found that to be a very profound statement.

  58. rosettasister Says:

    Souter Said To Be Leaving Court in June


    White House officials contacted Thursday night declined to comment.

    But Mr. Obama and his team have been thinking for a long time about whom he might put on the court.

    Among the people whose names have been floated in recent months are Elena Kagan, whom Mr. Obama named as his solicitor general, and two federal appeals court judges, Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Pamela Wood.

  59. NEConservative Says:

    Swine Flu really more dangerous??? Hmmm


  60. Troy Says:

    I found this over at Jawa….Roflmaoooo

  61. rosettasister Says:

    FCC Announces May 7 ‘Diversity Committee’ Meeting – Behold a New ‘Fairness’ Doctrine


    Behold one of the new “Fairness” Doctrines – “media diversity” – coming soon to a radio station near you.

    President Barack Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released the names of the thirty-one members of their Advisory Committee On Diversity For Communications In The Digital Age. This May 7 gathering is made up of a laundry list of left-wing grievance groups, with a smattering of radio and television companies included to break up the monotony.

    Not a single conservative organization is taking part in this Commission – more than a dozen Leftist groups are. A little ironic for a “diversity” panel, is it not?

  62. rosettasister Says:

    For Immedite News Release:


    (United States of America) – April 29th 2009 – At 8 P.M, ET American Grand Jury convened and conducted a hearing with regard to CRIMINAL activity, complaints and allegations presented before said Jury.


  63. rosettasister Says:

    I’m sure I don’t understand any of this!


    To: freebird5850

    Photo analysis with pics included.


    19 posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 4:39:57 PM by RummyChick



    Is it possible that stanley had his arm hanging down and then lifted it at the elbow to put his hand around Obama…thus accounting for why the hand looks so awkward.Is that physically possible with men their size?


    To: RummyChick

    “Is it possible that stanley had his arm hanging down and then lifted it at the elbow to put his hand around Obama…thus accounting for why the hand looks so awkward.Is that physically possible with men their size?”

    I just took a good look at that picture. I never noticed it when I saw it before, but like you I don’t think it would be possible. Also notice how Barry is in front of Stanley and then in back of his grandmother. In any picture I have with my kids or grandkids in the middle of my husband and I, if they are big enough their arms would be around us or our arms around them.

    I think that picture was originally just Stanley and his wife.

    32 posted on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 6:36:39 PM by Spunky



    found an image that looks as if it was taken on the same day as the three-some, same clothes


    To: Fred Nerks

    “found an image that looks as if it was taken on the same day as the three-some, same clothes.”

    Seeing him solo is what you’d expect from Obama. What bothers me about the threesome photo, is why did Stanley turn his torso, head, and eyes the left, and away from the camera? I agree that the park bench was drawn into an existing picture given that the edges of the bench.

    101 posted on Thursday, April 30, 2009 8:54:27 AM by Polarik




    To: PhilDragoo; Polarik; All

    Yes, that’s a photo I’ve seen before of O’s maternal grandparents supposedly taken in NYC on a visit to him when he was at Columbia. Is that one photoshopped as well?

    118 posted on Friday, May 01, 2009 5:20:37 AM by justiceseeker93


    To: PhilDragoo

    And it fits!!!

    Nice work, Phil.

    122 posted on Friday, May 01, 2009 12:29:14 PM by Polarik


    To: rodguy911

    “If there is this much photo-shopping going on what does that indicate?”

    It means that Obama’s life story is a fabrication that requires supporting physical evidence to be fabricated as well.

    123 posted on Friday, May 01, 2009 12:39:21 PM by Polarik

    See also:


  64. Troy Says:


  65. rosettasister Says:

    Oklahoma Readies New State Sovereignty Resolution


    Principle of states’ rights is neither new nor ‘radical’


    Thousands of discontented Georgians lined the streets around our state Capitol on April 15 to protest excessive Washington spending and an increasingly burdensome tax code.

    In response to a federal government that thinks it knows how to spend your money better than you do, and continues to grow nearly unchecked, the Georgia Senate voted to reaffirm our rights as a sovereign state to prevent the federal government from continuing to expand.

  66. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, Troy!

  67. rosettasister Says:


    Bob Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and Michelle Obama


  68. rosettasister Says:

    Democrat Congresswoman: Obama Health Care Plan Will Destroy Private Health Care Industry


  69. rosettasister Says:

    This is not a very smart woman!

    Democrat Congresswoman: Obama Health Care Plan Will Destroy Private Health Care Industry


  70. rosettasister Says:

    (Don’t hold your breath! I know these people. And they are much too unsure of themselves and their positions. Their whole world would fall apart!)

    President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Others Owe 1.2 Million Tea Party Patriots Apology


    At this time, the president, and all other politicians who demeaned the protestors, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, and Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-IL, included, owe 1.2 million patriots an apology.

    If our politicians are truly interested in dialogue with the people they claim to represent, such a dialogue must begin with respect for the citizens of this country.

    That show of respect will begin when the politicians acknowledge that mocking and demeaning well-intentioned, peaceful Tea Party Patriots who love their country is the height of arrogance, and a terrible mistake.

    The American people deserve better from their elected representatives, and are beginning to demand it.

  71. rosettasister Says:


  72. rosettasister Says:

    Odds and Ends (or sometimes it pays to have a look at my inbox)

    In case any Long Islanders are lurking:

    Janis Ian at a cool venue:


    John Gorka at another cool venue:

    Nov 21, 2009 Patchogue, NY



    Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman, Jihadic Style. President Obama, Please Read This.



    Enjoy Reflections:
    The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce

    Premiers Sunday May 3, 2009

    Sunday morning from 9 to 11 a.m. EST

    Internet Radio Program


  73. Troy Says:

    Rose, are familiar with David Wilcock?

  74. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Rose, are familiar with David Wilcock?


    Troy, you would ask that!

    I mean that with the utmost affection.

    I have issues with him.

    And you know me and my big fat mouth, I told him as much.

    I’ll explain later, okay.

  75. rosettasister Says:

    Heaven must have programmed Tarja!

    Perhaps my favorite music video:

    Cat Stevens – The Foreigner Suite – Live 1973



  76. Troy Says:

    Troy, you would ask that!

    I mean that with the utmost affection.

    I have issues with him.

    And you know me and my big fat mouth, I told him as much.

    I’ll explain later, okay.

  77. CJ Says:

    Interesting take on the supposed flu pandemic:

    From Doug Hagman’s the Northeast Intelligence Network site written by Randy Taylor:

    “He has to initiate something like this as his thought process is -he sees a major terrorist event as the only catalyst to use in order to sucker the law enforcement community and military to impose military restraints on America and her citizens, allowing him the dictator powers he needs. It will be sold to the American public, law enforcement and the military as necessary for national security and it will evolve into a systematically controlled stripping Americans of all rights including the right to assemble, the right to protest, the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, all under the guise of national security. Obviously communications will be cut and the media will only broadcast what is vetted for release to anyone fortunate enough to still have communications. Travel will be restricted and leaving the country will not be an available option once martial law goes into effect. Eventually, law enforcement and military will realize what is actually happening yet will have a difficult time in reversing it. Top military and law enforcement will either be bribed or threatened to remain loyal to the dictatorship. Dissenters will be done away with.

    It will be much easier for Obama to introduce a captive, disarmed society into a New World Order globalist government because by then we are nothing more than sheep. Question is, what do we do?”

    Scary scenario and will we allow it to happen? More about this on the site and some good articles on other security issues.

  78. Troy Says:

    I would say that about sums it up pretty well.

  79. Troy Says:

    Blowhole, Jon Stewart apologizes.


  80. rosettasister Says:

    Why I have a problem with David Wilcock

    This is David’s website:


    Popular contemporary intuitive/researcher David Wilcock has believed since 1998 that he is Edgar Cayce’s reincarnation.


    I got off on the wrong foot with David Wilcock.

    Here’s why.

    I’ve mentioned before that I feel a strange closeness to George W. Bush. I “see” him as plain as day, as if he’s right here with me.

    This is indeed very strange, considering I voted for Al Gore in 2000. And I believed at the time that Gore should fight for the presidency, which he did until he lost.

    And then I put all that behind me.

    Looking back, I truly believe that Bush “fit the battle” just like Joshua did.

    As time went by, I became increasingly disgusted with the “Truthers.” I believe that I was right about Bush and that they were wrong. And I know not all here will agree with me.

    I’m trying to explain my mindset when I first came across David Wilcock’s website.

    There’s more to the story as to why this is just such a sore point with me. But it’s just too personal and frankly, too painful, to convey here.

    Let’s just say Joe Lieberman wasn’t the only one who paid for his loyalty to America and to President Bush.

    Back to the story.

    I was browsing David’s website and came across a Photoshopped image which just infuriated me.

    Someone had juxtaposed an image of Bin Laden with Bush.

    The implication was that they were of the same cloth or that they were “in on it” together.
    Well, I totally lost my cool.

    I contacted him and said, “I knew Edgar Cayce, and you are no Edgar Cayce!”

    That wasn’t very nice of me and I am sorry.

    You see that was just around the time I was getting to know Dan and Marcia (Eagles Disobey) and I made them aware of how I felt.

    I wanted to know if they approved, as I surely didn’t.

    They were very understanding, didn’t really answer me, but at least they made room for how I felt.

    I remember them saying my anger had something to do with the Zeitgeist (the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time.)

    I do believe they would have been understanding no matter what. They’re just very understanding people.

    And I know Dan and Marcia are both very fond of David.

    There’s something else that bothers me.

    David believes he was Edgar Cayce in a former life.

    If reincarnation is a fact, then what David believes may very well be true.

    But why put that out there? I’ve seen the photographs. The resemblance is uncanny.

    This is like me believing I was Abraham Lincoln in a former life.

    And, you know, you really should listen to me because I used to be Abraham Lincoln.

    (I told Barack forget about it! You weren’t Abraham, I was!)

    Seriously, it kinda creeps me out and I believe takes away from his message.

    Which is probably a good message. But I wouldn’t know that because I’ve put up this artificial wall between us because of my first encounter with him.

    And that is my fault.

    Now, Troy, aren’t you glad you asked?!

  81. Troy Says:

    😀 I never cared much for Wilcock’s Edgar Cayce claim either….It just seems kind of hokie….His message is ok and has good intent, but like so many others, some of the stuff he says is way the heck out there.

  82. rosettasister Says:

    Troy Says:
    May 2, 2009 at 2:06 am

    “like so many others, some of the stuff he says is way the heck out there”


    I’m a little “out there” myself!

  83. rosettasister Says:

    In case anyone has an interest. I’ve been affiliated with A.R.E. since about 1984. My sister, Rita, worked at the Virginia Beach HQ before she passed away.




  84. Troy Says:

    I’m really an Atlantian reincarnated into a country hick from Texas. 🙂

  85. Troy Says:

    BTW, that was an attempt at humor. 😉

  86. Fernley Girl Says:

    Here’s the text of a treaty for gun control at the State Department:


    Analysis of treaty here:


  87. Troy Says:

    Well well, what a surprise….Rose, I watched the videos and it turns out that you and I could probably have some very interesting discussions on several topics, but here is probably not the place for that.

  88. rosettasister Says:

    Past Lives Pavilion

    View the rest here:


  89. patriotamy Says:

    Whoa, Edgar Cayce!! Read some of his works in the 70’s. Hadn’t thought about him or his works for years.

  90. rosettasister Says:

    I forced myself to have a look at David’s blog.

    Perhaps my first impression of him was correct.

    There’s nothing divine about his cosmos.

    And there’s no Edgar Cayce in him, either.


    His blog should be called “Ravings of a delusional mind”



    Beverly Eckert was not the only anti-New World Order activist on the plane that crashed in Buffalo. If this was a sabotage, then whomever did it could proverbially “kill two birds with one stone” — making it all the more attractive of a prospect (emphasis added):

    So… as the conspiracy unraveled in the aftermath of the meeting Obama had with Eckert a week ago, secret plans may have been discussed to bring up the real perpetrators of 9/11 on international war crimes charges.

    Des Forges could have been an instrumental player in helping “use the press and international courts as a bully pulpit” to get this agenda out there.

    This crash is just a little too advantageous. Was Des Forges an unannounced part of the potential ‘new’ 9/11 commission meetings, and thus potentially traveling on that same flight with Eckert to help her celebrate her deceased husband’s birthday — while also discussing their plans for the next step together, now that they had the attention of the new, improved President of the United States?

    Why else would these two MAJOR anti-New World Order power players “just so happen” to be on the same plane?


  91. rosettasister Says:

    patriotamy Says:
    May 2, 2009 at 5:08 am

    Whoa, Edgar Cayce!! Read some of his works in the 70’s. Hadn’t thought about him or his works for years.


    Good morning, Amy!

    I do have an open mind, but I certainly do not see a conspiracy around every corner.

    I’m a Dem, but I don’t believe all Dems are good and all Repubs are evil.

    And that mindset is certainly out there.

    It may be true that Obama either wasn’t born in Hawaii or that he lost his natural born status when his Indonesian step-father adopted him.

    But I’m more concerned with where Obama and the Dems want to take this country.

    This debt burden will not only hurt us but will especially hurt the poorest in the poorest lands long after Obama is gone.

  92. rosettasister Says:

    Statement from Dan:

    “There is NO credible evidence that this H1N1 virus is the result of biological warfare.

    I have looked at the demographics & epidemiology and RNA sequences, and all of the presented data from items such as nuclear export protein, neuraminidase, and hemagglutinin.

    What I would expect to find, if it were of laboratory origin, is NOT present.

    This virus does NOT bear markers which would suggest to me that its morbidity/virulence would probably become as pronounced as the “1918 Influenza A s/t H1N1 (Spanish)”.

    That does not mean that it is not dangerous!

    It is a dangerous virus which can produce severe disease process leading, in some, to death.

    Care for yourselves during this outbreak, and use COMMON SENSE.

    Common sense must apply! Follow the suggestions of agencies such as the CDC –

    http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/ (What You Can Do to Stay Healthy)


  93. rosettasister Says:

    Highly recommend you listen to the third hour (probably around two-thirds in) where Mr. Levin interviews Paul Rahe.

    May 1, 2009

    On Friday’s Mark Levin Show: Mark discusses the announcement of Justice Souter retiring. Mark goes into the Supreme Court’s role – one that is to interpret the Constitution, and not to be advocates with radical agendas. Mark also goes through the various Amendments that are under attack. Mark gives notice to how the White House is intimidating private citizens and private entities.

    Finally, Professor Paul Rahe from Hillsdale College calls in and talks about his book, “Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift.”

    Listen here:

    [audio src="http://citadelcc.vo.llnwd.net/o29/network/Levin/MP3/levin05012009.mp3" /]

    Soft Despotism, Democracy’s Drift: Montesquieu, Rousseau, Tocqueville, and the Modern Prospect

    Paul Anthony Rahe


  94. rosettasister Says:

    Paul A. Rahe – Political Historian




    Paul Rahe & Soft Despotism


    Paul Rahe is crazy smart, on this there can be no debate. He wrote one of my favorite essays ever written — on American and the Godfather (I wrote about it years ago).

    Rahe’s got a new book out on “Soft Despotism.” I have it and plan to read it when I get a chance. In the meantime, here’s Rahe on John Miller’s “Between the Covers.”


    Liberal Fascism pops up in the second question.

    04/21 12:58 PM

  95. rosettasister Says:

    That “+1” number does not bode well for Obama.



    +1 Presidential Approval Index

    33% Strongly Approve

    32% Strongly Disapprove

    54% Total Approve

    45% Total Disapprove

  96. rosettasister Says:

    “There is no question of surrendering weapons”

    Stop Undermining the State of Pakistan

    Saturday, 02 May 2009 15:34


    Pakistan’s State institutions, its Constitution and its legal system, its public space and its public narrative is being dominated by the militia groups which have publicly denounced the Constitution, the Supreme Court and Pakistan’s legal system.

    Sufi Mohammad has also declared his intention to go beyond Malakand with his agenda to implement Shariah.

    Maulvi Fazlullah’s spokesperson Muslim Khan said to me that there is no question of surrendering weapons.

    We will keep the weapons because the world he said must be aware of US threat to the Muslim World.

    This is the group with which Nizam-i-Adal was signed in the hope that this will give space to the State institutions to recoup and re-enter the administrative and security fray in district Swat. Sufi Mohammad, the interlocutor, was meant to be the peace-man who would bring Fazlullah to the negotiating table. The two major disappointments already experienced by the ANP and the army is that they were both hoping that Sufi Mohammad would make two significant announcements during his celebration speech in Mingora. One that Fazlullah’s men will surrender their arms and vow to give up fight. And two that the people must stop supporting the militants and that no one will attend the burial prayers of militants. Neither was said.

    Pakistan’s State, politics and society are in grave danger. The deal with the militants, in the form of Adal Regulation, has undermined the constitution and Supreme Court of the country. What should the government now do is the million dollar question? Conceding power, legality, authority and even territory to these groups’ means more of this must follow in other areas of Pakistan. Can we allow it? How will the State, the government and the parliament retrieve a terrible situation, which threatens to destroy the very frame within which this country exists?

    A comprehensive national strategy to deal with the threat of the militias is urgently needed. Without it the unraveling of the structures of State will ensue rapidly.

  97. rosettasister Says:

    Is It The End of Corrupt Zardari? US wants 110% from ‘Mr 10%’


    One possibility being discussed is Washington may want Sharif as prime minister in place of the incumbent, Yousuf Raza Gilani, with the backing of the Pakistani army. The army’s primacy remains unquestioned by the US.

    Evidently unnerved at the possibility and clearly miffed at his government being described as ”fragile” Gilani told reporters in Pakistan that President Obama’s observations at his White House press conference was his ”personal opinion.” US Presidents are not known though to essay personal opinion from the White House lectern.

    Meantime, there was even greater consternation in Pakistani circles over reports Washington had given Islamabad a two-week deadline (in comments attributed to US General David Petraeus) to sort out the Taliban or risk a US military intervention.

    US officials subsequently denied the report but said Pakistan needed to be consistent and decisive in its action against extremists.

    ”This is not something we’re going to be able to deal with in two days, two weeks, two months. This is going to take time,” said State Department spokesman Robert Wood, adding, ”But what’s important is … 110 per cent effort.”

    But from all accounts, Washington does not think the man who is famously known as Mr Ten Per cent can make the 110 per cent effort. The big question now is whether Zardari can survive two weeks in office after being so severely undermined by the US. Lets welcome the Pakistan Army.

  98. rosettasister Says:

    Apologies if already posted

    Eligibility case defendants don’t want to answer now

    Lawyer for Obama, Congress says representation decision unmade

    Posted: April 28, 2009


  99. rosettasister Says:


    To: 1234; Beckwith; FrdmLvr; Prole; backhoe; Jet Jaguar; Ernest_at_the_Beach; ETL; Brown Deer; …

    I offer this for your appraisal. When the Daily Kos posted the now-infamous Certification of Live Birth image along with a cover story on June 12, 2008, the Kos received 648 comments in a span of only 24 hours, of which the first 644 were about the most insipid, lame, and mindless reactions ever accumulated in one place.

    The vast majority of them consisted of derogatory comments about John McCain and his eligibility issue:


    HOWEVER, there was one, brave Kos commenter who identified all of the key anomalies in the COLB image and had the stones to question it’s authenticity. Her screen name is Aspergirl and her comment was #643, or one of the last five comments to be posted.

    Why is this significant?

    Because I believe that her comments hit too close to home. I believe that she struck a nerve, and that’s why the comments section was closed off to new ones less than three hours after he post.

    Here is her comments, and they serve as a testament to those loyal to the truth:

    Birth Certificate is an Obvious Fake (0+ / 0-)

    Sorry to disabuse you folks, but this birth certificate on dailykos is an obvious fake.

    The fake “birth certificate” just appeared Thursday morning on dailykos without any reference as to who released it or where it came from.

    There is a link from the fightthesmears website to “the truth” posting on mybarackobama.com to it without any reference. (i.e. there is no “this is Barack Obama’s birth certificate provided to dailykos by person xxx of the Obama campaign”)

    There is no provenance explaining where the “birth certificate” came from. In Hawaii, birth certificates aren’t publicly available and reporters’ requests for one have been ignored for months.

    There is no explanation as to whom vouches for its origins or its authenticity.

    The certificate number is blacked out. Why?

    There are image artifacts consistent with forgeries and image processing. It’s not a real, unprocessed scan of a birth certificate.

    It’s not certified. Hawaii state code provides that certificates issued by the department of health be certified.

    “§338-13 Certified copies. (a) Subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18, the department of health shall, upon request, furnish to any applicant a certified copy of any certificate, or the contents of any certificate, or any part thereof. (b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original,…”

    This certificate is what the Hawaii DOH calls a “Late” Certificate of Birth, and it is not an original Birth Certificate for a birth recorded near the date of actual birth. In Hawaii, anyone can claim they were born there and submit the evidence years after the birth to obtain a late “Certificate of Birth”.


    “Who is Eligible to Apply for Late Registration? As provided by law (HRS §§338-15, 338-29.5), the following persons may apply for late registration: Any person born in Hawaii who is one year old or older and whose birth has not been previously registered in Hawaii, or that person’s parent, guardian, next of kin, or older person acting for that person and having knowledge of the facts of birth may request the registration of a late certificate of birth.

    Doe the Obama campaign have a statement on this uncertified “birth certificate”?

    Isn’t this Obama’s “birth certificate” issue getting to be kind of strange by now?

    How can a man run for President without disclosing his birth certificate?

    Why does an anonymous, no-provenance, obviously fake scan of an uncertified birth certificate appear on dailykos, a fanatically pro-Obama blog?

    Why won’t the Obamas or the Obama campaign just formally and transparently release a certified copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate?

    “It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant.” -Barack Obama

    by AsperGirl on Fri Jun 13, 2008 at 08:05:30 AM PDT

    53 posted on Saturday, May 02, 2009 9:47:20 AM by Polarik

  100. rosettasister Says:

    “My life was ruined by the Dims.” – Polarik

    MHGinTN Despairs


    To: Polarik

    It’s about time to give this up. The Consgtitutional Republic is no more, replaced with a federal oligarchy run by the democrat party.

    The court system is now corrupted at it’s highest level as evidenced by the subprme court placing a stamp of approval upon a man who refuses to prove his Constitutional eligibility.

    The subsequent acts by this affirmative action fraud and his minions prove the Republic no longer functions via rule of law, the pres__ent and his criminal enterprise are fast mutating this nation into a serfdom of indentured workers under federal controls.

    When cap&tax and single payer insurer are enacted, the transition will be completed and nothing stands in the way of that, including the effort to uphold a now dead Constitutional contract with the once sovereign ‘we the people’ turned ‘we the ruled’.

    55 posted on Saturday, May 02, 2009 9:58:32 AM by MHGinTN


    To: MHGinTN

    As bleak as it seems, O stands on a house of cards that will eventually collapse around him. He is his own, worst enemy. He’s a narcisist and pathological liar, who craves adulation. Once that adulation starts to crumble, so will he. We need to use their own set of rules against them and develop a cohesive strategy that has the best chance of succeeding.

    The tea parties proved that people can come together on short notice, and that is made possible by the digital medium. “Flash mobs” will be the key.

    I’m not going to roll over..not after my life was ruined by the Dims. I hope the feeling resonates among the 46 million who didn’t vote for this usurper, and the ones just coming to grips with buyer’s remorse.

    Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country.

    57 posted on Saturday, May 02, 2009 10:21:10 AM by Polarik

  101. rosettasister Says:

    Anyone know a good source of information? – I’d like to see a true comparison of the tax situation in various countries around the world. Just in case!

    Country Profiles Database


    Mostly I’m just curious.

  102. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:


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