Down in the River to Pray



Shiloh Cemetary


Shiloh Area Map


From Zenophobius

Produced in 1970 by Allen Toussaint. Pure New Orleans Funk & Rare Grooves by the master Lee Dorsey.

From whaun

Using stock film footage from BBC nature films, this video follows God’s most amazing natural creations of water and wildlife. The images are set to Alison Krauss’ haunting acapella rendition of “Down in the River to Pray”

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  1. inspirational Says:

    have a great weekend everyone…First?

  2. inspirational Says:

    wow…traffic is really slow that I am first twice in one week.

  3. Tenacity Says:


  4. Tenacity Says:

    Not first………..

  5. budgy Says:

    I went and looked around at Larry’s after reading Calli’s post on the last thread. Lots of changes going on over there. Did you see the story he has about Reggie Love and Nick Colvin? lol

  6. sdee Says:

    Here is another “overheard at lunch” from the G20.

    Apparently now Bo’s the one with a thrill up his leg over racist Brazilian president da Silva.

    ”’During a lunch at the Group of 20 summit in London, Obama shook hands with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and said: “This is my man, right here. I love this guy.”’

    ”’Obama followed the comment by saying Silva is “the most popular politician on Earth” and that it is because of “his good looks.””’

  7. sdee Says:

    budgy Says: Did you see the story he has about Reggie Love and Nick Colvin?

    That who;e “male b-ball companion” story seemed to stink from the beginning.

  8. j.b. Says:

    Although I do not recall the actual scandel that Larry refers to when speaking about Reggie, I DO RECALL an episode of Law and Order on that very subject! The subject being; Gay pro players in some kind of a sex “ring” , if-you-will. NTTAWWT. *cough*

  9. sdee Says:

    I read a couple of focused articles today sort past the distractions being served up to the American public. We indeed appear to have elected George Soros President.

    The distractions swirling around the “Trinity” of new domestic agenda….

    The basic tenets of our foreign policy……

  10. Troy Says:

    The “D” word

  11. Troy Says:

    The “Internet 2”, brought to you by Barack Obama.

  12. Troy Says:

    and here

  13. Troy Says:

    I knew as soon as the story broke that John “Bathroom Hider” Edwards was using campaign funds/donations to silence, house, feed and clothe his concubineand his bastard child….Why in the hell did this take so long?

  14. Troy Says:

    I knew this was a BS lie as soon as the Misinform Media reported it….Since when are AK-47’s manufactured and sold in the U.S.?….For anyone not familiar with firearms AK-47 are also known as Kalashnikovs (as in, Russian)

  15. Troy Says:

    I too, am arrogant and dismissive!!!….Hey Obama, SUCK IT!!!!!

  16. Troy Says:

    The Taliban, obviously suffering from penis envy, tries to falsely take credit for the mass murder committed by a whacked out Vietnamese man in upstate NY.

  17. Katie Says:

    Troy – you’re following in Rose’s footprints – lots of links this morning.

    Our Government Engaged In EXTORTION With Our Banks!

    By Judge Andrew Napolitano
    FOX News Senior Judicial Analyst

  18. Troy Says:

  19. Troy Says:

    Sheesh, Fox News has the CIC (Chimp in Chief) on the screen this morning….My MUTE button is getting worn out!!!….If you watch closely, every time he speaks, you can see a little winged turd with a golden harp come flying out of his mouth…It’s quite impressive!!! 🙂

  20. Troy Says:

    Bob Schultz on the Alex Jones show.

  21. rosettasister Says:

    “a little winged turd with a golden harp come flying out of his mouth”



  22. rosettasister Says:

    A message to all members of DontGo Movement

    Fellow DontGo Movement Members,

    The Tea Party Movement has kept us all extremely busy, the fruits of our hard work are beginning to reveal themselves. We now have 360 fully confirmed Tea Party protests happening in all 50 states on April 15th, 2009.

    I will likely be on the Glenn Beck TV program this week or next to discuss the effort on Fox News. We’ve also been on countless radio programs and the Nationwide Movement is really starting to heat up.

    So what does this mean for the DontGo Movement?

    Well, it means that we, along with Smart Girl Politics and TCOT, were able to pull off something that multi-million dollar organizations have tried to do for years but failed at… create an online environment where true grassroots movements can grow into mountain moveming political action giants.

    And the best part is that we did it as an all volunteer effort. This is all thanks to people like you!!!

    What is the next step for us?

    We’re growing leaps and bounds. Our e-mail list has more than doubled in less than four weeks and we anticipate having access to more than 75,000 new names and e-mails post April 15th.

    This means that on April 16th, we’re going to be able to inject a huge crowd of new members into our networks and begin establishing the foundation needing to build our state coalitions on.

    With that said, I want to encourage each of you to begin aggressively building up your state page on the social network and be ready for the influx of new members to come post April 15th.

    Begin networking and building relationships. Start conversations and invite friends as often as possible.

    We’ve removed the Google ads (paid for the premium service) from the site and we’re getting ready to start adding state coalition leaders into the mix..

    Please help us build one of the hottest new free-market social networks on the web. We’ve got a war to fight (socialism is the enemy) and it’s going to require all hands on deck.

    -Eric Odom

    Visit DontGo Movement at:

  23. rosettasister Says:

    From ericodom

    March 25, 2009

    is offering a FREE trip to Nashville for the Tech/New Media conference for the best home “Tea Party” video.

    Just reply to this video with a brief explanation on why you think the Tea Party Movement is important. You can also send your video link to

  24. rosettasister Says:

    For Valley of the Sun residents:

    Saturday April 4, 2009
    • 9:00am – Rodeo Parade, Cave Creek AZ
    Contact Patty at 602-423-2225
    • 1:00pm – PRCA Rodeo Performance, Memorial Arena
    • 7:00pm – PRCA Rodeo Performance, Memorial Arena
    • 7:00pm – Rodeo Dance, Harold’s in Cave Creek
    Admission – $5.00 Outside: Young Country from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am
    Inside: Mogollon from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am
    KNIX from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm

    Sunday April 5, 2009

    • 1:00pm – PRCA Rodeo Performance, Memorial Arena

  25. rosettasister Says:

    Obamanomics is not economics, it’s ideology

    But Robert Reich is a fortune teller and seer, who can predict the future:

    “In 10 years, taxes are expected to fall to around 19% of GDP, a lower level than the late 1990s.

    Spending is expected to drop to around 22.5% of GDP, about where it was under Ronald Reagan — including nondefense discretionary spending at about 3.6% of GDP, its lowest since data on this were first collected in 1962.”

    This is not just a rosy prediction on Reich’s part, it is a lie. The Congressional Budget Office assesses

    that Obama’s budget would double budget deficits to almost ten trillion dollars while taxes would increase by several trillion dollars.

    These monumental increases will be painfully felt by all of us, not just the hated “class” of the rich.

    They will cripple the nation for decades, if not forever.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    Check out video here:

    Santelli takes on Liberal Economist Reich on $1.1 Trillion for IMF

    CNBC reporter debates former Clinton Labor Secretary on merits of government spending to ‘reflate’ collapsed credit market.

    Santelli, who rose to prominence earlier this year when he railed against President Barack Obama’s policies on live TV from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, disagreed with the notion the only way to come out of these economic conditions would be to throw money at poor and developing countries.

  27. rosettasister Says:

    I posted the info about Robert Reich because a little while back I saw him being interviewed by Larry Kudlow.

    And he said that “Total annual deficit or surplus as a share of GDP” is the most important indicator to look at.

    I thought at the time, yes, a lefty economist who agrees with me.

    He’s since figured out just how bad these numbers are and will be if Obama gets his way on the FY 2010 budget.

    Because I saw him again last night with Mr. Kudlow and now he says it’s just fine that we’re running deficits as high as we did in the WWII years.

    Now I ask you, things are bad, but are they really as bad as they were say in 1939 or 1941?!

    FDR didn’t run deficits this high during the New Deal era, for crying out loud!

    Total annual deficit or surplus as a share of GDP

    FY 2008 – 3.2%

    FY 2009 – 13.1%

    FY 2010 – 9.6%

  28. Troy Says:

    What the idiot in the video doesn’t seem to understand is that it was the IMF that pillaged and plundered these third world countries in the first place…The new IMF scam is to dole out the 1.1 trillion dollars, of which the U.S. taxpayers furnished the 250 billion dollar lion share of, and repillage the same countries again so as to gobble up the 1.1 trillion for the Rothschilds and their Euro buddies….It’s actually a brilliant scam.

    repillage???….Is that a word?…Hehehe…I don’t know. 😀

  29. Katie Says:

    It didn’t take very long. You’d think the story would be about the police officers that were killed. Nope. How many times can we count the ways it mentions fearing Obama’s ban on weapons? This is feeding into the attack on the 2nd Amendment, and the plan to force people into being tested for depression. It’s truly disgusting.

    PITTSBURGH (AP) – A man opened fire on officers during a domestic disturbance call Saturday morning, killing three of them, a police official said. Friends said he feared the Obama administration was poised to ban guns.

  30. Troy Says:

    Look here; nuclear

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Years ago Mona Charen was appearing on CSPAN and another woman called in and basically said that it was people like Ms. Charen who deserved to be “thrown off the cliff.”

    This other woman was so filled with hate that I’ll bet both Ms. Charen and the CSPAN moderator remember the call.

    If you don’t pay attention to anything else I write, please pay attention to this.

    I was in charge of the volunteer effort in Schenectady County, New York for Ted Kennedy in 1980.

    I did meet one of Robert Kennedy’s daughters there.

    But I’ve learned something that I fear both sides haven’t figured out yet.

    You are inextricably tethered to the opposition.

    And I would have to say that the left in our country is more “Guilty.”

    Their answer is to throw those they perceive as guilty off the cliff.

    But I am here to tell you that you are doomed to be pulled off the cliff, too, if you don’t make room for them.

    Please listen to Mona Charen.

    She makes a lot of sense.


    Mona Charen and Judd Gregg

    The Ship Is Sinking: Quick, Add Water,_add_water

    The sheer size of this proposed debt is making even Europeans quake.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has three times declined the urging of Obama administration officials to mimic America’s debt spree.

    Some Europeans are even becoming role models for Republicans.

    As Veronique de Rugy reports in National Review Online, Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., introduced an amendment “to ensure that the budget of the Federal Government is put on a sustainable path by prohibiting consideration of a budget resolution that does not meet the minimum standard of budgetary discipline as defined by the Treaty on European Union (the Maastricht Treaty): a budget deficit no larger than 3 percent of GDP and government debt no larger than 60 percent of GDP.”

    The amendment was rejected.

    (Senator Gregg knew his amendment would be rejected outright. He was trying to show
    just how far afield we really are. Sorry, Senator, you’re going to have to do better than that.)

    Sen. Gregg, nobody’s idea of an hysteric, is profoundly worried: “… if you take all the debt of our country run up by all of our presidents from George Washington through George W. Bush, the total debt over all those 200-plus years since we started as a nation, it is President Obama’s plan to double that debt in just the first five years that he is in office.”

    (Senator, many of us are hoping that Obama gets only four years.)

    To quote the theme song of the TV show “Monk,” “If you paid attention, you’d be worried, too.”

  32. Tenacity Says:

    Pilates move over:

  33. Troy Says:

    The truth

  34. sliderblaze Says:

    heEey good peoples

  35. Troy Says:

    Hey Sliderman….Long time, no see!!!…How’s everything?

  36. rosettasister Says:

    Good Palm Sunday, Good People!

    On Palm Sunday, Pope Urges End To Migrant Deaths

    Pope Benedict, marking Palm Sunday
    before a crowd waving palm fronds and olive branches, called for urgent action to prevent further deaths of desperate African migrants trying to reach Europe by sea.

  37. rosettasister Says:

    I sure hope this isn’t true!!!

    Obama Helps China in Preparation for a Dollar Collapse


    China may want to follow up on the statement made on March 23 by Zhou Xiaochuan, head of the People’s Bank of China. Zhou’s idea was to turn the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) into an international reserve currency that would be guaranteed by the IMF to have a value based upon the average value of a basket of currencies. It was clear that Zhou was anticipating the coming dollar collapse when he said:

    And when a country’s currency is no longer used as the yardstick for global trade and as the benchmark for other currencies, the exchange rate policy of the country would be far more effective in adjusting economic imbalances. This will significantly reduce the risks of a future crisis and enhance crisis management capability.

    China realizes that trade will have to get more balanced in order to get the world out of this great recession. America could balance its trade by adopting Warren Buffett’s Import Certificates plan, but China would much prefer that U.S. trade get balanced by a dollar collapse. America continues to stand in the way of China’s territorial expansion and continues to advocate the democratic philosophy that threatens China’s totalitarian rulers. A dollar collapse would quickly reduce American power.

    China’s problem is that they have approximately $1.7 trillion worth of dollar reserves which would become nearly worthless when the dollar collapses. Thus, they need to get their reserves out of dollars before the dollar collapses. They can’t sell their reserves outright without causing the dollar collapse, so they are looking for a transfer, negotiated with the IMF, of their dollar reserves into SDRs. At the G-20 summit this week, President Obama helped them gain power at the IMF so that they could proceed with this plan.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    I’ll be working outside most of the day.

    So have a wonderful Palm Sunday with the ones you love!

    Will try and check in later.


  39. Katie Says:

    A Sunday smile for all –

  40. jrh Says:

    Rosetta, a great Palm Sunday to you too!

    And to everybody else too of course.

    Rosetta, you’ve been posting up a storm. It’s been a task to keep up!
    Great stuff, and very well done.

  41. zenstorm Says:

    Its hard for me to lg on these days, very busy.
    What news Ive been involved in has filled me with doom….I cannot believe how loved those two phoney AMERICA HATERS are over the drink. those a holes shag America in order to be adored by eurp,s jealous of our lady America.
    He has the audacity to call America arrogant, when he is the most stunningly arrogant sshit I have ever witnessed alive….and might I finally be the one to say he shant deserve his life any longer.
    He, the graet obama has made a soul selling bargain with the dark side. His existence is now in the hands of fate, he and his soul sselling wife are in turn for judjment beyond human kind……their karmic clocks alarm is ringing…….

  42. zenstorm Says:

    By the way…..obama and his promise to not rais etaxes on the poor…well lookie heere….roll your own tobaco, bought by the very poor just went up 2800%….yes the largest single tax increase in the history of taxes!!!!amere $13 a can to $35 a can…..all taxes….show me aq rich person who rolls there own cigarrettes and Ill show you an honest democrat!
    Obama is pure criminal….how much money with that man raise from people that roll their own buts….next to nothing, how much hurt did obama put on the poor….a whole lot. Bush shot down that tax several times….he said if there so poor to roll there own let em be. It would be of little gain for the government…….2800% tax increase!!!!!the horror!!!

    and yes, I do roll my own, so Im as pissed as a wet cat!

  43. ryansgrammy Says:

    Katie — thanks for the post — it was great and it did make me smile!

  44. Troy Says:

    Ok, I’m going to, on a one time basis only, break the unwritten rule here at Rosetta Sister blog….I’m going to mention API (dodging rotten tomatos) 😦 ….I was at Free Republic blog reading comments when this gem jumped off of the page at me….It would seem that the “Chief” is at it again and this time he has a new sensational lie that he is perpetrating on the unsuspecting public….It’s a whopper!!!!

    Shocking news: Barack Obama will resign as US President on the 15th of June

    African Press International ^ | Chief Editor Korir

    Posted on Wednesday, April 01, 2009 6:05:31 PM by mnehring

    President Obama and Mrs Clinton.

    This was not expected to happen so soon, but now it is real. Obama sources confirm that the president will resign on the 15th of June and no reason has been given to the abrubt end of his presidency.

    Many world leaders got a rude shock a few minutes ago when they got a “Top Secret” mail informing them on the intended resignation.

    Obama will attend G20 summit in the UK soon and while there, he is expected to inform world leaders about the decision to resign.

    Insiders contacted by API say Obama will resign because his push of things in Washington is not moving fast as he wanted because Washingtonians are not used to Obama’s way of handling things “quick-mannerly”.

    Observers however have a different opinion. They think Obama’s resignation is due to the fact that many are calling for his impeachment because of the way he is handling issues in the White House.

    The Democrats are reported to be in shock and although it is expected that the Vice president is to take over, there will be a battle before such a thing happens. Many Democrats would like to by-pass the constitution and elect Mrs Hillary Clinton to take over instead of Vice President Biden. They argue that Clinton got many votes and should lead the country now that Obama has decided to resign.

    Chief Editor Korir
    I haven’t read any of the comments yet posted at API, but I feel almost obligated to go over there and warn those poor folks.

  45. Troy Says:

    I noticed that the above article was posted on April 1st Day….I wonder if the Chief has a sense of humor.

  46. Troy Says:

    Andy Martin is still hard at it….I’m not very impressed by Martin, but at least he is still trying.

  47. rosettasister Says:

    Gosh, I’m so tired, but I wanted to share Jen Chapin with you.

    I just love her music.

    Good night, good people!

    New Thread:

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