Sen. Gregg, almost a Cabinet member, slams Obama By David Lightman



Last month, New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg agreed to join President Barack Obama’s cabinet as Commerce Secretary, but then he abruptly withdrew his name, saying he and the president were “functioning from a different set of views on many different items of policy.”

Saturday, Gregg drove the point home when he warned that Obama is engineering an “extraordinary move of our government to the left.”

Gregg, one of the Senate’s leading voices on budget issues, charged in the GOP’s weekly radio and Internet address that Obama’s proposals would “dramatically grow the size and cost of government and move it to the left.”

Obama proposed a $3.55 trillion fiscal 2010 budget that increases non-defense discretionary spending, which includes most domestic programs, by 10.1 percent. Congressional committees reduced that number slightly this week.

The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the budget Monday, with the House of Representatives taking it up later in the week. Both Houses are expected to pass a budget Thursday or Friday, and Congressional negotiators are likely to work on a compromise after that. Final action is expected in late April.

That budget, said Gregg, “spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much.” Republicans have not presented a detailed alternative of their own but expect to in the coming days.

The GOP, Gregg said, believes “you create prosperity by having an affordable government that pursues its responsibilities without excessive costs, taxes or debt.”

In other words, he said, “it is the individual American who creates prosperity and good jobs, not the government.”

Taxes will go up, and the national debt will rise to record levels, he warned. Obama’s proposed deficit would be about $1.38 trillion next year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, while the Democratic-authored budget plans would trim that to about $1.2 trillion. Democratic lawmakers counter that President Bush inherited a surplus when he took office in 2001, and it was his budgets that helped the deficits soar.


The solution, according to Gregg, is to limit the growth of government “in a manner that is affordable not only today, but for the next generation, through limiting spending and addressing core issues like the cost of entitlements.”

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  1. jeanniejo Says:

    Congratulations, drkate — thumbs up to you, girl


    From Now On, WE THE PEOPLE Will Be Writing The Press Releases. The Second American Revolution Has Begun!

    ‘What follows is an article, no actually, a dream thread that was posted over at Texas Darlin. It has generated a great many comments. People are sick and tired of what is going on in our nation’s capital. The shine is off Dear Leader’s star and people are fed up with the corruption of our lawmakers and this Administration’s flagrant disregard for We The People.

    From now on, we’re writing the press releases. And taking all the names, titles, and language back that have been used against us. The Second American Revolution has begun.

    This is your dream thread in helping to design the most effective mass demonstration in the history of the United States. Yes, we will need money, but let’s not think about that now. How do we pull all of our efforts together? Thank you in advance!’

    Permission for cross-posting of this article was granted by the author.

    © 2009 by Dr.Kate/drkate4justice

  2. Troy Says:

    Troy Says:

    March 29, 2009 at 1:39 am
    j.b. Says:

    March 29, 2009 at 1:37 am
    Oh, I checked out Fred’s Marshall’s site. I dunno, first of all, who gets to “not pay taxes” anymore? I mean, payroll taxes are completely out of our control. And the part about NOT VOTING? When we are already up aginst Acorn and the like? I do not agree with his thought process at all.
    I think he was just trying to make the point that we are the ones that have the power if we ever get fed up enough and decide to use it.

    Troy Says:

    March 29, 2009 at 1:40 am
    How’s the hangover Rose?

  3. j.b. Says:

    Turd! doh.

  4. Troy Says:

    New at Orly’s

  5. j.b. Says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but OMG! Are you phucking kidding me?

  6. Troy Says:

    j.b. Says:

    March 29, 2009 at 2:06 am
    Sorry if this is a repeat, but OMG! Are you phucking kidding me?
    Maybe it’s going to take an event like this to finally get Obama’s ass dragged into court.

  7. j.b. Says:

    Well my surfing the net after my 3 or 4 days off has reignited the fear of my head exploding. I swear, if I had not been so focused on exercising through all of this (since Nov.), I would have been put in the loony bin by now. Gotta go ride my bike to Nowhere, again. G’night good peeps.

  8. Troy Says:

    Biden’s daughter was caught on camera snorting a few lines….Jo and Bo will probably be pissed that she didn’t share with them.

  9. Troy Says:

    Obama wants to add some Muslims to his administration…He must feel all alone…Allah Akbar!!!!!!!!!

  10. Troy Says:

    Article from America’s Right, March 28, 2009
    Popular Activities for Hippie Liberals During Lights-Out Time for ‘Earth Hour’
    I just had to post a comment…Hehehe
    Yum!!!…I just love dining on baked Spotted Owl as I sit in front of my fireplace that is emitting the fragrance of burning Redwood…The freshly hacked down redwood didn’t want to ignite very good, so I soaked it down with a bunch of diesel fuel…You could see the thick black plume coming out of my chimney from miles away… I hope the neighbors don’t think the house is on fire. 😀

  11. zenstorm Says:

    Our service men feel that they are without a commander in chief. It must be an awful feeling to be in the midst of a war and feel completely abandoned by their leader in chief.
    How effing pitiful obama is, he wont recognize the troops because his supporters are against war……… he is devoid of ya humans feeling..

    he is 100% image! Everything he does has a motive, in the meantime there are men and woman with their lives on the line.

  12. Troy Says:


  13. CJ Says:

    Troy: Thanks for your posts re Texas and hezbollah. Lady Texan thanks to you also.
    Troy I keep coming back to the black cloud hanging in the distance: Pakistan. Somehow I think there is a big piece of the puzzle playing out there. Why is OB trying to give them 1.5 billion a year for the next 5 years? Says it’s absolutely necessary. Why is OB connected to Pakistan in his earlier years? Why was his first act as Pres. to hit inside Pakistan’s border via a US drone? To put US troops in there just would be horrible. Why would OB think that’s necessary? They are a nuclear power. Does that have meaning somehow other than a threat? I get a headache sometimes trying to piece this nightmare puzzle of Obama together. There are so many diversions and much false information. How can one ever find the path through the maze? I spent time reading about the world wide shipping issues today and there is another whole set of facts to sort through. What is truth and what is lies? The only truth I’m sure of is that the worst possible person in the world is in charge of my country. And that’s a bad truth to know.

  14. CJ Says:

    Here’s a little article that makes for some interesting thoughts:

    “U.S. Ranked 36th Freest Press in the World

    It is not economic prosperity but peace that guarantees press freedom. That is the main lesson to be drawn from the world press freedom index that Reporters Without Borders compiles every year and from the 2008 edition.

    Said Reporters Without Borders:

    “The post-9/11 world is now clearly drawn. Destabilized and on the defensive, the leading democracies are gradually eroding the space for freedoms. The economically most powerful dictatorships arrogantly proclaim their authoritarianism, exploiting the international community’s divisions and the ravages of the wars carried out in the name of the fight against terrorism.

    Religious and political taboos are taking greater hold by the year in countries that used to be advancing down the road of freedom.”

    Aside from New Zealand and Canada, the first 20 positions on the Index are held by European countries, with Iceland, Luxembourg and Norway tied for first. While the economic disparities among the top 20 are immense, what they have in common is a parliamentary democratic system, and not being involved in any war. This is not the case with the United States, which ranks 36th domestically and 119th outside its own territory.

    The worst violators of free expression were Turkmenistan (171st), North Korea (172nd) and Eritrea (173rd).”

  15. Tenacity Says:

    Did you watch the videos that Marshall posted?

  16. Troy Says:

    not yet

  17. katy123 Says:

    I haven’t posted for awhile, because everyone else says it better than I can. I live in SD – I believe our senator voted against the GIVE legislation. He is very good on Christian issues.

  18. katy123 Says:

    His name is John Thune

  19. j.b. Says:

    hey,katy,nice to “see” you. 🙂

    Here’s a link –not too long-which shows the wide range of NWO speak. Not to be confused with Newspeak as in “”1984. Or is it? Hmmmm……,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

  20. j.b. Says:

    This is kinda fun and not as easy as it sounds. So many chioces!

  21. ddlew2 Says:

    Well it seems that social worker, YWCA board member, and DAUGHTER OF VICE PRESIDENT JOE (SAY IT AINT SO) BIDEN, Ashley Biden, likes to snort the COCAINE!

  22. LadyTexan Says:

    Steve Vaus, whose patriotic anthem “We Must Take America Back” got him blacklisted by the recording industry 17 years ago, has re-recorded the song with updated lyrics for 2009. Listen to the song at URL. This says it all! How fitting! Some verses.

    The American Dream has become a nightmare,
    Signs of the times are on cardboard on corners in town,
    Like a cancer that’s silently spreading, there’s an unspoken fear … we’re on our way down.

    We must take America back, Main Street to Wall Street, cities and states
    Washington D.C., before it’s too late, there’s not long
    We need leaders who lead us, not stick us and bleed us,
    Then ransom our future, and our children’s – that’s wrong
    We must take America back, as liberty weeps, our forefather’s spin in their graves
    Pray God will bless some way out of this mess, We must take America back.

    Lord knows they’ll try to silence our voices
    They’ll pretend to be patriots fighting for fairness for all
    They’re not even fit to hold office
    What they believe doesn’t fit, with freedom at all

    Fight for freedom, and the soul of the USA
    Right here right now, it’s Independence Day

    We must take America back, Main Street to Wall Street, cities and states
    Washington D.C., before it’s too late, there’s not long
    We need leaders who lead us, lift us and heed us
    Who stand for what’s right, and stand up to what’s wrong
    We must take America Back, now and forever, with God, in His rightful place
    Then He will bless, and protect the U.S.
    We must take America back

    This song is set to a video here:

  23. budgy Says:

    Florida government cancells tea party–afraid of too many people showing up. WTH is that all about?

  24. Tenacity Says:

    Lady Texan,
    Very good posts…Thank you!

  25. Tenacity Says:

    Did you notice the ad on the right hand side of CFP: “IMPEACH THE TELEPROMPTER”

  26. Tenacity Says:

    Now there’s a sign for TEA DAY.

  27. LadyTexan Says:


  28. budgy Says:

    Ten…no I didn’t notice it but that is hysterical! Have to go and get a screen cap of that one. lol

  29. budgy Says:

    Obama won’t secure the southern border, won’t stop spending your money, won’t show his BC, and on and on and ………and now this! Can’t do anything about the NKorea launch. God help you all.

  30. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning/afternoon on a lazy Sunday!

    From SheepleNo

    Hannity and Huckabee discuss the frustration of the American people and electoral buyers remorse.

  31. budgy Says:

    Hi Rose! excellent video with Hannity and Huckabee. Love the part when Huckabee says he was wrong about Obama being a centrist. This video has 1 comment…..This man should be our president. Sure would like to know who he voted for originally.

  32. budgy Says:

    Hillbuzz has a story about Biden’s daughter and cocaine. To paraphrase…..Noone gave a fig that Obama did cocaine and he wrote about it in his book. Good question Hillbuzz!

  33. budgy Says:

    China based computers have hacked into websites (government and business) from 103 countries. Yikes.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    budgy Says:
    March 29, 2009 at 4:59 pm


    Good morning, Budgy! (I’m in AZ on Pacific Time right now.)

    HillBuzz is very knowledgeable. I’ve been following HillBuzz for a very long time now.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    10 Reasons I Believe In God

    1. An innate sense of right and wrong came from somewhere.

    2. The universe is far too organized and intricate to have come about by chance.

    3. Seeing chimps doesn’t compel me to organize a family reunion.

    4. Anyone who has witnessed a baby’s birth will attest to miracles.

    5. He has appeared in history.

    6. There must be a reason the heart hungers for truth.

    7. People since ancient times have sought Him.

    8. People since ancient times have found Him.

    9. I see Him in the lives of those who forgive.

    10. I spoke with Him this morning.

  36. budgy Says:

    Off topic but had to add before I leave….My prayers are with everyone that are in Minnesota or N Dakota flood area. I also heard that many severe storms and tornado activity hit the southeast last night. Hope there is minimal damage from these disasters and that all are well and safe. Take care and so long for now.

  37. rosettasister Says:

    FOX Nation for America

    By Grover Norquist

    I believe that FOX Nation

    has the potential to do to the Internet what FOX News did to cable television. That is, be a disruptive, transformative–but also profoundly constructive–media force.

    Just as FOX News brought a new vision and voice to the media landscape in the 90s–fair and balanced reporting, plus strong debate and commentary–so FOX Nation will bring still more vision and voice in the decade to come. Only this time, the vision and voice will come from you, the American people. That’s right: Thanks to FOX Nation, all Americans will now have a landmark forum, a watershed opportunity to speak out on the issues they care about, want to learn more about–and do more about.

    FOX Nation itself takes no position on issues–although unlike so many other Web portals, FOX Nation does begin with the presumption that America is a special and unique place, a blessed land to be treasured and defended.

    So members of the Leave Us Alone Coalition, I predict, are going to love FOX Nation as it fully rolls out in the weeks and months to come. That’s right, conservatives, libertarians, and other believers in limited government have found a new home–at FOX Nation.

  38. rosettasister Says:

    That Knock at the Door…

    By Pat Racimora

    And, President Obama’s political arm?

    Yes indeedy, brought to us by the same folks who ran his campaign, Organizing for America has been launched.

    First, you sign the pledge that you will support President Obama. Period.

    Then you can start making calls from home or a phone bank, organize canvasses and go door-to-door, host house meetings, attend Organizing for America training sessions, and so on.

    Obama Camps are sprouting up everywhere.

    I just got an e-invitation to attend a full day of “orientation” in a nearby city.

  39. rosettasister Says:

    ‘Generational Theft’

    Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

    Ladies and gentleman this is your country and it’s the perfect time to make — voice heard.

    And joining us now tonight with more is Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is with a — congresswoman — welcome back.

    I’m doing great — thanks again for the invitation let it eat you — of that and that.

    Beaumont — that you have been the target and I was reading a lot about you today preparation for interview.

    You have been targeted they’re doing everything they can do to smear besmirch attack.

    Every aspect of — of what you save your life how are you dealing with it. In in your political career.”

  40. Troy Says:

  41. rosettasister Says:

    Democratic Talking Points – They will continue to lie about the size of the deficit Obama inherited from Bush.

    FY 2008 3.2% of GDP

    FY 2009 8.3% of GDP (This is what Obama did in fact inherit.)

    FY 2009 13.1% of GDP (This is with everything that Obama added making deficit worse. Strategas Group predicts 13.5% of GDP.)

    FY 2010 9.6% of GDP (probably worse)

    Party Intervention? — Will Democrats put the brakes on Obama’s budget?

    Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

    I get your point on that and it’s a fair point you’re absolutely right that’s a great question –

    What do we do we continue — to make it worse well the budget resolution as you you made reference to — for thirteen hours last Wednesday in approving a budget resolution.

    That budget resolution of — if that becomes a law that budget resolution takes the projected deficit for this year.

    And and knocks off two thirds of it by year five so that we go from one point five trillion to 581 billion.

    And puts — on — glide path toward balance. But we have to start somewhere.

    Congressman is good thank you — interest — years.

  42. roving Says:

    I read Lame Cherry and it always bugged me who this person is. I think I found out.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    roving Says:
    March 29, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    I read Lame Cherry and it always bugged me who this person is. I think I found out.


    I’m confused, roving.

    Are you suggesting a relationship between jj and Lame Cherry?

    There’s at least two jj’s I’m aware of.

    Larry’s jeanniejo and jj who also posts here.

    Perhaps I didn’t read the part I needed to to get your point.


  44. rosettasister Says:

    What’s the Alternative? — What substitute plan does the GOP have for the budget?

    Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

    (Maybe this is why Judd Gregg looks so tired!)

    ” And the heavy lifting really on this matter is in the Senate where the Republicans can have an impact.”

    ” Right because of every Republican votes no they need sixty votes they can’t pass — and there are already been several Democrats and senate. Who have publicly announced that they won’t support the budget as it is.”

    ” So we’re we’re hoping that those cooler heads will prevail all right congressman thank you very much we appreciate you joining us here on American and whose headquarters.”

  45. Troy Says:

    Obama administration is crawling with Iranian operatives.

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Welcome to my daily blog. I intend to trash the current administration for the next four years. Indeed it shall be fun. Sit back, relax, enjoy and share in the bashing!

  47. igaveup Says:

    rose like the blog

    when are janet’s boys going to be parked in the West Valley, watching you?

  48. rosettasister Says:

    igaveup Says:
    March 29, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    rose like the blog

    when are janet’s boys going to be parked in the West Valley, watching you?


    she’s already here!

  49. Troy Says:

    Every president that has ever opposed the Federal Reserve has been assasinated or had survived an assasination attempt.

    Oh, so they don’t want to play nice huh?
    The solution is simple….The masses only have to find out where they sleep.

  50. budgy Says:

    Obama “asks” CEO of GM to step down and he is. Wow! Maybe you all can just send letters to the president and ask him to step down, now that he has set a precedent of sorts.

  51. jeanniejo Says:

    Hi, sisterrosetta – I’m only considered jj or JJ at Larry’s blog or in some private emails or when someone might address me @ —

    I always refer to myself as jeanniejo or jeanniejo4larry on youtube —

    I have a wonderful admiration of our friend Lame Cherry since the articles produced by that blogger sometimes refer to Larry Sinclair and his endeavors to expose the truth about Barack Obama. I address that journalist on Larry’s blog, and when I post the new page links on receptive sites. So in essence I do have an attachment in some way to Lame Cherry —

    I have seen others who post as JJ on various sites —

  52. jeanniejo Says:

    Oh, sisterrrosetta — I left off my famous – traveling companion 😉
    we’ve been longtime friends and I appreciate you so much — keep up the good work.

    Take care,

  53. rosettasister Says:

    jeanniejo Says:
    March 30, 2009 at 12:03 am


    Ditto, jeanniejo!

    I know roving probably made it plain as day for me.

    As I’ve stated many a time, sometimes I’m just a little slow on the uptake.

    I’d like to think it a charming quality, not unlike a Southern Belle.

    But I fear I just come across a little dumb sometimes.

    “Mountain Jack” has recently referred to me and others here as “braindead crybabies.”

    Now, tell me, is it my fault that Jack doesn’t appreciate our superior intellect?!

    Love you, jeanniejo!

  54. igaveup Says:


    janet looks mighty comfy with the rifle /s, she’s a natural

  55. rosettasister Says:

    igaveup Says:
    March 30, 2009 at 12:59 am


    janet looks mighty comfy with the rifle /s, she’s a natural


    Janet is a gun-toting heartthrob! Like Tammy Bruce!

  56. rosettasister Says:

    We really have to win this week.


    New Thread:

  57. Obama spends big, talks austerity later — as in 10 years later - Detroit Free Press | first naggah Says:

    […] Sen. Gregg, almost a Cabinet member, slams Obama By David Lightman … […]

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