Some sweet day I’ll stand beside my king



Thunder on the mountain, and there’s fires on the moon
A ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon
Today’s the day, gonna grab my trombone and blow
Well, there’s hot stuff here and it’s everywhere I go

I was thinkin’ ’bout Alicia Keys, couldn’t keep from crying
When she was born in Hell’s Kitchen, I was living down the line
I’m wondering where in the world Alicia Keys could be
I been looking for her even clear through Tennessee

Feel like my soul is beginning to expand
Look into my heart and you will sort of understand
You brought me here, now you’re trying to run me away
The writing on the wall, come read it, come see what it say

Thunder on the mountain, rollin’ like a drum
Gonna sleep over there, that’s where the music coming from
I don’t need any guide, I already know the way
Remember this, I’m your servant both night and day

The pistols are poppin’ and the power is down
I’d like to try somethin’ but I’m so far from town
The sun keeps shinin’ and the North Wind keeps picking up speed
Gonna forget about myself for a while, gonna go out and see what others need

I’ve been sittin’ down studyin’ the art of love
I think it will fit me like a glove
I want some real good woman to do just what I say
Everybody got to wonder what’s the matter with this cruel world today

Thunder on the mountain rolling to the ground
Gonna get up in the morning walk the hard road down
Some sweet day I’ll stand beside my king
I wouldn’t betray your love or any other thing

Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitches
I’ll recruit my army from the orphanages
I been to St. Herman’s church, said my religious vows
I’ve sucked the milk out of a thousand cows

I got the porkchops, she got the pie
She ain’t no angel and neither am I
Shame on your greed, shame on your wicked schemes
I’ll say this, I don’t give a damn about your dreams

Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be
Mean old twister bearing down on me
All the ladies in Washington scrambling to get out of town
Looks like something bad gonna happen, better roll your airplane down

Everybody going and I want to go too
Don’t wanna take a chance with somebody new
I did all I could, I did it right there and then
I’ve already confessed – no need to confess again

Gonna make a lot of money, gonna go up north
I’ll plant and I’ll harvest what the earth brings forth
The hammer’s on the table, the pitchfork’s on the shelf
For the love of God, you ought to take pity on yourself



I was fortunate enough to attend this concert. Visiting with my husband’s chef in her office before the show, she offered me some of her special homemade wine – potent stuff! A good time was had by all and this crowd sure knew how to bring Dylan back for an encore!

From chimeman

Uniondale, NY 13 October 2006

“Nettie Moore”

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  1. jrh Says:

    First! (I think that’s a first for me)

  2. j.b. Says:

    Wow, Rose, your husband has a Chef?

    Oh and congrats jrh. 🙂

  3. j.b. Says:


  4. j.b. Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 9:41 pm
    Troy Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 5:59 pm
    Um, does anyone else here believe (as does George Green) that the puppet masters are Aliens?
    Cuz, I’m just sayin’; I don’t.
    Jb, I’m quite familiar with George Green and in my opinion, while he is privy to some inside info, a large portion of what he says is bunk….However, he is spot on with somethings he speaks of….Illuminati space aliens?…Nope!!!

    Thank you. I was disappointed in his his “part two” of his two part interview. I was really drawn in the first 45 minutes
    (part one) then I watched the rest of the story and well, it just seemed “goofy”.
    It is the same as my conflict with Phillip Berg. Personally, I do not believe the 911 conspiracy crap (anyone that does does, I highly recommend you read Popular Mechanics in depth research and subsequent article on it) but I am (obviously) supportive of his work to reveal Bary Soetoro. It just creates such a conflict and makes it hard to make a case (of credibility) when that other “goofy” stuff is there.

  5. j.b. Says:

    Purple Patriot, I had NO IDEA how BAD the primary was in regards to the CHEATING that went on, until I read at HILLBUZZ. The details were mind boggling! Then I stumbled across a five part series of eyewitness accounts from many states where primaries were held and I was shocked at what I heard. Of course, my Shock Meter Bar has been raised quite a bit since then………..So, the way I see it, what went on in the primaries was just ramped up for the general election.

    PHUCKERS. Cheaters suck.

  6. LadyTexan Says:

    I’m shocked!…………NOT!!

    It Has Begun: Obama Announces He Is Open to Appeasing Taliban …Update: Hamas & Hezbollah Too?

  7. appleseed Says:

    Just my wothless opinion but Linda Starr is a rabid Rat and feminazi. She totally turned me off with her storming the surpreme court thing. Her talk of revolution to me was nothing more than that of a keyboard soldier.

    I think once the poop hits the fan, she will be no more ready to deal with it than other blowhard freaks that think it’s a cool idea from the comfort of her living room. We’re headed for big time trouble folks. And it’s gonna take more than hiding behind your PC inciting chaos to survive.

    God bless those who see it coming and are genuinely prepared. My powder is dry. When the shit hits, I pity those whos only defense is keystrokes and a monitor.

  8. JAC Says:


    I do not care much for Linda Starr myself,.. and I agree she is a keyboard warror,…

  9. appleseed Says:

    JAC, I’ll be at the Indiana State house on the 25th at 1130 hours for our tea party. We need to try peaceful protests first. Once that fails all bets are off.

  10. rosettasister Says:

    From jagbodhi

    Added: December 31, 2008

    Project Camelot interviews Jim Humble, the man behind MMS: Mineral Mineral Supplement

    Sasbachwalden, Germany, November 2008

  11. rosettasister Says:

    ***PLEASE READ***

    I generally don’t like to intervene or even to moderate comments here as, as far as I know, we’re all adults here. And I like the way the discussion flows when you feel you have the freedom to speak your mind.

    And I have been censored, more than once, and it’s not a very nice feeling.

    Early in my teaching career I was teaching 7th Reading and the students kept Reading Journals. Long story short, one of the girls was being sexually abused by her stepfather and she wrote about it in her journal.

    Of course the authorities were called in and we handled the situation appropriately.

    But after that, I was mortified that I was going to miss something one of my students wrote and not follow up as I should. And, yes, I was afraid of being sued. All teachers are afraid of being sued. Administrators, too. That is their primary motivation, sad to say.

    So, I stopped assigning Reading Journals – very selfish on my part.

    And I don’t read all of the comments here, either. I generally read what is posted by those who are on when I am, so it’s hit or miss.

    So if I’ve missed something I should have been on top of, or if I’ve offended anyone because of my lack of attention, I apologize.

    I really don’t know why Foxtrot left us, and I wish she’d return.

    I find it hard to stomach Truthers, but I can’t offer anyone a good explanation as to why I feel so close to George W. Bush, either. I just do.

    Perhaps some of the comments about Linda Starr were a bit over the top.

    We show no mercy when it comes to Obama. Admittedly, some of the Michelle stuff makes me wince.

    And any details regarding Obama’s genitals literally makes me queasy.

    Most of you know I’m a centrist Democrat.

    I hope you’ll agree with me and others, that we are better off as a group, having more posters with access to information that we are all interested in, even if some of us don’t label ourselves Republicans or conservatives.

    Well, I hope I was able to get across what I was trying to say. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Now I really am going to turn off my computer before my husband walks in the door.

    Good night, good people.

  12. Tenacity Says:

    I see you as an honest caring American. Democrat Party left me over 40 years ago. The Republican Party has let me down miserably. Both parties are a farce. It’s all about saving the Republic now. To hell with partisan politics. Citizen’s rights! State’s rights! SAVE THE CONSTITUTION!

    Rose’s Gang Rocks! Largely because our hostess believes in the 1st Amendment.

  13. susiezen Says:

    Hi rose, personally id prefer thingd here at rosies just as they are.
    if you were to read all posts, we might miss out on your spots, filled with research we otherwise may have missed….plus your music brings light to a dark time, it eases the constant stings we get these days from this depressing administration.
    Theres a chance you might not see this post, but my words are not wasted, there out there in the universe floating around metaphorically speaking.

    It really is a tough time for all conscious minded people. {everyone that is not a liberal}

    Knowing that as long as we have Obama constantly throwing lavish parties, inviting the likes of people who need to be told not to destroy belongings in the white house, we are in trouble.
    that one small paragraph describing our leader tells it all.
    Its easy these days to speak out of character, its especially easy to speak of michelle obama in the most disturbing of terms. I have one word for her saved and repeated in my mind a lot….
    Take care Rose.
    Thank you for giving us this blog, it really works!!!

  14. susiezen Says:

    SPRING AHEAD, YEAAHH!! that extra hour of daylight really helps kick the dark, gloomy winter blues.
    So, it seems rush is creating a little stimulus of his own….since his televised speech last week his audience increased from 14 million to 28 million, almost doubled!!!
    That is the best news I’ve heard in a long time.
    There are alot of people completely unaware of the doings of obama until rush gushed last week…
    obama doesnt seem to worried, he better get ready, rush is now on him……heheheheheh Chews him up and spits him out

  15. JAC Says:


    Thank you for letting us share your home here, we do appreciate it.

    When it comes to Linda Starr, she turned me off when I saw her bash and deleted a persons post. A true supported because they Blessed George W Bush, She hates Bush with a passion and was very over the top in response. I quit going over there for that reason.

    With Foxtrot,
    long story short, She caught heat from a few posters when she tried to control what was talked about in the room.
    As you know she was very PUMA and a liberal Dem. I liked Foxy a lot. but she couldn’t see that both sides had plenty of blame at their feet.
    She pushed a little too hard with her opinion when anger and frustration was very high; and there was a few posts where she got some backlash.
    Her feelings were hurt and she abruptly left. I wished she had just gave it a day or two and returned.

  16. rosettasister Says:

    JAC Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 2:31 pm


    Thank you for letting us share your home here, we do appreciate it.


    Actually, I am the one who appreciates everyone here.

    I look forward to tuning in every morning to see where the conversation is heading.

    It is our collective future that concerns me the most.

    If I didn’t believe that Obama is trying to hurriedly move our country too far to the left before anyone has a chance to notice, I wouldn’t be so critical.

    And I am deeply troubled that the left is attempting to emasculate our mighty nation to the point that any sovereign thug with big guns anywhere in the world can act with impunity against his own people.

    I know that I sound like a warmonger, but I honestly believe that not acting is sometimes the worst possible choice.

    So keep posting information and providing links so that we all keep up to speed.


    BTW the video I posted last night about MMS is well worth your time.

  17. rosettasister Says:

    Radio talk host Scinto says station fired him

    Mike Scinto, a local conservative talk radio host who has spent the past 10 years of his longtime radio career at WDAO-AM (1210), said he was terminated Monday, March 2.

    Scinto, in an interview by phone Monday night, said station President and General Manager Jim Johnson called him Monday morning to say advertisers were not supporting his show, “Expressions II,” which aired noon to 2 p.m.

    Scinto, 56, thinks his criticism of President Barack Obama and the recently signed $787 billion economic stimulus package also played a role.

    Johnson could not be reached Monday night for comment.

    “I wish he would’ve said, ‘I want you out of here because you don’t like Obama,’ ” Scinto said.

  18. JAC Says:


    Yes, the rapid pace of the changes is what has got us all alarmed..
    I think we need to be non violently aggressive (if that makes sense) in blocking each and every infringement of our rights… Give an inch, take a mile adage applies.
    The more we stand up, the more control we have in managing the damage that can happen in a corrupt Government..It also gives time for the blind to open their eyes.

    I have my community meeting today that I am sponcering…. So I need to finish getting ready… I will update everyone when I get back on how it went…

  19. patriotamy Says:

    JAC, want to say I wish you the best on your meeting today. I will go well, and I think you will do wonderful.

  20. Katie Says:

    Anybody see what happened at the Tea Party/tax revolt in CA yesterday? Estimates are between 8000 – 15,000 people and they are NOT happy! When liberal California starts to revolt, you know we’re on to something!

    JAC – be sure to check out the sign towards the bottom of the page. (hint – more people are getting fired 🙂 )

    And Rose, thank you for providing a place where the 1st Amendment still stands. We’re all grateful to you ~

  21. A Purple Patriot Says:

    Rose –

    Me too – thanks for everything you do!!!

    I doubt any of us could ever adequately express just how much we appreciate you and how very grateful we are for “Rosetta Sister” in so many ways.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  22. A Purple Patriot Says:

    JAC –

    My prayers are with you for your meeting tonight. If you let us know what time it starts, I will say a prayer at that time and even send my guardian angels to you for some extra reinforcement!!!

    Prayer is one of our greatest resources and there is strength in numbers. I’m sure others here will join me (even some of the lurkers).

  23. rosettasister Says:

    If you’re an Arizonan and live closeby:

    Take the Carefree Highway to Carefree!


    Today, Sunday Till 5:00 PM Presented by Thunderbird Artists’. Live entertainment provided.

  24. A Purple Patriot Says:

    j.b. Says:

    March 7, 2009 at 9:52 pm
    Purple Patriot, I had NO IDEA how BAD the primary was in regards to the CHEATING that went on, until I read at HILLBUZZ. The details were mind boggling! Then I stumbled across a five part series of eyewitness accounts from many states where primaries were held and I was shocked at what I heard.

    Yes – mind boggling! I was just floored when Hilary accepted a position in NObama’s cabinet. I was actually silly enough to believe that Hillary would be an ally working against NObama as a Senator.

    As far as ACORN, I just found a list of example of their inherent voter fraud tactics:

    Colorado — Television station KUSA reported that when hundreds of voter registration forms appeared suspect, election officials investigated and found a woman forging the forms, for which she received $50 a piece. Who was paying her? In January 2005, two ACORN employees were given community service for submitting false voter forms.

    Florida — When incidents were reported of ACORN issuing fraudulent voter registration cards, a former ACORN field director charged that ACORN submitted “thousands of invalid registration cards”.

    Minnesota — Election officials learned that ACORN canvassers were selling voter registration cards for $1 a piece. ACORN denied responsibility and fired the canvasser.

    Missouri — St. Louis, Missouri election officials claim 1,492 of fraudulent voter address changes have been turned in by ACORN. Also Kansas City, Missouri had similar voter fraud attempts. Eight ACORN employees plead guilty to federal election fraud in Missouri.

    Ohio — The Federal Election Commission found that, during the Ohio Democratic primary, the Obama presidential campaign paid more than $800,000 to a subsidiary of ACORN, Citizens Services Inc. (CSI). The payment apparently was for get-out-the-vote activities rather than the reported “polling, candidate advance work, and staging events”. The exact payment to CSI was for $832, 598.29 to cover services between February 25 and March 17, 2008.

    The Cincinnati Inquirer reported that in 2004, a federal grand jury indicted four ACORN employees for submitting 19 fraudulent voter registration forms all with similar handwriting and false addresses.

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on August 28, 2008, that the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (Cleveland) is investigating 75,000 voter registration forms––many found to be fraudulent and submitted by ACORN.

    Pennsylvania — In March 2008, ACORN was accused by Philadelphia Election officials of filing fraudulent voter registration forms prior to the Democratic primary.

    Washington State — ACORN was fined $25,000 by the state of Washington in 2007 for voter fraud committed by Project Vote. Five ACORN workers pled guilty to filing phony voter registration forms.

    Wisconsin — In Milwaukee, 39 ACORN voter registration workers were referred to the District Attorney for possible voter fraud.

  25. rosettasister Says:

    Fed rogue or master plan?

    March 7th, 2009, 3:00 am

    Thomas Hoenig, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, gave a speech Friday in which he broke with President Barack Obama and recommended temporarily nationalizing this country’s largest and weakest banks.

    “We understandably would prefer not to ‘nationalize’ these businesses, but in reacting as we are, we nevertheless are drifting into a situation where institutions are being nationalized piecemeal with no resolution to the crisis,” Hoenig said.

    His speech, titled Too Big Has Failed, is the harshest criticism of the government’s handling of the financial meltdown, that I have read from an official of one of the main regulatory agencies.

    The question is whether he is speaking only for himself, or is this a ploy by the Obama administration to start getting people ready for nationalization.

  26. rosettasister Says:

    UPDATE 1-U.S. should let some big banks fail – Republicans

    03.08.09, 01:44 PM EDT

    The United States should let some big troubled banks fail rather than commit more federal funds to prop them up, two key congressional Republicans said on Sunday.

    ‘Close them down, get them out of business. If they’re dead, they ought to be buried,’ Senator Richard Shelby told ABC’s ‘This Week’ program. ‘We bury the small banks. We’ve got to bury some big ones and send a strong message to the market.’

    Senator John McCain, who remains a Republican leader after losing the 2008 White House race to President Barack Obama, criticized the new administration’s response to the banks.

    ‘I don’t think they made the hard decision and that is to let these banks fail,’ McCain told ‘Fox News Sunday.’

    As the U.S. government boosts its stakes in major banks such as Citigroup Inc, talk of nationalization has stirred a debate over how far regulators will go to help the ailing financial system.

  27. rosettasister Says:

    All of a sudden, Republican Lindsey Graham darling of the left:

    From thinkprogress

    March 08, 2009

    Lindsey Graham explains why he’s for nationalizing banks

  28. A Purple Patriot Says:

    This guy’s from Texas, so Troy might especially appreciate this:


    Here’s the Plan:

    At the designated time, say Saturday at 6:30 PM local time, we will fire one round, safely aimed into the ground or other suitable backstop – definitely NOT into the air or in an otherwise unsafe manner.

    Then, continuing on the first Saturday of each month: Repeat the process.

    As this gathers momentum, there will come a Saturday when one million or more gunshots will be heard around the world. And all it will require is a step into your own backyard to ‘vote for freedom’.

    The sound of one round, being joined by another, then another in your neighborhood will soon show the breadth of power the Citizenry still holds over the government.

    (read more at the link)

  29. rosettasister Says:

    CQ Transcript: OMB Director Orszag, Rep. Boehner on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’


    SCHIEFFER: All right. Mr. Orszag, thank you.

    And we’re going to get the other side of it, now, from John Boehner.

    Well, what about that, John Boehner?

    Why do you think that it’s a good idea to just simply freeze spending?

    BOEHNER: Well, because I think, if you look around the country, our economy is struggling. American families are tightening their belts. But they don’t see government tightening its belt.

    And I think that we can get through this year and lead by example and show the American people that the government can go on a diet as well.

    SCHIEFFER: Well, you just heard what Mr. Orszag said. He said the Republicans keep saying no, but they really haven’t come up with much of anything.

    What’s your response to that?

    BOEHNER: Bob, we had a plan to stimulate the economy that cost half as much as the president’s proposal and would have created twice as many jobs.

    Under our plan, we would have created 104,000 additional jobs here in Ohio. And as we look at their budget, it’s pretty clear that their budget spends too much. It taxes too much. And it borrows too much from our kids and grandkids.

    It’s time for government to go on this diet. It’s time for government to tighten their belt and show the American people that we get it.

    Because I don’t think most Americans today — when they look at Washington, they look at what in the world’s going on over there? They want Washington to do the same thing they’re doing.

    SCHIEFFER: But don’t you have to come up with something a little more specific?

    SCHIEFFER: Some people say, look, it would be a lot better if you would make a few compromises here and try to work with the president to dig our way out of this hole that we all find ourselves in. And at the same time, they also point out that the president’s popularity ratings keep going up while the Republican Party’s ratings keep going down.

    BOEHNER: Bob, listen, I want to work with the president on behalf of the American people. That’s what they sent us to Washington to do. And while I like the president as much as the American people do — I think he’s a great guy — there are serious differences in terms of the approach that he would like to take and the approach that I think many Republicans would like to take.

    This week, we had the proposal on bailing out irresponsible homeowners. And what the president’s plan does is ask the 90 percent of mortgage holders who are struggling to make their payments and make them on time, he’s asking those 90 percent to bail out the other 8 or 10 percent who have acted irresponsibly.

    That’s not what the American people want. And so, when we have disagreements, I think it’s our obligation to offer alternatives. And I just believe that when it comes to housing, we ought to have the $15,000 tax credit that was in the stimulus bill for all who would buy a home, because at the end of the day, that will help all homeowners in terms of increasing the value of their homes.

  30. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t know about the politics of this site, but chock full of info:

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Whose head on a stick?!

    Heads on a Stick Tax Revolt 2009 Rally!! (Fullerton, CA, 3/7/09);page=101#115

  32. rosettasister Says:

    Over 15,000 Protest Tax – JOHN AND KEN (PICS – LOTS!! OF PIC)

  33. rosettasister Says:

    MT Candidate Eligibility Bill Tabled

    TX Bill on Candidate Eligibility Filed

  34. rosettasister Says:

    Most here will appreciate these two images:;page=51#74;page=51#93

  35. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik Comments at Free Republic:;page=51#86;page=51#89;page=101#107;page=51#92;page=251#281;page=51#94;page=201#221

    To: Redleg Duke; pissant; LucyT

    Note the wording. They do not say he was born in Hawaii…only that his original birth certificate is on file. That doesn’t tell us where that birth certificate was from, does it?

    They didn’t even say that it was “on file,” but “on record” — meaning that the “record” could refer only to an electronic entry and not to a physically sealed envelope, in a “vault,” containing a paper document that has BHO’s complete and original birth certificate.

    If it has been pilfered and destroyed, it could explain why he refuses to show it.

    221 posted on Sunday, March 08, 2009 11:36:18 AM by Polarik

  36. rosettasister Says:


  37. j.b. Says:

    Awwwwwww, isn’t that nice?


    (h/t Bob)

  38. j.b. Says:

    Speaking of Bob…..

  39. CJ Says:

    Rose: Just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome you always extend to new posters here. When someone goes to a new blog and tries to join in with the existing group, it can be a little like going to a new school in the middle of high school. Not always easy and not always accepted. You however, are a gracious and caring and most of all fair hostess. I have enjoyed participating on this site and look forward to the daily posts even if I don’t always comment. So again, thank you for your time and patience!

  40. CJ Says:

    j.b.: This is what is happening all over the world and it began a long time ago here when the govts. of states and federal level took away some of the long time practices that immigrants needed to conform to if they came to America and wanted to live here as citizens. Wasn’t it B Clinton who lifted the policy that immigrants had to learn english as a requisite to become a citizen? Teddy Roosevelt expressed this in a wonderful quote which I will try to find, in which he basically said that we accept all who want to come here, but they must become Americans and become a part of what we believe in. If this starts one place, what will stop it in others? Pandora’s box is opened again along with sharia finance. How does everyone feel about those who can get mortgages interest free just because they are Muslims? Now not only do we get to pay for those who shouldn’t even qualify for a mortgage via the bailout but we get to watch a whole segment of immigrant society who doesn’t want to give up their foreign nationality, but wants all the rights given to everyone as Americans. Islam is not a religion, it’s a societal and political movement and it will undermine everything we hold sacred as free American citizens, especially women. We need to be very aware of this and scream long and loud in protest against it.

  41. j.b. Says:

    I hear ya, CJ, but the screaming long and hard seems pointless at this point. NO ONE IS LISTENING!

    This article I just found and read from Dr. Kate of texasdarlin’ is about as good as it gets, imo. Very well written, albeit lenghthy. She does write about screaming a bit, I guess…….A MUST READ, if you care at all. 🙂

  42. Troy Says:

    check this out…it really gets crazy toward the end

  43. JAC Says:


    lol.. that is a heck of a way to go fishing……

  44. JAC Says:

    btw I’m Home!!!!

    The meeting lasted 3 hours,… Tim from Committees of Safety is VERY good… he keeps it mellow… with just enough to let everyone know that time is NOT on our side….I had 11 people show up…. that is good considering we had tornado warnings out and it was storming…Two woman drove all the way from Indianapollis…… about a 80 mile drive to come to the meeting…… but my mind is exhausted…. lol tired little brain cells…..

  45. JAC Says:

    going to go relax for awhile and spend time with the hubby,,,,,

  46. j.b. Says:

    Good to hear your meeting went well, jac. Kudos to you for planning it, too. 🙂

  47. j.b. Says:

    More of the same.

    Remember when speech was FREE? Yeah, me neither.
    Can you say; Sofa King Re Todded?

  48. CJ Says:

    j.b.: I guess we have to force them to listen as Dr.Kate seems to be saying. I had read her article as I go there frequently too. I will do everything in my power to not let this country fail or be taken over by those who wish to eliminate our way of life. Most important is constant communication between those of us who remain committed to this cause. Thanks for the posts.

  49. Tenacity Says:

    There was something very fishy about that video. Can you see trying to explain to a game warden why you were over your limit? I hope those guys had a big freezer.

  50. Tenacity Says:

    Thanks for posting Dr. Kate’s article. I have broadcasted that all over the country. I suggest everyone send that to your entire address book. I am confident Dr. Kate fully recognizes exactly who the enemy is. She carefully steered clear of discussing the spiritual battle going on. She kept her statements within the realm of what a large percentage of the population would/could accept. The fact that she a PUMA means we can send this article to everyone. She even links to Committees of Safety.

    JAC, I am very proud of you for pulling off that meeting. I’m especially glad Tim was there. I am confident that the ripples from that will multiply the affect.

  51. LadyTexan Says:

    Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility
    Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, ‘offending’ users banned

  52. LadyTexan Says:

    I wonder what this is about:

    I need to get in touch with Joint Terrorism Task Force If you are an employee of Joint Terrorism Task force, please contact me. If you are a member of Texas militia or any State National Guard-please, contact me

    Posted by Dr. Orly Taitz

  53. JAC Says:

    Thanks,…. it was a good meeting.. The people we active and asked good questions….. he talked very little of Militia,… which is good…

    I personally thing that lawful Constitutional Militia should be reactivated…But that should be part of the reform of Government, ……to keep this from ever happening again…

  54. JAC Says:

    those were probably asian carp in that video……..they do jump like that and are getting to be a real problem in certain waterways….

  55. LadyTexan Says:

    I wonder what this is about:

    I need to get in touch with Joint Terrorism Task Force If you are an employee of Joint Terrorism Task force, please contact me. If you are a member of Texas militia or any State National Guard-please, contact me dr_taitz@yahoo. com

    Posted by Dr. Orly Taitz

  56. JAC Says:

    This is a post from Ang, that was at the meeting today
    Comment by Angela Y. 4 hours ago I don’t know about anyone else who attended the meeting tonight, but I am FIRED UP! I am ready to go! Especially after reading the latest news that BHO wants us to “make nice” with the Taliban! People, we need to take action and we need to take action NOW! We can’t just be weekend warriors on this anymore, we have to go at this FULL-TIME! BHO and company aren’t going to stop until he has this country bowing to the Taliban and Hamas! BHO isn’t doing this as a weekend warrior and neither should we!

    We will ALL have to make sacrifices, I had to sacrifice going to church tonight and I have also been sick all week with bronchitis and still made the meeting tonight! It’s that important, and I suspect that more sacrifices are going to have to be made, but if we don’t make those sacrifices NOW, then I only fear what sacrifices we’ll be making in the future.

  57. JAC Says:


    Hmm curious,… but Texas is unique in many ways… how they were incorperated into Unitied States..and the territory agreements.

  58. Tenacity Says:

    Did you see Dr. Kate’s article at Texasdarlin’? It would be a good follow up to those that attended the meeting. Here’s the link again:

    Angela is right on.

  59. JAC Says:


    When would be a good time to give you a call… I want to pick your brain about what should be discussed on a 2nd meeting…

    I agree with Tim,.. we need to keep the fear/panic to a minumim while still showing the need for urgency…

  60. Tenacity Says:

    Lady Tex,
    Did you happen to see the article from Coast Guard Insider at Orly’s site about Lt. Easterling? The naivete’ and the willingness to follow a usurpers orders on the part of the commenters is mind boggling. They just assume the government checked the TIC out. They believe the forgery and the people that agree with Easterling are for the most part silent for numerous obvious reasons. I wish somebody would direct those people to the Vampire Killer article at Aid & Abet. We need to pray for Lt. Easterling…he and others are really between a rock and a hard place. I just can’t get over the stupidity of the commenters. I expected some of this, but when you hear their comments, you have to wonder what they are smokin’.

  61. Tenacity Says:

    Here’s the link:

    These commenters need some serious psychotherapy. If I read much more of their tripe, I might believe we discovered the missing link and start believing in reverse evolution.

  62. Tenacity Says:

    The only time tomorrow that I will for sure be tied up is between 10:45 & 12:15 MDT. I hope you got email addresses for everyone that attended the meeting. I should have said something to you before the meeting.

  63. JAC Says:

    I had a sign in sheet,..asking for their name,.. email and phone number…and if they wanted to be put on the email tree…

  64. j.b. Says:

    Tee hee.

  65. Tenacity Says:

    Excellent…I look forward to chatting tomorrow. I’m down for the count.

  66. JAC Says:

    California’s Tea party/ Revolt

  67. JAC Says:

    night Ten

    Hey there j.b.

  68. JAC Says:

    Want to be a little scared?…. with one stroke of a presidential pen

  69. j.b. Says:


  70. JAC Says:

    had a nap earlier… was mentally exhausted after my meeting…. now I’m wired….. hee hee

  71. j.b. Says:

    I bet. I,m finally watching the MMS video. It. Ain’t. Easy.

  72. JAC Says:

    have the link?

  73. j.b. Says:

    yeah, hang on….

  74. j.b. Says:
    Here, lookit a this first. Talk about s c a r y………..I do not know who this guy is, althiough I have heard of his program and that movie. It comes as no surprise, I guess, but does NOT make reading it any easier. Knowhatimean?

  75. j.b. Says:

    Here’s this one;

    It’s pretty long.

  76. JAC Says:

    hey I know what you mean….

    I don’t know about you, but it is like a storm coming in. I hear the rumbling in the distance…. and trying to get prepared before it hits..

  77. j.b. Says:


  78. j.b. Says:


    Rush’s ratings have DOUBLED since Barry took him on! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.
    Thanks for finally make my day, you Prick Bastard POS.
    Now I can go to bed,……….

  79. JAC Says:

    night J.b.

  80. j.b. Says:

    I am just hearing the last of the MMS guy and there was a time when I would have thought he was full of “it”. A kook.
    He is talking about people getting run over by the FDA/Gubment for coming up with cures for Cancer.
    Today? Knowing what I know now about our twisted govt.?
    Yeah, well, I think I’ve said enough already.

    G’night JAC.

  81. susiezen Says:

    Jac, nice work, man you sure give 110% and then some, If we all had your conviction, passion, and energy we surly would be heard.
    without any help from main stream media, we do what we can. with your lead we are reminded that we too must get out there too,

  82. susiezen Says:

    Jac, nice work, man you sure give 110% and then some, If we all had your conviction, passion, and energy we surly would be heard.
    without any help from main stream media, we do what we can. with your lead we are reminded that we too must get out there and stir things up!

  83. JAC Says:


  84. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning!

    I’m having trouble with admin page — not updating properly.

    I think it’s a wordpress thing and the problem should resolve itself eventually.

    In the meantime, I’m going to see if it will allow me to put up new post.


  85. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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