An Impenetrable Fortress of Love (or Music for Making Out 1972 Style)



In spite of their huge popularity in Britain and continental Europe, Uriah Heep were never able to break into the American market in a big way, with the exception of three hit songs, “Easy Livin’ ” from the 1972 album Demons and Wizards, “Sweet Lorraine” from the 1972 album The Magician’s Birthday (a top ten album in Australia), and “Stealin’ ” from the 1973 release Sweet Freedom.

Every day I have to look to the sun
To see where it was that I have come from
I have a feelin that there must be a time
When I’ll get a chance to go home
‘Cause I’m so tired of being here alone
But I’m just a traveller in time
Trying so hard to pay for my crime

If I could go back the same way I got here
And see the people that I once held so near
I’d do my best to find an answer for you
But first I must wait ’til I’m set free
And I don’t know how long that’s gonna be
‘Cause I’m a man with a whole lot on his mind
Just out there somewhere travelling in time
Travelling in Time
I’ve tried for so long to find some way
Of helping mankind


  1. The Wizard” (Clarke/Hensley) – 2:59
  2. “Traveller in Time” (Box/Byron/Kerslake) – 3:25
  3. “Easy Livin'” (Hensley) – 2:37
  4. “Poet’s Justice” (Box/Hensley/Kerslake) – 4:15
  5. “Circle of Hands” (Hensley) – 6:25

  1. Sweet Lorraine” (Box, Byron, Thain) – 4:13
  2. “Tales” (Hensley) – 4:09
  3. “The Magician’s Birthday” (Box, Hensley, Kerslake) – 10:19

From pegazuswarrior

Uriah Heep Wizard

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  1. JAC Says:

    😀 way to go cyn …… can I have a snoopy dance ..
    btw ,,,,, 1stttttttt

  2. cynkading Says:


  3. cynkading Says:

    LOL I thought I was 1sst. 🙂 Big snoopy dance!

  4. patriotamy Says:

    YEAH !!!!!! 😀 We did it!!! Snoopy dance for all !! :O

  5. cynkading Says:

    Boy do I remember Uriah Heep! I also noticed that we graduated in the same year. Sooooo that makes about the same age.

  6. JAC Says:

    was you spying on my teaching?? ….. lol 😀

  7. JAC Says:

    well, gotta go make dinner
    starving hubby just called said he would be home in just a bit

  8. JAC Says:


  9. patriotamy Says:

    JAC, check out the last thread. My ‘teaching’ was just right after yours. but my refresh button wasn’t working fast enough to catch your session…

    Great minds think alike…

  10. cynkading Says:

    Sorry I had to step out to watch Hannity. He was talking about O’s being so very concerned about how our tax dollars were being spent and named Joe Biden our sheriff. I wish O’s nose would start growing for every lie he tells.

  11. JAC Says:

    patriotamy Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 1:26 am
    : ( with no space inbetween makes 😦

  12. JAC Says:

    gotta dash again…..

  13. cynkading Says:

    How do you make a smiley with a pinochio nose on it? ;)The panel on Hannity are still giving Rush a bad rap about his wanting O’s social agenda to fail.

  14. cynkading Says:

    i guess i am all by myself…..

  15. susiezen Says:

    You guys are too funny….
    Hey have you herd the latest…the obama family have decided that the term”White House was far too formal, too uncomfortable. So without a flinch, the obamas now call the white house “our house”.
    the girls would rather call home “our home.” Barak and I feel it is our home…….so was reported from an anonymous, recent guest of the obamas home…
    party at obamas house friday night….really, how tacky can you get. If this is indeed true, how freaking disrespectful can you get. its horrific to me that these people are in OUR white house! the american peoples white house, not obama and michelle!!
    And the constant concerts and parties along with the influx of so many people into the white house.
    Our culture our ideals, morals, are all being stomped on by the low class “leaders” of our america. Right now I think Obama thinks he not only owns the white house, he owns all of america….he is so transparent. hes far worse than I ever imagined.

  16. Troy Says:

    JAC Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 1:20 am
    Ohhh Troy

    can’t resist…… peep
    Grrrrrrr 😉

  17. susiezen Says:

    cyn if his nose started growing he woundnt be able to fit on airforce one…his favorite little plane….

  18. Troy Says:

    susiezen Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 3:19 am
    cyn if his nose started growing he woundnt be able to fit on airforce one…his favorite little plane….
    With Obama it’s not his nose that grows, it’s his BIG AZZ EARS


  19. Troy Says:

    I was a huge fan of Uriah Heep also…Kickazz 🙂

  20. susiezen Says:

    weep…..whats up?

  21. susiezen Says:

    dang arnt those ears ooogly…ones bigger than the other

  22. susiezen Says:

    there so big he doesnt need airforce one…please fly away barakie

  23. Troy Says:

    Everyone, check this out….It’s great and at the same time it will piss you off!!!

  24. susiezen Says:

    meant to say we up? cant get used to this new keyboard. although Im finally learning the cut and paste. not as hard as I thought, actually a little embarrassed how easy some things are on the pc. have been finding some good articles, hopefully ready to share, just need to tweak some kinks.

  25. susiezen Says:

    all those moderate voters…we wouldnt be sitting here right now wondering how we are ever going to save this country

  26. Troy Says:

    Rose, do you remember the Pied Piper, Ian Anderson?

  27. Troy Says:

    Cross-Eyed Mary

  28. Troy Says:

    Locomotive Breath

  29. Troy Says:


  30. JAC Says:

    have to jump in for a second…… lol

    According to Larry,..Bammy could stand to tell a few lies ………….if it would make something else grow

  31. Troy Says:

    Troy Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 4:13 am
    I’ll try that one again 😦

    That’s better 🙂

  32. Troy Says:

    JAC Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 4:23 am
    have to jump in for a second…… lol

    According to Larry,..Bammy could stand to tell a few lies ………….if it would make something else grow
    I’m not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole. 😉

  33. LadyTexan Says:

    Ace from Ace of Spades blog has a burr under his saddle tongiht.

    The top 2 posts are both good, but I especially like his logic in the last paragraph of the second post.

    Oh, Yeah, and Then There’s This Fucking Horseshit Too

  34. Troy Says:

    To all gun owners

    From Citizen Well’s site:


    Berg continued, “ It is very important to be aware of a new bill HR 45 introduced into the House. This is the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009. [I learned about this from the Peter Boyles radio program.] Even gun shop owners didn’t know about this because it is flying under the radar. To find out about this – go to any government
    website and type in HR 45 or Google HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009.

    Basically this would make it illegal to own a firearm – any rifle with a clip or ANY pistol unless:

    •It is registered

    •You are fingerprinted

    •You supply a current Driver’s License

    •You supply your Social Security #

    •You will submit to a physical & mental evaluation at any time of their choosing

    •Each update – change of ownership through private or public sale must be reported and costs $25 – Failure to do so you automatically lose the right to own a firearm and are subject up to a year in jail.

    •There is a child provision clause on page 16, section 305 stating a child-access provision. Gun must be locked and inaccessible to any child under 18. They would have the right to come and inspect that you are storing your gun safely away from accessibility to children and fine is punishable for up
    to 5 yrs. in prison.

  35. susiezen Says:

    obama cannot be concerned with the daily glitches of the stock market, so he says…..WOW!! can he be any more of an A-HOLIO!! he is stabbing America in her heart, our lady is slowly bleeding to death. Lord, we must stop this man before its too late

  36. j.b. Says:

    Don’t know if it’s true, but after reading that?
    I feel nauseous.

    “In layman’s terms, Obama is seizing the last privately owned citizen savings so that when the globalists take control, there will not be any Howard Hughes types left to finance a counter liberation of the world from the electronic finance of the system where every scent is accounted for as it is all electronic. No one may buy or sell without the mark of the system.”

  37. ddlew Says:

    cynkading Says:
    March 4, 2009 at 2:54 am

    i guess i am all by myself…..


  38. ddlew Says:

    cynkading Says:
    March 4, 2009 at 2:54 am

    i guess i am all by myself…..



  39. LadyTexan Says:

    I don’t know if this was already posted:

    QUO WARRANTO: A New Hope – Military can now retreat in peace.

  40. JAC Says:

    woo hoo this might be a bit of good news on Bammy not being NBC
    go Hoosiers

    I just might have to call Armin tomorrow to get Bill’s number……

  41. CJ Says:

    Got this today as an attachment so I don’t know if it will work. For anyone who loves America and baseball:

    Greatest-Play-In-Baseball-1976-Monday.wvx (0.4 KB)

  42. CJ Says:

    Sorry. Guess that’s not going to work. Anyway, it came originally from the MLB site I think . It refers to a 1976 play that involved player Rick Monday and the American flag. Very inspiring and I would hope there are enough of us left that would do the same thing. I’ll try to track it down in a better format.

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Here it is, CJ!

    Thanks, wonderful, wonderful!

    From giramino

    On April 25, 1976 at Dodger Stadium, Rick Monday of the Chicago Cubs, grabbed and secured the American flag from two muslims attempting to burn our flag in the middle of the playing field. It was an outstanding display of American Patriotism.

  44. sba1872 Says:

    Mr. Apuzzo and I decided it’s best that this research be published far and wide and also included in a letter to AG Holder and US Attorney Taylor suggesting they institute an action for Quo Warranto on their own motion. This requires no plaintiffs.

    A general petition containing the names of as many potential ordinary citizens as possible will be circulated and hopefully signed by every citizen concerned with this issue. No need for any designation other than US citizen is necessary to begin the process. If Holder and Taylor refuse to bring the motion on their own volition, the petition will be necessary for the next stage.

    Yessssssssssssss! Leo Donofrio’s back, teaming up with attorney Mario Apuzzo, and will publish research re quo warranto. All natural-born citizen patriots should stand ready to sign the petition.

  45. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone isn’t talking about this!


    Obama may use 50-vote tactic on energy, healthcare

    President Obama’s budget director said the White House would consider using a Senate procedural tactic so that only 50 votes would be required to pass major healthcare and energy reforms.

    Because they can not be filibustered, budget reconciliations only require 50 votes to pass the Senate. Democrats hold strong majorities in Congress, but still come up short of the 60 votes necessary in the Senate to end debate, which makes it easier for Republicans to block legislation. House rules in comparison make it harder for the minority party to stop bills.

    Still, using budget reconciliation to pass policy proposals is controversial, even among some Democrats who believe doing so strains Senate rules and tradition.

  46. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, sba1872!

    Here is Freeper Thread on that article:

    Quo Warranto: A New Hope -Military Can Now Retreat in Peace

  47. rosettasister Says:

    Ankeny v. Daniels: Mr. Ankeny and Mr. Kruse Go to Court in Indiana

    NM State Rep Introduces “Cease and Desist” State Sovereignty Resolution

    ID State Rep Introduces Second Amendment Joint Memorial

    AR State Sovereignty Bill to be Heard in Committee Tomorrow

  48. rosettasister Says:

    U.S. soldier gagged on prez’s eligibility — Military member seeking documentation silenced

  49. rosettasister Says:

    To: browardchad; LucyT; Iowan; Calpernia; Candor7; Fred Nerks; little jeremiah

    Have we ever seen an original birth certificate for Barack Jr.?

    Have we ever seen an original birth certificate for either Barack Sr. or Ann Dunham?

    Have we ever seen an original passport for either Barack Sr. or Ann Dunham?

    Have we ever seen an original marriage certificate for Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham?

    If there is only one thing that you should have learned by now and that Obama has the most elusive, secretive, and unknown background of anyone I have ever heard or read about.

    What concrete proof do we really have when and where his parents were born, or even who are his real parents? We cannot say, for certain, when his mother died, if at all, and when his grandmother died, if at all, and from what real causes?

    I would caution you to make NO assumptions or presumptions about the FACTS of Obama’s life because we have so few of them to even paint a family portrait.

    The reason why BO is fighting the BC issue, tooth and nail, is becuase the FACTS on it would destroy his entire mythology. Without that mythology, he is less than ZERO.

    7,196 posted on Wednesday, March 04, 2009 7:58:01 AM by Polarik

  50. Troy Says:

    CJ Says:

    March 4, 2009 at 2:48 pm
    Sorry. Guess that’s not going to work. Anyway, it came originally from the MLB site I think . It refers to a 1976 play that involved player Rick Monday and the American flag. Very inspiring and I would hope there are enough of us left that would do the same thing. I’ll try to track it down in a better format.
    Cj, here is a video clip of the event.

  51. rosettasister Says:

    McCain continues battle against earmarks

    Senator John McCain is not giving up his fight against earmarks, even though the Senate rejected his attempt on Tuesday to strip them from the spending bill going through Congress.

    Teaming up with Democratic Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, the Arizona Republican and former presidential candidate announced this morning they’re introducing legislation to give the president a line-item veto to block earmarks.

    McCain said earmarks — which critics call pork-barrel projects — represent a “corrupt practice” that has infiltrated Congress.

    “I don’t use the term corruption lightly,” McCain said.

    Feingold noted that White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said last week that President Obama might want to “test drive” a line-item veto, different versions of which have been declared unconstitutional by federal courts.

    It’s time to “walk the walk,” Feingold said.

    The $410 billion spending measure includes more than 8,500 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion, watchdog groups say. The Senate voted 63-32 on Tuesday against the attempt by McCain to remove them.

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Republicans Object to Obama Tax Hikes

    In an exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, minority leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said of the energy tax increases in the Obama budget, “If you drive a car, or you have a job, or if you have the audacity to flip on a light switch, you’re going to pay higher taxes. They call this ‘cap and trade’ because people don’t quite understand it. It’s a bit of an illusion, but let’s just call it what it is: it’s a carbon tax. Rather than doing it straight up, in an efficient way, by collecting carbon tax, they’re trying to hide this. This has been estimated at $1.3 trillion dollars of new taxes over the next 10 years.”

    “But what nobody’s talked about are the tens of millions of jobs that are going to get shipped overseas if they go down this path,” Boehner continued. “There’s no indication that China or India or other industrialized nations are going down this path. Europe is on their third try with a cap and trade system that’s not working very well. And what are they doing in Germany? They’re building all of these coal-fired power plants. In the midst of the economic turmoil that we’re in, to raise taxes on all Americans and to risk losing tens of millions of American jobs — this will have a very difficult time passing in this Congress.”

    I spoke with Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), one of the four oldest civil rights organizations in America. CORE has been at the forefront of the energy debate in defense of America’s inner cities and poorer communities that were devastated last summer by the steeply-rising cost of energy caused by the Democrat Congressional majority’s refusal to expand domestic production. Innis told me, “When you consider that energy is not a luxury but a necessity for progress and survival in life, any direct or indirect tax on energy or energy production or government policy that stifles the development of energy resources for all consumers across the board, that burden is disproportionately borne by the poor and working class families.”

    Abundant, affordable energy is the key to a thriving economy: you can’t have the latter without the former. Yet in this time of economic instability, in addition to the “cap and trade” carbon credits, Obama is targeting America’s domestic independent oil and gas industry for death by taxation.

  53. JAC Says:

    Just wanted to share this experience with everyone about something that our local Sam’s Club has done.

    In just 2 short days Sam’s Club in Terre Haute either pulled all of their copies of Ann Coulters book Guilty off their shelves or sold them. I went in yesterday to buy my copy and there were NONE! ………Just 2 days before they had a pretty good supply of them, at $16 a piece! ……………………………
    But they have an abundant supply of that Obama DVD and the TIME Life Books with his face plastered all over them!

  54. susiezen Says:

    Ten I saw that ball of light with another person a few years ago. It was so real that it was unreal….give more details later…gotta run

  55. Troy Says:

    Bravo!!!….This guy must have lived in Texas at some point in time.

  56. LadyTexan Says:

    Good morning everyone.

    This is completely off topic, but if you need a laugh today, take a look.

    This Cat Is Pretty Ugly… Seriously

  57. rosettasister Says:

    The Bank of England expects the British economy to shrink by up to 3.7 per cent this year.

    (U.S. 4th Quarter 2008 annualized – our economy shrunk 6.2 per cent. 2009 doesn’t look so hot, either.)


    Bank of England set to pump cash into economy to avoid deflation (Is this where U.S. is headed?)

    A year on, and Britain was mired in a slump that threatens to be the worst of the postwar era. The Bank of England expects the economy to shrink by up to 3.7 per cent this year. Tens of billions of pounds have been thrown into bailing out stricken banks. And after a reluctant start, the the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has slashed interest rates from 5 per cent to 1 per cent in the past five months alone.

    The crisis has rocked to its foundations Mr Brown’s whole system for running the economy. His once proud construction is crumbling. Neither the Bank, nor the Treasury, nor the Financial Services Authority saw the danger coming.

    Now the future of the MPC itself is in serious question. With base rates at 1 per cent, and a cut below zero impossible, the MPC’s arsenal is nearly exhausted. Yet the crisis rages on.

    This week, the Bank will deploy its last resort, and begin printing money, or at least its modern equivalent. It has been forced to ask permission from Mr Darling to begin this quantitative easing. The MPC will inject billions into the economy by buying company and government bonds, their IOUs, from banks. It will create money by electronically crediting the banks’ accounts. In turn, this is intended to allow the banks scope to make billions in new loans. But the strategy raises huge questions: over whether it will work, what it means for MPC independence, and how such desperate measures became needed.

    See also:

    Are we making the same policy mistake as the Japanese?

    Bank of England asks Alistair Darling for go-ahead to ‘print money’

    GRAPHIC: desperate remedies

  58. JAC Says:

    I watched the video, KUDOS for that guy who cut down the American flag that was being disrespected.

    We need to personally stand up more and more to the abuses to our liberty

  59. rosettasister Says:

    Check it out!

    Join Eric Odom and other Tax Day Tea Party organizers/sponsors as we discuss all things related to the Tea Party Protests

    Date / Time: 3/4/2009 3:00 PM (not sure if that’s Mountain Time or what)

    Show from yesterday?

  60. rosettasister Says:

    March 04, 2009

    Missouri Republicans push birth certificate questions to oppose ‘tyranny’

  61. LadyTexan Says:

    Omnibus Spending Bill Facing Opposition; Some Dems Breaking Ranks

  62. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you, Lady!

    That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time!

    I had a feeling about Bill Nelson.

  63. rosettasister Says:

    Moderates Uneasy With Obama Budget Plan

    Politico: Democrats Concerned About Budget Size May Be Problematic For President

  64. rosettasister Says:

    Perhaps Bill Nelson and other Dems read the following:

    Barack Obama, Jim Cramer, the Stock Market and Glengarry Glen Ross

    And that, my friends, is how the financial markets work. They don’t care about hope. They don’t care about change. They don’t care about charm. They want results. They want economic growth. They want governments that can pay their debts. And if they think policies of high taxes or runaway spending means slow growth or default, they will brutally punish a country’s stocks, bonds and currency.

    So the White House can dismiss this slow-motion market plunge because, you know, a market “bobs up and down day-to-day.” And it can dismiss CNBC’s Jim Cramer’s comment that Obama is running a “wealth-destroying” administration as the mutterings of someone from a cable channel that’s geared toward “very small audience.” But the market’s will not be dismissed. They want results and have grave doubts about the course of the U.S. economy. And to quote Baldwin’s character again: “You get the picture? You laughing now?”

  65. rosettasister Says:


  66. JAC Says:

    video of that Cop beating that 15 year old girl

  67. JAC Says:

    keep up the fight

  68. Troy Says:

  69. JAC Says:

    Old article,….. but it just means things are securely in place…

  70. hockeyfan530 Says:

    rose wrote:

    March 04, 2009

    Missouri Republicans push birth certificate questions to oppose ‘tyranny’

    Good to see. I’m going to write them and thank them. Read the comments on that link and it will p*ss you off. Man, those people are sooooo stupid. It’s a BC! How hard can it be to just show it!? What a bunch of useless dumbasses!

  71. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  72. susiezen Says:

    Jac, amazingly ann’s books are being sold out throughout the nation. The big wigs in charge of supply ordered twice as many obama books thinking bo is still riding the wave, but that waves drying up
    There are hordes of peoples wanting to know whats really going on, and reading straight from the lips of obama’liar’ is not what they are looking for right now.
    I went to two barnes and noble, same thing, obamas book displays everywhere….I wanted to turn them all upside down. my brother did his share, though. he just could not believe obamas displays were side by side with Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington, as if Barnes and Noble are maintaining obamas false image

  73. CJ Says:

    Rose and Troy: Thanks for posting the link to the baseball story! Wasn’t that just great?

    Amy: Glad you found the site for that senior gun article. If it is just satire then I guess it fits in well with Obama’s whole scheme which is satire to the highest order imo. He seems to revel in it. I sure hope it wasn’t true but I wonder. Don’t believe much these days unless it is proven beyond a doubt for me. How cynical I have grown these last 2 years.

  74. rosettasister Says:

    CJ Says:
    March 5, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Hey, CJ!

    Wasn’t sure if you noticed we’re at link posted two posts above yours.


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