Archaeologists rediscover lost Egyptian tomb




Das Foto zeigt das “verlorene Grab” des Amenhotep (The photo shows the “lost Tomb” of Amenhotep)

Belgian archaeologists have rediscovered an ancient Egyptian tomb that had been lost for decades under sand, Egyptian Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said on Sunday.

In 1880 Swedish Egyptologist Karl Piehl uncovered the tomb of Amenhotep, the deputy seal-bearer of the Pharaoh King Tuthmosis III, in the city of Luxor, about 600 km (375 miles) to the south of the capital Cairo.

“It later disappeared under the sand and archaeologists kept looking for it to no avail until it was found by the Belgian expedition,” a statement from the Supreme Council of Antiquities quoted Hosni as saying.

Tuthmosis III of the 18th Dynasty ruled Egypt between 1504-1452 BC. Egypt’s chief archaeologist Zahi Hawass said the tomb consists of an enclosure and a large hall divided into two parts by six columns. Part of the northern side of the hall had been destroyed a long time ago, he added.

Laurent Bavay, the head of the Belgian team, said most of the inscriptions on the walls of the tomb were damaged, a sign that the place had probably been robbed in the early 19th century, the statement quoted him as saying.

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The Pharaoh King Tuthmosis III (not sure if I have the right pharaoh here – I’m an amateur)

From darkstar1345a

A series of lectures about the history of ancient dynastic Egypt.

These are parts 1, 2 and 3 of lecture 12 ; thutmosos iii.

Bob Brier will take you on a journey that will discuss the old kingdom , the first intermediate period , the middle kingdom , the second intermediate period , the new kingdom , the third intermediate period or the saite period , and then greek Egypt.

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    I bought the Globe Obama gay issue this morning at the grocry store. It was fun to read, although somewhat hard to find. They mostly had the Bush suicide issue still setting out from last week.

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    saveusa1 Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm


    I bought the Globe Obama gay issue this morning at the grocry store. It was fun to read, although somewhat hard to find. They mostly had the Bush suicide issue still setting out from last week.
    Sounds like consumers know for which issue to spend their money!

  4. JAC Says:

    lol, funny that while at the store today I ALSO picked up the Globe…. There was a line so, This woman next to me.. was looking at the front and asked “I wonder if it is true?” Offffffff course I had to answer… 🙂

    I said It sure is, I even spoke to the author last week. It’s just horrorable how he keeps getting threats for speaking the truth…

    She started telling everybody near her what I said…… and I know at least 4 other mags were bought ….. Remember drop a nugget and smile………….lol score one for the good guys

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    Gold star for JAC! Way to go!!

    Obambi is at it again…this one is so true it’s ridiculous.

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    If you missed El Rushbo at CPAC, here ya go:

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    Hey JAC,
    I just picked up a Globe too. Great picture of Mich**le, eh?

    I started talking about it in line and my wife got paranoid on me ’cause she saw other lines looking at us. I had a good chuckle.

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    That last El Rushbo link was just a short segment. Here is the first segment of a series of videos.

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    Hey Ten,
    can I pick your brain….. you know of a few Committee of Safety youtubes out there??……. trying to get together a video collection converted to DVD.. to pass out to the ones coming to by meeting….

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    Does anyone know how the national grand jury movement is progressing? I haven’t seen anything more on it. Thanks!

  12. sliderblaze Says: has something on it CJ

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    Slider – it’ll be interesting to see how the votes go now that it’s been linked by WND.

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    Tenacity – we watched Rush live on FOX yesterday. That was the best thing I’ve seen on TV in a couple years!!

    Can’t wait until his second televised address to the nation 🙂

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    If I didn’t give you Walter Reddy’s email, I will send it to you when I get back from the End Times lecture I’m leaving for right now.

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    Good night, good people!

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