The story of Arachne and Athena



At last, moved to a little pity, Athena said, “You may live, Arachne, but you will hang forever – and do your weaving in the air!”

L’Industria (o Dialettica), Paolo Veronese (Italia, 1528-1588)


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February 19, 2009



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  1. JAC Says:

    cool cool cool….. check this out

  2. susiezen Says:


  3. Katie Says:

    Makin’ my sign tonight for my Tea Party tomorrow. Any one want to make suggestions?

  4. hockeyfan530 Says:

    since you’re giving out all that money how about $12 for a BC!

  5. Katie Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    February 27, 2009 at 2:58 am

    since you’re giving out all that money how about $12 for a BC!
    “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” ????


  6. LadyTexan Says:

    Bloggers and unions form group to push Democrats to the left

    WASHINGTON: A group of liberal bloggers said it is teaming up with organized labor and MoveOn to form a political action committee that will seek to push the Democratic Party farther to the left.

    Soliciting donations from their readers, the bloggers said they are planning to recruit liberal candidates for challenges against more centrist Democrats currently in Congress.

    Continue reading at:

  7. JAC Says:

    Kids signs

    You Robbed my Piggy Bank

    I have nothing to grow up to be ……..but taxed

  8. Katie Says:

    Holy Smokes! From CPAC Obama eligibility referencd by Cliff Kincaid

    Hello? Anyone going to uphold their oath to the Constitution? Anyone? Buhler? Buhler??


  9. Tenacity Says:


  10. Tenacity Says:

    Just don’t mention Abortion and Obama on the same sign and don’t mention the DAMN BEANS! 🙂

  11. Tenacity Says:

    Seriously, the Tea Party is all about irresponsible spending, BIG guberment, too much debt, Pay to Play & etc. NO PAY TO PLAY would be good. The dhims are financing their 2010 & 2012 campaigns with this so-called bail out. HELP THE U.S. NOT YOURSELF!

  12. JAC Says:

    Hey Ten

  13. Tenacity Says:

    Maybe attacking their real goal would be good…NO NORTH AMERICAN UNION or DOWN WITH GLOBALISM

  14. JAC Says:

    I really read some phucked up stuff today…….. went to a pro obama liberal forum….. it was awful

  15. Tenacity Says:


  16. Tenacity Says:

    Say JAC

  17. Katie Says:

    The sign is ready and so is my camera.


    U R FIRED!

    That’s for you, JAC 🙂

  18. JAC Says:


  19. JAC Says:

    lol thanks Katie

  20. JAC Says:


  21. JAC Says:

    What Ten??

  22. JAC Says:

    crickets tonight

  23. ddlew2 Says:

    I noticed Sean Hanity mentioned CPAC on his show tonight but stayed well clear of the BC comment.

  24. ddlew2 Says:


  25. Tenacity Says:

    So how does it feel to be the middle child?

  26. ddlew2 Says:



  27. ddlew2 Says:

    See what I mean?

  28. JAC Says:

    Lol…….. sorry I have been popping in and out

  29. Troy Says:

    Look here

  30. JAC Says:

    Bammy sure know how to pick them

  31. JAC Says:

    Troy… do you have free long distance?

  32. Tenacity Says:

    Beware…you are never alone at Rose’s place. Even when you are invisible…someone sees you.

  33. JAC Says:

    lol Ten

  34. Tenacity Says:


  35. Tenacity Says:

    I was just thinking…when we lay an inside joke out like that, would a newbie to the site want to join the discussion or just quietly slip away?

  36. JAC Says:

    I need to head to bed….. have a doctors appointment in the morning

  37. Troy Says:

    A joke like what?….Did I miss something?

  38. susiezen Says:

    call me slow, but when I look at the time posted on the posts, I can never figure it out. is there a five or six hr difference? well, I think I blew past angry yesterday when obama blamed bush for spending too much quoting that, we need to stop the bush spending. and I walked into a 1.7 trillion deficit……..bushs deficit keeps growing and growing, now it looks like obama has not spent a penny, the trillion waqs all bush.come on the way he twists things aroud and lies is SHAMEFULL! the sad part is, everytime he births a statement like bushs spending, and 1,7 trillion was bushs deficit, it slowly becomes fact…he will repeat this again and again and the ignorant masses will take it to be truth

  39. Katie Says:

    susiezen – it depends what time zone you are in. I think it’s 5 hrs. difference from Central Time. Just as we figure it out, we’ll be changing clocks next weekend and will have to recalibrate.

    Tea Party or Bust!!

  40. NEConservative Says:

    From the Corner yesterday on NRO:
    Bumper Sticker of the Day [Jonah Goldberg]

    From the Tennessee GOP:
    Paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party
    02/26 02:03 PM

  41. susiezen Says:

    Just a thought..this holy a hole, obama, has a 52% approval/love rating. If Im clear 52% of America either agrees withn obama or they agree with nhis lies….either way, if we revolt against our standing president, are we going to be going up against his supporters?
    Or are we going to be loud enough that we wiall change some minds or rathe renlighten some of his followers.
    I just wish our numbers were stronger. It was the out cry of the people that got nixon to resign or face impeachment.
    OPour only hope is that people get the truth but how?
    There was a guy who called into rush, im so impressed with his story because he went from a devote liberal/ obama lover, to a right wing conservative literally overnight. Alll due to his buddy begging him to listen to rush for one full day, he listened more than that and SAW THE LIGHT!
    We will never have the moiney to advertise conversion…Its a grassroots organization that Im praying to Lord Jesus that it takes hold and even if just a miargin of the obama brainwashed lemmons would be awed wtih the obveyous…

  42. susiezen Says:

    wow I have a new laptop, slipped and hit submit before proofing…OBVIOUSLY..Ouch

  43. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning!

    This is what I meant yesterday when I wrote these assumptions are “hard to swallow.”

    Translation: Obama is living in lala land!


    Economists question budget’s economic assumptions

    But many economists who examined the economic assumptions that undergird the spending plan believe that Obama may have resorted to one of the oldest gimmicks around — relying on overly optimistic economic assumptions to make it look like you are dealing with soaring budget deficits when in reality you are only closing the gap on paper.

    “They used to joke during the Reagan years that the highest-ranking woman in the administration was Rosy Scenario,” said Nariman Behravesh, the chief economist at IHS Global Insight, a major private forecasting firm.

    Rosy may be back in town, said Behravesh, who called the Obama administration’s forecasts “way too optimistic.”

    But Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s, said he believed the extent of the downturn will be more severe than the administration’s forecast for this year and that this will prompt even larger policy responses on the part of the government, including increased help for homeowners facing foreclosure and another stimulus from Congress a year from now.

    The administration’s budget projects that the downturn will result in a 13.4 percent drop in government receipts this year, one of the contributing factors to the administration’s forecast that the deficit will hit an all-time high of $1.75 trillion.

    For 2010, when the administration is forecasting the deficit will decline to $1.17 trillion, the administration is forecasting that the rebounding economy will boost revenues by 8.9 percent. Based on the stronger growth, the administration is forecasting steadily declining deficits in coming years with the deficit dropping to $912 billion in 2011, $581 billion in 2012 and $533 billion in 2013.

  44. rosettasister Says:

    Reposting from yesterday:

    Live Webcasting From the Strategy Room:

    Check in with CPAC guests and FOX News personalities on the Strategy Room, which will be broadcasting live from the Regency Ballroom at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington.

    I believe you can access here. Scroll along top of video and you should see menu.

  45. CJ Says:

    Can someone confirm the report going around that Hillary deliverd to the Chinese a document allowing eminent domain to them as collateral for loans to the USA? I am really going to be sick if that is true. Talk about pushing towards a civil War. Man I hope this is a hoax.

  46. Troy Says:

    CJ Says:

    February 27, 2009 at 3:55 pm
    Can someone confirm the report going around that Hillary deliverd to the Chinese a document allowing eminent domain to them as collateral for loans to the USA? I am really going to be sick if that is true. Talk about pushing towards a civil War. Man I hope this is a hoax.
    As of last night I wasn’t able to cooberate it….No top name sources are publishing it.

  47. CJ Says:

    Thanks for the update Troy.

  48. rosettasister Says:

    I believe this story originated here. For what it’s worth.

  49. rosettasister Says:

    Obama’s $646 Billion Cap-And-Trade Green Tax

    1) What this is, of course, is a de facto business tax that will get passed along to workers and consumers.

    (Not to mention the impact on economic growth.)

    And not a small tax, at that. Over that same period, the White House expects regular corporate taxes to bring in some $3.8 trillion dollars.

    So the cap-and-trade auction impose an additional 20 percent tax or cost above that level.

    And remember that we already have the second highest corporate tax rate in the world.

  50. rosettasister Says:

    Soaking The Rich Means Crippling Churches, Charities, and Home Values

    President Obama’s budget is built on a massive tax hike on upper income families. From the Washington Post:

    Individuals who earn more than $200,000 a year and families who make more than $250,000 would also lose the tax cuts enacted during the Bush administration, meaning their top income tax rate would rise to 39.6 percent from 35 percent, their investment income would be taxed at 20 percent rather than 15 percent and their deductions for mortgage interest, state and local taxes and charitable contributions would be reduced.

    The attack on the mortgage interest rate deduction and the charitable deduction are simply hidden ways to increase the top rate beyond that of the Clinton years, but by using the deception, the Obama plan would devastate churches and charities that depend on the generosity of their highest income donors while also slamming the value of homes by reducing their value to borrowers.

  51. Troy Says:

    Rose, I was thinking that Hal Turner got the story from here.

  52. rosettasister Says:

    Good point, Troy!

    I don’t know.

    Which came first, the chicken or the egg?!

    I remember Cindy saying it came from Hal Turner, so grain of salt and all that.

    I don’t pay attention to Hal Turner, but when he interviewed Larry Sinclair, now that was funny!

    A lot of gay jokes and Larry was really a good sport about it.

  53. Troy Says:

    Looking more, everyone seems to think it came from Turner.

  54. rosettasister Says:

    Thomas E. Ricks, Pt. 1 With Hugh Hewitt

    Listen here:

    Hugh talks with veteran Washington Post military reporter Thomas Ricks about his new book The Gamble, which covers all the decision-making and results of the Iraq surge.

    [audio src="" /]


    Thomas E. Ricks, Pt. 1


    David Petraeus

    HH: And is fast. I’ve seen his times. It’s very impressive. Let’s get back to the story. He comes back from Iraq after his first duty. The Army sends him to Leavenworth. By the way, I found it fascinating that you covered this, so did Thomas Barnett in Great Powers, to develop the COIN Manual, the Counterinsurgency Operation Manual, February, 2006 he’s in Leavenworth. That’s going to come back when the surge hits. Tell people about that process. I think it’s vital.

    TR: The Counterinsurgency Manual that they put together really took classic counterinsurgency theory and said here’s how it might work for the U.S. Army these days. One way to read that manual is as a devastating critique of how the war had been fought in Iraq for several years.

    It says go out and protect the people. Well, for several years, the U.S. military had focused on force protection. So, for example, when the Marines kill 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha, it’s not even seen as a significant action, literally.

    It is not filed up the chain of command in what they call a significant action report, or a SigAct. Now when he says in his manual you must protect the people, from that flow several consequences. It means that the U.S. military is going to have to operate entirely differently in Iraq.

    It means you’ve got to move off the big bases, and you’ve got to live among the people. And this manual is really the intellectual beginning of the surge, because if you’re going to move off bases and live among the people, then you’re going to need more troops.

    The theory of living among the people is if you patrolled one hour a day in a neighborhood, somebody else controls it the other 23 hours. It might be bandits, it might be benign Iraqi officials, it might be the insurgency. You don’t know, because you’re not there.

    And for 23 hours a day, the Iraqis are going to be intimidated by someone else. So you get out there, you develop a sense of what’s right, what’s normal, what feels good in the neighborhood, what feels strange, eventually people begin talking to you.

    And that was, I think, the key aspect of what Petraeus brought out there.

  55. JAC Says:

    not even around and I get talked about lol

  56. JAC Says:


    I was involved in an online private meeting last night….. something that would probably be right up your alley

  57. JAC Says:


    biggest thing with Hal Turner, is how he puts a racial slant on everything,.and the comment section is filled with hate, racial remarks..

    I’m an adult, so I can weed through the BS and just focus on the facts of the article…. heck I even go to rease, they have good world news all in one place…. I just ignore the racism….

    Like they said, if you believe in God what does it matter if you are in a room full of devil worshipers…. they don’t rub off… 🙂

  58. JAC Says:

    Got to laugh…. Do you know we are mental cases???

  59. j.b. Says:


  60. JAC Says:

    Just wonderful news about my town…. was looking up survival stuff and came across fema camps info……….
    Terre Haute – Federal Correctional Institution, Satellite prison camp and death facility. Equipped with crematoria reported to have a capacity of 3,000 people a day. FEMA designated facility located here.

  61. patriotamy Says:

    JAC Says:

    February 27, 2009 at 12:52 am
    cool cool cool….. check this out
    “All of these ‘movements’ (except for Hawaii) are explicit restatements of what has always been in place, but not necessarily enforced, as detailed by the 10th Amendment. Hawaii is actually aiming for total sovereignty as it is claimed that Hawaii was never really a state of the U.S.A..”

    Hmmmmmmmm…. If Hawaii was never really a state of the U.S.A., then that would mean anyone “born” in Hawaii would not be able to become President……


  62. j.b. Says:

    Hal Turner interviewed Larry? Or are you thinking of Pat Dollard, Rose?
    No matter.

    WE ARE SCREWED. ONE WORLD OVER. ODOR. ORDER. Whatever. SCREWED. Barry is trying to TAKE US DOWN as fast as possible.
    I fear he will succeed.

  63. JAC Says:

    lol.. hey that might be the ticket……… shame that Bammy is just the puppet…and getting him out will only delay what is now in motion….
    Not that I don’t want him out……. can’t wait to see him tossed and landing on his boney ass 🙂

  64. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    February 27, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Hal Turner interviewed Larry? Or are you thinking of Pat Dollard, Rose?
    No matter.


    Oh yeah, j.b.! I don’t recall when exactly.

    I do recall that I was mortified when Larry announced he was going on that show.

    But it turned out to be a good interview and I didn’t wanna laugh, but couldn’t help myself!

  65. rosettasister Says:

    All this talk about Hal Turner reminded me of something.

    Old news, but some may find it of interest.

    Larry Sinclair – Pissant – Hal Turner.

    Hmmm. I see a pattern developing here. Or not.

    “E-Mail Threat Regarding Larry Sinclair and Free Republic” (Barack Obama – Donald Young – Pissant)

  66. JAC Says:

    Ok,….. I was The Obama forum yesterday……… god it is awful… but someitmes you have to spy on the enemy…

    I could not believe a post I came across where this guy admitted that he can’t wait until all the crackers were in chains so they could rape their daughters in front of them before killing them slowly….
    The reverse racial hate was unbelievable…They want war…and made reference to how they are waiting for the right time. probably July….. to show it how it feels to bow to a black man.

    what is even scarier….. is the number of visiters to that place….. almost 7000 at one time…..

  67. j.b. Says:
    Speaking of Pat. I don’t recall seeing this here, I apologize if this is a repeat. Worth the read.

    OMG, I can’t imagine Larry AND HAL. Together!

    Rose, how long have you had this blog? Just curious.

  68. JAC Says:

    lol love it….. just got this email from my ham radio club… We have had an excaped couger for over a year now…they can’t seem to catch it…
    The Ham Radio Fox hunt this weekend is now a hidden transmitter and cougar hunt.
    Anyone that gets a picture of the Eastside Cougar during the hunt
    gets 25 additional bonus points. Anyone that catches the
    Eastside Cougar during the hunt will be issued 25 demerits for
    being crazy enough to catch such a thing. Please post the
    picture if you get one. Please tell us which hospital room
    you’re in if you catch it.

  69. LadyTexan Says:

    I don’t know whether to be happy about or cry at this video. It’s almost too much to fathom.

    Military Joining The American Resistance To Protect The Constitution

  70. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    February 27, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Rose, how long have you had this blog? Just curious.


    Archive for July 2008

    Then you can click on “Older Entries”


    I was a Hillary supporter and I have mixed feelings about her being in Obama’s cabinet.

    I had stumbled across info about Obama and Odinga and Sharia Law in Kenya and all that and it really pissed me off!

    So I started looking around and that’s how I found Larry.

    I guess that was about a year ago.

  71. rosettasister Says:

    This is a really good blog. Lots of informative links. And Craig Jennings replies to comments.

    There just isn’t a whole lotta coverage of the numbers I’m interested in – I believe the whole country should know.

    FY 2008 Deficit 3.2 percent of GDP

    FY 2009 Deficit 13.5 percent of GDP and climbing

    FY 2010 Who knows?
    Everytime I see additional spending, they speak of how this will affect the total number, but never in terms of this percentage, which is the crucial number.

    I’m beginning to wonder if anyone really knows. Or if they do know, they’re scared to utter the words aloud.

    I have heard double Reagan’s highest number which was almost 6% of GDP – so 12%

    And I recently heard someone say triple – triple what – they can’t mean 18% of GDP, can they?!

    It shouldn’t be so hard to find these numbers.

    And they’re basing their numbers on false assumptions about revenues, so the picture is really worse than they’re letting on.

    If you sense my frustration, you are right!


    Obama Releases FY 2010 Budget — Sort Of

  72. sliderblaze Says:

    whos here?

  73. j.b. Says:

    Slider are you listening to RUSH!?!

  74. ddlew2 Says:

    I think Obama is burning through as much cash as possible, supporting the far-left causes while he can, because he knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s found out.

    That’s why he is living a celebrity life style for as long as he can. He wants to enjoy the ‘good life’ before it all falls down around him.

    Oh, he’s been POTUS for 37 days and he has spent 2 BILLION dollars per hour since being sworn in!!

  75. j.b. Says:

    Just when we thought it could not get any worse…….

    Our s’posed “tax cut” of $13.00 a week WILL BE TAXED AS INCOME NEXT YEAR! Oh and if you are unemployed-you are getting (up to) $25.00 MORE in your unemployment check-NOT a measly $13.00. Laugh or cry, You decide.

    Thanks for the backstory, Rose. Oh and for being here. 🙂
    I know I am not alone in my appreciation of you and your place.

  76. JAC Says:


    He is rushing to crush the economy,…. The goal date is July.. you gutter around in the undergroud you will see that date pop up quite often….

    LadyTex…… great video….

  77. j.b. Says:

    ddlew, I said that very thing to my husband-just last night!

    Oh, and that billion dollars an hour fact? OMG.
    I, like Glenn Beck, thought that a TRILLION was a made up number/word when I was a child. pft.

    Anyone catch him on REDEYE last night? Oh, why ask, when I know NO ONE WILL ANSWER ME!

    k bbl~ groceries, bull ets, 1/2 an aaaaay aarrrrrrr fif teen to buy. 🙂 j/k on the last one, I already got it! 🙂

    Good day, peeps!

  78. JAC Says:

    no I didn’t watch him on redeye….

    I feel like I have the same problem today,.. just crickets 🙂

  79. ddlew2 Says:

    You have a thing for crickets don’t you?

  80. LadyTexan Says:

    Did anyone watch that video I posted earlier?

  81. sliderblaze Says:

    yeah, but i was on Ace of Spades, on the BC issue, some people there support it, some on the fence and some just down right ingorant about the whole issue, i was trying to educate

  82. j.b. Says:

    Well,LadyTexan, I watched the video and had no choice but to cry. Thanks for sharing that.

    Yeah, jac, crickets suck.

  83. sliderblaze Says:

    yeah, listening to rush as well.

  84. JAC Says:

    guess you missed my post….. I listened as well……. great video..they say for every one there are a hundred more…. I hope that is the case here as well

  85. ddlew2 Says:

    Obama in running for Nobel Peace Prize.

  86. LadyTexan Says:

    JAC Says

    they say for every one there are a hundred more…. I hope that is the case here as well


    I hope so too.

  87. JAC Says:

    wow Rep Mike Pense of Indiana has a pair…….

  88. rosettasister Says:

    Top searches here at RosettaSister as of late:

    Top Searches

    rosettasister, sedona, larry sinclair, leonard cohen, ark of the covenant

    Ark of the Covenant?!

    I don’t remember that one!

    Oh yeah!


  89. JAC Says:

    just wow…… I even read that by Mike Pense again… Those are the kind of people we need in Government….Every wishy washy person in Government should be send a copy to show them what a real Representive of the people acts like……..

  90. LadyTexan Says:


    Thanks for the link to that wonderful speech.

    I hadn’t seen that blog before. I like it!

  91. JAC Says:

    Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood..

  92. LadyTexan Says:

    Photo of the day:

  93. JAC Says:


    There is a main site and also divided by state…….I belong to the Indiana group…. good contacts….. but they are unorganized at the moment… but they are trying……
    Hang out in the chat sometime… it can be interesting… lol…. it is down for reformatting today though…

  94. JAC Says:


    lol did you read some of the comment under the photo?…… 🙂

  95. LadyTexan Says:


    I did read them. My fav…..

    WOW! Is there any way to get Rep. Pence cloned?

  96. JAC Says:

    I wish……. lol I think most of Government should be a Mike Pence .

  97. NEConservative Says:

    Wow, looking at the comments section of the Assault Weapons Ban article, it’s looking good – I really do hope Obummer passes this ban, it’ll finally wake up all of the dumba$$e$ who voted for him:

  98. JAC Says:

    yeah, people are getting pissed and standing up for their rights…
    time is off the essence though…

    so get involved in a local group that is connected with a major one…..

    Because Something Wicked this way comes….. and it’s just starting..

  99. carribeansoul Says:

    Well, thought I’d pass along my Tea Party experience! I went to the one here in Nashville. There were around 700 people there and everyone was very passionate. A few of the GOP leaders and reps were there, but it was very short notice so we were missing some of the big folks. But it was a good turn out and it sounds like this will not be the first. Maybe, just maybe we might get something done about all this money that has been promised out!

    Something else I wanted to pass along…did anyone see BamBam speak at Camp Lejune? Usually my TV turns itself off any time he comes on but I wanted to see what kind of reception he would get. He should be embarrased and ashamed! There were only a few claps for a couple of seconds. Nothing like when Bush would show up. I laughed out loud! And of couse he thanked them for such a warm welcome!! Ha! Ha!

  100. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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