To Stick Or Not To Stick With Hamid Karzai



The Afghan president is repelling a wave of criticism with defiant counter-attacks and verbal blows. But as NATO defence ministers meet in Krakow to discuss committing fresh troops to fight the Taliban, pressure is growing on Hamid Karzai to seize this last chance to win back international support.

Close to Bush

Though he may be articulating what many know to be wrong in Afghanistan, Mr Karzai’s new rhetorical offensive is reportedly not going down well in Washington, where he is already tainted in the eyes of many in the Obama team by his close ties to former President Bush.

As Barack Obama begins despatching 17,000 more US troops to Afghanistan, he will be demanding a lot more from Mr Karzai. Karzai is seen has having been ineffectual in stemming the resurgence of counter-narcotics and the corruption that comes with it; opium is thought to generate between 50-100 billion US dollar for the Taliban every year.

Constitutional crisis

Mr Karzai’s own position is precarious indeed. He is facing a constitutional crisis, with a potential power vacuum of three months beginning when his term as president expires in May and ending when elections are held in August. The idea was to hold off the ballot until the new US surge would start to bear fruit, but there are no constitutional arrangements to deal with this delay.

Second, there is a chance that a credible challenger will emerge. Former Afghan interior minister Ali Jalali this week said he was considering the post. Another name that crops up is Gul Asha Sherzai, Kandahar‘s governor. Tellingly, it was Sherzai, not Karzai, that Mr Obama first visited during his trip to the country last year.

Previous Post on Sherzai

New demands

Mr Obama and NATO allies are likely to put their minds as to the future running of Afghanistan in April, when they meet in Strasbourg to map out a new strategy for the country. Although they may in the end decide to stick with Mr Karzai, their backing may come with many new demands that he may struggle to meet.


US troops set out on a patrol in Paktika province, Afghanistan, close to the Pakistan border. Photograph: David Furst/AFP/Getty Images

Listen to Vanessa Mock’s report on Hamid Karzai

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    Go for it!

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    Tenacity, I missed Rosetta’s new thread post two threads ago and was checking in wondering where the heck everybody went. Feels stupid to do that. But here’s my follow up on your (and Troy’s) posts about the Gary Fielder vid:

    Tenacity Says:

    February 19, 2009 at 9:16 pm
    I’m glad you found the video informative. I am curious however as to how the lecture could have been better done and held to less than an hour and a half. Are you familiar with Gary Fielder? What other opinions of his might you take exception with?


    Yes, very informative. I think my comment about being better was just nitpicking. He went to the trouble of inserting good historical video so I thought he would also have benefited from charting his attempts on the easle in some powerpoints that would have better made his points. I agree that the subject required the time to properly develop.

    Sorry, I haven’t heard of Gary Fiedler. Help me out on that.

    Overall I share his opinions. I did sense that he has a liberal mindset and some of that bled through and I think it muddled some of his momentum. That probably centered around the castigations of free market as being totally greed driven. There’s a case to be made for that but it needs context that I didn’t think he developed.

    I also felt that he believes Obama can actually do something about all of this. I don’t share that belief mainly because I think Obama may be revelling in this. That probably reflects my bias in believing Obama to be Marxist and an Alinsky disciple and I shouldn’t hold that against him perhaps.

    The real meat of this is the exposure of the evolution of and the current domination of central bank control of the world economy and the horrendous excesses that have emanated from that.

    If the populace could learn these facts (doubtful) then a return to a value based economy might be possible although there will be many decades needed to recover from this house of cards falling down.

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    Here’s where our national healthcare will lead us:

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    Don’t know if posted previously or not. My area NOT slated for anything. What a crock all of this is.

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