Islamist militants call ceasefire in Pakistan’s Swat By Junaid Khan



Muslims Against Sharia condemn the murderers responsible for the assassination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her supporters.

The new U.S. administration is alarmed by the possibility of the government giving in to militant demands to bring back sharia, according to Pakistani officials.


Representatives of Maulana Sufi Mohammad are due to meet government officials on Monday in Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

Having already met the cleric, NWFP information minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain told Reuters had high hopes for peace in Swat.

“I think things are moving in right direction and after the centre’s (federal government’s) approval, the Nifaz-e-Adal regulations will be announced,” he said, referring to restoring sharia in Swat.

Religious conservatives in Swat have long fought for the old law to replace the state’s secular laws, which came into force after the former principality was absorbed into Pakistan’s federation in 1969.

Battle hardened by the revolt in the 1990s, Maulana Sufi Mohammad later led thousands of fighters across to Afghanistan to support the Taliban militia when it came under attack from U.S.-backed forces in late 2001.

The cleric was arrested when he returned, but his son-in-law Maulana Fazlullah took up the cause, leading another revolt in late 2007, just months after Musharraf ordered commandos to storm the Red Mosque in Islamabad in order to stop an armed movement seeking to impose the sharia in the capital.

Fazlullah brought his faction under the umbrella of the Pakistani Taliban, headed by Baitullah Mehsud, a militant commander based in the tribal region of South Waziristan.

In a separate effort to heal the wounds, Zardari ordered on Sunday compensation be paid to people affected by the violence in Pakistan‘s semi-autonomous tribal lands and insurgency-hit districts of NWFP.

The Nifaz-e-Adal regulation By Brig. (r) Junaid Zaman

Taliban in the Swat region enjoy the support of local population who support the Taliban’s demand of Shariah promulgation in Malakand Agency.

Even the police officers of the area and secular politician have supported this demand. Chief Minister of NWFP Ameer Haider Hoti, Governor Awais Ghani and the Army high command have strongly recommended to enforce the long pending Sharia regulations, which will be called the “Nifaz-e-Adal regulation”.

There is only one solution to the Swat problem and that is political. Government should readily announce the promulgation of Shariah in the Swat region. It will leave Taliban with no plausible demand and they would have no option but to accept the Shariah and it would also place the local population on the side of government. Some Talibans would like to take control of Shariah, but that is not so much bigger problem and could be handled by the government.

Muslims Against Sharia

Women Against Shariah

From kafir001

January 26, 2009

Abuse of Women in Afghanistan

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  1. rosettasister Says:

    susiezen Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Rose you have quite an eclectic array of music likes, must be a passion.
    You must really love todays techno gadgets…mp3’s etc…


    You’re right, susie!

    But deep down I’ll always be a rocker!

    I wonder if I’ll still be rockin’ to Led Zeppelin when I’m 64!

  2. CJ Says:

    Tenacity, I answered on previous thread.

  3. Tenacity Says:

    Trust is a big word for me. I don’t recommend lightly. Most of what I have done in the past has not been on the internet. That’s why I asked Dr. Vieira. Some coin shows have been good. I like having it in my hand, but recognize that there needs to be a way of transacting business other than bartering and haggling, although I really enjoy haggling.

  4. Fae Says:

    I come here for the music. I am from North Dakota. I’m 55 years old and love rock and roll. My husband and I went to AC/DC a couple weeks
    ago and our children laughed as they didn’t want to go along. I believe
    music keeps us young and heart. All types of music. Have a wonderful Sunday!! Somedays it is the only thing that keeps me sane.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Fae Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    I come here for the music.



  6. rosettasister Says:

    Oliver North has suggested we keep an eye on this:

    Lourdes, a Cold War listening post outside Havana

    “The Method Behind Russia’s Cuba Madness”

    This time, however, Russia is too clever to think that it’s well served by angering a new president who might meet them halfway on, say, the European missile defense shield.

    In using Cuba for spite, Russia could have reopened Lourdes, a Cold War listening post outside Havana that Putin closed in 2001. It didn’t.

    Instead, in throwing some pocket change to a country that’s not even in play, says Alexander Kliment of the Eurasia Group, “Russia is simply stacking its bargaining chips ahead of its first meeting with Obama.”

    How? “By asking, ‘Where are those asymmetrical pressure points?'” Kliment says.

    “That’s what Russia always looks for.”

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Don’t have time to look at this site thoroughly, but may be worth a look see:

    “Taliban threaten attack on Islamabad”


  8. Fernley Girl Says:

    From Pamela Geller’s site, regarding Porkulus:
    “The cost of this bill surpasses the total outlay of the combined wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…”

  9. LadyTexan Says:

    Ten & Katie,

    President Obama will sign the Generational Theft Act of 2009 into law in Denver at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in City Park at an invitation-only event. The president also will give a speech about the economy. Time to raise your voice and make yourselves heard, Coloradans. Who’s up for a Rocky Mountain pig roast?

  10. CJ Says:

    Why is this man still campaigning? Why does everything have to be a spectacle? Yeah, I know, so the masses don’t forget how wonderful their loving leader is. Geez I’m so sick of this stuff.

    Ten: I’m really looking right now to hold the metals in my own place of safety. I also think that trying to use paper dollars now to buy in will be of great value down the road if this hyper inflation hits. Using my money to buy hard assets, a couple more firearms and some pantry stocking. Not making a big deal about this yet with the family because I was a little obnoxious over the Y2k thingy. Just reommending they pay attention to what’s going on. I’m trying to do enough to protect and provide for those I love in case they don’t do it themselves. I’ll ease into pushing them, down the road a bit. I will try to warn them soon enough that they can help themselves, but for now I am keeping a low profile and taking all the people I need to cover into my planning. I am very concerned about my young grandchildren. I also wish I could afford a second home outside the suburban area where I live.

  11. Katie Says:

    LadyTexan Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Ten & Katie,

    President Obama will sign the Generational Theft Act of 2009 into law in Denver…Who’s up for a Rocky Mountain pig roast?
    That’s an insult to pigs. 😀

  12. Katie Says:

    Gee, Tenacity – my invitation must have been lost in the mail. How about yours?

    It pains me more than I can express how much I detest the idea of the usurper signing our freedom away in this beautiful state. What? They don’t have pens in D.C.?

  13. susie hudson Says:

    CJ, I agree about keeping serious to your heart a place to be self sufficient.
    until last year I lived two doors down from the Atlantic ocean. The sound of the waves crashing the shores at night nurtured my soul.
    Drinking my coffee at 5am while walking the beach, looking out at the endless water reminded me how small I am.
    Yet with all its wonders, I never felt truly safe living at the ocean. the erosion, and storms, I always felt we were going to be swallowed up.
    Alot like I feel with Obama running our country.

    But seriously, I now live on a lake, with land surrounded by pines.
    I feel safe and nestled. A place were if need be we could be somewhat self sufficient…we also have warm, kind neighbors. Its a humble downsizing from our last house, but with our fears of this countrys health theres no place Id rather be.
    my motto has always been, its not a home unless you can pee in the back yard without being seen….

    Rose, you not only have great music, you have one hecka of a nice group of people…Id have to say ten, slider, Jac, troy and all the rest, in these times of fear and insecurity, its sure nice to share our ideas and anamosities toward our ever changing country.
    like the bible says…[[[[goodness attracts goodness]]];


  14. Troy Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Susie…We are glad that you are here also.

  15. Tenacity Says:

    If I had time, I would be painting up some signs to flash at the motorcade. Museum of Nature and Science? What a joke…that place wouldn’t know science if it sat on their tiny little heads. I used to love to go into their seminars and ask questions that they had no clue how to answer. They do have a really cool mineral exhibit however. It seems appropriate to me that such a liar will be there in a place loaded with lies. The City of Denver is one corrupt den of Dhims and has been for many years. Thank God the rest of the state is not saturated with the mental disorder (save Boulder of course).

  16. Tenacity Says:

    So Troy, where’s the photo of you in your mouse suit?

  17. Tenacity Says:

    You didn’t get an invitation? I’m shocked! I tried to buy a ticket with Obama coins and they wouldn’t take them.

  18. Troy Says:

    I can’t find it.

  19. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    February 16, 2009 at 3:27 am
    You didn’t get an invitation? I’m shocked! I tried to buy a ticket with Obama coins and they wouldn’t take them.
    That’s because they’re fake just like he is….Didn’t you hear?…They are regular coins with decal pasted over them….Change you can believe in.

  20. neconservative Says:

    If only he would, from

    Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi to Meet Pope – HLI Says “Excommunicate the Speaker”

    By Kathleen Gilbert

    WASHINGTON, D.C, February 13, 2009 ( – Reports have surfaced that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a self-avowed “Catholic” adamant abortion supporter, intends to head a delegation to Euope that will meet with Pope Benedict XVI.

    Today the Drudge Report headlined a report by Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) on Houston’s KSEV radio that Pelosi hopes to pass the federal economic stimulus bill in time for her join the group, which reportedly leaves Friday evening.

    According to Il Tempo, Pelosi will arrive in Rome Sunday afternoon, her first visit to the city since becoming Speaker of the House. It has not been determined when Ms. Pelosi plans to meet the Pope.

    Speaker Pelosi has drawn severe criticism from Catholic leaders for her misrepresentation of Catholic doctrine in light of her extreme pro-abortion position.

    In a Meet the Press appearance last August, Pelosi justified her support for abortion despite professing Catholicism by saying that “the doctors of the Church haven’t been able to make that definition” on whether life begins at conception.

    “The point is, is that it shouldn’t have an impact on the woman’s right to choose,” she continued. “This isn’t about abortion on demand, it’s about a careful, careful consideration of all factors and – to – that a woman has to make with her doctor and her god.”

    In September Pelosi’s bishop, Archbishop Niederauer of San Francisco, invited her to discuss witih him the abortion issue. Pelosi stated she would “welcome the opportunity,” but there is no report of Pelosi having yet scheduled a meeting with the archbishop.

    Fr. Tom Euteneuer, president of Human Life International (HLI), told that HLI will be briefing the Vatican “so they are aware of her dismal record on life issues.

    “It is our hope that the Holy Father will not grant the floundering Speaker of the House what she surely wants and expects, a quick and valuable photo-op, but will rather give her a stern lecture on contraception and abortion and let her know that her eternal salvation is in danger,” said Fr. Euteneuer.

    “Further, this would be the perfect opportunity to formally excommunicate the Speaker, as she has done everything a public official possibly can to declare her lack of communion with the Holy Father and the Roman Catholic Church on every conceivable issue.”

  21. Bailout » Blog Archive » Cota 1061 » Blog Archive » Usa - Fdic Shutters Four Banks in One Day Says:

    […] Islamist militants call ceasefire in Pakistan’s Swat By Junaid … […]

  22. Tenacity Says:

    Say Hud,
    You mentioned the 4 most demented people on this site. You must really think the rest are nice. Or do you just like twisted minds?

  23. Tenacity Says:

    Check this one out! Has not Hamas been identified as a “Terrorist” organization? so we import hundreds or thousands here on our dime!

    Obama Signs Presidential Determination Allowing Palestinians Loyal to Hamas to Resettle In US
    Check it for yourself

    Posted on Sunday, February 08, 2009 5:18:31 PM by NoLibZone
    President Barack Obama has signed an executive order presidential determination allowing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to resettle in the United States. Sure, what can go wrong when we allow hundreds of thousands of people who have been, as Mark Steyn memorably described, “marinated” in a “sick death cult,” who voted for Hamas, and 55% of whom support suicide bombings live here and at the American taxpayers’ expense:
    By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 million in migration assistance to the Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.

  24. JAC Says:

    This is the Representive I talked to Wed in that conference call….
    he is really working to help us……

  25. JAC Says:


    hey I resemble that remark!!!!!!! 🙂

    You mentioned the 4 most demented people on this site.

  26. Tenacity Says:

    Barack Obama is a SPY! I’d call him a traitor, but that requires citizenship. I don’t know how much longer I can sit on my hands and let this lying enemy of the state continue. We don’t have years to allow for a grass roots campaign to gel…that’s for sure. The Continental Congress is coming together. It looks like June or the beginning of July at this point. Other groups are now officially a part of it. I just hope mid-summer is soon enough. Pray that Taitz writ of Mandamus suit with state legislature representatives as plaintiffs is successful. If just one judge has some guts and isn’t on the take like the rest of them, then it might Stop the usurper in his tracks. The only problem with that is that the rest of the horde is still in D.C. I’ve got a letter I’m going to post, even though its long.

  27. Tenacity Says:

    The following from, 2/14/09:

    To Alter or Abolish

    by David Bardallis

    Note: The following letter was found left behind at a local drinking establishment; the authors’ identity is unknown. It is passed along without comment.

    “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it…” ~ Declaration of Independence of the American Colonies, 1776

    Dear Federal Government,

    Drop dead.

    Excuse us. Some may consider such bluntness to be indecorous, but why beat around the bush? In any case, we’ve been around this bush (Bush?) too many times to count already. It’s time to let you know what we really think of you, what we say behind your back, what we whisper to each other when you leave the room.

    We hate you. We want you to drop dead. Or, anyway, to go away and never come back. You are not welcome anymore. We have tolerated you – and we emphasize “tolerated” – for a long time, long after whatever romance there may have been was gone. We can pretend no more. You are disgraceful, boorish, nauseating, corrupt, shameful, arrogant, dishonest, self-serving, parasitic, disgusting, hypocritical, and rotten to the core. You have not even one redeeming quality. There is nothing you offer that we want any longer. We’re not even sure what it is we ever saw in you to begin with.

    We suppose you can be forgiven if this letter comes as a shock. “Why,” you say, “what do you mean? I still command great respect and inspire widespread adulation. And I still care about you. Isn’t it obvious?”

    It’s true that, in public, we often nod our heads and agree with you, even defer or appear to defer to you. But we assure you that this happens not out of respect; rather, it arises merely from the fact that you have a lot of guns and a bad temper. Inside, we are seething and resentful. Inside, we imagine your demise in the most vivid and gratifying of ways. We may fear your irrational and violent behavior, but we manifestly do not respect or agree with you. We don’t love you. We don’t even like you. (See the part about hate, above.)

    At any rate, our revulsion toward you has finally come to outweigh any fear we have of you. We refuse to keep our real feelings in for even one more second. We want you gone from our lives. And we mean completely. Vamoose. Go. Die.

    Please understand we aren’t here to argue. No special new subsidy, tax break, or privileged “loophole” is going to sway our opinion or make us change our minds about this. We’ve been there, done that, for too many decades to count now. Likewise, your threats are starting to make us yawn and even laugh. You see, we know all your tricks now. We can see through your lies because we’ve heard them all so many times before. We are fully aware of your true nature, and we see that that nature is radioactive evil, wrapped in a tattered blanket of ignorance, foolishness, and stupidity.

    Look, we know it’s only a matter of time anyway. Your dimwittedness, greed, fraudulence, and moral bankruptcy are finally starting to catch up to you. Even your former employees admit as much. Do you remember Paul Craig Roberts, one of your past Treasury officials? Today he says of your latest economy-wrecking and warmongering efforts:

    “The world has never seen such total mindlessness. Napoleon’s and Hitler’s marches into Russia were rational acts compared to the mindless idiocy of the United States government.”

    Mindless idiocy: We could not have said it better ourselves. Wait, yes, we could have, because we would have also mentioned your meanness and malevolence.

    Our state governments are starting to feel the same way about you that we do. Many are openly refusing to obey your so-called “REAL ID” attempt at creating a national “your papers, please” regime of Hitlerian proportions. Some are even starting to make noises about the Tenth Amendment, which reiterates that you aren’t allowed to just do anything you feel like doing. (We are not big fans of our state governments either, but at least they don’t start wars, counterfeit our money, and prop up tyrannies across the globe.)

    You see? Look in the mirror for once. The emperor not only hasn’t got any clothes, he’s a quadruple amputee demanding that everyone admire his muscular physique. We don’t know whether to laugh at or feel pity for such a pathetic creature.

    In conclusion and just so we’re clear: We’re done. Pack up and get out. Better yet, don’t pack – all that stuff belongs to us in the first place. Just get out. And when you finally, mercifully, do kick the bucket, please make sure it is in some place far away from us, where we won’t have to smell the stench of your hideous, rotting corpse.


    Every Normal Human Being in America and the Rest of the World

    February 14, 2009

  28. Tenacity Says:

    You’re in good company.

  29. JAC Says:

    Think for the moment we are all alone…. everyone seems to of ran off early tonight

  30. Tenacity Says:

    This place seems to never be without a lurker or 2. Say something that relates and they come out of the woodwork.

  31. saveusa1 Says:

    I just read recap on All-Star game and it says “President Barack Obama delivered a taped message at halftime urging public service.”

    What’s up with that?

  32. Tenacity Says:

    I’d like to see about 20 million signatures on the anonymous letter I posted above.

  33. JAC Says:

    I am going to keep my eye on Rep Eric Cantor…… I liked how he talked on the phone…. down to earth but knowledgeable

  34. Tenacity Says:

    The clown is still campaigning…he MUST be liked by all.

  35. JAC Says:

    i haven’t heard anything…..but doesn’t surprise me with his narcissistic personality

  36. CJ Says:

    Susie Hudson: Sounds like a great place to live. Anywhere near water is peaceful to me. Ocean, lake river, I don’;t care. I feel that is my soul place and I relax immediately. I have never been able to afford living right near one however. I do vacation by the water as often as I can though. It’s good that you feel safe and comfortable. I would wish that for everyone.

  37. JAC Says:

    Ohhh I’m a water baby.. love anything to do with water…..
    I find a peace there I can’t find anywhere else

  38. Tenacity Says:

    Gee Rose,
    Does Hud’s remark make me a part of your Inner Sanctum? 🙂

  39. JAC Says:

    I like that Rose has actually been chatting with us lately

  40. Tenacity Says:

    I am a mountain man. I feel the same way looking at the Rockies and many feel about water. When I see them (mtns) in the morning, I immediately thank God for His creation.

  41. JAC Says:

    anything new heard in a conference call?

  42. Tenacity Says:

    Yes, but it is all management team planning and strategy. Interesting how people from various groups are now teaming up and supporting each others events. Organization and education is moving in a very positive way. I will send you an email before I hit the sack which I plan to do in a few minutes.

  43. JAC Says:


  44. ddlew Says:

    TO SPEND, OR NOT TO SPEND: President’s decision on new fleet of Marine One helicopters; Each costing more than last Air Force One… Developing…

  45. susie hudson Says:

    hold it….barry has a 67% approval rating. this nation continues to love this man in spite of all the disgusting lies and his arrogant behavior.
    OH now they blame congress for everything wrong with the stimulus. so that means if the stimulus fails, obama is free and clear off responsibility. how convenient! His resent campaign trip has paid off. So every time a hard decision is made, barry excludes himself by being out there selling his greatness….SHAMEFUL How manipulative…how easy it is to cheat on his obediant, dim witted disciples…..
    clearly, our soon to be dictator is casting himself through the discernment of his followers….descry my mindless little people who want free houses, cars, money…. the diabolical obama, hypnotizes the needy.

  46. susiezen Says:

    keep bouncing back to susiehudson…no biggy. zen hudson. one is “The Way” the other is my babe, which is the “ONLY WAY”,according to him.

    Ten, I’d only have it that way..I define “normal” as being slightly off or touched.
    My best friends are demented one way or another…they say its a sign of intelligence.

  47. susiezen Says:

    Ten, I lived in woodland park for close to a year. had a little cabin, and worked with American Indians. spirit quests, sweat lodges, spiritual awakenings. I cannot say enough about how much I loved colo, when I moved back east I refused to change my truck plates, I sent for my registration for four years convinced I was going back…now the plates are hanging on the playroom wall…
    I still dream of the mountains. such a wonerful place to live.

  48. Islamabad Says:

    you are right

  49. JAC Says:

    As reported late last night via, Stephen Pidgeon, attorney for Broe v. Reed, has officially announced that he has issued a declaration for a national grand jury:

  50. sliderblaze Says:

    will there be a recognition of that grand jury is the problem….

  51. sliderblaze Says:

    i do love the NBC requirement to be a juror tho….thats classic

  52. JAC Says:

    lol I thought so to Slider….

  53. sliderblaze Says:

    i been reading over the last couple of days…am i the youngest on this blog?

  54. sliderblaze Says:

    I’ve come to realize that most posters over at LGF are complete idiots…..

  55. patriotamy Says:

    I am totally disgusted with the Congressional Theft Act being passed. And it irks me that 0 is taking it to Denver to sign. What a crock… He still thinks he is on the Campaign trail.

  56. susiezen Says:

    44 yrs old, slider, does anyone know about a special on HBO tonight supposegly trashing obama?..9pm est

  57. sliderblaze Says:

    From LGF

    ” Four Tennessee state representatives, all Republicans, have signed up to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit against President Barack Obama, aimed at forcing him to prove he is a United States citizen by coughing up his birth certificate.

    Let me just say what all the world is now thinking, including their fellow Republicans on the Hill: This is dumber than a box of rocks.

    Tennessee Reps. Eric Swafford, Stacey Campfield, Glen Casada and Frank Nicely now have a giant “G” on their foreheads for “Gullible.” The four were so willing to drink the craziest flavor of Kool-Aid, they’ve gotten themselves caught up in a national urban legend that has been thoroughly debunked.”

    I asked LGF to clearify who, and how it was “thoroughly debunked” cus i know we here, have read more than enough opposition and havent come across any thorough debunking of any kind.

  58. sliderblaze Says:

    It’s at 8 est i think and it’s pelosi’s daughters film. It was from the campaign and dont know how the Lib leaning HBO will portray the right. Probably in an unflattering light i’m sure, i’d be suprised if it were objective at all.

  59. rosettasister Says:

    susiezen Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm

    Islamabad Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    you are right


    Welcome, Islamabad!

    I believe you were referring to susie’s post just prior to your own.

    You should be able to post at will now.


  60. Troy Says:

    Slider, I’m sure that this is a dumb question, but who is LGF so that I may go over there and tear them a new ass?….I want to challenge them to provide this thorough debunking for all of us to see….In fact, I want to “double-dog dare” them to come up with one single bit of proof.

  61. sliderblaze Says:

    Be careful over there Troy, they are a bunch of dbags, good intentioned dbags. Little green footballs, they were the ones that debunked the memo about Bush’s service. After that, they’ve pretty much fallen off. I’d approach it with the question…. ” can someone point me in the direction of the debunking please” and see what they used as a debunker….

  62. rosettasister Says:

    JAC Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 2:27 pm


    I know you are dreading these tests today.

    Please know that many of us are thinking of and praying for you this day.


  63. sliderblaze Says:

    i think the are conservatives… but they seem not to know what is really going on. I want a response to from the Blog owner himself, nothing yet tho from him/her. I want to get a response of what they think about O’s lawyers now wanting his college records and his birth records kept from public view.

  64. sliderblaze Says:

    oh yeah, they call the people who think O isnt a citizen… “nirthers”

  65. Troy Says:

    Thanks Slider…I’m familiar with them…I just didn’t put two and two together with “LGF”….What a shame, they debunked the Bush service thing, but have turned a blind eye to the Obutthole BC issue….I guess they are a one hit wonder.

  66. Tenacity Says:

    What an amazing announcement by Steve Pidgeon! I forwarded the link to Schulz. Can you imagine sitting on THAT jury?

  67. Tenacity Says:

    Woodland Park is a beautiful area. I have attended several retreats near there.

  68. Tenacity Says:

    Slider & Troy,
    You can add Mike Ritze (OK) and Timothy Comerford (NH) to that list of plaintiffs on Orly Taitz suit for writ of Mandamus.

    Give ’em hell Troy:

  69. patriotamy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    February 16, 2009 at 4:43 pm
    You know, these reps are being ridiculed by the dems. I admire them for stepping forward. At least someone had the gumption to speak out. I sincerely hope for the best. Maybe there will be a judge that has the gumption to stand up for the Constitution.

  70. sliderblaze Says:

    yeah i think they set up a dude a jihad watch….

    via jihad watch

    The decline of Little Green Footballs into shrill irrelevancy has been unpleasant to watch. I have just learned that Charles Johnson has put up a post entitled “Robert Spencer Joins Genocidal Facebook Group” (no link because Johnson some time ago, in a display of immaturity, barred links from this site). Tonight’s attack revolves around a Facebook group called “Campaign for the Reconquest in Anatolia,” which I joined while sitting in an airport today around 2:30PM. I joined Facebook altogether a few months ago and haven’t spent much time with it, and accept friends and join groups as a matter of course, since the whole idea seems to be to expand one’s reach and get the word out about what one is doing — in my case warning about the global jihad.

    But in this case I have fallen victim to an Internet prank. Johnson’s response to my joining this group was so swift that I suspect that the group itself, and its invitation that I join it, was a hoax and a setup, but in any case I freely acknowledge my mistake: I was working through a number of such requests hurriedly, and joined the group without looking further at what it was all about. I didn’t read any of the material the group had posted, which Johnson says advocates genocide and ethnic cleansing and even links to the Aryan Nations.

    This whole thing is absurd: Johnson has made it his business to ferret out those who secretly, according to him, support such things, but back on Planet Earth I have repeatedly, and unequivocally, gone on record many times decrying genocide, ethnic supremacism, white nationalism, fascism, Nazism, racism, and, yes, the Aryan Nations. Search this site and you’ll see.

    Once one starts dealing with secret allegiances and associations based on a social networking site, you might as well say that I secretly support a military coup that will install Bozo the Clown, or his intellectual peer Charles Johnson, as President-for-Life of the United States. But there is more serious business to attend to.

    UPDATE: I’ve been informed that this use of Facebook material for defamation and libel by Facebook user “Cato the Elder” is in violation of Facebook rules. I’ve accordingly written to Facebook asking that his account there be revoked.

    SECOND UPDATE: I’d also like to remind Charles Johnson publicly that accusing someone of supporting genocide who doesn’t support genocide is actionable libel. I don’t have the time to waste suing this noxious individual, but anyone who continues to take him seriously as a public figure with something to contribute to public discussion should be advised that his attachment to the truth is tenuous at best.

  71. Tenacity Says:

    sliderblaze Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    will there be a recognition of that grand jury is the problem….
    The Continental Congress is establishing quite a head of steam. Pidgeon seems to be tying the two together by his remark at he bottom of the article. I can’t elaborate right now, but several other substantial groups are now participating. Both of these (CC & NGJ) actually carry Constitutional weight. The CC is no longer a private group meeting. It is going to represent a cross section of society with vetted and elected delegates from each state. It will also be observed by officials from each state. This thing has snowballed and has some teeth.

  72. sliderblaze Says:

    is there anyone helping to frame the validity and the objectivity or constitutionality of such a Grand jury? Has pigeon talked to that Viera guy? Have they developed a team of constitution experts when the meet tough opposition?

  73. Troy Says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Ten…That’s good news.

  74. Troy Says:

    sliderblaze Says:

    February 16, 2009 at 5:02 pm
    is there anyone helping to frame the validity and the objectivity or constitutionality of such a Grand jury? Has pigeon talked to that Viera guy? Have they developed a team of constitution experts when the meet tough opposition?
    I’m sure that Vieira would help out in a heartbeat

  75. carribeansoul Says:

    sliderblaze Says:

    February 16, 2009 at 3:54 pm
    From LGF

    Hey Slider! This is actually from an article that was in yesterday’s Tennessean here in Nashville. Hmmm…I don’t see that this is mentioned. Plagarism anyone???

    Last night there were c,ose to 400 comments..about 50/50 for and against. It looks like they have taken them off today, but I did give this woman a piece of my mind as did many others!

  76. sliderblaze Says:

    these guys obvsly dont know what a Certifaction of live birth is…. that just makes them look like the idiots.

  77. Tenacity Says:

    Thanks for fixing the misquote on the CC v. Con Con. You are good!

  78. carribeansoul Says:

    Yeah, that was one of things I said to her. Actually, I said something to the effect that on top of all evidence that there was something there to be investigated, I wasn’t even going to attempt to explain to her the difference between a BC and COLB!

    The Knoxville paper had a similar article as well over the weekend and it was the same there. This Stacey Campfield guy doesn’t have the best reputation here in TN so a lot of the disbelief is just because of him.

    Like I have said before…the list of folks that will be due a “I TOLD YOU SO!” is getting pretty long! 🙂

  79. Katie Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks for fixing the misquote on the CC v. Con Con. You are good!
    Was wondering if anyone else caught it. When I first saw the Con Con, my heart jumped in my throat. After clicking on the link, I realized he meant the CC (Whew!) and was glad to see the correction so quickly.

    I’m going to call you in a bit to talk about your email last night, as well as a couple other ideas.

    Let’s ROLL!

  80. sliderblaze Says:

    Ha, Rush just called a sex change a “chopadickofamy” lol

  81. CJ Says:

    Tenacity, That is great that CC and NGJ are getting together. I am really encouraged by all this. The more organized the better to get more people on board and legitamize the whole thing. MSM will have a hard time ignoring a large organized group of American citizens in defense of our country and Constitution.

    Just wanted to comment: My spouse and I visited CO. last year. First time in the Rocky MT. area. My sister lives in Centennial. She took us up into the mountains to vsit the ski areas and other places within about an hour from Denver. It was spectacular. I had a bit of trouble with the altitude above certain heights, but I just loved being there. Made me feel I was closer to God. You sure get put in your place when you look at that scenery. I am though, a water person by nature. When we spent time in Maine I was probably in the best of all worlds. The mountains fall down to the ocean and the ocean is magnificent. I would like to visit the NW because I think the same is true there. CA has some great places like that too-mts. and ocean. But it’s true, those mountains don’t hold a candle to the Rockies. My sister would never move again as she says looking at them every morning brings her great peace.

  82. Fernley Girl Says:

    slider & Troy,
    Vieira is working with

    I listened to the last conference call. Vieira was on. Lots of stuff happening over there.

  83. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  84. thefam Says:

    If anyone in Colorado is interested:

    Holding Barack Obama accountable in Denver

    Americans for Prosperity in Colorado will be holding an event to put light on the theft bill–also known as the “stimulus” bill or the so-called American Reinvestment and Recovery Act–he will be signing in Denver on this Tuesday, February 17 between noon and 3pm.

    UPDATE: Event details are set. We will begin our press conference at 12:15pm on the West Steps of the State Capitol. Please begin arriving at noon. We have the West Steps until 2pm.

    Many speakers have been invited, and we will let you know here when they can confirm. Confirmed attendees are as follows:

    Confirmed attendees:

    Former Cong. Bob Beauprez

    Michelle Malkin FOX News Contributor and founder of and

    Jim Pfaff, State Director of Americans for Prosperity in Colorado; several state legislators

    Dick Wadhams, Colorado Republican Committee Chairman

    Invited Attendees:

    Congressman Doug Lamborn

    Congressman Mike Coffman

    We will be holding an event nearby at a yet to be determined location at approximately 12:15pm that same day. We will have details shortly, but if you would like to be informed about this important demonstration of force to show Obama to say to him, “You Don’t Know Stimulus,” go to the Americans for Prosperity webpage by clicking here. You will receive an email midday with details.

    Many of you have already signed up at to petition Congress to oppose this over-the-top spending package. Now we have a chance to show Barack Obama that we stand for real stimulus that includes tax relief and incentives for business which isn’t a payoff to liberal special interests.

    If you have questions, you can also email us at

  85. Tenacity Says:


  86. Tenacity Says:

    Please authorize Rose to give me your contact information. Rose you have my permission to give Fam my email etc. Thank you.

  87. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 6:14 pm edit

    Please authorize Rose to give me your contact information. Rose you have my permission to give Fam my email etc. Thank you.


    okay, will do.


  88. susiezen Says:

    the fam, sounds like my excuse to get back out to colorado…

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