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  1. Troy Says:


  2. sliderblaze Says:


  3. Troy Says:

    Anything good on radio tonight?

  4. sba1872 Says:

    Ed Hale says Berg sent him a letter that MommaE is going to sue him. Heh. But he says he’s suing her first. Geez. What a maroon.

  5. sliderblaze Says:

    They are all starting to get on my damn nerves, these people cant even get along with each other and be on the same page and these are the clowns that America is placing there hopes on…..

    we’re screwed 09

  6. sliderblaze Says:

    just watched zeigler on the view…… OMG, who in the hell can even stand to watch that worthless show.

  7. sba1872 Says:

    I find The View entertaining. At least, they don’t pretend to be more than opinionated fools. It’s the people who pretend to have some kind of journalist cred and are really just like the women on The View, i.e., opinionated fools, that often get on my nerves. To me, “The View” is to serious political discourse as Professional Wrestling is to the world of sports entertainment. And I bet Ziegler sells a lot of whatever it was he was selling today.

  8. sliderblaze Says:

    to me, it’s like listening to kindergarteners talk politics.

  9. Troy Says:

    The View = cackling

  10. sba1872 Says:

    Maybe that’s why I like it. It takes me back to a simpler time when it was just a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans. Now that I know that it’s NOT that simple, that it may be more like all of ’em versus all of us, it’s beyond frightening. Ah, ignorance WAS bliss. Look at the last election. We had the choice between A. Someone who was not eligible under the Constitution, and B. Someone who was not eligible under the Constitution.

  11. sliderblaze Says:

    anything on plains tonight

  12. sliderblaze Says:

    when was the last time the military was forming a campaign to sway public opinion to go against a sitting president?

  13. Katie Says:

    Guys – go check out the comments on Citizen Wells latest post.

    OK and NH are trying to secede from the Union in the last 2 days – this could get very interesting!

  14. Katie Says:

    Tenacity will love it – they’re pointing out Committees of Safety!

  15. sliderblaze Says:

    just listened to Christian bail flip out, what an asshole, i woulda knocked dude out….

  16. sliderblaze Says:

    session is not the answer….ugh….

  17. Troy Says:

    OK and NH are trying to secede from the Union in the last 2 days – this could get very interesting!
    They are not the only ones.

  18. Katie Says:

    Go Texas! 3 down, only 47 to go!! (or 54 if you’re doing Obamath (hey, I just made up a new word!)

  19. Tenacity Says:

    EVERYONE has to go read the entire comment thread at Citizen Wells and check out every link within the comments. That was phenominal!

    Interesting conference call tonight with Colorado County coordinators. I will be moderating a meeting Friday night. The topics for discussion are hot. I hope to have some interesting stuff to share afterwords.

  20. sliderblaze Says:

    Just in case anyone has forgotten the complete and utter useless human beings we are fighting here. Just a taste of what some Americans have said about our troops, Bush and America, the same group that is now occupying the whitehouse and embedded in the this administration.

  21. Troy Says:

    sliderblaze Says:

    February 3, 2009 at 8:09 am
    Slider, go over there and look at the final comments now…LOL

  22. Troy Says:

    Grrrrrrr….I guess it didn’t post…nevermind

  23. Troy Says:

    Ok…maybe it did…when page opens, then hit “refresh”

  24. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    hey boys

  25. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    lol I see you’re being bad again Troy

  26. Troy Says:

    Boys?…I got your boy!!!…Lmaooo

  27. Troy Says:


  28. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    men will always be boys…….. they never completely grow up…. they just play with different things 🙂

  29. sliderblaze Says:

    lol, nice touch

  30. Troy Says:

    sliderblaze Says:

    February 3, 2009 at 8:29 am
    lol, nice touch
    Hehe…I thought you’d like that.

  31. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    me I was a tom boy growing up… all my best friends but one were boys… fishing, camping….. catching garter snakes and tossing them in the shower with them.. (naw I wouldn’t of done that……lol)

  32. sliderblaze Says:

    had to add my own lil touch i just saw a movie that licked balls, if i woulda actually paid for it, i woulda asked for my money back. War, Inc.

  33. Troy Says:

    catching garter snakes and tossing them in the shower with them.. (naw I wouldn’t of done that……lol)
    I always like to come home a find my ex singing in the shower as I put on a rubber “old man mask” and would stand on top of the toilet and peek over the top of the shower curtain until she finally looked….Hehehe…You did notice that I said, Ex didn’t you?….I wonder how that happened….Lmaoooo

  34. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I watched the new Underworld Rise of the Lican last night

  35. sliderblaze Says:

    how was that?

  36. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    lol,…… you know those guys and I are still friends to this day…But we do have some stories……

  37. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:

    February 3, 2009 at 8:39 am
    I watched the new Underworld Rise of the Lican last night
    Ok…. Do you want a cookie now?….LOL

  38. Troy Says:

    sliderblaze Says:

    February 3, 2009 at 8:42 am
    how was that?
    Not bad, not bad at all!!!

  39. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    it wasn’t bad…. it was a prequel (sp)
    the first 2 were better,…… but being a 3rd it didn’t jump the shark

  40. Troy Says:

    Gotta take my dog to the vet early AM…I’m out!!!

  41. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    only if it’s a soft chewy peanut butter cookie….. 🙂

  42. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    night Troy

    dream of Llamas

  43. sliderblaze Says:

    the dissecting of the 63% O approval ratings…..oh the rascly pollsters.

  44. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    hey I just heard on another blog that Arizona, Alabama, Alaska and Arkansas might be following Oklahoma and New Hampshires lead..
    of course we already know about Texas

  45. sliderblaze Says:

    i hope they are just trying to regain state rights. i totally support that. but a full secession….. i dont ever see that happing

  46. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    it really is just a warning shot not to mess with our rights…..
    It is more of a Declaration than an actual move to secede

  47. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    trying to find more info now…..
    I just don’t 100% trust a blog post..(from elsewhere).. without a link for me to read something myself…..

  48. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    If we can’t get Bo out,,… then we have to limits his and Polosi’s power
    we need to do damage control to the max.

    With Bo’s ticky ways……. I bet it wouldn’t take much to shake him up to a real goof……I’m not joking when I say I think he has a mental problem……. My ex was Bi-poler… I lived with it for 10 years

  49. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Well I am going to say my good nights… bed is calling my name

  50. susiezen Says:

    PROUD to be born in NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!! yeee haaw….

  51. sliderblaze Says:

    id recommend all four parts, but this one is where the real juicy stuff starts, remember O meeting with CAIR …. this is why a lot of people think israel is screwed. we all remember Khalidi and the unreleased L.A. times video story and the story of another person claiming that Obama had no problem supporting the Palist. “struggle” FBI just came out and warned everyone not to associate with CAIR, this video is a leading reason of why

    the third jihad, the “moderate” muslims have another goal in mind….and you’ll see it on the vid…..

  52. ddlew2 Says:

    This is fricken INSANE!!

    Another Obama appointee has withdrawn OVER TAX ISSUES!!

    I just wrote to Joseph Farah asking if he would consider starting a petition to request ALL elected and appointed officials to submit themselves to an IRS tax audit.

    These sons-o-bitches have gone beyond pissing me off!!!

  53. ddlew2 Says:


  54. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning, America! How are you?!

    New Thread:

  55. patriotamy Says:

    ddlew2, I agree that the TAX issues with our ‘elected’ elites is just a little bit irritating (sarc.), they seem to be above the laws they enact that we must follow.

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