Senators voice criticisms of Obama stimulus plan



Susan Collins


Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, who is a Democrat, told CNN’s State of the Union that it is unclear if some of the investment elements in the bill will actually create jobs.

“I like parts of it that are based on infrastructure, which I think truly will create jobs,” he said Sunday.

But he said there’s “an awful lot” of spending initiatives including in the bill that are only “marginally supportive and stimulative for jobs.”

Pointing to proposed expenditures on physician studies and smoking cessation programs, Nelson said “they are important programs…but they ought to be part of something else, not part of a job stimulus bill.”

Like Nelson, Maine Senator Susan Collins said the bill was weighed down with projects that will not create jobs.

“Unfortunately, this bill has become a Christmas tree where members are hanging their favourite program on it,” Collins, who is a Republican, told State of the Union.

“A lot of these programs are worthwhile, but we have to focus on what the impact is on the economy and whether or not the spending creates or saves jobs,” she said Sunday.

“That’s the question, that’s the test that needs to be passed.”

While Senate members appear skeptical that the House version of the bill will be an effective way to create jobs and stimulate the economy, they do say that it is possible to work together to make it into a much more effective piece of legislation.

Both Collins and Nelson admitted they would not be able to support the stimulus bill in its current form, but they remained optimistic that the two sides of the Senate will collaborate to make needed changes.

“I’m very committed to making sure that we get it scrubbed clean of many of these programs,” said Nelson.

“Our goal is to have a bill that is both bipartisan and effective, that’s what we want,” Collins said.

“At the same time, our constituents don’t want to see a bloated, overly expensive bill that wastes money and targets funding for programs that aren’t going to make a difference,” she added.

From SenatorSusanCollins

Senator Susan Collins of Maine speaks with Jim Angle of Fox News about the Senate’s work on the stimulus bill

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  1. Troy Says:


  2. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning, Troy!

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

    Go Cardinals!

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Let me tell you, it’s not easy being a centrist Democrat.

    If you decide to visit DU, it’s always advisable to bring a bar of soap along.

    “Blue Dog Ben Nelson helps spread Conservatives’ stimulus BS”×266948

    Not to worry. Dummie Funnies always keeping an eye on the antics at DU.

    Here are two recent posts:

    DUmmie FUnnies 01-31-09 (“Obama has dropped the ball, bigtime on the Stimulus”)

    DUmmie FUnnies 02-01-09 (White House Conference Call Transcript)

  4. Tenacity Says:

    Good morning! Go Steelers! Actually, I just want an exciting game where the referees stay out of the mix and the team who last has the ball has a chance to win.

  5. Tenacity Says:

    Years ago, there were many centrist Democrats. Today, the party has left them. A moderate is generally a republican that may not know it yet.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    February 1, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Good morning! Go Steelers!


    Good morning, Tenacity!

    A very good friend of ours and neighbor who used to work with my husband works for the Cardinals and is in Tampa with his son for the game.

    Apparently at dinner last night, Steeler fans were being their usual rude selves.

    Our friend is from Seattle and quite genteel and didn’t appreciate their behavior.

    Of course, I pointed out the same would hold true for Philadelphia or New York fans.

    Anyway, I’m a Cardinals fan now, a Cardinals win would be huge for our economy here.

    May the best team win and I hope and pray no one is seriously hurt.

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Obama’s lawyer consolidates power

    In many ways, Bauer’s role in Obama’s presidential campaign transcended the traditional general counsel role. He helped craft lines of attack and once famously ambushed a press conference call

    held by rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign to challenge her campaign’s accusations that Obama supporters violated caucus rules.

    Bauer’s wife, Anita Dunn, was also a top adviser to Obama’s campaign.

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  9. susiezen Says:

    8th im almost always in top ten…never 1st

  10. Tenacity Says:

    sba, you’ve been hiding. Just the way I would want to watch the Super Bowl…NOT!

    zen, did you ever get my email or tell Rose or Cindy to send me yours?

  11. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I think most of you know that Bammy’s brother George was arrested for drugs in Kenya…..

    my suspicious mind says it not a coincidence

  12. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I’ll be back later……. gotta go places with the hubby

  13. CJ Says:

    Kind of ot but in light of the possible nomination of the NH Senator for Commerce Sec., does anyone else think old budy Richardson must have done somthing really bad to have to withdraw his name? I mean look at Geithner and Daschle and their bad deeds. No problems for those guys right? What did ol’ Billy boy do I wonder. Maybe he had a conscience and did the right thing. What am I saying for heaven’s sake! None of them do the right thing only the self saving thing. Just curious. Anyone know the real story?

  14. Tenacity Says:

    PC Email from a fried: New product announcement!

    Baskin Robbins is introducing a new ice cream in honor of this historic moment, “Barocky Road”.
    It’s half vanilla, half chocolate, surrounded by fruits and nuts!

  15. Tenacity Says:

    I have a mental block on the real reason Richardson got the axe. Some contributing factors were possibly: Pay to Play allegations and his slip up saying that Obama was an immigrant. He was also not eligible to be POTUS as he was known to not be a NBC.

  16. Troy Says:

    Richardson was also the one that hooked Bill up with Monica…I would imagine that Hillary had something to do with Richardson going bye bye.

  17. Troy Says:

  18. Tenacity Says:

    Troy & CJ,
    That was my scotoma…Monica & Hillary.

  19. Tenacity Says:

    I agree with fishleg that is one of her best pictures.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!

    At least something unites us.

    New Thread:

  21. Dixie in Florida Says:

    Go Steelers

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