Do we need another “Gang of 14″ solution?



The “Gang of 14” announced a deal in May 2005 to avert a Senate crisis over judicial filibusters.

History Lesson

The “Gang of 14” compromise in 2006 displeased many conservatives. Republicans controlled both houses of Congress at the time, and those involved in the compromise group agreed to take some of the party’s power options off the table in exchange for Democratic promises not to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees except under “extreme circumstances.”

John McCain Answers Tough Question on Gang of 14

(This entry was posted on Monday, November 12th, 2007.)

Tough Question from Mike’s America

Q. Following Senator McCain’s remarks he invited questions from the group. I introduced my question by saying: “Many conservatives in South Carolina were disappointed because you and Senator Graham (McCain’s SC Co-Chairman) 1. participated in the “Gang of 14″ to block the “nuclear option” and break the filibuster of President Bush’s judicial nominees, 2. highlighted the “torture” of terrorist detainees weeks before the 2006 election and 3. Your previous stand on immigration.” I also mentioned that many conservatives felt that they “could not trust” Senator McCain and I asked: “What can you say to them so they give your campaign another look?”

His answer was direct and clear:

“If you don’t agree with the “Gang of 14″ solution then I am not your candidate and you should vote for someone else.”

Senator McCain went on to highlight the fact that under the Gang of 14 solution, the Senate did confirm conservative judges like Alito and Roberts.

He went to say “I shudder to think what would happen if we had pulled the trigger on the nuclear option and one day Hillary Clinton was appointing judges.”

He asked me: “would your blogging friends still want to blow up the Senate” if Hillary Clinton was in charge? If so, I am not their candidate!

Senate ‘Gang of 14’ may pounce on stimulus bill

Fox News has this story about how Senate Republicans and some Democrats met this morning to seek common ground on how they can improve the $819 billion economic stimulus bill.

According to the story, the lawmakers aren’t happy that the bill, passed by the House on Wednesday, contains billions of dollars for programs that arguably won’t spark much job growth.

They met in the office of Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., a moderate Democrat who has brought his colleagues together in the past on the issues of judicial appointments and energy policy.

Nelson famously gathered Republicans and Democrats in a so-called “Gang of 14” to avert a shutdown of the Senate over judicial nominations and is aiming for similar bipartisanship in the stimulus debate, Fox News reports.

Ben Nelson

One item that likely will be discussed is an amendment that would add billions of dollars to infrastructure projects. Nelson is crafting that measure with Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, both on the Appropriations Committee.

And Nelson doesn’t want to stop there. He wants to pluck out what he says are extraneous projects in the stimulus bill to pay for the amendment. Providing hundreds of millions of dollars for prevention of smoking and sexually-transmitted disease — though they may be worthy causes — does not create jobs. Nelson even is willing to remove popular Pell Grant increases, saving them for annual spending bills later in the year.

“We need to sit down and see who owns these projects,” Nelson said, and see if they can be removed from the bill. “We need to keep (the bill’s cost in check) and see if we cant change around what’s underneath that to create more jobs.”


Politically I am a centrist, and when I see moderates from both sides of the aisle coming together and attempting to reach some sort of a compromise, I generally see that as a good thing.

Given that Democrats did win and control both houses and the White House, perhaps a “Gang of 14” solution is the best we can hope for.

From thinkprogress

Asked on Fox News today if he knew “of any Republicans on the Senate side that will vote yes” on the stimulus plan “as it stands,” Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) said he didn’t “even know how many Democrats will vote for it as it stands today. “A lot of my colleagues are not decided,” said Nelson. “They’re undecided on the bill as it is right now.”

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  1. justanamericancindy4 Says:


  2. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Repost from previous thread…
    Another Reason to boycott Pepsi products
    Pepsi is now using its TV spots to promote the gay lifestyle. AFA asked Pepsi to remain neutral in the culture war. Pepsi refused. The company said it will continue major financial support of homosexual organizations seeking to legalize homosexual marriage.

    Pepsi gave $500,000 to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest and most powerful gay lobbying group in America. The company also gave $500,000 to Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The total gift of $1,000,000 to the two homosexual activist groups was to help promote the gay lifestyle in the workplace.

    After Pepsi gave their money to HRC, HRC gave $2.3 million to oppose California’s Prop 8, an initiative which defined marriage as being between one man and one woman.

    Pepsi also forces its employees to attend sexual orientation and gender identity diversity training, where they are taught to accept homosexuality.
    full link

  3. Tenacity Says:

    Checking in … Good Morning!

    Saw your post Zen. If you want to do some good, have Rose send me your email and we will figure out how best to put your talents to work. You can also get access to me through JustWhispers. Cindy can give you instructions if needed.

  4. Tenacity Says:

    AFA somewhat straightened up MacDonald’s and Ford’s acts. Pepsi may be a tougher battle. AFA is a great organization and has been a fair and efficient watchdog.

  5. LadyTexan Says:

    Repost from other thread:

    I knew the stimulus package was full of BS, but this is almost as ridiculous as the birth control they tried to sneak in.

    Pelosi-Reid-Obama Spending Bill: $150,000,000 For ‘Honey Bee Insurance’?!

    Posted by: Matt

    I kid you not. $150,000,000 in earmarks and pork for “honey bee insurance” was stuffed into a dark corner of the latest version of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama spending / debt bill. (Full text here.) Honey bee insurance?!

    Senate Republicans released these new highlights of your tax payer dollars being spent under the guise of economic stimulus. They were also kind enough to remind us what Barack Obama had promised, swore, to the American people days ago:

    “We Will Ban All Earmarks In The Recovery Package.”
    – Barack Obama, Press Conference, 1/6/09

    Here are just six points in the bill:

    $20 million “for the removal of small- to medium-sized fish passage barriers.” (Pg. 45 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: “20,000,000 for the removal of small- to medium-sized fish passage barriers)

    $400 million for STD prevention (Pg. 60 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: “CDC estimates that a proximately 19 million new STD infections occur annually in the United States …The Committee has included $400,000,000 for testing and prevention of these conditions.”)

    $25 million to rehabilitate off-roading (ATV) trails (Pg. 45 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: “$25,000,000 is for recreation maintenance, especially for rehabilitation of off-road vehicle routes, and $20,000,000 is for trail maintenance and restoration”)

    $34 million to remodel the Department of Commerce HQ (Pg. 15 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: $34,000,000 for the Department of Commerce renovation and modernization”)

    $70 million to “Support Supercomputing Activities” for climate research (Pgs. 14-15 of Senate Appropriations Committee Report: $70,000,000 is directed to specifically support supercomputing activities, especially as they relate to climate research)

    $150 million for honey bee insurance (Pg. 102 of Senate Appropriations Committee report: “The Secretary shall use up to $ 50,000,000 per year, and $150,000,000 in the case of 2009, from the Trust Fund to provide emergency relief to eligible producers of livestock, honey bees, and farm-raised fish to aid in the reduction of losses due to disease, adverse weather, or other conditions, such as blizzards and wildfires, as determined by the Secretary”)

  6. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    I have friends that are Gay, I know their daily struggle…. But FORCING people is just not the way to go, Just like BO and racism, it will bring out the worst, not the better.

  7. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    i have read there is a BIG deal over the honey bees,.. and I agree that there should be some research into what is going on….
    Just not this Bill,…… just not at this time..

  8. LadyTexan Says:


    Just not this Bill,…… just not at this time..




    Leo has a new post today.

  9. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    ‘Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.’
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

    1. Enforce the gun control laws we ALREADY have; don’t make more.
    2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
    3. Colt: The original point and click interface.
    4. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.
    5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
    6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
    7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
    8. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.
    9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
    10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.
    11. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?
    12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
    13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
    14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.
    15. Know guns, know safety. No guns, no safety.
    16. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.
    17. 911: Government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.
    18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
    19. Criminals love gun control; it makes their jobs safer.
    20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
    21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
    22. You have only the rights you are willing to fight for.
    23. When you remove the people’s right to bear arms, you create slaves.
    24. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

  10. LadyTexan Says:

    I got this email from a friend today and thought it was quite profound:

    Thomas Jefferson could be called a prophet.

    When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.
    Thomas Jefferson

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.
    Thomas Jefferson

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
    Thomas Jefferson

    My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
    Thomas Jefferson

    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Thomas Jefferson

    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Very Interesting Quote

    In light of the present financial crisis, it’s interesting to read what Thomas Jefferson said in 1802 :

    ‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    The return of soft Power

    Samantha Power, the Harvard University professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who earned notoriety for calling Hillary Rodham Clinton a “monster” while working to elect Barack Obama president, will take a senior foreign policy job at the White House.

    It would be fun to be a fly on the wall for meetings attended by Power and the “monster” who is now Secretary of State. Is this what Obama meant by a “team of rivals”?

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Thank God for Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn!

    Listen here:

    01290901 Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh talks politics with Columnist to the World, Mark Steyn, then catches up with ABC’s 20/20 host and correspondent John Stossel, and ends the hour with a visit from humorist, columnist, author and blogger James Lileks.

    [audio src="" /]


    Mark Steyn on Obama’s bad week with the stimulus bill and his appearance on al-Arabiya

  13. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Obama thugs to attack Rush & Reps again with 3 ads

  14. sliderblaze Says:

    it’s gotta be race…..

    Fox news picked up the story of Clinton being sued over the SOS problem claiming its unconstitutional…. wow

  15. sliderblaze Says: it’s under videos

  16. LadyTexan Says:

    I saw this on TD blog earlier. It’s encouraging, if true.

    on January 30, 2009 at 10:39 am
    BlackFemaleArmyCaptain says:


    I’m glad you posed the question above!

    I can tell you that members of the military are already rallied, but it’s a silent rally. We are a disciplined group of individuals who are obedient to those in authority. We are trained to defend this country and we “NEVER LEAVE A COMRADE BEHIND.” Many of us have died defending our country.

    We are patriotic and love our country and we will band together to fight those who go against anything that would hinder our oath and mission. We are very aware of Obama’s citizenship issue and await the move of our leadership to challenge him. Apparently, the judge at Guantanamo is starting the process.

    Obama is going to attempt to change a few things that would possibly divide us within the military, which will cause many of us not to reenlist, resign our commission as officers, or go AWOL. This is what he wants! Unfortunately, some of the things that will divide us, regardless of what side of the aisle one is on, is allowing homosexuals to openly serve, and not permitting Chaplains to openly encourage Soldiers to have God/Jesus Christ part of their life.

    There is a strategy by Obama to weaken the military in numbers and in the desire to serve (new recruits) so that he can build and reinforce his so called “civilian army.” Weakening the military causes less to challenge him.

    Many of my law enforcement friends are also aware of his civilian army plan. Some of them have already formed internal groups to combat possible uprisings against those in uniform.

    We are being patient because God’s will comes first! I do see Obama being exposed daily, which looks like the wolf in sheep’s clothing is being undressed and put to shame for all to see.

    Is our country perfect, no? But I would not want to live anywhere else in the world!

  17. sliderblaze Says:

    in his own words, “countries” start at 2:20

  18. rosettasister Says:

    Stimulating, Parts One and Two

  19. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    I hope that person is truly in the know….if so, then it is good news

  20. Troy Says:

    I am going to go on record here and predict that by August of this year the TOTAL collapse of the US economy will be completed and we will see martial law declared….This porked out stimulous package is only the beginning.

  21. Tenacity Says:

    I just received this email from a friend that is active in his well-regulated county militia. It is in response to the students pledging the image of Obama in Nevada.

    Where have we seen this type of behavior before? Let us consider ancient Babylon and Daniel’s experiences, and imperial Rome and the mandatory “worship” of Caesar. The early Christians were not thrown to the lions for religious practices, on the contrary, they were executed for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. The “law” was clear: Worship in any manner you desire, as long as Caesar comes first. How about the feudal kings/emperors of Europe, China, and Japan? And more recently, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, need I name more? The same old thing is happening here in America. These liberal-socialists worship the state in the very same ways and soon will require all of us to do it… or else. As for me and my house, I’ll take the “or else”.

    Liberty or Death

  22. LadyTexan Says:


    I have read many of her posts, and believe her to actually be who she claims to be.

    Of course that doesn’t mean she necessarily is in the know as much as she lets on. But I haven’t seen any posts by her that suggests she is an embelisher.

  23. Troy Says:

    I’m pretty sure that “BlackFemaleArmyCaptain” is none other than Patsy Rodgers / “SoldierForHillary”…..I left a message for her over at TexasDarlin, to go to Leo’s site and read the latest article and more importantly, to read the first comment posted under that article….If you guys and gals haven’t checked out the comments there then you should.

  24. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    I see it starting even earlier than that,…. May wouldn’t surprise me,

  25. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    I see it starting even earlier than that,…. May wouldn’t surprise me,
    I’m trying to be an optimist….Roflmaoooo

  26. LadyTexan Says:


    I too read that first comment at Leo’s new post.

    It struck me as someone who is seriously thinking of taking the plunge into a suit the courts would have a hard time ignoring.

    I’m encouraged by that, but I don’t envy that person’s position.

    What a debacle this president has put us and especially our soldiers in.

  27. Tenacity Says:

    I have personally spoken to military friends and confirmed the sentiments expressed above.

    Troy, how much of this do you see as false flag?

  28. Tenacity Says:

    What Troy is trying to tell you and I believe as well is that this debacle is no accident. It is by design.

  29. rosettasister Says:

    A $3 Trillion Government Overdose Must Be Stopped


    Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of alternative tax proposals that would truly re-ignite the economy. Former Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush economist Larry Lindsey criticized the Democrat package in Wednesday morning’s Wall Street Journal, describing it as “heavily weighted toward direct government spending, transfers to state and local governments, and tax changes that have virtually no effect on marginal tax rates.”

    Instead, Lindsey proposes a big payroll tax cut that would slice three points off the rate for both employer and employee.

    Rush Limbaugh also made an appearance in the Journal. He has a clever idea to give Obama 54 percent of the $900 billion package — equating that amount to the new president’s electoral majority — while 46 percent, which was John McCain’s electoral tally, would go to a plan that would halve the U.S. corporate tax rate and provide a capital-gains tax holiday for one year, after which the investment tax would drop to 10 percent.

    It was Sen. John McCain on Fox News last Sunday who started the stimulus revolt when he said he couldn’t support the package and called for less spending along with a large corporate tax cut. Over in the House, Republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor have successfully launched an opposition drumbeat by attacking congressional Democrats rather than directly hitting President Obama.

    o Obama Officials, Wall Street Talk Bad Bank Plans

    Now all eyes will turn to Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell to see if he can keep up this drumbeat.

    Will commonsense Americans really support a massive overdose of government run amok?

    I seriously doubt it. This whole story has to be completely rethought.

  30. Troy Says:

    Troy, how much of this do you see as false flag?
    I can easily see a false flag event occurring in conjunction with this financial hocus pocus….No pun intended on the “pocus”….It would be a perfect fit to further the “plan”.

  31. Troy Says:

    LadyTexan Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    I too read that first comment at Leo’s new post.

    It struck me as someone who is seriously thinking of taking the plunge into a suit the courts would have a hard time ignoring.

    I’m encouraged by that, but I don’t envy that person’s position.

    What a debacle this president has put us and especially our soldiers in.
    Short of a full blown revolution, I think it is probably our only hope….I pray that some VERY top level military officials see this also….I hate to say it, but right now I just about welcome a military coup.

  32. LadyTexan Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    What Troy is trying to tell you and I believe as well is that this debacle is no accident. It is by design.

    Yes, I get that. I see it more clearly every day.
    It’s still a difficult shift for the mind to grasp.

  33. Troy Says:

    Yes, I get that. I see it more clearly every day.
    It’s still a difficult shift for the mind to grasp.
    It has been going on since before any of us were even born yet.

  34. rosettasister Says:

    contingent variable warrants (CVWs)



    Market-Based “Bad” Bank Solution

    But then, Eureka! While perusing the website, I happened on a January 23, 2009 article entitled ” One Way to Deal with Toxic Assets ” by Louis R. Woodhill.

    Mr. Woodhill’s idea is to set up a government bad or aggregator bank to purchase toxic assets from banks at prices set by the selling banks .

    The securities purchased by the government would be put in a segregated account for each bank participating in the program.

    The account would be charged an interest rate equal to the government’s cost of funding the account and some account administrative fee.

    The interest rate charged would apply to the dollar amount of securities purchased by the government.

    In consideration for the funds the government paid the participating banks, the government would get something Mr. Woodhill calls contingent variable warrants (CVWs), which would be redeemable in cash or common stock in the participating banks.

  35. rosettasister Says:

    bbl, good people!

    chin up!


  36. Troy Says:

    Did you folks see hear about the volcano just southwest of Anchorage that is getting ready to blow any day now?

    Sarah can handle it…She’s superwoman….I just love the Sarahcuda!!!

  37. Troy Says:

    which would be redeemable in cash or common stock in the participating banks.
    Until our currency is once again backed by gold, this is just more financial hocu pocus….Our “money” is PAPER and INK and that is all it is….Let’s not forget about invisible “out of thin air” electronic money either….It’s all a sham…Hocus Pocus alakazam and POOF it’s gone!!!

  38. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I can’t help by wonder,….. If Bo is allowing these cases to happen. because we all so HOPE for a peaceful, legal outcome.
    That we wait until this case out come, Ohhhh there is a good one coming up….. that we do nothing, no getting off our butts activity.

    That we are in fact helping Bo get a stronger foothold on America.
    Is he playing us?

    disclaimer…… I am not responsible for the opinions of the writer (me)

  39. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I was reading about that,…. I understand it does not involve lava flow,..but the ash can go 150 miles and feels like blasting sand

  40. calli Says:

    I hope republicans have enough sense to oppose that stimulus package!!! The american people are the ones hurting!! I also heard Obama is sending 20 million to Gaza!! Charity begins at home!!! Too many people hurting here at home!!! There was an apartment fire recently here in Va!! Three lives were lost!! A single mom’s 2 children and her mom died due to a burning candle!! They didn’t have money to pay their electric!!! Go ahead white house bail these wall street ceo’s and the rest of the money hungry executives!! They shouldn’t need any help!!! I guess one might say those are the promises that are being kept !!!

  41. Troy Says:

    Does anyone think this heightened awareness by millions of us as to what’s going on is just a coincidence?….I can assure you that it is not….It’s happening on a level that most of us don’t even understand….Until this election year I never even bothered myself with politics….I really couldn’t have cared less….Somehow I got drawn to it and wasn’t even sure why….I was completely the worst case of “head in the sand” imaginable….I have had the luxury of unhindered time in my daily life to research and digg and study just what in the hell is going here and it ain’t good…..It’s no accident that people seem to be waking up…..It’s a natural occurrence and it’s happening all over the world simultaneously….BIG events are coming in the not so distant future….Everyone truly needs to get squared with their God and care for each other.

  42. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    I was reading about that,…. I understand it does not involve lava flow,..but the ash can go 150 miles and feels like blasting sand
    Aww…Well heck, if that’s all it is then Barry can just go up there and SNORT it all up!!!

  43. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    Like many I cheered for my chosen political team. but if they lost I did a little groan,… and my life went on.. I watched Fox, kept up to date, but I didn’t have emotional involvement in what was going on in the WH….

    When I heard Bo speaking on TV,.. all my red flags went up, a funny feeling that started in the pit of my stomach and went to my toes.. This was just not right.
    So I started looking into it back in August. I took the main stream route at first, then someone posted a comment about the BC issue with a link..

    My involvement grew from there…

  44. Troy Says:

    When I heard Bo speaking on TV,.. all my red flags went up, a funny feeling that started in the pit of my stomach and went to my toes.. This was just not right.
    Those words are almost word for word as to what a dear friend of mine in LA also said….I have heard and read eerily similar statements by plenty of others on the Internet….It’s not a coincidence….Something BIG is up and is still to be played out.

  45. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    We all have instincts from primitive times when our lives depended on it.

    we just felt the danger

  46. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    We all have instincts from primitive times when our lives depended on it.

    we just felt the danger
    That’s probably just as a good way to put it as any other.

  47. Troy Says:

    You can also say that we all have a third eye whether or not we know it.

  48. Troy Says:

    It comes from the pineal gland in the brain…Look it up sometime…Very interesting indeed.

  49. sliderblaze Says:

    I wonder if Al Gore is gonna try and make Alaska purchase carbon credits after the volcano erupts?

    And with that, i’m out, shower time, i’m sick, i feel like Obama thru me under the bus

  50. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    take care of yourself Slider

    my hubby had that flu… it’s not pretty…. and 3 weeks later he still isn’t 100%

  51. Troy Says:

    Pineal Gland….When you are asleep and dreaming in full color, you see the images just as clear as if you were awake with opened eyes….How can that be?….It’s just your brain projecting images inside your head right?….How in the heck can it do that?….Your eyes have “rods” and “cones” and a retina to produce images to your brain….Here is something freaky, so does the pineal gland….What in the hell is a gland located in the exact center of your skull doing with rods and cones just like an eyeball….It can’t see, right?….Hmm, maybe it can, but in a different way….Interesting?

  52. Tucker82254 Says:

    Michael Steele just won RNC Chairman election. Woo hoo!

  53. budgy Says:

    Breaking News…Michael Steele is the new RNC chairman with 91 votes.

  54. Troy Says:

    Tucker82254 Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 9:07 pm
    Michael Steele just won RNC Chairman election. Woo hoo!

  55. budgy Says:

    Now Obama calls China…did he have to smooth some ruffled feathers after Biden and Geithner spoke? From Drudge..

  56. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    “Precedents are dangerous things; let the reins of government then be braced and held with a steady hand, and every violation of the Constitution be reprehended: if defective let it be amended, but not suffered to be trampled upon whilst it has an existence.”

    “As the sword was the last resort for the preservation of our liberties, so it ought to be the first to be laid aside when those liberties are firmly established.”

    “Labour to keep alive in your breast that spark of celestial fire called conscience.”

    -George Washington

  57. susiezen Says:

    Troy, I am interested in your take of people becoming ultra aware of whats going on in politics. many talking heads are working on polls figuring out the new attraction to every thing political…some are even learning about our system things previously unaware of, including senate votes and the such…myself included.

    lately I have felt a sense of fear i have never felt before….fear of our survival as a country, a people, a democracy.

    fear for the safety and well being of m family.

    fear that we are about to see and live some imaginable horrors. something in the way of the haulicost!

    I cannot believe im even saying such things. I am abig believer that we gave grown as people and we were not capable of allowing such atrocities take place again.

    I was wrong…I have never seen so many ignorant, stupid, uncaring idiots as ive witnesses this past election. Who are these fools and were did they come from and why on Gods earth are any of them voting!
    Upon watching interviews of peoples reasons for who and why they voted its no wonder were in for it. “”””aahh , I want free gas and house…free money tooo””””” ddeerrrrr, dddddddduuuhhhh, I vote obama…ya ya change good”””


  58. susiezen Says:

    Just as animals sense a storm coming, so but the grace of God go I

  59. Troy Says:

    susiezen Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 9:17 pm
    Troy, I am interested in your take of people becoming ultra aware of whats going on in politics. many talking heads are working on polls figuring out the new attraction to every thing political…some are even learning about our system things previously unaware of, including senate votes and the such…myself included.
    About all I know to tell you is that we are currently in an accelerated time of the evolution of earth and mankind…For the next few years it is going to increase in the speed at which it all unfolds….For some it will be perilous and for others it will be a breath of fresh air….It all depends on individual spirituality….Have faith and be kind….It’s all going to ok.

  60. Tenacity Says:

    Steele…finally, someone at the RNC that has cajones! We need to let him know we are behind him…BUT, if he doesn’t stand up for the Republic and Constitution…YOU ARE FIRED. I see integrity in this guy as well as backbone.

  61. Tenacity Says:

    Actually, we need for him to know about the You Are Fired Campaign and appoint him honorary chairman of the campaign.

  62. Troy Says:

    It’s all going to *be* ok.

  63. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 30, 2009 at 9:28 pm
    Actually, we need for him to know about the You Are Fired Campaign and appoint him honorary chairman of the campaign.
    I agree, maybe we can get him to adopt the “You’re Fired” mantra.

  64. susiezen Says:

    Steele, used to work for fox, hes no lilly of the valley, he certainly will stir things up, I believe, and hold the weak to task….much needed to form a bonding throughout the party…

  65. susiezen Says:

    troy…have faith and be kind is the best advice, as simple as it sounds, its truth goes to heaven and back…

  66. Troy Says:

    It would have been nice to see Steele as the first REAL African American president….He is a REAL patriot whereas Obobo isn’t.

  67. rosettasister Says:

    hasta manana, good people!

    New Thread:

  68. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    OK.. put on your thinking caps……. what can we ADD to the U R Fired Campaign to get the ball rolling??

  69. susiezen Says:

    sen. gregg HOPEFULLY will not fall for obamas so obvious trick to gain control. oh so crafty…obama has much more to gain with gregg out…he would have full control, and the bills that would pass would be CRIMINAL. please contact gregg, beg him to stay….
    I cannot wait for the mid term elections, lets hope that the 8 billion obama gave to accorn will not affect the election to come…we really need speaker paloozer OUT!!!!! granted its a ways away, but its never to early to spread the word….media wont

  70. susiezen Says:

    JAC…. i emailed fox news a little over 32 times with your plan/idea {love it}….ok, Ive got some time on my hands and I cant sleep…but starting where someone might listen…get the word out…if they get baraged with emails somebody will take notice…i hope

  71. rosettasister Says:

    Hi, susie!

    We’re over here!

    New Thread:

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