US Military Concerned Over Rapid Iraq Withdrawal — Obama Haste Could Renew Violence



Nouri al-Maliki and Barack Obama

“One of the concepts we embraced in Iraq was recognition that you can’t kill or capture your way out of a complex, industrial-strength insurgency” David Petraeus

By David Bedein, Middle East Correspondent

JerusalemThe Middle East Newsline has learned U.S. military commanders have been concerned that a rapid troop withdrawal could renew ethnic violence as well as the al-Qaida network in Iraq.

Several of the commanders, who refused to identify themselves, warned that any decision by President Barack Obama to accelerate plans for a pullout in 2009 could destabilize the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

They said Iraq’s military and police were not ready to fill the vacuum left by any U.S. troop withdrawal.

“Everybody here would love to go home and fast,” a U.S. field commander said. “But if we begin packing up now, then we can kiss two years of relative stability goodbye and watch the disintegration of this country.”

On Jan. 21, President Obama, who envisions a full withdrawal by July 2010, directed defense and military officials to draft a plan for “a responsible military drawdown in Iraq.” The presidential session included Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. Central Command chief, Gen. David Petraeus.

“In the coming days and weeks, I will also visit the [Defense Department] to consult with the Joint Chiefs on these issues,” Mr. Obama said. “And we will undertake a full review of the situation in Afghanistan in order to develop a comprehensive policy for the entire region.”

The commanders said the U.S. military has received appeals from senior Iraqi politicians and officers to preserve the current withdrawal schedule.

Under a 2008 agreement, the U.S. military will leave Iraq by 2012. Senior American diplomats have echoed the U.S. military concern in Baghdad. On Jan. 22, outgoing U.S. ambassador Ryan Crocker, who participated in the session with the president, warned that Iraq was not ready to counter the insurgency and other threats.

“I think Iraqi security forces have made enormous progress during my time here, both quantitatively and, more important, qualitatively,”  Mr. Crocker said. “There is still a ways to go. And clearly, still a continuing need for our security support.”

The ambassador, who oversaw the U.S. surge strategy, which significantly reduced al-Qaida and the Shiite insurgency, stressed that Iraq required a major American military presence. He said the Iraqi parliamentary and provincial elections on Jan. 31 would mark a major test of stability. “If it were to be a precipitous withdrawal, that could be very dangerous,” Mr. Crocker said.

U.S. commanders say that Mr. al-Maliki has come under pressure to endorse and even exceed Mr. Obama’s deadline for a U.S. troop withdrawal. Worries also surround the possibility a hasty withdrawal could encourage neighboring Iran and al-Qaida to escalate operations.

“Like it or not, the Iraqis continue to look to us for day-to-day security and stability,” the field commander said. “Once the Iraqis understand that we’re on our way out for good and soon, they will change  our attitude toward us and the whole picture will change.

David Bedein can be reached at

“New Iraq Emerges from Tyranny and War”

While cynics are fascinated with a thrown shoe, the real story is Iraq standing on its own and building a bright future.

From DODvClips

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, dedicated the new American Embassy in Baghdad January 5. See more DoD videos at


Iraq‘s Purple Finger Of Democracy

Phil Berg Barack Obama Ron Polarik Jeff Schreiber

66 Responses to “US Military Concerned Over Rapid Iraq Withdrawal — Obama Haste Could Renew Violence”

  1. rosettasister Says:

    This David Bedein is one busy guy!

    “Hamas Proposal: Calm In Fighting For A Year And A Half?”

    By David Bedein, Middle East Correspondent

  2. ddlew2 Says:

    That’s Hamas’ way of saying that they need a year and a half to re-arm. They need to hit them now while they are down and rid themselves of this terrorist organization before the messiah sends US troops to defend them.

  3. sdee Says:

    Drudge has juxtaposed interesting photos of Bobo and A.Hat MinnieJihad. Coincidence?

  4. rosettasister Says:

    01/26/09: PRESS RELEASE – New Issue of GLOBE Magazine [Feb. 2nd] Highlights Philip J. Berg, Esq. Efforts to Expose Obama not being “qualified” to be President.

    Also, Berg states U.S. Supreme Court denied Injunction request but Berg has three [3] cases still open and Berg states he will prove Obama “ineligible” to be President


    Berg also stated that the U.S. Supreme Court denied his request for an Injunction from the Conference that was held on January 16, 2009.

    However, the case that was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, Berg vs. Obama is still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals where Berg just filed a Brief on 1/20/09.

    Berg said I had bypassed the Third Circuit hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court would hear our case on an expedited basis because of the significance of the case.

    The two [2] other cases are in Federal Court and I will advise you shortly about the status of each.

    “BREAKING NEWS! The Shocking Secrets That Could Destroy Obama’s Presidency!”

  5. hockeyfan530 Says:

    so did everyone purchase their very own chia barry?

  6. hockeyfan530 Says:

    does anyone understand what this is from orly’s site

  7. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik Comments at Free Republic:

    To: TruthWillWin

    The way I understand it from reading your report….The original Obama BC posted on the dailyKos was higher resolution and when blown up showed signs of being photo-shopped. It was replaced after a few days with a lower resolution version that made it difficult to see signs of photo-shopping. That image on post 145 was from the original higher resolution version posted I believe.

    Do I have it right, if not, where am I wrong?


    The copy posted on the Kos has been the same (2427 x 2369 px) since the beginning — which were several hours before Obama’s website posted their copy.

    It was Obama’s website that had originally posted a 1024 x 1000 pixel copy on June 12, but changed that, on June 13, to a 585 x 575 pixel copy posted to the newly launched, “Fight The Smears,” website (same domain, but different sub-domain).

    ALL of the copies had been dragged through Photoshop CS3 before posting, but that was done “allegedly” to redact the certificate number — which is a bogus excuse, seeing as how the entire forging enterprise resulted from Jim Geraghty’s June 9 article in NationalReview Online, in which he repeated the rumors about Obama not showing his BC and that he was born in Kenya.

    It was Geraghty who suggested that the Daily Kos post a copy of Obama’s BC with the “identifying numbers” blacked out for security purposes. I guess that the vast majority of people did not read his article seeing as how they kept asking, “Why did the Daily Kos post this first?” and “Why is the certificate number blacked out?”

    It all began with Geraghty’s article.

    The copies on the Daily Kos and Factcheck are identical in resolution. The Kos cropped their copy but Factcheck did not and kept it full-size. When you crop Factcheck’s copy to that of the Kos copy, they are equivalent in quality and resolution, with a slight edge in the number of colors for the Factcheck copy.

    Both of these copies were compressed twice: first at 80% and then at 46%, making it difficult to see any evidence of Photoshopping. The forged source was built from the background up, so to speak.

    Only now am I hearing from other people who agree with my initial assessment about the lack of green pixels in between the letters being a red flag for forgery. I took a lot of heat from a lot of, “so-called experts,” who insisted (wrongly so) that these pixel patterns were either “scanner artifacts” or “JPG artifacts,” or both.

    158 posted on Monday, January 26, 2009 1:01:22 PM by Polarik

    In case you need to have your memory refreshed:

    Image One:

    Image Two:

  8. hockeyfan530 Says:

    the above statement should be

    does anyone understand what this is? from orly’s site

  9. rosettasister Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    January 27, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    does anyone understand what this is from orly’s site


    You got me, hockeyfan!

    Enlarged images difficult to read.

    I think the first one says:

    “Proof of Service of Deposition Subpoena”

    Does this mean Fitzgerald was “served?”

  10. sdee Says:

    It looks like LaLaPelosi and gang are trying to send ACORN over 4 BILLION dollars! They tried this BS in the bailout bill too. Crooks – every single one of them!

    I just wrote my Senator and Rep:

    ””The pending “stimulus” package is absolutely irresponsible government. You were elected to protect us from this.

    For example, how in any stretch of the imagination can 4 BILLION DOLLARS to ACORN be considered a stimulus? The American people are not stupid and I, along with many others am watching this and will hold you responsible.

    This bill won’t stimulate anything but more government and more debt. The slow and wasteful spending is a disservice to millions of Americans who want to see this Congress take immediate action to get this economy moving again. ””

  11. rosettasister Says:

    How to Use the 5th Amendment

    Lightfoot v. Bowen: Application for Stay Denied; Other Case Info; Dr. Taitz to File for Writ

  12. rosettasister Says:

    MommaE Show from last night:

    Scroll down to 1-26-09

    And click on “Download”

  13. rosettasister Says:

    Funny image found at Country First:

  14. hockeyfan530 Says:

    Hasn’t ACORN been caught cheating in every election since they were created? What the hell? How can they give ACORN ANY money!? This is such BS. Somebody has to get barry and the dems out. If barry gets busted so will most of the dems.

  15. sliderblaze Says:

    President Obama chooses Arab network for first TV interview…
    ‘All too often the United States starts by dictating’…

    that is outragous. does anyone wanna let this guy know that you are pres. now and bashing your own country isnt suppose to happen.

  16. rosettasister Says:

    “Analysis: The Obibi effect”

    By July 1998, two years after Binyamin Netanyahu had been elected prime minister, the impression that he and US president Bill Clinton were at loggerheads was so widespread that PBS’s Jim Lehrer asked Clinton the following question: “The word around… is that you and Netanyahu really just don’t like each other very much. Is that right?”

    Clinton’s response was telling. “I don’t think so. It’s certainly not true on my part. But we have had differences of opinion on occasion in approach to the peace process. And then there – you know – there’s been a little smattering in the press here, there, and yonder about those differences and whether they were personal in nature. But for me they’re not personal in nature.

    “I enjoy him very much, I like being with him, I like working with him,” Clinton added. “I really believe that he is an energetic man, and I think that within the limits of his political situation, I believe he’s hoping to be able to make a peace and to get to the point where he and Mr. Arafat can negotiate that.”

    That exchange is important now that

    the so-called Obibi effect –

    the degree to which Netanyahu may or may not be able to deal with US President Barack Obama – is coming into play in the Israeli election campaign.

  17. Tenacity Says:

    Please vote on this gun issue question with USA Today.

    Vote here:

  18. hockeyfan530 Says:

    it looks like the orly docs above were given to the FBI and Fitz were requests to investigate several of barry’s documents.

  19. hockeyfan530 Says:

    damn ten, 97% yes, that’s close to a majority don’t ya think?

  20. sliderblaze Says:

    we need a poll result like that on the NBC issue

  21. rosettasister Says:

    Obama’s “Wet Blanket” Pseudo-Stimulus Plan

    “Obama’s Wounded Treasury Man”

    “As a bleeding Tim Geithner is confirmed by the Senate, prosperity-killing threats loom large.”

    By Larry Kudlow


    Since Geithner is something of a wounded warrior from the tax non-payment controversy, Team Obama’s economic policy is shifting toward a Larry Summers power-center right now. So it is equally important to note Summers’s clear statements on Meet the Press on Sunday, when he called for repeal of the Bush tax cuts on investors and successful high-end economic activists.

    However, investor capital is on strike against stocks, real estate, and distressed toxic assets. So it’s puzzling that Summers told NBC’s David Gregory that the Bush tax cuts must be repealed. He left open the date. But he left no uncertainty about the intent.

    Of course, this could have a significant deterrent effect on investor decisions. It certainly connects the dots between Obama policy and the rantings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has similarly called for repeal of the Bush tax cuts. One would think, in today’s deflationary investor environment, that pro-growth economic policies would seek to reward investors, not punish them.

    If Summers and Geithner propose a new government “bad bank” to purchase toxic assets, then somebody in the private sector is going to have to buy them at resale. This is why some economists have proposed a multi-year capital-gains tax holiday, including a significant increase in capital-loss write-offs against future tax liabilities. Or at a minimum, the new administration could spur interest in distressed assets by extending the Bush tax cuts, not repealing them.

    But even before Mr. Geithner settles into his new job, prosperity-killing threats from investor tax hikes, protectionism, and a weak dollar could throw a wet blanket over economic recovery.

  22. rosettasister Says:

    So funny and so true!

    Bernie Goldberg

    Journalist gives first look at ‘A Slobbering Love Affair’ book about Obama and the media

    From FoxNewsElectionHQ

    Part One

    Part Two

  23. rosettasister Says:

    Latest podcasts and transcripts from Hugh Hewitt:

    01260901 Hewitt: Hour 1 – Hugh talks about the non-stimulus pork bill the House is voting on this week, and discusses the GOP reaction to it with House Republican leader John Boehner.

    Listen here:

    [audio src="" /]


    House Republican Leader John Boehner on the non-stimulus bill and Rush.

    01260903 Hewitt: Hour 3 – Hugh talks about Obama foreign policy with Foundation For the Defense of Democracies’ Michael Ledeen, and then what ought Christians do in the political arena now that they’ve been routed with Christian apologist and Biola professor J.P. Moreland.

    Listen here:

    [audio src="" /]


    J.P. Moreland on Christians in the public square under a radical left Obama government.

  24. Troy Says:

  25. rosettasister Says:

    bbl, good people!

    enjoy the rest of your day!

  26. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Well at least Germany has a clue

  27. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    from Obamacrimes
    written by ks wally, January 27, 2009

    EVERYONE START LISTENING TO RUSH LIMBAUGH. Amazing he is actually getting on the wagon. He finally even used the word USURPER!!!
    TURN HIM ON. LISTEN……HE IS p**sED. We won the battle on Pelosi’s bill to pay for international abortions in one day. We need to squeek the wheel till it gets greased everyone. We have voices and we need to continue to use them so they are heard. Write, call, screeeeeem it out.
    Stop waisting time with these obots. If they haven’t gotten it yet, they don’t want to. They are wasting our precious time. DON’T YOU ALL GET IT? THEY WANT TO KEEP YOU BUSY TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM. THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO FOLLOW IT. Stop wasting your precious voice and time. CALL, WRITE, TO THOSE IN OUR GOVERNMENT THAT NEED TO HEAR IT!!

  28. Tenacity Says:

    To All,
    I am working and checking in when I can. I will see your responses, but may not be able to respond immediately. Thanks for not thinking I’m DISTANT.

  29. Tenacity Says:

    Was there anything worth listening to on MommaE last night? If so, when in the show?

  30. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 27, 2009 at 6:49 pm
    Was there anything worth listening to on MommaE last night? If so, when in the show?

  31. Tenacity Says:

    Thanks Troy and thanks for that link last night. Good to see you at WTPC.

  32. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    another post at Leo’s

  33. hockeyfan530 Says:

    rush has buddy hacket on now…oh, sorry my bad, it’s barney frank LOL

  34. j.b. Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 27, 2009 at 6:44 pm
    To All,
    I am working and checking in when I can. I will see your responses, but may not be able to respond immediately. Thanks for not thinking I’m DISTANT.

    Welllllll (since you brought it up), I can’t help but notice that you seem to keep your distance from MY direct posts to YOU……However, I decided NOT to take it personally. Just sayin’.
    Oh and I’m pretty sure you were MEAN to ME at api…….J/K!

    *I find there’s either “nothing” going on or TOO much to muddle through. We all do what we can. Or want, I guess.*

    Does anyone make anything of the idea/fact(?) that O’Biden has been swearing in appointees and has barely left Barry’s side since the (botched) lobotomy, er, swearing in?

  35. j.b. Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:

    January 27, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    rush has buddy hacket on now…oh, sorry my bad, it’s barney frank LOL

    Buddy Hacket! Spot on!

  36. Fernley Girl Says:

    From Mitchell Langbert’s blog, “Is a New American Revolution Morally Justified?

  37. j.b. Says:

    WOW! I thought the Germans and ALL of Europe LOVED hIM?

    I want that as a FLAG for my porch!

  38. j.b. Says:

    Shoot, I just set that as background on my ‘puter but the caption doesn’t show up because Barry’s head is TOO FRIGGIN’ BIG! Well, so is HITLER’s but he’s DEAD, and I refuse to waste energy being mad at him.

  39. roving Says:

    I listen to Rush most times. Didn’t today but I didn’t see anyone mentioning Rush called Obama a USURPER in a live Rush thread.

  40. jrh Says:

    Hi folks, I haven’t posted for a bit mainly because I haven’t found anything new worth reporting (but I’ve been reading along).

    I would like to comment on the Leo post from yesterday(?) regarding the ‘4th branch of government’. I know it’s been mentioned in a couple of posts already but I think this is actually an amazing discovery.

    We were all taught (somewhat anyway) in Gov’t class that there are 3 branches and we assume this to be true. It is true that each of these are clearly enumerated in the Constitution but nowhere does it say that there are 3 branches, that’s our assumption. True, this matter is in the Bill of Rights so that makes it even more obscure perhaps.

    However, I was completely duped in believing that a Grand Jury pursues evidence only under the auspices of a prosecutor and can only hand down indictments. Leo’s post reveals that this is a ‘practice’ of Grand Juries based on no underlying law.

    Since Grand Juries can be shown to have unilateral authority (via presentments) to pursue ANY matter, this is equivalent in power to the other branches (IMHO). No indictment signed by a prosecutor is required!

    All it will take folks, is for just one impaneled Grand Juror to pursue any of the questions on Obama we have now long discussed. THEY have the power of subpoena and CAN get the vault BC just as much as the FBI. A presentment from a Grand Jury IS a court case just as much as an indictment and is not subject to acceptance or dismissal by the court before the gathered evidence is adjudicated.

    I think this is HUGE. Maybe instead of writing countless letters to spineless reps, Senators and SCOTUS judges, we should be finding out who sits on a Grand Jury and start getting them on board! Obviously I have only a layman’s knowledge on any of this, but it sure seems like a point of action of some sort.


  41. j.b. Says:

    Hmmmmmm, the story is weird (but prolly true). Some of the comments are hilarious!

    Roving, where is the “live Rush thread”? I hadn’t heard Usurper today, but I’m pretty sure he said it last week. Slider, have you heard Rush call Barry, Usurper?

  42. roving Says:

    Free republic. typed Rush Limbaugh in search. went through all the comments…nothing.

  43. hockeyfan530 Says:

    You know, I always thought that where Hannity dropped the ball the most was his connection to Odinga. That is by far the most disturbing association. I really am starting to HATE obama. not dislike….hate. I certainly hate everything he does and everything he seems to represent.

  44. j.b. Says:

    How does one “impanel” a Grand Jury? I mean, aren’t they all secret? How would we know who or how to reach an impaneled Grand Juror?
    *i guess i should read up on it myself*

  45. j.b. Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:

    January 27, 2009 at 8:12 pm
    You know, I always thought that where Hannity dropped the ball the most was his connection to Odinga. That is by far the most disturbing association. I really am starting to HATE obama. not dislike….hate. I certainly hate everything he does and everything he seems to represent.

    Ditto, HF. Such a waste of energy (hate), but so hard to keep in check.

  46. sliderblaze Says:

    ok, on the Rush/Usurper deal. He was referring to the likes of barney franks and such. as in usurping powers over us in the bailouts and taking control of things that fail. I.e. the bailout, the government caused this crisis and now they are dictating what companies can and can not do. He wasnt talking about Obama

  47. hockeyfan530 Says:

    thanks slider, I was going to start listening to him again…but if he isn’t talking about barry’s NBC issue then i don’t care what he has to say

  48. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Posted of Citizen Wells
    written by Rocknee, January 27, 2009

    By Janet:

    By the way, it seems Obama and Pelosi are rushing a vote on this stimulus package … like tomorrow!!! Apparently they don’t want citizens like you and me to have enough time to be able to let our voices be heard.

    CALL, email, fax, write today.
    See above about the 4 billion dollars in the package allocated to ACORN under different wording.

    You can make a difference. A few days ago the stimulus package contained tons of our money going towards contraceptives for young women. We shouted NO!!!!! THAT item is no longer in the stimulus package!

    That’s why Obama/Pelosi are trying to rush this through. Our words do make a difference. We must speak loudly and quickly. Please … this is a call to action. Don’t be silent.

    Your voting state politicians probably do not read this blog. The only way they know how you feel is if you write short powerful messages often! Call and say you are against 4 billion dollars going to “neighborhood stabilization activities” because it will go to Acorn.

    Please feel free to copy and paste parts of my messages about this today to place onto other blogs. The more people calling/writing Congressmen about this, the better.

  49. sdee Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says: I always thought that where Hannity dropped the ball the most was his connection to Odinga.

    When I stumbled across the Odinga connection late in the summer, my normal election research took a deep turn in to the dark world of Barrack Hussein. I was watching that big ole grin stumping for Odinga on a youtube video. Then another of Odinga’s supporters angrily chanting we want “Change” after he lost. Then burning and hacking people to death. And final a shot of Odinga refusing to call off the murderous mob because he was not getting concessions from the winner.

    I read Odninga’s platform which included a ban on Christianity and a safe haven for terrorists. And there was Bo and Mo grinning and talking about Change.

    There was no coverup – an easy story – it is all documented. If Hannity dropped the ball it was because Fox was afraid to tell the truth.

  50. sdee Says:

    jrh Says: we should be finding out who sits on a Grand Jury and start getting them on board! Obviously I have only a layman’s knowledge on any of this, but it sure seems like a point of action of some sort.

    Interesting – so get the jury convened and then let them expand the investigation? I wonder……I posted earlier about an anti-abortion group that has convened citizen grand juries in Kansas. Could they convene one questioning the authority of Bo to spend federal funds on overseas abortions?

  51. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    A Citizen Grand Jury is for investigation only…. The subject of the suit would have to be picked quite carefully….
    It can’t be broad spectrum it has to be completely focused on one show of harm…. I have been thinking on it since last night…I have yet to come up with a smoking gun idea……. but I have been racking my brain on it….

  52. sdee Says:

    Cindy, I am of the mind that an investigation which the MSM cannot ignore will help. Our spineless courts and congress might act if they can take cover behind a news story.

  53. Tenacity Says:

    j.b. who?

  54. budgy Says:

    Glad that the contraceptives are out. Maybe the millions of $ for new sod at the Inauguration site could be cut also…get all the obots to scatter grass seed and keep it watered.

  55. sdee Says:

    From Gunslinger:

    Thousands Attend Global Warming Protest


  56. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    I 100% agree!!
    Why I think that each state should have it’s own grand Jury…
    a collective shared effort..

    50 grand jurys would be a bit hard to ignore

  57. rosettasister Says:

    Cutting out early, good people.

    Be well.

  58. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    c u later Rose…. 🙂

  59. budgy Says:

    The conservative minority + the citizens outcries = a majority. Start calling your representatives now. Bail out estimated to cost 1.1 trillion with interest. You can stop it from passing with a loud enough voice.

  60. jrh Says:

    I found this page on getting to Grand Juries:

    The idea is to get one of them interested (if they aren’t pawns of the court already). This becomes the ‘runaway’ that Leo referred to.

  61. justanamericancindy4 Says:


  62. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:

    January 27, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    A Citizen Grand Jury is for investigation only…. The subject of the suit would have to be picked quite carefully….
    It can’t be broad spectrum it has to be completely focused on one show of harm…. I have been thinking on it since last night…I have yet to come up with a smoking gun idea……. but I have been racking my brain on it….
    Cindy, you are not thinking in simple enough terms….The existing Kansas grand jury would work just fine in getting to the truth about Obama…..If the abortion legislation requires Obama’s approval / signatutre, then there you have it!!!

    Mr. Obama you will first need to prove that you are legally eligible to be POTUS and put your signature on that legislation.

  63. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    that is a good idea,.. but again we would be putting all of our eggs in one basket….

    It also wouldn’t show all the evidence….
    As much as I believe he isn’t legal….. I also am scared of the Hitler like actions he is already pressing on the citizens…so illegal…..or lord forbid proven legal…… he has to go

  64. Troy Says:

    All it takes is a single grand juror in a single case in which Obama’s so called authority plays any sort of role at all….The grand juror could make the entire case rest on whether or not Obama can legally delegate the so called authority.

  65. Troy Says:

    Hmmm…..Rose started a new thread, but she didn’t label it as “NEW THREAD”

  66. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    moving to new thread

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