“IPs are farmed. Women are used. K is the enemy not each other.” By One of Five



Yesterday, I posted in the comments section a reply I had sent to a woman I have dubbed “One of Five.” I call her that as she is one of the five women I call the “Group of Five.” This group contacted me in the middle of the API scandal to inform me that they and Korir had compiled a dossier on “cloud” which pointed to cloud as the dreaded “mole.”

It’s all very surreal now, but it would appear that Korir is something of an Internet predator. And “One” and I concur that we have to keep telling this story to anyone that’ll listen in order that others don’t succumb to Korir’s trap.

The following is what “One” has to say. It is in her voice, not mine. And I have omitted compromising portions.

Before I begin, I just want to thank this woman and the other women of her group as well for providing moral support when I needed it. I knew something was wrong. All of a sudden, Korir was just “different.” I kept telling myself that this wasn’t about me and that I should just keep my distance. But I had gone on record as vouching for this man, and so I felt somewhat responsible.

That being said, here is One of Five’s warning to you in her own voice, or at least as best as I could surmise.

The body of this post has been removed at the request of the author.

I haven’t yet enquired as to the reason for her request, but don’t wish to second guess her.

RosettaSister wishes to thank her for her contributions.


I can never justify my support for Korir. I can only explain.

I really had no reason to doubt him.

But as soon as this whole thing started, I knew something just wasn’t right.

I would have felt foolish saying this isn’t the Korir I knew, but it would have been the truth.

That is what I should have said. That is where I made my mistake.

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  1. hockeyfan530 Says:

    First….Kick A$$!

  2. hockeyfan530 Says:

    yeah, I hope berg drops a bombshell pretty soon. But it’s going to have to be something huge and undeniable. Proof he applied to college as a foreign student would do the trick nicely. Or a Kenyan BC

  3. NEConservative Says:

    Thanks for posting that Rosetta…I wonder why that person still believes that Korir really did have the MO tapes. She reveals that he’s a sleazeball, but that he was telling the truth til he was bought off? I’ll admit that I was a skeptical ‘believer’ for a long time, and even after, that I still ‘hoped’ something might come of it….live and learn

  4. rosettasister Says:

    NEConservative Says:
    January 12, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    Thanks for posting that Rosetta…I wonder why that person still believes that Korir really did have the MO tapes. She reveals that he’s a sleazeball, but that he was telling the truth til he was bought off?


    We’ll probably never know for sure, but at least we can try to prevent others from being duped by Korir.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    The Rule of Law, or the Law of the Mob? By Rick Saunders



    Circle the wagons! The truth might seep out! But if Berg is not even allowed to pose the question, then the Supreme Court won’t have to provide an answer, and voilá!, the dreaded rioting in the streets will be averted. And this morning, that is what happened.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    U.S. Supreme Court Refuses One of Phil Berg’s Cases


    Pennsylvania attorney Phil Berg, who filed the first lawsuit on whether President-Elect Barack Obama meets the constitutional qualifications for president, had had two requests pending in the U.S. Supreme Court, both called Berg v Obama.

    On January 12, the U.S. Supreme Court again denied Berg’s request for injunctive relief.

    Berg’s alternate request, that the Court take the case for full review, is on the January 16 conference.

    Odds are extremely high that it will also be denied, but that won’t be known until January 21.

    The Court is closed on January 19 and January 20.

  7. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I feel sad of those still clinging to the BS of Korir …..
    At first is seemed plausable….. so I sat on the fence, chatted and made friends while I watched what was going on….
    I defended my new friends when they were attacked but I never defended Korir…
    I did talk to him once….. I have a magic jack number I use… and a throw away email…..so it was never a biggie about him having that info……
    After the crash of the blog and everything that happen afterwards…I was angry….. not because I believed in the foolishness of the tapes, but because it kept things going….. we were close to seeing if he would actually come through or the blog naturally die from his lies…

    MS and those that thought that they were doing a blog police service actually fueled the flames and gave him credibility..
    MS acted like school yard bullies and thought they were justified because they made themselves self important… If they had left things alone I truly think Korir and his blog would of been left a ghost town…..

    I received an email from APIStacycall….. after the first of the year.. and it was quite scarey…..Korir and a former follower going at it……

  8. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik Comments at Free Republic:


    To: LucyT
    The writ was superflous now that SCOTUS will be hearing Berg’s injunction. The writ was just a document to get SCOTUS to act on the injunction, and they have.

    38 posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 9:47:34 AM by Polarik

    To: FreeManN
    What does “…certiorari before judgment…” I don’t see this qualification on any other denial of cert. listed.
    first of all, the Court has not denied Berg’s case, so quit saying it.
    The writ specifically addressed the lower court’s decision to not grant a stay of the election. However, Berg did not have standing when he filed that suit, so the lower court ruling was upheld, and that is why the writ was denied.
    The writ essentially became irrelevant from the moment SCOTUS agreed to hear the injunction on Jan 16.
    Don’t forget that Berg also has two other cases pending.

    48 posted on Monday, January 12, 2009 10:13:01 AM by Polarik

  9. rosettasister Says:

    Say What?!

    “NY show with Charlie Gibson is at 7:30 ET”


  10. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Press Release by Phil J Berg Jan 12, 2009
    written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

    For Immediate Release: – 01/12/2009
    For Further Information Contact:
    Philip J. Berg, Esquire
    555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12
    Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531
    Cell (610) 662-3005 U.S. Supreme Court No. 08 – 570
    (610) 825-3134
    (800) 993-PHIL [7445]
    Fax (610) 834-7659
    philjberg@obamacrimes.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    U.S. Supreme Court denies Berg vs. Obama
    Berg states he is disappointed for the 300+ million U.S. citizens, for our “Forefathers” and for the tens of thousands that have died defending “our” Constitution and we will fight on as Obama is “not qualified” to be President

    (Lafayette Hill, PA – 01/12/09) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States and his case, Berg vs. Obama, in the U.S. Supreme Court announced today that the U.S. Supreme Court has “denied” our Petition For Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment.

    Berg said, “I am disappointed for the 300+ million U.S. citizens, our ‘Forefathers’ and for the tens of thousands that have died defending ‘our’ Constitution.

    I am committed to keep our efforts going to continue litigation until the truth of Obama being ‘not qualified’ for President comes out. The Obama candidacy is the biggest ‘HOAX’ every put forth to the citizens of the United States in 230 years.

    In addition to the current case in the U.S. Supreme Court, we have or will have:

    1. A case filed two [2] months ago captioned Berg vs. Obama, said case ‘under seal’ so I cannot comment further;

    2. The case of Hollister vs. Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, filed 12/31/08 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 08-02254; said case being an ‘Interpleader’ case with the Plaintiff, a retired Colonel from the U.S. Air Force, who is questioning whether to obey or disobey an order if Obama recalls him, based upon whether or not Obama is a ‘qualified’ President;

    3. The case that was denied in the U.S. Supreme Court is still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Berg vs. Obama, with our Brief due by January 20, 2009; and

    4. If Obama is sworn in as President, we will file a Petition for Writ of ‘Quo Warranto,’ a case that will challenge Obama as being ineligible to serve as President because he is ‘not qualified.’

    Berg states ‘if Obama is sworn in’ because Obama knows he is ‘not qualified’ and he should hold a Press Conference and Obama should state that I, as a black American, received more votes than anyone else on November 4, 2008 for President and on January 8, 2009 the Joint Session of Congress counted the Electoral College votes and announced that I am President-elect, but because of things in my background, I cannot be sworn in as President. However, Obama is not man enough to state the above!

    More and more people are aware of the fact that Obama does not meet the ‘qualifications’ for President. When the truth finally comes out, individuals including Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Howard Dean [Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)], other top officials of the DNC, senior campaign staff and some of his new administration should be brought into the criminal justice system, indicted and tried with incarceration for those convicted.”

    Berg continued, “Obama is setting himself up to be blackmailed and perhaps he is already being blackmailed. He was the candidate for ‘change,’ but look at his cabinet – 70% from President Clinton’s days and how about his Secretary of Defense, Gates. Give me a break!

    There is nothing more important than ‘our’ U.S. Constitution and we will fight on!”

    For copies of all Press Releases and Court Pleadings, go to


  11. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    The motion of Bill Anderson for leave to file a brief as
    amicus curiae is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari
    before judgment is denied.

    (p. 19)

    From a Dec. 10th article posted at

    “Also docketed in Berg’s case was a motion for leave to file an amicus curiae (friends of the court) brief by Attorney Lawrence Joyce on behalf of Bill Anderson, a citizen and registered voter of Arizona, in support of Berg’s petition.

    Anderson states the circumstances in Berg’s case are unique, the hour is extremely late and, as a practical matter, other cases on this matter of exceptional national importance might not come before the court in a timely manner. By allowing Berg to bring this case now, Anderson says it would prevent “nothing less than a possible national catastrophe and a constitutional crisis of unprecedented magnitude, a crisis not otherwise manageable by the ordinary operations of law.”

    He points out that “military officers, sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic, must not be placed in a situation in which they cannot say with absolute certainty whether the person claiming to be the Commander-in-Chief legitimately holds office or not …”

    Anderson asks, “Are such questions to be left hanging in the balance when the moment comes – God forbid – to decide whether to use America’s nuclear arsenal? In that moment, will our military leaders consider Barack Obama to be the Commander-in-Chief, or a ‘foreign enemy’ of the Constitution?”

  12. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks, Cindy, for Berg’s Press Release!

    Linda Starr refers to PR at end of the following:



    URGENT From Lisa regarding Today’s SCOTUS ruling

    written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

    Here is a very brief explanation of what today’s ruling means to us…

    What today’s ruling means is that WE’RE STILL ALIVE in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. Phil filed a Petition for Writ of Cert BEFORE JUDGEMENT (in the 3rd Circuit) with SCOTUS. They denied the petition for Writ before judgement under Rule 11 because the case before the 3rd Circuit is still pending and there is still a legal remedy available to our case in the lower courts. If this case is denied at the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, THEN Phil can once again go back to SCOTUS for remedy. The SCOTUS may yet grant the motion for emergency injunction against counting the votes for Soetoro/Obama – in effect, preventing the Inauguration on the 20th. As I understand it, then Biden would serve until this is resolved in some fashion. And Roberts COULD REFUSE to swear in Soetoro/Obama if this isn’t resolved.

    If it comes to that, then Roberts could state that Barry needs to cough up the documents proving he is eligible, or he won’t be sworn in. We jsut don’t know what might happen next.

    In the meantime, Bill Anderson’s motion for “permission” to file his case as a friend of the court was granted.


    Phil is putting together a press release to be posted today on obamacrimes.com.

  13. rosettasister Says:


    From “Scott:”

    I believe the phrase “before judgment” means that the Supreme Court does not want to grant the writ before the matter is decided by the Third Circuit.



    After there is a Third Circuit opinion, and if it is unfavorable, Berg can seek another writ and Bill Anderson may file a brief as amicus curiae (his request was granted).

    This is the first of the Obama ineligibility cases to receive a comment from the Supreme Court, which could be seen as a positive development.

  14. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    written by Rocknee, January 12, 2009

    On thing we’ve learned about this controversy is that IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO READ THE CONSTITUTION CAREFULLLY!

    I believe Berg’s case and all the other cases involving state law, with the exception of Pigeon’s (WA, where there is a specific state statute) will be denied.


    Because the eligibility of a presidential candidate is constitutionally to be vetted by the Joint Session of Congress on Jan 6th (this year the 8th).

    And since the Constitution makes no provision for allowing them to certify an ineligible candidate, and even makes allowance for ineligible candidates after Jan 6th (8th), it is clear that if Congress does certify an ineligible candidate there is cause for a suit.

    Since congress is not under any state law, then according to the US Constitution, Article III, Section 2, clause 2:

    “In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction”,

    The Supreme Court has immediate jurisdiction. Therefore, since the Congress is comprised of public servants (ministers), then anyone can sue the Congress on the grounds that it has certified an ineligible candidate.

    So what was said by several State representatives some days ago is true and valid.

    The problem is that the lawyers working on all these cases have not pointed their gun at the proper point of attack.

    Time is running short. Is anyone a lawyer willint to file suit against Congress on behalf of the People of the USA?

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Latest eligibility challenge rejected

    Justices’ conference results in no action on constitutional questions


    Another case challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president has been turned back by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the man who brought it, Philip J. Berg, said the issue won’t disappear.

    “I am committed to keep our efforts going to continue litigation until the truth of Obama being ‘not qualified’ for president comes out. The Obama candidacy is the biggest ‘HOAX’ ever put forth to the citizens of the United States in 230 years,” Berg said in a statement today confirming the latest arguments submitted to the high court weren’t given a further hearing.

    According to Berg’s statement, his case was dealt with at a conference among the justices Friday.

  16. j.b. Says:


    This looks to be a very detailed account/timeline.
    I do not know how accurate, however.

    Disclaimer; I have not read it

  17. rosettasister Says:

    Dick Durbin caves?

    Paul is one of my favorite Vloggers and one of my favorite PUMAs, too!

    From PaulFVillarreal2

    The Senate’s second-in-command, Sen. Dick Durbin, said Sunday that he is moving away from resisting former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris as President-elect Barack Obama’s successor and hopes a resolution to the disagreement will be reached soon.

  18. j.b. Says:

    Rose, I don’t have anything to add to your entry about API except that I was a believer for about five minutes. (well, compared to the hangers on still there!) It was actually about two weeks of constant monitoring, before I escaped from the haze.
    I am glad to see light being shined upon the man behind the curtain. In many ways Korir and Barry are the same. All talk no action. Puffed up man(equins).
    Too many people following, looking for the rapture of the moment.
    Barry, Korir, nor The Wizard of Oz can save US. (from ourselves)

    The more I learn about the current situation with Barry, etc., the more I need to understand that I am NOT in control of any of this!
    I also need to remind myself (more often) that prayer is a very valuable tool.

    Oh and one last thing:


  19. Foxtrot Says:

    I thought this was funny. It is from Zach Jones webpage.


    Born in

    Africa, now

    Masquerading as an


  20. j.b. Says:


    The first post is pure-T-tragedy. Scroll down for a little laugh.

  21. j.b. Says:

    Foxtrot, I am glad to see the SSR being put in the spotlight again. I followed that extensively when it was first presented…….

  22. rosettasister Says:

    j.b. Says:
    January 12, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Too many people following, looking for the rapture of the moment.
    Barry, Korir, nor The Wizard of Oz can save US. (from ourselves)


    How very profound, j.b.!

  23. j.b. Says:

    Awww, Rose, you made me blush.

  24. rosettasister Says:

    Oh, I just couldn’t resist!

    24 season 7, hours 1 and 2: A Review


    “The festering boil on this season’s face is Janeane Garofalo who is both annoying and generally unwatchable.”

  25. jrh Says:

    Rosetta, is there any info on what is meant by IP farming? I was just lurking at API for a good while but never posted. What can Korir get from IP addresses I wonder? I couldn’t find anything obvious about this on the web but I’m sure there’s something a scammer can get from this but I don’t really understand what the risks are. Any ideas?

  26. Ace Says:

    I told you people in mid October that API was/is an Obama disinformation site.

    So, people are still waiting for electronic voices??

  27. Foxtrot Says:

    I thought this was a good post from another blog where someone said they feel sorry for Obama because of what he is stepping into with the current world/financial mess.

    Comment by Sycamore | 2009-01-12 16:36:59

    I don’t feel sorry for Obama at all! He lied, cheated and misrepresented himself over and over again to win the Presidency. Now he has reached his, “What was I thinking moment?” and is freaking out! I too love the way he bashed the Clinton administration on the campaign trail, then appointed half of them to be on board with him. Obama will say or do anything to get what he wants and he doesn’t mind who he steps on to get it.

    I also won’t feel sorry for him when they haul him off in handcuffs because it is proven (and it will) that he is not eligible to be POTUS because he is not “natural born”. He has perpetrated the single biggest hoax on American than anyone in U.S. history. Those that voted for him will feel really stupid someday soon. The media should be held accountable, as should Pelosi and Dean. Hope Obama likes stripes and solitary cause that is what is in his future!

  28. Foxtrot Says:

    Very good article!


  29. Foxtrot Says:

    This was a sad commentary on how many of us feel right now. It is a commenter from Malkin’s site:

    On January 12th, 2009 at 4:43 pm, Dexter Alarius said:
    Anyone know where the funeral for the Constitution is being held? I’d like to send flowers.

  30. Foxtrot Says:

    Anyone else hear that Dr. Orly is going to be interviewed by Charlie Gibson tonight at 7:30 p.m. eastern time? I don’t know any more details than that, but am trying to get them. I would love to see that interview! Isn’t he on ABC?

  31. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I watched the Frost/Nixon movie last night as well as “W”
    Both are worth a watch, though “W” could of been made much better…

    I was hyped up and couldn’t sleep…
    I was young when the Nixon scandal happen, but I still remember all of the talk and the jokes that happen….. I read up on it some….. IMHO I think Nixon didn’t know about Watergate when it first happen….. I think he caught on to it later and was involved deeply in the cover up … but wrong is still wrong…..

  32. Foxtrot Says:

    Some poster received this–taken from another blog. It is starting!

    Got my “service” email from Obama….
    written by Bill Severini, January 12, 2009

    Obama just sent out the email to all his subscribers about getting ready to start their “voluntary” service (which will later become mandatory service). Here is what they sent out to their entire email list:

    Monday, January 19th, is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Dr. King taught us to live a life of service, and he led by example. He once said:

    “If you want to be important — wonderful. If you want to be recognized — wonderful. If you want to be great — wonderful. But, recognize that he who is greatest among you shall be your servant. That’s a new definition of greatness.”

    Barack and I will be volunteering in Washington, D.C., our new home. I hope you’ll join us by taking part in this national call to service in your community:


    It will take ordinary citizens working together with a common purpose to get this country back on track. This national day of service is an important first step in our continuing commitment.

    Now is the time to remind all Americans what ordinary people can accomplish when we stand together.

    Thank you,

    Michelle Obama

  33. justanamericancindy4 Says:


    when I first heard about a funeral for the Constitution I thought it was a good idea,.. It would carry a stronger message than any protest ever could……and might even get media coverage…..

    I kept hoping someone would grab the idea and run with it…..

  34. j.b. Says:

    “The festering boil on this season’s face is Janeane Garofalo who is both annoying and generally unwatchable.”

    True dat. And lmao!

  35. j.b. Says:

    8 Loooonnng years. We are tired of it. ENOUGH!
    January 11, 2009 – 21:53 ET by JWF
    No one drowns, starves, or dies of thirst for something they had 5 days warning. ENOUGH!

    The 535 members of Congress had every right to declare war in Iraq. And they listed 23 reasons for doing so. ENOUGH!

    It is not torture so SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN or I will pick up a power drill and introduce you to real torture. ENOUGH!

    The only ones scared about FISA or the Patriot act are terrorists and dope smoking liberal hippies worried that the government will bust them with an ounce of dope. ENOUGH!

    Gitmo is legal, and it is where we will keep extranationals bent on killing our civilians because they KNOW they cannot meet our military on the battlefield. ENOUGH!


    a Veteran of a 1000 psychic wars.

    *dragged over from NB*

  36. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Have to go to class….. will be back later tonight

  37. Dixie in Florida Says:

    Interesting read. I can’t imagine there is still anyone left that believes anything about API. More to life than that.

  38. susie hudson Says:

    with Obama not being officially sworn in, we all lie in hope that some ray of hope will shine through and freeze that man dead in his tracks as he and his hostile wife approach ownership of our white house. and dont think twice about michelle and her man talking”ownership” because thats exactly what they have in mind. they are not respectful enough of Americas rich history of servants to the people that resided in the white house {clinton administration excluded, he disrespected the house of our constitution the minute he exposed his cigar to the privates of a young intern} michelle and obama and her mamma plus two over privledged kids are moving on up to their new CRIB and dont be fooled, they be taken it over just as barry will be taken us over, and there isnt much we can do but sit and watch in HORROR. its oh so painful to know that woman who hates America is moving into “our White house” it makes me ill…..

  39. Troy Says:

    Michelle Obama is a woman?…..You meant to say Sasquatch, didn’t you?

  40. Katie Says:

    Like most of you, I’m feeling weary and discouraged today. Until I realize that’s EXACTLY the intended outcome! I will NOT become complacent and we MUST continue to expose the truth.

    I read something yesterday at LameCherry that I can’t quite get out of my head. It’s under the post called “Code Name Amabo” (Tenacity, you can add that one to your growing list) and his last paragraph reads:

    “I do believe it is tea time. Darjeeling please as there is something about that sweet mountain cure of high tanic elixir from the abode of Obama’s monkey in his pants as one beholds the initiators of the game putting their former experiments on stage to perform their tasks. It makes it all more palatable to enjoy.”

  41. j.b. Says:


    Anyone else seen the television commercial for this?
    It seeks to attract OUR future Community Organizers.
    Oh, goody!

  42. patriotamy Says:

    Trying to catch up here today. Am very sad and disappointed for the news re SCOTUS, but have not lost all hope that this will still come forward. Good comments, good thoughts.

  43. patriotamy Says:

    patriotamy Says:

    January 12, 2009 at 11:48 pm … And I meant to say GOOD people.

  44. jjones Says:

    this just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over

    Obama to Issue Order Closing Gitmo During First Week in Office


  45. j.b. Says:

    Of course, jjones, he has to get that done before his custom made sign goes up that reads;

    *need a lawyer?
    *how ’bout some $
    *a home? no problem
    *sick? come on in.
    *… and on and on

  46. j.b. Says:

    BTW, amy, me too.

  47. j.b. Says:

    And when you get to the point where there are no more hateful words to describe the depth and severity of your Bush Derangement Syndrome, just take it out on their DOG!


    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Oh and so intelligent and newsworthy.

    Just STFU already.

  48. carribeansoul Says:

    Wellllll…I’ve just been lurking ’cause I have a hard time having the same conversation over and over and over and over again! You know…how could this have happened..what is wrong with our country and its citizens and policiticians…blah, blah, blah… But, boy…hasn’t the depression set in today! I’m one of those control-freak perfectionists so you KNOW this has just really gotten to me since I can’t stop it! At this point….whaddaya do? If you vent your thoughts and frustrations to people who don’t have a clue to what is going on, it could end up losing you friends..or I guess in some cases here…family! It’s like a really, really bad dream. I scream at the TV when they talk about the inauguration. I turn it off or mute it when “The One” comes on. This is all so crazy! It’s like one of the posters on obamacrimes.com says…I want my life back!

    There was a bright spot today. Fox News had a story at lunchtime that said he won’t give up his blackberry even though the Secret Service says to. GPS anyone???? Target practice for the terrorists????

    I guess we can all be confident in one thing…his arrogance WILL bring him down! I’ve never seen anyone that arrogant stay on top for long. So, thanks for letting me vent. Guess that’s all we have left now!

  49. Katie Says:

    j.b. – Going after a dog?…What a big, strong, important man!

    It’s the lowest of the low. Bill Weir is a racist.

  50. Tenacity Says:

    So should I add Masquerading African to the list of Also Known As?

    Interesting thought written by Rocknee posted by Cindy. I hope that message got to Berg and Taitz.

    Has anybody heard or seen anything later from or by Leo Donofrio? It’s like he went underground.

  51. Katie Says:

    Carribeansoul – I feel your pain. Many of us are experiencing the same things. I can’t even talk to my friends that I know voted that disaster for America in office. As I’ve said before, he’s the single most divisive person on the planet.

    FOX news is like all the others now. And we can all choose to turn them off. With so many people watching TV via cable or satellite now, the stats will show that people are turning off and tuning out more and more as this progresses. We can hit them in the pocketbook.

    Of course, then they’ll cry boo-hoo and get bailout money from Uhhbama as his way of saying “thank you for not telling the truth about me.”

  52. Katie Says:

    Tenacity – I’ve seen several posts today from “Rocknee”. It sounds just like “Mountain Goat” and his argument. I don’t know if it’s one and the same but he/they may be on to something.

    I just can’t believe Bush and Cheney and Republicans are handing the USA and Constitution to Uhhbama on a silver platter knowing what is known about him. That’s the most puzzling piece in this puzzle.

  53. carribeansoul Says:

    Well, I have found some encouraging new/info at obamacrimes.com…

    and Linda Starr says –

    Maybe not all is lost afterall??? I guess we need to find out how long it took Watergate to happen. That might give us a better idea of what we are looking at….because this is even bigger than that!

  54. carribeansoul Says:

    aw hell fire…screwed that up! Let me try again!

  55. carribeansoul Says:

    To MarinaMama
    written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009

    I don’t know why you are so upset. We are not dead in the water!!! Our case is still viable and moving forward, albeit slowly, it’s alive. The SCOTUS just ruled that under rule 11, Phil still has an active appeal at the Third Cicrcuit court of Appeals, so now, before judgement is made in that appeal they are not granting standing. It might interest you to know that THREE of the nine justices voted in favor of granting the Writ of Cert. If the Third Circuit Court of Appeals denies Phil’s appeal, then we can go back to SCOTUS again. The very fact that THREE justices voted in favor of granting Phil’s Writ of Cert tells me there is a real debate going on in the SCOTUS. It also tells me that when they conference on Friday the 16th, they know that is the last day for conferencing and granting an injunction to stay the Inauguration so may very well decide right then and there to grant Phil’s Injunction. IF that happens, expect all hell to break loose because it will become an emergency for Barry since the court is not open again until the 21st. IF they grant the injunction, you can bet Barry’s lawyers will descend on them with a whole mess of emergency requests for hearing. IF the SCOTUS does in fact finally recognize the time is up to wait on taking action and does it, then we have a good chance of stopping him.

    Cheer up. They didn’t do what we wanted them to do now, but they also didn’t kill us either. Under rule 11, we still have a viable case. We have some options left open to us. And Phil is proceeding with all of them.


    from theobamafile.com
    written by Sotally Tober, January 12, 2009

    One Lawyer’s Opinion

    The SCOTUS disposition of Berg v. Obama: “The motion of Bill Anderson for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae is granted. The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.” You may read by link a report and a commentary about this by blogger, law student, and close follower of this case, Jeff Schreiber. The commentary presents considered opinions, but not the only rational opinions.

    I was reading the first couple of pages and one thing written in the amicus brief should show you that the issues are REAL and people should not get discouraged. On page 2 and 3 are the telling paragraphs

    1. This Court is not facing a question of the constitutional aspects of standing, but a question pertaining to the prudential considerations only; and

    2. The lack of an adequate remedy following the inauguration of Barack Obama, and the potential civil and military crises which could arise therefrom, that could not be readily addressed by the ordinary processes of the law, must be considered in addressing the prudential aspects of standing; and,

    3. With respect to the prudential considerations of standing, certain aspects of this case are analogous to the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur.

    Okay, looking at these 3 provisions, the Supreme Court granted the brief and denied the stay because there is a bigger problem. This issue (e.g. granting writ of certiorari in Berg v. Obama) will not only affect Obama, but it will likely impact Biden (Vice President Elect) as well since he was involved and current Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) and any other person who is the successor in line to be President because they have knowledge of the fraud and complied with it (e.g. current democratic leadership). The people supporting Obama know the U.S. has a problem and that is why coup de’tat are so effective, but what is critical is that THE MILITARY KNOWS AND ARE ON GUARD NOT TO FOLLOW ANY ORDERS FROM AN INELIGIBLE COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

    That is why the Supreme Court is being extra cautious here in which they should because there is a possibility of another American civil war. The investigations on all levels are going to impact a whole bunch of people who will need to be removed from serving in a federal capacity. This will likely be an Al Capone feat in bringing this down once all of this goes through.

    FYI, res ipsa loquitur means “the thing speaks for itself.” It is a term used in tort law and an example of it is chairs don’t fly out of 5 story buildings by themselves, they have to be thrown out by a person or natural act (e.g. hurricane, storm).

    In terms of standing, Bill Anderson believes that Berg has standing to deal with the matter at hand.

    Go ahead and publish my views if you like, and it is just an opinion from a lawyer in Missouri and federal courts.

  56. carribeansoul Says:

    okay…I’m just sayin’ that this is out there….

    Breaking News
    written by Rocknee, January 12, 2009

    Being reported on Ed Hale Plains Radio, INS Document signed by Stanley A. D. Obama six days after Obama born, entering the US from Kenya.

    A tipster to Dr Orly and passed to Steve Pidgeon. Document is certified and be released after Steve releases it…

    Just how hard are we praying that this is true?? Please don’t let it be another “Michelle Obama tapes” fiasco!

  57. carribeansoul Says:

    Okay…guess I’m in here talking to myself! Found this article too…


    Is there at least ONE thing that is on the up and up with this guy???? Jeeez!

  58. j.b. Says:

    I think I might just wanna believe Ed friggin Hale right now. In fact, I bet Barry GAVE the Kenyan BC TO Ed Hale because he wants OUT. NOW. Have you seen him lately? He looks like a scared little girl.

    *gotta get up at 4 a.m.,,,,,,,g’night, Irene and God help US all.*

  59. Katie Says:

    Carribeansoul – MOST interesting, especially your last two posts in combination. Could the Newsmax story be out today because of Hale’s announcement? Since Hale has lost so much credibility, it’s hard to believe any good news will come out of it, but there’s always ‘hope’.

    It’s kind of like fighting a 27-headed monster, isn’t it? There are sooooo many ways to get to the truth on Uhhbama that one has to believe SOMETHING will break it all open.

  60. Tenacity Says:

    You are not alone in here.

  61. Tenacity Says:

    I’m trying to figure out if the snake is all head or is it a headless snake (RE: 27-headed monster)?

  62. Tenacity Says:

    Is Rocknee a FReeper or are you getting his posts somewhere else?

  63. Troy Says:

    The level of the cover-up and corruption goes higher than anyone can possibly imagine….Yes, some of the SC justices are in on it too….If anyone thinks that a case may finally be granted a hearing, then they are kidding themselves….Obama is part of a plan for what’s left of this country….What’s coming is all bad….The next four years will be the DARKEST days this country has ever seen…Sorry Barack, no pun intended.

  64. Tenacity Says:

    I just talked to Ed Hale (I will have to shower now) and he said that Steve Pidgeon has seen the INS document but that it is in a safe place.

  65. Tenacity Says:

    Here we go with the multi-colored tin foil cone-head routine again. I don’t doubt your thinking, whether everyone in DC is a part of the vast conspiracy or not. You’ve backed up some of your thinking, but I know you have more to share with us…I’m listening.

  66. Katie Says:

    Troy – I’m not holding out much belief that the SCOTUS will do anything either. It will be up to everyday citizens, the We the People, to bring all the pressure to bear. Soon the inept members of the media and press corp are going to tire of being told who is allowed to ask what. I truly believe the Usurper-Elect (anyone seen the podium and stationery for that office yet?) is going to collapse under the pressure. He doesn’t like it when he doesn’t have slobbering, adoring fans.

  67. Katie Says:

    Tenacity – did you speak w/ Hale or communicate in writing? What’s your gut telling you about his ‘news’ and where did Carribbensoul see a posting by Rocknee?

    I am so ready for a night’s sleep that doesn’t involve waking up to a nightmare!!!!

  68. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 2:43 am
    Here we go with the multi-colored tin foil cone-head routine again. I don’t doubt your thinking, whether everyone in DC is a part of the vast conspiracy or not. You’ve backed up some of your thinking, but I know you have more to share with us…I’m listening.
    Ten, I’m just being realistic….I’ve been resarching numerous gov officials as well as ex presidents….Guess what, none of it is good!!!….The appearence of a two pary system at the executive level is a joke…It’s alll smoke and mirrors…There is only one team and one agenda and Obama is simply a continuation of the same bullshit….It’s sickening!!!

  69. Tenacity Says:

    I spoke to Hale & Dr. Mike on the radio show. From the way Ed showed caution, I’d say that Pidgeon warned him about saying too much and endangering Pidgeon. Thus, Steve Pidgeon actually has something.

  70. Fernley Girl Says:

    The post from carribeansoul is located at obamacrimes.us

  71. Tenacity Says:

    I agree. When you make absolute statements, it leads me to suspect you have more information and I want to see the evidence before I relate any representation. No question that the appearance of a 2 party system is smoke and mirrors. How do we determine who has not sold out? How do we determine who to trust? I don’t believe that every Senator and every Congressman failed to protect the constitution for the same reasons. Some, I believe are duped rather than complicit. I sure would like to be in the room with the SCOTUS to see who is straight and who is in the tank. I want to know who to go after and who to call upon to seek truth. I am tired of casting pearls to swine and I want to know just who the swine is. Too many wolves in sheeps clothing. Got any solutions?

  72. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 2:49 am
    I spoke to Hale & Dr. Mike on the radio show. From the way Ed showed caution, I’d say that Pidgeon warned him about saying too much and endangering Pidgeon. Thus, Steve Pidgeon actually has something.
    I sure hope so…I gotta tell ya, I’m becoming really sickened by the crap that I have been discovering…..There is a minimum of at least 50 people in Washington that need to go to prison and never see the light of day again….That is a conservative figure…No pun intended.

  73. Tenacity Says:

    Name some of them. There are some that are easy…all of those that prevented the regulating of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. Dodd, Durbin, Leahy, OBlowme, Frank and etc. What Republican names do you include in your 50?

  74. Tenacity Says:

    Thanks Fern!

  75. Katie Says:

    Just posted at Obamacrimes.com by Linda Starr:

    written by Linda Starr, January 12, 2009
    P Long,

    Just don’t bet the farm on your beliefs cuz you’ll end up losing. I hate to break it to you, but some things may be breaking in the next few days that will bust this case wide open. Lisa got several very good pieces of news today. Instead of celebrating an Inauguration, ole Barry might be carted off to jail in handcuffs, along with Michelle, Pelosi, Dean, Feinstein, Reid and any others who aided and abetted in these crimes. Things may get real ugly real fast when they come to arrest them.

    Get prepared, immediately. Stock up any type of emergency supplies you may need.

  76. Troy Says:

    It’s not nearly everybody…All it takes is key people in the right positions…The rest are powerless pawns, just like us and the sad thing is that they know it…A perfect example is Ron Paul, he knows what he is up against.

    I’m not going to post anymore info…People need to do their own research, just like I have been doing…The tin foil hat comments make me realize that it’s the only way…I have ignored rumors and inuendo for so many years, because I didn’t want to be a tin foiler and finally decided to have a look for myself….Let me just say, shame on me for having my head in the sand for so long…Never again!!!

  77. Tenacity Says:

    I am coming to see Linda Starr as an alertist (that’s just shy of an alarmist). She not as loose of a cannon as Ed Hale, but she is a loose cannon nonetheless.

    Hale just said that Orly first told Ed about the INS document. Pidgeon told Ed that he would talk about it the next time he is on the show. Ed ASSUMED that meant that Steve Pidgeon had had the document in his hand, but Pidgeon told him to keep it under his hat. So much for keeping it under his hat.

  78. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 3:03 am
    Name some of them.
    Bush Sr. is an easy place to start….and yes he and Bill really are buds….It’s not just an act, in fact their relationship goes way back to when Bill was the Ark. Gov….It’s just a start…G.B. Sr. should be looked in to much further back than his presidecy….I’m not going to say anymore.

  79. Katie Says:

    She’s definitely keeping things interesting – I guess it’s back to playing Uhhbama Wack-a-mole. Where the heck is that mole???

    What the heck is Pidgeon doing trusting in Hales’ ability to keep anything confidential?

    Am I on Candid Camera???????????

  80. Troy Says:

    I totally agree about Linda being an alarmist….I think she lets her emotions spill out into her postings.

  81. Tenacity Says:

    One of the advantages of Rose’s Gang is that we share links to information with one another. It would be a full time job to do all the research alone. I do plenty of research and will share what I know when I know it. I already work 60 to 80 hours a week. We need to live by the philosophy that our collective is greater than the sum of our individual efforts. Are you not willing to be a part of the collective? Do you want to eat the cookies without helping to prepare them? Most in here are appreciative of good contributions. When we share, I see others’ willingness to share increasing by the example. Help draw others into contributing to the collective.

  82. Tenacity Says:

    I’m with ya on H.W. Nothing I haven’t said recently here. Any (R) names that are not so obvious?

  83. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 3:19 am
    One of the advantages of Rose’s Gang is that we share links to information with one another. It would be a full time job to do all the research alone. I do plenty of research and will share what I know when I know it. I already work 60 to 80 hours a week. We need to live by the philosophy that our collective is greater than the sum of our individual efforts. Are you not willing to be a part of the collective? Do you want to eat the cookies without helping to prepare them? Most in here are appreciative of good contributions. When we share, I see others’ willingness to share increasing by the example. Help draw others into contributing to the collective.
    Ten, I understand that, but most everyone here is focused on Obama citizenship issues and the things I’m finding out have nothing to do with that….I’ve started looking at the bigger picture and trying to find out how in the hell we got to the point where we are now and why…..Like so many other things, some of the info that I find can’t be proven beyond a shadow of doubt and there is tons of disinformation intertwined….I try to connect dots by using logical reasoning that most easily explains (Ocham’s Razor) what we currently see today….I can’t prove everything that I believe to be true and therefore won’t post much of what I find….I don’t think many here are interested anyway.

  84. Tenacity Says:

    Pidgeon is not as shrewd as Donofrio and hopefully not as big of a quitter. I have to assume that Donofrio has folded his hand…literally. Plains provides Pidgeon a public forum. If Hale is to be believed, they are getting a tremendous listener base. Where else can someone like Pidgeon go to get that kind of exposure? Hale is also raising money to support Pidgeon’s efforts. Pidgeon likely told Hale to keep it under his hat because he knew how big Ed’s mouth is. Soon, you can bet that Pidgeon will only tell him what he wants repeated in the future.

  85. Troy Says:

    If Steve is wise he will play Hale like fiddle

  86. Troy Says:

    If you ask Rose to send me your email addy, I will send you some info…privately

  87. Troy Says:

    I think Leo saw the writing on the wall

  88. Tenacity Says:

    To some extent you may be correct about what interests some here. On the other hand, there are many here that seem fairly well read (Rose included) and diverse in their interests. For example, WTPF is fighting to preserve and restore the constitution. I am not alone here in my interests to dig much deeper than the Masquerading African. Neither are you alone in your interests. I am going to the Continental Congress prep meeting in Denver Wednesday night. Oblahblah is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the constitutional crisis that we face: IRS, War Powers Act abuse and etc.

  89. Troy Says:

    I just checked Leo’s site…He still hasn’t posted anything new since his, “I give up” article.

  90. Tenacity Says:

    What’s your take on H.W. pushing so hard for Jeb to be POTUS? Is that just a father’s esteem for his son or does he want Jeb to rise to the top of the NWO?

  91. Troy Says:

    I commend and admire you for your efforts with the Constitutional Congress…We definitely need some grass roots efforts….I hope it takes hold!!!

  92. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 3:43 am
    What’s your take on H.W. pushing so hard for Jeb to be POTUS? Is that just a father’s esteem for his son or does he want Jeb to rise to the top of the NWO?
    He definitely wants a team player in line and I’m sure there is a certain amount of pride there also…I don’t think Jeb has the balls or desire to go down that road.

  93. Tenacity Says:

    Go to whispers and check out my link.

  94. Troy Says:

    Do you think that there is a possibility that our economy is being intentionally crashed?

  95. Troy Says:


  96. Katie Says:

    Gentlemen – Leo’s silence is curious. I did see a post a while back purportedly from Cort asking the public to be patient, explaining Leo needed some time to regroup. Nothing since then.

    If he has folded, why do you think he still has his blog online? I can’t begin to get in that guy’s head, but admired his ‘tenacity’ if you will.

  97. Tenacity Says:

    Could it be that the boys have more integrity and conscience than the old man?

  98. Troy Says:

    Tenacity Says:

    January 13, 2009 at 3:50 am
    Could it be that the boys have more integrity and conscience than the old man?
    I do not know the answer to that….I’m still researching Jr…If he followed in his dad’s footsteps then things are more sinister than I imagined.

    I can’t get in to whispers.

  99. sdee Says:

    Leo’s done with this. I think Leo as left his site up for history’s sake. In one of Leo’s posts he had links to other such bits of investigative work he’d done in the past under alias (Scooter Libby stuff if I recall)

  100. Katie Says:

    Sigh…as they say, “nothing to see here…move along”. Another night, another nightmare.

    This is from Karen over at ObamaCrimes in relation to the article linked to Newsmax by carribeansoul above. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    written by Karen, January 12, 2009

    Okay, now that we have possible/LIKELY blackmailing of the POTUS-elect to obtain NATIONAL SECURITY jobs in exchange for keeping silent about where Obama was born and other incidentals like whether he’s been traveling as an Indonesian citizen . . .it seems NECESSARY to REMOVE the cause for continued blackmailing of The POTUS. The cause, of course, is the BIRTH CERTiFICATE and any other records that reveal Obama’s current Citizenship Status. Obama must disclose his citizenship status so that he cannot be possibly blackmailed by anyone who may have this “secret” information.

    We can all hope for a brighter day tomorrow.

  101. sdee Says:

    Another preview of our genius new Congress……….. a dopey politician looking for a way to get in line for some of Bo’s green pork:

    “”Rep. Eric Massa, the newest elected member from NY, decided to play Leo DiCaprio for a day and insist he drive a hydrogen fuel cell car from NY to DC before his congressional swearing in. One problem: The trip to DC is just under 300 miles and the fuel cell car he had hoped to drive could only guarantee him 175-200 miles.

    Not to fret. Massa crunched the numbers before he left and decided he’d have a second hydrogen car towed to a halfway point, in which he would then swap cars and continue his journey. At the end of each leg, the cars were then towed back to to their respective homes in New York.

    Are you as baffled about this as we are?

    Here’s how it went down. Massa drove one fuel cell car while a hybrid SUV towing an additional SUV followed along. Once he got half way, he switched to new fuel cell car. The empty fuel cell was then towed back by the first SUV. As he continued on his journey, the second SUV followed. Once Massa arrived in DC, the second SUV then towed the second fuel cell car back to NY.

    We’re too tired to do the math, but even Al Gore might agree that the emissions released into the air for this stunt were far more than they would’ve been had he strapped on a hard hat and drove a bulldozer to DC””

    So it looks like , that in addition to the fuel used by the hybrid, this guy ran one SUV 400 miles and another SUV 600 miles for a total of 1000 SUV-miles on a 300 mile trip.


  102. Troy Says:

    Ya know Ten, one conclusion that I have came to is that, being a politician in the US (probably anywhere) has got to be the most vile and filthy profession that anyone could get involved in….Hookers are “prom queens” compared to politicians….Sure there are those that start out clean and have nothing but good intentions, but in order to stay and gain enough power to be able to make some changes, they have to dive down into the filth…Once that line has been crossed there is no return….We need some new politicians that wear a hidden wire and camera 24 hrs a day for their entire carreers and never divulge any info until after a long career of info gathering….After 15 or 20 years of gathering intel, spill all of it out to the public….We need a freakin army of them.

  103. Foxtrot Says:

    Don’t know if this was posted already from another blog.
    Linda Starr said:
    Just don’t bet the farm on your beliefs cuz you’ll end up losing. I hate to break it to you, but some things may be breaking in the next few days that wil bust this case wide open. Lisa got several very good pieces of news today. Instead of celebrating an Inauguration, ole Barry might be carted off to jail in handcuffs, along with Michelle, Pelosi, Dean, Feinstein, Reid and any others who aided and abetted in these crimes. Things may get real ugly real fast when they come to arrest them.

    Get prepared, immediately. Stock up any type of emergency supplies you may need.

  104. sliderblaze Says:

    wow, just caught up

  105. Foxtrot Says:

    Holy crap!! This will blow this story out of the water! There is no way the MSM can ignore this one! I have meetings all day tomorrow so can someone get this link copied before it is scrubbed and send it to all MSM outlets tomorrow, including the National Enquirer and the Globe. Focus on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX. I am so happy!!!!


  106. Troy Says:

    Too Late!!!!….It’s gone

  107. sdee Says:

    fixed link to newsmax story Fox posted

  108. sliderblaze Says:

    i screen shotttteeddeed already so, no worries

  109. Foxtrot Says:

    Frick! It was already scrubbed! That fast! What the heck! They can’t possibly cover this one up! Finding out that the person who broke into the passport files a few months back was none other than someone Obama appointed to a position in which the guy was not qualified? The investigation shows definitively that this guy was asked to (paraphrasing, but close to it) to cauterize damaging information from Obama’s passport file! We may finally have this guy! Someone also send the info to Fitzgerald in Chicago.

  110. sdee Says:

    my guess is that story will not get traction – we know it is significant because that “security breach” was a cover up to the real deed that obliterated or edited Bo’s passport records. The MSM will not make that point – they will spin it as mischievous and so it becomes a minor guilt-by-association hiccup.

  111. sliderblaze Says:

    my email from the RNC regarding coleman…

    Regrettably, on Tuesday, in a blatant act of partisanship, Harry Reid broke his word.

    He locked Senator Coleman’s office and denied his staff access to urgent and ongoing casework. Notably, this came just hours after Senator Coleman’s campaign requested a fair and nonpartisan legal review of the counted ballots as is their right under Minnesota law.

    It’s hard to believe those two actions are not connected.

    By going back on his word and locking Senator Coleman’s office, Harry Reid is advancing his partisan agenda at the cost of the people of Minnesota. He’s putting politics above principle and punishing Minnesotans for partisan gain.

  112. Troy Says:

    I copied the screen and emailed it to myself…It’s in safe keeping now

  113. Tenacity Says:

    I am leaning toward believing very little happens by accident anymore. I don’t believe the crash was a free market occurrence. There were indicators that late day trading was programmed. I also don’t see oil price fluctuations being a free market occurrence. We are being played. I don’t know if it has to do with ultimately crashing the dollar, NWO, NAU, fixing the election or just economic manipulation to benefit a few and rip off the masses.

  114. Tenacity Says:

    I know of no one that deserves a noose more than the scumbag Reid.

  115. sliderblaze Says:

    damn dingy harry

  116. Troy Says:

    I agree Ten, I think it was all orchestrated and have felt that way since day one when it all first began….I told anyone that would listen that I smelled a rat and we were being played.

  117. carribeansoul Says:

    okay..I’m back. Sorry..it got too quiet and I got hungry! 🙂 Yes, as was posted, the posts by Rocknee were from obamacrimes.com.

    I just went over there to see if there was anything new and look…

    Thanks to Carribeansoul, from Rosettesister. Read this story to the end.

    I’m famous!! 🙂

    It looks like this is all going to come down to what time of day on the 20th! Jeez…my heart can’t handle that!

  118. Tenacity Says:

    I had a little trouble getting into whispers the last time. I found that I had to click on the title of the thread I wanted and then enter the password. In the meantime, I will ask Rose to assist.

  119. carribeansoul Says:


    Thanks to Carribeansoul, from Rosettesister. Read this story to the end.

  120. Troy Says:

    Ten, I don’t have the latest password

  121. Tenacity Says:

    No worries…Rose will send you my info.

  122. Tenacity Says:

    I’m done for the day – G’Night Rose’s Gang – YOU ROCK!

  123. carribeansoul Says:

    yeah…I’m hittin’ the hay too….thought I’d tell ya this time! 🙂 Nighty, nite!

  124. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I worry about Ed Hale…… Burg could have the same information and evidence and Ed blowing off about it weakens the criminal case…. I know we all want to SEE absolute proof but we also want Bam to not be prepared with lies when the proof is presented….

    Curious that Passport compromise report comes out just in time to raise doubt the any evidence could of been manufactured by the group that gained the info….. just a thought and my 2 cents……

  125. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Troy ,….. Ten

    I can pass on emails if you want me to

  126. Troy Says:

    you can give Ten my email addy

  127. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Ok I will do that now……. 🙂

  128. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    done…… I also CC’d it to you Troy

  129. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    rebroadcast……. plains radio Pigeon on right now…..

  130. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Ed Vieira on Plain radio Friday night ….. Really want to listen to that one.
    Just wish it was elsewhere than Ed Hale ickkkk

  131. Foxtrot Says:

    Rose- How about using the “illegal entry to the passport office” as your next story. Maybe you can find additional information on it. If you do, please let us know?


  132. Foxtrot Says:

    This is from Dr. Orly’s site. My comments are after this article.

    can someone verify this? Please forward to FBI and all the other authorities
    Monday, January 12, 2009 10:31 PM
    From: “PORTUGAL10@aol.com” Add sender to Contacts To: dr_taitz@yahoo.comDr Orly:

    Info on Somerville, MA:

    Gender – Male
    Street Address – 365 BROADWAY APT B1
    City, State, Zip – SOMERVILLE MA 02145-2440
    Probable Current Address – No
    Social Security – 042-68-xxxx
    Age – 119
    Date of Birth – 1890
    Deceased – No
    Date Record Verified – Name – OBAMA, BARACK HUSSEIN
    Social Security – 042-68-xxxx

    This is the address where PONZI PREZ Barry Soetoro lived in a basement apartment in Somerville when he was attending Harvard in Cambridge. When he lived here he OWED close to $1,000 in parking tickets for OVER 20 YEARS and recently paid them PROBABLY WITHOUT INTEREST AND PENALTIES. This should be investigated to see if he got special treatment from the Liberals in Somerville Parking Dept. This address does exist.

    I again tell you that what it seems is going on here is a SCAM to HIDE imporper and iellegal donations especially the over $200 Million receieved illegally from FOREIGN COUNTRIES. They need to assign names and addresses to them to partition them (make them smaller donations) dividing them into donations of like $199.00 each so that they would be able to hide them easier. If you notice most of these address are 123 or 1234 etc of Main St seems like kids entering numbers at random all over the country and entering the donations on a website PROBABLY USING those Debit Cards.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if Obama is using this social security number that it was stolen. Here is why . . . the first three digits usually correspond to when they are filed. A 042 number would have been many years before Barack Obama (PE) was born. I was born one month earlier than Obama, in the same year and my social security number starts with 468. My husband was born in another state and 3 years earlier than me, and his starts with 468. So you see, that series of numbers was there for a few years when social security numbers were being issued. Therefore, this could not be Obama’s real social security number! Impossible!

  133. sliderblaze Says:

    Fox, they think that he may have applied for a Social after he was 18. Some claim that the 042 prefix was issued from the state of conn. perhaps when he was in Columbia U. It keeps getn weirder and weirder.

    on a separate note: German police break into apartment, take down Israeli flag for inciting hatred!!!! Once again, appeasement for the violent, angry few, where have i seen that before…

  134. sliderblaze Says:

    Fox, they think that he may have applied for a Social after he was 18. Some claim that the 042 prefix was issued from the state of conn. perhaps when he was in Columbia U. It keeps getn weirder and weirder.

    on a separate note: German police break into apartment, take down Israeli flag for inciting hatred!!!! Once again, appeasement for the violent, angry few, where have i seen that before…


  135. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I’m starting to have serious doubts about Obama. I don’t think he was exactly honest with the people of the US. Am i just being paranoid?

    OK, i can’t even type this with a straight face!

    There is nothing this clown does that is legitimate. And the most frustrating part is that you can’t talk to his supporters about it. As someone stated previously he is the most divisive “president” in history. Bush bashers may disagree with his policies/actions or even thing he’s dumb as a box of sticks…but Barry, is JUST A F-IN’ LIAR! I don’t think he’s stupid, I don’t care about his policies because I know he is A LIAR!!!

  136. thinkingmom11 Says:

    Fox – I’m not sure what to think about that SS number – seems like Obama looks hecka good for 119 years old! However, I was born 7 years after you and my number starts with 457 and my sisters (born two years before me is only different by a few digits because my mom applied for them at the same time I guess). I am not sure how they issue SS#’s – doesn’t appear to be sequential…maybe random…maybe there are certain number sequences for each state or something…I don’t know if they reuse them or not either.

  137. Foxtrot Says:

    Slider– I was born in Washington, D.C. in 1961 and my husband was born in Minnesota in 1958 and we both have the same 3 numbers starting our social security numbers. It doesn’t matter where you were born. I was told they are distributed by number according to sequence from when they first started to give them out. Therefore, the 042 would be a very old social security prefix. Certainly too old for Obama to have. Let’s try to do more research on that.

  138. Foxtrot Says:

    Hi Mom! Well, that shoots down that theory! I do think we need to find out what the prefix of 042 means!

  139. hockeyfan530 Says:

    don’t know if anyone posted this but I agree and it’s ridiculous. FOX will soon be as bad as the others


  140. susie hudson Says:

    this is the very reason why we believed in korir. the feeling that I have in my belly right now as im watching continuing coverage of the obama SHOW! its going to cost us over 50 million for this freaking event. if I hear history in the making one more time im going to BARF!!!!
    SO, thats why we bought all korirs bull, we had to, we needed to, we wanted to, and BY GOLLY we even prayed to make it true.
    Korir really got us where it hurts, thats why hes such a scum bag. he knew how much we had at stake…our temporary sanity!
    Yupo , ive gone a little bit over the edge of the sanity ledge. Obama and the non stop OBAMA coverage is taking me down the scary road….hey how about those freaking commercials with the talk show has been peddeling the obama coins. OLD KENNEDY COINS WITH OBAMAS FACE PAINTED OVER THEM IN COLOR…..they obviosly havnt minted an obama coin so they paint his face over old ones. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!TURN OFF YOUR TVS AND HIE UNDER YOUR DOWN COMFORTERS

  141. hockeyfan530 Says:

    this is about the numbering of SS#


  142. hockeyfan530 Says:

    excerpt from above link

    Area numbers – The first three numbers originally represented the state in which a person first applied for a Social Security card. Numbers started in the northeast and moved westward. This meant that people on the east coast had the lowest numbers and those on the west coast had the highest. Since 1972, the SSA has assigned numbers and issued cards based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the original application form. Since the applicant’s mailing address doesn’t have to be the same as his residence, his area number doesn’t necessarily represent the state in which he resides. For many of us who received our SSNs as infants, the area number indicates the state we were born in. You can find out which area numbers go with each state at SSA.gov: Social Security Number Allocations.

    Group numbers – These two middle digits, which range from 01 through 99, are simply used to break all the SSNs with the same area number into smaller blocks, which makes administration easier. (The SSA says that, for administrative reasons, group numbers issued first consist of the odd numbers from 01 through 09, and then even numbers from 10 through 98, within each area number assigned to a state. After all the numbers in group 98 of a specific area have been issued, the even groups 02 through 08 are used, followed by odd groups 11 through 99.)

    Serial numbers – Within each group designation, serial numbers — the last four digits in an SSN — run consecutively from 0001 through 9999.

  143. thinkingmom11 Says:

    Thanks HF – just when I get to feeling better – I feel sick again. I haven’t turned on FOX in a couple of months so I have no clue what is going on there – glad I haven’t now. Instead of calling Uhhhbamuhhh’s inauguration “History in the making” they should call it “History has been taken.” I don’t know if I can stand watching this all happen…

  144. Foxtrot Says:

    Apparently a “Michelle Soetoro” has been emailing threatening things to Linda Starr. I guess she checked her IP and it is legally Michelle! This was a post Linda just posted. You go girl!!!

    Message to Michelle Soetoro, who has been emailing me
    written by Linda Starr, January 13, 2009

    I just wanted to let you know, in case you’ve forgotten all your legal education and training (which apparently wasn’t good enough to teach you not to contact opposing counsel during litigaton of a suit, or you forgot everything they tried to teach you in ethics classes) that…

    “”Admissions are a powerful tool in Court and since Michelle Soetoro is emailing me using her proper legal name, that is considered an Admission in a Court of Law, Thank you Mrs. Soetoro”

    I also wish to inform you, this has been reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

  145. thinkingmom11 Says:

    Based on what HF posted about SS#’s it looks like the 042 represents a mailing address on the east coast…wonder when he applied for his SS#?

  146. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I do not watch any news. I don’t listen to talk radio. I actually woke up this morning and had ‘Saved by the Bell’ on because the local morning show was talking about Barry.

    Boy that Screach is a character….One of America’s finest actors! LOL

  147. Katie Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    January 13, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    I’m starting to have serious doubts about Obama. I don’t think he was exactly honest with the people of the US. Am i just being paranoid?

    OK, i can’t even type this with a straight face!

    There is nothing this clown does that is legitimate. And the most frustrating part is that you can’t talk to his supporters about it. As someone stated previously he is the most divisive “president” in history.
    Hockeyfan – that was me. Except I never called him a divisive “president” because he will never be legitimate. I called him the most divisive “person” on the planet. Assuming he’s human, of course.

  148. Foxtrot Says:

    Okay, I just got off the phone with the Social Security administration. They said anyone with a 042 prefix to their social security number means that they had to be born in the Northeast portion of the country—NOT HAWAII! A fascinating bit of news I would say, considering that is the prefix to Obama’s social security number!!!!! I can’t believe that someone hasn’t picked up this story yet! This one is a no brainer. He claims he was born in Hawaii, so even if he waited to file for a social security number when he was in college, how did he travel to Pakistan? You need a social security number to get an American passport. So, he must have travelled on another passport. Perhaps his Indonesian passport!?!?!?

  149. thinkingmom11 Says:

    Wow – Fox, that is CRAZY! Michelle can’t keep her trap shut. If true, I am sure Obama is about to flip out…
    I just had this funny visual of MO in a mask and straightjacket like Hannibal Lechter in Silence of the Lambs, sequestered in the basement of the Whitehouse somewhere behing the bowling alley!! HA HA – that was fun!

  150. thinkingmom11 Says:

    What do you think the odds are the Obama stole some poor suckers SS#…seems like the most reasonable explanation since he probably couldn’t have gotten his own. Sad that it is so easy to believe the worst about the man who would be president….

  151. Foxtrot Says:

    Mom–if I had a million dollars and bets were being taken . . . I would bet it all on the supposition that he stole a social security number from a dead person!

  152. ladyliberty Says:

    JAC – good point about the passport info. I was reading it trying to figure out what took so long for this information to get out. If the investigation was complete in July, why now???

    They probably did not even change anything on the passport – they probably just created one that did not exist. He had one from Indonesia, so why would he need one from this place anyway?

  153. hockeyfan530 Says:

    so with the info fox got directly from the horses mouth that is the SS office how does that jive with

    “Since 1972, the SSA has assigned numbers and issued cards based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the original application form.”

    Berry could have applied for his SS# when he was 18 plus which would be after 1972 and if he applied while he was living on the east coast to give him the 042 number how did he attend Occidental in CA? Don’t you need a SS# or a green card number or something like that to apply for college and financial aid?

  154. Foxtrot Says:

    If Linda Starr can prove Michelle Obama has been trying to intimidate opposing counsel, and that her legal name is in fact Soetoro, then you all better don wet suits because the sh!t will be hitting the fan shortly!!!

  155. Foxtrot Says:

    Hockey fan–but it still wouldn’t explain how that number is associated with someone who was born in the 1800’s, not how he would have travelled to Pakistan when he was 18. He was not living in Boston until he was 20 something! Harvard was his law school, so he would have had to have been at least 22 when he attended!

  156. Foxtrot Says:

    (typo–so repost here) Hockey fan–but it still wouldn’t explain how that number is associated with someone who was born in the 1800’s, and how he would have travelled to Pakistan when he was 18 or 19. He was not living in Boston until he was 20 something! Harvard was his law school, so he would have had to have been at least 22 when he attended!

  157. Foxtrot Says:

    This is one BIG “GOTCHA”. If we can figure this out as regular people, then why aren’t the journalists out there taking on this story?????

  158. Foxtrot Says:

    Lady Liberty–they said that passport files also may include “long forms of a birth certificate”, U.S. Oath of citizenship records, foreign citizenship records . . . ” Do you get why they went in the file now?

  159. hockeyfan530 Says:

    fox, if it were issued after 1972 though wouldn’t it have gone by the zip code of the mailing address? per the statement above?

  160. rosettasister Says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but my husband found this at PatDollard this morning.

    Hang onto your seats! This should be “explosive,” Pat Dollard and Larry Sinclair together!

    If you go, better bring 2 bars of soap with you. One for Pat’s propensity in using vulgar language, and the other for, well, you know, the subject matter.

    Why is Pat covering this now? This would have made sense prior to the election.

    “Program Alert: Upcoming Special Wednesday “Jihadi Killer Hour” With Larry Sinclair – With Videos”


    It will be live this Wednesday, January 14, 2009. 8 PM Pacific, 10 Central, 11 Eastern. Calls will be taken.

    Listen here:


    Previously, Pat interviewed Pastor Manning:


  161. hockeyfan530 Says:

    either way it brings up some huge issues. If issued before 1972 barry would he would have to had applied for his SS card in the Northeast. Which certainly doesn’t jive with his HA birth and his life as a young lad. If issued after 1972 barry was in the east coast, as you said at age 20 or 22, but, like you said, how’d he travel in Pakistan? Also, how did he apply for college prior to being on the East Coast without a SS#? He would have to had something wouldn’t he have? A green card number or student visa number? But if he were indeed a US citizen then it would have to be a SS# I would think.

    OR barry used someone elses SS# OR barry is 119 years old…aren’t messiah’s supposed to live forever? But not literally right LOL

  162. Foxtrot Says:

    This is common sense, people. He traveled to Pakistan on his Indonesian passport. He must not have applied (or stolen) a social security number until he was attending Harvard Law School. That is the only time he lived in the Northeast. Therefore, he had to have another passport to travel to Pakistan–one that would allow him to travel without a social security number from the U.S. He used his Indonesian passport! Check and MATE!

  163. sliderblaze Says:

    i was born in 77 and my number starts with 184

  164. sliderblaze Says:

    Iranian protesters burn Obama picture…

    uh oh…lol

  165. Foxtrot Says:

    Hillary on C-Span is absolutely brilliant! Her opening statement was nothing short of amazing! This woman knows something about EVERYTHING. I can’t watch any more because it depresses me how she could have been President. What a mind!

  166. Foxtrot Says:

    Slider, the timing doesn’t add up for Obama and when he would have been in the Northeast. He traveled to Pakistan BEFORE Harvard and before he lived there. That leaves only one conclusion. He had to travel to Pakistan with another passport from another country. It sure as heck could not have been a U.S. passport with 042 as his social security number prefix!

  167. sliderblaze Says:

    if there is a picture of Obama hanging up, would that be considered…RACIST. lol, but seriously, i was watching fox news last night and on greta they had a guest, whom i cant remember the name, likened those who want to see a birth certificate, to those who are saying that Trig is the son of Bristol Palin. I looked at dude really close, so i could find out what a complete moron looks like.

  168. sdee Says:

    I’ve posted this before – an old comment from Leo’s last post. I’ve no opinion about it but it sticks in my mind.

    ””Rob S. Says:
    December 19, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Timing is everything in a case and the Justices denied Stays/Motions while keeping the cases alive. Be patient, the election process will soon be over and any ruling will completely fix a flawed process.

    The Justices have a copy of Obama’s “original” birth certificate that was filed by his mother with his passport application in 1962.

    Have faith in the rule of Law Leo and our Constitution that protects us all.””

  169. Foxtrot Says:

    This is probably the easiest story for FOX or CNN to prove because it only requires logic! They know he wasn’t EVER living in the Northeast until he went to Harvard, which was well after he traveled to Pakistan. So how did he get a U.S. passport without a social security number? He didn’t have a social security number when he went to Pakistan because he was using his INdonesian passport to enter that country. Come on CNN and FOX, surely you cannot dismiss this story?

  170. sliderblaze Says:

    correct Fox, thats my point, he had to of gotten it when he lived in the northeast, after the pak. trip

  171. rosettasister Says:

    Both of these shows are from last night, so may be worth a listen:



    Scroll Down to 1-12-09

  172. hockeyfan530 Says:

    agreed on the Passport issue. But also school records. He can’t get into a University without a SS# i wouldn’t think. So he had to be a foreign student with a Visa number or something other than a SS#…..oh wait a minute barry probably used the 666 birthmark on his scalp!

  173. Foxtrot Says:

    hockey- LOL!

  174. sliderblaze Says:

    Ha, 666, that was too rich.

  175. ddlew2 Says:

    To be real honest with you guys; I’m really tired of the earth shattering, America changing news pending, Obama’s going to prison crap from this Linda Starr person. She has a track record of posting about pending information that never comes to fruition. Sorry if my opinion offends any of my fellow Rosettans. 🙂

  176. sliderblaze Says:

    some dont know what being a cautious optimist means… there are alot of alarmist out there for sure

  177. sliderblaze Says:

    i think we can break them down into 4 groups

    the crazy nut jobs
    the alarmists
    the cautious optimists
    and the freaking “this aint going nowhere, why bother” people

  178. sliderblaze Says:

    Surge: Obama to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan — but doubts they’ll help much

    yeah, i pretty sure you said the same about Iraq. Apparently this guy dont know the first thing about military tactics and strategy. I recommend he listen to the patraeus powerpoint speech at the heritage foundation.

  179. rosettasister Says:

    Just like old times!

    From hollywood7

    Added: January 10, 2009


    Hollywood7 is also cao (key) from:


    She also has a radio show:


    Cao claims to be married to the sexiest man alive. Apparently, a lot of women are. Good for them!


  180. budgy Says:

    Hi everyone…I am ill with a fever so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I’m trying hard to follow the thread today but having a difficult time. Sorry in advance. Regarding the SS# and being born in the NE….are you sure that it is BOjr’s #? Wasn’t BOsr. living in the northeast when him and Stanley Ann filed for divorce? Could he have possibly used daddy’s SS#

  181. sliderblaze Says:

    budgy Says:
    January 13, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    anything is possible at this point….

  182. Foxtrot Says:

    Budgy– his father never was a U.S. citizen and there have never been any records he filed for that status. Besides, it was well known that he was a Kenyan citizen, so the only way Obama Sr. could have filed for a U.S. social security number is to have taken the oath of citizenship. Obama has said over and over again that his father was a British/Kenyan citizen. So, the answer is “no” there could not be a possibility that Obama Jr. used his father’s social security number, because he did not have one.

  183. ladyliberty Says:

    I was born in 74 and my number starts with 37

  184. sliderblaze Says:

    i wonder if his Pakistani friends helped him get one….. we know these guys are great at fraud, well, them and the nigerians and Kenyans….

  185. budgy Says:

    Thanks slider and fox….I understand that sr. was never a citizen but wasn’t he teaching or lecturing in the northeast U.S.? What kind of documentation, visa, or whatever would he have needed for that?

  186. Foxtrot Says:

    ddlew2- Linda Starr’s hands are tied as to timing of how/when things are released. She is beholden to Berg and the court case as to whether or not she can say anything. I understand this. She only gives us these bits of information so we don’t get discouraged, but even then, she is walking a fine line. I, for one, appreciate what info she is willing to give. I do honestly believe that everything she has told us is true. I also believe that there is more that we don’t know that is ever BIGGER than what she has told us. She simply does not want to jeopardize the court cases, and I don’t want her to do that either. Take heart, this will all be revealed soon (I hope) and we will all know that we had some small part in exposing a man “who would be President”!

  187. Foxtrot Says:

    Liberty–is it 037 or 37 that your number begins with? What state were you born in?

  188. ladyliberty Says:

    Born in Michigan and starts 371 and husband born in Michigan in 67 is 370

  189. rosettasister Says:

    I really do hesitate to post anything from Jeff Rense.

    Since I don’t see how anyone can deny that he’s an Anti-Semite.

    And I don’t know if this is most recent interview Rense had with Larry or not.

    [audio src="http://rense.gsradio.net:8080/rense/special/rense_L_Sinclair_122208.mp3" /]

  190. API Hoax Says:

    It is always good to see further revelations with regards to scammy. I am always glad to see input from one of the ‘original gang’.

    I would like to take issue with a couple of comments, “that the women from MS from HOAX site are mean.” First, in my opinion, Sage has been the voice of sanity in the midst of an insanse asylum. There has been much information uncovered about Korir, all that is sourced. I appreciate factually based reporting even when the bias is obvious anti-api. I don’t have a problem with that. We’ve been taken on a ride and I appreciate those who have spoken out when it wasn’t popular to do so. Finally, they aren’t from the “API HOAX Site”. Nor is anyone else for that matter. It is a place of refuge from API’s crap.

    Where was the information from the insiders after everything blew up with API? Why weren’t they out front and center on providing factually based information. Why is it that they are just now surfacing? Why are they not working with those who weren’t on the inside to help in a united effort against Korir and API?

    There has been a great deal of subterfuge, reading between the lines and codetalk from the beginning of this shenanigan. What MS and those posting research on her site have uncovered is sourced and factual information. And for that they have taken a great deal of abuse and were and still are by some, equated to as the Great Satan. How sad!

    From a point of perspective, the API Hoax room was established to provide a place of sanity away from API’s abusive nature, and willy nilly bannings of many by API for those still watching. It was setup the night that Cloud made statements that the api chatroom would be closed and recommended that everyone say their goodbyes. That is how and why it began.

    To give credence to any chatroom, which is what the API Hoax place is (there is no site), is as ridiculous as giving credence to Korir and API.

    Nothing is perfect in this life and while not always there, I do make a concerted effort to keep things fun and non-abusive when there. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly at apihoax@gmail.com.


    API Hoax

  191. Foxtrot Says:

    Liberty- Those numbers are in direct corraboration with what the social security office told me. Those range of numbers are from the midwest. One more reason/person that validates what I found out. Obama had to have used his INdonesian passport to go to Pakistan because he could not have had a U.S. passport without a social security number. And, he could not have applied for a social security number and been granted a number that began with 042 unless he lived in the northeast, like Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, etc. He didn’t live there to file to get a number from the northeast until he was at least 22 (after undergrad school) to go to Law School. Again—BUSTED!!!! Someone from the MSM needs to grab this story and run with it.

  192. Foxtrot Says:

    API Hoax — we are have long since been “done” with API. We barely speak of it on this blog anymore. Rose, I am shocked you brought it up again!

    We all KNOW it was a scam and we don’t choose to discuss it on this blog. The book is closed as far as Korir is concerned here. We know he was a crook and a con-man and we don’t want to give him another pulpit in which to peddle his lies.

  193. Foxtrot Says:

    Thought we needed a shot in the arm! From another blog. Don’t know if it is true and it has not been verified. AGain, thought it might be a pick-me-up none-the-less!

    written by T. Roberts, January 13, 2009

    Here’s an interesting post from an ‘anonymous’ blogger over at AMERICA’S RIGHT, – – obviously I don’t know how valid it is . . .

    Anonymous said…

    Obama has a team member on the inside quietly encouraging him to do the right thing and step down. Distinguished Intelligence Personnel know his history and would prefer he handle questions as to his eligibility with dignity.

    SCOTUS has conferences set up on Jan 16 and Jan 23 concerning his eligibility which sandwich the Jan 20 inauguration if he chooses to ignore the situation.

    President Bush will give a nationally televised speech on Thursday telling Americans everything is fine. The rest of the TARP funds are about to be rolled out.

    Everyone needs to relax and wait for Obama to do the right thing or let SCOTUS do what has to be done.

  194. Foxtrot Says:

    I just found out my Mother did not apply for a social security number for me until I was 14–when we moved to Minnesota. Again, this corroborates that my prefix number also is from the Midwest.

  195. rosettasister Says:

    API Hoax Says:
    January 13, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Thank you for your input, API Hoax.

    Remember, this post is really not mine.

    Although, in my paraphrasing, it probably comes across as me.

    I hope I didn’t offend the actual writer.

    Also, please remember that I’d been acquainted with Korir since May. He even offered me a position with API.

    And I’d vouched for him with Jeff Schreiber, MommaE and others.

    So, yes, I do feel responsible.

    So I will do what I can to help.

    As far as Mountain Sage, honestly I didn’t pay that close attention to her at the time.

    I didn’t know her, well, from Eve.

    I “knew” Korir, or at least I thought I did.

    And considering Korir’s apparent contempt for all that is America (why else would he behave this way), I do concur that we must thwart him at every turn.

    As he will undoubtedly attempt again to make us ugly Americans look like the fools he believes us to be.

  196. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Mine starts with 349 ….. born in Illinois.. 1966

  197. Foxtrot Says:

    Here, here Rose! That is why I don’t know why we should ever utter the acronym “API” again on this blog! Everytime we mention Korir or API we lend credence to what he is saying/doing. I will never speak about them again.

  198. Foxtrot Says:

    Hi Cindy! Yep . . .still fitting exactly as the Social Security Administration stated it would. How is Obama going to explain it?

  199. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    though I didn’t get mine until I was 16 …. but that was the norm then

  200. Foxtrot Says:

    I have to run out to a meeting. Someone please pick up where I left off? We cannot let this social security number issue die!

  201. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Orly would be a good one to give the ss# info to…

  202. Tenacity Says:

    Where have you been? We were commenting on Starr’s alarmism last evening. She must be a good researcher and has lots of time on her hands or Berg wouldn’t keep her around or let her moderate his weblog. She definitely should be taken with a grain of salt or a whole shaker.

  203. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i don’t think linda has said anything specific that hasn’t occurred. I agree with fox that she is giving as much info as she can without saying too much. If i remember right didn’t fox say that she is well known in the political world as a political investigator of some sort? I trust foxes appraisal of linda as she seems to be in the know in the Dem party world

  204. Bob Says:

    Mine starts in 349 — born in Illinois. My dad’s starts in 348 — born in Illinois.

    My mom’s starts with 327 — born in Illinois. Both died in their ’90s only in the past few years. Remember, Social Security started in 1935.

    Children were not required to have numbers until the 1990s. My youngest children have 398 — born in Illinois. My oldest daughter who has 325 — born in Illinois.

    We don’t have the kind of holdings listed for Obama, who apparently does not know how many homes he owns, either. Should we laugh, or cry, especially now that he’s moving into public housing!

  205. rosettasister Says:

    Thanks to all for your contributions this day.


    New Thread:


  206. API Hoax Says:


    Thank you for your kind response. I did not take insult at your post.

    I felt that I needed to post in order to set the record straight, so to speak.

    In response to another poster, yes I agree it is a closed book. Sadly, there are still those believing in him. I don’t believe in leaving them to the wolves.

    It has always been my opinion that there is not a place for foreign influence/intervention into US politics and affairs.

    I wish you well,


    PS: And YES, given his anti american behaviors I am gong to be watching the scumbag and discrediting him should he pop up again on our radars.

  207. rosettasister Says:

    API Hoax Says:
    January 15, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    “I am gong to be watching the scumbag and discrediting him should he pop up again”


    Hoax, I just wanted to acknowledge that I did in fact see your comment.

    As far as the part of your comment which I’ve quoted,

    All I have to say is:



  208. Factchecking Lynn Stuter’s latest | Obama Conspiracy Theories Says:

    […] no such tape has ever surfaced and there is no credible evidence that it exists. See also this recent post about a group of former […]

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