Arabs Throw Obamessiah Under The Bus?



“You are the instruments that God is going to use to bring about universal change, and that is why Barack has captured the youth. And he has involved young people in a political process that they didn’t care anything about. That’s a sign. When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking. Brothers and sisters, Barack Obama to me, is a herald of the Messiah. Barack Obama is like the trumpet that alerts you something new, something better is on the way. A black man with a white mother became a savior to us. A black man with a white mother could turn out to be one who can lift America from her fall.” – Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan

“If Obama was going to take a stand he would have said something. When he wants to say something, he can.” Walid Kazziha, a professor at the American University in Cairo

“ANALYSIS – Obama silence on Gaza confirms low Arab expectations”


CAIRO, Dec 30 (Reuters) – Arab expectations that foreign policy changes will come small and slow when Barack Obama moves into the White House next month have been confirmed by his silence over Israel’s attacks in Gaza.


(Obama’s) choice of a foreign policy team, especially Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, have raised doubts that much will change.

Mustapha el-Sayed of Cairo University said: “I am really pessimistic … because when I see the kind of people who surround President-elect Obama I find they are the best friends of Israel who do not dare to distance themselves from the positions of the Israeli government.”


The main Arab expectation from Obama is that he will at least take more interest in Middle East peace than his predecessor, who began to give it priority only in the latter stages of his presidency .

“Certainly having an Obama who will urge the players to talk, as opposed to a Bush who did not, makes a difference,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Institute’s Middle East Centre in Beirut.

“But Obama will not force Israel (into concessions). Politically he will not put large amounts of pressure on the Israelis,” Salem added.

Walid Kazziha, a professor at the American University in Cairo, said Obama would have to take bold steps if he wants to restore U.S. influence in the Middle East, widely seen as having greatly declined during eight years of Bush.

But the first signs do not suggest Obama will do that, he added. “If he was going to take a stand he would have said something. When he wants to say something, he can,” he said.

Sayed said he expected a tug of war between Obama advisers in favour of the status quo, closely allied with Israel, and between those who think differently.

“My impression is that the good friends of Israel will prevail at the end and this will contribute to a further erosion of U.S. influence in the area,” he added.

From PatriotMcCain

“Iran issues religious decree for Muslims to defend Hamas terrorists”

Phil Berg Barack Obama Ron Polarik Jeff Schreiber

40 Responses to “Arabs Throw Obamessiah Under The Bus?”

  1. thinkingmom11 Says:

    ooo, ooo, oooo amd I first!!??

  2. thinkingmom11 Says:


  3. thinkingmom11 Says:

    PEBO appears to be in over his head again. He s hoping to put off as long as possible the inevitable reality that everyone will figure this out…

    What a sad situation. Looks like the world can hardly WAIT to test our new leader. They are chomping at the bit – hell will break loose Jan. 20th at 12:01 PM probably. Holy smokes what a pickle we are in – if the SCOTUS decides PEBO CANNOT be inaugurated I think Ol’ Joe will be acting President. That is nothing short of frightening.

  4. hockeyfan530 Says:

    mom, I’d still rather have an honest idiot like biden than an intelligent, amoral liar like barry

  5. thinkingmom11 Says:

    Point conceeded HFan…

  6. thinkingmom11 Says:

    I don’t know if I agree completely about the “honest” part but he does seem harmless enough…

  7. rosettasister Says:

    I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

    On election night, when I realized Obama had won, I thought perhaps the best we could do now was to help to “curb his power.”


    “America’s Amazing Resilience” By James Lewis


    In this time of racial, gender and ethnic socialism, the role of a loyal opposition is to oppose destructive and foolish ideas and policies. The New Media are smarter, better-informed, better-educated, funnier and faster than the declining Old Media. We are just in a better league. We outsmart them — but they out-corrupt us. We will see how that plays out over the long term.

    Even with all the bad news, the country remains resilient. Our Constitution is older and more enduring than any other. Yes, the Left will do its best to undermine freedom, the way they already have in our universities and news media. They will try to turn us into an engine of internationalist Eurosocialism. They want another forty years of untrammeled power. They will use Green politics to impose a heavy regulatory state, and drive wedges by gender, class and race to split our people.

    Our job is to be ourselves, and not be intimidated. Don’t be apologetic for opposing the hype of the moment.

    Obama is messianic, but he will be judged by the people who can curb his power.

    So far, he is moving carefully, trying not to make any sudden moves. His biggest initiatives will be hidden, not public. It is our job to tell the truth. With an administration dependent upon media myths and lies, that will not require anything new — and then, let the people decide, and live with the results.

    There is nothing about conservatism that says the voters can’t make foolish choices. It’s just that they have to live with the results.

  8. peppermintpatty777 Says:

    I would like to throw both of them under the bus, and start all over! No to PEBO and no to VPEjob! Hillary will be President before it is said and done– to coin jobi’s phrase, ‘mark my words’–

  9. hockeyfan530 Says:

    Amen, I would love to have Hillary in. Can’t believe I just said that!

  10. rosettasister Says:

    If you’re wondering why all the Middle East posts, this was my area of concentration at the undergraduate level.

    And Fouad Ajami is one of my “go-to guys.”

    Needless to say some, not all, of my professors found me to be quite the contrarian.

    One in particular told me I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I told him he couldn’t see the trees for the forest.

    Oh, and the destruction of the nation-state of Israel was quite alright with him.

    No wonder he gave me a “B”


    “Samuel Huntington’s Warning”
    He predicted a ‘clash of civilizations,’ not the illusion of Davos Man.


    The last of Samuel Huntington’s books — “Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity,” published four years ago — may have been his most passionate work. It was like that with the celebrated Harvard political scientist, who died last week at 81. He was a man of diffidence and reserve, yet he was always caught up in the political storms of recent decades.

    Critics who branded the book as a work of undisguised nativism missed an essential point. Huntington observed that his was an “argument for the importance of Anglo-Protestant culture, not for the importance of Anglo-Protestant people.” The success of this great republic, he said, had hitherto depended on the willingness of generations of Americans to honor the creed of the founding settlers and to shed their old affinities. But that willingness was being battered by globalization and multiculturalism, and by new waves of immigrants with no deep attachments to America’s national identity. “The Stars and Stripes were at half-mast,” he wrote in “Who Are We?”, “and other flags flew higher on the flagpole of American identities.”


    Mr. Ajami is professor of Middle East Studies at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies. He is also an adjunct research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

  11. rosettasister Says:

    I knew Hugh Hewitt would be blogging this:


    “New Media and Gaza: To Whom Should We Turn for Analysis?”


    The IDF has launched a YouTube channel covering its operations in Gaza.


    Hamas the “Hedgehog”


    Don’t miss Bret Stephens’ essay on the war against Hamas.

  12. jrh Says:

    From Linda Starr on obamacrimes:

    IF Barry had been born in the USA, he would be a Natural Born Citizen, according to the laws of this land, which have evolved since the Constitution came into existence. It doesn’t matter what citizenship his parent’s had in any other country. Because his father was a Kenyan with British citizneship, Barry would have also held British citizenship as a member of the United Kingdom. On December 12, 1963, that citizenship would have changed to Kenyan when it became an independent nation from the UK.

    But that isn’t the case with Barry. He was born to a British/Kenyan father in his father’s home country and an American woman who at 18, was too young to confer “Natural Born Citizenship” on him according to the laws on the American books at the time in 1961. He was born a citizen of the United Kingdom and when Kenya became Independent, it changed to Kenyan. Barry never held American citizenship legally. He was registered as a foreign birth in Hawaii. However, that did not make him an American citizen just because some clerk messed up and allowed his birth registry when Ann was too young to confer citizenship. One state’s birth registry regulations does not alter the Constitutional requirement of Natural Born citizenship for Barry.

    People keep mentioning there was a birth announcement in Hawaii. Perhaps Ann’s mother made the newspaper announcement? A newspaper announcement isn’t a legal document and has no bearing except that it shows his parent’s were married and he was born and that it is stated they lived at a certain address. Since she went off to school in Washington state immediately after Barry’s birth, I tend to believe when Barry’s parent’s went to Kenya, and she was soundly rejected by her husband’s father, it pretty much collapsed the marriage and any chance/plans they had to try to make it together.

    Barack Obama was in America on a government sponsored educational program and was expected to return to Kenya. I think they both realized they had no future in Kenya together when his father reacted so strongly against her. I think it drove them apart, and they probably had major issues already. What isn’t clear was what happened to Barry? Did he go with his mother to Washington or stay with the grandmother so Mommy could study?

    Has anyone considered the possibility Barry’s parent’s didn’t have very much of a relationship anyway and simply agreed to marry so the baby would be legitimate? It was absolutely unheard of to have a baby out of wedlock and keep it in 1961. I’m thinking any romantic notions Ann had of going to live in Kenya with Barack after his studies were completed pretty much ended when Barry was born. Probaby when reality started setting in, her plans changed.

    Then after his parent’s divorced and his mother married Lolo Soetoro, his citizenship changed from Kenyan to Indonesian since in both countries laws state that paternity established citizenship. His name was changed along with his citizenship. He never held US citizenship. It’s sad, but those are the realities when your parent’s play fast and loose with legalities and you want to become president. His legal name is Barry Soetoro. I think he used his Kenyan birth certificate to get government grants for college. I think he started using it either after he returned from Indonesia, or before he went to college. I think once he went to law school, he realized he had to find a way to change/erase his past if he hoped to become president. That’s when he began to actively seek ways to pretend his name never changed or his citizenship and alter his religious affiliation to Jeremiah Wright’s “Christian” church. He has rewritten his history. He is relying upon privacy laws to cover his tracks, but that isn’t going to fly forever.

    I think his half a dozen lawyers who went with him when he went to visit his “ailing” granny met with the Director of the DOH, and the Governor and issued certain veiled threats to them they better not let his documents get out or else. I think they were threatened with ruin, criminal charges and jail, and lawsuits to destroy them economically. Barry is a lying fraud and has surrounded himself with thugs. You think if they’d do all this they’d hesitate to commit extortion, blackmail, or other crimes?

  13. rosettasister Says:

    Latest from Dr. Orly:

    Gail Lightfoot, et al., Applicants


    Calling Obama’s Bluff

    Freeper Thread:

  14. roving Says:

    If that super volcano erupts, everything will be moot.

  15. rosettasister Says:

    Polarik comments at Free Republic (Part 1 of 2)

    To: plain talk
    announces what / when? When has the SC ever had a hearing and announced a ruling within 4 days?

    When was the last time the SC was faced with determining whether a President-elect was actually eligible under the Constitution to BE President?

    This is unlike any other case to ever be brought before the SCOTUS.

    43 posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 4:23:37 AM by mkjessup

    To: mkjessup
    This is unlike any other case to ever be brought before the SCOTUS.
    Ditto. Do you realize that after Jan 8, all of us will have standing and can individualy or collectively Challenge Obama’s election and subsequent actions if elected, for which a number of statutes snd determinations
    I have mentioned it in other threads that if the House approves the vote of the electoral college on Jan8, then the Writ of Certiori scheduled for Jan9 will be granted, paving the way for the injunction to be heard on Jan 16. SCOTUS will take the time to discuss the ramifications of the pending decision, and they will grant the injunction if the House does nothing to halt the electoral process.
    Jan 16 is the key date for that will be the date SCOTUS will set aside the House’s decision to validate the electoral votes and will demand that Obama prove his Constitutional eligibility before prior to the vote count.
    And, it will be true that every US citizen, 18 or older, will now have standing to also challenge Obama’s election. This will also be the reason why they will have no other choice but to act if Obamaclears the Congressional hurdles.
    I fully expect to see motions made in the House to set aside the vote count until Obama produces the genuine proof of his eligibility — beginning with the original BC and other documentation that BHO has kept secret.

    60 posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 5:49:55 AM by Polarik

  16. rosettasister Says:

    (Part 2 of 2)

    To: unspun
    I’ve said this several times before, as have others, that the COLB cannot be used to prove natural-born status.
    I’ve also reiterated the point (as I am doing again ) that the intent and subsequent outcomes from the creation and distribution of a false identification document is still an act of fraud that will continue to exist as a chargeable offense, regardless of what transpires in Congress or the Judicial System.
    The law is very clear on what constitutes the creation and use of a false identification document, and it matters not that the fraudulent document is in an electronic medium, given that electronic copies of a document, like faxes, can suffice as valid alternatives, if not for the long term, then certainly for the short term where the paper originals will still need to be provided. Even in the latter case, electronic copies are acceptable, in most cases, to begin legal or governmental procedures, and it’s only when the evidence goes to the court that originals are required. An example of this is when I faxed, and also emailed as a PDF file, my Affidavit.
    Consider also that this bogus COLB has been used to obstruct legal proceedings, and to stifle governmental investigations into Obama’s true origins.

    31 posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 6:23:10 AM by Polarik

  17. rosettasister Says:

    “Keyes v. Lingle: Case Dismissed; Forensic Examiner Disproves Online COLB”

    forensic document examiner Sandra Ramsey Lines (pictured) has documented in an associated affidavit (PDF) the following:

    2. I have reviewed the attached affidavit posted on the internet from “Ron Polarik,” [PDF]

    who has declined to provide his name because of a number of death threats he has received. After my review and based on my years of experience, I can state with certainty that the COLB presented on the internet by the various groups, which include the “Daily Kos,” the Obama Campaign, “” and others cannot be relied upon as genuine. Mr. Polarik raises issues concerning the COLB that I can affirm. Software such as Adobe Photoshop can produce complete images or alter images that appear to be genuine; therefore, any image offered on the internet cannot be relied upon as being a copy of the authentic document.

    3. Upon a cursory inspection of the internet COLB, one aspect of the image that is clearly questionable is the obliteration of the Certificate No. That number is a tracking number that would allow anyone to ask the question, “Does this number refer to the Certification of Live Birth for the child Barack Hussein Obama II?” It would not reveal any further personal information; therefore, there would be no justifiable reason for oliterating it.

    4. In my experience as a forensic document examiner, if an original of any document exists, that is the document that must be examined to obtain a definitive finding of genuineness or non-genuineness. In this case, examination of the vault birth certificate for President-Elect Obama would lay this issue to rest once and for all.

  18. hockeyfan530 Says:

    With all of the time barry has stalled is it possible that barry’s people could have created a perfect forgery of his vaulted BC? Can there be a perfectly forged document?

    I think Berg really needs to make it known that anyone that assists in any of barry “shinnannigans” will be guilty of fraud also. Especially let it be known to some low level employees at…oh, say, barry’s birth hospital (if there is one) that if they do anything to assist barry then you will be guilty of fraud.

  19. rosettasister Says:

    Blago Update: Obama Aides Lawyer Up

    As The Am Law Daily fled for the suburbs on Christmas Eve, we neglected to update you on the work Am Law 100 lawyers are getting as the result of the Rod Blagojevich scandal in Illinois.

    Luckily, our friends at sibling publication Legal Times have our back, reporting in this post that Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, has hired Debevoise & Plimpton partner W. Neil Eggleston for advice as the federal corruption case against the Illinois governor unfolds.

    Meanwhile, longtime Obama confidante — and presidential adviser-in-waiting — Valerie Jarrett has looked to Chicago-based Mayer Brown partner Vincent Connelly, Legal Times says.

    Last week, the Obama transition team issued a report in which it cleared the president-elect’s aides of having any inappropriate contact with Blagojevich, who stands accused of trying to sell Obama’s U.S. senate seat to the highest bidder. Neither Emanuel nor Jarrett has been charged with any wrongdoing.

    While neither Emanuel nor Jarrett have been accused of wrongdoing, their hiring of heavy hitters Eggleston and Connelly shows that they aren’t taking any chances, Legal Times notes.

    Eggleston, former associate counsel to President Bill Clinton, has represented President George W. Bush’s former political director, Sara Taylor, in the ongoing investigation over the firings of nine U.S. attorneys. He also helped Clinton during Kenneth Starr’s independent counsel probe and advised Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, during the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.

    Connelly is an experienced white-collar defense attorney, Legal Times says.

  20. rosettasister Says:

    I just got off the phone with our son.

    We got him new headphones for Christmas.

    He used them to create new remix.

    Sounds good.

  21. Bob Says:

    Blago throws Obama under the bus — he will appoint very highly regarded black former Attorney General to replace Obama, Roland Burris.

    Announcement expected soon. Senate will not reject Roland Burris.

  22. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I want to see Blago throw barry under the bus while the city of chicago is doing asphalt work. Just an ordinary bus throw won’t do it for me. Barry needs to go down!(slider, we all know what you are going to say so no need to elaborate further LOL)

  23. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I’m curious, who would be interested in joining the lawsuit?
    We all would have standing afterwards…… we could have our Rosetta rock blog regular members, Texas darlings regular members and also the ones from Obamacrimes…….. That would be quite a few names for an attorney to list as citizens against Obama……

    I would be willing……

  24. sliderblaze Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 8:10 pm

    I want to see Blago throw barry under the bus while the city of chicago is doing asphalt work. Just an ordinary bus throw won’t do it for me. Barry needs to go down!(slider, we all know what you are going to say so no need to elaborate further LOL)
    going down is what barry does best

  25. sliderblaze Says:

    he’s going down like a drunkn prom date

  26. Katie Says:

    jrh Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    From Linda Starr on obamacrimes:…

    jrh – I find her postings fascinating to read – she obviously has some inside info. as her postings generally come to pass after she writes them. My question is where in the world do you find these postings on the obamacrimes website? Does one have to register to see them? I find that site to be very confusing. Thanks for any tips you can provide!

  27. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Ok now that I am over my laughing fit……. lol

    I heard about the case being filed in Indiana. but I had never read the names of the plaintives until just a few minutes ago….

    Steve Ankeny of New Castle and Bill Kruse of Roselawn

    Lol, Bill is my best friend’s Brother

  28. rosettasister Says:

    justanamericancindy4 Says:
    December 30, 2008 at 10:41 pm


    Lawsuit Challenges Obama´s Eligibility

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Two Indiana men have filed a lawsuit claiming that president-elect Barack Obama is not eligible to serve as president.

    The suit questions whether Obama meets the constitutional requirement that the president must be a “natural born citizen.”

    Obama’s birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii, but his father was not a U.S. citizen and some have claimed the document is a fake.

    The U.S. Supreme Court this month refused without comment to hear a challenge to Obama’s citizenship.

    The Indianapolis Star reports the Indiana suit was filed in Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis by Steve Ankeny, New Castle, and Bill Kruse, Roselawn.

    It names Gov. Mitch Daniels and the Republican and Democratic national committees as defendants, saying they failed to uphold the Constitution when they certified results of the November election. It asks Judge David Dreyer to throw out the election results.

  29. amy Says:

    Katie.. Go to the obamacrimes site… look to the left…..scroll down and click onto join the blog.. on that page, click onto read the comments… there you are

  30. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

  31. Katie Says:

    Amy – thanks for the suggestion. I try that and the most recent comments I see are dated Dec. 6th. Not sure what else to do, so mostly I rely on you guys to share the good stuff from their site. Next time anyone does, is it possible to include the link so I can work back to find the info. Thanks to all in advance!

  32. amy Says:

    Even though a case: Keyes v Lingle has been dismissed due to a technicality (plaintiff referring to wrong statute), the bigger story is the fact that a forensic document examiner, Sandra Ramsey Lines, has documented in an affidavit that the COLB images online, including those on Daily Koss, etc, cannot be relied upon to be genuine..
    h t t p:// w w

  33. amy Says:

    Katie… nooooooo, the comments contain ALL comments from that date forward.. Skip to later comments.. I just did.. The last are todays

  34. amy Says:

    kate.. click onto that link onto post comments.. It will take you there.. I just read. I dont post.

  35. jrh Says:

    Katie, sounds like your question about Linda Starr comments was answered. There are nearly 100 pages of comments so only a truly brave soul would read through them from the beginning. Most of it is troll warfare and it got pretty hot at one point and they banned some troublemakers. It seems more peaceful now but tends to be very repetitious. Other folks post her stuff here and I will when there’s something worth reading.

  36. Bob Says:

    hockeyfan530 —

    My grandfather built the bridges you cross the River into the Loop, now over 80 years ago. You probably would never know how much it slays me to see the cesspool that the city has become to the nation.

    Our quip about Chicago is, “where all the big clods float to the top!”

    Here’s insight into the better side of Chicago — the neighborhoods

  37. Tenacity Says:

    I don’t the source of that Linda Starr quote, but Linda Starr is a loose cannon. Although sometimes what she says may be right on, other times shes is clueless. Her statements about the laws evolving show her complete ignorance. Her assumptions about meetings with the Hawaii DOH and threats could be considered slanderous. Somebody needs to put a muzzle on her before she hurts herself.

  38. jrh Says:

    tenacity, I’m with you on L.S. That’s one agitated woman, kind of makes me think of a human pitbull. I wouldn’t want to be her target, though. All I have left for optimism is that Berg, et al actually have something explosive and verifiable in their back pockets. I hope it’s a bit more than the granny tape.

  39. jrh Says:

    Folks, Jeff Schreiber has a good article on Berg’s latest case filing. Worth reading at h.ttp://

  40. rosettasister Says:


    New Thread:

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