Director Frank Capra’s 1938 Oscar-Winning Film — You Can’t Take It With You



From chuy93a

New stenographer Alice Sycamore (Jean Arthur) and the boss’ son Tony Kirby (James Stewart) are in love to the dismay of his snobby parents. Director Frank Capra’s 1938 wonderful adaptation of Kaufman and Hart play won Oscars for best picture and best director and nominations for five more. Jean Arthur is joy to watch, one of Hollywood’s greatest actresses and comediennes.

You Can’t Take It With You – “In Love”

You Can’t Take It With You – “The In-Laws”


Cast members (left to right): Halliwell Hobbs, Donald Meek, Mary Forbes, Edward Arnold, James Stewart, Jean Arthur, director Frank Capra, Lionel Barrymore, Ann Miller, Mischa Auer, Spring Byington, Sam Hinds, Dub Taylor, Lillian Yarbo and Eddie Anderson.

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  1. Troy Says:


  2. sliderblaze Says:

    not first

  3. hockeyfan530 Says:

    not even close to first! If i were pc though i’d still get a trophy for participating.

  4. sliderblaze Says:

    lol, i know right

  5. jrinNC Says:

    Hey is it still cold where you all are? A balmy 34 here on the beautiful coast of NC.

  6. hockeyfan530 Says:

    it’s 21 here on the mighty mississippi…and by mighty i mean mighty muddy

  7. hockeyfan530 Says:

    you know it’s a slow day when we start talking about the weather….what’s next? Discussing lawn mowers and gardening tools?

  8. cynkading Says:

    Off topic. did you read WND about the open letter Joseph
    farah wrote about Rick Warren? Right on target.

    h t t p : / /

  9. jrinNC Says:

    I think Farah should have blasted him more than he did.

    Also, did you all know that Former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson will replace conservative radio talk show host Bill O’Reilly on stations nationwide beginning March 5, according to a release issued by Westwood One, the largest independent provider of network programming in the U.S.

  10. jrinNC Says:

    oops forgot link

  11. jrinNC Says:

    nice chatting for awhile – but I’ve got 2 bird cages I have to clean – UGH – My cockatiel is laying eggs and she gets very messy during this time. – Have a good evening folks.

  12. Tenacity Says:

    Good looking kid, must take after his mother. Just curious, is that an Indian blanket he’s laying on? I mean like do you have one of those weaving things right in your house?

  13. cynkading Says:

    so excited my marine son will be here in Arkansas tomorrow. Need to start dinner. bblr

  14. hockeyfan530 Says:

    waren going to the inaugaration is disgusting. Where are peoples’ principles? It’s one thing to pray for the administration it’s another to justify it or legitamize it

  15. hockeyfan530 Says:

    now this is an annoying piece of crap article. How much do you want to bet that other articles will use this as proof that bambam WAS born in hawaii

  16. jrh Says:

    I have seen any mention of this here, so pardon the intrusion.

    We all know how astute Obama is at picking talent, so we should all be elated to know more about the ‘poet’ that will be delivering (pun) the inaugural poem. This also ties nicely with the discussion about childbirth a day or two ago.


    The article title is:

    Obama’s Poet: ‘Mustard-Colored Poop’

    About newborns/birth:


    “funky, is

    “leaky, is

    “a soggy, bloody crotch, is

    “sharp jets of breast milk shot straight across the room,

    “is gaudy, mustard-colored poop, is

    “postpartum tears that soak the baby’s lovely head.

    And, of course, striking poetry about ‘afterbirth’, a theme not often seen in verse:

    Shockingly vital, mammoth giblet,

    “the second living thing to break free

    “of my body in fifteen minutes.

    “The midwife presents it on a platter.

    “We do not eat, have no Tupperware

    “to take it home and sanctify a tree.”

    Now that’s talent!

    (Sorry ladies)
    (You may assume that I like sarcasm)


  17. sliderblaze Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    December 22, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    Good looking kid, must take after his mother. Just curious, is that an Indian blanket he’s laying on? I mean like do you have one of those weaving things right in your house?
    no, i think her grandmother made it.

  18. sliderblaze Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    December 22, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    waren going to the inaugaration is disgusting. Where are peoples’ principles? It’s one thing to pray for the administration it’s another to justify it or legitamize it
    she’s using that POS COLB as a reference point…..

    When Obama was making his successful presidential run, Nordyke realized that her daughters were born within hours of him at the same hospital.

    The Hawai’i certificate of live birth that Obama displays on his Web site shows he was born at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4.

  19. sliderblaze Says:

    jrh, talented indeed….lol. i’m sure the artsy “i’m smarter than you crowd cud i’m refined and progressive” would deem that thought provoking and brilliant. I’m so glad i (me being an artist) never conformed to what that crowd has become.

  20. sliderblaze Says:

    now thats a president, not one who blows off the wounded because the cameras couldnt come with him, or takes about 3 yrs to go and visit iraq, but all the while claiming that he knows whats going on there….dbag

  21. sliderblaze Says:

    Homicide Rate in Iraq Less Than One-Sixth the Rate in… America

    shouldnt that be front page news…anyone, anyone, AP, AP, didnt think so

  22. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i don’t see anything in that headline about Palin’s wardrobe, Barry’s new dog or barry’s approval rating so far so i really don’t see where that headline merits any attention at all from the mainstream press

  23. rovingpatrol Says:

    Obama will take care of it with his national security force or is he only going to use that to silence people? No one knows yet

  24. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i wonder if those two twins from the article above are liars too? Just like little barry. And i wonder if they were also Indonesian citizens travelling in Pakistan on an indonesian passport…now THAT would be a good story LOL

  25. rovingpatrol Says:

    I was listening to Lavin one night and a judge called in. She seems to think Fitzgerald or someone in his office tipped off Obama or his aides. I made a youtube vid of that part.

  26. sliderblaze Says:

    cit wells has a good piece, seems he called out this nayak guy back in march

  27. sliderblaze Says:

    rovingpatrol Says:
    December 22, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    I was listening to Lavin one night and a judge called in. She seems to think Fitzgerald or someone in his office tipped off Obama or his aides. I made a youtube vid of that part.
    i woulda been nice to have this played out, having said that, there are at least a couple of things that fitzy needs to be looking at besides the senate seat thingy

  28. sliderblaze Says:

  29. rovingpatrol Says:

    If Fitz really wanted Obama he could of had him long ago

  30. hockeyfan530 Says:

    man, this is frustrating as hell…barry has a different scam or issue every week. But he always seems to get away with it. I hope berg/starr have some kick ass proof against this evil barry soetoro. I mean it. Evil is the right word for this guy. He has no conscience at all. How can a act as if nothing is wrong when he speaks when he has all of this crap that he is hiding! His conscience is so numb that he actually believes what he’s saying

  31. rovingpatrol Says:

    I noticed long ago when it comes to corruption and their a dem, its buried in the middle or end of the story. If its a Repub. its in the headline

  32. sliderblaze Says:

    rovingpatrol Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 12:07 am

    I noticed long ago when it comes to corruption and their a dem, its buried in the middle or end of the story. If its a Repub. its in the headline

  33. hockeyfan530 Says:

    amen to that brother…amen. But let’s be pc here shall we

  34. rovingpatrol Says:

    After watching Obama, listening to him and reading up on him, I honestly dont think the man has feelings. He cant love or hate. Its all about the power.

  35. hockeyfan530 Says:

    didn’t someone post the divorce papers for barry’s mom and lol soetoro? Does anyone have that link? Or remember where i came from?

  36. rovingpatrol Says:

    Fitz should look at the hospital Obama’s wife was “employed” at along with the mansion he bought. I thought I read somewhere the mansion is in Rezko’s name?

  37. rovingpatrol Says:

    not sure but maybe at Orly’s site?

  38. hockeyfan530 Says:

    thanks, i’ll look at orly’s site

  39. Troy Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:

    December 23, 2008 at 12:12 am
    didn’t someone post the divorce papers for barry’s mom and lol soetoro? Does anyone have that link? Or remember where i came from?


  40. hockeyfan530 Says:

    thanks troy. Now will ANYONE put 2 and 2 together to show that barry was indeed adopted by lolo and therefore Indonesian. I’ve read that a child can’t give up his US citizenship. If that’s true it’s no big deal IF they figure out that since Obama never had a US passport how did he travel to Indonesia, India and Pakistan? On an Indonesian passport. So if he has that passport after age 18, which he was, he would be giving up his US citizenship as an adult. I believe this document is part of berg’s case. But who will say…hey, we need to look at this thing further?

  41. Troy Says:

    Obama’s boss lays down the rules….Remember the blackmail angle….Here is round one….Do you think for a minute the Nancy “Hagatha” Pelosi doesn’t have the goods on Obama’s citizenship problem?


  42. hockeyfan530 Says:

    not sure if you guys saw this one. Pretty interesting

  43. sdee Says:

    As Leo asked, hockeyfan……Are we in the Twilight Zone?

  44. budgy Says:

    hockekyfan..great link. I read the comments also– the example used to prove that just because you’re born on U.S. soil doesn’t mean that you’re Natural Born and eligible for POTUS–couple crossing the border illegally and having a child on U.S. soil.
    Makes perfect sense to me…otherwise, 2 terrorists could sneak into the U.S., have a baby, raise that baby with their beliefs, and he would be able to run for president. wow! Scary thought if that kid could be a future POTUS.

  45. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I just made some Dreamsicle fudge…..

  46. Tenacity Says:

    How about a scenario where you have a communist atheist US citizen and a communist/Muslim/foreign citizen raising a kid outside of the US as a Muslim and socialist running for President? Can you say divided allegiance? And half of the voters in this country just voted for him? Can you say ignorant and stupid? And the Congress, Secretaries of 50 states and the SCOTUS have done nothing to stop him? Can you say negligent, dereliction of duty and traitorous? And they wonder why we intend to stop it at all cost. Oh…because we are sore losers? NOT! We are sane and care enough about our country and constitution to die for them and our families.

  47. hockeyfan530 Says:

    My concern with his dual citizenship is that he claims to have dual citizenship with Kenya. It could be british but I’m sure his father considered himself kenyan. Barry, on his website, said Kenyan.

    Then he does that campaigning with Odinga in 2006. It doesn’t take a large jump to think, hey, this guy has loyality to his Kenyan roots. As mentioned above imagine if an Iranian terrorist came into the US found some pie eyed dumb ass(barry’s mom will fit the bill for that) to marry him and have a kid. Is that really someone that should be eligible for the presidency? Nope, I think not. But there barry sits

  48. rosettasister Says:

    This is my son’s remix, he’s arriving tomorrow.

    I better get myself ready!

    Insensatez “How Insensitive”

    I used to play this song all the time – Vicki Carr “In a Latin Mood”

    Couldn’t find that one but here’s a good one.

    Good night, everyone.

    Until tomorrow.

  49. Tenacity Says:

    There is already a National Civilian Security Force and it doesn’t answer to Also Known As Danglebarry. Also, according to our Constitution, neither will our military.

    Keep in mind that Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and Barry is her protege’.

  50. rovingpatrol Says:

    Orly has offered to represent service men and women who may not feel comfortable serving under someone pretending to be president. I’m just glad I’m no longer in. It would make me ill knowing he was my commander in chief.

    I saw a pic of him saluting with his LEFT hand for crying out loud.

  51. Tenacity Says:

    Anyone hear if the subpoenas were served on Pidgeon’s case?

  52. budgy Says:

    Haven’t heard about the subpoenas yet. There is a conference call scheduled for the 23rd.

  53. Tenacity Says:

    Thanks budgy

  54. Tenacity Says:

    If you haven’t watched this video, you should:

    I would like to hear your feedback after watching it.

  55. Tenacity Says:

    So now I know why McCain doesn’t want to drill in ANWAR.

  56. Tenacity Says:

    So now I know why they must discredit Sarah Palin.

  57. kaisak onisuka Says:

    I am looking forward to the appearances by some of you tonight.
    First, I am keen to know your opinions of the report due from Obama’s office as to the contacts between his offcie and that of Mr Blagojevich.
    Secondly, I want to see if you intend to comment on Mr Frank’s criticism of the choice of Pstor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the Inauguration. Most of you are as full of irrational vitriol for Mr Franks as for Mr Obama and both these gentlemen are demeaned and diminished by the immature amongst you, with sexual put-downs and innuendo. I wonder how you’ll deal with this small conflcit between the two of them. My guess is that, now I’ve brought it up, you’ll not mention it at all lol
    Thirdly, I am breathless in anticipation as to how you will address the photos of the incoming First Family taken in the Hawaii surf.
    I think i could write some of your comments for you already, but, no, I know that by doing so, you will avoid even bringing up the issue though my instincts tell me that some of you will not be able to hold back from mocking the surf pictures.

  58. jjones Says:

    I don’t know why, but I’ll respond:
    BO’s report: “I have investigated myself and found nothing wrong”
    Warren: I couldn’t care less
    Franks: ignorant scumbag who had huge hand in the collapse in the housing market with his support for FM/FM and his opposition to regulating them.
    Surfing first lady:pfffttt, non-issue not worthy of discussion.

  59. indy500 Says:

    rovingpatrol Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 12:05 am

    If Fitz really wanted Obama he could of had him long ago

    Maybe so. But sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Kinda reminds me of fishing for a big cat. Can spend all day fishing with big chunks of liver, big bluegill and cut bait and never get a nibble. Change bait to a puny minnow. Hook that sucker and it squirms and dances while looking at you with bulging eyes. Cast it out and seconds later, spend the next 15 minutes reeling in a 40 pounder.

    Or another way of looking at it – You’re a crackhead in need of the next fix. You spot an ATM, hook a chain to it and then to your vehicle. You punch the gas – Your effort is only as strong as your weakest link. Chain breaks and you speed off into the night trying to cover your tracks so “they” don’t know it was you and end up on the dumbarse criminal list.

  60. jrinNC Says:

    Tenacity Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 8:03 am

    If you haven’t watched this video, you should:

    I would like to hear your feedback after watching it.
    This was VERY good. One of the key statements he made, even though it was his prediction, “The Nail that was Driven into the Coffin – Was when back on May 11, 06, Putin said that the SU will now establish its own bourse and use the ruble as the transfer and sale of oil for the SU.” (starting at 43:55 on video) – Now I am wondering where the 2 trillion dollars has gone that the Fed Reserve is keeping secret — In exchange for rubles??? – since he says that the dollar will be worth nothing.

  61. jrinNC Says:

    I have to admit that I am not really market savvy – but I do honestly believe that the economy in the US is destined to fail, no matter what we try to do – bottom line WE THE PEOPLE are NOT the voice that is being listened to – as is being evidenced by our outrage over BO and being heard by deaf ears.

  62. indy500 Says:

    kaisak onisuka Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 11:01 am
    Dude, Pastor Warren is a good man with a good message. That message doesn’t reconcile with 0’s voting record or philosiphy. Big 0 stopped going to church after the election. I reckon it’s just one more attempt by 0 to give the appearance of being both ways – and by that I mean centrist. After all, he has to hold off the heat until Jan. 20th.

    As far as the “Hawaii surf”, my question is how can a communist on a Senators salary afford $8,000 a night for what – 2 weeks? One more observation on 0’s manboobs. Poor guy is my age. All the blinded are focused on how fit he is. Did they miss the sag on the boob’s? True, no beer belly but I figure at the rate he’s going those things will be down to his bellybutton before he’s 60.

  63. jrinNC Says:

    Williams also talks about gold, now remember that this conference was back in 2006 – – – – – – now take a look at

  64. indy500 Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 1:02 pm
    I have to admit that I am not really market savvy
    I’m not either. I read someting earlier about Alinsky, 0’s socialist, communist hero. He stated something to the fact that to bring down a God fearing, free society you have to bear their vulnerabilities and exploit them. I wish I had the link – Maybe someone can dig it up. 0 is following his little red book to a freakin T.

  65. jrinNC Says:

    Indy – of course he is – BO is a PAWN

  66. jrinNC Says:

    Well, I gotta go to work – hope that the video Tenacity posted will be listened to today by all – it is rather long, but well worth the time. Hoping others will bring up interesting points as well. I have a few others but my time is limited this morning. Have a good day.

  67. indy500 Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    …bottom line WE THE PEOPLE are NOT the voice that is being listened to…
    Did you happen to see the thing on where the “blogisphere” stopped the nomination of 0’s CIA nominee? What everyone seems to miss is that it was a leftwing blog. I totally agree with you that ” WE THE PEOPLE are NOT the voice that is being listened to…”, However, it seems that the voice he is listening to are the ones screaming hope & change – which, being interpreted means – Socialism & Communism!

  68. jrh Says:

    I thought the gang might find this one amusing. I have many doubts about Obama that I don’t consider ‘conspiracy theories’, but this is a bit over the top IMHO.


  69. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I am looking forward to the appearances by some of you tonight.
    First, I am keen to know your opinions of the report due from Obama’s office as to the contacts between his offcie and that of Mr Blagojevich.
    Secondly, I want to see if you intend to comment on Mr Frank’s criticism of the choice of Pstor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the Inauguration. Most of you are as full of irrational vitriol for Mr Franks as for Mr Obama and both these gentlemen are demeaned and diminished by the immature amongst you, with sexual put-downs and innuendo. I wonder how you’ll deal with this small conflcit between the two of them. My guess is that, now I’ve brought it up, you’ll not mention it at all lol
    Thirdly, I am breathless in anticipation as to how you will address the photos of the incoming First Family taken in the Hawaii surf.
    I think i could write some of your comments for you already, but, no, I know that by doing so, you will avoid even bringing up the issue though my instincts tell me that some of you will not be able to hold back from mocking the surf pictures.

    1. Barry already investigated this said there was no wrong doing. I trust him and I’m sure everyone else does as well. He is a great honest man with nothing to hide…just ask him
    2. Don’t care. I don’t think Warren should go myself but I’m not warren.
    3. Really don’t care. But this will rank with one of the best in depth investigations the media has done on barry. Kudos to the MSM on yet another riveting display of investigative reporting

  70. amy Says:

    Before I head out of here, I have a special request:
    Will whoever has the correct email addys for Dr Orly and P. Berg please send this honolulu site to them.. Apparently, this lady says obama was born in same hospital as her twins just a few hours apart.( And attended same school). Please, will someone see that they get this asap and also maybe someone else can research it.. Thanks.. Everyone have a nice day.

  71. amy Says:

    h t t p:// w w w.
    (I got this from citizenwells,, Thanks

  72. hockeyfan530 Says:

    this is a good article unless you LOVE barry as i know many of you do LOL

  73. hockeyfan530 Says:


    isn’t that the biggest pile of crap you’ve ever read!? LOL We were talking about this yesterday. I’m sure other articles will use this article as proof that barry was born in hawaii. Unbelievable. Of course the article doesn’t mention meeting, talking to or seeing a white woman with a black child or anything about barry’s mom.

  74. sliderblaze Says:

    yeah, they use the COLB as there reference point…outstanding

  75. hockeyfan530 Says:

    let’s use a document that proves absolutely nothing to prove something that isn’t very interesting or important. I think that’s what America needs to see.

  76. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    To the tune of the Barney song

    I love me,
    You love me,
    I will ge you stuff for free

  77. sliderblaze Says:

    it sucks there is a lul in the info cus of the holidays. After all this reading and after all this blogn, i still have yet to find one person to give a good reason why DangleB used a COLB instead of his real BC……not one concrete specualtion

  78. sliderblaze Says:

    “Obama wants Bush war team to stay…”

    wait a min. thats not change…. thats more of the same.

  79. hockeyfan530 Says:

    here’s some speculation for you. His real BC would end his rein of terror over intelligent americans. I still believe there is more evidence he was not born in Hawaii.

    He was born in Hawaii “Proof”:

    1) Barry said so
    2) Barry’s sister says he was, albeit in 2 different hospitals
    3) His book said he was born in Hawaii. As I commented yesterday both his books were preemptive to create a story and use as fact to fight the “smears” that were going to inevitably be put up agains barry. But other than him saying he was born in the book means nothing.

    He was NOT born in Kenya
    1) No hospital has records of barry’s mom as a patient
    2) Barry’s grandma saying he was born in Kenya
    3) The Kenyan ambassador said it was well known in kenya
    4) He won’t produce his original BC
    5) Records are sealed in Kenya. What records would barry have there if he wasn’t born there? What records did Kenya seal?
    6) The COLB seems to be forged….Do the math people

  80. Tenacity Says:

    Wow, a meeting of cynics united. I kinda like it. Bring on the trolls…we will mock them today. Talk about water on a ducks back.

  81. sliderblaze Says:

    everything seems to point in that direction….

  82. hockeyfan530 Says:

    yeah, i don’t like all of this no news stuff.

  83. rosettasister Says:

    Good Questions!

    “Candidate Qualification: Hawaii, South Carolina Certifications”


    Justin Rigg’s continued work at

    keeps getting closer to the question of who, exactly, is responsible for qualifying candidates for federal office. As Justin comments concerning the Hawaiian paperwork:

    There’s a law in Hawaii that states that the political party MUST declare their candidates as eligible:

    So now I have answers to two of my three questions, for both parties.

    1) Who was responsible for ensuring these candidates were qualified? For the Republicans, it was John Boehner, Jean Inman, and Willes Lee. For the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Alice Travis Germond, Brian E. Schatz, and Lynne Matusow.

    2) When were the candidates certified as eligible? For the Republicans, September 4th of 2008. For the Democrats, the 28th of August. (Which makes me wonder about the 60 day provision of the statute).

    3) What evidence was presented by the candidates that allowed for a determination of eligibility to be made? WELL, NOW WE KNOW WHO TO ASK!

    PDF documentation:


    Just wanted to wish all here at RosettaSister the merriest eve of Christmas Eve and thank all for their contributions.


  84. Tenacity Says:

    If you haven’t watched this video, you should:

    I would like to hear your feedback after watching it.

    re-posted to make sure everyone sees it. Warning this video is over an hour long.

  85. budgy Says:

    Tenacity-re Pidgeon case

    Since the SOS responded with a motion to dismiss the expedited discovery etc. motion, do you have any idea when the court will rule on this new motion to dismiss?

    Will listen to your video shortly.

  86. rovingpatrol Says:

    amy Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 3:16 pm

    h t t p:// w w w.
    (I got this from citizenwells,, Thanks
    I see they are going by the live birth cert. Obama posted on his website for the time of the birth.

    They also mention elementary school. When I was a kid my elementary school went up to the 8th grade. (Now it goes up to the 4th grade)

    They didn’t mention what grade in elementary school they were with Obama. Was it Kindergarten on up? Was it 4th grade on up?

  87. amy Says:

    rovingpatrol… I thought Obama attended school in Indonesia from age 6-10??? Perhaps. he may have been in kindergartin at age of 5 in hawaii.

  88. sliderblaze Says:

    wait, when did obama leave and when did he come back? they must be talking about the only other black kid in the class…lol

  89. amy Says:

    Also, that woman gave the name of he hospital where Obama and the twins were suppose to have been born..I though someone checked all the hospitals and they stated there was NO Ann Dunham ever there.

  90. sliderblaze Says:

    i think they are talking outta their arse

  91. hockeyfan530 Says:

    amy, amy, you are letting facts get in the way. Why won’t you guys just take barry’s word for it? He seems perfectly honest to me

    But seriously folks, unless these twins also were adopted by an Indonesian, attended a school in Indonesia where one has to be a citizen of said country and then travelled in 1980 to Pakistan i think this story is just silly….and using the COLB from his website i guess is a way of giving it legitimacy! LOL funny how the don’t mention seeing a white woman giving birth to a black baby with freakishly large ears and puprle lips

  92. hockeyfan530 Says:

    why doesn’t the fact that barry’s mom’s records are sealed up, along with all of barry’s, give people reason to doubt what barry says about himself?

  93. sliderblaze Says:

    cus it’s hard to think wit pipe in yo mowt

  94. amy Says:

    Tenacity.. That was the most interesting video I have watched in a long time (longest too).. I hope everyone who comes to Rosies takes the time to watch it.. What he said in there is realy coming true..The New World Order.. SO TRUE.. And we are being told lies, one right after the other. The Oil.. Enough in Alaska for whole US.. Sarah tried to tell us that, and And that man knew that since the 80s and so does our government.. Bush, Clinton, all of them.. The dollar is almost worthless. The oil is owned by The World Bank. We are under their controll. How depressing!

  95. amy Says:

    The real reason we went to war in Iraq REALY was about Iraq and Iran not signing that agreement.. They were the only 2 countries that refused to agree to the gallons of oil being valued in American dollars.. Now I get it. That man should know. He was there. It makes lots of sense.

  96. sliderblaze Says:

    bill sammon had a good one today on fox about O’s report….used the
    “nothing to see here, move along”

  97. sliderblaze Says:

    Bush tried to get his energy plan passed on 01, ANWAR was in there, but it was defeated. There are tons here who want to drill for our own oil….it usually is split between party lines….repubs for, dems against

  98. amy Says:

    I witnesses a realy sad event this week. ( I was in the wrong place at the wrong time).. A young lady was responding to a elderly man that she wasnt going to listen to him.. She said ( not exact words), ” Stop saying those things. He is my only hope. Stop trying to burst my bubble”. Then she left the restaurent in tears..My being the nosey diner that I am, I asked the elderly man, who sat at the table next to me, looking quite sad, “Boyfriend trouble? “.. He replied, ” No, We were talking about Obama.. She lost her job, cant find another, lost insurance.. She thinks Obama is going to make it all better. “. I would have liked to talked longer to the man, but I was going to be late for my next appointment… How realy sad… It ruined my day.

  99. sliderblaze Says:

    hey, we cant fix stupid, i cant feel sorry for people who one minute wanna bash one president, then next thinking the other is gonna fix all their problems. It just aint gonna happen. People need to pin their hopes on themselves, not others.

  100. amy Says:

    There must be a shortage of nurses in California.. just got a phone call from a nurse recruit looking for traveling nurses to work in California.. That is SO NOT ME..

  101. sliderblaze Says:

    Hey, i have a solution…….SECURE THE BOARDER AND DEPORT, im sure that’ll free up about 5k nurses

  102. amy Says:

    lol slider, that might help.

  103. amy Says:

    They are probably preparing for the large influx that will occur when obama lets more in.

  104. amy Says:

    Besides, I dont want to have to study Spanish.

  105. inspirational1 Says:

    I don’t know how many of you heard about the baby toy that says Islam is the light. was at Target the other day and was getting something off the shelf above and hit the box with a baby doll. I hear Islam is the light so I hit it again and sure enough my husband and me heard it again. WOW…hard to believe.

    anyone hear if Palins daughter Bristol had her baby yet. Due date was in December sometime

  106. amy Says:

    omg, what next?

  107. sliderblaze Says:

    no but i hear that the babies, daddy’s, step mother was a drug dealer.?

  108. amy Says:

    Havent heard yet.. Dont worry, the MSM will be all over it, bringing back those old accusations about Sarahs baby, and about the babys other grandmother… I have NOT watched MSNBC since they were so horrible towards hillary.

  109. sliderblaze Says:

    ‘O’ Six Pack

    PHOTOS: Did Barack have the best abs of 2008? Click for our Top 10

    um, FOX news, O doesnt have a six pack, I HAVE A SIX PACK and trust me, thats not one…..

    someone called him buff too, he look like a drinking straw

  110. amy Says:

    silver, he looks like he could use a bra.

  111. sliderblaze Says:

    no offense to the girls here, but, this is what they are called

    Male breats(man-boobs) are called Bitch tits

  112. amy Says:


  113. sliderblaze Says:

    uh oh, i feel a new nickname coming on


  114. amy Says:


  115. sliderblaze Says:

    hey barrybitchtits, you couldnt give some of that 600mil to pheonix officers for assult rifles. This angers me, it takes an actor to give money when Obama is sitting on a pile.

  116. amy Says:

    Since, I got home, I havent checked on Obamas report about his teams contact with the Gov.. Anybody know what he said?

  117. sliderblaze Says:

    i wonder if ‘they’ are data mining the web for phrases involving, barry, Obama, and such to spy…..

  118. amy Says:

    slider, obama does NOT want anyone to own assault rifles

  119. amy Says:

    slider, sure they are.. We are being watched as we speak and every word being scrutinised.

  120. sliderblaze Says:

    i think it’s scheduled to be released at 430, but we already know what it’s gonna say:

    report will be an email
    it’ll read, no inappropriate contact
    some correspondence but just a brief, one sided recollection of what was said. Tiny Dancers recollection that is.

  121. amy Says:

    And eventually, they will gather up everybody who displeases “The One” and load them (us) onto those Fema railcars waiting in N. J. and ship us off to its hard telling where.

  122. sliderblaze Says:

    i’m sure the msm will say thats it, case closed, nothing there, BBT said it was so, so, it’s so

  123. sliderblaze Says:

    amy Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    And eventually, they will gather up everybody who displeases “The One” and load them (us) onto those Fema railcars waiting in N. J. and ship us off to its hard telling where.
    that one is for you K O……you coward

  124. amy Says:

    Does anyone realy believe Fitz is ever going to arrest The One? Not me.. He is TEFLON.

  125. sliderblaze Says:

    Never say never

  126. amy Says:

    slider, Id like to take K. O. of MSNBC into a room and only me come back (ME) (That statement was for you, hillary)

  127. sliderblaze Says:

    oh, i meant this kaisak onisuka

    but i guess keith is basically the same…lol

  128. amy Says:

    You all remember when Keith said that about Hillary? What a nasty coward he is.

  129. sliderblaze Says:

    two men enter, one man leave

  130. amy Says:

    slider, yes, both same intent.. Both cowards.

  131. amy Says:

    Got some paperwork to finish. Nice chatting with you.. BBL.

  132. budgy Says:

    Judicial Watch is questioning Bo’s website for the pretend office of the President Elect. Bo had to apply for a waiver of the rules after initially being denied the .gov domain.

  133. budgy Says:

    Finally had a chance to watch the vid. Lindsey sure is one brave whistle blower. It sounds like some far fetched spy thriller but yet, I believe every word he says. “Buzz words and New World Order” –is this “change” that can be believed?
    Has anyone found any recent info on this guy? I gave it a brief try but don’t have enough time right now.

  134. ddlew2 Says:

    Hey guys! Just checking in to say HI!


    If I don’t get a chance to pop back on before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

  135. sliderblaze Says:

    “The report said that earlier, Emanuel recommended Jarrett for the Senate seat without Obama’s knowledge, and Jarrett later accepted a job as a senior White House adviser.”
    i wanna see the first person who actually believes that. also in the report

    “Emanuel had one or two conversations with Blagojevich and four with Harris on the subject of the Senate seat, according to the review. ”
    Well, is it one….or two….

  136. sliderblaze Says:

    They claim no quid pro quo, so why so many phone calls then? All it would take would be one call, say who BBT wants and thats it.

  137. sliderblaze Says:

    Tiny Dancer goes to Africa, no shit……

    i wonder what country he’s going to, anyone, anyone?

  138. amy Says:

    slider..who is tiny dancer?

  139. sliderblaze Says:

    Rahm Emanual (he was a ballet dancer)

  140. sliderblaze Says:

    not that anyone is here or anything

  141. jrinNC Says:

    hey slider, you only one here?

  142. sliderblaze Says:

    seems that way….i see BarryBitchTits was interviewed by the prosecutor

  143. jrinNC Says:

    U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances

    Tuesday, December 23, 2008 1:14 PM

    By: Jim Meyers

  144. jrinNC Says:

    yeah, wonder what kind of deal he will work out??

  145. jrinNC Says:

    By the way, did you listen to post Tenacity put on here earlier? If you haven’t you got to while things are quiet – pretty long but sure you will like.

  146. inspirational1 Says:

    listening to interview with jerome corsi
    mentioned bergs case and how he doesnt believe Obamas release

  147. sliderblaze Says:

    jrinNC Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances
    could it be caused by, after all the job losses, congress gives them selves a 4700 dollar raise
    after trillions spent on bailouts of tax payers money, billions are being wasted
    after all this talk about a depression, obama stays in an 8K a night house
    after all this talk about being energy independent, we are still not drilling
    after all money spent on corparations, people are still losing their homes
    after all the money spent on free education and health care on illegals, the boarder is still compromised and in struggle times, we cant afford anymore dead weight?

  148. sliderblaze Says:

    inspirational1 Says:
    December 23, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    listening to interview with jerome corsi
    mentioned bergs case and how he doesnt believe Obamas release

  149. sliderblaze Says:

    and i listened to the vid, some i agree with, some i dont.

  150. jjones Says:

    I’m so glad that the Obama camp investigated itself and really found no wrong doing… I was worried they might actually find something and report it 😉

  151. sliderblaze Says:

    lol, shew, dodged that bullet….haha

  152. jjones Says:

    Ok, I’m not gonna comment on them dodging ( or any future dodging) of bullets they may be doing 🙂

  153. sliderblaze Says:,0,6770801.story

    once again, no concessions from unions, God i hate unions…..

  154. jjones Says:

    Unions should be illegal… It is illegal for corporations to collude against labor, why is the reverse not true?

  155. sliderblaze Says:

    i love the new flaming skull with the blagobitch hair on it…lol

  156. jrinNC Says:

    For your Christmas pleasure posted at:


    “Twas duh night before Obamass, when all through the House
    not a Pelosi was stirring, not even mouse
    The bailouts were hung on Americans with care
    in hopes that mahdi Obama soon would be there

    The unions were nestled all snug in their beds
    while visions of vote scams hung in their heads
    With Barack and Michelle in a Hawaiian bungalow
    The rest of the world could all cuddle in snow

    When out in the world there arose such snow storms
    Al Gore even had shivers in his Global Warm
    But with all of the heat of Senate seats sold
    Barack was quite warm beating back all Rahm had told

    With all of the scandal in Barack’s do or dare
    It reminded him so of his date with Lawrence Sinclair
    When what to his wondering eyes should appear
    But Patrick Fitzgerald with new indictments so near

    With rattling papers and justice department agents
    Barry wondered out loud where his good luck had all went
    Phone taps, wire taps, email taps galore
    Crimes kept piling up more and some more

    Now money fraud! Now vote fraud!
    Now fraudulent loans
    On indictments! On convictions!
    On kickbacks for my mansion home!
    From the top of the porch
    To the top of the wall
    FBI agents everywhere
    FBI agents all!

    Blagojevich, Rezko, Auchi and ACORN
    Questions of Hawaii in where I was born
    Crimes upon crimes out of the blue
    What is a rich Prime Minister to do

    So what if I’m Kenyan and should be in Parliament
    I just in low self esteem wanted to be a President
    So what if I’m Indonesian and traveled to Pakistan
    My passports are hidden can’t you understand

    So what if terrorists bribed me and the country is broke
    So what if I told Israel to wait to go up in nuclear smoke
    So what if I’m a liar it is the season of cheer
    Because it is Obamass and your mahdi is here

    Ignore the evidence as the media has done
    Ignore all the crimes because the election I won
    Don’t search too hard for minorities in my cabinet with power
    For this is my time, it is the Barack Hussein hour
    Forget that my children are too good for public school
    We are the first family and in DC to rule
    Just think of it all as doing no harm
    Sort of like swine in the house at George Orwell’s Animal Farm

    So what if the financiers destroyed all the world to get me here
    I’m no criminal that should be so very clear
    Laws mean nothing for each period and comma
    Laws mean nothing as I’m Barack Obama

    So excuse me if I investigate all of this myself
    And declare I’m innocent with indictments on the shelf
    There is no such thing as an Obama crime
    So excuse me I’m on vacation and Michelle say it’s pool time

    So the mahdi Obama away he did run
    Smoking his cigarettes and splashing in the ocean for fun
    But the world was puzzled as he called out of sight
    “Merry Obamass to me, and to my halo so bright!”

  157. sliderblaze Says:


  158. sliderblaze Says:

    brilliant, first fatality sues and i hope they sue the envirn”mentalists”

  159. jrinNC Says:

    LOL – what got me was the comment about sand – duh these people are eat up with the DA’s

  160. rovingpatrol Says:

    ATTENTION ALL MILITARY PERSONNEL (active or reserve, former or retired, any age). THIS IS A REQUEST TO SAVE YOUR CONSTITUTION, by participating as a Plaintiff in an urgent action lawsuit.

  161. carribeansoul Says:

    Hey ya’ll! I haven’t been around ’cause I have a “kowd”! Thank you crazy weather!

    Anyway, here’s a good post from over at that I think pretty much sums it up for all of us and SHOULD for everyone else!

    To All
    written by Jimmy The C, December 23, 2008

    After doing much reading and research over the past 6 months regarding Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama, I have come to the conclusion that as a result of the organizations he has been associated with (for over 20 years), including being a trainer and attorney for ACORN, and the people has has chosen to work with and align himself with, having full knowledge of their Socialist / Marxist anti American ideologies and agendas that Obama is truly an enemy of the United States.

    Regardless of how you voted or how you feel about the numerous lawsuits going on, with many more to follow, any educated person knowing the facts as I and many others do, (not speculation or Tin Foil Conspiracy theories; I mean actual facts as we know them), must believe that Barry Obama means to do harm to us and our way of life, with his message of Change. His change will mean the destruction of the capitalist system as we have already seen caused by his Democrat friends in Congress, and this has been his plan all along and it is just the beginning.

    The current collapse of our economy, as well as the economies around the world, has been the culmination of years of Community Development programs and Welfare programs designed to appear innocently trying to help the poor and needy, while knowingly defying the laws of economics. There is only so long that you can take money in the BILLIONS from the treasury and keep giving it away before the system is strained to the breaking point. Some observers including most America’s hard working, tax paying citizens think this has all been a fluke, and a miscalculation, just bad economic times.

    We are truly in bad economic times, however it is no accident. These continued Bail Outs are economic suicide, and just like alcohol is poison to an alcoholic, these bail outs are suicide to our economy. Barry and his cohorts know it and are ecstatic in the realization that years of planning, stratification and implementation of ACORN and the Cloward-Piven system of economic chaos and destruction are finally coming to fruition.

    Wake up America….it’s almost too late.

  162. carribeansoul Says:

    I’m also seeing over there that John Linder is going to stand up and object on the 8th.

    A few moments ago I received a phone call from Congressman Linder’s office confirming that he intends to do exactly that and he is just as intent as us on verifying Obama’s eligibility.

    I can’t tell if this is a cut and paste from Leo site as the poster mentions him or if HE/SHE actually got the call.


  163. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i can’t believe barry found no wrong doing in their investigation. I was really hopeful they would. Man that dude, barry, is squeaky clean!

    Slider let me guess Tiny Dancer went to Nigeria? I was going to say kenya but there is nothing to see there…especially sealed records and gabby barry relatives

  164. hockeyfan530 Says:

    roving, that looks like it is only for those that could be recalled. I’ve been out for 21 years…damn when did i get so old!? I remember when movies were a nickle….LOL(not really). I can’t see where i’d have any standing

  165. hockeyfan530 Says:

    oops, didn’t finish my thought. I think I served 10 years total between my active duty and my inactive reserves. After that i don’t think i could be recalled. They probably wouldn’t want me as i’ve developed what i like to call a “drinking problem” (I’m totally kidding I’m just referring to John Candy in stripes when he said “…in case you haven’t noticed..I have somewhat of a weight problem” classic!)

  166. hockeyfan530 Says:

    so i’ll just wait here then?

    Where’s everbody at?

    Lonely, I’m mister lonely


    Guess everyone is preparing for Christmas (except barry who’s probably recovering form Al Hijra )

  167. carribeansoul Says:

    HF…I’m here…are you not seeing my posts???

  168. Tenacity Says:

    no one is stirring…not even a troll.

  169. Tenacity Says:

    I’ma so lonely, I could die…Thank you, thank you very much

  170. carribeansoul Says:

    do I need to ring a bell like Clarence??? 🙂

  171. Tenacity Says:

    What part of Lindsey Williams representations did you disagree with? I worried a little about his tin-foil when he mentioned electro-magnetic fields and cell phones.

  172. Tenacity Says:


  173. Tenacity Says:

    Soul Bean,
    I have enjoyed and agreed with several Jimmy the C posts that I have seen.

  174. hockeyfan530 Says:

    no, i do now though.

    I’ve always believed that the dems created a perfect storm. They have barry that can lie like the wind. Here’s a guy that accomplished absolutely nothing yet wrote 2 books. Why? To fight the “smears” before they even started. Now his books are taken as gospel. If barry says so then it is! Then they got the media involved. The Republicans were blamed for Iraq, and the current financial crisis. We have a congress that has the lowest approval ratings in history. Yet, because of the media, it’s the fault of the dems. I’m not saying the repubs had nothing to do with the current economic situation…but, in the end it was the dems that SHOULD bare the bulk of the blame. But the media says no, it’s the reps…and here we are. The Iraq war. Only uninformed people don’t understand how and why we are in Iraq.

  175. carribeansoul Says:

    shew! there for a minute I thought I was either invisible or being ignored!

    yeah, ten, he seems to be pretty level-headed like the rest of us and is good at putting things into the right perspective!

  176. carribeansoul Says:

    HF…I totally agree. Our local conservative talk radio guy has been pointing out lately about when the last time things with the economy were this bad….it doesn’t go back to the Depression (which the Dems started!)…it goes back to the Carter administration. He’s calling it “The Berm”! 🙂 Everything stops at that point of being the worst.

    Well, I guess if we have to go through with this administration (God help us!) it most likely won’t last more than one term (if he lives through it!) and the Reps can get back to running the country the way it’s supposed to!

  177. Tenacity Says:

    Speaking of Lame Cherry, check this out:

    I noted over Thanksgiving that B. H. Obama’s YouTube video ratings were tanking from a million hits to just over a hundred thousand in a few weeks which was starting the trend of masses of people figuring out he was like a Vegas whore they married on a binge that after the night of bliss they really didn’t want the guy as he wasn’t doing anything for them after they had vented a vote on the Iraq War and the economy.

    That is why it was puzzling for awhile to read of a new poll which said Obama’s numbers were sky high and “even Republicans” had something like a 58% feel good rating for mam boobs and yes I mean mam boobs Obama.
    Apparently myself and other writers were pointing out a trend in why the above staged feel good poll was released once again to try and skew the public that all was lollypop in Obamanation.

  178. Tenacity Says:

    Even my wife figures he never makes it to the inauguration and I don’t mean because the SCOTUS, Congress or Fitz stops him. There has got to be a bunch of people that can’t wait to get him in the cross hairs. The problem is that it will be assumed to be a skin head whether it is or not.

  179. hockeyfan530 Says:

    that approval rating is BS if you ask me. They are asking people that are so grossly misinformed that they believe, no matter what he does, it will be skewed to show him in a positive light. Most of those that voted for barry could care less about this country or the constitution. Either they hate Bush so much and they are blinded by that hatred or they are so damn stupid they didn’t know we had a constitution. But fell for the “hope/change” retoric. Or they openly hate this country and want to see america suffer. OR they voted for barry simply because he’s “black”.

    All things considered. Seeing as the media made the republicans as the cause of all the current problems and made barry appear to be PERFECT. Barry didn’t win by as much as he could…so maybe there’s hope. Some people will eventually realize they’ve been scammed

  180. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I hope he doesn’t get killed. I really don’t want it to be like that. I want him to be exposed for what he is. I don’t even consider him to be black. Don’t care if he is. I just think he is evil. I’ve said it before anyone that can be hiding so much and seem perfectly comfortable is evil. No conscience. Not because he’s “black” but because he’s a LIAR

  181. Tenacity Says:

    I forget where I saw the ABC poll, but the comments that followed were all negative/against Obamass. Everyone thought the poll was completely bogus.

  182. Tenacity Says:

    When I saw the ABC poll, I did not see the question that was supposedly asked. How a poll question is asked is critical in understanding the answers. You can bet not only was the sample skewed but likely the question as well.

  183. carribeansoul Says:

    Well, guess I’ll post again….something is screwy here. My posts aren’t showing up! Waaaaaahhhh…

    Ten, I agree, him being killed would be the worst thing that could happen. We would definetly go into Civil War!

    How can someone that has so many questionable situations around him get as far as he has?? I mean, good grief, he hasn’t even been sworn in and he’s already being “interviewed” by the FBI!!

  184. hockeyfan530 Says:

    seriously. What has he done? Most of the people that voted in this election don’t know politics enought to know whether barry picked the right people or not.

  185. Tenacity Says:

    No doubt almost all of Rosie’s Gang is in agreement with you. I want to follow the money and if someone offs him, we will never know the depth of this organized and orchestrated coup.

  186. hockeyfan530 Says:

    oh, bean, that is the most frustrating thing about all of this. It is obvious that barry is so full of pooh that his eyes are brown! You don’t move to Chicago to get into politics for NO reason. It’s obvious why he went to Chicago. You don’t have that many anti-american associations without feeling the same way. You don’t sit in a church for 20 years and not know what’s going on. You don’t support a governer without knowing what he’s doing. Either that or he’s the dumbest person alive! You don’t support Odinga and not be anti-american. Hell you don’t support Odinga and not be completely evil in my book. But he has the entire MSM covering for every f-up that he does.

  187. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i was raised to love my country. My father encouraged me to serve in the military. I was planning on encouraging my children to serve as well. However, if barry gets in unquestioned i will do just the opposite. I will not encourage my children to be willing to die for a country that ignores the constitution. I will never vote again myself. Why risk my life voting when the very foundatioin of our country is gone!?

  188. carribeansoul Says:

    HF…you are preachin’ to the choir! 🙂 My sister and I were talking about this earlier today, Her analogy is…you put 4 apples in a barrel where 2 of them go bad. What happens to those other 2 apples??? HELLO!

    You know, I really want to try and let everyone have their own opinion and think for themselves, but in this instance I see it as being a traitor! I mean, blind fold someone and tell them the characters and such in a candidates life. It’s like a blind taste test with battery acid and milk! 🙂

  189. Tenacity Says:

    It is becoming very clear how he got as far as he did. It has not been a fluke. It has not just been because of the ignorance and greed of people wanting to vote themselves a check. It is not just because the MSM rolled over. It has not been just because the wimps on the right let it happen. It has not been because of the diversionary nay-saying tactics of the left. It has not been just because the Tri-lateral Commission and World Bank has conspired to bring about a NWO. It’s not just because the likes of Soros, Geffen, Daily, Buffet, Murdock and off-shore Muslim money paved the way. This is a Spiritual battle and will likely bring about a Spiritual awakening. How’s my tin-foil look? I am not kidding or being facetious.

  190. hockeyfan530 Says:

    I’m with ya. Alan Colmes accused republicans of trying to connect the dots with Obama. I mean he seems to be an intelligent guy so what the hell!? YES! We are connecting the dots. We’re not even trying to connect the dots and it does they connect themselves! And the picture i get is a frickin’ lyin’ piece of dung. There is nothing about him that’s honest. he lied to America about EVERY associatioin he was questioned on! Got caught in those lies and we were told they don’t matter. I told my fiancee, who voted for obama, if i lied about everyone she asked me about would you trust me. She said no….but still voted for Obama!? go figure

  191. Tenacity Says:

    You can’t be that lonely.

  192. hockeyfan530 Says:

    ten, i do believe he’s evil. Fits every description of the anti-christ coming to power. Since no one knows where he REALLY came from i’m holding out on the anti-christ thing for a bit. But man, if he’s not the anti-christ i now see how so many will be fooled by him. Mind you, i will never worship this idiot or even acknowledge him. But i understand where you are coming from

  193. hockeyfan530 Says:

    ten…LOL…what are you referring to? No, I’m not lonely at all

  194. hockeyfan530 Says:

    but the blues did get their butts handed to them by the red wings so i am a little upset…although not surprised

  195. Tenacity Says:

    Infatuation and sex does not equate to love. Take your time and think seriously about this.

  196. Tenacity Says:

    Just think…when the civil war breaks out, you could get the frying pan in the middle of the night!

  197. hockeyfan530 Says:

    no, it’s not like that at all ten. I don’t mind having differing views. She’s intelligent. She never was into politics and believed whatever the MSM said. If barry gets away with this then it won’t matter anyway because i will become apolitcal. I’ll no longer care about politics because they no longer care about the constitution… know what i mean?

  198. hockeyfan530 Says:

    no, she understands where i’m coming from. We had a serious discussion right after McCain conceded and i refused to listen to barry give his little victory spiel. We are totally cool. She is aware of the fact that if Obama is proven to be a fraud she’s going to hear it. If he’s not, I still know he is and i will never participate in the democratic process again

  199. hockeyfan530 Says:

    hope there are potato pancakes in that frying pan though!

  200. Tenacity Says:

    potato pancakes? My mom (known as Mammy) use to make fried potato cakes out of left over mashed potatoes. She was the ultimate southern cook. I loved everything she ever made and people still talk about her cooking even though she’s been gone for over 8 years now. Boy, could I go for some of those right now.

  201. hockeyfan530 Says:

    what’s your opinion of rick warren doing the inaugaration and why?

  202. hockeyfan530 Says:

    my dad used to make p. pancakes….man those things are awesome…Had some grits on Saturday…not getting it. I do NOT like them

  203. Tenacity Says:

    I haven’t given it much thought. On the chance that Obamass may actual listen to anything Rick says, it can only be good. I see it as a front by BO. Warren is not endorsing him by being there. I see it as Warren trying to serve God & country. I can see why some would object, but Warren knows that God works in mysterious ways and opens doors for His own purposes. Warren’s presence will serve His will. I would be curious to know how God uses Warren. You can bet the Rick will be used by Him in ways that BO could not imagine and in spite of BO’s intentions.

  204. Tenacity Says:

    I’ve never been a big grits fan. I have made a grits casserole however that was awesome. It had cheese, milk, butter and seasonings in layers. You really couldn’t taste the grits. I don’t ever remember my mom ever making them. I think my dad turned his nose up at them and she wasn’t crazy about them either.

  205. hockeyfan530 Says:

    that’s a good way to look at it. My initial reaction is to not give barry any legitimacy as a Christian. I don’t know what’s in his heart but i’m sure if Jesus were in barry’s heart he wouldn’t lie about everything. But who knows what warren may say. One way or another it will serve God’s will though. Excellent point.

  206. hockeyfan530 Says:

    yeah, my thoughts about grits, like tofu, is if you have to put a bunch of crap in it to make it taste good it probably isn’t very good

  207. Tenacity Says:

    Have you ever had rhubarb?

  208. hockeyfan530 Says:

    no, i haven’t…from what i hear i don’t want to though

  209. Tenacity Says:

    I can’t stand it, but there is a lady here in the Denver area that makes a Cherry-Rhubarb Cobbler that is out of this world. It adds just the right amount of tartness to the sweetness of the cherry…of course her crust is perfect.

  210. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i was in avon? (i think that where we were at) and had rocky mountain oyster…they weren’t bad at all.

  211. Tenacity Says:

    I’m going to go sit by the fire with my better half and sip some hot tea. I will check in later.

  212. hockeyfan530 Says:

    have a good time…don’t do anything slider wouldn’t do!….on second thought don’t do anything I wouldn’t do


    Just kidding…have a good night

  213. Tenacity Says:

    I like skiing Beaver Creek a lot. The company that built the Charter at Beaver Creek paid my way to Colorado back in ’78. The liquor store at Avon use to be called “Beaver Liquors”. They had radio commercials that featured the episodes of the Beaver Liquor Gang. It was hysterical.

  214. carribeansoul Says:

    Well, I leave for a minute to get something to eat and you guys have been here all by yourselves now haven’t you???

    HF…I’m with ten…I don’t know how 2 people with such opposing views can be together. I don’t get James Carville and Mary Matlin either! Don’t you have different morals and values? different ideas on what makes the world right?? I’m just asking for curiosity, not to offend so please don’t take it wrong…………………

  215. hockeyfan530 Says:

    i saw the beaver creek liquor store truck…C-L-A-S-S-Y! LOL

  216. hockeyfan530 Says:


    Ordinarily I would agree that we are opposite in that aspect. But, as i said she was never into politics. I had to explain to her what dems/reps stood for. I don’t fault her for that…politics simply aren’t her cup of tea…no big whoop to me. And i told her to make a decision based on the issues. That was before i realized barry was just a liar. So she listened to the MSM and anything else was just me being a rep.

    She’s against gay marriage. She’s against abortion. She simply heard that bush was bad so there you have it

    I won’t take it wrong…not a problem

  217. carribeansoul Says:

    Yeah, I’d say there are a lot of people that were in her shoes before this election. Well, and actually we KNOW there were now don’t we? I have a friend in Cinci that actually saw the homeless folks being loaded up! You know..that’s another thing. For all that ruckus about ACORN and voter fraud in 15 states, there hasn’t been so much as a peep since the election! Why wasn’t/isn’t there some kind of investigation into whether this is how he won or not? Nobody seems to be questioning that any more.

  218. hockeyfan530 Says:

    oh, yeah, the uninformed, apathetic voters won this election…says a lot about america’s future huh.

    most barry supporters also latched onto the “world citizen” thing too. Personally, i don’t give a crap what country likes us or not. Barry wants to make everything equal by making everyone less. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  219. carribeansoul Says:

    yeah, it is a scary thought. My sister has been ribbin’ me the last few years about me building my “cave”. I told her today that dammit, now she wants to come live in here with me!! 🙂

    I’m with you….the rest of the world needs to be showing us a heapin’ helpin’ of gratitude as far as I’m concerned. That email that went around a couple of years ago about us pulling all our aid from the rest of the world was spot on as far as I’m concerned! Bush was there when he first took office, but the politicians beat him down over the years. It ought to be interesting to see how it goes (IF it goes) with Obama! Heck, he’s already going against campaign promises and hadn’t even gotten there yet!

    Oh well….tomorrow is another day!

  220. hockeyfan530 Says:

    during times of crisis who give the most money and aid. THE US
    who gives a larger percentage to charity. THE REPUBS

    we give because we chose to help those in need. What’s barry’s solution? The government gives to those in need. Well guess what….my charitable days are over when barry starts spreading the wealth. And, as far as i’m concerned when other nations, other than our allies, need something from us i say remember WWI, II, korea, vietnam, iraq and all the money/aid we gave in the past? Let france do it!

  221. carribeansoul Says:


    Here’s and interesting blog entry from…………..

    More good news
    written by charlene, December 23, 2008

    Orly Taitz spent 1 hr last week speaking with Pat Fitzgerald’s asst in Chicago & spilled the beans about all she knows about BO. Also heard through the rumor mill (but can’t substantiate it) that SCOTUS is secretly investigating thru FBI & DOJ all these phone calls & letters claiming BO is ineligible.

    Let’s pray that the rumor is true and the SCOTUS IS SECRETLY INVESTIGATING..

    This girl lives in Chicago so she apparently hears a little more than the rest of us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  222. hockeyfan530 Says:

    yeah, this doesn’t take a genius to see that barry knows what blago was up to. The blago is ineligible and that all of the people around him knows it as well. NO ONE hides their entire life if they have nothing to hide. NO ONE!

  223. hockeyfan530 Says:

    personally, i like the cut of charlene’s jib…an encouraging post if there’s any truth to it

  224. carribeansoul Says:

    yep, you are correct! I think I’m going to use his “I investigated myself and I have done nothing wrong” argument at some point. That has to be the funniest most lame “finding” I have ever heard! It’s just a given that apples go bad around other bad apples! He’s in it up to his goofy ears and everyone knows it. Surely there are too many people involved that ONE of them will sing…don’t ya think???

  225. kaisak onisuka Says:

    Some really good chuckles to be had here today.
    You guys are so hermetically-sealed here in your gang of 12, that it is incomprehensible to you that the rest of America might think differently. Your arguments as to why they don’t are all specious, but I’m not here to rebut those.
    I’m gob-smacked by an interchange earlier that proves how out of touch with reality you are. The topic was the ABC/Washington Post poll of favourability for Obama.
    Hockeyfan530 has the opinion that this approval rating is bs. “It will be skewed” she opines.
    Tenacity ( at least he is consistently ignorant ) responds “You can bet the sample was skewed ( can he tell me how this was done here? ) but likely the question as well.”
    Of course, nobody taking part in the discussion even knew what the question asked had been. And, of course, minutiae such as that, SO ESSENTIAL to the “argument” they were offering is nearly always beneath them. There are few researchers here, just copiers of copiers of paraphrasers of summarisers of content, itself usually of dubious provenance.
    So, for the benefit of all 12 of you, here was the question asked by the pollsters:
    “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling the Presidential transition?”
    Um… skewed how? I’m trying to predict Tenacity’s answer. Oh, now I’ve got it. He will argue that the word “disapprove” should have preceded the word “approve” in the question, as it is biased in its present form.
    And, in case you are one of those who got your knowledge of this poll 5th hand, and therefore will know as little about it as Hockeyfan and Tenacity, here are the results to the question posted above.
    No opinion:9%

  226. hockeyfan530 Says:


  227. kaisak onisuka Says:

    Your avatar says it all.
    If it looks like a b…h, and it acts like a b…h, and it writes b….y things, then you can be sure …. she’s a b…h alright!

  228. rovingpatrol Says:

    I read a story that tore that poll apart. Just another biased poll is all it was.

  229. rovingpatrol Says:

    hockeyfan530 Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 1:43 am

    roving, that looks like it is only for those that could be recalled. I’ve been out for 21 years…damn when did i get so old!? I remember when movies were a nickle….LOL(not really). I can’t see where i’d have any standing

    Its also for active duty and reserve personal. I was just about ready to sign up when I saw that I also have been out to long. Damn it.

    Would be nice if she would of started a class action lawsuit. Involve maybe a million or so people.

  230. kaisak onisuka Says:

    Can you give me the link to your “story” please? Or just a keyword or two will do.
    If you read the “Methodology” claimed by ABC/Washington Post as pollsters then I don’t see how it is possible to “skew” the poll. In fact, as the methodology relies on randomly chosen landline numbers, and doesn’t poll those using mobile phones only, then I’d argue that it’s skewed towards older ( and usually, more traditional and conservative ) voters and, given that, the poll may in fact understate the true favourability rating.
    Anyway, please give me the link. I feel you may possibly be mistaking a blogger’s rant for an informed, researched opinion.

  231. hockeyfan530 Says:

    this is a one time only answer to your post. The poll is BS because he hasn’t done anything yet! Thus far he has picked his kickball team. Nothing more nothing less. What’s to approve of? That he didn’t pick the worst kid on the playground? In otherwords, chumly, he hasn’t earned an approval rating. And if you want to get into the biased situation why isn’t one of the questions how do you feel about barry supporting blago? OH, that’s right, it’s just another association that doesn’t matter. Or how about a question like do you think barry should simply provide his bc or continue to fight it by spending over $500k. Or you can ask the question of how the hell he sat in a church for 20 years with a pastor that was like family yet somehow he had no idea what the pastor believed. In other words anything the MSM asks about Obama IS biased because no one knows the truth about him. And if you believe you do than your are lumped in with, yes, the majority of Americans that voted for him. I’m not a researcher, never claimed to be. I have a full time job thank you very much. If you can’t logically understand our concerns about barry then you shouldn’t be discussing anything on this or any blog on the internet that doesn’t agree with you. You will see only what you want to see no matter what logic would tell you. That is all my friend. Now on behalf of myself and anyone else you’ve attempted to insult here tonight….BEAT IT!

  232. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    Popping in seeing kaisak onisuka

    doing an OB move and flying the bird in his direction

    Giving everyone else a wave and a Merry Christmas if I don’t get a chance to come back……..

  233. hockeyfan530 Says:

    merry Christmas to you as well jac!

  234. j.b. Says:

    Hey, hey, hey, hey.

    I saw the pic of your baby mama’s baby, slider. Very cute and perfect.

    Rose, I hope you enjoy your time with your son and family.

    Ten, I watched the video and will comment on it later-too tired. (altrhough I pretty much agreed with slider……wth is wrong with me?)

    I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra today with my daughter and it pretty much ROCKED!

    I was very surprised to see Obama found himself innocent of anything er, everything. Not. (seen Borat?)

    Okay, Merry Christmas to All of you and your loved ones.
    Safe travels, too.

    Oh, while I’m thinking of it; I never did, nor would I,equate lurkers with stalkers.

    The stalkers I was talking about are the TWO we are all aware of. Lurkers are cool in my book-I used to be one, too!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, Lurky Loos! 🙂

  235. Tenacity Says:

    Teacher! Teacher! That little boy that can’t speak English is peeing in his pants again. His mother obviously didn’t teach him any better manners and he probably has no father. He is so alone and has no friends that he has to try to make others as miserable as he his. We might let him play here but he smells and needs to bathe.

  236. hockeyfan530 Says:

    trans siberian orchestra is a great show. loved it. Have you ever heard Vanessa Mae? I like her as much as T.B.O.’s classical songs

  237. Tenacity Says:

    I never heard Slider’s descent of Williams. I look forward to hearing yours.

  238. hockeyfan530 Says:

    good night everyone and have a great Christmas!

  239. Tenacity Says:

    G’night Hfan

  240. susie hudson Says:

    Hockey fan, Great job rebutting butt-head, I couldnt have done better if I tried….Rose, I really enjoy your blog, the people that contribute are informative, realistic, and respectful toward each other. not to mention you seem to care about one another…hard to find this day and age…well as I can see you all are busy with last minute hulla-baloo with christmas, as I am so Id like to wish everyone a warm and wonderful Christmas and may jesus, Greatspirit, santa , and all our/your Gods be with you!!

  241. indy500 Says:

    kaisak onisuka Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 5:43 am
    Okay Dude, which one are you?

    I’m bettin middle Dude last row.

  242. indy500 Says:

    He has shown the world that he had a boob job, and now this:

    Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana

    Buzz up!The stoner community is clamoring to say it: “Yes we cannabis!” Turns out, with several drug-war veterans close to the president-elect’s ear, insiders think reform could come in Obama’s second term — or sooner…

    Yes we cannabis? Second term? What are these idiots smokin?

  243. indy500 Says:

    kaisak onisuka Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 5:43 am
    If you crunch your poll numbers further you find that of the 76% approval rating – 100% of that is from the smoking gun mug shots and the yes we cannabis crowd.

  244. indy500 Says:

    kaisak onisuka Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 6:11 am
    Dude your attitude says it all.

    You look like a thug, you act like a thug, and write like a bully, then you can be sure…You’re an 0bama sleeper troll activated from under your overpass to act on behalf of your master. I’m sure your efforts will land you a leadership role in the fairness doctrine army.

  245. sliderblaze Says:

    Holy painted on eyebrows batman

  246. sliderblaze Says:

    NOPE, I FOUND KO the drug him from his momma’s house, he’s a mommas basement dweller

  247. sliderblaze Says:

    everytime K O comes around, my skin starts to itch

  248. kaisak onisuka Says:

    Now come on Sliderblaze – you can’t blame me for your itch. It could be anything from scrofula to a guilty conscience.
    I’d check out scabies and crabs first, though.

  249. amy Says:

    Just left citizen wells blog. Under dec 23 thread comments, comment dated Dec 24 329AM, In Palin We Trust stated, according to Sinclair, Obamas grandmothers death realy occurred on Oct 21, according to employees of the coroners office, and that obama and maya had them falsify the death records.. I dont know whether to believe this or not, so dont kill the messenger. If it is a lie, then let Obama stand up and dispute it.. Of course, he will ignore that statement just like he did the “down low” accusation and the eligibility issue.

  250. sliderblaze Says:

    kaisak onisuka Says: <—————–still got that dick in your mouth i see

  251. amy Says:

    slider, just ignore k.o. He doesnt deserve your attention.

  252. sliderblaze Says:

    I’d check out scabies and crabs first, though.

    I see “holyr than tho” has joined in on the childish and immature 12yr old humor….my my, how far you’ve fallen, douchbag

  253. sliderblaze Says:

    amy Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    slider, just ignore k.o. He doesnt deserve your attention.

    i know, but, sometimes, ya gotta slum it

  254. amy Says:

    slider, He slums him/herself.

  255. sliderblaze Says:

    new study shows that conservatives are far more generous than liberals, funny thing is, the liberal that was conducting the study, had to do the study twice cus he just couldnt believe his initial results. more generals by about 40% i do believe it was.

  256. sliderblaze Says:

    amy Says:
    December 24, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    slider, He slums him/herself.
    i know, i was referring to the trail of slim dude leaves behind that makes my skin itch, apparently, he missed the part that it only shows up when he comes around. Must be that kinda genius that cant detect the obvious or something….

  257. sliderblaze Says:

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Wins“Quote of the Year”

    Listening to Obama, “I felt this thrill going up my leg!”

  258. amy Says:

    slider, I believe that about generosityThe republicans give, the democrats taketh away.

  259. amy Says:

    lol about Chris “thrill” comment

  260. amy Says:

    I am realy disappointed about Bush not pardoning those 2 Borter Patrol agents…

  261. amy Says:


  262. sliderblaze Says:

    and then wanna lay claim to they are more generous and more compasionate than conservatives. Hopefully, this will be the year we fight back. K O i guess being not a natural born citizen (speculation mine) he dont realize we are already in a civil war of ideas. I’m sure if he tries, he (speculations mine, again) can grasp is lil mind around that concept. A civil war dont have to always have violence attatchd to it. The noisy minority needs to be put back in their place. It’s ok to wanna advance ideas, but when you wanna thrust them upon others, IMHO, they can F@#K off

  263. sliderblaze Says:

    I’m hoping he will, i been following that for a long time now, if Bush doesnt, he’s gutless

  264. amy Says:

    slider…. I realy wish I could believe that some patriotic senator and some patriotic representative will unite to object, in writing as required, to the certification of the electoral college vote Jan 8…I hope and pray.

  265. amy Says:

    I think k. o. has left us to go out and read citizen wells comment I mentioned earler.. I bet he will have plenty to say about that..

  266. sliderblaze Says:

    I’m not gonna sweat it if they dont. I’m not gonna be uptight about it. This issue will dog him his whole presidency. And in four yours, you can be rest assured this issue will front and center once again… I think he’ll have bigger things to deal with if Blago rolls

  267. sliderblaze Says:

    well, not that he had any to begin with, but, what credibilty he thought he had, went out the window the with crabs comment. he projected himself to be above the “fray” and dissed us for being “childish” 12 yr olds and looky looky, he aint so high and mighty afterall. I’m sure he’ll claim we rubbed off on him, like a typical lib, blaming others for their own actions….

  268. sliderblaze Says:

    and on that note, i need a shower to get that slim off of me

  269. amy Says:

    slider, those 4 years could result in disastrous consequences.. Things could change dramatically and in the wrong direction.. Our country has already been turning into a socialistic country.. It needs to be stopped before its too late.. I wonder what Emanuel is doing in Africa.. Thats not the place to go to celebrate christmas.

  270. amy Says:

    ok slider.. later..

  271. amy Says:

    I predict that Emanuel may come back with affidavits from Obamas relatives stating that his granma has dementia and did not know what she was saying when she claimed she witnessed Obamas birth there.

  272. hockeyfan530 Says:

    yep, there’s always a mistake, misunderstanding or taken out of context with barry. It seems to happen with everything this man is questioned on. Oddly enough, people keep giving him a pass. And we they call us wing nuts!?

  273. amy Says:

    hockeyfan.. I realy believe that so many people are desperate for change, they are blind as to what that could mean..

  274. amy Says:

    I guess its “Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”

  275. sisterrosetta Says:

    will take care of Ko as soon as I get back

    Don’t let turkey get you down

    Merry Christmas eve


  276. amy Says:

    Rose, Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family.

  277. hockeyfan530 Says:

    amy, i agree. The FAR left loonies hope that Obama is what we believe he is. So they happily voted for him. The black community voted for him simply because barry was marketed as a black man. I don’t agree with voting for/against someone just because of his color but I understand why the black community voted for him. The rest were people so blinded by the hatred of bush that they didn’t care what change they got. Kind of like hitler in germany.

    Most of my friends did vote for barry. I compared voting for barry to buying a new car with oil underneath the car and the salesman wouldn’t let you look under the hood or test drive it. The response to that from my friends well it can’t be worse than the car we had for the last 8 years! And then I realized what we were dealing with. Scary because barry can be far worse than anything bush could conceive of!

    So let’s continueing praying that barry is discovered for the fraud he is before it’s too late

  278. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:

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