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  1. jjones35811 Says:

    FIRST !

  2. Troy Says:


    Troy Says:

    November 29, 2008 at 1:17 am
    Cyndi Says:

    November 28, 2008 at 11:14 pm
    comment posted by1 posted on Friday, 28 November 2008 4:40:29 PM by SatinDoll
    I’m aware this is almost three years old. But this may be a blueprint of exactly how Obama’s lawyers intend to circumvent the Article II requirement for our nation’s President to be “natural born”.

    “Although some of the reasons for maintaining the natural born citizen requirement are rational, many of the reasons are based primarily on emotion. Therefore, although globalization is one impetus that should drive Americans to rely on reason and amend the Constitution, this paper argues that common perceptions about globalization ironically will convince Americans to rely on emotion and oppose a Constitutional amendment.”
    Good news!!!….In this video Justice Anthony Scalia gives his opinion on the concept of a “living coststitution” versus “original intent”….He strongly opposes the idea and believes that the constitution is to be interpreted as the original framers wrote it with no consideration given to current times and events….I have a feeling that most if not all the justices feel this way…They are afterall, married to the constitution and are it’s protectors….In the video you can get acquainted with Justice Scalia….He seems like a very likeable fellow….He has 28 grandchildren, WOW!!!….You can also Google the other justices and the word “video” to the search criteria.

    Scroll down half way and click on “Real Player” or “Flash Player”
    http //

  3. sdee Says:

    thanks for the link Troy. I have been reading about Scalia today. Reminds of my immigrant parents and their deep patriotism and respect.

    I watched another one posted earlier. It is Clarence Thomas – impressive man – those who we need more of in this country. I’m thinkin’ he and Leo may get along just fine. thomas

  4. rovingpatrol Says:

    I dont normally do this because I feel it shallow doing it but I was researching and came across something Obama is talking about and after everything I know about Obama, it kinda creeped me out.

    I have it at

  5. wndawmn666 Says:


    Please help to make this video go viral. 🙂

  6. ddlew Says:

    Ok….If you haven’t tried Google Chrome..Google’s new browser….It would be good to check it out.

    I am a Firefox junkie but I will have to admit that Google Chrome IS faster.

    Just thought I would let you all know.

  7. Cyndi Says:

    To: justiceseeker93

    Obama an undocumented alien? Sure looks that way.

    I’ve read that a former INS agent has joined forces with Donofrio’s case. This man was present when Obama entered the United States in 1981 on his way to Columbia University.

    Curious about this young black man with the slick manners, sophisticated American English and an Indonesian passport, he checked the INS files and found that the young man entered the country on a foreign student visa.

    What happens in the Supreme Court should be very, very interesting.

    20 posted on Friday, 28 November 2008 10:07:05 PM by SatinDoll

    Does anyone have any information about this?

  8. Cyndi Says:

    Obama urges inquiry into passport snooping [Flashback: March 21, 2008]
    (CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama called for an investigation Friday into how the security of the passport files of the three remaining presidential candidates was breached.

    I don’t remember this but that’s been a while ago.

    What was he worried about?

  9. ILBlue Says:


    The MSM as in especially Olberman went totally beserck when this occurred and insinuated Hillay had something to do with it. It was breaking news and Olberman and others were demanding an investigation.

    Then the next day I think it was or a day and a half later after the MSM went crazy over this and Rice had to call Obama personally to apologize they admitted that first McCain’s was also breeched and finally later said Hillary’s as well.

    After Obama immediately asked for an investigation the same night it occurred and was outraged beyond the pale it was discovered it was the clerks that breeched all 3 and the clerks worked for a company that was owned by one of Obama TOP AIDS.

    At this point the MSM after days of huffing and puffing about poor OBAMA endlessly never talked about it again

    And NO INVESTIGATION. Curious wouldn’t you say? Maybe someone wanted to change something or remove something in their file???

  10. Troy Says:

    And NO INVESTIGATION. Curious wouldn’t you say? Maybe someone wanted to change something or remove something in their file???
    I have always felt from the begining that it was Obama that staged this event for the sole purpose of getting his passport docs. sealed….How very convenient for him.

  11. ILBlue Says:

    It was so supicious from the moment it happened. Then the more we learn about his dual citizenship issue he was obviously hiding something.

    And actually his passport came to mind when it happened.

  12. jjones35811 Says:

    Check this out
    www .

    Full page add for 12/1 and 12/3 in the Chicago Tribune

  13. Rosco Says:

    Making headway!

  14. dixieinflorida Says:

    jj why is your flag upside down?

  15. jjones35811 Says:

    When the US flag is flown upside down it’s a sign of distress. I personally believe that a socialist being elected to POTUS warrants this.

  16. rosettasister Says:

    Good Morning, America! How are you?!


  17. rosettasister Says:

    “A last electoral hurdle for Obama”

    “A Web-driven challenge to his legitimacy targets members of the Electoral College.”

    By Patrik Jonsson | Staff Writer / November 26, 2008 edition

    Free Republic Thread on above article:

    Ron Polarik comments:

    To: ckilmer

    “I was surprised, but I’m not worried about it,” he says, dryly. “As I said to the lady on the phone, I figured that the Bush administration had ample opportunity to investigate Senator Obama, and if they had discovered he was not truly a citizen they … would have let us know.”
    You can ALWAYS tell a Leftist because they are the only ones who make these empty, unsubstantiated conjectures like this one. We’ve heard literally hundreds of “Well, if-the” empty conjectures, and it makes me wonder what would this guy would say if someone at the beach told him that they’re are 50 sharks swimming close to shore. He’d say that “If there were 50 sharks, then the lifeguards would have closed the beach or put up red flags.”
    And then, he wades in and promtpy gets his legs ripped off.
    Leftists rely on convoluted logic as if it was a concrete, scientifically-proven fact — that’s what I encounter by the dozens every day on other forums and YouTube in reference to my final report.
    They also marginalize the blogsphere as if it is only populated by kooks, failing to acknowledge that every media and news outlet has blogs.
    He references several hundred thousand people across the country who have demanded to see Obama’s original birth certificate a “Small band of conspiracy theorists.”
    Yet another jackass to add to the multitude.

    60 posted on Saturday, November 29, 2008 7:15:46 AM by Polarik

    To: Polarik; All

    more garbage:
    The author quotes a professor (an OBama supporter) who sas, It’s true that, if it’s not a totally impossible twist on actual facts that he’d been born in Kenya, [the Electoral vote] actually would have been quite tricky because of the statutory regime,” says Peter Spiro, an immigration law expert at Temple University in Philadelphia. “But it’s really a nonstarter because Obama was born in Hawaii.”
    A “nonstarter that Obama was born in Hawaii? Try its a knock-out punch that Obama has never submitted proof as to where he was born. Another jackass.
    The author continues, “One website,, has reportedly received 105 million hits in the past three months, speaking to the pervasiveness of the belief, perhaps fueled by Obama’s multiethnic background and globe-trotting childhood, that the president-elect was born abroad.
    No, Jackass, it’s fueled by Obama’s refusal to show his real birth certificate.
    The snotty author says, “the Obama citizenship flap, some experts say, shows that conspiracy theories still resonate with a subset of Americans.” Whoever said that is NO expert in anything, except spouting Leftist garbage. Another Lftist rpof says, “Human beings will always go for myth because it’s compelling, dramatic, and, if it were true, it would be able to change history, Nothing like dissing the entire human race. Hey Professor, this isno myth! Yet, another Jackass.

    61 posted on Saturday, November 29, 2008 7:27:50 AM by Polarik

  18. rosettasister Says:

    More on Ron Polarik, etc.

    “Obama birth certificate forgery exposed!!!”

    “We The People Publishes Full Page Chicago Tribune Ad Re BOCOLB”

    “Mr. Obama: Don’t Miss Next Week’s Chicago Tribune – We The People’s Full-Page Citizenship Challenge To Run Twice, December 1st and 3rd”

  19. justanamericancindy4 Says:

    I just posted this on… IF it shows up
    You are wrong, His mother was only 18, that in itself causes a legal issue.
    You have no proof that he was born in Hawaii, Obama supplied a very questionable web scanned document.

    Factcheck is only a web resourse and not a legitimate entity. If we’ve learned anything about, it is that FactCheck most definitely is not an independent nonpartisan group, but belongs to the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, owned and operated by zealous Obama supporters and funders.

    The Offical in Hawaii only announced that there was in fact a Birth document in their possession. Hawaii during those years it was common to register a birth, and he does not mean the birth actually took place there. Obama’s sister named a Hospital of Obama’s Birth in Hawaii, this Hospital was not even built until two years after Obama was born.

    You have no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii. We have no absolute proof he was born elsewhere; but we do have more circumstantial evidence that shows his place of birth is elsewhere. That is why it is the right of the american people to demand that he show that he is qualified to serve as President.
    I think the biggest question is “Why doesn’t he just reveil all of his records and have air cleared once and for all.”

  20. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread with “Our full-page Open Letter to Mr. Obama”

  21. Ted Says:

    On Dec 5 the Supreme Court will either allow or disallow the usurpation of both the Constitution and the Government of the United States — easily the most pivotal decision since our nation’s founding — and the silence of the news media is deafening (if not downright scary).

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