“API Chief Editor Korir to jet in Canada and join MBOs during the launch of the original Michelle Obama tape”



Michelle Obama reportedly blew her top, on the telephone with the African Press International, for running a story about the Berg Vs Obama law suit, and Obama’s adoption by Lolo Soetoro, which caused him to become a citizen of Indonesia.

She called all those not supporting her husband, racists.

The above is a reminder of what is in the pipeline ready for the public to listen to and make their own judgement.

By Korir, Chief Editor, API


YouTube Korir posted no longer available.

So here’s a substitute.

I posted this at API when it was first added.

From: AJAX556

Added: October 15, 2008

“Please Let There Be Audio”

YouTube Seems to be available again.

From: Bigone5555J

Added: October 15, 2008

“Michelle Obama Rags the API”

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

252 Responses to ““API Chief Editor Korir to jet in Canada and join MBOs during the launch of the original Michelle Obama tape””

  1. KeithOlberman Says:


  2. rosettasister Says:

    Things have slowed down considerably tonight.

    Total Views for 11/15


    Hope everyone is out enjoying themselves on a Saturday night.

    Where in the world is Chief Editor Korir?!

  3. oo12oo Says:

    Congratulations, KeithOlberman! What’s the grand prize for being “First”, Rosetta’, an all expense paid trip to Paris, France for a week long stay or a dozen tickets to a concert of their choice? Just kidding (smile).

    Should Mr. Korir actually be in route to Canada by plane, wish him safe travels along his flight path and a safe return.


  4. KeithOlberman Says:

    I hope you are correct and Korir is on a plane headed this way. API is getting stranger and stranger by the day. It used to be like a spy thriller. Now, more like science fiction.

  5. Ksinde. Says:


    Is this the al that i know? patriots al?

  6. Ksinde. Says:

    going out to have a good time, will have a beer for everyone;)

  7. amy Says:

    I have been following the CINDYS around the sites tonight.. The REAL Cindys avator says 1351 bytes..She went into M.S. tonight and cloned herself even telling them so..BYtes 1982..Her clone says cindy 4 but in properties, it says cindy3 and has 1348 bytes..She hangs out mostly in API, (the clone) with 1348 bytes.lol

  8. oo12oo Says:

    Yes, Ksinde. I am guilty as charged (grin). Hope all is well with you.

    I understand your reservations, KeithOlberman. Looking over the last month and taking everything in consideration, your assessment is pretty fair at this juncture.


  9. oo12oo Says:

    Have a great time, Ksinde. Be safe.


  10. amy Says:

    LOl Keith.. Thats a good description.

  11. amy Says:

    Where are cloud, hope, diane, and others hanging out. I dont see them posting anywhere.. Are they finished with API.. (Inquiring minds want to know, in otherwords, nosey me)

  12. amy Says:

    I dont post in API. Only one I trust now is Rosetta.

  13. amy Says:

    Amy says to self,”Bye Amy.” Amy responds to self, “Night Amy.”

  14. sba1872 Says:


    You still here?

  15. Ted Says:

    Unavoidable scenario: If SCOTUS disqualifies Obama BEFORE 1/20/09 inauguration, McCain is POTUS per remaining electoral college electors; if SCOTUS disqualifies Obama after 1/20/09 inauguration, Hillary likely becomes POTUS per vote of Dem controlled House of Rep. Either way, is clear Obama will NOT be or remain POTUS.

  16. rovingpatrol Says:

    it was to be released what, 2 days ago? More stall tactics. snap out of it! There is NO tape.

    I also don’t believe the Editor is going anywhere. His site isn’t a real news site. You click on the supposed contributors pictures and it takes you nowhere.

    Its all a game. I believed him for 2 weeks. After that I knew hes a fraud.

  17. sba1872 Says:


    Return immediately for refresher course at your nearest Obot Training Center. Your post does not meet specified standards:

    (1) Your user name is too obvious; (2) Your tone is wrong. It invokes this response, “Oh, yeah? Snap out of THIS!” (Are you imagining the hand gesture accompanying this?); (3) It is factually inaccurate. If you right-click on the news contributors, you can see the names of the individuals and they are real people. You can even Google them and everything!

    Again, return to OTC immediately for reindoctrination and retraining.

  18. PattyNj Says:

    Hmmmm….Vely intarestin!!

  19. Troy Says:

    justanamericancindy2 or 3 or 4 are all the same person…She has cloned herself and tells sob stories about being cloned…She does this because she got busted and reported to Chief Korir….She has been trying to win him over and gain access to his inner cicle in order to sabotage him…Don’t believe a single word she says.

  20. Ksinde. Says:


    how do you know this for sure?

  21. slider Says:

    i see sage gave me an apology, that was big of her, thanks sage!

  22. Troy Says:

    I have followed her around to various sites…Her favorite is Mountain Sage….She has a big mouth when she thinks nobdy is around and she is among friends….I was over at API when she was there and got outted to Chief Korir….Her objective is to gain Korir’s trust and sabotage him….She is callaborating with many others over at Mountain Sage….She is also an Obamaggot

  23. slider Says:

    im not sure what to think about cindy, i do know that the very ones who are claiming Korir to be dishonest, are themselves , being dishonest.

  24. slider Says:

    well, it would seem, that the link on my name goes to bar-none drink recipe? wtf is that?

  25. Troy Says:

    Yes, Sage has allowed her site to become a cespool of haters and deviants

  26. Ksinde. Says:

    i am not sue about cindy now too. if i am wrong, and she was really cloned, then i am sry. but i got an email from her and it was strange. i just didn’t ex[ect her to be the way she was in the email. i don’t know.

    But troy how do you know she cloned herself?

  27. Ksinde. Says:

    it is late…sry about spelling…not proof reading.

  28. slider Says:

    does anyone know why my name is linkafied to some bar none website?

  29. Ksinde. Says:

    lol…no…maybe your higher power is trying to tell you that you need to put your feet up and have a drink;)

  30. Troy Says:

    I know by the bragging she does in her comments when she is among her own kind (the people that hate Chief Korir and are trying to take down his site)
    I think Korir is most likely a fraud also, but he is harmless…I have watched his Michelle story from the very beginning, but unlike some people I don’t spend my life there….I pop in for a brief moment to see if anything is new and then I leave….The way I see it, even if there is a 1% chance that he is telling the truth then leave the guy alone and let him do his thing….If he is a fraud then so be it….It will eventually go away on it’s own, but the folks at Mountain Sage are hell bent on trying to take him down all because they think he did them wrong….Those folks need to get a life!!!

  31. amy Says:

    The origional cindy has 1351… The one that says cindy3 in the properties, but cindy 4 in ID is the clone..That one has 1348 bytes in properties.

  32. Troy Says:

    BTW, I almost NEVER post comments on ANY site, so you guys shouldn’t be surprised if you never see me around.

    I simply can’t sleep tonight because of some freakin cold medicine i had to take

  33. slider Says:

    troy, i had it out with sage on that issue earlier today, i think i made it clear how I feel on that issue. so i concur with you 100%

  34. amy Says:

    Troy, I agree.. Sage needs to leave his site alone.. We are capable of making OUR OWN decisions on whether or not we believe him

  35. Troy Says:

    There are three Cindys and they all have different byte properties

  36. amy Says:

    Troy, I commented once in there.. Rosetta here is the ONLY one I trust.

  37. Troy Says:

    I know Slider, I observed your comments at Sage while I was there observing others

  38. slider Says:

    she posted things about sammy calling him shady, fine, let it alone then, no need to get malicious and try and destroy his website. i’ve read all of her posts, sammy posted his backround as well. sage’s and my exchange on her website has disappeared ironically enough

  39. amy Says:

    Troy, yes, the other Cindy has 1982 bytes and was bragging last night in Sages that she cloned a clone

  40. Troy Says:

    I’ve been observing Rose for a long time also….It’s always civil here and she is in the same boat as the rest of us in regards to Korir….She was once a true believer, but now has her doubts like the rest of us, but she has always remained sane

  41. amy Says:

    I wonder why no one has been commenting at API for several hours now.. He also removed the comments made on his Canada trip thread.

  42. Troy Says:


  43. Ksinde. Says:

    amy, i agree, we can make our own minds up! they say we r obsessive about the tapes, but they r just as guilty of being obsessive about korir.

    how do u know the original cindy is 1351?

  44. amy Says:

    Yes, TTroy, Rosetta is very fair. Thats why shes onlyone I trust,

  45. Troy Says:

    I thin Korir accidentally allowed some commenting and then realized it and shut it off….I was there when it happened

  46. amy Says:

    Ksinda, because I have been observing her for long time and the others came in at later date.. She was FIRST one there at API.

  47. amy Says:

    Troy, Do you think perhaps Korir is on his way to Canada NOW? Or do you think it will take another 2 weeks of delays?

  48. amy Says:

    My fiance is a sheriff.. He thinks this whole API thing is a fraud.

  49. Troy Says:

    The original is 1351, but the others belong to her also….She had to put on this act to put up a self defense because she made comments at sage about her evil intent towards Korir…her comments were sent to him and her defense was, “Hey, it wasn’t me…Somebody cloned me”

  50. Ksinde. Says:

    i hope that there are tapes, but i am no longer a believer.

    lets say the tapes ARE real, i don’t think his excuses he is giving are real. So, what would be the reason why he hasn’t released them?

  51. Troy Says:

    Amy, there probably is no tape, but it’s ok….he is harmless…just do like I do and only pop in there for a quick look and leave….The folks that are spending all their time there watching it like a hawk are the ones becoming resentful

  52. amy Says:

    Rosetta may be able to determine if the Cindys are the same if they both come in here.. They would have different Email addresses if different.

  53. sliderblaze Says:

    letter to disgustedwithsammy or should i say redvelvetrebel? i posted one post that didnt go through, i posted it on here, she then didnt post my next 4 or 5, the decided to post another 2, then nothing until we had our exchange. and now they are down the memory hole. i see a lot of your readers disagreed with sammy doing that, they way are you? a lil hypocritical dont you think? any dissenting arguement gets moderated or flushed. I for one do not need to hide behind an alternative name in order to accomplish anything on the web for, all my intentions are noble and good. lets face it, ya’ll over there causing “playground” trouble need to grow up. go to your diploma (ifyou have one) see what year you graduated and act accordingly!!!!

  54. amy Says:

    The reason I think there is NO tape is because if there realy was, no spamming, fires, or anything else would keep it from airing.. On the other hand, I hope that I am wrong and that there realy IS a tape.

  55. Troy Says:

    Yes, over at Mountain Sage, disgustedwithsammy admitted to also being redvelvetrebel

  56. amy Says:

    slider, could that have been when wordpress was having a problem?

  57. Troy Says:

    Slider, did you just post that on the wrong site?

  58. amy Says:

    Well, I have 2 IDs.. I had to add another one because I posted just ONE time in Larry Sinclairs blog the very day that M & n hacked his site and published all of our names and email addresses online.

  59. sliderblaze Says:

    i dont know, i stepped out for about 10hrs yesterday, unlike sage’s people, i do have a life

  60. amy Says:

    slider, we were even having trouble at this site, rosettas.. Many of my posts were disappearing into cyberspace.. WordPress was having problems everywhere.

  61. sliderblaze Says:

    troy ; no i cant post over there, i cant even get into moderation, but i know he reads over there cus he asked sage about not posting some of my comments. she then posted our “spirited” exchange that she had flushed. so i know they read over here. after our exchange, i could no longer post, not even to “moderation”

  62. amy Says:

    Yes, I have a life too.. I work for a home care agency.

  63. Troy Says:

    Amy, Yes…Mitch & Nan were a nasty bunch!!!

  64. amy Says:

    slider, oh well, you are probably better off not posting there.. I never have and never will.

  65. sliderblaze Says:

    bout the cindy thing, both cindy 3 & 4 posted seemingly supportive things about korir in the same thread, but the cindy 3 & 4 posted bad things about korir on sage so, i think that cindy 3 & 4 are the same person, sorry cindy, you are no longer trusted in my eyes

  66. amy Says:

    Troy, Pete even came in here yesterday to talk with rosetta.. He is crude. He is the one who posted our emails addresses online

  67. Ksinde. Says:

    slider, so when you get banned from api, when you submit a comment, nothing happens? You hit submit, then your post just doesn’t show up?

  68. Troy Says:

    Man this sinus medicine has me bouncing off the walls…Grrrr…I hate it, but this cold is a killer and I had to take it…Poor me…Hehehe

  69. sliderblaze Says:

    at least sage’s people arent as vile as the cesspoolers, i had to take a shower after reading those peoples posts

  70. amy Says:

    slider, you mean that cindy 4 is all those names.. Why is she doing that anyway???

  71. sliderblaze Says:

    ksinde, that as at sage’s website i cant post anymore i think api is on lockdown

  72. amy Says:

    I dont know who to trust in there. Thats why I dont post there.

  73. Troy Says:

    I have heard people refer to the “Cesspoolers”…what site is that a reference to?

  74. amy Says:

    slider, perhaps editor is on his way to Canada.

  75. sliderblaze Says:

    i went to reply, right away to sage after she said she was “done with me” and couldnt get through at all, but i could here lickedy split, so i’m assuming sage blocked me?

  76. amy Says:

    troy, Rosetta told me that is where the people from M&n now go.. The Regulators

  77. sliderblaze Says:


  78. Troy Says:

    Amy, don’t allow yourself to be too hopeful about API and you won’t be let down…It’s better to be pleasantly surprised than to be dejected

  79. amy Says:

    slider, when and where did she say that? On API site? Or in here? I think I remember reading that somewhere.

  80. Ksinde. Says:

    well, cindy sent me the below email, this is why i am torn about it. the cindy that i first met on api was kind and positive even when korir gave out excuses. here is the email:

    Well, things are starting to get very weird. I could hear it in his voice. he said he was flying to canada. only he’s not. he told us earlier that he was going to be in the air and unavailable until tomorrow. But we’ve been getting email from him along. He said he was in Canada, getting ready to leave the airport when he called last, but he was calling from his landline in Norway.

    Now Dianna won’t return my email. And neither will Stacy. I thought I had Hope’s email, but she hasn’t been on the site in awhile anyway. Ha! Nobody has for a day anyhow! lol

    I’ll be working hard to keep a “straight face” tomorrow. I’ve got to pretend like none of this is happening.

    btw… use “ttfn” — it always works.
    what do u think, this does not sound like the cindy i thought she was. ofcourse, could this be a cloned cindy that got my email from gmail?

  81. Troy Says:

    Ok, never been there and neve will…Thx

  82. amy Says:

    Troy, I know.. I am so very fearful of what is going to happen to our country.. I grab onto any sort of thing that I can, such as those lawsuits.. I pray something will happen.

  83. sliderblaze Says:

    who said what? cindy or sage? lol

  84. Troy Says:

    It souds exactly like the scorned Cindy that has been talking trash over at sage….byte 1351

  85. amy Says:

    ksinde, Rosetta keeps in touch with Diane.. Perhaps you can ask Rosetta to find out for you. Diane will know.

  86. Troy Says:

    Amy, we are all in the same boat…we have to pray it doesn’t sink

  87. Ksinde. Says:

    good idea amy.

  88. Troy Says:

    You guys, if I’m wrong about Cindy (about 99% sure I’m not) i will be the first to apoligize to her and fall on my sword

  89. amy Says:

    slider, I dont remember but sage did post once in here, I believe it was yesterday.. Ask Rosetta, I cant remember.. I read it somewhere and the only 3 places I have been last 3 days are API, seceral times to check, Once briefly in Sages just few minutes and in here this weekend which is only place I post. Rose is ONLY one I trust.. She is a very decent person and very loyal.

  90. Ksinde. Says:

    well there is still hope with the law suits. Lan is now filing suit against BO too

  91. amy Says:

    Troy, you may be right. I dont know.. sk Rosetta about it.. She has been having problems determining it too. BUt Diane will know.. Rosetta seems to trust her completely.

  92. Troy Says:

    Rose seems like a very spiritual person to me and I trust her also

  93. amy Says:

    ksinde, Who is Lan?

  94. Ksinde. Says:

    Lan Lamphere, he is a conservative talk radio host. you should check him out. he is like hannity but i think much more stronger in his convictions

  95. Troy Says:

    All it will take is one single judge with some brass ones…SCOTUS justice Clarence Thomas has a reason to poke Obamalama Ding-Ding in the eye….Barky made it crystal clear during the Saddleback interview that he will replace Thomas

  96. amy Says:

    Troy, Rosetta character shines right through her posts..Her integrity is honorable.. Thats why I feel safe posting in here, no where else.. I use to post in Taylor Marsh until hillary lost and then the Obamabots got realy nasty with me.. Most of us have left there. Even her radio blog is shut down.

  97. amy Says:

    Troy, Thats right. I have been hoping that Thomas was watching that.. All it takes is him and 3 more to agree to hear the case. (the Rule Of Four, it is called.)

  98. Ksinde. Says:

    amy, i too trust rosetta. it is what it is with her.

  99. amy Says:

    I heard his name before, Lan, I mean. But I dont believe that I can get him here in this area, just Rush and Hannity..

  100. Ksinde. Says:

    I just don’t understand why the lawsuits can’t get through. if berg, for example doesn’t have standing, then who does? imo, we will be BO’s next employer, why do we not have the right to ask for his BC

  101. amy Says:

    I left the democratic party, or should I say it left me.. I then registered as a republican and voted straight ticket for the first time in my life.

  102. Troy Says:

    Amy. rest assured that Thomas is well aware of Barky’s intentions….You’re absolutely right about the rule of four though

  103. amy Says:

    I guess We The People dont have any legal rights.

  104. Ksinde. Says:

    you listen to him on the internet, just google him and you can listen to his show whenever bc he plays previous shows on a loop i believe.

  105. Troy Says:

    I’m an Independent and have always been and I too vote straight republican….It was a “Checks and Balances” vote

  106. amy Says:

    Alan Keyes is NOW sueing too. He has STANDING. He was a candidate.

  107. Troy Says:

    A new suit was filed by the Independent Party candidate and his running mate in California….They DO have standing

  108. Troy Says:

    Amy, Haha…You read my mind

  109. sliderblaze Says:

    she posted here to apologize for accusing me of of accusing her of spreading lies about her hacking api (which i never said)

    our exchange was about this matter:

    SAGE –“If Sammy has a problem with the spamming of the website he can take it up with usa1776. Yesterday was the first time usa1776 posted at Mountain Sage. usa1776 was told by Mountain Sage readers that spamming a website wasn’t a good idea, so I’ll let usa1776 speak for that.
    As a matter of fact I stated clearly to usa1776 my goal WAN’T to shut Sammy down:”

    —-she has a screen shot of of what she said

    but in the comment thread

    November 14, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Right now there is no place to comment on the entire API site. This is one step closer to the death of API

    —-in which sage responds……

    November 14, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    usa1776….yep, it’s one step closer.

    One of the things that made me the angriest was when he started posting scripture.

    —to me, thats a whole different statement, she then started saying the “death” was in reference to the site going into obscurity. if thats all that she wanted, why write bad things (her posters anyway) and have wordpress investigate it and the spamming, just let sammy (if he is lying) hang himself eventually? the spamming of the website didnt just effect korir, it affected a lot of other people as well.

    the exchange was also about how they handled the whole childish spamming thing

  110. amy Says:

    Troy, thats why I voted straight, because of the control of the democrats..

  111. Ksinde. Says:

    amy, the dem party left me also and i voted straight rep for the first time also. i am still a registered dem though, haven’t changed it. i got hell for it though. i live in delaware and my mccain sign did not go over well at all!!! people wouldstop me in front of my house and have choice words for me, that i should be all for biden since he live in delaware.

  112. Troy Says:

    Slider, yes I was observing when you had that exchange with her….I was proud of you

  113. sliderblaze Says:

    so, i’m done with sage, i said my peace.

    i agree, if “we the people” dont have standing, the who the hell does?

  114. amy Says:

    Yes, slider, I saw that usa spamming . That was bad.. I hope that nothing like that causes Korir to shut down.. Who appointed that site to be police anyway?

  115. Ksinde. Says:

    that is the problem with BO supporters, they vote with their heart not their head

  116. amy Says:

    slider, exactly.. We The People.. I hope the US Supreme court pays attention.

  117. sliderblaze Says:


    isnt it amazing how the people who preach tolerance are only tolerant when you agree with there views?

    i am an american first, conservative second (no not a pilgrim as someone once called me) and a republican second

    i only get yelled at by dems for not agreeing with them (most of my friends are very liberal)

  118. amy Says:

    When I was in TMs site, I got called the c word, W****, Slut, ole hag etc.. I Never got called that by the republicans.. Thats why I joined them. LOL

  119. Troy Says:

    With all of the voter fraud and corruption that went on have any of you wondered if Obama did really and truly win the election?….It seemed that the “fix” was in…How would a bunch of peons like us ever really know for sure?

  120. sliderblaze Says:

    republican 3rd, ugh, coffee break

  121. sliderblaze Says:

    troy, thats why repubs want a national voter id card, (issued free i might add) how hard is that?

  122. Ksinde. Says:

    the thing that gets me is that when someone would approach me about how i am horrible for voting mccain, all i have to do to shut them up is to ask them to give me2 INFORMED reasons why they support BO. They can’t do it. Because once you question them for real issue facts, they can’t so it. they just want to argue and repeat BO’s talking points, But they don’t even know what the talking points mean…lol

  123. amy Says:

    I am SURE he won illegally with the help of many other corrupted in dividuals.. Yesterday, I read where here in Ohio, the WHOLE top staff is under investigation because of that Joe The Plumber thing.. They just discovered this week that the state computers were being used to help Obama

  124. Troy Says:

    The country is divided worse than I have ever seen it…Maybe the silver lining will be when Barky trashes our country that people will have learned a great lesson and move back to the center and unite

  125. amy Says:

    ksinda, yes, and they call us racist for voting for McCain.. They just cant realise there are many many reasons and race is sure not one of them.

  126. sliderblaze Says:

    well, a couple of thing are for sure, we are in a civil war of ideas, the left (the real violent people) are embolden and the silent majority are really starting to get fed up more then i’ve ever seen them. government is def. on notice

  127. amy Says:

    Troy, It is the far Left Liberals who have pushed Obama through and divided the party.. I cannot stand the Soros or Kos.. Had enough of them

  128. Troy Says:

    Yeah, there are only about 15 different things that could land Barky in federal prison right now, but I doubt any will be pursued….Hell, he violated the Logan Act on three seperate occasions

  129. Ksinde. Says:

    Carter years all over. The rep’s will get back to their true conservative roots over the next 2 yrs and get some new fresh faces in there. out with the old and in with the new!!! I personally love Palin and Jindal.

  130. Troy Says:

    Both parties have their own fringe element,,,That’s why I have always been an Independent thinker and voter

  131. amy Says:

    And what I realy get tired of is the mysogony and sexism towards us women, both hillary and Sarah were treated like s*** and I am getting sick of it..

  132. Troy Says:

    I love Sarah-Cuda too…It’s a freakin disgrace what was done to her

  133. amy Says:

    ksinde, Yes, I love both them.. I love their values. I admire Sarah so much for her decision to have that baby.. I wouldnt have had that courage.. What a Woman! So proud of her!

  134. Ksinde. Says:

    AMEN AMY, very sexist. makes me sick. I was so mad at hillary for not sticking up for Sarah. Hillary went through it before sarah, so she should have spoke out atleast to the MSM

  135. Troy Says:

    Amy…You keep reading my mind!!!….Are you my pen pal Amy by chance?

  136. sliderblaze Says:

    this bailout mess (changing the rules) projected to be 5 tril. it makes me sick to even think about it, who pays for it? the top 50% in earners, who gets a free ride as well as a check, the bottom 30%….

    i am really disgusted at lazy poor people right now with their hands out. i bought a house in the ghetto as an investment property in which i live now, these guys wear there government assistance on there sleave like a badge of honor while i’m working 70 miles away, 16 hrs (including my drive) to pay for their smoking weed, sexn, and drinking all day. ugh

  137. amy Says:

    I watched gretas interview with her.. She is like some sort of superwoman, all the things she does.. We realy need people like her and jindel and other true conservatives.. We need some religion back in our leaders.. We need true guts!

  138. Troy Says:

    We’re in for a bumpy ride for the next four years

  139. Troy Says:

    We need some freakin morality back in our society…My God. it has gotten bad!!!

  140. sliderblaze Says:

    bumpy ride yes, but some fun can be had, i havent had the pleasure of beatn up on a president for awhile, i cant wait to hear Uhbuhmuh’s press conferences. what a joke

  141. amy Says:

    slider, I know.. Those people think they are entitled to everything, but you know what? I think those very same people who put him in office are going to be the same to bring him down.. Because there is NO wealth out there to spread around.. Its just NOT there and wait until they find out they will be part of THE ONES plans to be a part of his civilian gueard.

  142. Troy Says:

    Liberals say, morals?…What the hell are morals?

  143. amy Says:

    ooops, guard

  144. Ksinde. Says:

    well imo BO is going to disappoint the lazy people that helped get him voted in. no way can he keep those promises. the middle class people voted him in, and if he wants any chance of re-election, he will have to apease (sp) them.

  145. amy Says:

    lol slider, yes those UHs Uhs UHs

  146. Ksinde. Says:

    lol…. uhh uhh huh…lol… no telpromptor

  147. Troy Says:

    You guys have to check out this video….Ya gotta love this guy!!!

  148. amy Says:

    When Jan comes around, I will take the hard drive out of my puter, hammer it, and pour muratic acid on it to destroy any evidence of my negative remarks or else those little men in their brown clothes, HIS gustapo, will be hauling me away.

  149. Ksinde. Says:

    did you guys read that malcom x being bo’s father… yes i know it is a tin foil hat theory, but darn he does look like him and talks like him and acts like him. it is amazing the similarities

  150. amy Says:

    wow, troy, that guys going to have a stroke one of these days, speaking as a nurse.

  151. sliderblaze Says:

    ha, the whats next guy.

    i know some of you have probably seen this, but, it kills me everytime, this kid is good

  152. Ksinde. Says:

    amy, that isn’t even funny…lol…i am going to do that too. my husband told me i shouldn’t have written letters to congress and senate ect. about BO bc because biden would come and raise our taxes or worse.

  153. amy Says:

    ksinde, yes, I saw that resemblance, but why would he hide it? Malcom was proud of who he was.

  154. sliderblaze Says:

    ksinde, my jaw hit the floor when i saw the pics side by side. Obamas dad looks more like Mr korir than he does obama

  155. Troy Says:

    Hehehe….a stroke…I love that guy’s rants

  156. Ksinde. Says:

    troy, lol…that guy is gonna have a stroke, but he is right!!!

  157. sliderblaze Says:

    malcom x was a member of the nation of islam


  158. Ksinde. Says:

    slider,,, lol…rofl…roflmao… omg i can’t breathe.

  159. amy Says:

    Ha Ha Ha, slider, that little kids going to have a sroke too

  160. Ksinde. Says:

    slider i was lol because mr k look more like bo’s dad

  161. amy Says:

    HAHAHAHA, You people have me laughing my head almost off!

  162. Ksinde. Says:

    omg…now i am lol…rofl… over that little o’reily

  163. amy Says:

    Have you people ever watched Rev Mannings videos??? He is going to have a stroke too

  164. sliderblaze Says:

    lol, that kids amazing

  165. Troy Says:

    Ok now we shouldn’t make fun of our next president…NOT!!!

  166. amy Says:

    On the serious side, I believe that people will be afraid to keep THE ONE out of office now for fear of an uprising that will be violent.

  167. Troy Says:

    Ah yes, The Amazing Reverend Manning….Hehehe….I don’t think his elevator goes all the way to the top floor, but he is entertaining

  168. Ksinde. Says:

    PRICELESS!!!! But for real slider… MR K looks more like Obama Sr….lmao

  169. Troy Says:

    Amy, yes…That’s why I said it will take a judge with brass ones to do the deed

  170. Ksinde. Says:

    i will say that rev manning hit the nail on the head. it took me back at first, i am not use to hearing that kind of talk, but co-worker reminded me that that is how it is at some churches.

  171. Ksinde. Says:

    BIG brass ones!

  172. amy Says:

    Troy, I am on mannings email list.. He realy is a right wing conservative who is now afraid that THE ONE will do away with Christmas and Rev Manning loves Christmas.. I will say this.. Manning preaches to his African American congregation to stop blaming the whites for all their problems

  173. amy Says:

    Hey, I will take that Mannings preaching over Wrights anytime and any place.

  174. Troy Says:

    Oh I agree with just about everything he says…Just about!!!

    I think the dude is brave and I like him

  175. Ksinde. Says:

    why does he think BO will take away christmas. i didn’t get that when he said that about bo

  176. amy Says:

    I keep forgetting to ask Rosetta.. Where is this site originating from? It says 1211 there and my time is 711, 713 now.

  177. Troy Says:

    I will also lay money down that Bill Cosby didn’t vote for Obama either

  178. amy Says:

    I am confused.

  179. amy Says:

    Troy, I bet your right. There is NO way he voted for THE ONE..

  180. Troy Says:

    BO and MO don’t celebrate Christmas at their house.

    Bo doesn’t approve of the National Anthem either and wants to change it.

    Watch, “In God We Trust” will be removed from our currency also.

  181. amy Says:

    ksinde, it was because of what they said about they dont get their children presents

  182. Ksinde. Says:

    i wonder if anything will happen with Bo’s draft thing, forget the technical phrase for it. How he forged it.

  183. amy Says:

    Troy, that is REALY scary.. He is going to take away our rights.. Cant those stupid OBAMABOTS see that?

  184. Ksinde. Says:

    WHAT…. why don’t they get thir children presents? they are christians right????

  185. Troy Says:

    He is the “Teflon Don”….Nothing will stick to him

  186. amy Says:

    ksinde, I read about that too. I dont think it will go anywhere. People just dont care..

  187. Troy Says:

    Muslim / Christian…It’s a whole new religion, don’t ya know?

  188. amy Says:

    ksinda, I guess we will find out next year at Christmas time..

  189. amy Says:

    Troy, Wrights church had both Christians and muslims in there.

  190. Troy Says:

    Has anyone noticed that Michelle resembles an angry badger?

  191. amy Says:

    lol Troy.

  192. Ksinde. Says:

    though do u really think that the house will allow him to make drastic changes. if they do their delegates (is that the right term) will be furious with them and won’t vote them back in the next term.

    also, i have a feeling that the honeymoon period will pass and the msm will go after BO, slowly but surely.

  193. amy Says:

    ksinde, I hope the news finaly does pay attention. They wont though until his policies has negative effects on them individually.

  194. Troy Says:

    Nah, he will have to play it kinda cool at first…He will slowly see what he can get away with

  195. Ksinde. Says:

    slider, i am still lol about mr k><obama sr.

  196. Troy Says:

    I must say, you folks are an enjoyable bunch.

  197. Ksinde. Says:

    how much more can the one get away with…geez…there has to be a limit

  198. Ksinde. Says:

    troy…shhh….if u say that too loud the obots will invade if we are having a good time.

  199. amy Says:

    I first watche THE ONE giving his 2004 keynote address and I thought wow!!. That guys going to be president someday.. Then I started researching him and thats when I realised that the speech was all about HIM.. When I read on the Trinity Church site that the congregation had a non-negotiable commitment to Africa, I started posting it in blogs everywhere and people thought I was nurs.

  200. amy Says:

    ooops nuts

  201. amy Says:

    why does it say 1228 pm there? Its 728 AM here

  202. Troy Says:

    shhhhhhhh….don’t say NUTS….Jesse Jackson will pop in here and cut them off!!!!

  203. amy Says:

    The LESS THAN COOL ONES must be asleep.

  204. Ksinde. Says:

    then why doesn’t the trinity folks move to africa and help them in person. if people hate the usa so bad, they should go live somewhere else and they will see how good this country is.

    just like when hollywood people give to other countries, we have starving people here. we need to take care of our fellow americans first, then we can help others. We have children here that need to be adopted.

  205. amy Says:

    hahahaha.. Does anyone in here have those?

  206. Ksinde. Says:

    i think i do, but no not literally

  207. amy Says:

    ksinde, I was thinking that too when THE ONE was spending ALL that money on campaigning. What a waste!

  208. Troy Says:

    My dog kind of looks like Obama, so I shaved his butt and now I make him walk backwards….Much better!!!

  209. amy Says:

    Just as long as they arent acorns ksinde. lol

  210. amy Says:

    hahaha poor doggie!

  211. Ksinde. Says:

    lol troy…

    how do you starve an Obama supporter?
    you hide their food stamps under their work boots.

  212. Troy Says:


  213. amy Says:


  214. Ksinde. Says:

    lol amy

  215. amy Says:

    Just wait until Rosetta sees how we have been behaving in here.

  216. Troy Says:

    At least our jokes here aren’t filthy like at Obot sites

  217. Ksinde. Says:

    I know… rossetta is going to think we were passing the peace bong around

  218. amy Says:

    Someone please pay attention. Anyone know why the posts say it is 1236 pm??Where?

  219. Troy Says:

    OMG…It just broke daylight here…I’ve been up all night…sheesh

  220. amy Says:

    I am very thankful for Rosettas site.

  221. Troy Says:

    Uh…I dunno Amy

  222. Ksinde. Says:

    amy…lol…sry… is it norway time?

  223. amy Says:

    I am confused. What time is it?

  224. Troy Says:

    Either the clock setting is wrong or Rose is based in Europe

  225. Troy Says:

    It is 6:40 AM here in Texas

  226. amy Says:

    But Rosetta is not in Norway.. What are we doing in Norway? Help! I realy am lost.. I dont know whether to go to bed or eat breakfast.

  227. Ksinde. Says:

    yes, i really do like this site, you can be a hoper here and not hear it from the obots and a skeptic with out being banned by the night monitor.

  228. Troy Says:

    Amy, it’s breakfast time!!!

  229. amy Says:

    I have been up since 3 am my time.. I couldnt sleep. This whole election has ruined me.

  230. Ksinde. Says:

    it is only 6:40 in texas? i thought it would be 3:40 am there. i am on east coast and it is 7:40

  231. amy Says:

    Well, thanks for the fun conversation, everyone.. I am going to fix breakfast now.. talk to you later.. TY and ty rosetta..Byeeeeeeee

  232. Troy Says:

    I wonder when we will all have to report to re-education camp?…Grrrrr

  233. Ksinde. Says:

    ttyl amy

  234. Troy Says:

    Nah, in Cali it would be 3:40 AM

  235. Ksinde. Says:

    lol troy…don’t get me started

  236. Troy Says:

    Otay…I won’t

  237. Troy Says:

    We have a cold front here….brrrrrrrr

  238. Ksinde. Says:

    ok… i am going to go, breakfast sounds good.

    i will talk to you later. it has been fun!

  239. Troy Says:


  240. Deborah Says:

    I have been reading API and switched to this, and I haven’t commented before, but here is a really interesting theory I saw on americasright.com yesterday on the comment section. It is really long, sorry,so if you don’t want to read it all, just scroll to the end, where it says that in order for any of the lawsuits against BO to be successful. the only ones that can be successful would be military people, as they would be directly affected by him without a doubt. I think this needs to be passed on everywhere, but I have no clue how to do that except like this, so if anyone can do anything with this, please do. I too have been worried sick since the election. I truly fear for our country, our children, and our grandchildren.

    To: Concerned Americans
    From: Team jbjd
    Subject: How One Courageous Soldier Can Find Out Whether Barack Obama is a Natural Born Citizen under Article II of the U.S. Constitution and Stop the Electoral College from Voting for Him, if He is Not
    Date: November 15, 2008


    Almost everyone who paid attention to the Presidential election seems to know that under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, in order to be the President, you have to be a natural born citizen. But hardly anyone is aware there is no provision in either federal or state law that says anyone, anywhere, has to check. That’s right. Nothing. This means that, without your intervention, the man who ends up in the White House could be ineligible to be President, as a matter of law.

    Issue: Given that Article II of the U.S. Constitution says the President must be a natural born citizen, could the state party chairs of the Democratic Party have submitted the name of Barrack Obama to state officials to be placed onto the general election ballots in all 50 states; and could he have won the general election; and can he receive the requisite votes for POTUS from the Electoral College when it meets on December 15 and then on January, be sworn into office, all without being a natural born citizen?
    Answer: Yes; absolutely.

    While the U.S. Constitution spells out in Article II that the President must be a natural born citizen – “natural born” and “citizen” are distinct qualifications – neither federal nor state law requires that any government actor must determine whether the candidate for POTUS satisfies these conditions. In fact, throughout the entire election process, only one opportunity even exists to confirm the candidate’s eligibility under any of the requirements of Articled II of the Constitution: when the state in which the candidate seeks to get onto the general election ballot has enacted both a law that says any candidate seeking to get onto the ballot in that state has to satisfy the requirements of the office sought; AND a law that provides for challenging the candidate’s eligibility under state law.

    For example, here is the requirement to get onto the general election ballot in the State of GA, under the Official Code of GA Annotated (O.C.G.A.), §21-2-5, Qualifications of candidates for federal and state office; determination of qualifications. “Every candidate for federal and state office who is certified by the state executive committee of a political party … shall meet the constitutional and statutory qualifications for holding the office being sought.” (Note: President, U.S. Senator, or U.S. Representative are federal offices.) This means that, when the state party chair submits the party nominee to the Secretary of State (“S of S”) to be put onto the general election ballot, that nominee must be eligible for the office sought. But there is no corresponding law that says the S of S receiving this paperwork from the state party chair must verify this eligibility. Under that same law, the State of GA set up a mechanism by which voters may file a challenge with the S of S questioning the eligibility of a candidate to appear on the ballot; and for the S of S to initiate such a challenge on her own. “The Secretary of State upon his or her own motion may challenge the qualifications of any candidate at any time prior to the election of such candidate.” But again, the operative word here is “may.” In other words, even in a state like GA, one of the few states with laws that provide for a mechanism for voters to challenge a candidate’s eligibility to get onto the general election ballot, no law requires the state to investigate the candidate based on that challenge. (Notice that technically, even in GA, the law does not confer power on the S of S to determine whether any candidate is eligible for the office sought but only to determine whether he is eligible by virtue of satisfying the requirements of that office, to get onto the ballot in that state. Of course, the practical results are essentially the same. That is, if a candidate cannot get his name on the ballot then, he cannot obtain votes for the necessary electors to win the election.)

    Look, everyone knows Presidential candidate John McCain is a citizen. At the time of his birth, both of his biological parents were U.S. citizens and had lived in the U.S. for the requisite years past the age of majority to pass on their citizenship to their newborn son. (Plus, there is no indication he was subsequently adopted by a foreign national of a country that disallowed dual citizenship.) As to the issue of whether he is “natural born”…, he was born on a military base in the Panama Canal Zone, where his father, a member of the armed services, was stationed at that time. While officially a part of the Country of Panama, at that time, the Zone was administered by the U.S. Whether this set of circumstances satisfies the requirement of “natural born” which the drafters had in mind when they wrote the Constitution, this has never undergone judicial scrutiny. But most Constitutional scholars, including Professor Larry Tribe of Harvard Law School, have concluded he is also natural born. This has not stopped some of McCain’s critics from charging he wasn’t actually born on the base but in another hospital outside of the U.S. Zone, arguing therefore, while he is a citizen, he cannot be considered natural born. But confronted with these accusations, McCain voluntarily handed over his original long form birth certificate to Washington Post reporters whose investigation confirmed he had been born in the hospital on the base where his mother, still alive, said she gave birth.

    On the other hand, virtually nothing has been confirmed about the natural born status of Barack Obama.

    As with John McCain, questions have also been raised as to whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen. As previously stated, McCain responded to these questions by producing his long form birth certificate for the press, which investigators used to confirm his legal status. Here’s what Obama did last June to respond to questions as to his own eligibility: he posted on his web site, “Fight the Smears,” a copy of what his campaign called his “Birth Certificate,” which seemed to indicate he was born in HI. Further, they insisted this document put to rest once and for all questions as to whether he is a natural born citizen. In fact, it did no such thing.

    Even if the document Obama posted is real, it still is not a “Birth Certificate,” anyway. Its title is “Certification of Live Birth.” (Yes; Annenberg Political FactCheck.org says it is a real “Birth Certificate.” But Annenberg FactCheck is funded by the Annenberg Foundation, the same people who handed over to Obama the millions of dollars he doled out to community organizations after Bill Ayers hired him to Chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, or CAC, back in 1995.) FYI, according to the government web site of the State of HI, officials there will accept a “Certificate of Live Birth” as primary evidence of, say, Hawaiian birth; but they will not accept a “Certification of Live Birth” without additional documentation.

    Besides, even if it turns out Obama was born in HI, this does not resolve his natural born citizen status. What if he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, the Indonesian national who married his mother; would that have made him a citizen of Indonesia? And, if he was a citizen of Indonesia, would this have terminated his status as a U.S. citizen? (Circumstantial evidence indicates at some point, Obama was a citizen of Indonesia. The AP printed a copy of his Indonesian grade school registration form, which listed his name as Barry Soetoro and his nationality as Indonesia. (His religion was listed as Islam). At that time, only Indonesian citizens could enroll in school. According to U.S. law, when it comes to dual citizenship, deference is given to the law of the foreign sovereign. This means that, if Indonesia did not recognize dual Indonesian/American citizenship at that time then, neither did the U.S. And Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship. Also, regardless of the type of document his mother was able to obtain in HI to verify that, in fact, sometime within the past year, somewhere, this baby was born, alive; that original document would have been sealed when he was adopted by Mr. Soetoro, and a new document issued naming Lolo Soetoro as the birth father.)

    Obama’s personal narrative includes the story that his mother left Indonesia and brought him back to HI at age 10 to live with her parents. Assuming at that time he passed through U.S. Immigration and Nationalization, he then became a naturalized citizen. Of course, naturalized citizens do not qualify for the job of POTUS. If he never passed through Customs, he could be an undocumented alien. (His personal narrative also includes the story that he traveled to Pakistan for 3 weeks while in college. Seeing the passport he used to re-enter the country might clear up the mystery of his citizenship once and for all.)

    Of course, if he was born in Kenya – a paternal grandmother in Kenya claims to have been present at his birth there – then at no time would he have been a natural born citizen, since his mother had not satisfied the U.S. residency requirements after attaining the age of majority, to automatically pass on her citizenship status to her son.

    Bottom line, just because the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama as their candidate for President; and just because the state chairs of the Democratic Party in all 50 states and the District of Columbia submitted his name to be placed on the general election ballot; and despite the fact that millions of voters cast their votes for him, this does not mean that Barack Obama is eligible to be President.

    Well, he is not President, yet. In fact, he is not even the President-elect.

    Once the results of the state elections are certified by the appropriate state authorities in each state, the next step in the process of choosing a President is the vote by the Electoral College (“EC”) on December 15. And like every other deliberative body involved with this election, the EC is not legally obligated to determine the candidate’s eligibility, either. Under the United States Constitution and federal law, the Electors may cast their votes for anyone they want. However, under the laws of a number of states, the electors in those states must pledge to cast their votes for the candidate who won the state’s Presidential election. And some states have enacted laws that require electors to honor their pledges or their parties. Yet, in the history of the EC, no “faithless elector” has ever been punished for voting for someone other than the party candidate. But since electors are generally chosen by their respective parties based on criteria like party loyalty and years of service, they rarely go against the will of the party.
    So, what would happen if the EC did vote for him, and afterward his ineligibility is confirmed? Well, under the 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the worst that would happen is that Vice President Elect Joe Biden would be sworn in as President on January 20. Then, he would choose a VP of his own, subject to Congressional approval. Of course, if EC voters receive information before December 15 that Obama is ineligible for the job, pledged or not, it is unimaginable they would still cast their votes for him. Only, how are they ever going to get this information?
    Several citizens have already filed lawsuits in both federal and state court to address the issue of whether Barack Obama satisfies the Article II requirement that the President must be a natural born citizen. The stated goal in several of these suits is to get the court to compel state officials – usually, the S of S – to vet the candidate as to eligibility, by arguing such vetting is a requirement of the job. That is, having sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution these state officials must verify the candidate’s eligibility. However, while some state laws explicitly require the political party to submit only the names of eligible candidates for inclusion on the state’s general election ballot; as previously stated in this memo, no state law requires a state official to confirm the eligibility of the candidate the major political party submits. As such, most judges have already dismissed these suits, ruling that the nexus between swearing to uphold the Constitution and having to investigate a candidate’s eligibility for POTUS is too attenuated for the court to compel the specific performance sought in the suit.

    The petition filed in August by Plaintiff Phil Berg, Attorney, in federal district court in PA is different. He asked the court to Declare whether Obama is a natural born citizen based on several documents he asked the court to order Obama to produce. He named as Defendants Obama, the DNC, and the FEC.

    Defendant Obama – he was joined in this Motion by the DNC – wrote in his opposition to Berg’s Motion, he does not have to produce evidence he is a natural born citizen. He pointed out that Mr. Berg is just one of millions of voters with no special interest in whether he is eligible. That is, as an individual citizen, he lacked standing to bring this action in the first place. Thus, under Article III of the U.S. Constitution, he had failed to present a “case or controversy” for consideration by the federal court. Justice Surrick agreed, granting Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss. It is this ruling against Plaintiff’s Motion for Declarative Judgment on the basis he lacks standing that Berg has appealed up to the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”), asking for Certiorari, meaning, an agreement to review the case. The SCOTUS has given Obama until December 1, 2008 to submit his arguments against Berg’s request for cert. Of course, even if the court grants cert. AND rules in Berg’s favor as to the issue of standing; the case will then be thrown back to the trial court for a new hearing, which could stall on deliberations over other procedural issues, without reaching the substantive issue of Obama’s eligibility for POTUS. In the meantime, the EC vote will already have taken place. And, given the fact they – like you – have no conclusive evidence Obama is not a natural born citizen, their vote for him is likely a fait accompli.

    So, can anyone prevent this from happening? Yes. You. You can bring the court case that will survive the challenge from Obama, the Plaintiff lacks standing.

    Issue: Given that the President functions as Commander in Chief (“CIC”) of the armed services under the U.S. Constitution; that the CIC is authorized to order members of the armed services, including the national guard, into combat duty; that while serving combat duty such combatants may logically be required to inflict casualties on the enemy; and that causing the death of another under the color of law but not the rule of law could subject that combatant to criminal charges of murder and, on conviction, to execution for his crime; does a member of the military or national guard, currently deployed in or scheduled for deployment to a combat situation, have the particularized standing required by the federal court so as to create a case or controversy under Article III of the U.S. Constitution to successfully petition the federal court to examine whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen and rule on his eligibility to be POTUS?
    Answer: Yes.

    The elements that would establish standing, and which Judge Surrick found missing in the Berg case; would be present in a case where the nexus between the injury that would likely result if Obama is not a natural born citizen is more direct. For example, if Obama is not a natural born citizen then he is legally ineligible to be POTUS. And that means any orders he issues under the color of law of POTUS lack the real authority of law. Commanding troops to go into combat where they will likely inflict casualties on the enemy, if illegal, thus exposes soldiers to the death penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, merely for doing what they believed was their job. (Conversely, under the Code, questioning the legitimacy of the President to hold this position once he is in office subjects soldiers to discipline under “Contempt for Officials.”) This nexus between Obama’s ineligibility and the likely harm that would result establishes standing, in the eyes of the law.

    Mr. Obama also pointed out to the court that alleging a violation of Article II “fails to state a claim for which relief can be granted because it fails to establish a cause of action.” Mr. Berg justified his presence before the court by citing the Declaratory Judgment Act. But as Obama successfully argued, this Act only affords a procedural remedy to an underlying cause of action. Thus, “a court must find an independent basis for jurisdiction.” And there is no federal cause of action under Article II. However, there certainly is a cause of action under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for soldiers who would be compelled to engage in conduct that could result in execution, deprived of due process of law because their Commander in Chief is ineligible for office.

    42 U.S.C. §1983 states
    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or usage of any State . . . , subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or any other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law …. “In order to bring action under §1983, one must allege that defendant violated plaintiff‘s constitutional rights and the deprivation must have been committed by a person acting under color of state law. Barna v. City of Perth Amboy, 42 F.3d 809, 816 (3rd Cir. 1994). Under the definition of acting under state law, the defendant in a §1983 action must have exercised power ”possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because the wrongdoer is clothed with the authority of state law.“ West v. Atkins, 487 U.S. 42, 49 (1988) (quoting U.S. v. Classic, 313 U.S. 299, 326 (1941)).

    And there is a cause of action under that same law for all of the families of all of those members of the armed forces, including National Guard members who would be deprived of their loved ones under such a scheme.

    In conclusion, no one has verified Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. Yet the Electoral College is poised to cast their votes for him on December 15. Given the complicated legal and documentary analysis required to establish his eligibility, what is needed immediately is a full airing of his legal status in federal court. This means filing a suit that would survive a challenge to standing. And given the recent pronouncements by the court in the several cases now pending, Plaintiffs who could establish standing necessary to force this inquiry are members of the military or National Guard scheduled for deployment or about to be scheduled for deployment to a combat zone; and members of their families.
    November 15, 2008 5:35 PM

  241. sliderblaze Says:

    well, didnt keyes run for pres. and he would have standing cus if obama wasnt on the ticket i.e. inelgble, keyeys could show direct harm as him (keyes) potentially losing votes and thus the potentially the presidency?

  242. sliderblaze Says:

    sorry bout the typos, multitasking

  243. iammisty Says:

    Deborah, Hubby is military and I’m quite sure they can’t do that.Military won’t allow the public voicing of such matters.

  244. rosettasister Says:

    Good morning, everyone!

    Not much to report here.

    I do check in now and then and thanks for the laughter.

    As far as the timestamp, I did notice that it is on or close to Oslo time.

    But I live in Arizona (928) area code.

    I am in Metro Phoenix area but about as far out in the desert as is humanly possible.

    It’s very pretty here.

    I’ve been using this link to figure out Oslo time:


    I was able to find the following links on API story.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    I admit I was angry with Korir but that has passed.

    He probably needs our prayers now.

    See also:

    “Michelle Obama Rags the API – Possible breakthrough in the making”



    “News sur la cassette de Michelle Obama”


    “News sur la cassette de Michelle Obama”


    Publié par Amaury à l’adresse

    Poor Translation:

    “News on the cassette of Michelle Obama”

    !!! CAUTION!!!:


    Published by Amaury with l’ addresses


    Cinie used to be a fencesitter on API story, now I believe she thinks the story a hoax.

    But she’s very funny and has good taste in music, to boot.

    “The Sexist, Racist, Happy, Hopey, Change Reality”



    “Obama’s Citizenship Lawsuits”



    You may find this of interest as well.

    “API’s Sammy Korir, Of Michelle Obama Tape Fame, Using Fake Name?”


  245. oo12oo Says:

    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  246. rosettasister Says:

    New Thread:


  247. Dianna Says:


    API is down for Violations of TOS. Mountain Sage Blog is responsible for it.

    I think it time that MS get reported for violation of TOS as well. Its a concerted attack, and given that your blog hun, while remaining more or less neutral, is still reporting on it and certain other acts of collusion, you might want to back up your stuff as well, I would not be surprised if they moved over here, now that they think they have “Gotten” API. Unfortunately for them this was predicted in certain circles and was anticipated. You can reach me at Feel free to contact me for more info. There is more to the story.


  248. ddlew Says:

    Well it looks as if Word Press has had enough if Chief Editor Korir and API.


    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    You can create your own free blog on WordPress.com.

  249. Sage Says:

    Rosetta…I don’t expect you to post this but hope you read it.

    I don’t think I’ve been anything but respectful the few times I posted here. I’m sorry some people think I’m out to get you somehow. Any trouble you may have in the future certainly won’t come from me. I have no bones to pick with you and never did. You’ve been nice enough to me and I wish you the best.

  250. rosettasister Says:

    Sage Says:
    November 16, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    Well you are free to post here at will.

    So that happened automatically.

    I am thankful.

    And I hope we both want the same thing.

    The truth.

    Personally, I’ve never had a problem being wrong.

    I haven’t given up on Korir just yet.

    But if in the end I am right, then I would have no choice but to explain his prolongation of the inevitable to his obtuseness.

  251. Paulus Says:


    First time “caller.” I was able to get here via link from API’s new site. I have tried to get entrance to your site by Google, but that get me nowhere. Can you post a link so I can keep a breast what’s going on or e-mail me?

    I tried to post with Sage, but she flushed me after first been in moderation. I asked her politely what her poster’s motivation was to shut down API, because before they invaded his site during the weekend, I never seen API having any beef with MS. So since she would not answer my question, I hereby repeat here when she check in here again.

    It seems to me that she is playing very very “innocent” (?) in respect to Korir, when in reality she as the “leader” of the blog site encourage her posters to pursue API with a vengeance I have not seen with any other reputable blogs. I do post at FreeRepublic, and what see on MS reminds me of exactly what you can see at DU, not any difference!

    She flushed me for asking politely, while she let the spammer of API, who used the worst racist language I have ever seen on the net, and all of her posters, including herself were gloating with him and Sage is still at it.

    When you (MS) “indirectly” urge the posters to go for it, who are patting on another on their respective shoulders with HFs, SHE is as guilty as the posters, pure and simply!

    Sage you need to take a shower and clean yourself up to have any creditablity, because your camouflaged actions stinks!

  252. Paulus Says:

    As I said in my post above, MS is playing “innocent” with no responsibility for her own blog.

    Why did she NOT stick to manage her own blog versus somebody else blog?
    Isn’t the net not big enough for us all with the 1. Amendment rights?

    She says she is innocent (a big lie) just look at her last post at MS:

    November 18, 2008
    Wrapping up the API story

    I’m going to make this short and sweet for now as I woke with a migraine and sick stomach.

    This has been a very strange ride. I didn’t start the research on Sammy for any other reason than I thought the story was obviously fake and was surprised at the number of people who appeared to believe it. I wanted to know what kind of person blatantly posted what I view as obvious lies. I’ve pretty much accomplished what I set out to do and that was to get a picture of just who and what Sammy Korir is and relay that in a sourced manner.

    I am waiting for the last part of sluggojd’s research before posting here. I want to be sure I understand the whole story. Hopefully in a day or two Cartoon Pig Dog and I can get together on his wrap up and I believe he wants me to post it here. If not I will provide a link to his wrap up.

    I’ve received some very nice emails and comments and some not so nice, to say the least. But this one was the strangest. I won’t post the name of the person who left this comment and asked me not to publish it but some of you can probably guess.

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