“Safe passage: Imam document(s) on Obama quaranteed to reach intended destination – the US before the 1st of December.”



November the 13th

There is a sense of relief tonight. Those who have relentlessly put hours into ensuring the safety of Imam document(s) have fianlly managed to have the envelope secured in a safe place in the United Kingdom, now out of reach by anybody.

The gruelling taks remains. How to ensure safe passage to the US and its custody thereafter. It may sound a simple task to many who are following the case. Some may be of the opinion that the envelope should be carried by somebody just like any any personal document(s) forgetting that the airports have the right to go through any luggage they choose and if the contents of the document(s) is detected and understood to be solid and may reveal Mr Obama’s real identity, it may not reach the destination if the officer checking the luggage may decide to confiscate it if he or she is Obama’s die-hard supporter.

The imprtant job was done 24 hours ago in Birmingham, UK. The document(s) of interest was scanned out from the main handwritten log book that contains all children blessed and given names in Mombasa in 1961 and 1962, before Kenya gained her independence. When a child is born, blessed and given a name, everything is recorded in the log book by hand and given special numbers that would expose any temperings with the log entries.

The safe keeping of the log book is very important incase some people will choose to challenge the validity of the scanned document(s) once this/these document(s) are presented in an attempt to use them/it to prove Mr Obama’s identity and where he was born.

Here below is the communication dispatched to The Right Honourable Jacqui Smith, MP, Home Secretary, The Home Office, The Government of the United Kingdom.

—– Original Message —–

From: African Press International (API)

To: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 11:10 PM

Subject: The Mombasa Imam (Code name: MxM.A.OBC)

The Right Honourable Jacqui Smith, MP,

Home Secretary,

The Home Office, The Government of the United Kingdom,

In reference to my call of today in connection with The Mombasa Imam (Code name: MxM.A.OBC)

I want to thank your office(s) for being helpful in connection with MxM.A.OBC.

API is thankful for the services already rendered in this case in order to make it possible to accomplish the mission as planned by the bearers of the document(s) in question.

This is in relation to the scrutiny of the document(s) done 24 hours ago resulting in a qualification for MxM.A.OBC’s need for protection within the borders of your Kingdom. While safe passage for the document(s) has been quaranteed, it is our opinion that the original bearer, whose presence in the Kingdom is essential, be granted temporary asylum under the above coded name as agreed with your office(s) and be allowed to stay with his relative, a resident in Hounslow area, instead of being placed in the asylum reception centre at Croydon as proposed during the preliminary discussions., a consideration mainly due to security concerns surrounding this case.

The question of permanent asylum does not arise at this moment because that would require a longer process which may delay immediate protection being accorded to him as dictated by the importance of his standing in the case.

API is not directly involved in the document(s) case, but only as facilitator in ensuring safe passage of he document to its intended destination as stated on the phone to your office(s). API came into the picture after being contacted by a third party in this case who wanted our guidance. We are also concerned in ensuring that this original document(s) bearer is not exposed to any danger, now or in the future, and particularly between now and the 15th of December while he is within the territorial borders of the United Kingdom.

Imam (Code name: MxM.A.OBC), is aware of the risk he has taken, a personal choice to start with, and understands he cannot have any contact with the media, or that he may not discus the matter with anybody now while under the protection of the United Kingdom, or/and thereafter due to the danger he will put himself into in case his whereabouts and identity is made public by the media or any third party privy to the information.

Yours Sincerely,

Chief Editor Korir /African Press International – API

Tel. +4793299739.

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By African Press International – API

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

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    Safe passage right into the hands of Obama!!!

  2. calli Says:

    Good morning!! Got any idea who owns API!!! I thought Oprah may own this establishment!! What are your thoughts??

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    meg Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 2:24 am


    Long time no chat – I hope you know I have taken on Cloud and on the D-blog she has threatened me with the police… I just want to apologize for not supporting you enough and I wasn’t there for you – I am sorry

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