“Names Withheld to Protect the Innocent and the Guilty” (or “The Truth About Cloud – Part Two”)


api hacked

almost all the d-blog but clowd and hope (maligirl) can’t post on api

the NIGHT MANAGER is fake and blocking everyone

There has been much speculation of late as to who exactly is the API “mole.” Perhaps the following sequence of email correspondence will shed some much needed light on the issue.


I sent you a message through your blog… I am a reader and faithful supporter of Mr. Korir.

I am trying to get info about “Cloud” since myself and others know she is an Obama supporter and is an imposter on API trying to fool Mr. Korir and get info from him to possibly leak and try to stop the tape from airing.

I need to get in contact with ASAP, it’s really important you NOT PUBLISH THIS COMMENT for my security and that you please email me at your earliest convenience.

my email:

thank you,


Don’t worry I did not and will not publish your comments

I did try and email you earlier using your hotmail and I received a notice saying delivery would be delayed

As far as cloud is concerned, I really cannot comment.

I would suggest you email Mr Korir directly and tell him what your concerns are.

BTW I cannot comment as I just have no knowledge of what you are referring to.

All I know is cloud used to be a regular commenter and M & N.

Mr Korir email:



Thank you for writing me back.

(No problem.)

I have spoken to Mr. Korir last night about this issue.

There is something going on and I think youshould be aware og it.

Myself and 3 other faithful readers and supporters of API and Mr. Korir have great reason to believe that “Cloud” is an Obama mole, a plant, and imposter.

She is trying to get her hands on information my manipulation and control.

(Wow! This really blows my mind!)

Mr. Korir was about to make the biggest mistake and I need to let you know that because if anyone knows “Cloud” it’s you.

(Actually, I don’t know her very well at all. As I’ve written to another who also was suspicious of cloud … I don’t approve of the company she keeps (at M & N) and I don’t appreciate her disingenuousness (she pretended she knew nothing of the whole Larry Sinclair – themitchandnanshow – Ed Hale – MommaE thing). Please read the post I’ve linked below. Knowing what I knew then and remember now, she had to have known.)

She has been using Mr. Korir befriendinng him and little by little isolating herslef to him so that anyone elese that wants to help Mr. Korir is excluded.

(Well if she has tried to do that she hasn’t succeeded completely.)

Mr. Korir told me very alarming things she has tried to do last night.

He was not aware of Cloud’s intentions untill I spoke with him last night and I think that if you can elaborate on the issue with the M&N and those blogs she tried to sabbotage it will shed much light to Mr. Korir on who “Cloud” really is.

I don’t even know what M&N is, can you please elaborate on that?

(Hopefully the link I’ve provided elaborates on this.)

My name is , and my cel is

(Hi , I’m Rose)

If you feel comfortable enough to call me, please do.


thank you for not publishing my posts!

(Again, no problem. I try and be careful.)

“The Truth About Cloud As Seen Through the Eyes of SisterRosetta”


You are most welcome to call if you have any additional questions. Or just email me back.

Home (928)

Cell (516)

Thanks, , for keeping me in the loop. I do know how to keep my mouth shut. And if you’re right about cloud, then we are all indebted to you.


(Oh, one last thing. It never made sense to me how cloud could go from being virulently anti – Larry Sinclair to being pro – Mr Korir. And it still makes no sense.

Themitchandnanshow was pro – Obama no matter how much they tried to deny it.)

Rose… THANK YOU! I’m doing some serious digging because Mr. Korir and those who have followed Cloud need to know who she truly is….

why? because she could be trying to stop the tape from airing behind the scenes and Mr. Korir could be so wrapped up in her so called faithful support that he is feeding the hand that will bite him.

She has been on my radar since day #1 and when you wrote that blog on your site I was even more sure she is an Obama mole/imposter/plant.

I am on the M&N site, and I have a question, has she always gone by the screenname “Cloud” where can I find her original posts?

I would appeciate any additional info, this, in my view, is CRITICAL.


M & N original home is here:


And they’ve been here I think since August:


Using Google Advanced Search, you can search for “cloud”

and input here

“Search within a site or domain:” themitchandnanshow.wordpress.com

for some reason there are only (9) results, but if you click on one of the hits,

I’m sure if you look at the previous post and the next post you will find “cloud”


same search “cloud”

“Search within a site or domain:” themitchandnanshow.com

you get 46 results

Donald Young Part 1: Ring! Ring!

3 Aug 2008 by Jay Aut Witch
The same phone company that is telling me they can not find me my phone records.’ Many thanks to my fellow warriors for truth – Heidi, Glix, Cloud and Fwmami – for the transcription work that made this article possible.
The Mitch And Nan Show – http://themitchandnanshow.com/References

the workshop

21 Jul 2008 by Jay Aut Witch
larry’s call to neon (cloud – completed). *******************************************************************. email completed transcripts to: jayautistic.witch@gmail.com. all transcripts will be amalgamated into one document.
The Mitch And Nan Show – http://themitchandnanshow.com/

These (2) results BTW are “not found”

, you asked

has she always gone by the screenname “Cloud”

as far as I know, yes

I don’t know if you’ll be able to dig up any dirt, but I guess it’s worth a try.

For me, it’s enough that she associated with the cesspoolers (we call M & N the cesspool for their filthy language)

But some were much worse than others, that’s for sure.

M & N came into being for one reason and one reason only – to discredit Larry Sinclair so no one would believe his story about (2) gay sexual encounters with Obama and Obama smoking crack cocaine in 1999.

Larry was/is a threat to Obama just like Korir is.

This is why cloud supporting Korir doesn’t make sense to me.

, you may be right.

I just ask you to consider the possibility that she truly does support Korir.

I just don’t know and I believe you did the right thing bringing this to Korir’s attention.

And I thank you for that.


Thanks for this info… can I call you?

I would like to explain myself a little more about why I believe she is lying and deceiving not only Mr. Korir, but all of the readers of API

sure I’m home right now


I feel I need to let you know the update about what we spoke about yesterday.

Myself and 3 other people did extensive research on “Cloud” also known as B***** B****** from LA, Ca.

She is an Obama supporter and volunteer, she has lied and connived and manipulated Mr. Korir but his eyes where opened last night after we spoke with him and exposed her for who she is.

Thank you for everything! I really think that the fact you went on API to confront her of her postings on the M&N site really shed a light on her.

Because of your post on your blog rosettasister, I persued my gut feeling until I finally told Mr. Korir and others about her and we, as a team, uncovered her evil motives.

We owe you a lot as well so I wanted to let you know!

Heads up on the tape, the time is very very near. Let’s pray for God’s will in all of this, He is the only one who can allow this to happen.


Thank you,

I’m afraid I am at a loss for words

Which is unusual for me

So I will thank you once again for keeping me informed and for your efforts

God Be With You


I sent you an email just now did it go through?

I was able to get the full name of the attorney who sent those emails to Mr. Korir.

Apparently he is working with “Cloud” as accomplices and they are all being used by the Obama people to stop Mr. Korir by trapping him…

These people ae professionals and they will deffinitaly stop at nothing to protect Obama from becoming our president.

When I have more details I will let you know.

Thank you, again,

It’s 1:30 AM Mountain Time and I’ve just been to API

Holy cow!

Geez, try to spend a little time with my husband

And I miss all the excitement!

Please if possible

Keep me informed

Hope you are well



Have you noticed how the thread on API has been infested with the people who attacked Larry on that cesspool? They even dared attack you!

This makes me more aware at how desperate they are and SCARED that the tape is soon to air!

just an observation

It was even worse earlier

Even neon was there

I guess I’ll have to go back and read up on what transpired.

I hope you’re okay

I hope ****** is okay

And the others you’ve been working with

Hope to hear from you again soon,



I hope you got *****’s email…

(No, I didn’t. I also have gmail and yahoomail, but hotmail is the only one I ever check.)

Cloud brought you up on the D-Blog and referred to you and that you where talking bad about her and the Larry Sinclair issue…

(Well, I would feel bad except for what you’ve been telling me.)

Mr. Korir is going to expose her tomorrow.

(I don’t want to miss that!)

I think many from the cesspool have been on the API site and have been filling it up with garbage.

(Yes. This made me very suspicious from the get go.)

I thank you for caring, things will get better I pray, and that the truth may come out to the light.

Have a wonderful night… I will keep you posted for more.

(Yes, honesty is always the best policy. I’m afraid we won’t get much honesty with an Obama administration.

I really was being honest that I was hurt when I learned of cloud’s being less than forthright with me.

What a fool I was!)

I know you got an email from that Lawyer Mr. Sullivan.. we’re still trying to figure out how and why he did that

(No, . I never saw this email either. Unless I deleted it inadverdently.)

(Please know I am very grateful for your efforts and the efforts of those you’ve been working with.

I really want to hear the whole story after audio is aired.)


Hope this goes through this time.

I’m starting to get paranoid here.

The Truth About Cloud – Part Two

Part Three to Follow

API Update:


Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

14 Responses to ““Names Withheld to Protect the Innocent and the Guilty” (or “The Truth About Cloud – Part Two”)”

  1. rosettasister Says:

    meg Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 2:24 am


    Long time no chat – I hope you know I have taken on Cloud and on the D-blog she has threatened me with the police… I just want to apologize for not supporting you enough and I wasn’t there for you – I am sorry

  2. rosettasister Says:

    I still believe the Michelle Obama audio exists.

    But I don’t care anymore if it ever gets aired.

    Once I’m through with this, if I ever hear API or Mr Korir mentioned again, it will be too soon.

    I realize Mr Korir is going through a lot, but he should also care about the well-being of his supporters.

    He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

    I guess the comments from Obama Mama or whatever her name is pushed me over the line.

    If Mr Korir wanted me to be the fall guy, he should have asked me.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the following comments had actually been posted by an Obot.

    But I just don’t care anymore.

    You should have seen the comments I deleted.

    Obama’s_Momma Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    yeah rosettasister – you IMPOSTER YOU!!!

    Obama’s_Momma Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 8:47 pm


    WHy did you stab Chief K and all the rest of us in the back!
    You Are A TRAITOR – you be-och!!! Shame on you!!!

  4. calli Says:

    Why is everyone blaming you for all of this nonsense?? I read on another site that Korir fabricated the Michelle O tapes!! Are you familar with a site mountain sage?? I ran accross this site by accident!! I believe you do care about people!! I don’t know what your purpose is with any of your sites but I do enjoy reading your blog. You make them interesting!! Don’t worry about what others are saying!! You seem like good people to me!!

  5. rosettasister Says:

    calli Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 9:31 pm

    Why is everyone blaming you for all of this nonsense??

    (Good question, calli!)

    I read on another site that Korir fabricated the Michelle O tapes!!

    Are you familar with a site mountain sage?? I ran accross this site by accident!!

    (Yes, MS has commented here. S(he) has reasons for believing and I have my own reasons for believing what I do.)

    I believe you do care about people!!

    (Thanks, calli. I do. But sometimes enough is enough already.)

    I don’t know what your purpose is with any of your sites but I do enjoy reading your blog. You make them interesting!!

    (I try!)

    Don’t worry about what others are saying!! You seem like good people to me!!

    (thanks, calli. I needed that.)

  6. rosettasister Says:

    This commenter preferred to remain anonymous:

    I noticed a few days after the Michelle Tapes were mentioned that a person names Cloud seemed to be the center of attention on the API blog. I wondered what I’d missed. lol

    Everyone seemed to be looking to her/him for word on something. It was really odd to me. I hadn’t seen them before.

    Anyhow, I figured you to be more of an insider on it since you had established communication with API long before any of this happened.

    I had stumbled across API a little earlier than the “tapes episode” and had seen your postings and sometimes your blog posted looking like their news story.

    I just thought the attention generated for this “cloud” was peculiar.
    I believed about the tapes for a while but just had to give up after 2 or 3 times.

    The thing that bothers me about it is, they seem to come forward with this big apology and a reason the plan got foiled and in the same breath have another plan (laced with a way out of it) kind of excuse to give, woven into the next promise.

    You may have more reason to believe than you’re supposed to tell and I can understand that. I think the reason everyone has given up is because of the reason I have.

    I watched this crap unfold and know your heart is true. You’ve not been any different from before the “tapes” until now.

    Just thought you needed to know the rest of us see the truth and know you’re super

  7. rosettasister Says:

    You are very kind anonymous.

    And I am not done exposing cloud.

    And I don’t care if Korir doesn’t like it.

    He made a huge mistake when he brought up this whole traitor thing in the first place.

    Korir is the one who has caused this damage.

    Maybe if he had asked me kindly I would have said go ahead.

    I don’t mind being called all these names.

    But he doesn’t seem to care.

  8. Larse12 Says:

    I feel bad for you and so enjoy your music you put on the site.
    But I didn’t believe this Korir as it was too good to be true. For
    people that can’t stand Obama and know he is fake we all want
    a miracle to happen. Larry Sinclair has been through heck and high
    water. He said it is all bogus so I quit hoping for any tape. Don’t let
    these people get you down rosettasister because then they have won!
    A big family hug to you.

  9. saveusa1 Says:

    I believe Clowd is the traitor also. I went to that website where they hang out and was truely shocked and disgusted. I truely think we are dealing with Satan.

  10. rosettasister Says:


    No worries hopeandpray

    From what I’m hearing many are “in the know” and just going along for the ride

    that’s not me

    there’s a part of me that is still upset that Korir has allowed API to become what it has

    oh well!

    it’s his life, not mine.

  11. hopeandpray Says:

    Can you please delete my last post?? I am not convinced yet and shouldnbt have posted anything until I see the proof. I only read a little of the API blog before I posted here.

  12. rosettasister Says:

    hopeandpray Says:
    November 14, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Can you please delete my last post?? I am not convinced yet and shouldnbt have posted anything until I see the proof. I only read a little of the API blog before I posted here.


    You got it H & P!

  13. hopeandpray Says:

    thanks Rosetta…IF & WHEN that proof comes out about her being the spy I will be back to apologize. I should never have spewed that way I did without proof first..Same thing with the tape. I honestly am just so frustrated with this whole thing. I wish we would find out already..

    At least you are willing to delete a post…other sites would not do that! Thanks for being true!

  14. rosettasister Says:

    At least you are willing to delete a post…other sites would not do that! Thanks for being true!


    No problem, H & P

    You might be surprised how many first commenters I get here that say please don’t publish my comments

    for your eyes only

    or please email me

    you know, H & P

    none of this really matters

    all that matters is that the audio be aired

    I just didn’t go along with the prevailing wisdom and keep my mouth shut

    and I hope I haven’t lost friends because of that

    yesterday it was a combination of several things

    I really couldn’t take the attacks any longer

    And I was blocked from commenting at API

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