“An Open Letter to the Traitor” by meg411



A Traitor in our Midst

meg411 Says:
November 13, 2008 at 4:24 pm

An Open Letter to the Traitor:

Mr. Korir has decided not to announce your identity at this time, and will not out you until after the tape has been released. I understand Mr. Korir’s decision and respect the approach he has chosen. However, this does not lessen my absolute disgust for you. I have not been able to figure you out completely – you have either prostituted yourself because your love of money is far greater than your love of truth and justice or you are a blinded mindless follower of Obama and have no problem hurting people for Him…

Either way you are an amoral person, not immoral, amoral. You have thrived on deceit, lies, hurting Mr. Korir emotionally and doing everything to prevent success of his mission. I would guess that you have passed on names and any information including email addresses of the people here on the blog to the Obama people so they can have us listed as anti-Obama… You don’t care about anyone but yourself. You are an amazing manipulator and have quite the gift of pretending to be a friend and pretending to want the truth to come out while you are doing the work of the “Devil”.

I would guess that your handler from the Obama campaign has figured out your need to be center stage and to feel important. I would guess that your handler is manipulating you just as you manipulate others. Your handler knows how to stroke your ego.. I wonder if your handler has warned you that you may face civil and or criminal charges for your work. My guess is that your handler has lied to you about this – hmm I wonder how deceit feels when you are at the receiving end…

We all know what the next step your handler has planned for you:Once the tape is released you will get your coveted “15 minutes of fame” by going on TV and radio and claiming that you were in the inner circle of Mr. Korir’s group and you “know” the tape is fake etc. You will, with the ease of an amoral person, spread lies in hopes that you can discredit Mr. Korir and the validity of the tape.

I honestly wonder how you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and then I remember you do not have a moral bone in your body, you are a soulless person available to the highest bidder, a narcissistic person who desires the attention you believe you deserve…

I am looking forward to Mr. Korir getting the tape out despite you. I suspect that you were a part of getting the FOX deal screwed up but this time you will not be able to stop Mr. Korir , I cannot wait until you are exposed and the proper legal action is taken against you. You will find that the people here will expect no less than the punishment you deserve…

Keep pretending and manipulating… YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED…

API Update:


Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

6 Responses to ““An Open Letter to the Traitor” by meg411”

  1. Obama's_Momma Says:

    yeah rosettasister – you IMPOSTER YOU!!!

  2. Ralph Says:

    Sister, there will always be a Judas todo this, but don’t worry he will hang himself.


  3. calli Says:

    Isn’t the love of money or greed one of the deadly sins?? I think API is playing tricks with people’s mind!! Maybe casting spells on people is more like it!! LOL!!! Just kidding!!! Nothing would not susprise me!!

  4. Obama's_Momma Says:


    WHy did you stab Chief K and all the rest of us in the back!
    You Are A TRAITOR – you be-och!!! Shame on you!!!

  5. rosettasister Says:

    meg Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 2:24 am


    Long time no chat – I hope you know I have taken on Cloud and on the D-blog she has threatened me with the police… I just want to apologize for not supporting you enough and I wasn’t there for you – I am sorry

  6. susiezen Says:

    I am so lost, I dont know where to go, who to believe, who to trust. when api lost its right to post, everything went into a fragmented mode. now I just waddle around different forrums trying to figure out what is the truth….I do know one thing, I personally never trusted cloud, I called her out on lacking any passion toward any issues at the forefront. I called her her out and I was deleted, as I was many times on the posts…..can any one answer my inquireies…susie
    ps I am one zillion % anti obama. I have hatred toward him

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