Armed and Dangerous Ed Hale a.k.a. “Ed the Knife” says FBI has told him they will put API on the Terrorist List



Federal Bureau of Investigation Most Wanted Terrorists


Armed and Dangerous Ed Hale a.k.a. “Ed the Knife”

Read the email for yourself. Is It getting dangerous for API because of the Michelle Obama tape?

He also tells API that if we are visited by CIA, we will be made to disappear. Is it guess work or is he privy to confidential information?

Or is it because API is working on the Michelle Obama tapes and assisting the Imam who wants to expose Barack Hussein Obama’s citizenship and birth place? Does API have reason to fear after getting Ed’s information now that he says FBI visited him and took documents between him and API?

If it is true that FBI visited him, what did they really tell Ed? Many unaswered questions arise from Ed’s email.

We will not allow Ed to push us around. API will, therefore contact FBI on Monday morning in order to find out what really happened between them and Ed in relation to API.

We have decided to publish the email received today from Ed Hale unedited.

—– Original Message —–

From: Ed Hale

To: African Press International (API)

Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 3:06 AM

Subject: Where is the tape

Hi you stupid lying fuck, where is this tape that you promsied everyone and that Fox news was going to air. I will tell you this the FBI came to my place and retrived those so called fake email you said I did and also got a copy of our conversation that I had on tape. They also told that they were thinking about placing you on the ‘Terrorist List”.

I guess if they do that then the real CIA will come and visit you, of course you would not be around after that. I am just sorry that I got involued with a crook like you. I hope they do come and take care of your lying ass. Ed

Hale is angry he did not get the Michelle Obama tapes. Now he has decided to destroy API’s US Lawyer Philip Berg. At first, Ed Hale had promised to destroy API but has now changed his mind and wants to go for the Lawyer instead. Read for yourself the open letter from Ed to API’s Lawyer.

Open letter he wrote to Attorney Phil Berg

From Ed Hale

To Mr. Berg:

You were acting in my behalf when you contact API. If and when you receive this audio tape of Michelle Obama, I expect to be the 1st to play this audio tape. I have file a complaint with the Pa State Bar Association. against you yesterday. I am asking the state bar to revoke your license because of your onduct in this case.

I have a audio tape of our conversation where you agreed to represent me to get the tape for Plains Radio Network. If you fail to give me this audio tape, then I will proceed with the complaint and have you dis barred.

I will release that audio tape of our conversation even if it mean I will go to jail. Mr. Berg,you should know that all radio station record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. That is how I got the audio tape of my conversation with API. It is your decision Mr. Berg. I am not going to go away quietly in the night. Also check your email as I sent you a copy of the complaint I filed with the PA State Bar Association. I am waiting for you to respond.

What is the problem with Ed Hale and what is he upto? What we in API know is that Ed wanted to cash on API’s Michelle Obama tapes. He had vowed to sell them for 2 million US dollars if the tapes had landed on his laps.

Is Ed Hale telling the truth about FBI promising him to put us on the Terrorist List? Or Ed has just turned to be on abusive insecure American?

This is the man who tried to fool API so that he could get the Michelle Obama tapes in order to sell and and pocket the money. API was lucky to learn about his plans before he got the tape.

“the o’jays-back stabbers”

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

4 Responses to “Armed and Dangerous Ed Hale a.k.a. “Ed the Knife” says FBI has told him they will put API on the Terrorist List”

  1. rosettasister Says:

    meg411 Says:
    November 9, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    Mr. Korir,

    If anyone has to worry about being put on a terroist list it will be Mr. hale for making pyshotic accusations.

    I recommend that you ignore him. I am sue Mr. Berg would advise the same.

    I would be more concerned if FOX was saying that they had been visited by the FBI…

  2. calli Says:

    He sounds like the angry and unhappy soul!!!

  3. calli Says:

    That song the back stabbers about sums it up!!!!
    Is Mr Hale really dangerous? I thought he was an Obama supporter!!!

  4. Kevin Says:

    This is too funny, yes poor Mr Korir, I hope nothing bad happens

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