The American people should prepare for bloodshed between the 5th of November 2008 and 20th of January 2009. “Do not say you were not warned.”


cloud Says:
October 27, 2008 at 11:59 pm

I have information….. (Al, you may like this – no “soon” mentioned)

Depending on where you live in the world…… you will go to sleep with information about the Network.

Wow, I feel like a spy or something by the way I worded that. Cool huh?

Don’t jump on me because you will be sitting on the computer from now until bedtime! Go exercise, go to dinner, watch a movie. I will shout really really loud when the time comes! Really folks, please don’t complain about waiting. Do it only because you WANT to. Ok? You either enjoy it or don”t. You have a choice.

source: Chief Editor SK

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 8:42 pm

While in Kenya near Raila’s region, Obama and his wife decided to take HIV TEST infront of a crowd saying they wanted to encourage the Kenyans to be more open about things.

Why is he not open with many things himself, like his background that the American people are asking?

Was it necessary for them to travel all the way from United States to Kenya to be tested whether they had HIV or not?

What was the reason behind all that, to show that Raila can bring USA “President” and have him tested for HIV?

Clinton has been to Kenya – Why did he not get tested also? Why Obama only? Done as if he had to pass the test in order to lead America after getting a blessing from Kenya?

I have never understood the reason for his travel to Kenya to be Tested with his wife infront of thousands of Dancing Kenyans wearing Obama T-Shirts.

May be that is why no senator went with him to Kenya because then they would have been tested by Raila’s people who had organised the test for Obama.

They tested negative. GOOD. However, They must have known before they did it infront of a large number of people. Imagine if it had turned positive infront of that large welcoming crowd.

Was it to prove to the Kenyans that he was clean and ready to lead America? Why go and do it in Kenya. Many questions here disturb me. Some one should feel me in. Is that the way Americans think? I surely want to visit America, but after all this, I do not think I will get any Visa any way, so that is out of thought.
I would have love to meet you people but may be you will have to come this way

Chieef Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 8:56 pm

Stephen at post 408

Do not misunderstand waht I am saying there. I am only saying everything is in the US and ready but that they decide when. Truelly, Stephen , it is there.

Some of you misunderstand the way I formulate my sentences. We think differently and Emglish is my second language.

Please do not misunderstand. Tapes will be released. Why should I be repeating this if not true? What direct benefit to I get? None.

Chief Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 7:20 pm

This is to ED:

When it comes to American politics, I am neutral. It is the fear about Kenya because of the kind of relationship that I talk about. If you elect McCain, htat is fine with me. If you elect Obama, that is okay with me , but then you have to stop him from being too interested in Kenya and changing the politics there to benefit his kinsman.

We remember the large number of people burnt alive in a church in Kenya -you know, they were women and children who were good people.

Do not make it lok simple by bringing in neutrality or not. look at the facts and think of what is good for all of us.

Chief Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 7:30 pm

To Meg

You are right, When Mrs Obama talked of adoption, for me it was not a probable disqualifier for the husband’s election.
To be honest with you, I knew nothing about the impact of his adoption.

When you Americans took it up and got so interested, I realised I had touched on something hot without knowing.

Now with all the information I have got from you people, I realise there is going to be a problem for you people to have an Indonesian citizen running the powerful nation in the world. In Uganda, people are not complaining that President Museveni A Rwandese is ruling Uganda. Nobody Complained when a NON citizen – then President Kaunda rule Zambia and so on and on. Nobody complained when in the last Kenyans government a Ugandan was the Vice President.

We just do not hang on to such things. So for me, an Indonesian in the name of Hussein Obama was not a problem if he won, but hte problem is his meddling in Kenyan politics.

Chief Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 7:32 pm

For your information, also, Our Norwegian King is not Norwegian, so how could I know that Obama’s indonesian secret citizenship was going to create problems. Michelle should have kept quiet instead of putting me in this situation.

Chief editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm

To Grace:

You are right, Iam only coming out with facts and from experience.
By the way, Did Obama help stop violence in
Kenya? Could he not simply tell the distant cousin Raila to call back the rioters?

Let us have Obama the US President, then Kenya will, whether they like it or not have Raila as Kenya’s next president. The US under Obama wil surely force Raila on the Kenyan people.

Wait and see how many of Raila’s relatives from Kenya will get jobs in the White House! Infact I will not be surprised if the most White House top security officere will be a Kenyan from Obama grandmother’s home area. Americans may think I am exaggerating.

You know your people and I know mine. You may have worked with your people, I have worked with mine.

In Kenya, when one gets power, the first people to take to the top office are the relatives. You may say that will not happen in America. History will get me right.
The next White House if it is of Obama and Michelle will havev many employees from
Kenya coming from the ODM party of Kenya.

You will be hearing english language and other Kenyan languages in the White House. May be it is time you start learning those languages now . I am real here.

But of course it is your country. And you decide. We will be here to watch.

Chief Editor Korir

Wait and see!

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 5:21 pm


My hands are tied by your legal system. I cannot order the listening of parts of the tape. The agreement is an agreement and Iam required to follow it to the letter. Soon you will be satisfied. I do not know what they are waiting for.

If i find it getting difficult, I will ask for the readers help and then ignore the contents of the agreement.

Chief Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 5:16 pm

To Hereego,

You are saying something!

Being untouchable may end up causing a nightmare.

I know the kenyan way of thnking. Kenyans know the way Iam thinking. And we who know the way we are thinking know only too well where Obama’s energetic blood is coming from. The man will not stop at nothing! Like it or not! He is there to take it either by sweet talk, dialogue and if that fails ——- and will get it in the end.

Kenya was lucky because they created the premiership that never existed just to cool tempers! Is America ready to create a Premiership to cool tempers like that of Rodney king, whichever side starts teh chaos?

Chief Editor Korir

africanpress Says:
October 27, 2008 at 5:08 pm

This is an analysis. You will get feedback on the Michelle Obama tape. The release will set me free. It is your american people delaying the things, just because of their own way of looking at things.

I have made it very clear that the tapes have been accepted by your people in the US and they are releasing them.

I am sure you know how your people operate better than me. May be they having their own little considerations to overcome.

They have not told me that there is a problem. I think they know what they are doing.

It does not mean that we stop writing stories or coming with politicals analysis just because we are waiting for the release of the tapes. The tape has already given me high blood pressure and releasing it will definitely reduce the blood pressure. I do not sleep well this days. So do not think you are the only one who is concerned about this. Iam very concern about my integrity and credibility. There are those who will try to discredit me, but I will not stop before the truth is out there. So they will try to discredit me and the information I am giving out but I will not let them win. The release must go on.

You will surely get them. I HAVE NO DOUBT at all that this will happen.

Chief Editor Korir

It may sound as a dream. It may sound as fiction and it may sound as fantasy, but it is around the corner. Bloodshed can only be stopped by the Americans themselves by execising their voting right wisely. Personally, I do not have any agenda or intention to bring forth confusion only days to the election, but the truth must be told to the Americans and the world.

America, the only powerful nation in the world right now, will be brought to its knees between the 5th of November 2008 and January 20th 2009 if the American people do not vote wisely on the 4th of November.

Looking at what happened in Kenya during last year’s Presidential elections, one may understand why bloodshed is around every street corner and home in America. In Kenya last year, everybody sang the song of change and change was to be at whatever cost, people said. Those who wanted some excitement wanted immediate change, but got bloodshed in the end and lost families. Kenyans were not prepared for the bloodshed that followed, bringing the country to a standstill for 4 months. People were killed. Neighbours murdered neighbours in the name of change. So Americans should be prepared for that which may come in the name of change.

It is good to have change, but change that people are prepared to deal with. Kenya did not get the change promised by some leaders, even after brainwashing their followers making them to believe that President Mwai Kibaki was a old man who could die of health reasons. Some were brainwashed that the best thing for Kenya was to have change by electing a younger man in the name of Raila Odinga to be the President of the Republic. My fear is coming from here, now that Americans have been brainwashed that McCain is old and may die in office and the best for America is to have a younger man in the name of Obama. Most of those who were brainwashed in Kenya got wild when they did not get Raila as the president. Some chose to accept defeat while others chose to go on rampage raping and killing their neighbours. If Kenyans were ignored by the international community when the bloodshed started, the country would be very unstable today. The country was rescued from a brink of collapse, thanks to the international community. Who will rescue America, the most powerful Nation in the world if they start travelling on the road of bloodshed?.

For some it did not matter that people were dying. There was only one was in their mind, “Change”. They were, however surprised not to get the change they had been promised, but instead they lost their loved ones killed by those who were funded by some of the leaders who had promised them change. Those who killed for some leaders are now languishing in Kenyan jails waiting to be prosecuted. Where are the leaders who promised them change? Some are now having high positions in Kenya’s coalition government and making a good living for themselves and their families.

The same shall surely befall America if they do not vote wisely.

When people talk about change it is a very good thing. But the question they should ask is, yes we want change, but, change from what to what? People should know where they are heading to and should not be blinded and misled to fight for change they do not know where it is leading them to.

Kenya is quiet now. Tourists have started to return to the country. Yes, that is a very good thing happening. Good for the economy ruined by bloodshed. But for sure, things will get worse in the next election in 2012 because people now know what can happen to their country as it did last year, and that leads them to prepare for bloodshed, and bloodshed will come in Kenya in 2012 during Kenya’s Presidential elections if the Americans do not vote wisely on the 4th of November this year.

Kenyans used machetes to murder one another. Imagine if they had the right to own guns like in the United States? How many would have been killed.

I fear for the American people now and feel for them and pray for them because of what is about to happen if they misuse their voting rights. I have been able to listen to their concerns and I can say America is being held hostage by fear at this moment and time. The vote they cast on the 4th of November will determine the future for their children, both white and non-white. We have seen children in schools in America taking guns and killing their own friends. Now come elections, and the heated political situation that has divided the country into two. It is like fighting for a popularity contest, where the contestants are determined to win, whatever it may cost. And this time it will not cost money, but many lives because the song of change has brought fear right into every American home.

Americans are used to see from a distance – children of Palestine throwing stones to the Israelis. It seems the Americans have not learned anything from these middle east events. If they have learnt something then they should save their country from racial divide that will see neighbours start to shoot one another, because we know almost every American home has a gun, so they will not be throwing any stones at one another. If Palestinians and Israelis could sit down, talk openhearted without any hidden agendas but only look for peaceful solution and get determined that the killings must stop, that will lead to a stop of stone throwing and peace will be enjoyed by all as good neighbours.

When some voters speak out against John McCain the Republican, they are branded racists if they are not white. When some voters speak out against Barack Hussein Obama, they are branded racists. Some people have forgotten the values of being a good human being. A black man or woman, for example, will be considered mad if he decides not to support Obama just for the simple fact that he is black and has Kenyan roots. The roots where he gets the charisma that enables him to feel he will save the Americans from world hate by inviting leaders of hostile countries to dine in the White House.

To save America from world hate according to the masses who sing “change” in chorus, will be for Obama to befriend Ahmadinejad of Iran, Chavez of Venezuela and our Kim in the North. Not that I have any problem with these men – No. In one way, I have admiration for their style of leadership. The only thing I am saying is that the American people must be made to understand what kind of change they will get and at what cost? (Bloodshed?). Americans are in for a big surprise because they will have the three men as frequent visitors to the White House in the name of Change and dialogue.

Do not say you were not told. The world will be watching when you fall into a crisis where you are shooting yourselves indiscriminately because you will have been blinded by the word – change.

Therefore, blacks should not vote for Barack Hussein Obama just because he is a black man, and likewise, the white people should not vote for John McCain for the simple reason that he is a white man. Vote wisely and do not bring yourself into a situation of sorrow whereby you as a voter will regret to have been told but never listened.

Who knows, may be Obama will, if elected to become the first black man and the most powerful one on this planet, and of course if given a chance, guidance and the support that he will surely need to accomplish his mission, save America and the world from the problems that create unnecessary conflicts.

  • Political Analysis: American Politics and the Presidential elections

By Chief Editor Korir /API

I first heard this report live on BBC Radio.

This was when I began to hold Odinga in utter contempt.

Before I heard of Obama – Odinga connection.

And in a search I did for “Barack Obama” “Raila Odinga” “sharia” I found our dear friend Mr Korir.

Kenya Church Massacre”

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

15 Responses to “The American people should prepare for bloodshed between the 5th of November 2008 and 20th of January 2009. “Do not say you were not warned.””

  1. calli Says:

    I will not allow threatening words to sway my vote!! Is this some kind of scare tactic??? Whose side are you on?? Better tell the National Guard to get prepared!!!

  2. rosettasister Says:

    The last I heard Mr Korir not on MommaE’s show on Monday as Monks Media feared being sued.

    Don’t know if that’s true.


    There were bad storms in Indiana last night and Monks Media was fried.

    The whole station is down and they are frantically working on it to see if they can get back on air by tonight, but it is doubtful.

    If there is Monday show:

    You can hear her at

    5PM Pacific
    6PM Mountain
    7:00pm CST
    8PM Eastern

    at Monk’s Media.

    They have put up a notice on the web site and have notified all of us that have shows with them. If they can’t get back on air in time for us to get ready for our shows tonight, they will have us up and running tomorrow!







    My Two Cents also has a show scheduled for Monday:

  3. Richard Says:

    What about the API tape? When is it being released? I am beginning to think they don’t exist!

  4. rosettasister Says:

    Richard Says:
    October 27, 2008 at 6:49 pm edit

    What about the API tape? When is it being released? I am beginning to think they don’t exist!


    I understand your skepticism.

    Mr Korir reached an agreement with cable network.

    He is not at liberty to say which one.

    He is waiting, too, to hear back when audio will be aired.

    As soon as he knows, he will tell us.

    He has also stated if audio not aired in a timely fashion (he believes it will be) he will ignore agreement and air audio himself.

  5. rosettasister Says:

    Who exactly is most responsible for Kenyan election violence?

    • 2/22/2008 7:17 PM Sister Rosetta wrote:


    The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK) is the national Umbrella organization for evangelical churches in Kenya. It was established in 1975 as Evangelical Fellowship of Kenya under the auspices of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa and Madagascar (AEAM) which has since its name to association of Evangelicals in Africa.

    From the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya (EAK):


    Sister Rosetta here:

    Please pay close attention to (v) b)

    “Within six months rewrite the Constitution of Kenya to recognize sharia as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions.”

    two versions of the MOU

    • 2/22/2008 7:21 PM Sister Rosetta wrote:

    Concerns Raised Over Alleged Vow to Enforce Islamic Law in Kenya

    By Daniel Blake
    Christian Post Correspondent
    Tue, Dec. 18 2007 08:41 AM ET

    “A memorandum of understanding (MOU) – signed on Aug. 29 by Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Leaders Forum (Namlef), and Odinga, presidential candidate from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) – was made public on Nov. 27.

    According to International Christian Concern (ICC), however, there are in fact two versions of the MOU. The persecution watchdog group claims that Abdi and Odinga signed a private MOU which is very different from the one presented to the public.

    In the secret version of the MOU, Odinga allegedly states his intention to, ”within six months, rewrite the Constitution of Kenya to recognize Sharia as the only true law sanctioned by the Holy Quran for Muslim declared regions” if elected, according to ICC.”

    “In response to the revelations, the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya released a statement in which church leaders said Raila, in both MOUs, “comes across as a presumptive Muslim president bent on forcing Islamic law, religion and culture down the throats of the Kenyan people in total disregard of the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of freedom of worship and equal protection of the law for all Kenyans.”

    The chairman of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, the Rev. Dr. Wellington Mutiso told ICC: ”Kenya should continue to be a secular state. Christians want a level playing ground where [Christians and Muslims] are treated equally.”

    ”We (Kenyan Christians) are opposed to any move at favoring a particular religious group by political parties,” he added.

    Similarly, the ICC regional manager for Africa, Darara Gubo, said the agreement made with Muslim leaders “undermines the secular nature of Kenya and opens a Pandora’s box of chaos and conflict similar to what happened in Nigeria and Sudan.”

    ”This is not a stand-alone incident; rather, it is part of strategy to Islamize Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa, through the introduction of Sharia law,” Gubo stated.”

    There are other comments worth looking at, too, at link on top of this comment.

  6. rosettasister Says:

    “Report Accuses Top Officials for Post-Elections Ethnic Violence in Kenya”,2933,444021,00.html

  7. rosettasister Says:

    rosettasister Says:
    October 27, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    cloud Says:
    October 27, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Rosettasister, Interesting ….Thank you.

    You are most welcome!

    I tried to seek out Kenyan voices.

    And not all Kenyans love Obama.

    If you go to link on top you will see another comment from “mogiyusuf”

    He wrote about Odinga’s plan for violence BEFORE the election.

    He provided a YouTube link with a dire warning about why Odinga should never be president.

    At YouTube there was a message indicating video had been removed for “national security” reasons.

    And Obama campaigns for this guy?!

    Superior judgment, my you-know-what!

  8. rosettasister Says:

    “Dennis Prager predicts violence if Obama loses”

    Thursday October 23, 2008

    Prager H2: Anger Management With Dennis Prager

    Prager H2:

    Dennis continues on the theme of who is angrier — the Left or the Right?..

    Dennis predicts violence if Obama loses…

    The media is making a big deal about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.

    [audio src="" /]

  9. calli Says:

    Hi Rosettasister,
    I need to contact the republican campaign party!! Can you help me? I need a phone number!!

  10. Larry Sinclair Says:

    Comment by Larry Sinclair
    October 27th, 2008 at 7:09 pm
    Good Evening everyone!

    I have been calling voters from phone lists provided by the Obama Campaign itself and informing them of the Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama incident and asking them to go to and then vote, but just not for Obama.

    I ask anyone here who wants to educate voters to please join me in “Phone Banking 4 Obama…Larry Style”

    After all it was an email from the Obama campaign asking me to call voters and tell them about Obama!!!! What a great idea they gave me for reaching even more people in the swing states.

    You can get the phone lists from the Obama campaign, you do not even have to put in a valid email, but hey, we all know the Obama camp doesn’t like verifying credit card donations, much less email addresses!

    Start phone banking now and lets educate where the media refuse to. Sorry Greta.

    Larry Sinclair

  11. AGENT 99 Says:

    Calli: I do not know the RepPartyNumber. Here is what I do. I e-mail my REPUBLICAN SENATOR. I paste links into those E-mails such as about Raila Odinga. My Republican US Senator is Lindsey Graham. (he is best friends with McCain). Senator Graham DOES give messages to McCain beciz I have sent some thngs (video,etc,) that you’ll see on the McCain trail. Here is is how I reach my Senator. Then I go by ALPHABETICAL ORDER>>to G for Graham. Then choose Phone/Fax/E-Mail. It is esay. It is a start. Hope it helps.

  12. H. Sendai Says:


    Well I guess we are entering the final stretch 🙂. As always it will come down to the swing voters, though I have to admit that I have never seen a presidential race loose as much steam in its final moments as this one has. Once again we seem to be choosing between the lesser of two evils and we are simply shooting for everyone to walk away unhappy😦. Regardless of your political affiliation I would simply encourage you to get out and VOTE on November fourth, and show your support for American political institutions.

  13. rosettasister Says:

    please forgive me for neglecting this blog and the commenters here

    seems I’ve been spending the live long day at African Press

    I am hoping things will return to normal soon

    very soon

    until then

    thank you for commenting here

  14. calli Says:

    Agent99,thanks for the info. It’s very important!!
    Larry, I hope the list of people you are calling doesn’t think It’s from the Mccain camp trying to sabbotage Obama!! What a unique way to sway voters toward Obama !! Dirty politics!!Larry, I am responding to your post because my post to your blog can only be viewed by me!! Wonder how that happened!! Got an idea!!

  15. Michele (NOT Obama!) Says:

    Almost forty percent of Americans will have voted by the close of today, Oct. 30, 2008, through the Early Voting polls. Any pertinent election info that needed to come out to influence the election and inform the people should have already been out by now. After today, it’s probably too late. Even today, it may already be too late. Most folks have made up their minds. Tomorrow, families are dressing up their children to go trick-or-treating for Halloween and are not concerning themselves with the election. So, if info needs to get out to the American people, do it now, PLEASE! Today will likely be the last real opportunity to take hold of American voters with the truth. Some liberal media outlets are starting to broadcast stories linking Obama to terrorist individuals worldwide (Washington Post, L.A. Times, NY Times) because they know many have already cast their votes, but they don’t want to later be accused of never informing the public to Obama’s dangerous connections, should terrorism take place in the next four years. Now is the time to let the people know. Give us what you got! Also, many Americans are still very confused about Obama’s birth certificate, still, and are wondering if he’s truly a U.S. citizen and able to be Commander-in-chief, but since Berg’s case was thrown out, people assume that he must be an American…case closed. What ever happened to the eight other lawsuits going on, by Steve Marquis, Dan Smith, etc.? Are they still taking place, and why are we only hearing about them on talk radio and conservative tv? Thanks for hearing my comments. Hopefully, Fox News, Phil Valentine, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and the other true conservatives out there can continue to help keep us all informed. Keep up the good work!

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