“Michelle Obama tapes Reveals: Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Prime Minister is in the Priority list of the First guests to the White House if Obama wins the US Presidency.”


cloud Says:
October 26, 2008 at 8:18 am

This is crazy… there are some over on Berg’s site waiting for some big announcement from Linda Starr…. and we have waited for API’s update.

africanpress Says:
October 25, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Will occupied for some hours now and will be back. Going for an urgent Telephone conference meeting in an effort to agree with the Network and the Legal advisers on the way forward.

You readers will soon get feedback when we are through.

Chief Editor Korir

· africanpress Says:
October 25, 2008 at 9:40 pm

To all of you here:

API is still in close touch with Mr Berg’s office – Lise Liberi and an expert in computers in a “Help desk”

Huge progress is being been made

Things are moving as planned.

Readers must not htink we are taking them for a ride.

You will soon get the timetable of the events that will come shortly.

API is very happy on the progress made so far.

Cheif Editor Korir

Dave Says:
October 25, 2008 at 8:59 pm

Mr. Korir, have you heard from the Obama’s or representatives of their campaign since you first posted about the tapes??

Not sure if you’re able to answer that question or not. I understand if not.

africanpress Says:
October 25, 2008 at 9:21 pm

To Dave,

We have been contacted twice, yes but we prefer it done public through the site now that everything is out here.

Chief Editor Korir


The Michelle Obama tapes lasting for 54 minutes discusses many important issues. The tape will most probably be released to the American people and the world at large, before the US Presidential elections because many people are pushing for that to happen and API does not want to disappoint the majority in the name of democracy and being transparent. The tape is expected to be aired by a reputable US network who will determine the best time for the public to get the information and if it should be aired unedited or partly edited.

Although the contents in the tape is sensitive, API is of the opinion that the US people have a right to know their leaders and what to expect from them once they get to the highest office in the land. The tape, when made public, will reveal the immediate tasks and where the new administration will give priority. Africa, Iran and Venezuela will end up in the priority list of the “chosen” to be attended to and Kenya will play a very important role through Kenya’s Prime Minister Mr Raila Odinga who is said to be a distant cousin of Obama.

Kenya has very good trade relationship with Iran and Obama’s first priority is to have high level discussions in the Kenyan capital. The first meeting will be chaired by Raila Odinga. The US is said to be represented in such a meeting by the US Ambassador in Nairobi. Iran is one of those to attend the meeting, but as an observer so that Obama will not be accused by his opponents for dramatically changing US Foreign policy.

To work with the Kenyans, the Obama administration will have Colin Powell, the former US Secretary for State as Obama’s Special envoy to Africa and the Middle East.

The first meeting will take place in central Nairobi in the newly Libyan purchased Hotel, that has now changed the name from Kenya Regency Hotel to a new name proposed by the new owners., Libya.

The tape further reveals why the meeting should take place in the Libyan owned hotel. By doing it this way, the outside world will not view Raila’s engagement negatively as a move to connect Kenya, Iran and the US.

The Kenyans and the Libyans (Now US friends) will not be accused of initiating relationship between the US and Iran in any way.

API challenges Mrs Obama to personally deny the information if she believes that she has not been quoted by us in a correct manner.

The information has for sometime now caused headache within the intelligence circles fearing that if Obama really got the presidency, will totally change the US foreign policy by having US-Iran trade relationship.

Any questions on the above may be directed to:

Michelle Obama Chief Editor Korir African Press International API

9 Responses to ““Michelle Obama tapes Reveals: Raila Odinga, Kenya’s Prime Minister is in the Priority list of the First guests to the White House if Obama wins the US Presidency.””

  1. calli Says:

    I strongly believe our country will be taken over If Obama gets elected. It will never be the same!! Obama’s associations does matter!! I will not take part in destorying our country by voting for him!! At least if John Mccain gets elected the democrats are still in control and will have a lot of say!!!
    Since I posted several comments that couldn’t be viewed I am going to email Hannity on something I have found out!!! I do trust Hannity! No one has given me a reason to trust them!!! I have wasted enough time!! People need someone to believe in!!!

  2. Tobias Says:

    You lost me at “I do trust Hannity!”… oh and at “I strongly believe our country will be taken over If Obama gets elected”.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    well, calli

    I know you like a good fight

    Who doesn’t?!

    (I am referring to Tobias replying to you)

  4. calli Says:

    Evidently I don’t belong here!!! I guess you, Larry, Bevann, all of you laugh and laugh and laugh!! What a joke I must have been !!!

  5. rosettasister Says:

    I don’t know what you mean, calli.

    I can’t speak for Larry and Bevann

    But to me you are not a joke.

    When I approved Tobias comment, I did so because I thought you might want the chance to reply to him.

    I know you’ve had doubts about where my loyalties lie, but really I’m a nice person.

    Too nice I’ve been told.

    And I’d never laugh behind anyone’s back.

  6. calli Says:

    I was offended by the tobias comment!! I thought the comment was self explanatory. Words just words!! lol!! I am no writer or journalist!! Believe it or not thats what I wanted to do!! It didn’t turn out that way!! God had other plans!!
    May I make a suggestion to you!! Why don’t you write a book after this election is over? Larry, his mother, even Bevann and the rest should be included. It would be quite interesting!! I would buy a copy!!
    Bevann doesn’t like the fact that I voted for Bush in 2004!! She said she voted for Obama in the primary!! That Bevann is a force to be reckoned with!! Her post remind me of something Michelle O might say!!
    You do seem to be nice!! I’ve been told that I am too trusting so that is why I keep my guard up!!

  7. PattyNJ Says:

    Hi Everyone….Geeze, Its been soooo long since we talked. Wish we had that chat room. I miss you all!!

  8. susie Says:

    please mr k, I am trying to be as patient and understanding as possibe, but its extremely hard waiting. every bone in my body aches hoping the tapes exist. You hold the only thing that might save our country. I do not think America can survive an Obama presidency/dictatorship.You are on the verge of becoming a hero…..I send my deepest prayers to you and your interests. take care….susie

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