McCain 274 – Obama 264 McCain must win the following states and where things stand now.


rosettasister Says:
October 28, 2008 at 1:21 am

Real Clear Politics had this wrong.

I feel better now!


Obama 51

McCain 47

In other words, race has tightened in VA

I’ll have to double-check their other numbers

Really worried about Virginia, Keep Hope Alive!

OhioFOX News/RasmussenObama 49, McCain 45Obama +4

FloridaFOX News/RasmussenObama 51, McCain 47Obama +4

North CarolinaFOX News/RasmussenObama 48, McCain 49McCain +1

VirginiaFOX News/RasmussenObama 54, McCain 44Obama +10

ColoradoFOX News/RasmussenObama 50, McCain 46Obama +4

MissouriFOX News/RasmussenObama 48, McCain 47Obama +1

Monday Update:

Most accurate poll in 2004

47.0 Obama

44.2 McCain

8.8 Not Sure

Saturday Update

45.8 Obama

41.9 McCain

12.2 Not Sure

New Hampshire Update:

I think it significant that New Hampshire’s (4) Electoral Votes are seriously in play.

This from Rasmussen yesterday:

New Hampshire Obama 50 McCain 46

If McCain could pick up NH, rosetta’s electoral map would change from 274 – 264 McCain to 278 – 260 McCain.

Hope springs eternal!

Friday Update:

Again the most accurate poll from 2004:

Obama 45.8

McCain 42.3

Not Sure 11.9

When are they going to make up their minds, when they’re walking into the voting booth?

Also, good news from North Carolina via Rasmussen:

McCain 50 Obama 48

Again, I still maintain these Rasmussen state polls, however accurate, cannot possibly account for all the undecideds.

Thursday update:

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Eleven

Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama 44.8 McCain 43.7 Not Sure 11.6

Wednesday 10/22/08 Update:

This was most accurate poll in 2004:

IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll: Day Ten

Obama 45.7 McCain 42.0 Not Sure 12.3

Wednesday 10/22/08 Update:

I sure hope the McCain campaign is concentrating resources in Virginia and Colorado.

Virginia Obama 54 McCain 44

Colorado Obama 51 McCain 46


Florida McCain 49 Obama 48

Missouri Obama 49 McCain 44

North Carolina Obama 48 McCain 50

Nevada Obama 50 McCain 45

Ohio McCain 49 Obama 47

These numbers are the latest from Rasmussen. I still maintain they cannot possibly reflect all the undecideds.

Tuesday the percent of “not sure” was still at 12.1%.

Will update later.

Click on link below to see rosetta’s electoral map.|content=111101000110101011100000111110000111100011111010101

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  1. truth Says:

    Academic proof of media bias

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Thank you, truth!

    I’d heard about this, but this link is very useful.

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